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Is the President, Okay?

How soon, there will be nothing, but that, hollow shell of what this “popularly voted” president of this country left, as she still stayed, CLUELESS of what we the people are in need of, what we want our government to do, she’d still, abused her power as president, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Tsai, the president started going around, vouching for the candidates of her party for the mayors in the cities all around Taiwan, she was very, energetic.  The expert in public opinion survey, Yo stated, that she looked like she was “possessed by a deity of the Tao religion”, quite brave, but, disregarding the feelings of society.  The online community booed her, that she was way too passive toward how the Communist planes started drilling in Taiwanese air and seas, how she’d done nothing for the worsening of the public safety, that she only showed her face in the visits to the temples, to offer the condolences to those who’d died, and when there’s food offered.  As the major elections are coming up, Tsai worked hard, helping to vouch for the candidates of her political party, does she still care, about the business of this country?

As the internal and foreign affairs are a mess, the president took a break from her duties of position, it’s a wonder, Hsu, and Tsai both felt that they’d not not fulfilled the requirements of their own positions in the government.  As the drones from China breached into Taiwanese air, the government was clueless on how to cope; but, calling on the net armies, to gang up on Cheng, that happened, in a moment’s time.  It’s a wonder the online communities are wondering: if the president’s, okay?

Tsai’s vouching for Lin, it’d made the outside world worried that she could no longer tell right from wrong anymore.  Shen called her, “tyrannical and BLIND!”, Chiao, the former news anchor criticized her on how her beliefs were totally opposite to what the people may think in dealing with Communist drones breaching over Taiwanese aerial border as well as the politics of personnel of her own party.  While Lin spoke more bluntly, that she’d lost judgments on the right values, and the trends of the public opinions, and only has her sight set on the pursuit of totalitarian rulership.

her dreams of forever sitting on the throne, like that, Empress

the cover of a magazine, from online

Before the leaders are off their positions of leadership, they would try to establish their statuses in history, only Tsai, kept getting into the dead-ends.  The people started going over the mottos of Tsai in volumes, and it’d proven, that she doesn’t act as she preached, going backwards in democracy, but, she seemed to not care one bit about how she’d lost her credibility at all, not trying to get back on the right tracks of things, with her mind on being the chairperson of her political party, forgetting, that she’s still, the president.

Using her power as the president, to make the DDP stronger, it’s not just mixing the personal with the professional, but also, selfish.  We the majority voted you into office, but you’d not treated this as a country, only looked out for your own political party, how can you possibly win our, respect?  As “Tsai lights up Taiwan!” and “the Hottie who’d stood up against the Communist Chinese government”, all of these lies went bust, she will only have the evaluations of how “she’d been corrupted by too much power in her hands”.

And so, this is how this president that’s been voted by popular votes screw we the people up, due to her only looking out for her own party, making it harder, for the cities and counties that are ruled by mayors who aren’t of the DDP affiliations, she’d, ruined us all, and, this country is falling, deeper, into HELL, under the rulership of Tsai, and the DDP party here, and there’s still NOTHING that WE the people CAN, do about it, because like the last issues votes showed, how the DDP tossed away the voices of the people, and still DID what they wanted to do!

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Hell on Earth, Ten Days in Burma, the Taiwanese Man Witnessed Someone Getting Tasered, and Put into a Fish Tank Prison

The REALITIES of pursuing after that dream of, “easy money”, by the young, the naïve, not to mention, the STUPID!!!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The twenty-six year-old male, Chen from Tainan was scammed by a love con artist, and went to the KK Park of Burma, forced to work as a phone scammer, with the help from the city councilperson, the police here, he was finally, rescued back not too long ago; he’d told the press yesterday, that although it was only for ten days he got trapped in Burma, it was like living in hell on earth, that he was really glad he is now, back in Taiwan.

Chen told that he’d met a woman, Wang on FB at the start of August, after a few communications, the woman told him that she has a company trip which she could bring someone, and invited him to go.  He’d paid the charges, flew to Thailand first, then, transferred to the KK Parks in Burma, as he saw Wang, he’d found, that she wasn’t like what her photo online looked like, felt that he got cheated, and immediately, he was under the control of the scam artist ring, and they’d forced him to work the lines in the telecommunications scams.

