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The Government is the BIGGEST Nail in the Process of Urbanizing the Cities

How the government’s proposal of urbanizing the older apartments, how they’re, stating we need to, update the cities, while they’re the ones, blocking the process, from the smooth transition of the city streets, getting updates here, and the problem is still not just, caused by those, handful of locals who refused to vacate their old homes either, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The raging fire in City in the City in Kaohsiung, brought the subject of urbanization up to the surfaces again.  Actually, the biggest nail in the process of urbanization, IS, the governments, because the government didn’t set up the specific rules of the game, especially, there’s, NO means of integration, the most important part of the process in urbanization, how much will the integration cost?  Who can manage this process of integration?  It’s not, specified at all.

Although, there’s the given incentives of tax reduction, and discounts for those who are willing to come onboard the process of urbanization, but due to the lacking of professional personnel, the process fell through the roof, as the prices are, up for, competition; plus, when there are the separate residents who refused to comply with the urbanization processes, although the votes had gotten over the majorities, the government doesn’t dare go ahead,, and tear down the residents by force, which make urbanization, an, impossibility.

The success or fail of urbanization, relied on the whether or not the integration is successful or not; the workers of the integration process are the first-lines of “defense” of the process, but, who’s, qualified to work the posts?  There’s no written rule of qualifications of these, personnel.  Practically, the developers of construction companies, the professional integration companies, the real estate developers, the real estate agents, the land office workers, the land developers, the city councilmembers, those in charge of the local neighborhoods, land owners, even the head mobsters, the gangsters, as the officials that helps with the process of development.

And, due to lack of professional training of these personnel, there’s, this uneven level, some of the officials, to fight for the cases, had added some unreasonable requests, to get the landowners on their sides, to work with them, but, as everybody is fighting over the case that’s available to build on, this destined the failure of this case of, urbanization process.

this is the before…

photo from online

And looking at the realtors, although there are the separate agencies that operates independently, that competed with each other, but, there’s that order, and every now and then, there would be, the conflicts, the disagreements of the sales, but the rate of this is quite low, and all of this, goes to how the laws regarding managing the real estate agencies were, set up.  And those who’d qualified, are allowed to act as an agent in the transactions of selling and buying of properties.  But, there’s no specific rules, no restrictions on the integration of the lot of land, with the tens of hundreds, and even, thousands of properties, this is also another reason, why the urbanization process is a bust.

And besides, the relators, after the deals were made, get to earn six-percent of the selling prices, but, there’s no rate of pay for the city urbanization officials after several years of trying to make the deals, and they may have done all that work for, nothing.  What’s confusing is, that the urbanization regulations are listed in written law on paper, but, there’s, NO mention of the rate of pay for the workers who’d helped mediate in the process, and that’s why some stated, that the workers who’d negotiated in the procedures, are all, working voluntarily, only gives, and, with, no returns, but, is this, reasonable?

And due to, the Wenling Yuan case, even as the majority of the local residents voted to agree on the urbanization process, and the laws are set up to demolish the estates; but, because the government worried over the votes, they’d not dared, just forcefully, demolish, which allowed for the minority, to win over the majorities, and this sort of doing nothing by the government, is also, a key contributor for why the urbanization process isn’t going through smoothly.

and, this is what the “after” of urbanization might look, like

with the buildings more updated, and newer, and less dangerous to live in, photo from online

I hope, that the government won’t play the role of the biggest obstacle in the process of urbanizing the cities.  Other than adding the needed qualification of the officials, and the costs, and, I hope that the government can enforce the laws to demolish what needed to be, demolished, otherwise, there will be, more than half of the residents here in Taiwan, that’s been built up over thirty years ago, and we’re afraid, that similar tragedies will just, keep on, happening repeatedly.

