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The One-Year-Old Young Girl Died from Being Abandoned by Her Own Mother, Her Mother Turned Herself in, Received a Five-Year Sentence

How the mother of this young child was negligent, which was what caused her to, D-I-E, and she got, punished here all right, it’s just, that no amount of sentencing would be, enough, for the life she’d caused, to die, her own, daughter’s life was, lost, because of her, lack of concern and care for her…off of the Newspapers, translated…

The woman, Wang in Taoyuan, because her husband was serving time in prison, was left to raise her own one-year-old young daughter, but didn’t care for the child enough, only fed her in the morning and at night, left her young child at home alone, went out to travel with her boyfriend for three days, and then, the child had, died.  To cover this up, she’d refused her child for the vaccinations, to evade the department of sanitations checking up, and the truth finally came out four years later; yesterday, the Taoyuan District Court charged the woman on abandonment causing death, sentenced her to fie years, this can still be appealed.

The investigations found, that after Wang gave birth in 2015, she’d left her infant home alone, multiple times because of her work, during the time, she’d failed to provide the infant with enough food, causing the infant to be malnourished, and had been hospitalized a whole month, and after they were discharged, the hospitals couldn’t find them again.  In 2020, Wang’s daughter is turning six, and, was at the age of entering the elementary school years, the local sanitation offices tracked the child’s health status, and found, that Wang and her mother who didn’t live together both claimed, that the child was in each other’s care, that was when the local sanitation offices thought something was wrong, notified social services, the social workers and police broken through to wang, and that was when they’d learned, that the young girl died back in 2016, and the body is nowhere to be found now.

The indictment from the D.A.’s Office stated, that Wang had left her own daughter twice for as long as three days at a time, and during the time, she’d not left enough food for the child, she’d claimed, that on the second time she’d left her child, she’d left her daughter at the hospital, where the child had, died, because it’d been a long time, she can’t remember now, what she did with her daughter’s, body.

Although Wang admitted to what she did, but blamed the matter on how she’d had a hard time growing up, that her husband was in jail and sent her the divorce papers, she couldn’t take it, that was why she’d been, neglectful to her own daughter.  She’d told, that her daughter was hospitalized, because of kidney conditions, and her brains, but she needed to work, couldn’t care for her 24/7, and, as the medical professionals signed off, she’d left her daughter in the I.C.U.  But, it was a fact, that her daughter had died when she went out to travel, “as I’d refused to allow my daughter to get vaccinated, she’d already been, deceased!”

The courts investigated, that although the local sanitation offices found that Wang’s daughter was unfound, but they couldn’t confirm that she’d been dead, the police originally listed this case as a missing persons, that Wang’s telling them what had happened, qualified her for turning herself in, that she could get a reduced sentence.  But as a mother, Wang did NOT solicit help when things were getting hard, causing her daughter to die, the courts, did NOT allow her to ask for a second reduction of her sentencing because of this.

And, if you ask me (but hey, who asked Y-O-U!!!), this woman DESERVES to serve the HARD time for leaving her own young daughter to DIE, for NOT feeding her (that’s NEGLECT!), and maybe, this child wasn’t beaten up, or emotionally abused or whatever, her death was still, a result of her own mother’s, inability to care for her, and that would constitute as, MURDER in my opinion!

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The Father-in-Law Had an Affair with the Daughter-in-Law, and Wanted to Divorce His Own Wife, the Courts Found Him Lost

As he should, L-O-S-E, for having the incestuous relationship with his own son’s WIFE, and wanted to, divorce his wife too?  Yeah, that’ll FLY, in court all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The male high school student Lai just inherited five hundred million dollars N.T., then died from falling off of a building, it’d caused his identity to get found, Lai was actually the child of his own mother and father-in-law, back then, as Lai’s incestuous sexual relations with his own daughter-in-law had been discovered, his wife divorced him, and, Lai’s own children can’t helped but wonder, “from before, the boy called you grandpa, what will he call you now?”

Lai stated in the claims, that back in 2004, the families hadn’t gotten along, causing the civil suit cases to come repeatedly, and to settle the matter, he’d, signed over the deeds of his property to his own wife, but she’d separated from him, and not contacted him for more than a decade, and he’d even, written a confession too, but his wife ignored him, that they will never patch things up, and he’d, filed for divorce.

