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There are the Tell Signs of the Horrid Lovers, NEVER Go Alone on Your Own to Break Up with the Individual

As ANOTHER murder happened, because of a bad breakup!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The professor of Crime Prevention Graduate Studies, Cheng of Zhongzhen University told, that online relationships gives the individual that sense of false familiarity, that you would still need to physically date to know the person better, that when breaking up, don’t cope with it alone.  The psychiatrist, Lee gave the six signs of “horrid lovers”, and by first being aware of all six traits, you can avoid falling into the wrong love.

Cheng said, that the foundations of online connections are based off of chats, exchanging of photographs, there are almost NO opportunities to get to know the other person from a face-to-face contact, and it would form that false sense of familiarity.  Surely, online chats may be convenient, but with the limitations too, people are easily trapped by the false beliefs, the imaginations, take everything that someone says as truths.  And, when sex, love is in the contents of these online exchanges, then, it would be even easier to fall in, the younger generations all wanted a good love, with the needs of sex too but, you need to be fully aware, that the online exchanges simply just can’t, replace the face-to-face contact of dating each other.

He said, you can share your conversations with someone online with friends you have physically, as you are taking that step forward, your friends might offer you sound advice, or means to, protect yourself.   Do NOT go on your own to meet up to break up with someone, the statures of the females aren’t as big as the males, and normally, the females have the underhand, know to protect yourselves, to NOT go to an unknown location, that’s unfamiliar to talk.  In the process of breaking up, do avoid the use of emotional language, to avoid causing the other individual to get too worked up.

The psychotherapist, Lee advises, that before you start dating someone, be friends with the individual first, to observe her/him more, to know the person’s personality traits, and when meeting up, do watch for your own personal safety, if you get stuck in a dangerous situation, call for help immediately.  To be skillful in breaking up with the horrid lovers, to NOT confront, take more time, slowly, distance from the person by the day, to not incite anger, to risk being, attacked; if the person caused an impact on your daily lives, do see a therapist to help you sort through your, emotions.

So, these are the what-not-to-do when breaking up with someone, and how to stay safe, because, as these online relationships become more prevalent, there are easier chances that we may, come into contact with a psycho, and yet, those PSYCHOS don’t have that sign on their backs, or tattoo across their foreheads, telling us, that that was, what they are, and these are, important tips, to have in mind, the advices of these, psychotherapists too.

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The Scam Artist Rings Used the 165 Anti-Scamming Hotlines to Phish, Targeting the Nonprofit Organizations

Yeah, they’re, everywhere we look nowadays, and, how can we tell???  We can’t, and that’s, EXACTLY how BAD this is, getting here, this is exactly what makes people less than likely to donate to the charities now, besides the fact that we’re in an economic downturn, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A certain child welfare foundation received an email from the 165 Anti-Scam Hotlines, that asked the foundation, to click on the link to download an antiviral program for the sake of internet information security, the foundation became suspicious of this message and called it in; the criminal investigation agency found, that this was from a scam ring, attempted to use the phishing means of hackers, to implant a trojan horse program, to attempt to steal the personal data, to provide the scam rings to scam the donors to the foundation, and told that all the not-profit organizations need to start being on the look out for these.

The police found, that the scammers used the email as the sender, and used the 165 Anti-Scam logo, claimed that there’d been a security breach with the Treasury Department, that there was a data breach in the connecting network of the foundation, that the foundation needed to download an anti-virus program, and demanded that the foundation followed their words, with the hyperlink attached in the email.

like this…

and, you do NOT know if this is, legit, because the address is almost exactly identical to the foundation’s…photo from online

The foundation got suspicious upon receipt, didn’t click the link, and notified 165, and confirmed that it was a scam.  The criminal investigations unit tested out the link, that it can’t be downloaded, so they’re unsure of the functions of the downloaded file, suspected that it was a trojan horse virus, the e-mail IP address originated out of Switzerland, while the IP for the hyperlink was traced to Hong Kong, they’d suspected that it was a diving board.

