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I Totally Get You

Lesson learned, by the, teacher, in the interactions he has with the school children, translated…

As school is out, waiting for the parents to pick up their young, I’d passed the tuitions collected inside an envelope to the older sister of a pair of young siblings, and, the younger brother’s hand reached for it to grab the envelope, neither refusing to budge.  Out of reflex, I’d said, “the older, why don’t you let your younger brother have it?”, she’d gazed at me with those, innocent eyes, and, let go, unwillingly; and the younger brother who got his way gloated, cunningly, grabbed a hold of the, envelope.

The little girls who were watching the interactions, all started getting loud, and of them, the oldest girl, extended that hand in empathy, patted the girl on her shoulders, told her, “I totally get it, I completely, do!”

That stunned me a bit, with that apologetic mean, I’d looked over at the young girl, and, curiously asked the girl who’d patted her classmate’s shoulders, “aren’t you the youngest?  How could you understand what she was going through?  Don’t all your sister let you have the things that you wanted?”  “No!  Whenever my younger cousins came over, I’d had it, coming!”, she’d given me a response that I never expected to hear.  Then, all around us, the words came coming at us, “Yeah, not only did we have to let the younger kids have our toys, when the older kids come by, the adults tell us, ‘older brother doesn’t come here all the time, just let him have it.’  There are, more toys than one, and yet why did he have to want to play with the one I’m playing with?”, can’t believe, that the envelope with the tuition caused a ton of upsets, all rushing out like the waterfalls.

Or maybe, it’s because we’d been adults, too long, we’d forgotten, how it’d felt being, taken; or maybe, because of the busyness of life, we’d hoped to, swiftly, get through the nitty-gritty, the unimportant matters, using our self-righteous fairness, but rough ways, to resolve the issues between the young children, disregarding, how everybody is a complete being, that being this careless can, cause someone to feel, hurt, or even, damaged.

I’d watched the group of young children in silence, and, skimmed every face, and came to understand, that hidden underneath all these innocent faces, there were, the icebergs of their own, separate, emotions.  I’d felt really awful, that in the moment’s time, I’d only cared about the younger boy’s emotions, and not paid enough attention to the older girl’s, I didn’t know how I can, effectively, help the young girl who’s an older sister who probably, felt, hurt.

Or maybe, I could, give the envelope with the tuition to the older girl while her younger brother still sat in class.  Or maybe, I should wait until the parents arrived, then, hand off the bag, instead of having the kids, take the envelopes home to give to their, parents.  Or maybe I should, put their separate tuitions in separate, envelopes, and hand it to them separately……………but, too late, I shouldn’t keep going now, shouldn’t blame myself too much.  Or maybe, I should, allow these, tiny, upsets to, ferment in the minds of these kids, to saturate on their, own.  Or maybe, that’s the price that every child must pay, in order, to, become, adults.

And so, this just showed, how the careless act of the adult can easily, DAMAGE a young child, and as adults, we are usually, too, careless, not paid enough attention to the children’s feelings, because most of times, we have our own problems that we’re having troubles dealing with on our own, so, these things, they happen, and, we don’t get our, do-overs in them.

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The Original Sins of the, Dumplings

Because the DDP sees the mayor of Hsinbei as a BIGGEST threat, that’s why, the side wings are, going after him right now, and, isn’t it EVERYBODY’s option to have whatever the HELL it is that they want to eat in the meals?  Apparently, N-O-T, according to the side wings of the DDP, the MINIONS of Tsai, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For those who are more intuitive, from a plate of dumplings, the people can tell what each other is thinking about, guessing your intentions, correctly.  The mayor of Hsinbei City, Hou posted the photo of the New Year’s meal he was having at home, a plate of dumplings, stated that the fillings inside the dumplings are the bliss he’d shared with his, loved ones.  The fans of the side wings of the DDP immediately started calling him out, stated that he was having the “Chinese Norther Province local’s” food for the New Year’s, that it was to show his loyalty toward the Retired Veteran’s from the National Army of the R.O.C., that he aimed at getting the votes of those who are from northern China who are eligible to vote here.

