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The Security of a Preschool

A man, who works in an entry level position, with the higher work ethics, comparable to the managers and bosses here, if we have more workers like this then, this world will function, a hell of a lot, more, smoothly for sure!  Translated…

Last September, as my young granddaughter started in preschool, the first day I sent her in, the security guard at the gates saw her nametag, stated, “Good morning, Riya.”, during the time, she was really into the fairytales, and so she’d blurted aloud, “I’m princess Riya!”, and the security guard smiled back at her naturally, ‘Yes, my princess!”, and it’d left that good first impression with us, and ever since, every single day, he’d greeted her with “Good morning, Princess Riya”, or, “Bye-bye, Princess Riya.”, showed how he was amazing to young children.

hard working individuals like this, who keep the school campuses, safe…photo from online

After I’d observed this interaction for a whole season, it’d, disclosed to me, what’s really underneath the man’s, mask.  He is, too patient, kind toward all the adults, as well as the young children too, even though the mask covered up half his face, and we can’t see his full expressions on the face, but, his performance for work was more than enough, to make me note his good work ethics.  What was rarest was, he’d memorized the more than two hundred faces of the students, their names, and the appearances of their, parents too, and every afternoon as we’d come to pick the kids up, the parents get to know his superpower.  This meant, that he’d put everything he had into working as a campus security, and used this open mind and means, to interact with everybody he’d, encountered, so very, amazing.

As the world is under the dark clouds of the pandemic, there’s too much unsettlement internationally, our society is able to steady itself, and it’s all due to many of the entry level employees such as this campus security guard, keeping at their, posts.

And so, this is, a sort of an ode to all those, entry level workers, they are, the bottom of the ladder, and, without them, the rest of what’s higher up can’t steady themselves, because, we need a solid foundation at the bottommost layer of the socioeconomic ladders.

This man really works very hard, to have everybody in the school memorized for their faces, their names, as well as all of their, next-of-kin too.

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The Newspaper Deliveryperson

Interactions shared, with that someone who delivers the newspapers to you every day, and his work ethics drove you to continue to subscribe to the papers, translated…

Early that morn, I’d gone downstairs to retrieve my papers, found that there was a screwdriver inside my mailbox, because my family use this tool for work often, I’d not questioned it, and, took the screwdriver, home with me.

The following day, the paper delivery person called to inquire, asked if I’d found a screwdriver in my mailbox?  I told him I had.  He’d told me, bashfully, that the new delivery guy didn’t know the route yet, accidentally sent the paper into the mailbox of the second floor residents, and used a screwdriver to try to pry it back out, but accidentally, dropped the screwdriver into my box.  I’d started laughing out loud, a while later, that paper delivery guy came to pick up the screwdriver from me, I’d told him, you could’ve just called, and I’ll tell the residents on the second floor, why did you need to go through all the, troubles?  He’d smiled that, shy kind of, a smile.

Two mornings ago, as I was flipping through the papers at breakfast, I’d suddenly found, that the subsection of the paper went, missing.  This was the very first time I’d encountered this, could it be, that the newspapers forgot to print the section?  No, impossible!  I’d started feeling funny over my weird guesses, and asked the friend who also had her papers delivered, she’d told me, that there was, the subsection in hers, so, it must’ve been the delivery person who’d, forgotten, to put the inset in, then he’d, sent me a link of the online version of the paper, and told me, that I could write an article titled, “The Day of No Subsections of the Papers”.

like this??? Photo from online

From before when I had to rush off to work, I’d, flipped through the papers quickly, gulfing down my breakfast, and this day, without the subsection that I read, it got me to focus on eating my breakfast for once, it wasn’t, all that, bad at all, but I didn’t want it to happen again, so I’d called up the delivery person, and told him.  He apologized to me profusely, and a little later, I was heading downstairs to get to work, the delivery person came toward me, with the subsection of the paper that was missing from my newspaper.  And wow, he’d delivered that single page in the pouring rain, and now, I’m, ashamed of my self, I’d told him that it was no hurry, why did he have to come over in the downpour, after all, I could still find the section online to read off of.  He’d apologized to me, and said that it’s his, responsibilities to.

