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Morality Debates, Which Way Should We “Go”?

Do We Protect the Self, or Do We, Fulfill Our, Families

And no, it’s NOT selfish, if we go for the self-preservation side, because we must first all, take good care of our, separate, selves, otherwise, how the HECK can we, care for, anyone else???  Taking from the tragedies of the society here, translated…

In the life of families, we are often trapped between the wills of our selves, or the benefits of the families, and started engaging in that, tug-of-war nonstop.

There was the news of how an elderly woman raised up her own two grandson, one of the children showed aggression, and symptoms of A.D.H.D., and, the elderly woman had been under too much stress in caretaking, and, lost it, and strangled the grandchild to death.  Another, how a couple was married, and, in less than two months of their marriage, the husband was, paralyzed, and was in a vegetative state, and the wife filed for divorce, and the courts allowed it.  These two seemingly unrelated events, shared one characteristic of concern: the matter of caretaking of one’s own families.

The two women in both cases, made totally different decisions, on caring for one’s own next-of-kin.  The wife decided to divorce, and, although, she’d gained the reputations of being selfish, of not being moral enough, but her decision, ended the fact that her marriage is bound to, slide down that slippery slope.  While the elderly woman’s persistence to the end, it’d, fulfilled the expectations of the traditional role of women, her sense of responsibilities, and her conscience too, but in reality, and the psychological aspects, the elderly woman, clearly, could NOT stand this kind of burden, and in the end, she’d, self-destruct, and the story ended, tragically.

And it made me wonder, as a part of the family, must we, give everything we have, for our, families, to sacrifice our own, happiness?  Is this, the necessity, the forefront, of setting up a, perfect, and happy family?  If at the end, there’s only, the suffocating burdens, that sense of, responsibilities that remained in it, enough to drown, cover up everything else, and, at this time, how can we still, keep the connections of the family intact?

In the families, when do we choose to preserve ourselves, when do we, sacrifice ourselves, and fulfill the needs of our, separate, families, from my past experience as a family courts judge, this, is from my observations: do take good care of your selves first, then, treat your loved ones the way you treat yourselves, kind too, then, as you feel, that you’d done, everything you possibly can, and still it’d not worked out, at this time, do be bolder, selfishly, embrace yourselves then, then, love your families, the way you love your selves.  I believe, that there would be the regrets that came with this, but so long as you’re willing, this regret can still, be made up for, I hope that we are all, living happily.

And so, these are, tragic stories of how giving to the family, caused the caretaker, to fall apart, like for the grandmother, she didn’t have a choice, or at least she couldn’t see the other options, and eventually, the caretaking became, too burdensome, and she’d ended up, murdering her own grandchild, while the other woman, she may seem selfish, because, it seemed as though she was, abandoning her husband who became, paralyzed, but she didn’t want to become his caretaker for life, and so, she’d selected divorce, and surely, it got her the bad reputation of ill-fitting as a wife, but heck, at least, she’d made a decision, to save herself actively, instead of being driving to murder her own handicapped husband after she grew tired and weary of taking care of him long-term, like the elderly woman who felt that she didn’t have any other, choice!  So, it’s NOT selfish, to look out for number one, and, W-H-O, is number one?  Oh yeah, we, individually, ARE, number ONE in our lives, and if we don’t take good care of ourselves first, how the @#$% (maxed out!) can we, take care of, anybody else???

