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Expanding the Conversations Beyond “Had You Eaten Yet?”

How the grandparents found ways into interacting with their grandchild, using HIS, interest profile, translated…

One day last week after supper, my third-grade grandson, Cheng-Cheng brought a three-by-three Rubik’s cube to show me, said that he’d been playing, that after he’d mixed up the colors, it takes him about forty seconds to put the same colors all on the sides, I’d commended him on how amazing he was, and asked him if he could also teach grandma to do it too?  He’d told me sure, then, asked me for a pen and paper, and started dictating to me the steps to solve the Rubik’s Cube, with the notes written for me.

Holy, I don’t even know what a Rubik’s Cube was until this day, plus, the nine-year-old child’s lacking in the means to teach well, my head started, swelling up.  But in this process of him teaching me, I’d found, that he was, so very, patient, as I’d asked him questions, he’d repeatedly shown me how, until his dad upstairs called him up to take a bath, Cheng-Cheng still didn’t want to go yet, because, he’d not yet taught me how to solve the third layer of the Rubik’s Cube yet.

I’d told him, the lesson can’t be finished today, we do it another day!  Rushed him to go upstairs to take a bath, then to bed.  As he got upstairs, he’d immediately LINED me: “If you have any questions, line me anytime.”  So, my young grandson was really into, training me to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

After lunch the following day, Cheng-Cheng was responsible, coming over to continue teaching me from yesterday, I’d told him “Cheng-Cheng, I went shopping for the groceries, I didn’t find the time to digest what you’d taught me from yesterday, and I’m sorting through the produces I got today right now, I don’t have the time here, we shall begin again, tomorrow then!”

And, to make sure that I understand what my grandson was talking about the following day, I’d, found the videos on the Rubik’s Cubes that night, with Cheng-Cheng’s beginners’ lessons, I’d, immediately, finished the Rubik’s cube.  Yay, great!

But the following morn, I’d still decided to let him teach me, to make him feel, that he’d, taught his grandma how to solve the Rubik’s cube, that way, it would, please him more?

Still recalled how when he’d started playing go, he’d often bugged the two of us to play with him, we didn’t know a thing about go, and so, we’d, immediately started flipping through the volumes, and we’d also, found the videos on how to play online, then, we’d started, getting it.  Although, playing with him, who’d won the young champion trophies, we’d felt like we were, slaughtered, but, winning and losing isn’t our, focus, we just want to, have more opportunities to interact with our grandson.

And so, as he’d asked us to accompany him to play the piano, to play soccer, badminton…………we were, both, very happy to oblige.  Getting involved in what he’s into, hoping we could, increase the chances of interactions with him, to have common conversation topics, because I do NOT want our conversations to get reduced to, “have you eaten today yet?”

And so, this is how this young grandchild, got his grandparents active in learning new things, because they want to interact with him at his level, and seeing how diverse the child’s interests are, that’s why, the elders had, upped their abilities to learn things.

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Got Cut Out of Her Mother’s Will to Inherit the Properties Because She’d Stopped Visiting Her Mother Regularly Enough, She’d Sued & Won

This is still SHIT, I mean, why the FUCK should we, DAUGHTERS who are also out from your bodies, NOT have the right to equal shares of our parents’ assets again???  Oh yeah, this is still, PATRIARCHY, running this god DAMN @#$%ING (maxed out!) world here, off of the Newspapers, translated…

Based off of the beliefs of the people here, the ill-fitting offspring’s getting their share of the parents’ assets, is just right, but, how FAR do the children need to go, to be fitting to the standards of, filial piety?  A woman from Taoyuan, Weng was upset her fifth daughter didn’t take the turn to care for her, and wrote the wills before she’d died, that the fifth daughter was cut out of the inheritance of property rights, but the fifth daughter sued in court, believing that she still had the rights to inherit, the judge found, that although this fifth daughter wasn’t able to be fitting as the elderly’s other children, but she’d not gone past the bottom line of losing her inheritance to her mother’s assets entirely, found that the fifth daughter have won the case, that she got to keep her share of the inherited assets from what her mother left over.

Based off of the verdict, the elderly woman, Weng and her husband owned a pharmacy in Zhongli, had eight daughters and a son, after Weng’s husband passed, she’d carried the operations of the pharmacy all on her own, the decade before she’d died, she’d gone to and from her own home, the hospital, the pharmacy, the daughters would take turns, caring for the elderly woman, and run the pharmacy, only the fifth youngest and the youngest daughter refused to take their shifts.

