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The Amendments on Gun Usage for the Police isn’t a “Fix-All”

How the government is still just treating the “symptoms” instead of the root causes here, how there’s nothing done for the sake of helping the police officers who are putting their lives out on the line to keep us, the people, safe from harm every single day, another one of the, many unfulfilled false promises that this DDP government makes to we the people, and it can’t even protect their own officials from getting STABBED by escaped convicts to DEATH, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of two officers getting gunned down in the line of duty in Tainan was the perp grabbed the gun and shot them, the debate of loosening the rules of the timing of police gun usage started back up, but, the police gun use isn’t a fix-all, the government officials can no longer call aloud: use the guns as you needed, but ignored the lacking of the first line of defense officers’ safety usage of the firearms, a knife that’s stabbed two officers to death, it’d made the people wanted more training, more rehearsals, more drills on the means so the police can be adept in these situations, instead of how the government is still performing in that circus show.

The case had zoomed in on the escaped convict, Chen, that was the first mistake, had the officers gone out baldly, and used the gun like the head of internal affairs, Hsu stated, the suspect, Chen getting gunned down, and who will pay for that, as he wasn’t the man?

The Tainan police finally zoomed in on the right escaped convict, Lin, and in the process of clarifying, someone had, intentionally leaked the photos of Chen and other escaped convict to the press, and it’d put the city police department of Tainan on a difficult spot, and they can only work really hard to try and catch the escaped convict, and not said another word.

But the higher up officials of police policies came to take turns to “sit in” on Tainan, the head of Internal Affairs, Hsu made the trip down south especially to hold his press conferences, and stated that after the coroners conducted the autopsies, they’d found NO bullet holes in the officers who’d died, while they both had knife wounds, more than a dozen on their bodies, each cut was deep, and hit the important arteries, which showed how much force the escaped convict took to murder the police officers, and it’d made the entry level police officers wondered: are the officials there to help with arresting the escaped convict who’d murdered their own, or are they there, to make the investigation process ever the more, difficult?

As for the amendment that was started up of the armed weapons used to protect the police from attacks had lain in the legislature or over two whole years to date, and compared to the multiple cases of police deaths in pursuits of convicts, nothing’s been done, “What is justice?”, other than using the mottos, the government does, absolutely NOTHING.  The politicians should do more, and talk less, that is the only way that will keep Taiwan safe.

So, this still just showed, of how the DDP is still, full of huffle and puff, they talked about the amendments to protect the police, since the last time an officer was killed in the line of duty, and that was what???  Two years back, and, the drafts of that police protection bill hadn’t seen the light of day, it stayed inside those, boxes of forgotten documents, deep in the basement of the legislative department of this DDP government!

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Navy Veteran EXPOSES American Gun Extremists — Scottie’s Playtime

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Who Do We Blame the Mass Shooting on???

Oh, I know, those manufacturers of arms, after all, if they don’t manufacture them, why would they be so widely, available for we the people to get?

And, blame it on how easy it is, to get that license for a firearm, I mean, there’s, NO twenty-one-day waiting period for purchases, is there?  No psych evaluations for those who want to buy one, to make sure, that they don’t go OUT and start firing off into the masses.

Or, how ‘bout, the guns themselves, after all, they are, what’s, dangerous, I mean, you can’t shoot your hands, making that gun gesture (bang-bang!!!), and fire off that killer bullet now, can you?  nope!

how much we all, love our, G-U-N-S here!

photo from online

Just, keep on, scapegoating everything and everyone else who’s, not directly related to this, but, it all worlds down to, how the Americans are, GUN-LOVING, avid supporter of Amendment TWO, oh, and it’s also because, nobody close to the higher up government officials had DIED of a gun firing off, nobody we know personally died in a massacre, so, we the government, don’t really, CARE!

So long as it’s not those who are related to us, whom we care about dies, we’re, all, okay, aren’t we???

Yep, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh……………hmmmmmmmmmmm, take this, (a toy gun), and, use it on someone on the streets, see what happens!

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The Members of the Public Mistook the Fireworks Going Off as Gunshots Fired

How scared the people in the U.S. are, and the Congress still didn’t PASS that GUN CONTROL bill???  Yeah uh…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Due to the prevalence of massacres in the U.S., the people are feeling easily scared.  Washington Post reported, that after the random shooting of the Fourth of July celebration in Chicago, as the locals from multiple cities in the U.S. heard the fireworks blasting, they thought they were the guns sounding off, and started running scattered.

