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Trump Stated that the School Teachers Should Start Carrying Guns, the Parents Were Angered by His Statements

The PRESIDENT of the U-N-I-T-E-D S-T-A-T-E-S, had BLURTED something OUT, without having the THOUGHT run through his HEAD again, I’m afraid!!! And he still couldn’t, make UP his mind of which side to STAND at!!! With MY opinions on the matter inputted, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the seventeen deaths middle school shooting in Florida on the fourteenth, President Trump saw about forty students, teachers and parents on the twenty-first, including the six survivors of the shooting. They’d begged Trump to “Do something about it”, to prevent similar cases from happening repeatedly in school, Trump promised to have the stricter background checks for gun purchases, and even brought up the thought, of having the school teachers armed, to have the teachers also carry guns in the classes, but last year, a parent of the student who’d died in the Florida middle school shooting rebutted, “How many students need to die under a gun?”

gettng questioned on the policies he set up for gun control, photo from online…

In this nearly one-hour long meeting, Trump was focused in listening to the demands of the students and parents saying how the security needs to be reinforced in the schools, how there needs to be more drills, and to up the age of buying the weapons too. But Trump replied as he had before, that he was for owning a gun, to protect the people themselves, to SHOOT the shooters first.

The student who’d died in the shooting, Pollack’s father, Drew told Trump, that his daughter got shot NINE times then died on the day, “That is why I’m here”, he’d asked Trump, “How many schools, how many students need to be under attack? This needs to stop now. If there’s no change, I won’t ever stop.”

Trump stressed, in the future, “We will do a very strict background check, and focus on the gun purchasers’ state of mind,” he’d also mentioned, that it’s needed, for some of the school teachers, to train to use a gun, to scare off the possible shooters.

Trump said, “If the school teachers have the licenses to carry the concealed weapons, then, they will be trained, especially, and there wouldn’t be a gun-free zone in the schools.” Trump believed, that banning all guns from the schools will only worsen the matter, he said, “the gun prohibited zones means, ‘let’s go in and shoot everybody inside’.”

查看來源圖片here’s one, have a LAUGH, everybody, found online…

Trump said, take for instance, the Florida middle school shooting, “if there was a teacher trained to use gun, then, it’s easy, to disarm the shooter quickly.” But Trump also admitted, that it’s debatable, the thought, of having the school teachers bear arms.

And so, here, you can see, how this is all, the American President’s one-man-SHOW, he’d stated an idea, and, someone from the audience (a parent whose child had died) challenged his thought, Trump fended for his idea, and, then agreed, with the parents’ views on how it wouldn’t be SOUND, having the school instructors armed. And from this, we can see??? How easily businessmen change their minds, and, how AWFUL it’s gonna get, for the LAND of the FREE, to live under, “King TRUMP”!!!


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After a Swiss Man Gunned Down His In-Laws, His Wife’s Younger Brother-in-Law, the Neighbor, He’d Committed Suicide

This, is TRULY SHOCKING, in ONE of the world’s HAPPIEST nations too!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Happiest Country in the World Has Over a MILLION Guns

A thirty-six year-old Swiss man on the ninth, gunned down his parents-in-law, his wife’s brother-in-law, and a neighbor, then, committed suicide.  The police quickly ruled this incident out as a terrorist attack, but a domestic tragedy.  Just last month, Switzerland was voted as the “World’s Happiest Nation”, and, this murder-suicide had shocked the entire nation, and, some attributed the events to how guns are in excess.

The murder happened in the city of Verenigingen, close to Zurich, the suspect was a father of three, but he didn’t live with his family, the police said, that he didn’t have a license for a gun.  The suspect first, broke into a resident, gunned down his fifty-eight year-old father-in-law, fifty-seven year-old mother-in-law, and his thirty-two year-old brother-in-law, then, broke into another resident, gunned down a forty-six year-old neighbor, then, committed suicide.

