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Using the Illegal Means to Arrest the Female Instructor, the Police Officer Who’d Made the Arrest Broke the Law & Got Sentenced

As he should, for police brutality, and, abuse of power, and, some other, “charges” too…but, this officer still think he’d done no wrong, and is, going for, an appeal, to overturn the verdict, with the help from the police department, who’s actually, backing THIS sort of a bad behavior up, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Getting Pulled Over, Refused to Allow the Police to Check Her, Got Slammed to the Ground, Arrested, Led Away in Cuffs, the Officer Broke Two Laws, Sentenced to Ten Months, the Victim: if the Police Abused Power, then, There’s NO Need for the Citizens to Comply

The former officer, Yeh from Zhongli Police Substation of Taoyuan in April two years ago, without just cause, pulled the music instructor, Jeng over, and, body slammed her to cuff her, causing the communities to get upset.  The district court of Taoyuan found the officer, Yeh having broken the law, used his status as an officer of the law, to abuse the woman, sentenced him four months on forced behaviors, and six months on obstruction of an innocent person’s freedom, the part of forced behaviors, he is allowed to pay the fines to escape the time served.  This can be appealed.

Jeng told the press yesterday, that she’d hoped that her case can help the public become aware, that “if the police use the authorities of the law to abuse, the people don’t have to comply”, the police should also be more aware, of their own boundaries in their moral responsibilities, and their, roles too.

the drum instructor who was a victim of police brutality, holding up the verdict stating how if the police abused power, then, we don’t have to follow their requests, off of

In April of two years ago, the officer, Yeh, went across the jurisdiction of where he’d been assigned to patrol, pulled Jeng over, and told her that she looked like someone who’d been reported missing, and demanded her show him her identification, and block her path with his body, and, as he was accusing Jeng, he’d used the body-slam to arrest her based off of obstruction of affairs of the police business; afterwards, they both accused one another on assault, obstruction of police business, and other charges, the charges were dropped, and Jeng filed for an appeal, in the end, Yeh was indicted on obstruction of freedom.

In the trial, Yeh denied the allegations, stated that the location where he caught Jeng walking down was a hotspot for crime, that Jeng was carrying a huge load, looked fatigued, he’d suspected that she had abused drugs, or that she was reported missing, that’s why he’d pulled her over, stressed that he’d gone by the book in the behaviors.

The courts found, that at the time, Jeng was walking on the outer of the sidewalks along, looked well-dressed, and clean, appeared normal, didn’t show any abnormal behaviors as one would from after using the illegal substances, that she’d not had any physical visible dangerous weapons, as she was pulled over by Yeh, she’d only questioned why she was pulled over by him, didn’t attack, nor ram the officer, nor tried to get away, that there wasn’t any, signs of her engaging in criminal behaviors at all.

Yeh broke the laws first of illegally pulling Jeng over, and his comments toward her calling him out on the justifications of his pulling her over “Really stupid”, and “What you’re doing is against what you’d been train and told to do”, he’d body slammed her to the pavement, cuffed her by force, that this behavior can’t be compliant with the laws.

the courts believed, that as an officer of the law, Yeh should’ve followed the laws himself, yet, he’d, pulled Jeng over without just cause, that his behaviors had severely destroyed the trust of the people in the police, and hadn’t shown any regrets, nor remorse over what he’d done, not gotten Jeng’s forgiveness, or reached a settlement agreement with her, that he’d not had a good attitude afterwards, that he would be given a fitting sentence for his crime.

The police department stated they will respect the verdict, and will be asking all units of the police to enforce the education in what would be just force in the field; the Zhongli Police Substation told, that the officer Yeh is considering filing for an appeal, that the police will continue to provide the legal assistance that Yeh needed.  The Examination Department last March already reprimanded the Zhonglin Police Substation.

And so, the police forces, the officer still, won’t admit what the officer did was, wrong, and that just showed, how the police believe that they’re, above the law, that they can break it, and they won’t get punished, because this society is NOT run by the law, but the people who are, supposed to enforce the law, to protect the people, and they’d, abused the ordinary citizens with these, illegal arrests, without the, justifiable, causes.

