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The Squadron Chief Got Plastered, Lost His Stature, Received a Written Reprimand & Transferred

Improper behaviors of these officers of the law, with alcohol being what’s caused these men to get demoted, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

He’d Hugged His Subordinates, and Started Swearing

Ke, the captain of the investigations squad of the Gui-Jen Substation of Tainan Police went to a goodbye banquet in April, afterwards he was said to have returned back to the office and not behaved appropriately, and there were the accusations of his sexually harassing the female officers too; the city police department found, that at the time, Ke became unsteady, had saluted bowed to the patrol officers, cussed aloud, that his actions were indeed, improper, and the police department decided to give him a written reprimand and transfer him from the position of the captain.  On the charges of sexual harassment, the investigations are ongoing.  Ke didn’t respond to the accusations yesterday.

In April of this year, the Fifth City Police Squadron’s assisting the Guijen Substation’s juvenile business had ended, the substation held a meal gathering, as Ke returned back to his office, he’d acted out due to him being intoxicated, and someone told on him this month.  The social networks online even disclosed how Ke attempted to sexually harass the female officers too.

The city police’s internal affairs, the head of chief of police office reviewed over the surveillance footage at the substation, found that on the day, Ke had stumbled around, and saluted toward the male officers many a times, bowed, and even hugged, and in the process he’d cussed, and there were the evidence of his improper behaviors.

The police believed, that Ke, in a leadership position, hadn’t set a good example, that he’d lost his stature, that he’d become unfitting, gave him one minor written reprimand, and transferred him to a nonmanagerial post, he had been transferred to working with the city’s investigation units on the twenty-eighth of this month.

There’d been multiple disclosures at the Tainan Police, the fourth precinct’s former captain of the detective squad, Tsai after the meal gathering on March 17th, became incontinent in the restrooms of the An-Ping District Office, and, the fecal matter dripped all the way to his office next door to the land offices, Tsai was given two warnings, and had asked to be demoted himself.

Then, there was the fifth substation’s detective squad captain, Tsai’s hugging onto women, getting drunk, Tsai admitted that two yeas ago, in July, August, he had, gotten invited to a dance club by his friends, and he couldn’t remember what had happened, and was given a minor reprimand, and demoted to a sergeant of a substation afterwards.

And so, in all of these cases, alcohol is still the culprit, had these men not gotten drunk, then, they wouldn’t have behaved themselves so badly, but hey, at these functions, where alcohol had been served, we’re all bound to, let lose a bit, and this was the end result of letting loose.

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The Sighting of a Predator by the Mayor of Tainan’s Side, Huang was Criticized for Allowing the Predator to Go Unpunished

And the DDP ruled city still covered the ASS of this, @#$%ING, sexual predator too, believe it or don’t!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former assistant speaker of the Tainan City government, Yi was reported for cases in sexual harassment of children and adolescents, the issues were brought up in yesterday’s press conferences, the city councilman, Hsieh criticized the mayor, Huang for not being careful enough, that he’d allowed a predator to work for him; and took out the intel papers of how the head of economic development, Chen had been taking bribes in money and in sexual favors too, demanded that he be suspended from his position, to be investigated, Huang stated that everybody is innocent until there’s proof that s/he had committed a crime, and stated that he’d demanded Yi to explain himself as well, to tell the public the truth.

Yesterday, Yi posted on his FB, that he’d not had any intentions of sexual harassment, but, he apologizes for making others feel uncomfortable by his words, or his, actions.  Called out, that if there are any physical evidence that others are accusing him of, to pursue him in court.

from ten hours ago

“the assistant spokesperson of Tainan City Office, Yi suspected of sexually molesting multiple children for as long as three years”…from a Chinese paper based in Hong Kong, from online

The KMT hosted a press conference yesterday, that after Yi was accused of multiple counts of sexual harassments of teens, he’d only sent in his resignation, but the city government didn’t investigate the matters further, suspected that the mayor, Huang was, overlooking the illegal behaviors of his own subordinates., to the point that as soon as the city government received the notices, someone had pushed Yi to resign, and Yi immediately used his friends to pressure, told the victims to withdraw the claims, suspected, that the personal data of the victims had been, leaked out.