The governor of Illinois, Pritzker warned, “the shootings had become an American tradition”.  He said, “some would say, that this is not the day to discuss gun violence, I want to say that there’s no better time than now!”

The American President, Biden spoke outside of the White House, continued speaking for the fight against gun violence.  He said, “I will NOT give up!”, last week, Biden signed the very first federal gun safety law in close to thirty years.

the loud noises of this…

the celebration of the FOURTH of July! Photo from online

In Orlando, Florida, as the fireworks went off in celebration of Fourth of July, the locals started running in a huge panic, the police told, that some of those who were watching the fireworks sustained minor injuries.  The witnesses told the local news, that in the escapes after the fireworks went off, someone had leapt into a nearby lake.  The local authorities told them that there was, NO shooting.

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the police told AB that before the formal show of the fireworks of fourth of July, the firecrackers thrown onto the pavements, causing panic to spread, in the public, causing the locals minor injuries after the false scare.  The local authorities also stated, that there was no shooting, a member of the local community tweeted, “people are on high alert, to deal with another mass shooting, proving that this country had rotten to the cores.”

In DC, there were two loud noises that came from the intersection of Eleventh and Pennsylvania Ave, that caused the locals to run toward the square, and the authorities later confirmed, that the sounds were from the fireworks, going off.

mistaken as

a scene of another, mass shooting! Photo from online

While the concert for Fourth of July in Pennsylvania, there was, an actual, shooting, at 9:45 at night, the gun sounded off, the people started screaming, and running to escape.  Two officers shot nearby at Franklin Avenue.  The local police stated, that the two officers who were shot are in stable condition, the police is still in pursuit of the shooter.

And so, this, is how bad it got, the people in the U.S. are now, so fearful of large scale massacres, that they’d jumped at any loud noises, because the massacres had happened to frequently in the U.S. due to lack of laws for gun control, because the U.S. Congress is funded by the NRA.

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The Shooting in Denmark Resulted in Three Fatalities, Not a Terrorist Attack

Shootings are still, too prevalent, everywhere in the world here these days, and it’s still due to the widespread availabilities of armed weapons!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There was a shooting at a mall in Copenhagen, Denmark on the afternoon of the third, the shooter started firing into the crowd at random, causing three deaths, four wounded, then he was, arrested on site immediately afterwards.  The Denmark police told on the fourth, that they’d already known, that the twenty-two-year-old male suspect has a history of mental illness, that there were no messages that suggested that he had any ties to a terrorist group.

The AFP stated, that the chief of police of Copenhagen, Thomassen stated on the press conference, “the mental hospital knew the identification of the suspect, other than that, I have no comment.” He also sated, that the victims were, randomly selected that there’s no information that showed that this was a terrorist attack, or that the suspect had any other accomplices.

The police stated, that on the social media sites on the evening of the third, there were the video footages of the suspect, and they believed that these footages were factual.  The man in the footages waved around the guns, and, made it look like he was going to shoot himself, and stated that he’d been on “useless anti-psychotics”.

The police and witnesses stated that the gunman wore a capri and a dark short-sleeve shirt, with a rifle, and a knife, started firing off at the random members of the public at around 5:35 in the afternoon at the local crowded mall, Field’s, and it’d scared the shoppers, who ran scattered out of the malls.

A witness, Isabella told the Denmark Broadcasting Company, “my friends and I heard the gunshots, about ten shots, we’d rushed into the restrooms to hide, and found, that inside this tiny restroom, there were, about eleven of us, hiding there.”

The armored police soon arrived, and at 5:48, the twenty-two-year-old gunman was, arrested.

The three killed were a seventeen-year-old Danish boy, a seventeen-year-old Danish girl, two Swedish citizens, one was a fifty-year-old male, and a sixteen-year-old adolescent girl.  Reuters reported that the four were severely injured in the shooting, but are all in stable conditions.

Reuters reported, that for the past week, the Tour de France’s first three stops just got finished up, and thousands of locals headed outdoors to enjoy the celebrations, and yet, on Sunday, the news of the shooting came, shocking the entire nation.  The British group, “One Generation” was set to have a concert on the third in Copenhagen, close to where the shooting had occurred, the concert is now, cancelled.

The PM of Denmark said in a statement, “Our normally safe and beautiful capital had gotten turned upside down.  I want to encourage the people in this country to stand together in this time of hardship, to support one another.”

