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For the Sake of Extra Earnings, the Couple Gave Birth to Another Daughter, Sold Her for a Million Dollars, the Couple Sentenced to Three Years Each

There is, this, huge, BLACK MARKET for, babies, especially when the birthrates are currently, on the DECLINE, and because we ran short on cash, I mean, it’s just one kid, we can, always have more, we’re, still, young, and reproductive, right???  Yeah, if that’s the VALUES of these, modern day parents, then, we are all, gonna be, S-C-R-E-W-E-D!!!  For some EASY money, let’s, pop ‘em out, one by one, and, sell them off, one by one too, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A couple in Yunlin is living in poverty stricken means as is, had many children, the two, for a million dollars N.T., the woman took out the IUD, got pregnant, gave birth to an infant girl, sold the infant off to a sixty-year-old man, Lin to raise, and the infant girl’s father on the registry of birth was Lin; in the first trial, the couple were both sentenced to five years each for human trafficking, second trial gave them three years each, the Highest Courts tossed back the appeal, and the case is, closed.

there is, that, BLACK MARKET for these young ones all right! Photo from online

The verdict pointed out, that the couple didn’t have high enough education, with the wife working odds and ends to support the family, and the husband is in prison on drug charges, before he started serving his time, he worked for construction to prevent the earthquakes from damaging the buildings too much.  They were hit hard by the economics, other than receiving the low-income assistance from the government, they’d relied on the man’s mother to help the family also.

Between 2008 and 2012, the couple gave birth to four children total, the second daughter was legally adopted to another person; in 2015, they gave birth to another infant boy, but couldn’t care for the infant boy, and gave their son to the elderly man of sixty-five years of age, Lin who didn’t have any children, who’s well to do, afterwards, the wife had an IUD implanted, with NO desires of having any more children again.

Lin the elderly man hoped that the boy he’d adopted can have siblings as his companions, had the middleman, Kuo try and persuade the couple, willing to pay them a million dollars N.T. for them to get pregnant again, to have another child for him to raise, as the couple promised that they would, the wife had the IUD removed in February of 2016, got pregnant, and by November of the following year, she’d given birth to an infant girl, her sixth.

During the woman’s pregnancy, Lin first paid $300,000N.T., then, $20,000 every month after that for her nutritional needs, then, as the infant girl was born, he’d paid the couple the remaining half a million dollars N.T., then, the elderly man took the birth certificate, to the local land offices, and, filed the adoption papers, change the infant’s last name to Lin, and Lin was registered as the infant girl’s birthfather.

The judge found, that the woman already had an IUD implanted, that she had NO intentions of having her latest infant daughter, and, the timing of her having the IUD removed, coincided with the time of negotiation by Lin, and, very shortly after the woman had the IUD removed, she was pregnant again, which showed, the cause and effect of Lin’s offering the couple the money, for the couple to have their daughter.

The courts believed, that this case wasn’t a human traffic ring where a human life is trades like goods, although Lin the elderly man passed back in 2019, the young children were being cared for by Lin’s spouse well, that the couple, although they were trying to make money off of selling their young children off, but, they’d still showed care and concerns for their infant daughter after they gave her up, the judge is considering a reduction of their sentences.

Yeah uh, what the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!), this is, human trafficking, you DO realize that, don’t you, even as these young children weren’t sold off as sex slaves, but these ill-fitting, reproducing like RABBITS parents, are still guilty, for selling their own young children, and for what?  For more money, I mean, the chances of offering for, millions of dollars a kid won’t come by again in our lifetimes, but hey, we can always, reproduce more, so the ones we’d sold off for adoption, well, they don’t matter to us!  Well, that’s a LIFE, you’d, FUCKED up there, parents, and, parents like these ought to be, NEUTERED and SPAYED (like those pets in the animal shelters!)…

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The Nurse at the Afterbirth Recovery Center Tossed & Slammed Down a Twenty-Eight Day Old Infant Boy, Sentenced to Thirteen Years

The physical abuse of this, infant who can’t even, defend himself, because the caretaker didn’t have enough sleep, working HER graveyard shift, and, the family of this young infant should NOT, settle all right!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Woman Lost Her Emotional Control, Grabbed the Infant’s Head, Slammed His Head Against the Counters “We Hope that No More Infants Get Victimized”, the Family of the Infant Boy Refused to Settle

The woman, Tseng works as a nursing staff member at an afterbirth recovery center in Taichung, last May, she was suspected of taking the graveyard shift and losing emotional control, and physically abused a male infant of only twenty-eight days of age for more than ten minutes, she’d beaten him slammed him, shaken him, causing the infant to sustain a skull fracture, subdural hematoma; the families “didn’t want any more infant victims” refused to settle with the woman, the Taichung District Court sentenced Tseng to thirteen years in prison on aggravated assaulting a young child.

