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Why are You, So Awful, to Your, Unfaithful, Husband?

A case of, blaming the VICTIM here!!!

Why are you, so awful, to your, unfaithful, husband???  Uh, isn’t it, obvious?  He CHEATED on me, and what, I’m just supposed to, forgive AND forget, and take him back in my no-longer-in-existence, loving arms, provide him with a soft place to land, a TIT, to suck on?  (Wait, isn’t that his MAMA’s “job”???).

Why are you, so awful, to your, unfaithful, husband???  I mean, there are, worse things than, cheating, like if your husband’s a bad drunk, and would BEAT you after he comes home at night, drunk?  Or, that he’d, owed, a ton of, gambling debts, and you’re, constantly, getting harassed at work or at home, by the collectors, there are, WORSE things, than having a man, cheat on you.

and, here’s, how they will, make it up, to us, women!

photo from online

Why are you, so awful, to your, unfaithful, husband???  That’s not, the “air” of what a woman should be!  A woman should be, forgiving, after all, he had, admitted to you, that he was, cheating on you.  Why are you, so awful, to your, unfaithful, husband???  He had, already, made it up to you, by registering the properties, the cars, under your name already, and he’s providing for the school tuitions of your children, what MORE, do you want?

And this, is a classic case, of going after the one who’d been, wronged, the one who has the reason, the proofs, of wrongdoing in her hands, and this is still just, BULLSHIT, of how you, mother FUCKERS, as well as the rest of the fucking god damn society just, expects us women, to TAKE it, now, think on this: if it were us women who’d, cheated on you mother fuckers (not name-calling!), will you, men, be so understanding, so kind, to forgive us all for our, infidelity?  Yeah, I think not!

And therefore (⸫), you mother @#$%ERS (maxed out!), don’t got, NO right, to ask us to forgive you when you cheat!

on and this too!

photo from online

And, losers, DO stop, double-standarding, us all already, huh???

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The Famed Psychiatrist, Kung Not Admitted to Sexually Assaulting His Female Patients, the D.A. Asks for a Severe Sentence for Him

Apparently, the behaviors, still, speak, a HELL of a lot, louder than, reputation and fame here, and look at how this LOSER rationalized his bad behaviors, and tried weaseling out of the charges of rape and sexual harassment, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The psychiatrist, Kung who had won the championship trophy for “Taiwan’s Most Intelligent Medical Doctor”, had been accused by two of his female patients for raping, sexually harassing, Kung denied the accusations; the district attorneys found the evidences valid, indicted him on obstruction of sexual freedom, criticized his bad attitude, and asked the courts to hand out a severe punishment.  Yesterday, Kung admitted that “in a moment of confusion”, he’d sexually harassed his patients, but denied the allegations of sexual assault, and rape.

The district attorney told, that a female patient at ten in the morning on April 16th of this year, went to Kung’s therapy office, Kung used the excuse of discussing her conditions, had the nurse led the woman to another room to rest, then, Kung entered into the treatment room, locked the door with a key, started kissing the patient’s forehead, lifting up her skirt, touching her, kissing her buttocks, the woman got up, tried to dodge him, that was when Kung pulled her pants down, and attempted to rape her, the woman fought, Kung used his hands to rape her instead.

On the twenty-eighth of the same month, Kung used the excuse of “checking a pimple”, leaned his forehead against a female patient’s back, told her, “Do you feel, that I like you?”, then, reached his hands to her abdomen, into her pants.

As the two women called the cops, Kung texted his first victim, claimed, “I won’t do it, I don’t dare to do it, again”, as the district attorney called him up, he’d texted, called his second victims, claimed, “I already apologized to you!”

The victims saved the correspondences and other evidence, the district attorneys believed that there are solid evidences of Kung’s crimes, indicted him on opportune rape, forced sexual act, etc., asked the courts to hand down a severe sentence for him.

