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I’m Taking You DOWN!

How the power of the masses worked, used by the government, to manipulate the masses, to silence all whose voices aren’t the exact same as its own, the government became, a dictatorship here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the pandemic worsens, the net armies of the DDP worked even harder still, anything that put a damper on Tsai government’s doings, you can see the net armies at work.  Netflix mocked “standing in line to buy the vaccines, the T.V. personnel’s speaking of how they were upset over the deaths of young children from contraction, all got censored; other than being forced to retract what’s already been posted online, these individuals who’d stated the facts were forced to apologize, repeatedly.

The victims of 1450 are everywhere now.  At the beginning of the pandemic, as the T.V. personnel, Anita Hsu stated that “Chen is full of CRAP!”, she was, ganged up on, and she can only, cry in front of the camera, and apologize; and the singer, Mountain Kao backed Kuo up, he was, also, ganged up on.  Ke’s son passed out and got taken into the E.R., the 1450 stated that it was because of he being privileged, as the son of the mayor of Taipei; won’t the 1450 feel satisfied, until, many lives had been, lost?  Jia, the female actress who’d donated the vaccines from before, the needed medical equipment, recently made the donations of the “intubation of infant imagining”, and the supporter of the DDP soured her stating how she wanted to run for office, that she’s, all for show.  Truly, the 1450 is a group without any conscience.

here’s, what that, looked, like! Photo from online

Most of the ordinary people from online are mostly partaking in these rants out of anger, or because they are interested in what’s going on currently; but the net armies came out, because the DDP told them to do so, and their causes are usually, unjustified, and due to their own need to belong to a part of a greater whole.  Because they don’t have reason on their sides, they’d had to, work their best, to bash up the messages that showed of just how incompetent the DDP is in ruling this country; because they know they aren’t just, they had to, silence all voices that spoke up against the government.  And, what’s worse than these, net armies, is the puppeteer who are, pulling the strings on these, net armies.

The city councilwoman parallel parked her car, got the attentions of the net armies, this is, another type.  Parallel park is only something minor, and yet, the supporters of the DDP online ranted on it for almost a week; this is NOT the net armies not knowing what’s important, and what’s not, but their means of, diverting the public’s, attention, the smoke screens.

Reasons why we feel disgusted by the behaviors of how the net armies had gone after these individuals is because it’d surpassed human nature.  How wayward the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV had turned, and, the government led by Tsai didn’t think about what it’d done wrong but instead, it’d used the underhand dealings, to try and silence everybody who spoke or act against the rule of DDP.  As the government turned raising the net armies into a formal business, trained the younger generations into the cold blooded, online killers, every time they’d started singing, “I’m taking YOU down”, it’s another step lower, this country is, getting.

And this, is how, the DDP trained its, minions, to do its, dirty BIDDING for it, and that just showed, how the DDP is getting more and more excellent at, manipulating the masses here, taking the people’s abilities to think, to judge for themselves, and, their behaviors are way worse than the Mao era, when the children of China were taught, to spy on their own parents, and turn their parents in for saying awful things about the Communist Chinese government, and yeah, this HELL hole isn’t, a free country of the world NO (and your point being???) more!

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The Ten-Year-Old Child Refused to Go to School, the Mother Went Berserk, Started Beating Him, Nearly Murdering Him

And, this ten-year-old KID’s refusing to go to school is still, just that, FINAL straw that cracked HIS mama’s, back here!  Because you don’t go into a beating rage on your own child, because he refused to go to school, and this still just showed, how bad an emotional control this parent had…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last year, a woman, Liu, because her ten-year-old son refused to go to school, they got into an argument, and she’d lost it, other than choking her own son, disregarded his cries out of pain, she’d started, physically assaulting him with a fruit knife, fire extinguisher, nearly murdering her own child; after Liu’s attack on her own son, she’d, started mutilating herself, saw how her son was still breathing, she’d called emergency services, and her son wasn’t murdered by her.  The Taichung D.A.’s Office charged her on attempted murder for breaking the laws of child protection, and the adults’ intentionally harming a child.

The indictment pointed out, Liu (age 37) age 37) shared the childrearing responsibilities of their ten-year-old son with her husband, but started in the son’s fourth grade year, he’d started refusing to go to school, due to psychological problems, and Liu started getting into fights with him on it frequently.

