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Found Not Guilty for Selling Illegal Substances, Because the Officers Didn’t Use the Right Measures to Make an Arrest

This is why it’s, important, for the law enforcement officers to do everything BY the B-O-O-K!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two Years Ago, the Hsinbei Police Arrested a Woman, Chen for Using Heroin, Chen Claimed She’d Bought the Drugs from a Man, Cheng, and, Complied with the Police, Called up the Dealer to Get Him Out, Helping the Police to Arrest Him; in the Trials, Chen Testified, that the Station Manager Had Forced Her to Make the Calls to the Dealer, that the Police Had Coached Her on What to Say to Him, the Judge Believed that the Police were Framing & Abetting, that They’d Gotten the Evidence in a Flawed Manner, Found Cheng Not Guilty.  This Can be Appealed.

The verdict pointed out, two years ago at eleven in the morn on June 12, he’d met up with Chen at the restroom of a hospital, later, Chen was abusing drugs, and was found by her husband, he’d reported her, she’d claimed that the drugs she was abusing was sold to her by Cheng; at around one in the afternoon on that same day, Cheng received a call from Chen, he’d gone to sell her more illegal substances, and was arrested, and the police found 35 grams of heroin on him.

Cheng admitted to possession, but denied that he had intent to sell, that the illegal substances were for his own usage.  He said that Chen had borrowed $10,000N.T. to buy a scooter from him, that morning she’d paid him back $3,000N.T., that in the afternoon, she’d told him she had another $5,000N.T. for him that’s why he’d gone to meet up.

The Collectivist Courts investigated, that Chen wasn’t accurate on the details of the drug deal, in the interrogations she’d claimed that she’d paid $2,000N.T., and paid $1,000N.T. for what she’d owed, in the trials, she’d changed it to $3,000N.T. for paying back the debts, then, she’d, switched back to what she’d claimed in the interrogations; and the Highest Courts already had their understanding, that the supplies of the drugs by the drug addicts should NOT be the sole source of evidence, there’s NO other evidence that proved that the source of the drugs that Chen was abusing was from Cheng.

And, Chen claimed, that both her husband and the manager of the substation had forced her to call Cheng up, she’d told them, that unless she’d promised to pay him back, otherwise, he was, not going to show, and the station manager had, handed her the money, told her to carry it with her.

The Collectivist Courts asked Chen again, “The police asking you to call your dealer, to have him come out to sell you the drugs, did you provide that information, or, did the police want you to say it that way.”  Chen testified, “The police had, coached me on what to say……perhaps, they’d needed to crack another case in illegal substances, told me to tell the man that I am to pay him back, to pick up the stuff.”

In the end, the judge believed, that what made Cheng sold the drugs, was because how Chen went along with the police, to lure him out, that it fitted to “Framing and Abetting”, that the methods to which the evidence was obtained was, flawed, and Cheng was found not guilty.

And this just showed, of how the right things done the wrong way is still, WRONG, and these officers were too eager to arrest this man, that they’d, coerced the woman who abused the drugs to comply, and, the judge found the flaws in their methods of approach, of how the evidences were, collected, so he’d found the vendor not guilty, and now, he’s going to, continue, dealing drugs to more, and had the officers done this by the book, then, the dealer would be in PRISON!!!  But they hadn’t, and, there goes, another big fish caught, release, back into the oceans here!

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He’d Shown an Immense Talent in Playing the Traditional Chinese Instrument in Prison, Learned, that His Own Father is a Professional Musician Too

Helping these inmates, find a motivation to get better at something, so they won’t return to their old ways after being released, from the Newspapers, translated…

Yesterday, the Cultural Department of Hualien went into the Hualien Penitentiary to host a certification program of the street performers for the inmates, “Yang” an inmate received good comments for his piano skills. He’d started getting into music after he’d started serving time, and fell in love with piano, and after he’d started taking the lessons, he’d, learned that his own father had earned the championship trophy for piano skills, and, as his father named him, he’d used what made him glorious, the piano, as a character in his name, and he’d hoped, that after his release, he can use the piano, to start off on a new page in his own life.

