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The Civil Actions Leader, Wang Was Accused Again for Sexual Harassment for Patting a Student’s Waist, He’d Denied It

We caught another one, HYPOCRITE that preached about one thing, and does, the EXACT, opposite!  Off of the Front Page Sections, connection from Taipei to New York here, translated…

The civil rights leader, Dan Wang recently got caught up in the storms of sexual harassment, first, it was a man named Lee who’d accused him for attempted rape, then came Hsu, who’d stated, that thirteen years ago, Wang had stuck his right hand into his clothes in front of his own boyfriend, and started, touch his waist.  Wang denied all the allegations, stressed that what the men were accusing him of, either that he couldn’t recall happened, or that it wasn’t, as he’d, interpreted it.

the photo of the man who’d been, accused of sexually harassing his, vicitms…from online

Hsu told, that Wang who was a lecturing professor at Chingwha University loved going out for drinks and conversing with his students, he’d especially enjoyed exchanging thoughts with students who have opinions of social movements, and politics.  That once, the drinking party moved to a karaoke, back then, Hsu had a boyfriend, and his boyfriend was there too, Wang knew they were dating as well.  And even so, Wang sat between him and his boyfriend, without a warming, Wang stuck his hand into his shirt, and started, touching his waist.

Toward the accusations, Wang stated yesterday, that he’d been busy, with the opening of the June Fourth Memorial Museum, that the man’s accusations did not correspond to what he’d remembered.  Wang told, that he’d interacted with countless number of students, and had many partners with whom he’d worked with, and there were more whom he’d lost contact with, that he couldn’t state that he had, or hadn’t done what he was accused of, without further examinations of the incidents.

A man, Lee had accused from before, that Wang forcibly kissed  him, the city councilperson, Lin appeared at a press conference with the attorney, Lin, to tell what had happened back in 2014, of how Lee and Wang had shared a hotel room in the U.S., presented more evidences, hoping that Wang can come out and explain himself, and apologize to the individuals who’d, accused him for what he’d done to them.

And yeah, this is, how someone who vouched for human rights, a social activists, did NOT act as he’d preached, and if the accusations were true, then, this man deserved to get punished, and, this is how a man who used to be a civil rights leader, is accused of sexual misconduct, even, rape, and if these proved to be true, then, he deserved the harshest of all, punishments.

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A World of, BIGOTS…

This is what we’re, living in right now, a world of, BIGOTS, with their, tiny little, PEA-SIZED brains, and an even smaller-sized tolerance for others who aren’t the same as the “vast majority”……..

A world of, BIGOTS, and we’re, allowing these, ASSHOLES to rule us, to lead us to that hell somewhere, WAY lower than, the “given” six-feet under.  A world of, BIGOTS, because, these politicians are, brainwashing the next generations, erasing histories, telling them that what had actually happened WAS a lie (remember that slavery had never happened?  Or how Lincoln did NOT get ASSASSINATED by J. W. Booth, that he had died, from, choking on a piece of meat, or as I like to believe that he had???  Not to mention, how the kids these days, aren’t reading or writing, AT their, expected level of understanding based off of their, grades (had you CHECKED out those scores of the state-administered standardized exams yet????)

like this??? Political cartoon from online

And, these politicians are going to spin things, however way they want to, knowing, that us idiots who can’t educate ourselves, will, follow them, straight to hell, and we actually do, because we the people are FUCKING (so???) retarded, we the people, LACKED that sound judgment, besides, it’s always easy to not lead, and get BLAMED, if something goes wrong, so yeah, let’s all, get in line for that game of L-I-M-B-O there, and see how L-O-W we can, all, GO!

and we’re all still, following THAT, Conga LINE! Photo from online


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The Grand Justices Who’d Become, BFFs to the DDP

The GREENS (instead of the Redcoats???) are taking over!!!  This is how, the island becomes, under the DICTATORSHIPS of the DDP and Tsai, and now, as they’d, pocketed, that final member of the Grand Courts here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The four nominees of the Grand Justices by Tsai, they’re all, DDP supporters.  Including the wife of DDP higher up official, the attorney of the Sunflower Movement, the scholars who tried to vote out Kuan as the president of N.T.U., the wife of the classmate of the president.  Adding these four new nominees, in the futures, all fifteen of the Grand Justices, had been nominated on to the bench by Tsai, the DDP took over the justice systems, and, naturally, as you can predict, all the interpretations of the constitution will turn toward the DDP’s favor.