Before she’d died, Weng wen to court to get her will notarized, accused that the two daughters since 2017, never came home to look after her, that they’d not fulfilled the responsibilities of caring for the aging mother, claimed that the properties that’s left behind after she’d died, wouldn’t go to her fifth and youngest daughters, after Weng died, the rest of her children took her will, to get the assets and the properties transferred, and had cast the two daughters out of the mother’s, will

The fifth daughter saw that she didn’t get any shares of the four land deeds, the two properties of her mother’s inheritance, and sued ALL eight of her other siblings, demanded that the courts reregister the assets to being owned by all of the children.  And she’d, affirmed that she had the one-eighteenth of the total assets of her mothers, and claimed that the will that her mother had someone draft up for her was null and void.

The judge called up the relative who’d gone with Weng to get her deeds notarized, the neighbor and the daughter as witnesses, confirmed that the elderly woman knew what she was doing, and found that the will was, valid.  But the judge based off of the photos, the receipts from the hospital visits that the fifth daughter handed in, found that she may not be as fitting in the filial piety means as the rest of Weng’s children, btu she’d still visited, took her mother out to dine, as well as taken her to the hospitals to get checked, that she’d not lost the rights to inherit her mother’s assets entirely.  The judge found, that the fifth daughter has the right to the assets that was set aside for the woman’s children split evenly.

And yeah, this still just showed, how if you knew how to suck up to your parents, then, you get, a bigger SHARE of their assets, and that’s just WRONG, I mean, the assets should be split up evenly, and because this mother felt that her fifth stopped paying her that much attention, not gone to visit her as much as she’d liked her to, and she cut her out of her will, and that’s just BULLSHIT, I mean, what if this fifth daughter was having her own problems at home, like say, her husband owed debts, and she’s having a hard time, caring for her own nuclear family that she simply couldn’t make the time to go and visit her own mother, huh?  That still just showed, how you older parents want our attention, and when you don’t get it from us, you CUT us out of your wills, with a total disregard of HOW much we put into caring for your from before!  And that’s still just, BULLSHIT!

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Although He’d Abused His Mother, He Still Got His Share of His Father’s Inheritance

The importance to document everything, otherwise, it would be a he-say-she-say, and it won’t be evidence in cases of fighting over the inheritances, the parents’ right to disinherit a bad offspring who wasn’t kind enough to them, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The civil laws stated, that if the children abused or severely insulted the parents, they will lose their rights to inherit, but awhile ago, the judge found that the youngest son was abusive toward his mother, but still maintained his right to inherit his father’s assets; the legal realms stated, that there’s another key, that’s needed.

Lu passed away last June, originally, his assets should split between his wife, and his four offspring, but his wife, his eldest son, his second son, and his eldest daughter felt, that the youngest son had severely abused the father before he passed, that he should lose the right to inherit; the four claimed to the judge, that the youngest son had had his mind set on getting the assets for long, suspected that while their father was still living he’d given $3.5 million N.T.s, to the eldest son, he’d called and had a serious altercation with his own father about it.

The four also claimed that the youngest suspected that their mother had signed over the fishery the family owned in Pingdong to their eldest brother, forced the parents to go to the land offices to review the papers, while Lu had stated multiple times, that he didn’t want the youngest son to have any of his assets, that if he tried to take it by force, the families should notify the police to resolve it in the legal setting, refused to give him a cent.

The youngest rebutted, that the mother and his older siblings were defaming him, he’d gone to visit his ailing parents, and had a run-in with his two older brothers, and his older brothers threatened that they will beat him to death, that was why he’d, stopped visiting his parents.

The judge investigated and found, that on the inheritance of $3.5 million N.T.s and how the claims that he’d forced his parents to sign over the papers, the four siblings can’t produce the physical evidence for it, as for how Lu had multiple times said he was going to cut his youngest out of his will, although all four of the families all produced the voice recordings, but, they were all by words of mouth, and the courts didn’t take it as valid.

The legal realm told, if people encounter something similar, for instance, the parents had stated multiple times they wanted to cut a child out of their inheritance, the rest of the siblings must keep the evidence, the proofs of the parents’ saying so, voice recording or video recording, or to written it into document, and found a notary public to verify, then, it fitted as the evidence that the courts needed to affirm this.

