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The Tragedies of Murder in Domestic Violence Cases, the Couple Need to Be Careful Not to Allow Their Emotions to Run Haywire

This is still in HINDSIGHT, which is still 20/20!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Criminology Department professor, Cheng from Zhongzhen University observed the case of domestic violence resulting in three deaths and one wounded, that this is a classic murder case of domestic violence, Wu and his wife got into a verbal altercation, he’d murdered his own wife, then, killed himself, he exerted borderline personality traits; the county government’s social services department had sent the social workers to help the families with the aftermath, the school started the counseling for the students.

Cheng stated, that if the couple’s relations showed signs of trouble in communications, domestic violence issues, the Domestic Violence Prevention Center should be notified, the Family Education Center, as well as seeking out help from a marriage counselor or a psychotherapist, and the families, the neighbors should get a little nosier too.  The family and community counseling center manager, Lu by the Chiayi University said, males are less likely to seek out help, he deducted, that the husband may have accumulated the bad feelings for along time, then, exploded, and it’d caused harm to his own, young.

The supervisor of the Chiayi Chapter of a nonprofit organization, Lee told, that the youngest son who’d survived, who’d witnessed these violent acts and tragedies may show signs of withdrawal, refusing to go to school, insomnia, and loss of appetite and other symptoms, that the help from a child psychologist may be necessary for him, the families and school need to help him get the assistance he needed, stay beside him, to offer the child emotional and social support.

The counselor, Lin stated, that parents should NOT see the children as their own properties, hurting them, and taking their lives, the individual who’d gone violent should also be more aware of her/his own anger management, if s/he feels angry, then, s/he should get away from where s/he is, and start breathing deep, to calm oneself down, to lower the chances of doing something that one would regret.

Yeah, this is still, all hindsight, and, there’s still, NO way anyone could’ve, prevent this tragedy or any others like this one, because, we only read about these things in the news, and let it become yesterday’s new, and we forget, and the key to prevent these sorts of tragedies is by having a higher sense of awareness of oneself, and yet, do people have that?  Not really, because if everybody is too aware of her/himself, this SHIT would not happen in the first place, would it?  Of course not, and, you also should not get jealous, and that is what everybody needs to work out, to STOP mistaking possessiveness for love!

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The Tragedies in Chiayi, the Man Murdered His Wife & Son, the Committed Suicide, Resulting in Three Deaths and One Wounded

Another case of domestic violence that ended in murder, and deaths, like these cases normally, would, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Man Refusing to Sign the Divorce Caused the Couple to Fight for Days on End, Awhile Ago, the Man Was Suspected of Getting Locked Out After the Separation to Visit His Families, Flew into a Rage, and Committed the Murders

The thirty-eight-year-old man, Wu was suspected of not getting a divorce settled, had been fighting for days on end, in the midnight hours of yesterday, he was suspected of losing it after getting locked out, he’d climbed up the aluminum ladder from the outside to his second story home into the room, hacked his wife and ten-year-old son to death, and injured his own eight-year-old son severely, then, cut his own throat, fell off the building, and died.  Before Wu committed the murders, he’d texted his own father, “I’m taking my kids with me”, and his father called the police, but as the paramedics and the police arrived, it was already too late, the three were found dead.

Based off of understanding, Wu works as a wood sculptor, his wife who was eight years junior, Lin worked in customer services to provide for the family, Wu suspected his wife for having an affair, prohibited her to go to work, and complained that she’d spent too much money.  The two were negotiating the terms of their divorce lately.  Wu was suspected of worrying how he would have nothing after the divorce, which was what caused him to commit the murders, before he’d gone on the killing spree, he’d texted his youngest sister-in-law, “I will make you live in pain!”

The D.A. told, that early in the morning at around three, Lu climbed the aluminum ladder into the bedroom, used a twenty-five centimeter long fruit knife, murdered his own wife, his wife had fourteen stab wounds, found dead by the bed, with the wounds in the chest, her neck being what killed her, the ten-year-old son sustained a slash on the left of his neck, which was what’d killed him, the eight-year-old younger son was stabbed in the neck, following, Wu started slashing the left and the right side of his neck, and his wrists too, fell from the second floor balcony.

