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Cheating, Cheating, Cheating, for Reasons, OR for No Apparent Reasons, OR, for NO Reasons at A-L-L

The Head Counselor Had an Extramarital Affair with a Female Anchor, Lost the Case as the Evidences Were Found Against Him

Yeah, you cheat, you get CAUGHT, that, is the way it will always, go!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The counselor of the marines, a colonel, Hsieh was caught, having an affair with a female major of the anchor of the broadcasting programming, the two had gone to the Chingjing Farms to get a room to spend for New Year’s Eve, and were caught in the act by Hsieh’s wife, the D.o.D. found that it was Hsieh’s immoral behaviors, the marines command center found that he already had four prior major reprimands, and this was his fifth offense, took him off of service duty, and he will not get back into the armed services for three years, Hsieh was not pleased with the ruling, filed for an executive claim, the High Executive Courts found Hsieh lost yesterday.

The affair of Hsieh and Lin after getting found at the end of 2019, they were both given one major reprimand.  From November 23rd to December 26th of the same year, during the time when Hsieh was stationed at the base, he slept with Lin in the men’s dorms, they’d even texted one another, “my nose felt soured as I hugged you in the morn”, “You don’t feel that I’d been, sneaking kisses on you.”, and “my quilt is now, with your scent, I’m so happy!”

And yet, as their affair was busted wide open, they were still engaging in the immoral behaviors the following year, Hsieh called Lin “wife” openly, and, the sexually illicit conversations they’d shared in the car also became a part of the evidence, the contents of “how did I to this morning?  I am average yesterday, right?  That’s three times yesterday!”, and the two of them kissing was sighted by Hsieh’s wife at the parking lot too.

The investigations found, that Hsieh and Lin slept in the male quarters, and were caught kissing at the parking lot, that they’d behaved immorally, given both two major reprimands, and the marines found, that Hsieh had a total of five major reprimands per year, they’d relieved him of service, and terminated his army post for three whole years.  Hsieh claimed that the punishment was way too severe, asked the courts to toss the punishment.

The courts stated, that the case to deliver if the punishment was too severe is under way, Hsieh admitted to be involved intimately with Lin, but after he was given a major reprimand, he was caught within three months, hugging, kissing Lin, this showed that he’d intended to do so, that he was a repeated offender, and there were the records of their intimacies captured on video, on tape that were evidentiary, that they had, damaged the morale, the honor of the military, that the military was just in the disciplinary measures, Hsieh had lost the case.

And so this is how far a man goes to try and WEASEL his way out of being punished, and, the woman is equally immoral, and, this is going on in the armed services, where there should be the tightest self-disciplines of the members serving, so, what does that tell you about this country???  Yeah, go figure!

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Weighing the Individual Right to Have Sex with Whoever One Chooses More than Rights of Spouse?

What the @#$% is this?  So now, we can go and FUCK (so???) whoever we want to, no matter if the one we’re sleeping with is married, or not, and it wouldn’t matter IF we’re, married or not either…how the amendment that “zoomed in” on individual rights IS FUCKING (so???) up the “institution” of “marriage”, and yes, it’s still MY personal belief, that those of YOU who wants to get married, SHOULD be, “institutionalized” still…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Extramarital Affairs Gained the Minority Supports to Fight, the Courts: Based Off of Individual Interpretations

The female judge of the Taipei District Courts had ruled that spousal rights aren’t protected by the constitution, ruling that the law guarantees “the freedom of sexual acts”, found the other woman not guilty; the man, Yeh took Liu, the other woman to a motel, and he was sued by his own wife for $600,000N.T.s, the man and the other woman used the claims that they should have the sexual freedoms to fight the charges, but the Taichung District Courts found, that the verdict was based off of the particular court justice’s own interpretation of the law, that it’s NOT the long-term ruling, found Yeh and Liu guilty of adultery, that they both will pay the wife of Yeh $200,000N.T.s.