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His Perfect Image, Too Good to Be True, Twenty-Six Years of Reputation, Went Down the Drains Instantly

How his, original, PERFECT image, shattered, instantly, too quickly, the wheels of fate had, turned, against him now!  The results of the singer’s cheating on his own wife, that’s been caught by the, paparazzi, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’d been twenty-six years since Leehom Wang became a star, he carried that reputation of a “high-quality” idol with him to date, he’d received the awards for best male singer in Mandarin of the Golden Music Awards twice, and had been the nominees of the producer, songwriter categories, everybody knew him well for his achievements in music.  And because of his looks, he was chosen by Leslie Cheung’s self-directed film, and had the opportunities to work with the major movie stars, Aaron Kwok, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and other major actors from Hong Kong, even Ang Lee had him as the second male lead in Lust, Caution, didn’t care of how he was noted for how inexperienced in the movie scene.

the perfect image of that “boy next door”…

photo from online

In the eyes of the famed directors, the predecessor movie stars, he was noted as talented, good looking, with higher education.  In the eyes of the audience, he gave off that flair of sunny, good-natured, good guy feel about him, plus he had an outstanding background, although, on his way to stardom, there were, the gossips about him, it’d not, had the adverse effects, he was like that crystal clear stream that flowed through the world, too good, to be, real, and even IF someone had, doubted if he is the same, on and off the stages, after marrying Lee, who has the major good qualities, all the gossips about his sexual orientation died off, he’d advanced, successfully, from a good natured boy, into a good father to his children, a good husband to his wife, continued to have all the love from his fans.

And, with the movie, “Lust, Caution”, directed by Ang Lee that he had a role in, he successfully entered into Hollywood, and partnered up with his costar, Tang Wei, and starred in “Blackhat” with Chris Hemsworth, but the sales, the commentaries suffered a waterloo.  After his many defeats in the movie industries, he didn’t find a steady place as a host of T.V. programming, but with the music he performed, he was still, stable on, in the past, he’d acted as the mentor on the singing competitions, solidified his status as a major star.

his “ex” lost her virginity to him at age sixteen! Photo from online

Had it not been how his marriage fell apart that got found out, not due to how his ex-wife, Lee posted that long post in the late nights, busting ALL of his bad behaviors in the marriage, his reputation as a highly acclaimed idol may not have gone down the drains overnight.  He’d once directed a movie, “Love in Disguise”, the ticket sales didn’t do as well, but the theme song of “Something You Can’t Not Know” still got sung on today, and the lines of, “there are, so many things about me, that you don’t know!”, which is, too, ironic based off of what’s happened.

And so, this guy made that mistake of a common man, it’s understandable, because, he’s a MAN, and he had the needs, but, because he was also, a public figure, a singer, a movie star, etc., etc., etc., that’s why, the world is now, putting him under that microscope, and, his ex-wife’s post, destroyed the reputation he’d worked so hard to save, and it’d, crumbled his hard work to reach stardom for the past twenty-six years.

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Sampling the Love

Love is meant to be, sampled, like them, wedding cakes that you’re, selecting, to serve to, your guests???  Sampling the love, you get a taste of, everything that’s, different, not the same, with the varied tastes, some sweet, some, a bit, bitter (like those, dark chocolate flavored???), and, by sampling them all at least once, you at least, will have a taste of what you might like, and what you might now.

Like those, girlfriend swaps/wife swap things that you do, you’re not, cheating, just, sampling what it’s like, marrying to, different people.  Sampling the love, because love is, an acquired, taste, not fitted for everybody’s, liking.

Sampling the love, that’s, what you wanted to do with me, well, that’s not what I’m here for, for you, to take a bite, then, spit me out, kicking me to the curb, oh no, nobody can taste this heart of mine, it’s too, spicy, too sour, too strong in taste, for everyone who wants, a bite!!!

and this would be, what we all want to get, but, we can’t, because it would be, immoral, irresponsible, and, illegal in parts of the world!!! Photo from online

Sampling the love, that’s, just, an excuse, for wanting to screw around, and I won’t allow for it, not for, ANY of my M-E-N (and yeah, I will have them all, two at a time too!!!), and they will all SERVE faithfully BY my side here.

Now, sit, stay, good boys, come to mommy for that K-I-S-S…

And that, is how I get to, sample all the love I’m gonna be giving, AND getting in return.

