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The Two Dead Bodies Found at a Motel, the Female Had Ligature Marks on the Neck, the Man Sustained a Gunshot Wound

We really don’t know what had happened to cause this man and this woman to die, a lovers’ quarrel that ended in murder, she’d confronted him about her being pregnant, and he got angry, and he has a wife, etc., etc., etc., but the man and the woman both died, leaving the loss to their families to handle…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Man Was Married, and in a Relationship with the Woman, Suspected that They Got into an Argument in the Confrontations, the Man Murdered the Woman then Committed Suicide

There were two bodies found in a motel in local Changwha yesterday.  The police and D.A. were notified and started investigating, the deceased woman, Liao and the married man, Su met up for a confrontation, after the two started arguing, the man murdered the woman, then, committed suicide, the investigators found, that the bullet went in from Su’s head, got stuck in the back of his neck, while for Liao, there were the strangulation markings on her neck, with multiple blood spots on her lower neck, and if her death was caused by anoxia from asphyxiation or artificial suicide, there would need to be an autopsy to determine.

And because there was a sonogram of a three months old fetus in Liao’s purse, the police suspected, that she was pregnant, but the D.A. told, that the families confirmed that Liao was pregnant, but already miscarried, that she wasn’t currently pregnant.

The man from Taichung, Su (age 28) and Liao (age 22) went to a motel in Yuanling four days ago, at noon yesterday, they’d not checked out, the counter clerk called the room, nobody answered, knocked on the door, nobody came, the employee opened the door, found both Liao and Su on the bed, and as the clerk walked closer, he’d found a huge pool of blood by Su’s right side of head, Liao’s face covered in a towel, the worker got out of the room, called the police.

The police were notified, went into the room, found Su and Liao had been dead already, pulled up the tapes, found no last note, Su’s right hand clung on tight to the altered gun, with a gunshot wound on his right temple, there wasn’t any visible injuries on Liao, but there was the ligature marks on her neck, the air conditioning was on full-blast, their bodies had been stiff, and the police can’t tell exactly when they had died.

The clerk at the motel told, that Su and Liao would head to the counters to pay for the day, two days ago, they’d told that they were checking out yesterday, but they’d not shown, the worker called up their room, no answer, and went to knock, no response, and the worker didn’t suspect that they would be dead.

Based off of understanding, Su was the fourth child of his family, already married, with two children, was in a relationship with Liao, they’d not looked off as they checked in, the police suspected that Liao may have confronted Su with the ultrasound of the fetus with Su, they started arguing, and in the end, Su may have murdered her, the families of both individuals were called, they’d rushed to the motel, to perform the rituals, Su’s families were lowkey, and didn’t’ say anything to the press.

At the Changwha City Morgue, the district attorneys autopsied the bodies, Su’s parents, Liao’s mother and aunt were all interviewed, the families of the deceased were all distraught over how they’d selected to commit suicide together.

And so, we have no idea exactly what had happened, whether if the woman was murdered by the man, after she’d confronted him with her pregnancy, and he’d snapped, or that they were in love, and could see no other way that they can be together in this life, so they’d, selected to end their lives, but, this is loss, for both families that’s for sure.

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The Military Serviceman Committed Suicide as the Other Woman Kept Demanding that He Pay Her More Hush Money

Death, was what, came to, this, CHEATER, and it’s still, his own @#$%ING, fault here!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Three years ago, the serviceman, Wang committed suicide at his residence, as his wife sorted through his things, she’d found that he was having an affair with the female janitor, Chen who worked in her building, as the two broke up, Chen started, blackmailing Wang, and he’d paid her a total of $400,000N.T. worth of “hush money”, but Chen still won’t let go, which was what caused Wang to commit suicide at the end.  Wang’s wife sued Chen for threats to get money, the Chiaotou District Court in the first trial found Chen guilty, sentenced her to six months in prison, that she could pay the fines and skip out of serving the time, Chen’s wife filed for an appeal, the courts maintained the rulings from the first trial.  Case closed.