“Yang” is thirty-five years old, at age 25, he’d made the wrong moves, had planned out a kidnapping ransom, was sentenced to twenty-four years; five years ago, he was, transferred to the penitentiary in Hualien, and went into the Chinese instrument playing program, and because the Yangqin wasn’t played by anybody, he’d started picking it up, and, loved the sound.

the instrument looks like this, photo from online…查看來源圖片

Later he’d learned from his family, that his own father who’d passed, was a professional yangqin player too, and had earned the championship trophy in Guangzhou.

“As I’d played, I’d often thought about my father.”, Yang, who’d gotten his name from the instrument told, that as his father named him, he’d already, passed this glory to him, “I can’t let my father down”.

Yang still has two more years until he’s up for parole, he hoped to pass the certification for the street performers, and, after his release, hoped to play as a single or in a group, and go to the nursing homes to perform for the residents, to give back to the community.

Another thirty-six-year-old, “Lei”, got involved in drugs when he was younger, and, he was convicted for robbery, sentenced to fifteen years, and, learned to sketch in prison, he’d picked up the art skills, and had already, kicked his drug habits now, he will be up for parole this year. He said, that taking up art had helped his parents accept him more, and, his work hung all over his home. He’d signed up for the certifications program, hoping that after his release, he gets to go home to open up an arts workshop.

So, these are, two examples of men, who’d, worked hard, to overcome their pasts, and, they’d, found viable skills, and they now have goals that they’d hoped to achieve, and, hopefully, this will keep on driving them, after their release from prison.

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The Age of Drug Abuse is Dropping, Now, the Kids in Elementary Schools are Getting Addicted

Drugs are still, infiltrating the campuses, and this time, it’s in the ELEMENTARY schools here, from the Newspapers, translated…

Drug abuse is getting younger and younger.  The members of the Cultural Committee of the Legislative Department yesterday held a conference, to find a solution, with the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, as well as the Sanitary Department AND the Police, to report on the preventions of drugs, the second-in-command of the justice department, Chen pointed out, that the problems with drug abuse is really getting serious, in the juvenile detention halls, most are there, for drugs, and, in the recent five years, the rate is still hiking up, last year, it’d reached 46.3 percent.  The assistant director of the police forces also reported on how they had been able to find over forty-one thousand youths who dealt drugs nationwide.

The legislator, Chen pointed out, that the second-level drug users who were youths had peaked by almost forty-six percent; and the total number of adolescent abusers went from 3,036 to 3,928, an increase of almost thirty-percent.

Because the usages of ketamine, along with other Level three drugs are punished by the administrative ways, and, the abusers were only sent to seminars, and made to pay a fine, and that’s it, and, recent years, there had been a HIKE in the number of young users, in the decade’s time, it’d increased from just thirty-six to six hundred twenty-one, at a rate of 16.25 times; and, the youths had gone from just eighty-four individuals to one thousand one hundred ninety-four, over thirteen times.

The man in charge of the Department of Education, Wu stated, that the schools’ rate of reporting on drug abuse of the students went from 1,559 to 2,432 in two years, but, after 2012, the number dropped, and, in 2014, the number was reduced to just 1,700.  He’d stated, that in 2010, the school had set up a detection program, which made the student users easily found out, and, the people who were reported was on a steady decline too; but, when he’d later answered the press, he’d told, that the ages of cases of reported abuses are on the decline, there were, about ten children in the elementary years who were found, abusing drugs.

Wu also pointed out, that in the student drug abuses, mostly were ketamine users, most incidences happened outside of school, about ninety-two percent, and, the providers of these illegal substances are from outside the school, ninety-eight percent of the times, and, it is, very important now, that they catch, the providers first.

Because of how easily children can get their hands on these stuff, that, is how drug abuse is spreading, very quickly, in the lower years of school, and, the only way to put an end to this, is by raising awareness, of the effects of drug abuse, and, WATCH your young closely.

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Let’s Go to Hell to Save Somebody!


“Hey, bud, let’s go to hell to save somebody!”, my close buddy, Rock stayed in prison for a total of eight years, after his released, he was, a changed man.