The second day I’d opened my mailbox, and found, that other than the United Daily I subscribed to, there was, an extra copy of another newspaper.  Whoa!  Is it, another, mistake again?  I’d called up the delivery person, he’d told me, that he was sorry he’d forgotten to put in the subsection of my paper yesterday, that he’d needed to make up for it with another copy of another paper for me.  Suddenly, I’d recalled an article from the Merit-Times, but couldn’t get it anywhere, and I’d mentioned it to the newspaper delivery person, and the next day, he’d, sent me a copy.

I’d felt warmed, originally, I’d considered if I need to, terminate the newspaper subscription, but, seeing how hard the delivery person worked, his passion, and his thoughtfulness, I’d, decided, to continue my, subscription, using this method to show him my gratitude, and support too.

And so, this is on work ethics, I mean, in the above situation, the delivery person can well tell the writer to go buy herself another copy, of the paper with the subsection that he’d accidentally, pulled out, and yet, he’d gone above the call of his responsibilities, brought back the missing pages of the papers, and, sent in another copy of another paper for her, and it’s this sort of warmth in the interactions that’s caused this newspaper subscriber to keep on, ordering the deliveries of her newspaper.

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The Eight Officers of the Police in Keelung Went to a Birthday Celebration of a Local Gang Leader, Claimed that They’d Told Their Superiors Beforehand

Is there, a “confusion” of WHO they are, and WHO you are???  Yeah, this is, improper all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the dusts from the “88 Resort” hadn’t settled down yet, in the city of Keelung, there were the news of eight detectives who’d gone to help a known gang leader in the districts to celebrate his birthday.  The police investigations showed that the meal gathering was from the captain who was in charge of investigating the workings of gangs, Cheng, he had, sent in the “requests” and the reports after the celebrations, but the written reports were too simplified, the city police department demanded more investigation on the matter, the investigative officers already interviewed all in the department who’d been involved, and the locals who knew of the events.

The police affairs department last night ordered to examine, if the participation of the birthday party of the gang leader was absolutely necessary, if there were behaviors of the officers that’s against police discipline, the department will issue the punishments on them all.  The officer in charge of investigations told: it’s NOT about the issue of it being a birthday party, but, the papers the officers turned in stated that they were “following the leads to collect an intel”, the manager of the substation found that the cause was valid, that’s why he’d signed off on it, and afterwards, all the officers who’d participated in the event is demanded to write a report on “contents of contact”.

not what these officers did, arresting gangmembers! Photo from online

Based off of investigation, the meal gathering in question was hosted at a restaurant in Nuan-Nuan, Keelung on the evening of the thirteenth.  The captain of the Keelung’s third substation invited seven of the investigative team members along, to gather for a meal with Lin, who was a notable gang leader of the Sun Group, the table had a total of fourteen people.

During the meal gatherings, someone from the group mentioned that it was Lin’s birthday, and, they’d bought the cake on.  The footage that streamed onto the internet was suspected to have been filmed by Lin’s families, someone downloaded the footages, and wrote about it on a group in FB, posted, “the minions of the detective unit of Keelung, offered the Sun’s leader a happy birthday toast, this world is too, messed up!”

The manager of the third substation of Keelung, Lin told, that the lieutenant, Cheng sent in the paperwork that he was going to a meal gathering beforehand, and written a report on the matter afterwards.

But the city police’s examination department believe, that the reports were too simplified in content; demanded that Kuo tell them more specific details of the gathering, yesterday, the police already called in the seven other officers who were there, as well as the owner of the restaurant, the citizens who were there, comparing the testimonies, and they’re currently determining if there are more activities that happened elsewhere.

