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“I Can’t Do a Thing as a Roach Crawled Over Me”, Wanting to Live with Her Dignity Intact, the Individual with Muscular Dystrophy Won the Battle in Getting the Needed Services Provided to Her

How hard it is, for the disabled, to FIGHT for the RIGHT to get the services needed provided for her, and the country’s laws are still not yet quite, friendly, enough here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Jade” who is severely handicapped due to muscular dystrophy, three years ago, she’d filed for assistance to the Hsinbei Social Welfare Department for around-the-clock help, which equals to 744 hours per month, and the social services only signed off on sixty-hours of services given per month, Yu filed for a claims on how it couldn’t help her enough in living, at the executive trials, the Taipei’s High Executive Courts found the Hsinbei City lost, believed that the social services should, assess the hours being allowed for the cares based off of the specific needs of the disabled person individually, this can still be appealed.

The head of social services of Hsinbei City, Chang stated, that considering how due to the specific reasons of the handicapped person may have a higher demand of help, started last October, the city had adjusted the hours of help provided to a hundred hours per month at highest, and this woman, had qualified for the hundred-hour services per month this February already.

Yu stated through a voice recording, that she’d not had it easy all the way up to this, and although, the results wasn’t quite enough, but she’d felt relieved, that her trials of life had been, noted, that the verdict of her case doesn’t just represent her own welfare, but also, the welfare of other handicapped persons just like her too.  The social welfare groups stated, she’d only “wanted to live like a human being.”

The attorney, Weng stated, that without the help from the homecare personnel, the personal assistants, “as the roaches crawled over her body, she couldn’t even use her hands to get them off”, if there’s the accidental fire from the electrical appliances, she has difficulties calling out loud for help.  Hoped that the outside world can show more care of the needs of the handicapped persons.

On June 15th, 2020, Yu filed for assistance  of independent living support with the Hsinbei Social Services, and after assessment, the social services allotted her sixty hours per month of personal help, she’d asked the city government to make up for the difference of 684 hours of the difference.

And this still just showed, that although there are, the help that is being, provided for these individuals with special needs, but, it’s still, not quite enough, because, some of these individuals required around-the-clock care, just like the provisions of service for long-term care needs too, that’s also, lacking right now, but this woman fought for her own right, to live independently, and she got it.

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A “Seemingly Friendly” Act Toward Taiwan by the U.S.

The U.S.’s plans of turning this island into its, ARTILLERY unit, and it risks, absolutely NOTHING as the U.S. can find other places to store its weapons in the Southeast of the world here, solidifying Taiwan as, U.S.’s BITCH, formally here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The U.S. made its demands of storing the ammunition that they’d originally kept in Japan, South Korean, and the Philippines to Taiwan in sum, Chiu admitted to this as a fact, that we are currently discussing the matter with the U.S. currently.  This action, showed of how U.S. planned to turn Taiwan into a “prickly island”, a “massage artillery storage unit”, that it’s started to, take form now, and yet, as a country willingly turns itself into a “weapon storage unit”, how do we the people, live in peace?  The Balkan Peninsula is know as the “European Artillery”, is it, a symbol of glory?

The plans of U.S. moving all of its weapons to Taiwan, was from the bill “The National Defense Authorization Act”.  Allowing U.S. to provide this country up to ten billion dollars U.S. in weapons, and the requirement from this country is that the country needed to add on to the budgets of national defense per year, including the re-storage of the arms of U.S. ammunition in Taiwan, the U.S. made it sounded like “helping Taiwan prepare for war”.  As for whether these weapons which will be stored on this island, will they be used for our benefits, or for the U.S. Armed Forces’, the military still kept silent on.

what this country will become, nothing MORE than a GUN Cabinet for the U.S. under this “National Defense Act” passed by the U.S. to “assist” us…photo from online

In the past two years, the U.S. had passed several “befriending Taiwan Acts”, all of these are seemingly good willed, but, what’s in the core is harming the country.  On the surfaces, the U.S. made it sound like they’re providing the weapons free of charge to us, but in reality, it’s getting the country to buy up more military devices from the U.S., pushing us into the zones of war with China even more.  This act, with twenty billion dollars U.S. per year, buys up Taiwan’s self-governing means, forcing us, to turn into the artillery storage of Southeast Asia, then, maybe, the U.S. will restation its troops here, are we all, okay with this?