Yeh’s wife stated, that Liu took the advantage of working with her husband, got between them, last year in March she was at home, caring for her children, her husband used the excuse of a business trip, took Liu by car to a motel in Nantou, that they’d had sexual intercourse there, that they’d both infringed her right as his spouse, she’d sued her husband and Liu for $600,000N.T.s.

Yeh fought the charges, stated, that “the rights of the spouse” isn’t a “written right” in law, that it’s a concept of practical means, and that the legislations of “sexual decision rights” should trump the spousal rights, so, adultery isn’t a crime at all, not mentioning, how it’d not, broken the law of, marriage, that he and Liu had gone to a motel, but they’d not had sexual intercourse, that his wife had NO basis to sue him.

and now, even AS you’d, caught your spouses (1@a time!) doing this with another, you still can’t SUE, because adultery is DECRIMINALIZED!!! Photo from online

Liu also said, that there’s already questions in the country’s beliefs about spousal rights, Yeh and his wife’s relations hadn’t been a husband and a wife’s means of interactions, that their relationship was broken long before she got involved.

The courts found, that Yeh and Liu’s behaviors, not considering the fact that they went to a motel together, but, based off of social norm, it’d clearly, exceeding the normal friendships interactions, found that Yeh’s spousal right was, infringed, that Yeh’s using that his marriage with his wife being broken already, to justify his sleeping with Liu, considering the occupation of both, and the incomes they bring in, the courts found that Yeh and Liu need to pay Yeh’s wife $200,000N.T.s.

Yeh and Liu fought the verdict, that the defining of whether or not a marriage is well is subjective, that this wasn’t a guaranteed right of the law, that even if it’s protected by law, the individuals’ sexual rights should get prioritized over the spousal rights; but the Taichung District Court found, that the ruling was based off of the individual court judge’s interpretations of the particular law, that it’s based off of the personal opinions of the judge, that it’s NOT a long-term practical belief.

And so, this, would be the outcomes of the country’s legalizing adultery, by decriminalizing adultery, because now, two consenting adults can FUCK, with a total disregard of how they may have damaged the rights of their own, individual, spouses (if they have them!), and this is just SHIT!

And yeah, marriage IS, that, “institution, that EVERYBODY checks out of, that way, we can all, fuck whoever the hell we so choose, no strings attached, and this is the mess that comes after the country’s decriminalizing the act of, adultery, some years ago…

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Rewriting the Scripts of Her Own, Life

The twists and turns of this woman’s life, that’s led her down that hard road, and now, she’s, finally able to live better, with a brand new love in her life here, after her husband back home cheated on her with another, the story of a migrant worker, translated…

We’d hired two separate nurse’s aides to help look after our mother, one from Indonesia, the other, from, Vietnam.  They were both amazing cooks, kind and gentle, like our families, we’d, gotten connected and close with them both.

Li who’s from Indonesia was only twenty-one, with her parents, her husband, and a son back home, she’d come to Taiwan to find a better way to provide for her families, I’d seen her on the phones, wiping her tears away, it’d impacted me to see, how young she was, and she’d, already, tasted the bitterness of being separated from her, loved ones.

On the weekends, everybody returned home, Li would fix the dishes from her home country for us to taste, sour, and spicy, crisp and appetizing, those who loved the spicy foods will totally love it. What was impressive was, she’d learned to cook the Taiwanese foods well, and my mother had nothing but good things to say about her, she was full of confidence, as she’d told us, that after she returned to Vietnam, she will operate a small diner, to take the business of the Taiwanese tour groups especially.  Li’s husband, every time as her payday came, would rush her to wire the amounts back home to him, I’d thought, that she needed to prepare herself, and advised that she saved some of what she’d earned here in an account of her own, to not wire everything back home to her husband, in case.  “It’s fine, I trust my husband, he is planning on building a home for us, he needed the amount to buy the lot and the materials to build up our home.”  Other than buying the coffees, the magazines, she’d not spent any other amounts, and what’s she saving up for?

illustration from

As her term is about to finish, Li’s heart is already home, she’d looked forward to going home to the families, and we all, wished her the best.  But not long afterwards, she’d called us up crying, her husband had long betrayed her, started a new family with his new love, and gambled all the amounts she’d sent back to him to nil.  She’d given everything for family, and in return, she’d, gotten, beaten down, bruised, she’d become, so uprooted, not known what she’s to cling on to to keep on going in her own life.

