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Home of the Broken Dolls

Call it, shelter, or, dumpster!

There’s this home, of the broken dolls, where, all those dolls that got torn apart (made of cloth), shattered (made of porcelain), go to, die.

Home of the broken dolls, that, is where you belong, you’d been, broken, and I do NOT want you around me, not, go on, GET!  Home of the broken dolls, how cruel those young children are, just, cast us all away, tossed us all away, like we don’t matter, but we had, we were, once, important, significant others in their young lives, it’s just, that they’d, outgrown all of us, and we became, unwanted, TRASH!

where ALL those broken toys go and, D-I-E!

photo from online

Home of the broken dolls, that, is where you’ll be, you got broken by my childhood, and it still, wasn’t my fault, that I couldn’t, save you, I was, too little, too scared myself, I had to, duck for cover, when the storms came, and, you got struck by thunder AND lightning, ‘cuz I forgot, to take you with me into hiding…

I’m sorry, doll, I really am, but now you’re, broken, I have, NO need for you, and you still can’t blame me, for tossing you out, you want someone to blame?  BLAME yourself, for being, MADE from, such, fragile, material…………

In this home of broken dolls, all dolls lay waiting, to D-I-E, they’re all, unwanted, disowned, by their, children.

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Piece by Piece, You’d, GLUED Me Back…

Call this, the, “confessions”, of a, porcelain if you wish!

Piece by piece, you’d, GLULED me back, only, to SHATTER me, all over again?  Why, huh?  Why do you need to, hurt me like that?  It’s, hard enough, to feel all of my, broken pieces, not intact, like I’m, about to, fall apart at any given moment.  Why why had you, put me back together again?

Piece by piece, you’d, GLUED me back, and, the next time someone did something AWFUL to you again, you’d, taken it out of me, and I’m supposed to what?  Just, keep on, getting, beaten up by you, is that it, huh?

what became, of me…photo from online

And so, what if, I’m only, a porcelain doll, an object, I hurt too you know?  Well, I don’t, but I get shattered, and that, is how I know, that I’m, hurt!

Piece by piece, you’d, GLUED me back, and again, and again, you’d, shattered me, all over, and now, there’s, NO a single millimeter of my skin that’s, in one-piece, because of you!!!

And I blame you, for breaking me apart, you should’ve, just, trashed me when your mother told you to, but you didn’t…………

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When the Child Cuts Her Play-Doh into, Tiny Little Pieces, with a Plastic Knife

When a child cuts her Play-Doh into, tiny little pieces, with a plastic knife, you gotta give it to her, for having, such trained, fine motor movement, but wait…

When the child cuts her Play-Doh into, tiny little pieces, then she, SMACK all them, tiny little pieces hard, what, does that mean, huh?  Is there, a TRAINED child shrink in the house right now?  (paging the child psychiatric experts…………), oh wait, nobody’s, “home”!

how a hurt child might play…or you may just see it as, “boys will be, boys!”

photo from online

When the child cuts her Play-Doh into, tiny little pieces, with a plastic knife, she just, wanted, to inflict “pain” on something that she has, control over, something that won’t feel a thing, that’s, her way, of telling her STUPID adult counterparts, that something HAD, happened to her, and yet, her parents, took her to the shrink, because she’d started, wetting her bed (and she should be, potty trained, oh, ‘bout???  Two years back!).

When the child cuts her Play-Doh into, tiny little, pieces, don’t take it for an ordinary child’s play, ‘cuz it isn’t, unless, she shows that talent, for cooking from a very early age.

When the child cuts her Play-Doh into, tiny, little pieces, this Teddy, Dolly, Doggy, and after you, walked out of that room, she’d, started, SHOVING those Play-Doh “food pieces” violent, DOWN her Teddy, Doll, Doggy’s, THROATS!

And that, is how WE, children (yeah so, I’m still one here, ‘k???) P-L-A-Y…

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I’m Not a Porcelain Doll, the Reflections in the Doll Corner

This morning, the Porcelain climbed off that high shelf that her owner kept her on display, toward the floor, and, she stood there, in front of the mirror (b/c it’s a girl’s room, and ALL girls want to get dolled up, don’t they???), and, she’d looked at her self in the mirror, left, and right, like how a scientist is examining something s/he’d just, discovered…

I’m not a porcelain doll, Porcelain mumbled to herself, although I looked delicate, fragile, easily shattered, but, I have, a heart of a Raggedly Ann, you can SHAKE, toss me, and let me DROP to the floor, I still won’t BREAK!

not my photo…

I’m not a porcelain doll, the Porcelain decided, that she will NOT be fragile like she’d always been, she’d wanted her owner (a little girl???), to pick her up, and play with her without worrying about shattering her, and so, Porcelain started changing, metamorphosing, and, the little girl who’d owned her, hadn’t seen her, she’d, forgotten about the existence of this particular Porcelain she loved so much.

not my photo…

I’m not a porcelain doll, I won’t break if you shake me too hard, and, even if you tossed me high up in the air, and I come down, landing on my head, I still won’t CRACK wide open!

