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The Slippery Slope Effect is Caused by Ethical, Numbness

On the latest of how the DDP offices had the unreported cases of sexual harassment, sexual assaults, how this had been, a long time, coming, written by a professor emeritus, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Slippery slope effect is defined as a minor a relatively minor action will inevitably lead to major consequences.  Like how the bestselling American author, Simon Sinek warned, the little white lies we tell, will snowball, and become bigger lies.  This is the slippery slope taking place within an organization, and, getting bigger, and started, spreading outward.

some of the, corrupted members of the DDP, from online

Don’t take this effect too lightly, as it’s the cause of a bigger problem, reason being how the higher up of an organization uses the lies to cover up, to hide the truth, which became, habitual.  And, this was named “ethical numbness” by those who do research on the organizational ethics, and the symptoms of the organization becoming, unethical.  What’s scary is, that the lack of ethics in the organizations is, playing, before all of our, eyes, right now.

Recently, the sexual harassment victims are all, coming out of the dark, and disclosed of the unspoken, shameful deeds of the party in power in this country, especially on the matter of how the higher up of the party’s office’s covering up, not reporting, underplaying these cases of complaints of sexual harassment, and all of these, is not just how the heads of department’s becoming, unable, and the severity of this is how the entire organization had, systematically, lost awareness of the fact, and the ethics of the party organization is corrupt, and collapsing in its, structure.

A ton of the practical and researches proved, that the unethical behaviors of individuals and of an entire organization followed these rules:

First, covering up the truth, in the protection of power, nothing gets, uncovered or, discovered, disclosed, of; secondly, there are a ton of members of the organization, involved in the coverups, so, I’m not going to be the only one who’s caught doing it; third, covering up the truth is for the sake of the benefits of the whole; fourth, because I’d covered up the truth for my organization, when everything blows out into the open, my organization will, protect me all the way, nothing will happen to me.

And, analyzing the above, one can find, that the unethical behaviors of a group is not solely due to the individual members’ lowered morality, but due to how the entire organization is more than likely to cover up the bad behaviors.  And now, let’s compare it to the sexual harassment in the headquarters of the DDP, the higher up managers’ passive reaction toward how the victims had, filed complaints, causing the victims to get damaged in dignity, and lost human rights, and it’d, showed all four of the unhealthy belief systems.

A research I’d conducted on the ethics of Taiwanese and Chinese politics proved, that the needed criteria of the “mechanism of ethics”, and “ethical leaderships” is the key to have an ethically responsible organization, both are necessary, it won’t work with one missing.

completely, SHAMELESS, this president of the DDP had been! Photo fro

The party in power, please, DO evaluate closely, first: do I have the mechanisms of ethics?  Even if I do, if the incidents like this current sexual harassment case, those responsible don’t do anything, then, the rules to protect against sexual harassment in the workplace would be, null and, void, and the managers would have to check to see if the mechanisms are working regularly.  Secondly, the leaders of the organization needed to constantly ask oneself, “am I an ethical leader?  Do I, listen close to the suggestions, the needs of the members, in and out of the organization?  Or, do I, prefer to, favor the elections, while, throwing out the moral principles?”

Only an ethical leader, there would be the ethical government organizations.  Do think really hard, voters: do you, want your party organizations, the leaders you vote into office to play party favorites, and only zoom in on the, elections, and not act morally, responsible?  I want to call out: that whether or not this country would be ruled by an ethically-responsible political party, is, entirely up to you, the majority of, voters to, decide on.

And so, based off of this, the DDP showed, absolutely, ZERO ethics, in covering up for these, sex scandals, of how the party only cared about its own, benefits, leaving we the people out to dry (remember how we’d lacked EVERYTHING: the vaccines, the medications, the quick scan kits, back when when the pandemic first got started, or how the DDP forced the passing of the votes of importing in the pork with ractopamine, and there wasn’t even a VOTE for importing the nuclear contaminated produces from Japan???), and the majority of the population are still, planning on voting for this, party that’s, synonymous with, CORRUPTION???  Yeah, we the people, had totally become, brainwashed and, stupid here all right!