Starting in 2016, Chen started working as a janitor at Wang’s building, both were married, and they started having an affair, but in the end, Chen’s husband found out; after they broke up, Chen threatened Wang, that from December of 2017 to March of the following year, Chen threatened Wang with text multiple times, “you will die horribly!”, “I will MAKE what you did KNOWN to the world!”, “You can’t afford to mess with a married woman!”, etc., etc., etc.

Wang was a professional serviceman, to keep his affair under wraps, he’d paid a total of $400,000N.T. as hush money to Chen, to silence her, but, after Chen got the money, she won’t let up, she’d texted, “I was originally a fitting woman, now, my reputation’s gone down the drains, you will go down with me too!”

Wang could no longer live with how Chen constantly threatened him, and felt he had wronged his families, believed, “honor is the first life of a serviceman”, left a note in his residence, then, killed himself, as his wife sorted through his belongings, that was when she’d, learned about the affair for the first time.

At the first trial, Chen claimed, that Wang had, raped her, that it was Wang who’d, broken up, said that he was going to pay her for it, but gone back on his words again, and again, that was what angered her, and thus, the text, that it was, all venting.  The Chiaotou District Court considered how Chen only had a middle school education, that she and Wang’s families can’t reach a settlement agreement to date, sentenced her to six months, and, confiscated the $400,000N.T. she’d blackmailed him away.

Wang’s families thought, that six months was too “lenient”, accused how the woman had sent nude photos of herself to Wang, but delegated all the blames of the affair to Wang only, asked the district attorneys to file for an appeal.

The High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung during the trial, Chen claimed, that Wang’s wife asked over eight million dollars in payment, she couldn’t afford it, which was why she’d not settled with her, the judge believed, that the punishment signed by the first trial was fitting, that it wasn’t, too lenient, too heavy, or, not proportional, tossed back the appeal.

And so, this, is how it goes, you’d cheated, and got sued, and now, you were able to, WEASEL your way out, by excusing yourself, that you don’t make that much money, and you can’t pay what the wife is asking for, and, the man you’d had an affair had, killed himself, as he DESERVED to D-I-E, for being unfaithful to his own wife, and he was, way too, tortured by his own, guilty conscience, and you still, got that, slap on your wrist for having an affair with a married man.

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Forgiving Her Predatory Father…

Because he’s my “daddy”, and I love him!  Yeah, uh, how FUCKING retarded are you, huh?  And, you DO realize, that it’s WRONG, what that M***ER F***ER had done to you, right?

Forgiving her predatory father, she had, because, she loved him, after all, without his sperm, she wouldn’t even EXIST!  And besides, he’s the PRIMARY source of income, and, her and her family relied on him for bringing in the dough, and besides, in just a few more years, she’ll be, an adult, and she won’t need to, PUT up with him, coming into her bedroom late in the nights, undressing himself, and getting too close to her no more………

Forgiving her predatory father, she didn’t want to, after all, how can you, possibly, forgive a man for RAPE, especially when he WAS (past tense???) your father!  But, for the sake of her family, at her own mother’s urging, child, if you don’t forgive him, he’ll get sent to prison, and what’ll, happen to us???  (and that constitutes as emotional BLACKMAIL!!!), and so, she had, NO other viable options, but to state it in court, “I forgive my father!”

And so, this PREDATORY father learned what???  Oh yeah, I can get away, with RAPING my own daughter any time I want to, besides, the law’s on MY side, and her mother doesn’t believe her…

What do you think is gonna happen, to this child who will eventually, become adult?  Yeah, I can’t even begin to IMAGINE it…………


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The Murders of Kaohsiung Medical University, His Best Friend Fell in Love with a Younger Female Schoolmate for Just Two Days, He’d Murdered His Friend

See how short-lived the love was???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The medical student from Kaohsiung Medical School, Huang, after murdering his close friend in the class, Liu, attempted suicide, the investigators found, that Huang had used the excuse of needing to get drunk and pouring his heart out, to get Liu to go to his place, and after he’d murdered Liu, he’d set up the crime scene to look like it was a fire, and pretended to be super drunk, actually, the breathalyzer showed that he hadn’t had anything to drink, and this had happened, two days, after Liu had started dating a younger schoolmate he had a crush on.