Lai fought the divorce, that her husband had an incestuous relationship with her daughter-in-law, and had, chased her out of their home, and, before her husband committed adultery with her daughter-in-law, the family of three generations lived together, and were very well together, but, after the incest was found, her husband had, chased the rest of the family out, and only allowed her daughter-in-law, and the son she gave him, to live at home, her husband had no shame over what he’d, done.

The courts called the children of the two adults, the children testified, that back then, there was a family meeting, and as the eldest daughter went to inquire their father of the incest, he’d smashed a potted plant toward her, and told them to go to hell.

The children testified, that since the incest, the families never got together on the New Year’s for the meals, and their mother had stopped interacting with their father since; another daughter also testified, that she’d asked, “my younger brother’s son called you ‘grandpa’, but what would the child whom you had with your own daughter-in-law call you?”, then her father got angry, and, acted like he was going to, hit her.

The children testified, that their mother kept wanting the daughter-in-law to move out, that it would be awful and wrong, for their mother to share a household with the woman with whom her husband committed adultery with.  That their mother had given all she had to the family, and their father was, divorcing her, that this was, too, funny to them.

The courts considered, Lai had a son by incest with his daughter-in-law, but never admitted to the incest, not only did he break the duties of being faithful to his own wife and he’d, chased his own wife and his children out of his home, that he had no claims that are valid to get a divorce from his own wife.

Of course this LOSER did NOT have the “just cause” to divorce his own wife, but his wife surely has the reasons to, and, this  elder had put up with this SHIT long enough, and, hopefully, she will SUE him for divorce, for his infidelity, for FUCKING their, daughter-in-law, and fathering his own, grandson too!

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She Was Raped in the Elementary School Years by Her Own Predatory Father, Pressed Charges Eighteen Years Later, the Predatory Father Sentenced Severely

Justice, finally got, SERVED, but, imagine HOW much pains, sufferings, trials this young girl must’ve, gone through, and this is, still, too awful, at this, this mother of the victim, did NOT, doubt her, she just found out, late is all, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A father in Tainan, eighteen years ago, abused his own wife, and, while his wife went home to stay with her family, he’d raped his own third-grade daughter, and, many years later, as the daughter shared with her church group the matter of sex, she’d disclosed to the group that she was raped by her own father, and the officials of the church reported the matter, and after investigations, there was an investigation that was resumed, again.  The Tainan District Court found, that the father forced himself onto his daughter who was not yet fourteen, and sentenced him heavily to seven years six months.

During the trial, the man denied the allegations, claimed that he was in a foul mood during the time, and had gotten drunk often, didn’t remember he’d gone to his own daughter’s bedroom, or that he had any memories of, raping her.

The young woman accused, that back then, her mother was physically abused by her father, and moved back in with her own family of origin then, and her father told her to come into his bedroom, and told her, that what he was doing to her was called “making love”, she’d not known what it’d meant, but she’d told him “no!”, and melted down before the rape occurred, her father didn’t stop, and continued sexually assaulting her.

After a period of time, as her mother came back from her own mother’s home, she’d disclosed what happened to her to her mother, that her father pulled down her pants, but because she’d not known how to describe to her mother what happened then, she couldn’t clearly tell her mother what had, happened to her, so her mother thought that she only got sexually assaulted once, and it was, never, brought up again.

The elementary school instructor testified, that one day, the young girl kept going to the restrooms at school, and she’d asked her, and the young girl started crying, because the instructor knew that the student’s mother went back to her own family to stay during the day, she’d asked if her father touched her genitals, then the girl nodded yes, and the school immediately contacted her mother.

The mother pointed out, that when her daughter was in the third grade, the instructor called her, told that the child’s genitalia looked reddened, that she’d immediately rushed home then, as the social services intervened, she’d wanted to forgive her husband once, and told him, “our daughter is for us to cherish, not to hurt”; recently, the man called her up, inquired why this was once again, brought back up?  She’d told him, that their daughter is old enough, and so she is allowed to decide, if she wanted to sue him!

And so, this mother had been, the silenced enabler, and maybe, it’s because she didn’t know how to respond to what had happened to her daughter, there was no action on her part, and, this young girl is now, old enough, to SUE her own, predatory father for RAPING and for sexually molesting her!  And this LOSER deserve the harshest sentence for what he did to his own young.

