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Complying to the Homestay Quarantines, But Got Discriminated Against, & the Pays Cut

The experiences of an individual who was serving his at-home quarantine for MERS-CoV, mandated by the government, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

With the rises of the cases of MERS-CoV, the CDC can almost use the management techniques, to make the locals comply, and yet, the process had a ton of troubles that needed, amending. 

a live news footagewith the caption that reads: even if you’re not ill, we will, STARVE you to death!  found online

I took a flight from China, arrived back home from China at the bottom of January, before I aboard, the airline company asked everybody to get their temperatures taken and recorded.  There weren’t that many passengers, and I’d worn my surgical mask all the way, but not used the lavatories.  As I arrived, because of my work, I’d had to go to three days of work consecutively.  And yet, by the fourth day, I’d received a call, telling me that I need to quarantine myself at home, reason being one of the passengers of the flight I was on was confirmed with the diagnosis of MERS-CoV, that everybody who was onboard the planes needed to have quarantine in their homes.  As I got off work, arrived at my home, there was a man holding the papers that mandated I go into house arrest for the quarantines immediately.

It happened so suddenly, at first, my work wouldn’t allow me to take the long leave of absence, demanded that I continue to work.  But if I don’t stay at home during the quarantines, if I got caught, the first time, I’d needed to pay a $60,000N.T. fine, and the second time, the highest amount of fine goes up to $150,000N.T., my company will be fined as well.  I’d handed my manager’s number to the members of the CDC, to have them mediate the matter, while I’d, started on my fourteen days of at-home quarantine.

There are others living at my home, while I was in quarantine, they’re still, working and carrying out their usual routines, not restricted by the government.  Because the law didn’t specify the wages for the at-home quarantines, during the time I’d called 1992 multiple times to ask the Labor and the Department of Sanitations about the matter, and I got the exact same replies: the related units will help me take care of it, that I need not worry.  During which time, they’d even told me to order take outs daily!  But, because I stopped getting paid for work, and needed to have an extra expenses for my meals, it became, too burdensome for a working class like me!  During which time, I was forced, to have my cell phone GPS on file, I was getting zoomed in on, even when I was asleep, or when I went to the bathrooms, due to bad receptions, the police or the workers in the Sanitation Department would come calling me at the house, I’d walked on eggshells.

the items taht are bare necessities of the individuals’ at-home quarantine sessions, chart rom onine

To prevent the spread of the illness, I’d worked alongside the homestay quarantines of the government.  But the problem showed, that after my fourteen days of quarantine, I’d returned back to work, found my wages deducted for over half a month, and the rest of my coworkers treated me like the plague, dodged me all they could, even the owner of the company, transferred me to the outermost unit that works from outside the offices.  And some of the coworkers tattled on how I was in the at-home quarantine programs to my clients too.

As these all happened, I felt like I had contracted, the bubonic plague, I’d followed the laws here, and yet, as I returned back to work, I was, discriminated against all around.  The managers of the various units of governments who’d promised me that they’ll help me mediate the matters of my wages and everything, all evaded their responsibilities, it’d made me feel, cheated!

After I’d gone through this experience of at-home quarantine, other than confirming that I’m, healthy, I also experienced firsthand, how there are, so many, shortcomings of the system including: the placement of my family members who live in the same residence as I, the living standards of the individuals in quarantine, along with the matters of my wages during the time I’d stopped, working, the tracking down of those in quarantine is an invasion of privacy, and as those in quarantine returned back to work, they’re, discriminated against by the company, the coworkers.  What’s worst was, that the government didn’t have a specific department window set aside to answer all of our, inquiries, and afterward, the departments evading the responsibilities for the problems they promised to help us solve!  This sort of an at-home quarantine surely is, problematic!

Yes, because there’s NO SET protocol for this, and even if there were the protocols set up, people still don’t follow it, and that, is the problems of the members of the working class, being in quarantines at home for traveling to countries with MER-CoV, and I don’t think this is going to improve, anytime soon!

