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The Forty-Six Year-Old Afterschool Tutor Taught Her Middle School Students How to Have Sex Herself

This is so totally, the, WRONG way, to go about, SEX ed here!!!  The improper behaviors of a school instructor here, a case of, Mrs. Robinson here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Using the Excuses that Pornography Gives the Students the WRONG Idea

Chen works as a female afterschool tutor at a care foundation, three years ago, she put a thirteen-year-old young man to stay at her place, believed, that the young man learned about sex from the pornographies that it’d given him, the wrong ideas, “the pornography has it all wrong!”, and she’d, taught him how herself, had sex with the minor twice; the young man felt guilt, and disclosed it to the volunteers at the foundation last year, the case was busted out into the open.  The Kaohsiung D.A.’s Office indicted Chen on having sexual intercourse with a minor of not yet fourteen.

Chen is forty-nine years old currently, and the foundation tailored itself to help the children in the families that can’t get them the needed help from school, offered the children afterschool help, and on the holidays and weekend, the daycare programs are, provided, offered classes in parenting, family education, and the sex ed for teens in school, life education, and how to prevent the transmissions of A.I.D.S., prevention of domestic violence, and sexual assault.

The police and D.A. investigated, the young man was only thirteen, he was in the baseball team of his school, after school, he’d entered into the tutoring program; in the winter vacation of 2018, he was in the training sessions for baseball at school, he didn’t like the dormitory provisions of the training, asked Chen if he could crash at her place, and after he got the okay from his mother, he’d, moved in to Che’s home.

like Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate???

photo from online

One evening, as Chen was having a conversation at home with the adolescent male, the subject drifted to sex, and it became, more and more, sexually illicit, when Chen asked the adolescent male, “had you had sexual intercourse yet?”, the young man told her he hadn’t, Chen asked him, “then, where do you get the knowledge of sex from?”, “from pornography”, replied the youth, Chen told him, “the pornography had it all wrong!”, “if you want to know how to do it, I can, teach it to you.”

And, not long thereafter, the young man went to Chen to “learn”, and, Chen taught him how to have sex, when her own daughter wasn’t at home; a few short day after the “lessons of sex”, the adolescent had sex again, in the bedroom of Chen’s home again.

Afterwards, the young man felt guilt-ridden, believed, that it was wrong that he had had sex with his forty-six year-old female tutor, and last year, he’d, disclosed the matter to a volunteer at the foundation; at first, Chen denied the allegations, claimed that she’d only, massaged him, that she’d helped him stretch out his muscles, by the second interrogation was when she’d, admitted, and, agreed on a settlement with the teen boy’s mother.

Even though, the adolescent male’s mother was willing to forgive Chen, giving her a chance to turn her life around with a probation, but, due to how the young man was only thirteen, the D.A. fund, that Chen’s behaviors are punishable by anywhere from three to ten years in prison, that it’d not qualified for probationary terms, and indicted her with the charges of sexual intercourse with a minor of fourteen years or younger.

And so, this, is how this woman, abused this young man’s trust, and, this still showed, how there are, NO sexual differences to sexual predators, and this is a tutor from a care foundation too, and that young man is, forever, DAMAGED, by this woman he put his trust in, and, his mama actually, forgave the woman for raping her own young!

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Sex Ed Today

Teaching children to ABSTAIN from sex is NO longer effective, and, if you think that by threatening them with all the wide varieties of STDs, STIs, unwanted pregnancies will work, get R-E-A-L, parents, found on the Houston Chronicles…as reported by: L. Faulkenberg.

When people find out I’ve got two daughters who will someday be teens at the same time, they often give me this look of sympathy or concern that I never really understood. Until now.

The hours I spent reviewing statistics on sexual activity among today’s children were enough to frighten any parent, including those of you breathing a sigh of relief that you have boys.

At age 11, I think I was still playing with Barbies, maybe even still mourning the loss of Santa. Today, in the age of YouTube, 11 is the average age of a child’s first exposure to porn, according to Melissa Peskin, an associate director of University of Texas Prevention Research Center.