And so, the government, for the sake of the votes, doesn’t DARE to enforce the demolishing of these, ancient places of thirty, forty plus years, and, the residents refused to move out, because if they agreed to letting up their properties, they may have a smaller place compared to what they originally owned, and, they’re rather, owned that bigger piece of older properties, than to get the more updated, modernized, buildings to live in, and that, is the primary trouble about the urbanization process.

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Tracked Down, by the GPS of My Own, Cell Phone…

We all became like that pet, whose owners are too afraid that we go “missing”, you know, wandered off, and never come back home again, that we got that GPS scanner code on us all now.

Tracked down, by the GPS, of my own, cell phone, but, I didn’t, activate, NOR set this “function”, and yet, once every month, the almighty, GOOGLE would send me this, “notice” of sorts, “covering” where I’d been for the month…

leaving that, electronic, footprint wherever we go right now in this country, with this…

we’re supposed to use the CDC LINE account to scan this, everywhere we go now...image from online

And that makes me wonder, if I’m tracked down that easily, without even SETTING up the cell phone trackers, how easy can it be, for the government, to TRACK my, whereabout?  Especially when we’re, required, to use LINE to scan the barcode outside the shopfronts, as a measure of, getting our “foot tracks” known by the government, for the sake of MER-CoV tracker.

Tracked down, by the GPS, of my own cell phone, how the HELL did that happen?  I mean, so, if I spent, a little too long inside the public bathrooms, does that mean, that by the time I’m done, doing MY business, there would be, a huge gathering of crowd, outside, wanting to know exactly, just what happened in there (the toilet), and why did it take that long for me to go???

What the @#$%…it’s official now, we’re, TRACKED by our, government, in this age of, absolute NO PRIVACY here!!!

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The Ordinary Citizens’ Economic Hopeless, as the Higher Up Officials Operated on a Parallel Universe

How those, higher up government officials are still, with their HEADS up in the clouds, and not enough of a TIGHT GRASP on the reality of things here!!!  Commentary, observations off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the legislators questioned the head of the Census Records’ Office, that the hikes in costs of everything, hurting the people’s livelihoods, asked him how much a bowl of oyster noodle cost, he’d replied “$20”, which shocked everybody who was there at the press conference.  It seemed, that the higher up officials are, too far, from the ordinary people’s lives, that they’d, operated on a, parallel universe, untouched by how the cost of things are causing the people to have a difficult time, making our ends meet, and they’re, numbed out too.

Early morning yesterday, close to my house, at the intersection, an elderly woman rode her bicycle, with the recycling materials, the plastic bottles, the bundled up cardboard boxes, in a moment, she’d lost her concentration, and everything fell off her bicycle, I’d helped her collect her items, bundled them up for her tighter, she’d told me thanks, then left.

In actuality, during the outbreaks, in metro Taichung, you could see the middle aged, the elderly individuals, who are, picking up the recycling materials that people had, thrown out on the streets, the Taiwan Avenue before the train station, the underground passages, along with the lobby of the train stations, you can see the homeless, camping out all over the places, this was, a rare sighting for these past few years.

and, here’s, what THOSE IDIOTS, running THIS country looked like…

photo from online

I’d gone to Taipei last month, on the way, I’d, tried finding the restaurants between the Taipei Main Station and the Transitory bus stations on my way back, I saw even more homeless people, sitting on lying down on the sidewalks, it’s like this, in the capital city of the country, and, as I’d visited cities like Tainan, Kaohsiung, that, is what I saw too, the shops are either with the locks, or that they’re opened, but not enough customers, and if the bigger cities of this country are like so, imagine how much harder it must be, for the even, more distant-region places.  There’s, the bipolar Taiwanese economy now, the bigger companies, with their order slips piled up higher than the ceilings, the smaller shops, and the economy of ordinary citizens, are worsening, and, they’re all, in need of, help, it makes me hopeless, and I’d, felt, helpless of the situation.

