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Lin’s Period of, Introspection

The SHAMELESSNESS, of these, POLITICIANS from the DDP is, something all right, and, we’re still, voting for these, immoral individuals to run our lives???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Lin is now having his, comeback!  It’d only been a month, and five days since he’d declared that he was, dropping out of the mayoral race in Taoyuan.  On this very day, he’d, attended the campaigns at the industrial meet at Hsinchu, to campaign for his fellow DDP party candidates, claimed that nobody will forget the good he’d done over the last eight years he worked as a government official.  At the same time, he’d pointed his sword at Chang the candidate on the KMT ticket, “honesty is way more, important, than being voted as the mayor!”

for her “favorite” protege, Tsai went up against the N.T.U., photo from online

In one short months, it seemed, that Lin had swallowed that “morality do-over pill”, forgotten about the shames of his plagiarism and gotten his two master’s degrees retracted by the schools, and stood in front of the public’s eyes, as a, small giant.  And now, he’s going to, fight for his own dignity, and the first step of this, is to, defame his opponent.  Lin may not have understood yet: that dragging someone else into the mud and the muck of plagiarism, can’t prove his own, “innocence”.  Besides, mixing the business papers of Chang in his line of work with his master thesis, that’s, the DDP’s confusion tactics.

The shortened period of Lin’s introspection, hard to believe.  His dual theses were found to have been plagiarized, to the point of having someone else write the work, how serious was that!  But for him, it seemed, like locking himself in his own home, stay clear of the press a few short days, and, everything’s, nonexistent, that he was still that golden boy of Tsai.  The sense of morale of the DDP these past few years, it’s like with the healing patches, unaffected by “shame”.

the news cast of how Lin had, plagiarized Chen’s thesis too! Photo from online

And for this, Lin mentioned of spending $1.2 billion N.T. of the budgets of the baseball field at Hsinchu, with bad quality work, he’d become, so, shameless in his boasting about it.  He’d even compared himself to TMSC, that a world renowned manufacturer of chips, can also, create the faulty products.  The problem being, the chips were, ass produced, millions at once; and you were only building up just that ONE baseball park, how can you possibly talk of “quality control”?

Tsai’s insistence on backing Lin up, is based off of the same reasoning, they don’t feel that anything they’d done is, immoral, or wrong.

And hence, there lies, that problem!  The heads of states, the heads of the national government is without any sense of morality, and surely, the people they put up for candidacies of the cities in this country are also going to be, just as, if not more so, immoral, and, this country is, sinking, lower down still, and there’s nothing that WE the people can do about it, because we the people are just, too, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!!!) retarded!

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The Weightlessness of Political Responsibilities

How the politicians are still best at, DODGING the responsibilities when something bad happened to the world!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The waves of criticisms came as the murder of the police officer in Tainan occurred, the chief of the justice department, Tsai transferred the warden of Ming-Der External Inmate program, and will go after the district attorney’s office for delaying issuing of the arrest warrants of the escaped convicts.  But, the scapegoats are all the entry level position workers, as for the political responsibilities, are just as the families of the murdered officers stated, “light as feathers”.

The founder of Foxxcon, Go was from a police family, he’d felt especially deep over this, he will be donating five million dollars N.T. to each of the families of the two officers who’d died in the line of duty, and he’d gotten down hard on the head of Internal Affairs, Hsu and Tsai for not doing their jobs correctly.  He’d questioned that all of these, behaviors, those actions that should’ve been taken by the higher up government officials, but they’d not done anything, “Do you still have the means to rule the separate departments?”, the question being, this group of “already numbed out” higher up government officials could care LESS about their face, but, they are going to, keep their posts, at whatever the costs.

And so, although Go’s criticizing that “Someone needs to get sent out of the office”, received widespread support from the masses, the head of State, Su claimed, that Tsai after the events, started pursuing the perps actively, that Hsu’s care and concerns for the entry level officers had been dearly noted.  That it would be untrue, inaccurate if you say they’d lacked the morale of the heads of the police departments.  And if we discuss the responsibilities, other than Hsu and Tsai at the helm, Su isn’t an outsider either, to the point, of criticizing the president, Tsai, who kept on stating the need for the reforms of the justice systems, she too, can’t evade the responsibilities either.