Under Tsai’s rule, the side wings of the DDP went all out, wit its sharpened tongues, going after all who spoke ill of the party and its leaders.  And now, they can, find the nonexistence of meaning in a plate of dumpling, giving it such an awful name, so truly, shocking!  Dumpling had been added to the people’s diets here for what, sixty, seventy years in counting, and someone actually found that it was not right, that the Hous had this item for his New Year’s Eve meal, and libeled that he did it for the purpose of getting the votes.  This sort of a side wings, truly, tragic!

the photo of Hou, mayor of Hsinbei City sharing what he had on New Year’s Eve on his social media…off of Yahoo! Tw

Actually, looking closer at the mayor’s New Year’s Eve meal, it’s almost all, vegetarian.  Other than the dumplings, the radish cakes, there were, the vegetables, soy bean byproducts, there were only, no more than three dishes of meats.  If a nutritionist sees his table, s/he would probably commend Hou and his families for healthy eating.  But, in those politically turned people’s minds, a plate of dumpling was, tabooed, believing, that Hou was too into keeping the seats, and feigning toward the true KMTs, that’s why, they were, after him.

But, immediately, someone from online asked, that Tsai’s New Year’s Eve meal was French cuisine, with the “buns of the black gold”, whose votes was it that she’s trying to win?  Plainly stated, the varieties of food items served on the New Year’s Eve meals meant that the tastes of the Taiwanese is becoming, worldly, that the diets are, evolving to healthier, merging the old with the news, and who says, that every New Years we must, keep guards to the traditions?

Do forgive the original sins of the, dumplings!

And so, the mayor of the Hsinbei City is only guilty, of, “flashing” his New Year’s Eve meal, of dumplings, and, the side wings of the DDP went after him, and this is still just, bullshit!

What we want for our meals, it’s entirely UP to US to decide, isn’t it?  and, when the @#$%ING government has something to SAY about what we can, and cannot enjoy for our meals, where’s the “Free” in that?

And so, we continue to, live under, the REIGN of TERROR of the DDP and Tsai…

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Calling the Corruptions of, War

The precedence of, Ukraine, still NOT, taken, seriously enough here, ‘cuz, oh yeah, there’s NO bombs, dropping down, blowing UP this god DAMN island that I’m currently living on, Y-E-T!!!  The Taiwanese “popularly elected government” is still FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) us all, up!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The scandals of corruption came out, the president of Ukraine, Zelenskyy fired FOUR assistant directors of government offices, five governors, an assistant district attorney, along with many other in the higher up government, including the assistant manager of his own office, Tymoshenko.

The corruption of Ukraine is already, world-renowned, and, Zelenskyy used the slogans of “fighting corruption” to help him win the elections; and yet, his closest cabinet members are corrupt, right under his, nose.  After the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict began, he’d used the green t-shirt to shape his own heroic image, while the corruptions of his government officials, ongoing outside the camera lenses.  And, this scandal made the rest of the world realized: that the corruptions of war give off of an even, bigger stench!

what they looked like, photo from online, and more are, “coming in”…

As the soldiers of Ukraine give their lives on the frontlines, lying DEAD, the higher up officials are living high, and extravagantly.  Tymoshenko had used the Chevy that were used to extract the locals to safety as his own; the assistant basic equipment manager, in a contract that helps restored water and electric power to the people, took a bribe of $400,000 in the engineering; even the D.o.D. took the kickbacks on the meal costs for the servicemen who are fighting the war on the, frontlines.

The disclosures of all of these, scandals, had, completely, blemished the justifiable reasons of a country’s going to war.  The problem being: is this scene, only unique to, Ukraine, or, is this, the unavoidable, results of, war?

Wu and Hsiao both stated to the foreign presses, matter-of-factly:  Taiwan is ready for war as a whole society.  Recently, there came, the news of the Speaker of the House, McCarthy’s possible visit in the springtime here, it’d only been, no more than six months since the Communist Chinese fighter planes, battleships started, circling Taiwan, and now, the DDP wanted to, defy the People’s Liberation Army of China.  But, doesn’t the DDP have other tricks up its, sleeve, why does it keep on, tooting the horns of, war?