The rate of economic growth of Taiwan is performing quite well, but, the prices of everything keeps on getting hiked up higher and higher, widening the gap between the rich and the poor, the wages earned, and the retired, especially for those who didn’t have enough retirement insurances, their measly wages, already spent up by inflation, the smaller shops too, are having a hard time; and even AS the government handed out the five-times vouchers, may I ask, how much help, can five-thousand MEASLY dollars, get for the ordinary citizens who are, having it hard, making, their, ends, meet up?

We are on the verge of celebrating National Day, and, people are, faced with the pressures from inflation, as well as the hikes in prices of everything we need, and, this would have more of an impact, compared to Communist China’s fighter planes, flying over our borders in the skies; if the government run by Tsai though that the Taiwanese economy will improve, by lowering the alert levels, that people are traveling through the country on this weekend holiday, then, she’s, DEAD WRONG!  The head of the major departments of the governments, should NOT assume that by handing out the vouchers, that would solve the economy crises.

The head of statistic’s “$20N.T.s for a bowl of oyster noodles”, only showed, how the officials of Tsai’s government are still, high up in their, ivory towers, living on a parallel plane compared to ordinary citizens such as you and I, it’s so regrettable, and making us so helpless.

The former American President, Clinton won over Bush stated the issues so clearly, “You fool, the problem is in the economy!”  Faced with the impacts from in and out of the country, the changes of the living environments, what’s the whole of our country’s economy like, these heads of the government offices knew the best.  And, those in power, if they can’t help the people in their economic wellbeing, they will, lose their, positions as heads of government.

Celebrating National Day, I hope, that for the upcoming years, Taiwan will, have a new air, the lives of ordinary citizens can get better, that, is the right way, and the hard facts.

And so, this government is still, using the five-times vouchers, to BULLSHIT all of us, because the government is too impotent in solving the crises here, and we the people, are still in our states of comatose, and we’re, allowing those running the country, to lead us.

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The Workers in Catholic Churches in France in a Span of Seventy Years, Sexually Assaulted 330,000 Young Children

and here’s a video from CNN on that, off of YouTube...

SEX SCANDALS, from the, CATHOLIC CHURCH, and the church still refused to take responsibilities for it, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 2,500 Pages of Report Revealed, the “Veil of Silence”, with Around 3,000 Perpetrators, the Pope is Heartbroken

The independent investigation committee on the cases of sexual assault of young children by the Catholic Church found that from 1950 to 2020, there are about 216,000 underage victims who’d been sexually assaulted by the workers of the Catholic Church, and this had always been covered up by “the Silent Veil” continually.

After a two-and-a-half year long investigations, this report with the meaningful milestones got published on the fifth formally.  From before, the communities in the world felt infuriating toward the accusations of the sexual assaults on the victims worldwide.

If the instructors, and those who aren’t officials in the Catholic Church are counted in, the number of victims will increase to 330,000 for the last seventy years.

In the investigative reports, there are, estimated a total of 2,900 to 3,200 cases of abuse, and there may be more, and the church usually don’t CARE about the victims.  And, due to too long a time passing from when these cases had happened, based off of French law, the statutes of limitation had long passed.

Pope Francis stated, that he was in pain when he’d read up on the investigative reports.

The chairperson of the investigative committee held a press conference, and stated, “this is a horrific statistic, and it makes man and god, angry, we shall not, tolerate this.  Until the beginning of 2000, the Catholic Church chose to turn a blind eye to the victims, to the point of, cold-blooded.”

The investigator pointed out, “If the silent veil can finally be lifted, we should, thank these, brave victims, because without their testimonies, the community will never have gotten to know, what’s been omitted, what’s been, denied.”

The close to 2,500 page report found, “most” of the victims are prepubescent young boys from across the socioeconomic statuses, and, between ages ten and thirteen.

The report stated, “The Catholic Church is the most prevalent place where sexual violence occurred, next to families and friends.”

The report told, that the church not only was lacking in the preventive measures, knowing what’s happened, not reporting it, and had put the victims in contact with their, abusers intentionally.  The investigator, Sauvé told, that the church not only lacked in its measure of protecting the victims, covering up, and sometimes, they’d, intentionally place the victim children into contact with their, abusers, if someone comes forth, normally, the victims are blamed, and made to shoulder partial of the responsibilities.

