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The Eight Officers of the Police in Keelung Went to a Birthday Celebration of a Local Gang Leader, Claimed that They’d Told Their Superiors Beforehand

Is there, a “confusion” of WHO they are, and WHO you are???  Yeah, this is, improper all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the dusts from the “88 Resort” hadn’t settled down yet, in the city of Keelung, there were the news of eight detectives who’d gone to help a known gang leader in the districts to celebrate his birthday.  The police investigations showed that the meal gathering was from the captain who was in charge of investigating the workings of gangs, Cheng, he had, sent in the “requests” and the reports after the celebrations, but the written reports were too simplified, the city police department demanded more investigation on the matter, the investigative officers already interviewed all in the department who’d been involved, and the locals who knew of the events.

The police affairs department last night ordered to examine, if the participation of the birthday party of the gang leader was absolutely necessary, if there were behaviors of the officers that’s against police discipline, the department will issue the punishments on them all.  The officer in charge of investigations told: it’s NOT about the issue of it being a birthday party, but, the papers the officers turned in stated that they were “following the leads to collect an intel”, the manager of the substation found that the cause was valid, that’s why he’d signed off on it, and afterwards, all the officers who’d participated in the event is demanded to write a report on “contents of contact”.

not what these officers did, arresting gangmembers! Photo from online

Based off of investigation, the meal gathering in question was hosted at a restaurant in Nuan-Nuan, Keelung on the evening of the thirteenth.  The captain of the Keelung’s third substation invited seven of the investigative team members along, to gather for a meal with Lin, who was a notable gang leader of the Sun Group, the table had a total of fourteen people.

During the meal gatherings, someone from the group mentioned that it was Lin’s birthday, and, they’d bought the cake on.  The footage that streamed onto the internet was suspected to have been filmed by Lin’s families, someone downloaded the footages, and wrote about it on a group in FB, posted, “the minions of the detective unit of Keelung, offered the Sun’s leader a happy birthday toast, this world is too, messed up!”

The manager of the third substation of Keelung, Lin told, that the lieutenant, Cheng sent in the paperwork that he was going to a meal gathering beforehand, and written a report on the matter afterwards.

But the city police’s examination department believe, that the reports were too simplified in content; demanded that Kuo tell them more specific details of the gathering, yesterday, the police already called in the seven other officers who were there, as well as the owner of the restaurant, the citizens who were there, comparing the testimonies, and they’re currently determining if there are more activities that happened elsewhere.

Based off of the police official specific rules of interacting with others, it’d prohibited the police from being in close relations with those who have risks to cause dangers in the communities, those in gangs, those operators of gambling, sex industries, and/or other of whom engaging in illegal behaviors; if it’s absolutely needed, then paperwork must be submitted beforehand, getting the managers to sign off, and within a day of the events, paperwork must be filed, detailing the encounters; if there’s the emergent conditions that there’s no time for paperwork to be filed beforehand, then, calling up the superior, and twelve hours after the events, the paperwork needed to be filled out, detailing the contacts, the happenings.

And so, this looked like the gangs had the cops in their, pockets, and, the police department knowingly covered for these officers, and that’s just, not good, because, if the police is in close relations with the gangs, what hopes do we the ordinary citizens have of, keeping ourselves safe?

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She Sold the Bank Accounts to the Scam Rings, and Worked as a Driver Too…Found NOT Guilty, the D.A. Office Criticized that This Was Outrageous

A judge who’s a DINOSAUR, or, did a DINOSAUR become, a judge???  This is SHIT is what this is!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Could He Not Offend Again?  The Legal Realms: This is Against ALL of Our Basic Knowledge of the Law

The woman, Lin had sold the accounts to the scam rings to use, received only probation, and was caught on suspicions of working as a pickup driver, withdrawing the illegally gained cash in the amount of $850,000N.T., the first trial gave her ten months; the High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung believed that she’d been sentenced for fraud, that it was unreasonable she would work as a pickup driver too, changed the verdict to not-guilty.  The verdict sparked up the debates in the legal realm, there were the entry level district attorneys who’d criticized that the decision was “bullshit”, believed that there’s debate of the matter.