The verdict pointed out, that the thirty-eight year-old Tseng has a nursing license, worked as a dental assistance, before she’d transferred to work in the afterbirth recovery center, had been working on the nursing staff of the afterbirth recovery home for over three years, she works the graveyard shift.

At around six in the morning last year on May 11th, Tseng was suspected of being overwhelmed by pressures from work, lost it, carried the twenty-eight day old infant boy, Chen out from the carriage, slammed his head onto the counters, as she fed him, she’d, beaten him up, and, flicked the infant boy’s forehead; then, Tseng left the nursery for about five minutes, then, returned back, and resumed abusing the infant male physically, she’d grabbed him up from the carriage, and tossed him to a meter away, onto the work station, causing the infant to hit his head on the steel rack of the work station.

Tseng didn’t stop there, she’d continued using physical force on the infant boy, smacking him, pinching the infant’s head, shaken him hard, on the morning at seven, as Tseng got off her shift, she’d recorded on the docket, that “the left and right cheeks were uneven, when feeding”.

As Tseng’s coworker found the hematomas on the infant boy’s head and neck, rushed him to the E.R., that was when she was told, that the infant sustained a cranial fracture, and is having subdural hematoma, the infant’s parents called the police, and after reviewing over the surveillance, the police found that Tseng was involved in the abuse.  Tseng admitted to what she did, claimed that she’d lost her emotional control, that she didn’t have any intent to harm the infant boy.

The Taichung District Court considered, that Tseng had multiple years of experiences as a nursing staff, a professional, knowing that the infant’s head is quite fragile, and still, in a short time, she’d, physically abused the infant boy’s head, causing him to have irreversible brain damage, with the intention of a felony crime; Tseng was never forgiven by the family of the infant, and the families pleaded with the courts, to sentence her heavily, she was sentenced to thirteen years for aggravate assault on a child, this can still be appealed.

How is thirteen years nearly enough, for what this woman caused?  I mean, this infant will be handicapped or even, paralyzed because of her bad behaviors, and this still showed, how important it is, to make sure, that you interview the caretakers of your own newborn infants, and that’s still not a guarantee that they will be well cared for, because, you never know, when one of these nursing staff members are going to, SNAP, due to problems in their own, personal lives.

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“How about I Give You Something Spicy?”, the Police Spritzed a Drunk Woman with Pepper Spray, and was Sentenced

The police who’d lost emotional control here, and got his deserved, jail term, ordered by the judge, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The officer, Lin from Hsinchu in handling of a woman who’d been intoxicated who’d come into the station reporting her cellphone being, saw how worked up she became, he was suspected of using pepper spray on her, then, evoked her to get her to have the outbursts of anger, then, using the claims of obstruction of police business, put the cuffs on her; and, in handling of how the locals are in suspicions of how the footages from the illegal parking was captured, as the thermometer was knocked out of his hand, he’d arrested the individual on obstruction charges, causing injuries to the individuals.  The Hsinchu District Court found that Lin had used excessive forces in both cases, and gave him fifty five days and fifty days in prison on taking advantage to use abusive measures; on the assault charges, he couldn’t pay his way out of serving the time.

In the midnight hours of April 5th two years ago, the officer, Lin was on duty at the desk of Zhubei Substation, the woman, Chen after she got drunk, had lost her cell phone, she’d cried and gone to the substation to seek out help; as Lin failed in calming her down, he held that pepper spray asked Chen, “had you had spicy foods, do you like things that are, spicy?”, seeing how she wouldn’t stop crying, he got emotional too, then, spritzed the woman in the face with pepper spray twice.

Chen screamed in pain, suspected that Lin had used excessive force, then Lin got close to Chen’s face, and, mouthed the curse words to her silently three times to cause her anger, then, as she got angered, then, he’d arrested her on obstruction of police affairs, subdued her.  Following, Lin uncuffed the woman, after Chen was taken to the hospital, she’d sobered up, then left on her own.