And so, this still just showed, no matter how safe you think you are, you’re not, because there are guns available everywhere, and too easily accessed too, and, that’s how this world becomes, that much, unsafe, because the widespread availabilities of arms, that almost any and everybody can get her/his hands on.

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Who Stops a “Bad Guy” with a Gun?

Like, shooting a DRUG addict with too much drugs, and having the individual OD, and then, giving the person an antidote, to TEACH the addict, right, on gun control…from the NYTimes that came with today’s papers…

The lengthy police response to a school shooting Uvalde, Texas, and the death of an armed security guard as a part of an attack on Buffalo, New York, supermarket last month have drawn fresh scrutiny to a recurring (and uniquely American) debate: what role should police and bystanders play in active shooter attacks, and what interventions would best stop the violence?

The debate has moved to Capitol Hill as lawmakers consider gun safety legislation that could increasing funding for mental health services, school safety and other measures aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people.  “What stops armed bad guys is armed good guys,” Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, suggested in the wake of the Uvalde shooting, echoing many other gun rights advocates over the years.

Researchers who study active shooter events say it can be difficult to draw broad policy conclusions from individual episodes, but a review of data from two decades of such attacks reveals patterns in how they unfold and how hard they are to stop once they have begun.

There were at least 433 active shooter attacks—in which one or more assailants killed or attempted to kill multiple unrelated people in a populated place—in the United States from 2000 to 2021.  The country experienced an average of more than one a week in 2021 alone.

image from online

The data comes from the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center at Texas State University, whose , researchers work with the FBI to catalog and examine these attacks.  Unlike mass shooting tallies that count a minimum number of people shot or killed, the active attack data includes episodes with fewer casualties, but researchers exclude domestic shootings and gang-related attacks.

Most attacks captured in the data were already over before law enforcement arrived.  People at the scene did intervene, sometimes shooting the attackers, but typically physically subduing them.  But in about half of all case, the attackers killed themselves or simply stopped shooting and fled.

“It’s direct, indisputable, empirical evidence that this kind ofp common claim that ‘the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun’ is wrong,” said Adam Lankford, a professor at the University of Alabama, who has studied mass shootings for more than a decade.  “It’s demonstrably false, because often they are stopping themselves.”

And so, this still just showed, that guns is NOT what stops shooters, the shooters are what stop themselves, by shooting themselves, committing suicide, after they’d created havoc, deaths, and chaos in the society, and, if you take the availability of the weapons (in this case, the GUNS???) away, then, what will these attackers use, huh?  Knives?  Or maybe, they can become those, domestic terrorists, planting the bombs in populated places, yeah, and how easily access is it, to buy a bomb, I mean, unless you’re, really, mechanical and can build one from those do-it-yourself, bomb kits, or how to make bombs to DUMMIES, then, chances are, you won’t have the weapons of mass destruction to massacre someone.

the constitution protects people with the GUNS, because it’s “our”, second amendment rights to OWN! Photo from online

And yet, due to how the Congress is funded by the NRA, there’s nothing that the people CAN do about it, after all, what funds the senators’, the representatives’ seats in the house and senate, is WHAT makes the policies.  And there’s NOTHING any of us can do about it!

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As Twenty-One More Students & Teachers are Dead Due to Shooting, the Matters of Gun Control in America is Still, Unresolved

Despite how many shootings there’d already been, there’s still NO gun control laws being signed by the U.S., because the citizens believe firmly, their rights to bear arms, is way more important, the how these dangerous weapons are causing the lives to die off left and right, why the gun control laws can’t be passed, in the U.S., despite how many shootings there’d been already, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

May 14th, 2022, an eighteen year old opened fire at a super market in Buffalo, causing ten fatalities, three wounded, and during the process of his assault, he’d streamed it live.

On May 24th, 2022, another eighteen-year-old Texas teen first gunned down his own grandmother, then, took the AR-15 assault rifle to a nearby elementary school and opened fire on the random students, causing the fatalities of two instructors, nineteen students, with eighteen more wounded.

the second amendment right supporters…

photo from online

Based off of the news report on June 2nd of the Washington Post, it’d only been five months into 2022, there’d been more than 250 large scale massacres, with more than four wounded, not counting the shooters.  On average, there’d been no less than four massacres, this showed the severity of the problem.