And, just as we’d all expected, the one who was the scapegoat of this, was a mere, jail warden; or maybe, there would be an extra district attorney who’s, right up, next to him too

The officers who died in the line of duty, their families cried, “Don’t just make those formal statements that are, too unsubstantial to us afterwards”, their words touched the public deeply!  But, this is, how cruel the reality of things is, the higher up officials of Tsai’s government, don’t take up any responsibilities whatsoever when it comes to the political responsibilities, and even if in the end, the higher up officials get ousted out of their offices, and, they were mostly, demoted on the surfaces, but, promoted in the unknown, or, getting ousted for show, but transferred to an alternative, higher up position in the government, the DDP is, having the voters, eating out of their hands all right!

And so, this is how this political party that’s ruling over the country still not manning up, not changing the bad systems, and they’re still all, just making those claims of, oh, we’re sorry for the lost of lives of your next-of-kin, our condolences, whatever, like how the Taroko train derailing, the head of transportation didn’t even get demoted, or even, FIRED, as he should have, but hey, that’s how the DDP worked, promoting those who misbehaved to an alternative agency, trying to fool the people into thinking, that wow, something IS, being done, when in truth, NOTHING is being done about the things that’s, already, happened, and, these sorts of shits are bound to happen, again, and again, and again, until the DDP gets out of office!

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The Two Officers Had Investments into the Sex Massage Parlors, Worked in the Department to Stop the Sex Trades, Both Sentenced

As they both, should, because you’re a cop, and because the operators offered you guys the money to not tell on them, and you took it, with the morale of the police department, sinking lower still, on taking bribes and the consequences of it, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The officers Jing and Liu were originally in charge of cracking down the sex trade, but they’d, put investments into the sex massage parlors, and made the illegal profits of $200,000N.T. each, Liu, for the sake of competing with the adversary massage parlors, had even made an anonymous call to the police; the Changwha District Court charged both on bribe and encroachment, sentenced one to two years, the other, three years six months prison terms.

The verdict pointed out, that Jing (age 55) originally worked for the first squad in the Hemei Police Substation, in charge of cracking down on the illegal sex trade operators, Liu (age 51), originally worked as a sergeant of the Daxia Substation of Hemei Police, helped with the crackdown of the illegal human the trafficking, because they both had people on the inside of the business as their tails, they’d cracked many of the sex human trafficking rings, and they were both valued workers by their superiors.

The two officers, because they knew the female sex masseur, Gu and her boyfriend, Hong, Gu wanted to set up her own shop, with Jing and Liu wanting the shares of the earning, and Gu believed, that with the police officers watching out for her business, that it will help her set up shop, in June of 2018, she’d set the two up for stock options for the newly started Jun-Yuen Massage Parlor, Gu and Hong put up a total of $450,000N.T. for their business, with Jing and Liu putting up $125,000N.T. to be included.

The four ran the massage parlors, and had the ladies pay the fees of $600 N.T.s or $400 N.T.s for the bonuses of the earning, but later, the business went bad, Gu and Hong made their exit from the ownership of the massage parlor, set up another shop, with Jing and Liu still as shareholders, and Liu found others to take over the operations of the massage parlors continually, so it can keep on operating; until June of 2019, the police found out about the two sex massage parlors, and found that the two officers had received $200,000N.T. each from the total earning operations.

The judge found, that the officers, Jing and Liu didn’t care of how they’re about to retire, they’d become shareholders of the sex massage parlors, that this was bad morale for the police department, that it’d destroyed the trust the people have toward the police department, the officer, Jing’s good work was erased overnight, and the behaviors of the two officers puts the reputations of the police department to shame, that there’s the need for the severe punishments to be handed down to them.

