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Right to Bear Arms, Discrimination, Hate: the Law Enforcement Overuse of Firearms Causing Death Increased in Prevalence, a Long Way from the Reforms

How the overflowing availabilities of gun is one problem, and how the police’s overuse of gun power is another, and there are, other factors to consider in this, and until the U.S. tackles every one of these factors, and change the means of training, and how the police forces “equate” colors with threat, there are going to be more, racially related murders by guns in the U.S., that’s not going to change, NOT anytime soon!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yesterday, the news from Tennessee of the five African American police officers in an arrest, beaten an African American teen to death, this caused the local communities and the African American communities to start protesting.  The American President, Biden stated that he was angered by this and felt heartbroken over what had happened; the former president, Obama stated, that there’s a long ways to go, to reeducate the police forces on how they patrol the streets.

But, a lot of people want to know, how come, there are, the growing number of cases where police in enforcing the law, civilians were being, murdered off?  And, how come, most of the victims of the police brutality, why are they mostly African American males?  For instance, from the March 1991 case where the African American male, Rodney King, was brutally beaten by three LAPD officers, causing the riots in L.A. back in 1992; along with the May, 2020, a middle-aged African American male got choked to death with the police choking his throat in Minnesota by the officers on duty, which started up the “Black Lives Matter” movement all around the U.S.  Clearly, the American police’s overuse of forces causing the African American citizens to get killed still continues on to this very day.  But why?  I sum up the five main causes here: first, the legal ownership of guns: because the American citizens are allowed to legally own arms, the excessive guns in the current situation in the States right now, everybody feared getting shot, so everyone owns a gun (for self-defense), casing the vicious cycle of distrusting one another.  And due to the legal ownerships of guns, there are many shootings, the guns going off in accidents (including school shootings, the six-year-old student shooting a school teacher).  Due to the excess of arms causing the officers on duty to become hypervigilant, which leads to the next cause.

Secondly, the police’s life are at all moment, in danger: because of the excess of weapons, the police’s natural reaction is that they automatically assume that the citizens they came into contact with are, armed.  And, under this mindset, the officers on duty worried over getting shot by the ordinary citizens, which led them to become extremely alert, to stay, alive, to prevent getting killed.  And, behind this state of mind, is relative to these three following factors.

Third, the problems of racism remain unresolved: the racism in the U.S. is still growing more and more serious, no matter if it’s toward African Americans, Asian Americans, they were the racial slurs, and the discriminatory behaviors against these minorities.  And, the African Americans are the least advantageous, which causes the vicious cycle, with the crime rates in the areas of African American residents being higher too than average; or, the officers on duty holding that higher level of alertness toward the minority groups.

Fourth, the hate that comes from being discriminated again.  This hate, with the excessive supplies of firearms, will cause many more lives to get, lost.  For instance, there’s the elderly Asian killing the Asian woman, and how in the outbreaks, the Asians often became targeted, all of this has to do with hate and fear, and racism.  And so, when hate is in place, and the guns are easily owned, there are, the built up of the murders in the society all around the U.S.

Fifth, the training of the officers should emphasize: the difficulties in resolving all of the above issues, or at least, for the time being, or in the, near future too.  But, we can use the police training to help the law enforcement become more aware, to strengthen the means of justice in police enforcing of the law.  Because the American police are local, not of federal matter; it’s hard to say, that this sort of education can get set up on the state of local government levels.  Or maybe, other than the functions of fighting crimes, the police forces needed to go through the continued education, trainings, the awareness seminars, to help reduce these, tragedies.

And so, this summed up why and how come, there are, so many, hate crimes, overuse of force in police in carrying out the laws in the U.S., causing the people to die: the overflowing of GUNS, because it’s our SECOND AMENDMENT right to BEAR arms!

But, if the guns aren’t that easily accessible, then, those shooters can’t get their hands on them, and, there would be, surely, a whole lot deaths caused by guns.

I agree, that police need more training, and, that this is a impossible thing to accomplish, because, as studies (don’t ask me which ones) showed, that colored persons are more easily misperceived as holding up a WEAPON when we’re holding up something harmless, like a pen, as interpreted by the police, because the law enforcement officials had been “groomed” to equate skin colors with danger, and this is rooted down too deep, and it can’t be changed that easily.  So yeah, EXPECT more of us who are, “minorities” to DIE by gunshot here.