The criminal investigations agency told, that the network security protection of the not-for-profit organizations’ data files are weaker, that there’d been the leak of personal data, the scam artists got a hold of the donors’ information, name, phone number, and the amount they’d donated, then, falsified themselves as the particular not-for-profit, or the banks, called up the donors, told them that the settings of the scheduled donations needed to get set up again, and had the donors use ATM or online banking transfers; just last month, there’d been dozens of cases using this measure already.

And so, this, is how and why, we’re all, no longer inclined, to donate, because these scam rings can and will use the “name” of the foundations we’d donated to to scam us, and, most of us, can’t tell the difference, because it’d looked legit, the website was, similar to the foundations we’d made our donations to, and so, we easily fall, prey.

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Using High Wages as Lures, the Victims Taken Against Their Wills, Tortured, the Police Rescued Another Thirty-Two

There are still, NO vics, only enablers!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The police in Hsinbei City busted a work-scam ring, rescued twenty-six victims, the city detectives expanded the search, rescued another thirty-two, arrested eight members of the ring, and is, investigating through the night.

The Danshui Police Substation got a tip, that someone went up north for work, was kept against his will at the new city of Dahai, the police kept surveillance on the location, arrested Lu, and seven other suspected, saved twenty-six victims, the oldest was fifty-eight, the youngest, twenty-three, there were the handcuffs, the ankle restraints, the taser sticks, the baseball bats, and other items.

The suspected sent out the want ads on FB and other social networks, claiming that there are positions that paid the wages of fifty to two hundred thousand, the victims went for the interview, and, immediately, got their identification confiscated, and incarcerated, the suspects demanded the victims to get the dummy accounts in the banks to scam, used the money gained from scamming into the accounts, then withdraw the sums.

The local police expanded the search, used the communications records of the suspects, found that other than in Danshui, there were the stations set up in Zhongli, Taoyuan too, and multiple victims in the ring’s custody.

At seven, the police sent the specialist task force, arrested Chang, and eight other suspects, rescued thirty-two victims, took the tasers, the baseball bats into evidence.

Some of the victims sustained the injuries, they were taken to the hospitals, the rest of the victims, taken to the police stations to have their statements taken in Hsinbei Detective Squad office, the interrogations of the suspects including Chang halted in the evenings, the police will continue to expand the search to see if more were victims, and if there are more suspects.

And, this may look like a case with the victims, but it’s not, it’s still, an abuser/enabler, because if these job seekers don’t get fooled by the lies, would they have been, taken by force, and working for the scam artists?  Of course N-O-T!

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What Role is the C.D.C., Now that the Bans on Our Borders are about to Get Lifted?

Reasons why the CDC still wants to keep on operating, even AS the pandemic became, flu-like, and there’s, no need for its, daily press conferences in front of the press anymore!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the world started, reopening, recently, there were the statements of “so long as the pandemic is under control”, the government will go with the people’s wishes to get the bans lifted.  The MERS-Cov mutated strain is less deadly, but very infectious, the country’s operations should return back to normal, the Department of Welfare Sanitations, the Executive Department, the C.D.C. are all in sync on this , “there’s still a lot the command center needs to accomplish, we’re not out of the wood, yet!”  but the C.D.C. had split on the beliefs with the Department of Transportation twice recently, and, in the times when the bans are about to get lifted, the role of the CDC is, very, misleading.  To prevent the respiratory infectious pandemic like SARS to start back up again, that’s why the amendments gave the rights to the government to quarantine its people, to force us to mask up, and, the C.D.C. under the “special mandates” protections, the head of the C.D.C. can issue or change any of the orders as needed, but now, the contracted are dealing with the means of their own quarantines, there’s, no need for the sake of “controlling the spread of the pandemic” to keep the C.D.C. active.

There are the needs of the means, of the procedural to lift up the bans, but, the CDC, and the tourism department aren’t on the same page.  First, the means of “following up with the quick scan results of those who enter into the country”, the CDC announced that it won’t be tracking the individuals anymore, the Department of Transportation stated that the tour guides will be in charge in following up with the members of the tour groups.  Yesterday, the “operations of tour groups, travel agencies” posted, that the medical costs of treatment or measures of those who returned from travel, the C.D.C. and the Department of Transportation, aren’t on the, same page.

