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What if, the Legalities of Your Marriages, Rests on Someone Like Me?

Uh, this is, what’s, up for “grabs” in the election coming up this weekend!

What if, the legalities of your marriages, rests on someone like me, and I just happen, to be a HOMOPHOBE (not that I am or anything like that!!!), and, what IF, the rest of the majority of the population in this country, ARE just like me, haters of homosexuals?  Then, you, who’s a homosexual, would be, totally, SCREWED!!!

What if, the legalities of your marriages, rests on someone else, other than the two of you, huh?  If you were, born a certain way, you should NOT be made, to PAY for it, that is, how you were born, it wasn’t, your fault, and yet, this voting session is, penalizing those who are, DIFFERENT, with an alternative, SEXUAL orientation, so, how’s that fair, huh?

I mean, I would HATE it, if someone tells ME who I can, or can not love, or marry!  After all, it’s, MY life, my choice, and NOBODY ELSE should have a say in it.

What if, the legalities of your marriages, rests on someone else?  Is that even fair?  And no, I’m still, NOT begging all of you, to vote for or against GAY rights, I’m merely, presenting a “case” here, think about it, if it were you, how would you feel, if someone tells you, who you can or can not fall in love with, huh???

But, I’m still, voting this Saturday, and guess which way I’m voting?  FOR HUMAN rights!  That’s, how I shall, always BE voting!!!

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What is He Reading?


This, is a true story.

At around 8:57 one night, I’d rode my bicycle across a narrow pass of the underpass ways, and, on top of the underpass, there was a train track, and there would be trains, passing by, making the noises so very loud.  As the lights turned green, I’d started, paddling hard (this was the hardest part about riding a bicycle), and, I saw, that on the right side of the underpass, in front of a small machine room on my side, there was, an elderly man, sitting on top of a round stool, with his head completely bald, a dark complexion, sitting there, underneath the lights, reading, and, he’d had that smile of a fool on him, and, as the night took over, all I could make out, were a couple of yellowed teeth.  Right at the second where I was about to get closer, and get farther from him, I saw, that it was, a red, and somewhat thick book, and, there was, a tricycle with a ton of junk and recycle materials (might be all that he owned).

Yes, that elderly WAS reading, no doubt.  I saw it, with my own eyes.

I still recalled that the few times from before when I saw him, he was either sitting alone on that round stool, cussing, or had lain her quilt and pillow down, and was ready to turn in, or taking a piss, underneath the trees by the railroad tracks.  And now, he was, reading, and laughing too.

The first thought that came to my mind was: wow, he must be someone who can truly enjoy the love of reading.  He was, out on the streets, without a home, and yet, he was laughing hard, because of a book.  But, my thought took a sharp turn: what, was he reading?  Finances?  Book of encouragement?  Parenting?  Dieting?  Or “Journey to the West”?  But I believe, that the most possible answer could be Andersen’s “Little Girl with the Matchsticks”, even IF it’s such a thin and a child’s story.  What is more comforting in knowing, that there is someone else who is worse off than you?  Other than that book, I couldn’t imagine what ELSE could make him laugh so hard, under his circumstances, because every single book would be richer than the old man, and, reading every page would only remind him of, “oh, you have nothing now!”

This, is why, although I’m an adult, and I still love reading Hans Christian Andersen.  Because his stories, can manage, to console an elderly person, with absolutely NOTHING, and can make him laugh like that.

Because we all believe, that this, is real.

As to what, exactly was the elderly reading?  Nobody would know, but this, is just from the observation that someone had made, and this also shows the bad side of humanity, we wanted to read those stories that have bad endings, so we could give ourselves a BOOST, and that, is just WRONG, but hey, that’s human nature.

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Three Completely Blind Little Girls Finished the Triathlons with the Crowd, Cheering Them on

Here, we have a story of inspiration, on three young ladies, who live up to the name of being handi-CAPABLE, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“I don’t just want to cheer the competitors on”, the words of these young women made the head of the sponsor of the triathlon allow them to compete.

