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The Rituals of Love

How to raise your own young with love, so they’d become, loving people too, by modeling for your kids, what the expressions of love should be, and surely, as they watched you, they too, will start, to express their love to each other, as well as everybody else they may meet in their own lives, translated…

“Come!  A kiss, a hug, embrace me!”, when the kids were in elementary school, every morning before they set out, when they’d come home at night, I’d opened my arms wide, to perform this “family ritual” of hugging them, and, as the kids felt that they are fulfilled, smiled radiantly.  And to this very day, my passionate daughter would still hug me like so, with her face close to mine, make her eyes crossed, to make me laugh out loud.  While for my son who’s shier, he’d minced his lips and smiled, and, hugged me, and patted my back, and I’d hugged him and patted his back.  As the kids get older, the arms that wrapped around me became, stronger, and stronger.

The prayers before bedtime, it’s another ritual of love we shared.  The whole family reset ourselves back to zero; “Dear heavenly father, we are all your children, we all need your guidance, your help.  Please give us the wisdom every day, the courage, the love so we can face up to the challenges daily, bless us with strength, with peace and safety”.  Sometimes, my kids would say, “Dear heavenly father, there’s an exam soon, I’m really nervous, please help me have more courage, more strengths…………” in the nightly prayers, we’d become, equals, no lectures, no pressures, just being humbled together, lifting our heads toward up high.

The affirmations, the praises we gave one another regularly, it’s also a ritual of love.  When my son was in middle school, his classmates made fun of him, “you moron!  Retard!”, to which he’d responded back, humorously, “Yeah, with the guarantees of wisdom, I’m bound to be able to make a living for myself.”, he’d effectively resolved the badness those classmates’ words might have on him.  I’d told my son often, “I’d found, that you are a kid, with so many good qualities, you have the frugal morals of your grandfather, your father’s punctuality.”, and I’d told my daughter, “You have that flair to do major things in life, you will become, so very capable like your grandmother in the future, even more talented than I!”, the children respected us as their adults, and became fully confident, filled with their own hopes and dreams of their own futures.

Some say, that there’s this space inside our hearts, and only love can fill it up.  If this space is emptied, then, we would feel empty inside, to the point of feeling depressed.  So, I’d thought of some ways, to fill the love into that space inside my own children’s hearts.  In our home, there’s these warming rituals, hmmmmmmmmmmm!  Let’s call it, the “scientific behaviors of expressions of our love”, through the endless rehearsals, turning into this good cycle, filling up all the spaces in our hearts, with love.

And so, growing up in this environment full of positivity, the children are bound to be more optimistic, because the parents not just preached of these values to their own young, they’d, shown the kids, how to perform these behaviors using love too.

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Blessing is: Being Together with the Families

The returns back to their families, making that change to move back home, instead of working away, to provide for their, families, translated…

A while ago, a friend went to Shanghai to work, with the mind of if he weren’t successful, then, he’ll, come back to Taiwan, gone alone.  But, being alone, living in a foreign place, it’s, lonely, and I’d often seen him all alone on his own in the photos he’d posted on his social media accounts, and, I’d imagined, how difficult it must be for him, to have no one to socialize with, being an interactive with others in a group.

During that period of time, Shanghai’s pandemic worsened, not only was the city shut in, he couldn’t even go out, my friend didn’t have anyone to take care of him, to the point of him not being able to head out to get the groceries he’d needed for food.  And, the lengthiness of the quarantine period, tried him too hard, to the point that he got on the verge of melting down, to starting to exert the symptoms of, depression then.  As he’d communicated with his families, he’d decided to quit and come back to Taiwan.  He’d told me, that his two sons were happiest hearing his decision, that they can always make more money if needed, being together as a family that’s, what’s most important.  As he’d heard his sons supporting his decisions to quit his job, he’d started crying.

As I’d heard his decision, I’d shown him my support too.  As I’d undergone the same things last year, in the end, for the sake of my families, I’d made the decision to return back home.  Actually, it’s all the same for men who’d carried the families’ economics on their shoulder, once we’d made up our minds to go to work abroad, we buckle down and persist; no matter how tried we get, we would never give up.  And if we chose to give up, then, it would be for the sake of our, families.  Like my friend stated, “being happy, living life with the families by our side, that, is the goals of life!”

