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The Mess Behind the Barthel Index, the Lacking of Provisions of Long-Term Care

Until this neurologist gets beaten up by the patient’s son, and the Department of Health & Social Welfare still does NOT take it, seriously enough, because, the neurologist was only, bruised, with nothing broken, besides, it wasn’t as if the family of the elderly person took a gun and FIRED into the neurologist’s HEAD, so, nothing gets, D-O-N-E!!!  The lacking in responses from the DEAD government of the DDP, and we’re, still, allowing them to continue in office here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The neurologist from Tri-Service General getting beaten by the patient’s family because of not validating the Barthel Index, but the real problem behind this, is on the system the government sets for allowing the citizens to apply for the foreign hired nurses, the government failed to consider the practical needs of the families in need of long-term care patients, and only went by the neurologist’s assessments of needs of the patients on the Barthel Index as the sole source of evaluation for hiring a foreign nurse, not only does this expose the neurologists in the dangers of physical violence, verbal threats of the frontlines, it’d also made the families that are in desperate need of long-term care help onto that guillotine, becoming a victim of the system.

The debate of the Barthel Index had long term been debated, and there’d been many incidents including how the families, in order for the in-hospital assessments, they’d had to haul their loved ones in a wheelchair into the hospital to get approved, later came, the loosening of the rules, of getting the medical professional into the homes to do the evaluations for the individuals in need; there are the immoral neurologists who’d worked with the agents to write out the falsified approvals and earning the kickbacks; or allowing patients to use the evaluation that’s not their own; there are also, even, the falsifying of the evaluation illegally, and, all of these, are to fulfill the needs to hire the lower waged foreign nurses.

Many experts, scholars believe, that the hiring of the foreign care nurses should be through the long-term care system, for instance, the home visits, to see the actual needs of the patients, but the government is always, “steps behind”, the problem had been under the sun for over a decade to date, and nothing is being, done.

And now, we can expect, that the approval of need for assistance of care can come more swiftly, this time, the Tri-Service General neurologist’s being assaulted is no a sole medical violence case, but a problem with the structure of how the long-term care evaluation system is set to run, the government’s evading responsibilities with “doesn’t fit the qualifications of long-term care provisions”, refusing to solve this, and in the future, are we only able to see the neurologists, the family physicians, getting beaten up, because of a failed-for-approval Barthel Index?

And so, this is how LACKING the DDP government is, just like in everything, it’s still, johnny-come-lately, in the provisions of approval for the hired nurses of long-term care, and, it makes us wonder, what the FUCK (don’t pardon me!) is the Department of Social Welfare doing, are they just, officials, sitting higher up, in them, tall, tall chairs, with the tea cups in their hands, drinking tea every single afternoon, at TWO sharp or something???


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The Day Following the Victims’ Reporting of the Sexual Harassments, the Victims Were Pressured, there’s a Leak in Personal Data Suspected

Being RE-victimized here, because the information had, leaked out, in an originally, what-would-have-been, confidential call!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There were, already EIGHT victims who’d come out to accuse the assistant spokesperson of Tainan City government, Yi already, the Taiwan Youth Right & Welfare Advancement League already filed the reports to the local domestic violence prevention center, and notified the Examination Department on the Department of Education’s lagging on supervision of the backgrounds of the youth lecturers.  But the league told, that the day following the reports, there were the victims who were demanded by Yi to drop their accusations against him, and used the groups to pressure the individuals, and the victims were suspected of having their personal data leaked out.

A victim described, that it was during the seminar camps that he’d been invited by Yi to his room to discuss the special case, he’d turned Yi down, but Yi still continually harassed him verbally, and wrapped his arms around his waist, and his shoulders continually in the seminars, that awhile ago, he’d filed a complaint with the city government along with the youth division of the Department of Education in Tainan the following day, and Yi had found him the next day, used his friend’s to try to get him to drop the case against him.

Lin the C.E.O. of the Children & Youth Welfare League told, that the reports of the case had, immediately, leaked out, and Yi started calling up the adolescents and children he knew, and pressured them, “Did you, misinterpret my behaviors?”, “you need to vouch for me in front of the press!”, to the point of knowing who it was that that made the call, and called the individual to ask him to clarify and used the groups that the victim was in to pressure him, causing yet more damages on the victim’s life.