The legal realm believes, that practically, the judge may think, that the person being tried may not know what s/he was doing, so the verdict of “not guilty” is handed down, but, the woman in the case, Lin had repeatedly offended, she’d also, exacerbated in her criminal actions, the first trial gave her a sentence, while in the second, the judge found that she may have been forced into doing what she did, and claimed that she won’t do it again, this was against the common sense of law, that the decision may not be acceptable for the public to take in.

Based off of understanding, in August of 2017, Lin mailed the deposit books, the ATM cards to the scam rings, and changed the passcodes like the scam rings told her to, assisted the ring to scam $10,000N.T.s, she was caught, and pleaded guilty, and paid the $10,000N.T.s.  The district court of Chiaotou believed that she’d assisted the scam artists as an accomplice, gave her two months in prison, two months probation, and she had to take the legal classes too.

what the judge, is…from online

In September of 2020, Lin was once accused again, for providing the accounts to the scam artist rings, withdrew $850,000N.T. from the victims’ accounts, and gave it to upstream.  The district court of Chiaotou sentenced her on the three counts of offense last year, gave her another, ten months.

Lin changed her statement as the case is being tried in the High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung, she’d claimed that she was looking for a job online, not known that the job was a pick up driver for the scam artist rings, and the verdict used the concepts of “done the crimes once, wouldn’t do it again”, pointed out, that Lin was charged and found guilty on fraud from before, and this time, she’d not only provided the accounts, she’d wired the money she picked up into her own account, and not even covered it up, “this is different than the mind of those who intended to commit a crime”.

The Collectivist Courts found, that Lin had confessed once, but, the statements she gave was mislead by the judge of her first trial, and there was an alternate judge who resided over the case, and the court was via webcam, due to MERS-CoV, “subjectively believing, that the defendant, in front of the court, felt pressured to admit to what she’d done”.

The verdict was criticized by the entry level district attorneys, said, that if a criminal dared goes out into the open to commit a crime, and that’s not intentional?

The attorney, Ge believed, that in the earlier cases, the district attorneys only asked for probation for those unknowing participants, but in recent years, there’d been too many job scans, multiple ways of checking, the news reports, there were more cases which were, dropped, but, if the judge believed, that the jobseekers didn’t know what their accounts are being used for, as it was the first time they are finding work, there were the judges who’d given out the not-guilty verdicts.

And so, this is basically, the “luck of the draw” what you get, for your sentence if you work as a driver, or give up your accounts for the scam rings to use, and this case is bullshit, and the judge IS, that, dinosaur, because that first time this woman got caught, she wasn’t, severely punished, which led her to her second time in the criminal behavior, and the judge still gave her a free pass.  Guess what’s going to happen?  The woman’s going to do it, a third, a fourth, a fifth time, and each and every time, she would get higher u on her criminal behaviors, until maybe, she escalates to, murder or, embezzling money???

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Detonated a Bomb at the Station, Became Amputated, Received Seven-and-a-Half Years

Can’t see what he did, only pointed finger to those who’d, “wronged” him, yeah, that’s the bad behaviors, of a man all right!  How KARMA is still, a total, BITCH!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A plumber-electrician, Yu because he was in a foul mood in July, he’d taken a bomb, with the reputation of “Satan’s Mother” to the police substation, stated that he was going to, detonate it, and, he’d actually, accidentally pressed the detonator, and set the bomb off, his right palm was blown to bits, and got taken to the hospital and amputated; the Hsinchu District Court tried him, found that he’d caused troubles in public safety, but already paid a dear price, sentenced him to seven years six months for breaking the laws of ownership of illegal dangerous arms, and obstruction of police business.

The verdict pointed out, Wu learned to make the bomb from online, went to the hardware, chemical stores on July 6th , bought the needed supplies, and started making the bomb at home, and, late that evening, he’d tried to see his own young daughter, was barred from seeing her, got in a foul mood, took the bomb, “Satan’s Mother” to the police substation locally.

as Yu entered into the substation, he’d immediately told the officer on duty he was with an explosive device, and took it out to “play with” again, and again, the officers worried that Yu may actually detonate, tried calming him down, while calling up his father, and, Yu started shouting at his father in the phones, that he had a bomb on him, and he got more and more, worked up as they spoke.

And, half way through talking with his father, Yu accidentally set the detonator off, and, blew up his own right palm, and thankfully, none of the officers on duty had, gotten injured.