The problem is not just severe, it’d worsened with time too.  Prior to 2018, the yearly massacre hadn’t exceeded four hundred cases.  In 2019, there’d been 417 cases, 611 cases in 2020, by 2021, there were, a total of seven hundred.  What I observed, is how the political systems of the U.S., is responding to this problem that’s increased by severity by the year.

If you all watched the news lately, the senators from both parties are now, negotiating the laws of gun control, and they would have the means to get the amendment passed from the shooting deaths of the nineteen elementary age students in Texas.  But ten years prior, the Hook Elementary School in Connecticut also had twenty elementary students who’d died in a shooting, back then, the public opinions are also supportive of the passing of a gun control bill, but the bill still, didn’t pass.  The U.S. had been in the vicious cycle of shooting, mourning for the deaths, evaluation of the problem, drafting up the bills for gun control, not passing enough votes, for awhile now.

For many years, gun control had been an issue of debate that separated the politics.  The NRA being one of the strongest forces of supporting the right to bear arms, stated how it is the citizens’ rights to bear arms.  They have the political funding, and supporters, and, in election time, they can easily sway the votes.  And, a lot of the politicians’ political careers are, led by the N.R.A.

For instance, after the shooting in the supermarket in Buffalo, New York, a local senator of the Republican Party, Chris Jacobs supported a stricter gun control law, to ban the sales of massive assault weapons, to lower the number of bullets per casing being sold, and increasing the age of purchase of semi-automatic weapons to twenty-one, etc., etc., etc., which started his own party’s more conservative members on him, this made Jacobs, who would’ve succeeded in winning another term to retire at the age of fifty-five, to not seek out re-election, because he knew what faced him will be the “funding of the interest groups, and the untrue negative messages on him that will attack his credibility.

the supporter of a gun control amendment…

the students protesting on the streets! photo from online

In actuality, the majority of Americans are FOR a stricter gun control laws, especially after the massive death of the random shootings.  I also saw the recent U.S. T.V. reporter, interviewing the host of the gun shows, and they are all for a stricter gun control laws.  But, all of these public opinions, can’t get turned into actual gun control laws in the end.

One reason, is that their passionate cause can’t continue, while it takes time, for the bills to get passed.  And, after at least months of negotiating, the people’s opinions are replaced, by other items on the to do list.  Oni the other hand, the public opinions are a generalized result, but, the election, especially the primaries, are participated, and led by the few political fanatics, which is why there’s this sharp difference, of how they usually don’t reflect the opinions of the public.  And so, the political system of the U.S., can’t find a working solution to this repeated major threat to society.

Not only the U.S., but all the political systems in all countries in the world, may not be able to resolve the long-term issues of the internal affairs of the countries.  The core of the problem rests in how strong the determinations of the people are, how much time, energies, are the locals willing to put in, to show their concerns toward these, varied, issues.  In any systems of politics, most of the people are bystanders, allowing the chosen few to decide on an issue.  We wish that the American will find a way that works best for them, to resolve the problems, and we all need to, be more passionate on the issues regarding the functioning of all of our, separate, countries.

And so, this is why and how the gun control laws, or any other laws have a problem, passing, because of these lobbyists, special interest groups, that are, funding the campaigns of the officials in office, and, surely enough, as those officials who have the right and the abilities to make the changes accepted the moneys, of course they’re all going to do what their sponsors told them to, because that, is how it works.


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Shooting Fuels Parents’ Fears All Over Again

In light of the shooting in TX, from the New York Times, how the shootings in schools, affect everybody in the country, not just those who are directly involved, in the schools where the shootings had, occurred, written by Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, Chelsea Rose Marcius, & Lola Fadulu…

Last Tuesday night, Luz Belliard sat on the edge of her bed in upper Manhattan in the room she shares with the nine-year-old granddaughter, Victoria, and thought about what to say.

Victoria, a third grader, was sitting on her own bed, which was covered with stuffed animals; she had already seen on the evening news that children her age had been killed in a mass shooting at a school in Texas.

Now, Belliard had to consider just what she would tell Victoria on their walk to school the next morning: Listen to your teachers.  Get down on the floor.  Remember the drills you do in class.

“She’s young, but she understands—sometimes too much,” Belliard said Wednesday outside Victoria’s school in Washington Heights.  “To take your child to school and come back to see them dead, it’s not fair.  It should not be that way.”