“It was only for a short ten days, but it’d felt like hell eternally, I still feel the shock”, he’d told, that on the day he’d arrived locally, he started “taking the group training courses”, including using a false name, uploading the fake photos on the social media accounts, the second day was the “test”, the managers of the groups told them that the first three weeks of this “training” was the adjustment period, that a month later, he would formally start working.

During the time, he’d witnessed many Taiwanese people getting mistreated, and abused, and tortured because they couldn’t make the demands of the rings, some was even water tortured, told to strip, and put into dirty water for the whole day, not only did the person’s skin start rotting away, the mind was also, nearly, broken down as well.  He’d also heard, that if the ring thought that someone wasn’t useful anymore, the individual will be taken to the port in Cambodia or the public oceans to get their organs harvested out of them alive.

The city councilwoman of Tainan, Lin got the call for help from Chen’s family on August 19th, the families told her that Chen went to Thailand with a female he’d met online, left the country on the thirteenth, and lost contact with them here by the fifteenth, they’d immediately sought help from the head of detective agency the international unit, the head of the police station in Yongkang , Gan to help, in the end, it was through the criminal investigation agency and the airport police station, that they’d made the rescue.  She’d told, that in the process of negotiation, the Taiwanese human trafficking ring demanded the families pay the ransoms, the police told them not to, and finally, Chen was returned back to this country on the 22nd.

Yeah, because you’re enticed by the lies of easy work, high pay, that’s why you’d gone to Burma, thinking you’d struck gold, without knowing or realizing, that HEY, you are the targeted population, because you’re young, naïve, NOT to mention, STUPID too, and because you hadn’t learned the lessons of how you always need to work hard for what you want to have in your lives, and your families had to pay for your rescue, and, there are, going to be, more of these, cases of younger generations who thought they’d struck gold, in getting the offers to work elsewhere, because you can’t find a good enough job here.

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Beliefs about Being, “Privileged”…

Some of us, were raised in homes, where there’s NOTHING lacking, materialistically speaking, but, we’d been, deprived of our, parents’, attentions growing up, so, are we, privileged, or are we not?

That’s just it, you know, most people define themselves, on being lucky, because they got all the money handed to them, ‘cuz they never had to work a day in their lives, for the sake, of that, hard-earned, dollar, and yet, there are, those of us, who got, EVERYTHING handed to us, money, polo shirts, name brand watches, purses, etc., etc., etc., and yeah we’re, materialistically well-to-do, but, we’re, still NOT, considered, RICH!

And yeah, maybe I’d been, too, SPOILED rotten, by the endless number of hundred dollar bills USD (they came in wads of, five to six “pieces” at a time from before!), and I NEVER had to “work a day in my life” for my “living” either.

And so, based off of solely just that, I guess I’m, totally, SPOILED, rotten all right.

But I know for a FACT, that I am NOT, spoiled rotten, ‘cuz I NEVER had what I was in need of, which was the unconditional love from my two primary attachment figures (hello, hello, hello?  And, I am NOT going back to tell you WHAT those are again here!), instead, I got, abused emotionally by his DEAD parents, BURNED by his dead father’s teacups and teapot, solely because, he didn’t want my wandering little hands, to pick up his SHIT and oopsy, drop it onto the floors and shatter his things, not to mention how his DEAD mother molested me, all the way, up into my early teens, when I got out of this SHIT hole, then, she stopped having “access” over me on the weekends, did that SHIT finally end.

And, it wasn’t until I got in my late twenties, did I realize, all these SHITS that’s happened to me.  On top of that, I am still, carrying this DEAD baby girl of mine (no need for “introduction” here), since 2008.

So, guess what I’m saying to all of y’all is this: I KNOW I’m now, more than ENTITLED to have a good AND easy (you have got to be SHITTING me here!) life that I’m now, currently living.

And no, I still don’t gotta worry ‘bout shits like M-O-N-E-Y.  Got that shit, shoved ALL the way up my you-know-where (don’t need to “draw”, do I???), since I was very young, and now, I’m still, “digesting” all of the Ben Franklins’, Ulysses S. Grants, Andrew Jacksons, etc., etc., etc., out right now…

So yeah I am, god damn “PRIVILEGED” here all right.