On the surfaces, these candidates had been nominated by a wide variety of spectrum, but, as the DDP filters of the president go through each, all the more justified individuals in society all got, scanned, out, with the remaining being, the DDP party favorites.  Toward this, the DDP legislator, fired off that first shot: the nominated attorney of the Sunflower Movement, Yo, had had the witnesses to commit perjury in the case regarding the incinerator in Yunlin; and the various parts of society started, talking about this being bad.  This sort of a character, isn’t even fit enough to work as a court justice, and had been, nominated to the position of Grand Justice.  Is the skies here in Taiwan, getting, painted, green now for good?

just like how Trump did it! Nominating ALL conservatives and those who’d leaned toward the Republican Party, and some of the nominees from the Democratic Party are also, conservatives too…from online

In actuality, Tsai only had less than a year’s term as president, and, the four justices about to depart from their position, their terms aren’t up until September, while the newly voted president will come into office next January.  And, if Tsai had any sense of spirits of the constitution, she should leave the nomination to the next president elect, to not turn the entire Highest Court into, her subsidiary.  But, based off of her political measure, setting up the power play is what’s most important to her, she does NOT care if her behaviors are considered, unconstitutional at all.

As the Supreme Court Justice, Scalia passed, president Obama nominated Garland, but, the Republican dominated House and Senate used the excuse of how Obama had less than a year in office, and the nomination got stuck for over a year.  In the end, Gorski, who’s a conservative, nominated by Trump was selected.  This experience tells us, that we should NOT allow a power-thirsty, abusive party keep on, ruling over us, in a totalitarian, manner.

Yeah, but we the people, are way too, mother FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) retarded or civilize, to stand up and fight for our own rights, and because we’d gotten used to living under the authoritarian rulership of Tsai and the DDP, we’d forgotten, how to, rise UP, or that, we’d been, enslaved by the DDP too long, we’d, forgotten WHAT freedom is composed, of…either way, even IF the DDP doesn’t win the presidency (and I’m praying that it doesn’t!), the bench is, completely, GREEN, and GREEN is not a good color for this, “free country”…

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The Reality of the Politicians in Office from Winning the Popular Votes: the DDP Apologizes for the Sexual Harassment Cases in the Women’s Division of Its Party Headquarters

So, we got these, misogynistic members who can’t even respect women, leading the country?  Wow, are we the people, FUCKING retarded or what?  ‘cuz we’re the ones, who’d, voted these, FUCKERS (don’t pardon me!) into office here!  And this SHIT happened, in the, WOMEN’s D-E-P-A-R-T-M-E-N-T too, if you can believe it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The post of a woman who originally worked for the Women’s Department of the DDP posted last night on FB, “it may bee too late, but, this letter of call for help should be taken seriously” quoted the play “Chosen by the People-the Wave Makers”, “We should not just let it slide, okay?  A lot of things, we simply, can’t, let them, all, slide”, the woman told of the similar experiences she’d endured as the character in the play, of how she got sexually harassed, and had told the manager of the unit she worked under, “I feel sorry, that the manager of the Women’s Department, Hsu chosen to leave her post, as she should’ve been my firmest, back up when I needed her to stand up for me!”

Hsu is currently the assistant secretary of the DDP.  And, this caught the attention of the main officials of the DDP, last night, the party issued a statement, on how the former employee of the Women’s Department of the party, was sexually harassed by the company that’s hired to work within the party’s offices, the DDP is severe in catching and punishing any cases of power rape, and offered up its deepest condolences, toward all who’d been, taken advantage of in this.

The statement said, that the party feels nothing but regret over how the manager of the Women’s Department at the time, not taking the claims seriously enough, and handling the matter as emergent, that it’d caused the emotional upsets toward the victims; as the secretary of the party’s central office learned of this, this was taken seriously, and the party already pulled the plug on all business with the specified business, and pulled the higher up of the office, and started the gender evaluation committee, the chair of the committee, the manager of the offices, to investigate the matter.