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A Better Example for the People

We can’t look up to this government of ours, because it has, NO morals, and, if we look up to this, immoral government of ours, and follow its lead, then, this country will completely, go, D-O-W-N, that’s for sure, written by the professor of neurology, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’d bumped into a friend who cares a whole lot about her health, saw she carrying out a whole case of instant noodles at the wholesales mart, I was, a bit, surprised, she’d felt embarrassed, and told me that her last year high school son studies into the depth of nights, and, when he felt hungry, he’d normally gone to the super convenience shop to get the midnight snacks for himself.  But a few days ago, when they were shopping downstairs, there came a man without a mask, she and her son were shocked, and immediately, they’d recalled the eye-gouging case in Pingdong, the clerks were all tensed up too, they’d immediately decided that they didn’t want to buy the food anymore, left immediately.  But her son would still feel hungry in the middle of the nights, especially with the weather getting colder, he’d wanted something warm to eat, that’s why she’d bought a whole case of instant noodles, stashed them up at home, to save her son from the chances that he might encounter danger at night when he needed the refuel.  She’d sighed, “wasn’t Taiwan known for how safe it was from before?  Why is it like this now?”

Surely, from before, we were proud that we could go out late at night, and when, we started worrying, that in the broad day light as we are out, there may be someone who’s psychologically ill that stabs you from the back?  Yesterday, a friend told me, that she saw a man with his head shaved flat, with a weird look on his face, walking towards her, without a second thought, she’d, immediately, cross the streets to the other side, she’d come to inquire, that if she was, too neurotic?  I don’t know how to answer that.  In the past, we’d not placed a weapon in our cars, and now, a baseball bat seemed, fitting.  Recently, there are, the violent air that’s, filled up this, society.  Even in the public high school in Chiayi, a group of students had fought each other using baseball bats in the hallways too.  All of these acts of violence, maxed out our capabilities to handle them psychologically, they’d affected our lives, to the point that the government needs to, do something about it.

The readers wrote into the newspapers, that this sort of atmosphere of violence was started up by the politicians, these drunken younger generations are modeling after the politicians ruling over us, brash, and without the laws.  They don’t see the laws, disrespected others, as well as, themselves too, even the servicemen in uniforms, they would get plastered too, and fallen asleep outside the doorways of the super convenience marts, totally, not care of the image of what their uniforms, represented.

I’m too curious why do these younger generations need to get plastered, to numb themselves out, or smashing up the vehicles, beaten someone else up, to vent?  They were, blessed to have been born, in the resourceful environment of Taiwan, which war had not happened in seventy whole years, they have more resources than we ever had, what do they, feel, upset about?

I’m sure, that a lot of people are wondering about this, and worried that the younger generations couldn’t find a purpose for their own lives, gotten lost in the materialism, and wasting their lives, away.  If we don’t know what we want to do in our lives, then, we can’t change into who we want to become from where we currently are, nor would we have the motivations, the drives, to move forward in our own lives.  So, humans must grow, and we all must have goals, and role models too.  Role models are important, just like Confucius said.

The role models come from all over, so long as their actions are worthy of us following.  Some feel, that the students now lacked that role model, because of the deletion of the contents in history and culture lessons, because they don’t like to read, especially, not histories, they’d not known who in history are worth their modeling after.

A child looks up to Guangong, as he got his stitches out in the hospital, the doctor asked him if he would like anesthesia, and the child told his surgeon, “Guangong wasn’t afraid of pain when he got his injuries treated, nor am I!”, and that is the effect of a role model, it’d encouraged the kid to become the hero that he’d looked up to.

There are so many in the world, who are, wandering, aimlessly, without a sense of purpose, because they don’t know where they’re going in life next; there are also so many who are without goals, who are, in that state of dormancy, because they don’t know what they’re waking up to.  We are given the gift of time, placed on this earth, don’t waste it away, and, the government, do NOT boast your achievements all over the places, DO something that can cause some positive feedback in our lives!