At seven in the morn on October first of last year, Liu’s husband already went off to work, and Liu and h son started fighting over him going to school again, then suddenly, Liu snapped, started strangling her own son’s neck, as her son kept struggling, fighting her off, she finally, let go.

Liu ran to the bathrooms, attempted to kill herself by strangulation of a charger wire, but her son stopped her, she’d turned toward him, with both hands on her son’s neck, disregarded how her son cried for her to stop, used the fire extinguishers, and started smashing down on her son’s head multiple times, then, used the fruit knife, started stabbing her son’s neck, causing her son to fall to the floor with serious injuries, with the hematoma on his scalp, neck and shoulder, thorax and abdomen lacerations.

As Liu saw her son fall to the ground, she’d started attempting suicide using the fruit knife, the fire extinguisher, but realized that her son was still breathing, she’d come to, and immediately called up emergency, as the two of them were rushed to the hospital, both their lives were, spared, as Liu was discharged from the hospital, she’d answered truthfully to what had happened, how she’d, attacked her own so, as the D.A. and police inquired her.

The district attorneys considered that the boy was severely wounded, and that as Liu attacked him, she’d gone after the vital organs and parts of his body, the neck, the abdomen, that she had intended to murder him, that there’s a need to add more sentence to the severity of her crime, but considering how she’d stopped that she’d called the police, the fire department for help, turned herself in, showed remorse over what she did, that she’d, qualified for the criteria for a reduction of sentence, yesterday the D.A;s office prosecuted her, and asked the courts to give her a fitting sentence.

Yeah, for some unknown reason, this mother just SNAPPED, and attacked her own son so brutally, but, she had stopped herself, DEAD in her own tracks, before she complete the murder, so that counts for something, right?  Well, that’s what the court rulings stated, and, I’m sure, that this is still, an accumulation of the events between this ten-year-old boy and his mother, that his refusing to go to school this time, was that final straw that made his mama, went on a murderous, rampage, and attacked him.

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As the Provisions of Medical Care Units Run Low, the Patients Couldn’t Pick Up the Medication, Chen Became an Ostrich in Dealing with the Matters

How this HEAD of CDC (off with HIS HEAD!!!), still shoots off his, loud mouth not given us enough of what we need, and just, putting the entire country’s people at the risk of, a GENOCIDE!!!  How brainless, these officials are, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For two whole months, the deficiencies of quick scan kits, the medications, the children’s vaccines, all came up, the government’s “getting ahead”.  Chen, wanted his reputation again, started, getting ahead of the rest.  He’d stated, that the various agencies are already discussing “opening up the borders of the country”, around, “next month-ish!”

Whoa!  If this is NOT getting ahead of ourselves, then, what is, and, we’d, gotten too far up ahead here.  From the pandemic in Taiwan currently, we’re, staying at the plateau phase of development, we can’t estimate when we are going to, climax yet; while Chen is already, planning what comes after as the numbers dropped down, can we say, that he’s not, getting, too, far up, ahead here?

The problem is, that the skills Chen employed, to “get ahead”, are only all applicable, when nothing is, going on; as for when the virus is hitting us hard, he’d, come up, empty, many a time already.  This sort of a “following the flow in getting ahead”, mostly, will cause us to drown, in the waves that are, coming back towards us!

Besides, Chen had, pretended to direct things in the CDC, but, he’d fallen, way, way, WAY behind the local government’s suggestions of what the CDC should do; as he’d cried wolf too many times, who will, trust him again, when he’d stated, that he will, get the country, ahead?  Besides, based off of the virus running free here, even IF the borders are opened, who DARE enter?  The recent number of confirmed contractions, often stayed at the highest of the world, even the U.S. had elevated the alerts against this country to a level two, a “high risk” place to travel to.  And at this time, Chen started, leaping to how we’re, opening up the borders, is this, his, grabbing at the, last straw?

Whoever invented the phrase of, “getting ahead” had done it too well, to make us, remember it, but it’d, disappointed us all, as the country, came up, shorthanded.  What’s even worse, is that Chen’s directions, never falls in accordance to what we the people desperately needed, the only thing that’s getting ahead as he led the CDC, is the, propagandas.  This is, all too clear, on his statements of opening up the borders of this country.