The majority of these cases occurred before 1970, but, Sauvé stated, that the sexual assaults in “the Catholic Church poses a huge problem to this very day.”

And so, you still don’t think that reforms in the Catholic Church are, absolutely, necessary?  And, because it’s these, officials who “served” god who’d, committed these, sexual, heinous, crimes, the churches would cover them up, because there’s a reputation to, upkeep, and now, these cases bust loose, because of how the Catholic Church allowed for it.

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Where’s Moderna?  The Command Center Became, the “Boy Who Cried: WOLF!”

Liar, liar, PANTS on F-I-R-E!  oh wait, the government’s “pants” are fine, it’s ours that caught fire here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Multiple employees of the High-Speed Rails System had posed themselves as first to third types, and, successfully, “broken through the obstacles”, gotten their second doses of Moderna, it’d caused debates here, and, although the media, the people pointed fingers at how the workers or those medical staffmembers for allowing them to receive their Moderna vaccines as the ones who were at fault, but the real problem is the lacking in the supplies of the vaccines.  There are, currently 800,000 individuals who are already ten-weeks along after their first vaccination of Moderna, who are, waiting hard, on their, seconds, but, when will that be available, how many will receive, the government is still keeping the people in the dark, and the CDC is the primary one responsible for all of these messes.

This, is what those waiting on their second doses, won’t get…

photo from online

Those who received their firsts in Moderna, due to the lacking in supplies for their second doses, are all worried the effects of their vaccinations, Korean sent its representative to the U.S., in protest of the delays of the their two shipments of Moderna vaccines; now looking at the proclaimed “getting ahead” command center here, without any, means of, actual response, the head of CDC, Chen who claimed, “I will do any and EVERYTHING I can!”, didn’t DO a thing, to put that rush on the deliveries of the Moderna vaccines.

Recently, the shipments of Astra-Zeneca, BioNTech kept coming, and the Medigenvac is already, up for the second doses, but, when does, Moderna arrive, how many, Chen always brushed it off by, “There’s that chance”, but, no shipments still, turning the CDC into the “boy who cried, ‘wolf’”, making those who’d gotten vaccinated with Moderna, losing FAITH.

Getting down to it, the workers of high-speed railroad who are afraid of getting “orphaned”, wanting to find the holes, their thoughts of cheating the system was the primary, but, IF there are enough vaccines to go around, then, why would we the people, break the laws?  Chen should really, examine the problems of the lacking in supplies of the vaccines thoroughly, otherwise, these incidents will keep on, recurring, the government should help people feel settled, feeling that they can get vaccinated, that there are enough to go around, instead of stating “it’s coming……………soon”, without telling the people, just “how soon”!

what we the people don’t have the”luxuries” of…photo from online

And so, the commander here is taking that N.I.M.B.Y attitude toward pressing the deliveries of Moderna vaccines, comparing to South Korea as U.S. delayed the shipments, they’d sent out the government officials to press the U.S. for delivery, and looking at this god damn government here, what DOES it too?  Sit back, relax, and, watch we the people, D-I-E!!!

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That Day, We’d, Saved My Five-Year-Old Youngest Cousin, from Being Sold Off into Human Trafficking

A selfish man who totally didn’t think on what’s good for his own young, contrary to the gangsters, who’d, helped this family get this young child back, out of the fire pits, sometimes, the stereotypically bad people can be good, and, those who seemed to be good, can be, bad!  Experiences, and trials of, her young life, translated…

After reading the writer, Hsu’s “That Night, I Made My Way to the Teashops”, I had the flashback of that primetime soap scene that happened in my, reality.