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The Fifth Grader Co-Conspired with Three Friends, Poisoned a Classmate with Devil’s Ivy for Revenge

What the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!) has happened to the children today???  And, if you asked me, this “KID” should be, CHARGED with, ATTEMPTED MURDER, because that was what he was, trying to do, to the, “victim” of the case here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Added the Juices of Devil’s Ivy into the Classmate’s Water Bottle, as He Drank the Fluid, He’d Become Dizzy and Had Stomach Cramps, the Families Called the Police, the School Set in to Counsel the Student

In an unnamed elementary school in Taichung, a fifth grader had a run-in with a fellow student, and he’d held a grudge, coconspired with his three other classmates, added in the juices of the devil’s ivy into the victim’s water bottle for revenge, as the victim drank, he’d started becoming, ill, the families called the police.  The Department of Education of Taichung told, that the school is now, having the counselors involved in counseling the related parties, and, both students’ parents are filing for the school bullying and gender equality discussion boards complaints, the case is currently under investigation.

The members of the online community posted, that the higher grades in a certain midstrip elementary school, two fifth or sixth grade students, A and R had upsets, and, although, they’d, resolved the disagreements with the teacher mediating, but A still carried a grudge, and searched for the means of toxic materials, and discussed with the three other students how to poison the victim.

and this is, how “minors”, settle their upsets with one another these, days…photo from online

The four students had the choices of night-scented lily, oleander, devil’s ivy, and they drew a raffle, decided to use the devil’s ivy.  As the victim, R wasn’t paying attention, they’d poured the sugared devil’s ivy juices into the water bottle; after R drank the fluids, he started having headache and, nausea, and thought he had something bad that’s, ingested; the homeroom instructor found that the student had drank the poisoned water, and reported it to the school, also, notified the parents of the victim, suggested that they keep a close watch on R’s condition.

The school also set up a conference with both student’s’ parents, and, the following day, under A’s seat, there was, another bottle with the devil’s ivy juice with the sugar added in under, the parents of both parents went to the police, but the school was quite passive in the matter, refused to produce the video and the sound files of the conferences with the parents.

The specialist of V.M.H. on toxic substances, Mao told, that the plants all belonged in the same group, with the toxics in them, that ingesting by error will cause pains in the oral cavities, throat, esophagus, or it might cause the stomach to upset, to vomit, stomach pains, diarrhea, etc., etc., etc.  Oleander is the most toxic of all, with the toxins that attacked the hearts, and it can cause arrhythmia, and most severely, death.

The attorney, Lin stated, that based off of the law, children under fourteen won’t be sentenced, because they aren’t responsible for breaking the law.  But if the children involved are twelve years of age, although they may not get charged criminally, they can still get sent to be tried in juvenile court; and the victim may seek out medical damages, as well as emotional damages from the legal guardians of the perpetrators.

The assistant professor, Pai of Zhongxing University’s Instructional Development Graduate Studies stated, the higher grade elementary school students under the influences of the internet, life and interpersonal relations, already have some level of maturity of knowledge, but, in the high stress environment, the children are easily stimulated and can feel the extreme emotions, when they feel they’d been unfairly treated, they will try and get the person who made them feel that way, back, to reach that balance inside.

Pai told, that the counseling should NOT just be for the victims and the perpetrators, but for the entire class too, to enforce the interpersonal relations, to teach students how to more effectively handle the disputes they may get into, most importantly, teaching the students, WHAT they can, and cannot do.

And so, due to how these are, minors, they still didn’t get charged with, attempted MURDER, because that would be what the charges will be, had it been, adults, but because these are, elementary school “kids”, that’s why, they were only, given, a slight slap on the, wrists, and, no amount of juvenile detention will be enough, to ENSURE, that they don’t, “act out” again, because, think about it, you can poison someone, because you were upset with her/him, and that, is such, a scary, thought, but hey, that’s kids today for ya!

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Twenty-Two Police Officers Suspected of Falsifying Writing up the Tickets, Indicted on Encroachment

Officers of the law, breaking the law, because the “pay-off” is too hard, to, resist!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Twenty two police officers in Hsinbei City, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, were suspected of working with fifteen car sales representative, to find holes in the justice systems, in three years’ time, the officers had made the illegal profits of more than $47 million N.T.s total; the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office charged all twenty-two police officers on encroachment, and one of the charged was a director of a local substation.