Yeah, this is the leader of the CDC here, living in, the TWILIGHT ZONE, in a, parallel universe, compared to the rest of us, down here on the island, he thought of how wow, we are, getting ahead, from the times before, we were, protected, because the people here, are all afraid to contract the virus, and, because from the start of MERS, we’d done fine and dandy, the head of the CDC, the DDP, the president, had not taken the advantage to stock up of what is needed, the vaccines, from before, accepting the donations of the vaccines of AZ that no longer protected against the Delta strain, let alone the Omicron, and now, as we all needed the quick scan kits, we’d, run short on it again, and it was like that mess of the mask from two years ago (was it???), when we had to go by our ID numbers of odds and evens, and allotted three masks per purchase, and two or was it three purchases from the local pharmacies, and you call this SHIT, getting ahead?  More like, getting, left, way, way, WAY, behind.

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Political Parties

This is how the dual-party system, fight too hard with one another, and amongst themselves (internal discord???), and failed to realize, that it’s the people that they’re, supposed to, serve!  Translated…

This is the, back of the palace.  With the swans, the koi, running the drills, with the shadows of the grasses, in the east, of the trees, in the west.  The flowers all raised their banners high, the wind is the book of tactics.  The women in the palace, getting older by what’s troubling them on their minds between the emperor in the skies, the queens down on earth.

This is the back palace.  The location of the deep throats, the hallways, the gazebos, the water that flowed, the recitations of poems, the opposing voices too, the texts were sent out in a second, with the groups, on the blockade of the icons, reading the air everywhere, with the surveillance, all over, the air.

The roof barely held the skies falling intact, the snow lotus circled its breasts outside the palace, the smokes from the incense, surrounded the need for fame and fortune in the studies, the wealth had, done the servant women wrong, the love, the hate, are both, not burning hard, nor bright, as the, firewood.

At midnight, the rod kissed the curtains, with its calculations, seeping through the palace.  The blood is too vital here, once you’re, down on the lower steps, the dews will keep your socks wet for the entirety of three whole midnights.

the WWF showdown…who will win? I wonder…illustration from online

This is, the back palace.  You either become clairvoyant, or fight for the leaders’ attention, the seasons infiltrated the power and the desires, the moon, like the firstborn son in law of primogeniture, always, in danger.

And so, this is not, a peaceful night, as the “members” of the palace are, calculating against each other, trying to keep one another, from becoming the favorite of the man in power, and that is, the metaphor, for the dual-party systems fighting for the people’s favorite right now, and, are we the people intelligent enough, or, are we, still, too stupid?

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The Storms of Death: Those Who’d Died in Vain, in Front of the Head of the CDC

Hear those FARTS, still, coming out of the head of CDC, Chen’s mouth here???  Yeah, someone, put that SOCK in him already, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The pandemic continued spreading in the country, the confirmed contraction stayed at the plateau range, with the total deaths, tripled, for three consecutive days, there are over hundreds of morbidity per day.  The rate of thousands dead from contraction since the start of this year, already exceeded the total number of deaths from these past two years’ confirmed of contractions; the experts had estimated, that this current wave will cause tens of thousands in the population to die.  But, since the storms of deaths hit, the CDC seemed to be, unaffected.

Toward the problem of the high morbidity rate of contraction, the CDC had emphasized how they were mostly the unvaccinated, with the progressive conditions, those who’d signed the DNR, or focused on the ninety-nine-percent of mildly symptomatic and asymptomatic, stressed that “we’re doing well, keeping the contraction numbers down”; and now, it’d only admitted, that “this is a warning sign” at the most, “we shall see”.  The CDC stated it too lightly, but behind that, it’s the tragedies of the people’s, losing their lives.

The pandemic hits the people of all ages, especially the elderly population.  The Public Health Department experts of N.T.U. pointed out, that this wave of pandemic had caused the morbidity rate of individuals over seventy to grow higher than the same time last year, showing that the lacking in provision of medical help had caused the “number of deaths to exceed” in the elderly population, to the point of twenty-eight extra lives gone every 10,000 in the population.  Yet, the commander of the CDC, Chen only brushed it off lightly, that MERS-CoV is especially dangerous for the older populations, we’d not needed to compare the statistical measures to know that.  But even if Chen doesn’t want to compare the stats, countries such as South Korea, New Zealand all gave the same lessons, and so, why does Taiwan still suffer from the lack of needed medical provision?