Based off of the police official specific rules of interacting with others, it’d prohibited the police from being in close relations with those who have risks to cause dangers in the communities, those in gangs, those operators of gambling, sex industries, and/or other of whom engaging in illegal behaviors; if it’s absolutely needed, then paperwork must be submitted beforehand, getting the managers to sign off, and within a day of the events, paperwork must be filed, detailing the encounters; if there’s the emergent conditions that there’s no time for paperwork to be filed beforehand, then, calling up the superior, and twelve hours after the events, the paperwork needed to be filled out, detailing the contacts, the happenings.

And so, this looked like the gangs had the cops in their, pockets, and, the police department knowingly covered for these officers, and that’s just, not good, because, if the police is in close relations with the gangs, what hopes do we the ordinary citizens have of, keeping ourselves safe?

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Seeing the Hope in the Life that’s, Not Going, Well…the Bus Driver Who’d Greeted the Student Every Morning with a Smile, the Student: He Saved My Life

Sometimes, all it takes, is those words, “hello”, “how are you today?”, to save a life…the act of kindness from the bus driver, something positive, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The bus driver, Kang in Taichung had been working as a bus driver for six years, and this is the fourth time he’d been awarded the Golden Transport Award”, and the words he’d most frequently said to his passengers are, “careful, hold on, the bus is about to start”, there was a student who wrote, told that he had been overwhelmed with the academic that he felt upset, but the driver had greeted the student with smiles in the morn when he got on, and it’d, lifted up his moods, and changed his, life, “he saved my life!”  Kang told, treating my passengers as my friends, I drive the “Happiness Bus” every day for work.

There are a total of eighteen bus companies in Taichung, about 1,500 drivers hired, there were 8,500 rounds; the head of traffic department of the city of Taichung, Yeh told, that recently, there’d been the major accidents and the bad services, but, most of the drivers are all very, hard working, as they go out.

the driver, passing along something positive to his passengers, photo courtesy of

The driver from Tong-Lien Bus Company, Kang believed, that caring is in everyday life.  He’d made the example of how as a handicapped passenger was riding on his bus, he’d taken three minutes to help the individuals buckle their wheelchairs in, to keep them safe and secure, and it’d decreased the time for them to get onto the bus, and normally, the other passengers would not rush him to drive off, instead, they’d tell him, “no worries, take your time”, showing him the kindness too.

Kang started driving the buses six years ago, and there was a commuting student who’d written him, told him that he’d been overwhelmed with the pressures of school, but as he saw him greeting him with smiles, that gave him some hope in his life; in his letter, the student wrote, “Since I met you, I’d been trying to change myself, in the future, I will, strive for being the worker with the best attitude”, “You had not only changed my attitude toward life, you’d, saved my life too on that day.  After so much time has passed, I still can’t forget how warmly you’d, greeted me that morning.”

Kang said, that he’d driven his bus, with the mindset of “I’m operating the Happiness Bus”, and didn’t expect the cycle of kindness that’s started from him.  He’d told, as he’d begun working as a bus driver, his families worried that he may be tiring himself out, but he believed, that he’s paid, just as well as the regular nine-to-five office workers, and enjoyed the interactions with his customers, and, as he was awarded the “Golden Transport” by the Department of Transportation, he saw how proud his father was of him, he was really happy, that “I didn’t let my father down”.

And so, this, is how this driver spread the positive energies he felt in his work, to others around him, and because he carried such a positive attitude around him, those around him, those whom he came to interact with daily, are all going to be, affected by his positive attitude that he carried toward his own, work, and he’d, spread the cycle of kindness out to others.

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Degree ≠ Education ≠ Morality ≠ Status

The degree does NOT make the man, it’s the characters, the moral standards that makes, the man!  On the moralities of doing research, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, there’d been many matters on the ethics of research, that’s sparked up the debates with the sides.  What I’d gained from my teaching, my doing the researches, and office paperwork, was that any field of research, there ARE no shortcuts to research, that in order to produce the theses, the dissertations at the graduate levels, to get published in the research journals, or to publish a volume of book on ones’ own fields of studies, it involves the author her/himself, all the hard work that s/he had, put in.