And so, this is what happened, when you put an explosive device in the hands of someone who’s, worked up, emotionally unstable, and what exacerbated this man’s bad behavior, was his own ex-wife’s barring him from seeing his own daughter, and he’d not considered WHY, his own ex-wife barred him from seeing his own young daughter, because he’d gone to her place too late, and the child may already be in bed, and he’d, blamed EVERYBODY else for his, “misfortunes”…

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The Man Who Got Cheated on HACKED the Other Man 113 Times, the Judge Believed He was Still “Reformable”, & Not Given Him the Death Penalty

How does that work, huh???  Because it’s a man, who’d murdered his own wife’s affair, hacked him a HUNDRED THIRTEEN times, and the court justice still believed that this murderer can be, reformed???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, He returned to visit his own ex-wife in May this year, found her new love, Wu at home, he’d used a knife, stabbed Wu 113 times, then, used a robe, hung Wu on the door handle of the bathroom, attempted to strangle him to death, in the end, Wu died of losing too much blood; the Kaohsiung District Court found, that He, due to the other man breaking up his marriage, that was what led him to murder, that he was still, able to get reformed, sentenced him to life in prison on murder.  He (age 34) got divorced in March of this year, he’d believed his ex was having an affair, that he was tricked into getting a divorce, and got into argument over the property rights and the children’s custodies, after he’d had a verbal altercation with his ex on May 6th this year, he’d gone to her place to confront her, his ex took their children to school, wasn’t around, he’d entered into the residence, found Wu (age 37) asleep in his daughter’s room, believed that it was Wu who’d broken up his marriage, got furious, picked up a fruit knife, and started, stabbing and hacking at him.

Wu, after being stabbed, awakened in shock, he’d tried to get up to get the knife out of He’s hand, but he’d been stabbed too many times, couldn’t have enough strengths left, they’d brawled to the outside of the bedroom hallway, Wu was unfamiliar with the lock of the front door, couldn’t escape, started pulling with He, and He went to the kitchen, picked up another knife, as Wu saw, he’d made his escape into the bathroom, and lost consciousness.

He used the nylon strings of the weight-lifting equipment, tied it around Wu’s neck, hooked the ring on the door knob of the bathroom, planned to strangle Wu to death, but Wu had already been stabbed 131 times, lost too much blood, then died, after He made sure Wu had died, then, he’d, left.

As his ex came home, she saw blood everywhere, and found Wu dead in the bathroom, had a friend helped to call the police, the following day, the police caught Wu who spent the night, hidden in the elevator at Gushan Station of Taipei Railroad systems.

During the trial, He admitted o murder, the Collectivist Court found, that after He murdered his ex-wife’s partner, he’d not reached a settlement agreement, and the families also demanded that he be given the death sentence, but considering how what caused him to commit murder was he’d found his ex getting too close to another before they were finally divorced, and as he’d signed the papers, he got, kicked out of his home, and saw the other man in his ex-wife’s home, that it wasn’t, premeditated, that he may still have some conscience left, that if there’s a complete system that helps reform him, he will be “cured”, and that was why he wasn’t given the death sentence.

Yeah, on WHAT basis, did this ruling come?  Because this man went into a murderous rage as he saw the other man in his ex-wife’s apartment, he’d, brutally murdered him?  And, how’s that reformable, huh?  I mean, this is SHIT is what this is, and the law’s telling us, if you get cheated on, and you flew into a rage, and committed murder, you will, get nothing more than a slap on your wrist!

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The Bans on the Rights to Vote Will Turn into an Open Sore of the Pandemic

How this pandemic is now, a VALID excuse the DDP now has, to BAR the people from voting them out!  And, it’s valid too, the reason for them banning those who contracted the virus from voting, as it’s for the welfare, safety, and health of all the voters in this, country!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Central Elections Commissions had decided that those who’d contracted MERS-CoV shall not cast their votes, and was criticized by the parties not in power as stripping the rights of people to vote, that it’s unconstitutional.  There’s no change in this, and yet, the people still hoped, that in the means of the related government agencies’ obstructing the means of preventing the spread of MERS-CoV, that the citizens are still, allowed to go out and vote.

