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The Legal Experts: the Courts Can’t Understand the Facets of the Cases of Domestic Violence

Only those who lived in the abuse knows how it’d, felt, the courts can’t even begin to comprehend what it’s, like, how there’s not enough focus on getting the abusers caught, and sent to jail, so the victims won’t have to live in fear of their, lives, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Women’s & Children’s Advocates attorney, Tien pointed out, that with the status quo of Kao and her influences on the society, she could become victimized by domestic violence, Lin’s many crimes, separately considered, aren’t serious at all but, the judge who’d handed down such a light sentence for this repeated abuser, doesn’t quite balance out in crime and punishment.

And, all the domestic violence are all progressives, from screams, hitting the walls, throwing things, and in the end, injuring one another, from the victims’ perspective, it’s all, abuse, but, toward these sorts of violence in intimate relations, should there be a heavier sentence given out?  And how much evidence would be needed to prove?  And there are room for change in the current laws to prevent domestic violence.

A judge who chose to not be named pointed out, that rather than stating how Lin got off easy, “I believe, all of the cases on domestic violence in the past had been, way too, lenient”.  The court justice analyzed, in considering the sentence, there would be the examples from the past cases taken in, “the victims are tragically injured in the abusive relationships.  It’s just that under normal circumstances, the courts have NO way of knowing, just how AWFUL the victims suffered.”

A court judge mentioned the cases of domestic violence s/he resided over before, most of the victims, after they’d pressed charges, the district attorneys would NOT work the case endlessly, and the victim, needed to keep on fearing for their lives, by the threats of the abusers, “not very many of the accused will get jailed, let alone, dreaming of how the justices, the D.A. would, get to the cases quickly enough, comparing, the victims of domestic violence, aren’t given enough protection by the justice systems.”

And that, is what needed change, because these cases aren’t as major as those, murders, massacres, so they’re more than likely, to get put on the backburner, in that pile of files, and that’s just bad, because, these victims of domestic violence are the ones, most in need, of the laws to, protect them, and yet, these cases aren’t high enough on the D.A.’s lists of, priorities.

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A Wall Called, “Freedom”

What we’re, building, a mirage, a wall called, “freedom”, and we’d been told that it will, keep, everything bad out, that’s why, we’d started, carrying them bricks to this location, stackin’ ‘em up, one atop another, and another, and another, to build up this wall.

A wall called, “freedom”, but, walls are never supposed to be free, are they?  I mean, look at these, four-walls that kept us locked in, in the offices, sitting at our desks, slaving our lives away, and for what, huh?  Some, measly pay!  A wall called, “freedom”, we’d been instructed to build, but, this wall called “freedom”, is actually, a prison instead, keeping us, isolated, in our own means.

we’d, labored, and sweated…

photo from online

A wall called, “freedom”, we’d built it up, and now, we stand underneath it, and realized, that we’d, locked ourselves in here (don’t ask where!), and we got no way of, getting over to the other side, as the grasses are, greener (hello, hello, hello???).

Shouldn’t have built up that wall, no matter WHAT its “name” is in the first place, oopsy, too late for that now, it can’t be torn back down again, once that’s, been, built up!

A wall called freedom, that’s, said to keep everything over at the other side, and, we’d become, the “other” side (whatever it’s composed of!), in building this wall we thought could, free us, from whatever we’re, trying to, escape………………


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The Extravagant Mottos Don’t Get the People Out of the Hardships of Their, Everyday Living

How the DDP that’s currently running this country is still, BULLSHITTING, WE the people here, feeding us lies, neglecting those who are, really, in need of help, of getting back on their feet again, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile back, as the president and the VP went to promote the candidate of the mayor of Keelung, a middle aged man who claimed that “life is getting hard” flashed a knife and started cutting himself.  This seemingly isolated incident, actually reflected how the bottom half of the socioeconomic are currently stuck deep in the mud and the muck, how they’re having it too hard, making their ends, meet.

