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An Elderly Man in His Eighties Leapt the Building and Committed Suicide…His Final Note Was Taped to His Hands

Some bad news here, from the Newspapers, translated…

The eighty-one year-old elderly got tired of being ill for a very long time, early yesterday morning at around five, he’d climbed to the roof of his twelve-story building, took the leap downward, and died, the body was discovered, with a note, taped to the left hand, the families confirmed, that it was, in the elderly’s own handwriting, and, they have NO opinions of the police, ruling it as a suicide.

The police stated, that most who’d committed suicide would leave the last note where they’d leapt, or inside one’s own home, there would be rare incidents where the suicide notes were taped to the person who’d committed suicide, suspected, that Lin may fear, that after he was gone, nobody could find his final note, that, was why he’d taped it to himself, but, this action had made the police feel, that the cause of his death wasn’t so clear cut.

The police investigated, that the elderly and his three daughters and a son all lived in the same community in Sanchong District, but they all had apartment complexes, the elderly lived with a foreign bedside assistant; the family said, that the elderly had been diagnosed with multiple illnesses, Parkinson’s, bloating in his lungs, couldn’t control his bowel movements and bladder, before he’d died, he’d complained to them on how he’d wanted to die.

Yesterday at around five in the morn, the elderly man took advantage of the time when his bedside assistant was fast asleep, climbed to the roof of his twelve floor building, took the leap downward, as the neighbors heard the loud sound, at first, they thought that it was a gas explosion, and called the police to report it as a gas explosion, as the police came to the scene, they’d found the elderly man, lying in a pool of blood, with multiple fractures, and because the impact of him, hitting the ground was very hard, his right arm was severed from his torso, he was, clearly, dead.

In his suicide note, the elderly mentioned of how he’d been diagnosed with multiple serious condition, that he’s elderly, and didn’t want to be troublesome to his families; after the family members read the note, confirmed that it was in his handwriting, and didn’t have any rebuttal toward the police, ruling the man’s death as a suicide.

This, is what old age will look like, because you’re ill, and, you feel, that life isn’t worth anything anymore, so, you’d committed suicide, and maybe, being sick can get you in an awful mood, and, being elderly makes you think, that there’s not that much keeping you here, but, what about your children?  Or those who cared about, and loved you?


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An Eighty-Year-Old Man Stabbed His Ailing Wife to Death, He Was Indicted

Burdens on the sole care provider, and this time, he cracked, and, did something that was, beyond repair, from the Newspapers, translated…

An elderly veteran, Ku felt bad over his wife’s encephalitis which caused her to be bedridden long-term, feared that she will never walk again, he’d gotten rid of the nurse’s aide, used a fruit knife, stabbed his own wife to death, then, attempted to commit suicide by slashing his own abdomen, but was saved in time; the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office prosecuted him on murder charges, but, the D.A. also asked the judge to consider the elderly man’s age, along with his motives for committing the murder, to find a suitable punishment for what he’d done.

Mr. Ku is already eighty-four years old, married to his wife who was sixty-nine for over forty years, and they’d never had a fight; nine years ago, Ku’s wife started showing signs of dizziness and had fainting spells, last year in August, because of viral encephalitis, she was hospitalized, and became a resident at the MacKay Memorial Hospital in Danshui.

Last year during the noon hours of September17th, Ku gave Yeh, the bedside assistant for his wife an errand to run, used a fruit knife, and jabbed his wife in the chest region, then, slashed his own abdomen region; Ku’s neighbor came to visit in the afternoon, as he pulled back the curtain, he saw what had happened, he’d immediately called up the nurses.  Ku’s wife, because of the collapse in her left lung, blood had filled up her chest cavities, she’d died of respiratory failure; after emergency resuscitation, Ku’s life was saved.

On the day of the stabbing, the D.A. came to inquire at the hospital, and Ku told of why he’d stabbed his own wife in a very calm and collected manner, and told the D.A., “Even though I’m a murderer, but don’t be afraid of me”, and begged him, “Do give me the death sentence”, and hoped, that he could “follow” his wife.

And because Ku the elder was old, with physical injuries, and didn’t show a risk of taking off, he wasn’t taken into custody, and now, his son looks after him.  Ku’s children no longer wanted to talk of how their father murdered their mother, and feared, that their father might be suicidal again.