And so, this, is still, a “top-down” problem, because the government does NOT lead by example, we the people have NO role models to look up to, to model our behaviors after, and, because of how bad the government is, misbehaving right now, that’s why, there are, so many things that are, going wrong in society right now, and, we’re, all a part of this, because, we’re, living, in these, societies, that we are all, living in right now.

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The Need for Evolution of Traditional Testing Means Aside from Preventing Uses of High-Tech Gadgets to Cheat

Due to how many of the colleges, universities had been found of students, cheating on their exams recently, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There had been many universities with the cheating of the mid-term exams of late, the natives of the digital age knew more than their professors, how to get a higher grade from technologies, the pure moral lectures are, no longer enough, to block of these trends in cheating now.  In the online learning age, smartphones are, a part of, daily lives now, and, the digital became, an asset in cheating, and the traditional evaluation measures, and the rules needed, to adapt, and adjust, and amend to prevent this.

from before…

photo from online

The university lecturers used the never-amended textbooks to teach, whether the notes, the test questions, and even the reports for the classes are, easily, accessible, which allows the students to easily copy and cheat.  As I’d gone to my doctoral course, the classes are, smaller, and, the teaching assistant would find the newest English international publications, have the students read them, and the professor would evaluate, the materials for the courses are, innovative, and the students don’t dare slack off.

But, in the undergraduate level, when there are over hundreds of students per course, how can the professors resolve the matter of understanding of the materials?  The written reports, the exams by pencil and Scantrons, why aren’t they, effective?

The high-tech devices are the best tools for communication between us, also, a good device for cheating, the smartphones, the smart watches, glasses, iPads, Bluetooth, glasses, or even, watches too, not only are they, ever the more, advanced, and their sizes are, getting smaller too.

and now…

the watches, the glasses you wear are, the “best-used”, tools…photo from online

It seemed natural, to use the cell phones in class at the university levels, but, during the mid-term exams, the rules of the middle school exams, the college entrance should be followed, NO high tech devices allowed into the testing classrooms; even if there’s the limitation of space for storage of these devices, the high-tech devices should be placed aside, in a plastic bag that the schools can provide, to prevent the students from cheating using the high-tech devise, to set up the cheating prevention of the high-tech devise.

And so, these smart phones, smart watches, whatever became, a good tools for students to cheat with, unlike how we were to cheat back then, we only had slips of papers to write the answers on, over, writing of the answers over our hands to look at when we take the exams, and, the means to prevent cheating does need to evolve, because these high-tech devices are evolving too.

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When Evolution BUTTS HEADS with Humanitarianism

There’s, this, baby koala in the zoo here, that’s left without a mother, because the mother was ill due to acute leukemia, and the mother was, put down, but the baby is, being taken care of by the zookeepers, to ensure its wellbeing…

From a humanitarian angle, yeah, it’s, a good thing, sure, but, from the evolutionary perspective, this baby koala is, destine to die, because it’s, without the mother to carry it, to give it food, and that still just showed, how humans are, playing GOD, going AGAINST the nature of things, I mean, if nature intended this animal to survive, then, it will, but, given that its mother died, chances are, it’s not going to, and, because we humans, overinterpreted into the matter, thinking, that oh, it’s, another life, and we can’t just, let it die, so we interfere, with nature, and that usually have, bad results.

humans are playing god still! Photo from online

And yet, there’s, that “debate” of what’s humane here, we can’t just, let this, baby koala die, it didn’t do anything wrong, it’s not its fault, that its mother has leukemia, sure, but, if this occurred in nature, the outback, the WILD, then, this baby is still going to die, and, by intervening with the predestined fates of other living things, we are, playing G-O-D, aren’t we, and that’s, never going to end well!

