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The Balloons of, Goodwill

Noting and knowing what you wrote, that got printed, touched a reader’s heart, that was, enough for you, as a writer!  Translated…

As a person who works with words, I’d been writing, for decades to date, and, I’d been, submitting my articles to the papers for over a quarter of a century to date.  Like the sediments accumulated in the riverbanks, left behind, the pages of my, drafting papers too, and I’d recalled what a writer once said to me, she didn’t know where her readers are.

It’s also these couple of years, I’d met some new friends on FB, they’d read my book, I can see what they looked like too, knew the goings on of their lives, but, through the responses forwarded to me from the papers by my readers, there were, only, two.  (both were sent to me by the editor of the Family subsection)  One was an email, the other, a handwritten letter, with the postage stamps on the envelope, passing through the back counters of a post office, separated, along with the mail carrier’s sweat, and finally, arrived, at the editor’s office.

What was odd was, included, was a pack of black beans, and Mexican primrose-willow, for my cats.  The woman was Ms. Liu, at a time in her life, she’d read my articles which I’d written on my cats, knew that my cats started urinating blood out, recalled how her own old cat once had kidney disease too, and from someone else, she learned that drinking the water from black beans and Mexican primrose-willow can help that it could heal, and it actually, did, for her cat, and ever since, she’d, tried helping the cat owners she’d come across with such a problem.

In her letter, not only did she introduced the origins, the sources of the herbs, and described in close detail how the items should be cooked, how to keep it, how to feed it to my cat.  The words were so genuine, as I read, I saw her heart of, compassion, leapt onto the pages, alive, and warm.

But unfortunate, I was living in the U.S. then, and got the article printed out on the papers after my cat had died, and so, I’d, not made used of that pack of remedies.  The editor of the subsection of the papers sent a photo of that package of medication to me, asked me how I wanted to reply back?  I’d thought for a night, saw that there was a phone number listed, I’d decided to call to say thanks, and, if the individual refused to take my call for any reason, then, I can only, write my thank-you note to the editor of the paper’s subsection, and have him pass it along.

like, this???

photo from online

Ring~~~!, the following day, I’d gotten the phone going, then, about to talk to a strange reader, I’d felt, a bit, nervous.  The call was, picked up, “hello!”, it was a woman, with a full-volume of voice, I’d quickly stated my name, and told her why I’d called, and, worried she might thought that I was a scam artist.  And immediately, she’d, believed me, and, I’d, asked her permissions to allow the editor to give the remedies to someone else in need, which she’d, gladly, agreed.  An overseas call, a short conversation, and yet, the balloons of goodwill, started, soaring high, underneath, that sunny sky then.

This time, I’d known since I was younger, that I was going to, be a person who makes a living off of my words, and finally, I’d, become, just that too.  with the blood of a word cooker, word lover inside of my veins.  And although, I’d become stagnant, and caught dead, in the solitude of the literary, but quickly enough I’d discovered, that so long as I can still breathe, my feelings are still, flowing, the words shall, never die in me.  As for the readers, I’d come to believe, that the readers are, quiet, and, maybe, they’re, outside of the realms of the kudos I’d received.  Just as I’m also, a silent, unknown reader, to another’s, work too.

The internet is a brand new world within the world, a poem, an essay, a novel, met and mingled in the vast oceans of various medium, sinking, floating, drowning, dying, or, stand out among the rest.  Whether or not I’m noted, I know, that the only thing staying with me, would be, the words.

Then, I shall, keep on, writing then.  Yeah, the final line of my favorite novel stated it that way: writing, the journey, continues on.

And so, this is through the interactions with your readers, and knowing, how what you wrote gained a response, from that, certain someone else, you KNOW that your writings had, had an affect in someone else’s life, made her/him, response, and it didn’t matter if you’re an acclaimed author, with the books published or not, you’d, become, fulfilled, knowing, that what you wrote had, had an effect, on someone else’s, life.

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With Tar Covering Up His Shoes, Huang Built the Bridges, Paved the Roads, for Thirty Years

Here’s a man, who’d, given everything he’s got, to better the lives of those in his, hometown, off of the Newspapers, translated…

Every morn, as the skies just turned white, Huang put on his work boots, and readied for work, headed out, this pair of tar-covered, heavier as the days went by pair of work boots of his, had followed him, as he’d, paved many a bridge, filled up, a ton of potholes on the roads, and, he wouldn’t dispose of them, until, they’re, opened up at the front.  As soon as he left his home, the Jia-Yi Goodwill Group’s road fixing crew is already, speeding close, the workers greeted each other good morning, Huang got on, and started the daily routines of fixing up the roads he’d begun some thirty odd years back.