She’d ended her marriage with her heart broken to pieces, the kids are placed with her own mother, and six months later, Li returned back to Taiwan again, started working at a factory unit as an operator, the factory was close to my home, and she’d come visit us on the weekends.  “Treat here as your own family home then.” I’d recalled the experts’ words listening to the pains of others, accompanying them as they pass through the hardest parts of their lives, that’s, the best sort of console to those in need.

I’d told her, “life is made up of ups and downs, what you’d weathered through, will eventually become experiences to you, do not let the sorrows, the heartbreaks, to kidnap you forever, rather than holding a grudge and giving yourself a difficult time, just, learn to, accept it.”

My neighbor, Mr. Jiang who’d come to my house often to chat, would bump into Li every now and then, he’d lost his wife, she’d, lost her, marriage, they’d shared that common loss of love, they’d looked to each other for that common support of shared experiences of life, but Li’s failed marriage made her fear it.  We’d encouraged her to let go of the past, to pursue her own, happiness.

As Mr. Jiang accompanied her patiently as she slowly healed up, the two married two years afterwards, and because he didn’t have any children of his own, he’d wanted to get Li’s children to live in Taiwan, to give one another a complete, home.  Li’s scripts of life had been rewritten by her, and she’s now, living her, brand new, life.

So this, is how this woman weathered through the trials of her failed marriage of her husband cheating on her, divorcing her, and finally finding that one true love, with a man here, and this still just showed, that fate is kind, to all who wait, that eventually, things will work out, the way it’s, supposed to.

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An Army Officer Used the Army Base as a Motel, the General’s Vehicle as Cover

How this gives the morale of the armed services, that bad, R-A-P!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

 A case of extramarital affair had been discovered in the Navy Headquarters, the female navy officer, Guan used the general’s vehicle as a cover to get herself away from the base.  The Navy Headquarters stated yesterday, that both the male and female officers involved had been given more than “two major reprimands” as punishment, and are both being evaluated for dishonorable discharge, while the sentinel guard who was keeping watch over the gates of the navy base will be evaluated for not doing his duties correctly.

The married lieutenant colonel Chen who was the secretary of a higher up general, awhile ago, got drunk outside the army base, and was helped back to the command headquarters of Dajr by a female ranked school officer, the two were accused of spending the night together at the bedroom of the North Sea Building.

The reports stated, the female officer, as she’d entered into the camp in the evenings, she was dressed in her casual clothes, the following morn, she switched to dressed up in the army officer’s uniforms, rode out of the base in the general limo, and because the sentinel saw it was the generals’ limo, he’d not stopped to identify the identity of the female officer.

The Navy headquarters stated, that this case after they’d looked into it, there’d been the breaches of the rules of operations internally, that the involved had interacted out of what’d expected as their behaviors, and they’d already called on the evaluation committee to rule over the case, and had decided to give both the man and the woman more than two major reprimands at least; and they’re considering terminating both their service terms by dishonorable discharges.

The Navy Headquarters stated, that the navy will use this case as an example, to continue to strengthen the internal management processes, the disciplines of the armed services, and the training of the sentinels and follow the strict rules of “severe evaluations, severe rulings of discharge, to keep these similar cases from recurring.

And so this, is how the immoral behaviors of TWO individuals, made the reputations of an entire unit go down the drains, and because you are serving in the armed services you are expected to have a stricter set of moral standards for yourself, and yet, you two couldn’t keep your hands off of one another, and, you’re, married, and on top of that, you had sexual; encounters with one another in the armed service vehicles too!

