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After the Critters Were Blamed, Next Comes, the Virus

How the DDP is, abusing power, and ruining WE the people’s lives, and we the people, are still, enslaved, and equally to blame, for allowing the political party to do this to this god DAMN country that I’m currently, residing in right now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The strongest abilities of the government led by Tsai, other than the massive use of propagandas, she’s also, very good, at, evading responsibilities as well.  From before, the frequent outages by the Taipower Company, all the culprits were, found, including, birds, squirrels, snakes, monkey, and other critters from the wild.  And yet, as we’d, thought, that this was it, and, yet, these past couple of days, Chen’s, “You want something to blame, blame the virus”!, it’d put the Taipower Company’s claims, to shame.

As the number of confirmed contractions surpassed the 10,000s, the locals are in a panic.  The quick scan system of purchase came, and yet, a lot of us can’t get the test kits; some worried that they may have contracted the virus, and the CPR reports is still, stalled, can’t get through to 1922, it’s a, total, mess.  Toward all of these messy situations, Chen lightly, summed it up with, “blame the virus!”, wow, he really, is good, dodging his, responsibilities as the head of the CDC.  If we can only blame the virus, then, what the HECK do we need our government for?

If it wasn’t, sarcastic enough, blaming the lacking of electricity onto the critters in the wild.  And now, as the lacking of the medical supplies, the policies being not quite there for the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, he’d, blamed it on the “virus”, an even, lesser, living organism.  We have the legislation, passing the help bills in the outbreaks with over 800 billion dollars to be used, the officials, the heads of departments have absolute power in allocating these, resources, including punishing the “noncompliant” citizens.  And now, as the government officials misjudged the situations, the policies gone bust, people don’t know what to do; and then, the head of the CDD, waved his, big arms said, “blame it on the virus!”, and how are we, the people, supposed to, take that?

There’s that red light in electricity provisions these past few days, and it had NOTHING to do with those, wildlife creatures, and everybody who can SEE, knows that the problem lies in the policies.  And, this is the same, for the massive numbers of outbreaks happening right now.  And, here’s, the food for thought: when the critters of the forests, the virus all got, blamed for the mistakes in the policies by the government, who shall become, the next, scapegoat when something else go wrong?

And this still just showed, how this god damn government that’s, ruining this country, is still not, manning up, shouldering ITS responsibilities, admitting that it’d made the miscalculations in the policies, and making the changes, so the means of defense against MERS-CoV, the power outage is, resolved.

Because the DDP only cares about keeping its own party members in office, it does NOT give a flying FUCK if the people’s lives are, ruined, and it still feels so good about itself too!

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Blaming the Virus?  The Head of the CDC Should Shoulder More of the Responsibilities

How the head of the CDC here, who’s now, so totally, distracted by how he will be up for the mayoral race of the city of Taipei, that he’d, let his current job as the had of the CDC slide!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the local outbreaks of MERS-CoV started, we may all have a difference of view, differences of opinion on the CDC’s policies, and yet, toward the at-home-quarantine’s “three-plus-four”, causing the entry level employees’ workloads to exceed the capacity of what the employees can carry, and the complaints that started, surfacing, the head of CDC, Chen stated it clearly, “You want someone to blame, blame the virus then!”, totally, showing his stature, and his, level.

The movie, “Ike: Countdown to, D-Day”, on the highest commander in the European front in World War II for the Allies, General Eisenhower, the weighing, measuring the pros and cons before he’d, ordered the D-Day attacks.  Eisenhower not only carried the stresses that he can’t lose this battle, he’d also, had to, tailor to the expectations placed on him from all angles, politically, toward the British prime minister, Churchill, and the French president, Charles De Gaulle; on the military front, he’d had to deal with the various commanding officers of the various military departments, ass he was already under enormous pressures, when he had the opportunities to go see the servicemen on the frontlines of war, he’d had to, put out his, down-to-earth, optimistic side to boost their morale.  Other than winning, the most important is reducing the casualties, after Eisenhower decided this, he’d prepared for the worst too, that if the war didn’t go as expected, he’d also, prepared a statement of defeat, prepared to shoulder everything himself.