The mayor of Tainan, Huang stated, that as he’d been notified that the Children & Youth Welfare Leagues told that they were hosting a press conference, he’d had Yi speak to the press, and explained himself, that day at 5:45 in the afternoon, as the city government received the letter that accused Yi, Yi also sent in his resignation, stated that, he had new plans of what he wanted to do with his life, that nobody had, forced Yi to resign.

Huang told, that the contents of the disclosures are between the individuals involved only.

And so, there must be, a leak, based off of this, otherwise, how did this get out into the open, and clearly, this mayor was, covering for his subordinate’s ass, because, there were multiple accusations of this LOSER (b/c that was what he was!) sexually molesting the minors, and as the mayor learned of this, he’d not fired the man, instead, he’d, vouched for him, not even a suspension.

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He Was Unsuccessful in Getting a Female Older Schoolmate to Accept His Love for Her, He’d Started Waving that Knife and Injured Her

Despite how the ANTI-STALKING law’s been signed into effect, and this shit is still, happening here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The first-year student from Shu-Der Technical University in Kaohsiung, Lin had a crush on a sophomore older female schoolmate, two evenings ago after an unsuccessful attempt to get her to love him, Lin told the woman that he wanted to accompany her and a friend of hers back to the dorm, she’d turned him down again, Lin became emotional, started waving a craft knife around, injured the back of the neck of the older female schoolmate he was crushing on, and her arms too; as the police arrived, they’d escorted the injured female student to the nursing units to get her injuries treated, found Lin in his dorm room, with the knife, with the bloody clothes he was wearing; as Lin was taken in and interrogated, he’d claimed he had amnesia over what happened as his professions of love to the woman wasn’t accepted.

Based off of understanding, Lin and the older female schoolmate belonged to the same extracurricular group, at around half past midnight last night, Lin was suspected of being impacted by the woman’s turning him down and objecting his offer to walk her back to her dorm, used the knife and attacked the woman, the female student started bleeding from the neck, and it’d thrilled the female friend she had with her, along with someone else who was out exercising, and they’d immediately notified the police, other than taking the injured female student to the hospital, the police arrested Lin in his dorm, Lin claimed that he’d swallowed several dozen of sleeping pills, was taken to the hospital, under police custody, he’d regained consciousness yesterday, and the police interviewed him, and charged him on attempted murder and assault, sent to the Chiaotou D.A.’s Office for processing.

The Shu-Der Technical University stated, that after the incident, the families of the female student already found their legal counsel, the school worried that the events may cause trauma to the female student, and they will offer the services of counseling and professional social worker to help.

And this, is how, it worked, when you turn a man down, be careful ladies, because, nobody knows if the LOSERS (b/c that’s what you all are!) you’d turned down will react violent, especially when they are, ill-prepared for the rejections that you handed to them, and, this is how well the laws protect us women, the law does, DIDDILY squat!  So, look like we’ll all be, carrying that bottle of pepper spray, that TASER, inside our separate, purses, to PROTECT ourselves from this SORT of SHITS then, because, like in this case, the help came, sure, but, the woman was still, injured.

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In the Face-Switch Case, the Primary Suspect, Yu Pleaded Guilty & Sought Mediation in Her Sentencing

The verdict, of the woman, who’d, used someone else’s face in a photo, with the nude bodies that’s of another, and, the hammer came down on her!  On crimes and punishment, cyberbullying here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The famed YouTuber, “Yu”, Chu and his twenty-two-year-old assistant, Chuang, used the face-switch capabilities of high tech devices, produced the pornographic footages, putting the famed actresses, youtubers, politicians, and sold the footages for a huge profit of over $13.38 million N.T.s, they were charged on aggravated slander, obstruction of social order, and violating the personal data protection act, indicted.  Yesterday was the first day of the trial at Hsinbei District Court, Chu admitted to the guilty pleas, the case went into simplified trial mode, because there were too many victims, the judge decided to call them all one by one to the stand, to see if mediation can be achieved.

with this sort of an effect

photo found online, only with the sexually illicit images in this particular case!

After the court ended the sessions, “Yu” walked out of the courthouse, and faced the pressed, “I’d admitted to my own wrongdoings, and I want to offer my most sincere apologies to all of my victims”, and bowed to apologize to all the victims.

