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Her Father’s Chair

She got a call, her parents’ home is now, foreclosed, and, the individual who’d called her told her she could come, and take whatever she’d wanted out…

She’d, entered into, that darkened living room, the lights won’t turn on (electricity’s disconnected???), and, she’d, fumbled around in the darkness, and, stumbled across something that tripped her feet, and it took her back, into, her childhood (after all, that was the home she grew up in!).  She saw that chair, in all of its, older glorious days, how the velvet was still, unfuzzed up, how it’d looked, brand new, where her father, used to sit, with her, on his laps, after supper, patted down her hair, cuddled with her, told her countless stories!

Her father’s chair, that was, all the memories, she had left, of him, she couldn’t, recall, anything about her, other than, in the “presence” of that chair, like he’d, never existed, outside, the realms, of that chair for some unknown reasons.  Her father’s chair, it’d carried, that deep, dark secret, inside, the cushions, it’s the place, where her father, loved, playing that little game when her mama’s off to her book club, cooking class, or whatever the HECK it was her mama was into, during her childhood years.

the monsters in her father’s, chair…found online

As those memories all came, flooding back up, she’d, felt that chill down her spine, she’d, wanted to, escape, out of the room, but the room suddenly, closed down, and she became, trapped in.

Her father’s chair, it was, not a, good place at all, she couldn’t, remember any of the better moments she’d spent, with him, in that chair of his, and, she’d remembered how, he’d, used to, put his hands down her blouse, and, patted her tiny little, nipples, and, she’d felt, aroused, then, she was, overwhelm with, guilt!

Her father’s chair, she’d decided, to BURN that piece of memory down, and, she’d had the movers come, hauled that piece of dead furniture, out on the lawns, and, she’d, STRUCK a match, and, everything went up in smokes, and, she’d, burned the whole house down with it, and she’s still, NOT charged with arson, in fact, the city should be grateful to her, for, ridding the neighborhood of that, eyesore!!!

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Shang-Chun Chang Brushed Off the Seven Hundred Lives Lost, So Easily

How the government officials, still, paint over that coat of, LIES here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s, a morbidity rate of 4.68-percent from MERS-CoV, twice more than the global average, a total of 706 who’d died from MERS-CoV.  Toward the questioning of how the medical provisions weren’t u to speed, the recruit of the specialist task force of the CDC, Chang stated, that those who’d died all had preexisting conditions, that the average age of death is seventy-three, and of these, a lot of the cases, the families signed the DNR, which was why there’s this, high morbidity rate.  Chang’s explanation, can’t cover up for the incompetence of the government, nor can it, make the general public feel, better.

Undeniably, those who have the preexisting conditions, may have a worse system of defense after contraction, with a higher, rate of mortality.  But, blaming the cause of death onto these preexisting conditions, it’s, way too, untrue, and it’d shown how the government officials, are, trying to, evade responsibilities.  The height of the outbreaks came from mid-May to the end of June, there are, dozens to more than thirty deaths from MERS-CoV per day, some died in their homes, other, in the quarantine hotels, or even, on the streets, a lot of those were only confirmed of having MERS-CoV after death.  In other words, many of them didn’t even have the chances of getting treatment, most don’t even know they’d contracted the virus, that, is why we have, such a high mortality rate.  Take yesterday for example, there are, twenty-seven new confirmed cases, but, seventeen deaths, how is this rate normal?

From all of this, people can see, three huge holes in the legislation, this is, what Tsai’s government, along with the CDC can’t, dodge from.  First, a lot of the people with their lives hanging on the lines, unaware that they’d, contracted MERS, the fault is on the command center’s not expand the scans for the virus, causing those with less severe symptoms, to enter into the local communities, to spread the virus out, causing those who didn’t know to contract the virus, and end up, dying.  As the hospital described this condition as “happy hypoxia”, how can they be sure, that all who’d died, before death, they are, happy?

Secondly, the government got caught up in how “ahead of the rest” it’d bene, but, wasn’t practical enough, in reassigning the needed resources to the needed locations, causing those who’d contracted the virus, couldn’t get into the hospital for the treatments, those who are having the more severe symptoms, not resuscitated on time.  For instance, the hotspot of the outbreaks is located around Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, the command center couldn’t, help the cities get enough of the needed wards set up, with all the equipment required for treatment, delaying those who contracted the virus, that they’d become, too severely impacted by the contraction, some didn’t even have the wards to go to to get treated.  And, the single-strain treatments can effective prevent the progressions of the virus to severe in elderly, but we’d, only begun to discuss buying up the medications in June, and the drugs are finally in by mid-June, this clearly showed, of how lacking the command center had been, of the provisions of care.  The T.V. personnel, Jia’s calling on the donations of the machines, to respond to the needs of the medical staff, why didn’t the command center hear the cries in the frontlines?