Not being able to see, but they can still run, swim, and ride bicycles, the three young elementary school girls entered into the junior triathlon competitions yesterday, all three of them managed to make it across the finishing lines, the moment they were given their medals, the three little girls were so happy that they’d shown the victory gestures, “We could do it too!”

The Man in Charge of the Lions’ Club: This, is Probably the First Instance in Taiwan

“This is probably the very first time that the visually-impaired had competed in the triathlons”, the president of the Lions’ Club who’d sponsored this event said, the three young girls were originally planning on competing with the regular kids, but the parents complained how it wouldn’t be fair, and so, the three girls made themselves into “Team Angels”.  Taking from the examples of the international standards of triathlon in a set place, they’d used the treadmills, the spinning wheels, to allow the children to finish the 2.5K run, and the cycling of five kilometers, and they’d needed to swim for twenty-five meters.

The twelve year old, Yang, the ten-year-old, and the seven-year-old, Liang, these three little angels were all in Coach Shao-Chang Chen’s swim class.  Chen said, these three young kids, because they were born prematurely, had lost their sight, and were once very concerned about the issues of safety because of their vision impairments, and so, NO triathlon competitions took their registrations.

“I don’t want to just cheer anymore,” Liang’s words had made her coach, Chen helped to make their dreams come true.

Tzi-Ling Yang: at First in Practice, I Keep on Bumping My Head into the Walls

Tsi-Ling Yang told the papers, that when she first started to practice her swimming, she’d kept hitting her head into the walls; now, not only could she manage to swim the whole way, after she’d climbed out of the pools, she could use the different textures, to guide her to where she’d entered the pools on her own.

Chen said, that for the visually impaired children to train in the triathlon, they take twice the time compared to the regular children.  Because they couldn’t see, and lacked the balance, they’d kept falling on the treadmills, they’d swum in an S-shaped way, other than having them wear earphones as they swam, and holding the coach’s hand as they ran, the rest is practice, practice, AND more practice.

Si-Chia Lin: I Feel Like a Rocket

Si-Chia Lin said, the triathlons are very fun, when running on the treadmills, and cycling, “I feel like a rocket, at high-speed.”  The end results of her competition was twenty-five minutes, and her coach told her, that it is equivalent to the third place in the regular competitors’ competition, she told him happily, “I want to compete again next time.”

Yu-Han Liang: I’m Not Tired, I Want to Finish This Swim on My Own

“I’m not at all tired, I can keep going.”, the youngest, Liang, although sweat was crawling all over her forehead, but, her fulfillment is written on her face.  She was the slowest to finish, but insisted on receiving help from no one else, “I want to finish the swim on my own, the pool is very warm, it feels good”, everybody there was cheering her on.  Chen the coach said, he realized, that the blind children not only didn’t get beaten out by the regular children, they’d cherished every time they were able to practice too, and are unafraid of the hardships that come their ways.  He’d asked the kids to get through the competitions on their own, because after they grow up, “They must rely on themselves for everything.”

And so, these three young women had the chance, to live their dreams, with the accommodations made for them, of course, and, it took them a lot of hard work, a ton of practice, and, they’d finished the race, and, they should be proud of themselves.

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Giving Up on Becoming a Doctor

I wonder W-H-Y, as being a doctor is a prestigious job, translated…

Wang is the janitor at our office, he is very kind, honest, and is very popular.  We’d all known, that he has a son, who’s the pride and joy of his life.

Although Wang wasn’t that educated, but he’d worked hard, cultivating his own son, would accompany his son in his studies every single day, and his son didn’t let him down either, gotten into his first choice high school, but, he didn’t get a good enough grade, for this, Wang took a week off, to take his son around the island, to help lift up his moods.  And, later on, the son worked hard in taking his secondary entrance exams, after the grades were posted, Wang had proudly showed us his grade sheets, every single subjects he’d scored over ninety, and there was also a perfect score too, and, naturally, he’d gotten into the medical school of N.T.U.  Everybody congratulated Wang, said that his hard times are over, although the cost will be very expensive, for the medical degree, but Wang said, that no matter what, he will help his son through his education.