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The Wife Illegally Surveilled the Husband’s Cheating, He Was Found Not Guilty & Didn’t Need to Pay

Caught her husband, cheating, with evidence she’d taped down, and yet, because she’d taped him without his consent, she was sued!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Su found her husband Lee was cheating on her, she’d secretly filmed him, with the affair, as she’d collected enough evidence, she’d sued, and asked for $600,000N.T.s; Lee claimed, that the spousal right does NOT involving possession of love, and the video recordings aren’t enough to prove anything; the judge believed that the spousal rights are protected, but Su’s illegally taping her husband’s conversation was a invasion of privacy, that the voice recordings aren’t enough to prove anything, found Su lost, that she will be paying for the $6,500 N.T. in the court proceedings, this can still be appealed.

Su claimed, that she’d married Lee in 2014, in October of 2020, Lee met a woman, Lo, the two of them had gone to spend the nights together, and had sexual intercourses during those times out.  She’d learned of this in May of 2021, filed for divorce on August 23rd of the same year, and sued him for money.

Lee claimed, that Su without his consent, set up the sound recording devices at home and in his car, had long-term surveilled his nonpublic activities, that she’d impacted his right to privacy, that she’d gotten the evidence illegally; and the spouses are individuals, and independent of each other, that there should not be the possessiveness of one belonging, solely to the other person.

The court judge believed, that decriminalizing adultery does NOT mean that the law took away the rights of the spouses, but to ensure the rights of the spouses by the laws, Lee and Lo denied that there was the spousal rights, clearly, they’d misunderstood the protection clause of this law.

this would be, ILLEGAL, without the consent of those being caught!

photo from online

The spouse, in order to prove that her/his rights had been breached, can try to collect, and save the evidences, but, reviewing o’er Su’s taped recording sessions, Su wasn’t one of the party recorded, and, recording someone without the consents IS, against the laws of privacy and communication protections.

Su only provided the recording for two days as evidence to sue her husband, but the recording device, didn’t just record what the defendant was saying, so long as the battery is still working, no matter who said what, it all gets, caught on, tape, the courts found, that she’d, illegally, tape recorded the conversations of others without their knowing, that she’d illegally recording others’ conversations long-term, that she’d impacted the laws of invasions of privacy greatly, that the evidence she’d provided the courts aren’t valid as evidence of her husband’s cheating.

And yeah, so what are we supposed to do, when we suspect that our spouses are cheating on us???  We must HIRE that private investigator, because at least, those DUDES or DUDETTES have the licensures, and even IF they get caught, they won’t get sued for invasion of privacy, and this is just SHIT, how the government protects the party and the party’s WHORE who are doing the wrong things, and punishes the woman who’s been, cheated on, because SHE suspected that her man was unfaithful to her, and this is all in part of how the government had DE-criminalized the charges of ADULTERY.

And we now must, work our best, to collect these evidences that are valid in court, to PROVE that our husbands had been, cheating, sleeping around with their, WHORES!

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The Next One Will be Better

Caught him cheating, and so, it’s, break up time!  Translated…

The summer evenings, with that, smoky, scent and the breezes so gentle, I’d asked the person I was into to a date at Bitan, and it was getting late, I’d worried, that he couldn’t make the final trains, I’d told him to, go ahead.  Normally, it was me who watched her leave, but this time, he’d told, “every time I’d left before you, this time, I will, watch you go then.”, the two of us stood still at the gates, and I couldn’t, turn him down, and so I’d, told him, to be safe on his way home tonight.

It was midnight, as I was ready to pick up my scooter to ride him, I’d bumped into my professor who was just getting out of a dinner party. We’d chatted for a bit, as I’d, ridden out, readied to go home, I saw the passenger riding on the back of the electric scooter, she looked, more and more, familiar, and I was shocked to realize, that it was my date who’d said she will see me off first; at this time, he’d wrapped his arms around the waist of another man, the two were laughing and talking together.