The suspect had a prior in violence, lived alone in the state over.  He was under investigation, after a 2007 confrontation when he’d caused someone to get injured, and in 2012, he was arrested for using verbal threats on someone.  Before the murders on the 9th, the wife and children of the suspect had moved out, and entered into a shelter already.

Last November, a similar incident happened in Switzerland too.  And this time, this massacre had caused a huge ripple in the originally peaceful Switzerland, the local papers wrote: “Impossible, after all, we are the world’s happiest, richest country.”

Based off of estimation, there are a total of 4.5 million guns floating arou9nd in Switzerland, and the number of guns owned in Switzerland is among the tops of the world, second only to the U.S., Yemen, and Serbia.

And so, you have to wonder, even IF this was only an ISOLATED incident, why, is it, that the world’s happiest nation would own the greatest number of guns?  And, this, may only BE a dispute in the family that went wrong, but, it still raised concerns for the world.

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Guns as “Toys” for Children…

You DO realize, how this would constitute as NEGLECT, right???

Parents are leaving those guns, UNLOCKED, outside of those combination safes, and across the kitchen counter, I’m thinkin’…

Guns as “toys” for children, this, is what’s happening, in the homes across America, because, we are ALL Second Amendment or NRA (National Rifle Association???) supporters, right?

Guns as “toys” for children, this, is really dangerous, because that two, three, four, five, OR six year old child doesn’t KNOW that the guns are loaded, and, tragedies like that little third-grade boy, shooting his little ten-year-old girl classmate is bound to repeat itself, and all of this still happens because?  Oh yeah, you GOD DAMN F***ING stupid PARENTS are way too CARELESS!

Guns as “toys” for children why don’t you just hand that kid who’s BORED out of her/his bones a grenade, with the safety pin pulled out?

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The Double-Parked Motorcycle Incident Turned into a Gunfight with Injuries & Deaths

So, things just exacerbated, did it now???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chang rode on his motorcycle with his daughter on the back, passed through the Airport check station in Taichung, and because he was pulled over for not wearing his helmet, he’d gotten into a physical altercation with the officer on duty, Kang, they got into a fist fight, Kang’s gun fell to the ground, and, Chang took it from the ground, and fired off twelve shots uncontrollably, and the flying bullets grazed a passerby’s buttocks, in the end, Chang was shot to death by the airport security officer who came to backup the calls; the young child who bore witness to her father going crazy, was shaken up really badly, and she’d been placed into foster care by the social workers now.

The very FIRST airport shooting occurred at two thirty yesterday afternoon, Chang (age 45), rode his ten-year-old daughter across the flight stations in Taichung, mumbled on how he was taking her by flight, and because he wasn’t wearing a helmet when he rode his motorcycle, and was doubleparked on the streets, the airport security officer, Kang came to check, and Chang pulled his child onto the freeways, Kang tried to stop him, and, Chang swung at him, and hit his nose.

The two men got into a fist fight, and, as the officer was about to pull the stick, he was pushed to the ground, then, kicked continuously, and, as the officer was pulling the gun out, it accidentally got out of his hands, and Chang took the gun, closed his eyes, lowered his head, and started firing off the shots like crazy.

“Bang-Bang-Bang!”, the gunshots went off, a woman, He, who just got off the flight from Hong Kong, was just walking out of the airport, was shot in the buttocks, she’d fallen over and started screaming in pain, and the bullets had passed through the cars parked by the freeways, and into the buildings of the airport too.  The counter clerk lady started screaming too, the passengers started running all over the places like crazy, and, there was blood, everywhere, outside.

“It’s like a gunfight from the movies, happening, right in front of my eyes”, a passenger who was still shell-shocked told, back then, he was using his cell phone, he saw officers running outside, and saw how Chang had the gun in his right hand, and, the officers from the opposite side of the street could do nothing, then, he’d heard continuous shots; two officers fired off at Chang, and, Chang fell to the ground.

The hospitals said, that before Chang arrived, he was already dead, that there were four entry wounds, on the upper side of his abdomen, the left side of his chest, the right of his head, and at his abdomen, that although they’d trached him immediately, but, at three-thirty in the afternoon, he was, pronounced dead.