And, on March 23rd of two years ago, the siblings Chens suspected that Lin used his cell phone to film them in parking illegally, went to the station to confront him, and started in altercation with him, in the chaos, Chen accidentally knocked the thermometer out of Lin’s hand, although she’d immediately picked it up and returned, Lin arrested her on obstruction of police affair, then, used a judo move, subdued Chen, although he’d lost his foothold, he’d still successfully subdued Chen, causing the brother-sister pair to sustain minor injuries.

Lin was accused of physical assault, and obstruction of freedom, but denied the allegations.  He’d claimed, that the siblings the Chens had a bad attitude, that they’d not only, smacked the thermometer out of his hand, they’d tried to trip him, that they were suspected of obstruction police affairs, while Chen was continually screaming loudly, and he couldn’t calm her down, that was why he’d used pepper spray on her, and to make sure that he got her, he’d, sprayed her again a second time, he’d gotten close to the woman to see if her breath wreaked of alcohol, and she’d cussed him out, that was why he’d, subdued her.

like this, uncalled for!

photo from online

The judge found, that law enforcement officials should uphold the laws, and, carried that objectivity, that they shouldn’t become too stubborn in their means, that they shouldn’t go beyond what was necessary; as the individual suspected that he’d been photographed for illegally parking on the streets and inquired to Lin, which caused the physical contacts, this was on Lin.  And, toward the woman who lost emotional control after she was intoxicated, he’d spritzed her twice with pepper spray, and incited her anger with his words, then, cuffed her, clearly, he’d, breached the rights of the citizens.  Considering that Lin was emotionally troubled, the judge sentenced him to fifty, and fifty-five days in jail.

And so, this, is on the police officer, he was the one who’d been, emotionally unstable, and scapegoated on the members of the public that came into report, and, these sorts of unstable persons should NEVER be allowed to work in law enforcement, especially, they should NOT be allowed to carry a gun!

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Joking about Hijacking a Plane on His Line Group, Got into Trouble with the Law

You’d think, that people should KNOW by now, that jokes about setting a bomb to blow up somewhere, or something as STUPID as this, will get you in trouble, but apparently, people still had to get physically, BURNED before they understand the limits to their, “jokes” here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Civil Aeronautics Administration received a call, that individuals from LINE claimed that they were going to hijack a plane, and attack the 101.  The Civil Aeronautics Administration stated, that the airport police had already, tightened up the watch, and reminded the airlines to pay more attention, currently, the case is investigated y the police, and the CAA called out to the public, to not make claims, or spread these messages, because whether it be intentionally or un, it’d, broken the laws.

The police department of Taipei found, that after investigations, this was a joke someone made online, gone bad, and, the individual got kicked out of the group s/he belonged in, and the police will chase the identity of the individual who’d made the claims, and see if any laws were broken by the person, and if there are further actions needed.  If the posts the public make mentioned harming the dangers of members of the public, then, it’s a prosecutable charge.

At 9:30 in the morn yesterday, the C.A.A. received the operations details form the city government of Taipei, that someone left the message to his LINE group, that s/he is to hijack an airplane, and attack Taipei 101.  The C.A.A. immediately transferred the information to the Taipei and Kaohsiung city police departments.

The C.A.A. told, that they’d already, increased the security details, and the airlines operating within the country also tightened their security too.  The C.A.A. stressed, that if members of the public broadcast or spread messages such as this, whether it be intentional or unintentional, the individuals had, broken the law.

The police found, that in a LINE group called, “The Jokes that Will Make You Laugh All the Way to Hell”, a member anonymously left the message of “hijacking a plane” and “attacking Taipei 101”, and the individual immediately got kicked out of the group by the group manager, while the message already went viral.

And so, this, is how you can’t, shouldn’t, make these, joke that stopped being, funny to all, after all, we are all, very tense already, what, with the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, and, with the homecomings of those abroad, and all of that SHIT that’s currently going on right now, and, some IDIOT decided to make a bad joke about hijacking an airplane, and create chaos?  Yeah, the individual deserved to get arrested and taken into police custody, for NOT knowing the appropriateness of jokes, because this sorts of SHIT simply just aren’t, joking matters!

