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His Wife, Physically Handicapped, the Husband Lost it, Suffocated Her to Death

The shortcomings, of the long-term care program set up by the government here, was a contributing reason for this tragedy!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elderly man, Tsai who was left to care for his own severely physically handicapped wife long-term, was suspected of not being able to handle it physically and psychologically any longer, awhile ago, he was suspected of putting a plastic bag over her head in an attempt to kill her.  As Tsai saw his wife, Wu lost signs of life, he’d called the hospital, and turned himself in, the hospital was able to resuscitate her back to life once, but two days ago, she’d still died of multiple organ failures, two days ago the D.A. interrogated the elderly man, charged him on murder, and set his bail for $50,000N.T.s.

The police investigated, that Tsai (age 67), and his wife, Wu (age 65) were married for over thirty years, the children are all with stable jobs, and are all married, they’re doing fine economically, but many years ago, Wu had a stroke, and had the continued repeated cycles of urinary tract infection, she’d spent her time on her sickbed, and had been transferred in and out of the hospital, that Tsai was her primary caretaker.

Based off of understanding, Wu suffered multiple strokes of late, had been bedridden long term, in a wheelchair, and her daily living is taken care of by her husband, Tsai and the hired nurse’s aide, a while ago, Wu ran a fever, was hospitalized, and the nurse’s aide also fell ill, and Tsai shouldered both their care.

what the man was left alone in dealing with…

photo from online

He was suspected of getting burned out lately, at a little past eleven at night on the fifth of this month, he’d lost it, with a plastic bag filled with toilet paper, he’d, suffocated his wife, as he saw his wife’s heart stopped, thought that she was dead, he’d run to the nurse’s station, told the nurse on duty, “I murdered someone, I’m sorry!”, the hospital immediately took the victim to the I.C.U. to resuscitate, she was saved.

As the police were called, they took Tsai into custody, Tsai claimed, that his wife had been bedridden for a very long time, he could no longer care for her, that he tried to murder his own wife because he can no longer take it anymore; at a little past nine in the morn two days ago, Wu still died, due to multiple organ failures, as her son gave the statement at the substation, he was distraught.

And this sort of tragedies will keep on happening, because of the reduced birthrate, and how people are living longer, longer, and longer by the years, and, because there’s NO system of support, for these primary caretakers to get their needed breaks, that’s why they snapped.


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She Was Mine, a Child, Lost in Time…

She was mine, a child, lost in time, and time has, its, death-grip around her throat, slowly, suffocating her, choking her, into that slow death.

She was mine, a child, lost in time, the one who’d, never had the chance of being “formed”, and yet, I still, loved (in the past), love (in the present tense!) her so very much, simply because, she was, mine, and there need not be, any other reasons.

She was mine, a child, lost in time, and, she’d, drowned slowly, in the river of time, and, there was, nothing I could do, but to, kneel by the riverbeds, and cried all my tears, and my tears, in turn, formed another, grander river, then the river of time, my child had been, drowned to death in.

She was mine, a child, lost in time, the one who’d, never made it, the one who’d been dead, way before her time! And, there was still, NOTHING I could’ve done, or can do about this death that I’d been carrying, since 2008………

She was mine, a child, lost in time, and, in lost time’s embrace, I know, she’ll, grow up safe and sound, and besides, it’s better, that my daughter stays DEAD, because this world is so full of FUCKING shit, and I surely as HELL wouldn’t want what had happened to me, to happen to her too!

She was mine, a child, lost in time, and, time shall, keep her safe and sound, untouched, and, she wouldn’t lose her innocence as I did, when I was, a very young child myself………

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The Murders of Kaohsiung Medical University, His Best Friend Fell in Love with a Younger Female Schoolmate for Just Two Days, He’d Murdered His Friend

See how short-lived the love was???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The medical student from Kaohsiung Medical School, Huang, after murdering his close friend in the class, Liu, attempted suicide, the investigators found, that Huang had used the excuse of needing to get drunk and pouring his heart out, to get Liu to go to his place, and after he’d murdered Liu, he’d set up the crime scene to look like it was a fire, and pretended to be super drunk, actually, the breathalyzer showed that he hadn’t had anything to drink, and this had happened, two days, after Liu had started dating a younger schoolmate he had a crush on.