And while the D.A. inquired the happenings of that day with Ku, they were extremely careful toward his physical and mental wellbeing, and, although Ku no longer talked of “following his wife off”, but he was clearly depressed.  The members of the legal world stated, that murder is a serious crime that can get one the death sentence, a life sentence, or over ten years’ jail sentence, and even though, Ku was over eighty, there may be a reduction to the time he will be serving, but, there would be NO delayed serving his jail sentence.

And so, another case of a mercy killing, because the man didn’t want to see his own wife suffer any longer, he’d killed her, out of love, and that is still considered murder, after all, he did, take the life, of another, but, it was out of love, and so, the D.A. was lenient on the asking of the sentence for this man.  And this also shows that there is still a TON of stress on the primary caretakers of the elderly, and in these cases, the primary caretakers are usually the spouses, and, the families need to be more in-tune with the sole caretaker’s mental states, to prevent these sorts of things from occurring again.

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A Father Couldn’t Continue to See His Son with Acute Lymphoma Suffer, So, He’d Let Him Go

From the MSN news pages in Taiwan, translated…

This, would be the biggest blessing for Yun-Han, because he won’t be made to suffer any longer; it’s also a blessing of our love toward him, and we wouldn’t blame each other for any of it.

“I’d told him, daddy says, you will totally get discharged from the hospital today.  Getting out of the hospital could mean going home, or going to the home in heaven, but, you WILL go home today!” at the end of the year four years ago, the C.E.O of the Carnegie Foundation in Taiwan, promised his seven-year-old son who’d been diagnosed with acute leukemia, Yun-Han Hei.

“I did keep my promise (meant the child did get discharged from the hospital on that day!)”, after he’d spoken, Li-Yen Hei started sniffling his nose.  His wife, Yuan Chu too, bid farewell to their son.

An hour after that, the young boy, Hei finally gave up his fight of a year and four days.

“I’m a fighter that won’t give up until the last second, and I feel, that it wasn’t time yet.  But, I’m real glad, that Li-Yen had reminded me to say my goodbye to our son.”  Chu told the press, with her beautiful smile.

Being able to say the proper goodbyes at the final stage of life, is a blessing in its own, for those who were survived, and those who’d passed away.

At first, Hei and Chu were onboard for the invasive treatment measures that their son had undergone.

Yun-Han had a high fever on Christmas Eve, and was rushed to the emergency room of NTU Hospital, and that same day, the doctors confirmed their diagnosis of acute leukemia, his white blood cell count rose up to forty thousand and he was immediately admitted into the children’s intensive care unit.

The doctor on duty at the E.R. that day was the expert on children leukemia, Xien-Tang Chou, who’d mapped out a plan of attack for the family, and he’d told the parents, that they’re working with St. Jude’s Children’s Cancer Research Hospital in the U.S., plus, Hei’s younger brother, is the assistant manager of the Washington University Seattle hospital, he too, helped with the reading of the charts.

The parents ended up giving up on the treatment options, because they saw how much pain their son had undergone, and decided to let go of him, and, it must’ve been really hard, after all, the child is still very young, his life hadn’t even started yet, and, for the parents to give up on the treatment options, it must’ve been a really hard struggle, but, they decided it’s for the best, because they don’t want their young son to suffer so much, after all, the treatments are too painful for adult, and this, is a child we’re talkin’ ‘bout here…




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He Couldn’t Stand to See His Wife Being Tortured by Her Illness, He’d Murdered Her in the Hospital Ward, Then, Attempt to Commit Suicide

Tragedy that stemmed from too much burden on the primary caretaker’s shoulders, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The retired veteran pulled up the drapes, stabbed his own wife’s chest once, then, stabbed himself twice, there were six or seven other people in the same hospital room, and they never noticed, the neighbors didn’t believe it, “He loved his wife dearly”.

A retired serviceman, Ku, didn’t want to see his wife keep on being tortured by her illness continuously, yesterday at noon, he’d asked the caretaker to go away, in the MacKay Hospital in Danshui, was suspected of stabbing his wife to death, then attempted to commit suicide; there were six to seven OTHERS in the same hospital ward, but nobody noticed anything, it wasn’t until an hour later when his friends came by to visit, was he discovered, and, his life was spared.