The district attorneys believed, “Yu” and Chuang, for their own personal profits, abused the technology, made the pictures of 119 women into sexually illicit footages via cut and paste, and, shared the photos online repeatedly, causing even more damages to the victims, and had, selected their victims via a voting call online, objectifying women; but, considering how the two suspects admitted to wrongdoing, the D.A. advised the courts to confiscate all the earnings from their crimes, and charged them with violation of other people’s privacy, asked the courts to give them both a sentence that fitted to their, crimes.

The victims included Kao, the legislator, the city councilwoman from Kaohsiung, Huang, Huang, who was a former spokeswoman for the mayor’s office of Taipei, and there were those in the movie/entertainment industries, Jolin Tsai, Cheng, Kuo, as well as YouTubers too.  But the president, Tsai, who was said as a previous victim wasn’t among those who’s photos were misused.

The Hsinbei District Court prepared the case, with “Yu” pleading guilty in court, hoping to reach a settlement agreement with all of the victims; the judge presiding told “Yu”, the next time the court is in session all the victims will all get called to come up all at once, to see which ones are willing to settle through mediation.  “if the perpetrator receives enough forgiveness from the victims, the sentences will reduce by a great deal”.  The next hearing is scheduled for June third.

And hopefully, these “victims”, don’t forgive this individual easily, after all, this, is easily done all over again, I mean, you can, just, cut and paste someone’s head onto someone (or something!) else’s body, and, spread it out online, and, there’s no set law, to prevent this sort of using the internet to bully, to defame, to paste some famous person’s head to a naked woman (or a man)’s, body here.

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In the Case with the Child Taking Judo and Got Slammed Down, Causing His Death, the Examination Department Went After Two Facilities

Placing, assigning the blames, and yet, what the @#$% would that do?  Nothing, the kid’s already, DEAD, hello, hello, hello???  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The incident of the young boy in Taichung who got body-slammed to his death in his judo class, the Examination Department assigned the corrective measures to the Taichung City Government’s Department of Kinesiology.  The head of the examination committee, Yeh stated, that the city government and the kinesiology department are responsible for lacking in training in managements of the facilities, that it’d not, tightened the processes of the ring’s certifications.  The city government of Taichung is already, evaluating this, and, although the death wasn’t caused, directly by the exercise rings, but legally, the government already, demanded that the instructor hold the professional licensures, to strengthening the trainings on safety, to protect the rights of the citizens locally.

The seven-year-old boy, Huang last year on April 21 at his judo class, had been slammed repeatedly by the unlicensed coach, He and many of his classmates a total of twenty-seven times, he’d sustained subdural hematoma, hospitalized for seventy days and still died.  Yeh stated, that the city government started cracking down on the qualifications of the coaches, the courses’ contents, the rosters of students, and the safety measures including but not limited to the surveillance cameras being set up at the location, the emergency resuscitation training means, that the location had allowed the unlicensed coach, He to teach long-term at the station.

Yeh told, that the child, Huang just begun the judo lessons for two weeks, and had been body slammed multiple times, even the Professional Judo Association said, that this wasn’t, the ways that a child who only begun taking judo should be slammed down; but the city government had, simplified the case as the student’s willing participating in the afterschool activities, evaded its responsibilities, and blamed it on the coach alone, that it’d, evaded the responsibilities thereof, in keeping the place under close watch, that there was proof of, negligence on the city’s part.

He said, the location where the incident happened was public, the participants were all students of the school, that this case can be ruled as “incident in school”, or “incident in education”, that there’s the discussions of having the country pay for the death, that this asking the government to pay is just and right, and met to the standards of the requirements of what constitutes as the fault of the public space.

The city’s department of education stated, that the contract to lease the space specified, that the sponsors of the activities needed to fulfill the safety requirements, and to protect the safety of all participants; while the department of kinesiology stated that in the activities, there’s a need for the valid certifications of national organizations of the coaches, the city government already mandated the various schools to hire the instructors with these specific qualifications, certifications to teach the courses.

And so, this is what happens after a kid lost his life, and, yeah, all the measures set up now, may be able to, prevent cases like these from recurring repeatedly, but what OF this boy who’d, lost his life already, huh?  Who’s going to pay for that?

How these local and federal governments still operated on, hindsight here, and, a KID is already D-E-A-D, who the FUCK (don’t pardon me!) is going to pay for that, huh? And, how much in dollars and cents would be, enough, to “cover” for this young boy’s getting slammed to DEATH by his classmate, because the coach told that other kid to do it, huh???