And now, as I’d gone back home to live, I’m living a life of richness, with the frugal means, being satisfied with what I currently have.  Thinking of what happened to my friend, I’d felt more than, blessed, had I kept going in my work then, maybe, my days would be, even harder than it is right now.

Looking at my family all around me, I’m thinking, that men like me, are truly, the blessed bunch.

And so, this is men’s realizing, that their families are the most important thing in their lives, that making the money really didn’t matter, and these men started taking advantage of the chances that they got, moved back home, because, you can always find work, but once you’d lost the time with your families, that’s something, you’ll, never, get back again.

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Seventh Aunt, Thank You

Kindness recalled, and returned, as your seventh aunt had shown a ton of care and concerns toward you when you were younger, her aunt, became, like a mother to her, translated…

My seventh aunt’s daughter was on business trip to New York, and, although it was an eight-hour drive for me to see her both ways, I’d, still made the trip, and, as I drove, I’d, remembered the past.

My parents were divorced, my father remarried, and my stepmother had her own children, and for years on end, my older sister and I were, kept at my grandma’s house.  We are a huge family from Canton, my grandma had five sons and five daughters, my father being the eldest son.  My seventh uncle married my beautiful seventh aunt, and, lived in with grandpa, grandma, my ninth aunt, and the two of us sisters.  Knowing that I was testing into high school that year, every morn my seventh aunt would prepare the breakfasts for me, served it to me, told me, “Ann, go for your dreams!  The nutritious meal I made for you, this will help you get into a good school!”, she always, gently, repeated those words of care and concerns toward me.

From when I was growing up, nobody made me the breakfasts like my seventh aunt had.

Seeing how little my younger cousin dressed as she’d come to New York, I took her to the name brand couture store, called up my husband (because I’d never spent so much money before in my whole life to shop), bought a warm coat for her.  And the look of surprise she’d shown me, I still kept in mind, what she didn’t know was, her mother, many a year ago, had helped a lost, young woman who was in desperate need of love, of care and concern, felt the warmth, and this kindness, I will, forever, remember.

And so, this, is how you’d, finally, started paying back your seventh aunt’s kindness to you, she’d loved you like a mother loves her daughter, took care of you, showed you a ton of care and concerns, and now, you were only, repaying her kindness, but not even close, by buying the clothes to help your younger cousin stay warm.


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My Husband & His Empty Nest

The empty nest of, a, man, that’s odd, isn’t it?  Thought only mothers have that, but apparently, this daddy is, experiencing it, after he sent his own daughter off abroad, translated…

Without any noises, my husband once more, snuck, into, our daughter’s room, to write calligraphy, and I’d asked him several times playfully, if he was, missing her in her absence, he’d always, smiled it off.  Since last year as we’d sent our daughter off to the U.S. to start high school, he who wasn’t talkative, fell, all the more, silent, and now, he’d become, quite, weird, hidden himself in our daughter’s room to write calligraphy, and just, stared into her, walls.

Since our daughter began preschool, because I had to get to school at seven in the morn, the sweet burdens of taking her to and picking her up from school, became my husband’s, from the moment he’d gone to wake our daughter up, to doing her braids, changing her into her school outfits, to picking her up to take her home at night, bathing her, bedtime stories, he’d, taken on all on his, own.  After our daughter went on into elementary school, he couldn’t put up with how lazy his class full of students took to learning, he’d, filed for retirement then, and began his job after retirement as our daughter’s, chauffeur, taking her to and from school, to the talent courses after school, the weekend study sessions, the competitions on the weekends, I’d not needed to take any part in it.

and this, is what it, looked, like…comic from online

As my daughter was through her first six months of private middle school education, he couldn’t bear to see her head, buried in books day and night, and, after he’d discussed with her, he’d transferred her to an international academy over thirty kilometers away from our home.  I’d originally hoped that my daughter could go to the school on room and board, and yet, in both their, insistence, my husband started, driving her to and from, rain or shine, and I’d not heard him complained of how trying it was, to drive the long ways.