Based off of the traffic laws, if there are the speeding or other dangerous driving behaviors, the licenses are suspended for six months, but the rule also had, if the owner of the car didn’t have the plates on the cars, using other license plates, or still drove the cars while the license plates had been suspended, the police can find them, and retract the license plates.

The employees found the loopholes, that the owners of the vehicle can get the license plates again by reapplying, and get back on the roads again.  Since 2018, a total of twenty-two officers didn’t impound the vehicles as they were supposed to, from taking the bribes, allowing the owners of the vehicles to get their cars from the pound, and get a brand new license plate without questions.

The investigation found, that the officers, Liao, and Chou took the bribes of $15,000N.T. and $2,000N.T., the rest of the twenty-two who were suspected didn’t have any valid evidence of bribe found, but, based off of the rental rates of the iRent, and other rents of average of $290N.T. an hour, they’d estimated that the officers had received the total of illegal bribes in the total of over $47 million N.T.s; of them, the officer, Rong from Sanchong Substation’s back up squad received the most in over $50 million N.T.s.

The D.A.’s office indicted the twenty-two officers on encroachment charges, the fifteen agents, as well as a mechanic, Jeng.  In the investigations, there were twelve patrol officers who’d admitted to it, and the D.A. believed that they admitted to the crimes, and asked the courts to give them a fitting sentence.

After this, the Hsinbei Police Department immediately gave the matter to the city’s traffic accident unit to decide what was to be done, the transportation department’s highway unit amended the fines regulations last year, to prevent this matter already.

And so, this is still driven by money, with the cops, taking the bribes from the rental car agencies, because they don’t want to be fined, for not updating the license plates, or for not having the cars tuned up to the standards, so, they paid the police off, and, the police actually took the bribes too, because, money still speaks the loudest!

This is bad, if you can buy out the police, what else, can’t you do???

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The “Wheelchair Man” Got Taken into Custody Again on Suspicions of Money Laundering

Easy targets, too many fishes are, biting the bait of, easy money, invest here schemes, on getting caught scamming!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Wu is immobile, nicknamed “the wheelchair man”, had priors in falsifying personal data, causing the local landlords to lose billions of dollars before, last year, he was sentenced to eighteen years six months; he was also suspected of using a dummy company to help the scam rings launder money in the amounts of over $140 million N.T.s, and told that it was for the sake of virtual currency trading.  The police and district attorneys on the second arrest, took in twenty-three people, with Wu and four others mandated into custody.

The forty-nine-year-old Wu got into an accident, was immobilized, between 2018 and 2019, he’d used the dummy accounts to make up the false landlord information, had someone falsify as the landlord he’d made up, and the debtors to the courts to ask for a “false mediation”, then go to the land offices to get the deeds transferred, causing multiple landowners to loses a total of $705 million N.T.s.  The case was tried last year in Keelung District Court, Wu received an eighteen-year-and-six-months sentence.

During the trial, Wu was suspected of setting up a money laundering group with the twenty-four year-old Hong, the thirty-seven year-old Fang, with Hong as the recruit to set up a false company, using the company ledgers to collect the money that were scammed, then, wired the amounts into Fang’s, then the company’s account, and finally, the personal bank accounts, then, withdrawing the sums to hand over to the man behind it all, a money laundering, scheme.

Wu and others also falsified the conversations records in their cell phones, claiming that they were interacting with the sellers of virtual currencies, and using the “loans” to set up the dummy companies, and claimed that in the process, they’d used the KYC procedures to verify identification, to escape getting caught by the investigators.

The police confiscated a total of $300,000N.T. in cash, Wu had ten million in the virtual currency of tether; at the preliminary tallying, from June of last year to April of this year, Wu and his accomplices had scammed a total of 143 victims using a eleven false companies, with the total of amount of $140 million N.T. laundered.

Yeah, so this is how these virtual currencies give ways to money laundering, because there’s no real cash involved, it makes it even easier to do, and, these scam artists are still, preying on the greed of human nature here, and, everybody  can be a victim here.