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The Rich Businessman Bribed the Judge, and the Money Didn’t Get to the Judge, the Attorney Suspected of Fraud, Out on Bail

Underhanded dealings in the law “department” here, and you still got, caught!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The wealthy businessman, Cheng awhile ago, turned himself in to the Investigative Bureau, stated that during the 2019 case of Taiwan Golden Bridge Electronics Company, he’d bribed the former high court justice, the attorney, Kao, using the amount of a million dollars N.T. plus a gem stone worth a million dollars to bribe the judge of the case, Lin, and he’d, still, lost out.  The Taipei D.A.’s Office started investigating, searched and interrogated Kao, and called the attorney who no longer practiced law but had been on the case, Lin, and two others to testify, and after the interrogations, Kao was charged with fraud, and the bail of $100,000N.T.s set.

More than a decade ago, Cheng asked the Golden Bridge Electronics Company to purchase the workstations with the FCC of the U.S. certified plasma screens and CPU, and sold it to Thailand, and yet, there were, more than 7,000 workstations, and more than 60,000 CPUs that simultaneously combusted, causing Cheng to pay over hundreds of millions of dollars to the consumers of Thailand.

Cheng started suspecting that the screens and CPU that Golden Bridge sold him wasn’t certified by the F.C.C., that it’s flawed, and so, he’d sued four, including the C.E.O. of the Golden Bridge, for fraud and falsification of certification, and filed a civil claims of over a hundred million dollars.  And, Cheng had filed for the certification of the former Secretary of State, Clinton’s official documentations, proving that the product did NOT pass the security checks of the F.C.C., but, as the case had been tried, the courts didn’t find the document to be valid, and he’d lost, all the way.

court officials, paid, under the tables!

photo from online

For this, in 2019, Kao in the second retrial of the Intelligence Property Courts, claimed to Cheng that he was the former judge, Lin’s assistance, that he can help him sort through the matters.  And so, Cheng provided millions of dollars N.T., plus the precious gems to Kao, hoping that Lin doesn’t get swayed, or bribed; of the cash, it was the before payment to Lin, while the precious gems are for Kao’s helping to sort through things to make things go smoothly for him.  But Cheng had lost the case, and, felt that the verdict wasn’t in his favor, and turned himself in to the D.A.’s office.

Based off of understanding, Kao was suspected of not fulfilling his end, to bribe Lin, and took the million dollars N.T. in bribe and the precious gems for himself, and was charged with fraud.

See, this is what’s wrong with business, you think that if you got the money, you can, sway the systems, and because there are, the corrupt government officials in the judiciary systems, that’s why, this SHIT had occurred, but you’d gotten caught, and those court officials who’d received and accepted the bribes, all fall down, and this is only that first domino which will go down, as more corruptions comes out to the, surfaces I’m sure!

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Twenty-Two Police Officers Suspected of Falsifying Writing up the Tickets, Indicted on Encroachment

Officers of the law, breaking the law, because the “pay-off” is too hard, to, resist!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Twenty two police officers in Hsinbei City, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, were suspected of working with fifteen car sales representative, to find holes in the justice systems, in three years’ time, the officers had made the illegal profits of more than $47 million N.T.s total; the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office charged all twenty-two police officers on encroachment, and one of the charged was a director of a local substation.

Based off of the traffic laws, if there are the speeding or other dangerous driving behaviors, the licenses are suspended for six months, but the rule also had, if the owner of the car didn’t have the plates on the cars, using other license plates, or still drove the cars while the license plates had been suspended, the police can find them, and retract the license plates.

The employees found the loopholes, that the owners of the vehicle can get the license plates again by reapplying, and get back on the roads again.  Since 2018, a total of twenty-two officers didn’t impound the vehicles as they were supposed to, from taking the bribes, allowing the owners of the vehicles to get their cars from the pound, and get a brand new license plate without questions.

The investigation found, that the officers, Liao, and Chou took the bribes of $15,000N.T. and $2,000N.T., the rest of the twenty-two who were suspected didn’t have any valid evidence of bribe found, but, based off of the rental rates of the iRent, and other rents of average of $290N.T. an hour, they’d estimated that the officers had received the total of illegal bribes in the total of over $47 million N.T.s; of them, the officer, Rong from Sanchong Substation’s back up squad received the most in over $50 million N.T.s.