There was a one centimeter through-and-through wound on He’s buttocks, she was sent into emergency operation, He’s mother said, that right after her daughter got off her flight, she’d gotten caught, in the crossfires, but gladly, the female security guard, Kang took her into the terminal, and gave her emergency treatments, that it’s bad enough that this happened, that neither one of them blamed anybody; the terminator police officer, Kang was shot on his wrist, abrasions on his knees, and, his nose was punched.

The police department head, Huang reported, that Chang had used up all of his twelve bullets inside the casings, and one of the bullets jammed, and the two officers who were called to the backup had shot Chang fourteen times.

He said, that the officer who was shot, Kang had been an officer for about twenty years, that six month ago, he’d transferred to Kaohsiung from Taichung, and, last month because he was able to catch a smuggler, he was commended on; and this time, because he’d tried to stop Chang, and was attacked, wanted to use the gun, but it felt to the ground, that it wasn’t Officer Kang’s fault.

Chang’s ex-wife and younger sister went to the morgue to identify him, Chang’s ex-wife was very stable, without a word; the younger sister said, that a little over two months ago when she’d talked to him on the phones, she didn’t know that he was divorced.

And the young girl, at the time the gun fight was occurring, ducked down by her father’s motorcycle, she witnessed her father getting shot and killed, she was dumbfounded.  The child said, that back then, her father was on the way to see a friend but couldn’t get in touch with the friend, said that he’s going to take her on the airplanes, she didn’t know, that her father was going to shoot people, she’d hid behind the motorcycle, closed her eyes through the entire thing, didn’t know her father was dead, just kept saying, “I’m so scared.”

So, this man just started shooting, and, something MUST have been going on, and, him getting pulled over was just that last domino that fell, causing everything ELSE to crumble down, and him to crack.

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Buying Up Parts…His Resident Looked Like a Gun Manufacture Factory

See how EASY it is, to arm oneself???  From the Newspapers, translated…

Did the guns just, dropped from the skies?  The police subprecinct in Sinchuang two afternoons ago, arrested a suspect, Liu, who was manufacturing, remaking the guns at his own home, Liu was worried that the police would catch him in possessions of his guns, so, he’d started throwing those altered guns downstairs, his downstairs neighbor claimed, “I’d heard a loud bang, thought it was a stray cat, jumping off, but, it was guns!”

The thirty-two-year-old suspect, Liu stated, that “all of these parts I’d bought, from online auction sites.”

Two afternoons ago at around three, the police got a tip, and took a warrant to Liu’s resident to conduct a search, Liu realized that the police are there, quickly threw his altered guns into a black purse, then, toss the purse outside the window, and, it’d hit the downstair’s rain roof.

The resident from downstairs claimed, “there came a loud thud, I thought it was a stray cat, jumping off, later, the police came by, and that, was when I was told, that someone tossed guns atop our roof.”

Based off of understanding, Liu had priors in possessions of illegal substances, and weapons, last month, he was arrested, because of he’d violated the laws of carrying dangerous weapons, without knowing, that after not even a month’s time after he’d made bail, he’d offended again.  The police confiscated 0.37 grams of amphetamine in his residence, along with an enormous amount of parts that are used to alter guns, and, there were four gun barrels, ten shell casings, along with some other parts that are used to make guns, his place looked like a miniature gun factory.

The police found in the black bag that Liu tossed an altered gun, with four bullets in the case, the gun was already loaded, but gladly, Liu didn’t choose to open fire, yesterday, Liu was booked for possession of illegal substances and owning of illegal weapons.

Once again, this, is still too easy, I’m sure, you can find a guide, on how to alter guns from the WWW, and, when you shopped for those “spare parts”, the buyers wouldn’t ask for your GUN permits, so, anybody CAN buy a gun, or parts of guns online.