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The Father of Four Started Beating Down the Five-Month-Old Infant Like Crazy, His Two Other Young Children Shocked to Not Knowing How to Respond to What They Witnessed

With the father, unstable, and can turn to abuse anytime when his days aren’t going well, and the mother, not there to protect her own, young…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Mother was on the Run South to Get the Children Away, Texted that She Was Okay, the Taichung City’s Social Services Immediately Stepped in, Filed for the Restraining Orders for the Four Young Children

A man, Jiang, was in a foul mood, awhile ago, he’d started, slapping his own eight-year-old infant son repeatedly, within a minute’s time, he’d slapped the infant close to ten times, as he’d slapped the infant, he’d cussed, and the smacking sound made the infant cried, and the two young children close by were shocked and didn’t dare make a single, move either, the footages of the abuse was posted on a group on FB, with the infant’s faces bruising up.  The police checked, and confirmed that the mother of the infant had taken her/his away, that s/he currently, safe, the social services also filed for a protective order for the other four young children, and demanded that Jiang attend the mandatory parenting lessons.

Someone from the group on FB, “We, from Houli” posted a photo of bruised cheeks of an infant, with another close-to-a-minute long surveillance, showing a middle age man with a tattoo, sitting on the couch, smacking the infant repeatedly, and screamed at the infant, “shut up!” as he was physically abusing the infant, with two young children close by, standing straight, undaring to, move a muscle.  The individual who’d posted the footage stated, that the man claimed, that by three, the children are set in their personalities, that at five-months, physical discipline should start.

Based off of understanding, this was a family with the stepsiblings, with four children, the oldest is in elementary school, the youngest, only, five months old, the one who was being slapped in the video was the five-months old infant son.  Based off of understanding, Jiang owned a construction company, the source of income for the family of six.  Before this footage went viral, the Social Services had been called, at the time, Jiang got into verbal altercation with his wife, and had, beaten her, the neighbors were the one who’d, called the cops; the Social Services told the wife that they could file a protective order for her, but she’d, denied their, assistance.

The Daya Substation stepped in to investigated, Jiang claimed that he was in a foul mood, that’s why he’d started, slapping his own infant son around, the police called up the mother of the infant, and the mother told them, that she was, handling some matters down south, that she’d already moved her eldest, and her youngest there with her, and the children are okay, she will go to the substation, to tell the police exactly what had happened, and decide if she wants to press charges.  The Substation had notified social services because this was a child abuse case, the social workers confirmed that the two children who are staying with the father are okay, and, placed them with their mother’s relatives.

The infant’s mother posted on Instagram and FB that she is okay, stressed, “all of my young are out of harm’s way now, I will let you know what I decide to do”, “thank you for your, concerns.”

The Social Services told, that they will assist the four children to get a restraining order, and mandate the parenting courses for this father based off of No. 102 of Children’s

Welfare and Rights Protection Act; the Domestic Violence Prevention Center is now, keeping tabs on the safety of the mother and children, and will see what is needed for the families, as the social workers continued to visit the home.

The had of Social Services, Liao told, that based off of Children & Adolescent Welfare Law, if the other children witnessed the abuse, the social services will intervene to offer counsel.  There’s a ZERO tolerance for child abuse, nobody can abandon children or adolescents, or abuse in any form, those who’d broken this law can be fined anywhere from $60,000N.T.s to $600,000N.T.s.

And you think that’s going to deter this loser from beating up his own young again?  Especially when he’s out of a stable job, and he gets in that easily angered mood again, who’s to say, that there’s NOT going to be a MURDER the next time, huh?  And, the mother taking the kids away, is only, a temporary solution to a, permanent serious, problem here.

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The Freeway Police Asked Twenty-Two Adolescents to Come & Meet Up, Raped Them All, Received the “Heavy Sentence” of Nine Years

And that’s still not even, a year’s prison term PER VIC, how’s that “heavy”, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, on how punishment still doesn’t quite, fit the, crimes here, translated…

The Freeway Police Station’s Nineth former officer, Cheng was suspected of meeting and raping a total of twenty-two teens, the D.A. charged him on aggravated sexual assault, exploitation of children and adolescents; the Taipei District court found him guilty on the counts, gave him nine years, and there were the lighter six-months which he can pay the fines and escape the time.  This can still be appealed.