The Chips & Sciences Act works the same way, on the surfaces, the U.S. provided the reinforcements of funding to the Taiwanese enterprises, but, the cost of setting up shop for TMSC in U.S. is very high.  Recently, the business department of the U.S. made the requests, of the enterprises, paying up all of its extra earnings that’s accepted the aid.

We must keep that high alert, of these, seemingly, benefitting Taiwan Acts by the U.S.!

And yet, does this government, take note?  Of course not, it got its head, shoved ALL the way up its ass, being U.S.’s BITCH, and, the U.S. is truly awful, in making US into the artillery of its weapon storage, I mean, yeah, if we get attacked by the Chinese military, the U.S. just folds its arms, watches us go down, as the Chinese armed forces take us over, and we are ruined for certain, and yet, is the DDP government wise enough to see this?  HECK no!  As it’s still too busy, being, U.S.’s, BITCH!


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Children of, War…

As the sounds of the alert sirens start blaring, we’d gone, underground!

Children of, war, never to see the warm sunshine shining through their windows, not getting waken up by the sounds of birds that called…

Children of, war, they will, NEVER grow up, they are only kept, alive, with the, most minimum needs fulfilled.  And the rations are growing, shorter by the day, with NO place they get go, to get their daily needs of foods, waters, they don’t even leave their “homes”, in fear of, getting bombed once they’d stepped, outside.

everybody rushing into that designated shelter in their closest vicinity! Photo from online

Children of, war, it’s not a war of the children’s makings, it’s the adults’, and yet, the adults are, making these innocent children, TAKE the consequences that aren’t even theirs to begin with…

It’s not their faults, these children of, war, but they are now, shouldering the consequences, carrying the historical, debts of their, ancestors.

Children of, war, they deserved to be able to walk outside into the light, but in shadows they hide, too ashamed of what their older generations did, and this shame gets passed down the line, until, the line actually, ends, and trust me, that long line ain’t nowhere near, ending, any time, soon…

or this??? Photo from online

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A Man with a Crush on a Single Mother, Stalked & Threatened Her, Caught & Sent to Jail

Despite how the ANTI-HARASSMENT law had been signed into effect, it still doesn’t do SHIT in deterring these bad behaviors, nor prevent these things from recurring in the society, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Huang, started dating a single mother, the woman wanted to break up, Huang didn’t, he’d waited until she was asleep, and secretly recorded her personal data, her schedule, the photos she’d saved, as well as the conversation records on her cell p hone, to know where she is, and texted “we’re going to die together” as threats; Huang claimed that it was only him, venting, showing how he “will NEVER break up with her”, the courts found him guilty on obstructions in computer usage, and the anti-stalking laws, gave him fifty-five day prison term.

Based off of understanding, both Huang and the woman are in their fifties, they were dating, but didn’t cohabit; in January of last year, the woman wanted to break up, Huang was strongly opposed to it, they’d stayed, connected; in May of last year, the two went to a motel, when the woman was asleep, Huang took the advantage of the time, keyed in her cell phone passwords to gain access to what she’d saved on her phone, the photos, the footages, as well as the clips of the conversation records, her work schedule, along with other personal information, and sent it to his own phone.

As Huang got a hold of the woman’s schedules, he’d tagged along the back of her car with his car, gone to her workplace, to know who she was interacting with, and went to the door of her office and called aloud, “I don’t want to break up!”; and he’d also texted her repeatedly, “let’s die together, why don’t we?”, “I’ll buy some pesticides and come find you”, “don’t give me a chance, why don’t you kill me instead”, etc., etc., etc., and it’d impacted the woman too hard, she’d gone to see a psychiatrist for it.

Afterwards, the woman couldn’t withstand Huang’s harassments and threats any longer, she’d told her daughter, then reported it to the police, the police called Huang to interview him, he’d admitted to the threatening messages he’d sent, and all the behaviors, claimed that he only wanted the woman to take him back, that he was only expressing how he “will NEVER break up no matter what”.

The Taichung District Courts considered, that Huang admitted to what he’d done, but already caused the victim to fear, to become suicidal, that he’d broken the laws, plus the woman refused to forgive him in trial, nor settle the matter, sentenced him to fifty-five days in jail, he can pay a total of $55,000N.T. and not serve any time on using technology to harass and invasion of privacy, this can still be appealed.