The youth division of the Department of Education stressed, that the case is sensitive, to protect the related individuals, everything is to remain, confidential.

Yeah uh, this still just showed, how easily information leaked out, too quick too, and this LOSER definitely had ties with the agencies where these reports were filed, otherwise, how the HELL could he possible know the identity of the youths who’d tattled on him?  So yeah, the youths’ privacy got invaded, and they got, molested too.  With the law, doing, DIDDILY SQUAT to protect them!

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Another Shooting in the U.S., the Gunman Shot Four, Then Turned on Himself

And you still don’t think that being able to own and BEAR arms is the root of this, problem???  And yet, the police department patted itself on the back, on their, short response time in the incident there, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the afternoon of the first, there was a shooting at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a total of five deaths, including the gunman who’d turned the gun on himself.  The police estimated that the age of the gunman is between thirty-five and forty, and the motives are, waiting to be, checked out, but stated, that the gunman with the assault rifles, and the handguns hadn’t gone locally to shoot people at random, but the police didn’t provide the public with any more extra details.  There was the twenty-one death massacre at the Robb Elementary School in Texas on the twenty-fourth, so the timing is, especially, sensitive.

The assistant sheriff of Tulsa Police Department stated that as the police received the call stating that the gunman had made his way to the second floor clinic of St. Francis, they’d immediately sent out the officers, and, they’d searched the hospital rooms one by one in the building, on all the floors.

The captain of the police, Meulenberg told, that the police treated the local hospital as an “area of a major disaster”, with multiple victims injured.  Currently, they’re still unsure how many others may have been affected.

Based off of White House Press, President Biden had already heard the debriefing of the case, and the government also offered the assistance, the supports needed to the local government officials.

The paralegal who lives close to the clinic said, that as soon as she’d heard the choppers and the loud sounds coming from the hospital’s direction, she’d immediately rushed out of her own home.

The forty-three-year-old paralegal, as she was interviewed, stated, “This was the most number of law enforcement officers that all rushed to one location in my entire life that I’d, ever seen”.  She’d recalled, the squat team making their ways into the building, described how the police were, “Swift and fast in execution”, “without any, hesitation”.

Reuter reported, that the assistant chief of police told, that as the police received the call in the afternoon, they’d, arrived at the hospital three minutes later, and fie minutes upon arrival, they’d found the gunman, and the victims.  The upsets from the public of the Robb Elementary School shooting was that the police stayed outside of the school, doing NOTHING for a total of seventy-eight minutes.

And, comparing to how the Robb Elementary School shooting the Tulsa Police Department surely DESERVED, that PAT on the back, don’t they now?  And this still just showed, how the excess of armed weapons available to people in the U.S. had, caused yet, another, shooting, only that this time, not that many were dead and injured, so it’s, no big deal, or at least, that’s, what this shit sounded like to me.

KUDOS to the police of Tulsa, OK, for your, quick response time, really, you all deserve that raise from the Department.

Yeah right…

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They Took Turns, Raping a Woman Who was Passed Out Drunk the Two Men Tried to Weasel Their Ways Out of the Blames, Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison

This is still nowhere, NEAR severe enough, the punishment for these two LOSERS who took advantage of the woman, passed out from drinking, and raped her, and the government stated that they’re, CRACKING down on these cases of sexual assaults?  Yeah right, get real here!  Crime and punishment, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The stockbroker, Yeh invited a woman to an antique auction, afterwards, he’d gone with her to celebrate the winning with an antiques dealer, Kuo, as the woman passed out from drinking too much, Kuo and Yeh took turns raping her, and, as the charges were processed, they’d testified that “she’d, enjoyed it”, the highest courts found that both men were with NO remorse, and sentenced each to ten years in prison on forced sexual act.

The verdict pointed out, that on the evening of December 25th, 2016, Yeh was invited to an auction in Taipei, he’d invited the victim female using the excuse of introducing her to work, after the auctions, he’d gone to a restaurant, to drink the strong boozes with Kuo, then, went to a bar to continue their, celebrations, the woman passed out, and was lifted to the mansion belonging to Kuo in Tienmu.