Degree, education, status,, and morale, these four aren’t, interchangeable, only when one has the scholarly means, and the moralities, then, the individual can, elevate her/himself, and to this standards, the ethics of research became, the most important principle.

And so, this is on the moralities of research, and the ethics of research, due to the plagiarisms of the politicians’ work, how they’d, falsified their own degrees, and that’s why this country is going down, because these individuals who are ruling over us, have NO morals, and, being ruled by the immoral, how do you think this country will end?  Exactly.

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Keeping that Heart of Gentleness

Doing his job, offering assistance to others, he deemed it to be his job description, but for someone who is immobilized, the individual’s actions of going that extra mile to offer the services means, a hell of a lot!  Translated…

Seeing Chen walking out of his office, I’d gotten up, out of my seat, pushed the elevator button for him.

Chen was carrying a bag of something, walked slowly, smiling, grinning, but this time, he’d not taken the elevators, instead, he’d, handed me the bag, told, “I’m truly grateful toward you all, a bag of food for you and your colleague to share!”, I’d immediately pushed the bag back to him, didn’t feel right getting a reward for what I was paid to do in the first place.

But Chen insisted, then, turned and left, I’d caught up with him, because I didn’t know his full name, saw the name printed on his identification, made a mental note, thanked him for the foods.

like this, just, doing his, job…photo from online

Awhile ago, the restrooms on the first floor was being renovated, and those who worked on the first floor had to go up to the second floor to find the restrooms, but, for someone with a handicap, it was a bit more difficult, after all, that’s, an extra way to walk, and had to, get into the cramped elevator with the crowds.  As a first line worker, I’d shouldered the responsibilities for pressing the floor buttons; it’s work, but it’, something I do every day as is, it’s not considered lending someone a helping hand, just empathy is all.

I think, it’s because, of all of these situations I’d bumped into at work and in life, I’d, trained my heart to be softer.  In other words, I should be the one thanking him.  Even though my term of work is about to be up, I’d had to leave this work environment, and, as I find work elsewhere, I shall, also, take this heart of gentleness with me there, to treat everybody I meet there kindly, to keep this heart of mine, gentle.

And so, this is what you learned, from your interactions with others on the job, what you do, pushing the elevator buttons for those who entered into the elevators may be ordinary for you, but, for someone like the man who’d especially came by to thank the individual, because he wasn’t mobile enough, it’s something big, and, this individual will take this heart of helping others, of serving others, to her/his next job, because s/he knows, that what s/he does, makes a difference, no matter how little, to another human being.

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The Police Who’d Taken in the Money Sentenced to Eleven Years for the Money He Took, the Women He Had Sex with, and the Money for His Home Renovations, Sentenced to Eleven Years in Prison

Corruption of the law enforcement officials, from the top down here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The decorated police officer of Kaohsiung City Police Department, Sun, while working at the offices of internal affairs, took kickbacks from Liu who’d owned a sex eatery, and accepted the bribes in trips abroad, his remodeling of his own home, buying the new appliances, all paid for by Liu.  His first and second trials gained him eleven years in prison on counts of bribery, encroachment, stripped of his government post for five years; Sun appealed, and the Highest Court tossed back his appeal.

Sun had been suspended since his indictment, the city police station, fired him from his post after the verdict came out; the city government of Kaohsiung is going ahead with its own punishment of firing him from his post, and, he can’t be hired for four whole years.

Sun started working as an inspector, Liu the owner of the “Jia-Jia Eatery”, was actually a “Vietnamese brothel”, with the female strippers.