Finally, he’d waited, and waited, to his son’s graduation from the medical school, but the son told him a shocking news, that he didn’t want to be a patient-seeing doctor, but wanted to go into pathology.  Wang almost passed out, naturally, he was, against his son’s decisions, he’d told his son, that he’d worked so very hard, to want his son to become a doctor, so he could live off easy.

His son’s choice made him mad and disappointed, and he’d come to us to complain.  Although we all knew how Wang felt, but, we are all very in awe with his son’s decision.

We’d told Wang that he should be proud at his son’s decision, because as a pathologist, his son may be able to help more people, and maybe, we will all benefit from his research in the future, as we’d consoled with him, Wang’s eyes started glowing, showing his pride once more.

Such a great kid, he deserved the applauses, I’m really happy for Wang.

So, although he’d graduated from the medical schools, he’d wanted to do the research, instead of becoming a doctor, and this made his father angry, because the father had slaved his life, saving up the money, to put the son through school, in hopes, that he could become a doctor, so the father could retire and live off easy, but the son wanted to become a pathologist, to research on the illnesses, so he can help find a cure, which will help more people in the end, and that’s something to be proud of, and here we have, a young man, with his own ideals on life, and nobody’s going to influence his decisions at all.

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When Voices are Seen, and Not Heard

Well, that’s odd, isn’t it, because aren’t voices supposed to be HEARD, and not seen?  Unless, you have an unknown sort of sensory disorder there…

When voices are seen, and not heard, that just means, that someone has a really unique way of experiencing the world, different from you and I, and, there’s NOTHING wrong with that, because everyone IS unique, and, we should all be allowed to have our differences from one another, isn’t that right?

When voices are seen, not heard, that, would be really bizarre, because that, is not in the ordinary realm of things, because we’d been taught to hear voices, instead of seeing them, and, whoever it is out there that sees voices are just, abnormal!  When voices are seen, not heard, so what, you have an alternative way of receiving certain type of stimuli you encounter that’s quite different from the rest of the general population, that still doesn’t mean that you are abnormal, weird, or whatever, does it?

But here comes the problem: we are used to, seeing, experiencing things certain ways, that we’d often forget, that, not everybody experiences the world the same way as we do, and, it’s simply, easier to SLAP a label on those who are different compared to us all………




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The Halo of Having a Higher Degree

Is it, myth, or truth, fact, or fiction, I wonder…

The halo of having a higher degree, this, is what the world is currently, affect by, because in this day and age, IF you only have a bachelor’s degree (hey, wait a sec, that, is what I had!!!), you ain’t gettin’ NOWHERE in the workforce, as those major companies are looking for those who can withstand the stresses that comes with doing presentations, taking examination, and, juggling those research papers, all at the same time, isn’t that right?

The halo of having a higher degree, however, is slowly, losing color, because, as this society ages, people are more focused on having a viable skill, after all, if you have a master or up, and NO job, how the HECK you gonna FEED yourselves?  And so, the halo of having a higher degree is slowly, losing importance, as people today are coming to the realizations of hey, an IVY LEAGUE education ain’t WORTH shit, after all, just because you’d graduated from an IVY LEAGUE, that still doesn’t mean, that you’d have a smooth ride, to the very T-O-P, in the workforce, does it???  Nope, so, looks like the values, the emphasis, they’re, slowly shifting in this world here………


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Best Friends


Internationally, detective novels had long become the mainstreams of popular literature.  In Taiwan, recently, although, there had been a ton of foreign writer’s tales, it’d become a part of life we can’t get rid of, but, when it’d come to writing these stories, and, it’d gotten my uneasiness, just wanted to find my way back to my studies, and just, write on my own.