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I Totally Get You

Lesson learned, by the, teacher, in the interactions he has with the school children, translated…

As school is out, waiting for the parents to pick up their young, I’d passed the tuitions collected inside an envelope to the older sister of a pair of young siblings, and, the younger brother’s hand reached for it to grab the envelope, neither refusing to budge.  Out of reflex, I’d said, “the older, why don’t you let your younger brother have it?”, she’d gazed at me with those, innocent eyes, and, let go, unwillingly; and the younger brother who got his way gloated, cunningly, grabbed a hold of the, envelope.

The little girls who were watching the interactions, all started getting loud, and of them, the oldest girl, extended that hand in empathy, patted the girl on her shoulders, told her, “I totally get it, I completely, do!”

That stunned me a bit, with that apologetic mean, I’d looked over at the young girl, and, curiously asked the girl who’d patted her classmate’s shoulders, “aren’t you the youngest?  How could you understand what she was going through?  Don’t all your sister let you have the things that you wanted?”  “No!  Whenever my younger cousins came over, I’d had it, coming!”, she’d given me a response that I never expected to hear.  Then, all around us, the words came coming at us, “Yeah, not only did we have to let the younger kids have our toys, when the older kids come by, the adults tell us, ‘older brother doesn’t come here all the time, just let him have it.’  There are, more toys than one, and yet why did he have to want to play with the one I’m playing with?”, can’t believe, that the envelope with the tuition caused a ton of upsets, all rushing out like the waterfalls.

Or maybe, it’s because we’d been adults, too long, we’d forgotten, how it’d felt being, taken; or maybe, because of the busyness of life, we’d hoped to, swiftly, get through the nitty-gritty, the unimportant matters, using our self-righteous fairness, but rough ways, to resolve the issues between the young children, disregarding, how everybody is a complete being, that being this careless can, cause someone to feel, hurt, or even, damaged.

I’d watched the group of young children in silence, and, skimmed every face, and came to understand, that hidden underneath all these innocent faces, there were, the icebergs of their own, separate, emotions.  I’d felt really awful, that in the moment’s time, I’d only cared about the younger boy’s emotions, and not paid enough attention to the older girl’s, I didn’t know how I can, effectively, help the young girl who’s an older sister who probably, felt, hurt.

Or maybe, I could, give the envelope with the tuition to the older girl while her younger brother still sat in class.  Or maybe, I should wait until the parents arrived, then, hand off the bag, instead of having the kids, take the envelopes home to give to their, parents.  Or maybe I should, put their separate tuitions in separate, envelopes, and hand it to them separately……………but, too late, I shouldn’t keep going now, shouldn’t blame myself too much.  Or maybe, I should, allow these, tiny, upsets to, ferment in the minds of these kids, to saturate on their, own.  Or maybe, that’s the price that every child must pay, in order, to, become, adults.

And so, this just showed, how the careless act of the adult can easily, DAMAGE a young child, and as adults, we are usually, too, careless, not paid enough attention to the children’s feelings, because most of times, we have our own problems that we’re having troubles dealing with on our own, so, these things, they happen, and, we don’t get our, do-overs in them.

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A Family of, Four

A family of, unrelated by blood, “strangers” who help one another live their lives together, translated…

The woman, Chu who lives at the entrance of the street in her eighties, had been widowed for many a year, her children don’t live close by, she’d felt the troubles of living alone, and decided to find herself some, roommates, and she’d sent out the memo at the reading club, volunteer group, as well as the dance partners in the early mornings, hoping, to find some friends with whom she could connect with for the rest of, her, life.