The CDC’s not admitting that the lacking of medical provisions existed, is because it would BUST the huge bubble of the CDC’s claims of “getting ahead”; Chen stressed furthermore, that the medical provision systems aren’t on the verge of collapse, otherwise, he couldn’t, continue, performing on this stage of his.  But, the medical workers criticized how Chen had, boasted about the vacancies of the hospital beds, ignoring that there’s not enough medical staff on duty in the hospitals.  If it weren’t due to the lacking of medical workers on duty at the hospitals, why would Chen’s adding more patient per nurse in a hospital cause the entry level nurses upset?  Until a nurse who’d contracted the virus, who got called back to her post, and, at resting time, she could only, line the floors with cardboard box to sleep in a photo got shown to Chen, then, he’d started, exclaiming, “How did this happen?”

And yet, “how did this happen?”, is not a question that should be posed by Chen.  This question, we all want to ask Chen.  The rate of morbidity getting higher in the older age groups, the younger generations dying because they couldn’t get their needed medications on time, the infants who’d contracted the virus, who couldn’t be saved, because of lack of hospital provisions, along with the inconvenience of the testing, the delays of medical treatment measures which were necessary, all caused this speed up of rate of morbidity, shocking.  But, how, did this, happen?

Now, let’s look at the increased number of morbidity in the long-term care systems.  The long-term care facilities, the nursing homes, they’re, the hardest hit areas of the current wave of the pandemic, the CDC only offered us a simple estimate, to the twenty-sixth, there were the total of 919 homes with confirmed contractions found, with a total of close to 9,000 residents, and 3,500 workers confirmed of contraction.  But, based off of the statistics posted by the Department of Sanitation & Social Welfare from April, there are a total of 1,077 homes, about a total of 52,000 elderly residents; in other words, if the statistics are correct, there are already eighty-five percent of the facilities with the confirmed contraction cases, seventeen-percent of the residents living there contracted.  Especially, of the daily deaths, the rate of those in the assisted living facilities went from fifteen-percent to twenty-six percent in a matter of only a few days, to thirty-five percent in a single day.

and, this is what someone SHOULD do, to the head of CDC !

photo from online

Actually, during the pandemic of MERS-CoV, two years ago, the nursing homes of U.S. became the graveyards of elderly population first, so tragic; and this year, Korea also, couldn’t keep the assisted living facilities safe, with the confirmed contraction rate of death of thirty-five percent; and, more than half of the deaths by contraction of MERS-CoV in Hong Kong were out of assisted living.  All of these lessons, the CDC hadn’t taken heed.  At the height of this pandemic, the only way to reduce the rate of morbidity of this particular group is by increasing the coverage of the vaccinations, the quick-scans being done regularly, and, the medications administered on time, that’s the only way, we have, of protecting this high-risk group; but the CDC still lagged behind, and it’d taken it to finally realize, that we don’t have enough of what’s needed, the vaccines, the quick scan kits, and the process of getting treated by the medical professionals, had finally caught up, but it’s still not, running smoothly enough yet.

In the long-term care policies of Tsai, the residents of assisted living facilities had long been neglected, to the point that they weren’t, included in the programs of Long-Term Care 2.0 at the very start, until the president, Tsai fought for her stay in office, then, the programs were upgraded, and made up for the lacking.  In the outbreaks, the residents are still, ignored in the assisted living facilities, in need of more support, but not getting any at all.  What’s ironic was, Chen kept boasting, that the morbidity rate in the long-term care facilities had stayed at about one-percent, that we’d not followed in Hong Kong’s footsteps, “we are doing, all right!”

Doing all right?  Not only those in the assisted living facilities, including the elderly population, the younger generations, the parents of young children, the words of Chen, in the ears of those who’d lost someone to the outbreaks, they feel, the more, upset.  So what of, those who got, sacrificed by the system that’s, not set up, correctly, and fully operational, do they deserve to die?

And yet, this, is what the head of the CDC does, to cover his own inability, trying to, paint the stats over, but he couldn’t anymore, from before, the outbreaks are far, far away, we are still, trusting his lies, but now, we are hit, locally, in our communities, with children, elderly, the younger generations, dying left and right, and this LOSER still bullshit the people, but we’re, no longer, buying it here!