Eisenhower had wanted to use the smallest costs, to get the victories in the battles, and to end the war soonest, he’d not “planned ahead”, thinking of how he will use the halo of his military tactics that brought about the victory, to boost him higher up as he’d returned back to the U.S. in the political realms, when he’d held the military meetings, he’d not just found the officers of the various army sects who agreed with him; and, as the heads of these separate departments voiced their opinions, he’d not acted like he was above the rest of them, coldly told the separate department heads, to go check the manual; he’d not told the servicemen, you got assigned to these squadrons, as he was faced with the possibilities of the huge numbers of casualties of the invasions of the beaches of Normandy, and, as the invasions of Normandy was successful, or if it’d not been, he’d not told, that it’s because of how amazing the commander was, that as there were the fails, he’d not stated, “it’s the soldiers who were ill-prepared to battle”; and, as he’d visited the basic levels of the platoons, he’d not told the soldiers, “don’t blame me for putting you guys onto the battlefields, you want someone to blame, blame the German Nazis”.

As the epidemic of MERS-CoV in Taiwan is about to head up to the climax in a little over two whole years, at this time, the head of the CDC had been suggested, “humbler, humbler, be, HUMBER”, using the correct attitude that’s taking the responsibilities , to lead us through, this unpredictable, epidemic, and only with THIS attitude, we just might, have a, chance of, winning!

And so, this is still how the EGO of one loser (man, XY, of the species of Homos sapiens???), ruined us all, and, because Chen is the head of CDC, whatever happens in the outbreak, like OMG, there’s NOT enough vaccines for all, or, OMG, the shortages of the quick scan kits, etc., etc., etc., he will be under the B-U-S, keeping Tsai, our big oversized, bobblehead PRESIDENT OUT of the line of the people’s fires and angers, and so, that is why, we are still, RUINED, by this, god damn, government of, ours!

Oh, wait a second, I’m the PROUD owner of an, ANARCHY, or rather, this is still, a DICTATORSHIP that I’m currently, running, on all four of these blogging sites of mine, and I’m still not RULED by any of that, okay???

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, the big oversized, bobblehead of the queen is now, nodding off here…

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What I, CHOOSE, to R-E-A-D…

What I, CHOOSE, to R-E-A-D, that’s got nothing to do with you, it’s my, personal choice, and, you will NEVER have a say, in WHAT I want to, select, for my own, reading pleasure.

Secondly, what the FUCK!  What I choose to read, that’s, my, personal choice, my right to decide, and you ain’t gonna have a say, why?  Because, you do not have control over what I am interested, or disinterested in, okay?

Third, what I choose to read, that’s entire, my choice, and, nobody’s gonna have a FUCKING (and your point being???) say, I mean, it’s not like I got that full stack of Playboy CENTERFOLDS, cut OUT, saved in my, “secret drawer” for my, “viewing pleasures” is it?

Then, there’s, yeah, you got ZERO right to tell me, what I can, or can not read, just like you got no right, to tell me what I can, or cannot say, it’s my personal choice, because I say so, okay?

Yeah, talk about a lack of freedom here!

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Stop Using the Mottos, the Slogans to Stop the Spread of MERS-CoV

How the DDP only focused on its own, external “appearances”, painting everything to bright, with the cores on the inside, rotten, and, there’s nothing we the people can do, to get this, god damn, @$%#ING government that’s, running our lives to six feet under to, wake UP!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The confirmed diagnoses had passed 10,000 now, Chen reminded the people here, it’s a CRIME, spreading the false news, with the highest prison term of three years or with a fine of, three million dollars N.T.