The police and investigators found, that the girl, on the 25th of last month had agreed to be Liu’s girlfriend, and that very day, they’d gone out together, on the late night of the 27th, Huang asked Liu to his place to drunk, and, Liu had even texted his girlfriend that “it would be awkward, meeting with Huang”, and, shortly after he’d arrived, Liu was murdered.

The school stated, that the girl didn’t show up for school on the 29th of last month, became emotionally unstable and needed the company of her family members, the school will give her counsel.  Her classmate told, that everybody knew that Huang and Liu were the best of friends, and she’d mentioned to her, that when she’s dating one of them, she must be extremely careful.

When Huang was murdering Liu, he’d texted the younger schoolmate using Liu’s cell, saying that he was “making food”, and the cell phone still wasn’t found to this date, the police got a hold of the records of communication, to see if there’s a third party who knew about it, to clarify the reasons Huang murdered, and to see if there are others who may know about what was going to happen, before it did.

The attorney, Chia-Rong Liu stated, that on the 29th of last month when Huang turned himself in, he’d stated, “My life is over”, “If I get sent to jail, then, I don’t want to live anymore”, although he’d agreed to turn himself in, but Huang didn’t have the courage to tell his father the truth, asked him to come the very next day; and Huang never showed, and, although he’d notified the police immediately, it was, too late already.

So, this, is how messy this love triangle got, and, the men were best of friends growing up too, and yet, love still came between them, because the girl whom the murderer loved didn’t reciprocate his affections, that made him angry, and, seeing how his best friend had gotten her attention, it’d made him even MORE furious, which was why he’d murdered his best friend, and, love IS the culprit, of this murder!

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A Woman Took Her Developmentally Slow Son to Commit Suicide

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Yang from Keelung raised her son and daughter on her own, the six-year-old son was developmentally slow, with atrophy of the muscles on the limbs, and can only rely on milk as food, he wasn’t even four feet tall.  Because she’d been under great stress for caring for her children long-term, and she didn’t want her son to suffer, so, after she’d force fed her son sleeping pills, she’d taken the pills to commit suicide as well; the family found them, and sent them to the hospital, the woman’s life was spared, and the child’s, wasn’t.

Yang was accused of murder, and, on the first and second trials, the courts believed, that she had NO right, to decide to terminate her son’s life, but took into considerations that she’d admitted to wrong doing, and that she’d killed her son, because life got too hard, and, gave her a twenty-seven year jail sentence, based off of murdering a child, she’d appealed, but yesterday, the highest courts tossed back her appeals.

The verdict stated, that Yang (age 40), has a daughter and a son with her husband, and because there’s chromosomal abnormalities in her son’s genes, he was developmentally delayed, and, had atrophy in his limbs, couldn’t eat any solid food, can only be fed milk.  After her husband died of illness, she couldn’t deal with the heavy economic strains, moved back into her own home, and operated a noodle stand with her mother, but, she’d become severely depressed from having to care for her handicapped son long term, she’d become mentally stressed, and, had wanted to kill herself, to end it all.

In July of 2013, Yang decided to kill her own son and commit suicide, in the bedroom of her house, she’d force fed sleeping pill into her son, then, she’d taken the pills herself, the female Indonesian helper found that the bedroom door was locked from the inside, asked Yang’s mother to come, and, broke down the door, and, the boy died of shock from the ingestion of the pills, and, after rushing Yang to the hospitals, her life was spared.

And so, this, is how hard life got, causing this woman, to get too tired of it all, and, because her son was ill, so, that, was why she’d believed, that taking her son’s life, then attempting suicide would be the best way to end it all, but, she wasn’t able to die, she’d survived, and now, she must live with the guilt, of having murdered her own son for the rest of her life.