In the United States, 11 percent of sixth-graders are sexually active. By the ninth grade, it’s 35 percent. By the 12th grade, it’s nearly 70 percent. These are among the statistics Cypress-Fairbanks ISD provided to parents who had questions about the district’s new sexual education curriculum, called “It’s Your Game, Keep it Real.”

But it wasn’t these statistics that some parents of Cy-Fair middle-schoolers found most shocking. It was the abstinence-plus program the district implemented. Parents have made headlines recently, speaking out against the supposedly graphic nature of the “It’s Your Game” curriculum, expressing concern that it prematurely exposes children to sex.

This week, the district informed parents that the curriculum will be reviewed by a local advisory council made up of staff and parents, and may not be taught to seventh-graders at all.

Parental objections to sex education classes are nothing new in our conservative state, where three-quarters of school districts use abstinence-only programs, and only a quarter use something called “abstinence-plus,” which teaches medically accurate information about contraception, according to the Texas Freedom Network‘s analysis of Texas Education Agency data.

The course works

But most Texans may not know that the vast majority of districts are not implementing programs that are proven to work, according to UT’s Peskin. In the vernacular of scientific studies, these programs proven to change children’s behavior, which include abstinence-only and abstinence-plus, are called “evidence based.” And the award-winning program that Cy-Fair is thinking about delaying, and possibly eliminating, is one of the few that has earned this distinction.

Harris County middle-schoolers who participated in trials of “It’s Your Game” were 1.5 times more likely to delay initiating sex, 50 percent more likely to delay oral sex, 29 percent more likely to delay vaginal sex, and 66 percent more likely to delay anal sex.

“It’s Your Game” is used in 11 districts in Harris County and cities as different as Midland and Los Angeles. It was developed by the folks at the University of Texas Prevention Research Center, which is funded in part by the Centers for Disease Control. And it was designed very specifically to begin in seventh grade, early enough so that children can still be influenced, and encouraged to delay sex, and hopefully avoid teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Despite claims from some parents, and the fear-mongering on websites such as Tea Party Nation, UT’s program is not trying to encourage kids to have sex or to shun traditional marriage. Its main focus is abstinence, a message that’s repeated more than 80 times in program materials. Videos that may seem too sexually explicit to parents are geared toward reality, Peskin says, presenting situations that students can relate to and take seriously.

While Peskin says she respects parents’ concerns, and Cy-Fair’s decisions, she cautions: “We don’t know if the program will be as effective if the program is delayed until later grades.” When I shared this fact with Cy-Fair’s Linda Macias, associate superintendent of curriculum, instruction and accountability, she said she’d share it with the panel reviewing the program. I hope so.

Frightening statistics

Every parent has the right to be scared when it comes to today’s statistics. And every parent has the right to choose how to educate our children about sex. Parents in Cy-Fair who disagreed with the “It’s Your Game” approach were given the option to opt out.

But before those parents pressure the district to scrap a program that’s proven to encourage our kids to delay sex – and help prevent the pregnancy, STDs and other problems – they should face the facts first.

So, with children getting exposed, earlier and earlier by the generation, WHAT are we, the parents to do, to help keep their innocence INTACT?  What can we do, to PREVENT from them to getting E-X-P-O-S-E-D to S-E-X, I mean, you DO realize, how easy it is, for a kid of two or three years of age to get SOLICITED, right?  And then, it wouldn’t have been CONSENSUAL for those two-to-three year olds, I mean, how can they consent, IF they don’t even have a CLUE what they’re consenting to, right???

And, before you know it, your lower graders (between first and fifth grades???) will be bringing home their first C-O-N-D-O-M applied on your “little boys’” PENISES, or who knows, they’ll just put it on themselves, and start HUMPING their sisters’ dolls here…

Handing out CONDOMS at a high school or middle school auditorium with those “guest lecturers” talking on why you shouldn’t have SEX is still a VERY ineffective way to T-E-A-C-H them about S-E-X, if you ask me.  But hey, WHO asked Y-O-U???  Exactly!!!


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