The police and investigators found, that the girl, on the 25th of last month had agreed to be Liu’s girlfriend, and that very day, they’d gone out together, on the late night of the 27th, Huang asked Liu to his place to drunk, and, Liu had even texted his girlfriend that “it would be awkward, meeting with Huang”, and, shortly after he’d arrived, Liu was murdered.

The school stated, that the girl didn’t show up for school on the 29th of last month, became emotionally unstable and needed the company of her family members, the school will give her counsel.  Her classmate told, that everybody knew that Huang and Liu were the best of friends, and she’d mentioned to her, that when she’s dating one of them, she must be extremely careful.

When Huang was murdering Liu, he’d texted the younger schoolmate using Liu’s cell, saying that he was “making food”, and the cell phone still wasn’t found to this date, the police got a hold of the records of communication, to see if there’s a third party who knew about it, to clarify the reasons Huang murdered, and to see if there are others who may know about what was going to happen, before it did.

The attorney, Chia-Rong Liu stated, that on the 29th of last month when Huang turned himself in, he’d stated, “My life is over”, “If I get sent to jail, then, I don’t want to live anymore”, although he’d agreed to turn himself in, but Huang didn’t have the courage to tell his father the truth, asked him to come the very next day; and Huang never showed, and, although he’d notified the police immediately, it was, too late already.

So, this, is how messy this love triangle got, and, the men were best of friends growing up too, and yet, love still came between them, because the girl whom the murderer loved didn’t reciprocate his affections, that made him angry, and, seeing how his best friend had gotten her attention, it’d made him even MORE furious, which was why he’d murdered his best friend, and, love IS the culprit, of this murder!

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The Mother from the Murdering of His Own Cerebral Palsy Son: We Couldn’t Get Help Anywhere

The “follow-up” of yesterday’s tragedy, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, He, was suspected of strangling his own son with cerebral palsy to death, after the Taipei District Attorney’s Office took the man into questioning yesterday, they’d turned He to his own wife’s custody, and mandated house arrest for him.  As He’s wife went to the D.A.’s office to pick up her husband, she’d stated, “I hope he (son) won’t have this sort of torture in the next lifetime, and be a healthy child.”

He admitted to what he’d done, and, after the court case came into session, the D.A. believed, that he was not at flight risks, that he wasn’t going to weasel his way out, and that he was the primary source of income for his family, and so, they’d placed him into his wife’s custody, and asked the city of Taipei’s domestic violence call center, to help He get to the hospital for an evaluation, to assess his mental states, as well as the family’s situation, to decide the treatments, the counseling that comes afterwards.  As for the precise cause of death of his own son, the D.A. will wait for the autopsy results.

He’s wife said, that everybody had gotten ill, after taking care of her son, in the second year of the son’s high school year, the entire family helped to find a place for him to go, but, as the institutions and the schools saw how severely handicapped the son was, they’d not taken him, and, as the son went into his last year of high school, he’d felt, that everybody was singling him out, and, he’d blocked the world out since.

He’s wife said, that the Social Services Department had sent people to their house to help bathe, feed, and care for her son, but, after her son graduated from high school, the services weren’t continued, she’d once used how she had spinal injuries, with a heart condition, how her father-in-law is elderly, how her husband works, along with other reasons to file for assistance for her son’s sake, but, the Department of Social Services told them that they couldn’t manage to get more people to them, “We’d still relied on ourselves in the end.”

He’s wife said, at first, her son didn’t know his own conditions, but slowly, he came to realize, that he couldn’t walk, couldn’t write either, and, starting in middle school, he’d started, mutilating himself, “He (the son) had even told me that he’s sorry he couldn’t walk.”