Thirdly, blaming the high mortality rate on the elderly and the progressive conditions that they have, it’s, completely, bullshit, it’s a huge insult, to the healthcare system in Taiwan.

Tsai’s buying the vaccines was, calculated politically, the command center’s allotting the resources of the vaccines, politically, selfish, not caring for the health and welfare of the people, and, they’d all, misused, abused the system of healthcare we have already, established, that was, originally, working wonders.

And so, it’s still, the politics that’s, SCREWED us all!  The government is so set on defying China, making the people turn against everything that’s, from China, and, it’s propagandas paid off all right, but the cost is, the lives that are, already, lost, and will keep on, increasing in numbers, by the contractions of, MERS-CoV!

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The Single Father Has to Go to Work, Chained His Own Son Up, the Mother Came to His Rescue

To prevent your kid from getting into trouble while you’re away at work, you’d, LEASHED him up, like a D-O-G!!!  Wow, that’s, smart all right…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An eight-year-old boy in Miaoli was found, chained with steel chains by his birthfather at the residence they shared in Toufeng, Miaoli, the child called out to help to his mother in Taoyuan, the mother rushed over, couldn’t get the chains off, and called emergency, the firefighters used the oil pressure clips and finally free the boy; the police and county department found the father used inappropriate measures to discipline the child, that he’d broken the laws of child and adolescent welfare, they’d filed for an emergency restraining order against the father, placed the child out, the district attorney’s offices set the man’s bail at $50,000N.T.s.

The local fire department received at call at around 10:37 in the morn, from the birthmother of the young boy, told them that the child was chained up in his living room, and couldn’t break out of the chains; as the firefighters arrived, they’d found the chain to be three meters long, they were able to use the oil pressure cutters and other equipment, to break the chains, and it took more than ten minutes to free the child, they’d notified the police and social services afterwards.

The preliminary investigations found, that the parents of the child is divorced, the custody was with the father, starting last year, there’d been records of domestic violence on record with the father, but the inappropriate discipline measures were mild, the Social Services did NOT list them; yesterday as the father goes out to work, worried that nobody’s looking after the child, that the boy may run off, so he’d, chained up his own son, to restrict the child’s movements, left the milk, the bread in the living room for the young boy to consume when he gets thirsty or hungry.

like this…

photo from online

Because the child couldn’t stand being chained down, his movements restricted, he’d called his mother for help, “I got chained by dad, can you come save me?”, the mother thought that it wasn’t possible, rushed over to her ex’s from Taoyuan, and was dumbfounded at what she saw; the child said he’d misbehaved, which was why he got chained up, that he was beaten, and scolded often, it’d made the mother sad.

The police assisted the young boy to the hospital, found the bruising on his waist from the chains, immediately filed for a restraining order for the boy, investigated the case as assault, obstructions of freedom; the Social Services found that the father, chaining the boy down, although it’d not caused him bodily harm, or serious injuries, but, the behavior may have traumatized the child physically as well as psychologically, that he’d broken the laws against protection of young children and adolescents, guilty of improper disciplining, placed the child out of the father’s custody, and forced the father into the parenting courses.

And so, because you had to work, there’s no one to watch your kid, to keep him out of trouble, so you’d, CHAINED him up like a dog, I mean, you had, left water, and food for him (and that should be enough, if he were a DOG!!!), and, you’d, caused psychological trauma in your own child, and you don’t even know it, are you, @$%#ING, kidding me here?  How would you like it, if someone CHAINED you, fucking (don’t pardon me!) adults up, and restricted your movement, because the individuals didn’t want YOU to, misbehave when they are out?

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What Does, the DELAYS in Vaccine Availability Means to the People of This Nation???

Ooh-ooh-ooh, can I take a WHACK at this one???  The “Teacher” looks around the room, then, calls on that eager “kid” to answer this question!