And this is still too lenient, I mean, because of this LOSER’s tendencies and priors (he HAD, harassed the woman, threatened to kill her then commit suicide!), despite how she’d told him she wanted to break up, and, he’d invaded her privacy too, and, you think the bars of prison are going to, keep him away from doing it again?  Yeah, that’s now how those, obsessed EXES work, and after he’d served his “hard time”, surely enough, the woman’s going to get tailed, and harassed again, because these sorts of punishment does NOT do SHIT!

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If China Offers Aid to Russia, The New York Times: the World Will Fracture Even More

These world powers are, playing that game of threats, if you do this, then I will do that, to hurt you, and, do you think these, “fear tactics” will work?  Of course not, because, the countries are still going to do EXACTLY what is best for its own self, with a total DISREGARD for all the people who are living there locally, and the welfare of the people, because we are now, ruled by, these, AUTHORITARIANS!  Current events, foreign affairs, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The U.S. Head of State, Blinken met up with the manager of Communist China Office of Diplomacy, they’d started in the shouting matches, although both stressed that they do NOT want Chinese-U.S. relations to become a brand new Cold Warr, but, the U.S. warned China, that China should NOT be willing to offer aid to Russia to invade into Ukraine, the New York Times reported on the nineteenth, that this meant, that the global world is becoming, more fractured in the international relations.

The U.S. officials clarified, that different than Iran and North Korea, in the past year, China had yet to offer any physical means of aid to Russia.  If China stepped in, it would twist the nature of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict without a doubt, and, the war in Europe will turn into the standoff of the Communist Powers: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea versus U.S., Ukraine, EU, and countries in Asia including Korea and Japan, etc., etc., etc.

and this is, how “close” that war, is to us all…

photo from online

The Republican House Representative Graham warned China on the nineteenth, at this time, offering aid to Russia in invading Ukraine is stupid, like watching the Titanic sink, and buying that fare to aboard the ship.  He’d called out to U.S., to list Russia as a “terrorist country”, once the Chinese military entered into the war, then, arbitration will happen; the UN ambassador from the U.S. on the nineteenth warned, that if Chinese offered military weapons to help Russia, then, the country had cross the red lines.

The head of State Blinken told, that in the Munich conference, he’d told Wang, that the U.S. believe, it trusted that China will consider the consequences of aiding Russia in military forced, and weapons, to support the invasions of Ukraine.

The U.S. then sent out the threats to have the other countries in the world, keep an eye for if China is aiding Russia.  D.C. had used the intel, but wasn’t able to stop Russia from using the military forces to invade Ukraine.

And so, this is still all, threats, if you do this, then I will blacklist you, instead of stopping this, because it is, MORALLY wrong, and that, is what this world became, countries threatening each other, using the tactics of blackmail to MAKE each other behave, no wonder the world’s a total mess right now!

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Rather than Relying on Our Government to Get Us Out of the Trials of Our Lives, Praying Would Work Better

When the government malfunctioned, we can only put our faith, in G-O-D, because the government can’t help us, at all, and this just showed, how helpless we the people became, our lives had now been, ruined by the DDP, because of how corrupt it is!  Observations off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As I used the library computer to search, I’d found that all around me, the users are chasing the activities of the Baishatun goddess, not being able to be there in person, through the connections online, it’s, as if, they were, experiencing the taking the statue around the island too.

There’s a new high of those who’d signed up to participate in the activities this year, this was seemingly, out of, celebrations, but looking at it deep, it seemed to show, how helpless we the people are, of our, realities, the lack of justice in the world, we can only seek it in front of gods; and, all of the upsets we the people weathered through, only the deities would be willing to, listen.

The Mazu from Baisha was like the messenger sent from up high, to carry the words of we the people to heaven, there were many of the believers who kneeled for justice, praying for their places to be safe in the world now.  Because, those who ruled over us, speak of our wills, but, showed absolutely a lack of care and concerns for the ordinary, with all the money going up the chain of command, there were so many farmers, fishermen, who’d lost their job due to the mistakes in the policies of the government, and, the government only uses one way to resolve this, pouring down wads of cash into the masses, in actuality, that’s, leaving more debts to those who comes after us all.

what the people are, putting their faiths in! Photo from online

Last week as I’d gone to Baishatun to get involved in the religious rites, I saw a homeless person at the station who’s handicapped, bowed his body toward the ground, with the wheelchair that he used, stating his accusations.

The words weren’t printed large enough, as I got closer to read, I’d found, that it wasn’t to get help for himself, but his accusations of the government’s systems, how he’d worked hard all his life, and this, was where he’d, ended up!  Hoped that the government can give ALL the taxes he’d paid when he was still working back to him.  People are coming and going, in and out of the stations, and nobody seemed to note the trails of this man, because there are too many like him, homeless, the government does NOT care for, and, those who can’t fend for themselves have it, even, harder.