And so, this is the importance of getting things in WRITING, because, the word of mouth, are inadmissible in court, I mean, anybody can say that so-and-so said something, and if you don’t have the voice, the video, or even, written forms of proof, then, the claims won’t stand up in court, as this case suggested, and, as for whether or not this bad son was bad, we can’t really judge, because, we’re not members of that family, and we weren’t there when the confrontation, the conflicts happened.

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I Love You, Oh So Much, Grandpa!

The final moment of love that’s, shared between this dying elderly man and his young grandson, that’s too, unforgettable, translated…Upon reading Lingo’s “I Love You, Grandpa!” on June 22nd, it’d helped me recalled that memory back up to the surfaces.

It was the year that Professor Lu’s eight year battle with his cancer finally ended, he’d taught at the experimental laboratory of N.T.U. Medical Department, shortly after he retired, he was diagnosed with cancer, the oncologist believed his cancer was caused by the exposure of carcinogens at work, that he’d inhaled in too much formaldehyde that’s caused him to have the cancer cells in his lungs.

On that day, the already retired Professor Jing-Mei asked me to go with her to visit a former coworker, Ms. Tsuei-Ying, along with go see her husband, Professor Lu one final time, and of course I’d said yes.

The studies showed, that the sense of hearing is gone last, even as the patients are in a state of comatose, they can still hear some sounds.  The thoughtful Professor Jing-Mei bought a cake of Professor Lu’s favorite Lily Cheesecake, placed it on his chest, told him, we’d brought your favorite snacks.  His eyes trembled a bit, being shut and all.  I’d mentioned of his daughter who is excellent, and recalled everything we’d shared in school teaching together, at the same time, thanking him for sharing with me what he’d caught on his fishing trips, how he’d, given us the various kinds of breads, cakes he’d baked himself.

The foreign hired nurse close by started crying out of sorrows.  At this time, the ward that’s overflown with the tears was disrupted by an energetic young boy, I’d winked at him, he’d made that face at me.  Professor Tsuei-Ying held tightly to her not-yet-preschool-age grandson, told him, “Grandpa is going to become an angel soon!  Tell him you love him in his ears, he can still hear you!”  that young boy slid down out of his grandmother’s lap, got close to his grandpa’s ears, used all of his strengths, declared, “I love you, so very much grandpa!”, that childish voice filled the entire room then, I was moved, and, Professor Lu opened up his eyes wide, then, suddenly, closed them up, passed away with a smile on his lips.

Later, this “I love you so very much grandpa!”, kept surfacing up to my mind repeatedly.

And so, this is on the final passage of life, and, everything that needed to get said got said, and, the man who’d died passed away with ease, and his families felt the loss, but, the loss was also, hand-in-hand with the love they’d shared with this elder of the family.

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The Mulberry Trees

The interaction shared by this man and his two kids, on an outing, where they encountered a mulberry tree, translated…

Everything means different to everybody.  “Your world”, is what you feel, what you are aware of, what you’d known, what you’d come into contact with, the sum of these.  So, everybody has a unique world that belonged, solely to, oneself.

Like how my kids and I stood under this, common paper mulberry that’s two, three people’s heights, with the shades here and there, giving us some relief from the scorching heat of the summer sun.  Those who were on their bicycles, rode to and from, continually chased after the horizon that’s up ahead; and this tree to them, is, way too ordinary to, take note of, like how those strange faces you’d come across, walking down the streets…………

But to my children, this is the “dessert shop” with the sweetest treats, the most beautiful!

My two kids started, looking greedily around underneath that mulberry tree, and pointed to the fruits on the trees, and, gave me the directions continuously, “Dad, there are still two more you’d missed over there!  Help me get it, don’t crush them!”, “Dad, watch out for us, the fruits with the ladybugs, the caterpillars, with the ants all over them, we don’t want them!”

the tree, with the fruits all over it, making children’s mouth water! Photo from online

I’d weaved underneath that mulberry tree, carefully sought out the complete orange-red colored fruits (these were actually, the pistils of the mulberry trees, with the round shapes, the aggregate fruits, a treatment for the eyes, and the kidneys based off of Chinese medicines).  The kids had stuffed their mouths all red, as I’d picked the fruits down, I’d, started, giving them a lesson, “Do you guys know, that the mulberry trees are, multipurpose?  The leaves are used as the feeds for the swine, the oxen, the goats, the rabbits, and deer, gaining it the name, ‘deer’s tree’; the bark can be made into paper, or into clothing, it’s the needed material to make the papers.  And, it can absorb all the toxins around us, the carcinogens too, which is why the mulberries are used as the trees to clean up the environment in the mining towns, and the places where there are, factories.  And what’s magical about these, is that in the recent years, a professor from N.T.U., proved that this is a species, with this special quality of pollination, proving that it’s factual…………”

Before I was done, my daughter started calling aloud, “dad, do you want some?  Stop talking already!  Younger brother said you should stuff a few in your own mouth, so you won’t, talk as much!”