The D.A.’s office indicted the twenty-two officers on encroachment charges, the fifteen agents, as well as a mechanic, Jeng.  In the investigations, there were twelve patrol officers who’d admitted to it, and the D.A. believed that they admitted to the crimes, and asked the courts to give them a fitting sentence.

After this, the Hsinbei Police Department immediately gave the matter to the city’s traffic accident unit to decide what was to be done, the transportation department’s highway unit amended the fines regulations last year, to prevent this matter already.

And so, this is still driven by money, with the cops, taking the bribes from the rental car agencies, because they don’t want to be fined, for not updating the license plates, or for not having the cars tuned up to the standards, so, they paid the police off, and, the police actually took the bribes too, because, money still speaks the loudest!

This is bad, if you can buy out the police, what else, can’t you do???

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The Two Justices Secretly Interacted with Two Suspects in Cases of Sexual Molestations, Got Their Judgeships Stripped

As they S-H-O-U-L-D, for secretly interacting, connecting with the suspects, and feeding them the means of how the court trials are to proceed, to help them not lose the cases!  The moral responsibilities of these officers of the courts of law, going down here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Disregarding the Rules of Privacy, Offering the Suspects the Strategies for Winning Their Cases, the Duties Courts: the Justices Had Gone Off the Books, Demoted to Running Errands for the Courts Now

The judges of Shihlin District Court, Jiang and the Kaohsiung District Court, Hou had personal connections with the manager of a youth home, Lin who was involved in the sexual molestation of teenagers, Jiang believed that calling it in was a bad idea, Hou acted as an “attorney” to the youth home manager, to give him counsel on how he can win the case, given him strategies for his case, the punishment courts took away the judgeships of both, demoted them to the personnels of justice department.  This is the first time since the judge laws implemented that two court justices got their positions of judges stripped from them.

The thirty-eight year-old Lin the manager was a personal friend of Hou’s; two years ago, a youth who was placed in the home told his family, that Lin “ejaculated” on him, the families reflected this to the district court’s officers of corrections, Jiang was called, he’d originally wanted to contact the female protective custody manager, Hong to understand what had happened, but Hong had clocked out, she’d, passed the info on the sexual assault of the teens to Hou, and Hou had taught Lin on how to spin it around.

The duties courts stated, that, if there were suspicions of sexual assault, then, the officers of the law needed to notify the courts within twenty-four hours, no matter if there’s physical evidence, or if the victims are willing to report or not; the laws did NOT give the justices the rights to weigh and measure, that Jiang’s not reporting the matter wasn’t justified, objective, nor, neutral.

And, Jiang had passed along the information of the sexual assault case to Hou, then, Hou provided the data to Lin, for him to use in the investigations of the cases, other than breaking the privacy rules of prevention of sexual assault, she’d also, broken the regulations of being a court justice, also, broken the laws of, privacy too.

The conversations of Hou and Lin came out to the open with the verdict, including, “yeah, that’s good, get more victims to get the statements to correspond”, etc., etc., etc., which made the courts believed, that Hou knew Lin was a suspect, but provided Jiang with the information that might benefit Lin’s case, gave him the tactics of how he could win, provided legal counsel, like an “attorney” would, that he’d, not done right.

The Duties Courts believed, that the two had, severely damaged the people’s trust of how court justices are supposed to be impartial in ruling over the cases, that it’s, shaken up the faith that people have toward the justice systems, that they are, no longer fitting to sit on the benches, took away the judgeships, and, demoted them both into officers of the law, and terminated their positions of ruling over the cases.

And so, this is how the court justices, can break the laws, and, they’re, the ones, ruling OVER the cases too, and, it’s still due to the moralities of the individual on the bench, if they aren’t tempted by the connections with someone else who can offer them something (i.e. bribes???), then, they would NOT have gone against their own, better judgments, and done these things that are, not morally, responsible…

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The Taiwanese Businessman Enticed His Younger Schoolmate Who Works in the NSA to Spy for China, Was Indicted

How easily, someone CAN and WILL, SELL out one’s own, country, because China offered him, something better, to get his son into a prestigious school, and yet, the younger schoolmate he’d, reached out to, refuse to sell this country out, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taiwanese businessman, Hsu had lived and worked in China many years, the Chinese government got a hold of how his younger schoolmate works for the N.S.A., using Hsu’s wife, children as leverage, demanded that he came back to Taiwan to get his younger schoolmate to work as a spy for China, the patriotic younger schoolmate told him that he “shall NEVER betray his own country”, and the Kaohsiung D.A.’s Office arrested Hsu as he returned to Taiwan at the start of this year, Hsu admitted how he was told by the Chinese government to contact his younger schoolmate, he was indicted for breaking the law of national security yesterday.

