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The Long-Term Care Tragedy Strikes Again, the Man in His Fifties Cared for His Mother in Her Eighties, Both Found Dead

Another tragedy, from the long-term care “division” here, and this still keeps on happening!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Neighbors Smelled Something Rancid, as the Police Broke Down the Door, the Bodies Had Already Rotted, the Family Was NOT Listed as High-Risk, the City Councilperson: the Social Welfare Policies Should Get Reevaluated Again

The fifty-five-year-old Wang took care of his own eighty-two year-old bedridden mother on his own long term, yesterday, both were found dead, in their old residential three-story mansion home in Shuling District, Hsinbei City, the bodies were both, rotted already.  Based off of the preliminary reports of the police, Wang committed suicide, while his mother died of illness, and who died first, and the causes of death is still, pending autopsy.

The district manager, Lin told, that Wang is the eldest son, had been caring for his long-term bedridden mother on his own, Wang’s younger brother lives close by, is the sole economic provider of the family, the younger brother originally wanted to place their mother in a home, but Wang refused, insisted on caring for her himself, and yet, both died.

The local police investigated, that Wang’s family wasn’t listed as high concern to the social services, there were NO records of seeking out help, the mother-son pair lived in the three-story home; Wang’s mother is elderly, had a stroke before, with the progressive conditions, was long time bedridden, immobilized, with Wang shouldering the care all on his own.

At around two in the afternoon, the neighbors called that they smelled rotten corpse, the fire department and the police came, broke down the door, found Wang’s mother dead on the bed of the first floor bedroom, the son dead in the bedroom on the third, both had died some time, because of the weather being too hot, the bodies already rotted out, there was no note.

At the preliminary investigations of the scene, there was no outside forces, the police suspected that Wang committed suicide, his mother died of illness, but, who died first, is still pending autopsy.

The Hsinbei Social Services stated, that the man in charge of the local borough already rushed over to take care of the funeral for the families.

The city councilwoman, Liao told, that the government should reexamine the social welfare policies, to set up a looser evaluation for filing for government assistance in long-term care means, so the social security network can be set properly, through the aging club, the dine-together, and the long-term care locations, to keep tabs on the elderly’s situations; for the long-term bedridden elderly, the city government should send people to their homes to schedule the visits to see if they’re all right.

And so, despite how the system is set up (not to mention, running already!), this SHIT still keeps on, recurring, because these are the people who can’t ask for help, and, the city government just doesn’t have the eyes, the minds, to keep tabs on everybody in the city who’s in need of the assistance, and, relying on the local boroughs, that’s not going to work, because, it’s one to, how many households again per district?  Exactly, so this is why this keeps on happening, and the city council is blaming it on the city in sum!  But it still isn’t the city’s fault…


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Respecting Others, Don’t Discriminate, This, is the Most Basic of Being a Fitting Citizen of a Country

And yet, people can’t even, do this, and so, the morality is still, going down that, slippery, slope, the morals are, too, messed up here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The econ student of N.T.U., as s/he went for the election of the head of student council, posed the wayward campaign calls, that’s filled with a ton of sexist beliefs, along with, the wayward claims too, this caused the criticisms from all around.  Or maybe, the student was just, amusing himself, a careless act on his part, but, this, “sense of humor”, had hurt a lot of people, and it’s, not at all, funny!  And for this, N.T.U. publicized the apologize to the society.

There’d already been, countless incidents of how students turned something that’s outrageous to believing it was humorous.  As early as the N.T.U. student council’s free speech month had a racist slur about the natives, on how they were given the free percentage scores added to their entrance exam grades automatically, with the P.S. of “the specialty rights of the natives is the government’s tyranny to the rest of us”, this clearly, sparked up debate, and it has nothing to do with freedom of speech, and it’s worrisome, that this might start up the chain reactions of racism responses.

There are many more of these incidents, including the unnamed high school in Taichung, setting up the carnival booth, using a derogatory remark against the native populations as the booth’s name, the unofficial fans pages of several high schools had the Swastika made of the symbols, it’s also, alarming.

In 2016, a high school in Hsinchu held a costume parade, some of the students dressed themselves up like Nazis, and it’d caused upset from the Israeli Diplomatic Office here.  All of these bad behaviors, had all, gone overboard; they’d all, discriminated against a subculture, a people, and they all sparked up the hatred for the certain groups in question.