He’s wife said, “My birthday was on March 21, and, on the 22nd, it was, the date of my own son’s death, I really don’t know what to say.”

And so, had the social services department not withdrew the assistance from this family, then, this tragedy could’ve been well avoided, but, there’s NO way that the government can provide for the cares of the handicapped people indefinitely, there’s this lack of human resources, as well as the lack of funding.

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A Man Who HACKED Up His Ex-Wife Nine Times, with Their Two Young Sons, Watching

Imagine HOW much THERAPY those young ones will be needing there, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 34-year-old man, Chen, two nights ago, in the later hours, ran his car into his ex-wife, Hong’s mother’s household, then, in front of his two young sons, he’d hacked his own ex-wife to death, right after that, Chen turned himself in to the police.  Chen said, that he was displeased at how his ex-wife posted intimate photos of her and another man, plus they’d disagreed on the child support payments, that, was what had caused him to commit the murder.

Hong’s mother stated, “I will NEVER forgive!”, Hong’s family told, that Chen was emotionally unstable, and, they’d once shown care and concern to the woman, asked her if she was being beaten, but she didn’t tell them yes or no.

The police found, that Chen, on the late evening of the Yuan-Hsiao holidays, had gone to Hong’s place, to discuss the education fees of their two young kids, and, that they couldn’t reach an agreement, which, was what caused him to kill her, first, Chen went back to his place, got a Rambo knife, then, drove his two young sons to Hong’s place in the city of Tainan, after his rammed the car into the wall, he’d rushed into the residence, and, murdered his own ex-wife, it wasn’t until he’d hurt his ex mother-in-law, did he realize, that he’d committed the crime, and, immediately, he’d turned himself into the police.

The twenty-eight year-old Hong had nine stab wounds on her, and, one of these wounds was deep enough that it’d cut through her body, she’d lost too much blood, and couldn’t be resuscitated upon arriving at the hospital.  As Hong’s mother tried to stop Chen from hacking up her daughter, she had defensive wounds on her left elbow too.

The police said, that when Hong was getting murdered brutally, the two young boys were standing by, hearing the screams of their mother, getting hacked up, and you can imagine the shock they were in; and the two young kids were taken by Chen’s sister, and placed in Taichung with her now.

When Chen was interrogated, he’d told them, that he’d worked odds and ends regularly, after he’d married Hong, he had two sons, they were under great economic pressures, many years ago, Hong suggested that they get a divorce, but still lived together, so they could get the low-income household government assistance money.  After they divorced, Hong had a very bad attitude toward Chen, and, in order to keep a surveillance on Hong, Chen added her on his Facebook friends, and saw how Hong would go out with different men, being intimate with them; he’d had confrontations with her several times, six months ago, Hong moved back into her mother’s household, and she’d worked hard, to fight for sole custody of their two sons.

The police found, that last year, Chen had gotten full custody over his two young children, and that the applications for the low-income forms should be filed by him, plus, he wasn’t really having a successful time at work, he’d asked Hong to help him file the papers, but she’d never replied.  On Chen’s Facebook pages, he’d stated, “You wait and see, I will TEACH you how to write the word: REGRET!”, and other words, a lot of her online friends showed care and concern, but, they were, unable, to prevent this tragedy from happening still.

The Social Services Department of Tainan stated, that the two were divorced back in 2009, but they had no records of them, applying for the low-income government supports, that last year, when Hong filed the papers, and was approved, and, they started receiving the $1,900 N.T. a month for taking care of the children.

“The two of them getting divorced and filing for the government support for low income households, and the extramarital affairs, are totally, unrelated!”, Chen and Hong’s common friend stated to the press yesterday, that they’d gotten a divorce because they were simply, too different in personalities, and just couldn’t live together anymore.

And so, this, is a case, where the husband got jealous of HIS divorced wife, hello, hello, hello???  She HAD divorced you, and so, she is, FREE to date whoever the HELL she wants to, because that, would be HER right, and yet, because you still couldn’t get over how quickly she got over you, you’d HACKED her up, and in front of your two young sons too, now, what KIND of a father are you, to put your sons through that?