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Opinion Time

The accessibility of armed weapons is what causese so mamy shootings…


I really don’t see the reason why automatic Rifles are necessary. I can accept handguns (self defense) and shotgun or regular rifles (hunting) but I don’t see a reason why automatic rifles are not being made harder to get ahold of…the only use of AR weapons is killing people..

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The Orders of the World, the U.S. is, No Longer in Charge of It

The U.S. and China need to lose that WE’RE No. ONE mindset, to “play along” well with each other, to NOT take toys that don’t belong to oneself, to share the toys that they’re, playing with, and yet, do they?  Uh, nope!  Two major world powers, acting like, big babies here is what we are currently seeing!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The U.S. Secretary of State, Blinken gave a speech on the policies U.S. had set in relation with China, it was not new.  It’d still showed, how U.S. saw itself as the leader of this world, he’d also said, that U.S. would band together with the allied nations, to compete against Chinese powers, blankly stated, the means are still on fighting for that top spot of the world with China, with the rest of the “allied countries”, becoming pawns.

Blinken told, that the most complex, most important international relationship is the U.S.’s with China’s, but there were the values that U.S. try to imply, that China is the country that destroys the orders of the world, this would be, impractical.  To resolve the complex, serious matter, first, the attitudes needed to be reset, the U.S. need to lose that sense of superiority over the rest of the world, and lose the mindset of U.S. as the leader of the pack.

two “children”, engaging in that, “game” of international, relations here

found online

Blinken admit, that China is the only country with the power to restructure world order, but not mentioned of how the U.S. is going to, deal with China in a more, civilized, way.  The U.S. knew that it needed to be practical in its interactions with China, but deep down, it is, still, unwilling, to act in accordance to this.

The orders of the world, got to no longer with U.S. being the leader of the pack, that a lot of other world powers all need to work together, to build up, and the cooperation should be based off of the foundations of trust, and, trust is built on benefiting all sides, to keep the interactions, relationships, stable, and ongoing.

And so, this is how, U.S., is so full of SHIT, preaching that oh, we need to work together with China but deep down, it feared China’s influences on the rest of the known world, because the imperialistic mind of taking over is once again, at play, remember how the Pilgrims took over the U.S.?  The Cherokee’s trial of tears?  Only, this is, on a bigger front, from a larger view, the world’s, instead of just, within, the U.S.’s, territories.

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The Messiness of the CDC, as the Death Rate Skyrockets, then, the Tunes are Changed by the Government Agencies

How the pride of this government that’s ruling over us all, managed to, ruin everybody in this place, and we were, once, long, long, long, long, long (5 longs, oughta be, long, ‘nough!), ago too!  Because this is a government that lacked the foresight, and too egotistical, too, proud of itself, people are all, dead!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Bloomberg issued the flexibility of countries in the rating of defense against MERS-CoV in May, in the fifty-three countries evaluated, Taiwan went down nineteen places to fifty-one, this showed, that since Omicron started taking over, the policies of defense against MERS-CoV, Taiwan had been, totally, incompetent!

In the past two years, the people fought over the vaccines, the masks, and recently, the test strips, and fought over getting their PCR at the hospitals too; since May, not only had the confirmed cases of contraction skyrocketed, the morbidity rate also increased to very high, thinking of those who’d died, especially those innocent children, I’m sure, that they’d felt, upset; what the HECK had this government been doing, to cause the means of protecting the people, a total, mess?

Both mayors of the cities of Taipei and Hsinbei already called out to the Central government, that to administer the medications to those who’d tested positive, otherwise, more will, die, but the CDC still pretended that everything was fine, until the cases of morbidity skyrocketed, then, it’d started, readjusting the means, but it’s already, too slow to react; and, upon seeing the cases of children’s morbidity rate hiking up, the Executive Department started issuing the five quick-scan doses per child from birth to six years of age, hoping that it’s not too late, to help; seeing how the parents had lined up in the middle of the nights in Pingdong, Kaohsiung outside the hospitals to ensure the BioNTech vaccines for their children and grandchildren, only, that after the vaccinations, it takes, two weeks for the antibodies to start up the immunodefense in young children’s, systems, had the CDC gotten ahead like it preached, and purchased enough vaccines for all, then, none of this that’s happening today, would be, happening right now!