It was like the primetime soap scripts, I was, shocked, afterwards I’d called him up, and he’d admitted that he had, many whom pursued him, that I was, merely, one of the, many.  I got angry, and stopped all contacts with him, I’d told my friend about this, and he’d only smiled and responded, “thank heavens you found out early, the next one will be, better!”, I’d clasped my hands together, “Grateful I am to you, professor, you’re, with all the, foresights I needed!”

And so, had you not bumped into your professor on that night, you wouldn’t have been delayed, and had you not been delayed, and you wouldn’t have caught your boyfriend with another guy, and so, it was bumping into your professor, that was exactly what fate ordered for you, to find that your boyfriend was, a cheat!

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He’d Gone to the Motels to Have an Affair, Busted by the Dual-Evidence of the Same Tracks of the Text Messages He’d Shared with the Woman

This still just showed, how you WILL get CAUGHT, with your electronic footprints that became, permanent, inerasable!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lin from Kaohsiung shared the flirtatious conversations on an communication app, they’d talked about motels, and the types of room they were checking into, Lin’s wife saved the dialog, sued for a million dollars N.T.  Lin denied having gone to the motel, but the judge reviewed the records, found that Chang held the information on checking into the motel, that there’s a “compiled similarity” of the ad they’d received in the texts, believed that both had damaged Lin’s wife’s right as a spouse, mandated that they pay her $200,000N.T.s.

Lin had been married to his wife for nine years, last year in June, his wife found him having the intimacies he’d shared with his coworker, Chang, the two not only messaged each other “love you”, “love you, another new place we can chat with you, yay!”, and they’d started discussing openly the rooms of motel in Xiaogang, the cost, and in the end, they’d made a date to go for a stay last year on July 18t..

As Lin’s wife found out, she’d saved the dialogue as evidence, and sued them both for a million dollars N.T.  Although both claimed that they were only coworkers, that nothing had occurred between them, that the FB account that Lin’s wife found the dialogue on didn’t belonged to either of them.

The judge investigated and found, that Chang’s FB and LINE ids were identical, that there was the photo on Lin’s FB with Chang and her daughter together, that the Messenger dialogue was Lin’s photo too, that the English names were identical, confirmed that the conversation that Chang’s wife showed as evidence were from Chang and Lin.

And, on the afternoon of July 18th of last, Chang had the registration records of checking into the motel at Xiaogang, denied having stayed in the same room as Lin.  But as the judge reviewed over the communication records of Lin, found that on the day at 4:52 in the afternoon, he got a texted ad, which traced back to the cell tower closest to the motel’s location.  And, at two in the afternoon, Chang also received the exact same ad, and the location of the cell tower was the same with where Lin had received his text, so the suspicions of them being at the same motel stood valid.

The judge found, that public figures going into the motels with members of the opposite sex other than their spouses, had been means to imply an affair was happening, which showed, that the motels aren’t a social place for married people, the two had texted one another the flirtatious messages, and entered into the motel together, that it’d passed the boundaries of normal man and woman interactions, sentenced that Chang and Lin needed to pay Lin’s wife $200,000N.T.s, and this can still be appealed.

And so, this just showed, that there’s the electronic footprints, not just the paper trails anymore, as everything’s gone high-tech these days, to get found, that if you were cheating on your spouses, you will get caught, and get SUED by your spouses (one at a time!), and you and the one you’d had that extramarital affair with will both end up losing BIG times!

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Catch Me, Cheating…

Oopsy, yeah, I got, caught…

Catch me, cheating, yeah, uh, good luck on it, because if I WERE to cheat (still NOT going “there”!), nobody’s gonna, catch ME, ‘cuz I know how to, cover up these tracks of mine, and I surely as hell, will NOT leave ANY traces of my cheating means around the house for you to find.