Kung told the press, that “this case was true”, admitted that he “was in over his head, I had, sexually harassed”, but denied the allegations of rape, claimed that he knew the woman before he started treating her, that they’d gone to the parks at night to stroll together, “I thought she loved me too, that it was, consensual, turned out it wasn’t.”  “Even so, I would’ve, NEVER done what the woman had, accused me of doing to her.”  He’d stressed that the truth will come out in court, “this isn’t reasonable, why would I, do that, it’s, impossible for me to, do that!”

Well, if the allegations were true than, this shrink will have a serious problem, he will get charged with sexual assault, and what was worse, was that he’d, used his status of his patients’ shrink, to take advantage of them, and he’s a repeated offender, if the accusations from these women are proven as fact, and he needed to be registered as a sex offender, and have his medical license, revoked too.

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Sampling the Love

Love is meant to be, sampled, like them, wedding cakes that you’re, selecting, to serve to, your guests???  Sampling the love, you get a taste of, everything that’s, different, not the same, with the varied tastes, some sweet, some, a bit, bitter (like those, dark chocolate flavored???), and, by sampling them all at least once, you at least, will have a taste of what you might like, and what you might now.

Like those, girlfriend swaps/wife swap things that you do, you’re not, cheating, just, sampling what it’s like, marrying to, different people.  Sampling the love, because love is, an acquired, taste, not fitted for everybody’s, liking.

Sampling the love, that’s, what you wanted to do with me, well, that’s not what I’m here for, for you, to take a bite, then, spit me out, kicking me to the curb, oh no, nobody can taste this heart of mine, it’s too, spicy, too sour, too strong in taste, for everyone who wants, a bite!!!

and this would be, what we all want to get, but, we can’t, because it would be, immoral, irresponsible, and, illegal in parts of the world!!! Photo from online

Sampling the love, that’s, just, an excuse, for wanting to screw around, and I won’t allow for it, not for, ANY of my M-E-N (and yeah, I will have them all, two at a time too!!!), and they will all SERVE faithfully BY my side here.

Now, sit, stay, good boys, come to mommy for that K-I-S-S…

And that, is how I get to, sample all the love I’m gonna be giving, AND getting in return.

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Chen: the Research Assistant Who’d Contracted MERS Suspected of Not Following the SOP

The CDC got into the habits of, operating on HINDSIGHT from the very start, to even now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Female Researchers Suspected of Taking Her Gloves Off as She Got Bitten by the Rat, then Her Protective Outerwear, the Sample of 259 Others are All Negative, the Sessions for the Vaccination Stations at Taipei Main Extended

There are six more new cases of MERS-CoV from internationally yesterday, no local cases, no deaths.  The spokesperson for the CDC, Chuang, on the matter of laboratory researcher contracting the virus told, that they’d taken the samples of 259 researchers and employees currently, all are, negative, “this is a good sign”, but we still need to prepare the monitoring of the local communities; the commander of CDC, Chen told, that the researcher who’d contracted the virus seemed to have taken her gloves off, then, the hazmat suit, that she didn’t follow the SOP, but they still needed to clarify if that was, what she did.

The virus had been typed for the research assistant of the Genetic Research Lab of Central Research Agency (case 16,816), and it’s exact identical to the rat’s delta strain, they’d found the door handles, the tabletops to have tested positive for viral content.  Chen said, “this is, a contraction occurred in the laboratory setting”; Chuang stated, we’re not ruling out the cross-contamination within the lab, and environmental contractions.

Chen stated, that the SOP set up by the CDC and the research institute isn’t flawed, that it’s the implementation of the means.  Based off of the standards of the lab, the researchers are to take off their hazmat suits, then their gloves, but the researcher in question stated, that as she got bitten by the rat, she’d taken her gloves off then her protective suit, but, if that’s how she’d contracted the virus, it’s still debatable.  The Central Research Agency is discussing, if she will get a reprimand or not based off of what’s happened.

As for the Omicron strain causing the epidemic to run high in various nations, but Chen told, that he’s confident of the development of the epidemically locally here, he’d stated, if we can have everything under control, after New Year’s, we will be able to lower the levels of the alerts again; that it’s expected that the Omicron strain shows in the nation, but, it won’t be as bad as the Delta strain.