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Taking the Ladies Out, He Was Honey-Trapped, and Forced to Swallow the Live Goldfishes

And, some might say, that this LOSER got what’s coming HIS way, for, soliciting, paying for, S-E-X!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wu, who runs a call girl station, with the ladies, set up a honey trap, zoomed in on the john, Peng, as he took a woman out, he’d not only take nude shots of the man, and forced him to “swallow the live goldfishes” as torture, and, threatened him that the group will sue him for raping the hookers, and he’d, signed a cashier’s check for it, and, the sex trafficking ring also hired the middle school age girls, to accompany the male customers to drink, to go to the drug parties etc., etc., etc., the Taoyuan D.A.’s Office recently prosecuted Wu and six other individuals on robbery, and sextortion of youth and adolescents.

Based off of understanding, Wu (age 47), operated a massage parlor/brothel in Zhongli District, hired the fifteen-year-old middle school student as a drinking companion for men, charging $1,200 N.T. to $1,500N.T every two hours.

Last year, Peng took a lady home in May to use the laughing gases, and have sexual intercourse, but, the woman already conspired with the hooker station on a honeytrap, as the two were having intercourse, Wu and several men broke into Peng’s place, took the photos of him nude, beaten him, and, shoed a live goldfish down Peng’s throat, forced him to swallow the goldfish live down.

Then, the group robbed away the wallet, the ring from Peng, and forced him to sign a cashier’s check worth one million dollars N.T., and took him to a steel shack in Pingzhen District, held him in their custody, later, the group found Peng to have escaped and called the police, they’d threatened to sue him on rape, to force him to keep quiet.

someone pulling the strings on this one! Photo found online

And, another woman, Chen from the same sex ring, was displeased at how the money she’d made got deducted, and wanted to quit, and was forced into a motel to have confront with Wu, and Wu knew, that Chen only took a five-thousand dollar N.T. advance from her pay, he’d claimed that she’d owed $200,000N.T., and beaten her to injury with a baseball bat, forced her to sign a check, and, confiscated her identification card.

The police were called by Peng and by Chen, they’d received a search warrant from the D.A.’s office, went to make the arrests, confiscated the guns, the ammunitions, and drugs, and other contrabands, and, there were the checks that Peng and Chen were forced into signing.

As the D.A. interrogated, Wu only admitted to running the hooker station, denied the robbery, the recruiting of underage girls as hookers; the major office personnel, the woman Lin testified, that she saw her accomplice forced Peng to “swallow a goldfish live!”, taking shots of him nude, and the D.A. called the underage girls to testify for them, and, confirmed that they were all, underage, but worked as call girls.

And so, there’s, still, NO victim here, only abuser and enabler, and, this loser who’d solicited sex, got it coming (And this is still NOT “blaming the vic” here!) because you shouldn’t have hired a hooker, and yet you can’t keep your hands to yourselves, and that, is how it led you to, where you were, taken into custody against your will, and, forced to sign that cashier’s check of, how much again?  Exactly, and, it’s still all on the, “vic”, because he’s into hiring the WHORES!

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The Infant Who’d Died Ten Years Ago, the Police Can’t Find the Body, the Mother Charged with Abandonment of the Corpse of Her Own Young

The case had, almost, “gone cold” here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Ten years ago, the woman, Liao was suspected of not being able to care for her newborn son, after her son died, she’d wrapped him up in a towel, and buried him in the public cemeteries; the investigators chased the leads three years ago, and, based off of Liao’s description of the location of where she’d dumped her son’s body, the police dug five times, and not found the body.  The Shihlin D.A.’s Office believed that the infant was dead, without any evidence of foul play, nor neglect, and they’d indicted Liao on disposing of her own young son’s body, and asked the courts for a year’s prison terms for her.

The indictment stated, that Liao had a son a decade ago, because the father was unknown, she took care of hm on her own, at the bottom of 2011, her son died of unknown causes, Liao was suspected of wrapping his body up with a towel, took the body to the Fuder Public Cemetery at Muzha Road Section five, and, dug a hole on a slope, without any containers, just, buried the young infant’s body in, abandoned his corpse.

where she’d, DUMPED her own infant son’s body, in a place like this one!

photo from online

On June third, 2017, the young boy wasn’t registered for school, the school notified Liao, she’d claimed, that she’d given her son away to someone else to raise; her father didn’t know anything, because he’d only seen his grandson once after he was born, he’d not seen his own grandson for years on end, and became worried of the boy’s wellbeing, he’d notified the police.