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Sold the DeepFake Video Footages from Online, Made Millions of Dollars Illegally, Yu Indicted on Three Counts

Taking cyber sex crimes, one more step, farther, with the DeepFake app here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There were 119 Victims, the A.I. Deepfake Technologies were Abused in Areas of Sexual Cyberbullying, and the Calls of Amendments to Protect Came About as Well

The famous YouTuber, “Yu”, Yu-Cheng Chu used the Deepfake technologies to make the porns, and sold them off online, switched the faces of famous female actresses, the YouTubers, politicians too, onto the bodies of the porn stars, there were 119 victims so far.  The Hsinbei D.A.’s office charged Chu and her male assistant, Chuang on charges of public indecency, slander, and breaking the laws on personal data protection, suggested to the courts to confiscate the total earnings of $13.38 million N.T.s they’d made illegally; the YouTuber, “Smiley”, the woman, Ye, had been dropped from the charges due to lack of evidence.

The D.A. found, that Chu and Chuang, for their own private means, abused the techniques of A.I. made the fake photos of women up, produced the hard-to-tell real videos of sexually illicit means, and shared the videos online, that it’s caused irreparable damages to the victims, and had gone online to poll the public who they wanted to see, objectifying women, causing sexual violence online, as well as cyberbullying, that the damages they’d done were, enormous, beyond calculations, and, considering how both admitted to wrongdoing, the D.A.’s Office had asked the courts to give them the sentences they deserve.

The Deepfake case, brought out the amendments of the laws against cyberbullying.  On the tenth, the Executive Department passed the amendment of the obstruction of sexual privacy and the falsified images, producing of spreading the sexually illicit images of another that were false, with the heaviest sentence of five years and if the perpetrators attempted to make money, then, the heaviest sentences would be increased to seven years.

The head of justice department, Tsai told, that the amendments were to protect the rights of the victims’ privacy, that members of the public should NOT, without the consents, film or spread the sexually illicit images of other people, and reiterated that the members of the public need to be on the alert, to know if the footages were Deepfake, to not produce, nor spread the false videos, to protect the privacies and the rights of others, to make the online world, safer.

the DeepFake programs, someone else’s body with your face, or your body with someone else’s, face…photo from online

The police and D.A. found, that Chu in July two years ago, started up the Twitter Fans page of “Taiwan YouTuber Face-Off”, later changed the name of the group to “Taiwan YouTube Sensation Videos Synthesis”, recruited the members of the online community to get into the Telegram group, with the charges of eight hundred dollars per member gaining the regular memberships, that they can watch the footages, upgrading to VIP with paying for $1,900N.T. in membership, the individuals can watch the long films, and attracted 4,500 individual to get the memberships.

Chuang first downloaded the images of the victims to start of, then, Chu cut off the face using internet, switched the faces to the sexually illicit footages, the victims included the Taipei City’s legislator, Kao, the city councilwoman, Huang, the Taipei City Spokeswoman, Huang, a total of 119 victims, of these eighty-three had pursued their cases on the criminal fronts.

Last October, the Detective Agency last October took Chu and two others into custody.  Chu and Chuang admitted to the crimes, claimed “it was fun, and it gets the volumes of the visitors to the website higher”; Chu’s girlfriend, Ye, denied her involvement, claimed that she cohabited with him, but they had separate rooms to work in, that she was unclear of what he made, Chu also claimed that he’d not told his girlfriend either.

And so this, is how the “face-off” technologies, exacerbated the cyber sex trade, because, there’s, no way any of us can prevent someone else from taking our headshots, that’s why this is an easy crime to commit, and, even if these perps were caught, there’s no telling how far these, falsified sex photos of our heads, with naked bodies that aren’t ours to begin with, got to, and there’s the need for an even harsher punishment for these sorts of crimes, slaps on the wrists will, no longer do, as this will, become, the primary means that crimes are committed now, with everything getting, exchanged from online, any one of us can be targets.