The DDP stated, that the committees set up to investigate this matter already called up the victim, to personally understand what had, happened.  Other than offering the needed assistance to those who were harassed, the party promises, that it will keep on investigating the matter, and enforce the punishment needed to the individuals responsible.

Toward the case, the woman stated, “it’d been many months, I thought I can let myself slide, as I watched the elected officials, I’d, started, breaking down again.”

what the political party did, but now it can’t do this anymore!!! Photo from online

“I’m only, beginning to find my courage to, sort through all that I’d been put through, to tell it out in the open.  That was a case that was assigned to me, on the way back with the filming team, the director, while everybody else was getting on that van, sexually harassed me as I was, drowsy and falling, asleep.  He’d placed my head on his shoulder, allowing me to lean on him to sleep, I was thrilled, not known how to interpret what had happened in that moment, was he doing it out of care, seeing how tired I am?  He knows that I’m only a student, did it offer his shoulder out of care for me, like an elder would?  I’d, subconsciously, rationalized it as such, to settle myself down; no, that wasn’t it, it must be me, dreaming what had, happened.”

I shall become the character, Weng in the play, as the Women’s Rights Advocates waved that banner of women’s rights were supposed to have become the character, Weng for, me!”

And so, just like the Republican Party, all the nuts and bolts, screws too are coming loose in this party, and, this is the political party that’s, “preached” on women’s rights, it’d passed the anti-stalking laws, to prevent us women from being, harassed by those who tried to, hurt us, and yet, in a, subunit, a subsidiary of the party the WOMEN’s Department, this case was, blown, wide open!

Wow, how’s that for, H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y???

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Will the Grand Justice Become, an Official for How the Party in Power Explains the Constitution?

Of course, these, heads of justice department are going to become, “pocketed” by the DDP, and became, nothing more than, a subsidiary of the, political party, as that’s Tsai’s plans, all alone, in proposing the “justice reforms” that she’d, enforced into, law!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With the High Similarities in Beliefs, Similar Ideologies, What Sort of Political Calculations are the DDP, Making?

The four grand justices nominated by the former president, Ma, their terms are expiring on September 30th this year, yesterday, the president, Tsai nominated Yo and three others onto the bench, and once all of them passed the votes by the legislation, all fifteen justices would be, nominated by Tsai alone.  Of the nominees, Yo showed color preferential toward the matter of doing away with the death penalty, Chen had demanded the voting processes to be repeated, as Kuan was voted as the president of N.T.U., Chu’s husband is the head of district attorney’s offices, representing the various sects of the law: district attorney, academics, and attorneys at law.  Of the nominees, Yo stated publicly, that “death sentence” is a tool for oppression; being against the death penalty is for the sake of ones’ own life; and stated that nobody has the right, to take the life of, another, that as the “number increased”, that still does not give you the power to take the life of someone, away; that death penalty is similar to any act of, violence.

More than eighty-percent of the public are for death penalty, taking that off the tables, it’s the “minority getting loud in voice volume”, but recently, the grand justices explained, that the constitutional courts would rule in favor of “protecting civil human rights”.

And so, you can see, how the justice department became, the GUNMAN of the, DDP, doing what it was told, (good boy, now SIT!), because, all the highest court justices are now, DDP-affiliated, and that means, Tsai gets, absolute, POWER over how the law can get twisted in her party’s, favors, and there’s nothing we the people CAN do, about it!

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The Rich Businessman Bribed the Judge, and the Money Didn’t Get to the Judge, the Attorney Suspected of Fraud, Out on Bail

Underhanded dealings in the law “department” here, and you still got, caught!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The wealthy businessman, Cheng awhile ago, turned himself in to the Investigative Bureau, stated that during the 2019 case of Taiwan Golden Bridge Electronics Company, he’d bribed the former high court justice, the attorney, Kao, using the amount of a million dollars N.T. plus a gem stone worth a million dollars to bribe the judge of the case, Lin, and he’d, still, lost out.  The Taipei D.A.’s Office started investigating, searched and interrogated Kao, and called the attorney who no longer practiced law but had been on the case, Lin, and two others to testify, and after the interrogations, Kao was charged with fraud, and the bail of $100,000N.T.s set.