And you have GOT to be shitting me here!

This “spoiled BRAT” is done, for now…

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Failed in Getting His Ex to Take Him Back, the Horrid Lover Ambushed & Attacked Her

And this government still prides itself, on having the one of the MOST “advanced” anti-stalking laws on the planet here???  Give ME a break!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Chen suspected of not getting his ex-girlfriend, Yeh to take him back, his love toward her turned to hate, yesterday, he’d ambushed around the Nankang Software Industrial Park where Yeh works, chased after her with a machete, attempted to hack her down, and used a rope to strangle her, the police were notified, and rushed over, Yeh sustained four hacks on her body, rushed to the hospital, she’s not in critical condition currently, Chen sustained the slashes on his hand, was taken to the hospital under police custody, he will be charged with attempted murder.

The police investigated, the forty-year-old Chen and the twenty-nine-year-old Yeh had broken up for about four months, he’d texted her repeatedly to get her back, later on, he’d started texting the threatening messages to her; Yeh works as an accountant for a company at the Nankang Software Industrial Park, she had been stopped by Chen, as he wanted to talk to her about breaking up, she finally had it with his harassing her, on the 26th of this month, she’d gone to the substation and reported him on domestic violence, and filed for a temporary restraining order, and it hadn’t been passed down yet.

At around 11:30 yesterday, Chen drove to Sanchong Road, Hsinming Street intersection next to the software industrial park, waited outside of a super convenience shop in his car, at around one in the afternoon, he saw Yeh on foot, going to get her lunch, he got the machete in hand, got out of his car, and, cut into her abdomen, Yeh fell to the ground, started screaming, Chen started hacking at her like crazy, and the act of hacking her down took around one minute.

As a passerby saw, the individual immediately called police, and stopped Chen with an umbrella, Yeh took the advantage to get away, ran into the breakfast shop opposite of the street, Chen chased after her in, with a knife in one hand, the other on her neck, strangling her; the three officers from the local subprecinct arrived, pulled out their guns, hollered, “Drop the knife!”, “Get on the ground!”, as Chen tossed his knife he was subdued, pinned to the floor, his shirt was covered in blood.

Yeh sustained a total of four knife wounds, on her left abdomen, the lower of her left ear, and her right forearms, was rushed to the hospital by the paramedics.  During the attack, Chen slashed his own left hand, the police escorted him to the hospital, he’d not said a single word, because he sustained the nerve ending damages from his own cutting himself, he’d needed the surgery and the hospitalization, the police hadn’t gotten the chance to interrogate him yet.

At the preliminary inquiries, the police asked about the backgrounds, their relationship, the motives of his going after the woman, Chen remained silent.  The police found, that Chen had no criminal records on file, but had harassed the victim repeatedly, and they’re looking at the “horrid lover” who’d committed the attempted murder.

So, this is how well the amendment that got signed, at the end of June or start of July with the means to stop the horrid lovers worked, not at all that well, because the police always comes too late, and, unless you’re, escorted by the police, everywhere you go, there would be chances that these people who felt upset over the breakups will come after you, and, restraining orders still does SHIT, just look at all those, previous cases, the restraining orders, always come, too little, too late.

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The Net Armies with the Digital Department, Even Worse

We have now, formally, entered, the ERA of authoritarianism, where our government takes complete control over what we’re doing from day to day, keeping tabs on what we’re saying, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Before the 1450 Net Armies clouds not yet dissipated, the Digital Development Department already hung up its name, got set up, causing the legislators not from the DDP questioning.  Especially during these past few years, a lot of people (mostly the politicians), all had the personal experiences, of getting cyberbullied by 1450.  And so, what we’re most afraid of is this, if the net armies connected with the Digital Department, then, together, they may reign us under their, terrors even more.

On 1450, the British scholar, Preston back in 2015, called it “transmedia terrorism”.  Transmedia is defined as the interactions between the traditional media and social media, due to how the traditional media are mostly, conservative, with the social media posting the unchecked facts, or the spur-of-the-moment news, causing the ripple effect of the spread of news.  The key here is, as the social media started discussing certain topics, making it heated up, sometimes, the traditional media are forced to follow the leads, which becomes the multiple of the effects of fermentation, causing the cross-media terrorism.