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The Man Who Shot His Girlfriend Committed Suicide at a Hotel Using a Gun

We have a murder-suicide, caused by???  Love, once again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Police Department in Tainan received a call that someone brought a gun to a hotel to stay yesterday, the police broke down the door, called out: “POLICE!”, the man ran into the bathroom, and committed suicide using the gun he had, afterwards, the police found out, that the man was the one who’d shot the mother of his young son, Huang, awhile ago.

The manager of the local subprecinct, Chang said, that they’d gotten a call yesterday, that there was someone suspicious who’d gone to a hotel to stay how had a gun, and, three in the morn, he and four other officers, in their bulletproof vests, and shields in hand.

As the patrol officer turned the key to the door, screamed out, “OPEN UP!  It’s the POLICE!”, the man who was originally lying on the bed, watching television ran immediately into the bathroom, because the chains on the door was stuck, the officer kicked down the door, and he’d heard a “bang!”

“The entire process took NO more than thirty seconds, there was no time for me to react yet,” Officer Wan-Ji Chang stated, the man had shot his own temple, and, even though the officers had rushed him to the hospital, but he was still declared dead.

Chang said, that he had no idea who the suspect was at the time, and, there wasn’t any identification, that afterwards, he’d gone by the description of the clothes of the active arrest warrant, and realized, that it was, Huang.  The police discovered six bullets on the bed, and an altered gun in the bathroom, and two shots.  The officer recalled, that back then, the television was set to the news station, reporting on the “Murder Caused by Love in Gui-Ren District”, that the suspect realized that he wasn’t getting away, that, was why he’d committed suicide.

The police investigated, that the thirty-year-old Huang has a young son with his ex, they’d broken up, and he was unsuccessful in getting her to take him back, on the fifth, he’d made his way into his girlfriend’s house, shot his girlfriend, and her uncle, and hacked his girlfriend seven times, the girlfriend died on the scene, and her uncle was severely wounded, and the entire process took NO more than seven minutes, and back then, their young son was at the scene too.  After Huang committed the murders, he’d ran to Taichung, and last night, he’d slipped back to Tainan, and, in the assistance of his friend, Lin, he was able to check into the hotel.

“This, was the right way for this to end, a life for a life was still too easy for him!”, the girlfriend’s father learned of Huang committing suicide, he’d commented, still angry, after his daughter died, his grandson would tell him that he wanted his mother every single day, and, to date, the family still hadn’t figured out, how to tell the child, that his mother had died.

The Gui-Ren police subprecinct stated, that after the D.A. and the coroner’s examinations, that the gun which Huang used to commit suicide matched the ballistics and the type of the bullets from the fifth of this month; in the evening, they’d asked Lin who’d helped Huang check into the hotel, and after the police interrogated him, they’d booked him for abetting a criminal.

This, is still KARMA, working ITS magic, and, apparently, we can only speculate that this man just couldn’t withstand the torture of HIS own guilty conscience for murdering his ex-girlfriend AND shooting her uncle, that he’d chosen, to end his life, and, although, this, is NOWHERE near justice, but, this, is as CLOSE as it gets, for getting JUSTICE for the families of the woman who was brutally murdered…

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A Man Who HACKED Up His Ex-Wife Nine Times, with Their Two Young Sons, Watching

Imagine HOW much THERAPY those young ones will be needing there, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 34-year-old man, Chen, two nights ago, in the later hours, ran his car into his ex-wife, Hong’s mother’s household, then, in front of his two young sons, he’d hacked his own ex-wife to death, right after that, Chen turned himself in to the police.  Chen said, that he was displeased at how his ex-wife posted intimate photos of her and another man, plus they’d disagreed on the child support payments, that, was what had caused him to commit the murder.

Hong’s mother stated, “I will NEVER forgive!”, Hong’s family told, that Chen was emotionally unstable, and, they’d once shown care and concern to the woman, asked her if she was being beaten, but she didn’t tell them yes or no.