The high levels of discrimination will cause hate, what the Nazis did to the Jews, were the violence acted out from discrimination.  As educators, we needed to remind our students, teach them, that the global community is made up of many different races of people, that they should avoid any forms of stereotypes and, discriminations too.  In Taiwan, freedom of speech is what’s been given, but, these speech can’t discriminate against others, nor should it, spark up hatred.  The values of the students aren’t yet stabilized or formed completely yet, the school teachers, the parents, the friends, and the classmates, all have the responsibilities to remind them to note, that freedom by definition, is not to discriminate against anyone else, nor can their speech, actions spark up anger, and it doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, discrimination is, unallowed and unacceptable.

But, these incidents, are only, occasional, we can’t generate this to every school in the country, nor can we, round all the younger generations up, and label all of them as, discriminatory.

and, here’s, the “hoard” of what we can be called, based off our, “colors”…photo from online

Back in 2005, Prince Harry wore the military attire with the Nazi Swastika to a party, and it’d, caused something huge; but if we say that the education in England had, failed, then, it may be, too, overboard.  Back then, the age of Prince Harry is around the same age as the econ students in N.T.U., clearly, he too, hadn’t, considered everything, just like this group of students hadn’t either.

Respecting others is the most basic of virtues of citizenship, nobody can use any forms of discriminations toward anyone else.  Making fun, and joking around, should not have anything racist, even if it is a discussion of public policy, for instance, the policies to give the extra points to the natives on the entrance exams.

And so this, is just how dumb these, COLLEGE students are these days, or maybe, the prefrontal cortexes are, delayed in developments for some reasons, I mean, at LEAST, you should have the senses, to know, that hey, what I’m about to post to say, to write, constitutes as, “racist” or “sexist” remarks, I mean, you can’t point to a BLACK (I mean, “African-American) person, and call her/him a “nigger”, just like you should NOT making those noises that sounded like metals clinking when you encounter, one of us, Asian people, because that is not what Chinese sound like either!

But, hey, these college level ADULTS are still, getting, DUMBER by the generations, thanks to the education in the schools, in all around, the world!

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The Mess Behind the Barthel Index, the Lacking of Provisions of Long-Term Care

Until this neurologist gets beaten up by the patient’s son, and the Department of Health & Social Welfare still does NOT take it, seriously enough, because, the neurologist was only, bruised, with nothing broken, besides, it wasn’t as if the family of the elderly person took a gun and FIRED into the neurologist’s HEAD, so, nothing gets, D-O-N-E!!!  The lacking in responses from the DEAD government of the DDP, and we’re, still, allowing them to continue in office here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The neurologist from Tri-Service General getting beaten by the patient’s family because of not validating the Barthel Index, but the real problem behind this, is on the system the government sets for allowing the citizens to apply for the foreign hired nurses, the government failed to consider the practical needs of the families in need of long-term care patients, and only went by the neurologist’s assessments of needs of the patients on the Barthel Index as the sole source of evaluation for hiring a foreign nurse, not only does this expose the neurologists in the dangers of physical violence, verbal threats of the frontlines, it’d also made the families that are in desperate need of long-term care help onto that guillotine, becoming a victim of the system.

The debate of the Barthel Index had long term been debated, and there’d been many incidents including how the families, in order for the in-hospital assessments, they’d had to haul their loved ones in a wheelchair into the hospital to get approved, later came, the loosening of the rules, of getting the medical professional into the homes to do the evaluations for the individuals in need; there are the immoral neurologists who’d worked with the agents to write out the falsified approvals and earning the kickbacks; or allowing patients to use the evaluation that’s not their own; there are also, even, the falsifying of the evaluation illegally, and, all of these, are to fulfill the needs to hire the lower waged foreign nurses.

Many experts, scholars believe, that the hiring of the foreign care nurses should be through the long-term care system, for instance, the home visits, to see the actual needs of the patients, but the government is always, “steps behind”, the problem had been under the sun for over a decade to date, and nothing is being, done.

And now, we can expect, that the approval of need for assistance of care can come more swiftly, this time, the Tri-Service General neurologist’s being assaulted is no a sole medical violence case, but a problem with the structure of how the long-term care evaluation system is set to run, the government’s evading responsibilities with “doesn’t fit the qualifications of long-term care provisions”, refusing to solve this, and in the future, are we only able to see the neurologists, the family physicians, getting beaten up, because of a failed-for-approval Barthel Index?