The fifty-two-year-old Taiwanese businessman, went to China in 2001 to work, held the higher up position of manager in an enterprise in Jiangsu.  The D.A. found, that the Chinese National Security Department wanted to infiltrate the higher up officials of Taiwan’s National Security Offices, but can’t find a chance, until the intel showed, that Hsu is the older schoolmate of the enterprise’s higher level manager, and they’d planned to get Hsu to become a bridge to get the N.S.A. employee to spill the intelligences.

In July of 2015, Hsu entered into China and registered for the temporary stay, immediately, he got “asked” into a “small room” by the N.S.A. agents in China, and, they’d shown him the intel of Hsu’s younger schoolmate’s unit of work, his position, and his name, hoping that Hsu could help, and used Hsu’s wife and children as leverage, claimed that if Hsu assisted them in contacting his younger schoolmate, then, Hsu’s child will get to attend the school that he wanted his child to go to.

During August of the following year, before Hsu returned from China, the intelligence went to Hsu again, reminded him to NOT forget to contact his younger schoolmate.  As Hsu returned, he’d gone to his reunion, and got into contact with his younger schoolmate, and as they shared a cigarette, he’d told him he was taken into custody by the Chinese government, and told him what happened in how the Chinese officials threatened his families, and told, that China hoped that he could work for them, toward the goals of “one unified China”.

As he’d finished, his younger schoolmate turned him down, demanded that Hsu tell the Chinese government: “I will NEVER betray my own country”, to have them stop trying to persuade him to.  As Hsu was turned down, he’d not given up, continued to contact the younger schoolmate repeatedly, but, he wouldn’t take his calls, until the pandemic, Hsu had, stopped contacting.  The National Securities discovered what had happened, and, as Hsu entered back to Taiwan in January, they’d, arrested him.

In the investigations, Hsu admitted that he was told by the Chinese officials to contact his younger schoolmate, but he’d only hoped that the younger schoolmate could help him out, that even if he’d failed to convince him, and returned back to China, the national securities department in China won’t go after him.

The district attorneys believed, that if Hsu was afraid of retaliation, he only needed to lie to the N.S.A. officials from China, he’d not needed to prod about where his younger schoolmate worked, and asked his position at work, after considering all the facts, Hsu had been instructed by China, to start up an organization here on Taiwan, they prosecuted him based off of the espionage laws yesterday.

So, this is how easy, someone CAN, sell out one’s own, country, because the other side offered a better deal, there’s more money, and his kids would be well taken care of, going to that number one academy, and yet, he’d, failed in attempting to get his younger schoolmate to turn on the country, and now he’s charged with, espionage!

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Involved in Accepting Sexual Favors, the Former Head of the Economic Development Department of Tainan, Chen Was Indicted

How L-O-W, can these officials from the DDP, go???  Apparently, the party hadn’t even come close to, hitting that, ROCK bottom, Y-E-T!  And this LOSER still only got an “extra” three months in police custody, the corrupted finally, started, to surface, piece, by piece here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Accepting the Bribes in Chigu, Getting the Kickbacks of the Overpaid Mortgage for His Property, Money Laundering, with the Unknown Sources of His Assets, Held for Three More Months in Custody

The former head of Economic Development Office in Tainan, Chen was accused of accepting the bribes from the builders of the Chigu Industrial Development Regions, accepting the sexual favors at the bars, and offered the free meals too, he’d gained close to two million dollars N.T. in illegally earned profits, and he’d used the name of purchasing a mansion, with the builders, the realtor agency, borrowed an extra $2.96million N.T., the district attorney’s office charged him on encroachment, money laundering, and his unknown resources of assets, indicted Chen, the C.E.O. of the construction company, Chen, the head agent of the real estate agency, Weng, were indicted on forgery and fraud.