Surely, those who’d, circulated the unchecked news about defense against the spread of MERS-CoV deserved to be punished.  But, if we get a poll of public opinions, on how much the public trusts the efficacy of the CDC’s statistics of how it’d done on the measures of prevention of the spread of the disease?

what the government blindly believes…

photo from online

Awhile ago, Shen talked with Chen, the head of the C.D.C., in one segment, Shen mentioned, “I’m certain there must be, a lot of, uncounted number, and they don’t included in the 3.6 million of naturally immune?”  Chen’s response, “it doesn’t count.”  Toward the inquiries of one of the first founders of the DDP, Chen told the truth, which, dissolved the questions of, we the people.

The Department of Sanitations and Welfare already estimated that by May fifth, there are going to be around 3,7000 in the general population here who would’ve been confirmed of contracting MERS-CoV, and clearly, the epidemic is still, slowly, going OUT of control currently, and it’s safe to say, that this is, a matter of, national, security.  The government led by Tsai must face up to the practicalities of the outbreaks, to NOT just called out the mottos of, “We will get ahead”, or, the “nation’s teams”, and, what we the people want to know, is whilst the world around us was experiencing the outbreaks at the highest, Taiwan originally had a lot of time to prepare for the wars, and yet, the government led by Tsai, basked itself in the magical statistics of the outbreaks, with her mind on the only, the elections.

with the reality looking something like

graph found online

At the current time, facing up to the outbreaks, working together with the other parties that aren’t in power, to help the people become tougher, so we can, withstand the impacts of what comes next in the pandemic is the best strategies; while, the propagandas of how the DDP had, worked its way, to get Taiwan to the top, that, we can, do, without.

This is still on how EGOTISTICAL, this god damn FUCKING (don’t pardon my FRENCH!) DDP dictatorship is, it still lives in that bubble, on self-assurance, of that mirage, of wow, we’re all okay (no we’re not, you MOTHER FUCKERS, no need for pardon!), we’re all fine, we are still, number one.

Yeah maybe, we (still NOT a part of this, god damn, “collective!) may have been way ahead of the rest, but, due to the DDP’s, basking in its own, glorious, its ego (not centric, but tistitcal!) we are now, at the, very bottom, of this, god damn, food, chain, and we still hadn’t, fallen to, that, rock bottom, not yet, and no, still got ZERO clue how long it’ll take this country, to, finally, HIT, rock bottom here.

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The World Had, Demonstrated, with Taiwan, Not Paying Attention

Call this, ironic, ‘cuz from before, the Tsai regime stated, “Taiwan is only going to show the world, ONCE, how we cleared all the cases of MERS-CoV!”, yeah uh, that was at the beginning of the epidemic, like, uh, two years ago, right???  How long had this thing occurred again?  I’m still, not COUNTING here!  Observations, of how the government of the DDP had, successfully, ENSLAVED the people here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last May, the spikes in the cases of the epidemic of MERS-CoV occurred, there was a YouTuber with the claims, “look here world, the Taiwanese will only show you, ONCE, two weeks, we’ll be out of stage three alert!”, so loud, so pompous.  And the end result?  The two weeks turned into, more than two months, and the rate of mortality, far surpassed the other foreign countries.  Before the more than eight hundred who’d died, that boast from then, became, the biggest, irony.

As the MERS-CoV epidemic started, the biggest grace of God shown to Taiwan was, the evolutions of the outbreaks here, is a hell of a lot, delayed than every other country out there, there were the positives and negatives to consider here.  The outbreaks that hit hard mid last year, proved, how the country had, neglected to take others’ examples as a lesson, how we’d, walked down that same path again, and again, and how costly the outcomes of that were.