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Killed by an Ex-Lover? She’d Gone Back to Her Mother’s House to Hide Out from Her Ex. Three Bullets, Causing One Death, One Seriously Injured

So here, we still have a case of love, turning into hate, and, hate had, become murder, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The neighbors thought that they were setting off firecrackers, as the child cries for his mom, that, was when they’d learned, that the tragic murder had occurred, with the ex-boyfriend, making his way inside her house without her knowledge, afterwards, he’d gone off the radars, the deceased had once disclosed, “I’m real tired”.

The 27-year-old woman, Huang and her uncle from her mother’s side were found yesterday morning, being shot, lying on the floor, as the paramedics rushed them to the hospitals, Huang had died, and the uncle was in a coma, due to his serious injuries, and the one-and-a-half year old child whom Huang had with her ex-boyfriend was unharmed; the police suspected, that the ex-boyfriend who had gone missing was involved, and they’re now, doing all that they can, to track him down.

Huang (age 27), had bullet wounds on the left side of her forehead, as well as her left thoracic region, with eight separate knife slashes, that were, as deeply into the heart; her uncle, Yang (age 63) had a bullet wound in his left forehead, and is now, in a level three comatose, is in critical condition, the two of them were both shot, at close range.  Huang moved back home, to get away from her 33-year-old ex-boyfriend, Huang, the police suspected that it was a case of love, turning into murder.

This one death, one seriously wounded shooting case occurred at around eleven in the morning yesterday, the relatives who lived nearby first heard the shots, mistook it as someone setting off firecrackers, until after a little over ten minutes, when the little boy cried for his mother, they’d found, that something was off; everybody went into the house, found Yang lying dead, in the hallways, and Huang, already dead, in a pool of blood, in the kitchen.

Before the police had arrived, the relatives had already taken the little boy away, the police suspected, that the child was originally on the bed in the bedroom of the first floor, and the door was opened; back then, all the other members of the family were out, there was only Huang, her uncle, Yang, and the little boy.

The police reviewed the surveillance cameras, and found that the ex, Huang had made his way into the house in secrecy, but didn’t get the footage of him, leaving; at the scene, they’d found two shell casings, two unfired bullets, but they didn’t discover the gun.

Before the shooting, Huang had rented a car, and afterwards, he went missing, and the car was found, a little more than twenty kilometers away from the scene of the crime.

Huang worked as a nurse from before, the relatives disclosed, that she and Huang had been dating for a little over three years, until before she was pregnant, did she learn about the man’s history, of having an ex-wife, and three kids; the boyfriend would often beat her up, Huang originally thought, that the situations would improve after she’d had her son, but, her boyfriend exacerbated, and threatened to give her son away to somebody else to raise.

Huang quit her job, and, on New Year’s Eve, she’d moved back in with her mother with her son, without realizing that Huang had found them, and went to her mother’s place, multiple times, to beg to get back together again, and, perhaps, it was because she’d set up her mind on leaving him, that was what initiated him in killing her.

Huang the woman had posted so many photographs of her, being close to her son, one of the photos was with her, holding a slip of paper with, “I’m tired!”, with “Had I only know” on it.  Huang’s mother had lost her daughter and cried to say, that she would NEVER forgive her boyfriend for taking her life.

And so, this, was how love ended in murder, because the woman realized that the man would hurt her, and, she wanted out, but, he was not going to have any of it, after all, in these relationships, the abusing party will NEVER allow the abused to leave her/him, and in this case, a tragic end…

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A Current Serviceman Strangled His Girlfriend & Her Mother After She Broke Up with Him, the Military Courts Found Him to be “Uneasy to be Reformed”, He’d Received the Death Penalty

So, whether or not you get “death penalty” is still reliant on how “well” you’d “behaved”, your attitudes toward the families of the victims, after the fact, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The current serviceman, Huang was displeased at how his girlfriend, after breaking up with him, asked him to pay up the debts, he’d invaded into his ex’s home, strangled her mother, took all the money and jewelries in her house.  The Hsinbei Collectivist District Court believed, that Huang had used such cruel methods, that it would not be easy, to reform him, “it would be hard, to beg for his life”, yesterday, the judge gave Huang the death penalty for his murders; after Huang heard the verdict, he’d remained expressionless, afterwards, he was taken, into the Taipei Penitentiary.