But, although Porcelain had, made up HER mind on not to break anymore, she still can’t change her physical self, and, surely enough, she’d, shattered, for the last and final time, and, we are all gathered here today, to MOURN the loss, of our dear friend, Porcelain, she was, a very good doll, she just can’t get satisfied, being WHAT and WHO she is, that, is why, she had “died”………


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My Cell Phone’s Out of Power


Kiki’s mom often told, “Kiki could never sit still at home, would love to touch everything, and, would ask me why a lot, I just can’t handle it anymore, can you tell me, how is it, that you manage, to teach Kiki at school?”, I’d transmitted this interesting message from class to her.

The preschool class, we have a theme for the day, electronic appliances, I’d made headgears of the multiple appliances, and allowed the young kids to choose what they like, to put over their heads, and, do a roll call of the appliances, when I’d called out, “Cell phone, where are you?”, the group of children with the cell phone headgear would say, “Here, we’re here!”, only Kiki remained silent.  I asked her, “why aren’t you talking?”, she said, “My cell phone is out of power, so I can’t talk.”

I started laughing, believing, that it was a trip, for a three-year-old kid to say such a thing.  Later on, I’d told her, “Kiki, you have such a great answer, then, let teacher give you a hug, meaning that you’re recharged, okay?”

She said, “Okay, I love being a cell phone, because the teacher hugs me”.  This, is the purest kind of conversation, very childlike too.

And so, the learning experiences of a young child is based, solely off of the senses, and the discoveries in life, and, from the mommy’s cell, we can understand, “without power in the cell phones, she couldn’t talk, and feel the love from others.”, so, mom should not feel annoyed by her, instead, to fill her sense of curiosity, interact with her more, play more games with her, find Kiki’s good qualities, to help her find tap into her potential.

After Kiki’s mom heard, she’d decided to become a more patient than ever mommy, took after my way, and, recorded down her own offspring’s growth processes, with her heart.

Says WHO the younger children don’t know HOW to express themselves?  This young girl felt ignored by her mom, and, she’s showing it, in the interaction with her preschool teacher, and, the teacher was very well trained, and, she’d relayed the message to the child’s mother, so, the mother now, realized that she’d let her daughter feel ignored, and, she changed her ways.  Wonderful things can happen, when the teacher and the parents work together…

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Unspeakable Crimes Against Her Dolls

Hush up!  Raggedly Ann, go in the corner, with Raggedly Andy!

That, was how she’d ordered her dolls around, when they came to her, telling her that those monsters in the nights had hurt them…

Unspeakable crimes against her dolls had been committed, by her, their loving owner, and that, was merely, the reflection of her day time life.  Unspeakable crime against her dolls, who’s going to come to their rescue?  Nobody!  Just as nobody came to HER rescue that very first time, and the next, and the next, and the next times afterwards, when her mama’s boyfriend came to her.

Unspeakable crimes against her dolls, the dolls ended up, not being able to handle the pains imposed on them, they’d all run off, one by one, but, she’d always managed, to get them all rounded again, and, those who tried running off would get it, HARDER from her.  Unspeakable crimes against her doll, these bad things are happening to her dolls, because they’d all happened, to her too, and, because she’s too young, and couldn’t tell her mama WHAT, was happening to her, she’d taken her anger out on her dolls, and, in the end, all her dolls were placed, in coffins, one by one, and laid to rest, just like her childhood was………

Unspeakable crimes against her dolls, why are these still happening?  There should be, a protective network, to help those dolls in trouble, to help them, get away, from those abusive owners of theirs, isn’t there?  Why isn’t one such protective network set up?  Oh yeah, I forgot, because dolls don’t have life, my bad then!!!

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Monsters Teddy & I Saw

There were, many monsters that Teddy and I saw, and each and every time, I’d closed my eyes tight, and, hugged onto him, very tightly, until the monsters went away.