Thankfully, I’d realized a long, long time ago: rather than trust in the government, trusting in my own self, will be more, useful!

Because the parties would switch, and now, the party in power became like a YouTuber, only cared about the moments, and not for the long run; for them, being in politics only gained them that wonderful title, and not about serving the people.

So, a lot of the policies are like fireworks!  Boom, the world is lit up for a split second, then, turned black again, the politicians don’t even want to be a streetlamp for us, let alone, a lighthouse!

People find, that what helps them out of their own bad predicaments are the faith in Mazu, and their own two feet, so that’s why, the members of the country participating in this activity is growing by the hundreds and thousands.

As I participated in this year’s events, I’d carried on in conversations with those who were handing out the resources, and asked them why they’d set up the stands, and, most of them told me: because from when they’d participated in the same activities, they’d received the resources from someone else, that’s what drove them to give back.

Unlike how the government, evading its responsibilities to the people, to avoid the troubles, never set the straight up policies in writing, and because the starting point of the government’s policies is wrong, we will all end up, in a place of desolation, as we all followed the lead of this, government that’s, ruining our lives right now.

And so, from the large number of worshippers, you can see, how the government isn’t functioning well enough, that’s why the people put their faith on a higher power, and this still just showed, how a corrupt government ruined all of our, lives, and we are now, living in HELL, because of the DDP’s immoral behaviors, as the head of the government isn’t morally responsible toward the people.

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The Modern Day Cavemen’s Medical Miracles

How the Tsai government’s insistence on ANTI-China is killing the people here, and the people still, followed her leadership blindly, off of the, Front Page Sections, translated…

The UDN Paper’s exclusive on how the local pharmacies became short-stocked on antibiotics, antacids, fever reducers, the pharmacists are all, working hard, to get the needed, supplies of meds, and they’d even had to switch the drugs around to made do.  While, it’s not only these western medicines that’s run short, there had been the shortages of eastern medical herbs too, and, the traditional Chinese doctors can only, find ways to help one another out.  With the shortages of medicines east and west, the government is either clueless, or, couldn’t find viable ways to resolve, and, the medical realm here in Taiwan, is now, pushed back to the cavemen days when we trade the drugs we don’t need, for the ones we required.

There are, the differences of reasons of why there’s this shortage of medications of the western and Chinese traditional herbs, primary it’s due to the shortages of the raw materials, and the availabilities of medications.  Especially as China held almost ALL the herbs, and, all of our Chinese traditional herbal medication supplies came from China, and, as the pandemic came back, it’d made China come under the increasing needs of these medications too, plus the blockage of shipments, it’d added to the depletion of supplies of eastern AND western medicines.

And yet, as China lifted the bans last year, the pandemic came back harder, the locals here are fighting over the fever reducers, with the government led by Tsai, watching with a cold eye, and she’d, even, talked down on us.  Especially as the locals in Kinmen and Mazu, along with the Taiwanese businessmen in China called out to the government to restart up the transportation, the shipment means, the head of state then, used the excuse of how it will make the residents of China come here to get their needed medicines to ban it; the head of department of sanitation welfare, Shue also stated, that those over in China don’t need to come here, we can mail the needed supplies of medications over to them.

The government officials under Tsai didn’t CARE about the people, manipulated us using the fears of Communist China takeover, and not noted how all the traditional Chinese medications, and the other medications all originated from China.  In her communication with China later, Tsai finally stated, that she was willing to offer assistance to China with the medications needed, although it’s mostly hot air, but, at least, she’d, offered that kind hand out.  In actuality, if the relations between China and Taiwan flowed smoothly, seeking out the common developments in economical welfare, and developments, that, is the hardened, truth.

And yet, despite how we are in need of the raw materials for the treatments for MERS-CoV and other traditional Chinese herbal treatments, the government still only watched out for ITSELF, set its mind on ANTI-China, and so, we the people continue to, suffer, longer, under the DICTATORSHIP of Tsai and her goonies, the DDP party, as well as the side wings of the DDP online too.

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Breeding Intolerance

This is what, the “free” world is doing, doesn’t look so “free” NO more (and your point being???) does it now???  Nope!