And so, once again, this MOTHER @#$%ER (maxed out!!!) is still, UNDERESTIMATING the enemies that are currently, on our doorsteps, and trust me, this latest strain, Omicron, will get in here, just like the Delta strain, and, whether or not the Omicron will cause even MORE damage than the Delta, well, we’ll just have to see, how many MORE dies here, won’t we?  This NOT taking up the responsibilities for these, “tiny slip-ups” that’s already occurred, causing the BREAKS in how the strains of the variations of the mutations to get in, is still the government’s fault, and we the people still can’t do SHIT about it!  We are, enslaved here, remember???

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With a High Chance of Repeatedly Offending, Placed in Protective Custody for Five Years, the Families of the Deceased: Can’t Accept This, Will Fight for an Appeal

Another case of how a VIOLENT OFFENDER, with a mental condition had, escaped, the death, penalty here, still NOT justice that’s what this is!!!  How the insanity plea, worked in this, psycho’s, “favor”, and there’s NOTHING that anyone (including the justice systems) can do about it, crime & Punishment, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Chen clubbed his neighbor, Chung to death, the Pingdong District Court, based off of the psych evaluation by the psychiatric department of the hospital, believed, that as he’d committed the murder, he was relapsing from an episode of severe paranoia from his schizophrenia, that he couldn’t control his own behaviors, used the first of Penal Code 19, found him not guilty, and placed him in protective custody for five years.  The families of the victim couldn’t accept this, they will ask the district attorney’s office to fight for an appeal.

There are just a case of how a female store clerk, Pan got her eyes gouged out by the man, Yang who also has schizophrenia, and yesterday the courts found Chen not guilty by insanity, which broken the promises of the local government’s setting a safety net for the sake of the locals.  The legislators also questioned on when the holes in the systems will get patched up, with the recurrences of these events?

The assault on the female store clerk of the super convenience shop, the head of the village, Chang who had been attacked by the perpetrator led a group from his village, to head to the Sanitations Department of Pingdong to make their proclamations, Chang told, that now, the people in the village are all on edge.  A villager, Wu told, that Yang had been in and out of the hospitals multiple times, and had multiple physical assaults on record too, but none of it stuck, and now, he’d used, a more fierce method, gouged someone’s eyes out, and the people are in a panic, due to this huge hole in the security net.

The assistant director of the Pingdong Department of Health & Sanitations, Chang told, that they will discuss with the Central Government on how to reach that balancing point between the rights of the mentally ill and the security of the local societies, that there is, a need for toughening up the reinforcements in the laws, that she will discuss the matter with Central government.

Two years ago in December, Chen first banged on his neighbor, Wu’s door with a wooden bat, beaten Wu to skull and hand fracture; last August, he’d clubbed his neighbor, Chung to death, after the one death, one injury he’d caused, the D.A. finally, prosecuted him on murder charges.

The courts investigated, that started in 2016, Chen had multiple hospitalizations due to schizophrenia.  After the cases happened, the Pingdong Jia-Le Hospital and the Kaohsiung Medical School Hospital’s psych evaluations all found that he was symptomatic of schizophrenia, with strong persecutory paranoia.  The Kaohsiung Medical University hospital found that the coworkers, the neighbors, became the persecutory individuals of the self in life, causing Chen two get into multiple fights with others, without the proper treatment measures, and his life being shut in, lacking that strong social support system, in the end, causing the brutal physical assault on the individuals whom he had the persecutory beliefs from.

The judge believed that it was Chen’s paranoid schizophrenia that’s made him committed murder, that he didn’t have control over his own actions.  Based off of the first of Penal Code 19: “no punishment for individuals who are undertaken by the mental conditions, who couldn’t control one’s own behaviors”, gave him a not-guilty verdict.  But considering the severity of his assault, of how Chen’s conditions can’t be watched over by his own family, and without the proper treatment measures given to him, there’s a high chance for him to offend again, that it’s seriously dangerous, placed him in five year protective custody.