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Enormous Firepower, the Police Busted the Very First Case of 3-D Printing Shop of Rifles

We can now, print out own ARMS, inside the “comfort” of our own homes now, and, that just make these dangerous arms, even MORE easily, accessible, and imagine if this technology gets into, the “wrong hands”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

the forklift driver, Lee was suspected of buying equipment including a 3D printer and other materials to print out the guns, as the police searched his place, he was printing out the body of a rifle, the police confiscated two fully printed rifles at his place, this was the very first case of rifles confiscated from 3-D printing; as Lee heard that the police was sending his guns in for testing to see if it can be used as a weapon, he’d told them there wasn’t a need, he’d already, successfully, fired the guns sixty-five times.  The D.A. set his bail at $50,000N.T. after they interrogated him.

There are already cases of printing guns using 3D printers from other countries, the sixth of the investigations unit of the Detective Agency received the intel last September online, that the thirty-six-year-old man, Lee bought the needed supplies to print out a gun, that he was suspected of making the weapons on his own, and called it in to the Chiayi District Attorney’s Office to have them sign off on a search.

and the step-by-step “how-to” from online…with all the parts, labeled, and the assembling means on the “next page”…from online

The Detective Agency tagged along the Chiayi Police to surveil Lee, found that he worked as a forklift operator, that he’d not gotten into close contact with anybody in his family, or at work, that he had a simple style of life, and already bought the 3D printers, the metal barrels, the prop bullets and other items needed to print out the three-dimensional guns,, they suspected that he may have other skills needed to print out guns.

On the ninth, the police went to Lee’s residence, with a search warrant, at the time, Lee was printing the gun barrel of a rifle using the 3-D printer, and was caught right in the act, the police found two already-printed rifles, three semi-made rifles, an altered gun, a mock gun, and semi-completed handgun, eleven more gun barrels, seventy-one bullets, sixty-five shell casings, and the three-dimensional printers, the raw materials used to print the weapons, and other viable evidence.

The police stated that they are to take the guns to the criminal investigations unit for forensics, Lee told them on site, “No need, already tested them, they have, firepower!”, claimed that the sixty-five shell casings the police confiscated was from the two rifles he’d printed out, and tested.

the “end product”…

photo from online

Lee told, that what drove him to print the firearms was because he was “picked on” by someone, that with a gun gains you the respect; the police suspected that Lee printed the arms to sell them, and the case is viewed as laws against possessions of dangerous firearms, the D.A. set his bail at fifty-thousand dollars N.T.

The police told, it costs around ten thousand dollars N.T.s to buy a 3D printer, there are the multiple diagrams of gun assembling, gun printing formatting, that it is easy for someone who wanted them to download, and it only takes around four days for a rifle to get printed out, that it’s usable, like the rifles bought in the gun shops, that this may turn into a cause of concern of possessions of dangerous firearms in the local communities.

And so, thanks to the modern day advances of technology, you can print anything, if you know where to download the pictures, and that’s just really bad, because, everybody can own a dangerous firearm, with enough firepower to commit murder, making this world, that much more, dangerous than ever before.

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As a Six-Year-Old GUNNED Down His, Teacher…

A SIX-YEAR-OLD kid, with the intent of, MURDER, what had this world gone to???

Based off of the reports here on Yahoo! News, it said here, that this boy, shot his school instructor after he had an altercation with her in class, and, the D.A. is having difficult charging this, SIX-YEAR-OLD, because Virginia law believes, that underage minors lacked the understandings of what constitutes as crime.

There are a few issues, first and foremost, the DESPERATE need for a GUN CONTROL amendment in the U.S., but, seeing how the senators, the representatives of the House are all pocketed by the N.R.A., that’s not going to happen, and secondly, whatever happened to keeping the arms locked up safe and sound, out of reach of young children, inside, a PASSWORD protected, safe?  Oh yeah, that doesn’t happen, and even IF you managed to lock your guns, rifles, shotguns inside them password protected safes, you’d still have to change the combination once every say???  Three to six months, because your kids may be peeking behind you when you unlock, and, chances are, you won’t even remember WHAT digits you’d, switched to in the end.

and, here’s the news report on that off of YouTube

And the BEST option, is to place a ban on the sales, the buying of arms, and, we can already hear those, NRA-funded Republicans cry out in pain, so that still, won’t happen.