Breeding intolerance, we’re, teaching our children (still don’t got one!) to HATE those who are different than they are, and, forget about the constitution and all the “freedom” that are, “given” to WE the people, ‘cuz they’re all, CONDITIONAL, and the conditions under which these freedoms are “given” to us (oh MERCIFUL government, we BOW to you!), is that we OBEYED their rules…

Breeding intolerance, we will HATE everybody who are unlike us, those who are of different colors in skin, hair, eye color, yada, yada, yada, we will, STEOREOTYPE, we will, DISCRIMINATE, and OSTRASIZE them, until they finally, gets OUT of this system of ours.  Breeding intolerance, yeah, sure, the laws are passed for okaying same-sex marriage, so?  We still do NOT give equal rights to the same-sex couples as those heterosexual couples.

Breeding intolerance, that, is what these governments are doing, stating that they’re “free”, that every man (what about women, huh???) are created EQUAL (yeah, you’re all EQUAL all right: all ASSuming ASSholes, all IDIOTS, all LOSERS!), that you have the rights over our rights to abort, whether or NOT we choose to have our babies, because we are, a lesser sex to you.

Breeding intolerance, that, is what the FREE world (doesn’t look OR feel that free no more, does it!!!) looked like, as the CONSERVATIVES run it.

Next, they will go after the rights of women to DIVORCE their abusive husbands, and, take away the rights of our voices to speak up and out…

So, what’s next, huh???  Oh, we’re still waiting for that ASTEROID to come and HIT earth, so everything goes, KA-BOOM!

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The Planning & Implementing of Policies on Aging, Can’t Catch Up to the Speed to Which We are, Aging

As the populations age too quickly, not just in Keelung, but everywhere in Taiwan, and the world too, this is a game of catch up that we’re, playing right now, and, it’s still not, fast enough, we are falling, behind every day, with the younger generations moving into the big cities for work, to marry, and to live, leaving the elderly and the aging in these, hard-to-get-by places, changes need to be made here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“The old houses, the people, older, the city, still, aging fast right now”, that is the very first “City Aging Forum” in Keelung in 2018’s topic, these words brought the image of the cities developing in the earlier eras back—with the elderly people living inside the old homes, getting STUCK on the old city streets that hadn’t been, updated yet, getting stuck on the way.

“I’d lived here in Keelung for seven years, and, the pace of aging is too quickly, the aging process is, neutral, not good, nor, bad, but it’s, really, really, speeding, up.”, the former department manager of the Keelung Social Services, Wu noted, that the policies, and the implementing of the policies, just can’t, seem to, catch up to the speed to which the locals are aging, and, he’d felt pressured by this matter of elderly living alone, and that’s why he’d, set up the aging discussion forums for fie years straight to date.

Wu who grew up in Keelung told, that the younger generations would go to Taipei or Hsinbei cities to work, out early in the morn, returned late in the evenings, and even if they’d started their own families in Hsinbei or Taipei, they can make it back home in just, thirty, minutes’, time.  The hardest places to live in are the south, the east, the distant regions, and even off the island, as the kids grow up to study, and to work away, they’d not made it home once per month, “that was, the separation of, the distance”.

Wu stressed, that living alone doesn’t meant that the individuals are, uncared for, that a lot of elders who live alone on their own, are still very much active in their own lives, and toward elderly like them, showing the concerns and cares to them too often, it’d become, intrusive to their, lives.

And so, the social services of Keelung, as the pandemic started two years ago when there’d been shortages of masks, they’d, visited the elderly in the city, to find those who live alone on their own, who are, requiring the assistances, “there’s only limited resources available and we must put all of these, where it’s, needed”.

Wu told, that the city had, listed the elderly individuals in the local communities by priorities, and had created the activities for the ninety-percent elderly who are healthy and agile to participate in, for instance, the buses, if you’re over sixty-five, you get to ride an unlimited number of times, to encourage the elderly population to go out more.

As for the city’s lacking in the handicapped ramps and devices to allow for moving freely for those with the needs, due to how narrow the streets are locally, “this can’t be tackled in the time being, not that quickly, we need to do this, change little by little, making improvements each and every day, to get this done”, Wu was quite conservative in stating this, he’d hoped that the new mayor, Hsieh to pay more attention to these issues as he start in office soon.

And, because of how fast the population is aging, not just in Keelung, but everywhere also, it’s hard, to get all the needed amenities, the devices, the places ready for old age, and, this is a vital issue at hand, because we are growing older, living longer with each and every generation, and, with the younger generations all moving out, to look for jobs where there are more jobs available, these elderly who are left behind, can’t be, cared for enough, and, the plans to get the roads to fit better to the needs of elderly who are living locally, that’s just, a first step, there may be needs for the outreach programs too.