More than a decade ago, Cheng asked the Golden Bridge Electronics Company to purchase the workstations with the FCC of the U.S. certified plasma screens and CPU, and sold it to Thailand, and yet, there were, more than 7,000 workstations, and more than 60,000 CPUs that simultaneously combusted, causing Cheng to pay over hundreds of millions of dollars to the consumers of Thailand.

Cheng started suspecting that the screens and CPU that Golden Bridge sold him wasn’t certified by the F.C.C., that it’s flawed, and so, he’d sued four, including the C.E.O. of the Golden Bridge, for fraud and falsification of certification, and filed a civil claims of over a hundred million dollars.  And, Cheng had filed for the certification of the former Secretary of State, Clinton’s official documentations, proving that the product did NOT pass the security checks of the F.C.C., but, as the case had been tried, the courts didn’t find the document to be valid, and he’d lost, all the way.

court officials, paid, under the tables!

photo from online

For this, in 2019, Kao in the second retrial of the Intelligence Property Courts, claimed to Cheng that he was the former judge, Lin’s assistance, that he can help him sort through the matters.  And so, Cheng provided millions of dollars N.T., plus the precious gems to Kao, hoping that Lin doesn’t get swayed, or bribed; of the cash, it was the before payment to Lin, while the precious gems are for Kao’s helping to sort through things to make things go smoothly for him.  But Cheng had lost the case, and, felt that the verdict wasn’t in his favor, and turned himself in to the D.A.’s office.

Based off of understanding, Kao was suspected of not fulfilling his end, to bribe Lin, and took the million dollars N.T. in bribe and the precious gems for himself, and was charged with fraud.

See, this is what’s wrong with business, you think that if you got the money, you can, sway the systems, and because there are, the corrupt government officials in the judiciary systems, that’s why, this SHIT had occurred, but you’d gotten caught, and those court officials who’d received and accepted the bribes, all fall down, and this is only that first domino which will go down, as more corruptions comes out to the, surfaces I’m sure!

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The Experts: the Hospitals, Too Passive, Allowing the Violence to Happen More Prevalently

The trends, of this, abuser/enabler, interaction style, making this work environment, even that much more, dangerous, for the, professionals who work there, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The More Prevalent Forms of Abuse is Verbal, and Everyone Looked the Other Way, with the Occupational Safety Committee, Not Functioning the Way it’s Supposed to

Based off of the researches, sixty-percent of the medical professionals had bore witness or encountered violence at their workplace.  Of the medical violences encountered, most were verbal, and the causes of these verbal abuses included the miscommunications between the medical staff and the patients, the shortcomings in observations of what the medical professionals perceived as needed by the, patients.  The experts believed, that the rises in these incidents, has to do with how the hospital tried “silencing” the victims of these abuses, when the workers were abused, the hospitals hoped that they would just, take it in, to apologize to the patients and families, and, the number of cases that’s been documented, may only be, a tip of the, iceberg.

The C.E.O. of the Medical Reform Commissions, Lin told, that the commissions reviewed over past researches, and found, that the locations where violence are occurring most prevalently are in the E.R., the psych wards, and in the waiting areas, and mostly were from the anxieties of the families, hoping that their loved ones can be checked immediately, causing the loss on emotional control; while in the psych wards, it may be due to the psychiatric illnesses that’s caused the violences.

taking it out on someone who’s trying to help him get the needed treatment measures! Photo from online

The assistant director of Changwha Christian Hospital, Chou stated, that the violence in the E.R. are most prevalently due to drunken disorderly conduct, then, it’s the mentally ill patients, third, as the expectations of the treatments fell short of the patients’ expectations, fourth, waiting too long, losing emotional control due to anxiousness of requiring treatment.

Compared to the medical doctors, the nursing staff are more easily attacked, as the patients mistreated the nursing staff members like they were the maids, and when a demand was made, and the nurses didn’t respond, they get, cussed out.