On my youngest uncle who’s a prodigal son, after losing ALL of my maternal grandfather’s money, he’d still drifted in the bars, the brothels, continued being his, “good son in the fire pits”.  My aunt in working too hard, keeping the family intact, before their sixth child turned one, died from illness, then, my youngest uncle sold off his youngest to the local landowner to be groomed into a child bride, with the money he got from selling his daughter, had a time of easy with women then.

like this…

photo from online

Back then, one day as my youngest uncle came back home, suddenly, he was, overcome with his fatherly love, told that he was taking my youngest cousin at age five to head into town to get her some new clothes, the family didn’t have any suspicions then, but at night, we’d not see the two of them, returning; my maternal grandfather thought: no matter how ferocious the tiger is it won’t, eat its own child, he’d already sold one of his daughters of, could he have in mind, to sell his own, youngest too?

And the following day, the families believed, that the fifth child was, sold.

My tough second aunt went around, asking about where my cousin went, and, in the mouth of the “agent who’d introduced” my uncle, she’d learned, that my youngest cousin was sold to the “tea shop” in Taipei, to pay for his own, gambling debts, he’d sold her for $60,000N.T.s—the poverty stricken selling off their daughters, it wasn’t anything weird back then.  My second uncle was a leader of a gang in Chiayi, and asked the gangsters to find the whereabouts of my youngest cousin, and the families, the relatives, started, getting the money together, to try and save my cousin.

It was 1976, I was in the third grade.  My mother bought a princess fluffy dress for me to wear, with a pair of white socks with pink lace, along with a pair of, white doll shoes, with the pigtails tied by ribbons, better dressed than I was for New Year’s.  my eldest and second eldest aunts put on their traditional Chinese dresses alongside my mother, with the heels, set their hairs at the salons, with the makeup carefully made on their, faces, with the bags full of cash, and the group of us, headed up to Taipei with my second eldest uncle.

We met up with my second uncle’s brothers from different mothers, and we were led, into, the teashops, there were, so many, pretty women here!  I clenched tightly to my mother’s, hand, looked around, wanted to find my youngest cousin.  I can’t understand it, we can, trade the recycling metals for a malt candy, what can you get, for selling your daughter?

We entered into a room, my second eldest uncle started, negotiating with the man, he got loud at times, friendly at others, stared into the man’s eyes fiercely at times, used the Taiwanese I couldn’t understand to interact, the pretty lady handed me an orange soda, I’d, carefully, took smaller, sips, wanted to save half for my, youngest cousin.

The adults looked quite, serious, I got too bored, started playing with the zipper on my mother’s purse, they’d talked for a long, long, long time, until the coldness, the fizz of the soda wore off, and I saw my second eldest uncle stand up, shook the man’s hands, we knew, that my youngest cousin can, come home now, the ladies then, pulled out the wads of cash, and stacked them, onto the tables———

We got my youngest cousin back, three times what her own father had, sold her for, for $180,000N.T.s.

And so, this, is the behaviors, of this DEADBEAT who’d, SOLD his own young to feed to his own habits, and, also the stories of how the gangsters can be good, they’re the ones, who’d, helped get the youngest cousin of this ed get the youngest cousin of this ed get the youngest cousin of this individual back, and, the man who’d sold his daughter thought he got a good deal, and yet, the families, ended up, paying, three times more.

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When the Government is BRAIN-DEAD…

Here’s, that, “multiple-choice question” again…

Do we (A) Pull it off life-support, (B) Keep it Connected to the machines, let nature take its course (C), Start a revolution, to set up, a brand new, governing, body?

When the government is BRAIN-DEAD, and let’s face it, the government does NOT have a brain, and I’m still NOT just talkin’ about the government of this god damn “country” I’m currently residing in either, I’m talkin’ ‘bout government in general here, I mean, those governments that are, “voted by we the people” (b/c WE are, the people, or, are we all, something else now???), they actually don’t have our best interests in mind, like for this currently one I’m “ruled under” (yeah, get real here!), the president kept claiming how the government’s ordered enough vaccines for everyone in the country to get at least, TWO vaccinations, and yet, many of us hadn’t even gotten our firsts (as Moderna is short-stocked???), and the shipments of BioNTech/Pfizer is, late again, and, AZ had that huge risk of blood-clot, and nobody wants to put their lives at risk of that, while this god damn government developed ITS own vaccines, and they wanted to, use WE the people, as LABRATS, forcing the EU to pass only AFTER stage two!