The seventy-eight year-old man, Huang worked as a volunteer paver of local roads, builder of bridges, from before, because his older sister lived close to the office of the goodwill group, she’d gotten involved in volunteering first, and, she saw that he was leisurely on the weekends, she’d pulled him along, for him to exercise his muscles and bones, to help building the bridges, and, he’d become, “stuck” in this calling once he’d, started scraping the sands together, moving the concretes a day at a time, he’d laughed and said, “I can’t go back now!” of his volunteer work.

the man…photo courtesy of


He’d told, that at the start of his volunteer career, he was still working at a public office, and he’d started, moving the items, digging for the foundations, mixing the concrete, although he felt tired in his body, but he was, more, fulfilled then, and since, he’d gone to help build the bridges every single week.

He stated, that over a decade ago after he’d retired, there are more time then, for him, to help pave the roads, later he’d, bought a professional tar truck that helps pour down the tar on the roads, more sturdy after the roads were, paved.

with his shoes covered in tar…photo from

“The foreman, Huang was always first!”, the C.E.O. of his group, Goodwill Chiayi, Kuo told, that every time Huang helped with building of the bridges, to patch up the roads, he’d always stood first in line, worked the hardest job, his face was often covered in dusts, ashes, with that heavy layer of tar covering up his work boots, and others around him reminded him that he should get a brand new pair, he’d smiled and said, “the boots now withstands high heat, easier for me to work in!”

And so, this is how you can become, generative (in generativity vs. stagnation???) after you retired, find that something you can pour your hearts and soul into, and just do it, like this man, who saw a need, and, provided it.

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The Free Meal Programs in Zhonghe by a Shop Kept Providing the Meals for Those Who Needed, and Finally Gained the Monetary Supports it Needed to Carry on the Goodwill

Because the owner saw a need, and just, kept on, providing it, to the locals in his area, and his kindness is, dearly, noted here, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The “A-Xing Stewed Meats” in Zhonghe, Hsinbei City, for twelve years, provided 200 free meals to those who need, and there were those who received the free meals who’d started doing the dishes for the shop voluntarily to pay back, since the outbreaks hit hard in May, the shop didn’t make as much, and still managed to provide for a hundred free lunches to those in need per day, as a local charitable foundation learned of this, they’d raised funds and donated $38,000N.T. to help the shop keep going, to offer those who were hit hard economically to keep their stomachs, full.Xing Stewed Meats is a mildly famed shop locally, since 2009, the owner started providing the free meals, and for many years, he’d helped many families.  But since the outbreaks in May, the shop was hit really hard, and could no longer provide as many free meals to those in need anymore, and this greatly, impacted the lives of those who are in desperate need.  The Futien Foundation C.E.O., Huang invited the members of the foundation, to raise the funds, and received a total of $38,000N.T.s, and recently, he’d gone on behalf of his foundation, with the man in charge of the local borough, Lai, to donate to the shop.

Ms. Chang in Hsintien told, that her family wasn’t doing well, there are three members of her families who all suffered strokes, and there’s a huge sum in medical charges she had to worry about, she’d gone to the shop to receive two serving of the free meals offered by the shop, and the owner had been more than kind, it’d made her too grateful, and, whenever she’d found the time, she’d gone to the shop to help do the dishes voluntarily, and hoped that when she is more able, she could be like the owner of the shop, give back to the community as well.

people lining up to get their serving of free lunch provided by this local shop…photo courtesy of

The owner of A-Xing Stewed Meats, Chen told, that he had been hit hard from before, that he didn’t have his meals regularly then, and can understand the trials of life, and back then, he’d made a vow, that when he is able to, he will, give back to the society in his own way.

Lai stated, that the city of Hsinbei hoped to start up this cycle of love and continue it, setting up the “Better Days Compassion Free Meals Platform”, inviting the local owners of food shops to come onboard their program, and currently, there are already, twenty restaurants that’s, signed up.

And so, this is still how a thought of kindness, seeing someone in need, and deciding to offer the assistance, can start a cycle of kindness, and those who were helped, are also, returning the kindness shown to them, by this shop that’s, started up this, cycle of help, of kindness, and hopefully, these acts of kindness will, keep on, rolling on.