The C.E.O. of the Taiwan Nursing Physicians Guild, Chen stated, that as the patients go into the hospitals, they’d hoped to be in and out shortly, and the hospitals normally carried the stance of “customers are king”, which spoiled the patients, to believing that they can get physical, and use verbal insults toward the medical staff members when things don’t go their, ways.  And, most hospitals, only wanted these incidents to go away, with no means for the workers in the medical realm to file their complaints.

Chen said, that the various hospitals needed to set up the occupational security committees, but, there were, rarely any that’s been, set up, to the point that when the medical professionals don’t even know if such a committee, actually, exists in the hospitals where they worked, and normally, this would be brought up, when the violence occurred, and got reported on the news, and the hospitals where these incidents occur would run the drills, to settle the society down, and nothing was done afterwards, to prevent the recurrences of these incidents.  The hospitals all swore on their “zero tolerance policy for medical violence”, but nothing had been, implemented, or done, to prevent these acts of violence against the medical, professionals.

trying to help, but getting, ATTACKED! Photo from online

And so, this is a high-intensity, high-tension work environment, where everybody can CRACK, at any time, especially when you’d been waiting in the E.R. forever, and, everybody around is, busying, taking care of others who are also in need of medical care, and you are bound to, lose it, and take your angers out on the medical staff members, when it’s not even, their, faults, they’re, already, very busy, doing EVERYTHING they can, to ensure that we all get the help that we needed!

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The Democratic Genes of the Party that Took Power

And the DDP, holds the democratic genes of the country then???  Give ME a break, just take a look at WHAT the DDP took away from we the people, forcing us to swallow down the pork with ractopamine, totally DISREGARDING the votes of the people, to restart nuclear four, to ban the imports of nuclear contaminated produces from Japan, etc., etc., etc., and they call themselves, DEMOCRATIC???  Yeah, right!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A few days back the DDP’s chair, Lai openly stated, “the DNA of democracy is NOT in the KMT!”, I’m truly curious, that how Dr. Lai tested the DNA of the political party that’s, been around for a hundred years in history?  Recalled how at the start of the year, the former ambassador, Chang gave a book to me as a present on the coming about of the Chinese political parties, along with the histories of the political parties of Germany as the country became more, democratic, the studies of DNA, it surely, should NOT get, overlooked.

the EMPRESS, Tsai! the dictator, elected by popular votes! Found online

From the external performance of the political party that’s currently ruling, it’s, a necessity, that we tested, the DNA of democracy, as KMT managed to unify the country from close to a hundred years ago, whether it be the organizational laws of the governments, along with the amendments to the constitution, other than the beliefs of one government ruled all, there’s, that pursuit in, human rights, and so, it would be brash, to state, that there’s no democracy in its, DNA.  But, what’s most worth noting was, just like Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, who’d turned from a medical professional into politician, his influence of the belief about democracy that it’d needed to get set up systematically first, before it gets, implemented, and those in the scholarly realm of the time, believed, that democracy can be put to practice, by the people being educated about it, and, allowing those who are, still learning, to take the reins, doesn’t make any, sense.  And, what constitutes as, democracy, I’m sure, that the scholarly find it hard to come to a consensus about even to this, very, day.

To the end of the war, although the KMT finally set up the constitution, but, had lost power of control in the internal battling, and surely, they’d become, authoritarian no doubt, it’s just, that since Taiwan was won, the local elections started, which was what was never considered from the Japanese ruling era.

The DDP had never taken a cent less from the national treasury.  In recent years, to protect their wins of the elections, they’d, turned the originally independently operating agencies of the government, into their, subsidiaries, showing how far they’d, shifted from the democratic that was in the party’s, name.

And so, hear the DDP bullshit is what this is all about, since the DDP took over this god DAMN FREE (this was still “free” last I checked!) country, Tsai and the DDP went against we the people’s wills, in passing the importing of the pork with ractopamine, and the importing of the nuclear contaminated produces from Japan, and the government still couldn’t provide we the people with everything we needed to defend ourselves in the pandemic, see the shortages of mask (that’s why the national “team” was set up???), the lacking of the vaccines (we’d relied on the donated bundles that other countries are discarding, because AZ became ineffective in preventing the mutated Delta, Omicron strains!), and, it still, bullshits we the people, and, what’s worse is that, wet the people are, allowing them to do so!