And so, this is still, nowhere NEAR, justice for the victims, because this man poses a danger to himself, as well as others, but because he’d been diagnosed with schizophrenia, instead of charging him with attempted murder, and physical assault, he only got a slap on the wrist, placed in protective custody, in the, psych ward, and what happens, if, after his release, his schizophrenia “acted up” again, and he murders someone, huh?  You just don’t let these loose cannons go all over the places on the streets, and yet, there’s nothing that the justice systems can do, because he’s been, diagnose with a mental condition here!

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The School Instructor Made the Claims of Being Bullied at the Workplace, the School Principal Said it Never Happened

The justifications of, the means, the principal has a reason for everything here, and we still don’t’ know who’s right and who’s wrong at this time, yet!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Shiding Elementary School’s principal was accused by multiple teachers of bullying them in the workplace, including not allowing the instructors to attend the seminars during their off-hours, and setting up the cameras in the classroom sessions of specific teachers, and there were the teachers who told they were screamed at by the principal too, Wei, the principal claimed these were blank accusations, that he couldn’t understand why he was accused of these things, the Department of Education started an investigation on the matter right now.

The instructor who came forth to make the claims pointed out, that he signed up for the seminars during his off-hours, but the principal bluntly stated in the local groups, that he will not be allowed to take the seminars, and spread the rumors of how he didn’t put everything into work, he’d filed a complaint to the Department of Education, but, a retired principal had advised him not to go ahead in filing the complaints, but shortly afterwards, he was “evaluated” and, “taken care of”, and the principal stated, “this, is the only way we have, of handling unfitting instructors!”

The instructor who’d made the complaints also testified, that the school set up two video cameras in the teacher’s courses specifically, which were used often, as the improper methods of teaching evidences against them.  A lot of his coworkers left the teaching posts because of this, there was another teacher who’d accused, that the principal, because he was displeased at how the students performed, started going off at the surrogate teachers immediately, to the point of grilling the instructor for a whole of twenty minutes.

The principal, Wei, told that he never cussed at, screamed, of talked down to the instructors, nor demanded the instructors to stand as punishment.  The math surrogate instructor the school hired from before, because there are not enough classes assigned, to fulfill the basic course numbers, that was why the school split up the courses of social studies, and physical education to the math courses, that the school isn’t making it hard for the instructor, and this particular instructor would do the magic tricks for the students, that was why he’d told the teacher, later on, the instructor quit, and, the evaluation committee looked at the facts, and decided that he was ill-fitted as an instructor, that he’d not forced him out.

The principal, Wei told, that the installation of the surveillance outside of the office was because there was someone who was there for construction purposes back then, he’d feared the safety of others, that was why he’d had the cameras installed, and that all of the asking had been discussed, and passed by the school affairs committee already.

The Hsinbei Department of Education stated, that the matter of the principal’s attempt to sway the evaluation processes, they’re looking into, as they’d received the complaints in July, and as they examined the facts, they’d found no evidence of it, and the instructors of the school recently filed a complaint against the principal too, and the Department of Education had set up a reviewing committee, to investigate.

And, based off of this, there’s nothing wrong with what the school principal was doing, or maybe there are, he might be using the justifiable causes to bully the teachers, and yet, all his actions were, rationalized, seemingly for the safety of the school, the installation of the surveillance, to keep an eye on the construction workers who came to remodel the school, but something IS, definitely, going on here, we just can’t quite, define what yet!

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What, Would Make You Willing to, Take Me, Back???

Hmmm, let’s see, shall we?  WHAT, would, make you willing, to take me back???  I’ll, gravel, I’ll, beg, I’ll even, crawl on, ALL fours, come to your, beck and call (like that good doggy there!), now, SIT, SHAKE, DOWN, PRETTY (short for “sit pretty”???), DOWN, STAY…………

What, would make you willing to, take me back?  Uh, that’s, NOTHING, you should NOT take me back at all, no matter what I tell you, no matter what I promised you (that you’re, my one and only, that I will, NEVER cheat on you again, etc., etc., etc.).