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The Electric Blanket Had Caused the Baby Girl to Suffer from Burns, the Nurse Got Reprimanded and Placed on Leave

Is this scapegoating on the woman by the hospitals, I don’t know, let’s see then, shall we???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A baby girl, Peng was burned by the use of an electric blanket of the Bao-Er Women and Children’s Clinic, yesterday, after the sanitation department took a closer look at the matter, they’d decided that the caretaker of the infant, a nurse, Yuan, had used the electric blankets against the rules, and engaged in negligence, and they’d put her on administrative leave for one month to one year’s term, and the clinic was also at fault for NOT monitoring, and the clinic could get fined up to a quarter of a million dollars.

But the father of the infant believed, that it WAS the clinic’s responsibilities, and yet, the reprimands were placed solely onto the one nurse, “they’re finding a scapegoat for this matter”.  The hospital claimed that they do NOT dispute the ruling of the Department of Sanitations, that they would shoulder up the responsibilities entirely.

The Department of Sanitation of Hsinbei City went to the Happy Baby Clinic to check, and found that there were TWO electric blankets, that were bought back in 2012, but the staff did NOT keep the user manuals.  And the head nurse there stated, that in the past, this sort of handling the matter had never caused a baby to get burned.

The man responsible for running the clinic, Dr. Hsieh, along with the nurse, Yuan, went to the Department of Sanitations to explain, both of them claimed, that they “didn’t know that electric blankets couldn’t be used on babies”.

The Department of Sanitations stated, that the nurse, in using the banned electric blanket on the child, in the process, she did NOT remeasure the child’s temperature, only felt the child’s chest and forehead, that Yuan did, engage in neglect behaviors, and in the future, it will help the family members, along with the clinic, to settle the matter.

But the infant’s child couldn’t understand the procedures, and believed that the clinic, from the very start, stated that they are willing to handle ALL the responsibilities, but, as the process went on, the clinic kept dodging the consequences, to NOT take the matter seriously enough, and by punishing the nurses, they’re merely scapegoating.  As for whether or not he will pursue this further, the infant’s father said, that he’ll wait for the reports of damages on his own daughter.

This DID happen in the hospitals, and yet, only the nurse who was in charge of the child was blamed, because the hospital refused to OWN up to their share of the blame, and that, is unfair, and, you should NEVER use an electric blanket on an infant, after all, their skins are more delicate than ours, and, because they were newborns, their skins are NOT as elastic or as strong or even T-H-I-C-K, hello, hello, hello, that’s still, uh, COMMON SENSE here!!!A

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An Infant with a Rare Disorder Died Before Her One-Month Old Celebration, Because the Funding Came Too Late

A young life that could’ve been, and should’ve been spared, but it wasn’t, from the Newspapers, translated…

This is mandating a change in the laws here, the National Health Agency stated that “This drug wasn’t approved yet by the FDA, so it didn’t meet the requirements for payment assistance.”

A little girl was diagnosed with a very rare disorder that occurs three in a million children, but because of the medications for treatment was really expensive, for the time being, the hospitals could only give her blood supplies and dialysis to treat., and, this baby had died in just twenty-eight days of being born.  The child’s father, Tsao said, that he hoped that his daughter would be the LAST of the children who were “put on a waiting list” to receive medical assistance.

The young child is diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome, and the treatment drug for this had just been passed this April, but the National Health Insurance did not cover it, and so, the government couldn’t have any kind of emergency assistance in place, the father could only get it through applying for the special circumstance for his child, and, after it was approved, the ONE dose had cost $2,100,000N.T.

The father said, that even IF he and his wife had managed to scrounge up the money for the first few shots, there was NO way that they can afford the treatment for their little girl completely.

The father stated, that during the time when his daughter needed the treatments, the government did NOT offer them any medical assistance at all.  His daughter had spent her first few days of life inside an incubator, and that the very first time he and his wife had finally held the child’s body was after she was dead, his heart wrenched.