The police found, that Chen, on the late evening of the Yuan-Hsiao holidays, had gone to Hong’s place, to discuss the education fees of their two young kids, and, that they couldn’t reach an agreement, which, was what caused him to kill her, first, Chen went back to his place, got a Rambo knife, then, drove his two young sons to Hong’s place in the city of Tainan, after his rammed the car into the wall, he’d rushed into the residence, and, murdered his own ex-wife, it wasn’t until he’d hurt his ex mother-in-law, did he realize, that he’d committed the crime, and, immediately, he’d turned himself into the police.

The twenty-eight year-old Hong had nine stab wounds on her, and, one of these wounds was deep enough that it’d cut through her body, she’d lost too much blood, and couldn’t be resuscitated upon arriving at the hospital.  As Hong’s mother tried to stop Chen from hacking up her daughter, she had defensive wounds on her left elbow too.

The police said, that when Hong was getting murdered brutally, the two young boys were standing by, hearing the screams of their mother, getting hacked up, and you can imagine the shock they were in; and the two young kids were taken by Chen’s sister, and placed in Taichung with her now.

When Chen was interrogated, he’d told them, that he’d worked odds and ends regularly, after he’d married Hong, he had two sons, they were under great economic pressures, many years ago, Hong suggested that they get a divorce, but still lived together, so they could get the low-income household government assistance money.  After they divorced, Hong had a very bad attitude toward Chen, and, in order to keep a surveillance on Hong, Chen added her on his Facebook friends, and saw how Hong would go out with different men, being intimate with them; he’d had confrontations with her several times, six months ago, Hong moved back into her mother’s household, and she’d worked hard, to fight for sole custody of their two sons.

The police found, that last year, Chen had gotten full custody over his two young children, and that the applications for the low-income forms should be filed by him, plus, he wasn’t really having a successful time at work, he’d asked Hong to help him file the papers, but she’d never replied.  On Chen’s Facebook pages, he’d stated, “You wait and see, I will TEACH you how to write the word: REGRET!”, and other words, a lot of her online friends showed care and concern, but, they were, unable, to prevent this tragedy from happening still.

The Social Services Department of Tainan stated, that the two were divorced back in 2009, but they had no records of them, applying for the low-income government supports, that last year, when Hong filed the papers, and was approved, and, they started receiving the $1,900 N.T. a month for taking care of the children.

“The two of them getting divorced and filing for the government support for low income households, and the extramarital affairs, are totally, unrelated!”, Chen and Hong’s common friend stated to the press yesterday, that they’d gotten a divorce because they were simply, too different in personalities, and just couldn’t live together anymore.

And so, this, is a case, where the husband got jealous of HIS divorced wife, hello, hello, hello???  She HAD divorced you, and so, she is, FREE to date whoever the HELL she wants to, because that, would be HER right, and yet, because you still couldn’t get over how quickly she got over you, you’d HACKED her up, and in front of your two young sons too, now, what KIND of a father are you, to put your sons through that?

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Suspected that She Had a Change of Hearts, Too Late for Regrets…Tragic, the Couple Was Divorced, the Money Gone, the Elderly Ex-Husband Murdered His Ex-Wife

So, this marriage is ruined by jealousy then???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elderly man, Lee, wanted to get back together with his wife, Chiu, but she refused, he’d suspected that she had another man, yesterday, he’d broken into her place to confront her about it, in the heat of the anguish moment, Lee picked up a chair, bashed it on Chiu’s head, then, stabbed her in the chest, killing her.  After Lee murdered his ex-wife, he was dumbfounded, sat in the living room, and opened up the door for the police, admitted to murder, and said, “it’s too late to regret now, I’d done it already!”, he was charged with murder.

Lee (age 71) told the police, that he and his ex-wife, Chiu (age 66), divorced two years ago, and Chiu started ignoring him, he’d tried to get their love back again, but she wouldn’t allow it, he’d suspected that she was with another man, and thinking of how he’d given her all the wages all those years, and after the divorce, he couldn’t get it back, he’d gotten angry about it, and, in the heat of his own anger, he’d committed the murder.