After the little over three months’ search, communication, three other “sisters” moved in, they all had their own special talents, and were all, without their, significant, others.  The three paid a total of $15,000N.T. as the cost of utilities, and food, the four split up into partners, with each pair in charge of grocery shopping, cooking, every other week, with the extra amounts left, then, the money went into the slush fund for their, traveling plans.

like this, roommates who kept each other, company…

photo from online

And, just like that, these four elderly woman who aren’t related by blood, sharing same interests, lived their lives together fulfilled, the classes, the exhibitions, lectures, or workouts, and travels, they’d all gone to the functions, together, they’d gotten along extremely well for more than, three years since they’d moved in together.  Or maybe, they’d found their places of belonging in this, third life of theirs, they’d, lived in the understanding of what to expect from one another, with ease, each and every one of them looked, spirited, full of, energy, they all looked, younger, than their, physical, ages.

Every time someone inquired Chu how they got along so very well, more than the sisters?  She’d smiled and responded, that because everybody wanted to share a life together, so, they’d, let go of what they expected, with that mind of, tolerance, and helping each other grow older, that way, their can live well together, sharing the long life.

Her few words, reiterated the importance of learning to get along well with each other, something I’m, taking, from.

And so, these four, not-related by blood strangers, they’d eventually, become, families to, one another, and, they shared the commonality of losing their husbands, and they don’t calculate who spent how much on what, they do NOT nickel and dime what’s been put into their interactions, and what they got out of the interactions, they became, roommates, who are, actually, best of friends, companions, for life!

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The Air, My Friend

Why do we always, need to, FAKE it???  The column by Jimmi Liao, translated…

Is your head sore?

How about Your Arms?

How Much Longer

Can You Keep on, Grinning, Ear-to-Ear?

the artwork of Jimmi Liao, courtesy of

My Head’s Completely Sore

My Arms Too

Not to Mention the Smiles as Well

Stop Being So Sore Now

She Only Wanted to Appear Cute for a Little While

This, is how we’re, socialized, to behave ourselves, because we needed to, put ourselves in some unknown categories of whatever, that’s why, we FAKE it!  And, by FAKING it too long, what’s faked became, absolutely, REAL, and we end up, losing our own, true, selves, and that’s, no good!

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The DEATH, of, Little Albert…

You remember that young kid, who got, put inside a laboratory, with that god DAMN rat, where the psychologists, conditioned him to fear the rat, by making that LOUD noise as they’d, reintroduced the rat to Little Albert?  Yeah, that unfortunate, K-I-D!

Well, guess what, I’d, “checked out” the “post-op” review of this “story”, and the article said, that after the lab, his mama moved with him, out of the area, and, not long after that, Little Albert (and no, I don’t believe that the kid’s name was actually, “Albert”, that was what they’d “labeled” him as in the laboratory!), fell ill, and, never made it out of his childhood years!

And that is, MURDER, for the sake of experiment, I mean, you would think that those god DAMN psychologists would be more careful, to first come UP with a safe way, to countercondition that kid to before fear got instilled into him, but NO, that’s not how “science” worked back then.

and, here’s the video of that in black-and-white from YouTube

By the codes of research of present day, I would imagine, that this “lab” would’ve never passed review, but unfortunately back then (the 70s. 60s, 80s???), they did NOT set up a strict code of ethics, which is what caused this young child (whose name wasn’t even ALBERT!) to D-I-E.

So, another, innocent KID, got, S-L-A-U-G-H-T-E-R-E-D, in the name of, SCIENCE…and that’s, just, ANOTHER K-I-D, that never made it out of his, childhood, ALIVE!

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As the Government “Allowed” Us, Women, to Spend Our New Year’s Eve with Our Own Families of, Origin

The government here, RE-iterated that it SHOULD BE ALLOWED, for us women who are married (still so totally NOWHERE N-E-A-R the vicinity of THAT shit here!), to go home to our own individual families of origins for New Year’s Eve meal gatherings…

Now, the government had, called out to the families with the sons, to be “more open” to the idea, to allow us women, to have the needed “time off”, seeing how we’d waited on them (our husbands and their families) hand-AND-FEET, all year long already, to give us a break!

And called out to the in-laws to not be so “narrow-minded”, to allow us women, to head home to our own individual families of origins on New Year’s Eve.