The founder of Rare Disorder Foundation, Chen said, that last year, the little boy, Yeh, and the little girl now, had both fitted the criteria of the “Rare Illness Medical Treatment Assistance” rule number thirty-three.  Even IF the health insurance didn’t cover it, the government should still provide the emergency dosage for the patients, but, in these two cases, the government did NOTHING.

Toward this, the secretary of the Citizens Health Department, Hsiao stated, that this illness’s treatment had NOT been filed by the FDA, so that, was why there was NO monetary assistance offered on the medications for treatments.

Chen believed, that the biggest goal of Rule number thirty-three is to give emergency assistance before the national health insurance can pass the treatment.  And, from these two separate cases, you can see how there was NOT only NOT enough emergency resuscitation at all, let alone saying that there is NOT enough aid.

Chen stated, that a human life is at stake here, and she begged for the related departments, to pass the laws to lower the costs no matter what.

She’d also claimed, that since the requirements for the rare disorder treatment had been agreed upon, DO give the medications to those who are in need soon as possible.

And so, a child’s life HAD to be lost, for the process of passing THIS stupid law to fasten, and, IF that’s the case, how MANY more children MUST die, for the drugs to pass through the requirement to get on the “funding list”?  And this, is a BIG problem, in a country where everybody HAS health insurance too, so, the system still isn’t perfect at all!!!

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A Man Met a Sexy Woman at a Seafood Shop, After He Became Sobered Up, His Money Was Gone

See, women DO have the “upper hand”, in EVERYTHING, from the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Lin, on the eighth of this month in the evenings, went drinking at a seafood place, and was hit on by a woman, Tseng whom he didn’t know, after Lin woke, he found himself in a hotel, and, the over ten thousand dollars cash, along with his gold jewelries are gone, and he could only resort to calling the police, Tseng was captured, two days ago, and admitted to robbery, and she was charged with robbery.

The police investigated, that Lin (age 47), was having a few drinks with his two male friends at a certain seafood shop in Wanhua, Tseng (age 53) came toward him on her own, said to the men, “I’ll put up the money for the sorghum wine, and you pay for the foods, let’s have midnight snacks together!” Even though Tseng was a bit on the heavier side, but she’d passionately keep getting the men to drink.

Lin thought that he usually took longer to get drunk, but that night, he’d passed out, rather quickly, after he’d waken up, he’d found himself in the bed of a cheap roadside motel in Banciao District of Hsinbei City, he was fully clothed, but, the $16,000N.T., along with his gold jewelries, are gone, even though he couldn’t clearly recall what’d happened, but he suspected that Tseng had spiked up his drinks, to cause him to pass out.

Tseng denied having done so, claimed that the four of them shared a cab together, Lin’s two friends got off first, and she and Lin both lived in Banciao, but Lin was too drunk, to tell her where he lived, just said that he wanted to sleep, so, she’d accompanied him to a motle.

Tseng said, that when Lin was resting on the bed, she was sitting on the chair, resting, didn’t know what to do, because she’d recalled how her husband needed money for his cancer treatments, that, was why she’d decided, in the spurt of the moment, to take all his money.

And so, this, is a crime of opportunity, because the woman got the man drunk, and she took his money, because she needed the money, for her husband’s cancer treatment. And, even though her reason for drugging and robbery was valid, but that still doesn’t make what she did right, and as to how the judge will find her? Nobody knows.



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A Man Had a Late Night Spat with His Mother, and Ended Up, Beating His Own Mother to Death with a Baseball Bat

A history of mental illness, plus a heated argument, put the “ingredients” into the “blender”, and, you’d get M-U-R-D-E-R!!! From the Newspaper translated…

A man with a history of mental illness early yesterday morn, got into a verbal altercation with his own mother, back then, his father was out, his older brother was sleeping, he was suspected of using a baseball bat and beaten his mother until her skull was broken, as the older brother woke in the morn, he was shocked to realize that his mother had died, and he’d called the police, Wu admitted to murdering his mother, and was charged with murder.