And, the DDP made this country, the OFFICIAL GARBAGE dump to the rest of the global community here, taking in ALL the SHITS that other nations tried getting rid of, and there’s NOTHING that we the people can, do about it, ‘cuz we’d all been, enslaved too long, and forgotten WHAT freedom feels, like now…

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The One-Year-Old Young Girl Died from Being Abandoned by Her Own Mother, Her Mother Turned Herself in, Received a Five-Year Sentence

How the mother of this young child was negligent, which was what caused her to, D-I-E, and she got, punished here all right, it’s just, that no amount of sentencing would be, enough, for the life she’d caused, to die, her own, daughter’s life was, lost, because of her, lack of concern and care for her…off of the Newspapers, translated…

The woman, Wang in Taoyuan, because her husband was serving time in prison, was left to raise her own one-year-old young daughter, but didn’t care for the child enough, only fed her in the morning and at night, left her young child at home alone, went out to travel with her boyfriend for three days, and then, the child had, died.  To cover this up, she’d refused her child for the vaccinations, to evade the department of sanitations checking up, and the truth finally came out four years later; yesterday, the Taoyuan District Court charged the woman on abandonment causing death, sentenced her to fie years, this can still be appealed.

The investigations found, that after Wang gave birth in 2015, she’d left her infant home alone, multiple times because of her work, during the time, she’d failed to provide the infant with enough food, causing the infant to be malnourished, and had been hospitalized a whole month, and after they were discharged, the hospitals couldn’t find them again.  In 2020, Wang’s daughter is turning six, and, was at the age of entering the elementary school years, the local sanitation offices tracked the child’s health status, and found, that Wang and her mother who didn’t live together both claimed, that the child was in each other’s care, that was when the local sanitation offices thought something was wrong, notified social services, the social workers and police broken through to wang, and that was when they’d learned, that the young girl died back in 2016, and the body is nowhere to be found now.

The indictment from the D.A.’s Office stated, that Wang had left her own daughter twice for as long as three days at a time, and during the time, she’d not left enough food for the child, she’d claimed, that on the second time she’d left her child, she’d left her daughter at the hospital, where the child had, died, because it’d been a long time, she can’t remember now, what she did with her daughter’s, body.

Although Wang admitted to what she did, but blamed the matter on how she’d had a hard time growing up, that her husband was in jail and sent her the divorce papers, she couldn’t take it, that was why she’d been, neglectful to her own daughter.  She’d told, that her daughter was hospitalized, because of kidney conditions, and her brains, but she needed to work, couldn’t care for her 24/7, and, as the medical professionals signed off, she’d left her daughter in the I.C.U.  But, it was a fact, that her daughter had died when she went out to travel, “as I’d refused to allow my daughter to get vaccinated, she’d already been, deceased!”

The courts investigated, that although the local sanitation offices found that Wang’s daughter was unfound, but they couldn’t confirm that she’d been dead, the police originally listed this case as a missing persons, that Wang’s telling them what had happened, qualified her for turning herself in, that she could get a reduced sentence.  But as a mother, Wang did NOT solicit help when things were getting hard, causing her daughter to die, the courts, did NOT allow her to ask for a second reduction of her sentencing because of this.

And, if you ask me (but hey, who asked Y-O-U!!!), this woman DESERVES to serve the HARD time for leaving her own young daughter to DIE, for NOT feeding her (that’s NEGLECT!), and maybe, this child wasn’t beaten up, or emotionally abused or whatever, her death was still, a result of her own mother’s, inability to care for her, and that would constitute as, MURDER in my opinion!