“Please, just give me the death penalty!”, the eighty-three year old elderly man, Ku lay weakly on the bed, and was very helpful in answering the inquiries of the district attorney; he’d told the D.A. “Even though I’m a murderer, but, don’t be afraid of me.”, as he begged to be given the death penalty, he wanted to follow his wife.  The D.A. considered that he’d admitted to murdering his own wife, and that he was injured and elderly, that there was NO need to jail him, said that his bail was set at $100,000N.T., and, returned him to his family.  The elderly man, Ku’s children couldn’t believe that their father had murdered their mother, they’d melted down.

The police pointed out, that the sixty-four year old Kuo, started nine years ago, would faint often and have dizzy spells a lot, just last month, she’d passed out abruptly, and was rushed to the MacKay Memorial Hospital in Taipei, and was diagnosed with viral encephalitis, and sent to the ICU, at the bottom of last month, she was transferred to the neural department hospital ward in the Danshui hospitals, the family hired an around-the-clock bedside assistant for her just last month, and the elderly man would go accompany his wife every single day, and didn’t go home until dusk, and had made soup for his own wife too.

The woman was bedridden and couldn’t walk, but is lucid, the caretaker, Yeh said, that yesterday, she’d taken the elderly to rehabilitation, at eleven fifty, she’d returned back to the hospital ward.  Ku told him to take her lunch, she’d returned to the hospital room at twelve thirty, and found the curtains drawn, and she saw the elderly man lying on the folding bed next to the hospital bed, she thought they needed time together, and so, she’d left them alone.

Ku’s neighbor, a woman named Chen went to visit them at one in the afternoon, back then, the other two beds had three to four visitors conversing, she’d asked about here Kuo was, and when she’d pulled open the curtains, she’d screamed, and carried the bloody knife back to the nurse’s station for assistance.

Kuo was lying in her bed, with multiple layers of clothes covering up her face, there was a knife wound in her chest area, in the heart; the elderly man, Ku slashed his own left wrist, and stabbed his own torso on the right side.  The paramedics worked hard, to resuscitate Kuo, but she still died, and, after Ku was rushed to the E.R., he was okay.

Ku told, that he and his wife married for forty years, had never had a spat, that his wife was hospitalized for encephalitis in August, and when it got serious, she was in a coma, he didn’t want to see her keep suffering, that, was why he’d taken the advantage of the time when the foreign bedside assistant was out on lunch, to kill his own wife.  The D.A. and the police examined the wife’s body, and found that the knife wound on her chest was what killed her, and they’re going to do an autopsy at another date, to clarify the cause of death; and Ku’s own knife wound on his abdomen wasn’t just on the surface, it showed that he’d intended to kill himself.

The neighbors said that Ku loved his wife dearly, and never heard them fight, and sometimes, they would go out together, to walk, none of them believed he was capable of murdering his own wife.

Because taking care of one’s own spouse became way too hard, and, she’s NOT getting any better, and so, killing her, putting HER out of HER misery seemed like the only logical thing to do, and, that, would be from the “humane” side of things, but, from the legal front, you are taking the life of another human being, and that, is just wrong, and so, there’s a LOT of moral concerns up for debate on this one…

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His Death Became a Circus Scene

WELCOME, to this WEIRD kind of C-I-R-C-U-S!!!

Today, we’re gathered together, to MOURN of the loss (yeah, that’s what you think!!!)…

His death became a circus scene, there’s NO dignity, or anything that’s stereotypical of how a normal funeral should BE.  His death became a circus scene, first ones that came out into the center of the ring (the circus???) was his wife and his two kids, followed by HIS whore and HIS illegit, they’re ALL after a HUGE piece of the “pie” he’d left behind, the INHERITANCE, and because he didn’t draft up a living will, and so, everything gets divided now, in the court of law.

His death became a circus scene, except that you can’t hear any children laughing happily, as those clowns tripped on their own feet and fell FLAT on their faces.  His death became a circus scene, and, there’s absolutely NO dignity left, in his final rite of passage at all…

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A Ninety-Year Old Elderly Woman Started Dating Again~~~Keys to Aging Gracefully

Don’t let getting older stop you from having fun, that’s for sure!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

She’d taken up computer lessons in the nursing homes, “It’s such an enjoyment!  So much better than just sitting at home!”

The ninety-year old Mrs. Kohn would get online inside her GDA apartment.