Wu’s younger sister told, that her brother-in-law had been emotionally unstable, easily worked up, and had restricted her older sister’s whereabouts, she couldn’t withstand the pressures anymore, filed for divorce, and he’d threatened her multiple times verbally, “if you divorce, I will take you  and the kids out, the house you live in will be unoccupied forever”, last Friday, her older brother-in-law was in suspicion that her older sister was having an affair, checked her phone, but found no evidence, and, he’d thrown her cell phone onto the floors and started abusing her.

Wu’s’ wife’s younger sister told, that she and her mother were present as he’d started abusing her older sister, and immediately after he’d beaten her, they’d taken her to the hospital to get her injuries documented, and consoled with her to move out of the apartment, to move in with their parents in Taichung, but she’d worried it might anger her husband, didn’t dare, hoped that they could peacefully divorce first, then, take her two children and leave, but they all were, murdered.

Social Services investigated, that Wu wasn’t listed as violent, and the family wasn’t listed as high-risk, that on Monday a call came, and domestic violence was suspected, and the social workers only started intervening, the very first time the social workers visited, the domestic violence ended in murder occurred, they couldn’t stop the tragedies from happening.  The head of Social Services, Chang stated, on the day, the social workers helped Lin set up and assessed her safety situation, and gave her the information packet on domestic violence prevention, assisted her in getting a restraining order, but Lin didn’t get a restraining order, and the social services could not force her to take action, and the Social Services regretted this.

The school where the two boys attended told, that they were in the band, loved music and science, were well behaved, courteous, with many talents, and the school never expected this tragedy to fall on them.  The school principal told, that the youngest son arrived to school with his father, he saw them laughing as the man dropped him off, he didn’t find any signs of domestic violence in the family.

Of course not, these things, they don’t show up, until it’s too late, like in this case, the restraining order still didn’t come soon enough, and besides, these abusive spouses can care less about those court issued restraining order, and continue to, abuse their families, and this one caused two children to die, with the perpetrator, sustaining only, “minor” injuries, and he will be charged with murder and domestic violence after the hospital treated him.

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The Love that Turned into Hate. She’d Poured a Strong Acid on Him, Causing Him to Sustain Twenty-Nine-Percent Burn on His Body, His Face Disfigured

The difference between aggravated assault and attempted murder lies in the FACT, that this woman didn’t bring ENOUGH acid to cause severe enough damage on this man whom she’d had upsets with…on how the charges does NOT fit right to the extent of the crime here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Chiu and her cohabiting partner, Hsieh argued over their relationship, to get him back, Chiu premediated in pouring strong acid on the man, prepared the solution in a bottle, waited at the parking lot late in the nights when Hsieh got out of his car, then, she’d, rushed up to him, poured the acid all over his body, causing his face, neck, and his body to get eroded, to the point of his becoming disfigured, his nose was out of shape, his arms no longer moved as they used to either, he’d sustained twenty-nine-percent burns over his body, the D.A. charged Chiu on aggravated assault recently.

Based off of understanding, Chiu (age 39) as she’d started cohabiting with Hsieh, started having frequent altercations with him, on the night of March 29th, Chiu prepared a bottle of strong acid, and ambushed at a parking lot in northern Taichung, waited until two in the morn the following day, he saw Hsieh riding up in a cab, as soon as he got out, she’d rushed up to him, poured the acid on his face, his body.

Hsieh had fourth degree chemical burns on his eyes, his face, his neck, his head and on his limbs, taking up twenty-nine-percent of his body, his face became disfigured, his nose out of shape, retinal injuries, and lost the agilities in his hands and arms.

After Chiu committed the crime, she’d stayed on scene, the police first took her back to the station as a witness, but found her to have the erosions of acid on her wrists, her shoes, and as she’d complied in answering the questions, that was when the police found the bottle with the strong acid solute in her car.

As the D.A. interrogated her, she’d admitted that she was upset over the love which was why she’d taken revenge on him, and the surveillance in the parking lot showed that it was her, plus Hsieh’s testimonies identifying her as the perp too.

Hsieh sued Chiu on attempted murder, Chiu denied that she had the intents for murder, the district attorneys believed, that after she’d poured the acid, she’d not committed any more malicious acts, based off of the amount of acid she had on her, although it will cause the skin to get eroded, but, it’s hard to tell, that it would cause death, found her guilty of aggravated assault.