Now, there’s, only ONE more option, to CHARGE these “young babies” who bring that dangerous weapon to school for the sake of that “show and tell” (like that third-grade boy who brought one to school, and accidentally SHOT his ten-year-old little friend who’s a girl from…dunno how LONG ago that was!) as ADULTS.

Or we can simply, say, that hey, this problem does NOT exist, it’s only an isolated incident, it won’t happen, not in the future, and continue to blind ourselves with that big lie!

So, what’ll it be, huh?  TOUGHER gun control laws, TOUGHER laws for those who brings guns to school for that “show and tell”, CHARGING these children as ADULTS?  What?  What can we all do???


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The Cover-Up of the Middle School Principal of Hsinbei City Beating the Students

PHYSICAL “discipline”, aka, CORPORAL PUNISHMENTS of students are already, “banned”, since, early 2000s already, and yet, there are still the unfitting educators who’d, resorted to this sort of a, physical, abuse!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

Until the Parents Made the Disclosures, Did the Principal Get Demoted Down to the Position of a School Instructor, the Department of Education Only Gave Him a Written Reprimand, Sparking Up the Debates

Last year in January, a male student from a certain middle school in Hsinbei City, because he’d brought the cigarettes to school, was called into the principal’s office, the principal and the male student engaged each other physically, in the end, it’d turned into a case of physical assault of the student by the principal, the school covered up the incident, and not notified the authorities, until last year in November, the parents called the Department of Education to report this incident, that was when the school principal went back to the position of the school instructor.  The Department of Education only gave the principal a warning, the Humanistic Foundation believed it was way too lenient, that the principal should get fired.

Last year in January, a male student from a middle school in Hsinbei City brought the cigarettes to school, and got called into the principal’s office, but the principal and students got into a heated argument and started engaging each other physically, and the school principal was said to have beaten the student on the head, the face, pulling on his collar, causing the student to sustain an injury on his neck, even the zippers on the student’s school jacket got pulled off by the principal.

But afterwards, the school didn’t report this incident with the Department of Education as a concern of safety matter of the school, the parents got upset, and last year in November, the parents went to the Department of Education to report this, the principal in April of this year, excused himself from the position of the school principal, and got demoted to a school instructor, and by August, he’d been, officially, reassigned as a school instructor.

The Department of Education, after they were notified by the student and parents, went into full investigation on the matter, and hosted the evaluation of the principal committee, and the principal ended up with a written warming, and the school is asked to evaluated itself, and to reinforce the trainings of the school officials, to report these incidents as they occur.

The parent, Jiang believed, that the principal, as the head of the school, the role model for all the school instructors, should NOT have gotten angered, and engaged with the student.  The C.E.O. of the Humanitarian Education Foundation, Feng believed, that the principal clearly isn’t fitting to work as a school instructor, the Department of Education should stop the contract for hire on his, set up the standards, so the other school principal can use this man’s example of what not to do.

The Department of Education stated, that the decision was made from reviewing the reports of investigation of the case, and they’d found the principal’s improper means of discipline to be valid, and there’s the zero tolerance policy on improper discipline methods, and, they’d asked the school to start up the counseling measures for the student.

And, another Tae-Kwon Do coach from Hsinbei took the teams to compete nationally, and the accusations of his sexually harassing the trainees, the Tae-Kwon Do Association of R.O.C. investigated the matter, and pulled the coach off of his coaching post temporarily, and the school had rehired him back, causing the panic in the parents.  The Department of Education explained, that as the schools hire the personnel, they should check with the database with the reported improper behaviors of instructors are listed, and this particular coach didn’t have any records, and the school is asked to verify the status of behaviors of this particular coach, to stop this sort of violence from recurring in school, to protect the rights of the school’s instructors, and, students.