The D.A. pointed out, since 2020, Chen started working as the head of Economic Development, and had the decision making right of the Chigu Industrial Region, and the Shalung Scientific Park’s Developments.  During his time as the C.E.O. of the Taoyuan MRT Company, through the members of his office, met Huang who was in charge of a construction company in Taicnung, and learned that Huang was trying to gain the rights to build, and the right of contract work.

In the time of Chen’s term in office, he’d continually told Huang, that he could pull the strings, to get him the bids for the work, that he can transfer the contract of work of the construction to Huang, and not only, the other constructions in the city of Tainan, he could also get the operators of the bidding to hand them to Huang as well.

Actually, Chen knew well, that he can’t intervene with the proceedings of the bidding of the up and downstream of the construction work to anybody, nor did he put in a request for the companies to allow him to intervene.

Chen thought that the construction company owner wanted something from him, and asked for the bribes from Huang, even provided the meals at the banquet halls, and the sex favors.  In 2020, Chen was paid $1.8 million N.T. in cash by Chen, plus the charges of drinks at the bar, the sexual favors, and the stay at the hotels, a total of $142,200N.T.s

Later on, Huang discovered, that the bids had already been given out to specific companies not his own, and that the other locations, Chen had no way of swaying the bids, felt that he’d been, cheated by Chen.

And, in 2021, Chen used the opportunity to purchase the mansions, not only became neighbors with the head of city council of Tainan, Chiu, the former Central Action Committee of the D.D.P., Kuo, also, he’d negotiated to pay the costs of $21.6 million N.T. for the parking space and the property, while the contract had the costs of $25.68 million  N.T.s

Chen had been granted the home loan in $21.8 million N.T.s by the bank, higher than what he bought the property for, the builder had even set aside another $2.96 million N.T. for Chen to spend as he wished to.

The investigations showed, that during Chen’s time in office up to last December, he’d spent over seven million N.T.s, deducting the reasonable sources of incomes of $4.76 million, there were over $2.26 million N.T. of unknown funds, and he couldn’t give a reasonable explanation.  Chen was indicted yesterday, sent to the courts, and the courts mandated that he stays in police custody for three more months.

And so, as the screws in the big machine of the DDP slowly come undone, soon, the entire political machine will, crumble down, and this is still due to how the heads of the political party, Tsai, not setting a better example for all of her “goonies” to follow, crooked stick makes that shadows, crooked, remember???

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The American Justice Systems, Against Justice Now?

On Trump’s falsifying the fees, and how the government can’t do a thing about it, ‘cuz Trump’s gotten away, with just about, EVERYTHING BAD he’d been, doing, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the case of the former president, Trump’s falsifying the payments of a porn star to hush up, Trump was indicted, and a new page in American history got, written.  Trump immediately started calling out loud, “political assassination, interference of election”, the only that’s lacking, was the former president, Chen’s, raising his wrists that were, cuffed up, although, this had become, ordinary in politics, but, seeing this, the Taiwanese public should start contemplating: should we, trust the U.S., or, should we, not?

Trump does NOT waste this opportunity one bit.  From before, as he let the news of his predicted indictment out of the bag, he’d, raised over two million dollars U.S. in fundraisers; after he was indicted, he’d called out that he was, oppressed, and, “to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”, then, sent out the fundraising e-mails out.  He’d, turned his indictment for the scandals, into, a business, venture too.

The oddest part of Trump’s case, was how the supporters of Trump claimed that someone had, manipulated the justice department, which gained him more support in the party.  And, in the primaries, the opponents, didn’t dare, to take his spotlight away from him, and started questioning, of the political motives of Trump’s, indictment; DeSantis even accused the indictment of Trump as being, “turning the justice system upside down, that this is opposite of what U.S. stands, for!”

So, what’s Taiwan, doubting the U.S. worth?  The American Justice Systems is, “Against the U.S.”  But if, politics had interfered with the justice systems, that would mean, that one branch of the U.S. government systems had, collapsed; and, if Trump used the manipulations of political oppression, and became president again, then, the U.S. had, gone to, the populists.  And, would the United States still be, the “United”, States, of, America?

