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As the Eggs, Run Short on Supplies

The HUGE mess that’s caused by the Department of Agriculture from before, causing everybody to FIGHT to get the eggs, translated…

Before the eggs are on short supplies, I’d not gotten enough of the eggs that came fresh often.  By the local tiny market set up in my local community, there was that three-days work week egg vendor, because of how fresh the eggs were, the costs reasonable, plus the word-of-mouth in the neighborhood: “First-Grade Eggs”; the first nest from the young hens, the eggs tasted wonderful, and within thirty minutes of the stand’s setting up shop, the dozens of casings of eggs, gone.

After the “shortages of eggs” started, I’d, come up empty, again, again, and again.  Being a night owl, I can’t get up early, to compete with the elderly populations in my community.  But to get the eggs from the vendor, I’d, set up the alarms, gone to wait by the location where the vendor would come and set up his stand at six.  Watching the owner drive up in his pickup, and, unload the batch of fragile merchandise.  In the more than ten to twenty minutes the owner of the stand took to set up the stand, the customers passed their plastic bags on, ready to grab.  As the owner of the stand gave that look, then we’d all bent over, squatted down to the ground, some with the plastic bags, some with the rice cooker inside wok……we’d all, started, picking out the eggs, like it was free for us to pick and choose.

And, after many times I’d gotten up early to go to shop for the eggs, but, couldn’t beat the elderly crowd, I’d started, complaining to the owner of the stand, and that was when I’d learned about how hard he had it too.  He’d told, that at the beginning, he’d set up the stand by the side of the roads, there wasn’t a line set up to flow in and out, but he’d considered the elderly population of not being agile enough to bend down, to squat down to pick the eggs they wanted up, and, would help them select the eggs they wanted to buy, “peacefully”, then, handed the eggs to the buyers.  But, as the egg grabbing sessions started, those elderly groups had set up their own “buying group”, begged the owner to put two casings of eggs on the tabletops.  Now, the fires are all over the places, the wars to grab the eggs are, on.  As soon as the eggs were unloaded onto the ground, the fight started, the bees swarmed; as the eggs are placed higher on the stands, the elderly group started, in that grabbing competition.

the highest costs in eggs in history! Photo from online

After the more than twenty minute long chaos, the broken was what remained, and the owner had to carry the losses himself, and there were those who’d taken the eggs but not paid him too.  And, after being, ambushed too many times, the owner of the egg stand changed his operational means, parked the truck, unloaded the goods, getting the money for his eggs……………he’d adjusted, adjusted, and adjusted his means, and yet, he still couldn’t, keep all those who’d just, “grab and go”.

In the assistance of my alarm, I’d not just gotten to witness the “powers of the elderly population”, but also, gotten a closer look at how humans never change their ways.

That morn, as I’d, gently placed the eggs I’d selected on the electronic scale, the owner lifted his gaze, looked into the distance, left the stand, and, chased after someone.  All of us in line started whispering, someone just grabbed and went again!  The owner came back emptyhanded, sat back down on his stool, with worries, taking over his face.  The number cards then?  The limits of what you can buy per customer?  Setting up a one way entry, one way exit?  Whenever people are involved, things tend to become, a bit, complicated.

The best time of day is in the mornings, it’s not worth it, starting off the days with this foul mood for sure.  I’d, carried my “winnings” from the war I was just fighting in, as I’d stomped my way home, I’d started, calculating, how I was going to, try and make the dishes that tastes just as good, without, the eggs now.

And so, this is still, the big mess, caused by the agricultural department, because the hens aren’t laying the eggs, due to the weather not being right or whatever, and, so everybody started fighting for a limited amount of resources, and, eggs were in shortage from before, due to the Department of Agriculture’s mistakes of sending out the words that there will be egg shortages, and this is still all caused by the government agencies, and we the people are, paying the huge price for that.

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Head of CDC, What if, These are, Your Kids

Yeah, but they’re, not, so, I really couldn’t, give a, FUCK!  That, is the response of the head of the CDC, Chen, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislators were asked by the parents, that there was a student who was up north in his studies, who’d had a high fever during his quarantine, with the stuffiness of his chest, that he’d gone by the protocols, called up the related agencies, but not gotten an answer back from the government agencies, it’d worried his parents in Taichung so.

As the head of the CDC, Chen was asked about this situation, first, he’d questioned the motives of the legislator’s asking the question, then said, that the students are responsible for caring for themselves, that the schools won’t leave them alone.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Chen is also a parent too, how could he possibly say this?  How hard it is, for an ill adult, to care for her/himself, let alone, a student who’s away from her/his family.