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The King’s Horses, the King’s Men, All Paid Off Big Times

How the DDP worked, corruptions from the top, all the way, down, to the, entry level workers here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Three years ago after the smuggling of cigarettes case occurred in China Airlines, the president’s special airplane became, a “private plane for smuggling”, the DDP had lost it’s dignity completely.  The entire case involved the Presidential Office, the NSA, the Military, as well as the higher-up offices of China Airlines, and, the outside world already, questioned, that nobody dared prosecute the “king’s horses and king’s men”.  After this incident, the blames were scapegoated to the entry level, everybody from the head of military protection of the president, to the woman, Lo they’d still, got promoted up the chain of command.

In July of 2020, Tsai took a group to visit the diplomatic well-related countries to us using the claims of “Continuing the Freedom and Democracy”, a group of Tsai’s parties, took advantage, and bought large quantities of duty-free cigarettes, planned to escape the customs, following the president’s group, but were caught, and the tips called in to the investigation office, worked with the custom’s offices to conduct the bust.

The presidential office stated that they’d bought “too much”, the spokesperson of the president’s office, Chang called the case as “exceeding the limits in purchasing”, turning smuggling legal, and blamed it to the karmas of history, claimed, that what happened was from long-term bad behaviors, and posted that the former presidents Chen and Ma, on their visits to countries to continue the diplomatic ties, they’d also, bought the cigarettes as well.

Until the whole case kept burning, causing the head of National Security to get ousted, it became clear, that the Presidential office needed to pull the plugs on the losses.  The second-in-command to the Head of Offices of Transportation back then, wAng claimed, that “if the C.E.O. of China Air, Hsieh was going to resign, he would approve of it”.  Back then, the swords were already pointed at the senior vice president, Lo who was in charge, of supervising, yet the head of transportation, Lin stated, that “that’s only the first step of punishment”, transferred Lo out of the post, then further investigations shall be, conducted.

Back then the former manager of the offices of president’s office’s guards, Chen received one major written reprimand, and a year later, he was promoted to major general with seven stars and stripes; the head of the guards of the presidential office, Chang, due to the cigarette smuggling case, transferred to the member of the board of committees in the marines, and he was transferred to the post of vice president of the National Defense University, and the dean of school of tactics.  Lo, after the events, also returned back to her original post of senior vice president, and she’s, going for the C.E.O. of China-Air next.

The cigarette smuggling case showed the abuse of power of the higher up offices of security, and it’d, told of how China Air is now, the host of the parasites of “kings’ horses, kings’ men”.  After everything blew over, the individuals had, climbed even higher on the status quo, and, similar things had happened for the individuals who were accountable for the gas explosions in Kaohisung, the major power outage across all of Taiwan from Taipower Company, as well as the cigarette smuggling cases.

And, the corruptions here are still from the top, down, because of how the head of the country, the president is immoral, therefore, all of her subordinates, followed her example too, and, that, is what we get, for voting an immoral woman into office, and there’s nothing we can do about it, because we are a people, enslaved by our government, still, following the leader, blindly.

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There are NO Hooligans, Only Major-Time Bums

How abuse of we the people is still going on, in the legislative department here, led by, the HEAD of State, Su here, with the dignity of head of state, stripped, down to, absolutely, NOTHING, like that emperor, wearing HIS, “new clothes” here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of state, Su, toward the demands of legislator, Chiang’s asking him to promise that there will be no more unannounced power outages anymore, he’d called Chiang out, “Your grandfather promised to take China back”; and yesterday, he’d gotten worse, criticized Chiang’s questioning him as “the hooligans’ inciting a fight”.  Under the Tsai government, the electricity is on shortage, the eggs too, and, there’s, a total lacking in morality too; the head of state, insulting the legislator like so, shaming the legislation also, the Taiwanese democracy.

the brawls of the lawmakers here, from just, five months ago, on YouTube…

立院大亂鬥!藍綠立委佔主席台 蘇貞昌怒吼57字完成施政報告|鏡週刊 – YouTube

(yes, the link works!)

The Executive Department had gotten over ten billion dollars allotted, yet, Su couldn’t promise that there won’t be any more unexpected power outages, which meant, that he was admitting, that not having the outages happen, is just as, impossible as, that Nationals’ taking China back from the Communists.  But the head of Economics, Wang had promised already, and Su couldn’t dare promise?  Odd!  He dared fooled the gods, so how come, not this time?

It wasn’t that Su didn’t DARE lie to the people again, it’s how he’d known, that the electricity provision means are, fragile, that any promises he now makes, can easily, bust wide open, that he wouldn’t get the opportunities to cover those, broken promises with his lies, so naturally he’d, dared not promise.  But, as the legislators pressed him harder, harder, and harder, he’d finally, “cracked”, and showed his, true colors.