The higher up of Ukrainian government got turned over, every call that’s loud for war, sounded like the war horns of, corruption, sounding, quite, suspicious!

the “head counts” from back in 2019! “Graph” found online

Of course, the U.S. would want us to go to war with China, after all, it’d, already RETREATED all those TMSC engineers out of the country by, “extraction”, leaving this island as, a vacant lot, and, hello, hello, hello, that’s what, 13 BILLION in population across the seas in China, and how many do WE have here???  Yeah, not even close to HALF of that, and so, here’s the “dilemma” (yeah right!): do we go and save the measly millions, offending BILLIONS in China (that would be, SUICIDE in business, you DO realize that, right???) or do we just, let that god DAMN island, that we’d already shipped ALL of our, outdated battle gears to, sink?

You do the “math”…

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We Can Put Up with Her Songs, But We Can’t, Put Up with Her Words of, Truth

As truths, normally, sounded like those NAILS, scratching across that BLACKBOARD???  How the DDP is, selective in only accepting the words of those who sucked up to them, and NOT the words of truths, the words of, real, advice, and we’re still, letting this, BAD political party, RUN our lives, to SIX feet under!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, there were, two women from Taiwan who’d gained the most number of news reports, one sang very well, one didn’t.  One gained her fame twenty-five years ago, the other, only risen to her fame recently.

They are, the legislator, Kao, the singer, Yuki Hsu.  One was born in 1978, the other, in 1980.  In the past, we’d called those ladies over forty “ma’am”, but now, we call them, “ladies”.

what Kao’s words sounded like, to the DDP! there’s, that, very, loud, annoying, sharp, SCREECH………photo from online

On the New Year Eve party this year, Yuki Hsu brought the past to everybody who were there, made the eyes filled with tears.  A woman of closes to forty-five still danced and sang, the younger ladies of the generations, can’t even, tag on her, taillights.  The songs, “I’m a girl”, “Great, Great, Great”, and, “Monster”……….too scary.  And if you don’t know any of these, you may have, lived up in the, mountains.  Don’t know if she’s actually a good singer, or the songs sounded very, melodic, every one can be a hit.

While Kao, as her mouth opened, everybody scattered, after all she is, no singer, but loved to perform, her “loss of executive control of office”, landed her the best female lead of the shows.  Every year the statistical department estimated the upcoming year’s predicted budgets, if the taxes collected is over the amount, then the government had, collected overtly, the bigger the difference meant the loss of function of the executive departments, or, that as the GDP goes up, every profession made more money, naturally, more taxes were being, collected, both of these explanations are, correct.

The two ladies in their forties both landed under that perfect spotlight.  One wanted to step off the podium, with everybody hollering “Encore!  Encore!  Encore!”; the other bowed to the masses in her apologetic means, and everybody booed her, wanted her to get OFF.

In recent times, they’re bringing back the, oldies, so, the songs of Yuki Hsu from twenty-five years back, sounded, new; but, to the supporters of the party in power, they’d much rather have the legislator, Kao sing more, and talk a whole lot, less, because, no matter how bad her singing voice is, it beats her telling the society the cold, hard, truths.

And so, this, is what this was, how the truthful words of the party’s legislator now, bit the party on the ass, and, this woman, she finally got some sense knocked into her, realizing, that the party she’s a part of doesn’t do anything for the people, that’s why she’d become, outspoken, because they went after her for something else, and now, the DDP tries to, silence her, but, I’m pretty sure, that Kao will keep on, singing her, tunes of, the truth about what the DDP truly is: corrupt to the core, rotten!