The police investigations found that Wu (age 31) was diagnosed with mental illness, and lived in with his parents and older brother in an apartment in Wugu, the family rarely socialized with the neighbors; Wu thought himself to be sane, and was displeased at how his family would FORCE him into hospitalizations, and would start fights with the members of his family or throw a temper tantrum, and, to avoid altercations with him, the family had chosen to leave the site of the arguments.

The police said, that early in the morning at one o’clock yesterday, Wu had gotten into an argument with his sixty-three year old mother in the living room, the father who took it to be “normal” left home, the older brother had gone back to the sixth floor to sleep, and, Wu may have lost it, and started beating his mother’s head with a baseball bat that was lying around in the living room.

When Wu’s older brother woke up early in the morning, and went to the living room, that, was when he’d found his mother, beaten to death, called it in immediately; the police went to the scenes, and Wu showed up, and admitted to beating his mother with a baseball bat, and kept repeating, “I’m not sick, it’s my family who’d caused the traumas by forcing me into hospitalizations.”

Wu claimed, that he was displeased at how strict his father was, after he’d beaten his mother down, he’d run up to the seventh floor roof to contemplate suicide by jumping off, but, he’d squatted in the stairways for a long time, lost in thought, then, changed his mind about killing himself.

The psychiatric residential hospital’s manager in Bali, Chang, stated, that from the records, Wu other than being depressed, he’d also shown signs of schizophrenia, psychosis caused by emotional difficulties, started having auditory hallucinations, becoming paranoid, and being forced into treatment had caused him insurmountable pressures, that, was why he’d reacted so strongly.

Chang suggested that if the families or communities found someone with a mental illness, to NOT be ashamed to take them to the psych ward, and that there are community outreach programs to help too, and when there’s an emergency, call the police, or the fire department, to forcefully put someone into a treatment program, but this is only valid for five days, and that there is a lot of paperwork, and the effects are minimized.

And so, this, is how a history of mental illness had exacerbated what had happened, the man had been emotionally troubled, and he feels that he’s normal and was forced into treatment, and that, was why he’d held a grudge, and when his mother got into a spat with him, that, was what’d made him crack.

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The Shortage of Caretakers of Elderly, the Caretakers Would Get Beaten and Screamed at, and None are Willing to Work in the Same Place for Long-Term

The “surfacing” of the issues in LONG-TERM care, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

It was eight in the evening, and, the caretaker, Lu, had been watching over a man, Ming, who’d become demented for five days straight, she’d carried her panda-eyes, with the bump on her head, from four days ago, from getting beaten by the man she looked after, and, Ming, who was recuperating from his surgery started cussing her out again………

There was a patient who’d wanted to go to the bathroom in the middle of the nights, but didn’t want to wake his caretaker, tip-toed toward the bathrooms, and, ended up, slipping and falling.  Lu sighed, “I’d worked for twenty-four hours a day, and I earn barely $75N.T. an hour, and now, I have to BE sued for criminal negligence too.”

The government had already set up a system of long-term care providers, but, out of nearly ninety thousand trained workers, only twenty-two percent stayed in the field.  The screws, at the most basic level of the big machine is currently, shaking loose.

Long work hours, low pay, without insurance, getting disrespected, it had caused this short-lived lifespan of caretakers.  “The environment which the caretakers worked in is too harsh.”, the woman in charge of the Caring Department of the Chiaji Hospital, Lin, stated, plus, a LOT of the families treated the caretakers as if they’re maids.  A lot of the workers dropped out after just three months, and those who stayed, even with a TON of compassion and heart, along with patients, their patience are easily drained out by the pressures.