I had, originally, wanted my daughter to finish her high school years in the international academy, then she could apply for university out of the country.  And yet, my daughter’s, “Daddy, I want to go abroad to high school, so I can, catch on in the university years.”  And although, he’d felt unwilling, but, he’d, set up the paperwork, the applications, and went with her, as she’d started her school internationally, he’d stayed for six weeks abroad with her.  While my daughter quickly adapted to the life, and yet, as my husband returned, he had a hard time, readapting himself to no longer needing to take our daughter to and from, but thankfully, our daughter would email the lessons that she was learning, to discuss with him about, to alleviate his missing her.

I’d always wanted to make fun of my husband, there are only the moms who are having a hard time in their, empty nest, there’s almost no stories of empty nest dads, looks like, I need to, file for retirement soon, to help him out of the gloom, of our daughter flying out solo.

And so, this father is experiencing the hard-hitting, empty nest, because he was the one, interacting with his own daughter since she was younger, and, certainly, he’d felt the strong empty nest, as she’d gone abroad to study, this just shows how much the man loves his daughter, how he’d, cherished her so, and only wanted what makes his own daughter, happy.

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The Subject, Lesson of Being a Daughter

How the beliefs about what’s given to the sons and daughters in forms of inheritances, still showed how sexist the Asian societies are!  Translated…

As the three of us, daughters married off one by one, and my youngest brother, discussing the matter of marriage with his girlfriend, my mother told me, that she could, finally let go of what’s on her mind, and thought that she could finally relax, to live out the rest of her years with ease now.

On a sunny day, my younger brother went on a date with his girlfriend, living closest to my mother, I’d often worried, that after my father passed, my mother, when she had nothing to busy her about, would get sad over my father’s passing, and so, I’d suggested to my husband we could take our two young children to see mom to have a meal with her.

After the lunch, my husband took our two children to the yard to play, my mother and I started in conversation in the living room, and, my mother suddenly asked, “what are your thoughts on if I’d left all my monetary assets to you daughters, and my properties all to your, younger brother?”

As a graduate of the law department, I’d known a little about the laws on inheritance, understood, that even as the daughters, they still had equal rights to, inherit the parents’, assets, and, due to the reasons unspecified that’s caused the uneven splitting up of the parents’ assets, no matter what, daughters have the right to equal shares of the parents’ inheritances!  I’d felt a bit, soured in my heart, and instinctively responded, “Then, I shall fight him in court for what’s rightfully mine!”

As my mother heard, she became furious, believed that as a daughter, I’d planned to, take the family assets, and disobeyed the elders’ will.  And so, this originally good-willed company, ended in argument.  And, my husband took me, who’s, upset then, wanted to say some words, but didn’t, away from my mother’s home.  Although, the sexist beliefs are getting away from modern day world right now because of education in this generation, but, in our older generations, it’d still been, rooted in, way too, deeply.

Afterwards, I’d, asked myself, will I really, take my younger brother to court about this?  Do I, really, care about, all of these, external things, and where they’re going to?  Or maybe, I was, just, feeling, upset over how my mother is still, too traditionally, sexist in her, belief systems?

And yet, this does not mean, that my mother didn’t love us, her three daughters, the root of it all, is on the splitting up of the assets, unevenly among the sons and daughters, and, how many in the world, can actually, be truly, fair?

Afterward, my mother never brought up that argument t and in that we had on that day, and in the peace, I’d still, felt the ripples, and yet, I can only, let it go; after all, making it nice is my own choice to comply with the woman who’d, used everything she had, to raise me up into, adulthood.

And this still just showed, how deeply rooted, the SEXIST beliefs about sons and daughters, are inside the minds of the older generations right now, and whether or not we like to believe it, this still exists, daughters are expected to give themselves, to sacrifice for their families of origins, as well as the families of their husbands (1 @ a time!), and yet, when it comes to the inheritances, we don’t get a single cent, because our parents believed, that hey, I’d raised you up, and gave you those, properties, we’d, signed over the deeds of those properties, to you, our daughters already, therefore, you got NO right to FIGHT for the inheritance rights with your, brothers, and this is still BULLSHIT, because, we women have equal rights of inheritance to YOU, sons!

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Companionship at Old Age

GET a D-O-G, that’s my ADVICE!!!