Director Chen, “the hearts of parents all around you should empathize”, if this were your child, will you still say, that college students are old enough, to take care of themselves?

Yep, this just showed how LACK of empathy, these god damn government officials of the DDP are, like how the train accidents from before, the head of transportation waved that off, like it was nothing, or the total number of deaths that’s occurred so far in the outbreaks, the government officials could careless, and how the president was so clueless, on that “tour of duty” she’d made, to see the locations hit hardest by the typhoons from before, and yeah, we the people are, on our own, because we can’t count on this god damn GOVERNMENT, to do anything for us here!

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The Taichung First High School Instructor Became Willing to Apologize to Students for Losing Control, & Going Off in Class

And, here’s, that “bottom half” of what had happened in class from the footage of the instructor going OFF on her students yesterday, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Students Refused to Give Their Oral Reports & Started Reading Off from Their Textbooks

During the music classes in Taichung First High School the instructor and the students went at each other’s, throats, and the argument was video recorded by a student who was there, and the video went viral, and everybody from all around started debating who’s right and who’s wrong.  The school hosted a press conference yesterday, the head of student affair, Peng pointed out, that Mrs. Lu stated, that the icons in the presentation had angered her, in actuality, it was the students, who refused to do their reports, and just started, reciting off the textbooks that’s, why she’d, lost control, she became willing to apologize to the students, with the arrangements made by the school, and the students were also willing to communicate with their teacher.

音樂課報告南北管 中一中師怒稱牽亡魂 要求刪掉 – YouTube

the video of the instructor going off on the students, and the instructor and students getting loud with one another in class, as emotions run high in the moment

Peng told, at the preliminary discussions, the instructor had assigned the rules, that chapter nine was traditional Chinese musical instruments, for the reports, and the students were supposed to present their reports for the thirty to forty minutes of the class period, that before the class, the students were to upload their papers to the computer in the music classes; but as the instructor previewed the materials, she’d found that there were the discussion of the musical instruments out of the chapters she’d assigned to the class, and because the group reports were assigned a set page number and the number of songs to each report had been specified, that’s why she’d deleted the contents of the students’ works, not fitted to the requirements of what she’d assigned them.

There were the students’ reports that got over twenty minutes of reports deleted, and only had seventeen minutes remaining, and so, the students can only, read off the texts; the instructor lost it, became out of control, and the students video-taped her losing control, and the video went viral, of those three minutes the instructor went off on the students, and after the conflicts, she had, allowed the students to do their reports from start to finish.

The instructor, Lu stated, that she felt sorry that she’d, lost control, and was willing to go along with the school’s means to assign her to apologize to the students personally.  Peng said, that the reports students spent a lot of time, a lot of mind to complete, just got deleted by the instructor, they were angered too, that was the primary cause of the conflicts.

Peng said, the Mrs. Lu didn’t look down on the traditional music of the dead, instead, she’d, pushed forth the education of the traditional Chinese instrumental music, that it’s completely false, that the outside realm kept stating how Mrs. Lu had belittled the traditional requiem projects.  Ms. Lu even mentioned of the plans to set up the traditional Chinese musical instrument performances of her students; and she said by being referred to as the comedian, she won’t mind it, because she’s very strong.

The school also told, that if the instructor will be taken out of this particular class, and assigned to another, they will discuss the matter further; and, the school didn’t demand that the students take the video off, that the students are very autonomous, and the schools had told them of the possible consequences if they don’t take the video off, and allowed them to decide on their own.

The legal realms stated, that because the instructor already stated it, that she refused to get taped, and the students had continued taping her, that it may be a case of infringement of rights on the civil front.

And so, this is the whole story, and these students DESERVED to have their instructor going OFF, but, from the reports and the video of the classroom shot by the students, you still only have one side of the story, which makes you easy to rush to conclusion, that this particular instructor just went, N-U-T-S, but, she has a reason to go off on the class here.

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The Conflicts Between Students & Instructors, Shouldn’t Be Handled in an Adult-Oriented Way

On the footage of the music instructor in a high school lost control going viral, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The conflicts between instructor and students in the classroom of Taichung’s First High School were captured by student using a cell phone, and streamed online, and, the online community started criticizing the instructor for not using a more modern means of teaching the students, that the instructor slaughtered the creativity of students, that the instructor was low on emotional control, that it was against the models of the new curriculum, that clearly, he wasn’t fitting as a school instructor.  And, it may be too brash, to make the judgment calls of how the instructor was ill-fitted as an educator from the few short minutes’ worth of footages shown.