And that, is only on the part of the outbreaks…

Then, there’s, the BULLSHITTING spending vouchers, the government does NOT direct deposit the money we, the taxpayers paid into our bank accounts, instead, it made us stand in those, long, long lines in the super convenience stores to pick up the printed version, while there is, a bundle of us, who selected to get the vouchers, tied to our, credit cards (that saved us from standing in those, long, long lines!!!).

The government also, imported the pork with ractopamine, and for what?  Sucking up to the U.S. government, thinking that it would side with us, if we were to go to war with China (uh, get real, the U.S. isn’t STUPID!!!), and also, we went from the top few in defenses against MERS-CoV as this started back in, 2019 (maybe???), and due to the lack of vaccine availabilities, we’d, dropped, to the bottom, and we went from “Taiwan CAN Help” (b/c this country donated the masks???) to “WHO WILL, help, Taiwan?” (b/c the government did NOT have the foresights, to order up a ton of vaccines that we the people are in need of!)

Yep, that ‘bout, sums that up here…

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With a High Chance of Repeatedly Offending, Placed in Protective Custody for Five Years, the Families of the Deceased: Can’t Accept This, Will Fight for an Appeal

Another case of how a VIOLENT OFFENDER, with a mental condition had, escaped, the death, penalty here, still NOT justice that’s what this is!!!  How the insanity plea, worked in this, psycho’s, “favor”, and there’s NOTHING that anyone (including the justice systems) can do about it, crime & Punishment, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Chen clubbed his neighbor, Chung to death, the Pingdong District Court, based off of the psych evaluation by the psychiatric department of the hospital, believed, that as he’d committed the murder, he was relapsing from an episode of severe paranoia from his schizophrenia, that he couldn’t control his own behaviors, used the first of Penal Code 19, found him not guilty, and placed him in protective custody for five years.  The families of the victim couldn’t accept this, they will ask the district attorney’s office to fight for an appeal.

There are just a case of how a female store clerk, Pan got her eyes gouged out by the man, Yang who also has schizophrenia, and yesterday the courts found Chen not guilty by insanity, which broken the promises of the local government’s setting a safety net for the sake of the locals.  The legislators also questioned on when the holes in the systems will get patched up, with the recurrences of these events?

The assault on the female store clerk of the super convenience shop, the head of the village, Chang who had been attacked by the perpetrator led a group from his village, to head to the Sanitations Department of Pingdong to make their proclamations, Chang told, that now, the people in the village are all on edge.  A villager, Wu told, that Yang had been in and out of the hospitals multiple times, and had multiple physical assaults on record too, but none of it stuck, and now, he’d used, a more fierce method, gouged someone’s eyes out, and the people are in a panic, due to this huge hole in the security net.

The assistant director of the Pingdong Department of Health & Sanitations, Chang told, that they will discuss with the Central Government on how to reach that balancing point between the rights of the mentally ill and the security of the local societies, that there is, a need for toughening up the reinforcements in the laws, that she will discuss the matter with Central government.

Two years ago in December, Chen first banged on his neighbor, Wu’s door with a wooden bat, beaten Wu to skull and hand fracture; last August, he’d clubbed his neighbor, Chung to death, after the one death, one injury he’d caused, the D.A. finally, prosecuted him on murder charges.