“Who needs saving?”

“Those younger generation of kids who are slowly, being pushed toward hell!”

I knew what Rock was talking about now.  It’s been two months since his release, the group of us, close buddies from high school gathered several times already.  In our meetings, Rock kept talking about what he bore witness to in jail: “Four years ago, at the factory of the prison systems, there were no more than a-third of the convicted who were there because of drugs, and a year ago, the population had increased to a half.  The prison systems in Taiwan are now, packed with drug addicts, don’t you know, how serious, the infiltration of illegal substances had become?”

I knew, because I was once, a family member of a “gang leader”, who’d talked to me about drugs, “I promise, I will never touch the drugs, but, those who work beneath me, the men and women, they rarely touched drugs.  The gangsters are not like they used to be today, the head is the one with the money, and, the easiest and quickest way to get money is by dealing drugs.  In order to up the sales, naturally, they’d find the down streams, and where would they find it?  In the schools, of course, the gangs would absorb kids above the middle school levels, got them hooked, and, wait4ed until they ran out of their allowances, they were forced, to sell drugs to their fellow classmates, and quickly enough, a school had been infiltrated.”

“The prison in the south, the over a hundred inmates who contracted A.I.D.S. all got it by the water route (needle injections), the contractions were from sharing unsterilized needles.  Once someone got involved in drugs, there’s NO turning back again.” A close friend who is a police officer once said, “nine out of ten drug users will return to the cage, and the other one will die outside of it.”

After his release, “Rock” found the reverend who helped him out the most in the rebirth group in jail, Pastor Ming-Cheng Huang, to help the younger released inmates, to understand, that drugs are cancers that will harm the next generations.  “The judge expected that ‘I could do something good for the country and the society after I’m let out.’”

In these couple of years, it wasn’t that the government couldn’t see the problems, also not because they didn’t want to do something to help out, “The Purple Metal Flower” had been implanted for many years now, and the schools are conducting urine exams, having anti-drug marathons, the posters, the dances, the ball games, but, the population of those using just won’t go down, it kept rising.  A middle school graduate once told me, “our entire school had fallen.”, and the students all knew who are using, only the instructors remained oblivious.  After those boys who used in the middle school level gone onto high school they’re easily absorbed by the gangs, and the ladies are more than likely to end up working in the sex industry, or, get controlled by the illegal substances, causing them never to be able to break free.

The scholar, Chiao-Wei Dan once stated, that the reason why moral education failed is because those who promoted it were never bad.  But the released inmates in Rock’s group, because they’d been there, they understood the process of how students are getting addicted, and could make their claim more valid, and they were able to, pull those younger kids who are addicted back, from the gates of hell that they’d marched into.

And so, although the runs, the posters, the dances, and the ball games couldn’t stop the next generations from getting addicted, maybe, we could allow those released inmates whose lives were nearly ruined by drugs get into the school campuses, to tell their stories, so the younger generations would understand the prices of going to hell.

Rock kept recalling the words of the judge who sat over his case, “It’s hard for a nation to raise a good person, but it’s very easy, for it to destroy a man.”, the estimation done by the Department of Sanitations found that there are over two hundred thousand people who’d used drugs, and, the youths took up the majority of those, and so, how can we not worry?

Dealing with drugs, gangs, to the declining of morale of the entire nation, our country is like an army, losing a war, and we couldn’t use those bad ways to fight continually, it’s time, that the schools work jointly with those released inmates, those like Rock, who’d hit rock bottom, are actually the most convincing, strongest, most adept, to reach to the younger generations out there.

So, let’s change our tactics, and go into hell, to save somebody!

So, because this person has a firsthand experience of how drug had ruined his life, so, he could better reach out to the younger generations who are slowly getting drawn into the habits, and, the prisoners are a good choice, to work alongside the schools, to educate the children, about the adverse effects of drugs, because those inmates had had firsthand experiences of how drugs had impacted their own lives.