So, the debate is still, ongoing, do we save a species from extinction, because, that’s what, we are supposed to do, because it’s the morally responsible thing (says W-H-O, huh???) and, wouldn’t saving a species that’s, destined to become, EXTINCT, because it’d, lacked the abilities to adapt and to survive, against nature???

I’ll leave you all with that then…

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The “True Colors” of Heroes of Defense Against the Epidemic

The immorality, of this government, the double-standards of the government officials, and we’re, still, letting these mother @#$%ERS, run our lives!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The commander of the CDC, Chen would stand high up, and barked out all those orders aloud, told everybody to mask up, to NOT gather, to let loose, to maintain social distancing; but who would’ve guessed, that his night life was so, colorful.  From the recently leaked out footage, you see him, without the masks on, tilting his throat, singing his high tunes, and, in the music without the words, he’d, raised up his glass “drink it all up!”, with the pretty ladies to the left, and the right, with the foods, emptied from the plates on the tables.  So, our major commander spend this sort of a life in fighting off the spread of the epidemic.

And, there’s, an, alternative sort of a, “secret life” that the higher up offices lived.  The assistant in command of the tactics team of Department of Welfare & Sanitations, Wang was nicknamed “the salvation”, but there’s that news of his, seven-year-long extramarital affair, with a bastard child who’s about to tested to see if he was his.  Between his busyness of work, he’d, spent time between the two families he’d established, playing that game of lies; in front of the public, he’d, put on that outfit of “a hero fighting off the spread of MERS-CoV”, totally, not the least bit, contradictory.  This means of being, two-faced, not every one of us, ordinary citizens could, manage that’s for sure.

But, in the era where we’re doing away with the righteousness of values, everybody in the government puts on that false pretense that this has nothing to do with “power”, that if it’s unreasonable, we just, push through it.  Chen had, the preemptive strikes too, told that this is, “fake news”, and threatened that he will, “sue”.  Wait, it’s against the law, if someone messed up on the dates, but, you not masking up, smoking indoors, drinking when you’re not supposed to, and you’re, righteous?  Are the laws of Taiwan, custom-made, for you only?

Chen loved going to the party, drinking, singing at karaoke bars, this is, a personal matter.  But, he’d set up all those rules, nailed us all down, but, stepped over the rules he’d made for the rest of us, ordinary citizens to, abide by; and once all of it went bust, he’d blamed it on the “conspiracy of Communist China”.  So, let’s ask, did the physicians who’d taken bribes, who’d fraudulently claimed the insurance pay-off, not broken the rules of conflict of interests?

We’d put up with the hard hitting outbreaks for two years now, and in the end, we see these, higher up government officials, breaking all the rules they’d made us abide by, how do we feel about it?

Because these rulers over us, live on a, different plane than us, ordinary citizens, and so, they’re, able to, break the rules they’d made for the rest of us to follow, and, they’re all, liars, setting that loosened down double standards for themselves, while, keeping us, ordinary citizens, tightened, on that, leash that they’re all, walking us on.

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The Tongue-Twister Laws of Extramarital Affair, is STILL Extramarital Affair, What’s Meant as Proper or Improper Relationship?

The wordings of the law…this is a total, loophole, how the government department sponsored program tried to explain his ways out of having an extramarital affair, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Tongue-Twisting Ways of Saying Extramarital Affairs, is Still, Extramarital, Affairs

The course title I’d started teaching again at Huafan University, the logics of romance; based off of traditional logic, the definitions are important, defining something clearly, then, we can, decide if the claims are true or false, then, formulate our theses based off of this.

Recently, the Department of Welfare & Sanitation’s Medical Welfare Foundation C.E.O., Wang was busted for his extramarital affair; at first, he’d stated of the woman, she was someone he’d known for a very long time from work, denied having dated her, and that they were having an extramarital affair.  But since the paparazzi came, in the chases by the various news media press, Wang finally publicly stated on FB, that this matter is private, that he’d handled it improperly, that it’d caused his team of professional and families, troubles, and openly apologized; then, he’d, taken himself out of the public’s eyes, until awhile ago, he and his wife got interviewed by the magazines, and told of his own behaviors as “improper, unfitting, that it wasn’t good of him, that he wasn’t, the idealistic, spouse.”