With the developments of detective novels up to date, there are many forms of writing that it took.  There are stories that focused on how the crime are being solved, some stressed the judgments of the greater society.  I was, however, affected greatly, by the “father of detective stories”, Edgar Allan Poe, other than detective stories, I’d also written scary stories with the factor of solving mysteries in them.  If it’s a novel of terror, then, naturally, it would not have any kind of sunny and happy tone to it.  And so, as I go up for a publishing talk, or new book coming-out forum, I’d always felt stressed.

I’m really glad, that my novels can actually scare people.  But, if I show my glee too straight forth, then, the readers would think, “this dude takes too much joy in making people uneasy, what a creep!”; and, I’d met readers who talked, with great enthusiasm, of how there are shocking moments in my novels that’s made their hair stand, and, my brain flashed the looks of concern, from Annie Wilkes, the nurse from the movie, Misery, and so, I’d made up an excuse, to get myself away.

There are a row of books “Encyclopedia of Murders”, “Criminal Activities”, and books of the like, and, although my wife knew, that they’re all, for the purpose of my writing research, she’d still hated how focused I was, as I was reading these books.  And now, I have a child, and, I must, hide those books.

But, all of my experiences paled by comparison to the experience of Ronald Knox.  He was born, in a family of god, his father was the Bishop of the Church of England.  After he’d graduated from Oxford, he’d become a preacher of the Church of England, later on, he’d decided to become Catholic, and had become a Catholic priest of the Oxford University.

In order to get rid of his stresses from changing religions, Knox started writing the detective novels, and, he’d gotten the acclaims from his readers.  He’d even published “The Ten Commandments of Mystery”, and disclosed the rules of writing detective novels, and had even set up the “Detectives Club” with other writers of the same genre.  But, his behaviors of straying from his rightful work, “seeing murders as entertainment”, had made the Catholic Church exert the pressures on him, but Knox didn’t take any effect toward their pushing him.

And still, as he’d published his sixth novel, his good friend, Madam Eckerton had, tossed the book into the oceans.  And her behaviors had made Knox given up on writing detective novels, and poured his heart and soul out onto translating the Holy Bible, in the end, he’d managed to complete The Knox Bible.

Maybe, I don’t have a good friend who’d thrown my book into the oceans, and told me to focus, work hard, on being an engineer, so, that, is why I’m still, currently, a detective novelist.

And so, this, is how friends CAN exert that influence on you, which is especially important, for you, to CHOOSE your friends, WISELY, because, like the case stated above with Knox, had his good friend, Madam WHATEVER not throw his stories into the oceans, he would’ve kept on writing his detective stories, and, who knows, he may have made great strides as a detective novelist too, but, he wasn’t, because that woman TOSSED his book into the oceans, and, I’m sure, that that, was the FINAL straw that broke that “camel’s back”, after all, in those times, writing stories about murder, along with ALL those darker things was a taboo, and, unfortunately, this British man did NOT have someone who’d shown support for his dreams, like the writer of this article…

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Being the Other Half of the Umbrella, How We Met & Became More Than Friends

From friendship to a homosexual love, translated…

The day we met, the rain drizzled down, I didn’t have an umbrella, I can only use my arms, to lift my coat over my head, to block out the rain, and yet, the rain started pouring down harder and harder.

I ran, wanted to get to the MRT Station quicker, but, I’d keep on getting blocked by the red lights.  As I was meeting up with my third red light, you showed up, you had an umbrella, stood next to me, and, the other half of your umbrella, seemed to be sheltering me.

As we crossed the intersections, we walked in synchronized motion, turns out, you were, blocking the rain for me.  Even though I knew I must keep my guards up, but, I’d still felt, quite warm inside.

On the MRT, you’d spoken to me first, I was, overcome with this nervousness and ecstatic feeling.  As we’d talked, we became more and more compatible, we both loved baseball more than basketball, we both loved sweets, but hated chocolates.