Another year has, passed, and, most of the other countries had, successfully, controlled the epidemic in their own countries, and found that delicate balance between keeping the society running smoothly, and keeping the epidemic, manageable; but, the steps to lifting the bans, the restrictions here had been, ambiguous, with the vaccines, the equipment needed, in short supplies.  And, don’t know how many times, the world had, demonstrated, and we’d still not learned, to watch closely; “getting ahead” is nothing but a false motto, everything the country should prepare for, no in place.  And what the government officials cared more of, was still, how to, boast the party, along with how to get the prevention of the spread of MERS-CoV, in synchrony with the elections that are coming up at the end of this year.

this god damn country went from this

image from online

For the six years since Tsai started her presidency, there was a “victory formula”, that’s never failed.  The parts of this formula includes: using the advantage of the DDP in power, to change the rules of the games, to manipulate the masses to feel animosities toward China; controlling the propaganda, leading the trends, and, knocking out the political adversaries.  But this means of, not improving the means, only seeking to oppress the DDP’s political adversaries, once the objectivity sets in, will it get turned into, the “Taiwan will only show the world, ONCE”, that classic line, which became, the laughing stock in a split second

Do not forget, this sort of a self-imposition, getting oneself into troubles, there’d been, too many in the histories who’d, shown themselves, to us!

And so, this is still, how the EGO (tistical, not centric!) of the DDP government screwed ALL of “We” the people, because it’s still bullshitting “We” (still not a part of that collective “we”) the people, using the political manipulations to turn the tides, and, because of how blindly the believers of this “machine” is, we can’t do nothing ‘bout it, because we (collective) the people are, STUPID, in that state of COMATOSE, and, we are still not waking up, with a “True love’s kiss” from that god damn, @#$%ING, P.C. (prince charming, anyone???).

to this…

a map of the cases of confirmed contraction, from Dec. 29, 2019 to Feb. 29, 2020, and that was, TWO years ago!

We are still, a people who continued to get SCREWED over, by this, popularly voted into the office DICTATOR!

And there’s NOTHING we (collectively speaking, and still not a part of that “hoard” here!) the people, CAN do.

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Playing “We the People” for STUPID…

One, two, three, testing, testing, okay, the mic is on!

Hello all, I am, your god damn, government, and I shall, RULE over all you guys, like you are, little MAGGOTS with NO other options, because in this DICTATORSHIP of mine (‘cuz you were, @#$%ING retarded to vote ME into office!), whatever the @#$% I say goes.

Playing “We the people” for STUPID, this is what this government is doing, by using the outbreak, as its, homing advantage, to control us all, now they’d put on this, god damn, social-distancing APP (similar to how the LINE program of scanning the barcodes upon our entries into the shops!) only, that this time, it goes, a step further (don’t know how, but I’m thinking, that the government will, use our, GPS on our separate cell phones, like in remote-controlling something???), to keep tabs of our, whereabouts.

“Chen “encourages” the people to download the app”, as the “caption” of the photo translates…

photo from online

And they’re still, using the pandemic as a VALID excuse here, and it isn’t enough, that this god damn @#$%ING government is poisoning us with all the shits from abroad (pork with ractopamine from U.S., nuclear contaminated fruits and vegetables from Japan, etc., etc., etc.).  It now, wants to, GPS track us too by telling us, that it’s, “advised” that you ALL download the safe social-distancing app too?

This is, just one more excuse the government uses, to bully us, preying on our fears, using the pandemic, because we don’t want to catch MERS-CoV, we don’t want to D-I-E (oh wait, nobody died, as the symptoms became, less-severe now!), and no, I will NOT be downloading this god damn, social-distancing APP that the government’s pushing out by…next month, maybe, how the hell should I know, instead, I’d be, going back to using, pen and paper, signing in, dating the times, at the shops I will be, entering into, and there’s nothing that the government CAN do, to MAKE me download this, god damn, social-distancing, APP!

And that, is T-H-A-T.

And, SUE me, for being, NONCOMPLIANT, why don’t ya!