The courts charged Jing with encroachment sentenced him to two years, and stripped him of his post at the police department for two years; Liu was sentenced to three years six months, stripped of his police status for three years; Gu and Hong both received nine months, they can pay the treasury without serving the time, both will be on probation for four years, and they are to pay the treasury more than a quarter of a million dollars N.T. each.

And so, you have these officers, who are into, making the extra cash for their side business, and, because it’s easy, for them to, they’d used their statuses as police, to get the sex massage parlor operators to bribe them, to look the other way, to tip them off, and that’s just wrong.

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Truth is DEAD, as the Way of the Mobsters Overrides Ethics of Research

How the ethics of research, became, questionable, when the politics pressured the schools, and yet, the N.T.U. lived up to it reputation of being the top university in all of the country, made the right judgments, using the RIGHT means of evaluations of whether or not Lin had, plagiarized, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Twenty some odd years ago, at a gathering of sorts, I’d met a German man.  After a few words of exchange, he’d suddenly stated to me, “the Taiwanese are liars”, to defend the people, I’d naturally returned, “There are a ton of liars in Germany too!”, he’d smiled, “I’m not saying that Germans don’t lie, but, as the Taiwanese got caught, they’d tried to lie even further, and denied the lies out of their mouths”.  As I’d finished my studies and returned to the country to live for close to thirty years, I have to say, this guy’s observations were, too precise.  The behaviors of Lin and the DDP from the top down of late, showed, once more, the Taiwanese politic had been, rotten, down to the cores.

Toward the heaviness of political pressures, the research ethics committee of N.T.U. made the right calls.  The point of argument, quite simple really: was his thesis plagiarized?  How much was plagiarized?  The originality claims were only the smokes and mirrors that the professor and Lin shot out to fool the masses.  And even so, the ethic committee still managed to dissolve the claims using what’s correct and sound, and, based off of solely this, it puts the London Politics Academy to shame.  Tsai’s degree came into question, and the school only issued an “unspecified named” paper to vouch for the credibility of Tsai’s papers.  And, if we really wanted the details of the case, the N.T.U. should’ve posted Lin and Yu’s theses for comparison.  Those who pretended to sleep can’t be wakened up, but, seeing IS believing, this would silence those who are stating the opposite of what’s already been discovered.  The hard work of the ethics committee also rebutted the “related”, Chen’s claims.  And, anybody who has the least bit of understanding about the scholarly, knows that he’s “lying in public”.

The ethics committee is a part of the self-governing means of universities.  Lin has the right to not accept the rulings, but his absences from the hearings three times, how can he fight for his own behalf?  And the supporter, Tsai, is the president, and naturally, she should comply to the rulings of the ethics committee.  And yet, she’d called out, “I believe in the man”, turned the ethics of the mobs into the means: whether or not the man did the researches, is up to us to decide, N.T.U. should, step aside!

There are the plagiarisms in every country, many a year ago, the head of Defense, Guttenberg and the head of education, Schavan’s plagiarism, at first, Merkel spoken up for both (one being her best friend, one being a political leader of tomorrow).  And as the alma mater made the clarifications of plagiarism of their papers had been found, the doctoral degrees were tossed out, and, even as Merkel is one of the most influential women in the world, she can only, accept the resignations of the men; this was a country ruled by the laws.  Now, look at Tsai, she’d not only stepped on the ethics evaluation committee, even used her power status, to try and force the most prestigious university in Taiwan to submit to her will, to silence the school; this is shameless, and, unlawful!

And now, in the multitude of pressures, Lin denounced his nomination of the mayor of Taoyuan on the DDP ticket, but the papers reported that “Tsai was unwilling to see him step down”.  And, the more than two thousand professors of N.T.U., not had spoken on how the ethics committee had made the right calls, let alone, mentioning the hand that’s pushing the process, this is, an even more serious problem.  The soul to seek out the just, the truth in the hall of knowledge is now, dead, and the rankings of N.T.U. as one of the top university in the world is, false and useless now.