Three years ago, the police started searching for the missing boy, the data from the health insurances showed, that the boy was born on April 1, 2011, was inoculated five days later, then, there wasn’t any other records from the health insurances.  Liao then admitted, that her son died a long time ago.

The D.A. and the police went on four occasions, based off of Liao’s descriptions, on December, 2018, January, 2019, March, 2019, and April, 2019, to the public cemeteries to find the body, but couldn’t, and on November fourth of this year, they’d dug again, and, not found him.

The district attorneys pointed out, that they can’t prove, that the infant’s death was directly related to Liao’s behaviors, but the child lacked the proper care when he was alive, and Liao should’ve asked for help from outside, and instead as her son died, she’d selected to, dispose of his body, they’d suggested the courts to give her a year sentence.

Yeah, a year seemed, not quite enough, for how this woman treated her son’s dead body, she’d just, dumped him somewhere, and not even had the decency, to bury her own young son properly, and she’s only charged with the disposing of the body illegally?  Yeah, how’s that justice for the dead child???

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The Female Judge Demanded the Adolescent Slap Himself Across the Face for Punishment, the Justice Evaluation Committee Decides on Whether Or Not She’d Gone Overboard

Improper, “disciplinary measures” here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Miaoli Juvenile Court judge, Chou was accused of demanding an adolescent on trial to slap himself across the face, and going after a social worker of the county government after-the-fact, that the social worker could no longer work in the same unit from before, the Miaoli District Court asked the judge evaluation committee to evaluate her behaviors individually, the evaluation committee had called Chou to tell her side yesterday, the evaluation committee stated, that the system of evaluation is to get rid of the unfitting judges, if there’s the beliefs of punishment warranted, then, the evaluation cases can be turned over to the justice systems, for the justice system to refer the cases to the duties court to try, and the most severe punishment of the improper behaviors of judges is being pulled off the office of the judge.

Because the community is questioning multiple cases that Chou ruled over, the judge’s self-disciplinary committee investigated, and found that during the trials, Chou had made the improper claims toward the defendants, that she’d offended the dignities of the individuals of cases she was ruling over, that there were the instances of her improperly pressuring the social workers too, suggested that the head of the local courts to ask for an evaluation of the committee to rule the matter.

Chou’s husband is the former researcher of the advocates for reforming justice, Tseng, as his wife was up for evaluation of her post, he’d fended his own wife, and yesterday, he’d accompanied her as a counsel to the meet, Chou claimed that due to the pressures from her work, she’d felt psychologically tried, and claimed that she was the scapegoat of the justice system reforms, but didn’t say much in front of the press yesterday.

And so, apparently, this woman who’s an acting judge has issues of her own, because, the punishment she handed down should have an effect to prevent the defendants from offending again, and, having the teen slap himself across the face as punishment, that wouldn’t, achieve anything, but publicly shaming him (like how we were slapped across the faces for misbehavior in class by our school instructors from way, way, way back when???), and, her actions are, improper as a court justice, and she should be, taken off her post.

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The Reason Why Lee Has an Active Warrant for His Arrest, He’d Secretly Filmed the Sex Tapes with His Spares

Now, let’s take, a closer look, under, that, MICROSCOPE, at the, private life of the man spread the rumors about the female legislator, Kao had been dating, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The “Taiwanese Machine Gun”, Lee’s involvement in swaying the online armies as soon as the case of Kao, the DDP legislator was physically abused by her boyfriend came out, using the display name, “Crazy Winne”, to help Lin clear his name, was sucked into the center of the scandals, yesterday, someone told, that Lee had been charged by the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Offices for secretly taping him and another woman not his spouse having sex, and he was indicted, after he was, taken into custody.

As the events blew out of control, Lee quickly came out, and tried to clear that he’d not, tried to influence the opinions online for Lin’s sake, that “I was lied to myself too!”, but, the cases of his obstruction of reputation had been found valid, and the Tainan D.A.’s Office put out an active arrest warrant on him.  And yesterday, it’d been found, that he had an active arrest warrant, for secretly filming a woman, Lu having sex with him without her consent, that he’d been, charged by the D.A.’s Office, he was called in in June of this year, and, had a simplified verdict on the case by September.

Based off of understanding, Lee is a married man when he’d had an affair with Lu, on the morning at ten o November 11th, 2018, in his Linkou rental resident in Hsinbei, he’d secretly taped the three segments of him having sex with Lu, her nude body, and, stored it in is cell phone for keepsake.