In September of 2022, Cheng was taken into custody, admitted to having sexual intercourse with the adolescents but denied the allegations of rape, but the investigators found on Cheng’s laptop, more than a dozen of sexually-illicit photographs of adolescents in middle school, in November of 2022, they charged him on nine more counts of aggravated rape, the laws against exploitation of teens and children, Cheng was indicted.

The investigations continued, and the D.A. found another thirteen more adolescent victims who also, got raped or molested by Cheng, and added on to the charges, asked the courts to combine the cases he was involved in from the Taipei District Court, and this was, allowed.

As the scandal busted wide open, the Freeway Police Station believed that this had damaged the reputations of the police department, immediately called up the evaluations, and decided to give Cheng two major reprimands, and, fired him from the police forces, and the department also went after the related officials who’d supervised Cheng, Cheng’s direct superiors received anywhere from one to two writeups.

Based off of what’s known by the investigations, the former officer, Cheng was suspected of using the internet to make friends in September of 2022,took a fifteen-year-old adolescent to the public restrooms to rape, the police and D.A. were notified, and based off of what the families of this victim stated, they’d chased the leads, and arrested Cheng, he’d admitted to sexual intercourse with the teen, but denied ALL allegations of, sexual assault.

The investigators expanded the investigations, went to search at Cheng’s residence, to collect the evidence, confiscated his personal home laptop, after they logged in, they’d found too many sexually illicit photos of young boys, the district attorneys believed, that Cheng is a felon, that he is involved, and in their interrogations, they’d, asked the courts to keep him in custody, and the courts signed off on this.

So, a pedophile is a pedophile IS, a pedophile, a SEX predator is a sex predator, IS, a SEX PREDATOR, NO matter what kind of work he does, even IF he was the highway police, and, it’s, next to impossible to reform these, dangerous people, so, it’s best, that they keep him locked up, for as long as the laws would, allow, and, no amount of therapies will help!

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The Turns of His Fifth Death Penalty Verdict, the Murderer of the Dual-Body Case Confirmed to Serve a Life-Term

Because there’s no, “premeditation” that’s why, this MURDERER, escaped the DEATH PENALTY, and besides, this added to Tsai’s “take death penalty off the tables”, this case because a tool in politics, nothing more!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Suspect, Murdered Two People in Ten Minutes, the Highest Courts Believed He Hadn’t Premeditated on the Murders, and Made the Calls, the Criticisms from the Families of the Murdered Victims Came

The parolee, Chen, eight years ago, at the parking lot in Ximenting, in only ten minutes’ time, murdered Tsai and Tsai, he’d gone through five trials, which all ordered the death penalty for him, the Highest Court believed, that Chen, before he’d shot Tsai, had waved to him to tell him to leave, but because Tsai turned around to look at the murdered victim, that was why he’d, gunned Tsai down too, that it wasn’t, premeditated, that his actions weren’t of serious enough criminal behaviors, tossed back the original verdict yesterday, and gave Chen the life term.

As Tsai’s mother learned of the verdict, she was shocked and inquired, “did the murderer, get away?” criticized the Tsai government for doing what it pleased, only wanted to take the government where she wanted the government to go, that many of the cases of murders, the victims can’t get justice; the verdicts from the Highest Courts, offered no, justice whatsoever.

She’d made a statement again last night, that the Highest Court’s considering how the murderer didn’t premeditate the murder, “is the Highest Court hard-of-seeing clearly, or is the Highest Court, blind”?, stated that the verdict was “toilet paper like”, served the means of opening the doorway of doing away with the death penalty, that karma will eventually come to the officials of the government.

the supporters of keeping death penalty in place,”no reasons for murder, the only punishment is the death penalty“…photo from online

The Highest Court pointed out, on the means of Chen, murdering Tsai, the courts employed the civil liberties, and political rights of the international laws, the U.N.’s human rights sixth interpretations, believed, that Chen gunning Tsai down was a “most severe of crimes”, but, the interpretation of the sixth already got replaced by the public opinion 36 back in 2018, that the considerations of the situations under which crimes were committed must be taken in, to NOT decide on the death penalty based, solely off of the severity of crimes.