And so, you can see, there’s, this, LACKING in the systems of reporting these things, and, besides, if it were up to the schools independent to report these incidents, then, chances are, the schools are not going to, because, the schools don’t want to be labeled as hiring improper instructors, because that would then, affect the enrollment rate, which will, cause the school to shut down, especially with the decline in birth rate by the year, and this is the way the schools keep themselves in operation, by covering up the bad behaviors of those, ill-fitted, educators, and this is truly, B-A-D!

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The Man Who Got Cheated on HACKED the Other Man 113 Times, the Judge Believed He was Still “Reformable”, & Not Given Him the Death Penalty

How does that work, huh???  Because it’s a man, who’d murdered his own wife’s affair, hacked him a HUNDRED THIRTEEN times, and the court justice still believed that this murderer can be, reformed???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, He returned to visit his own ex-wife in May this year, found her new love, Wu at home, he’d used a knife, stabbed Wu 113 times, then, used a robe, hung Wu on the door handle of the bathroom, attempted to strangle him to death, in the end, Wu died of losing too much blood; the Kaohsiung District Court found, that He, due to the other man breaking up his marriage, that was what led him to murder, that he was still, able to get reformed, sentenced him to life in prison on murder.  He (age 34) got divorced in March of this year, he’d believed his ex was having an affair, that he was tricked into getting a divorce, and got into argument over the property rights and the children’s custodies, after he’d had a verbal altercation with his ex on May 6th this year, he’d gone to her place to confront her, his ex took their children to school, wasn’t around, he’d entered into the residence, found Wu (age 37) asleep in his daughter’s room, believed that it was Wu who’d broken up his marriage, got furious, picked up a fruit knife, and started, stabbing and hacking at him.

Wu, after being stabbed, awakened in shock, he’d tried to get up to get the knife out of He’s hand, but he’d been stabbed too many times, couldn’t have enough strengths left, they’d brawled to the outside of the bedroom hallway, Wu was unfamiliar with the lock of the front door, couldn’t escape, started pulling with He, and He went to the kitchen, picked up another knife, as Wu saw, he’d made his escape into the bathroom, and lost consciousness.

He used the nylon strings of the weight-lifting equipment, tied it around Wu’s neck, hooked the ring on the door knob of the bathroom, planned to strangle Wu to death, but Wu had already been stabbed 131 times, lost too much blood, then died, after He made sure Wu had died, then, he’d, left.

As his ex came home, she saw blood everywhere, and found Wu dead in the bathroom, had a friend helped to call the police, the following day, the police caught Wu who spent the night, hidden in the elevator at Gushan Station of Taipei Railroad systems.

During the trial, He admitted o murder, the Collectivist Court found, that after He murdered his ex-wife’s partner, he’d not reached a settlement agreement, and the families also demanded that he be given the death sentence, but considering how what caused him to commit murder was he’d found his ex getting too close to another before they were finally divorced, and as he’d signed the papers, he got, kicked out of his home, and saw the other man in his ex-wife’s home, that it wasn’t, premeditated, that he may still have some conscience left, that if there’s a complete system that helps reform him, he will be “cured”, and that was why he wasn’t given the death sentence.

Yeah, on WHAT basis, did this ruling come?  Because this man went into a murderous rage as he saw the other man in his ex-wife’s apartment, he’d, brutally murdered him?  And, how’s that reformable, huh?  I mean, this is SHIT is what this is, and the law’s telling us, if you get cheated on, and you flew into a rage, and committed murder, you will, get nothing more than a slap on your wrist!

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The Perpetrator of the DeepFake Cases, the YouTuber, Yu Mandated to Pay Jie Huang a Million Dollars N.T.