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Is it Police Brutality, as the Police Beaten the Bodybuilding Strong Man Down as They Tried to Take Him into Custody?  It’s More of Arresting a Perp Who Is Committing a Crime Getting Caught

After the ENTIRE story had been told, this is how a law professor interpreted the events, what the officers did, still was, NOT, “police brutality”, but it’s easy for the viewers of the video to misconstrue the law enforcement officials’ behaviors as, because of how the assailant’s had blood running down his, face, after he was hit in the head by the officers who were there to arrest him…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile ago, in the jurisdiction of the Zhongli Police Substation there was a man that resembled the Hulk who’d gone into the super convenience shop and started vandalizing the shop, two officers were sent to the location to take care of it, and in the end, the large man was beaten to bleeding all over his face, the locals started, filming this, and streamed the footages to the online media.  A portion of the locals believed that the police didn’t do anything wrong, the other sect believed that they were too brutal.  I however, think, that you can just, see the results and make your judgments, but we must, review over the process.

I’d looked at the footages posted closely, four total, and, the police’s way of handling was this: as the police arrived, the two officers restrained the large man’s arms, but, the man suddenly started attacking the two officers, and the officers were hit five, six times on their head, or back, and clearly, the officers couldn’t, dominate him, and so, they ran off, and, took out the pepper spray and sprayed the assailant, Hulk walked out of the store, headed out of the store.  It may be the pepper spray’s taking effect, as the man exited the shop, he’d, fallen onto the floor outside, but still slurred in speech, “I will, kill you all!”, at this time, the footage showed an officer with an iron police baton, beating on the Hulk’s head, twice on his head, ten times on the body, hollered at him, “hands behind your back, hands behind your back”, the Hulk put his hands behind his back, another officer went up to cuff him, and, as he was cuffed, the police did NOT continue to hit the man.  And at the end, what we saw was, the large man was cuffed, stumbling and falling outside the shop, blood coming from his face, quite thrilling, with the officers, wiping the blood off his face with a tissue to stop him from, bleeding.

and here’s a video of the events, off of YouTube, this video “blames” the officers for hitting the large man twelve times after he was already, sitting on the outside of the shop!

But for those who’d zoomed in at the last segment of how the largely built man was bleeding, and the police hitting him, will believe: the police used brutal force in enforcing the law; and the attorneys might note, the police hitting the strong man wasn’t justifiable cause for defending themselves.  But I’d noted, that as the police was chased by the largely-built man, getting attacked by him, and how they’d, cuffed him, after they’d, hit him, because this is, what’s normal during an arrest of a suspect.  Reason being, that as police are called, there would be those perps who don’t believe they’d  done anything wrong, or refused to behave, and at this time, out of necessity, the police selected to use force to enforce the law.  And, those who came late would operate on hindsight, told, that the police should be more patient in telling the perp, and wait until backup arrives, then make the, arrests, if this had happened, then, the locals may interpret the officers as, not doing their jobs, that they’re, “slacking off”.

Some believed, that after Hulk was subdued, the police could stop beating him.  Problem being, how can you tell, that Hulk had been, subdued?  I believe it’s when he finally got cuffed at the hands.  Letting the suspect go after the suspect was cuffed, the police will get sued to not doing their duties as officers correctly, and as the suspect breaks away from police control after getting cuffed, the police also gets sued for allowing the suspect to escape arrest, and so, it’s easiest to tell, if the man had been, subdued as the cuffs are placed on the wrists.  What I saw in the video that’s streamed online was, the police had, stopped hitting the man, but, did the officers go overboard in law enforcement?  And, if you believe that the man’s stop resisting arrest is his, “being subdued by the police”, that’s because you did NOT see how much forces the man was using to attack the officers, and, it’s hard for the officers on site, to not worry that the man might, suddenly, attack them, again.

I believe, that in the process, the police’s hitting the man twelve times, is the process of them, taking him into custody, the process of arrest, it isn’t, police using brute force, nor is it their, “using their duties to hurt the criminal”.

So, based off of what’s said, from the video, it’s easy for the viewers of come to the mistaken conclusions that the police were using brutality in arresting this large man, but, based off of the before, the during, and the after, the police did exactly what they were paid to do, to keep the shop safe, to protect the citizens in the local areas, to prevent further damages to the store being done by this, huge man who’d, suddenly, lost, control.

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