It’s outrageous enough, that Su compared not having the outages to getting China back from Communist control, he’d, treated the legislators challenging him as hooligans, inciting a fight, this showed, just how low the head of state of this government dropped to.  And, seeing how the “streets” are mentioned, then, let’s all get that reminder, of who had once taken the streets over, who was called out for “bullying Tsai”?  problem is, that those who are, already high up in the governments, and still kept their bullishness, their bossy manners so bluntly.

the legislator, Chiang also asked the head of legislation, Yo to maintain the order in the meetings, but, Yo showed, no response toward how this head of state, trampled on the dignities of the legislation, and the legislators.  In actuality, the legislation with DDP majority had long been, neutered, and therefore, there’s, no hooligans in this questioning about the electricity shortage to the head of state, only the head gangsters here!

And so, this is, like, watching that FREAK show, and, the presses from some other country actually once, put on the footages of things getting thrown in the legislative meetings here too, wow, that’s something all right, losing our dignities, to the international realms, but that was from…how many years ago again…I forgot, and, in this questioning of the legislator, demanding the head of state to resolve the energy crises, because he couldn’t come up with a solution, and he knew it, that’s why, he got, mad.

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The Primary Suspect of the City-within-a-City Apartment Fire Got Hacked, with the Elderly Who Was a Resident Who Got Out of the Apartment Fires as the Suspect, Indicted

Taking justice, into our own hands, this is, never, a good sign for the society, the preset of this was the elderly man’s knowing that it was the woman who’d committed arson to his residential building, and she incited him, angered him, and he’d, attacked her, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Ge-Ge Huang who’d set the fire at the City-within-a-City Apartment Complex that killed forty-six lives is an alcoholic, and had often had run-ins with the residents of the building, in February of last year, after she had a verbal altercation with the seventy-year-old elderly man, Liu she’d smashed a helmet toward him, attacked Liu with the empty bottle of liquor she had, Liu stabbed her with a fruit knife five times, she was rushed to the hospital, and her life was spared.  The Kaohsiung D.A.’s Office closed the case, indicted Liu on attempted murder charges.

The D.A. investigated, that Liu was an old acquaintance of Huang, they’d gathered to drink together, last year on the afternoon of February 19th, the two started arguing after they were both drunk, Huang was angered, picked up a helmet, smashed it toward Liu, Liu felt insulted, ran straight home, and started carrying a fruit knife to defend himself against her attacks.

At four in the afternoon on the same day, Liu bumped not Huang again by the Hexi Road, they’d started arguing, and started brawling, Liu took the advantage, stabbed Huang multiple times on the back and abdomen.  The bystanders saw, and called the cops, Huang sustained a total of five stab wounds on her the left of her back, her thorax, abdomen, and shoulder, was rushed to the hospital, and thankfully her life was, spared.

As Liu was arrested, he was angry, stated, that he is an elderly person, and Huang picked on him regularly, that was why he’d carried a fruit knife to defend himself, he’d originally only wanted to scare her a bit, but, she kept attacking him with the empty bottles, that was why he’d, stabbed her lightly.

The D.A. believed that Liu was aware of how the sharp knife can cause death, and still attacked Huang on the abdomen, back, and, based off of the slashes on Huang’s coat, it’d shown the forces he’d used to attack, charged him with attempted murder.

The fire of City-with-in-a-City Apartment on October 14th caused forty-six deaths, forty-six injured, Huang was accused of pouring the ashes of the burned incense onto the couch before leaving, which caused the fires forty minutes later; before she left she’d texted her boyfriend, “you want to see it done, you got it!“, the D.A. found the text to be proof of her arson intent, charged her on public endangerment and murder, and asked for the maximum sentence.  Huang is currently in police custody.

And so, this is still, taking justice into your own hand, because the elderly man was a resident of the place where the woman set the fires to that killed other residents, that’s why he wanted to get a payback, and attacked her, and now, the elderly man is charged with attempted murder, and the woman, arson and murder.

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It’s No Bet, of Electricity Provisions for the Fried Chicken Steaks!