The laws stated, that those registered, will be allowed to get the ballots using their national identification cards, that the officials don’t have the right to ban them from it, so, the Central Elections Commission’s decisions aren’t, required by the officials.  And, those who reported others who’d been confirmed of contraction and still gone to the polls, is breaching the laws of privacy.  The Central Elections Commissions’ banning voting can’t effectively prevent those who’d scanned positive and the asymptomatic from voting, it would cause the unreported cases, and it will, cause the pandemic to spread surely.

The banning of the voting of the contracted, it surely could, reduce the cases right before the elections, and increased the supports of the party in power in votes, but, due to the short incubation period of the mutated strain, how the speed of spreading, too quick, in the short term, it looked that the number of contracted got, lowered, but, it may, bounce back too hard after the elections, and it will, make the command center regret its decisions of banning the voting by the contracted individuals.

Practically, the moderate and severely symptomatic won’t go out to the polls to vote, but, there are 99.57 percent of the contracted who are asymptomatic or lightly symptomatic, the voters, in order to fight for their own rights to vote, or wanted their votes to get counted, may choose to hide the fact of their contractions, and based off of their conditions, after the votes, to go to the hospitals to get treated.  The local elections, the heads of boroughs, the representatives of the districts, the cities, the counties are competitive this year, there maybe many who’d scanned positive for contraction who’d, gone to vote, and those who are losing may also, report on this.  The decision of the Central Elections Commissions may be “causing problems for oneself!”

On the day of the elections if those who are asymptomatic, or those who’d scanned positive gone to the polls, then, how to stop the spread of the virus in these massive gatherings will be a test of the C.D.C. and the Central Elections Commission’s wits and responsibilities.

And so, this is how the government, use the valid excuse of the pandemic to BAR the people from exercising their rights to vote, because the DDP feared losing the election, seeing how many awful things they’d done, to ruin the people’s life, and this would be that final ACT, to try to ensure that they do NOT lose big time at the local government offices elections at the start of next year.

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After Medigenvac Wiped Its Own, Ass

And it’s still we the people, who will, end up, paying all those fees, the charges, for the extra PCR tests, oh, and did I mention, how it IS, with our hard-earned, TAX-dollars that this god damn, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) government had used, to purchasing all of these, bullshitting, useless, unworking, vaccines here?  Yeah, and we the people still get, screwed OVER, by the DDP government here, and, do pardon my, “French” in this one!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the medigenvac warriors wanted to go to Japan, they’d needed to get the other vaccines from other approved brands, or to provide a PCR verification, it’d trapped the government led by Tsai, in this MESS of supporting Medigenvac vaccines ultimately.  The C.D.C. disclosed, that Medigenvac will be covering the costs of people’s PCR test fees, for them to visit Japan soon.  But, the government of Tsai called out to the company to, “Wipe your own ass!”, and after this, are the cover-ups of purchasing of the vaccines from Medigenvac, the costs per dose, and the policies of the vaccinations, are they all also, flushed, down the, toilets also?

The government spent four billion dollars of the taxpayers money to purchase five million doses of Medigenvac vaccines, and, a-third of the five million does are about to be, destroyed; and, the government is also, the only who’d purchased any vaccines from Medigenvac too; the Japanese government had SHOT at Medigenvac, this being, the final straw, that crushed the backs of the Medigenvac warriors, and, started up the questioning of embezzlement, of money laundering by the government’s purchasing the vaccines from Medigenvac.

Medigenvac didn’t go in the clear on the cost per dose, and the numbers don’t add up, it’s suspected for being, “the most expensive vaccine in the world”, and yet, the purchasing data will be sealed for thirty years.  While, Japan doesn’t validate the statuses of Medigenvac vaccines, and so, the government of Tsai can only, allow the “Medigenvac warriors” to other vaccines as makeup, this is declaring that Medigenvac is, useless.  The four billion dollars N.T. of our blood, tears, and sweat, all, gone down the, drains.

