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As the Supplies of Medicine Stopped

This, had happened, in country where healthcare IS supposed to be excellent, translated…

A mother who had been fighting her breast cancer for five years, couldn’t bear to tell her daughters that the healthcare systems had stopped her treatments.

“I want mommy to grow up with us together!” Hearing the 7 and 5-year-old children’s prayers, the single mother’s heart almost broke; because the health insurance
doesn’t pay for the second line target treatments, and after battling her
breast cancer for five years, the mother was forced to choose between getting
her breast cancer treated, leaving this huge debt for her offspring, or to save
the money up to take care of the children; she had chosen to give up on her
medical treatment,

and had stopped taking her meds, and the young daughters have NO idea of they’re about to lose their mother.

The 33-year-old single mother got a Christmas card for her two girls, “I hope mommy is healthy and safe”, “Mommy, get better soon!”, the single mother’s tears fell; “a child with a mother is treated like a treasure”, and, because of this daunting reality, she must let her daughters make the painful decisions.

She was originally a manager of a coffee chain, four years ago, was diagnosed with breast cancer, the doctor gave her three months, she got a mastectomy on her left breast, went through chemo, fought her cancer for five years. Last year, her husband passed away too, “I cannot let my daughters lose their mothers too”, she had made the wish to keep going for the sake of her daughter; at the start of this year, the cancer spread to her liver, she paid for the second degree target medicine out of her own pockets, to try to keep fighting cancer.

The children couldn’t understand how sick their mother was getting, the older sister said, “If mommy can’t walk, I’ll be her cane”, the younger opened up her treasured tin box, took out her ten plus coins that she’ saved up, to give to her mother, “I have the money”. The mother smiled and thanked the daughters, after they’d gone out of the room, the mother started crying.

Another woman, a forty-eight year old had been battling cancer for one and a half year, her children, in order to take care of her, had lost their jobs, because of taking so much leave of absence, they’d spent all their lives’ savings; a few months ago, the woman’s cancer had spread, but the second-line target drugs are expensive, she had to use her credit card to take out a loan, to save her life, when she thought about how much debt she will leave for her children, her tears had stained her mask, she’s now, trapped between whether to continue treatment or not.

Even in a country where the people get their medical treatments provided, and this is funded, partially by the government, there are still SO many unlucky people who couldn’t pay, and so, because they couldn’t pay, they must die, and, what OF their children? What’s going to happen to them? This just shows you that even in this country, where the healthcare system is considered to be “advanced”, there are still those who aren’t being looked after.

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