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The Three Landowners Were Addicted to Illegal Substances, Ended Up, Squandering Over Millions Dollars’ of Their Inheritances

Because the richness does NOT surpass three generations, as the Chinese proverbs stated???  From the Newspapers, translated…

Three men who’s middle-aged, they were once, landowners worth up to over millions of dollars in the past, but, they’d all gotten addicted to illegal substances, and, ended up, squandering away their families’ inheritances, some were diagnosed with cancer at old age, some were elderly and still took their canes, as they dealt the illegal substances, the Yonghe Police Subprecinct arrested the three suspects, and learned that they were from good families, and, the police felt the chills.

The police investigated, that the team of three drug dealers, led by Cheng has the average age of sixty, back when they were younger, they’d spent listlessly, not taking up a job, and gotten addicted to drugs, in the two, three decades’ time, they’d managed to squander away all of their family inheritances, and were, living hard, and of the three, Lin had also been diagnosed with cancer, needed chemotherapy, and the other two men, because of how weak they’d gotten from the drug abuse, became immobilized, but, in order to sell the drugs, they’d still gone out, with the canes.

The police had been keeping an eye on this team of three, two days ago, they’d arrested Cheng, Lin, and Yo, and found small amounts of heroin, and amphetamine on them, and confiscated the gun off of Lin too, they’d admitted, that because they are not as able-bodied as they once were, in order to split up the risks, that, was why they’d gone to deliver the drugs together, as for the gun, they said, it was, for their own protection.

“Do I still have a chance to see my uncle?”, Lin’s niece went to the police station to visit, she’d pointed out, that her uncle didn’t get married, and had taken good care of those around him, and warned the younger generations, to NOT touch drugs, her uncle was an old-time friend of Cheng’s, perhaps, it was because of how painful his chemo got, that, was why he was willing, to break the laws.  After interrogations, the police booked the men based off of possessions of illegal substances and arms.

This, is how you can go from riches to RAGS, by getting involved in drugs, and, because you are feeding to your habits, and, your habits became this HUGE abyss, that draws you in, and, once you fell into that abyss, you won’t make it back out unscathed, and to think, that all these men, are from good families too!

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The Birthday Party Continued the Entire Night, the Group Gone Out, and Used Drugs After the Party Was Over…the Female College Student Ended Up Dead

The results of setting oneself FREE, partying too hard here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A female college student, Huang who just turned twenty-two, on the early morning of the 29th, went to her birthday party at a pub with her friends, later on, she’d gone to a motel, to continue drinking with Lin, her older schoolmate; they’d taken ecstasy, and had sexual intercourse, two days ago at four in the afternoon, Huang wasn’t feeling well, was taken to the hospital, where she’d died, her birthday became her date of death, the family members couldn’t understand how, or why this had happened.

The D.A. reexamined her body yesterday, there was no external injuries to the deceased, the family told the D.A. that there were no family histories of illnesses.  Lin, her older schoolmate admitted, that at four that very morning, he’d gone with Huang to a motel in Yonghe, to continue the party, after they took ecstasy, they’d had sexual intercourse, he felt awful, for what had happened to the young woman; the D.A. found out, that the ecstasy tabs were bought from a friend they met up in the night clubs.  After the D.A. interrogated him, they’d taken Lin into custody, and put him on a $50,000N.T. bail.

The police investigated, that Huang who’d just turned twenty-two, on the 29th, during the midnight hours, went partying with a group of friend in a nightclub in Taipei.  Lin said, that at her birthday party, he’d asked her if she wanted to continue the party later on at a motel, in the motel room, they both took one ecstasy tab; later on, he’d felt drowsy, and Huang started shaking all over, she’d called up a friend, to get some milk to her, to help her feel better.  He said, that he drank the milk, but Huang hadn’t, not long thereafter, he’d found her to be short of breath, started panting, and asked the motel to call the ambulance.

Huang studies at a certain private university, in the sales department, Huang’s mother stated, that she’d lived with them regularly, had outstanding performances on her grades, and entered into the sales competitions on behalf of the school; that she’d heard her daughter told her that she’s a good drinker, but, didn’t know that she was using drugs.