And so, this showed, how the politics here, is still, dipping ITS, filthy little hands into everything, it’d tried to manipulate the outcomes of Lin’s evaluation of whether or not plagiarism had occurred, and, thankfully, the N.T.U. conducted the evaluations in a just, correct mean, and this is going to be one of the straws, that end up, breaking DDP’s back, because now, the people see just how corrupt the party truly is, and hopefully, at the end of the year, when voting comes around, they will lose a ton of votes.

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Vouching for Plagiarism, the Immoralities of the DDP

The corruptions here still run from the very top, downward, and the dominoes are still falling here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The DDP candidate of the mayor of Taoyuan’s debate of N.T.U. National Development Graduate Department thesis came under fire, yesterday, the N.T.U. confirmed that Lin had, plagiarized his thesis, and, retracted his master’s degree.  But the DDP issued a statement afterwards, stating that they believed in the innocence of Lin, called out that those who are trying to defame the party need to stop.  The behaviors of the DDP clearly, a case of “politics versus the scholastic”, for the sake of the elections, they’d tossed out the honesty of their candidates.

The issues that Lin had been involved in, the “thesis debate”, the “cases on the baseball park”, etc., etc., etc., the entire DDP had backed him up, other than protecting their own, they are also, making sure that they have the elections down.  But, if the ethics committee of N.T.U. had ruled the matter, and the DDP denied its validity, to the point of questioning of the school’s defaming the party, this showed of the party’s value systems, that it’d, drifted too far from what ordinary citizens deemed as just and right.

Based off of the evaluation of the ethics committee at N.T.U., Lin’s thesis isn’t just debatable in whether or not he had, plagiarized, but of how large portions of his thesis had been plagiarized, that it’d not fitted to the ethics of research at all.  And if this isn’t plagiarism, then, not only would the morale of research break down, in the future, the school won’t have any means of making sure that its students don’t plagiarize.

As Lin had been involved in all of this, he has the right to defend his own honor, and the way to do this is to go before the ethics evaluation board, to show the members that he’d not plagiarized.  And yet, Lin and his instructing professor, Chen refused to go before the board to state their case, and yet, after the proceedings, they’d bashed the validity of the procedures used, and started criticizing the N.T.U. evaluation board; Chen stated that due to the unsettlement between China and Taiwan right now, nothing should deter the country’s attention from dealing with that, it’d made us laugh, clearly, he’d forgotten how before the speaker of the House, Pelosi came, he was still questioning the claims of Lin’s plagiarism his thesis.

As the master degree had been tossed, Lin immediately stated, that it won’t affect his status in running for the position of mayor of Taoyuan.  And this was only half correct, because, having a graduate degree is NOT a prerequisite to running for office, but, honesty is.  The DDP’s entire party backing one man up, is also, contradictory.

The DDP’s insistent on not switching Lin out, it’s counting on the KMT’s lack of cohesiveness; but, the voters now see very clearly, once the after effects of the morale on his thesis start to expand, are the DDP unafraid, that it may cause, too many bodies to drop left and right?  When winning the election became the only pursuit, the DDP’s insistence on backing Lin up, other than showing how they are too desperate to win the elections, where does the value of this political party lie?

In hell, that’s where the values of this party lie.  And, everything is still, crumbling down right now, and, at the end-of-year-election, the cards will finally get flipped, and, we can, already, guess the results, the DDP are going to lose, BIG times, hopefully, the KMT can be intelligent enough, to know to work together as a whole party, instead of pursuing the individual wins, to change the systems of how this country will run, but, does the KMT have the wisdoms to do it?  We’re still all, holding our breaths to see here.

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How Would Lin Face His Constituents?