Before the money of the travel reimbursements are about to get used up completely, I’d taken that last train to Taichung.  As I’d walked into the Taipei Main Station, I’d had to pass the group of homeless who are camped there; exiting the Taichung Train Station, what greeted me was also, a group of the local homeless, with the skies as their roof, they’re, way too far away, from traveling for leisure, they would NOT be fighting us for this huge piece of the pie, and it’d made me, who’s, getting reimbursements from the government for the trips feel, a bit, ashamed.

I was tired in the early evenings, found a bench in a local park to sit and rest, then, a middle age man came over to chat.  The man told he was from Taidong, that he’d worked any jobs available to him in Taichung, because someone was ill back home and needed the money for treatment, he’d sent most of what he’d made back home.  Being older, can’t find stable work, he’d slept in the park, and when he felt hungry, he’d ridden the bicycles to ten, twenty kilometers away to find food in the free food fridge that’s been set up.

I’d originally thought, he’d wanted some money from him to help him out, but instead, he just, wanted someone to talk to.  Being half-homeless, everybody in the park would evade him, the spirits are afraid of the poor, nobody wants to be bothered with him, he was, forced to, become, silenced.  Turns out, the aloofness of the outside world was way harder for him to bear than the hunger.

I’d asked him: I think the companies are hiring all around, if you’d worked every day, you wouldn’t be staying in the parks!  He’d told, how he was not young anymore, without any specific skills, that he’d had to get interviewed, trying to find work at the construction sites.

I’d joked and asked him, “did the scam group ask you to go to Cambodia from before?”, he’d laughed bitterly, told me, “they only want the younger generations.  The middle aged like me, the scam artists don’t even want, you can see, how hard it is, for the middle aged to return back to the workforce now, right?

A lot of middle aged, and elderly can only pick up the recycling materials and sell them, and yet, inflation is hitting hard, even after a whole day’s worth of collecting the recyclable materials, you may still not have enough for the three meals.  In fact, inflation is a global problem, and what made the people upset, is how someone kept on, reiterating, you’re living in an era of economical growth, like you’re in heaven.  But in actually, you feel like you’re living in a dog-eat-dog world.

And, this difference between the realities and what the government perceived, is where the problem rests.

The pandemic caused a lot to lose their jobs, the middle aged, due to their age, their specific skill sets, found it hard to find work again.  Last year at the Kaohsiung Train Station, I’d met a middle aged man who’d sold the “Big Times Magazine”.  This is a magazine, set up to help those who are in need, for every copy sold, the vendor gets fifty-percent of the amount, and every time I see these being sold, I’d always, purchased a copy.  That middle aged man stood in the scorching heat of the midday sun, worked hard, to sell the volumes, but, nobody paid him any attention, I’d asked him: there’s a beggar beside you in the shades, all he did was place that bowl in front of him, don’t you feel tried?

He’d told me: if I were to sit down, it would be, impossible for me, to get back up again.

I admit, that there are the more passive homeless, and there are also, the proactive, the hardworking ones, like the middle age man, shouldn’t the government lend them a helping hand, before they sat down, for good?

There’s this serious lacking of manpower in Taiwan, the retired population will make up the workers in the futures, they only needed some guidance, some help from the government, to counsel them, to help them gain a viable skill through job training, and if the government set up the help stations, then, it would help those who are still wanting to work to return back to work, to reduce a lot of the problems in the society, those with a stage they can put their skills to use on, will be healthier, which will reduce the cost of healthcare.

I suggest, that the government stop boasting the unrealistic beliefs, and, buckle down on actually helping those who are in need, as those mottos will only, separate the people, and the ones in power.

And yet, instead of giving the more practical sort of help (i.e. job training, etc., etc., etc.), the government’s giving out “free money”, attempting to fool the people with the spending vouchers, the free-for-all, reimbursement travel vouchers, etc., etc., etc., and all of these are our taxpayers’ money that the government’s, squandering away, and to think how much the amount that they’re now, wasting away can help those who are in need, if the amount was put to better use, like providing the job training for the homeless, but the government doesn’t do that at all!

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The Air, My Friend

How fears can, spread, too fast, through a crowd…the column by Jimmi Liao, translated…

There’s a Shark in the Oceans,

Someone’s Leg Got, Chewed Off

After a Few Waves, the Blood, Vanished

The Warnings on the Announcer Kept Playing Loudly

the artwork of Jimmi Liao, courtesy of

how we may, influence each other without even knowing it!