 The director of the C.D.C. Wang explained yesterday, that the four requirements of the CDC being no longer needed are: the total number of contractions, the spread of the moderate to severely symptomatic, if there are the fatal mutated strains, the pandemic becoming flu-like, and if the regular preventive measures can be implemented daily, actually, this is exactly like the detections set up for the flu every year, and there’s still no normalizing the methods for the pandemic.

If the CDC can, help prevent the flu in the means that it doesn’t affect our daily lives, there’s no reason why it can’t do the same for MERS-CoV, and even if the C.D.C. doesn’t dismember for the time being, it should be preparing for its work to end.

And so, apparently, the CDC doesn’t want to get off stage, I mean, it’d hogged the stage, owned the spotlight for what???  Three years so far (right???), and now, as the pandemic became treated like the flu, it wants to, continue to HOG the stage, to NOT let the next “performer” get on, and that’s expected, because the CDC got that taste of ultimate power, of seeing how its mandates, can make all of us, bow down to it, that’s why, now as the pandemic became flu-like, it’s not ready, to turn away, from the spotlight, after all, it’d, hogged the stage, for the last three year, it got addicted to power, attention of all of us, of how it just needed to, holler, and the rest of us, ordinary citizens will, follow its, orders.

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A Cheap Means of Settling the Angers of the People: Amending the Laws When Something Awful Happened

Patching the holes, as the leaks are, turning into the water that flooded a property anyone???  Yeah, this is still, the STUPIDITY of the government that’s ruling over this country here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The inmate, Lin “hadn’t returned from his days away from prison”, murdering two officers, and the systems of serving time outside of prison for the inmates came under fire, and the political parties started evading the responsibilities, blaming the problems on each other, but, as the two amendments were brought up, the professional advisor of the justice department made no objections then, and surely, it deserved to get criticized harshly.  And certainly, the serving away out of the prison needs to be discussed too, but the correctional offices, he crime prevention isn’t unilateral, it’s complicated, and the evaluations of the nets of security of society should be seen as a whole, by just criticizing the systems of operations, the rules set up, it can’t prevent these sorts of tragedies from recurring.

Last year, the inmate, Lin was chosen to serve the outside sentences, assigned to work as a cook at the kitchen, had the warden known of his violent tendencies, he would’ve never been allowed to work in the kitchens where there are knives available to him, nor would they have transferred him around; besides, the systems of serving the terms out of prison is by keeping the identity of the inmates privately guarded, to get rid of the differential treatments, by going after how the individuals are selected to serve their sentences away from the penitentiary won’t solve anything.

The external serving sentences serves as a hallway house between the inmates’ release, with the primary functions of helping the inmates adapt to the outside world as their time served is up, it’s functional, and shouldn’t be ousted entirely because of this isolated incident.

The wordings of the law is cold, those in power should work with the people, and set up a working system of correction, to avoid this from happening and to prevent the criminal behaviors.  The escaped convict’s murdering the two officers is bad, but, after the judgmental, and upset and anger passes, the security nets of the society still need to get patched up properly.

And so here, we’re, too focused on the death of the officers by the inmates who “behaved” themselves and received the incentives of serving their sentences away from the prison systems, and, this time, the convicted tried to escape, and murdered the two officers, and this is a huge HOLE in the systems, because these inmates took advantage of the incentives that they received, and murdered an officer, and because of what they did, chances are the prison systems will no longer be allowing these incentive programs to be offered to the inmates who’d behaved themselves, and are at the end of their terms, and in need of getting resocialized, to start their life outside of prison normally.

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The Amendments on Gun Usage for the Police isn’t a “Fix-All”

How the government is still just treating the “symptoms” instead of the root causes here, how there’s nothing done for the sake of helping the police officers who are putting their lives out on the line to keep us, the people, safe from harm every single day, another one of the, many unfulfilled false promises that this DDP government makes to we the people, and it can’t even protect their own officials from getting STABBED by escaped convicts to DEATH, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of two officers getting gunned down in the line of duty in Tainan was the perp grabbed the gun and shot them, the debate of loosening the rules of the timing of police gun usage started back up, but, the police gun use isn’t a fix-all, the government officials can no longer call aloud: use the guns as you needed, but ignored the lacking of the first line of defense officers’ safety usage of the firearms, a knife that’s stabbed two officers to death, it’d made the people wanted more training, more rehearsals, more drills on the means so the police can be adept in these situations, instead of how the government is still performing in that circus show.