At three in the morn the following day, the two disregarded how the woman said no, Yeh and Kuo raped the woman on the couch; at seven in the morn, as the woman is still passed out from drinking, they’d taken turns kissing her, grabbing her breasts, then, raped her again.  The woman called the police, the two were charged.

Yeh claimed that he was, interacting “naturally” with the woman, that the woman kissed him back too, and, that the surveillance in the mansion showed that the interactions was mild, and there wasn’t any means of her, trying to, fight the men off, he’d believed, that the woman, “was enjoying it”.  Kuo testified, that the woman kissed him on her own means, that she was fully aware of what she was doing throughout the whole thing.

The Shihlin District Court reviewed over the surveillance footages, found that the woman moved her head left and right multiple times, covered up her breasts, waved both her arms, pushed the men off to show that she didn’t want to have ex, and, attempted to block both men from touching her, and she’d shown signs of post-traumatic stress, and gotten treated at the psychiatrist’s office, which showed that she’d suffered the traumas, the courts believed that the woman was, raped, and, sentenced both males to ten years each.

The two men appealed, claimed that the woman was fearful of contracting an STD, that was why she’d sued them, but the High Courts didn’t believe them, believed that the two in order to satisfy their own sexual desires, disregarded how the woman had told them no multiple times, and raped her, that they’d shown no sign of remorse, hadn’t reached a settlement agreement with the victim they’d raped, maintained the verdict of the first trial.  The Highest Courts found that the original verdict was justified, tossed back the appealed, case closed.

And yeah, this is still not, punishment enough, and the other way of interpreting this, is that because we women are passed out from drinking, you FUCKING (and your point being???) sons-of-bitches (still not the four-legged “varieties” here!) can rape us, all you want, and this time, these two mother @#$%ERS did not get away, but who knows, maybe, the times after this one, there would be more mother @#$%ERS who believe that they could, get that, slap on the wrist for RAPE!

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He Was Unsuccessful in Getting a Female Older Schoolmate to Accept His Love for Her, He’d Started Waving that Knife and Injured Her

Despite how the ANTI-STALKING law’s been signed into effect, and this shit is still, happening here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The first-year student from Shu-Der Technical University in Kaohsiung, Lin had a crush on a sophomore older female schoolmate, two evenings ago after an unsuccessful attempt to get her to love him, Lin told the woman that he wanted to accompany her and a friend of hers back to the dorm, she’d turned him down again, Lin became emotional, started waving a craft knife around, injured the back of the neck of the older female schoolmate he was crushing on, and her arms too; as the police arrived, they’d escorted the injured female student to the nursing units to get her injuries treated, found Lin in his dorm room, with the knife, with the bloody clothes he was wearing; as Lin was taken in and interrogated, he’d claimed he had amnesia over what happened as his professions of love to the woman wasn’t accepted.

Based off of understanding, Lin and the older female schoolmate belonged to the same extracurricular group, at around half past midnight last night, Lin was suspected of being impacted by the woman’s turning him down and objecting his offer to walk her back to her dorm, used the knife and attacked the woman, the female student started bleeding from the neck, and it’d thrilled the female friend she had with her, along with someone else who was out exercising, and they’d immediately notified the police, other than taking the injured female student to the hospital, the police arrested Lin in his dorm, Lin claimed that he’d swallowed several dozen of sleeping pills, was taken to the hospital, under police custody, he’d regained consciousness yesterday, and the police interviewed him, and charged him on attempted murder and assault, sent to the Chiaotou D.A.’s Office for processing.

The Shu-Der Technical University stated, that after the incident, the families of the female student already found their legal counsel, the school worried that the events may cause trauma to the female student, and they will offer the services of counseling and professional social worker to help.

And this, is how, it worked, when you turn a man down, be careful ladies, because, nobody knows if the LOSERS (b/c that’s what you all are!) you’d turned down will react violent, especially when they are, ill-prepared for the rejections that you handed to them, and, this is how well the laws protect us women, the law does, DIDDILY squat!  So, look like we’ll all be, carrying that bottle of pepper spray, that TASER, inside our separate, purses, to PROTECT ourselves from this SORT of SHITS then, because, like in this case, the help came, sure, but, the woman was still, injured.

