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Properly Dressed, Just Talking, Doesn’t Count as Soliciting? He’d Only Fondled and Not Had Sex…She Got the Money She

Yeah, uh, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here, right???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Pan was accused of solicitations at a motel by the police, and she was fined $5,000N.T.s based off of the laws that protected orders in the society, she felt it was unjustifiable, claimed that her john claimed to have erectile dysfunction, and that they’d merely touched each other, with their clothes on, that they never engaged in sexual intercourse, she’d taken the fine slips to the courts to appeal it.  The Taipei District Court believed that the police didn’t specify the charges clearly enough, found that Pan won, and dismissed the charges against her, Pan didn’t have to get fined, and the police couldn’t fight for the rulings to be overturned.

The verdict stated, that sexual intercourse meant that someone IS paid for sexual behavior or inappropriate sexual actions, but in this case, whether or not Pan had been engaged in such activities, nobody can confirm.

The police accused, on the evening of May 6th this year, Pan met up at a hotel near to the CKS Memorial Hall with Lin, to have sexual intercourse, and Pan had taken $500N.T.s from Lin for sex, that she’d broken the laws of societal order, and so, the police were fining her $1,500N.T.s.

Pan stated that she’d known Lin for a long time, and the surveillance from the hotel showed that she’d entered into the suite by herself, that it goes against Lin’s claims of how they’d struck up a conversation in the hallways of the hotel then, walked into the suite together, and, the police had confiscated the $500N.T. that she had, which the police asked her to turn over, “The money was NOT for the sex”.

Lin testified, that he did meet Pan for the very first time in the hallways of the hotel, asked if Pan wanted to have a conversation with him, and so, after the two of them entered into his suite, he’d told Pan, that he had erectile dysfunction, then, Pan gave him a “hand job with his pants on, and fully dressed for about five seconds.”, he’d later paid Pan $500N.T. for it, that in the process of being touched by Pan, she’d never told him that she could do anything extra for him.

The judge had investigated into the matter, and pointed out, that based off of Lin’s testimonies, it couldn’t prove, that they did have an agreement to have sex for money, and that the police couldn’t make the decisions, that they were selling and buying sexual activities based off of the fact that before Lin left the hotel room, he had paid Pan.

This will open up, a HUGE door for those johns and the whores, after all, we’re NOT doing anything that is DESTROYING the orders of the society, I’m merely touching him, with HIS pants on, and I didn’t ask her to give ME a “handjob”, she did that all on her own, and besides, we’d NEVER agreed on the amount which I’d be paying her, yeah uh, this only opens UP that HUGE door, because this is, the blurred line of the law here.


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A Major General Found Guilty of Sexually Molesting a Female Subordinate, Was Court Marshalled

Women are once again, mistreated, LIKE WHORES in the armed services here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former major general commander, Wen-Cheng Yang was accused of molesting a young female officer four times, the army courts, as well as the Highest Courts of Taiwan all believed, that Yang had done wrong by the rules of the army, used his status of power, to sexually molest his subordinate, found him guilty, and sentenced him to one year, two months, but he can pay a fine, without serving any real jail time.  The case can still be appealed.

Wen-Cheng Yang entered into the armed services eight years ago, he graduated from the military school in 1980, is also the younger brother of the legislator of the KMT, Li-Huan Yang; after the incident, he received one major reprimand, and was transferred to an executive position, as a board member of the army, and was alleviated of duty early.

The victim, back in August of 2012, because she was there, to do the reports of her area of work, Yang caressed her left breast; and, not long thereafter, Yang bear-hugged her, and kissed her on the lips, stuck his hand into her panties, said, “I want to see if you have any pubic hairs, if you’re clean shaven, it would be great.”  On the evening of October 16th, Yang used the same measures, and sexually molested the woman again, he’d committed the crimes of sexual molestations a total of four times.

The victim was only twenty-one years old, at first, she’d complied with him, without wanting to, feared, that if she’d come out to the open, nobody would believe her, that she might be reprimanded, for not following the orders of her superior, and had only complained of the events to her close friends, and she’d had a melt down outside her sleeping quarters, “I can’t take it anymore!”, the victim felt that she didn’t do right by her boyfriend, and asked for a break up, and her boyfriend held her tightly, and they cried together.

Later on, the victim had finally had it, told the protections unit in the army about it, and, the court martial case was started, and Yang was prosecuted.

Yang denied the allegations, claimed that he did touch the female subordinate’s forehead with his lips, his cheeks, but he couldn’t recall each and every time clearly; and that back then, his intentions were to encourage her, to console the victim, and he’d used socially acceptable manners to touch the woman.  Yang claimed to have been set up by the female subordinate.