How it’s, so easy, for our headshots we use for our profiles to get stolen, and, mixed and matched, to a body of, a porn star, and the government still does SQUAT, because the punishment isn’t, harsh enough for these, perps here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The YouTuber, “Yu”, Chu and her assistant, Chuang used the DeepFake technologies to switch the faces out, to produce pornographic videos, and selling them online, switched the faces of famous T.V. personnel, movie stars, and politicians onto the bodies of porn stars, and selling the footages online, of these, the city councilwoman, Jie Huang and a flight attendant’s DeepFake footages are still currently streaming on the internet, they’d sued for a million dollars N.T. for damages to their reputations with the courts, the Hsinbei District Court found the charges to be valid for the YouTuber and her assistant, and that they will pay.

Chu and her assistant claimed, that all their audiences knew that the footages they’d posted aren’t real, that they’d not damaged the victims’ reputations, that it wasn’t their intentions to damage the reputations of their victims, but the judge believed, that the sexually-illicit footages of these individuals’ faces with the bodies of porn stars, went viral online, that this constitutes as a damage in the women’s rights to their bodies.  The judge found, based off of current laws in Taiwan, Chu and her accomplice, Chuang are responsible for the most severe crimes of invasion of privacy, toward the means of how the victims’ faces are swapped out, and the nude photos spreading on the internet, the laws can’t prevent these, and other than filing for the civil claims, the victims can do, nothing else.

how easily our own faces can’t get “stolen” without our consents using this technology! Found online

The judge worried, that in these situations, the women from Taiwan will be ill-at-ease using the internet, “they will no longer be comfortable, posting their photos that helped document their daily lives”, which in turn, caused the limitations of freedom of speech online, so it can’t only be punished with just a slap on the wrists for these two perps, the courts sentenced Chu and her assistant, Chuang to pay both the flight attendant, and Jie Huang both a million dollars N.T. each.

Chu and Chuang had abused the technology DeepFake, targeted a total of 119, to make the sexually illicit photos or footages, and shared these on the internet, it’d caused continued damages for the victims, eighty-three of the one hundred nineteen victims pressed charges, the judge believed, that the two made the profits illegally, that it’d severely damaged the reputations, the psychological wellbeing of their victims, that their actions were, malicious, considering how they’d admitted to wrongdoing, and had attempted to settle with the victims, and carried a willing to accept the consequences attitude, on the 119 counts of invasions of privacy, breaching the personal data protection laws, sentenced Chu to fie months, Chuang to three, Chu will be serving five years six months in prison, Chuang, three years eight months, and these sentences can be paid for to skip the time served, the district attorney is filing for an appeal right now.

And so this is still just, SHIT, you can pay your way out of such a serious crime, and considering how these things are already, VIRAL online, how the FUCK can you undo the damages that you’d caused to someone else’s rep, huh?  And this is after the cyberbullying laws, the laws against internet crimes got passed too, and this god damn country still prided itself on being advanced in that?  Give me a break, the punishment here, does NOT even come close to, fitting to the crimes committed, especially when it’s the victims’ reputations that’s gotten, dragged, through the mud and the muck!

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The Retired Officer Physically Abused His Wife, Rammed into the Check Stations, the Police Fired Three Shots, Gunned Him Down

The restraining order had, expired, which was probably why this RETIRED police officer thought he could, abuse his own ex-wife again!  The vicious cycle still continues, and this still just showed, how a restraining order only works, temporarily, not long-term…off of the Newspapers, translated…

The retired officer, Chou two evenings ago, got violent toward his ex-wife, Yu, as he saw the police arrive, he was suspected of driving his car, ramming into the police patrol vehicles, all the way, he’d made his way from Banciao, to Taipei, and had even tried to ram through the check points set up by the police too, was arrested by the Wanhwa Police after the police fired three shots, Chou didn’t explain why he’d resisted arrest, the police after interrogating him, sent him in on obstruction of police affairs, and public endangerment.  The Hsinbei Police Department will assist his wife in helping her get a restraining order on him.

Based off of understanding, during the time when Chou worked for the traffic patrol for Wenshan Second Substation, in February of 2020, after he’s done making the rounds with coworkers, he’d taken his coworker’s camera without telling him, and the police substation reviewed over the surveillance, and found it was Chou who took the camera, the Taipei District Court sentenced him to four months on theft charges, and probation for two years, Chou filed for early retirement.