The government covered, vouched for Medigenvac all the way, from the president and the vice rolling up their sleeves, to the C.D.C. turning into the spokesperson for the vaccine, to clearing the obstacle course of the brand’s immunobridging, to the point of, selling the vaccine to the people to use.  And now, it would cause an extra $3,500N.T.s to go to Japan, and surely, this had, damaged the faith of the, Medigenvac, warriors.

like this, with the vaccine manufacturer with the “toilet paper” there! Political cartoon from online

And yet, these warriors called the pharmaceutical company bad, for hiding behind the government, counting the cash, but they don’t, criticize the government for manipulating the stock markets, to help Medigenvac bring in the money in stock sales.  The command center’s demanding the Medigenvac to clear the mess they’d made, it might, quiet things down a bit, and, if they continued to cover up, the wayward policies behind the Medigenvac vaccines, and they’re, fighting to win the election at the end of the year, and, who won’t, remember the Medigenvac mess that’s, singlehandedly made possibly, by the, Tsai government?

This is, on how we the people, allowed this government to ABUSE power, to ruin us all, and now, those who got vaccinated with Medigenvac, who wanted to travel to Japan, needed an extra shot of W.H.O. approved vaccine, and, the government still tried to evade responsibilities, it’d cut the corners, used the immunobridging, instead of go through the drug trial stages step-by-steps, and, these supporter of Medigenvac are now, paying the price, and, who do you think the PRC tests these “warriors” need in order to travel to Japan will get allotted to???  the TAXPAYERS, just as the government ABUSED our tax dollars, and bought a ton of, bullshitting, Medigenvac vaccines, because the government had hands in the pockets of the stocks.

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Do NOT Strip the Right to Vote Away Those Who Contracted MERS-CoV

How many had already, contracted MERS-CoV again???

Those are the votes that won’t get, counted, based off of this, “legislation” that the DDP is about to, “pass” again, taking away we the people’s rights, to OBJECT to their, authoritarian ruler, or it may be because they feared that they will, lose BIG at the end-of-year election!  The ABUSE of power, exercised, to completely here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Taiwan had reopened up its, gates now, it’d shown, that the government isn’t worried about the pandemic anymore.  And yet, the new rule of not allowing those in quarantine, those confirmed of contraction to vote (we can’t even, measure up to, South Korea now!), it’s estimated to affect 300,000 citizens in this country, and this clearly showed of the DDP’s political, calculations.

I believe, that the government not only can’t strip the right to vote of we the people away, it should use the practical means to encourage those who are confirmed of contraction, those who are in, quarantine to vote as well.  Why not, take after South Korea, to lengthen the voting slot sessions, to allow those who’d confirmed of contraction to come to the voting offices to cast their ballots after the rest of the voters are out, so they can, have the right to, exercise their, voting, rights to, this can also help them relieve getting stuck at home in their, quarantines, and, they can go home, back to their, at-home quarantines after they’d, cast their, ballots down, with the increasing numbers of the population having contracted the virus, they wouldn’t be discriminated against.

A lot of the experts called out, that those who’d been confirmed of contraction need the extra servings of vitamin C and other nutrients, to drink more water to recover sooner; and yet, a lot of the cities had already, done away with handing out the care packages, and if our government truly cared for these people who’d contracted MERS-CoV, they should be given the care packages, to help them recover quickly, this, is the means the government can show care and concern toward the people.  Otherwise, being in quarantine is bad enough already, and these individuals who are in quarantine are stripped of their rights to vote too, this is, full of the, political, calculations, and, in the end, we the people, won’t allow for it.

Awhile ago, on the celebration of the country’s birth, the president, Tsai sated, that the Republic of China, Taiwan is now, an important symbol of freedom in the democratic, world.  And yet, the Central Voting Commissions awhile ago, set up the laws of preventing those who are confirmed of contraction, those who are in quarantine, to not be allowed to vote at the end of year, isn’t that, ambiguous, and surely, this will spark up the debates of the government’s setting up the unconstitutional, laws.  The right to vote, it’s the constitutional rights and responsibilities of we the epo9ple, and how can our government just, strip it away?  And the DDP called Taiwan, a “symbol of democracy”?

Yeah, this is how they’re, spinning this, using the excuse of the pandemic, to BAR those who’d contracted the virus, in quarantine, from voting, because they already expected that they will lose big, seeing how they’d, FUCKED (so???) up this country, and we the people, are still, allowing these, mother @#$%ERS (maxed out!) to do this to us?

