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The Most Beautiful Scenery: Workers, Going the Extra Mile to Offer Assistance to the Customers

Going that extra mile in customer service skills, and this occurs only in the, distant locations, where not that many people comes by to visit, rarely in the bigger cities, because we all get caught up in our own lives in the big cities that we are living in, translated…

This is, the last gas station, before we drive up Taiping Mountain on Taiwan Seventh.  The tourists would normally, fill up their gas tanks here, go to the restrooms, or maybe, bring along, a hot cup of, coffee.  The elevations are going up, the roads, winding more and more, and the temperatures are surely to, drop, sharply.

In that small shop, that is a part of the gas station, the tea stewed eggs called out to me.  “We have tasty eggs made with the teas, you can bring a couple up the mountains, it tastes wonderful even when it’s cold!”  We were, persuaded, “if you liked these, as you pass by here when you come back down from the mountain, you can, bring a few more eggs home, it’s good for a few days.”, the worker’s smile like the sun shining, swept away the small displease of how it was, raining, we’d loved, how the store clerk was, confident about what he was, selling.

Another wok was steaming in the store, the clerk lifted up the lid for us to see.  “We are the only one who sell this item here of all the chain in Taiwan, it’s the specialty food item from Hualien, very delicious, we had many frequent customers.”  Seeing how his eyes lit up as he’d told us about the food, with that genuine feel of an old friend, we were, once more, convinced.

With the two eggs, two specialty food item, two hot cups of coffee, we’d, headed toward Taiping Mountain.  At this time, other than the aromas of the foods, there’s, that kindness, that wonderful feel of the care and concern from the clerk.  With his mentioning to us what we need to watch out for, his blessings, we’d found a perfect beginning to our trip.

And, he’d not, let us down one bit.  There days later after we came back down the mountains, we went into the shop to buy some more things, thanked his suggestions, and like old friends, letting one another know that we’re, okay.  And, even though, the sights were breathtaking, but, every time we’d thought back to this trip that we took, the work ethics, the kindness, of that shop clerk, was the most beautiful scene we’d, encountered on that trip.

And so, this, is on how someone who’s just doing his job, who’d, shown you a little extra care and concern, that’s, made everything better for you, and this also showed how important customer service skills are, you’re NOT just selling the items off the racks, you’re, helping someone with fulfilling her/his needs too.  And, if every worker can carry this sort of an attitude, then, everyone can become, employee of the month.

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Thanks for Your Hard Work

Giving thanks, to something, too ordinary, noting that someone else, had been, working so hard, to keep the environment cleanly, so we can have a better place to, live in, an act of, kindness, shown, to a female janitor, translated…

Before I’d gone to the platforms to wait for the trains, I’d made my way into the restrooms, and, I’d often seen a woman in her fifties, arching her back, buried her head down, as she’d, cleaned up, the environment.  I took it as matter-of-face, and never gave her an extra look.

Once, as I was washing my hands outside of the restrooms, on the other side of the ladies’ rooms, a woman came out, and, courteously, told the woman who was mopping up, “thank you for working so hard!”, the woman seemed, a little, unprepared, but she’d responded, in a light voice, “thank you.”

Before I exited I’d, taken an extra look, at the cleaning lady closely, found that there was, that light smile that’s, curled up, from her lips then, that there was, some sort of joys that was inside of her heart then.

the hard work of these, men and women, often, taken, for granted…

photo from online

I’d, contemplated on it although, her job seemed, unimportant, but, as she’d, worked too hard, she’d needed, the encouragements from time to time too.

I’d watched the woman who thanked the janitor leave slowly, felt that her word, “thank you for working so very hard, entered into my heart, as that surge of, warmth too.

That plain warmth, the goings on of day-to-day the people still, coming and going, in, and out, of that, train station.

But, even if, it was, an ordinary day, you’d, bore witness, to a miracle, how that woman who’d cleaned up the restroom’s day got made, brighter, with an ordinary stranger’s commending her on how hard she’d, put in the energy, to keep the environment clean for the guests coming and going, in and out, of the stations, and these are the miniscule matters that we tend to, miss, because we’re all, running to and from, too quickly, that we normally, don’t, slow down, and notice, these, small acts of, kindness that can, have, a huge, effect on another’s life.