And so, another young life lost, to drug usage, and, had this woman not drunk too much alcohol before she’d gone to the hotel to use more drugs, then, the outcomes may have been different, and this still just shows, how your kids may be totally different people, in front of you, and their friends.

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A Twenty-Three Year-Old Woman Overdosed & Died, Her Mother Accused Her Friend of Finding Help Too Late

From the Newspapers, translated…

A twenty-three year-old woman, Chiu awhile ago, met up with her friends at a motel and partied hard with illegal substances, and, all of a sudden, Chiu started foaming at the mouth, and started having seizures, then died, the police’s preliminary exams showed, that she may have been overdosed on the illegal substances she was getting high on, the family suspected that the people that Chiu was partying with called the ambulances too late, which had caused the delay that may have saved her life.

The police investigated and found, that on the evening of the 25th, Chiu and her friend, the twenty-two year-old girlfriend, and the twenty-four year old man, Kuo met at a motel in Sinchuang to do drugs, Chiu told Wu, “I’m in a very bad mood, I need to loosen up”, at about ten that evening, Chiu and Kuo started using ketamine in the hotel room, as well as ecstasy, and packs of coffee, with unknown contents, Wu arrived a bit later, then, the three of them turned the music up loud, and partied too hard with the illegal substances.

Two days early in the morning at about four, after Chiu used the coffee packets with unknown substances, she started twitching, fell to the bed, and, her eyes flipped, to the back of her head, and started foaming at the mouth, Wu first shook Chiu to make sure what was going on, Chiu said in a small voice, “I’m okay”, but very shortly thereafter, Chiu stopped breathing altogether.

The two people who were there were stunned, at nine the next morning, Wu called to the counter of the motel, and, as the ambulance rushed on sight, Chiu was clearly dead, and, because Kuo had an outstanding arrest warrant for his prior drug charges, he ran off before the police arrived.

The police found out, that regularly, Chiu part-timed at a hair salon, and had known Kuo who works as a publicist for a bar for a little over four years, before Chiu went to the motel, she’d mentioned to her mother that she was going out with her friend, and, the very next day, she’d died in the motel.

The police booked Wu and Chiu based off of possessions of illegal substances, and because Chiu had no external injuries, the preliminary examination was that she was poisoned by the illegal substances, but, the real reason behind her death will come out, after the autopsy.

And this, is the adverse effect of using AND abusing drugs, and this woman still had her whole life in front of her, but, she felt the need to unwind, to loosen up, to party, and that, was what killed her, and plus she got involved with the wrong crowd too.

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“Raped by a Martian”, a Drug Abuse Suspect Called the Police and Was Arrested

Because you took too much of those hallucinogens, that you’re now, hallucinating???  From the Newspapers, translated…

“I’m being raped by multiple Martians, come help save me!”, a bargirl, Lo reported yesterday morning that she was being raped, and insisted that her boyfriend, Cheng took out the photos of “eight Martians” as “evidence”, and she’d even told the officers, “the Martians are glowing, can’t you all see that?”  And all the officers saw were, packets of drugs, wrapped up like coffee satchels all over the floors, the police arrested the two individuals there on possessions of illegal substances.

Yesterday at eight in the morning, when the police got to Lo’s suite in the hotel, they’d found Lo and Cheng in a haze.  The police ignored their rantings, and confirmed that the thirteen packets of coffee all over the hotel room floors contained illegal substances, arrested them based off of possession charges, and, as Lo became lucid after she got taken into the precinct, she’d asked them, “What, are you saying?”

So, my guess, would be that the drugs that this woman used was a hallucinogen???  And, that just shows, that even IF you’d only used just a little bit of drugs, that you thought would have NO harmful effects on your bodies and minds, you still can’t BE certain, of the damages that those illegal substances can do to your systems, so, just stay AWAY from using!  Unless, you want to be like this woman, without recollection of what happened when she was in a daze, and found herself inside the police station, wondering, WHAT, had just happened to her!