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The Cause of Poverty: Broken Relationships with the Families

The understanding, the awareness, that the writer arrived at, on his trip around Taiwan, to visit the distant region areas, where there are, too many families, waiting for, assistance, the call, for everybody to lend that, helping hand!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’d recently finished the fundraiser, 1919 Cycling Around Taiwan, the fifteen day cycling trip of “I ride, You donate”, for the families in dire need.  With a team of sixty-two cyclist, riding 1,300 kilometers around Taiwan, and we’d visited twenty-nine help center, to understand the trials of life of the families hit by emergency situations, hearing their voices, helped them walk that extra mile.  The fifteen days’ of in-depth entering into the poverty-stricken, distant regions, made me see what poverty looked like, and it’d made me realized, that “the origins of poverty WAS from the broken family relations!”

the plea…

photo from online

In actuality, poverty is a widely defined concept, there’s no set definition of it.  From the language, the two characters mean “extremely deprived”, so, poverty is used to describe people living in the hardships of economics, with a shortage of all the resources they’re in need of.  But, being poor, it’s a subjective interpretation, and a comparative; and, there are more levels of poverty than just the economical, materialistic, it may also include societal, economical, as well as political.  In my fifteen days cycling to raise fund for the poverty stricken regions, with personal contact, interactions with the dozens of families, it’d made me feel, that poverty is actually the results of “broken relationships”, especially of the family relationships that were, broken down.

Aunty Chang in Pingdong, is an exemplary case of this.  Aunty Chang is seventy-one, with the condition of mildly mental retardation, live with her younger brother who had a stroke, her own emotionally troubled son, and the nephew with epilepsy.  This family of four lived off of the assistance of handicapped individuals, and the assistance for the elderly.  What added to their difficulties was, that last year, there was a fire on the second floor of their home, the furniture all burned up, there’s now, just the living room on the first floor that can be, used, the originally home with almost nothing now, looked like ruins, and, as it rained, the house would, start, leaking, the place was totally, unoccupiable.  Our teams helped fixed up Aunty Chang’s home, and as she’d cried and told of her trials of life, I can only cry with her, and hugged her, to give her the emotional supports, and told the assistance foundation, to help them look for more resources to help the family, to help them fix up this broken home, so at least this family would have a steady roof over their, heads.

And, there was, an Atayal fellow cyclist this year on our team, who’d, gone on the entire fifteen days’ trip with us.  He’d witnessed the needs of these families, and shared with me, that what he saw, was no different than what he was growing up in, forty years ago.  When this man was only five, his father died from long-term alcohol abuse, leaving his mother, to raise him and his siblings up.  Thankfully, that his mother insisted on getting the children into the church, to help them keep their, faith; because of the church’s unconditional love, and help, it’d helped covered for the lacking of functionality of his family, and it’d helped the family members patched their relationship with one another, up, keeping this Atayal teammate of ours, not gone astray, and he was able to break away from the cycle of poverty, to not pass it down to the next, generation.

And now, the 1919 Cycling Around Taiwan’s fifteen-day long journey is over, but, the needs of these families in the distant regions are still, pressing, and all we can do, is to keep watch over them, continue to accompany these families in need, help raise the funds for the families that are faced with the emergencies, to help those who have the needs, for one more, extra, mile.  I invite you, the readers, to offer a helping hand to those families that are broken down, lacking the normal functions, so the members of these families can, have the hopes for a better, tomorrow.

what we can do to help!

poster from online

Because of you, love cycles!  Help us help those in poverty, to return the relations we share with the outside world back to, love again.

And so, this, is from going deep into the local regions, to SEE and FEEL the needs of these families, and, if we don’t get immersed in the trials of others, and learn to empathize with their situations in life, we will never be driven to help.

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Do I Let You Go, or Do I, Not???

Seeing you, growing weaker, weaker, becoming, less and less, than what (instead of a who now???) you were from before, I’d caught between letting you go and making you stay.

Do I let you go, or do I, not???  And, I gotta say, it makes me feel powerful (muah-haha, my EVIL laugh!), to have your lives in my hands.  But, do I let you go, or do I, not???  I mean, I can, just, pull that tube off of your oxygen mask, and put you out, of both our, miseries, but I really don’t want to get charged with, murder, but, that means, that you would have to, keep on, living with that, dying breath of yours, not yet, “expired”.

and that would be what that, looked, like…photo from online

So, what do I do, huh???

Do I let you go, or do I not???  It’s really, not up to me here, ‘cuz I am NOT G-O-D, nor would I, want to be, I’m just, an “innocent bystander” (am I now???) to your life, watching all of this, circle ‘round, flashing by, in a, huge, B-L-U-R…

Do I let you go, or do I, not???  Can I get back to you on that, I’m still, thinking about the “right” answer here, ‘cuz I wouldn’t want that SOLID F on my “grade report”.