Monsters Teddy and I saw, for a very long time in my childhood, all I had, was Teddy, and, all Teddy had, was me, and, we’d relied on one another for protection and support, and, somehow, don’t really know how, but, it’d helped us both throw, and now, I’m grown.

Monsters Teddy and I saw, they usually only comes out, in the darkness of the night, they don’t visit us during the daytime when there’s light, or, when mama’s around for some unknown reasons.  Monsters Teddy and I saw, they’d screamed out in pain, and their voices, so sharp that I feel my ears would bleed!  But, Teddy always told me, not to fear them, that he’ll be there, to keep me company, and I trusted that he will.

Monsters Teddy and I saw, they’re now, all gone, so is Teddy, because he got too old, too torn up over the years, and, although it was painful, throwing him out, I had, still, parted, with those childhood nightmares and memories in the end………

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The Dolls You’d Shattered, Were Not JUST Dolls

The dolls DO come alive, and this time, it’s in the daytime, instead of the nights…

The dolls you’d shattered, were NOT just dolls, oh no, they’re a metaphor for something else, but what???  Nobody knows!  The dolls you’d shattered, were not JUST dolls, they’re parts of you that you disowned, the parts of you that you didn’t like, like some characteristics about yourselves, that others said that are bad???  The dolls you’d shattered, were NOT just dolls, but how can that be?  They were dolls, with glass bead eyes, white porcelain faces, with those delicate dresses on them, unless, unless, the dolls DO come alive when we’re not looking…

The dolls you’d shattered, were not JUST dolls at all, they’re portions of you, that you lost in your childhood, and, as an adult, you started to recall, very slowly, all those countless dolls you’d shattered, the you you’d managed to destroy from a very long time ago, and you start to finally, MOURN for the losses, of those cleanly looking, well-dressed, blonde, brunette, red-headed, porcelains, and you used to name all your dolls too, but now, you just can’t recall what each and every last one of them are called…

The dolls you shattered, were NOT just dolls, they’re piece of you that got taken from you as a child, and now, they manifested themselves, the lost parts, and the broken pieces of those incomplete porcelains, they’re all, coming back, to GET you!!!

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I Kept Remembering…

I kept remembering, how you’d left me, when I was a child, just like that, you’d pushed me aside from you, and, I needed you so, you were (but NOT anymore!!!) my mother!

I kept remember, the moments where I was hurt by you, and, I wake up, every single day, reliving this nightmare I desperately tried to wake myself up from.  I kept remembering, everything EVIL you’d done to me, how you’d hurt me, with your gentle caresses, and how I’d screamed out in pain, even though, your touches were too light to be felt at all.

I kept remembering, those moments of the past I’d suppressed, and now, I’m doubting myself, because, if those memories are real, then, why did they NOT show up from before?  And why N-O-W?  What’s WRONG with me!!!

I kept remembering, how you’d hurt me, over, over, over, AND over again, and how helpless I’d felt, because of how young I was, and, all I could do, was to take my angers out onto my dolls, and, I’d RAPED them, hurt them bad, then, kissed them, caressed them, in my arms, as I cried those tears of guilt, of remorse, just as I’d seen you do…………


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Letter of Apology to My Doll

Viewer discretion IS advised!!!

Dear doll,

I’m real sorry for what I’d done to you, I know I shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t help it, because daddy did it to me, and, I needed to do it to someone E-L-S-E, and there’s NO one I can hurt who won’t retaliate, but Y-O-U.

I know I should’ve acted better than I had, but, you have to know, that in the heat of the moment, I just couldn’t control myself, especially, after I’d stripped OFF your dress, and saw your slender, white, porcelain legs, I got real turned on all right.

And, after I did what I’d done (a very EVIL thing!) to you, I feel oh so awful, and, I’d smothered you with kisses all over your body, just as my daddy’d done to me, every single time afterwards (don’t ask for “what”!).

I just want to let you know how remorseful I am, for what I’d done, and so, I’m writing this letter, hoping you can read it (yeah right!!!), and, after you’d read it, maybe, maybe you can forgive me, and we can be good friends again?

And because all you parents are way too M***ER F***ING stupid, there’s NO way, to save them “dolls” before it’s WAY too late, and, because you’re all way too BUSY, doing GOD-knows W-H-A-T, you’d left your kids unattended, might as well just cook them sheep, and serve it to the W-O-L-F is what I say!!!

What do Y-O-U think, doll?  And that would be another day, in the life, of an ABUSED child, and, these things that these children ARE experiencing DO show up, in their playing, so parents, WATCH them, carefully, do NOT let them out of your sights!

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