The case had zoomed in on the escaped convict, Chen, that was the first mistake, had the officers gone out baldly, and used the gun like the head of internal affairs, Hsu stated, the suspect, Chen getting gunned down, and who will pay for that, as he wasn’t the man?

The Tainan police finally zoomed in on the right escaped convict, Lin, and in the process of clarifying, someone had, intentionally leaked the photos of Chen and other escaped convict to the press, and it’d put the city police department of Tainan on a difficult spot, and they can only work really hard to try and catch the escaped convict, and not said another word.

But the higher up officials of police policies came to take turns to “sit in” on Tainan, the head of Internal Affairs, Hsu made the trip down south especially to hold his press conferences, and stated that after the coroners conducted the autopsies, they’d found NO bullet holes in the officers who’d died, while they both had knife wounds, more than a dozen on their bodies, each cut was deep, and hit the important arteries, which showed how much force the escaped convict took to murder the police officers, and it’d made the entry level police officers wondered: are the officials there to help with arresting the escaped convict who’d murdered their own, or are they there, to make the investigation process ever the more, difficult?

As for the amendment that was started up of the armed weapons used to protect the police from attacks had lain in the legislature or over two whole years to date, and compared to the multiple cases of police deaths in pursuits of convicts, nothing’s been done, “What is justice?”, other than using the mottos, the government does, absolutely NOTHING.  The politicians should do more, and talk less, that is the only way that will keep Taiwan safe.

So, this still just showed, of how the DDP is still, full of huffle and puff, they talked about the amendments to protect the police, since the last time an officer was killed in the line of duty, and that was what???  Two years back, and, the drafts of that police protection bill hadn’t seen the light of day, it stayed inside those, boxes of forgotten documents, deep in the basement of the legislative department of this DDP government!

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It Was Him, Wasn’t Her, He’d Raped His Wife with Dissociative Identity Disorder & She’d Sued Him

How this loser still took advantage of this woman’s trust in him, abused her trust, raped her, and now, he would be, charged!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

She’s His Girlfriend & His Best Pal, Kao Disregarded the Advice Against Him Doing So, “Wanting to Get His Girlfriend’s Personalities Out”, Indicted on Forced Sexual Assault Charges

A man, Kao from Taipei met a married woman online with “dissociative identity disorder”, with one of her milder personality alters, started dating, and, became buddies with another of her more masculine personality, and yet, as the married woman came to him in the personality of a best friend with him, and, raped her, against her will, the Taipei District Court yesterday charged him on forced sexual assault charges.

Dissociative identity disorder, means that there are more than one personalities living in a single person, and every personality is unique, with separate emotional responses, memories, and different ways of interacting with the external environment; the various personalities would take turns controlling the individual, as one personality surfaced, the previous’ personalities’ behaviors were all, forgotten.

Based off of understanding, the married woman had been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, and her husband knew it too, and so, he’d allowed her to have other men as her companions when she’s in her alter states to even be in love with others too.  in April of this year, the milder personality wife used a friendship app, met Kao, the two quickly became a dating couple, and had sexual intercourses multiple times.

During the time when they were dating, another tougher alter of the woman also came into being, and, the tougher personality also befriended Kao as well, the two would interact as buddy buddy with one another.  And because as the married woman switched from the alters, her tone of voice would change too, and Kao knew the difference of her varied alters, and there was no misunderstanding who he was with at the time.

In June, the woman went to Kao as the buddy buddy to chat, and Kao knew that she was in the more masculine alter then, and wanted to see if he could get “satisfied” with her like when she was in the alter of a married woman, or that if he’d managed to satisfy her, he may be able to get her more feminine, girlfriend side to take over, disregarded that the woman’s feelings of getting forced.

At the time, the woman who was in the alter of the tougher personality screamed at Kao: “Don’t you test me!”, and Kao still raped her, the married woman called the cops and sued him for the rape.