Catch me, cheating, yeah, you wish, ‘cuz I got MORE morals than you, @#$%ER (maxed out!), besides, ain’t got NO need of that sort (and, EWWWWWWWW, G-R-O-S-S!), besides, I still recall how it’d felt, to have that proby thing shoved UP my you-know-where from back in ’07, and let me tell you, it did NOT feel “good”, and the sole purpose of that shitty procedure was to check out my “insides”…

Catch me cheating, uh, you’re gonna have to use those hard-earned dollars you’re currently NOT making, to hire a TON of P.I.’s, to track me down, to station every one of those IDIOTS (no offense!), at EVERY single corner of the streets I’d been sighted on, an you still won’t catch ME cheating, ‘cuz???

and this, is what I will, NEVER get found, doing…

Oh yeah, I had NEVER cheated, not even on a test, although I had gotten accused of cheating back in the elementary years, but I don’t think I even sat next to that guy that my classmates accused me of cheating off of, and they’d accused me simply because?  I got the EXACT same questions WRONG on that exam as he had, and no, I still did NOT cheat on that either, ‘k???

Caught me cheating, you won’t, ‘cuz, I ain’t no cheater like you, and I know that you will, cheat on me, given your past histories with all them bitches and whores you’d ever, SHOVED your DICK into.

So yeah, how the FUCK can you measure up to the QUEEN again?  Oh wait, you can’t.

And that, is that!

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Wife or Lover

A loser, caught between his own wife, and his, whore, and it wasn’t until that the other woman (his whore) made the decision to start over with another brand new man, the affair had, finally, ended!  Call this, the confession, of a CHEAT if you will!  Translated…

I admit, that I fell for, another woman, the night I’d asked that girl to sleep with me away from home, I’d found, I’d started, falling deep.  After all, for a man, from loving a woman, to being in love with a girl, that means, that happiness must, learn to, coexist, with the, heartbreaks.  I’d met a ton of women, but only as I held her, I’d be reminded, that I was, cheating on my wife of twenty years, like how back in college, I’d, dated two girlfriends at the same time, I am, ashamed of myself.

Making a choice normally comes with, comparing the two, disappointment, and destruction of a relationship.  I’d cherished and loved people, not wanted to hurt women and cost them to waste their youth away on me, actually, I don’t want to ignore my own, instincts the most, in my maturity, I would’ve, never imagined, I could, feel my heart skipping a beat in time again, the love came, out of, nowhere, her smile started, surfacing before me, and it’d, made me feel the bliss, I’d loved, seeing me, reflected, from her, brown-colored, pupils.

like this…

and it’s still, ALL the man’s fault here! Photo from online

It’s not that I don’t love my own wife, I do, everybody knew it, I’d help around the house when I got home, took my kids to cram school, kiss my own wife passionately, and made love to her too.  I believe, that staying low key, and keeping this as is, can keep everybody safe, and, being in power, I’d given all my time, my money, as well as, my love too, and not wanted get anything back from, anybody else.

But on that day, as she’d, started, feeling something for another man, I couldn’t help but feel that heartache inside of me, and that sense of loss, and that was when I’d realized, that I too, had been, too afraid, to choose, fearing that I may not have, everything I ever, wanted.

And yeah, this is the mindset of a cheater here, he can’t let go of his wife, out of obligation, out of, responsibilities, as she’d kept his home so well, birthed out his children, and yet, he still couldn’t help but fall for that, younger woman, who’d, made him feel, more alive, that’s just the general state of mind for men who cheat, they wanted it both ways.

Well, here’s that NEWSFLASH (again!) for you, you mother FUCKING sons-of-bitches (still not the four-legged varieties, because at LEAST we can all train those to behave themselves!), we want it both ways, it’s just that most women (this might be a generalization, I wouldn’t know here!) are bound by morals, and the society’s views of women who cheat, being labeled as “whores”, “tart”, “harlots”, etc., etc., etc., that would keep us all way, from cheating on our, husbands, and besides, women are more prone to emotional/psychological affairs, meaning that we do NOT act on our urges to SCREW!

And so, that is, that.