Although the head of digital department stated, that there’s no need to fear the “army of electronics connection” taking over, but, it’s still questionable to the people.

And the three reason that caused people doubts are: first, the core mission of the agency isn’t clearly stated: the role of the head of the digital department is in the “training”.  This means, there’s NO set purpose of the setting up of this department, this worries more, because the department can get out of control, turning at any moment it wanted to.  Secondly, if the aim is in “coaching”, then, this is the same as it becoming a party-operated agency, so, the department isn’t, independently operating; that it should suffice, that the Executive Department had set up an “office of digital technologies”, no need for it to become an independent “Department”.  Thirdly, this department is used as a tool, not a means to an end, and, by this, if the tools are abused in use, then, they would easily become the manipulation of mass media, becoming the transmedia terrorism.

Secondly, there’s no clear cut means of hiring the workers in this department: currently, there were the fifty-percent of workers who are hired by contract.  They have great flexibility, and can operate on the ambiguous rules.  Because they’re not formal government employees, the rules of guidance on the morale of government workers don’t apply to them.

Third, the net armies aren’t clearly defined: although the district attorney’s offices had looked into the net armies, but because there’s no heavy criminal punishments, and there’s only one scapegoat for the cases, the case ended as blurred.  The “net army” worked flexibly, with no set location of office of work, means of work.  And, under this, there would be rooms of the digital department, working together with the net armies.

And, it’s clear to see, that even IF the digital department does not involve itself in cross-media terrorism, it can easily be the backhand of these acts, combining the government, and the cross-media terrorism workings.  For instance, the riots on Capitol Hill of the U.S. that’s pending investigation right now, Trump was suspected of using social media to incite the riots by the Congress, but currently, there’s no related evidence that’s been collected that’s pointed toward that.  And so, we have reasons to believe, that the digital department may easily become out of control in the futures—becoming the leading forces of cross-media terrorism, the government as well as the people need to think on this very thoroughly.

And so, in the name of “good for you” we are, using these means, to spy on the people, to keep tabs on them, to make sure that they don’t say or do anything that might damage our party, and, we really need an alternative department (like in the checks and balances systems???), to make sure, that this government led by the DDP, doesn’t take over ruling our lives, but, we can’t, as everything’s been taken by the DDP, it’d already, dipped its filthy little hands, in health department, education, technologies, etc., etc., etc., and we the people are now, enslaved here, and, there’s NOTHING that we can do about it.

A people ENSLAVED is what we’d, become here.

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The Sixteen Who’d Returned from the KK Parks, All Suspected of Working in Scamming

The fishes are still, biting, in this, abuser/enabler interaction of getting scammed to head over to Southeast Asia to work as scammers, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The problems of scams in KK Parks in Burma got serious, sixteen from Taiwan awhile ago, left the park, headed to Thailand, and were stopped at the airport in Bangkok, returned back to Taiwan two days ago.  The Criminal Investigation Agency found they were involved in the scams locally in Thailand, of the returned, three have active arrest warrants, after the police interrogated, the three were taken into custody, with the other thirteen, sent back home, the district attorneys were called, and the individuals were charged with human trafficking and fraud.

The criminal investigations agency told, that there’s the serious human trafficking problems in Burma, Cambodia, U.S., China, and other southeastern Asian countries pressured the governments of these two countries, and, it’d made the ransoms of the scam artists lowered all the way down to $100,000 from $600,000, and lately, the group didn’t even take any money, they’d released the people; there were a lot of the country’s citizens who willingly got involved in the scams, that got, “mixed in” with the people who’d been, returned.

The sixteen arrested were made up of fourteen males, two females, all are around thirty years of age, they’d started headed out of the country in March, worked in the mechanical operations unit in Cambodia and Thailand, then, transferred to the KK Park in Burma, put in charge of making the connections online, scamming the Asians in China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, U.S., and Australia with the investment ventures.