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Two Cabdrivers

One younger, one, middle aged, the younger was kinder, more gentle toward this woman and the needs of her husband, but not the older, more experienced driver, because, perhaps, the older driver lost his passion for work, while the younger driver felt that he was offering help to someone in need, and that’s the attitude differences, to how the two drivers perceived the needs of this woman’s husband, translated…

As my husband became immobilized, these past few years, when we went out, we took the cabs.  Awhile ago, he was due back at the hospital for his check up, as we’d just come out of our home, stood out to flag down a cab, the cab came from the other side of the streets for us.

As the driver opened up the door, I’d, tilted my head to him, stated, “I’m sorry, can you open your trunk, so I can put the wheelchair in.”  the driver was stumped for a bit, then, opened up his trunk, I’d helped my husband settle in first, then, moved his wheelchair to the trunk, but because of the height, and how I didn’t have enough muscle, I couldn’t, lift his wheelchair in, and it took me two, three minutes to finally store it in.  As I got in the cab, the driver had a soured face, and complained, “how slow!”, other than apologizing, there’s, nothing I can, say, after, time to them is, money.

Yesterday morning, we needed to go out again, and with the previous experience, I thought, as the cab stopped, I should inquire the driver if he’d mind taking someone in a wheelchair first.  And yet, as the cab stopped for us, not only did the front driver’s side door opened, so had the trunk too.  That young driver in a gray workout suit, with a baseball cap came out of his driver side, walked to beside us, gave my husband a hand, said, “Grandpa, no need to rush, just take your time!” as my husband settled into the seat, he’d, bent over, lifted up the wheelchair, and stashed it for us in his trunk, very agile, the driver had been.

As we settled into his cab, I’d thanked the driver for his help, he’d squinted his eyes toward me, said, “I work in the service industry, it’s what I’m supposed to do, no need to thank me.  I’m more than blessed, to give grandpa a lift, everyone was young once, but, not all get to their elderly years, I’d always feel especially blessed when elderly flagged me down.”

Hearing the young driver’s words, other than being grateful toward him, I’d felt, warmed up, due to this, experience of wonderful ride.

And so, here, we have, two contrasting attitudes, from two separate drivers, the first was older, he’d been working too long, perhaps, already, lost his passion for what he does for a living, while, the second driver was still a young lad, and, perhaps, his heart of offering help is what made the difference in the attitude to which he perceived this woman and her husband’s needs.

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The Compassionate Meals at the Dongmen Night Markets of Yilan, Offered Help to Those in Need During the Outbreaks

Kindness shown, to those in need, by this, group of, business owners in a local night market, who’d, banded together, to provide the assistance to those in need during this trying time of MERS-CoV outbreak, off of the Newspapers, translated…

It’s been, days since the alerts were, downgraded to level two, the locals in Yilan had been, passing around the kindness.  The not-for-profit organization, the Lucky Families had been giving back in the program of, “I can handle it, Allow Me to Help You” meal programs.  There’d been more than ten night market food stands that are, actively, involved to date.  Providing for the families that are in trouble, breakfasts, lunches, and suppers, free of charge to the families in need.  The members of the Lucky Families program, the head of tourist development of Yilan Night Markets, Wang stated, that hopefully, through the platform set up by the night markets, it can, help more of those who are in dire need.

“There are those who are, having it, harder than we are having it, helping one another out, giving all that we can to each other”, Ms. Wang, the owner of a wrap stand stated, she’d once helped an elderly who works at making the handicrafts, the elderly made no more than $10,000N.T. by the month, couldn’t even afford her own $7,000N.T. rent, her family of four is tried, she’d recalled how she’d given to the elderly and her families, and it’d, made her feel, blessed.

the man, making the food to give to the families in need, free to them! Photo courtesy of

The owner of a fast food shop, Chuang also told, “being able to help, it’s okay, that I make, a little, less money!”, he’d told, that a long-time customer and his families are living in a small suite, his wife isn’t well, nor was his daughter, this time, the outbreak came, it’d, caused the man to lose his job, he and his family is on the verge of not making it, and he’d, reported to the foundation that this family is in dire need of assistance, and the foundation helped the family by giving them some emergency cash to help them through.