“I’m innocent!”, and, who’s going to believe, the MAN who CRIED: W-O-L-F??? oh, that’s, the followers of the, Republican, CULT! Photo from online

The core of the argument of whether we should trust or doubt the U.S., it’s not solely on whether or not the U.S. can, protect Taiwan, also, is U.S. reliable, as the fortress of democracy, of freedom.  Taking into considerations, the cases against Trump, there’s not just the latest in the silencing of the justice systems by paying it off, but also, the severe crimes of the takeover of Capitol Hill, these are more than enough, to shake up the foundations of the keystone of American, democracy.  Which direction will the U.S. turn, it’s solely reliant on the American citizens’ choice, but, which America do we, trust, rely on, the wisdoms, of the people of, Taiwan.

Yep, this world’s, completely, FUCKED (so???) up all right, you get these mother @#$%ERS, trying, to, abuse the systems, and, what’s worse is, there’s, this huge H-O-A-R-D, of followers, and yeah, you’re all, BLIND, following that god damn, CULTIST party, to hell!

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Weng Was Found to Have Severely Libeled & Slandered, Accusing Kao and Yu for Plagiarism of Their Theses/Dissertations, Got the Charges Dropped

As would be, expected, ‘cuz this mother @#$%ER is a member of the DDP, and, we all know, how the DDP, covers for their own here, so it’s, only, naturally, that this SHIT is, happening, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Before the nine-in-one elections last year, the professor who’d gone to the U.S. Chen, with the identity of Dar-Rui Weng on FB, had posted many articles on FB, saying that the candidate of the Hsinchu Mayor from Taiwan People’s Party, Kao, the investigator, Yu had plagiarized their theses, and the two sued him for severe libel.  The Taipei D.A.’s Office found, that Chen had collected the related data, and that he was a politician, and used his professionalism to make the comments, that his behaviors were protected under free speech, and he is also, a politician, and Yu had the disagreements in thesis with the candidate for mayor in Taoyuan on the DDP ticket then, that this was a major public debate, that it’s viable that this gets out in the open for discussion purposes, dropped the charges against him yesterday.

Similar to this, the senior reporter, Peng’s questioning Tsai’s doctoral status was fake, and got indicted, the Taipei D.A.’s Office stated, that back then, Peng was questioning the existence of Tsai’s dissertation even AFTER it’d been proven that she had written the dissertation, for the sake of hits on his channel, and couldn’t provide any new proofs of Tsai’s nonexistent dissertation, that his behaviors constitute as libeling, that it’d surpassed the boundary of “reasonable criticisms”.

While Chen had posted his doubts on FB, questioning Kao’s dissertation, and questioned that Yu had plagiarized his master thesis, that it’s related to the contents, the quality of their work, and, if the theses were plagiarized, it’s subjective, and Chen had cross checked his references before he’d started the claims, that it’s clearly dissimilar to Peng’s case.

Yeah, this still just showed, how the DDP’s got the JUSTICE department, DEEP, in its, pockets now, and so, of course none of their party members will get called out, because, they are, vouching for each other, but when it’s the KMT or other parties’ “mistakes”, they go after them, with that, huge hammer, and hammered them all down, to make sure that they eliminate the competitions.

And that, is what we’re, allowing, to rule over us, these immoral, irresponsible, politicians and we the people (as a “whole”, and no, still not a part of that, “collective” here) are too FUCKING (so???) retarded, and continue to allow these mother @#$%ERS, to rule over us!

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The Admiral Who’d Received a Written Reprimand, Liu Who Was Caught Smuggling in the Cigarettes, Became a Diplomat to Great Britain

The government here, pulling, that SWITCHEROO on the personnels, instead of FIRING these, bad, immoral individuals, they’d, transferred their own, to some other, positions of the government, yeah, if that’s not corruption, then, WHAT, would be, huh???  And we the people are still, letting the DDP do this, ‘cuz???  Oh yeah, we’re all, way too, mother FUCKING (do NOT pardon me here!) RETARDED!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the Day He Was Discharged, He’d Received an Order from the President, Made the Record for Retired Military Service Personnel, the KMT Called Out “So Long as Fine Means Nothing”

Another individual in the armed services personnel involved in “the National Security Cigarettes Smuggling Case”, got “promoted”.  The President’s Office announced yesterday, that the Air Force Admiral, Liou who’d been given the written reprimands for “national security cigarette smuggling case” back in 2019, got promoted to the Ambassador to Great Britain.  He was once a head of chief of staff in the air force, the surrogate general guard of the president’s office, had been relieved of his armed services duties yesterday, he was the very first who’d been placed into the executive offices right after the armed services retirement.  Toward this, the legislators of the KMT criticized hard, stated, “it’s okay, when it’s, not, okay”.

