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The Retired School Instructor Found His Way into His Friend’s Daughter’s Bedroom and Molested Her in Her Sleep

And this is still because???  Oh yeah, all you, mother FUCKERS (don’t pardon me here!) still can’t keep your DICKS inside your, FUCKING pants!  Sexual misconduct, and he did it, to the daughter of a friend too!  A SEX CRIME, by, opportunity, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A retired male instructor from Taoyuan gave his friend’s middle school age daughter afterschool help, but used the time that the adolescent stayed at his home during the two nights, snuck into the bedroom, and, started molesting her sexually, the young woman woke from her sleep, not known how to react, and, took a peep, and saw it was her tutor, she’d kept everything silent until she finally broken down, and told of the experiences of enduring through the sexual molestation, that she’d felt very fearful, and disgusted as it’d happened to her; and recently, the district attorney’s office charged this predatory instructor on opportune sexual molestation, asked the courts to punish him severely, based off of the laws set to protect children and adolescents.

The investigators found, that the male instructor and the mother of the adolescent met in church, and because the woman trusted the individual, that was why she’d sent her daughter into his home weekly for the tutoring sessions, in 2019, the adolescent’s mother needed to stay at the hospital with a family member, left her daughter to the tutor’s care for two days.

And the male instructor made his way into the bedroom of the teen in the middle of the nights, and put his hand down into her underwear and bras, and molested her, the adolescent woke from having been touched, not known how to react, and can only keep everything in, and yet, for the two nights that followed, the man came continually, and she was physically assaulted on her breasts and in her pubic area, more than dozens of times.

Six months later, the adolescent felt upset, and went to her school counselor’s office and disclosed to the school counselor what had happened to her, and in the company of her own family she’d gone to the police; during the interrogations, the tutor only admitted to offering the tutoring sessions, and allowed the adolescent girl to stay with him a few days and, denied ALL allegations of sexual molestation.

The adolescent accused, that when she was being molested, she was awakened, she’d closed her eyes a bit to pretend that she was still asleep, and opened her eyes for a bit, to confirm that it was her tutor who was molesting her.  The D.A. confirmed, that the defendant took the time when the victims was asleep, to molest her, that it’s opportunistic molestation by subjectivity, and objectively, he was guilty of forced molestation charges, and, based off of the principles of the laws of “knowing and doing”, the district attorney’s found that the tutor was responsible for opportune sexual molestation.

And so, this woman wrongfully trusted this man, and placed her teenage daughter in his home, and this young woman was sexually molested, by someone who goes to the same church as her own mother, and what does that tell us about those who go to church again?  Oh yeah, some of them are still, SATANS in god’s skin, masking themselves up, waiting for opportunities like these, to hurt others.

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The Man Wrongfully Accused, Placed on Death Row for Over Eighteen Years, Received $34.17 Million Reparation

Wrongfully accused, and time served, and now, the government’s paying him, and yet, it still, doesn’t quite, make up for it, does it???  Of course N-O-T, but, this is, as far as justice for a crime you never committed can get you!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

This is the Highest Amount Paid for the Wrongfully Accused, Finally He Got His Original Verdict of Death Sentence Overturned, When He Was Finally Released, He’s Thirty-Nine, and the Money Paid to Him Now by the Government for His Being Wrongfully Incarceration, Doesn’t Make Up for the Years He’d, Lost

The case of the Guijen dual bodies murder from twenty-two years ago that shocked the country in Tainan, the suspect, Hsieh who’d been sentenced to NINE separate death penalties,, due to discoveries of new evidence by the D.A., he’d filed for a retrial, the High Subsidiary Courts of Tainan overturned Hsieh’s original verdict, Hsieh was wrongfully incarcerated for a total of 6,834 days, and he’d filed for the claims, the High Courts of Tainan originally set the payments of $3,500N.T. per day of wrongful incarceration, decided to pay Hsieh over $2.39 million N.T.s, but Hsieh filed for another review of the amount, and the courts changed the amount to $5,000N.T. a day, Hsieh received a total of $34.17 million N.T.s, and this was the highest amount of payment by the justice system for the wrongfully accused.

The Collectivist Courts pointed out, that the close to twenty year’s of appeal that Hsieh had weathered through, during the time, he’d lost the payments for his work, suffered emotional stresses, and his families also felt the pains of his wrongful incarceration as well, while both Hsieh and his families’ reputations were damaged by him receiving the death penalty too, that Hsieh had the right to ask for $5,000N.T. per day of wrongful incarcerations from the justice systems.