On September 28th of the following year, Lee’s wife found the footage, and SUED Lu for criminal charges of adultery, and because adultery had been listed an not a criminal offense, and, the wife sued her on the civil front, and used the sex tapes as evidence provided to the courts.

As Lu received the affidavit, that was when she’d learned, that Lee had been, secretly filming her, and, angrily confronted Lee on LINE, Lee admitted it, Lu pressed the case of obstruction of secret against him.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office called Lee in, he’d not shown, and had an active arrest warrant on him, and was arrested this June.

And so, this, isn’t a good man, he’d, had priors in cheating, and secretly filming his sexual intercourse with other women, and, it’s his need to keep the records of his “catches” on file, that’s, gotten him, caught, red handed.

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The Need to Prevent the Intimate Photos from Going Viral, We Needed an Amendment to Protect the Involved Set Up Speedily

On how to prevent yourselves, from getting, victimized after the two of you, break up, when those sexual photos had been, shot, during the time when you two are hitting it hot and, heavy!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator, Kao beaten by her boyfriend to injury, although the man is already in police custody, but, there’s a chance that the photos of intimacy of the two had gone, viral.  This showed, that the law is lacking, in protecting the rights of the abused, when the abuser holds the photos of intimacy of the victims, are the laws which are set up currently, enough, to protect the rights of the, victims?

Based off of Penal Cod 315, Section 1.2, those who illegally tapes, photographs, or using any other means to secretly film another in private activities, is punishable by a three-year sentence maximum.  And, this stated, that if the two are dating, then, it’s easily interpreted as that there’s the agreeing to getting secretly filmed, taped, and this is going to cause problems.  While, after the breakup, to prevent the images, the footages from leaking out, is there a right to ask the individual to delete all the records, this will become problematic as well.  To prevent the issues of invasions of privacy after the break up, the recordings without the other party’s concerns, are all included in the voyeur clause.

no way to prevent this! Photo from online

As based off of Penal Code 315-2, Section 3, those who spread the contents of the recordings, will be sentenced to no more than five years in prison, this isn’t lenient, and not considered as accusation cases, but, does it need to have the preset of being secretly filmed, if the victim didn’t press charges on being secretly filmed, the individual who’d streamed the footages online, will s/he be charged of this count, then, there would be, discrepancies.  Basing off of a stricter definition, it needed to have the fact that the individuals were, secretly filmed for the preset, otherwise, spreading the footages, will only be charged with Penal Code 235, spreading lewd photos.

Spreading of lewd photos is not a chargeable crime, but, the laws gave it two years and less jail term to the offenders, which is considered a slap on the wrists.  And, on the matter of spreading out the photos of intimacy on the counts, and, the sexual intercourse between the man and woman, would constitute as molestations, and wouldn’t that be, damaging the victims repeatedly.

To resolve the matter, there’s need to define the spread of lewd photos into act, at least, raise up the sentence terms to five years and less, and the charges of spreading the sexually-illicit photos, and all of these needed to get adjusted in wordings of the law, to prevent the victims from getting offended repeatedly again.

And, there’s, the matter of statutory period too, how to prevent these photos of sexual intimacies from leaking out is worth considering.  Especially with the current domestic violence prevention, only limited to the physicality of the abused, and the individuals’ personal freedoms, toward the behaviors of spreading the photos, the law only sets a restraining order against such acts, but, the victims may not know the identity of the individuals spreading the photos, let alone, asking the courts for that needed restraining order and in the end, the victims can only rely on the criminal charges to prevent the spread of such photos.

On the matter of handling the matter as criminal offense, confiscating, although this included all the hard drives, but, does it also, include the platforms of which the photos were, uploaded to, or the social media too, there’s, the definition of such needed, in legal terms, to the point of if it’d, obstructed the freedom of speech too.  Even if the confiscations of such materials had been conducted by force, in the internet eras, how to prevent the setting up of an alternative account to spread the is an even harder to tackle problem, and this will be, a hot potato that the legislators need to, look into more.

And so, there are, still, a lot of shortcomings to this, anti-stalking law, to prevent the violence of intimate partners, and, there’s the matter of the sexually illicit photos you took of each other, because you want to share that part of your selves, with the other person, because the two of you are, in love, not realizing, that HEY, if and when we break up, those materials can be used, against me, but hey, you don’t realize that, not when you’re, hot and heavy with each other, in L-O-V-E, which made you easy targets.