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The Young Toddler in Critical Condition after Just ONE Day of Being Placed with the Nanny

Because the kid’s only been left with the nanny for one day, and this became of him, and so, we are bound to deduct, that it’s the nanny who’d not looked after this young infant boy closely enough, but, the real facts hadn’t come out yet, so…but, someone IS, responsible for what happened to this young boy!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Hospital Found Signs of Abuse, the Nanny Claimed that the Toddler Choked on the Formula then Fell into a Coma, the D.A. & Police Checked the Child, Found Him to Have Old & New Injuries, and is Now Looking into Who Abused Him

A young boy, Yi, of a year and ten months of age, two evenings ago, fell into a coma two evenings ago, was rushed into the E.R. by his nanny, Hsia, he was found with multiple bruises on his body, subdural hematoma.  The police investigated, Hsia claimed that the infant had choked on the formula, that was why she’d rushed him in, and was unclear as to how he came to have the bruises over him, but the parents of the boy told, that when they’d handed their son to the nanny, he didn’t have any injuries on him, pressed charges of physical assault on the nanny. The investigators found the young boy to have multiple injuries on him old and new, but, who had abused him, they will clarify that through investigations after the hospital evaluations come out.

The police found, that the nanny, Hsia started looking after the one year-old boy Yi, started on the evening of the 24th this month, on the evening of the 25th, the boy was taken in, it was only, a day’s time, the police questioned about the time of the injuries, and the results are pending until the hospital’s reports come out.

Based off of understanding, the boy sustained the injuries of subdural hematoma, a fractured skull, retinal hematoma, redness, bruising on the lips, body, the wounds were numerous, and some were old, while others are, new, and, if the boy’s injuries were caused by the nanny, or someone else, is the focus of the police investigations right now.

After the interrogations at the D.A.s office, the nanny was listed as a defendant, the toddler’s persons as related individuals, the police aren’t ruling out a third person who’s involved, and will be comparing the evidence, the statements made by both sides, to clarify the facts of the case.

An individual, Chen who claimed he was related to the family disclosed, that two afternoons ago, the nanny, Hsia had texted the parents the photo of their child, and at ten in the evening, she’d notified the parents, that the boy choked on his formula, and was in the E.R.; the families rushed to the hospital, and the nanny had, left, and not told them exactly what had happened.

The individual from online, Chen told, that the nanny stated that the injuries weren’t caused by her, that he’d bitten his own tongue when she fed him the bottle, that she’d not called an ambulance, but drove him to the hospital herself.

The Social Services of Taichung told, that Hsia didn’t have a certification of operation for a daycare center, that if she’d taken in the children unlawfully, she will be fined anywhere from $6,000N.T. to $30,000N.T.s.

And so, let’s put aside, whether or not this nanny was certified, and the facts are this, a child is injured, and someone should be held accountable for that, it’s just that as all the details of the case hadn’t come out in the open yet, we still can’t tell, who’s fault it is, but the least, neglect, and maybe, abuse too.

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Everything will Eventually Work Out in Life

What her father left behind for her, the wisdoms, not the physical, assets here, how you want to remember by others when you’re dead and gone, the values you leave behind, translated…

Every time I’d rummaged through my coin purse, it’s like, I’d already, counted them up, and made the perfect change, and I’d often, recalled my own father at these times.  Based off of how he’d taught me math, he’d often stated, “math is unchanged,” and now came my turn, to teach my own son math, I’d learned, that everything is, not as stable in this world, that the only thing that don’t betray you, are the numbers and the math.

What awed me was, that my father, who’d, calculated everything in his own life, although, couldn’t predict when his life ended, but he’d, fulfilled, “leaving nothing behind”.  As Shel Silverstein wrote in “Prayers of a Selfish Child”, “As I Lay Me Down to Sleep, I Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep, If I Die Before I Wake, I Pray the Lord My Toys to Break, So None of the Other Kids Can Use ‘Em…Amen!” I was still a teenage girl as I first read this, felt, that this poem had, helped me understand what I couldn’t of my own father.

