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The Long-Term Care Tragedy Strikes Again, the Man in His Fifties Cared for His Mother in Her Eighties, Both Found Dead

Another tragedy, from the long-term care “division” here, and this still keeps on happening!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Neighbors Smelled Something Rancid, as the Police Broke Down the Door, the Bodies Had Already Rotted, the Family Was NOT Listed as High-Risk, the City Councilperson: the Social Welfare Policies Should Get Reevaluated Again

The fifty-five-year-old Wang took care of his own eighty-two year-old bedridden mother on his own long term, yesterday, both were found dead, in their old residential three-story mansion home in Shuling District, Hsinbei City, the bodies were both, rotted already.  Based off of the preliminary reports of the police, Wang committed suicide, while his mother died of illness, and who died first, and the causes of death is still, pending autopsy.

The district manager, Lin told, that Wang is the eldest son, had been caring for his long-term bedridden mother on his own, Wang’s younger brother lives close by, is the sole economic provider of the family, the younger brother originally wanted to place their mother in a home, but Wang refused, insisted on caring for her himself, and yet, both died.

The local police investigated, that Wang’s family wasn’t listed as high concern to the social services, there were NO records of seeking out help, the mother-son pair lived in the three-story home; Wang’s mother is elderly, had a stroke before, with the progressive conditions, was long time bedridden, immobilized, with Wang shouldering the care all on his own.

At around two in the afternoon, the neighbors called that they smelled rotten corpse, the fire department and the police came, broke down the door, found Wang’s mother dead on the bed of the first floor bedroom, the son dead in the bedroom on the third, both had died some time, because of the weather being too hot, the bodies already rotted out, there was no note.

At the preliminary investigations of the scene, there was no outside forces, the police suspected that Wang committed suicide, his mother died of illness, but, who died first, is still pending autopsy.

The Hsinbei Social Services stated, that the man in charge of the local borough already rushed over to take care of the funeral for the families.

The city councilwoman, Liao told, that the government should reexamine the social welfare policies, to set up a looser evaluation for filing for government assistance in long-term care means, so the social security network can be set properly, through the aging club, the dine-together, and the long-term care locations, to keep tabs on the elderly’s situations; for the long-term bedridden elderly, the city government should send people to their homes to schedule the visits to see if they’re all right.

And so, despite how the system is set up (not to mention, running already!), this SHIT still keeps on, recurring, because these are the people who can’t ask for help, and, the city government just doesn’t have the eyes, the minds, to keep tabs on everybody in the city who’s in need of the assistance, and, relying on the local boroughs, that’s not going to work, because, it’s one to, how many households again per district?  Exactly, so this is why this keeps on happening, and the city council is blaming it on the city in sum!  But it still isn’t the city’s fault…


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Is it Police Brutality, as the Police Beaten the Bodybuilding Strong Man Down as They Tried to Take Him into Custody?  It’s More of Arresting a Perp Who Is Committing a Crime Getting Caught

After the ENTIRE story had been told, this is how a law professor interpreted the events, what the officers did, still was, NOT, “police brutality”, but it’s easy for the viewers of the video to misconstrue the law enforcement officials’ behaviors as, because of how the assailant’s had blood running down his, face, after he was hit in the head by the officers who were there to arrest him…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile ago, in the jurisdiction of the Zhongli Police Substation there was a man that resembled the Hulk who’d gone into the super convenience shop and started vandalizing the shop, two officers were sent to the location to take care of it, and in the end, the large man was beaten to bleeding all over his face, the locals started, filming this, and streamed the footages to the online media.  A portion of the locals believed that the police didn’t do anything wrong, the other sect believed that they were too brutal.  I however, think, that you can just, see the results and make your judgments, but we must, review over the process.