I’d gone to a beginning instructors’ seminar twenty some odd years ago, the lecturer joked, that so long as we go to work on time, and get off work on time, be in class on time, and, get out of class on time, it’s next to impossible that we may get fired; I’d not had much impression of the lecturer’s joke, but, twenty-plus years had come and gone, and, the words, they’d, stayed in my mind, because, the best sentences are proven, with a lifetime’s worth of experiences, not just in the moment’s, time.

The music instructor in the footage, what are the comments on her/him, did s/he have any problems in teaching, as an outsider, I’m not at liberty to say.  But, based off of my own experiences, if the instructor had established a good relationship with her/his class, then, one slip wouldn’t cause the students to file the complaints, because the instructors’ putting their hearts and souls into teaching the courses, the students are noting every day.  And, on the opposite, if the instructor took a lackluster attitude to teaching the class, and used her/his higher up status compared to the students to run their lives, and, in this day and age, with every cell phone found in every hand, the incident in the music class of Taichung First High School will become the norm.

Some say, that the students’ taping the footages, putting the instructor on public trial, there are the legal debates of the matters, that as it blows out of control, it would damage both sides, and all of these are debatable still.  But, here is the consideration, had the student not streamed the footages of the instructor losing control online, then, would the school have handle it, using, its usually, adult means?

the footage of the news of how the students into it with the school instructor…they say it’s due to a miscommunication of what is expected of the reports here, from YouTube

不滿學生音樂報告 高中師課堂失控飆罵|華視新聞 20220312 – YouTube

The conflicts of the music class in Taichung First High School, it wasn’t a regular confrontation, but instead, it’s the students’ questioning the means of instructor the instructor used, and the attitude which the instructor caried to teaching the courses, and the society is now, with its, magnifying glass, waiting to see how Taichung First High School will be handling the matter.

And finally I want to tell this music instructor, there are three joys of a righteous man, first, teaching the future to act morally, what’s that attitude you took, to scold your students in the footage?  Are all students like that now?  No comparison, no damages, you’d only started teaching middle school music for only one month, you will soon find, that teaching music in Taichung’s First High School is, heaven, comparing to teaching in other schools and in other subjects.

And so, this leaned toward the students, because the instructor apparently, behaved improperly, and, from what’s written here, I can only imagine, that the instructor must be low on emotional control, but, there are, always, things that are going on, beneath the surfaces, and, before we know the whole story, we still can’t, judge who’s right and who’s, wrong, but, based off of what’s written on here, the instructor of the class probably didn’t relate to her/his students well normally, that’s why everything snowballed, and, it’s still that final straw, that broke that camel’s back.

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Thanks for Your Hard Work

Giving thanks, to something, too ordinary, noting that someone else, had been, working so hard, to keep the environment cleanly, so we can have a better place to, live in, an act of, kindness, shown, to a female janitor, translated…

Before I’d gone to the platforms to wait for the trains, I’d made my way into the restrooms, and, I’d often seen a woman in her fifties, arching her back, buried her head down, as she’d, cleaned up, the environment.  I took it as matter-of-face, and never gave her an extra look.

Once, as I was washing my hands outside of the restrooms, on the other side of the ladies’ rooms, a woman came out, and, courteously, told the woman who was mopping up, “thank you for working so hard!”, the woman seemed, a little, unprepared, but she’d responded, in a light voice, “thank you.”

Before I exited I’d, taken an extra look, at the cleaning lady closely, found that there was, that light smile that’s, curled up, from her lips then, that there was, some sort of joys that was inside of her heart then.

the hard work of these, men and women, often, taken, for granted…

photo from online

I’d, contemplated on it although, her job seemed, unimportant, but, as she’d, worked too hard, she’d needed, the encouragements from time to time too.

I’d watched the woman who thanked the janitor leave slowly, felt that her word, “thank you for working so very hard, entered into my heart, as that surge of, warmth too.

That plain warmth, the goings on of day-to-day the people still, coming and going, in, and out, of that, train station.

But, even if, it was, an ordinary day, you’d, bore witness, to a miracle, how that woman who’d cleaned up the restroom’s day got made, brighter, with an ordinary stranger’s commending her on how hard she’d, put in the energy, to keep the environment clean for the guests coming and going, in and out, of the stations, and these are the miniscule matters that we tend to, miss, because we’re all, running to and from, too quickly, that we normally, don’t, slow down, and notice, these, small acts of, kindness that can, have, a huge, effect on another’s life.