During the trial, as the D.A. put the woman on the stand, it was the tougher alter of the woman who’d come out, stated that at the time, Kao had gone against her will to rape her, Kao also admitted that she was in the alter of the “buddy buddy”, when he’d gotten to have sex with her too.

And so, this is how it goes, you think you can take advantage of the woman’s D.I.D., that she was just going to take your crap lying down, well, she wasn’t, besides, if one of her alters was willing to have sex with you, that still doesn’t mean that you get to FUCK her when another one of the alters had taken over her.

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Wanting to Earn a High Wage of $100,000N.T. Per Month, Forced to Become a Driver for a Scam Ring, a Woman’s Seeking for Work Became a Call for Help

Get me their number, ‘cuz I want to make that much, even MORE too!  Yeah, just how fucking retarded can you get, huh?  This is, too good to be, true, hello, hello, hello, that RED WARNING SIGN on the “labels” anyone???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Criminal Investigations Unit expanded the investigations of locals in Taiwan going to Cambodia, and getting taken into custody by the scam artists, and, there was a case locally here, of a woman getting taken; in Miaoli, a twenty-one year-old woman, Lo, was scammed by the scam artist rings to head up north to find work, she was kept in the custody of the scam group for a whole month, forced to give them access to her bank account, forced to work as a driver, and when she refused, they’d burned her with cigarettes, the perpetrators forced her and another victim to the banks to retrieve the money, and because the car the driver drove had a license plate that’s already, invalid, the police caught it, and Lo took the opportunity to call for help, and got out of the control of the scam artist ring.

At the bottom of last month as the patrol officers of Roosevelt Road Substation was making the rounds, they’d found that a car that was parallel parked illegally in front of the bank that had an invalid plate, the police checked, there was Wu (age 57), Chen (age 47), and the woman, Lo in it.

The police found that Lo was reported missing, she’d cried and told them that a month ago she went online to find work, and the scammers told her that there’s a job that paid $100,000N.T. per month, but she would have to head up north to a hotel in Taipei to get interviewed, and as she’d gone to the hotel, she was taken by them.

And another woman, Wang (age 26) from Kaohsiung, as her boyfriend, Cheng (age 34) was invited by an online acquaintance to head over to Cambodia to work, decided to go with her boyfriend locally to travel and to visit the place of work, as Wang’s parents learned, they were worried that their daughter might be in trouble, and immediately contacted the police to stop them.  The police showed the news of how people getting tricked to Cambodia and got sold and tortured, with the photos, and this couple finally realized, that they were, walking into, a scam, and, give up on the thought of going.

And so, because these are, recent cases, that’s why these younger generations took them seriously, and this still just showed how STUPID people CAN get, I mean, if the deals are too good to be true like the job offers of $40,000N.T. per month room and board included, with NO specifications of what you are to do, then, chances are, it’s a SCAM and if you’re stupid enough to believe these easy money opportunities, then, god can’t even help you!

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Just This Year to Date, 330 Had Gone to Cambodia and Never Returned, and There are Still the Unreported Numbers

This is what, the most overly used “trick” in the book now, and you’re still, falling for it???  Wow, are the younger generations becoming, more and more, stupid or what???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Scam Ring’s “Selling the Piggies” Got Heated More & More, the Criminal Investigations Filtered 4,000 Taiwanese Who are Currently in Cambodia, Will be Checking with Their Families Individually

The people in this country who’d gone to Cambodia who were scammed then taken in, and the traffickers extorted their families for cash had now become, a serious issue that the government is examining, and listed as major crimes cases; based off of the statistics by the Criminal Investigations Unit, this year to date, the cases reported to the offices of diplomatic affairs and the police reports, there are now, more than 330 cases of the country’s citizens who went missing in Cambodia who’d been taken as prisoners, or gone missing, currently, there are, 330 cases of citizen who’d gone to Cambodia who’d been reported as missing, or were suspected of being taken into custody, with the police looking deeper into the matter, the number is still rising up.

There had been over six thousand people from Taiwan who’d gone to Cambodia, to find the potential victims that hadn’t surfaced yet, the Criminal Investigations Unit are using the big data to analyze, filtering through more than 4,000 between ages sixteen and forty-five who’d gone overseas.