I’d looked at the footages posted closely, four total, and, the police’s way of handling was this: as the police arrived, the two officers restrained the large man’s arms, but, the man suddenly started attacking the two officers, and the officers were hit five, six times on their head, or back, and clearly, the officers couldn’t, dominate him, and so, they ran off, and, took out the pepper spray and sprayed the assailant, Hulk walked out of the store, headed out of the store.  It may be the pepper spray’s taking effect, as the man exited the shop, he’d, fallen onto the floor outside, but still slurred in speech, “I will, kill you all!”, at this time, the footage showed an officer with an iron police baton, beating on the Hulk’s head, twice on his head, ten times on the body, hollered at him, “hands behind your back, hands behind your back”, the Hulk put his hands behind his back, another officer went up to cuff him, and, as he was cuffed, the police did NOT continue to hit the man.  And at the end, what we saw was, the large man was cuffed, stumbling and falling outside the shop, blood coming from his face, quite thrilling, with the officers, wiping the blood off his face with a tissue to stop him from, bleeding.

and here’s a video of the events, off of YouTube, this video “blames” the officers for hitting the large man twelve times after he was already, sitting on the outside of the shop!

But for those who’d zoomed in at the last segment of how the largely built man was bleeding, and the police hitting him, will believe: the police used brutal force in enforcing the law; and the attorneys might note, the police hitting the strong man wasn’t justifiable cause for defending themselves.  But I’d noted, that as the police was chased by the largely-built man, getting attacked by him, and how they’d, cuffed him, after they’d, hit him, because this is, what’s normal during an arrest of a suspect.  Reason being, that as police are called, there would be those perps who don’t believe they’d  done anything wrong, or refused to behave, and at this time, out of necessity, the police selected to use force to enforce the law.  And, those who came late would operate on hindsight, told, that the police should be more patient in telling the perp, and wait until backup arrives, then make the, arrests, if this had happened, then, the locals may interpret the officers as, not doing their jobs, that they’re, “slacking off”.

Some believed, that after Hulk was subdued, the police could stop beating him.  Problem being, how can you tell, that Hulk had been, subdued?  I believe it’s when he finally got cuffed at the hands.  Letting the suspect go after the suspect was cuffed, the police will get sued to not doing their duties as officers correctly, and as the suspect breaks away from police control after getting cuffed, the police also gets sued for allowing the suspect to escape arrest, and so, it’s easiest to tell, if the man had been, subdued as the cuffs are placed on the wrists.  What I saw in the video that’s streamed online was, the police had, stopped hitting the man, but, did the officers go overboard in law enforcement?  And, if you believe that the man’s stop resisting arrest is his, “being subdued by the police”, that’s because you did NOT see how much forces the man was using to attack the officers, and, it’s hard for the officers on site, to not worry that the man might, suddenly, attack them, again.

I believe, that in the process, the police’s hitting the man twelve times, is the process of them, taking him into custody, the process of arrest, it isn’t, police using brute force, nor is it their, “using their duties to hurt the criminal”.

So, based off of what’s said, from the video, it’s easy for the viewers of come to the mistaken conclusions that the police were using brutality in arresting this large man, but, based off of the before, the during, and the after, the police did exactly what they were paid to do, to keep the shop safe, to protect the citizens in the local areas, to prevent further damages to the store being done by this, huge man who’d, suddenly, lost, control.

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Had Your Lives Improved, Since Tsai Took Office, Seven Years, Ago???

How had the people’s lives, improved better, since the DDP took office???  It hadn’t, and if you think that it had, then, you’re, totally, DELUSIONAL (and, GET H-E-L-P!!!)!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Tsai government had been in office for seven whole years to date, asking all around me, that sacred vote that you had, cast in the ballots, did it, make your life, better?  For the sake of the ideologies of democracy, more than eight million people voted for the officials of the DDP, and, let me ask all of you, seriously now, what changes had you guys had these few years?

How long exactly, is, seven years?  It’s long enough, for a middle school student to enter into high school, finish high school, and to, graduate out of, university, becoming the greenhorns of the workforces soon now.  The campaign promises of making housing affordable, to maintain the peace between Taiwan and China, all went, BUST!  Putting aside the wages, lowering the average incomes of the people, the younger generations are now, feeling that it’s, a fairytale, to purchase their own, homes, can you imagine, how scary it is, how a government, can kill off the dreams and the futures of the younger generations, in just, seven, years!  The armed services terms, about to get, lengthened, post graduation is on the docket, with China and Taiwan, in zero, contact, how scary is that!