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Due to TikTok, Su’s able to Keep His Position of Head of State

How the head of state, Su, became TikTok’s BITCH, and sold the country out, for SCRAPS, and, the rest of the DDP is just, standing on the sidelines, watching the “emperor” streak himself…(ahhhhhhhhhhhh, my E-Y-E-S!)  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Su had gone ALL out, to ensure that he stays in office as the head of State, tossing aside his broom, started his songs in TikTok.  The editors of the Executive Department made the short video of song to sing the praises of Su, other than using and reusing the motto of “this MAN, too BRASH!” to the fullest extent, even the pronunciation of the short video is using the Pekinese accent too.  The DDP listed TikTok as one of the primary reasons of what caused them to lose the elections, the Executive Department then ordered the public offices to not use the app, and yet, the head of state, Su tried to defy the law.  The legislator of the DDP, Kao stated: there must be the spies for the Executive Department that’s working undercover in China.

Su sang TikTok, and made a song of prisoner of war out of TikTok in losing the elections, it’s SLAPPING the DDP across its own face, and busted the claims of “Information Security IS National Security” made by Tsai.  Su is chasing the trends, and was willing to chime in with the songs that China plays, unafraid, that data regarding matters of security is getting sent, STRAIGHT to China.  Like the American dad warned, “TikTok is digital drugs”, that’s cast aside by him; certainly, this proved the statement, “soon as TikTok sounds off, the parents words, fall on deaf ears!”

like this…one is Su, the other, is China, and they’d, reached an, “agreement” alraeady….political cartoon found online

The elites of the DDP found that using the claims of defying China had lost the elections for them, and, they’d practically, started up the motto of, “Taiwanese for peace:, Tsai switched gears to chime in, while that huge banner of “Defying China to protect Taiwan” is tossed aside, in the burn pile of historical TRASH.  Seeing how the tides had, turned, it’s just as expected, that Su would, turn with the winds of trends.  The online community soured him: next time the DDP loses, are they going to take out the Taiwanese Independence Party first, or, are they going to call out for Unification with China?

To keep himself in office, Su sung high on TikTok, but, the government of Tsai still blocked the people from trading with China for their livelihoods.  Severed off the ships, reduced the number of flights between Taiwan and China, restricted the tourists from China to come on tourist visas, and the Department of Sanitation Welfares had even delayed the registration of food products with China from the companies here.  The president said that the country is willing to help China fight MERS-CoV, and yet, the people can’t even MAIL the fever-reduction meds out.  Under that tall wall of national security, the kindness, the goodwill between China and Taiwan buried too deep down, and yet, the doggy doors of how the DDP using the excuse of defying China are all over the places.

Thanks to Su, whose song on TikTok tore the wall of national security down.  If he continues as the head of state, it proved, that the Chinese app is set to work here; and, we can kiss the infiltrations of national security, cultural warfare, goodbye for good.

So, the DDP is still singing that song of, “Stand Against China, Fight for Taiwanese Independence”, when the Head of the State of this god DAMN country already rolled OVER to PLAY dead for China, wow, what does that make us?  Oh, China’s BITCH too, I mean, the rest of the world, the U.S., the other countries of this global planet are already, in China’s pockets (I mean, do you know HOW much money thirteen billion people can generate???  And, who’s, RETARDED enough, to fight that huge a population, I mean, you DO realize, that as soon as China BANS someone from doing business, no trade, the country will, SINK!!!), it’s a wonder, that Su had now, changed, HIS “tunes”, and yet, his a Communist supporter (wolf), in Taiwanese independence (DDP)’s skin!

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As the Trial by Jury System Started, How Can it Ensure the Righteousness of the Decisions

Now, we get the “show” of TWELVE ANGRY MEN (or however there may be on the juries here???) in reality here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The system of trial by jury had formally begin, and, for the first three years, the cases of intentional crime causing death, like murder, vehicular manslaughter, assault causing death, and other crimes, will be decided by three court justices, plus six jurors.  And, these cases are now, questioned for the righteousness of the judgments.