Recently, a good friend accompanied me to see him at his grave, I’d talked of how he’d only lived, for himself, my friend, don’t know if she was courteous, or heartfelt, told, “Uncle really let go of everything.”  Yeah, sure, maybe, he’d already saw through, this, long and short life, knew that life’s too short, and tried, to give himself the sweetened fruits of no worries for the long run.

And so, this, is how we need to, get closure on everything that’s happened to us in our lives, soon as we can, because we don’t know when we will get yanked off of the planet, and, by the time we actually get yanked off, if there are the regrets, the forgiveness, the unforgiveness or whatever that’s left behind, then, you would not be able to die off easily enough.  So, do what you need to, to resolve as many things in your lives as you possibly can, right now.

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Only Sent the Nude Photos to One Other Person, Lin Got His Charges Dropped for Another Case

Yeah, so it’s punishable by “quantity”, instead of, “quality” then?  That makes it, a whole lot better, that he’d, only, passed the nude photo of his own ex-girlfriend, the legislator, Kao to one other person…are you, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) shitting me???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Lin, due to the case of abuse of the legislator, Kao was indicted on eight counts, the case is currently pending trial at the Hsinbei District Court, Kao also sued him for public indecency for passing the photo of one of his ex-girlfriends online, the Hsinbei District Court believed, that Lin only sent the photo to one other friend, that there was no intention of passing the photos out online, dropped the charges.

Kao, the legislator told her representing attorney, Lee, that the district attorney’s office was unreasonable in the case, that if based off of the fact, that the photos were sent to only one other person, it doesn’t constitute as spreading the sexually-illicit materials around, then, all the cases of the nude photos gone viral will not make the charges of “spreading of sexually-illicit photographs”, “this does NOT match to the morale of this country’s laws.”

Because of Lin’s physical violence toward Kao, he was charged with forgery, obstruction of secret, unlawful custody, forced act, defamation, obstruction of computer uses, assault, threats, a total of, eight charges.  The Hsinbei D.A.’s Office found him suspicious of all eight, that there’s proof that he may collaborate his statements, that he will repeatedly offend, on the twenty-first, kept him in police custody for two more months.

Kao found then, that other than her own sexually-illicit photos, Lin also had the sexually-illicit photos of his exes, that Lin used the communication apps to pass the photos to others he knew, she’d reported to the Hsinbei D.A.’s Office, that Lin was in suspicion of spreading and possession of lewd photos and footages.

Lin claimed this was slanderous, that the photos he received were from the women themselves, that back then, his friend, Lee mentioned how he shared private things of his wife, that was why he’d sent the lewd photos to Lee, that he’d not sent them to anybody else.

And, the district attorneys confirmed that the photos were sent to only Lee by Lin, that there were, no other recipients, that it’d not constitute as “spreading the lewd materials”, that there’s no reasonable doubt, that Lin had committed this crime, dropped the charges.

The attorney, Liu found, that the D.A. viewed this case from a practical and traditional means, and, the penal codes of this particular law was to protect the good in society, not on the invasions of privacy.  The attorney Lin interpreted, even if it’s just one on one, sending the lewd materials to three or more, it constitutes as public indecency.

Lee believed, that whether or not there’s an intention, only the individuals know, that legally, there are, only, the objective review of evidence, Lin admitted having the sexually illicit footages, and admitting to sending it to one other person, “doesn’t that constitutes as intentionally spreading and possession” then?

So, this, is on how the various attorneys interpreted the matter of this loser’s (b/c that is what he is!) behaviors of sharing the sexually illicit photos with his pals, and it don’t matter how many other persons you shared these photos of intimacies with, even if it’s just to brag to your best friend on hey, I had this one, it’s still against the law, but, the laws are defined, too, loosely here, with NO specification of the exact words of what constitutes as legal or not, that’s why, there are still these holes, that the defense will drill into, to help the individuals who hired them to get off easy.