Shameless, the DDP now showed its, ugly self, and, we the people are no longer gonna, buy it NO more!!!  This is, hopefully the FINAL straw that goes to end the reign of terror of the DDP in the cities of this country!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of Lin’s thesis being accused of plagiarism, after N.T.U.’s Research Ethics Committee looked into the matter for ten plus days, yesterday, the board confirmed that he had, plagiarized, and announced that they will be taking back the degree awarded to him.  As for the professor, Chen who kept on cunningly defending Lin, N.T.U. stated that if there was something wrong on his behaviors being reported to the schools, they will go by the research ethics evaluation processes, and examine his behaviors, Lin and his professors were able to walk so tall, so high from before, and yet, after they were both busted, there’s nothing, but corruption deep down to their bones.

With the reputations of a “Five-Star Mayor”, but for the sake of his own vanity, he’d used the means of plagiarism to get the undeserved degree, Lin’s halo had shattered, his character, his ingenuity, crashed down into the valleys now.  His falsified dress, not only managed to “scam” Tsai for her trust in him, and he’d even attempted to cheat from Hsinchu to Taoyuan, does he actually believe, that we the people are gobbling up all the propaganda sold to us by the DDP as a population?

Maybe, it’s because of how the N.T.U. became shocked, for three times, the school had asked the mayor of Hsinchu and his advising professor, Chen to explain themselves in front of the school board and the press, but both evaded this.  If they have nothing to hide, then, why wouldn’t they have at least the courage to clear up the accusations stated on them, but kept spreading the words of how they’d been defamed, blackened in the reputations outside of the school?  And, thankfully the man who was plagiarized from, Yu had been fearless, coming out to the press to explain things, to speak for one’s own innocence.  This going up against the favorites of the head of the government is a show of how that sense of right and wrong is still alive in Taiwan.

And surely, we also need to applaud the N.T.U. too.  During this time, the political attacks on the school kept coming nonstop, including the calls for the members of the ethics committee to get switched out, in their attempt to blacken the correctness of the reviewing of Lin’s thesis, but the N.T.U. followed the procedurals step-by-step.  And now, Lin is officially, the biggest open sore for the end-of-year election of the DDP, and, how to avoid the DDP’s losing all five major cities’ elections because of Lin’s misbehaviors, it’s on Lin to think very hard over.  He may fool his party members, but he won’t be fooling us all, voters.

And so, this would be only, a first straw, that started breaking the big camel’s back, and, after this tiny straw gets pulled out, like that game of the wooden sticks stacking up, everything will fall down, and this is expected, as the DDP had shown that it got NO morals, that it’d FUCKED (no need to pardon me here!) up we the people’s lives, since the start of their ruler, with Tsai getting voted as the president.

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He’d Gone to the Motels to Have an Affair, Busted by the Dual-Evidence of the Same Tracks of the Text Messages He’d Shared with the Woman

This still just showed, how you WILL get CAUGHT, with your electronic footprints that became, permanent, inerasable!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lin from Kaohsiung shared the flirtatious conversations on an communication app, they’d talked about motels, and the types of room they were checking into, Lin’s wife saved the dialog, sued for a million dollars N.T.  Lin denied having gone to the motel, but the judge reviewed the records, found that Chang held the information on checking into the motel, that there’s a “compiled similarity” of the ad they’d received in the texts, believed that both had damaged Lin’s wife’s right as a spouse, mandated that they pay her $200,000N.T.s.

Lin had been married to his wife for nine years, last year in June, his wife found him having the intimacies he’d shared with his coworker, Chang, the two not only messaged each other “love you”, “love you, another new place we can chat with you, yay!”, and they’d started discussing openly the rooms of motel in Xiaogang, the cost, and in the end, they’d made a date to go for a stay last year on July 18t..

As Lin’s wife found out, she’d saved the dialogue as evidence, and sued them both for a million dollars N.T.  Although both claimed that they were only coworkers, that nothing had occurred between them, that the FB account that Lin’s wife found the dialogue on didn’t belonged to either of them.

The judge investigated and found, that Chang’s FB and LINE ids were identical, that there was the photo on Lin’s FB with Chang and her daughter together, that the Messenger dialogue was Lin’s photo too, that the English names were identical, confirmed that the conversation that Chang’s wife showed as evidence were from Chang and Lin.