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The Repeated Offenses of the Perp Who’d Gouged the Eyes of a Super Convenience Store Clerk Out Charged

Another schizophrenic here!  And he’d, done it, AGAIN!  And you still don’t think these severe mental patients deserve to be put in that straightjacket and lock away from society so the world around is safer???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Suspect Was Listed as a Patient with Schizophrenia, the D.A. Evaluated and Believed that He Could Tell Between Right & Wrong, He was Responsible for Charges of Attempted Murder, and Aggravated Assault

The man, who has schizophrenia, Yang gouged out the eyes of a female store clerk last year in Kaoshu County in Pingdong, the case shocked the society, three months prior, he’d hacked another woman, Yang to serious injury, the Pingdong D.A.’s office based off of the psych evaluation, and believed that during the times Yang was committing both crimes, he was able to tell between right and wrong, and, indicted him on attempted murder and aggravated assault changes yesterday; Yang was transferred to the Pingdong D.A.’s Office yesterday, the judge mandated that he remain in police custody.

The indictment stated, that on September 26th of last year, the fifty-year-old Yang felt displeased over how the twenty-nine-year-old store clerk, Pan told him to mask up, to smoke elsewhere, he rammed into the store, beaten Pan, suppressed her neck, then, gouged her eyes with his bare fingers, the attacks continued for more than two minutes.  The victim sustained a socket fracture on her left eye, and injuries of conjunctivitis, hospitalized for nineteen days, and, almost lost her sight entirely.

Yang, because his mother and the woman, Fang had land disputes, they’d had a physical confrontation, and he’d held a grudge against the woman, in the midnight hours of June 30th of last year, at a local breakfast shop, he’d met Fang, he’d first swung at the woman, hit her head, then, started kicking her n the chest, then, used the butcher’s knife behind the counter to attack, and the shop owner blocked him off, that’s how Fang didn’t get murdered.

Yang had schizophrenia, and a person of concern under the local department of health and sanitations, he was arrested on the day he’d gouged the female cashier’s eyes out, the police placed him in protective custody to the hospital based off of the mandates, and after a little over a month’s treatment, he was released last year on November 4th; the D.A. believed that Yang was suspected of aggravated assault and attempted murder, that there’s a high chance he will commit the crimes again, asked the courts to take him into custody, the courts signed off.

The D.A. stated, that both cases were sent to psych evaluation, which both found, that at the time, Yang knew that his behaviors were unlawful, that he was able to control his own actions, that he didn’t qualify or the reduced sentence of Penal Code 19, and prosecuted him.

As Pan had been discharged from the hospital, she’d stay4ed in her relative’s home to recuperate; the county government told, that she still needed to return to the Changgang Hospital for her follow-ups, that her eyes still felt uncomfortable, she’s still in recovery, and couldn’t work, that if she needs help in finding employment, the county will assist.

The head of the village locally, Chang told, that he’d felt relieved, at the news of Yang continuing being in police custody, that it’d set the minds of the local villagers at ease; Yang’s families all moved away since, nobody could control him, he hoped, that the laws can, punish him severely.

And so, these are, the ticking time bombs of the societies, you do NOT know what might set them off, or when they may get agitated to attack, and, keeping these mentally ill individuals in lock up permanently may be the only solution there is, to keep the world safer.

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Seeking Assistance

How did it end like this?  Why did she put up with it this long, and no, abuse is NOTHING to “get used to”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator, Kao’s abuse by her boyfriend shocked the communities here.  At the same time, the Department of Welfare Sanitations posted its survey results of women living under violence, one out of every five female had been abused, most frequently occurring is the emotional abuse, which showed, that the battered women population are, taking up the majority.  Kao is a public figure, and her being abused got the sympathies of the society.  And yet, there are, many women who are without the abilities, the drives who’d been abused living in the darkened corners, not known where to get the assistance they needed, nor dared to speak up and out about their abuse, and can only, cry in the nights.