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A Fourteen-Year-Old Did His Research, and Learn to Remake Guns

Thanks to the OMNI (the ALL-KNOWING???) WWW, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

How easy is it, to remake a gun?  Two years ago, the Hsinbei Police Department had arrested a fourteen-year-old youth who only had the skills for wielding iron, along with using his own research, and was able to remake a gun successfully, the story of this “youngest gun wielder” had shocked the society.

There’s a well-researched forum of gun remakers, they’d honed up their skills, and the number of these guns are increased greatly too; there were even factories that made “mock guns”, the criminal rings started making the models for an assortment of guns, making the same types as been found internationally, and, they don’t even need to smuggle and can have the same firepower.

And, there were also rectangles that resembled that of a lighter, it is hard to tell, that it is, a weapon of destruction, a gun, and, there were smaller “knife-gun combos”, the upper side was a gun, and the lower, a knife, and after the knife had been folded up, it’d become a less than ten centimeter rectangular-shaped item.

The Detective Department stated, that there are many cases where the police had confiscated those remade guns, and found them to be no harm, and there are more and more bad people that are learning, how to evade the police and the law now.

And so, because there’s an influx of information online, and almost everybody has access to the net, it would be easy, for these information, to fall into the wrong hands, and, it is that easy, to make a gun, you just have to have the minimum skills of a welder (or so stated on the papers here), and, you can make one on your own, and, there are those 3-D printers that can print out just about anything too, aren’t there?  And, the influx of weapons will be a problem that persists through the modern day world here I’m sure.

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Turning Toys into Weapons, an Influx of Remade Guns

All of this happened because???  Oh yeah, the INFORMATION SUPER Highway!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…


The number of illegal guns on the marketplaces is an indicator of how a country is being ruled, in the last decade or so, the police had taken into custody over thousands of remade guns a year, the problem is nowhere near being resolved.

The police attribute the reason to how much the toy guns resembled the real weapons, making them easy to be transformed into real weapons, and theoretically, this still needs more research; but when a fourteen-year-old youth could sell a toy gun that’s been made real, toys can easily get turned into a serious weapon, there seemed to be a necessity, to rethink the management of toy guns after all.

The March 19th assassination attempt on the president affected the election of the president greatly, and it’d showed the serious problem of these remade weapons; in the decade’s time, the government upped the punishments, and the police are working hard, to get rid of these weapons on the streets, but, the higher up officials in the police realm believed, that the number of guns owned by drug dealers, and mobsters are not reduced, instead, they’d become more advanced, and more powerful too.

“There IS a problem with the remaking of guns,”, the head of the detective squad, Hu commented, you can find how-to guides on remaking of guns, and, there are so many easily gotten toy guns that appeared realistic, and, those with the wielding skills can easily change the toy guns to real weapons, and this, is a huge problem.

The police department’s statistical measures showed that in recent years, they’d confiscated about a thousand remade guns, but just this year from January to August, they’d found 958 guns, the guns getting remade seemed to be on the climb.  The police worried, that there’s a lowered cost, less of a way of getting caught and punished, it’d made these remade guns a “standard equipment” for the gangsters, and there were a lot more drug dealers who changed to selling these remade guns.

“Drugs, gambling, guns, these three are tied together!” a retired detective said, that those involved in guns are mostly drug dealers and gangsters; from buying and selling illegal substance, keeping the gambling rings in check, using violent ways to collect the debts owed, they’d gotten paranoid and would threaten one another, protect themselves, or to solidify one’s own status, and they’d all carried guns, and, those who tried to evade the laws had found a “business venture,” and started researching in how to make guns, the smallest scale would be a one-man workshop, and on the grander scales, it would involve a ring of scammers, and so, this had proven, to be a huge problem.

Because these TOY guns resembled the real things too much, and, all you need, to make them into killing machines is by adding something to it, and, you’d have an untraceable, unregistered weapon, and that is going to be a huge problem for the world, and, this is just NOT a problem for here, I’m sure that there are similar cases everywhere, after all, there’s a huge market for toy guns, and there is an even larger market for REAL ones!

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