And now, we’d become, the best of friends.  Actually, I wasn’t at all surprised, when you told me that you weren’t into members of the opposite sex, and yet, I also could deny myself the fact, that I’d once, fallen really hard for you.  No matter what, thank you for being a part of my life, my very best friend.

And so, this, would be a homosexual relationship?  And, love is love is love, without the boundaries of genders, and, they met, and one showed the other kindness, and, the woman on the receiving end of that kindness, on that rainy day reciprocated…

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Giving Up His Career as a Doctor and Becoming a Teacher

A man with a purpose here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CEO of the Cheng-Chih Education Foundation has the halo of graduating from the medical school of NTU, but gave up his high-end job, with high salaries, and, went into providing education for the children in distant regions, he’d made over thousands of videos teaching, and, there are over millions of viewers already.  Lu said, he never regretted giving up medical school to become a teacher, he hoped, that the kids from the distant regions can one day, test into NTU medical school, and after they graduate, they can head back to their hometowns, and benefit the people.

Lu wrote his experiences from being the looked upon “Dr. Lu” to “Mr. Lu” in his book, “A Man Who Dreams During the Daytime”, and shared his experiences of “ability to dream, ability to turn dreams into reality”.

Started in his second year in high school, he’d worked as a tutor, and, in his sophomore year in college, he’d set up the Dream Schoolyard, to help teach the children in elementary schools, but he’d quickly found, that the program he’d started can only help those kids how can pay for the services, that, it couldn’t help the children who are from poorer backgrounds.

As he’d interned in his fifth year in university, he was inspired by the founder of the Khan Academy, and started filming teaching courses in high school and shared it online for free, and, there were over millions of viewers, and after he got out of the armed services, he’d poured his heart and soul into using the internet as a platform to teach.

Lu was the best intern for the dermatology department from NTU hospital, he’d also gotten his practicing license, but instead, he’d chosen an alternative path.  He said, his wages are only half to a-fifth of what his classmates who became doctors made, but, an educator treat the mind, and that by going into education, Lu feels he’s giving more to the world.

And here, we have a guy, who went against the norm, found something that mattered to him, worked toward it, and, achieved greatness, in that he’d made a difference, to the children, whose lives he’d touched through teaching them, and that still just shows, how personal satisfaction weighed more than the amount of money you are able to earn here.

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Marrying Our Daughter So Carelessly?

On values of the families, translated…

My daughter and my son-in-law who live in Taipei met through work, they’d dated for three years, then got married, and now, they have a son who’s just turned one, they both worked for public positions, and are very close to each other.

A little over two years ago, when my son-in-law’s parents came to Kaohsiung, to ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage, I’d thought, that the parents may worry that we might ask for a very high dowry, after all, my family is namely, my daughter went all the way to NTU’s graduate school, and had gotten in to the mid-level public offices to work.

After a few words of greetings, to not let there be any chance of awkwardness, I’d told my son-in-law’s father right away, “We have the affinity to become in-laws, I hope, that we can get out of the mindset of marrying the daughter or seeing the son marrying, your son and my daughter are thirty years old, they’re the leading people of the show, we’re supporting actors, just like the past thirty years, we’d hovered over them, after they married, we must continue to take care of, and give them our blessings. So, allow me to state it so bluntly, we do not need any dowry payments from you, and, all the other ritualistic matters, we won’t be needing, you can plan it all out.”

And my older siblings believed that I’d married my daughter off so “carelessly”, how can they understand, that this, would be the best kind of blessing for her that’s most practical, only giving and not taking.

A lot of people who’d become in-laws had the mindset of “someone else will be in my old shoes”, kept centering the world around themselves, and tensed up the relationships between the in-laws, is so ridiculous!

So this, is a mother’s view, and she is right, because in this traditional place, marrying one’s daughter off still feels more like selling them, and that, defeats the whole purpose, not only would it ruin the interactions between the in-laws, it may put a damper on the couple’s interactions later on in life.


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