Based off of understanding, Cambodia has no diplomatic ties with Taiwan, and legalized gambling locally, to set up the locations, and there were the locations with the utilities capabilities, the internet connections, the police forces patrolling, the shops, fitting for the scam artist rings to set up their headquarters and to control the people; plus the Cambodian government is operated by bribery, some of the officials are working with the scam artists, and it’d attracted the mobs and the scam rings to head over to work.

Cambodia had legalized gambling for many years already, and, there weren’t that many cases of people from Taiwan getting tricked to be “sold off as pigs” in the country, and in recent years, the various countries are cracking down on the scams, the drivers and the workers of the operations unit had been on the decline, the scam rings started conning the people of ordinary means to work in Cambodia, and because the government cracked down on the scam artists’ ways, it’d reduced the means of profits, most of the scam artists found, that after getting the individuals from this country to Cambodia, they can force them to start scamming, and if they wanted out of the business, the scam artists can demand the families to pay a ransom to get them back, to, exchange ownership of these workers to make a profit, and the “selling pigs” business made a huge profit for them.

On the twenty-fourth of July, at the Taoyuan International Airport, the Criminal Investigations Unit managed to stop four citizens from going to Cambodia, and, arrested the man, Tsai who gave them the ride to the airport, and later, arrested Tsai’s girlfriend, Jeng, and three days later, they caught three more victims before they got out of the country; Tsai and Jeng, because they were involved in trafficking of humans, were charged on it, and they are currently in custody.  At the preliminary investigations, Tsai (age 45) and Jeng (age 41) had gotten more than a hundred people out, and every person they sent out, they get paid a commission of $20,000N.T to $30,000N.T.

The scam artist group targeted men around age thirty specially, and, offered $50,000N.T. to $100,000N.T. per month, to get the trust of the victims, they’d had the accomplices in Cambodia show the environment to the victims, trying to get them to believe that it’s a good environment to work in, that the work is easy.

And you still get fooled?  How stupid can you get, there are, no easy way, you want to make the big bucks, you start off at the bottom, then, work your ways up, there’s NO shortcuts, no easy way to make the quick cash, and, you should learn that by now, but you don’t, and that’s why, you become, victims of these, scams, and get sold off, to the, highest bidder, SATAN!!!

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Catch Me, Cheating…

Oopsy, yeah, I got, caught…

Catch me, cheating, yeah, uh, good luck on it, because if I WERE to cheat (still NOT going “there”!), nobody’s gonna, catch ME, ‘cuz I know how to, cover up these tracks of mine, and I surely as hell, will NOT leave ANY traces of my cheating means around the house for you to find.

Catch me, cheating, yeah, you wish, ‘cuz I got MORE morals than you, @#$%ER (maxed out!), besides, ain’t got NO need of that sort (and, EWWWWWWWW, G-R-O-S-S!), besides, I still recall how it’d felt, to have that proby thing shoved UP my you-know-where from back in ’07, and let me tell you, it did NOT feel “good”, and the sole purpose of that shitty procedure was to check out my “insides”…

Catch me cheating, uh, you’re gonna have to use those hard-earned dollars you’re currently NOT making, to hire a TON of P.I.’s, to track me down, to station every one of those IDIOTS (no offense!), at EVERY single corner of the streets I’d been sighted on, an you still won’t catch ME cheating, ‘cuz???

and this, is what I will, NEVER get found, doing…

Oh yeah, I had NEVER cheated, not even on a test, although I had gotten accused of cheating back in the elementary years, but I don’t think I even sat next to that guy that my classmates accused me of cheating off of, and they’d accused me simply because?  I got the EXACT same questions WRONG on that exam as he had, and no, I still did NOT cheat on that either, ‘k???

Caught me cheating, you won’t, ‘cuz, I ain’t no cheater like you, and I know that you will, cheat on me, given your past histories with all them bitches and whores you’d ever, SHOVED your DICK into.

So yeah, how the FUCK can you measure up to the QUEEN again?  Oh wait, you can’t.

And that, is that!

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