Now, there ARE, a few (more like a ton of!) problems with that:  first, who the FUCK (so???) says, that we can’t go to our own families of origins on New Year’s Eve to have the meals, and, this government’s “graciously allowing” us to do that, wouldn’t that be insinuating that before the statements made, we weren’t allowed to?

and the “caption” reads: one in five believes that women are inferior to men, study shows…from online

Secondly, who the FUCK (no need to pardon me here still!) says, that once we women are married, we are, SLAVES to your (men’s) families, as the traditions of this god damn CULTURE stated (not in so many words still!), that we’re supposed to be MISUSED as the maid, heading home on the holidays, serving our in-laws, our husbands (1@ a time, hello, hello, hello???), and their siblings, however many there are! Hand-and foot?

And third, just because we are married to you losers (just bring that UZI to my wedding, remember???) that does NOT mean, that we’re, your SLAVES, “honey” (still sarcasm “talkin’” here!), and, that’s that.

We will NOT take any more SHIT from you losers, our has-beens (b/c that’s what you’ll become, IF you do NOT behave yourselves!), and, all you mothers-in-law out there, DO remember, that we are the ones, who will be able to give your STUPID little boys their children, and unless all you mothers want to get CHARGED with INCEST (sex with your own direct next-of-kin, hello, hello, hello!!!), DO show respect to us, women who aren’t related to you, okay???

This is still ME, asking you, “nicely”, and trust me, nobody want to see me mean, just ask my two already DEAD boys, they’d seen me like that from high school, and they’d, DUCKED out for cover.

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To NEVER question the authorities of an adult

To NEVER doubt that they have the best interests of our wellbeing in their minds

To NEVER disobey them

To NOT listen to the HURT in our bodies, WHAT our bodies tells us

To NEVER be allowed to feel anything

To OBEY and HONOR the man we are, serving

That, was how they’d all, groomed us, CUTTING off our rights

And we were all made, slaves

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I May Not be as Excellent, but My Heart’s, Real

The lessons taught by the losing team, what’s to be learned, in the games, other than the skills used in playing to win that game, translated…

For some time, I’d gone regularly to the Hsinshen

Park on the weekends to shoot the hoops.  As I played, one day, three others came to play on a team, one of them was quite tall, about 5’11…wow, he couldn’t be, an agile, player, could he?  Is he, trained as a professional basketball player?  Would we get, slaughtered?

And as we began…….hmmmmmmmmmmm, those who play, can tell, by dribbling, if the person can play or not.  As the guy dribbled uncoordinatedly, that awkward, shot, didn’t make it, and, the ball was, way too, faraway from the, baskets.

Then came our turn as the offense, soi weird, we got the points, without even needing to try.  They moved around quite slowly, couldn’t jump high enough, they seemed, a bit, timid even, on the courts.

And quickly enough, one point, two, three, six, then, they got off.

Yep, we’d guessed right, they couldn’t, play!

But, even if they’d lost to their pants, they’d still courteously, congratulated us, and this made me pay attention to them, and I’d found, that they are there every single weekend at the parks, and, in the time I’d gone to the Hsinshen Parks, they’d, never won a game, not even, once.

the comic by the writer, off of

“So long it’s a game, we must, win!”, that’s the mindset of almost everybody, but it seemed ill-fitted to them.  Even if they kept losing, without any, progresses, couldn’t win a single game, whenever they’d made a shot, they would, genuinely, feel happy for one another, high-fiving.  It seemed, that they truly, loved the game, for the, game itself.

Slowly, their being weak players left that deep impression, that whenever they made a basket, we, as players on the benches would start, hooraying for them, and they’d, shown that, shy, bashful, smile.

This experience became my inspiration for my comics “Geeks Shooting the Hoops”.  I learned from them, “there’s not just the winning in the basketball games”, I’m too grateful for this, valuable, lesson, they’d, taught me.

And so, this team of, losers had, gained your, respect, because of how they never gave up on playing the games, and that’s something that we can all, learn from, the attitude to which we all need to own, to face all the obstacles in our own, lives.

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My Angel Who’s Developmentally, Delayed

With the availabilities of early intervention programs now set up fully, the resources provided for these families, these children have, an equally bright future, as any other child!  Translated…

Remembered when my youngest daughter was just born, time flew quick, she’s already, in the, fourth grade now, but, still needed someone around to help her with her daily routines, because she’s, developmentally, delayed.