The highest precedence of wrongfully incarcerated was the death row inmate, Hsu for kidnapping and ransoms, after being kept in custody for sixteen years, the courts found him not guilty, Hsu asked the justice systems to pay a total of $28.14 million N.T.s for wrongful incarceration.

The attorney of Hsieh, Tu affirmed the courts, and the D.A.’s offices for shouldering the costs, and the loss of the wrongful accusations; Tu pointed out, that in the nearly two decades of Hsieh’s serving in prison, the losses he’d suffered, no amount of money can make up for.

After Hsieh got his guilty verdict overturned back in May two years ago, his team of attorneys used five-thousand dollars a day to count, and filed a civil wrongful accusation case of a total of $34.17 million N.T., that same year, the Tainan High Subsidiary Courts found that the courts pay $3,500 N.T.s per day, a total of $23.91million N.T.s.  Hsieh and his team of attorneys felt it was too low, asked for the courts to review, and the civil repatriation courts overturned the case.

Tu believed, that the country, using the most severe of punishment, the death penalty to punish Hsieh, therefore, it must pay for the wrongful accusations with the highest amount too; the district attorney of the Tainan High Subsidiary Courts D.A.’s Office, Lin also stated, that the country had, mistakenly treated the wrongfully accused, suggested that the courts pay the highest amount of asking by the man.

The Collectivist Courts pointed out, that Hsieh was originally an apprentice of the restaurant, had to pay his parents $12,000N.T. for their caretaking needs, as he was taken into custody by the police he was only nineteen, and lost his personal freedom, his families suffered, his career, discontinued, and due to how the courts sentencing him to serve death multiple times, he was faced with the fears of having to lose his life at anytime, and during his time served, his father also, died and he’d been tried, both physically and psychologically.

By the time that Hsieh received the overturn of his guilty verdict he was already thirty-nine, lost the primes of his life of over eighteen years in prison, other than being disconnected with the society outside, he’d had to, readapt himself, and, he’d been under the uncertainties of when he is to serve the death penalty, and, nobody can imagine his stresses, his pressures, and during his time of imprisonment, and after his release, he’d suffered anxiety to this very day, and is still being treated by the psychiatric department currently.

And so, how much, would be, enough, to make up for what this man went through?  Nothing will!  This man had served on death row, and, he’s already, thirty-nine by the time he was finally, released out of prison, because of being wrongfully accused, and, the courts are, not going to pay what he’d asked the courts to pay?  How’s that right?  You put a man who’s innocent on death row, made him go through HELL, in the time he was imprisoned, his father died, and, even though, the courts cleared his name, it doesn’t do SHIT to make up for all the time he’d lost, he’s already, an “old man” here, totally, DETACHED, from the rest of the outside world, how is he to, get back what he’d lost?  He can’t, and the court still tried to, CHEAT him out of what he deserved?  That’s still not justice, not even, the belated, sort here.

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The Evaluation Board of the Court Justice that Threatened the Teenager to Slap Himself Repeatedly Recommending that the Judge be Relieved of His Post & Duties as a Judge

How the court justice’s misbehaviors of punishing the teen got him relieved of his duties, abusing her power as a court justice, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The justice of the Miaoli Juvenile Court, Chou, in the past year, had been skipping out of her court duties of 353 hours, and, in the court proceedings, she’d demanded the adolescent who’d committed the crimes to kneel down before her, and was sent to the evaluation committees.  The Court Evaluation Committees ruled, that Chou’s behaviors had, severely damaged the rights of the adolescent, that she’d broken the basic human rights in court, and she’d, cancelled the trials at her own will, and, took the teens into custody, out of the dates at her own will, yesterday, the evaluation was sent to the evaluations court, and it’d recommended the most severe of punishment, relieved her of her duties as a court justice, and terminating the contract of work permanently, she will never be hired as a public office worker again.

In 2009, Chou transferred to the position of the court justice from her former post in the district attorney’s office in Chiayi, she’d once gotten a written warning, for keeping an adolescent in police custody for thirteen days after the fact, two years ago, her work evaluation received a “not-up-to average”, and she’d received a written warning.

In October of 2019, she was trying a youth for beating his own father, Chou demanded the juvenile to slap himself across the face repeatedly, and kept telling him, “not hard enough, harder, again, again, until your cheeks turn red!”.  The young man slapped himself a total of twenty-three times, and then, was ordered by Chou to get own on his knees to apologize to his own parents, then, told him, “if your parents take you to visit the poor or to offer to the temples, you must go.”, and that if he didn’t comply, then, he would get taken into juvenile detention.