Started on the twenty-sixth, the sixteen individuals were taken by the mechanical unit operators to Bangkok, Thailand, two mornings ago, they arrived at the international airport, readied for their flights back here; because three of the individuals’ families reported them missing, the immigrations in Thailand received the tips, and stopped the group at the airport, and after the diplomatic dealings, they got sent back here two evenings ago, and the international department of the Investigative Bureau took over interrogating them.

Of them, the twenty-five-year-old Ke has an active arrest warrant for forgery, counterfeit, he was the major operator of the mechanical unit, the mastermind of teaching the scam artists how to scam, the twenty-five year-old Chung, twenty-seven-year-old Chu, had arrest warrants on them for attempted murder and fraud, put in charge of recruiting the drivers; the three were sent to booking first.

Sixteen others stated that they “involuntarily” got forced to scam, said that they’d seen the ad for hire at “Side Door Business”, a group on FB, that’s why they’d applied, and, as they went abroad, they were controlled by the scam rings, and forced into conning others, but they weren’t abused, and, they’d not paid any ransoms.

And so, this, is how the scam artists groups are, targeting the younger generations here, because they get enticed by easy money, no hard work, when in reality, there’s such a job, I mean, if there is, wouldn’t we all go there?  And yet, these scam rings zoomed in on how inexperienced these younger generations of fresh-out-of-school, looking for work younger generations, knowing, that they’re, stupid enough to fall for the tricks, and, this is still an abuser/enabler relationship, there are, NO victims, think about it, if you weren’t enticed by the money that’s offered to you, would you go?  Uh, of course N-O-T!

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Goodbye in the Sunset

Meeting back up with his high school instructor now, and she’d wondered how he’d been, translated…

During the summer of my sophomore year in university, I’d worked at a gas keg delivery shop, to make my own tuition and money for living, in the three months’ work, I’d only taken two days off.

At sunset that day, I’d ridden out on my scooter, with two large gas kegs, rammed into the tiny alley.  The woman who’d heard me rang the bell came, ushered me into her kitchen.  I lowered my cap, put down that heavy gas keg, swiftly, I’d, exchanged the old one with the new, and working in the high heat, it’d caused me to sweat like crazy.

The woman handed me a bowl of mung bean soup, and it’d moved me.  After all, in my days of working as a delivery person, I’m more used to being treated aloofly by others.

I’d lifted my head up wanted to say thanks, but, as I saw the woman’s face, tears came falling down my cheeks.

The woman opened her eyes wide up, looked stressed at me, the originally kind expression, suddenly turned merciful, and doubting, her eyes were, red too.

That woman, was my high school Chinese instructor.  She’d, identified me, anxiously inquired, “are you still in school, how’s the family?  How have you been?”, her inquiries came very fast, she’d still remembered how back in my final year of high school, that something majored happened at home, how I’d, frowned through that final year, never spoken another word to anybody again.

“Teacher, all is well with me now, I’m grateful for your concerns of me back then, I’m just, part-timing as a gas keg delivery person in the summers, it pays better!”, I’d explained to her, and she’d, started, smiling.

As I said goodbye to her, my instructor stood at the entrance of the alley, paved with the golden rays of the setting sun, like a kind mother, waving goodbye to me.

And so, this is how this instructor kept you in her mind, because of how you were back in high school, and, she’d become like a mother to you, as she’d shown the care and concerns for you back in your high school years, and you were grateful for her for being so kind too.

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Suspecting of Enticing More than Ten People to Go to Cambodia to Sell, the Heads of the Four-Seas Gangs Taken in

There are still, NO victims, only abuser AND enabler here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The human trafficking rings are using an assortments of ads to get the people in this country to go to Cambodia, using the false promises of making the big cash, easy work, etc., etc., etc., and selling the people they enticed into sex trafficking, or forcing them to scam others; the Taipei City Police received a tip, that there were two eighteen-year-olds who got scammed to Cambodia to work as scam artists, that they are currently controlled by the rings, the police chased to the back of the scenes, found that the primary suspect was the major head gangster of the Four Seas, in the past, he’d operated the loan shark programs, seven years ago, he’d gotten into financial disagreement with a woman who owned a couture shop in Da-An District, had more than forty mobsters smashed up the shop, and threw the flare signals into the store, was arrested by the police, the case is in process of trial by the D.A.’s Office right now.