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Less is More

The words we should all, live by, especially in this, materialistic, modern day, world we are currently, living in, translated…

That Kymco Scooter had been with me for twenty years is already, too ill that it should be, declared DEAD.

A few days ago, as I rode it home from my pottery class, as I tried to ride it, it’d, stopped, just as I’d, accelerated, the heart just, stopped running several times on my way home, the engine suddenly, went, dead, I’d, turned the gas handles, nothing!  “Oh my god, it’s, leaving me!”, I’d cried inside, as I’d, pretended to calm myself, back down.  After all, it’d carried me across half of Taiwan since I was in my twenties, whether it be the rides from Tainan to Hualien in college many times, or as I’d started finding work in the various cities, and now, it took me back, to the residence I’d stayed at in my college years, became my feet, and it’s, just about time, that it gets to that, final place of, rest.

“If I recalled correctly, I bought that scooter for you back in the year when the major earthquakes occurred on September 21, back in 1999.” Dad told me, as he’d ridden it, to check the areas hit by the earthquake around where we lived, and everything was still, fresh in his mind.  Back then I was still a student in high school, not known how to ride a scooter, nor did I have a license to operate yet, and, I can only, look upon it with, admiration, it was, brand new; while, my father who’d cherished everything he owned had told me, “the lifespan of the items is reliant on the users’ ways of using them.”, and, being rough and tumble, I still, couldn’t quite, acquire my own father’s gentleness, or, patience.  After I left home for college, the scooter was signed over to me, and it’d become, my major, “livelihood”, my only means of, getting around, and, I’d, ridden it, through thousands of kilometers, on my youthful years then.

Guess I should, start, finding me a replacement for it then, living in the southern cities, there are too many alleys and streets to weave in and out of, with those, overpriced parking spaces, and I’d, become, reliant on the scooter as a means of getting me around town.  I’d, looked online for the costs, and learned, that everything had, skyrocketed, the electric scooters are what’s in, in the era of alternative energies, the trends also reflected on the designs of things, and, the countless deals of trade-in were all, too confusing, and, it all came up toward me, and reminded me of how the online shopping deals of 1111, logging on, it was as if, the world is, applauding you, enticing you to, spend your cash, I became annoyed by these offers, that tried to, tap into my wallet, and I’d, stopped surfing online, to reduce the temptations, as I’d worried, that I may go on a shopping spree, bought a whole lot of things that I didn’t actually need, instead of what was, necessary, and end up, losing, tons of my, saved up, cash.

In the past, working for the environmentalist groups it’d, helped me become immune, and I’d started, being really careful with my money when I spend, don’t buy those items with too much plastic contents, items that can only be used once, things that may be overbought, too much wrapping, nope, the items with a higher market of carbon foot tracks, no, items that are cheap, and takes away the cost-benefit of the environment, nope………….as I’d set too many principles, it seemed, that I was, doing away, with all the temptations too, to stay faithful to my principles of buying, as the “necessities” are my, priorities, I’d much rather, save the money I would’ve spent on these items that I don’t really need, and put the money into self-enrichment classes for myself, for instance, the courses for advance potters, or to make the donations, to support my causes, and, these sorts of extensions, intangible values, are way more, satisfying than the gourmet dining experiences, the high-end couture.

like this…found online

Observing the lacking in life, actually, I really, don’t have that much that I’d, lacked.  Then, a joke from a partner who’d gone to the Black Tides beach cleaning activities came to mind, “modern day people who cried that they are poor, aren’t really so, it wasn’t from not being able to afford an apple, but from not being able to buy the Apple products”, and his words, made my lips curled, upward.  In the basis of the fundamental needs being fulfilled, if we pursued the materials, it’s like falling into that blackhole, it won’t ever get filled up, and as we’d tried to fill the blackhole up, it’d left us, emptier, than, ever.  Could it be possible, that we actually, don’t need to have, everything?