And, Chou also asked the secretary of the court, the assistants to the justice, to run errands for her during work hours.  And because she’d worried that her behaviors of utilizing the public resources for her own private means might get found out, she’d also demanded her assistants to write a confession statement, to help her turn over the claims; and, as she oversaw the cases of juvenile crimes, there were the incidents of passing the dates of crime and mandating the custody, illegally forcing the individuals related to settle, and, contacting the parties, etc., etc., etc., an assortment of behaviors, outside the realms of morals of being a court justice.

Chou’s means of “advising” the adolescents, the evaluation committee believed, that Chou’s uses of improper language to describe the juvenile detention halls, along with other corrections facilities, it’d made the people fear and misunderstand the system of corrections, and the self-discipline committee of Miaoli District Court in the evaluations that Chou forced the youths to write statements claiming, “I believe, that you weren’t improper in your trial, and the results.”, then showed it to the media press to photograph.

From July of two years ago to March of last, Chou had cancelled forty-nine of the cases assigned to her, without any verifiable reasons, and she was immediately sent to the self-discipline evaluations, and she’d still, canceled seventeen more trials. From January to March of two years ago, she’d left work for 353 hours, just two years ago, she’d skipped her work hours for a total of 314 hours.

The justice evaluation committees criticized that Chou earned a public pay that’s high, and had not been righteous in her work duties, that her behaviors weren’t accepted by the taxpayers, that she’s not only ill-fitted as a court justice, but also, unfitting for any other, public positions, and so based off of the harshest discipline of the court judge laws, the justice evaluation committee recommended that her post of court justice be relieved and that she shall never again be hired as a government worker.

And so, this is how, this justice’s improper behavior in her trials got her in trouble, and this just showed, how sometimes, people will, use their status of power, to abuse, and she thought that nobody could touch her, because she is a court judge, that’s probably why, she continued to abuse her power as a court justice, and now, she is fired from her post, and she will NEVER again, be hired in any of the government agencies again.

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The Old-School DDP vs. the Mutated DDP

On the mutations of a political, party that’s currently, RUINING this country, how we the people, are, enabling the DDPs abuse of, WE the people, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the C.K.S. Memorial Park opened, the Head of State, Su claimed, sourly, let’s not forget how bloody this dictator’s hands were, seeing how gentle-looking he was in his elderly year.  His words were made fun of by the outside presses; Chiang Kai-Shek looked gentle as he became an elderly person, while the looks, being a reflection of the mind, for Su, he’d looked, meaner and meaner.  As he saw that he’d not gained the supports of the majority of the public, Su immediately chimed in with Tsai’s “against Communist China, Protecting Taiwan”, criticizing the KMT for being a bunch of ingrates, that if the older president, Chiang were alive, he would die of feeling furious about them all.

We the people, have that ruler, to judge our political leaders by inside.  Every time the polls were done for the past twenty years, the president Chiang Kai-Shek always got voted as the top.  Tsai chose to go with the flow of things, commended the former president for “rebelling against the Communists to Protect Taiwan” to make the connection of the former president to herself.  While Su chose to go up against the former president Chiang, and gotten the cannons shot at him, and so, he’d had to, switch up his claims.  The sensitivities of Su and Tsai of how the winds are changing, it can’t be measured by just the kilometers; Su is ambitious, but every time as the key moments came, he’d always, come up, short, and lost to the opponents from within, and out of his own party.  It was his own fault, for just, pressing onward, without the considerations of, any and everything else.

Compared to how Su had rammed around, Tsai would get voted as the champion, for saying ALL the right words to appease all the people.  Looking at how humble she acted, claiming, “nobody should be apologetic for her/his, values”, with that flair of Mandela, and Lincoln too.  But, in the ideological democracy, she’d used her manipulative means, to pull on the various groups of voters, and multiple times, misused the legislatures, and, castrating the public organizations’ independence, actually, she’s taking this country into more of a dictatorship rule.

As for the KMT, the party not in power, it can only tackle the old-school DDP members like Su, who’d followed the already set ideologies of the political party, and as they came across the “mutated” like Tsai, they’re all, at wit’s, ends, with that red hat, pressing down too hard on the political party now.  On the matter of ingrates, this would be, the true reasons of why Taiwan is declining toward authoritarianism.