People Gathered on the Beach to Watch……………

The Sun Shone Down Hard, the Breezes, Stopped Blowing

We’d Just, Changed, Out of Our, Bathing Suits and Swimwear

The Worries, Uncertain if They Should

Change into the Bathing Suits Now.

And so, this, is how the fears can spread so easily, because there’s that precedence of something bad having happened, and, we have the tendencies to think that we might come across the same things, so we started living, in fear, and that’s, no good!

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As a Country HOGGED Up All the Vaccines Specifically Made to Tackle the Omicron Strain

This is how, selfish the U.S. is: hogging ALL the supplies!

As a country HOGGED up all the vaccines specially made to tackle the omicron strain, so, what happens to the rest of us?  Oh yeah, we’re, destined to get, WIPED off, because we don’t have enough protection, and that just showed how SELFISH, the U.S. is, only thinking of itself.

As a country HOGGED up all the vaccines specifically made to tackle the Omicron strain, the rest of us can only, wait our turns to D-I-E off, because, we are, ill-fitted to live, because we don’t have the vaccines to save our lives.  As a country HOGGED up ALL the vaccines specifically made to tackle the Omicron strain, and, seeing and noting how quickly this strain is spreading out right now, the majority of us in the world’s population are going to contract it, because we ain’t got NO protection, ‘cuz the U.S. monopolizes everything, and there are of the citizens in the U.S. who are, anti-vaxxers.

So, why don’t you, Uncle Sam, the JUSTICE SERVER of this god DAMN global world, share the “wealth”?  Oh yeah, because you’re too god DAMN, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) SELFISH, too much of an opportunist, only considering YOUR own benefits, with a total disregard of HOW your fucked up (so???) behaviors might hurt the rest of the world.

And yeah, let’s see how the U.S. can, survive on its own, when the rest of the entire world goes bye-bye.

And yes, for the umpteenth time, I’m still a U.S. citizen, gotten my citizenship status back in…’02, was it???  Can’t really remember now.


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A Working Mom with a Special Needs Child

Because she didn’t want any special treatment from her coworkers, to allow them to make excuse for her lacking in performance from work, that’s why she’d kept her special needs child a secret, and now, her coworker knows, but, they’re, together on the same page, and will offer one another the support they are in need of at work, and in life as well now, translated…

Finally came, that long, awaited sun on the weekends, my husband called out to me to gather the items of a picnic, took the kids, we drove to a park in the suburbs.  The park was at the foot of that mountain, with a lot of acreage, with a parking lot; the plants there were, kept well, it’s a great place, and it’d been one of our favorite, sites to visit regularly.  What’s more amazing was, taking a few turns in the park, there was that quiet corner, with the shades from the trees, the grasses so green, it’s a best place to relax, our, “laziness headquarters”.  And yet, someone had already taken up the spot before we’d arrived there, and before we headed to find another place, the kids ran ahead, told us they wanted to see if the treasures they’d buried were still there.

illustration from

There was a couple, underneath the tree, with their two children, the boy, about seven or eight, kicking a ball around close by.  There was a three, or four year old little girl, with her arms wrapped around her mom’s neck, facing me, with that look of innocence, she’s a Downs’s Syndrome baby.  I’d squinted at her, waved at her to say hello, she’d started, grinning ear to ear, then, she looked embarrassed, buried her head in her mother’s chest, with her daughter’s gaze, the mother turned her head, and, as soon as we were eye-to-eye, I saw her smile froze, there was that scent of, hesitation, then, immediately, she’d, called out, my name.

Jen and I worked for the same foreign trade company from before, last year, she was hired from another firm, because she was assertive, and can really work very hard, agile in her interpersonal skills, she’d immediately earned the trust of the owner of the company, and I’d heard, that she’d been put up for a higher up position that was available, she’d, had a smooth sail to the top in her work.  Although we’d not really friends from work, but, we were, both mothers, and exchanged the means of childrearing in the breakroom every now and then, but I’d never heard her mentions of a daughter with Downs’s Syndrome.  My husband and I walked to the corner opposite, set up the matting for the picnic, and started carrying on in conversation, then, my app started chiming, “Glad to see you by chance, I was wondering, can you keep the secret of my family to yourself?”, I’d felt surprised, I’d originally not planned to tell anyone, but, there’s no shame in having a Downs’s baby, so why would she need to hide it?