This, was the very first case after the amendments of court martial laws, where a serviceman was tried in regular courts and given the death penalty; the family of the deceased had also asked for the payments for their loved one’s death in the amount of over twenty million dollars, which was transferred to the civil courts to rule on.

Based off of understanding, Huang (age 21) had been dating his girlfriend for a little over two years, the girlfriend gave him her wages from her part-time jobs in the worth of over ten thousand dollars N.T., and, he’d spent it all, the couple started arguing over this matter.  Two years ago in July, the woman asked to break up with him, and asked him to pay back the money he took, Huang believed, that the woman didn’t consider that they were once lovers, and, started hating her, and that, was when the seed of murder was sown.

Two years ago on September 17th, Huang went into the armed services to service his army term, two weeks later, he was off after his orientation was done, he’d put on a face mask, made his way into his girlfriend’s house in Hsinbei City, strangled his girlfriend’s mother who was taking a nap to death, then, hid in the kitchen for a little over an hour, until his girlfriend returned home from work, then, attacked her, raped her, then, strangled her to death, and he’d taken the $10,000N.T. in cash that his girlfriend had in her bedroom; that very night, the police arrested him.

Huang admitted to murdering his girlfriend and her mother, but denied the allegations of theft and rape, claimed that it was consensual, when he’d had sexual intercourse with her, that the $10,000N.T. he took, was for the college tuition that he’d paid for his girlfriend from before, that it wasn’t stealing.  In the time when he was kept in jail, he’d written the Buddhist verses to give to the two women he’d murdered in cold blood, and had asked the courts to hand the hand written Buddhist verses to the family members of the deceased, and apologized to the family members, but the family members refused to forgive him for what he’d done.

The Collective Courts believed, that Huang had used such cruel methods in murdering his girlfriend and her mother, that it’d shown absolutely NO humanity, although he did apologize to the family members, but it still wasn’t enough, to soothe over the hurt and pains of the family members; and, the psych evaluations showed that “rehabilitating him would be next to impossible”, if the courts didn’t separate him from the rest of the world, then, he would surely, harm others using the same methods.  The judge believed, that if he was given life in prison, it wouldn’t be enough, to pay for what he’d done to the family of the deceased, as well as the two women he’d murdered in brutality, and that it would be a miscarriage of justice, or to keep the rest of the society safe.

And so, because this man murdered his girlfriend and her mother, in such a brutal manner, the courts decided to give him the death penalty, but, if you ask me (hey, who asked Y-O-U!!!), life in prison would be MORE torturing, because then, he’d be gnawed by HIS own guilty conscience, every single night, until the moment he’d swallowed his last breath, but that’s just my thoughts on the matter, and, what I think really isn’t important, it’s how the judge had ruled!

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The Young Mother Who Was Saved from Suicide, “I’d Strangled My Two Children to Death”

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A young married woman, Lin, awhile back, took her two young kids to commit suicide by overdosing, the two kids are dead, the woman was rushed to the hospital and is now, out of danger, the police officers yesterday went to interrogate Lin, she’d cried and told them that she was emotionally unstable that day, that she’d fed her kids some medication, waited until they passed out, then, strangled them both.

Lin was very emotional when the police interrogated her, mentioned how “in the current world, there’s nothing keeping us here, I don’t want to let them live, so they’d have to weather through more pains in the futures”, “After I’d killed them both, I’d tried committing suicide.”

Lin said, in the little over six years, she’d been troubled by mental difficulties, went to two clinics to see doctors, and got medicines, later she’d gone off her meds, and in the past year, she’d started back on them once more.