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Watching the Conflicts of Others

Encounters on your way to elsewhere, and, you’d ridden off, as the lights changed…translated…

My friend had installed a dash cam on his scooter, and a cold eye, grew out of the steer of his scooter, he’d said, “Wide angles, low interferences, high definition, why don’t you get one too?”  I was in awe, as I’d, felt backed into a corner, thought, that if I captured something that’s not really there as I was, riding on the winding passes on a mountain, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to, cope.

But once, I got a good show by the side of the roads.

Saturday evening, at the intersection of the six-lane and the four-lane, the ninety-nine second long light, there was the new, deserted park the city just set up, the newly planted trees, hadn’t the leaves grown into them et, the newly installed streetlamps, blinded me, there were two individuals, on the sidewalks, ramming into, each other, one was an uncle in his sweat shirt, shorts, and sandals, on the other, a younger deliveryman in his helmet, and gloves to protect his hand in case he were to have an accident.

The older man propped up his chest, strutted like a gazelle, running towards as he’d called, “Do you know who I am?  Do you know who I am?”, the delivery man took a step back, steadied the camera on the side of his helmet, started chanting too, “I got everything on tape, I got EVERYTHING, on tape!”, as the older male was about to, pounce on the delivery guy, suddenly came two women, each grabbing the uncle’s arms.

Taking a closer look, the one blocking his left arm was his wife, and the one on his right, probably his, daughter, and that white sedan parked by the side of the road, was theirs.

The delivery man stood in front of his own scooter, guarded his own grounds, and, started counting the wrongs the older man did, and recording the video of him demanding an apology.  The older uncle noted how the camera was rolling, and swore to the camera, that he was going to, protect his family, that he will do justice for all, to TEACH the deliveryman a lesson.

Both of them are unarmed, and the two vehicles didn’t seemed damaged, looked like an ordinary traffic accident, nothing more.  This, seemingly, getting, out-of-control argument, is actually, a successful, conversation, and, most of it will, be just, fine.  And so, I’d, settled down, with my other, fellow, motorists, waiting for the light, watched these two, start off in their, conflicts.

Such a vibrant conflict it’d been.  The young deliveryman tapped into all of his adrenaline, his testosterone, challenged the king-like man; the middle aged driver worked up the courage, but that fading-to-gray sort of machoness of his, tried proving his own capabilities, in front of his wife and daughter.  Both of them had, gone out of their roles of comfort here, put their beliefs, their prides on the line, and, the script of a king versus a prince who’s not in his place came on to play, while me, watching it all, wrote down this tale of the two, dueling it out, became, a, storytelling, bard.

like this…

a car crash, with witnesses around…photo from online

I’m truly grateful for having the opportunity to bear witness to this duel of the ears.

In our own civilized means, we’d, sold our time like we’re, supposed to, and, collected the time we’d sold from those who bought them from us; we’d, worked hard, to avoid confrontations, worried it might hurt our businesses, worried that it might damage our own, reputations, that we may lose those we love, and care about, that our dreams might go bust, worried about, everything in our, lives.  In the end, when love should come, it didn’t, and, we can’t, attack as the time came, we’d all become, bystanders of, our own, lives.

Or maybe, we all need to start up an argument with those around us every now and then.

But the lights changed too soon, before the show was over, the rest of us, “members of the audience” can only, start our engines, craned up our gas, leave.  I’d watched them as they became smaller and smaller in my rearview, felt that thought getting, left in the wind.  I really want to know how the story develops between the older gentleman and the delivery guy, but, the next scene, is only available, for the next group of onlookers, who’d, arrived on sight.

On my way home, I’d started, thinking, more seriously, on installing a dash cam on my scooter too.

And so, this, is what’s, happened, in the moments you’d stopped to wait for the lights, and it’d, made you realize, how time passed so quickly by, how even if you wanted time to slow down, it just, doesn’t, and wont.

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Peeping, Through, the Ice Caves

Thoughts of the encounters the writer’s had in Antarctica, translated…

“Using a pipe to see the skies”, this ancient phrase is used to describe the shortsightedness of some, or the humbling of the speaker.