There are, many members of the night markets who are involved as the part of this, locally operated help foundation, including the wrap stands, fried rice shops, steak shops, the snack stands too, they’re all, actively, involved.  If the visitors see the stickers, and tell the shops, “I want to order the A meal”, then, the visitors will get a free meal provided to them.

Wang told, the business owners were impacted greatly during the outbreaks, and mostly relied on the deliveries to make their own ends meet, and even though, the night markets opened at sundown, the shops would open up for business during the daytime too, to help out the less fortunate, the needy families more, the shops would, take the costs of the meals provided on themselves.  There were the shop owners who’d had someone who’d, ordered more than one serving of the free meals provided, he believed, “if I do it, I shall, trust the customers, entirely”.  The other shop owners also stated, “as long as there’s needs, we shall, provided to them, for free!”

During the outbreaks, the Lucky Families actually also provided the meals on the New Years’ holidays for those who are in need, for a total of, eleven days on end, “it’s okay that you’re in a bit trouble, just tell us, we’ll, allow you to eat and drink the soups until you’re full for free!”, to date, this service had run for nine whole years; as the outbreaks got harder, the program was restarted back in May of this year, hoping that more who needs can get the help that they needed.

So, this, is a locally run and operated assistance program, with a group of kindhearted individuals, all working together, to help those who are in need, and, this, is amazing, what this group of business owners are doing in the local night markets, they’re not, just, providing the assistance to the families, individuals who are in desperate need, this group is also, passing, a good sort of a legacy, that hopefully, will continue on.

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The Cohesive Love Foundation Took Care of Students in the Distant-Regions, Offered the Tutoring Sessions for Eight Years to Date

How this program persisted, despite how hard the times are, hitting, because there is, this, dire, need for it!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The secretary general, Hong of the Taiwanese Cohesive Love Foundation of Taiwan” is a full-time housewife, in her working as a volunteer, she’d found, that the students in distant-regions lacked the afterschool tutor help session resources, that the afterschool programs provided by the schools couldn’t meet the demands of the parents’, she’d gathered a group of volunteers, and set up the Cohesive Love Foundation, and other than offering the students the academic tutoring help after school, also cared for the moral education of the students as well.

The fifty-year-old studied at the Chishan Agricultural Skilled Technical High School, due to chance, started working as a volunteer for the Taiwanese Fund for Children & Families in Kaohsiung, and, due to the many years of experiences in volunteering with the group of volunteers, she’d zoomed in on the needs of the children in her locality, set up the Cohesive Love Volunteer Group to help the elementary and middle school students who are in need of tutoring after school, providing the suppers and the afterschool help session for eight years on end.

“As the foundation just got set up, we don’t have a set place, and we can only borrow the place from the local community centers, and, whenever there are local activities, we’d become, nomads”, Hong told, without the locations, the social workers had let the group of students to the local McDonald’s to hold the learning sessions, and it was hard from the start, as the desks and chairs they used are from the donated secondhand places, there is the lacking in funding and resources for the program, she’d once thought of ending the work of the foundation, but then, she’d thought about how the kids won’t have their meals, and still, carried on the work, and thankfully, her husband, her own children were all, very supportive of her cause.

photo of the food shop set up by the foundation in March to help the middle and older women, as well as the handicapped individuals on a second career, photo from


A lot of the parents worked far away, and by the time they arrived to pick up their young it was already six, seven in the evenings, and the afterschool help programs offered by the local schools only lasted until five in the afternoon, the students had nowhere they could go, the parents came home tired from work, the students lacked the educational support they’d needed from the families, and the Cohesive Love Foundation focused on the concerns and needs of the families individually, enforced the communications between parents and children, moral education, and, the cleaning of the households, and other courses.

Of them, an elderly woman, Chiu’s son divorce his wife due to their differences of views on family, left four grandchildren to her to care, after the foundation’s matching the son of the elderly woman up with a temporary job, the son would return home late, and the grandmother considered that after work, it would be too hurried for her to pick up her grandchild from the afterschool program at his school, she’d, signed her grandson up for the courses at the foundation, and she’d, gotten, some relieve.

Hong told, a lot of people didn’t learn to be husbands, wives, and parents until after they were married, hoping that there is a specialty department helping the younger generations to deal with their issues in marriage, also offer the lessons in childcare, to reduce the problems of the families, and the society.

And so, this woman saw a need in her locality, and, started thinking of ways to offer the assistance that the local people would need, and, it’s with that thought of wanting to help relieve the stresses of the individual families, that’s carried her far, in offering the assistance to these families in need.