And the law here, still doesn’t do SHIT for the invasions of privacy, to protect those individuals who shot their own nudes to send to the people they’re in love with, and these people are, just, way too, mother @#$%ING (maxed out!), stupid to boot too.

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The Transformation into a Princess

The lesson this father learned, from his baby daughter, who is in her, Queen Elsa stage of life, translated…

I have a four-year-old daughter who loved nothing but skirts, but, in her preschool, for the kids to stay easily managed, and having the agility to do the class activities, the preschool told the students that they can’t wear skirts or dresses to classes, and so, on the weekends and holidays, she’d, made up for it, putting on the skirts, the dresses, to satisfy her own desires of being dolled up like a princess.

Since we received the preowned princess dress from a friend, she’d, found that hidden princess side of her self, even though, she’d not seen any Disney princess films, but through the social networking in her school, she’d become, the master of “Frozen” by Disney, “let it go” became her overly used phrase, and on the weekends, she’d insisted, on becoming Elsa the queen, with that crown on her head, a magic wand in her hand, then, she would allow us to take her out, she’d, put her heart, her soul, her being into this, as a father to her, and a film director, I don’t know how to react to it, and realized, just how, powerful an influence the movie industry has on the people.

I wrecked my mind, do I, allow my daughter to exercise her own free imagination, or to restrict her, to set a right kind of value system for her to follow?

little girls, dressing themselves up as princesses

photo from online

This semester, I’d started teaching a master class, “Writing Scripts for Young Children”, I’d set up the discussion times with my students on the matter of “children” from before.  First, understand the minds of the young children?  How the children’s thought processes worked?  How do they express themselves?  How to get along, communicate, then lastly, what we want to, give to the children?  This order is quite vital, but in the Asian culture, stressing raising outstanding children, we only cared about what we’re, feeding to the children, how to make them absorb what we’re giving to them, to make sure they learned the lessons quickly, and all of the lessons we have to teach all at once?  As for the children’s thoughts, or feelings………we’d ignored, wait until they’re older, then, we tailor to that.

On the weekend, I took my young daughter, dressed up as Queen Elsa to Costco to shop, because of how she’d stood out, the ladies working at the sample tables, and demonstrating the new products all came to say hello.

“Hi, princess”.

“Princess, you are, beautiful!”

“What are you looking to buy today, princess?”

“Are you Princess Elsa?  I saw your movie once!”

All the way, my daughter was very conversational with everybody who’d greeted her, it’s her dad who felt, embarrassed, and boy oh boy, am I glad, that I’d put my mask on.

“Does it bother you, or make you uncomfortable, that you’re getting, everybody’s, attention?”, I’d asked my daughter.

“no.”, she’d responded.

“So, you enjoy all the attention then?” I’d inquired.

“Sure, because they’re giving me compliments, affirming me.”, she’d told me.

Actually, this child of mine, had suppressed her feelings from when she was a young child, refused to express herself, and we’d had to guess what’s on her mind a lot.  It took my wife and I a ton of time, and worked hard with her, for her to finally express her own emotions, to tell her thoughts to us, and now, the results are finally, apparent.

what these, little girls, loved…photo from online

Before we give to the children, and teach them things, we must first, know what they’re thinking, how they’re, feeling; understand, empathize, allowing them to tell us, give the children their own means of expression, to valid what they experience, this is, the core value of writing for children.

Letting the children be themselves, versus training them to be someone else we expect them to become, this is a huge matter for not just the parents, but also, a must-learn lesson for everybody in this world.  I’m too grateful to my princess, teaching her father, the “king”, to learn this, important lesson.

So, the adults learned something from the children here, because there is, a lot to learn from your own kids, but, mostly, you @#$%ING (maxed out!) adults think, that we’re older, therefore, we know more than you do kid, and, we will silence you, because you got nothing important to say, after, we are older, AND wiser, having lived longer.

And yet, there are, a ton of things, that the adults should be learning from their own young, not the other way around, children are, born wise, and then, they grow up, become, stupid adults.

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