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Farewell to Applause, Farewell to Wealth…The Comedies & Tragedies of Their Lives, Curtains Fall

The greats we’d lost this year, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Life is like a train

Speeding towards the various exits

Some are forgotten, after they’d left their seats

And, some are missed, after they’d gotten off by people who were riding with them

As 2014 is about to come to an end, it’d taken a ton of colorful people with it; before the footsteps of the year had exited, we’re starting to miss those who’d passed on.

The comedian who brought his audience a ton of laughter and happiness, the Oscar winner, Robin Williams, shocked his fans with his own suicide.  In that he, being a comedian, wasn’t at all happy.

Robin Williams Saved All the Sorrows to Himself

Even though, there were hints of sorrows on his funny face, but, until he’d slit his own wrists, hung himself by the neck, insisted on dying, did the world come to know, that he’d lived under the shadows of depression too long, and, those outrageous funny moments he’d put forth for the world to see, was only a mask, his way of handling the world.

The Oscar Best Actor, a talented performer, Philip Seymour Hoffman too, died, in pain, as he’d died, there was still needle on his arms, with heroin close by.  The worldly applauses, the countless trophies, the money, still couldn’t fulfill the loneliness that he’d felt when he’s all alone.  The mask of the comedian had finally stopped working, and, the effects of the overuse of materials had worn off as well.

Hoffman Battled His Addictions Throughout His Entire Life

Alcoholism and drug addictions, is the demons that Hoffman worked hard, to fend off his whole life.  Sometimes, he’d win, sometimes, the habits would.  When his mind was winning, his talents shone through, he had impressed his audience with his awkward performances on stage and in the movies.  The New York Times named him the “most ambitious, more looked upon American actor of his generation.”  Hoffman told, that he wasn’t searching for the negative characters to play, he’d sought out roles that “fought hard against one’s own life”, because in real life, he’d had his share of fighting hard already.

So, this year, the world’s lost a TON of greats, and, even though they’re gone, their legacies will live on, because that, is what legends are all about, and they are, all legends in their separate realms there.


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A Man Who Had Lost His Job and His Girlfriend Tried to Numb Himself with Illegal Substances, Ended Up Feeling Even More Intense Pains

So, your plans of numbing yourself out backfired, huh???  From the Newspapers, translated…

An eighteen-year-old man, Chen had lost his love, lost his job, and got into a car wreck, he’d imagined that he could use drugs to numb himself from the pains, but, his first taste of amphetamine had filled his head up with hallucinations, causing him to feel even more pain, he’d called 119, and admitted to using illegal drugs, but, what came to take him away, was not an ambulance, but a patrol car, yesterday, as he was being lifted to the District Attorney’s Office, Chen still hollered, “I don’t want to get on, I’m going to die in the car!”

Two nights ago, at 11:20, Chen called 119, called out into the phone, “I’m using amphetamine, I feel awful, someone seems to want to murder me, come save me!”  As the ambulance and the police vehicles arrived, they officers and paramedics found Chen with a painful expression on his face, screaming, “Someone’s trying to kill me!”.  There was a bag of about 0.36 kilograms worth of amphetamine, and paraphernalia.

After the paramedics examined him, and told him that he didn’t need to be hospitalized, the officers took him back to the subprecinct, was about to get urine sample from him, he’d started ranting again, “someone will assassinate me, I’m not going to the bathrooms!”, and, after a long while, they’d drawn his blood.

Later, Chen saw his mother there, immediately, he got down on his knees, apologized profusely, admitted that because he’d lost his girlfriend, lost his job, got injured in a car wreck, that, was the very first time he’d used drugs, and afterwards, he felt stuffy in his brains, felt he was going to die, and screamed out that he would never do it again!

Yesterday morning, as the officers were about to send Chen into the D.A.s office for using drugs, he’d started hollering again, “Didn’t you say you were letting me go?  I won’t get in, I’m going to die in the car!”, and, the officers shook their heads, that, was the result of an overdose of illegal substances.

And so, you tried to numb out your pains of losing love and losing your job with drugs, because you couldn’t handle it, felt that it’s best, if you feel numb instead, and, you’d gotten a taste of that medicine, didn’t you???

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