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The Help that Came, on Time

Blessings of day-to-day life, acts of kindness, from stranger, on her trip to the local marketplaces, translated…

Went to the Fuhe early market places to shop, dragged along a basket full of vegetables, fishes, fruits, as I hauled onward, there was, that feeling of, I can’t go any further, then came, “Miss, Miss, you’d lost a wheel on your cart!”

Turned around to look, a man in a red jacket, picked up that tiny wheel, called out to me loudly.  Ahhhh!  How will I, drag these, over ten kilograms’ worth of groceries home?  I’d taken the wheel from the man, stood dumbfounded, not knowing, how I would be able to, do it, suddenly, an older woman with silvery her took out a tiny pin from her purse, told me, “try this!”

a cart full of groceries like this…

photo from online

She’d, placed the needle of the pin through the wheel of my shopping basket, put the padding across, then, placed that needle of the pin through the holes, and, it’d, worked, steadied the wheel in its place, so my shopping basket doesn’t, fall, apart.  I’d, pressed my cart to lower it to tilt, the smaller wheel wasn’t used anymore, and I was able to, haul my cart full of groceries home using those two larger wheels.

I’m more than grateful for the man who’d caught my wheel as it’d rolled off, along with the older woman who’d given me that pin, with their helps, I was able to, successfully, get my cart’s worth of groceries, home.

This still showed, how easy it is, to offer the help that someone needs to them, and, by the random acts of kindness shown to this woman, this woman was able to find something wonderful in her day, and I’m sure, she’d become, infected too, with that sense of help, that she would be more than likely, to help someone else in need, at a later time when she comes across someone else who’s, in need of, assistance.

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Grandpa Fried Dumplings

How the cycle of kindness still started with just one person, and gets, passed down to many others, how kindness, multiplied…translated…

Before I’d learned of his story, I’d just thought he was, quick on his feet and hands, year round, he’d sold off the fried dumplings from his stand.  He’s the last generation of soldiers, in his teens, worked in the fields, then he was, drafted to work in the armed services, and came to Taiwan, as the war was over, all of his fellow servicemen all married and had babies, but he’d been alone, to this, very day.

There was a frying pan on his small cart, with the fillings, a bottle of cooking oil, a tiny jar of chili, and two shiny trays.  At two in the afternoon, he’d shown like clockwork, put the fried dumplings he’d made in the frying pans, put the lid on, then, started making the second batch.  As the first batch got cooked, he’d placed in the second, and continued to fry them.  As school let out, there would be the students standing around, waiting for the food, he’d not hurried at all, carefully, made the dumplings, to perfection.

an elderly man like this…

photo from online

In the past as I’d gone back home I’d seen him, and wondered, if he was under some sorts of economical pressures, otherwise, why would he still operate that fried dumplings stand at the age of eighties or nineties?  Until one day, I saw my coworker, chatting with the man.

Later on, my coworker told me, that after the September 21st earthquakes, she’d lost her families, as a young child, she was sent into an orphanage, and stayed there for a couple of years, and that Grandpa Fried Dumpling was the man who’d, adopted her.  As she’d left the orphanage, other than donating half of her monthly wages back to the orphanage, she’d often visited Grandpa Fried Dumpling too, thanked him for raising her.  Grandpa Fried Dumpling has a ton of compassion, with a small cart, he’d, sponsored a ton of children.

After I’d learned of this, I’d, held the elderly man in even higher regards.  Thought about how he’d left his hometown, to come to Taiwan, how he’d, given his life, to this land.  For over decades, with the fried dumplings he’d made, sponsored many children.  And, as these children grow up, they’d, carried forth his kindness, passing the love own too…………

And ever since, whenever I’d passed by the local area, I’d, made my way, to greet Grandpa Fried Dumpling.  And he would always act as he’d always done, nodded to acknowledge me, with his lips, curling upward.

And so, this, is a very touching story, of how this man worked hard, saved up the money, and gave back to the community, sponsored children who didn’t have anybody else, and the children he’d, sponsored all inherited his kindness, and kept, paying it forward.