That day, as I first set eyes on her, my baby of about no more than three kilograms, I’d felt moved, but because of jaundice, she was kept in the hospital for observations, and a week later, I was finally able to, take her home.  Her older sister of two years started out in the toddler classes already, with the elders at home watching, I’d, returned back to work.  The seemingly ordinary days, got turned upside down as I took her to get her vaccines.  Her pediatrician noted how she didn’t match up to the growing curves of the average, and, referred her to the rehabilitation centers, then, to the larger hospitals for the assessments, in the end she received a handicap manual.

Then, we’d begun, on this long hard path of, early intervention, thankfully the shop I worked in was more than understanding, allowed me to only work part-time.  Recalled how when we first started in the early intervention programs, the instructor used an assortment of means, to get her to kneel on her knees, to squatting, to finally, using the walker, to help her walk longer.  And, day after day, after day, finally, one afternoon, with her, unsteady legs, she’d, stood, for two whole minutes, all of the physical therapists, and I, we were, very, moved, the hard training, finally, paid, off.

programs with the activities that help these special needs children with acquiring the skills they need…photo from online

That same year, she’d, successfully started in the preschool program that was a part of the local elementary schools.  And the resources she was in need of, all came, one by one, with the special needs assistant, the instructors who looked after her especially, the physical therapy courses……………and every semester, the school officials would have an IEP meeting.  Although, from the start, she was like a soft ball of dough, but now, she is able to speak in simple sentences, can dress herself, and can, feed herself too (although, she may drop the food all over the floors from time to time).

I’d forgotten where I’d read this, “taking a snail out for that walk, you will, see things very, differently”.  The instructor advised that my youngest daughter go into the group, to increase her social skills, that it would help her in her future.  Because of my youngest, I saw, a different scene, the days before us, is long, I want to, walk with her, toward her next, major, milestone.

And so, this, is on the resources that are now, available to the special needs children as well as their, families too, and, now, the parents wouldn’t feel as stressed as they would’ve been, from years before, because the field of special needs is more developed than before, and so, these special needs children can still, have a full experience of life.

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My Elderly Roommate

An elderly woman who’d, moved in, into the opposite room of the writer’s, and, their, exchanges of day-to-day life, sharing that same space of living, translated…

Last week, there’s a new roommate who’d moved in opposite of my room.

It was an elderly woman in her eighties, as she’d gone from the homes of her three daughters, she’d finally decided, to move in with her favorite son up north.  My father matted up the floor, he’d told me, that the elderly would sleepwalk.

Before bedtime at night, I was called by my roommate to help her set her air-conditioning.

“Which button shall I press?”

The soft southern accent was like that tiger that’s climbed usually, from decades ago, to recently, continued to grow, with the gaps of the generations growing larger, larger, and larger.  I’d recalled how the elderly got the bruises on both her knees, and asked what she’d dreamed about.  She became embarrassed, told me, “I’d dreamed that I was in a fight with someone, I wanted to kick the person, but couldn’t, get to him.”  I’d wanted to laugh, but felt it was, improper, and asked her, did she have a dream last night.  “I’d dreamed about the president, taking my hand, telling me things, he was, very nice, and there were, many other people next to us.”

And I couldn’t, hold it back any longer, started, laughing.

Although my roommate is elderly, but she’s still, very, agile.  Can still ride her electric scooter to the marketplace to shop for her own groceries, used her wrinkled hands, to select the youngest, the most youthful bamboo shoots; she can also, take a few rounds of circling around locally, and, rushed home before sundown, just in time, for, supper; and she can, also, used her voice which time had, tracked across, to get her granddaughter to turn the channel to her favorite T.V. station, channel 29.

“This soap opera ran for so very long, Fei-Fei is, really, awful”.

Good on that, golden afternoon, as the years, slowly, passed by.

And so, this, is the leisurely life that this elderly woman was allowed, and, she must’ve done something really good as she was younger, to be, granted the blessings of her good health, her agility, for she’s still, able, to run around to the markets to buy the groceries she needed.


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