What does, the DELAYS in vaccine availability means to the people of this nation???  Well, that’s super easy, because the government discontinued the importations of the known-to-work vaccines that had been developed externally, making the majority of us into, LABRATS for the vaccine trials developed in this FUCKING great nation of ours (yeah, still being sarcastic!), now, can you blame the government, for wanting to make some extra “cash” in this crisis?  Of course N-O-T!  As money, is EVERYTHING to people, and the government is set on staying AGAINST China, because the government somehow is, in the delusions of how if we take the vaccines manufactured by BioNTech (with the factories set in China???), we would become, China’s BITCH!

And, what it worlds down to, is that the government does NOT believe, that ENOUGH had died here, because of contraction, and besides, it’s not like there are only, a handful of us, Taiwanese left on this FUCKING (so???) planet here, I mean, there are, still, a whole lot of who are of, this, “subculture” of Asians, so, no big deal, if a whole lot more of us D-I-E…

So, we’re all, looking at, contracting MERS, and DROPPING dead, left, and right, until, “then there’s, N-O-N-E, of us, left to, KILL off.

‘K, the Queen (still ME!) is done, “venting” for this particular “round”, stay tune, for whatever the HECK it is I might come up with, and how the hell should I know what that might be, huh?  I’m still on this particular one here.

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Using Diplomacy to Cover the Blemishes of Internal Affairs, Making Taiwan Lose ALL its, Dignities

This is what the leaders of this country turned, ALL of us, “we the people”, into, MAGGOTS of the entire planets, relying on the mercies of hand-outs of other major countries to give us enough vaccines, and still, people continually, die every day here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the ten million doses of BNT donated by Terry Go and TSMC received the green lights, the donated doses from U.S. of 2.5 million Moderna also arrived by China Airlines here in Taiwan, this relieved the stresses that Taiwan has over the lacking of vaccines a little.  On this day, Tsai’s government set up the American side, had the diplomat to the U.S., Hsiao see the flight with the vaccines off in Memphis, while the commander, Chen and the head of the A.I.T., Brent Christensen receiving the flight here, with the signs of “Grateful for U.S.” in front of the cargo plane, in the evening, the Grand Hotel in Yuanshan even put on the lights of “American Heart Taiwan”.

All of this, was really, souring to us in the hearts.  The American gifts of the vaccines, Taiwan is naturally, grateful.  But the government led by Tsai that prided itself on “being ahead” of the rest, how did we get to the point of the outbreaks getting out of control, became reliant on other countries’ donations of vaccines?  The officials lined up, spread out the thank-you signs to American, like it was back over half a century ago when Taiwan was in economical trials, and needed “American aid”; while American aid had been over already, why did the government take us back to then?  What was worse, was the “America Heart Taiwan” sign produced by the Grand Hotel showed how we are, begging for the U.S.’s kindness, and what sort of a dignity does this country have, in showing how we’re, begging for the vaccines?  The international individuals spoke yesterday that U.S. should NOT send the vaccines to the “developed countries”, and, how do you think the people here feel about that?

There are two major points to Tsai’s leading the country, first, against China, second, diplomacy.  Every time a hard-to-handle problem surfaced internally, she’d used relations with China or tactics of international relations as a shield.  This time, the wars against MERS-CoV, she’d used these two “tools” interchangeably; last year, the government failed in buying the BioNTech vaccines, it’s her using the “against China” method, wanted to bypass China as the agents, but broken the international trade laws, making Taiwan lose out on chance of buying 30 million doses of BioNTech vaccines.  And now, as the country is short on the vaccines, it can only play that diplomacy card with Japan and America for help, to help the government regain its reputations, and name.  problem is, if the government doesn’t work to fix up the problems internally, and constantly using diplomacy and international relations to fool its people, is this the way that a wealthy nation of the world ruled?

On the tenth, the government tossed out the negotiations of TIFA, with the goals of none other than diverting the people’s attention.  TIFA hadn’t held the sessions for four whole years, and DC had changed hands too, and there is the refocus in the negotiations, which won’t guarantee the effects short-term.  Funny thing is, as the member of the committee, Deng held a video conference with the American trades representative, Dai, Deng mentioned that opening up the imports of pork with ractopamine “is a very difficult decision”; without covering that our opening up the imports of the pork being our card of getting back into the TIFA conferences.  And, the Think Tank expert, and the head recruit of the DDP, Chien-Ming Ke’s conversations, all revolved around the votes of pork with ractopamine; and it’s clear to see what the goals of this were: U.S.’s giving the vaccines, and the renegotiation of TIFA, was for the sake of getting the Tsai government to dissolve the “Anti-Ractopamine pork” votes from the general public.