The courts investigated, that started in 2016, Chen had multiple hospitalizations due to schizophrenia.  After the cases happened, the Pingdong Jia-Le Hospital and the Kaohsiung Medical School Hospital’s psych evaluations all found that he was symptomatic of schizophrenia, with strong persecutory paranoia.  The Kaohsiung Medical University hospital found that the coworkers, the neighbors, became the persecutory individuals of the self in life, causing Chen two get into multiple fights with others, without the proper treatment measures, and his life being shut in, lacking that strong social support system, in the end, causing the brutal physical assault on the individuals whom he had the persecutory beliefs from.

The judge believed that it was Chen’s paranoid schizophrenia that’s made him committed murder, that he didn’t have control over his own actions.  Based off of the first of Penal Code 19: “no punishment for individuals who are undertaken by the mental conditions, who couldn’t control one’s own behaviors”, gave him a not-guilty verdict.  But considering the severity of his assault, of how Chen’s conditions can’t be watched over by his own family, and without the proper treatment measures given to him, there’s a high chance for him to offend again, that it’s seriously dangerous, placed him in five year protective custody.

And so, this is still, nowhere NEAR, justice for the victims, because this man poses a danger to himself, as well as others, but because he’d been diagnosed with schizophrenia, instead of charging him with attempted murder, and physical assault, he only got a slap on the wrist, placed in protective custody, in the, psych ward, and what happens, if, after his release, his schizophrenia “acted up” again, and he murders someone, huh?  You just don’t let these loose cannons go all over the places on the streets, and yet, there’s nothing that the justice systems can do, because he’s been, diagnose with a mental condition here!

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Chiu Criticized Chen’s Comment on Not Taking Responsibilities for the Eight Hundred Lives Lost to the Outbreak, “There’s No Theft, Because No Thieves are, Caught”

How the government here, still, EVADED responsibilities for the “holes” of the China Airlines outbreaks here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Three-Plus-Eleven Has Nothing to Do with the Community Outbreaks?

The commander of the CDC, Chen, asked the press, as he was questioned, “What does three-plus-eleven has to do with the eight hundred lives lost?”, and it got , and it got everybody here angry, the former head of National Institute of Health, Chiu criticized, that back then, the country’s hit hard by the outbreaks, and yet, due to the command center’s words of not catching up on the situations, it’d, made the claims of how the two cases aren’t, related?  Like in a case of theft, just because you didn’t catch the thieves, that doesn’t mean that theft hadn’t been, committed, “there are, the known, victims of this, who contracted the virus, and that, is THE, fact!”

Chiu pointed out, that as the outbreaks started back in mid-May, the command center once stated, “we have good news”, that it’d already, found that the hotel, the Luzhou and Yilan arcade contractions are the same genetic sequence of the virus, and now, it said, that they’re not, related.  Back then, the outbreaks had already, gotten into the local communities, to the point of getting the second, the third waves, causing the “chain of infection to get broken”, thus, the origins can’t be, traced, and impossible to find all who came into, contact.

the media press, grilling Chen for abusing his power as Commander of CDC

photo from online

She also stated, that based off of all scientific data, examining the “3+11 rule of quarantine” it doesn’t, hold up, the earliest original strand from Wuhan, the Alpha all were tested between five to seven days, if the samples were taken on the third day, at least, a quarter of whom who had contracted the virus showed no symptoms at all, and yet, after the three days in quarantine, they’re all, allowed, but, which was, naturally, dangerous, back then the American CDC set the days of quarantines at at least, SEVEN days.

Chiu stated, that the government now, can’t even, produce the documentations of the records, of how they’d arrived at the decisions of “three-plus-eleven days of quarantine”, from which, we can see, that the CDC hadn’t set up a complete system of defense, which caused the outbreaks to come in from internationally, leading to the community levels of larger scale outbreaks, causing the collapses in the medical systems.

The professor of Public Health of N.T.U. Chen pointed out, that scientifically, at the beginning of the outbreaks that’s occurred here, the inability to collect the data on time, and the messages coming in late, causing no connection of casual consequences of the two cases, and those cases that came in from out of country, became, the chains that spread across the local communities, the processes are, quite complex, involving the three levels of the citizens’ own keeping oneself safe, the changes in the systems of defense, and the mutations of the virus, there is, no conclusion of what the real cause is.