It hurts us, seeing the bruises and scars of Kao; but those bruises will eventually heal, and yet, the psychological traumas, not so, easy.  The damages from the verbal abuse normally exceed the effects of the physical abuses, like a dagger that stabbed into the hearts, hard to recover from.  A lot of women, when they’d been abused verbally, chose to keep it muffled up, which led the abuse to worsen, into physical eventually.

here’s trailer, and you can find the full-length movie from YouTube

The American movie, “A Fall from Grace”, about the middle aged woman, Grace, who’d been divorced, and, met a handsome, gentle, younger man, at first, he’d treated her like she’s a goddess, fooled her into believing that she’d found a good man, not known, that that, was the start of her, nightmare, the man cheated her out of her money, and insulted her verbally too, and, Grace had, fallen into the traps of love the man set for her, to the end, she’d become, a murderer, killed her abusive husband.

Do NOT let the love turn into a worst nightmare, I hope, that you will meet the right person, a kind man or woman, to be with you for the rest of your lives.

And so, this, is on how the victims (enablers) of abuse usually chose to, put up with the abuse, due to, whatever BULLSHITTING excuses they can come up with, and, by not going to the cops that first time you got beaten, or screamed at and apologized to (verbal abuse???) , or emotionally blackmailed by someone, you’d gone from a poor, pitiful VIC, into an ENABLER, and the reason why the other person gets away with abusing you, it’s still because you’re, allowing them to, because, you CAN’T work up the courage, to ask for the help you need, to BREAK free!

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The Clerks are All Fearful Now: No Longer Told the Customers to Mask Up

The domino effect here, call this, the aftermath of what’s happened here, and now, no store clerk DARED, telling the customers who come into the shop without their masks on, to MASK up, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The prevalence of the cases of super convenience shop clerks getting attacked, causing the workers scared.  An employee of a super convenience shop close to the Gangshan Train Station in Kaohsiung when asked, stated, “of course I’m scared!”, especially it’d become, even more dangerous for the graveyard shift workers, and they can only, heighten up their own senses of, alerts; another work of the same location told, that the clerk from before got stabbed because he reminded a customer to mask up, “and, I won’t mention it to a customer who’s not wearing a mask when s/he comes into the shop from here on out!”

A college student who’s been part-timing at the super convenience shop, Lo told, that the storge manager had asked the employees to remind the customers to mask up, and he’d, told the elderly population to, but not dared telling the younger generations, because the younger generations would intentionally, not mask up like they were all supposed to, and, going up to tell them to, it’s no guarantee of his own personal, safety, and he was called by a customer, for not telling another customer to mask up, and got scolded by the store manager, but he’d wanted to know, “why is it our responsibility, to tell the customers to mask up?”

The son of the police officer, Lin from Taoyuan works in a super convenience shop, he’d told, that as he’d come across a customer who didn’t take his words, and stared him down when he’d told her/him to mask up, he’d felt fearful, but, if he’d not told the customer, he would get reprimanded, and, he and other part-timing employees believed, that it’s NOT their responsibilities to tell the customers to mask up, suggested that the act of having the employees to remind the customers to mask up get eliminated.

Lin the store clerk from Hsinbei City told, that in the future, when he interacts with the customers, he will be hypervigilant, will be more aware of their facial expressions, to stay alert, for instance, noting the individuals’ tones of voice, and, if there’s the opportunities, he’d hoped that the government and the company can set up the means to help them protect themselves, or at least, have the tools that they can, defend themselves with in the shops.

Back in September in Pingdong, the female clerk, Pan got her eyes gouged out, although Pan already returned home, but she’s having nightmares of the events of what’s happened to her.  The female owner of the shop told, that she hoped that the related organizations can take the matter of employees’ safety more seriously, she’d also told her workers to protect themselves, that if there’s an irrational customer, in the shortest time, call the police, to avoid direct confrontation with the customers.  The grandmother of the female clerk told, that her granddaughter had been having nightmares, that she had yet to recover from her trauma, hoped that the news media can, leave them alone.

And so, this, is really awful, because, you’re only, giving the customers a heads-up, to remind them to mask up, and you risk getting attacked, and this is just, how dangerous this world became, and, because of what’d happened here, it’d caused the workers, to become too fearful, to let the customers know, that they need to, mask up.