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Getting Better with the Relations with U.S., While Damaging Our Relations with China, the Effects of McCarthy’s Visit to Taiwan, We Should Weigh the Pros AND the, Cons

But DOES, the DDP???  Of course N-O-T, as it set its mind up on PISSING CHINA off, and, this entire island’s people will soon, suffer the CONSEQUENCES of it, the famed pineapple cake company here already got BANNED by China for import, and they’d banned us from shipping over the fruits, because they’d found the insects, and next, the agricultural produces, the fishes, and eventually, EVERYTHING that’s being, produced here, on this island, will get, prohibited to ship over to China, locking US, in, so totally, NOT W-I-S-E, and yet, the government still goes, ahead!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The American press reported the newly elected speaker of the House of the U.S. McCarthy will be visiting Taiwan in the spring.  Due to how Pelosi, the former speaker of the House’s visiting Taiwan caused a huge ripple, this time, the declarations of visiting Taiwan is surely, eye catching to all.

Taiwan, being one of the involved, party, need to carefully consider, how the country is to, respond.  There are the observers who’d come to believe, that Taiwan is, trapped, that we can’t say that we welcome the U.S. to visit, that we can’t, deny entry.  But, from the diplomatic angle, maybe, we can, find some valid point of if we should, welcome McCarthy to visit or not.

First, the primary goal of diplomacy is to keep the country’s benefit intact.  The benefits of the country includes: national security and international status.  After Pelosi visited, the Chinese air force started doing the aerial drills around Taiwan, and the fighter planes had breached over to our boundaries, that it’d impacted the safety of the country.  Although, after the Chinese flew over our aerial borders, there were the international friends who’d called out for Taiwan’s aide, but these calls don’t have any practical benefit.  And, what sort of an outcome would occur, if McCarthy is insistent on visiting Taiwan, this is worth the National Security Department to consider more, thoroughly.

what’s bound to, happen, by from online

Secondly, there are the structural conflicts between U.S. and China, they’d engaged in that tug-of-war for many years, and with no side gaining the upper hand.  But, the relationships are changing with the times.  Because the Communist Chinese government viewed Taiwan as a core interest, the U.S. had used this, to touch that sensitive nerve of China, to get the benefits for itself.  But, the benefits of the U.S. isn’t exactly what’s best for, Taiwan.

If McCarthy visits, America can show China, that it has a ruling over the matter of how Taiwan run itself.  And, so long as U.S. feels, that it’d not broken the one-China rule, that it’d not supported Taiwanese independence, that it’d not breached over the Taiwanese Relationship laws, China has no place in Taiwan’s business.  And, Communist China will then, continue to show hostility either passive or actively.  But, Taiwan is used by U.S., and, we will end up being retaliated against by China, and we wouldn’t have, asked for that.

by air…photo from online

Thirdly, if McCarthy considered our interest, and there are many ways which the U.S. can help.  And because of this, we should think thoroughly, and ask McCarthy to get the American government to be more active, to help us maintain the rights of Taiwan as an independent, country away from China, for instance, help us have more diplomatic connections, help us get into the international organizations, to swiftly sign the economic trade policies between Taiwan and the U.S., to offer us the real weapons we will get to, use.

If McCarthy’s visiting Taiwan can’t give this country any practical sort of benefit, and instead, it gets China to toughen up the stance of its relations with us, then, this is a lose-lose for Taiwan.  The real friends should think of each other’s behalf, to offer the practical benefits, instead of making us more troubled.

Diplomacy is an art, and the highest is to create a win-win.  Surely, McCarthy’s visit could, show that we are on good terms with the U.S., in formality, but instead, it would, damage our relations with China to beyond repair.  It shouldn’t be hard to see, what is in the best interest for this, country.

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What’s in the best interest for this country, is to just say NO (like the D.A.R.E. program???) to McCarthy’s visit here, but, seeing how the DDP had made this country into U.S.’s BITCH, yeah, we’ll be waving that welcome banner for McCarthy, and as soon as the speaker of the House steps on that plane out of Taiwan, we can expect MISSILES from China, flying across the aerial border, the battleships, patrolling around the island, in our, sea borders too, and then, maybe, we will finally, put those god damn LANDMINE planters that U.S. had sold to us to good use!

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