And yet, overly manipulating the measure, the foreign countries may not be onboard.  Recently, Tsai claimed, that the lacking in vaccines here was because of how Thailand prioritized the manufactured AZ vaccines to other countries to use, and Thailand immediate denied it.  Later, the party members added to how the locally developing vaccines, of how the Philippines called to inquire, and the Filipino government stated that it didn’t publicly.  This showed, how the Tsai government, although successful in her diplomatic measures toward U.S. and Japan, but she’d, fired off the bullets in diplomacy at random, which is more than likely, that she ends up, shooting her self.

Diplomatic affairs are an extension of internal affairs, but the Tsai government used the card of diplomatic affairs to divert, to cover up the lacking in internal affairs, this is NOT how a normal democracy functions.  There are two major problems in this: first, sacrificing the dignity of the people without knowing, secondly, sacrificing the independence of the country without knowing, more pressing is, the problems internally didn’t get fixed at all, it’s just, temporarily, diverted by diplomatic relations, take the vaccines for example, the vaccines we get are higher in number in the “gifts” of U.S. and Japan, than what we bought ourselves, this is handing over the lives of the people here, in other countries’ hands?  Is it something to be proud of, that the Tsai government is noted as “the handout receiver” of the vaccines?

But, because this FUCKING (so???) government lacked the foresight, played that game of politics too hard, instead of FOCUSING on what’s really important when it had the chances of getting ahead, we had the opportunities of getting enough vaccines for everybody here, but the government gave up that opportunities, and played that game of diplomacy, by asking for the vaccines, on behalf of those, measly country who are still on diplomatic good terms with us, to try and “solidify” this country’s “status” in the entire global community, and her behaviors had, SCREWED us A-L-L!  But we the people, CAN’T start the impeachment process, and seeing how most of the legislators are from her party, to get past the two-thirds vote of impeachment would be, IMPOSSIBLE, so we the people still, get, SCREWED O-V-E-R!

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Suspected that His Wife Set Him Up, the Courts Still Found Him at Loss for the Car Crash & His One-Night Stand

This is how F-A-R, someone CAN and, WILL, go, to catch a, cheating man, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The married man, Huang had a crash with a woman, Yang’s car, two months ago, they’d had their, one-night stand at a motel, as Huang was exiting the motel, opening the door to the motel room, his wife, his mother-in-law, along with a private investigator were all, waiting for him, he was asked to pay his wife $600,000N.T.s.  Later on, Huang learned, that Yang was the owner of the private investigation agency, suspected that his wife had, set him up with Yang’s help, the Kaohsiung District Court believed, that even IF his wife had, set him up, it’d been proven factual, that Huang had cheated on his wife, mandated that he pay his wife $60,000N.T.s.

The verdict pointed out, that Huang and Chen were married many years, with a son and a daughter, after they were wed, they’d moved back to Chen’s family home in Wandan, Pingdong to stay; in July of 2019, Yang ran a red light, and crashed into Huang’s car, they’d left their means of contact with one another, and left.

Afterwards, they’d started hitting it hot on the communication apps, on September 14th two years ago, Yang went to Kaohsiung to meet up with Huang on a date, they’d dined at an Italian restaurant, took a stroll to the second specialty district afterwards, later, Yang told Huang that she was too intoxicated to walk, and Huang got her back into her hotel room; as Yang entered the room, she’d put her head down on Huang’s stomach to rest, then, because it was “too hot”, she’d, stripped her clothes off, and in the end, she’d, masturbated Huang.

The two spent an hour and a half in the hotel room, then Huang readied to go home, as he opened the hotel room door, his wife an mother-in-law were, standing there, with the private investigators blocking the door, Chen believed her husband had cheated on her, Chen demanded Huang pay $600,000N.T. for being unfaithful in their marriage and breaking the marriage up.  Huang later on discovered that the woman, Hsiao, who was there with his wife, worked for a private investigator, with the “set up for a divorce” on her business card, suspected that he’d been, set up, found that Yang was the owner of the private investigator, later, his wife detracted the suit against Yang, he’d suspected that he’d been, set up.

how easily, men are, tempted…

by that honey trap!!! Photo from online

During the trial, Huang cried that he’d been, set up, claimed that his wife had long wanted to divorce him, to be with her own affair, that he wasn’t willing to, because he wanted to keep his family together for his children, but his wife pressed him, and threatened, “you make me sick!”, suspected that his wife couldn’t get him to sign the divorce, and got together with Yang and set him up, and came with the private investigators to catch him in the act.