Recently, the second in command of the department of Labor posed, that if the cost of housing is way too high in Taipei, then, the younger generations should purchase their homes in Chiayi, this is, the words of, a government too, incompetent.  And the end results of the higher up government officials caring less about the people’s lives, is that the gap between the rich and the poor will only get, wider, those without the money tried their hardest to, survive, and those with the riches, trying to, live, better.

The key characteristic of democracy is majority rule, and, every citizen of the country will be shouldering the choices of, the, majority, with the 2024 election coming right up, let’s stopped getting blackmailed by “the next Hong Kong”, “the next Ukraine”, we are, Taiwan, the keep on fighting, Formosa!

Yeah, this is a vital article, that everybody needs to, study (and I don’t mean just, skim through!), because, this stated  the problems that the DDP caused, in its, authoritarianism over the island, and, life still isn’t better, compared to when Tsai first took her first term as, president, in fact, the moment she declared herself for winning the presidential election, the country started, going down south, and we’re still, not yet hitting, that, rock bottom anytime soon here!

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Beneath the, Rubbles

A poem on the despair, the desolation of the aftermath of an, earthquake, translated…

“I Woke This Morning/and Realised/there were/no birds/left”~~Charlotte Trevella

The Light & Dark, Clock


The Feathers, Light in Sorrows

The Murmurs of Dusts & Sands

Breathing Became an Unharmonized Music

The Moon Swelled Up More

the aftermath…with the world all around, broken into, bits, and, pieces, yet, people’s lives still, go, on…photo from online

The Skeletal Abandon of Tires

The Puss of the Tar.  At a Quarter Past, Midnight

The Bright Light that Came Out of No Way

Whose Face is This?

The Rusted Iron, the Tulips, the Windowsills

Broken Glass, the Mandibles

Fate is Heavy Like the Buddha

Under the Angry Gazes of the Roof

Girl & Boy, the Rubbles

With the Purple & Yellow Flowers, the Search Dogs Went Seeking

Seven on the Scale, Another Seven

Above the Rest of the World

In the Pupils of the Moss

The Clouds, the Geese, Underneath that Scorching Sun

The Jets Still Shot Through the Skies

The Skies Cracked Wide Open Like the Chest Cavity

With the Broken Bones that Fell Out, All Over the, Places

with the rescue missions, ongoing…photo from online

And this, is what, despair looked, like, after a massive scale disaster, an earthquake, everything is broken down to bits and pieces, and, there may be someone who’s, buried deep, beneath the rubbles, and, nobody knows, if the individuals who were buried alive, will be, saved, or if they are, going to die, or if they’re, already, dead.  That is, how, unpredictable, life, is…

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A Cute Stranger

On lending that helping hand, to a stranger in need, who didn’t know how to ask for help…translated…

The sun finally, came back out, and chased away the icy cold rain of days, before, that day, the Da-An Forest Park was so populated, the people all came out, and, posed in the seasonal sea of hydrangeas.  In the crowd, I saw an eye-catching elderly woman, head hung down low, squinted her eyes, with the precious gemstone ring on her index finger, she’d, started, tapping the screen of her, cellphone, the earrings that hung from her earlobes, glowed bright under the sun.  She’d mumbled to herself, “Where’s the selfie?  Can’t find it again, how awful!”

The cell phone screen is too tiny, with the words, even, smaller, a total challenge for the elderly who don’t have 20/20 vision.  I’d allowed my nosiness to take over me, gone up to ask her, “Aunty, would you like me to take your picture for you?”

She’d started nodding like crazy, and started posing too, one minute, she’d, tilted her head, smiled, the next, she’d, struck her pearl necklace on purpose, she looked like, a professional, model, like the earlier eras of the movie stars, standing for the shots.  She’d constantly inquired, “how do I look?  Did you get my earrings?  My necklace?  Can you see my ring?  I’m sending these photos to my granddaughter, she’s studying abroad, she’s amazing!  I want to show her, that I’m, wearing EVERY piece of jewelry she bought for me!”