In 2019, the “national security cigarette smuggling case” busted wide open, the president’s personal guard used the air force which the president flew on to purchase the cigarettes, that weren’t taxed, at the time, Liou was an admiral working directly under the president, his name was listed too, and that’s why he’d received one major, and one minor written reprimands, and although, he’d continued his post, but the following March, he was transferred to the post of assistant commander of the air force; he also received one major written reprimand, which caused him to not be promoted to any major posts, three years later, he’d selected to retire.

The Tsai government still kept him on file, despite the lack of moral, this was not the first.  The other manager of the Presidential Guard’s office, who’d also received one major written reprimand, Chen got promoted to admiral back in 2020, and, the outside mocked him as the “seven-star admiral”; the former head of presidential guards, Chang also asked to be demoted after the case, transferred to the post of committee member of the marines, and was given one major reprimand, two minor, and that within a year, if there were no posts available for him to take, he will be forced into retirement, and yet, he’d, returned to the D.o.D., as a chief of staff, this caused the rants in the society.

And so, this is how the DDP, and Tsai, “promoted from within”, and that’s just, SHIT, because, you do immoral things, and you still get the rewards, to work in the government, and it’s all because of the head of the government, Tsai, leading all of her, goonies, with the, really, BAD, BAD, B-A-D, example!

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The Head Counselor Had an Extramarital Affair with a Female Anchor, Lost the Case as the Evidences Were Found Against Him

Yeah, you cheat, you get CAUGHT, that, is the way it will always, go!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The counselor of the marines, a colonel, Hsieh was caught, having an affair with a female major of the anchor of the broadcasting programming, the two had gone to the Chingjing Farms to get a room to spend for New Year’s Eve, and were caught in the act by Hsieh’s wife, the D.o.D. found that it was Hsieh’s immoral behaviors, the marines command center found that he already had four prior major reprimands, and this was his fifth offense, took him off of service duty, and he will not get back into the armed services for three years, Hsieh was not pleased with the ruling, filed for an executive claim, the High Executive Courts found Hsieh lost yesterday.

The affair of Hsieh and Lin after getting found at the end of 2019, they were both given one major reprimand.  From November 23rd to December 26th of the same year, during the time when Hsieh was stationed at the base, he slept with Lin in the men’s dorms, they’d even texted one another, “my nose felt soured as I hugged you in the morn”, “You don’t feel that I’d been, sneaking kisses on you.”, and “my quilt is now, with your scent, I’m so happy!”

And yet, as their affair was busted wide open, they were still engaging in the immoral behaviors the following year, Hsieh called Lin “wife” openly, and, the sexually illicit conversations they’d shared in the car also became a part of the evidence, the contents of “how did I to this morning?  I am average yesterday, right?  That’s three times yesterday!”, and the two of them kissing was sighted by Hsieh’s wife at the parking lot too.

The investigations found, that Hsieh and Lin slept in the male quarters, and were caught kissing at the parking lot, that they’d behaved immorally, given both two major reprimands, and the marines found, that Hsieh had a total of five major reprimands per year, they’d relieved him of service, and terminated his army post for three whole years.  Hsieh claimed that the punishment was way too severe, asked the courts to toss the punishment.

The courts stated, that the case to deliver if the punishment was too severe is under way, Hsieh admitted to be involved intimately with Lin, but after he was given a major reprimand, he was caught within three months, hugging, kissing Lin, this showed that he’d intended to do so, that he was a repeated offender, and there were the records of their intimacies captured on video, on tape that were evidentiary, that they had, damaged the morale, the honor of the military, that the military was just in the disciplinary measures, Hsieh had lost the case.

And so this is how far a man goes to try and WEASEL his way out of being punished, and, the woman is equally immoral, and, this is going on in the armed services, where there should be the tightest self-disciplines of the members serving, so, what does that tell you about this country???  Yeah, go figure!

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