A Seventeen-Year-Old Guy Killed His Own Grandfather, Took a Bath, Then, Turned Himself In

The guy got nagged a LOT too, translated…

A high school dropout, Lee is always up to no good, and his grandfather would often nag him about how he doesn’t get a good job, that he only watched television all night long; yesterday early morning, while his grandfather was asleep, he used a knife, and stabbed his grandfather twenty-four times, and one of the stabs was on his grandfather’s chest, and, the grandfather died right away.

The process of murdering his own grandfather in cold blood was caught by his grandmother, who stumbled out of the room, Lee had even consoled her, “I’ll call the cops later”; then, he went into his bathroom, took a shower, changed his blood-stained clothes, then, placed the murder weapon on the altar, waited in the living room, for the cops to come.

The police investigated that the seventeen year old male was an adopted son, when he was just eight, he was adopted, at age four, his adopted mother passed away, his adopted father remarried, and lived in the city of Taichung.  Lee was raised by his grandparents, behaved relatively well, but, in his last year of middle school, he became rebellious, and, after just one semester in high school, and he had started working odds and ends since, and when he ran out of money, he would ask his grandfather for it, and, they would fight often on that.

Two nights ago at around nine, Lee was watching television in the living room, and his grandfather nagged him, “all you know how to do is watch T.V. all night long”.  Lee waited until two thirty early yesterday morn, he took a kitchen knife, and hacked his grandfather on the head three times, the grandfather ran to his grandmother’s room for help, and went to the living room for the phone to call the police, Lee ran back to the kitchen, took a fruit knife out, then, stabbed his grandfather in the chest, the grandfather fell immediately thereafter.

The police got a call from Lee, turning himself in, arrived there quickly, asked him, “Why you needed a shower after you killed?”  Lee said that he was covered with blood that it made him uncomfortable, the officers believed that he was trying to clean off the evidence, he said calmly and coldly, “There was still blood on the knife!”

The neighbors said, that Lee’s grandmother had spoiled him, would give him money all the time, and sometimes, when he and his grandfather had argued, she would often act as the mediator when the grandfather said he’d called the cops on him.

The medical examiners did an check of the crime scene, and found the blood trial to be from the grandfather’s bedroom, all the way to the living room, and to areas surrounding the front door, and all around the altar too, and there were blood stains on the walls.  There were a total of twenty-four knife wounds on the grandfather, there are defensive wounds on his arms and hands; the medical examiners and the police believed that they were in a fight and a chase, and the two stabs in the chest had gone into the grandfather’s heart, causing LOT of bleeding.

The technical high school instructor for Lee said, “He’d often skipped classes, giving his grandparents head and heart ache.”  Lee was extraordinarily intelligent, making all around him helpless of the situation.

The Grandmother Bore Witness to the Murder, Wanted to Break the Fight Up, but, She Felt Powerless in Her Legs

Lee’s first uncle said that his father and his nephew’s relationship can be categorized by tension, and, it had been going on for two to three years already, his father is already eighty-one years old, he couldn’t discipline him physically, so, he can only nag him; recently, his father had talked about how his grandson was too easily angered, and had heard his own father told that the grandson had gotten angry a lot, and would often claim, “I’ll finish those two elderly one day”, without knowing that it actually came true.

Lee’s grandmother told that actually her husband didn’t say anything more to the grandson, it’s just that the grandson would fall asleep with the television turned on, and he would often complained about how much electricity he was wasting.  Last night, her husband saw the grandson was watching television once again, she wanted to ease the tension between them said to the grandchild, “If you help out with the farming, then we’ll give you a salary too.”

Without knowing that the husband rebutted her right away, “Him, a farmer?  That’s impossible!”, then, continued on nagging the grandson, “we need to cook your three meals, how can we manage to get extra money to give to you?”, the air froze.  Later, she and her husband headed off to bed, until in the middle of the night, she was awakened by his screams, her husband was covered with blood; she wanted to stop her grandson, but, her legs had become limp.

Later, she moved out of the room slowly, saw her grandson with a knife, the husband claimed to call the cops, after he was finished with his sentence, the grandson had already stabbed the grandfather’s chest, and, when she came to, her husband had fallen to the ground, and had stopped breathing.  She cried, as she consoled her grandson to turn himself in, while she went into a haze, waiting for the cops to arrive.

And so, this is, yet, ANOTHER case of how nagging would turn a man’s mind, and, this 17 year old really cracked too, because his grandfather would nag him, NONSTOP, and, he is too intelligent for his own good as well.

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