And so, this is what the kids want, versus what the adults want, like that “stereotype” about Chinese on how if we asked our parents to answer a simple math question, it get turned into a two-hour lecture on things, and this father became too eager to pass on the knowledge about the indigenous species of mulberry tree to his own young, that he forgot that they only wanted to EAT, and not be lectured at!

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The Upsets Between the Mother and Daughter-in-Law that Turned into Tragedy in the Family, the Former Flight Attendant Poured Gas and Burned Her Ex to Death, Received Fifteen Years

And, the upsets that’s led to this, as one can only imagine, is still that FINAL, straw!  The woman murdered her husband, sure, that, what had, led up to, all of this, is worth noting here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former flight attendant, Lee and her husband who’s eight years her junior, Yang had a domestic violence dispute due to the problems with her in-laws, last year in March, she’d brought a keg of gasoline home to confront her husband, she’d poured the gas over her husband, then, set him on fire, causing him to sustain eighty-percent surface burns on his body, he was resuscitated for forty-five days, and then died.  The district attorney’s office indicted Lee on murder.  The Taichung District Court sentenced Lee on murder to fifteen years in prison, this can still be appealed.

The police and district attorney’s office investigated, that the forty-four year-old Lee and Yang live in a local residence in Fengyuan, after they were wed, Lee had often had confrontations with her in-laws, due to a difference in lifestyle, especially, the tension between the mother and daughter-in-law is strenuous, and she’d felt that her husband was passive in handling the matter too.

Last year in March, Lee had posted online, with the photo of the bite marks on her arms, and the emergency room visit documentations, accused her mother-in-law for biting her, and spraying chili oils on her, while her husband’s families posted the videos to rebut, stated that her mother-in-law got slapped across the face by Lee, kicked, and Lee had even threatened to cut her mother’s hair off with scissors, claimed, “it’s actually a case of daughter-in-law abusing the mother-in-law”, and, as the video went virus, the online community described the mother and daughter-in-law relationship as “mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, shocking interactions”.  The mother-in-law later pressed charges on assault toward Lee, last year on March eleventh, Lee scapegoated her husband, went to the gas station, bought the gas, bottled it up, went home, as her husband was asleep, she’d poured the gas on him, then, lit him up, causing him to sustain eighty-percent burns on his whole body, Lee also suffered from the burns as well, and the kitchen, the bedroom was on fire as well.

The Taichung District Court pointed out, that there’d been multiple records of domestic violence with Lee, her husband and her in-laws, and this time Lee’s upset was caused by her husband’s lying to her, that the tapes that’s stored in the police stations had already been, deleted, and her in-laws’ abuse of her.

The courts believed, that Lee intentionally bought the gasoline, and waited until her husband was asleep, then, poured the gas on him, and started the fires with the lighters multiple times, to kill him, that it was an indirect intention to murder him, that it wasn’t, directly intended, and she’d murdered him, and she’d not gained his families’ forgiveness afterwards, sentenced her to fifteen years.

Yeah, this woman did something really bad all right, but, you failed to note, how much she’d kept inside of her, until it finally exploded, and, imagine the amount of pressure, the upsets, the displeases that’s been piled one on top of the next and the next, and the next, for this woman, to finally, do something so violent, and this is still caused by the relationship going bad with her in-laws, and this shit still didn’t happen, overnight here.

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The Rituals of Love

How to raise your own young with love, so they’d become, loving people too, by modeling for your kids, what the expressions of love should be, and surely, as they watched you, they too, will start, to express their love to each other, as well as everybody else they may meet in their own lives, translated…

“Come!  A kiss, a hug, embrace me!”, when the kids were in elementary school, every morning before they set out, when they’d come home at night, I’d opened my arms wide, to perform this “family ritual” of hugging them, and, as the kids felt that they are fulfilled, smiled radiantly.  And to this very day, my passionate daughter would still hug me like so, with her face close to mine, make her eyes crossed, to make me laugh out loud.  While for my son who’s shier, he’d minced his lips and smiled, and, hugged me, and patted my back, and I’d hugged him and patted his back.  As the kids get older, the arms that wrapped around me became, stronger, and stronger.