And, this, is still, merely, THE tip of the I-C-E-B-E-R-G, the screw of a problematic “machine”, and, there is NO way to change this, not from the short-term angle, but, people are aging fast, living longer, and, with longevity, comes the demand of elderly care, but, IF the workers are NOT treated with the respects that they deserved, HOW, do you suppose we will be taken care of in our old age???  Exactly!!!

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The Conclusion of the Case Where the Pregnant Woman Became Brain-Dead

This is, after many, many, many days, along with a total of one-hundred forty-two “children” of mine had been “created” too, the JUDGE had R-U-L-E-D!!!  From the News online…

A Texas judge ordered a Fort Worth hospital to remove a pregnant and brain-dead woman from respirators and ventilators on Friday, perhaps ending a wrenching legal debate about who is alive, who is dead and how the presence of a fetus changes the equation.

Erick Munoz, husband of Marlise Munoz, broke down in tears after Judge R.H. Wallace told John Peter Smith Hospital to act on his order by 5 p.m. Monday.

Munoz and other family members had been fighting to have the body released for burial. Hospital officials resisted, saying they were trying to obey a Texas law that says “you cannot withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment for a pregnant patient,” in the words of the hospital spokesman.

Munoz left the courthouse without talking to reporters, but the family’s lawyers spoke out. Jessica Janicek argued that the hospital was “utilizing (Marlise Munoz’s) body as a science experiment.”

A breakthrough came when the hospital and the Munoz family agreed on crucial facts listed in a court document: that Marlise Munoz, 33, has “met the clinical criteria for brain death since November 28” and that “the fetus gestating inside Mrs. Munoz is not viable.”

The woman’s husband repeatedly made these claims in his efforts to have her removed from the machines.

Mom of pregnant woman: Change the law

The story may have more chapters. The hospital could appeal or decide to remove Marlise Munoz from a ventilator and respirator before that deadline. The judge did not rule on the constitutionality of a state law regarding the treatment of a pregnant patient.

Erick and Marlise Munoz, two trained paramedics, had been awaiting the arrival of their second child when she was found unconscious on her kitchen floor around 2 a.m. November 26. She was rushed to the north-central Texas hospital.

Once there, Erick Munoz said, he was told his wife “was for all purposes brain dead.” The family also says the fetus may have been deprived of oxygen. Erick Munoz had contended doctors told him his wife “had lost all activity in her brain stem” and an accompanying chart stated that she was “brain dead.”

Husband said wife didn’t want to be on ventilator

During Friday’s hearing in Fort Worth, representatives of the hospital — in this case, from the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office — argued that state law was correctly applied.



Erik Munoz and other family members said the hospital should abide by her wishes — which weren’t written down but, they said, relayed verbally to them — and not have machines keep her organs and blood running.

In an affidavit filed Thursday in court, Erick Munoz said little to him now is recognizable about Marlise. Her bones crack when her stiff limbs move. Her usual scent has been replaced by the “smell of death.” And her once lively eyes have become “soulless.”

After the Friday hearing, another family lawyer, Jessica King, said, “Pregnant women die every day. They die in car accidents, of heart attacks and other injuries. And when they die, their fetus dies with them.

“It’s the way it’s always been and the way it should be.”

Lawyers: Records back claim that woman is brain dead

In his lawsuit, Munoz claims subsequent measures taken at the hospital — and, in turn, the state law used to justify them — amounted “to nothing more than the cruel and obscene mutilation of a deceased body against the expressed will of the deceased and her family.”

The hospital and the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office, which defended the medical facility, did not offer the same level of detail as members of the Munoz family.

But earlier this month, hospital spokesman J.R. Labbe told CNN that his hospital believed “the courts are the appropriate venue to provide clarity, direction and resolution in this matter.”

Late Friday, the hospital issued this statement: “JPS Health Network appreciates the potential impact of the consequences of the order on all parties involved and will be consulting with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office.”

So, this woman, in the end, still got her way, in death, and, the hospital wasn’t right in keeping her on life support, after all, the autopsy of the fetus does prove, that it was, abnormal!!!