Chen also stated, that currently, discussing the implementations of the “three-plus-eleven” quarantine is a good thing, she’d advised, to keep tables on the cases of gathering that came from out of country, like the clusters of infection in the preschool of Hsinbei City, the Hotel contraction cases, that way, we can, find a better means of tactics, to defend against the spread.

Yeah uh, because of the loosened rules, and the holes that the people can, easily, slip through, that, was what caused this country to sink down, and it’s still, a top-down error by the government, I mean, had the government, made sure, that the pilots hadn’t “skipped out” of the quarantines, made them report back to the CDC say, every thirty minutes???  To make sure, these individuals didn’t, run around when they’re not supposed to (like how my dogs stayed at the N.T.U. Vet clinics for a whole of, TWENTY-ONE days, and we can only, make the appointments with the hospital to visit them, in that, controlled environment (the meeting playroom!), then, none of this SHIT would be, happening, and it’s still the problem with the policies that’s set up, by this, government here!

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A Nauseating Apology from the Government

Too shameless, too, thick-skinned, are these, government officials who are, running this country, to the G-R-O-U-N-D!  Commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the boycotts of the opposing party, the head of state, Su added more to his, policies of the “three-plus-eleven plans”, for the, VERY first time, he’d made an, apology, to how the outbreaks had, caused, the people here, to D-I-E, and note, he’d not, apologized in person.  And because it was, a forced apology, in his report he’d still, stubbornly claimed, that there’s NO evidence proving that the three-plus-eleven was the opening of the tough defense against MERS-CoV we’d had up to the point.

keeping his, straight, face…photo from online

This sort of, unwilling, shameless means of, apologizing, truly, nauseating to us all.  A government, with the, slightest amount of, humanity, even IF it’s not due to the mistakes in the policies, with more than eight hundred lives lost to the outbreaks, should at the least, apologize to the families who’s lost their, loved ones.  And yet, Su, the head of state couldn’t even mumble it out, and, after the pressures came from the minority party, with the mediations among the party not in power, it’d, forced him, to add that, forced upon, “I’m sorry” in his, written reports on the matter.

This once “three-times-humbled” government, already, sent its, humbleness, down the drains, and all it held tightly onto, was the, powers of the statuses.  And because of it, there are, the weird people, being set up in the wrong positions of the governments, and the words of propagandas was more fluent, than the ability to handle these, matters of our lives of the state, it’s okay, that there’s, no equal in the delegations of responsibilities, and power, and so, an old politician, with his means of being, “cruel” became, the head of everybody here.  Toward this sort of a government, if we the people, accept the apologies made so unwillingly to us by the government, wouldn’t we be, belittling, our, selves too?

Actually, if Su felt he’d done nothing wrong, he could well, turn down, this “stage performance”.  It’s not that he didn’t know how to make formal apologies, in the case of the Olympic competitors’ getting placed in economy class of flights, he’d, bowed, three whole times in one day.  He’d, selected the minute, instead of, the larger, pictures.  In the ethics of politics, he’d, chosen, actively, to, overlook us, the citizens, ignored his, duties as the head of state.

here he is, apologizing for the government relief program being, “late”…Photo from online

And, it’s enough, for the party not in power to keep on pressing him, because we the people, don’t know, how FAR down Su, the head of state, can, go.

This is, how the government voted out by “popular votes” (uh, most of us who aren’t supporters of the DDP didn’t even go to the polls, because why the @#$% bother???), screwed us all.  The policies were, WRONG from the very start, and now, there’s, that huge HOLE of the pilot quarantine that’s, “invited” delta into the country too, and, the government still, won’t admit that it’d made the, wrong policies, that it isn’t, thinking, in the, best interests of, we the people?  Just when we thought the government here can’t get any lower…SURPRISE!!!

It’d, sunk down, lower still…

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