Yeah, uh, how’s that just?  I mean, you brought the strong acid, and poured it all over your cohabiting boyfriend’s body, and that’s not called intent to murder?  What the @#$%?  Yeah, and just because this dude got lucky, not gotten killed, this woman is getting that slap on her wrist, that’s still NOT justice!

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Texted His Ex, Cursed Her to Die Soon, Picked Up His Children, & Dumping Them by the Side of the Road, the Abusive Man Was Charged, Finally, for Violating the Terms of the Restraining Order

Well, look on, the BRIGHT side, at least this MOTHER @#$%ER, did NOT go through with, MURDERING his own, ex-wife here!  How slow the LAWS are to react, to things like this, despite how we are among the “most advanced” (so stated this DDP government!) in the anti-stalking, anti-abuse laws here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Wang with priors in drugs, was suspected of physically abusing his ex-wife and children, after the courts issued an emergency restraining order, he’d, texted his ex-wife to harass her, to cuss her out, cursed, “I’d wished you would die soon every single day”, etc., etc., etc., and in February of this year, he’d even gone to the bus station, to pick up his own young, then, ditched his child at the intersections.  The Shihlin District Attorney’s Office charged him on the seven violations of his wife’s restraining orders against him, asked the courts to given him a severe sentence.

Due to his drug priors, Wang was sentenced to a year two months, which he finished serving just two years ago in October.  Before Wang divorced, he was physically abusive toward his wife and underage children, his wife couldn’t stand it anymore, asked the courts for a restraining order.  The Shihlin District Court passed the emergency restraining order last September, in October of last year, it was issued, mandated that Wang should NOT illegally harm his wife or young physically or psychologically, the term of the restraining order was for a year and six months.

The indictment pointed out, that Wang was suspected of breaking the protective order set by the courts, that between September 20th of last year and May of this year, he’d multiple times harassed his ex wife vial text messages, cussed her out, and texted her, “how much do I need to wrap in the white envelopes for your death, you will get run down and killed by automobile, I hope everybody in your family dies, save the money for your medications, your coffins, give me back the children, I will curse you dead every single day”, etc., etc., etc.

At around five in the evening on February 25th this year, Wang, without his ex-wife’s permission, went to a bus station and picked up their son, then, left the son at a random intersection, then called to cuss and harass his ex-wife.

As Wang got taken into custody, he’d admitted to everything he’d done, the district attorneys used the phone call records, the contents of the texts he’d sent, along with the already set in place restraining order his ex had against him, confirmed that he’d, breached the terms of his restraining order seven times, and charged him on it, asked the courts to give him the punishments by the counts, and due to the chances of him reoffending again, to ask for an even heavier sentence for him.

And so, this, is what you get, you were, abusive of your wife and child, and your wife filed for divorce and got a restraining order against you, and you were upset because of it, and you’d not not only, examined your own bad behaviors, instead, believed that it was her fault, for keeping your child away from you, for turning your child against you, yeah, that’s a bad person, and you deserve the HARSHEST sentence for continual harassment of your own, ex wife.

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The Legal Experts: the Courts Can’t Understand the Facets of the Cases of Domestic Violence

Only those who lived in the abuse knows how it’d, felt, the courts can’t even begin to comprehend what it’s, like, how there’s not enough focus on getting the abusers caught, and sent to jail, so the victims won’t have to live in fear of their, lives, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Women’s & Children’s Advocates attorney, Tien pointed out, that with the status quo of Kao and her influences on the society, she could become victimized by domestic violence, Lin’s many crimes, separately considered, aren’t serious at all but, the judge who’d handed down such a light sentence for this repeated abuser, doesn’t quite balance out in crime and punishment.

And, all the domestic violence are all progressives, from screams, hitting the walls, throwing things, and in the end, injuring one another, from the victims’ perspective, it’s all, abuse, but, toward these sorts of violence in intimate relations, should there be a heavier sentence given out?  And how much evidence would be needed to prove?  And there are room for change in the current laws to prevent domestic violence.

A judge who chose to not be named pointed out, that rather than stating how Lin got off easy, “I believe, all of the cases on domestic violence in the past had been, way too, lenient”.  The court justice analyzed, in considering the sentence, there would be the examples from the past cases taken in, “the victims are tragically injured in the abusive relationships.  It’s just that under normal circumstances, the courts have NO way of knowing, just how AWFUL the victims suffered.”