The Wenshan First Precinct received the calls of two parents, the two younger generation persons were friends and classmates, they just turned eighteen, and hadn’t been heard of for days, and, as the families notified the police, that was when they’d learned, that the two children had been shipped to Cambodia more than ten days ago, and they’re working in the telecommunications scams locally, that it may have been that their friends had some monetary issues with the Bamboo Union locally in Cambodia, that was why they were both involved, after the district attorneys interrogated Chen, they set his bail for $30,000N.T., and put him under house arrest.

But the police told, that although these two young men went abroad on their own, Chen was still suspected of human trafficking, currently, the police already used the means, to get these two young men back home.

The Police Policy Department pointed out, based off of the notices posted on August 21st by the Taipei City Police Department, in a month, there’d been calls on twenty-seven who’d gone to Cambodia, and lost contact with their families here, and, as the police looked into the matter, they’d found, that seventy-five percent of those who’d gone missing in Cambodia had priors in fraud, and organized crimes.

And so, despite all of these stories that are posted on the news channels, newspapers, there are still the gold rushers of the younger generations, thinking that oh wow, they’d offered us more money overseas, let’s go to make the big bucks there, not known, that it’s a trap, like all of these previous cases, or maybe, they needed to get BURNED, before they learn, they needed to get SOLD for SEX, repeatedly, and finally get rescued out, to learn, because, that’s the only way they will learn, that there’s NO easy money, that we all have to work hard in our separate lives, to get exactly what we want, and what we deserve!

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Forty-Percent of Contraction Rate in the Long-Term Care Facilities, the Nursing Homes No Longer DARED Taking in New Residents

In time of crises, this, is when the policies gets, tested, and, they all went, BUST, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Burned on Both Ends of the Outbreak, & the Shortage of Employees, the Heaviness of Burden of Care Returned Back to the Families, & There’s the Case of the Elderly Woman Who’s Demented Getting Abandoned by Her Own Next-of-Kin

Up to last week, there’s been close to forty-percent of residents in the long-term care facilities who’d contracted MERS-CoV as the virus started taking over the residents of the nursing homes locally, with the death rate of 2.6-percent.  Although the government provided the free quick scan kits, hoping to get the contracted residents of nursing homes found in time, to get them treated, to administer the medications, but, a lot of the facilities are on edge, due to the last wave of pandemic, they’d already set up their own policies of “not taking the new residents”, which puts the burdens of caretaking back to the families.

The C.E.O. of Long-Term-Care Development Association, Yu stated that “the facilities can’t withstand any cases of contraction now”, that the facilities are still operating on the “clearing all the cases” mode, because of the last few waves of spread of contraction, when someone contracts, not only the health of the elderly get impacted, there would be the limited manpower too, although they’d set up the systems now, but, the nursing homes are conservative over taking in the new residents, and they would normally wait until the last contracted elderly gets out of quarantine, then, considering taking in more new residents.

Yu told, that the rules now, is that the residents on the day of admitting in, if they have a negative scan result, then they will be admitted, and yet, a lot of the facilities raised up the restrictions, demanded that the prospect residents have a two-days negative PCR test.  This restriction had upset the families, before the elders get placed into the homes, there were the problems surfacing.

And, the loss of personnel to look after the elderly population also caused the lacking in motivations for the nursing homes to take on new residents.  The C.E.O. of Taiwan Nursing Home Foundation, Chou stated, that in recent years, the employees are attracted by the benefits of the policies of Long-Term Care 2.0, and started becoming the homecare provider workers, causing the nursing homes to become reliant on the foreign nurses’ aides, and the outbreaks had caused the people to not come to Taiwan to work.  Lacking in the help, even if the nursing homes wanted to take on more residents, they don’t dare, and in the end, it’s still the families of the elderly who needed around the clock care who end up suffering the most.

Chen of the R.O.C. Home Caretaker Foundation stated, that the cases of residents are now, affected by the outbreaks, becoming ever the more unstable, a lot of the families are on their own to come up with the means that worked, and recently, there’d been a wave of “deserting the elderly”.