The prayers before bedtime, it’s another ritual of love we shared.  The whole family reset ourselves back to zero; “Dear heavenly father, we are all your children, we all need your guidance, your help.  Please give us the wisdom every day, the courage, the love so we can face up to the challenges daily, bless us with strength, with peace and safety”.  Sometimes, my kids would say, “Dear heavenly father, there’s an exam soon, I’m really nervous, please help me have more courage, more strengths…………” in the nightly prayers, we’d become, equals, no lectures, no pressures, just being humbled together, lifting our heads toward up high.

The affirmations, the praises we gave one another regularly, it’s also a ritual of love.  When my son was in middle school, his classmates made fun of him, “you moron!  Retard!”, to which he’d responded back, humorously, “Yeah, with the guarantees of wisdom, I’m bound to be able to make a living for myself.”, he’d effectively resolved the badness those classmates’ words might have on him.  I’d told my son often, “I’d found, that you are a kid, with so many good qualities, you have the frugal morals of your grandfather, your father’s punctuality.”, and I’d told my daughter, “You have that flair to do major things in life, you will become, so very capable like your grandmother in the future, even more talented than I!”, the children respected us as their adults, and became fully confident, filled with their own hopes and dreams of their own futures.

Some say, that there’s this space inside our hearts, and only love can fill it up.  If this space is emptied, then, we would feel empty inside, to the point of feeling depressed.  So, I’d thought of some ways, to fill the love into that space inside my own children’s hearts.  In our home, there’s these warming rituals, hmmmmmmmmmmm!  Let’s call it, the “scientific behaviors of expressions of our love”, through the endless rehearsals, turning into this good cycle, filling up all the spaces in our hearts, with love.

And so, growing up in this environment full of positivity, the children are bound to be more optimistic, because the parents not just preached of these values to their own young, they’d, shown the kids, how to perform these behaviors using love too.

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Blessing is: Being Together with the Families

The returns back to their families, making that change to move back home, instead of working away, to provide for their, families, translated…

A while ago, a friend went to Shanghai to work, with the mind of if he weren’t successful, then, he’ll, come back to Taiwan, gone alone.  But, being alone, living in a foreign place, it’s, lonely, and I’d often seen him all alone on his own in the photos he’d posted on his social media accounts, and, I’d imagined, how difficult it must be for him, to have no one to socialize with, being an interactive with others in a group.

During that period of time, Shanghai’s pandemic worsened, not only was the city shut in, he couldn’t even go out, my friend didn’t have anyone to take care of him, to the point of him not being able to head out to get the groceries he’d needed for food.  And, the lengthiness of the quarantine period, tried him too hard, to the point that he got on the verge of melting down, to starting to exert the symptoms of, depression then.  As he’d communicated with his families, he’d decided to quit and come back to Taiwan.  He’d told me, that his two sons were happiest hearing his decision, that they can always make more money if needed, being together as a family that’s, what’s most important.  As he’d heard his sons supporting his decisions to quit his job, he’d started crying.

As I’d heard his decision, I’d shown him my support too.  As I’d undergone the same things last year, in the end, for the sake of my families, I’d made the decision to return back home.  Actually, it’s all the same for men who’d carried the families’ economics on their shoulder, once we’d made up our minds to go to work abroad, we buckle down and persist; no matter how tried we get, we would never give up.  And if we chose to give up, then, it would be for the sake of our, families.  Like my friend stated, “being happy, living life with the families by our side, that, is the goals of life!”

And now, as I’d gone back home to live, I’m living a life of richness, with the frugal means, being satisfied with what I currently have.  Thinking of what happened to my friend, I’d felt more than, blessed, had I kept going in my work then, maybe, my days would be, even harder than it is right now.

Looking at my family all around me, I’m thinking, that men like me, are truly, the blessed bunch.

And so, this is men’s realizing, that their families are the most important thing in their lives, that making the money really didn’t matter, and these men started taking advantage of the chances that they got, moved back home, because, you can always find work, but once you’d lost the time with your families, that’s something, you’ll, never, get back again.