A court judge mentioned the cases of domestic violence s/he resided over before, most of the victims, after they’d pressed charges, the district attorneys would NOT work the case endlessly, and the victim, needed to keep on fearing for their lives, by the threats of the abusers, “not very many of the accused will get jailed, let alone, dreaming of how the justices, the D.A. would, get to the cases quickly enough, comparing, the victims of domestic violence, aren’t given enough protection by the justice systems.”

And that, is what needed change, because these cases aren’t as major as those, murders, massacres, so they’re more than likely, to get put on the backburner, in that pile of files, and that’s just bad, because, these victims of domestic violence are the ones, most in need, of the laws to, protect them, and yet, these cases aren’t high enough on the D.A.’s lists of, priorities.

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The Foreign Woman Thought to Finally Had it with the Long-Term Abuse from Her Husband, After Her Husband Passed Out from Drinking, She’d Murdered Him, Accompanied His Body for Four Hours Then Turned Herself in

The uneven relationship status was what led to this woman, murdering her husband, because she’s a foreign spouse, and she’d taken years of abuse from him, I would imagine, that was, what made her, crack, finally, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An Indonesian woman, suspected of not getting along with her husband from Taiwan long-term, after her husband passed out from drinking, she’d smashed his head, then, stabbed a knife into his throat; the man died instantly, she’d accompanied his corpse for four hours, then called to the police to turn herself in, the police charged her on murder, took her in.  The district attorney’s office two days ago examined the corpse, and asked the courts to take the woman into custody, which the courts signed off on, they will be conducting an autopsy to clarify the cause of death.

The police investigated, the forty-five-year-old Indonesian woman married the fifty-two-year-old man, Lu nine years ago, they live in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan, with no children, and not gotten along.

Based off of understanding, the woman wanted to return to Indonesia to sort out the matters of her family’s properties, but her husband wouldn’t allow her to leave, they’d fought multiple times, in 2017 and 2018, there were the domestic disturbances calls, the two accused one another for abuse, the woman said she was shoved and beaten by Lu.

The woman claimed, on the evening of the nineteenth of this month, the two were together at home, Lu, suspected of being in a foul mood after he was drunk, started nagging again, she couldn’t take it anymore; at 1:30 the following morning, when Lu was sound asleep, she’d hit him over the head multiple times with a bowl, then, stabbed into his throat using a butcher’s knife until he had no signs of life.

After the woman committed murder, she’d accompanied the body for four hours, at 5:30 in the morn, she’d walked over to the opposite of her street to turn herself in, the police followed her to her home, and found Lu, dead, she was cuffed; she’d claimed that she couldn’t withstand the long-term physical abuse, that was what made her do it, but, she had no visible injuries when the police arrested her, the police charged her on domestic violence murder.

Two days ago the Taoyuan D.A.’s Office reviewed the facts of the case, believed that the woman is at flight risk, asked the courts to have her in custody which the courts signed off on, and the body of the man is set for an autopsy on the twenty-fifth to clarify the cause of death.

Based off of understanding, Lu recently lost his job, his wife worked the odds and ends, the work was unstable, but their household economics was okay, and the details of the case is still pending investigation.

And so, based off of this, the woman had been long-term abused by her husband, and finally CRACKED, and, she’s a foreign spouse, which meant, she didn’t have the social support, the assistance she would need in her case, that can help her sort the matters through, and, there’s the repeated incidents of reports on domestic violence by the man on this woman that’s kept on record too.

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The Upsets Between the Mother and Daughter-in-Law that Turned into Tragedy in the Family, the Former Flight Attendant Poured Gas and Burned Her Ex to Death, Received Fifteen Years

And, the upsets that’s led to this, as one can only imagine, is still that FINAL, straw!  The woman murdered her husband, sure, that, what had, led up to, all of this, is worth noting here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former flight attendant, Lee and her husband who’s eight years her junior, Yang had a domestic violence dispute due to the problems with her in-laws, last year in March, she’d brought a keg of gasoline home to confront her husband, she’d poured the gas over her husband, then, set him on fire, causing him to sustain eighty-percent surface burns on his body, he was resuscitated for forty-five days, and then died.  The district attorney’s office indicted Lee on murder.  The Taichung District Court sentenced Lee on murder to fifteen years in prison, this can still be appealed.