On Monday at lunch, she’d asked me to join her.  “You can tell, that my daughter is a Downs’s baby”.  I’d nodded, before I wanted to tell her that she didn’t need to explain it to me, she’d immediately carried on, “I’m not ashamed of her, I just hope…………”, she’d paused a bit, “to be treated on equal basis at work is all.”

As a mother, I’d understood the hardships of how working women needed balance the home and work.  I’d once stalled my plans to go abroad for the seminars because I got pregnant, and had had to take myself out of a meeting, because my child had an accident; not to mention how many chances of promotions I’d passed up, because I can’t put in the promised two-hundred percent mind.  “She has to go home to take care of her children”———maybe it was out of kindness, or maybe, my coworkers’ unnoted calculating means, in the workplace where it’s like going to war, this label became so hard and heavy, although it’d given me the time to be with my young, but, it’d, cast out all of my opportunities for advancements at work too.

And, at that moment, I’d understood, as a mother of a special needs child, all of these hardships, may not just have been multiplied, but, all of her dreams, all the visions she wanted for herself, and all she wanted, was to be, treated, equally like any other working woman.  I’d, extended my arms toward her hands that were, in knots, I’d given her an understanding smile, and that meal that we’d shared was, joyous, wonderful, and, nothing else needed to be, said.

And so, this is the hardships of being a mother to a special needs child, and a worker too, you have to keep the fact that your child is special needs a “secret”, because you don’t want any special treatments from work, you do NOT want others to define you based off of your role of a mother of a special needs child, and the writer’s understanding shown toward her coworker, is much appreciated.

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A Beautiful Sight

Watching the acts of kindness, it changes you, and adds to your awareness, of how important it is, to offer that hand in assistance to someone else who’s in need, translated…

On an afternoon, I was sitting by the window of a second floor of a fast food restaurant, I saw a visually impaired person, with a guiding cane, crossing a six-lane road on the pedestrian crossing.  As I was getting up to head downstairs to help the individual, there was already, another woman, who’d gone up and helped the individual to get to the bus stop.

I’d found, that the visually impaired person had a board hung around his chest, I’d originally thought he was passing the gospels, but as I looked closer, it had “12, 36, 0East…………”, that was when it’d dawned on me, that that was the bus route number the individual wanted to take, and, I’d prayed, that the drivers of Route 12, 36, and 0East will see him, and help him get to his next stop.  And suddenly, I’d felt enormous respect toward this visually impaired friend, respect for his not getting defeated by his own, reality.

like this…

photo from online

Not long thereafter, came two buses, I saw the woman who’d helped the visually impaired person cross to the bus stop, talking to the driver, then, with her arms, around the visually impaired person, walked to the bus behind the first.  As I was confused, I saw that woman bowing to the driver, then, run to the first bus.  Then suddenly, I’d, understood, she was helping this visually impaired person settling in.  In the five short minutes, I’d felt the warmth from the understanding of the woman, the visually impaired person, and the two bus drivers, how they’d shared an understanding together.

As I got home, I’d told my wife, my two children what I encountered enthusiastically, but, I’d gotten the unpassionate, response from them, and it’d, not felt, good.

As I was getting to bed, I’d run everything I’d encountered of the day through once, and my families’ reactions, and believed, that I needed to, share these, simple but wonderful things with others, most importantly, to keep that sight of love, of compassion alive, so I can be reminded of how much kindness the world still has.

So, this is from a bystander’s angle, watching how this visually impaired person received the assistance that he was in need of, by the unknown strangers, and, it’d touched him, and, it’d, changed him, in ways he isn’t even aware of yet, but that seed is already, planted inside.