So I’d, turned off that website that led me to finding a new scooter, thought of how a park I live next to has the Ubikes, while, the bus stops are right outside of my apartment.  I just, got too used to, having access of the vehicles I needed to get around with, that not only did it turn costly when I needed to get it maintained, I’d lacked that sense of how convenient the city government had, made our lives, with the Ubikes, the buses.  This was, quite different, than when I’d traveled to a foreign place, and for the sake of not getting lost, I’d had to, memorize every means of transportation available to me, and even as I’d taken a wrong turn, spent the extra time, I’d, also, bumped into the unexpected sights, and, gotten the opportunity, to examine the details of the cities I’d come to visit, making the destinations, that much more, unforgettable to me—and maybe, as we’d, switched to another state of mind, allowing us to not have that much, we may gain even more, satisfaction of life itself.

And so, we are all too, driven by the materialisms, and it’d become, an addiction of sorts to all of us, we all want more of, whatever it is we already owned, cars, we wanted brand new ones, not because the ones we got are old, but because, there’s a new model out, new cell phones, not because the ones we’re using started malfunctioning, because we’d been using it, for the past, couple of years, but because, there’s this, brand new iPhone out, and, through our, endless pursuits of these, materials, we will, lost sight of what we already have, and that’s not good at all.

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The Most Beautiful Encounter on that Trip

The kindness of these strangers, of how they’re, all willing, to do everything they could, to help this woman, find back her misplaced cell phone that she’d left in a restroom, translated…

Upon thumbing across “Traveling is Meeting up with Something Interesting”, I’d recalled of the heartwarming story of the trip my daughter and I took a few years back.  That was a group tour to the middle strips, a one-day trip, we’d come to the Taichung Opera House as scheduled.  The opera house was beautiful, left us all in awe, but we were only allowed half an hour there, then, we’re to, rush to another location for lunch.  After the tour, as we settled ourselves in the tour bus, my daughter who sat in the back, came towards me, in a trembling voice, she’d told me, “mom, I’d left my cell phone on the second floor restrooms of the opera house.”, then, rushed off the tour bus, waited until I’d gotten it, I’d apologized to the tour guide, as well as the rest of the tour group, asked them to wait, so we can find the cell phone that my daughter had left by accident.

My daughter and I rushed toward the second-floor restrooms, but, the cell phone she’d placed on the counter was, already, gone.  She’d started crying, in a, close-to-howling voice, “gone!  Gone!  It’s, gone!  Someone took it!”, that was from her hard work in part-timing, saving up the money for, watching her in her sorrows, I’d not wanted to, blame her for her, carelessness, seeing how her heart was breaking, mine was too.  Neither one of us was giving up, so we’d, gone through every stall to look again, and then, we’d gone to the counter, to report that she’d, left her cell phone, hoping that someone had picked it up, and return it back to us.

On the bus, my daughter kept crying, and everybody came to console with her, and given her a ton of advices, for instance, go to the police station to report her cellphone missing, to the telecommunications company, to stop the use, and there were others on the bus who’d told us, to have faith, that the cell phone my daughter lost, will be returned back to her soon, that we shouldn’t, fret over it too hard.  At lunch, my daughter naturally, lost, all her appetite, and, those who sat at the table all consoled with her, and put the foods into her bowl and plate for her, but, the torus of the rest of that afternoon, we were both, troubled, and, just, couldn’t enjoy it.

There were, a total of eight tour buses of the tour we were on, there was a woman who saw how heartbroken my daughter was, she’d gone, bus-by-bus, talked to the tour leaders on the various buses, the drivers, to help see if they can track my daughter’s phone back to her.  As we are, on the ride on the way back home, the guide of our bus picked up the mic, and, delivered the good news: my daughter’s phone was, discovered!  It was someone from another tour bus who’d, found it.  Then suddenly, everybody on our bus started, applauding, my mother who’s sitting on the back patted her chest, kept saying, “So happy!  I’m so very, happy!  Seeing how the young one cried, my heart was wrenching!”, ahhhhhhhh, so, my daughter’s upset for misplacing her cell phone had, impacted everybody’s else’s emotions on the bus too.