Started from 2013, the eatery was listed by the substation as a target of the unannounced checks, Liu found it hard to keep the business going, bribed Sun, while Sun was at a gathering with his coworkers and superior, he’d, passed the words to the manager of the substation he worked in, tried to pay the manager of the substation $20,000N.T. to get him to reduce the checks, but as the manager found out the purpose of the money presented to him, he’d told Sun he wouldn’t, and Sun pocketed the cash.

Sun also took the bribes of Liu’s bar, having the strippers, massages, the trips to Vietnam, and he’d even asked Liu to fix up a steel shack for him, and not paid the man the $200,000N.T. in construction, and had Liu buy the furniture in close to $60,000N.T. for him.  Liu complained to his nephew, that Sun had him under his thumbs.

The courts estimated that Sun illegally received a total of $348,700N.T. in items total; Sun explained, that his was a friend of Liu’s, and privately, they’d, given each other things, money, that started in 2014,  because of Liu’s business, he’d taken a loan of over tens of million dollars N.T. from him, but in 2017, his company closed down, and couldn’t pay back the loans, they’d gotten bad with one another since, in 2018, he’d sued Liu for fraud.

After the verdict of the first trial, Sun got an appeal, the High Subsidiary Court of Kaohsiung maintained the ruling from before, confiscated an air-conditioning unit, a washer.  Sun appealed again, the Highest Court tossed back his appeal, case closed.  Before the investigations on the fraud charge happened, Liu already turned himself in, and he didn’t have to serve any time.

And so, this, is how the appetite of this officer of the law grew and grew, and, this still showed, just how much, corruption is in the systems, how if the officers of the laws are, breaking the laws themselves, how the HELL do you expect, that we, ordinary citizens follow the rules?  You don’t, that’s why, this world is in such a huge mess right now, because the higher up officials can’t behave themselves correctly, that’s why, corruption works, its ways, down.

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Days I Became a Tag-Along, a Treasure Map of Memories

The meaning of hard work, the legacy of love, is what this father had left behind, for his own children, as his children watched him, working hard away, to provide for the family that he loves so much, translated…

As My Father Was Still Living, He’d Worked in the Small-Time Businesses, as I Grew Older, I’d Started, Tagging Along……….

My Father’s Brashly Telling the Families that He Was Switching Careers

Awhile back, due to the side effects of the vaccines, I’d started falling drowsily asleep, and I’d dreamed about my father who’d been gone for all of, forty plus years, and, as I woke, I started missing him a lot.

My father and I are of the same zodiac sign, he’s thirty-six years older than I am, passed at the age of fifty, which meant, he was only by my side, for fourteen short years.  When my father was alive, for the sake of household economics, he’d done the odds and ends businesses, and as I grew older, I’d started becoming his, “tag-along”.  And now, all the memories of him I have, are of those days I’d gone to work with him.

At around five, or six, my father started selling the pickled, the salted vegetables.  He’d gotten himself a cart, placed the assortments of salted vegetables in the cabinets of that tricycle of his, and as the skies turned light, he’d gone out, pushing his cart along, and sold off of the cart on the streets.  I wasn’t in preschool then, and I’d gone to work with him from time to time, the streets of early morning is quiet, and there was, only, the two of us, father and daughter.

Once, he’d returned home early, and, his cart had been, emptied, the families wondered how he’d sold everything off so soon?  He’d jokingly said, that “there was a rich guy, who bought it all from me.”  In truth, it was a day of the typhoons, and the wind flipped the cart over, and, everything shattered, and my father wasn’t able to salvage anything, this showed, how trying the lives of the small-time vendors are.

Not long after I got into elementary years, he’d announced that he was switching to selling the fish paste fried foods.  My father said, he had a friend in the business, that he believed, that the key to selling it well, is to have the good soup, with the items in the soups.  But, my father told of his trials too, that this friend refused to tell the secrets of what he’d put into the soups to him, as well as the recipe for the dipping sauce.