And so, you can see, from this, how this current president of this god damn country singlehandedly, manipulated the masses, and what’s worse, is that we the people, can unite together, to overthrown her dictatorship, because, we got so used to, being enslaved by our governments, even as we know, that the DDP isn’t ruling by just, or the correct means, we still, can’t fight.  And we’d become, enablers, of the DDPs abuse of we the people here.

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Murder for Hire by the Mob, Two Suspects Taken into Custody

Gang-related activities here, and, someone gets, taken OUT, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The local leader of the local chapter of the Thento Union, Lin was gunned down and murdered last April, the police found, that it was the fellow from another chapter of the same gang, Lee, due to land sales disagreements, had a hoodlum, Wei to find the gunman, Tsai, to do the job, then promised to pay a million dollars N.T. to help his families settle.  Yesterday Lee and Wei were charged with planned assassination, after the D.A. interrogated, the courts mandated both into police custody.

The fifty-six-year-old Lee is the local head of gangsters from Danshui, the second president of the local division of the Thento Union, using the pawnshop as a location for activities, operated as loan sharks, violent debt collections, and other illegal activities.  The investigators found, that Lee became upset over how Lin took the major pay-offs of constructions in Bai for a very long time, suspected that the murder may have to do with the transporting of the construction materials, and the construction works, that he’d asked the forty-eight-year-old follower to hire someone to kill him.

And so, this is how gangs are still, very active, locally here, and, it’d hit close to home here, this region was a major tourist attraction site, and yet, the local gangs had, gained control over this region, which makes it that much less safer for all of us, ordinary, citizens, and, this still just showed, how bad the law and order are getting in these regions where there are the most gang-related activities.

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As death slowly, takes you, over, a poem, translated…

To the Parts of Me Not Yet Dead

Slowly, Every Time as I’d Imagined

Finding that White Staircase

Just Lay Down & Dying on it

You Will Come, Led Me to the Sweet Cemetery Where the Rainbow Rose Up

Telling Me, that Before the Dews Met the Sunshine, it’s Just

A Breath of the World, Like the Peppermint Cigarettes I Loved So Much

With the Smoke Rings Slowly Getting Fatigued, and Vanishing in an Instant

It’s Still Beautiful Here

Dozens of Golden Butterflies Danced Around

Becoming the Thousands of Golden-Colored Leaves

That Fell from All Around

The Sawed Opened Ribs of the Trees

It’s What You’d, Smelled Like

You Will Come, Get Down on Your Knees

Breaking Open that Pine-Scented Green Chest, Pinched My Head Like

Subduing Me into Eternity.  That Hole Seemingly, Endless Heading Onward Slowly, Telling Me

It’s Nighttime Now

While from My Mildly Slanted Angle I Saw

The World that was High Up

Kneeling Down Just Rising Up Slowly

Puffing Out the Beautiful, White Smokes

a place like this is where this takes, place…

photo from online

In the Covers of the Night

Being Enchanted by, Oneself

Slowly, the Colors Faded Off of My Dress

Allow Me One More Peppermint-Flavored Cigarette

Before I Leave the Cemeteries, I’d Handed the Butt to You, Like Entrusting Something Precious

After I’m Laid to Reset, Do Take it Back Here Again

Bury it Under the Starry-Lit Graves

Stand Firmly, from Outside of My Own Physicality

I’d, Kissed My Own, Death

This is on accepting one’s own death, because time has come already, and, there’s no more time left for the narrator, and, s/he tried to squeeze in as much of her/his final words as s/he possibly can, to leave behind, some sort of wisdom for those who are left behind in life.

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Best Friend

The guardian of the threshold, who’d helped this individual, connect with others, that s/he originally felt awkward, and not comfortable enough in doing, we all need someone like this in our lives at one time or another, translated…

I’d always been too shy growing up, and didn’t have that many good friends, although I’m not completely an outcast of my class, but I’d, always, stayed by myself.  Those girlfriends who’d gone to the drinking fountain to get water together, going to the restrooms hand-in-hand, I’d never had the experiences of.  I’d originally thought, I would, be alone like this until I grow up, but him being there, helped me changed this, sorrowful, predicament.

Don’t know when he’d started, noticing me, but I always remembered those first words he’d blurted to me, “hi, can you lend me a pen?” and from a pen, my story started getting, rewritten.

someone who helped us, fit in…

from online

After I’d lent him that pen, he’d started, borrowing things from me more frequently, even nicknamed me “the Kind”.  He’d introduced me to the circle of his own friends, and when we divide up in groups, he’d, gotten me in too.  As I’d become more aware, we’d become, inseparable then, the best of, friends.