And so, this is how LACKING the DDP government is, just like in everything, it’s still, johnny-come-lately, in the provisions of approval for the hired nurses of long-term care, and, it makes us wonder, what the FUCK (don’t pardon me!) is the Department of Social Welfare doing, are they just, officials, sitting higher up, in them, tall, tall chairs, with the tea cups in their hands, drinking tea every single afternoon, at TWO sharp or something???


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May the Tragedies of Eighty-Fifty NEVER, Happen, Again

But you know that it will, due to the lacking in the long-term care policies that work that are still not quite, set up by the, government here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Mother’s Day is here again, the scent of carnation is the symbol of mothers, and, we don’t need to put mothers on that high pedestal, their kindness toward us, we can’t, repay them for all of our, lives.

In the times of thanks, there are however, a group of aging mothers who are taking care of their own young, as they’re, growing, older.  The 8050 Trend reported by the “Orange Generation”, the parents in their eighties, raising their fifty-year-old midlife age children, their golden years, are, shadowed over by the dark clouds of long-term care, they can’t see the beautiful rays of the setting sun, there’s no rainbow after the rain, it’s a never-ending war, also, a tragedy of Mother’s, Day.

I have a friend with polio, she had never been married and is already sixty, and in her midlife years, she’d been diagnosed with diabetes, and now, she’s looked after by her elderly eighty something mother.  When she was younger, her mother told her, that it’s okay she never marries, so long as she’s healthy and happy, but, as she entered into midlife, the assortment of conditions came at her, and in her mother’s elderly years, she’s responsible for caring for her own adult daughter, Mother’s Day had never been easy for her, no need for blessings of any sort, and her only hope, is to, get away, from the hells of long-term care.

I’d bumped into a mother-son pair on the weekends, sometimes at the marketplace, sometimes, on my way to the marketplace.  This mother-son pair live close by, the son wedded a foreign woman, later his wife ran off, it was only him and his mother.  He work during the weekdays, his mother took care of the meals.  On weekends, the two would go shop for groceries together, the mother walks in front, and her son was like a guard, walking behind her, very, carefully, he looked similar in stature to his own mother, as the mother passed through the butcher’s, the vegetable, fruit stands, fish, stopped, the son’s arms were fully hung with the plastic bags, and that, is what marked the weekend marketplace.

This seemingly nice picture, quite harmonious, but actually, the man never got over his own wife running off, became severely depressed, and had to quit work, and could no longer shop at the markets with his mother now.  Later, the woman would come to the markets, in her cane by the weekends, and would greet those whom she was acquainted with, not knowing when her son will get better, and how much longer she can, take care of him, or maybe, one day, she would, die before him.

My neighbor’s fifty-year-old son was sent to prison a few years back for something, the siblings had given up on him, only his aging mother didn’t, every other week, she would bring his favorite meals to visit him in prison.  As he was released, he’d moved in with his mother, couldn’t find a job, became, a borderline person of the society, and started working odds and ends, picking up the recycle materials to sell for measly income, and his mother can only put up the money she’d saved to help him make his own ends, meet.

The trend of eighty-fifty is that heavy lock and chain in old age, it had all the untold sorrows of the parents, a deeper sort of imprisonment than the prisons.  I hope that there won’t be any more of the tragedies of the eighty-fifty in society repeatedly, hope that the systems of welfare the government set up can be more complete, that we the offspring can all become those whom our parents can, rely on when they’re, older.

And so, these are cases of how the aging parents are still responsible for their adult children, for whatever reasons there may be, and this is bad, because these aging parents deserve a break, but they simply, can’t get it.

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The Taiwanese “8050” Trend, the Elderly Parents Became the Caretakers

On social welfare, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With the Eighty Year-Old Taking Care of Their Own Children in Their Fifties, the Families are Closed-in, Plus the Pandemic, Causing More Hardships on the Special Needs Families

The woman in charge of the Dali Borough of Taoyuan, Chen started visiting the local homes to give out the quick scan kits, and that was when she’d discovered that there are many special needs families, like the ninety-one elderly woman, Tseng was caring for her own seventy-five-year-old son who had a stroke; there was a low income family she’d visited, with the daughter being mildly mentally retarded, caring for her own father in his sixties, alone on her own, the two live in a small suite; and there are two more, with the middle age adult children at home, agile and able-bodied, but refused to work, relying on their parents’ selling the recycle materials to keep them.