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The Heart of Shijr, Bringing Warmth to Thousands of Children from Lesser Backgrounds

The kindness that’s shining through right now, off of the Newspapers, translated…

There are, a lot of residents who live in the distant mountain regions in Shijr, Hsinbei City, Liu who originally owned and operated a small diner set up the “Heart & Soul of Shijr”, set up food banks at the local substations, and worked side-by-side with TSMC charitable foundations, and rented the spaces to give to the elderly population who live alone, taking care of residents from ages zero to a hundred, since it’s start up back in 2014, the services offered assistance to over thousands of individuals.

Liu was originally an owner of a restaurant, and by chance, he’d found that there were, a lot of families on the lower end of the socioeconomic status in Shijr, who had troubles, getting a full meal provided to them, he’d called out to the local diners, restaurants, to help provide the meals for these families, at first, the services made the meal deliveries, and later he’d found, that the police department was the first to know about these families in trying times, and so, he’d worked with the Hsinbei City Police Department, at the substation in Shijr, he’d set up the food bank, and when the locals are having a hard time, the stations are able to provide the needed foods, Liu hoped to set up the afterschool program to help the children, and the TMSC Charities found him, and provided the funding for the equipment needed, and the local residents also started donating the foods, the money, the clothes as well, and the foundation sorted through the donated clothes, foods, and related items, and donate them to those in need.

the center that’s set up, for the children to have a place to go when their parents are away, at work…photo courtesy of

Liu stated, that the afterschool homework help center’s purpose was to give the children from single-parent, cross-generation families, children who don’t have that much adult attention to go into, so they don’t get into the gangs, or get into contact with the illegal substances, currently, there are about twenty children who are being counseled by the center that he’d helped set up.

Liu stated, that in the future, he is to work even harder, hoping to look after more children in need, so the society can see the foundation’s work, to attract more volunteers who are willing, and able to, offer assistance to those on the lower end of the socioeconomic status, to help them improve their lives for the better.

And so, this, is good work that this man had, started, he’d not just, handed the money to the families in need, instead, he’d given the families, a more, practical sort of help, providing the children from the lesser backgrounds a center to stay in, while the parents worked, so they don’t get involved with the wrong crowds, and go down the wrong paths in life, the foundation also offered the assistance that those on the lower end of the socioeconomic statuses are in need of, with the food banks, set up in the local stations, and this, is what charitable acts are all about, providing the practical help that those in need required, and NOT just soliciting donations of money.

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He’d Raised the Funds for Two Thousand Packed Meals, Feeling Bad Over How Children from Lesser Backgrounds are Starving

This man saw the needs of a young child, and, provided the needed goods to help make this child’s life, easier, off of the Newspapers, translated…

Many years ago, the story of the five siblings, the Weis “sharing a bowl of noodle” gained the public’s attention.  This winter, the Kaohsiung chapter of Taiwan Fund for Children & Families offered many families free meals, a total of two thousand lunches, and the man behind raising the funding for this is the forty-year-old Tu, he’d felt bad of how a young boy stood outside the restaurants, not going away, and made his wish, to help the children in poverty stricken homes to have at least, enough food in their, stomachs.

In mid last year, Tu went to Gangshan, Kaohsiung to visit a friend, he was in a diner having a meal, when there was a thin young boy, looking at the menu, and not moving away.  Later, the owner of the shop told him, that he’d seen the boy more than once, that he’d just, come by, flipped through the menu outside, then, left, that perhaps he couldn’t afford the items that was why he’d not dared, come into the diner.

the lunch the man donated to charity, to help feed the children in need! Photo courtesy of

“How can someone not afford a one-hundred-dollar simple meal or a sixty-dollar packed lunch?”, Tu was filled with questions then, and it’d, gotten his empathy.  At the start of this year, he’d, gotten together with a group of friends, and, donated two thousand packed meals to the Taiwan Fund for Families and Children, so children can have the foods in their, stomachs.

Awhile ago, on the lunch box donation, that young boy and his older brother showed up, Tu never imagined, that he actually, offered, physical help to the child who was in need.  On the second day that winter vacation started, Tu drove to Gangshan in his spare time from work, and, rushed to help delivered the packed lunches with the workers in the restaurants.

And, Tu also extended his cares and concerns to Liugui’s “Neboon Chorus” the native students, to help them raise the funding so they can go around for the tours.  He’d said, “seeing those children’s faces smile, that, was the best sort of feedback for me.”

And so, this man noticed a need, and, acted on it, and he’d, influenced those around him, to come onboard in helping these children from lesser backgrounds out, and, even though he is only one person, but he’d, already, exerted, such, a huge, difference in the lives of children.

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