Her Boyfriend Committed Arson, She Followed Him Off, Her Father Thought She Was Still in the House, Ran Inside to Save Her

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-five year old man, Lu seemed to be displeased at how his 17-year-old girlfriend, Huang’s family stood in their way of being together, yesterday in the early morning, he took a bottle, filled with gasoline to her place in Zhonghe, after he’d committed arson, he’d left with his girlfriend; the father did NOT know that his daughter had made a getaway, still ran into the house that was burning to save her, and he was choked by the smokes, taken to the hospital.

In the ambulance, the father kept hollering, “My daughter is still in there, save her.”, the firefighters saved four people total, including the father, the others are the girl’s grandmother and her uncle and aunt.

The police reviewed the surveillance and found that twelve minutes before the fire was set, Lu had gone into Huang’s house with two plastic bottles, after the fire broke out, the young woman left on her boyfriend’s motorcycle, speeding toward Banciao.  Afterwards, they’d both turned off their cell phones, the police are still chasing leads.

The police found, that Huang, who’d dropped out of technical high school, who is from a single-parent household, was dating Lu, and the family was against it.  Two nights ago, at ten o’clock, Lu went to Huang’s house to talk.  The father who worked in the business of delivery gas cans asked Lu to leave his daughter alone, to NOT fool around with her, to NOT prevent her from her studies, it made Lu unhappy, the two of them got into a huge argument, Lu left at around one in the morn.

At around 3:17 yesterday morning, Lu appeared in front of Huang’s house, took out two bottles, filled with gasoline, entered into her house.  At 3:32, the girl left first, Lu followed her shortly thereafter, then, there was a huge BANG, and the house caught fire.

The man in charge of the borough said that he heard the commotion, he immediately told his son who lived on the fourth floor of Huang’s building to take cover, the neighbors all helped out with the putting out of the fire, gladly, the fire was put out by the fire department, that there were no major damages.

The fire department found that there were two starting points of the fire, the back of the kitchen and on the lanai, close to the storage, they suspected that it was arson, and will now, send the evidence to the forensics to determine.

And so, this still happened, because “Romeo” and “Juliet” were kept apart by HER father, and this time however, our “Romeo” decided to SET fire to “Juliet’s” house, instead of committing suicide, and, look where it will get him?  Behind bars, with “Juliet” never seeing him again, after this, the father is totally NEVER allowing his baby girl to go out with that loser again that’s for sure!!!

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