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Seventh Aunt, Thank You

Kindness recalled, and returned, as your seventh aunt had shown a ton of care and concerns toward you when you were younger, her aunt, became, like a mother to her, translated…

My seventh aunt’s daughter was on business trip to New York, and, although it was an eight-hour drive for me to see her both ways, I’d, still made the trip, and, as I drove, I’d, remembered the past.

My parents were divorced, my father remarried, and my stepmother had her own children, and for years on end, my older sister and I were, kept at my grandma’s house.  We are a huge family from Canton, my grandma had five sons and five daughters, my father being the eldest son.  My seventh uncle married my beautiful seventh aunt, and, lived in with grandpa, grandma, my ninth aunt, and the two of us sisters.  Knowing that I was testing into high school that year, every morn my seventh aunt would prepare the breakfasts for me, served it to me, told me, “Ann, go for your dreams!  The nutritious meal I made for you, this will help you get into a good school!”, she always, gently, repeated those words of care and concerns toward me.

From when I was growing up, nobody made me the breakfasts like my seventh aunt had.

Seeing how little my younger cousin dressed as she’d come to New York, I took her to the name brand couture store, called up my husband (because I’d never spent so much money before in my whole life to shop), bought a warm coat for her.  And the look of surprise she’d shown me, I still kept in mind, what she didn’t know was, her mother, many a year ago, had helped a lost, young woman who was in desperate need of love, of care and concern, felt the warmth, and this kindness, I will, forever, remember.

And so, this, is how you’d, finally, started paying back your seventh aunt’s kindness to you, she’d loved you like a mother loves her daughter, took care of you, showed you a ton of care and concerns, and now, you were only, repaying her kindness, but not even close, by buying the clothes to help your younger cousin stay warm.


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My Husband & His Empty Nest

The empty nest of, a, man, that’s odd, isn’t it?  Thought only mothers have that, but apparently, this daddy is, experiencing it, after he sent his own daughter off abroad, translated…

Without any noises, my husband once more, snuck, into, our daughter’s room, to write calligraphy, and I’d asked him several times playfully, if he was, missing her in her absence, he’d always, smiled it off.  Since last year as we’d sent our daughter off to the U.S. to start high school, he who wasn’t talkative, fell, all the more, silent, and now, he’d become, quite, weird, hidden himself in our daughter’s room to write calligraphy, and just, stared into her, walls.

Since our daughter began preschool, because I had to get to school at seven in the morn, the sweet burdens of taking her to and picking her up from school, became my husband’s, from the moment he’d gone to wake our daughter up, to doing her braids, changing her into her school outfits, to picking her up to take her home at night, bathing her, bedtime stories, he’d, taken on all on his, own.  After our daughter went on into elementary school, he couldn’t put up with how lazy his class full of students took to learning, he’d, filed for retirement then, and began his job after retirement as our daughter’s, chauffeur, taking her to and from school, to the talent courses after school, the weekend study sessions, the competitions on the weekends, I’d not needed to take any part in it.

and this, is what it, looked, like…comic from online

As my daughter was through her first six months of private middle school education, he couldn’t bear to see her head, buried in books day and night, and, after he’d discussed with her, he’d transferred her to an international academy over thirty kilometers away from our home.  I’d originally hoped that my daughter could go to the school on room and board, and yet, in both their, insistence, my husband started, driving her to and from, rain or shine, and I’d not heard him complained of how trying it was, to drive the long ways.

I had, originally, wanted my daughter to finish her high school years in the international academy, then she could apply for university out of the country.  And yet, my daughter’s, “Daddy, I want to go abroad to high school, so I can, catch on in the university years.”  And although, he’d felt unwilling, but, he’d, set up the paperwork, the applications, and went with her, as she’d started her school internationally, he’d stayed for six weeks abroad with her.  While my daughter quickly adapted to the life, and yet, as my husband returned, he had a hard time, readapting himself to no longer needing to take our daughter to and from, but thankfully, our daughter would email the lessons that she was learning, to discuss with him about, to alleviate his missing her.

I’d always wanted to make fun of my husband, there are only the moms who are having a hard time in their, empty nest, there’s almost no stories of empty nest dads, looks like, I need to, file for retirement soon, to help him out of the gloom, of our daughter flying out solo.

And so, this father is experiencing the hard-hitting, empty nest, because he was the one, interacting with his own daughter since she was younger, and, certainly, he’d felt the strong empty nest, as she’d gone abroad to study, this just shows how much the man loves his daughter, how he’d, cherished her so, and only wanted what makes his own daughter, happy.

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