So, in the glow of the precious stones, is the love of the grandmother and granddaughter.  As I took the photos, I’d, had her check every shot, other than thanking me, she also told me, “I don’t know how to take selfies, nobody helps  me out, thankful, I’d met you.”

I’d told her, “someone will help you with your selfies, if only you ask for help!”

She’d repeated what I said, “oh, so long as I ask, someone will come to assist me, okay, I’ll be sure to, remember that then……”

After that, she’d walked to another location, and I actually saw someone else, who was willing to help her.  And suddenly, I’d recalled a song, “A Cute Stranger”, and I’d finally understood the meaning of the title of the song then.

And so, all you got to do is, ask, so, why don’t you, huh???  Because you don’t want to trouble anybody else, because you don’t want to look STUPID, after all, everybody knows a lot, more than you, right?

But, if you don’t ask for help, how the HECK would you, get the help you need?  I mean, we’re not all, mind readers, who can look at a stranger, and know right off the bat, hey, s/he needs some assistance.

So, A-S-K!

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Don’t Let Discrimination Spread Across the School Campuses

The name-calling, and, I’m sure, it’d, started out, very innocently, by these, middle school, students, but, this showed of the intolerance the people have for different cultures, how ignorant, the schools can be, in allowing these sorts of discriminatory remarks to get posted!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile ago, a carnival stand at the First High School in Taichung had the name of “Sodium Cyclopentadienide” homophonous with “you DEAD Native”, it’d caused the online community to get heated up.  In actuality, this wasn’t an isolated incident; last year, at a middle school in Taichung, there’d been an incident of someone calling a native, “You DEAD Native”, that’s caused a fight to break up, that ended in the victim of the bullied leaping off the building to commit suicide.  The school and the department of the school responsible in overseeing these issues in discrimination, if they don’t take these things seriously enough, and start changing the systems, once the modeling effect sets in, there would be more and more cases of bullying in schools.

There are two facets worth noting in this current “incident”: the meaning of these events, what the schools and departments of the schools responsible should do about it.  On the meaning of the events, the racism in school went from the individual, to the collective.  The propaganda with the discrimination isn’t from just one individual, but through the discussion of the class, which they’d, come up with; not only did the theme carry that overtone of discrimination, the items served on the stand, are also, insulting to the, natives.  A group of sixteen, seventeen year-old boys, spent a whole lot of time in class, discussing about how they’re to, verbally assault a certain group, this collective discrimination is alerting to the realms of, education for sure.

at a school carnival like this, where discrimination against the natives was, happening! Photo from online

Although the school demanded the students take down the posters as soon as it was sighted, and gave the class opportune education, to prevent the discrimination from spreading, but the severity which the school viewed the events, needed more attention on.  What sort of a schooling environment, can cause the students to make fun of another race, subculture so heartlessly, to STEP on the dignity of the group, to view it as, something, funny.  I strongly recommend, that the school go back, and reexamine the lacking of education in cultural awareness, race, equality, to make up for the damages of the events, and to have the measures, to PREVENT these sorts of things from recurring again.

Besides, the school should not forget, that there are, many, native students attending the school, as a parent of native origins, we feel it, that our young is, learning in an, unfriendly environment.  I suggest, that the school should pay more attention to the minds, the psychological wellbeing of the natives students who are attending the school, to not put this group of students under more pressures, or cause them to become the detonator of conflicts on the campuses.

And, although the education forum had started pushing forth the education of native cultures in the policies, through the curriculum, teaching the students to understand the native cultures more, but, comparing to the gender equality education, with its separate set of curriculum, there is, the room for more improvement on this.

And so, this, is how something that’s, so “innocent” (no it’s not!), can get blown, out of, control, and, these students did NOT get their discriminatory beliefs, from thin air, they must be, absorbing these values, from watching the adults in their lives, interact with their, environments, because, children still watch and, learn, and, the school, as well as the classroom are both at FAULT, for NOT “reviewing” things, more, carefully!


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You’d Become a Fish, in a, Fish Tank…

You’d become a fish, in a, fish tank now, with all your family members, “tuning in” to that webcam they’d asked the nurses at the hospital to set up for them, to help them, surveil you, at those, designated, times.