Companionship at old age, someone who can, take care of me, as I age, someone with whom, I can, connect with intimate (not SEX!!!), someone with whom I can, share my innermost feelings with, someone who will, accept me for who I am…………

Companionship at old age?  Yeah, be your own companion, because if you can’t even, get alone with yourselves from before, and if you’d, failed to set up that tight-knit connection to your own loved ones, what the #$%@ (maxed!) makes you think, that your next-of-kin will, want to, stay close to you?  After all, it is, too important, that we surround ourselves with those whom we are, related to by blood (our offspring, next-of-kin, relatives, spouse, etc., etc., etc.), right?

how nobody wants to end up with…

living alone, in the, darkness…photo from online

Companionship at old age, very important, because, the lack of socialization, can make your brains deteriorate more quickly, than the original speed that your brains, deteriorate at.  Companionship at old age, not just anybody at random, but those that you cared for, raised when they were children, and, because you’d taken care of them, put clothes on their backs, foods into their stomachs, provided for their school tuitions, there’s, NO reason why they wouldn’t want to be near you, when you’re, old and gray, right???

WRONG! Despite how much you think you’d, given to your children, if you can’t make them feel the love you have for them, who’s to say, that they won’t turn out as ingrate like I became one, huh???

And yes, this is still, from the life and times, of a total INGRATE: ME!!!

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Let’s Switch Bikes

The son’s thoughtfulness for his mother, on their rides out to the riverside by bicycle, translated…

Under the lamppost after the sunset, the river brought over that gentle breeze, you’d first, lifted up your own bicycle upstairs, then, hopped your way downstairs, and swiftly, carried up my bike.  “Mom, let me help you with that.”  Your voice started changing already.  You got taller, I now have to, lift my head, to see your face.  Passing this staircase, that’s freedom waiting for you there, in the month of June, you were kept indoors, staring at the computer screens, taking your school courses, you’re, feeling, very, stuffed up.

As we rode our bikes out, it’d always been dad first, then your younger brother, you, with me as the last.  Looking at your back as you rode, I’d recalled the day you finally learned to ride, at the age of four, I’d, let go, then, you’d, ridden forward.  That very first time we took you to the riverside to ride, at the age of seven, your younger brother was in preschool then, and, you had me all to yourself then, so very excited, you’d been, expecting the day since the day before.  On that day, I’d, rented a dirt bicycle to allow you to ride free, we’d gone ten kilometers without stopping, just, speeding away, and we’d, made a pact, to remember what we see on the way, and, make a poem together at the end of the path.  During that time, we’d gone on “dates” like those, sometimes, it’s for my marathon runs, with you, riding alongside, as my companion, and, as we got tired, we’d, stopped, taken out the book, the foods for our, picnics together.  These past few years, we’d, stopped riding out together as much, you no longer have the half days, and, the medication I take for treating my cancer, it’d left me, weakened in my joints, and I couldn’t, go the longer way.  At age twelve, you’d, gone alone on your own, with a backpack, followed the group of cyclists out to circle around the island, up and down those slopes, rain or shine, becoming independent, and strong.

illustration from

The whole family moved forward, seeing me lagging behind, you’d, stopped to wait, I told you to go ahead, that I will ride at my own pace.  You wouldn’t, worried that I may not know where you guys would go.  Then, you’d, pulled over, lowered your seat, “mom, let’s switch bicycles, my bicycle rides better.”  Then, you got on my lady’s bike, allowed me to go ahead of you, and, stayed on the back.  In this time of the entire world seemingly have halted, it’d felt, that times slowly, marches on, and, at this moment, the time had, switched our places, you at the tender age of, thirteen.

I held tight to your bicycle handle, it’d felt still heated, and more strength came from my, legs, the wheels had, become, lighter.  Seeing how I now rode with more ease, “like I told you, my bicycle rides better!”, you rode next to me, with your mask on, eyes, squinted, smiled and told me, “let’s ride through the riverside quickly, the wind feels, so good, like we are, riding through a, romantic, forest here”, and that smile was, exactly like how you’d looked, a few years ago, when I’d taken you out for a ride by the riverside.