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The Other Woman Fought for the Inheritances, the Judge Found Her Loss for Claiming the Alimonies & Child Supports as She Has a Viable Way of Making a Living

On the rights to the deceased assets of the illegitimate child and the mother of the illegitimate child, off of the Newspapers, translated…

As a loved one dies, someone unknown to you, suddenly appeared, wanted a share of the deceased assets?   The man, Hsu had been established in his career, because he didn’t have a child in his marriage, he’d gone against his wife’s back, had an extramarital affair, and had a son, and, five years later, Hsu died suddenly, the other woman went through the laws, and, confirmed that her son had the right to Hsu’s assets, then, she’d SUED the wife of Hsu to pay another half a million for child support too, the members of the legal realm stated, that there’s the strict rules of child support, and because you’d paid the support when you’re still alive, there’s, no guarantee that after you’re dead, the support will keep on being paid to the individuals.

Civil Law 1149 pointed out, that those who are raised by those who’d died, should have the relatives of the deceased to decide to what extent the child or spousal support should keep going, to split up the inheritance accordingly.  Simply stated, this is applicable to those whom there’s no legal bounds of support, a sort of an after-death support.

Based off of the courts’ investigations, Hus met a Chinese woman, Wei back in 2015 and started dating her from the tea rooms, he’d bought her a stay, and paid her for her living expenses, while Wei reproduced a son for Hsu by 2018, then in 2020, Hsu died suddenly, Wei had lost her economical support, and quickly filed for the paternity suit with the courts of her own son.

And, although her son had the right to inherit the assets of Hsu, but Wei believed that she got nothing, and so she’d quoted Civil Code 1149, hoping to get the relatives to come together to a meeting, to consider giving her part of Hsu’s assets as money for her livelihood, but all of Hsu’s next-of-kin didn’t respond back, and so she’d gone to the courts, demanded that Hsu’s wife have to pay her half a million dollars N.T. out of the total she’d inherited from her deceased husband.

The judge reviewed over the data to investigate, found that Wei had sent the letters to Hsu’s direct blood relatives, the distant relatives, a total of twelve members of his families, and asked for the meetings of the families to be held, but, none of those whom she’d written the letters to responded back to her, this gave her the right to take the matters to court.

Hsu’s father testified, that Wei told him, that Hsu didn’t have a child, and wanted her to reproduce one for him, and Wei also produced the records of their conversations on the matter, of how he’d helped taken care of their son, and cooked, the judge found, that Wei’s status of cohabiting with the woman was legal, and that there’s the facts to prove, that he was, involve in the upbringing of his own son with Wei.

But in the end, Wei still didn’t win the child support claims, reason being the definition of child support.  The judge based the rules of Code 1149 being how the death of the individual, causing the inherited unable to support themselves, that was why this law was to set up to protect the wellbeing, the key here is that the individual couldn’t maintain the basic needs of life for oneself, and is reliant on others to help.

The judge reviewed over Wei’s financial records, that in these few years, she’d not just had a car registered to her, there weren’t any viable assets, but Wei was born in 1985, still able-bodied and capable of making a living on her own, Wei didn’t deny that, plus there’s no proof that in order to care for her young offspring, she couldn’t work, that her conditions didn’t qualify to “unable to sustain life, and lacking the skills to provide for oneself”, that’s why Wei is found to lose the claims of the inheritance of the man she’d reproduced a son for.

And so, this is a “win”, I suppose, for the wife, because this other woman wanted to get the assets from the man she reproduced a son for, who’d died, and he was rich, and she’d wanted a piece of the pie, that’s why she’d sued, that’s what this sounded like, and, if this were truth, then, the woman is really awful, she’d already, broken someone’s family up, and now, as the man who had an affair with her died, she’d still, wanted a piece of his assets, uh, yeah right, if the judge allowed her to claim the man’s assets, then, that would be, INJUSTICE, but he didn’t!

But this is still not, justice, because imagine the pains, the trials of the wife, what she must’ve weathered through, as her husband cheated on her, @#$%ED around with HIS whore, and, nobody’s paying for that here!

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