You’d become a fish, in a, fish tank, only, you can’t swim freely like the fishes in the confines of that tank, instead, you’re, STUCK in that bed, with the tubes going in and out of you, that oxygen mask on your nose and, mouth.

what the elder, became…photo from online

You’d become, a fish, in a, fish tank now, only for those who cared about you, to “view”, at those, designated, time slots.  And, there’s, nothing you can say, or do, to take the control of your life, back, as you’d become, incapacitated already…

You’d become, a fish, in a, fish tank, and I feel sorry for how your loved ones, treated you like, some rare species of living creature they’re, trying to, keep, alive………

You’d become, a fish, in a, fish tank, as you are, living out, these, final moments, of your, life…………

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Connecting The Dots — Filosofa’s Word

What follows is a portion of Robert Hubbell’s newsletter from yesterday, looking back at last week and connecting the dots to see the broader picture. A Reflection On Last Week Robert E. Hubbell 10 April 2023 Tonight, I offer a reflection on last week—and a suggestion about how we must respond. We went into last […]

Connecting The Dots — Filosofa’s Word

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We’d Not Crossed that Invisible Boundary from Before, and Now, We’re, Pushing OVER it, Who Made the Communist Chinese Government Start Flashing Their Weapons

The call for Taiwanese independence, and look where it’d gotten us, because of the DDP president, Tsai and her GOONIES, Communist China set its goals, to HIT us, and we the people, are allowing this DICTATOR to RUN this god DAMN country, to SIX FEET, under!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The president, Tsai had just met with the Speaker of the House, McCarthy, from before that, the Chinese declared the initiation of patrol of the Taiwanese Strait; the head of the D.o.D. also confirmed that the battleship from China had crossed the Bashi Channel.

Although the American government called out of Communist China to NOT overreact, and last year when Pelosi visited Communist China returned the “favor” with series of military drills, last time, the Communist Chinese armed forces used the drills, last time the Communist Chinese used the military drills to get closer to the boundaries, to delete the “lines between China and Taiwan”, back then, it was more of the aerial and now, China started, exerting its power using the waters.

In 2009, the manager of the Taiwan Work Office of the CPC Central Committee, Wang cast aside opening the boundaries of the straits, and yet, the then president Ma immediately turned him down, stressed, that the invisible boundary is where the air force drills are training in, that this decision was based off of national security, not of anything else, that he will NOT back down from this angle, that we’re, standing TOUGH by this, no room for discussion.

what that, looked, like, with this country a tiny, cup, and China, a HUGE pitcher! Cartoon from online

see that, “size” difference???

And now, because of Pelosi visiting Taiwan, it’d helped Communist China erased this invisible boundary.  The originally open air was allowing only the passenger flights to pass, a no-fly zone for the Communist Chinese aircrafts, and now, the assortment of fighter planes are, coming and going in and out, like this boundary is now, no man’s, land.

As the Communist aircrafts barged into the aerial border of Taiwan more and more frequently, this is surely to cause a deep and longer-lasting effect on safety, and, this time, the Tsai-McCarthy conference, gave Communist China a valid reason to break through the borders.

Still recalled how back in the fifties and sixties, when our air force had more of an advantage, with the control over the aerial borders of the Taiwanese Strait, and back then, the Communist Chinese fighter planes did NOT dare crossing into our borders; now, no matter if it was by sea, by air, the Communist Chinese armed forces are, invading in.

Back then, the Communist fighter planes and battleships rarely set out, and the Taiwanese Strait belonged solely to this country, and, the surrounding seas are the fishers’ fishing fields, and now, everything’s, changed, the key being, how China is on the rise, and another, because Tsai, due to how she wanted a place for Taiwan in the world, that’s caused this.

The immediate and pressing task, is to return back to the years of China and Taiwan agreed to let one another run one’s own countries independently, then, everything will be well because then we will be able to, communicate, this is, the only way we can, resolve the cores of this, problem.