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The Students are Copying the Scripts of the Squid Games, Worrying the Parents

Like that research proposal I’d written up for my methods lab???  How the number of hours of violence in the media viewed by the children can, be correlated to their acting up more violently, and now, this is a “proof” of that correlational study I’d, proposed for my methods class, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

To Celebrate Halloween in the Elementary School Years, the Game of “Bloody Bobeep” is Played, “I Blew Your Head Off” Became an Everyday Dialogue Among the Students

The Korean soap, “The Squid Games” became a huge hit in Taiwan, and it’d become, the choice of costumes for young children for Halloween too here; on the eve of Halloween in an elementary school, the school officials dressed themselves up in pink as the killers, with the prop guns, shooting the victims, with school-age children watching them; there were also school instructors who’d noted seeing the elementary school-age children playing the game of “blood bo-beep” during the breaktime at school, using the paper gun they have in their hands, to “blow up” the losers, and, all of these became worrisome to the parents, that violence had, made its way into the school campus, and they’d begun worrying that this might lead to modeling behaviors, and even, violence on the school campuses too.

Uses of Child-Appropriate Materials as a “Cover” for the Games of Murder

“The Squid Games” used the children’s topics to wrap up the games of murder, because of how innovative this idea is, it’d, become trending across the globe, but it’s brought about the effects of modeling behaviors too, there were a lot of cases of teens who’d modeled after the violent storyline and injured others already internationally; some of the U.S. and European schools worried that the students will model after the violent behaviors in the shows, and passed the prohibitions of the attires now.  And now, the “Squid Games” had found its way into the elementary schools here too, “You’re already dead”, “I’d blown you up already!”, etc., etc., etc., became the regular words of exchange that elementary school age children shared.

in the elementary school here, right ’round, Halloween…photo from online

Children Started Worrying that “Someone I Know Might Get Murdered”

An instructor testified, that there were, a few handful of children who’d watched the programming at home with their own parents, and, took what they saw on T.V. into the games they play in-between the classes, by words of children’s mouths, they’d even started, humming the Chucky theme song, if there were students who’d moved when they weren’t supposed to, then, the other students would pick up the paper guns, and start shooting them down, it’d made her have a ton of headaches over this; there were also careless elementary school instructors who’d played the footages of the show in class, until students went home and told their parents, “I’m so afraid that someone I know will die”, the parents filed a complaint to the school, that was when the school realized, that “something wasn’t, quite right”.

模仿玩「魷魚遊戲」 比利時小學生暴力懲罰同伴|秦綾謙|FOCUS全球新聞 20211011 – YouTube

on how elementary school children in Belgium punished their own peers, from the news here off of YouTube, and yes the link works!!!

While a certain elementary up north on the eve of Halloween, played that game of “bloody bopeep” on the school campus.  The principal was interviewed, and told, that the activities were sponsored by the PTA, hoping to share the times with their own young, and that he’d dressed up as Captain America too, and played the role of the “protector” of the students as well; he’d stated clearly, that at the moment, “I didn’t think this through quite enough”, that he will work hard, to prevent this sort of similar situation from recurring.

The Parents Called Out to the Enforcement of Bringing about Awareness of the Ratings of the Programming

There were the first grade children’s parents who’d told, that they’d not allowed their young to watch “The Squid Games”, but the painting that the young children made was the scenes from the “Bloody Bopeep” and “Jumping Off a Glass Bridge”, and told him that the losers of the game played in school will get “bang-bang, and then, die!”, then, after the victims died, thy will have crosses painted on them, the parent worried that the young will take violence as a norm of life.  He’d believed, that it would be next to impossible to ban the kids from using the internet, that the government should set up the barricades, to set up the ratings accordingly, and to enforce the education on the matter too.

The Department of Education Hoped to Increase the Virtues, the Morale of the Media

Last year, the “Blue Whale Games” with the hidden themes of self-mutilation and exploitation by sexual means, infiltrated into the Taiwanese school campuses, the Department of Education had sent out three separate warnings to get the local government, to let the school note to be careful; and now, the scripts from “The Squid Games” infiltrated into the elementary school campuses, the Department of Education also calls out to the various levels of schools should pay strict attention to the games that are ill-fitted for the developments of young children to play, the animated feature films, the movies, the soaps that are, flowing around school, and enforce the morality of the media, to help the students differentiate between what’s appropriate, and what’s, not.