And, because the soup and the sauce were the keys to the success of fail of the food item, my father would go from time to time, to his friend’s stand to dine, and, bugged this friend of his, to tell him his secret.  My father took me there a few times too, and as I was, working on the foods, savoring the soups, he’d gotten busy, trying to get his trade secrets from him, and, secretly jotted down the ingredients for the dipping sauce too.

illustration from

After my father got home, he’d experimented continually, and after multiple busts, he’d finally, developed a flavor that he loved, and finally, his business was, up and, running then.

My Father Who’d Set Up the Stands at the Local Market Places, Started Developing His Faithful Clientele

Back then, my parents woke at three, four in the morn, to cook the daikon soup base, using the pork bones, then, with the dried fish pack to add in more flavors, then, made all the dipping sauces on their own, and selected all the ingredients for the soup with care, and finally, made into the best served, tempura.

My father who’d set up shop at the local markets started gaining a set clientele, then, he’d started selling the cold tapioca snacks, which he’d made by himself, and slowly, he’d gotten into making the other foods for his business venture.

During the time, every weekend, I’d gone to help as his cashier, cleaned the dishes, in the evening, as we set out for home, I would always, fall asleep from the fatigues of working on his tricycle, my father kept pedaling hard away, and kept turning my head to see if I was asleep, worrying that I may, fall off, and called out to me all the way home: “young one, don’t fall asleep, we’re, almost home”.

My father’s food business was almost all-year-round, especially during the New Year’s, as some of the stands would take time off, my father’s business would be better than ever before, and he’d needed all hands on deck, all of us to help.

During those days, his hand that clamped up the fish sauce pieces never stopped moving, all of us girls, would serve out the foods, to prepare for the takeout for our customers, taking the money for the customers’ ordered foods, doing the dishes, and we were all, busy at work, and we normally were able to, close down shop by early afternoon.  To us, a family who relied on the small businesses, being able to sell all the foods we made, earning the money for a good New Year’s, it was more pleasing, than anything else.

And maybe it was because of how he’d worked himself too hard, shortly after I got into middle school my father fell ill, and, he’d stayed ill for two years, then, passed away.  Although the family still continued operating the food stands, but, without my father as the pillar of it all, we’d eventually, close down the businesses.

So many years passed and finally I’d, dreamed about my father, he was already with hair all white, but was still, selling the fish sauce snacks.  Before I’d asked him if he was tired out, I’d, waken up.  I wanted to tell him, “I missed my time as his ‘tag-along’, and I hope that in a future life, you won’t and don’t, have to work as hard anymore.”

And so, this, is how this man, provided for his families, by using his hands, by working hard, by showing them, that so long as they’re willing to put in the time, the hard work, be honest in dealing with others, then, they will be able to succeed in whatever they do, even if it wasn’t in business, because, business should be based off of honesty, and yet, nowadays, business only cared about making the money.

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The Most Beautiful Scenery: Workers, Going the Extra Mile to Offer Assistance to the Customers

Going that extra mile in customer service skills, and this occurs only in the, distant locations, where not that many people comes by to visit, rarely in the bigger cities, because we all get caught up in our own lives in the big cities that we are living in, translated…

This is, the last gas station, before we drive up Taiping Mountain on Taiwan Seventh.  The tourists would normally, fill up their gas tanks here, go to the restrooms, or maybe, bring along, a hot cup of, coffee.  The elevations are going up, the roads, winding more and more, and the temperatures are surely to, drop, sharply.

In that small shop, that is a part of the gas station, the tea stewed eggs called out to me.  “We have tasty eggs made with the teas, you can bring a couple up the mountains, it tastes wonderful even when it’s cold!”  We were, persuaded, “if you liked these, as you pass by here when you come back down from the mountain, you can, bring a few more eggs home, it’s good for a few days.”, the worker’s smile like the sun shining, swept away the small displease of how it was, raining, we’d loved, how the store clerk was, confident about what he was, selling.