And, on the afternoon of July 18th of last, Chang had the registration records of checking into the motel at Xiaogang, denied having stayed in the same room as Lin.  But as the judge reviewed over the communication records of Lin, found that on the day at 4:52 in the afternoon, he got a texted ad, which traced back to the cell tower closest to the motel’s location.  And, at two in the afternoon, Chang also received the exact same ad, and the location of the cell tower was the same with where Lin had received his text, so the suspicions of them being at the same motel stood valid.

The judge found, that public figures going into the motels with members of the opposite sex other than their spouses, had been means to imply an affair was happening, which showed, that the motels aren’t a social place for married people, the two had texted one another the flirtatious messages, and entered into the motel together, that it’d passed the boundaries of normal man and woman interactions, sentenced that Chang and Lin needed to pay Lin’s wife $200,000N.T.s, and this can still be appealed.

And so, this just showed, that there’s the electronic footprints, not just the paper trails anymore, as everything’s gone high-tech these days, to get found, that if you were cheating on your spouses, you will get caught, and get SUED by your spouses (one at a time!), and you and the one you’d had that extramarital affair with will both end up losing BIG times!

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Catch Me, Cheating…

Oopsy, yeah, I got, caught…

Catch me, cheating, yeah, uh, good luck on it, because if I WERE to cheat (still NOT going “there”!), nobody’s gonna, catch ME, ‘cuz I know how to, cover up these tracks of mine, and I surely as hell, will NOT leave ANY traces of my cheating means around the house for you to find.

Catch me, cheating, yeah, you wish, ‘cuz I got MORE morals than you, @#$%ER (maxed out!), besides, ain’t got NO need of that sort (and, EWWWWWWWW, G-R-O-S-S!), besides, I still recall how it’d felt, to have that proby thing shoved UP my you-know-where from back in ’07, and let me tell you, it did NOT feel “good”, and the sole purpose of that shitty procedure was to check out my “insides”…

Catch me cheating, uh, you’re gonna have to use those hard-earned dollars you’re currently NOT making, to hire a TON of P.I.’s, to track me down, to station every one of those IDIOTS (no offense!), at EVERY single corner of the streets I’d been sighted on, an you still won’t catch ME cheating, ‘cuz???

and this, is what I will, NEVER get found, doing…

Oh yeah, I had NEVER cheated, not even on a test, although I had gotten accused of cheating back in the elementary years, but I don’t think I even sat next to that guy that my classmates accused me of cheating off of, and they’d accused me simply because?  I got the EXACT same questions WRONG on that exam as he had, and no, I still did NOT cheat on that either, ‘k???

Caught me cheating, you won’t, ‘cuz, I ain’t no cheater like you, and I know that you will, cheat on me, given your past histories with all them bitches and whores you’d ever, SHOVED your DICK into.

So yeah, how the FUCK can you measure up to the QUEEN again?  Oh wait, you can’t.

And that, is that!

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The Falsifying of the Researches on Alzheimer’s Disease, Caused the Problems in Researching & Developments of the New Medications

Because we all want that pretty cover, and if the cover ain’t pretty enough, then, we, FALSIFY the results to make it look pretty!  The ETHICS of research, and not only that, this involves the lives of those with Alzheimer’s too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The international scientific journal, “Science” recently disclosed, that the key article on Alzheimer’s by the neurologist, Sylvain Lesné of University of Minnesota  on the international journal, “Nature” had been, falsified.  The experts stated, that if the article had been proven to be, false, it may not be effecting the direction of research of Alzheimer’s, but the allocation of the resources in the research of Alzheimer’s may have been miss-placed, causing the waste of funding to the research.

The Taiwanese Researchers of Related Studies are Also Found to Have Been Falsified

This incident was also found in relation to the drug development company in U.S. Cassava Science, that’s worked long-term with a Taiwanese scholar, Wang from NYU, in the related new medication, Simulfilam, the researches are also found to have the falsified data too, and the already published articles by this particular individual was retracted by the scientific journals, and the company is currently under investigation of the SEC and the department of public health, and the university is also investigating the researcher.