Because of him, more and more people in class started noticing me, and on the way to school, I would get greeted by others too, I’d felt that I’m, a part of, the class now.  I’d become, more connected with the class, and, whenever the group activities were assigned to us, I no longer felt, as, anxious.

Many years later, we’d lost touch, but my gratitude toward him still didn’t get reduced one bit.  If we have the chance of bumping into one another again, I want to tell him, “Hey, thanks!”

And so, this is someone who’d, acted as a threshold guardian to you in your schooling years, he’d helped you open up a bit, so you would feel more connected with everybody who’s around you, and you no longer felt, as isolated and alone in the class.

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The DDP Tells Us, Not to Look at Taoyuan & Kaohsiung

See how the DICTATORSHIP of the DDP tries to manipulate, we the people here???  As politics became a primary consideration for the policies of defending against the spread of MERS-CoV, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CDC announced that the country will maintain its stage two alert, to welcome this New Year’s, learning to adapt with MERS-CoV.  Chen stated, the primary unknown sources of MERS-CoV contraction chains are primarily in Taoyuan and Kaohsiung, it’s currently expanding outward, and it’s too complex right now; his second-in-command also clarified that the risks are still quite high.  The words of the officials are too conservative, but, the propagandas are quite, colorful, the map of the outbreaks only had the total number of local cases of contraction, not showing the hotspots, so we the people might, overlook the devil, hidden in the details.

As the outbreaks in Taoyuan and Kaohsiung spreads out, the locals found something that the government’s trying to hide, the iPad of the head of Department of Health and Sanitation Welfares didn’t have the total number of cases of the two cities, yet, there’s, a ledger of all the cases that came in from out of the country being constantly, on display.  People questioned, that covering up, it’s the CDC’s way of numbing the minds of the public out, to force us to accept that coexisting with the virus is needed; and there are those who’d made fun, that the CDC is waiting for both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities to catch up to Kaohsiung’s numbers, then, it will post out the total cases of contractions in the entire country.

The passionate locals managed to find the models of last year used by the CDC, and, filled in the newest statistics, and, Taoyuan, Kaohsiung were the top two cities, like how last year, the number of contractions skyrocketed in Hsinbei and Taipei cities.  It’d reminded us, back then, the side wings of the DDP started passing the government posts virally, to sway the public, to turn us against the mayors of both cities.  And, as the DDP blocked the people from knowing the statistics of Taoyuan and Kaohsiung, are they afraid of karma now?

The government of Tsai set itself up to protect both of the mayors of the party, kept the double-standards, which showed how there were so many holes in Taoyuan to the people instead.  From the system of registry to the managements in the migrant workers’ dormitories, to the amount of manpower placed in the collective quarantine locations, none of it could withstand the hits.  While the CDC just, paints things over, on the maps of the cases, the more than a hundred cases of Taoyuan, and the tens of cases in both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities were labeled by the same colors, they thought the people will get fooled, and yet, people still found out.

It’s hard enough, to block off the virus, and so, the government led by Tsai started this, war of manipulation games.  There’s the talk of coexisting with the virus within her party, covering up both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, the southern city of Kaohsiung dictated, that there’s no need to raise to stage-three; so people won’t be fearful, due to their own, ignorance, and people are traveling all over the country for the New Year’s.  As is custom with the celebration, we all gamble in games every New Year, and this time, we’re all, wagers in the game the head of the CDC, Chen plays.

And so, this showed of the double-standards, and how the heads lead by the DDP abuse powers, whatever they dictate, is how we the people, should live, and, the DDP is now, going AGAINST the leaderships of the mayors of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, because, these two mayors aren’t from their own.

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From the Tea Offerings to the Seat Offerings

These are the acts of kindness, that we all need to see more of these days, from strangers, who saw a need, and provided the need to others, translated…

My father, who’s over ninety years of age, due to how his legs are no longer as agile anymore, at the start of the year, he’d started walking with a cane to help him, and, his areas of activities became, limited greatly.