The police investigated that Lee had been a cabdriver, and was married to Chiu for forty years, and the children are all grown, Chiu, two years ago, stated that she wanted a divorce, two months ago, she’d bought another property, and the neighbors said they’d seen Lee over to visit her.

At a little after four yesterday, Lee went to Chiu’s residence to find her, and because there was a sensor key and the woman told the super to not let Lee in, he’d gotten stopped twice by the security guard, Lee waited until after the security guard was off his shift at five, and entered the building alongside other residents.

After Lee entered into Chiu’s place, the neighbors heard her cry out for help, they’d knocked on the doors, asked, “what’s going on”, Lee replied, “family matter, butt out,” refused to open the door, the neighbors called the police; as the police arrived, Lee opened up the door, and Chiu was lying in a pool of blood, without a pulse.

The paramedics from the fire department rushed Chiu to the hospital, the doctors found that she had been hit hard on the back of the head, and there were slash marks on her chest, and that she’d died before they arrived at the hospital, and, they couldn’t save her.

So, we still have, yet another “love” that ended in murder, and it’s still because the man felt angered, that he’d gotten nothing from his marriage, and, because he felt unfair, that, became his primary motive, and, they weren’t on good terms from the start either, so that made things exacerbate even more.

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The Murdering of His Own Beloved Wife, the Songs of Sorrow for the Spouses of the Elderly Ill Patients

On the Front Page Sections, translated…

First “part”, written by a doctor, translated…

In 2010, a Mr. Wang in the city of Taipei NAILED is own wife who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s to death, was sentenced to nine years in prison, not long after he’d begun serving his sentence, he’d died in prison.  In 2013, a retired army officer, Tseng got too strained, taking care of his demented wife, hacked her to death with a kitchen knife, then, attempted suicide, was sentenced to two years in prison.

Awhile ago, an elderly man, Ku, couldn’t bear to see his wife who had encephalitis suffer any longer, he’d HACKED her to death in the hospital, and, as he’d attempted suicide, he was stopped from it.

Two years ago, the film that won best foreign film at the Oscars, “Amour”, was portraying the exact same scenario; the elderly man took care of his demented and incompetent wife, got too tired, and he’d killed his own wife, then, committed suicide.  The motive behind this sort of a mercy killing is love, but it’s done, in such a way that it’d shocked the world.

If “taking one’s child’s hand as we grow older” is the best case of the aging scenario, then, “killing my own wife, so we can head toward death hand-in-hand” would be the most tragic.  It is extremely hard, and difficult, to care for one’s demented and incompetent family members, and, the combination of an elderly man, caring for an elderly woman should be paid special attention to, because the male is NOT used to playing the role of the caretaker, and, all of a sudden, he’s in charge of his own wife’s living routines, it would cause him to panic.  And, men are less likely to ask for assistance, and when there are problems in care, the men would usually shut down, and think of it as the end of the world.

The signs of fatigue from caring for the ill include: depression, anxiety, and insomnia, etc., etc., etc., at which time, the caretaker should ask other family members to take over, and get professional assistance, in case of tragedies such as this.

This case, is truly, the songs of sorrows for the caretakers, and, it’s also a sign that the societies need to better the systems of care, and, after the cases had gone to court, the mindset, the stresses of the caretaker should be examined closely, instead of treating the case as an ordinary murder.

And so, the strains still lands on the PRIMARY caretaker, and, unless you’re a PRIMARY caretaker of such persons, you do NOT know what the caretakers are faced with from day to day, and, knowing W-H-E-N to ask for help, and HOW to get it, is a very important thing to have handy.

Waiting for the Amendments in Long-Term Care, to Help Salvage One’s Dignity at Old Age

The news reported the eighty-three elderly man took care of his sick wife for nine years, and couldn’t stand to see his wife suffer any longer, or maybe, there may have been other unspoken reasons, he’d chosen, to kill his own wife, then, attempt suicide.

As I first read the news, I was moved, that if a couple can still be so close as they, wouldn’t that be a wonder?  And, you can imagine, how much pain, as the elderly man thrust that knife toward his wife’s body, the pains he was going through, and his willingness, to follow her in death too, in this day and age when divorce is happening all around, this, seems to be even MORE precious.