At the end of June in 2017, Chou and Yu mediated for divorce at the family courts of Taipei, to care for their two children, they still lived together in Banciao; later, Yu took her car in for maintenance, and found the magnet GPS tracker, plus the spare key of her car went missing, she’d suspected it was her ex who’d stolen it, sued him for invasion of privacy and encroachment.  But Chou denied all allegations of illegal intent, last year, the Taipei District Court found Chou not guilty on the invasion of privacy charge, and the obstruction of secret part, Yu dropped the claims.

Two evenings ago at around ten, the Hsinbei Police received a call, that there’s domestic violence occurring in a resident in local Banciao, the Haishan Substation’s Pu-Chien Subprecinct sent out the patrol officers to check, they’d found no sight of domestic violence, but, as they went downstairs, they’d found Chou (age 53), driving his black vehicle away, the police demanded him to get out of the car, he’d stepped down on the gas, ran from Banciao, across the bridge, toward Taipei.

The patrol officers tailed him, for about five kilometers, Chou bumped into the squad cars on the bridge from the left, he ran toward the intersections of Mengjia Boulevard and Shuanyuan Street, and rammed past the check point set up by the Wanhwa Police, the officers saw, fired three shots at the car, the officers rushed in, subdued Chou, arrested him.

Yu had a restraining order on Chou from 2019, and it’d expired in 2021.

And so this retired officer had priors in physically abusing his own ex-wife, and, she’d taken out a restraining order against him back in 2019, and it’d expired back last year, which was why and how he’d, started, abusing her again, and, he tried to dodge the police after he was caught abusing his wife, and he’s not going to get away this time!

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The Predatory School Instructor Molested the Student to Close to Having Sexual Intercourse, Sentenced Severely to Seven Years Six Months

How the @#$% can this be “severe enough” a sentence, for someone who does that, huh???  It’s totally N-O-T, and what these, @#$%ING sons-of-bitches DESERVE, is to get NEUTERED, FIXED, CASTRATED!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The cram school instructor, Lien, due to his own odd sexual preferences, as he as tutoring young boys in mathematics, he’d, forced them to drop their pants, and grabbed their genitals, multiple victims testified, that Lien threatened them not to tell, “if you tell, I will beat you with that stick!”  In Lien’s first trial, he was charged with aggravated sexual molestation, sentenced to four years six months, the second trial found him that he’d severely damaged the victims’ mindset, and retracted the verdict from his former trial, and sentenced him to a severe seven years six months, this can still be appealed.

Last year on July 19th, the Taichung Social Services Department bulletin pointed out, Lien had broken the laws to protect the welfare of young children and adolescents, that from 2018 to April of 2021, he’d improperly disciplined, sexually harassed, eight students from the cram school he’d taught in, that his name will be publicized.

On the first trial of the Taichung District Court, Lien had damaged three young boys based off of his own odd sexual preferences, causing them serious damage psychologically, and distorted their views of sexual interactions with other, the three victims also stated that they can NEVER, forgive him for what he’d done to them, the courts charged him on forced sexual molestation toward minors of not yet fourteen, sentenced him to four years six months, the district attorneys felt it was not severe enough, they’re fighting for an appeal to give him a heavier sentence.

DAMN straight this sentence is still considered, way too, lenient, and we already see from before, how difficult it is, to fully, reform these, sexual predators (in short of, neutering, that is!!!), and, this LOSER is still getting just a SLAP on the wrists for all the awful things he’d done to these, young boys, and, there’s NO right, NO justice, NO protection toward the victims in this case!

Keeping a sex predator locked away for good, not allowing her/him to get paroled on “good behavior”, severely punishing these mother @#$%ERS, would be the only way the government has, of keeping the world safe, for children, but, the government still does, DIDDILY S-Q-U-A-T!