These government officials are, totally, full of HOT-AIR, not known how hard hit we the people are, by their, god damn, policies, ignoring the voices of, we the people, and we still don’t have it in us, to OVERTHROW them!  Yeah, we are, a people, enslaved all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The outage across all of Taiwan on March third, due to the “switch error” at the Xing-Dar Powerplant of Taipower, caused close to forty-percent of power outages in all of Taiwan, a total of 5.49 million homes.  The incident had caused the stop of operations of Taiwan Railroad Company’s southbound routes, and people getting stuck inside elevators, the traffic lights malfunctioning, causing a huge mess, the hospitals, worrying over the vaccines going bad, due to no refrigeration, our lives are, greatly, impacted for sure.

it says “multiple location with the outages, with Taipower Company working hard to fix the problems”…from online

And, the various industries, semiconductor, steel, etc., etc., etc., are also, impacted, suffering losses up to billions of dollars, and the harder to estimate forms of losses too.  And this was, the FOURTH major outage since the president Tsai, took office, the most serious hitting power outage in recent years.

On the very evening, the head of Department of Economics, Wang hosted a press conference, and posted the preliminary investigation results of the cause, that it was because the operators not following protocol, causing the gas to not fill up the pipes, causing the short circuits, a manmade error, and stressed again, that it wasn’t because we’re, running short on electricity.  She’d apologized to the public a second time, and declared that she’d requested a reprimand from the head of state, and announced the reimbursement plans; and yet, the people are still, getting louder in complaints, and, the people are now, fully certain, that we’re, living in the times of not having enough power!

A few days ago, I recalled that the president, Tsai had just promised the eight major business groups, that Taiwan won’t be short on electricity, she will, make sure, that there would be, no worries of the provisions of electrical power that the entire island needed!  And yet, in only two short days, her cover blew!  The legislators used the “giving the chicken fried steaks bets” to show the irony of the head of economics, Wang’s promises; and, a lot of the public also feel, helpless and confused, at Wang’s, “I’ll bet you all the fried chicken steaks!”, and the bureaucratic, “I will be sending in my resignation!”  because, in the past two years, the power went out, again, again, and again!  And could it be that whenever there comes a power outage, a few of the technical department workers gets, punished, is that, enough?

The electrical energy provisions, is the lifeline for the Taiwanese industries, and when there’s not a stable enough source of supplies, then, it will affect the growth of ALL the industries, directly or indirectly impacted the international investment ventures to Taiwan, causing huge impacts to the development of the economic growths here.  It’s no wonder, that the local governments, while they’re all, trying to, resolve the mess from the power outages, and asked the government run by Tsai, the real cause of the recurrences of, power outages?  And, the people wanted to know, are we really “not running short on electrical power provisions?”, will we have, “enough power”?  and, does the government really have a plan, to tackle the problems of the huge losses the public will suffer, and the risk, from the lacking in electricity?

This made me recalled, the two major issues votes of “restarting the Nuclear 4 plants” and “moving the electric stations” that didn’t pass, but the realities from that are, we are, constantly, fearing when the power will, go out.  With the nuclear powerplants becoming history, our energy provisions turned towards natural gas, coal, and renewable energy provisions, to the point of the electricity nets being, reliable enough, as well as the risk management designs, and the reusable energy generations internationally, and other trends, these are all, what the energy policies of this country needed to face.

Stabilizing the electricity provisions, this is directly related to the economy of the country, and, the head of economics, in a programming, used “I’ll bet the fried chicken steaks” to promise that we will have enough electrical power in 2022!  Such an outrage!  We agree with Mr. Go’s, the subject of energy is related to the developments of the country, an issue of national security, and we also, need to consider the environmental on the matter too, that this subject, is extremely, professional, that it shouldn’t involve politics, and no presets either.  And so, we call out to the higher up government officials, to stop “betting with the chicken fried steaks!” anymore.  To take the experts advice, to set up the forums of professionals, to discuss the means of energy provision for the long run for this country, to discuss the problems at hand, to come up with viable solutions, to use the policies to make our lives easier, so we can find a renewable means to keep on going.

And so, you see, how all of these, government officials are all, huffle and puff, they are blurting out these meaningless promises (which had proven to be lies now!), and, instead of manning up, taking up responsibilities, and working together, to SOLVE the problems of energy shortage, they’re still all just, sitting high up, without any SENSE of how hard life is, down here, the REST of us are living!

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