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As the Eggs, Run Short on Supplies

The HUGE mess that’s caused by the Department of Agriculture from before, causing everybody to FIGHT to get the eggs, translated…

Before the eggs are on short supplies, I’d not gotten enough of the eggs that came fresh often.  By the local tiny market set up in my local community, there was that three-days work week egg vendor, because of how fresh the eggs were, the costs reasonable, plus the word-of-mouth in the neighborhood: “First-Grade Eggs”; the first nest from the young hens, the eggs tasted wonderful, and within thirty minutes of the stand’s setting up shop, the dozens of casings of eggs, gone.

After the “shortages of eggs” started, I’d, come up empty, again, again, and again.  Being a night owl, I can’t get up early, to compete with the elderly populations in my community.  But to get the eggs from the vendor, I’d, set up the alarms, gone to wait by the location where the vendor would come and set up his stand at six.  Watching the owner drive up in his pickup, and, unload the batch of fragile merchandise.  In the more than ten to twenty minutes the owner of the stand took to set up the stand, the customers passed their plastic bags on, ready to grab.  As the owner of the stand gave that look, then we’d all bent over, squatted down to the ground, some with the plastic bags, some with the rice cooker inside wok……we’d all, started, picking out the eggs, like it was free for us to pick and choose.

And, after many times I’d gotten up early to go to shop for the eggs, but, couldn’t beat the elderly crowd, I’d started, complaining to the owner of the stand, and that was when I’d learned about how hard he had it too.  He’d told, that at the beginning, he’d set up the stand by the side of the roads, there wasn’t a line set up to flow in and out, but he’d considered the elderly population of not being agile enough to bend down, to squat down to pick the eggs they wanted up, and, would help them select the eggs they wanted to buy, “peacefully”, then, handed the eggs to the buyers.  But, as the egg grabbing sessions started, those elderly groups had set up their own “buying group”, begged the owner to put two casings of eggs on the tabletops.  Now, the fires are all over the places, the wars to grab the eggs are, on.  As soon as the eggs were unloaded onto the ground, the fight started, the bees swarmed; as the eggs are placed higher on the stands, the elderly group started, in that grabbing competition.

the highest costs in eggs in history! Photo from online

After the more than twenty minute long chaos, the broken was what remained, and the owner had to carry the losses himself, and there were those who’d taken the eggs but not paid him too.  And, after being, ambushed too many times, the owner of the egg stand changed his operational means, parked the truck, unloaded the goods, getting the money for his eggs……………he’d adjusted, adjusted, and adjusted his means, and yet, he still couldn’t, keep all those who’d just, “grab and go”.

In the assistance of my alarm, I’d not just gotten to witness the “powers of the elderly population”, but also, gotten a closer look at how humans never change their ways.

That morn, as I’d, gently placed the eggs I’d selected on the electronic scale, the owner lifted his gaze, looked into the distance, left the stand, and, chased after someone.  All of us in line started whispering, someone just grabbed and went again!  The owner came back emptyhanded, sat back down on his stool, with worries, taking over his face.  The number cards then?  The limits of what you can buy per customer?  Setting up a one way entry, one way exit?  Whenever people are involved, things tend to become, a bit, complicated.

The best time of day is in the mornings, it’s not worth it, starting off the days with this foul mood for sure.  I’d, carried my “winnings” from the war I was just fighting in, as I’d stomped my way home, I’d started, calculating, how I was going to, try and make the dishes that tastes just as good, without, the eggs now.

And so, this is still, the big mess, caused by the agricultural department, because the hens aren’t laying the eggs, due to the weather not being right or whatever, and, so everybody started fighting for a limited amount of resources, and, eggs were in shortage from before, due to the Department of Agriculture’s mistakes of sending out the words that there will be egg shortages, and this is still all caused by the government agencies, and we the people are, paying the huge price for that.

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Head of CDC, What if, These are, Your Kids

Yeah, but they’re, not, so, I really couldn’t, give a, FUCK!  That, is the response of the head of the CDC, Chen, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislators were asked by the parents, that there was a student who was up north in his studies, who’d had a high fever during his quarantine, with the stuffiness of his chest, that he’d gone by the protocols, called up the related agencies, but not gotten an answer back from the government agencies, it’d worried his parents in Taichung so.