There was that unspoken gratitude toward everybody, both my daughter and I started getting red in the eyes, what we’re moved by, wasn’t how the lost cell phone had been found, but also, of how these kind people we’d met, helped comforted her too, that was, the best encounter of this trip.  While, that woman who’d, led the tour of our particular bus, who’d gone bus by bus, to ask if someone from the other buses had picked up my daughter’s lost phone, lives in an alley adjacent to my home, and we’d become, best of friends too.

And so, this, is the kindness from strangers whom you just met on a tour, and, because you are sharing the same tours, that’s why, it’d, made you all connected, to the young woman who’d lost her cell phone, and the rest of the group started, actively asking around, and found the woman’s misplaced phone for her, this also showed, how help can come from strangers whom you only met.

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There’s No Fairness on This Path of, Life

This would be a FACT of, L-I-F-E, kid!!!  The conversation between a father and a son, translated…

Summer: The competitions today wasn’t fair?

Me: How was it not?

Summer: They were all sixth graders and we were, fourth graders!

Me: this is, more than, a fair situation!

Summer: How can it be?

Me: You’d played against the group that is older than you, and you’d, lost, that’s normal, and reasonable too, isn’t it?

On this day, the soccer coach at Summer’s school arranged a mix aged competition, the Panthers, a game of eight players, with the fourth graders as competitors of the U10 teams.  And, they were, playing against the U12 teams of fifth, sixth graders.

On the way to the soccer fields, I’d discussed with Sumer, that today’s competition will be a practice competition with the older kids in the school, that he should just, put his skills to practice, best as he can.  He’d started, nodding his head, seemed that he’d, understood me, completely.  Surely, the first game, four to, nothing, they’d, lost.  Then, Summer’s team, the Panthers, lost, ALL the way, game after game, got beaten, by his, U12 older schoolmates.  Using his own descriptions to describe the events: we got, electrocuted by the older schoolmates!

Losing one game, that’s, acceptable.  Two games, it doesn’t feel good.  And, by the third game that they were, losing, Summer immediately started, experience, that people can’t live with, losing all the time.  After losing the series of games, he’d strongly, expressed his, “minor upset” of the matters, felt, that the game has, NO fairness whatsoever.

Toward his upset, I’d thought, where’s the standards of what constitutes as fair and not?  In the competitive world, are there, really, the point of, fairness?  Do we need to, get down to the matter, and discuss it thoroughly the matters of: fair or unfair?  But, as he was, fuming up, I’d not, struck up this, discussion of the subjects.

Since he was little, in soccer, Summer has the will, and the drives to win.  When he’d won, he’d gotten all worked up, and, not hidden his radiant smiles over it, he would also, high-five his teammates, and hug them.  When he’d lost, he’d surely, felt displeased, and, there would be, the aftermath of his losing the games that came.  As the other young competitors started destressing themselves on the cell phone games, he was still, wiping away his tears, unwilling to admit, that his team had, lost the game.  Then, he would contemplate, why didn’t they win this time, and started, evaluating everything, and a few more tears would fall, still refused, to accept that he and his team lost.  This emotional response, more than natural, and normal too.  And normally, it would take a little while, like after we had lunch, or as he’d, gotten completely into the cell phone games, he would then, get himself out of the upset, and, reentering into the group of his teammates then.

For a short while, due to his emotional management when his team lost, it’d, affected the means of how the team played well together, we’d discussed the matter seriously, that if he’d needed to, drop out of the team, to find a new team to join, but he was, unwilling, to, sever off the rapport he’d already, established with the members of his team, and started, changing his behaviors, and, becoming more in tune with his own, emotional response to losing the games.

I kept on believing, that what Summer was upset over, was not because of winning or losing, but the matter of how the games were judged fairly or unfairly.  Winning or losing, was something he could, quickly digest, and accept as is, but back then, he still couldn’t, quite understand, the “difference of opinions on what’s fair and unfair”.