So, this still just showed, how incompetent this DDP government is, since the beginning of the outbreaks from…two whole years ago (was it???) back then, we had the opportunities to get ahead, as the cases aren’t getting higher and higher like it currently is, but the government missed out on the opportunities to get ahead, because it got too proud of itself, gloating about wow, look at the world, and look at how, there’s not even that many cases, and it’d lost the opportunities to get ahead, and, since then, the country’s been playing that game of catching up, and it can’t, this is why, the rate of morbidity in this god DAMN country is way too, @#$%ING high, close to the, third-world countries, rates of contraction and death, because whatever the people needed, we don’t get, because this government is way too @#$%ING retarded!

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The Humanistic Education Foundation Protested the School for Halting the Instructor Who’d Sexually Harassed the Students for Only Six Months

This is still too, @#$%ED, up, and instead of terminating this instructor’s contract for hire, they’d, only gave him that, slap on the wrist!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Kaohsiung City Government Fined the School $180,000 for Breaking the Laws of Child and Youth Protection, the School Hadn’t Responded if They’re Going to Terminate His Teaching Contracts Yet

A middle school instructor, Chen in Kaohsiung was suspected of long-term sexually bullying his students, sexually harassing the students, using the derogatory remarks to verbally abuse his students, the Humanistic Foundation last year demanded that the school terminate the contract of Chen, the school only terminated the contract to teach for him for six short months, the Humanistic Foundation went to the school, to object, demanded that the school stopped hiring the unfitting instructor.  The school called an evaluation meeting, and used the privacy clause, said that they’d already sent the teacher’s evaluation up to the Department of Education, to discuss whether to terminate the contract of hiring, and refused to tell if the school will, terminate his contract to teach there.

The social services stated, that the instructor will be fined $180,000 for “abusing children or teens physically or psychologically”, and the name of the instructor will be posted to the public to know; the head of the school’s PTA stated however, that the instructor, Chen may be a bit tougher, but was very responsible, that his behaviors may not have been correct, but not to the point of having his contract to teach terminated, and there were students who’d wanted Chen to keep on teaching, the school already did its best, to fend for the right of students to get an education best as it could.

The office manager, Chang of the southern branch office of the Humanistic Education Foundation told, last year, as Chen started out as the homeroom instructor of the first year middle school class, shortly after the school started, they’d received the complaints from the parents and students, that the instructor would smack the students’ heads, pinch their ears, and, cussed their parents out for not teaching them, that the students are way worse the dogs, and to the male students who couldn’t focus in class, he’d asked, “did you stay up all night to watch porn?”, or mocked the female students, “maybe, I’ll see you, with your pregnant belly on your graduation three years from now.”

At the end of last year, the Humanistic Foundation already demanded that the school terminate the contract to teach for Chen, the school held a gender equality evaluation, and the investigations on the accusations toward the instructor were all found to be, valid, and for the matter of sexual harassment, the school issued the punishment of terminating the contract for hire for six months, and the bullying portion, due to how it’d been reported, and the school already gave the instructor a written warning, they’d done away with punishing him this time, and this terminating his hiring contract for six months meant, that the students will have to be subjected to his abuse of them the next semester, that the school had totally, neglected the right of student to be educated.

The principal of the school stated, that the instructor had been on the teaching staff for twenty years of the school, that some of the beliefs of teaching that the instructor carried may be a bit, outdated, that they’d already, negotiated with him on it.  The school also held another teaching evaluation, and had invited two of the expert scholars in law and child development to attend, and they’d also allowed Chen to state his case, and in the end, they’d voted anonymously, that the behaviors of the instructor would be written about in an evaluation, and submit to the Department of Education for review, the Department of Education stated that it will review over the records, and see what needs to be done.

And so, this, is how this teacher still got away, with her/his, improper behaviors toward the students, and, this sort of an instructor, if the accusations were valid and true, should NOT be allowed, anywhere NEAR a student, think on it, parents, would you want an instructor like stated above, to teach your children?  And how can you, the parents, continue to subject your own young, to this sort of abuse and continual mistreatment?  Given that the accusations made were found true, that is.