A younger woman needed to care for her demented elderly mother, and her two young physically handicapped children at the same time, but because she’d not qualified for the low-income assistance, she was stressed out by the pressures of economics, and it’d forced her to run away from her responsibilities of caring for her young and her own mother, and in the end, social services stepped in, placed the two children, and, put the elderly demented mother into the daycare programs.

Chen believe, that the outbreaks of MERS-CoV only made the problems in long-term care in the country more apparent, as there’s the lacking of foreign nurses’ aides, could the nursing homes make up for it, we need to speed up on the preparations.

Wu of the assistant department manager of long-term care of the Department of Social Welfare stated, that the workers’ number in the residential nursing homes, the caretakers are currently stable, but, encouraging that the long-term care can use the higher wages, working with the nursing programs of universities, to attract the workers.  And suggested that the families use the long-term care program for the at-home care, or the community-oriented care programs, and that they can use the resources from the care point of long-term care families as well.

And, to sum all of this up: the country’s long-term care policies are a bust, because, when the crises come, there’s NOT enough manpower, to offer the cares needed to these demented elderly populations in the local communities, and it all started at the very start, because the systems hadn’t gotten set up properly, and they’re still, testing the waters on this, that’s why, as MERS-CoV hits, all the problems, came out!

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The Weightlessness of Political Responsibilities

How the politicians are still best at, DODGING the responsibilities when something bad happened to the world!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The waves of criticisms came as the murder of the police officer in Tainan occurred, the chief of the justice department, Tsai transferred the warden of Ming-Der External Inmate program, and will go after the district attorney’s office for delaying issuing of the arrest warrants of the escaped convicts.  But, the scapegoats are all the entry level position workers, as for the political responsibilities, are just as the families of the murdered officers stated, “light as feathers”.

The founder of Foxxcon, Go was from a police family, he’d felt especially deep over this, he will be donating five million dollars N.T. to each of the families of the two officers who’d died in the line of duty, and he’d gotten down hard on the head of Internal Affairs, Hsu and Tsai for not doing their jobs correctly.  He’d questioned that all of these, behaviors, those actions that should’ve been taken by the higher up government officials, but they’d not done anything, “Do you still have the means to rule the separate departments?”, the question being, this group of “already numbed out” higher up government officials could care LESS about their face, but, they are going to, keep their posts, at whatever the costs.

And so, although Go’s criticizing that “Someone needs to get sent out of the office”, received widespread support from the masses, the head of State, Su claimed, that Tsai after the events, started pursuing the perps actively, that Hsu’s care and concerns for the entry level officers had been dearly noted.  That it would be untrue, inaccurate if you say they’d lacked the morale of the heads of the police departments.  And if we discuss the responsibilities, other than Hsu and Tsai at the helm, Su isn’t an outsider either, to the point, of criticizing the president, Tsai, who kept on stating the need for the reforms of the justice systems, she too, can’t evade the responsibilities either.

And, just as we’d all expected, the one who was the scapegoat of this, was a mere, jail warden; or maybe, there would be an extra district attorney who’s, right up, next to him too

The officers who died in the line of duty, their families cried, “Don’t just make those formal statements that are, too unsubstantial to us afterwards”, their words touched the public deeply!  But, this is, how cruel the reality of things is, the higher up officials of Tsai’s government, don’t take up any responsibilities whatsoever when it comes to the political responsibilities, and even if in the end, the higher up officials get ousted out of their offices, and, they were mostly, demoted on the surfaces, but, promoted in the unknown, or, getting ousted for show, but transferred to an alternative, higher up position in the government, the DDP is, having the voters, eating out of their hands all right!

And so, this is how this political party that’s ruling over the country still not manning up, not changing the bad systems, and they’re still all, just making those claims of, oh, we’re sorry for the lost of lives of your next-of-kin, our condolences, whatever, like how the Taroko train derailing, the head of transportation didn’t even get demoted, or even, FIRED, as he should have, but hey, that’s how the DDP worked, promoting those who misbehaved to an alternative agency, trying to fool the people into thinking, that wow, something IS, being done, when in truth, NOTHING is being done about the things that’s, already, happened, and, these sorts of shits are bound to happen, again, and again, and again, until the DDP gets out of office!

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