The police and district attorney’s office investigated, that the forty-four year-old Lee and Yang live in a local residence in Fengyuan, after they were wed, Lee had often had confrontations with her in-laws, due to a difference in lifestyle, especially, the tension between the mother and daughter-in-law is strenuous, and she’d felt that her husband was passive in handling the matter too.

Last year in March, Lee had posted online, with the photo of the bite marks on her arms, and the emergency room visit documentations, accused her mother-in-law for biting her, and spraying chili oils on her, while her husband’s families posted the videos to rebut, stated that her mother-in-law got slapped across the face by Lee, kicked, and Lee had even threatened to cut her mother’s hair off with scissors, claimed, “it’s actually a case of daughter-in-law abusing the mother-in-law”, and, as the video went virus, the online community described the mother and daughter-in-law relationship as “mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, shocking interactions”.  The mother-in-law later pressed charges on assault toward Lee, last year on March eleventh, Lee scapegoated her husband, went to the gas station, bought the gas, bottled it up, went home, as her husband was asleep, she’d poured the gas on him, then, lit him up, causing him to sustain eighty-percent burns on his whole body, Lee also suffered from the burns as well, and the kitchen, the bedroom was on fire as well.

The Taichung District Court pointed out, that there’d been multiple records of domestic violence with Lee, her husband and her in-laws, and this time Lee’s upset was caused by her husband’s lying to her, that the tapes that’s stored in the police stations had already been, deleted, and her in-laws’ abuse of her.

The courts believed, that Lee intentionally bought the gasoline, and waited until her husband was asleep, then, poured the gas on him, and started the fires with the lighters multiple times, to kill him, that it was an indirect intention to murder him, that it wasn’t, directly intended, and she’d murdered him, and she’d not gained his families’ forgiveness afterwards, sentenced her to fifteen years.

Yeah, this woman did something really bad all right, but, you failed to note, how much she’d kept inside of her, until it finally exploded, and, imagine the amount of pressure, the upsets, the displeases that’s been piled one on top of the next and the next, and the next, for this woman, to finally, do something so violent, and this is still caused by the relationship going bad with her in-laws, and this shit still didn’t happen, overnight here.

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Bruises & Red Wine

Such, an odd, combination…

Bruises and red wine, they go so well together, don’t they?  Every single time, you’d bruised me, you’d, spread the red wine over my injuries, to help it get better, to make the pain that much, sweeter…

note how the colors…

photo from online

Bruises and red wine, that became, my life from before, I knew you were violent, but I can’t snap out of this cycle of abuse, because my father had, beaten my own mother too, and I’d, watched, and learned from the interactions, of how she’d always, apologized to him, for making him angry, giving him, an even, higher up status in the family, and he’d ruled over us like a king, and we were, peasants, without any say in anything!

Bruises and red wine, well, I’d had enough bruising in this FUCKED up (so???) lifetime of mine, and now, I’m downing those, bottles of red wine, one right after another, and another, and another (kinda like how you would, use those, alcohol cotton swabs to sanitize those, open sores!), only, that the red wine, they don’t do enough, to DROWN all the pain out, instead, it’d, made the bruises, magnified.

and the color of this

photo from online, are similar!

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She Was Abused by Her Cohabiting Boyfriend, Ran Away from Home with Her Daughter, Thirteen Days Afterwards, She was Dead

Abused to DEATH, by her cohabiting boyfriend, DESPITE how the laws are already, set up, to protect people from this sort of, horrid lovers, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman in Tainan was abused by her cohabiting boyfriend, Chen, the victim took her ten-year-old daughter, and ran away, moved to Kaohsiung, but she’d sustained the multiple physical injuries on her, started spitting up blood at home, on the evening of the eighth, she fell ill, was taken to the hospital, the following day, she’d worsened, and died; the police charged Chen on assault causing death, breaking the laws to prevent domestic violence, the Chiaotou D.A.’s Office set the bail at $50,000N.T. after they’d interrogated him, and he had to report to the local subprecinct twice per week.

The police investigated, the victim was around thirty, started dating Chen four years ago, took her daughter who was only six, lived in with Chen at the residence on the West side of Tainan; on May 28th, the victim had a verbal altercation with Chen, was beaten by him physically, it’d caused her to sustain multiple injuries.