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The Sexual Assaults of the Adolescents by a Highway Patrol, There Were at Least NINE Victims

A perp, dressed up as a highway patrol officer!  This is, really bad, because losers like this don’t have that “tattoo” on their bodies, telling you WHAT (instead of a WHO) they are!!!  Translated…

The officers with the decorated records, Cheng, through making friends online, sexually assaulted a fifteen-year-old adolescent male.  The search and seizure of the law enforcement found many files of nude photos of adolescents on his computer, the police had now, positively, identified nine victims, with more than twenty unknown underage minors.  The Taipei D.A.’s office charged Cheng on nine counts of forced sexual assault, sextortion of young children, indicted him.

The police found, started in 2018, Cheng used FB, friendship websites, friendship apps of his cell phone, to meet up with adolescent males all over the country.  Used the excuses of chatting, to meet out for travels, to get them out, his treks were all over Taipei, Taoyuan, Tainan, Kaohsiung, then, used the time of the two of them being alone, to sexually assault his victims, the youngest found was in elementary school.

On September 3rd, Cheng met the adolescent he was preying on online, attempted to assault the victim in the restrooms in Zhongzhen District, as the young man got home, he exerted emotional signs, the parents were alerted, notified the police.  Cheng admitted to having sexual intercourse with the adolescent, but denied the assault allegations.

And, this is still how these sex predators still disguised themselves, and this predator is “dressed up” as a law enforcement officer, this is, very bd, because you still have no way of knowing, that these law enforcement officials re, sex predators, in, disguise

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Worked as a Homeroom Instructor & on the Gender-Equality Committee of the School, He’d Secretly Filmed a Female Student Using the Toilets, Sentenced to Nine-and-a-Half Years

Yes, another one of them, mother @#$%ING predators, “dressed”, as a, school, instructor here, off of the Front Page Sections translated…

A male instructor in an unnamed elementary school in Hsinbei City, Tseng was caught, for long-term filming the female students, the female workers going to the restrooms, on his computer, more than hundreds of photographs had been found, and there were also, four footages, and the identifiable victims included three female instructors, and four underage minor female students.  The Hsinbei City’s District Court found him guilty on the counts of exploitation of children and teens, sentenced him for nine years six months; he’d touched a young girl’s breasts, and he was sentenced for breaking the anti-sexual harassment laws, sentenced to three months, and he can pay a fine without serving the time for this particular charge.

The police and D.A. investigated, that the instructor, Tseng started teaching in the elementary school since 2013, and before, the parents had complained about him for using the improper language, but he was still at his post of homeroom instructor, and served as a member of the gender equality board.

Last year in November, he’d secretly filmed a female student going to the restrooms, he’d put his cell into the next-stall toilet, and was caught by the female student, the child told the other instructors, the school notified the police, and they’d reviewed over the surveillance, and CAUGHT Tseng for what he did.

something that’s, barely, noticeable, that we simply, don’t, pay enough, attention to…photo from online

The police and D.A. conducted a search, and they’d found more than hundreds of photos of secretly filmed sexually illicit photographs and four segments of video footages, and, they were able to identify three of the female instructors at the school, and four young girls; and, they’d also found, that two years ago, Tseng had used his cell phone, to take a shot of a school girl’s breasts exposing, from the unfitted clothes, and demanded that a female student to get the water from the drinking fountain for him, and as she was getting the water, he’d, intentionally, brushed against the female student’s breasts.

Tseng claimed, that what drove him to secretly film, was his curiosity, the Collectivist Courts believed, that as a school instructor, Tseng lacked the respect for his post, and secretly filmed the females for his own personal pleasures, and denied the allegation after he’d been caught doing it, harassed the females, and for the sake of his own personal pleasures, he’d secretly filmed the girls and women, denied the accusations after he’d been caught, found him guilty on charges of exploitation of hildren and teens, sentenced him to nine years six months, and on the charges of breaking the laws of sexual harassment prevention, he was sentenced to three months, which he will be allowed to pay the fines, and skip out of serving the time for.

And so, this is still not, severe enough, and, what if, this SEX predator gets released on early parole for good behaviors in prison and he somehow, got into another school or line of work where he could come into close contact with more victims?  And what’s worse, was that this SEX predator WAS on the gender equality commissions board of HIS school too!

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