The military courts believed, that Yang is ranked higher, and didn’t uphold a higher standard of behaviors, had multiple times sexually molested his female subordinate, and after he was taken in, had tried to avoid the responsibilities of his own behaviors, and had not settled with the victim, but the military courts took into considerations, that the woman was willing to forgive him, Yang was sentenced to one year two months in prison, which he could pay a fine, and not serve the time.  Yang went for an appeal, and because the court martial cases were ruled as regular criminal acts, the High Courts in Taiwan, after reviewing over the case, agreed with the rulings of the military courts, threw back Yang’s appeal.

And so, here, you STILL have a man, in a status of power, forcing himself onto his female subordinate, and this, is power rape, and because the victim in these cases usually are too scared to speak up and out, that, is why they keep on being victimized over, over, AND over again, and, the reprimand or punishment this army officer received, was still TOO light if you ask me!

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A Letter of S.O.S. Before He’d Died, the Inmates Told of How the Warden Attempted to Rape Him

The DARK SIDE of the prisons, everywhere!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The jail inmate, Lin died by accident at the start of this month, the legislator, Wu appeared in a press conference with the members of his family, and showed Lin’s letter of S.O.S. to them, and, suspected that Lin may have been a victim of sexual assaults and violence in the prison, asked the Taipei Jails to give the autopsy reports within three days.  The secretary of the Taipei Prison systems, Chiu stated, that they’d already turned over related information to the D.A. already.

Lin’s mother cried and told of how the prisons on the first of December told them that Lin had lost consciousness, and died on the way of being transported to the hospitals, the very next day the family members watched the surveillance, and saw that he was chained, to the hallways of the dormitories long term, with helmet on his head.  There were other inmates who were kicking him, but, the officials just stood by and watched him get abused.

Lin’s older brother carried his photograph tightly in his arms, said, that of the things that his younger brother left behind, in the letter, it’d mentioned, “the person managing our rooms told me that he wanted to use my ass tonight”, spoke of how he was sexually harassed.  He’d gone through the processes of making a complaint, but, nobody handled it, that, was why he’d taken matters into his own hands, and gotten into a physical altercation with other inmates.

Chiu stated, that during the time that Lin was incarcerated, he would often mutilate himself, disturbed the order, and that day, he’d claimed he was going to kill himself by biting off his own tongue, that, was why the workers took him into the hallways, to protect him.  When they’d realized that he’d lost consciousness, they’d immediately sent him to the hospital, and the entire process was documented by surveillance, and, on the second, the D.A. had reviewed the surveillances, on the fourth, an autopsy was performed, and, the jail had turned all the evidence and related materials to the D.A.’s offices.

Chiu said, that the prison definitely didn’t abuse or torture Lin, and because they took into considerations that he was emotionally stable, they’d place him in a foam-styled jail cell, to prevent him from committing suicide.

So, that, is how it is, from the other side, and, the darkness of the jails are usually kept silenced, because nobody would talk about it, after all, it is, the systems that are being examined here, and, there are, still a TON of misdeeds, happening, in the prison systems all over the world, NOT just here!

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A Man Subdued His Own Daughter-in-Law, His Granddaughter Fell into a Coma………Taken to the Hospitals

A bad example to set here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man in his sixties in Hsinbei City was intoxicated by his own daughter-in-law’s good looks, he’d mixed the crushed sleeping pills into a drink, after he’d knocked his own daughter-in-law out, he’d sexually molested her, a month later, he’d done it again, but his ten-year-old granddaughter took the drink, and passed out; after the elderly took his granddaughter to the hospitals, the son realized that something wasn’t quite right, and he’d called the cops, and turned his own “horny old dad” in.

The D.A. investigated and found, that this man had been divorced with his wife for a long time, and lives in with his son and daughter-in-law, along with his grandchild.  The elderly man works in the same office as the daughter-in-law, and, while he was at work, he’d often sneak peeks at his daughter-in-law, and when he saw her talking to other male coworkers, laughing, joking with them, he’d feel jealous, and would throw anything he can get his hands on, sometimes, in the nights, he’d opened up his daughter-in-law’s bedroom doors to peep, and when she’d found him, he’d told her, “just checking to see if you and your child had your covers on.”  The son isn’t at home, because of his job.

On May 15th, the elderly took the sleeping pills he got from the doctors for his sleeping problems, crushed them up, mixed it into his daughter-in-law’s drink that she kept inside the bedroom, and because he was nervous, he didn’t add the entire packets, after he’d waited until the medication started working, he’d gone into her bedroom, took her clothe off, kissed her, fondled her; the daughter-in-law slept until the next morning, still felt tired, and drowsy, she thought she was sick with something.