A few days ago, I’d gone back to my parents without any plans, as I’d turned into the alley where they live, I saw my father sat down on the chair, set by the side of the front door of someone else’s home.  As I’d asked, I’d learned, that my father was out walking a bit for exercises, as he returned, he’d felt tired in his legs, that’s why he’d sat down for a short rest, pops also told me, that the neighbor of this house was quite kind, every time he’d seen them, other than greeting him kindly, they’d also told him, that if he gets tired from walking, he is to sit down by the chair they put out by their front door to rest a bit.

the cultures of tea-offerings from the olden days…

photo from online

In the earlier eras of Taiwan, in the less densely population areas counties, there would be those with kindness in their hearts, that sat up the tea kettles out by their own doors, to help the passersby, the travelers from afar, to take a breather, to have some replenishments of fluids they needs, so they have the energies to keep going to wherever it is they’re getting to, which turned into a culture of “tea offerings”.  And now, my father’s neighbors kind act of “seat offering”, shared the same effects of kindness, and it’d, touched me very much.

A chair that’s, set up by the side of the door, allowing the elderly in the neighborhood, who are no longer agile enough to walk all the way home, to sit and rest a bit, then to keep going, this tiny act of kindness, showed the compassions of the homeowner.  Because of the reinforced actions of the neighbors, I’d felt, that this road home was, more beautiful than ever before.

And so, this, is the kindness of stranger to you, the neighbors close to where your father lives saw that there’s a need for your father to sit and rest a bit, and, provide a chair out by the front doors of their home, and it’s this act of kindness, that may not be that much, that’s, touched you and those who will come and sit in the chair as they needed the rest.

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If We Have EIGHT Clones of the Head of Medical Welfare Commission, Wang, it Still Wouldn’t be Enough

Observations of how the HEAD of public health is so, ill-prepared for the mutated Omicron strain of MERS-CoV, on how the CDC should rearrange the goals of tackling the spread of MERS-CoV, but they just, don’t, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Within the short time of only, twenty days, the Omicron strain brought over two hundred positive contractions to Taiwan, and the Omicron spread through eight cities and counties already, and it’d seemed, that the Omicron strain will, continue, to spread out.  What was worse, was the original eight chains of infections, the sources are still, not yet known, and the following day, there were, two, three independently, points of, contractions.  At this time, even as the CDC stated that these were, “old cases”, it’s, of no use, because the epidemic already, got in, too deep, to the, local, communities now.

As the developments of the epidemic got to this point, even IF we have EIGHT heads of medical welfare commission, Wang, that still won’t be enough to cover it.  The key being, Omicron differs from Delta, in that it grew in multiples in its ability to get passed around; and yet, the CDC still used the outdated means to set up the defenses, believed, that we can be as lucky like the last time, the virus was halted on the battleships, stopped just in time.  And yet, as the CDC came to, the virus already got too deep, too far out, into the local communities, even if Chen started listing all those who runs the possibilities of contact with the contracted, it’s still, too late.

Take for instance the electronic parts factory in Taoyuan, the two migrant workers ate at the restaurant, and contracted the virus, and they weren’t listed, and by the time they were found to be possible with contract, the chain already continued on for nine whole days in their dormitories, and the factory they worked in.  And so, as the general scans had been implemented, there’d been a total of seventy workers who’d been tested positive of the virus.  Now, imagine, these seventy individuals, went into their separate communities, and, moved around for days on end, and as this is the passage to the spreading of the virus, who is able to, track all whom came into contact with these, infected individuals?

And, Chen became angered, at how the shops didn’t comply with the demands of forcing shoppers to scan the barcode or writing down on the ledger as they came in, because, those undocumented, became, the holes in the defenses against the spread of MERS-CoV.  The problem being, in the times when the epidemic is still not high, he’d, abandoned the enforcement of the people registering whenever they enter into the shopfronts; and now, he’d tried to, blame the holes on the shops, or the shoppers, too late for that.

Recently, there were the medical experts who’d called out to NO longer zoom in on “clearing up all the cases of confirmed contractions”, to this, Wang stat4ed, “clearing up all the cases is not our goal, it’s, our, attitude.”  Surely, it doesn’t look like, that the confirmed contractions will drop to zero, but, we should still, work very hard, to block of the chains.  More importantly, Chen needs to hear the advices of others, to NOT get tripped by the too slow-to-respond members of his own, department.

And so, this is, wrong from the very beginning, the goals of the epidemic should already be shifted to trying to coexist with the virus, because it’s not going away, not anytime soon, and yet, these high up officials, with their high hats, are still with their heads up their ASSES, delusional, of how we can, get back to, before the Delta, and the Omicron came into the country.  It’s these HEADS that needed to get, rewired right, but, they’re still, not, and so, we the people still all get, @$#%ED (maxed out!) up!

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