As the head of the CDC, Chen was asked about this situation, first, he’d questioned the motives of the legislator’s asking the question, then said, that the students are responsible for caring for themselves, that the schools won’t leave them alone.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Chen is also a parent too, how could he possibly say this?  How hard it is, for an ill adult, to care for her/himself, let alone, a student who’s away from her/his family.

Director Chen, “the hearts of parents all around you should empathize”, if this were your child, will you still say, that college students are old enough, to take care of themselves?

Yep, this just showed how LACK of empathy, these god damn government officials of the DDP are, like how the train accidents from before, the head of transportation waved that off, like it was nothing, or the total number of deaths that’s occurred so far in the outbreaks, the government officials could careless, and how the president was so clueless, on that “tour of duty” she’d made, to see the locations hit hardest by the typhoons from before, and yeah, we the people are, on our own, because we can’t count on this god damn GOVERNMENT, to do anything for us here!

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The Taichung First High School Instructor Became Willing to Apologize to Students for Losing Control, & Going Off in Class

And, here’s, that “bottom half” of what had happened in class from the footage of the instructor going OFF on her students yesterday, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Students Refused to Give Their Oral Reports & Started Reading Off from Their Textbooks

During the music classes in Taichung First High School the instructor and the students went at each other’s, throats, and the argument was video recorded by a student who was there, and the video went viral, and everybody from all around started debating who’s right and who’s wrong.  The school hosted a press conference yesterday, the head of student affair, Peng pointed out, that Mrs. Lu stated, that the icons in the presentation had angered her, in actuality, it was the students, who refused to do their reports, and just started, reciting off the textbooks that’s, why she’d, lost control, she became willing to apologize to the students, with the arrangements made by the school, and the students were also willing to communicate with their teacher.

音樂課報告南北管 中一中師怒稱牽亡魂 要求刪掉 – YouTube

the video of the instructor going off on the students, and the instructor and students getting loud with one another in class, as emotions run high in the moment

Peng told, at the preliminary discussions, the instructor had assigned the rules, that chapter nine was traditional Chinese musical instruments, for the reports, and the students were supposed to present their reports for the thirty to forty minutes of the class period, that before the class, the students were to upload their papers to the computer in the music classes; but as the instructor previewed the materials, she’d found that there were the discussion of the musical instruments out of the chapters she’d assigned to the class, and because the group reports were assigned a set page number and the number of songs to each report had been specified, that’s why she’d deleted the contents of the students’ works, not fitted to the requirements of what she’d assigned them.

There were the students’ reports that got over twenty minutes of reports deleted, and only had seventeen minutes remaining, and so, the students can only, read off the texts; the instructor lost it, became out of control, and the students video-taped her losing control, and the video went viral, of those three minutes the instructor went off on the students, and after the conflicts, she had, allowed the students to do their reports from start to finish.

The instructor, Lu stated, that she felt sorry that she’d, lost control, and was willing to go along with the school’s means to assign her to apologize to the students personally.  Peng said, that the reports students spent a lot of time, a lot of mind to complete, just got deleted by the instructor, they were angered too, that was the primary cause of the conflicts.

Peng said, the Mrs. Lu didn’t look down on the traditional music of the dead, instead, she’d, pushed forth the education of the traditional Chinese instrumental music, that it’s completely false, that the outside realm kept stating how Mrs. Lu had belittled the traditional requiem projects.  Ms. Lu even mentioned of the plans to set up the traditional Chinese musical instrument performances of her students; and she said by being referred to as the comedian, she won’t mind it, because she’s very strong.

The school also told, that if the instructor will be taken out of this particular class, and assigned to another, they will discuss the matter further; and, the school didn’t demand that the students take the video off, that the students are very autonomous, and the schools had told them of the possible consequences if they don’t take the video off, and allowed them to decide on their own.

The legal realms stated, that because the instructor already stated it, that she refused to get taped, and the students had continued taping her, that it may be a case of infringement of rights on the civil front.

And so, this is the whole story, and these students DESERVED to have their instructor going OFF, but, from the reports and the video of the classroom shot by the students, you still only have one side of the story, which makes you easy to rush to conclusion, that this particular instructor just went, N-U-T-S, but, she has a reason to go off on the class here.

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