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As We Got to the Deeper End of the Defense Against the Spread of MERS-CoV, the Government Should at Least, Toss Us that Flotation, Device

Yeah uh, get real here, these higher up officials of the DDP are only caring about their own lives, they would get on that lifeboat, leaving the rest of the people in this god DAMN country to, sink to the bottom of the ocean floors, hello, hello, hello???  Doesn’t anybody see that?  Apparently not!  The incompetence of the DDP party that’s, ruining all our lives here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The young girl, Feng died from the vaccinations, the former head of Department of Sanitations, Yang accompanied Feng’s mother to the Taipei District Court to sue the country, claimed that it was due to the neglect of the officials of defense against MERS-CoV that’s caused the people to die; and maybe, the chances of these charges sticking is too small but, this showed, how the mess was born out of the bad leaderships higher up.

The total number of contraction here had skyrocketed, with the accumulated total number of deaths to over 1,600.  And so, how did we, the originally top-of-class of defense against MERS-CoV, drop to so low, it’d sparked up media attention.  In the past, the masks produced here, surely, trended throughout the world, and the president announced the “Mask’s Production Teams of the Country”, and called out to the world, “Taiwan can help!”, and the head of Sanitation Welfare also called out, “I am from Taiwan, I’m proud!”, but, see how high and mighty you can stay.

Surely, good things never last, because of the mistakes of the border control of defense against MERS-CoV, the mutated strains, entered straightly in, with the pandemic, taking over, and the truths about the country’s “getting ahead”, went bust, and the lacking of anything from vaccines, the test kits, the medications, we are now, lacking in provision, and as there are the businesses, the hospitals who tried to donate, the government set up the road blocks.  The “Goddess of Defense Against MERS-CoV”, along with the charitable foundations’ donations, it’s something beautiful in Taiwan, and yet, it’d, made the government’s incompetence, more apparent, along with what a big joke “getting ahead” became.

Those in power should think of everybody in the country, and NOT rule like a dictator.

As the policies against the defense against MERS-CoV came up short, the number of confirmed contractions skyrocketed out of control, the government led by Tsai came up with “new Taiwan mode”, to steady the country in economics, opening up the borders, to help us return to our lives back to normal.  And in actuality the “clearing of the severe cases of contraction” is nothing but hot air, with the rate of death steadily rising up of late; we’d come to the deep zones of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, the government should NOT be discussing what they’d done, but instead, tossing us that needed, life vest and flotation, device.

The nurses who’d contracted MERS were called back to work by the hospitals, but during their breaks, they can only line the floors of the hospitals up with cardboard to sleep it off; Chen visited and exclaimed, “How did this happen!”.  The nurses who’d contracted the virus are still on duty, they don’t get days off, they’d had to, camp out in the nurses’ rest areas on the floor, how did this happen?  This is caused by the collapsing of the medical systems, the unreasonable nurse to patient ratios, or maybe, it’s due to how those in power had no idea of the trials of the frontline of defense, the medical staff members, kidnapping the medical staff with words of morale.

The Mazu offerings, touring around the country is an asset of culture of the country, the people finding that spiritual relief.  It’d represented how as the statue made the rounds across the areas, it’s watching over the people locally.  But, it’s a matter of the scientific, of whether or not Mazu will keep the virus controlled, not a matter of belief systems, religions.  The events this year at Baisha, there were, close to 100,000 who’d gone to participate, the VP, Lai with a degree in Public Health from Harvard, went personally to make the offerings, while the president herself got involved, in clearing the holder for the statue, disregarding the importance of social distancing in the times of MERS-CoV outbreaks, sending chills down the spines of the medical professionals.

The leaders took the defense against MERS-CoV so leisurely, are they, pushing us, into the abyss of contraction, to increase the speed of reaching that hoard immunity?  “We all need empathy, to feel another’s trials of life as our own”.  The president should consider the behalf of the people here in the country for a change.

And so, this is, what sort of BULLSHIT is happening still, in this, god damn country where I currently live in, the president is full of @#$% (maxed out!), only bobbed her head, smiling for her photo op in front of the camera, same for the head of the C.D.C. Chen, who’s actually, a PARROT (see that feather popping out of the top of his head, like a cockatoo???), becoming nothing more than a machine that reported on the stats of number of contraction, how many dead, how many new cases, how many relapses, blah-blah-blah, and this, is what’s ruining this country I’m currently living in right now, and guess WHO is at the bottom of this god damn, @#$%ING (maxed out, remember???) food chain???  Oh yeah, it’s still WE the people, and there’s nothing we the people can do ‘bout it, we’re, enslaved by the majority voted, DICTATORSHIP of the DDP here, remember?  Oh, right!

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