Since her husband died eight years ago, she’d gone back to her childhood home in Frankfurt, and moved into the GDA; other than government assisted amount to help pay for her long-term elderly care, and  the insurance, she’d still have to pay close to two thousand Euros for everything else.  This elderly apartment complex’s philosophy is “Enjoying Getting Older”, Mrs. Kohn smiled and told, “Truly, this, is very enjoyable, it’s way better than living at home.”

And, Mrs. Kohn is still NOT the oldest resident, compared to the 104-year-old, she is still young.  Another ninety-year-old woman, is currently dating a ninety-year-old man at the GDA, and, is very happy, living her life.

Mrs. Kohn said, that living here, someone will take care of me, and there is an assortment of courses offered, she’d started learning how to use a computer when she was in her eighties, and, in just three months’ time, she’d learned to use the internet, and e-mailed to her friends and families; she’d smiled and told the interviewers, “I don’t need to be afraid of computer, whenever I have a question, there would be two, three people who come to my assistance.”

And this, is in a country, where there’s sufficient elderly care, and, it’d allowed the elderly woman to find herself again, to get more active, after all, getting MORE active is how you stay alive, and, start to age gracefully.

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The Daycare Center Became the Elderly Population’s Carefree World

Says W-H-O, nursing homes are all bad, this one isn’t, from the Front Page Sections, on how to age gracefully, in a home, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The seventy-eight year old Mr. Lin, from Monday through Friday, would go with his twenty-two-year old son, “Lucky”, hand-in-hand, to head to the Hsinbei City’s Demented Elderly Daycare Center.  Mr. Lin was diagnosed with mild Parkinson’s Disease, while Lucky is mildly retarded.

With Nostalgic Decorations, It’s as If He Was Taken Back to His Own Childhood

Originally, Mr. Lin’s family thought, “He’s okay, why is he in need to be put into daycare?”, but, as they’d saw him, returning home, energetic, as he talked on and on about the goings-on during his day, they’d felt very at ease, letting him attend the elderly daycare center.

Mr. Lin got along very well with the staff at the nursing home.  The social worker asked him, “Is Grandpa doing well?”, Mr. Lin put up his thumbs quickly, and told them, “I’m number one!”, and Lucky too, followed right behind his father, and joined in the activities at the center, clapping hands or do something that can stimulate his mind, handcrafts are done.

The center, owned and operated by government organization but run by private sectors, is 1,020 square feet, many years ago, it’d innovated itself, making the place into a nostalgic park, instead of it, looking so lifeless like the normal nursing homes; instead, it’s like the elderly had been sent on a journey through the time machines, to arrive back at their childhood years.

Multiple Themes, with Pharmacies, and Small Grocery Shops

“As we’d stepped into Yi-An, there was the setting of a Chinese Pharmacy; the nursing staff dressed in leisure clothes, on the inside of the counters, and an eighty-year-old woman, Hu, told the one getting the meds, what her ailments are.  Actually, the family had already given the elderly woman’s medications to the nursing staff, so they could administer it to her.

On another corner, there was a sign, “Beauty’s Couture”, with an old-fashioned sewing machine, with pretty clothes, hung in the display windows.  Not far off, there was a place with red shingles, and, as we pushed the doors to head inward, it became a space where the severely demented elderly have their activities, in the resting area, there were chairs, made with bamboo, giving off this nostalgic feel.

The person in charge of running the nursing home, Kao said, that getting older at home, is NOT only an international trend, but a local one, it’d allowed the elderly population to be close to home, to train their minds, and then, in the evenings, the families will pick them up to head home again.

In Japan, there are also nursing homes, decorated into the living quarters, and in Hong Kong too, there are places like that.  And, the inspirations for setting up Yi-An Nursing Home is drawn from the ideas of the Hey Song Museum’s Nostalgic Taiwanese Style.

This sort of nostalgic designs for nursing homes are gaining popularity by the day.  Ms. Yeou said, “I wanted so very much, to send my demented father to such a place on a day to day basis.”  It’s just that, this sort of a facility, the elderly must have the medical diagnosis of dementia, and the cost runs up to $20,000N.T. per month, not in the ordinary family’s affordable range.

And so, getting older still comes at a high price, and yeah, nursing homes like these can help the elderly population, but, unless you are bringing in the BIG buck, you simply can’t afford to send your parents into a wonderful place like this.

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