Another wok was steaming in the store, the clerk lifted up the lid for us to see.  “We are the only one who sell this item here of all the chain in Taiwan, it’s the specialty food item from Hualien, very delicious, we had many frequent customers.”  Seeing how his eyes lit up as he’d told us about the food, with that genuine feel of an old friend, we were, once more, convinced.

With the two eggs, two specialty food item, two hot cups of coffee, we’d, headed toward Taiping Mountain.  At this time, other than the aromas of the foods, there’s, that kindness, that wonderful feel of the care and concern from the clerk.  With his mentioning to us what we need to watch out for, his blessings, we’d found a perfect beginning to our trip.

And, he’d not, let us down one bit.  There days later after we came back down the mountains, we went into the shop to buy some more things, thanked his suggestions, and like old friends, letting one another know that we’re, okay.  And, even though, the sights were breathtaking, but, every time we’d thought back to this trip that we took, the work ethics, the kindness, of that shop clerk, was the most beautiful scene we’d, encountered on that trip.

And so, this, is on how someone who’s just doing his job, who’d, shown you a little extra care and concern, that’s, made everything better for you, and this also showed how important customer service skills are, you’re NOT just selling the items off the racks, you’re, helping someone with fulfilling her/his needs too.  And, if every worker can carry this sort of an attitude, then, everyone can become, employee of the month.

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The Case of the Judge Secretly Filming His Female Coworker’s Computer Conversations, May Cost Him His Judgeship

The crimes of invasion of privacy, committed, by a, court judge, on his, fellow, female, coworker here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Criminal Court judge, Tsai of Taoyuan District Court systems was found secretly filming the private conversation on the female coworker, Tseng’s and her photos, caused the news media to take note; Tseng pressed charges on him, the Taoyuan District Court found Tsai guilty of obstruction of secret, sentenced him to five months in prison, Tsai and the D.A. prosecuting the case both filed for appeals, the Highest Court of Taiwan tossed both appeals back, case settled.

The justice system had suspended Tsai since this May in written order.  The case was reviewed by the evaluation board committee members, and they’d decided to send the case to the duties courts, and recommended that Tsai be taken off his post, this was the new judge laws of July 17th last year, the very first case of impeachment that didn’t go through the Examination Department, and sent straight to the duties courts to try.

The Regulation of Judgeship Article 42 states “the judges who had been found guilty of a jail sentence, who’d damaged the reputation of judgeship” can be relieved of duty.  The legal realm believed, that Tsai was sentenced, and unless his behavior of secretly filming the female judge “didn’t make the position of judge undignified”, otherwise, he would’ve lost his job as a court judge.

Tseng, the female judge’s families has medical needs, Tsai introduced her to a legal adviser of a hospital, Wu, not known that both Tseng and Wu were both single, on May 25th of last, he was sitting alone in the office, and saw Wu’s message to Tseng, popping up from LINE, referring to her as “honey”, and there were the photos of intimacy of both, mistakenly thought the two were having an extramarital affair, and, took the shot of the screen, and, reported it to the Taoyuan District Court’s court manager.

As Tseng was called in, she’d found that Tsai took the screen shot of her computer, that he’d set up the micro webcam, and shot her talking in private with Tsai.  Taoyuan District Court found Tsai guilty of two counts of obstruction of secret, gave him five months, and he can pay a fee and not serve the time.

As the High Courts was in session, Tseng cried, and told that she wishes she could kill the “self that forgot to turn off her computer”, then none of this would’ve, happened.  The High Courts believed, that the victim started having symptoms of anxiety, insomnia; on the surfaces, Tsai had admitted to what he’d done, but, not told of what happened in sum, that it was hard to confirm, that he’d, learned his lessons from the events.

And this would be, another, INVASION of privacy, committed by a court judge, and, as he’d found that the woman was having the intimate conversation with the man he’d introduced her to, he probably felt proud of himself, for catching her cheating, not known, that she’s single and so was the man he’d introduced her to, and, it got him in trouble.

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