In Taiwan, the “Eighty-Fifty Trend” is nothing unique, almost all the frontline workers in the local communities, whether they be people in charge of the boroughs, the head chair of a community, or the long-term care service organizations all told, that they all see these sorts of problems, but, “we keep everything about our families private”, and the scales of the modern day families becoming more nuclear, causing these families to get discovered, only when there are the news reports on the living means.

Chen found that when there are the families with the needs, she would make the scheduled visits to deliver the foods, the rice, and other resources these families may need, care about how they are doing, carry on in conversations with the members of these families, to keep them from going off into the deep end.  And the kindhearted neighbors would also, give these families their homegrown vegetables to show that they’d cared.  Chen had gotten the registry of the special needs families in her area from before, hoping, that as the person in charge of her borough, she could, do more, but, due to the invasion of private, she was, denied the roster, she’d believed, that most of the locals are helpful enough, that maybe the social services and set up a set of legal, regulation abiding means, working together with the social workers, to help those in charge of the local boroughs know, if there are the families in need of help in the localities, and are willing to accept the help from the outside.

And so, this, is how the people in charge of these local boroughs are, reaching out, but, the families that needed the assistance, may not be willing to receive the assistance that they are in need of, due to, problems in their ego, or, they feel ashamed, of needing assistance from the outside world, and, for whatever reasons there may be, by not getting the help they needed, it will only, cause more tragedies to occur in the local communities, and, no matter how hard these individuals in charge of the local boroughs wanted to assist, they can’t!

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Learning to Live, Alone

As we age by the day, this is something we all have to face on our own, eventually!  Translated…

Rode the MRT to the HSR to pick a friend up, bumped into my neighbor, Yun, I thought she was traveling out, she’d shaken her head, and told me, since her husband had passed on, she couldn’t face the empty house anymore, “loneliness sent me straight into panic mode”, and so, she’d come to the high-speed railroad station, sat at the corner, to read the papers she’d brought with her, to be in the company of the crowds that were coming and going, and, after she had the railroad station lunch box, she’d headed home.

As I’d heard how she’d passed the time, it’d made me feel sad.  Yun didn’t have children, didn’t go out to socialize, she’d built up that high wall, isolated herself; I’d often called her up to ask how she was doing, invited her to exercise with me at the parks, to increase her human contact.

what we will all be, faced with, one day! Photo from online

Those who live alone in my community, mostly were the unmarried, the widows/widowers, or those who’d not lived with their young.  And, the rate of those who live on their own is getting higher, becoming the trends, and the, norm.  And, there are more and more who’d come to understand, that even if two people were married, one day, one will leave before the other, and, everybody has to practice living on one’s own, to finish the bottom halves of their, lives, alone.

Recalled how there was a study from before, that the elderly if they’re healthy enough, can take care of their own daily living needs, living alone gives them that sense of independence, made them happy; but the prerequisite to this is you need to be able to face up to the multiple challenges that come your way on your own, you need to be prepared in the finances, health, as well as your social connections beforehand, then, you will meet that goal of “living independently on your own”.

And so, this still showed, how maintaining social contact in the elderly years is one of the keys to stay healthy, and yet, as people become reliant on each other, because they’re married, shared a life too long, then suddenly, it’s just, one of you that’s, left, and it take a long, long time, to adapt to that, and sometimes, you don’t completely, adapt yourselves to your lives, alone!

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A Sixth-Grade Girl Was Suspected of Being Bullied in School, the Parents Accused that the Instructor Coerced the Other Students to Lie on the Stand

What was worse, is that the teacher had, taken the LEAD, in the bullying of this, victim, and the victim’s, written and crumpled, thrown out note got found, by the parents, that’s how this whole thing got, busted, WIDE, open!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Young Girl in Taichung Feared Going to School, Became Suicidal, Lu the Mayor Demanded that the Department of Education to Quickly Check for the Facts the Humanistic Foundation Wanted the School Instructor to Get Out of the Instructors’ Rosters

A sixth-grade girl was suspected of being bullied by her classmates, and turned into by her instructors; the parents of the victim accused that the homeroom instructor, Liang not only “didn’t do a thing” to stop the bullying from their child’s peers, she’d also told the students to lie about what happened, to make it that the female student had hugged other male students, along with “engaging in abnormal behaviors”, to report this case as a matter of gender equality, causing the female student to have too much pressures, to her having suicidal tendencies.

the Humanistic Foundation demanded with the parents’ at the press conferences, that the Department of Education in Taichung should quickly terminate the contract for hire, and get the students in the instructor’s classes to the other classes, and offer counseling to the students who’d been directly or indirectly affected, but not by the counseling office of the school, that the Department of Education should carry the responsibilities for counseling of the students.