Fundamentally, this is a private matter of Wang’s life, but the problem lies in the wordings he’d used in the interviews, that he is, a public figure, and what he stated, mattered, and it has a sort of a defining of a marriage for the rest of the society, at the same time, it’s a matter of personal morale, and honesty too.

What’s meant by extramarital affair, I’d asked the students to define in my lecture, most stated that it’s having emotional connection, sexual intercourse with another outside of one’s own, marriage.  And I’d, asked them to define it a bit, farther: if it’s just a “smuggling of emotions”, or a one-night-stand here and there, would that also constitutes as extramarital affairs too?  Basically, my students would believe that one would need both, for the extramarital affair to stand up, that, without the sex, the smuggling of emotions, or those one-night stands without the emotional attachments are only infidelity to one’s own spouses, that it constituted only as improper, unfitting, relationships.

And so, as Wang defined his own behaviors as “improper”, “ill-fitted”, what does he mean? 

This simplified question of logic, means, that all extramarital affairs are improper, and shouldn’t happen, but, based off of logic solely, the validity of this question finds, that all improper, unfitting behaviors of sexual intercourse, all constitutes as extramarital affairs.  And so, Wang not only tried to explain his own way out of using the “improper”, “unfitting” to describe his own bad behaviors, he’s also, seemingly into misleading the logics behind what constitutes as extramarital affair, and NEVER spoken of the word, “affair” in relating.

There’s no first-come-first serve in love, only the “other man” or “other woman” who was ill-fitted, but, there is, a first come first serve in marriage, before the first one leaves, and the one who came later, barged in without consents, it is, extramarital affair.  And, at present day, extramarital affairs aren’t just a matter of morality, it’s also, legally.  Although Taiwan had decriminalized adultery based off of the grand justices’ interpretations, but there are still the civil fronts of the matter, and this can be an important basis for the divorce cases.

The divorce rates are on the rise here in Taiwan, the sanctity of a marriage, outdated and no longer existed.  But even so, the behaviors in a marriage still carried the moral and ethical bindings of the law.  Connections and sexual intercourses, isn’t the vaccine for a marriage, only through rationalism, and responsibilities, can you see clearly, the relations in a marriage, and, what’s fitting logically is one’s own interpretations of how one’s own marriage is fitted or ill-fitted.

Love will change, and a once-fitted marriage will be, ill-fitted, the modern day society is not on the staying true to one spouse until the end, but on how when someone changes, s/he needed to explain her/himself thoroughly, completely, and there should NOT be any lying, or unfaithful behaviors to one’s own, spouse.  Especially for these public figures, as these “improper, unfitted” extramarital affairs happen, they should admit that they had an affair, then, it’ll be private matters how they selected to handle the matter afterwards, that way, it’d, eliminate a lot of the argumentative things, that might affect one’s own, professionalism at work.

And so this is still on how the professional, mixing with the personal, will always and forever, yield that bad results, it’s still, easier said than done, because, everything professional can and will GET mixed with the personal, when that sense of connection, that feeling of, “mutual attraction” occurs, and, you still can’t help who you get turned on by, it’s, that physiological response we got NO control over.