In the cases where the jurors are called, the courts needed to randomly pick out the members of the jury.  The selection proceedings, would be hosted by the court judges, and the district attorneys, along with the defense attorney will take turns, and asking questions on the prospect jurors, to get rid of those individuals with an already, formed opinion.  The district attorneys, the defendant, and the defense attorney all had four without-reason means to eliminate the jurors, plus the process of selection isn’t open to the public, how can it be certain, that the justified, the correct jurors got selected, and, this can only come, after the system of trial by jury begins.

What’s more troubling is, that although the court justice will tell the jurors not to discuss the specifics of the cases they’re presiding over, that if there’d been found to be disclosures, then, the jurors would be facing a six-months sentence or less, but, it would be next to impossible, for the jurors to find the specifics of the cases from online, or the related reports, the information on the defendants, to the point of, discussing the cases with the public on their opinions of the cases.  And, as this is expected to happen, it will, not jut cause the pressures on the jurors, but also, it would, impact the fairness of the trials, and these are, some challenges that this system of trial by jury will be facing.

what we will, be, looking at during the trials now! From the play, off of YouTube

And so, all of these issues, the justice system failed to consider, before it’d, implemented the trial-by-jury system, and these are important considerations, I mean, how would you know, that the families of these jurors of these cases they’re going to rule on, won’t look up the details of the case, especially if the cases they’re sitting in are major scale, murders, or money laundering, or others?

So, it’s going to take a long period of adjustment for the system of trial by jury, to finally, fall onto, the right tracks, and, those who’d committed the crimes, during this, first few months to first few years, can’t expect a fair case for them, as they’re, the newest “lab rats”, used to test this, new system!

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The Homeless Weathering the Winter, the Misunderstood Gazes Felt Colder than the Harsh Winter Winds

The observations, of someone who HAS, that roof, over his head, the interactions with the local homeless populations, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The winter sun finally showed its face, I’d gone to the gazebo of my local park to have my picnic, there was a middle aged man lying on the benches, sleeping, peacefully, everything is, serene.

Then suddenly, a police officer barged into the park, first, he’d, started filming the man who was asleep on the bench, then, waken him up using a loud voice.  The man woke in shock from his reams, not known, what had, happened?  The officer explained, “I’m showing care and concerns for you!”, then, disappeared, in a flash.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or to be shocked, this sort of “care”, surely, it’s, awakening all right!

The police may mistaken that he was a member of the homeless in the community, but, from what he had one, and what he took with him, he may be a member of the local communities, just out for a walk at the park, and saw that the weather’s nice, and lay down on the park benches to, sleep a bit.  And, this “lying flat down” move of his, caused the officer to mistake him for a homeless man.

This way of showing cares and concerns for the homeless population, no wonder, all the homeless people had escaped out of this, particular, park!  There were the female homeless persons who’d, selected to camp out in the public restrooms instead.

This seemingly shiny, glorious society, is actually, a desert for the lesser, they’d relied on the kindness of others to keep themselves alive, they’re all, nomads in the city here.  Those with the resources, write out the rules of the game of survival that only benefitted themselves, willing to sacrifice more employees to win, those with the families to provide for, those who want to keep a regular work, sleep schedules……..are most often, the losers, some may become members of the scam artist rings; those who’d fallen, to the bottom of the food chains of this society, might actually be those who refused to sell their souls, those who refused to go against their own, conscience.