The C.E.O. from the Parents’ Group League, Peng stated, that the students in the elementary and the middle school years couldn’t differentiate what’s real and what’s fake, that it would take children at least into their high school years to be able to understand what the society is about, and if the parents lead by modeling the goings on in the T.V. programs, then the parents need to reevaluate their own behaviors too; sh4e’d believed, that anything done in school, including play, needed to be in accordance to the morale of education.

And so, this, is the effects of violence in media, on your school age children (still not mine, ‘cuz???  Oh yeah, don’t gone me one!), and, because violence is, everywhere we look, on T.V., on the WWW, on those, billboards you come across from your ways to work, on your drive home from work, etc., etc., etc., it’s impossible, to keep your kids from getting, exposed, and, this situation is just, really bad, because, the parents are still, too god damn, way too, mother @#$%ING (all out of “cuss words” here!) clueless, and, your children are losing their virginities (psychological kind here!), everyday, when they played these violent games at school, under ADULT supervision, because, those teachers aren’t babysitters, they educate your young, and so please, do NOT make their lives, harder, as children are getting a hell of a lot more difficult, to educate by the generations, because they’re all, smarter, smarter, smarter, as you @$#$ING adults are, getting DUMBER still!

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The Workers in Catholic Churches in France in a Span of Seventy Years, Sexually Assaulted 330,000 Young Children

and here’s a video from CNN on that, off of YouTube...

SEX SCANDALS, from the, CATHOLIC CHURCH, and the church still refused to take responsibilities for it, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 2,500 Pages of Report Revealed, the “Veil of Silence”, with Around 3,000 Perpetrators, the Pope is Heartbroken

The independent investigation committee on the cases of sexual assault of young children by the Catholic Church found that from 1950 to 2020, there are about 216,000 underage victims who’d been sexually assaulted by the workers of the Catholic Church, and this had always been covered up by “the Silent Veil” continually.

After a two-and-a-half year long investigations, this report with the meaningful milestones got published on the fifth formally.  From before, the communities in the world felt infuriating toward the accusations of the sexual assaults on the victims worldwide.

If the instructors, and those who aren’t officials in the Catholic Church are counted in, the number of victims will increase to 330,000 for the last seventy years.

In the investigative reports, there are, estimated a total of 2,900 to 3,200 cases of abuse, and there may be more, and the church usually don’t CARE about the victims.  And, due to too long a time passing from when these cases had happened, based off of French law, the statutes of limitation had long passed.

Pope Francis stated, that he was in pain when he’d read up on the investigative reports.

The chairperson of the investigative committee held a press conference, and stated, “this is a horrific statistic, and it makes man and god, angry, we shall not, tolerate this.  Until the beginning of 2000, the Catholic Church chose to turn a blind eye to the victims, to the point of, cold-blooded.”

The investigator pointed out, “If the silent veil can finally be lifted, we should, thank these, brave victims, because without their testimonies, the community will never have gotten to know, what’s been omitted, what’s been, denied.”

The close to 2,500 page report found, “most” of the victims are prepubescent young boys from across the socioeconomic statuses, and, between ages ten and thirteen.

The report stated, “The Catholic Church is the most prevalent place where sexual violence occurred, next to families and friends.”

The report told, that the church not only was lacking in the preventive measures, knowing what’s happened, not reporting it, and had put the victims in contact with their, abusers intentionally.  The investigator, Sauvé told, that the church not only lacked in its measure of protecting the victims, covering up, and sometimes, they’d, intentionally place the victim children into contact with their, abusers, if someone comes forth, normally, the victims are blamed, and made to shoulder partial of the responsibilities.

The majority of these cases occurred before 1970, but, Sauvé stated, that the sexual assaults in “the Catholic Church poses a huge problem to this very day.”

And so, you still don’t think that reforms in the Catholic Church are, absolutely, necessary?  And, because it’s these, officials who “served” god who’d, committed these, sexual, heinous, crimes, the churches would cover them up, because there’s a reputation to, upkeep, and now, these cases bust loose, because of how the Catholic Church allowed for it.

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