The mayor, Lu told, that the city will do everything by the book, demanded that the department of education to supervise the school in the gender equality board evaluations, so justice will and can be, served soon.

like this…photo from online

The Department of Education pointed out, that last year in December, the sixth grade girl had a spat with  a student, as the school intervened, she’d written a five-hundred letter of apology, and the parents of the bully victim had accepted the student who’d bullied their own daughter, but were upset of how the homeroom instructor handled the matter, how the school did NOT report the incident, and that’s why, they’re, pursuing.  Later on, the homeroom instructor found, that two male students had pushed another male student, who’d, bumped into the young female student, and used the reasons of “improper bodily contact”, and listed her as the victim, and reported the matter to the gender equality evaluation committee.

The parents pointed out, at the start of last December, their daughter’s photo was made into a funny shot by the students in the class, then, she was isolated, and then, bullied, the student asked the homeroom instructor, Liang to help her with it, but, the instructor said she “wasn’t into handling it”, and the instructor had even posted the names of the other students who’d confirmed that the bullying was occurring in class on the parents’ group of the class, the instructor had attempted to sway the parents’ views, causing the parents to have the misunderstandings, and started the rumors in the classrooms, to isolate the student, the parents of the victim went to school to ask, and Liang the instructor told them, “it was all an misunderstanding”.

In January this year, the instructor, Liang had the students falsely testified, that the girl had had “improper behaviors” such as hugging with other male students, and reported the incident as a case of gender equality, and not notified the parents, to make the young girl face the attorney on her own, to withstand too much, pressures.

The parents told, their daughter now feared going to school, that one day, she’d, wondered by the railings outside of her fourth floor classroom, leaving the note that she wanted to take her own life behind; they’d asked the school to investigate the instructor, the school gave them “we won’t be looking into it” on paper, without giving the parents any reasons, nor had an conference of discussing if the female student needed to get placed out of her original class, and made the child get bounced around from one classroom to the next and the next, and she couldn’t get help anywhere, and had had her mother stay in the classes she was learning in every day.

A parent who’s child had lied about the bullying by the teacher came forth, told, that her son or daughter was “told by the instructor how to write a statement of what had happened”, and later, wanted to tell the truth, to clarify things, but became a subject of the rest of the classmates’ bullying too, and became, depressed every day when s/he is to go to school.

Yeah, this is how bad it gets, not just because of how this bully victim’s continually getting picked on by the classmate, but how the teacher not only didn’t do a thing to stop the students from bullying this victim, she’d taken the lead in the bullying too, and this sort of an improper instructor should get her/his teaching license, revoked, and labeled AS “improper instructor”, so no more schools would EVER, hire her/him again!

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The Single Mother Forced to Battle Her Own Daughter Out in Court, Being Tied by the Family Incomes

Living below the poverty lines, but they can’t be approved for assistance, due to the rules, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The social assistance laws are confirmed to be too strict for the poor, it’d caused a lot of those in need, to not get the assistance that they were in need of; there was the single mother, caring for her developmentally delayed son, filing for status of low income, who’d had to battle it out in court with her daughter of a previous marriage, to the point she’d become, completely, drained, there were the low income registered individuals, who’d feared that finding work will not allow them to continue to receive the assistance of low-income from the government that they’d feared, “getting out of poverty”.

Mrs. Wu who is raising her developmentally delayed son on her own, wanted to file for the assistance of low income, but due to how her daughters from her previous marriage being adults, who’d started making their own pays, and the total incomes were calculated together, that disqualified her, to get the assistance, she was forced to battle in court with her two adult daughters whom she hadn’t seen in ten years, they’d broken their relationships because of this.  She’d called out, “this wasn’t what I wanted”, and called out to the government to amend the constitutions, to help those who are in dire need, to give the assistance to those in the lower end of the socioeconomic statuses.

Mr. Chang who’d been listed as low-income for more than forty years on end, had moved away from the city where the assistance to him was given, but the rents in Taipei was too high, and, he’d lived in Taipei for two, three months, then, moved back to his original location, and for years, he’d kept trying to make the money, but, worried that if he’d started making the wages, his assistance will be taken, as for the health insurance charges, the rents that pressed him down, he’d, given up on moving back to the city where he’d originally received the assistance.  He found, that the assistance of the society no longer fitted to the needs of the reality, hoped that there’s an amendment to help those who are living in poverty stricken means, to get out of the poverty stricken life, instead of having this group continually being, ostracized by the society.