Due to the high cost of housing, and the gaps between the rich and the poor widening, now, even those who are just out of colleges wanted to just lay flat, how can we blame the homeless for not working hard enough?  Treating the homeless who didn’t know how to fight back, as the damaged goods of the results of the progression of the society; in this crazy world, there are those who appeared bright and shiny, but had been rotten down in the cores, those are the truly, broken.

winters are getting even harder for those without a roof over their, heads!

this is all, that those at the bottom of the society can do, to keep themselve alive, through the cold winters…photo from online

I’d gone to Taichung for a trip from before, went to a local park to get some sun.  Before I’d left, I’d gone to use the restrooms, saw an older man at the sink, washing up a heavy coat, that brand new looking faucet, with not enough water coming out of it, the man worked hard, cleaning his clothes, like he was, trying to, wash away his, identity too.  I’d gone outside, saw a few of his article of clothing exposed out in the open at the corner of the park, I’d returned back to inquire, “it’s already winter now, the thick coat, without the washing machines to wring it dry, you may need at least, two, three days for it to dry out completely, what’ll happen to you when you get cold at night?”, those who are down and out, had no choice, the man smiled and told me, “I’ll fare just fine!  It’ll be, okay!”

I’d served my armed service terms in Taichung from before, and personally experienced the horrifying temperature change from day to night, once I was on shift as a standing guard in the middle of the nights, I’d had my army outfit fully on, with a large coat, it still wasn’t enough, and even after I’d put my raincoat on, I was still, shivering underneath.

I’d asked the man, if he wanted a sleeping bag?  He’d nodded.  But, I can’t get one for him, and so, I’d, taken my brand new feather filled coat I bought recently that I was wearing to him.  These past few years, I’d given out, several of my coats already, if I couldn’t purchase the sleeping bags these homeless in the community needs, that’s what I’d, done for them.  The elderly man kept pushing the coat away, but took it because I’d insisted.  Without the coat, I was, suddenly attacked by the colder winds, and, fearing the cold, I’d often gotten ill because of it, and I can’t imagine, how these homeless on the streets are, weathering the cold of the days and nights of winter.

From before, there bus station at Jen-Ai Road, the sky bridges had many homeless persons camping out on it, some had kept the dogs too.  Most may wonder, when you can even keep yourselves full anymore, why would you want to have a dog?  Because dogs don’t discriminate against the homeless, and they’d offered warmth of their bodies to the homeless in the cold, dark nights.  And now, the bridge was being, torn down, I’d wondered where would those homeless people, go?

The attitudes toward the homeless in the city of Taipei had changed a lot, but only in the regions where the massive numbers of homeless population gathered, and, those who are alone, are faring way, way worse, and the homeless in the other cities, I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like for them!

Or maybe, what chilled people to the bones wasn’t the cold winds of winter, but those misunderstandings, misconceived notions we have of the homeless population.

And so, this, is how the bottom half of this society worked very hard, to keep themselves alive, and warm, as best as they possibly can, in the winter seasons, and, there are more living on the streets now than before, because of the bad economy, and, when we, ordinary people can’t even make our own ends meet, how would we have the spare changes, the extra mind, to give and pay to these, people who are actually, the most in need, now that winter’s, getting colder by the days in the world right now?

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Taking it All Too, Slow, the Government Led by Tsai is Still Waiting for Our Upset to Finally Get to It

On that losing STREAK now, the DDP is, on the party that DERAILED from the wills of we the people, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The losses of the nine-in-one elections, the pains aren’t even over yet and the DDP is still, evaluating, what went, wrong, then came for it, another loss of the election of the mayor of Chiayi too, and, the head of state, Su kept on, ranting incessantly, and still stalled the flights to and from China, the FDA still, trying to, weasel their ways from the labeling of the exports of items from here to China, the district attorney’s offices are, going all out, going after Kao, with the government of Tsai, keep on, doing things that upset the people that are, unjust.  For the elections in Chiayi, Huang used the 63.6-percent votes, defeated Lee’s 34.8-percent, which clearly stated that we the people, no longer followed the leaderships of the DDP now.

From any angle, however, there’s no hurry nor worries over the DDP’s loss of the local district elections.  In calling out to the party members to “stay together”, the various sects o the DDP maintained their silence, for now, seemingly waiting for Lai to become the chairperson of the party, then, the whole party will have the victories of the 2024 elections in the pockets.  As for what responsibilities should Tsai shoulder, does the cabinet led by Su need to be, switched out, dose the government need to adjust the direction it’s heading, is the party switching out the incompetent members of the higher up offices, none of these, are in the DDP’s, considerations.  Yes, the DDP can still, take its, sweet time, using the word of Chen on the imports of groupers being banned to export to China: we are waiting for the public to get angrier.

until we became, an angry MOB like this, the DDP is not going to look AT itself and examine its own, bad behaviors, until we overthrow the DDP, it won’t know what it’d done wrong! Photo from online

but we the people are just, way too, civilize to rise up or to, RIOT!!!