The man saw how nobody noticed what he’d done, on the evening of June 12th, he’d drugged her drinks again; as the daughter-in-law arrived home, she’d shared the drink with her own daughter, then, they’d fallen asleep in the bedroom together.  This time, the elderly man took off the daughter-in-law’s clothes, and managed to rape her with his hands, but the very next day, he saw that the mother-daughter pair were still asleep, and he couldn’t wake his own granddaughter up, he’d rushed his granddaughter to the hospitals; as his son came home, he found his daughter out, his wife had fallen into sleep with no apparent reasons, took his wife to the hospitals, and suspected that his father had done something, then, notified the police.

As the D.A. interrogated the man, he’d denied all allegations of wrongdoing, until the D.A. found his DNA in his daughter-in-law’s pubic region and her breasts, he’d still claimed that he’d sneezed on his hand, and in the process of trying to wake her up, he’d accidentally touched her breasts, he didn’t admit to what he’d done until the moment the judge okay’d his being taken into custody.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office indicted him yesterday.

And so, this LOSER took advantage of the situation, the son was out, working, and, because he’d had his eyes on his daughter-in-law, he took advantage of her, and, ended up, drugging his own granddaughter, and the son finally realizes that something wasn’t right, and that, was how he’d gotten caught.  That still just shows, how there may be sexual predators who are still covering up their tracks, and they may well be someone you know or are close to.


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A Man Zoomed in on a Woman He Has a Crush On…the One-Sided Love Became Harassment, He’d Attacked Her Breasts, and Claimed that He Was Helping to Scratch an Itch

A story of a M***ER F***ER (b/c I “maxed out”???) on the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Lee, had gone to his secret crush’s home to “stand guard”, he’d took her cell phone with the documentations of his bad behaviors from her, and stayed for fifty days in jail and after he was released, he still did it again, went to the woman’s home, her work, and waited for her endlessly, he’d even taped love notes to her motorcycle. The woman got so furious that she’d grabbed his hair, and took photos as evidence, Lee, as he broke free, touched her breasts three times, and was sentenced to five months for breaking the laws against sexual harassment, and he could pay his way out of serving time, the case is settled.

Two years ago on May 25, Lee started standing guard at the woman’s home, but, it’s one-sided, she wasn’t interested in him, and after he was found guilty for forcefully taking her phone from her, he still didn’t give up, several times, he’d gone to her home and her workplace in Hsinbei City, to stand guard, and had posted slips of notes on her motorcycle, stating he wanted to date her.

Last year on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, Lee took a string of specialty food items and waited, endlessly, at her place, after she’d said “no thanks”, he still insisted on staying by her house. The woman could no longer put up with it, grabbed his hair, and took photos as evidence, called the cops, in order to get off, Lee told the woman, “if you don’t let me go, I’ll touch you”, and attacked her breasts twice; he was pulled down to the ground by the woman, and he’d attacked her breasts once, then, ran off.

As the courts presided the case, Lee was accused of sexual harassment, he’d claimed that his “lover” grabbed onto his hair and his clothes, that in order for her to loosen her grip, he’d tickled her under her arms, the two of them fell to the ground, and he’d tickled her again, that he never touched her breasts. But, the victim came forth and told, that after she’d reported him for sexual harassment, he’d still continued stalking her, “He really harassed me too many times, I hope the courts will give him a heavy sentence.”

The first ruling was that Lee broke the anti-sexual harassment laws, and was sentenced to five months in prison, which he could pay his way out of from serving real time; Lee was unhappy with the results, and he went for an appeal, the highest courts didn’t believe Lee’s statements, believed that he showed NO signs of remorse, maintained the rulings of the first trial.

Are you FUCKING (don’t pardon me this time!!!) shitting me here? And that, just shows how LENIENT the laws still is, regarding the punishment of sex offenders, and, this man will keep on harassing the woman, until something even WORSE happened, and, the woman does NOT love you, she’d told you FLAT out, so, what the FUCK is your problem?

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This X-Rated Game We Were Forced to Play

We were forced, to play this X-rated game, that we didn’t even want to be a part of when we were children, but, for survival’s sake, we had, played this X-rated game.

This X-rated game we were forced to play, it was to satisfy his needs (ewwwwwwwwwww, and don’t even!!!), he’d watched his children, FUCK each other silly, and, he’d given his sons tips on fucking his daughters, and, he’d even “demonstrated” to them, how it should be done.