And, these are, the cases of those who live on the lower end of the socioeconomic status, and they still can’t qualify for government assistance, because they have work, but the pays aren’t enough, to help them get by, and there’s nothing that the government does, to help this group at the bottom of the socioeconomic statuses out.

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With More People Living Below the Poverty Lines than Ever Before…

This is, what’s, trending now, I’m afraid…

With the costs of living, still, skyrocketing, we’re now, down here, on the, floors, licking up, dirt.  With more people living below the poverty lines than ever before, the gap between the rich and the poor, gets to, an all-time, wide, and there’s nothing that we can do ‘bout that, because, this AIN’T communism, where we’re made to share everything, debts, wages (everybody gets equal pay, nobody makes more than the next guy!), and, the living standards are still, going down, that slippery slope here.

With more people living below the poverty lines than ever before, well, we’re still, sloping downward in the economy here, and, it’s still, a long ways away (I’m guessing???) when we finally hit that, ROCK bottom, then, we will, surely, head back up again.

and all the lines are still, heading, upward too! “Graph” found online

With more people living below the poverty lines than ever before, and, the government says, that the taxes paid, are at an all time high, that they’d, overly collected, which is why, they’re, “kind enough” to give us a refund (yeah, losers, we were the ones, paying the over charged taxes into the government systems here!), and we’re all, bowing down to the leaders, for their kindness toward us, refunding back the taxes they charged extra that we originally paid (and, you DO realize, how we were the originally OWNERS of these, cash, right???).

And now, more people are, falling toward the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrums, and, the middle class (which is the majority of the population makeup in the world right now???), will sink down to the lower class, because, the lower class will, get ERADICATED, because they can’t make it, and in this dog-eat-dog world, you’re either the predator, hunting the prey, or, you’re, the prey, getting slaughtered, by the, predator, and I’m sorry, but it’s cruel, and that’s how the world, works!

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The Adults Sent in the Complaints, Causing the Children to Lose Their Chances to Learn

How it’s still the god DAMN adults, who’d, @#$%ED up the children’s lives here!  From a carnival fair, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Teacher, this is my happiest day!”, that was what the children told me, on the carnival fair at the celebration of Children’s Day.  But on that morning, the child told me that he forgot to bring the money, that he couldn’t shop for what he wanted, there was that disappointment in his, voice then.

This child, due to his family issues, did NOT go to kindergarten; as school started, he’d, cried every day into the classrooms, couldn’t even hold a pencil to write.  But, after a whole semester’s hard work, he can, finish an exam with the multiple kinds of questions on it.  And so I’d told him, because you’d worked so hard, I shall, take you to shop at the carnival fair.

As we’d gone to a certain stand, he’d, stopped, the older girl from a higher grade level watching a stand, asked if he wanted something?  He’d instinctively told her, “I don’t have any money!”, the older girls responded, “that’s okay, you can select anything you want, absolutely, FREE!”

He’d looked at me, there was, that joy and surprise that came up to his face; the young boy selected something he’d wanted, and the older girls gave him two tiny, presents.  He’d asked me, “Why are the older girls so nice to me?”, I’d told him, after you’d become older, you need to, treat the younger children like the two older girls had, shown you kindness too.  And, I’d spent, less than ten dollars, bought him two tiny toy cars, and today became, the happiest day he ever had, since he’d begun, school.

I’d thought back to about a week ago, at a not-for-profit fair, where items were sold, the parents, because they did NOT receive the earnings from the fair, filed a complaint to the Department of Education.  The purpose of the festivities, is to help children learn to cherish what’s been given to them, and to help others out, and what most kids get out of the activities, is the happiness, and not the monetary, gains from the sales of the items; the parents who’d put up the money and the time, had weaved in and out of the fair too.  And, those few adults, used their own selfishness, and, gave a bad reputation to the schools, causing the schools to be investigated by the Department of Education, with never-ending paperwork.

And, once the schools halted all the activities, because of the parents’ pressuring them, it’s still the children who are bound to fall, victims, losing the joys, and the opportunities to, learn!

And so, this still just showed, how BAD the adults are, because the adults had lost that sense of their own child innocence, and everything for them, is based off of profits, gains, and what am I getting out of this?  Taking away the children’s chances at keep their innocence intact, taking the opportunities of socialization, interactions away.

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