In my daughter’s class of thirty, there were one-third of the kids who were from single-parent households, and, from that, you can see, how difficult it is, to maintain a marriage, and, getting along well with each other, and managing the family well, is a higher level course to manage.

And, it’d reminded me that the society is now, faced with the elderly population outnumbering the younger generations, and how people are choosing to NOT have as many children as we used to, with the changes in time, maybe, the husband and the wife will have to care for four ailing elderly, but in twenty years, the younger generations will be faced with the coup-le, caring for FOUR elderly.  What’s crueler is, the wages of the younger generations is on the lower end, and, the longevity of human is still on the rise, as parents, how can we bare, to let ourselves become burdens to our kids?  And, in the future, there would be the two elderly persons, looking out for each other.

What’s making my heart ache more was, even the elderly must take care of the ailing elderly, when we get to a certain age, our bodies will start to stop functioning, and, as we got older, we wouldn’t have that much zest, energy, to care for the ill.  How is the physique of an eight-year-old person?  Can you imagine, that he is still responsible for caring for his ailing wife, and, the choice he’d made…is a shocking, and saddening path.

For the long term, the aging population and the problems surrounding demented elderly will become worse.

And so, there are a LOT of the issues at play here, the problems with aging, causing your mind and body to deteriorate, and, the lax of caretakers, and, there’s also the monetary concerns, because the longer you live, the more money you’d end up, spending, and, waiting for the government, to implement a NEW policy on the caretaking of the elderly is just NOT the way to solve the problems, and so, we wait, for that answer that’s still far, far, far away…………


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Horrid Lover! A Man Who Forced Cleaning Agent Down His Girlfriend’s Throat and Killing Her Got a Fifteen Year Sentence Instead

Crime AND punishment, but if you ask me, the punishment is still too lenient here, from the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Chang, after he got drunk, he got into a verbal confrontation with his girlfriend, and forced open her mouth, then, poured bathroom cleaning agents down into her throat, after the woman, Jiang was taken to the hospitals, her severely burned esophagus was surgically removed, she’d died of malnutrition.  Chang claimed that they got into it after they both got drunk, and he didn’t have the intentions of killing Jiang, but the Highest Courts found him extremely cruel in his methods of torture, and gave him a fifteen year prison term based off of murder charges.

Based off of understanding, the married woman, Jiang wasn’t getting along well with her own husband, met up with the skilled worker, Chang, moved into his place in Danshui.

The verdict stated, that last year at one, on the morning of February 28, Jiang suspected that Chang took up another woman, she’d asked him to marry her after she was drunk, otherwise, she’ll leave him.  They started arguing, Jiang pushed Chang down, forced open her mouth, forcibly fed her half a bottle of cleaning agents, and screamed in Taiwanese, “I want you to DIE!”

And because partial of the cleaning agents spilled out, caused Jiang’s esophagus, face and neck, to be eroded and burned.  Chang saw Jiang in pain, tossed her $3,000N.T.s called up a cab, to get her to Mackay Memorial Hospital.  Because her esophagus was eroded, she needed to have it removed, and, she’d died of shock, caused from not being able to get enough breathes in, due to malnutrition seven months later.

The first trial believed that Chang, was a construction worker, therefore, he should know the dangers of cleaning agents to human body, and had intentions of killing Jiang, but took into considerations that he’d gotten her to the hospital, that he wasn’t completely evil, so, he was sentenced to just fourteen years instead.

After the case went up for appeal, and even though, Chang got down on his knees and begged Jiang’s family for forgiveness, Jiang’s family didn’t accept it.  The High Courts took into account that Chang’s ways were extremely cruel, and that he didn’t really pay the family anything, and gave him a fifteen year sentence instead.

And so, that, was how an argument led to this woman’s murder, and, alcohol is still a VITAL factor in aiding this happen, had the man not got too drunk, he may have had half a sense and not gotten so angered to commit murder.

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