what you’ll be, sucked, into…

illustration from online

What, would make you willing to, take me back?  Nothing, nothing should make you, WANT me again, but, I know you’re still, hung on to me, I’m now the one, with the leash, tightening, around that, doggy NECK of, yours, and, there’s, NOTHING you can do, to BREAK away, from being, under, MY control………

And so, here’s, that “RE-CAP”, of that lesson that needed to be learned here: no matter what s/he says, do NOT, take her/him, back, especially after s/he had, cheated, lied, and other bad things, because, you’ll only get, sucked, back, INTO, that god damn, vortex that took you, FOREVER (literally!), to get out, and, if you fall into that abyss again, there’s, NO guarantee, that you will be able to, get yourself back out of it, in one piece.

So, don’t be stupid, don’t take ANYONE back!

what I’m doing…

looks quite, pitiful, doesn’t it??? Photo from online

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With Only 820,000 Doses Remaining, the 2.27 Million of the Population are Waiting on the Second Dosage of Their Moderna Vaccines

The vaccines are finally, arriving but still, at the rate of, turtle, or maybe even, snail, too slowly…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The shipments of the vaccines are arriving in, but still, falling short of what’s needed, those who want their second doses of Moderna will wait longer.  Currently, we’d only received twenty-two-percent of the doses of what the country had, purchased, plus the 2.5 million doses as gifts to us from U.S., there are currently, 3.65 million doses of Moderna vaccines.  The commander, Chen told, that to increase the vaccination rate of our people, the command center took in the references of other countries, and, extended the second doses to ten to twelve weeks, and in the future, this vaccination period will get adjusted, with the arrival of the shipments of the vaccines.

Currently, there are, only 3.65 million doses, with 282.6 million of the population already vaccinated, with the rate of use being seventy-seven percent.  And in Taiwan, there are only 2,769,000 people who’d received their first vaccinations.  While the arrival date of Moderna vaccines is still, uncertain, there were, only 824,000 doses left, and those who had their very first vaccination worried, that in the future, they may not have a second dose.

Chen stated, that he’s being, extra careful and tentative of all the arrival dates of all the shipments of the vaccines, at the same time, considering saving the doses for those who are due their second vaccination, and needing to expand the number of population in need of the vaccinations, that it’s too complex to calculate the total number.

The command center on July 12th, for the first type, the pilots, along with the pregnant women, the first three types, set up the second vaccination to until twenty-eight days after their first doses, but for all other groups, the time had been lengthened to ten to twelve weeks for their second vaccinations.  Chen stated, that this was decided on, after the experts had, discussed, reviewed over the data of Moderna vaccines from other countries.

The head of the new-age virology research department of Changgang University, Shih stressed, that the mRNA vaccines are different than the adenovirus vaccines, there’s no best length in regards to Moderna vaccines, but for the Astra-Zeneca vaccines, research had found, that if the vaccinations are too close to each other, it would cause the antibodies to develop fully and completely, that it would not be, as, effective.

And so, that’s still, just making excuses for the delays of why we’re, still NOT getting enough vaccines to inoculate everybody who needs, it’s still, bullshit, only that the government now has, “scientific proofs” from other country’s researches, making their delays in inoculating everybody who needs it here, valid, and by delaying the people, more are going to die, and, apparently, the government thinks, that not enough ARE, DEAD yet!

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The Founder of Watchout, Liou, Charged with Sexual Molestations, Sentenced to a Year and a Half

And the IRONY of this is?  Oh yeah, this platform is on keeping an eye out for danger, to prevent injustices, and abuse, and its founder does this???  Yeah, uh, what the @#$% (maxed out!), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Liou, the founder of Watchout, was suspected of using the excuses of giving massages, under enormous pressures, and the excuse of not seeing his victims for too long, demanded to hug three women, and forcibly kissed them, molested their breasts and pubic areas, he’d denied the allegations, claimed that the ladies wanted to date him, but he didn’t want to date them, that was why he was, framed; the Taipei District Court disregarded his claims, and sentenced him on three counts of forced sexual molestation charges for a total of a year six months, this can be appealed.