As Chen left, the victim discussed with her sisters, worried that she may get abused by him again, took her ten-year-old daughter, ran away out of Tainan, moved to Zhuoying, Kaohsiung to stay temporarily.  She’d only thought the injuries she’d sustained were only physical, that she just needed a few days’ rest and will recover, but on the eighth of June, she’d suddenly fell ill, started puking up blood, as her younger sister saw, she’d called emergency, and stated to the operator, that her sister was beaten by her cohabiting boyfriend.

As the victim was taken to the hospital, she fell into a coma, during which time she regained conscious, and told her families of what had happened, the police took the statement of the daughter on the ninth, and on that evening, the victim’s condition took a turn for the worst, she’d died of multiple organ failure, and the case is being prosecuted as assault causing death.

The police had Chen into the station, Chen stated that he had, argued with the victim, but was evasive toward the questioning of physically abusing her, the preliminary checks of the body, the death can’t be determined, they will conduct an autopsy on the thirteenth to clarify the cause of death.

And so, this woman got abused to death, by her cohabiting boyfriend, and this still just showed, how dangerous is it, to stay with an abusive man, because it’d happened once, it will, happen, again, again, and again, until the victims die, or do something to escape.  But in this particular case, the victim didn’t escape, she died!

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The Ten-Year-Old Child Refused to Go to School, the Mother Went Berserk, Started Beating Him, Nearly Murdering Him

And, this ten-year-old KID’s refusing to go to school is still, just that, FINAL straw that cracked HIS mama’s, back here!  Because you don’t go into a beating rage on your own child, because he refused to go to school, and this still just showed, how bad an emotional control this parent had…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last year, a woman, Liu, because her ten-year-old son refused to go to school, they got into an argument, and she’d lost it, other than choking her own son, disregarded his cries out of pain, she’d started, physically assaulting him with a fruit knife, fire extinguisher, nearly murdering her own child; after Liu’s attack on her own son, she’d, started mutilating herself, saw how her son was still breathing, she’d called emergency services, and her son wasn’t murdered by her.  The Taichung D.A.’s Office charged her on attempted murder for breaking the laws of child protection, and the adults’ intentionally harming a child.

The indictment pointed out, Liu (age 37) age 37) shared the childrearing responsibilities of their ten-year-old son with her husband, but started in the son’s fourth grade year, he’d started refusing to go to school, due to psychological problems, and Liu started getting into fights with him on it frequently.

At seven in the morn on October first of last year, Liu’s husband already went off to work, and Liu and h son started fighting over him going to school again, then suddenly, Liu snapped, started strangling her own son’s neck, as her son kept struggling, fighting her off, she finally, let go.

Liu ran to the bathrooms, attempted to kill herself by strangulation of a charger wire, but her son stopped her, she’d turned toward him, with both hands on her son’s neck, disregarded how her son cried for her to stop, used the fire extinguishers, and started smashing down on her son’s head multiple times, then, used the fruit knife, started stabbing her son’s neck, causing her son to fall to the floor with serious injuries, with the hematoma on his scalp, neck and shoulder, thorax and abdomen lacerations.

As Liu saw her son fall to the ground, she’d started attempting suicide using the fruit knife, the fire extinguisher, but realized that her son was still breathing, she’d come to, and immediately called up emergency, as the two of them were rushed to the hospital, both their lives were, spared, as Liu was discharged from the hospital, she’d answered truthfully to what had happened, how she’d, attacked her own so, as the D.A. and police inquired her.

The district attorneys considered that the boy was severely wounded, and that as Liu attacked him, she’d gone after the vital organs and parts of his body, the neck, the abdomen, that she had intended to murder him, that there’s a need to add more sentence to the severity of her crime, but considering how she’d stopped that she’d called the police, the fire department for help, turned herself in, showed remorse over what she did, that she’d, qualified for the criteria for a reduction of sentence, yesterday the D.A;s office prosecuted her, and asked the courts to give her a fitting sentence.

Yeah, for some unknown reason, this mother just SNAPPED, and attacked her own son so brutally, but, she had stopped herself, DEAD in her own tracks, before she complete the murder, so that counts for something, right?  Well, that’s what the court rulings stated, and, I’m sure, that this is still, an accumulation of the events between this ten-year-old boy and his mother, that his refusing to go to school this time, was that final straw that made his mama, went on a murderous, rampage, and attacked him.

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