And so, these, are the moments the two of you shared, as mother and son, and your son is kind and gentle, he’d noted your needs, and, showed his concerns for you, and it’d made you feel warmed up.

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A More Advanced Version of a Daughter Thief

This is how to, pave the way, to make sure, that your own children will be, more than, willing to stay close to you, instead of, getting as far away from you as they possibly can, when they’re older, by putting in the time to spend with them, by treating them well, translated…

I’d been a daughter thief for a couple of decades now, and I believe my ability to “steal” is, excellent, that I’d gained every time I “stole”.  Thought I’d, learned from the best, and become, the best, but, my throne is slowly, stolen from me, from my daughter who’s, in her, twenties now.

On the weekend we went shopping together, the two of us went trying on the outfits in the fitting rooms.  My daughter’s sharpened eyes, always found the fitting clothes in the young ladies’ sections for her old lady.  At the checkout, I was so happy I’d, found the bathing suits for the fountains of my youth, and naturally, I’d, paid for my daughter’s tab too.

Every now and then, she’d recommended to me the restaurants for afternoon tea, she knew, that her mom longed for romance the most.  And, in the setting of the light being just right, setting of the romantic mood, enjoying the sweetness of the treats, I’d been, more than willing to, pull my credit card out, and pay for the tabs.  I’d missed how when my daughter was still younger, and how we’d gone traveling as a whole family.  But, for the younger generations that’s just started working, they don’t make enough money, and don’t have that many days of, vacation time either.  And now, as we invited her to travel, all she needed to do, was to set the time aside for the vacation, and, we’d, covered her for the hotels, the restaurants, and the transportation too, and, it’d not ached our hearts, spending, the extra wads of, cash for her.

Actually, I’m really glad, of this, advanced version of a daughter-thief in my home.  Because of her coming out shopping with me, I was able to dress in a younger fashion, and it’d, made me more willing, and open to try a variety of styles of attires.  Our closets are, opened to one another, and, we are, about thirty years apart, and yet, we’d, traded clothes from time to time.  And because of her finding more things out for me, I got the opportunities to, treat myself better.  To find a good and valid excuse, to stay away from my own kitchen, to go into the restaurants I normally wouldn’t, venture into, and gotten the opportunities, to try the different varieties of foods.

Into my empty nest now, and I’d, cherished these outings with my families more.  Money is easily made, and, the limited resources we’d exchanged, for that unlimited blessing of our daughter’s, companionship, more than worth it!  If one day, maybe, my daughter’s “more advanced” version of being a thief might gain a couple more extra “thieves”.  But actually I’d wanted, make the extra sets of keys for my future grandchildren, for them, to come and “steal” things from my house, anytime they wish to.

And so, this is the point, money isn’t that important, the time shared is, and yet, most of you adults, spends all your working years, working, working, working away, saving up just enough (and maybe not even) for your own children so they will have more than enough materials, like you never had when you were growing up, without realizing, that spending the time with your children when they’re still, young is the most important thing, and, in this family, the parents must’ve already done their job as the parents correctly, which is why the daughter is now, more than willing to, spend more time, accompanying the parents out, and these parents are now, blessed, to have their daughter as their, “partner in crime”.

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The Warmth of Our, Early Morning Hours

Taking your young grandson to school, spending the precious moments of caring for him, because he won’t stay little forever, translated…

After we were retired, we’d not needed to rise early, to sign in, we can, sleep in, until we wake on our own, then, slowly, leisurely, carry through breakfast, read the news, go out for walks, so very, leisurely.

But, this kind of leisure living started, shifting, after my grandson entered into preschool.

Because his preschool was a bit away from home, and, we’d planned, that our daughter-in-law will ride with him on the bus or the MRT, and we’d, made sure the time too, and yet, as school started, the epidemic hadn’t slowed, there are, the risks of, taking the public transportation systems.  My son can pick him up after his work, but what of the mornings?  My daughter-in-law can’t drive, nor ride the scooter, only grandpa who lives in the same community can do the tasks!  And, as grandma, I’d, naturally, tagged, along.

like this…photo from online

And so, our routines changed to the following: waking up at 6:30, then, grandpa walks to the garage ten minutes away, drive the car back to our son’s parking spot to wait, then, coming home to eat the breakfast I’d prepared for him.