The judge reviewed the investigation records by the police, believed, that it didn’t matter if Chen set Huang up with Yang, if Huang didn’t want to go to the motel, he could very well told the woman that he wasn’t interested, or cut of contact with the woman straight, but he’d not declined, and “willingly” allowed Yang to masturbate him in the hotel room, that it’d, exceeded the means of normal interactions socially, that it’d, affected the trust in the marriage with Chen, mandated that Huang pay $60,000N.T. to Chen.

And, this is how, a woman, SETS her husband, UP!  And, it didn’t really matter, if it was a set up, the man had, had sexual encounters with another woman, outside of his marriage, and maybe, what the wife did was low, but heck, at least, she found out the truth about her own husband, that he’s willing to, drop his pants down, for any woman out there, and this loser deserved what he got!

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Lo Received Eleven-and-a-Half Years in Prison for Taking the Adolescent Girls Hostage & Locking Them Up in the Secret Compartments of a Mansion

The verdict came finally for this LOSER who abducted the teenager, took her hostage, locked her up inside his family’s home!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last year in August, Lo used the excuse of a job offer for the fourteen-year-old middle school age girl from Kaohsiung to head up north, locked her inside the secret compartment of his mansion in Hsinchu for sixty-six hours on end, drugged her, then, took sexually illicit photos of the young girl; the Kaohsiung district court tried the case, sentenced Lo to a total of eleven and a half years for his forgery of documents, and breaking the laws against child and adolescent sextortion.  Lo received ten years for drugging an draping two other teenage girls, after his arrest, he’d started, serving his terms for those two counts.

His nineteen-year-old wife, Yeh had helped him hide the adolescent girl, and lied about him being missing, charged with falsifying statements, covering up, she was sentenced to eight months, and can pay a fine to skip out of serving the time; Lu who’d helped transported the adolescent girl for Lo sentenced to a year and six months, the super of the mansion, Wang sentenced to a year and two months.

The verdict stated, that last April, Lo posted a want ad on the FB group, wanting to give someone the part-time work opportunities to play the online games, the victim girl saw the post, and privately texted him that she was interested in the position, and was then, targeted.

Lo lied that the manager of the company he was working for wasn’t in twice, that the individual had gone to Kaohsiung, had her fill out her personal data, and paid her a thousand dollars N.T. for it, after he’d gained her trust, last year on August 29th, he had her come to Hsinchu to find him, he’d mailed a cell phone to her previously, told her to use the cell phone to contact him using only it.

The adolescent girl was lifted by Lu to the location, taken to the secret compartment of the fourth floor of Lo’s resident, where he’d put an electric collar onto her neck, and threatened that he will zap her if she tried to escape, which made her fear, and didn’t escape, and gave Lu $3,000N.T.s to drive the adolescent girl’s phone all around, then, dumped the phone in Yonghe, Hsinbei, to mislead the police in investigation.

The police had found Lo at his home, Lo’s wife, Wang and Lu were charged with covering up; later, Lu was tortured by his own conscience, and gave the cops the facts, that there was a secret compartment in the mansion, that was how the police was able to, finally, rescue the teenage girl.

And, this LOSER still got off too easy, for getting this young naïve teenage girl to go to him and locking her up, and the trauma that this young woman experienced, she’s going to have to take a long time to finally, recover fully, and, no amount of punishment is enough, for what this LOSER did to the victims he took hostages over.

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The Mutated News of the DDP

The title out of be changed to “The Mutated News of the Authoritarian DemoCrazy Party” instead if you asked me (but hey, who asked, Y-O-U???  Exactly!), commentaries from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Taiwan’s defense against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV became, a total, JOKE!  Everybody knows, that to get rid of the outbreak completely, the vaccines are, absolutely, necessary; and yet, Tsai’s government is, at wit’s, end.  And now, the local and privately owned organizations are trying to get the vaccines from out of the country for Taiwan, the Tsai government is, giving the foundations, the organizations a difficult time about it.