And see how the DDP and Tsai had, FUCKED up this country?  From before, the Communist Chinese forces did NOT barge in, because the leaders of this country did NOT cry aloud, “TAIWANESE INDEPENDENCE”, and now, as Tsai and her goonies started up the calls for revolution against Communist China, yeah, look what they’re doing, trying to, SILENCE us, and this leader of the country still did NOT have we the people’s, welfare in her mind, she only cared about her own, ideologies, which is, to stay in control of the government, for as long as she can, to call for, Taiwanese independence, so Communist China can, ATTACK us eventually, then she can say, “Aha!  I knew that would happen”, and it’s still, a SELF-FULFILLING, prophecy.

Don’t tell me that you don’t see that…

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Everyone Who Resides on This Island Should Learn How to Use an AK47, Destined for DEATH

How the U.S. plan to MANIPULATE the people in this country, the DDP government (oh wait, that’s already been done, we are, the U.S.’s BITCH already, remember???) and this island will end up, just like HIROSHIMA, after the NUCLEAR bombs dropped after…what was it???  World War I or II?  Can’t remember, but feel free to check it up online, people!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

To protect the peace of Taiwanese Strait, to avoid Communist Chinese invasion, this is, a most important task for Taiwan and the U.S.  And yet, O’Brien’s many suggestions to the Department of Defense, are like getting the prescriptions from the dead: even if the avoiding of war, the peaceful methods not being considered, the U.S. only wanted us to add the oils to an already starting to burn flame.

The People’s Liberation Army at the end of last century, already used its own developed 87, 95 rifles to replace the AK47s, and now, the brand new improved O3 is also, added in in the ammo.  Their exteriors, interiors, the bullet size, are all very different to the AK series.

If the Communist forces invaded Taiwan, no matter how amazing our national army is, we won’t get our hands on an AK rifle, to kill off the invaders.  The bad joke of “everybody learns how to use an AK47”, it’s the delusions of how the aerial defense here is using the F-104 fighter planes; or how the police awhile back, mistook the model guns as arms getting out into the public.

what the Taiwanese government EXPECTS we the people, citizens of Taiwan to do! Photo from online

Not discussing the type of weaponry, “everybody learns to fire a gun” isn’t a new idea.  Not too long ago, those students in the high school level, they’d had to go to the shooting practices in the military mandatory courses in their schools.  To this very day, even though the effects of the four-month long military training classes had been underfire, at least, it’d helped the males in this country to have the ability to pick up a rifle and shoot.  And, if O’Brien called out to the Taiwanese government, to quickly start up the training sessions of the military courses, or mandate that women are to enroll into the armed services training, not every citizen here would agree to that.  And yet, his suggestions toward the defense of Taiwan against Chinese invasion, it’s based off of his whims, using the subjective to try to sway the beliefs of the people here, he’d not done HIS, homework at all.

Furthermore, the talks of putting the missiles in storage at the local substations, and when necessary, the destruction of TMSC, to everybody in the country learning how to use the assault rifles, it’s all signing the death warrant of this country.  And, the expectancies of Taiwan’s will in the “Calling of defying China”, don’t we need the U.S. as a tougher backup to us, to give us, the clearcut, precises promise of they will come to our, aid?

O’Brien was the only national security advisor that’s not gotten Trump upset, in his term of office, the relations of D.C. is at an all-time high tension with Beijing, but he’d not renounced the giving up of the belief of one China policy, expressed the U.S.’s desires to set up diplomatic relations with Taiwan, to sign a military agreement with the country.  And the U.S. can’t even make the promises verbally, how do you expect those who are on the frontlines, to fight, without anything holding them, back?

Yeah, the U.S. finally, showed its, ugliness, it wants us to get sacrificed, we are, the PAWN of the WAR between China AND the U.S., as if that’s not already known, and yet, this god damn FUCKING government still, can’t think on behalf of what’s best for we the people, (and we are still THE people!), as it keeps on making us, U.S.’s, BITCH, and who do you think will come to our aid, as that boy still cried, W-O-L-F here?  NOBODY, that’s W-H-O!

And this country shall be, SACRIFICED, on the, ALTAR, and there’s nothing I (because this shit is still all mine dissection of the issues!) will do, about it.

My hands are T-I-E-D, and I can’t help you!

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