Using a tiny bamboo pipe, looking through the tiny hole of that pipe, seeing anything toward the other end, from the ratios of mathematics, it doesn’t, fit correctly.  The objects are way too huge, the hole, too tiny, how can you see the whole picture?  But, think on it using a different angle, the concept of “quality”, you can see the corner of that mountain so green, which is, enough, to lift our, spirits!

photo from

taken by the writer…

Following the eyes of the photographers, the artists, from the hole in the ice caves, to see the views that the exploration ships saw from a hundred odd years ago, it surely was, moving, and, it’s, comparable to seeing the starry nights from million years ago from the lens of the telescope!

And so, this, is how we’re all, linked to our separate, and collective pasts, no matter how hard we tried to deny it, because, we’re, still all here, sharing this, common environment, and maybe, what you see is not, exactly what I see, because we have, different perspectives, different interpretations of things we encounter in the world, but that, is how the experiences are, common, and different, at the, same time.

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The Girl Who Couldn’t Erect the Foot Stand

Do you think this supervisor of this young woman should, take away her chance of working to get the scooter going, or just, step in and do it FOR her, because she’s, already, running late?  Translated…

During the New Year’s holidays, Wei-Wei received a preowned scooter, it was a hand-me-down from her older brother.  She’d happily rode it to and from work, but found, that the scooter was, too heavy, being only 4’9, even as she’d used the weight of her entire body, to step down HARD on that middle foot pedal, the scooter still, won’t park steadily in place.

Although people say, that it has nothing to do with her size, that it’s a matter of, techniques, but, Wei-Wei seemed to have trouble getting the techniques right.  The friend told her, that then, she should, just park her scooter upright, that she shouldn’t, force herself to park it the way that most would, slanted.  But she’d felt it wasn’t right, for her to, take up, such a huge parking spot, in the city of Taipei, where, a tiny spot for parking, is, hard enough to get.

sketch done by the writer, off of


As her superior passing by her, seeing how this young lady was, struggling hard, trying, to get the foot pedal to park on the ground steadily, seeing how she’s about to be late into the offices, the superior contemplated on, whether or not she should just, step in, and do it FOR her, or that she should, stay away, and NOT strip her of the right to learn how to do it own her own?

So, this, would be a sort of a dilemma this superior is faced with, should she just, step right in, and do it for this young woman, stripping her of the chance of figuring out how to do it herself, because she’s, about to be late to the office, or should she, let her figure it out on her own?  This is something that as parents, people face too, to whether or not just, STEP in to do it FOR our own young (not that I have one!), or to, let them do it on their own, figuring out how things worked, so they can, take that knowledge with them?

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The Judges Should Stop Being So Merciful

These court judges need to come back down to earth, instead of, living on those planets of, ILLUSIONS and DELUSIONS!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man who’d murdered his own mother after getting high started up the discussion of the lacking in the security net in the society, it’d, made everybody fearful.

Last semester in “society’s principle” course the students asked me, what is the security nets in the society?  I’d explained, that it’s a concept, like how the acrobats of a circus, with the nets underneath the platform to prevent them from falling to their deaths.  Concretely speaking, it’s the summation of the social support systems, including the neighbors showing care and attention toward everybody locally, the police and residents working hand-in-hand, offering assistance to those in need as a society, medical care, it also include the combination of education, alongside the workings of the justice systems as well.

I’d asked the students, “What do you think the biggest hole in this net of security of the society?”, my students answered, “the justice system”.  I’d asked why?  He’d replied, “justice isn’t doing what it’s supposed to”, there is also another student who’d stated, “a city full of psychos!”, and another chimed in, “all with the chances of being reformed!”  And everybody in the class burst out laughing.  The students’ jokes reflected on how helpless the citizens felt toward how the term, “schizophrenia” and “ability to be reformed” being over used.

On the reality side of things, an eye for an eye, it didn’t, fit our times, and even If the judges have a different opinion, they’d still needed to based their rulings off of the law.  The judges should be tough, instead of kind and merciful, or too lenient and too gentle.

“The Security Net of the Society” shouldn’t just be a noun, we the people aren’t asking for much, just to be free from threats.  This sort of a minute need, does, our government see?

Of course N-O-T, because, take a look at how many murderers got away from the DEATH penalty on reason of insanity, and, these days, if you murdered someone in cold blood, so long as you plead insane, and get tested and if your results coincides with the symptoms of bipolar, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, you wouldn’t get sentenced to DEATH, instead, you would have your life in prison, with chance in parole say, in, twenty, twenty-five years, so, how’s that justice, huh?  It’s not!  But hey, that, is how the government works right now, and, there’s, NOTHING we can do, to change it!