“It’s sad that a lot of children died that way.  Those children had a big life ahead of them,” the girl said. “When I hear that kind of stuff it makes me scared.”

In New York and across the country Wednesday, children, parents and caregivers grappled with the aftermath of the deadly shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where an eighteen-year-old gunman killed nineteen children and two teachers before being shot dead by authorities.

They hugged their children a little tighter and lingered a little longer at drop-off.  They could imagine too easily a gunman bursting into their own child’s classrooms.  And they were once again faced with a haunting question: Is there anywhere in America schoolchildren can truly be safe?

Some schools around the country took extra precautions in the wake of the shooting.  Schools in Texas and Florida banned backpacks from buildings Wednesday.  Officials in states including Georgia and Virginia sent extra officers to schools as a precaution.  In New York City, home to the largest school system, officials are considering ways to tighten security, including locking school doors after children have arrived for the day.

The shooting has cast a somber tone over the final days and weeks of the school year.

“Sometimes I don’t know what to say publicly,” Deborah Gist, superintendent of schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma, wrote in a Facebook post.  “I feel a huge responsibility to use the right words.  How, though, do I express the horror, outrage, frustration, disappointment, pain, and fear that an event like the shooting in Uvalde brings?  It’s a parent’s, a teacher’s, a principal’s, and a superintendent’s worst nightmare.”

And so, this is how these things affect the children, because they’re in the immediate environment of all of this, and, there’s still the need for tighter gun control laws, to make the arms not that easily accessible to just anyone who wants to buy, and, these shootings still don’t just, affect those whose lives are altered directly, those with victims in the tragedies, it affects, everybody in the world.

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Another Shooting in the U.S., the Gunman Shot Four, Then Turned on Himself

And you still don’t think that being able to own and BEAR arms is the root of this, problem???  And yet, the police department patted itself on the back, on their, short response time in the incident there, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the afternoon of the first, there was a shooting at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a total of five deaths, including the gunman who’d turned the gun on himself.  The police estimated that the age of the gunman is between thirty-five and forty, and the motives are, waiting to be, checked out, but stated, that the gunman with the assault rifles, and the handguns hadn’t gone locally to shoot people at random, but the police didn’t provide the public with any more extra details.  There was the twenty-one death massacre at the Robb Elementary School in Texas on the twenty-fourth, so the timing is, especially, sensitive.

The assistant sheriff of Tulsa Police Department stated that as the police received the call stating that the gunman had made his way to the second floor clinic of St. Francis, they’d immediately sent out the officers, and, they’d searched the hospital rooms one by one in the building, on all the floors.

The captain of the police, Meulenberg told, that the police treated the local hospital as an “area of a major disaster”, with multiple victims injured.  Currently, they’re still unsure how many others may have been affected.

Based off of White House Press, President Biden had already heard the debriefing of the case, and the government also offered the assistance, the supports needed to the local government officials.

The paralegal who lives close to the clinic said, that as soon as she’d heard the choppers and the loud sounds coming from the hospital’s direction, she’d immediately rushed out of her own home.

The forty-three-year-old paralegal, as she was interviewed, stated, “This was the most number of law enforcement officers that all rushed to one location in my entire life that I’d, ever seen”.  She’d recalled, the squat team making their ways into the building, described how the police were, “Swift and fast in execution”, “without any, hesitation”.

Reuter reported, that the assistant chief of police told, that as the police received the call in the afternoon, they’d, arrived at the hospital three minutes later, and fie minutes upon arrival, they’d found the gunman, and the victims.  The upsets from the public of the Robb Elementary School shooting was that the police stayed outside of the school, doing NOTHING for a total of seventy-eight minutes.

And, comparing to how the Robb Elementary School shooting the Tulsa Police Department surely DESERVED, that PAT on the back, don’t they now?  And this still just showed, how the excess of armed weapons available to people in the U.S. had, caused yet, another, shooting, only that this time, not that many were dead and injured, so it’s, no big deal, or at least, that’s, what this shit sounded like to me.

KUDOS to the police of Tulsa, OK, for your, quick response time, really, you all deserve that raise from the Department.

Yeah right…

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Opinion Time

The accessibility of armed weapons is what causese so mamy shootings…


I really don’t see the reason why automatic Rifles are necessary. I can accept handguns (self defense) and shotgun or regular rifles (hunting) but I don’t see a reason why automatic rifles are not being made harder to get ahold of…the only use of AR weapons is killing people..

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