And no, I’m still not saying, that these extramarital affairs are right, it’s immoral, but people are still, doing it, because they can’t control their hormones (for women!), or DICKS (for men!)………

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When it’s NOT Okay Became “It’s Okay”, Tsai’s Government’s Constantly Stepping on the Bottomlines of, Morality

On how the morality dropped down, even lower still, as this, popularly voted, DICTATOR continued to rule over this country, commentary, observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Is it the time that’s, changed, the morality getting, reduced, or, is it, there’s no good leader of this country, recently, the higher up officials’ breaking the moral red tapes were, all, overlooked, brushed, off.  The C.E.O. of the Medical Welfare Association of the Department of Sanitation Welfare, Wang was busted for his affairs, of having a child with the woman he was having the affairs with; but the head of Department of Sanitation Welfares, Chen told, that “The command center needs him”, and just let his immoral behaviors, slide.  And, the office manager of the Presidential Office Guard, Chen who was involved in the “national security cigarette trafficking case”, was given a major reprimand for lying and the cigarette trafficking case, and yet, he was promoted to major-general in rank; and he was only given a fine, a slap on the wrist, and the presidential office took a blind eye to the matter.

In a week, there’d been two cases of immoral behaviors in the presidential offices, and yet, there’s, no reaction from the government whatsoever, this showed, that the lack of discipline in the government, is not an isolated, incident.  Actually, from how the head of legislation, handling the matter of Ting, allowing him to get out of the front doors of the office by resignation, then, appointing him back to his side from the backdoors, people can say, that the DDP’s protecting their own had become, habitual.  While, Su seemed to care much over public opinion, put Ting out of office, to calm the masses’ angers down a bit; while, in the shortest time, the head of Public Sanitation Welfares, Chen openly promoted his man, claimed, that Wang was excellent in realms of “public interest”, to block off the outside’s accusations of him.  Chen’s not knowing right from wrong to this degree, it’s truly, something all right!

the public official, Wang, walking away, with, barely, a “scratch” after he was caught having an affair…

photo from

Wang’s assigning and managing the personnel of the twenty-six public hospitals under the Department of Sanitation & Welfares during the times of the outbreak, surely, he’d done well.  But, the problem is this, can his, saving the system a couple of times, get the cases of his affairs for the seven whole years he’d been involved away?  As his affair came under the spotlight, the DDP claimed, hat the only one who’s allowed to say something is Wang’s wife; this claim, it’s, selectively, ignoring the public office status of the public officials.

The Fifth of the “Public Personnel Services Regulations” clearly stated, that the public office workers shall be hardworking, righteous in behavior, and morally, responsible, and not conduct any misbehavior that can impact the reputations.  And Wang’s behaviors, surely, it wasn’t, a misstep, but the long-term nondisclosures to his own families, lying, and fraud; he and his affair, was a superior/subordinate relationship.  And, because of his own selfishness, as the young infant girl was born, she’d, fallen into the status of having an “unknown father”.  This sort of a responsibility, can Wang really say that he had, nothing to regret over, that he’d, done right by everybody in his life?

But, comparing to Wang’s attempts to make apologies, to get the matter off of the eyes of the public, Chen’s claims of “we at the command center needs him”, protecting him from getting cast out of office is, even more, shameful.  Maybe, being unfaithful isn’t any sort of major crimes, but, Wang’s extramarital affair, not only damaged the reputations of the public officials, it’d, damaged the images of the city hospital systems, and it’d show his infidelity too.  Especially in how he’d, kept the other woman long-term, it may cause Wang to not be impartial in his decisions regarding the operations of the workplaces, this is, the focus of the outside world.  And, at this time, Chen used the excuses of “we need him at work” to keep Wang on the payroll, this sort of mixing what’s public and private, is, stealing the moralities away!

And now, let’s take a look at the cigarette trafficking case from two years back, those who were sentenced more severely were the lower ranking military officers, some carried a jail term of up to ten years.  As for the higher up who’d sent in the orders of the cigarettes, although they got fined, but, Chen was given an “honored promotion” to the rank of a major.  Based off of the promotional rules, one would have to score an excellent for five consecutive years, in order to be, promoted.  But, as Chen placed the orders for the trafficked cigarettes, he was given a major reprimand, that’s, justified, and based off of the rules, he could’ve, never received, an excellent in the marks of his performances.  And, the key in all of this is, the offices of the president, gave him an “excellent” for last year’s keeping the peace during the election, and, the good and the bad canceled each other out.  Simply stated, because Chen gained the like of the offices of the president, the office of the president gave him a freebie, to erase the scandal of the buying the cigarettes case, and he was able to, leap to higher up rank.