The DDP had been in power for a whole of six and a half years now, the party’s used to getting its ways with the policies, it may not even recall, what the “upsets of the people” is.  Especially for the president, Tsai, for two whole years, she’d, stayed, out of the spotlight, not hosted any press conferences, or got interviewed by the press, she’s now, only used to public speaking to a small group of press, or posting on FB, not facing up to the questioning or the inquiries of the party, or outside her own political party, and, I’m afraid, that the words, “People’s Opinions” have slowly, gotten, erased from, her, mind.  Based off of the Taiwanese People’s Opinions Foundation’s latest polls, the rate of support of DDP went from 41.2-percent from three months ago to now, 3.5-percent, and, it’d, intersected with the support for the KMT.  Can these changes, at least, WAKE Tsai up about the people’s opinions of her, as well as her, party too?

Take Chiayi for example, the 2020 elections, Tsai won an all-time-high votes of all of DDP’s history.  At this time, the mayoral elections, Lee only won 32,790 votes, not even a-third of the votes that Tsai had won.  And the DDP doesn’t wonder: where did the missing votes of more than 66,000 go in just a little over two years?  Like Chen, and Lin, the assistant secretary to the presidential office, Lee was also, a favorite of Tsai’s, and, had, just like all others, stepped over other people, to get higher up.  But this time, the Central Election Commission’s delaying voting for Chiayi, in the end, the executive offices, the higher up of the party are, already having their own troubles, and couldn’t help him campaign, and in exchange, the city got an all-time low voting rates, and the DDP’s losing the race.

The DDP took power, and made many calculations for their own benefits, and it’d upset the voters ever the more.  And yet, the evaluation committee led by Cheng that was supposed to evaluate what the party did to cause it to lose big, still can’t hit the bull’s eyes to this very day.  Some blamed it on the elongating of the service terms, causing the younger generations to not vote for the party, some believed, that the stance of the party on the relations with China needs to change, some blamed it on the fake news cognitive warfare; blaming everything, but nobody DARED state the obvious, “it’s because the DDP strayed from the public’s expectations, and the values of democracy”.  Losing to this bad, the party doesn’t even make a peep on the evaluations of what’d happened to it, how will it introspect?  How will it know what it needs to improve on?

What’s worse is not just playing dumb in the post-elections evaluations, but how the members of the party was paid off, and the going after of the members who’d not won.  Before Lai was the chairperson of the party yet, his subordinate, Yu who was fired from his post from his affairs, got put up for the post of the C.E.O. of “Taiwan Information Security Agency”.  And, the younger brother of the legislator, Chiu who was sentenced for the smuggling of the cigarettes in the China-Airlines case, got a promotion that was recently announced by China-Air.  While Kao, the candidate for Hsinchu, who was debated on the fees she’d paid her assistant, had been gone after hard by the district attorney’s office.

Ironic as it is, had the DDP not claimed its grander ideals, it’s double-standards currently, won’t have that adverse an effect to the people; had Tsai not issued so many declaration, using her writing style, her means of ruling this country wouldn’t be interpreted by we the people as cruel.  That big ship is turning slowly now, the DDP is evaluating what went wrong, even, slower, as the upsets of the people get loud enough, then you shall, finally, feel, our, wraths!

And so, this is what this, party-by-the-people is in essence, it’d, SCREWED us over from the days of shortages of vaccines, then, from using the citizens in this country as guinea pigs for the vaccine tests, for importing in the vaccines in late, for banning the imports of BioNTech vaccines late, because the agent is from China, and count up how many are already DEAD, and still dying, contracting the virus here in this country, not to mention, the favoring those immoral losers in the party, and trying to go after those who don’t follow their leads, and it still doesn’t have enough abilities to introspect, and, for certain the DDP is on its way, to losing the major presidential election coming up in 2024 for sure!

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