The Highest Courts found, that Chen disregarded the lives of others, used the ferocious means to murder, that he’d impacted the safety of the society greatly, but, considering how Chen had, sent Tsai away first, the after he’d murdered Tsai, he planned to leave, walked toward the elevator of the parking lot, saw Tsai approaching, he’d waved to him to get away, but as Tsai turned his head, he discovered Tsai’s body, he worried that his murdering the man will get told, that was why he’d, killed Tsai as well, that it’s a spur of the moment thing, that it wasn’t, calculated.

And, Chen had fired his gun at Tsai from a distance, it wasn’t execution style, that it didn’t qualify as a most severe, and he got the life-term; on the murder of Tsai, the third retrial found no fault of the verdicts that came before, thus, maintaining the life sentence.

On January 13, 2015, the shooting at the parking lot at Ximenting, the drug cartel members, Tsai and Tsai’s bodies were found, stacked one over the other, inside a car, the police later arrested the chapter member of the Thento Union, Chen, the courts believed there was no chance of reforming him, the first trial, the second, the first retrial, the second retrial, and the third retrial, five times, sentenced Chen to the death penalty.

And so, this, is how this country tried to “match up” to the “clause” of cruel and unusual punishment, with absolutely NO considerations of how these victims were gunned down, only cared about the perp, and that’s just, SHIT, as justice still did NOT get, served, but hey, look on the bright side, this murderer will now be tortured, for the rest of his life, behind bars, with the families of the victims, feeling, that justice still, was NOT, served, at all!

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The Adult Male Enticed a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl to Send Him Her Nude Photos, Gotten Her Out to Have Sex with Him, Sentenced to Six Years

How’s that close to enough, I mean, there’s a very high chance, that this SOLICITOR/SEX OFFENDER is more than likely to, do it again!  On Crimes and Punishment, and no, still does NOT “fit”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The adult male, Hsu started dating the thirteen-year-old minor, within ten days, he’d, enticed her with a new cell phone as “bait”, asked her to use the cell phone he’d given her to take nude shots of herself and send them to him, and he’d passed out the nude photos of the teen online, and two weeks later, he’d taken her away on a trip, and had sex with her twice; the Taoyuan District Court charged Hsu on sextortion prevention of children and adolescents, obstructions of sexual freedoms and other charges, sentenced him to six months of prison term, this can still be appealed.

The police investigators found, that last year on May 10th, Hsu met the then thirteen-year-old female victim, the two started dating; between the fifteenth and the twentieth of the same month, Hsu messaged the adolescent using FB, used buying her brand new cell phone as bait, demanded that she sent nudes and private parts of her body to him, he’d gained the photo of the adolescent’s showing her breasts, and also, sent the photo to others he knew too.

Later, Hsu asked the adolescent out at four in the afternoon on May 24th of the same year, they’d had sexual intercourse in a hotel in Yilan; at two to four in the afternoon of the following day, they’d gone to the shopping malls, and had sex in the handicap stalls in the restroom areas consensually.  After the father of the teen learned this, he’d notified the police and pressed charges.

As Hsu came into the station, he’d admitted to the sex with the young adolescent girl, the district attorneys prosecuted him in court.  At the trial, Hsu’s attorney claimed that Hsu’s relationship with the teen was of that of a dating couple, they’d given each other the gifts, texted the photos to one another, then, had sex, stated, that the seducing of the teen’s sending her nude photos to him and obstruction of sexual freedom should be only one charge; and seeing how the dates of them having sex were close together around the same time, the charges of the obstructions of sexual freedom should be combined with sex with a minor.

sold, so, easily! Photo from online

The Taoyuan District Court found, that there’s the differences of interpretation of children and adolescent sextortion prevention laws and the criminal codes for protection of the rights of children and adolescents, that they’re, separate, and there’s the time frame of close to twenty-four hours of the two times they had sexual intercourses, and the locations were different, which showed, that Hsu had the intentions of having sex with her twice, the courts tossed out the defense’s claims.

And so, you are, too fucking (so???) retarded thinking that you can, “hook” a teenager, without her parents knowing, well, guess what, Mr. Peeping Tom, SEXAUL predator?  You got caught, and six years is still not enough for your crimes against that teenager who has, absolutely NO clue of how she’d, lost her, virginity!

Yeah, that, is how easily virginities still, get, lost these days here…

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