Liou was an active member of the Sunflower Student Movement, and received the title of “Social Movement Physician”, also a founder of the online media group “Watchout” and “MedPartner”.

the LOSER who’d, molested the three women, photo from online

On Chinese Valentine’s Day of 2015, he’d invited a high school age girl whom he was the leader of the physicians summer camp to supper, as he drove her home, he’d, forced a kiss on her, and got his way.

On April 16, 2017, Liou used the excuse of setting up the product database “MedPartner”, a line of beauty products, invited a woman whom he’d met in a school lecture tour, forcibly kissed her in his car.

On October 3rd, 2017, after Liou set up the platform, “MedPartner” he’d had a part-time female worker to come to his home to clean to earn some money, he’d forcibly kissed her ears, and, grabbed her breasts and her pubic area too.

Liou denied all allegations, the judge believed, that the three victims’ posts on FB and related information, and accused him on what he’d done, which was, in similar measures, which showed, that they’d, not made it up; and the victims didn’t know each other, and they’d hoped that he wouldn’t get away with fines, and the courts found him guilty on three counts of forced sexual molestation, sentenced him to eight and nine months each, of the sentences given, he will be serving a total of a year and six months.

And so, this is still, a sex crime from opportunity, because the losers saw himself as all that, and he thought that no woman could, or would reject him, and that’s what drove him to molest his victims, and, he’d, attempted to weasel out from getting punished by claiming that the ladies couldn’t date him, because he wasn’t interested, that was why they’d, tried to frame him for the forced sexual behaviors, but thankfully, the courts didn’t believe him, but the sentence still isn’t, tough enough, I mean, who’s to say, that this SEX offender wouldn’t offend again, once he’d, served his terms???  You can’t guarantee the women that!

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Can’t Get Him Back! She’d, Severed Off Her Boyfriend’s Penis, Flushed it Down the Toilet

A woman scorned, all right, but this woman has her set of issues too, going after the man who’d, left her!  Violent ways of trying to get someone back for being cheated on, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The forty-year-old Vietnamese woman who had been naturalized, Phuong, suspected that her cohabiting partner, Huang (age 52) was unfaithful to her, two nights ago, she’d drugged him, clipped off his penis, and flushed it down the toilet, and went to turn herself in immediately afterwards at the local substation; the patrol officers rushed over, Huang just woke up from the pain, he was sent to the hospital, and not in immediately life-threatening condition, but his penis couldn’t be, recovered.  After the police interrogated Phuong, she was sent to the D.A.’s Office, and charged with assault, the district attorneys placed her in her relatives’ custody, and restricted her from going abroad.

The police investigated, that Huang runs a shrine, and cohabited with Phuong upstairs from the shrine, both were divorced, Phuong already got naturalized, they met a little over a year ago; recently, she suspected that Huang was flirting with another woman, they’d argued over this many times.

Two evenings ago, Phuong made some instant noodles from Huang, added in the sleeping pills; at around eleven in the late nights, Huang fell into a deep sleep, Phuong used a pair of scissors, and severed off Huang’s penis, and flushed it into the toilets immediately afterwards, then, left the scissors on the wash basin, and ran to the local substation to turn herself in.

The patrol officers rushed over, Huang just woke from the pains, and came downstairs, and, his clutch and slippers were stained with blood, the police immediately took him to the hospital, and they went to the apartment, saw the bloodied bathroom and bedroom, but they can’t find his “parts”.

Chou said, if the extent of pain from childbirth is a ten, then, having the penis severed off is about a six, by the time Huang was rushed into the hospital, he was found with the injuries from his castration, bleeding hard, he was in excruciating pain; and because there’s nothing that remained of his penis attached to his body, the surgical staff will have to assess him on the reconstruction of his “parts”.

And that, is what you get, when you losers, CHEAT on us women, and this is one of the, more extreme cases, and the woman is, apparently, the jealous type, and maybe, her status of being a migrant added to her insecurity, who knows, but, the man was flirtatious with another woman, and this, is what, became of the “remains” of him…

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