And this isn’t relaxing one bit, we’d, tensed up our nerves, and, listened close with our ears, we don’t dare to have the radio on, and yet, we have a ton of friends, who’d greeted us good morning daily on LINE, and, with every chime, our heart tightened a bit.

The preschool didn’t set a time to arrive, and my daughter-in-law didn’t want to pressure my grandson for school, and she’d not, planned to, rush him, for now.  And so, we’d, raised our ears up, to listen to the call, from 7:30 to 8:30, for, about an, hour’s time.

And, all the wait’s been, worth it!  The joyous moment came, with my young grandson’s, “Grandma, grandpa, good morning!”  he’d had a good night’s sleep, and was in a good mood.  Started chatting up on the fun things he’s classmates, his school teacher, or that he’d gazed out the windows, and, recognized what characters he could, and, he’d, started, commenting on the ads on the buses too, his chime-like voice, warmed both of us.

As we arrived to school, he’d, high-fived us goodbye.  He’d rushed in to find his friends to play with, while we were, having a hard time, seeing him off, and, we’d, recalled the childish words he’d said to us, on our, drive back home.

Although, our lives are now tied, by my young grandson, and, we’d gotten back on schedule, to waking up with the alarms, but we knew, he’ll, grow u to fast, and, we will, grow old too soon, and, there’s only, one, two years of, chauffeuring him, and so we’d both, looked forward to it, every day, and, cherished the moments too.

And so, this, is on grandparenthood, because your children had to work, and, you are left, to take your young grandson to school, and, this made your retirement a bit tried, because, you now have to, return to your work schedules of, waking up early, to take your young grandson to school, but, you’d, enjoyed spending the time with him, taking him to preschool, after all, children grow up too fast, and you can’t keep them small forever.

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Visiting Great Grandma

The perfect example of how to age gracefully, translated…

“Great grandma lives too far away now!”, my son told.  My daughter great grandmother moved in with my aunt in Kaohsiung now, to the adults, it isn’t, that far away, but, to my daughter, who easily gets heat strokes, in a wheelchair, it’s nothing easy, going to Kaohsiung, where the sun shines constantly during the day, the temperatures, too high, and so, the winters became the only season we are able to, travel as a family.

At the start of the year, we’d taken the two kids to Kaohsiung to visit their great grandmother, and for a road trip too.  We’d first arrived at the pineapple factory, where the tour guide explained the process of manufacturing of pineapples, the history of the industry, then, we’d, headed to that old ironclad hang bridge, out of my expectation there were, the people standing on the bridge; standing on that old bridge, we watched the trains speed past, hearing the noises from all around, but, what entered into my ears, were the laughter of my own children.

As their ninety-nine-year-old great grandmother saw the great grandchildren, she’d smiled that long-time-no-see smile of hers, slowly got up, walked slowly next to my daughter’s wheelchair to a stool, sat herself down, and asked, “Wen-Wen, are you tired?”, she was still very gentle and kind as I’d, remembered that she’d been to me, in the past when I’d taken my daughter to physical therapy, great grandma would come out from her house opposite to where we used to live, to hold the umbrella to cover my daughter up, compared to how aloof their grandfather who lives with us had been, my great grandmother’s show of care and concerns to our family, I was, touched by, and, felt, ever the more, grateful for.

As I’d asked about my great grandmother’s life after she’d moved to Kaohsiung with my aunt and uncle, she could still eat her favorite, pork’s feet and the crabapples too, and, she’s, just as agile as the rest of us!  She’s probably, the healthiest, the most special elder I’d known, in her eighties, she would get up in the middle of the nights to watch the American Major Leagues games, in her nineties, she’d, walked herself out to buy the fried chickens she wanted to eat, and told the shop owner to not slice it to pieces, because she’d wanted to experience how the younger generations, grabbed the chickens, and started chewing them down……………

As we carried on in our conversations, the fatigue I’d felt from the trip, disappeared, little by little, as we’d, visited, my grandmother.

And so, this, is how you can, age, gracefully, like how this, elderly woman stayed active, by continue to socialize with her external environment, by having that optimism of life, by enjoying every day she has, like it was her final day on earth.

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