On the 27th of last month, in the afternoon, she’d driven her kids to Kenting, and, on the way, she’d become emotionally unstable again, and gone off the freeways, bought some fast food at a fast food joint in Mingshyong, then, took her kids to a motel, mixed the pills into their drinks, waited until her kids passed out, she’d strangled them, her daughter tried to fight, then, she’d strangled her daughter with a rope, then, she’d downed the rest of the pills.

Lin said, she wanted to commit suicide, and didn’t want to leave her kids, to become burdens to her families, decided to take them with her, that, was why she’d strangled them to death.  Lin also said, that she and her husband were getting along very well, other than the occasional altercations, there was NO economic stresses, nor was there affair on her husband’s part, or domestic violence.

After Lin woke up yesterday, the family members consoled her that everything was all right, that the kids are fine, that they’d been taken back to Taichung already, but Lin knew, that she’d killed her kids by strangulation, as the police was about to interrogate her, she’d started crying, and when she told them how she’d strangled her kids, she was crying so hard she couldn’t even talk, said that she is in deep regret.

Yesterday as the coroner’s autopsied the young children, they’d found that the muscles of the young girl’s hyoid muscles had hemorrhages, and that there were finger markings on her neck, that she’d died of suffocation, the coroners then took samples of the internal organs, and sent the sample to the justice department to determine if there are drugs in the systems.  Because Lin had histories in depression, she’s still in the I.C.U., with the police, keeping a close eye on her.

And so, this mother has a history of depression, and, she didn’t want to keep her kids on this earth without her, so that, was why she’d killed them first, then, attempted suicide, and now, she’s going to have to live with the fact, the guilt, that she’d MURDERED her own young, for what?  Her own selfish reasons!

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He’d Treated Murder as Nothing, and Got Discovered When His Own Son Confessed

Showing absolutely NO remorse, a “follow-up” from the last story, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“If only I’d listened to my wife,” the case of the murder of a woman by the man in charge of the local high school PTA had shocked the area, because Huang and Tseng were well-known folks in the area.  And the sly Huang who’d disposed of all evidence, fell, at the confessions of his own son, and, he’s now, in regret of how impulsive he was from the start, and how he’d involved the rest of his family.

Based off of evidence, after Huang had murdered his lover, Tseng and disposed of her body, he’d told his wife the truth, and, that same night, the couple decided to bury the truth with the body, and so, Huang’s wife placed the bat used to beat the victim into unconscious, along with the clothes her husband wore to commit the murder, into the garbage trucks, in the attempt to get rid of all evidence.  The very next day, Huang had gotten a call from the dead woman’s daughter, asking if he’d seen her mother, he’d told her no first, then, he’d bought some items and dropped it off at Tseng’s home, and, took the cell phone, the laptop, hoping that their affair won’t get found out.

It’s been two months since the murder, and the family of three took to their regular schedules, and you can’t tell that there is something the matter, plus Huang operated a soil mixing company, and is the head of the high school’s PTA, treated others kindly, and, nobody could tell, that the there was such a huge secret that the family was keeping.

Two days ago, they were taken into the precinct for interrogation, Huang denied having gotten involved, and Huang’s wife, even though she’d cried, but she’d only told that she knew that her husband and the other woman had fights, that she didn’t know anything else; in the end, the detectives consoled with Huang’s son, “this doesn’t involve you, we just want to know what happened…” after the son struggled with his heart, he’d stated, “I saw my father strangle the woman to death.”

“I can finally feel more at ease,” the young man disclosed ALL of his pent-up feelings since he bore witness to his father, murdering the woman, after he’d left the subprecinct, he’d left a message on Facebook, “I’m really not all that bad, am I?”, the police deciphered this as his way, of alleviating his own guilt.

Huang said, that his wife and son didn’t know he’d planned to murder Tseng, that he’d blamed himself for not taking his own wife’s words, to immediately call up the fire departments to rush the woman to the hospitals, that he’d made this irreparable mistake.