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The Ambassador of Peace on LINE

Trying to keep the peace, when members in your group are at each other’s throats, when they get on each other’s nerves, what can you do?  Try to mediate, in a round-and-about sort of a way, so you don’t end up, as the common enemies, but it’s, not that easy!  Translated…

My daughter-in-law one day, chimed excitedly, to the Family LINE group, how there’s, a night market close to her home, and the photo she’d sent to the group was a street, lit up with the lights during the nights, with a world of fried food stands, the arcades, I’d immediately replied back, “be careful as you don’t know the quality of oils the owners used to fry the foods, and the kids shouldn’t be allowed to play those arcades, as they may be easily addicted to these games…………”

As soon as I’d typed all of that, my daughter who’s away on another continent immediately added on, “it’s fine that you go and take that stroll every now and then.”  I was shocked, I’d, immediately recycled my message back.  Thinking about this calmly, if someone rained on my parade, it naturally would, make me feel, awful, and it wouldn’t matter if the words that someone was saying to me was right!  I’d, contemplated, and felt grateful for my daughter’s round-and-about-way of reminding me, so I slammed on the brakes before damages are done.

My friend was once the head of a certain club, he’d shared things on LINE quite a lot.  He’d told, that often, as a subject of discussion was opened for debate, some of the group had started, firing those cannons, some, quite stubborn, to one’s own beliefs, some swayed with how the winds were blowing, some agreed to others’ words, and the words were sharpened, ready for war.  The most often was the fight for the parties in the politics, some debated on the policies, some toward the incumbents, and, it’d, made it difficult, for my friend, who wanted to try and mediate between those who are then, engaged, and, he’d, spoken of his “New Year’s Resolution” aloud via LINE.

He’d said, “from here on out, no talks of politics, no personal attacks.  When we have a difference of opinions, DO delete those emotional words, to keep the conversation flowing smoothly, rationally”, and, for the six months that followed, there’s, more harmony within the group of LINE.

getting into an argument on LINE

illustration found online

With the inventions of the high-tech gadgets, it’d, made people leap into an alternative world, the parents are, disregarding the needs of their children more now, and the problems between the couples, the parents and children, worsened, as our heads, lowered to our high-tech gadgets these days.

But, think on it, it’s not the gadgets that are awful, it’s the mindsets of the users, and the timing.  If one can use the gadgets, and not let these high-tech devices control us, then, we won’t become, slaves.  Like how those who’d retired who don’t live with their children, sliding on their tablets or cell phones, sending the messages, their emotions found a viable outlet, and they’re, able to get some news and new information from everywhere around.  Sometimes, they’re even, having a webcam conference with the children and grandchildren who don’t live close by, the comfort from interaction with one’s own loved ones, although they’re, separated physically, but they’d become, more than, connected psychologically.  To the point when there’s an emergency, the high-tech devices are, very good for sounding off the alarms.

illustration from

圖/Tai Pera

My friend’s older sister-in-law didn’t get along with her parents, although one live up north, the other, south, they’d still gotten on each other’s bad side over miniscule matters, and, as the two sides were getting heated on the group on LINE, she’d, privately texted her youngest nephew, told him to commend his mother on her cooing, how he’s, looked after so well, so the grandparents who lived faraway, in the southern parts of the island know, that they have a good daughter-in-law.  And, other than posting the messages on how to live well, my friend told her older sister-in-law that her parents had, commended her in their circles of friends, how they’re, so proud of her.  And naturally, the problems between this mother and daughter-in-law pair, slowly, resolved on their own.

Working hard, being the middleman of peace, at first, you may feel, tried, because you couldn’t make the results of the changes you want to see happen faster, but, after awhile, the results will, show.  The communications apps are of various sorts and kinds, with the members numerous, and, it certainly isn’t by chance, that we’d, found each other, in the vastness of the ocean-full of people.  If you can cherish this affinity, and, work hard, as a connector in every group you’re involved in, keeping the peace, for everybody’s sake, as you turn on the apps, it can only bring you joys in the days.

This is on, being, THE middleman, and, this woman has some valid points, but, I don’t, necessarily agree with her on everything.  I mean, it’s important, that you want to keep the peaceful flow of conversations on your LINE accounts, sure, but sometimes, you just, can’t ignore how someone’s words made you flare up, and, if you don’t find a valid way to get the angers you feel out, then, it will surely, damage you, and not just your relationship with that other person.  And yeah, a middleman who will help, diffuse this, lit up bomb, may be necessary in these cases, but not always.

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