This X-rated game we were forced to play, I will NOT have it anymore, you hear!!!  You come near me, I will SLICE and DICE, and, off, goes your PENISES!  This X-rated game, we were forced to play, we had no choice but to, because he’d threatened to take away his love for us, and, because of how young we once were, we needed his love as kids, and so, we did what we were told, and gotten exposed too young………


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How Could Ten Years Be Enough for Rape?

This, is NOT only degrading, but very demeaning too, and, it SURELY took the J-U-R-Y, LONG enough, to “arrive” at their decisions that’s for certain, from…

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A Montana teacher was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison in a notorious student rape case that dragged on for years and led to the censure of a judge who partially blamed the victim.

Stacey Dean Rambold, 55, was resentenced by a new judge exactly a year after he completed an initial one-month prison term for the crime.

Rambold appeared to grimace as Friday’s sentence was read by Judge Randal Spaulding. He was then handcuffed and led away by deputies, pausing briefly to exchange words with family as he exited the courtroom.

Rambold pleaded guilty last year to a single count of sexual intercourse without consent in the 2007 rape of 14-year-old Cherice Moralez, a freshman in his Billings Senior High School business class. She committed suicide in 2010.

Rambold’s attorney had argued for a two-year sentence, pointing out that the defendant had no prior criminal record, underwent sex offender treatment and was considered by the state as a low risk to re-offend.

Spaulding indicated that the nature of the crime outweighed those factors.

“I considered your abuse and exploitation of your position of trust as a teacher, and specifically Cherice’s teacher,” Spaulding told the defendant.

The state Supreme Court in April overturned Rambold’s initial sentence, citing in part comments from Judge G. Todd Baugh, who suggested the victim shared responsibility.

Baugh was censured and suspended for 31 days. He’s stepping down when his terms ends in January.

Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito said he was pleased with the new sentence, which included five additional years of prison time that were suspended.

“The criminal justice system worked today,” he said.

John Moralez, the father of the victim, said he had hoped for a longer sentence, but added that 10 years was better than the one-month Rambold previously served.

During the hearing, Twito asked Judge Spaulding to reject attempts by Rambold’s attorney to make the victim’s conduct with her teacher a factor in the sentencing.

That included references by the defendant’s attorney to video-taped interviews of the victim recorded by law enforcement prior to her death. Those recordings, which have never been made public, had been cited by Baugh during his sentencing.

Under state law, children under 16 cannot consent to sexual intercourse.

“The last thing we want to do is sit here in the criminal justice system and say, ‘What is the age?’ It doesn’t matter. Fourteen is way too young,” Twito said. “There has to be punishment. … Punishment means prison.”

Rambold’s attorney, Jay Lansing, responded that there was no statute preventing the court from considering Moralez’s conduct. He pointed out that prosecutors had not objected to comments about the videotaped interview during Rambold’s first sentencing hearing.

Lansing requested for his client a two-year sentence in the custody of the Department of Corrections, with another 13 years suspended. That would have allowed Rambold to serve his time in a community setting rather than prison.

Rambold broke down crying during a brief statement to the court. He said he was sorry for his actions and had worked hard to make himself a better person. In a recent letter to the court, he lamented the international publicity the case attracted.

“No one can really appreciate and understand what it feels like to have so many people actually hate you and be disgusted by you,” Rambold wrote. “I do not mention this for the sake of sympathy, but it has been hard.”

It was uncertain if the new sentence would be appealed, Lansing said.

After the death of Moralez, the prosecution’s primary witness, Twito’s office in 2010 struck a deal with Rambold that initially allowed him to avoid prison altogether.

Rambold, however, violated that agreement by having unauthorized visits with relatives’ children and entering into a relationship with an adult woman without telling his counselor. As a result, the case was revived and Rambold pleaded guilty.

Two additional counts sexual intercourse without consent were dropped under the deal with prosecutors.

During last year’s sentencing, Baugh suggested Moralez had as much control over her rape as the defendant and said she “appeared older than her chronological age.” He gave Rambold a 15-year term with all but one month suspended.

That triggered an appeal from the office of Attorney General Tim Fox, and ultimately resulted in the case being reassigned to Spaulding.

How, can this be JUST?  I mean, LIVES had been LOST here, and, how is JUST TEN years BE enough, to make up for the girl who took HER life after this LOSER instructor raped her?  So, as you can see, in these cases, punishment will NEVER fit the crimes!  And parents, would YOU feel safe, is a M***ER F***ING son-of-a-BITCH (b/c that, is what this is!) works in your child’s schools?  Yeah…

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