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The Couple in Their Sixties Went on a Vaccination Spree, Received Four Vaccinations in Only Six Months Each

And, there’s, NO laws, set up, to prevent this, or to, punish this sort of, an AWFUL behaviors, it’s still because of the holes in the system, that this couple is, getting away with this, a top-down problem still!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

There are many in the local communities who’d only received, their, second doses recently, and yet, there is a couple in their sixties in the city of Taipei, who’d used the excuses of losing their vaccination records, tearing off the sticker of the recorded dates of their vaccinations, from May to July, they’d gone to the hospitals in cities including Taipei and Kinmen, to get a total of FOUR vaccinations, not only did they mix the vaccines, they even, tried to get in a fifth, but the Taipei Medical Systems already received the reports, they weren’t able to get their fifths.

“There’s, NO law against this, nor is there, any fines set up to prevent this sort of bad behaviors.”, the committee member of the Taipei Department of Sanitations, Ou told, she’d flipped the pages of the laws front to back and found no rules of punishment written for the bad behaviors of cheating the systems to receive the extra vaccinations, currently, the offices of Sanitations of Taipei can only ask the clinics, the hospitals, to pay more attention to this matter, and, asked those who are getting a vaccinations, to show their national health insurance cards, for verifications, to check with the central inoculation agency’s system management, and, after confirming, then, will the vaccinations be, administered, and if the individual insisted on getting the extra vaccinations, and refused to leave, then, they clinics and hospitals can call the police to escort the individuals off the premises.

Based off of understanding, this couple in their sixties, in May, they’d paid for the AZ vaccinations in Taipei first, then, as the vaccinations became available free of charge, they’d flown to Kinmen to get their second; they’d torn off the sticker verifying that they had their firsts, and lied to the medical staff that they’d not get received a first vaccination yet, but the medical staff found them out, and, checked the records filed with the National Health Insurance Agencies, and, refused to vaccinate them.

take your pick, of choice of, multiple vaccinations…

and, you can have, one shot of, each if you wish to…photo from online

But this couple still didn’t give it up, they’d continued claiming to the medical staff they hadn’t had their firsts yet, and signed the papers stating that they hadn’t received any vaccinations yet, and their next-of-kin in Kinmen vouched for them too, and in the end, the medical staff members can only, give them their vaccinations.

After both the husband and the wife had their second doses, in mid-July, they got inoculated again in Taipei, they were tagged as suspicious, and the medical staff refused to administer them their vaccinations, so they’d, switched to another treatment clinic to try to cheat the systems, and, after many attempts, they finally passed, and got their third, and using the time of the information upload in the system, on the following day after they’d received a third vaccination, they’d immediately gone to another treatment clinic, to get a fourth in.

In the short period of time, they had a total of four vaccines.  Of them, the first and seconds were Astra-Zeneca vaccines, the third, fourth are Moderna or BioNTech, and yet, they’d still, circled around the various hospital, clinics, to attempt to cheat a fifth time, but, because the medical staff members worried there may be serious side effects, that it would be a negligence suit, and so, they’d, reported these cases, and that was when the bad behaviors of this couple came out in the open.

Ou said, that all the residual doses’ availability as the members of the public comes in, if the citizens didn’t register with the health medical provision systems, based off of the data recording systems in the local clinics, the clinics couldn’t confirm the past records of the public’s vaccinations records, and it wouldn’t be until the data is uploaded into the system, will the problem pop up, which was how this couple got away, with getting, four total doses.

The spokesperson of the CDC, Chuang said, this case is rare, but, still reminded that the independent clinics must check the National Health Insurance cards for the records of vaccination, to avoid abuse.  He said, the clinics may have been fooled, that he will see how the other local offices of sanitations’ systems of records worked, to decide if a fine will be enforced on these offices of sanitations.

And so, instead of punishing these CHEATS, the government goes after a SCAPEGOAT, the local offices of sanitations, and this still just reflected on how IMCOMPETENT the government is here, if the system is working properly, why the @#$%, would people try and cheat the systems like this?  This is still, a top-down problem, because the systems of registration for vaccination wasn’t fully set up, that’s why, now the holes appeared, and, people like this couple, squeezed through them.

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