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Removing Her from Life-Support, a Husband’s Decision

Respecting HER wishes, as she’d told him that IF this were to happen, she would NOT want to be kept alive, from
Marlise Munoz was thirty-three and fourteen weeks pregnant when she collapsed in her home in November, from what doctors called pulmonary embolism.
Her husband, Erick Munoz says the doctors described her as brain-dead, and his wife was clear, that she did NOT want to be kept alive under those circumstances.
But the hospital in Fort Worth said, that it was illegal, from pulling the plug, because a law stated that “a person may not withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment under this subchapter from a pregnant patient.”
In court papers, Munoz argued that the law does NOT apply to his wife’s case.
“In fact, Marlise cannot be a ‘pregnant patient’—Marlise is dead,” the suit says, “To further conduct surgical procedures on a deceased body is nothing short of outrageous.”
And this woman’s DO-NOT-RESUSCITATE was NOT applied, because she was pregnant, because the hospitals believed that in cases such as this, there are MORE to consider, than a person’s final wishes, because there’s another life at stake, the child’s, but, does THAT mean that this woman needed to be KEPT alive, because the LAW prohibits unplugging her because she was pregnant? I still don’t have a say in this, I’m merely still just PRESENTING these “cases”, and, do NOT shoot me, as I’m still just the “messenger” here…………

And, imagine the STRAINS on the husband, seeing his own WIFE like that, and, he was merely showing HIS final respects, to HER final wishes too, and, her own family stood behind him, so, who the HELL was the hospital, to say, that she should NOT be taken OFF life support???

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Legally Dead

What’s T-H-A-T?  The moment that a person’s brain STOPPED working?  And, the only thing that’s keeping the individual alive, is the tubes, INSIDE of the person’s arms, stomachs, or whatever?

How, would it be determined, if someone IS, indeed, legally D-E-A-D?  The moment that a person’s BRAINS stopped functioning?  The moment that the individual’s PULSE ceased to exist?  What, would BE considered, as “legally DEAD”?  Being BEATEN, to a VEGETATIVE state?

Legally dead, because the courts realized the individual AS NO longer being able to comprehend, to think, and, how many, based off of THAT definition, would be legally D-E-A-D, based off of this “brand new” definition?

Legally dead, she can NO longer think, and, her brain activities would get reduced, little, by little, each, and every day, and yet, the family still holds on tightly, to the NONEXISTENT hope, that it is possible, for her, to wake up one day, because they are holding too tight, to that barely visible, barely noticeable, slight chance.

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Denied Weight-Loss Surgery for a Brain Condition

The issue of healthcare, in one of the world’s MOST advanced countries, in the U.S. of A…

Surgery to remove a brain tumor two years ago has left a twelve-year-old girl in Texas with a heartbreaking condition, her brain thought that her body was starving.

Doctors said, that a gastric bypass is the only thing that can save her life, but the U.S. military who provided for the family’s health insurance coverage won’t pay for it because of how young she is.

The parents, and the doctors are protesting the claims to not allow her to get surgery because of how young she was.  The young lady was gaining two pounds every week, and because of her weight gain, she was isolated socially.

Two years ago, Alexis was normal, but she’d developed a rare benign brain tumor, her condition affects one out of every million child per year, so, it is very rare.

Alexis had surgery, gotten rid of the tumor, but, the side-effects of the surgery had damaged her hypothalamus, which caused her to feel hungry all the time.

The family had consulted with numerous experts: nutritionists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and the young girl told them that she wanted to die.

And, this happened in the U.S.A., because this girl is said to be too young, and the government does NOT want to cover the procedures, so, they came UP with an assortment of excuses, to NOT get her the assistance that she needed, to have a healthy life, and, surgery might be the thing that WILL save her life, but for now, she is NOT getting any assistance, because the insurance company won’t cover it, and the doctors believed her to be TOO YOUNG!!!










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