Let’s put it this way, back in the elementary years, he could never accept, why there’s, the existence of, unfairness.  For instance, why was so-and-so, so very, tall, it’s unfair.  Why does someone from class has a cell phone already, it’s not fair.  Why the team members are all leveled differently in their, playing skills, a bit, not fair.  The teachers looked out for certain students, a bit, unfair.

All of these, encounters of, unfairness that troubled him, or maybe, it’s, what he needed to, cross over, before the matter of winning and losing.  I think, even for me, I’d still needed to, introspect my own mind, and troubles, when encountering something that I feel was, unfair.  Fair or not?  This was, a question on the road to growing up, always going to be there, and it will, be a discovery journey we’re constantly on in life too, and will, continue to happen in our day-to-day lives.

And because of this, I wanted to tell him, as the younger graders are playing the higher graders, it’s, going up against someone who’s, out of your level of expertise, it’s only natural that you lose, winning, that would be, unfair, to the, older schoolmates.  Isn’t that right?  If you care about what’s fair or not, you will be more prone to, consider the opposite angles.  Because, you don’t need to get too serious about the fairness of things, because fairness, doesn’t really, exist as black or white.

On the road to life, there’s no, standards of fairness, it’s all interpreted individually differently.  As I finished telling him, Summer then, fell, silent, then, smiled, like he’d, finally understood, that winning and losing is only, in the results, and fair or unfair, that’s all, a false sort of a debate.  Any sort of a debate, there are only, the differences in points of view, it’s nothing on fairness.  I’d recalled, that I’d once told Summer, that in the future, if there’s something he wanted, he’d needed to, work hard to get it, and if he didn’t get it, he should, let go, after all, he had, tried, to attain it.  In the future, I suppose, that will, be how he would, handle things that come up in his life.

And so, this, is on the father’s teaching the son about, fairness, and, there is, no fairness, only the perspectives, the interpretations of what’s fair and what’s not, like how the soccer tournament was uneven, with this young lad’s team, going against older kids, and it’s expected that they don’t win, after all, the kids on the other team are stronger, older, more agile, trained longer than his age group, and this showed, how there’s only the personal interpretations of what’s fair and what’s not, and that’s based off of socialization, and everybody’s socialized differently, so, there’s no, one size fit all!

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Do We Protect the Self, or Do We, Fulfill Our, Families

And no, it’s NOT selfish, if we go for the self-preservation side, because we must first all, take good care of our, separate, selves, otherwise, how the HECK can we, care for, anyone else???  Taking from the tragedies of the society here, translated…

In the life of families, we are often trapped between the wills of our selves, or the benefits of the families, and started engaging in that, tug-of-war nonstop.

There was the news of how an elderly woman raised up her own two grandson, one of the children showed aggression, and symptoms of A.D.H.D., and, the elderly woman had been under too much stress in caretaking, and, lost it, and strangled the grandchild to death.  Another, how a couple was married, and, in less than two months of their marriage, the husband was, paralyzed, and was in a vegetative state, and the wife filed for divorce, and the courts allowed it.  These two seemingly unrelated events, shared one characteristic of concern: the matter of caretaking of one’s own families.

The two women in both cases, made totally different decisions, on caring for one’s own next-of-kin.  The wife decided to divorce, and, although, she’d gained the reputations of being selfish, of not being moral enough, but her decision, ended the fact that her marriage is bound to, slide down that slippery slope.  While the elderly woman’s persistence to the end, it’d, fulfilled the expectations of the traditional role of women, her sense of responsibilities, and her conscience too, but in reality, and the psychological aspects, the elderly woman, clearly, could NOT stand this kind of burden, and in the end, she’d, self-destruct, and the story ended, tragically.

And it made me wonder, as a part of the family, must we, give everything we have, for our, families, to sacrifice our own, happiness?  Is this, the necessity, the forefront, of setting up a, perfect, and happy family?  If at the end, there’s only, the suffocating burdens, that sense of, responsibilities that remained in it, enough to drown, cover up everything else, and, at this time, how can we still, keep the connections of the family intact?