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The Male School Instructor Had Abused a Male Student to the Point that the Student Would Pass Out Twenty-Times a Day

The abuse by this ill-fitted school instructor that’s caused this male student to suffer from dissociative symptoms, and PTSD as well, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male instructor, Liu asked a ten-year-old male student to look out for his young son who just started in school, believed that the student he’d asked to watch out for his son didn’t do his job, he’d beaten the genital of the student with a drum stick, and abused the ten-year-old for a whole year, causing the boy to start exerting the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and he’d fainted in school twenty times once.  The Taipei District Court found that Liu the instructor, used his authority as a school instructor, abused a helpless student, during the trial, he’d ignored how he’d caused the child to become psychologically ill, that he deserved a harsh punishment, sentenced him to four years six months for obstructing the growth of young children; this can be appealed.

The victimized male student wrote the thank you notes to the judges, “Thank you, judges, for serving justice for me”, “it’d been four years since, although I’m taller, and more mature now, but it’d still, stayed in my mind, I kept replaying the scene of me, getting beaten up by Mr. Liu.”

Based off of investigations, the instructor, Liu believed that the student didn’t care for his son well enough, had multiple times abused him in class, using the drum sticks to beat on his genital, his bones in the calves, or smacked the back of the student’s head, temple, the nose ridge, and slapped him across the face, insulted him, “Your father is stupid, your mother, a fool, that’s why a trash like you were born, you IDIOT!”, and forced the student to not tell anybody about his abuse.

The victimized student started exerting the symptoms of dizziness, stomach troubles, and started in September of the following year, he’d started having the fainting spells in class, started screaming and begging for forgiveness, and was later diagnosed with PTSD with symptoms of dissociation.

The instructor, Liu denied the allegations of abuse to the end, and claimed that he was libeled and slandered against by the young student.

But the homeroom instructor of the boy told, that the victim would pass out in class, ten to twenty times a day, that as he’d fallen down, he’d started, convulsing, kept ranting, “I won’t do it again, I’m sorry, Mr. Liu, I won’t, do it, again!”

The Collectivist Court found, that before the boy was placed in medical treatment, he’d never disclosed what Liu had done to him, later, as he’d disclosed what had happened to him when he was unconscious, and his families heard, that he had, NO reasons to, frame Liu.

And so, this is how the victims of abuse, suffered from the dissociations, reliving the traumatic moments of what had happened to him, and this instructor was awful in his means of abusing the student, and he NEVER should’ve asked a TNE year old KID to take care of his own young, first grade son, the boy is still a child himself, and how the @#$%, can he, possibly, take up the responsibilities of caring for another child who’s, only, a few years younger than he is?

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The BA.5 Vaccines about to Get Started Being Vaccinated in Japan, While We’re Still, “Evaluating”

How this god DAMN FUCKING (don’t pardon me!) country is still, DELAYING, EVERYTHING, with other countries around us, already, getting onboard!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the fifth of the month, Japan passed the EUA of BioNTech BA.5 vaccines, and they’re set to start vaccinating the people by mid-October.  Taiwan that’s claimed to be at the same pace with Japan in the past, still hadn’t acted on it, the head of Department of Welfare & Sanitations, Shue stated yesterday, that there’s still not the full and completed reports of the BioNTech and Moderna BA.5 vaccines, and they’re still, reviewing the paperwork waiting for the companies to hand in more data.  And, as we take the deliveries, the vaccines still has to pass through the FDA here.

And so, this is how the government chooses to, MURDER US, by NOT giving us the needed vaccines, because the “efficacy” is still not yet 100-percent, but, this is the newest form of the vaccines, stated to be effective for the BA.5 strain, and yet, the government still delayed shipments, because, apparently, NOT all of us who are against the DDP had D-I-E-D yet, imagine, how it will be, if at the end of the year when election comes around, all of us who don’t support the DDP, dies from contraction?  Yeah, then, the island had, turned, green altogether, and, the Tsai regime would have no problem, continue to, enslave those of us who are still, “here”…

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DADDY by Kristin Garth — Punk Noir Magazine

PATTY GIDDIS                                                                Inbox – iCloud  3:23 am   Fine let’s talk this way   To:   Daddy,   Maybe this way you won’t hang up on me again or worry about my roommate knowing my sordid secret.  She’s not even here to peek over my shoulder at what I’m typing – actually would never […]

DADDY by Kristin Garth — Punk Noir Magazine

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