Is this remorse?  Of course not, this man only confessed AFTER his lies were BUSTED by his son’s confessions, and that just shows how cold this man is, and how when love goes wrong, it usually doesn’t end well at all.

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A Man Murdered the Woman with Whom He Was Having an Affair with, the Son Helped the Father Dispose of the Body, and His Wife Spoke on His Behalf

A man who not only managed to MURDER his whore, he’d also gotten his wife, and his son involved, and now, they’re both, ACCOMPLICES here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The long-haired Jane Doe found in the mountain regions of Taoyuan, Long Tang Mountain, after over one thousand DNA comparisons, the police finally found out, that the woman was Tseng, yesterday, the police arrested the leader of the PTA of a certain high school, Huang, he’d admitted to strangling his spare to death, along with burying her, his wife and son were also involved in the conspiracy for murder, along with disposing of the body, the family of three were charged on murder, Huang was taken into police custody, and his wife was on a fifty thousand dollar bail.

The police investigated and found, that Tseng was the president of the PTA of a certain elementary school, very beautiful looking, and had met up with Huang (age 43), the president of a certain high school’s PTA; Huang invited Tseng into participating in the Lion’s Order, and even though, both are married, but, because they’d spent a lot of time together, they’d fallen in love, started last June, they started going to functions together, and some of the club members were misled into believing that they were, a couple.

During the time they were together, Tseng had asked Huang to divorce his wife, but Huang refused, and asked to break up with her.  On the early morning of August 2, Tseng got drunk, and went to Huang’s house in a cab, wanted him to choose between her and his own wife.  Tseng got into a verbal altercation with Huang’s seventeen year-old son, and it’d waken up the couple too, and the four of them fought.

After Huang was angered, he’d used a bat, beaten Tseng to unconscious, and he’d stopped his own wife from calling the ambulance, he’d hauled the woman to the car with his son’s help, drove to Longtan County, Gushan District, and he’d strangled her to death, stripped her nude, dumped her body into the grasslands, after he’d driven his own son home, he’d bought a farm tool, and buried her there on his own.

Two months later, a remote control airplane “pilot” lost his toy in the area, went to pick up the airplane that he’d lost in the region, and found the remains of the woman by accident, back then, the police mistook it for the body of Lee, but the police realized that it wasn’t her, because the DNA didn’t match, that it was another murder case.

The Detective Squad, the First Detective Team of Taoyuan, along with the Longtang subprecinct worked together, to match the DNA, but because there was only false teeth and jaws that remained, the police searched and inquired over a thousand dentists, and sorted through the over hundred of the missing population, in the end, they’d found that the mold was a match to Tseng in a dentist’s office in Chungli, Taoyuan, then, they’d used Tseng’s eldest daughter for the DNA comparisons, and the remains were Tseng’s.

The specialist team searched the social life of the deceased, and found that the last telephone number was dialed for a cab to get her to Huang’s place, and that same day, Huang had gone on an outing with his friends of the Lion’s Club, and his group member said, that Huang looked out of it, and had gone to the car to catch up on his sleep, that this was out of place, and so, the police suspected Huang’s involvement.  Two mornings ago, when Huang and his wife was about to go on the airplane to go to Guanxi, China, the police feared that they have the desires to make their escape, they’d taken the family of three back to the precinct for questioning.

Huang admitted to murdering and burying his lover, and Huang’s wife claimed that her husband told her, “I’d buried her,” and the son nodded in agreement too, that he saw how his father strangled the woman to death through the car windows; after the interrogations, the police took the couple to the district attorney’s office, and the son was taken to juvenile court for processing.

So murder became a “family affair” here, didn’t it?  And, it all started when the woman with whom the man was having an affair with wanted to end it, and, he could’ve let her go, but he didn’t, perhaps because he believed that he’d invested so much emotion into the relationship, and now the woman wanted out, and that angered him, and so, he’d murdered his whore, and had his son and his wife help him with the cover up.

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