In the families, when do we choose to preserve ourselves, when do we, sacrifice ourselves, and fulfill the needs of our, separate, families, from my past experience as a family courts judge, this, is from my observations: do take good care of your selves first, then, treat your loved ones the way you treat yourselves, kind too, then, as you feel, that you’d done, everything you possibly can, and still it’d not worked out, at this time, do be bolder, selfishly, embrace yourselves then, then, love your families, the way you love your selves.  I believe, that there would be the regrets that came with this, but so long as you’re willing, this regret can still, be made up for, I hope that we are all, living happily.

And so, these are, tragic stories of how giving to the family, caused the caretaker, to fall apart, like for the grandmother, she didn’t have a choice, or at least she couldn’t see the other options, and eventually, the caretaking became, too burdensome, and she’d ended up, murdering her own grandchild, while the other woman, she may seem selfish, because, it seemed as though she was, abandoning her husband who became, paralyzed, but she didn’t want to become his caretaker for life, and so, she’d selected divorce, and surely, it got her the bad reputation of ill-fitting as a wife, but heck, at least, she’d made a decision, to save herself actively, instead of being driving to murder her own handicapped husband after she grew tired and weary of taking care of him long-term, like the elderly woman who felt that she didn’t have any other, choice!  So, it’s NOT selfish, to look out for number one, and, W-H-O, is number one?  Oh yeah, we, individually, ARE, number ONE in our lives, and if we don’t take good care of ourselves first, how the @#$% (maxed out!) can we, take care of, anybody else???

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Digging Up Earthworms

Lessons of life, values from these lessons, gained, in the, childhood, years, translated…

My family raised the ducks when I was young, we mixed in the wheat husks, with the leftover porridge to feed to them, chopping up the leafy greens, while the duckweeds we’d scooped from the pond nearby, became, their, snacks, and from time to time, we’d, fed them the earthworms too.  Earthworms were a treasure to the farming families as the ducks ate them, they would grow up fast, and we could, sell them for a higher price.

Back then, we the children would go out and dig up the earthworms to take them home with us, and, after the rainy was the best time for that, they all came out to the surfaces, some were, wriggling in the soil.  I was, actually, too afraid of them, but, I’d still, put on my rain boots, with that hoe in my hand, and, faced this, challenge.

like this…

photo from online

As I, tilled up the soil, I would see the earthworms, wriggling hard, thankfully, my younger brother who was standing by, quickly picked them up one by one, into the bowls we saved for our ducks, roosters, hens, and chickens.  An earthworm became, like a tangled yarn, wriggling, and trying to, get away, with the ducks, fighting to have their equal shares, the speed to which the former run, doesn’t quite measure up to the latter, and, in a very short time, the earthworms, are completely, gone.

No matter how I’d feared doing this, I’d learned, that earthworms, even though, they are, at the bottom of, the food chains, they have their, values to contribute, quite, a huge one!

And so, this, was the lesson of respect for anything and everything living you’d, gained, from your childhood experiences of, digging up the earthworms, to feed to the fowls that your family was, raising, it’d taught you, that no matter how small the living organisms, they all have something to, contribute to the world.

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To Solitude, a Poem

On the meanings of, death!  Translated…

You Said that I’d, Prayed for You

With My Palms Together Majestically Offering to Buddha

A Dragonfly’s Willing Legs

Visited Many Places that Were Beautiful

Now, with its Wings, Together Behind its, Back

I Know You are Afraid

So I Didn’t Speak

hands in, prayer…

photo from online

Just, Watched You, with My, Compound Eyes

The Flower from the Gingko Fell

With the Old Coins, Found its Way to the Donation Box

The Rivers, Mountains, Became the Amplifier to the Vast World

As I Stared, I’d, Let out that First Awe

The Rain Fell on the Flapping Wings

The Wind Started Dancing around that Sky that’s Become, too, Salted

By then You’d Already Gone, Away

Couldn’t Hear that Drum Sounding Off on the Top of the Mountain

And so, this is on, departing, on leaving everything in the world behind, and, you still can’t take it (whatever it may be!) when you go, you leave, everything behind, except maybe, your own, dead bodies, yeah, that’s the only thing you’re, gonna take with you when you go!