“If the thesis had been proven to be false, then, the origins of research on Alzheimer’s had been wrong”, Hu told, the resource allocation that was placed after this may have been wasted completely, that the researchers would have to set a brand new direction, and this would greatly impact the development of the drugs to treat Alzheimer’s for sure.

And so, this just showed, how sometimes, these R&D of the drug companies, in order to get the results to match the requirements, they’d, falsified the research, and this not just only affected the drugs that may need to get taken off the markets, but also, it’d, screwed up the entire direction which the researches on Alzheimer’s had been, based off of, and what have we been medication our elders with Alzheimer’s for the past decade or so, if the results of these important researchers had been, falsified???  Yeah, no wonder, their rates of deterioration is still quick, and not slowed down at all.

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The Political “Mamas’ Boys” are Created by the Bigshots

How when the heads don’t set a good enough role model, the lower down starts to, “misbehave” too, and it’s still these higher-up government officials who needed to get their moralities in check, but they just, don’t, they still just, covered up those who are their, “favorites”, and this is a bad way of leading a country!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

These years, we’d used, “Mama’s boys” to describe those who are adults, who can’t take responsibilities for their own behaviors, the adults that needed their parents to wipe their asses when something goes wrong.

There’s a trait of the mama’s boys, that no matter what, it’s not one’s fault, that everything is caused by someone else.  And reason why this trait happened, is because during the upbringing, the parents took care of their children’s needs to the t, that these children had been spoiled rotten.  For instance, the things that the kids needed to do themselves, the parents did; the items that the children should carry, the adults carried them.  Getting into trouble at school, the parents arrived to the school, not to correct their own young’s behaviors, but to apologize for their kids’ wrongdoings, or that they’d blamed the schools for not instructing the children right, that it’s the instructors who’d not found the correct means to get through to their young, or that they found numerous means to explain why their kids misbehaved…………and after awhile, the kids can’t learn the responsibilities, they can’t be held accountable for their own, actions.

And recently, we sighted one of these, “Mama’s boy” in the politics.

Something went wrong with the thesis, involving the severities of plagiarism, the misspelled words are exactly identical to the original paper too.  But as he was caught, he’d, denied it, which was reasonable, but what’s more wayward was that the president spoke on the politician’s behalf before clarifying if plagiarism had, occurred or not, and left the message of “you’d been tried” on this individual’s FB, then, used the ideologies to, twist the matter around.

And, the professor who oversaw this politician’s these had explained using close to 4,000 characters, that the plagiarism was “similarities of the use of terms”, this is, truly, amazing, a modern day sort of, weaseling.

Even on the press conferences, the thesis written by the person in question was explained by someone else other than himself, and he’d, seen himself as excellent with words.  This is where it got confusing for me, this was, your own paper, why would you need someone to explain what you wrote FOR you?  Anyhow, this individual’s means of handling the accusations of plagiarism, is a classic, “Mama’s boy”.

And who had, created this, political “mama’s boy”?  Of course, it’s the “adults” all around him.  The thesis was questioned on integrity, with the accusations of plagiarism, that it’d breached the ethics of research, but what the “adults” did, wasn’t to get to the bottom of all of these, instead, giving the person in question a shoulder to cry on, then, speaking on his, behalf.

With the “adults” in the higher up position to back him up, so long as the color is right, the individuals gained the complete support, it’s a wonder, that the person in question in the matter still doesn’t feel that he’d done anything wrong.  Or maybe, it’s how the higher up set a bad example for the lower down, that a lot of the younger generations are modeling these behaviors, making it harder for the parents to educate their own young.

And so, this is still a top-down problem, the heads of the government did NOT set a good example, and the rest of the lower down citizens, all followed their leads, and not behaved morally.  This, is how the DDP is ruling, how it’s, setting, a BAD example for all the people here to follow, and, if the people watched and learned, then, yeah, this country is going to, sink to the, lowest of, the L-O-W-S!

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