With the problem of not enough vaccines to go around to everybody here, there are also, the influx of, fake news regarding the outbreaks, that spread quickly and widely.  As the first wave of false news like “China will be selling the defective vaccines to Taiwan”, or “the BNT vaccines were manufactured by China” were busted, the following series of false news such as “the vaccines produced here are provided by for by the techniques of the U.S.” or “all the world’s vaccines had only been done to the stage-two phases”, so confusing to the people.

While all of these false news are all provided by the followers of the DDP.  For instance, “the techniques provided by for by the U.S.”, started by the DDP’s famous YouTuber first, with the high up officials of the government, in the relays, giving the news to the media.  Or how the “vaccines from international manufacturers only passed the stage two trials”, was led by the social media center’s director, Fang of the DDP; as for the BioTech vaccines were manufactured by China, by the representative of the DDP, and the public office holders of the DDP, and even as Chuang made a statement correcting the matters, Chen still returned to his origin.  This Central Kitchen surely, corroborated all their, statements all right.

and, here’s, one of, the leaders!

“All HAIL 928 (what the net army of the DDP are known as)…photo from online

What’s interesting was, Taiwan has a ton of “experts” in busting the myths locally, and, an assortment of professionals immediately, busted all the fake news, and counterattacked the claims of the supporters of the DDP from online, as well as the officials of the DDP.  And just like that, the Command Center’s press conference to “fight off the fake news” can only, evade the discussions of the matters of the false news being spread on MERS-CoV.

The Tsai government’s blocking out and blackening the names of the internationally manufactured vaccines, and yet, she’d, signed the contracts for the locally manufactured vaccines that’s not yet past the stage two trials.  And, surely, we can all see, what’s, behind, this, outrageous game she’s playing.

Of course, it’s to, spread fears across the island, so people would be, stupid enough, to WORSHIP our current president as G-O-D, because she is to save us from the attacks of MERS-CoV, while, a ton of people are dying every single day, and the center of disease control here, led by Chen is still, doing its, RE-recount of how many dead, how there are no new cases, etc., etc., etc., it’s, simple BULLSHIT, and yet, the majority of the population are still, blind, because they’re still, blindly following Reverend Jones (remember Jonestown, Heavens’ Gate cult???) to COMMIT suicide, and there’s NOTHING we can do, because no amount of “fairy dust” (aka, CHILI powder’s what I need to use now!) that the REALITY FAIRY is pouring down this moron’s faces will wake them all back up!!!  Hello, hello, hello, did the battery in this “thing” (my mic) went DEAD again?  Thought I told someone to CHANGE it, well, looks like, I’m still doing EVERYTHING on my own here (sigh…………).

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The Predatory School Instructor Got Drunk, and Molested Someone, the City of Hsinchu Drafted up a “Punishment Plan”

A VERY AWFUL example of a school instructor here, who’d, molested a call girl!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The P.E. teacher of a public high school in Hsinchu who was also the dean of student affairs was exposed for during his time to taking the teams out for competition, went into the bars, lounges, and got drunk with the officials, and attempted to rape a call girl, forced the call girl to masturbate him too; the school stated, that the school instructor’s bad behaviors had damaged his reputation as an instructor, that he’d brought shame to his fellow teachers and students too, and because there were two prior evaluations that he’d not passed, they’d terminated his teaching contract; the city government already suggested that the school fire the instructor based off of the guidelines of the Department of Education, and the Department of Education for the first time, set up a specialty committee to handle the matter.

As Chiu’s office duties were pulled, but he’d still taught in the school, Chiu claimed that the allegations of rape was untrue, and told that he’d been bullied long-term by the school; the school accused that Chiu had seriously misled the students, and expressed their deepest, regrets.

The school pointed out, that members of the local communities pointed out, that Chiu, on his business calls, had gotten into the improper places to receive the drinks, in 2018, in a karaoke bar, there was the incident of improper sexual misconduct, Chiu took advantage of being intoxicated, he’d pulled a call girl to the bathrooms to molest, and when he failed in raping the woman, he’d, forced the woman to masturbate him.

As the school took the case of evaluating his bad behaviors, they’d immediately gone with the rules of school instructor disciplines, in the time being, set up a school meeting, and the meeting decided to set up a special group to examine the allegations, the woman who was molested testified against him on webcam, and confirmed that Chiu had, broken the laws on obstruction of sexual freedom, and sexual molestation charges, the recommendations of terminating his teaching contract was made.