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How Do You Make Up for Missing the Coming of Age of the Children?  In the Custody Battles, Do Not Make the Damages Even Harder

How family relations is too important to overlook for all you parents who are, too busy, making ends meet, and NOT spending enough time, with your own young, borrowing from the failed marriage of the singer, Wang, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The marriage of the singer, Wang and his wife, Lee went bust, the woman stayed silent for two whole days, then, started on the offensive, quoted the female blogger, “the one who’s absentee always has a valid excuse”, mentioned how Wang missed all the important milestones of their children’s lives.  The experts told, that the “false” single families are increasing by the numbers today, that there would need to have the “high concentration” of family interactions, to make up for it.

Lee believed, that if you cared, then, you will make the time for it, that love is reflected on the behaviors, not on what is being said, but she’d forgiven, backed down, and Wang stayed absentee, and his children had been disappointed repeatedly, and cried over, over, and over again.  A lot of the middle school and elementary school instructor stated that their story is a great example of “family education” and “emotional education”.

The associate professor of World Journalism University, Jeng stated, whether it be single-parent families or falsified single parenthood, there are, many stories of children coming out of these families well-rounded, the forefront is that the parents need to give the children what they needed the most.  Jeng told, if it’s a false single-parent family, the couple need to explain why they’re absent in the children’s lives; if it’s a single parent family, then, the parents must consider what’s best for the child, when fighting over the parental and custody rights.

The associate professor of Human Development and Family major of the Taiwan National Education University, Wei said, whether it be single parent families or not, the focus should be on having high-quality interactions.  Liking taking an hour of your days, to just spend time with your young, to sit down for a meal together, to exercise together, to stroll together, otherwise, the family interactions, lacking in high quality time together, will eventually, crack, wide open.

And so, this still showed, how very important it is, for you, stupid (b/c that is what you all are???) parents, to MAKE the time, to spend it with your own young, because, they are only young for a very brief moment in your lives, and, if you don’t take advantage of the time with them when they were little, do NOT expect them to be closer to you when they’re older, and, there’s just, NO making up for lost time, with your children IF you had missed out on their younger years, do NOT think, that you can make up for it because you can’t, and that, is the lesson to be taken away, from this.

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Adrift, a Poem

How hard it is, to, leave it all behind, everything that’s, happened, in our lives, too hard to, let go, a poem, translated…

You can Choose Sorrows

Floating Along that River

Get into, the Hard-to-Handle

You Can, Participate in the Secrets of the Sun

That Celebration of Midnight that Goes on

In the City

breaking the hold that the past has on us…photo from online

Naturally, Climbing Upward

Finding that the Buildings All Around You

Grew Taller as You’d Climbed Higher, and Higher

You Entered that Marketplace

Where People Made the Sounds of the Sunlight Loud:

With the Postcards of Barcelona,

The Handcrafted Gadgets with that Foreign Feel to Them

And that Young Lady Who’d Handed You, a Piece of Candy

All the Times Froze, Halted, Right at This, Very, Moment.

Halted at the Moment You’d Heard the Breaths of the Oceans

As You’d Walked Next to the Waves that Rolled in

Pulling out that Pathway Home to You

Wave after Wave after Wave

Time is a Stream, that Carelessly, Got Lost, in the Streams that Flowed Along

You Can, Choose Your Own Path

Be With Your Selves

Severing the Rain and the Fog, Severing the Tribe too

That Held You Tightly, in Its, Embrace

The Days Closest

Stiffened, & Cold Now

You Can, Put it Back Where You’d Found it

Like How that Friend of Yours

The News of His Lifting Off

On that, Rocket

This is on, leaving it all behind, the past, everything that’s, happened to us, but, this is, next to, impossible, because all these moments of our pasts, are what made us, into, who we, currently are, and, there’s just, NO way we can, be rid of that, no matter how hard we try, we can run, but we will, NEVER, EVER, escape from it.

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