The government of Tsai had only those who speaks in her favor long-term, and, if you weren’t born the color “green”, chances are you will, never climb up the ladders; and, what’s public fairness in government officials had turned into, a total, myth.  And because of it, whenever a government official fouled up, s/he is not held accountable for her/his bad behaviors, so long as they can appease to the higher up government officials, they can, get that, free pass.  Yes, we are currently, bearing witness to a corrupted era, the sinking lower of the morality of the entire country.  But, to the basics, all of these plays, these schemata, were all taken from the eras from before this, based off of “it’s okay that it’s, not okay”.  Wang, is covered by Chen, Chen, due to how he’d gained the trust of the president, Tsai, it didn’t matter what moral, illegal redline he’d, stepped on. And so, this is showing favors to those who are, underneath your fingertips, and this, is what the government’s currently doing here, they’d, replaced ALL other naysayers, and, implanted those agreeable bunches into the higher up offices, so, whatever rules they proclaimed, shall, get passed into laws, and signed into, effect.  And we are now, official, under, the ruling of this, tyrannical DICTATOR, which got voted into office by “popular votes”, yeah, those who’d gone to the polls are all, DDP supporters here, and so this country is becoming, more and more lopsided, slanted by the nanosecond here.

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The Officer Took the Bribes to Look the Other Way on the Sex Pubs, after He’s Retired, He’d Continued Receiving the Kickbacks

Because money is, NEVER, quite, enough, is it???  Of course N-O-T!!!  The crimes being committed, by a retired, police officer here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former officer, Huang from the Tainan Police Department was accused of receiving the bribes of anywhere from $30,000N.T. to $50,000N.T. a month and used his power status as the police, to cover for the sex bars, from getting checked, to the point of after his retirement, he’d, continued, taking in the bribes too, and the location of his receiving the bribes included the office of his police department, he was, very bold in his behaviors in breaking the law; the first and second trials, the courts sentenced Huang to ten years for using his status as the police to get bribes, the Highest Courts tossed back his appeal, and sentenced him to serve in jail.

The verdict pointed out, that from 2010 to 2016, as he was a disciplinary officer of the Tainan Police Department, in the district, two sex bar operators, to avoid police checks, had paid off the officers by the month, to get them to skip the searches; Huang told the bar own, “the cost is $30,000N.T. normally, but your bar is way too sexual, it’s worth more than $30,000N.T., I don’t want to do it”, and that was the confirmation of his receiving, the bribes.

and this, is how he’s, ended…

illustration from online

The courts investigated, that started in 2014, Huang would collect the money at his office, in front of the local parks, at his home, from the bars with the “dress code violations”, Huang was formally retired back in December 2nd, 2016, and still continued to take the “protection money” from the owners of the strip bars, and, received a total of more than $2 million N.T.s in illegally gained earnings.

The courts believed, that Huang was an officer of the law, but not followed the laws, extorted money from the bars, and destroyed the disciplines of the police, and, impacted the general atmosphere of the society, that it’d, added to the people’s distrusting the police, that it’d, affected the majority of the officers’ positive image for the people.

During the trial, Huang was sentenced to ten years for bribe in the first trial and second trial at the High Subsidiary Court, he was stripped of his public office position for five years, the Highest Courts found that the punishment was just, and tossed back his appeal, case is closed.

So, this loser still did NOT get away, from his bad work, of covering up the sex industries, and, this still just showed, how much easier it is, for an officer of the law, to commit the crimes, and even though, he is a former officer, he’d still, got enticed by money, and, kept taking the bribes after he was retired, and he deserved to be punished severely for that.

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