But, the evaluations by the school last December as well as this March both agreed, that he should not be allowed to teach in the school, they’d terminated his teaching contracts with the school.  The head of the office of education in Hsinchu, Shen told, the school hadn’t fired the instructor, it wasn’t because the schools are covering for the school teachers, but back then, they’d examined the case of the sexual assault, that it wasn’t easy for the teachers of the board of the committee to make a decision.

From the standpoint of the city government, as a teacher, the man should not have gone into the shady places, even, molested the woman, the city decided to evaluate him based off of the laws of teaching, and have the city assign a third-party attorney and other third-party individuals, to conduct the discussion forum, they’d examined the matter on paper in May already for the first time, as the pandemic cools down, then, they will decide on what do do.

The school was in disagreement with the evaluation board’s decisions, and wrote to the city government, and the city government decided to apply the 26th of the teacher’s law, and sent the case to the specialty committees, and, they’re leaning towards terminating his teaching contract, and the school was also, going toward firing Chiu as a member of the teaching staff too.

And so, this is a LOSER who’d, set an, awful example, not only that, he’d, brought the bad reputation to all the teachers, and being a teacher, he should’ve had, stronger morals, but he didn’t, instead, he’d, raped a call girl, because he probably believed that he was, going to, get away with it, after all, the woman he raped wasn’t some proper woman with a formal job, she’s a call girl, that was why he thought he could, get away, but he didn’t, and it suited him just right!

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With $5.51 Million Cash in Question, the Police Officer Found to Have Been Laundering Money, Sentenced to a Year

Considering how this man is a police officer, and knowing the law, and breaking it, he should’ve, received, a longer, a harsher, sentence, knowing the law and breaking it, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The police sergeant from Longtan Substation of Taoyuan City Police Department, Chang received the amount of $5.51 million N.T. from unknown sources, deposited the amount by portions into his own account, and in a short month’s time, he’d used the ATM to make 333 withdrawals; Chang claimed that he was borrowing the amount from his eldest brother, that the withdrawals were to pay up the debts from gambling, the Taoyuan District Court believed that his statements were inconsistent, and, charged him on money laundering sentenced him for a year, this can be appealed.

The D.A.s Special Office investigated, that Chang started working as a sergeant of the traffic department of Longtan Police substation, made about $70,000N.T. per month, from July 1 to August 5 of 2017, Chang deposited a little over $5.51 million N.T. in parts into the banks, the post office using the ATM, then, took out the withdraws 257 times and 76 times, to the remaining cash of both account having only $349N.T.s and $599 N.T.s.  the D.A. believed, that Chang was using this method, to dodge the seventh and ninth rule of anti-money laundering law, pressed charges.

During the trial, Chang claimed that he owed debts and took out a loan from his eldest brother and sister-in-aw in over four million dollars N.T. of the amount, three million dollars N.T. were at home, but later he’d felt, that the ATM deposits are quite convenient, that he’d withdrawn so much because he’d lost a ton of money in the mahjong games he’d played, denied the allegations of money laundering.  Chang’s eldest brother and sister-in-law testified, that Chang brought up splitting up the assets, they’d wired a total of four million dollars N.T. to him sporadically since 2014.

The courts believed that Chang claimed he’d owed three million dollars N.T. that his pay were deducted, but, not used the amount he’d borrowed to pay the debts, that he’d, deposited $5.51 million N.T.s in only a little over a month’s time, surpassing what he’d made in wages.  That had he’d actually, owed the amounts back in 2014, he’d delayed the payments until 2018, then, made the frequent deposits, that his actions were, questionable.

That Chang chose not to go to the counters of the banks to deposit the amounts in huge sums, instead, used the ATMs to deposit on many occasions, and didn’t explain where he’d gotten the five million dollars N.T., that he’d used the ATM to withdraw anywhere from $100,000N.T. to $300,000N.T., clearly showed, that he was, dodging the bank teller.

The courts considered that Chang is a police officer, that he should’ve been aware of the anti-money laundering laws, but had, broken the laws, and, received the unreasonable amounts, evaded the rules, that his behavior helps the money laundering behaviors get worse, that it’d, affected the society, and denied his own involvements in the process, sentenced him to a year in prison on specialized money laundering charges.

And so, this officer’s claims about the money was, unreasonable, and clearly, he was, laundering money, an he got charged with it, and, he got caught, which still showed, how easy it is, for an officer of the law, to try to work his way around the law, using the knowledge he had of what’s legal and what’s not, and how you will get CAUGHT, if you do something bad.

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