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Not Free to Love, as We Chose

We have here, uh, an ODD couple!

Not free to love, as we chose, because we’re of the same gender, and, although laws are currently being passed, to okay same-sex marriages all over the places, we’re still, SHUNNED, by the public, like when we’d gone strolling, we held hands, and, people would look at us weird, making us both uneasy.

Not free to love, as we chose, well, you know what, I NEVER chose my sexual preferences, it’s just how I was born, and, there’s NO way, I can change, what’s already, genetically prewired.

Not free to love, as we chose, sure, there are so many countries that are currently passing laws, to okay same-sex marriage, but, would we all be considered, equals?  Of course N-O-T, and, what IF me and my partner are both Catholics, and we wanted to be married, by a Catholic priest, in a Catholic church, oh no, no, I can already see their shocking faces: we’re NOT allowing GAYS or LESBIANS, to marry here, in this HOUSE of G-O-D!

Well, if God really, loved all of HIS children (there’s still SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ways I can argue that!), then, why are we being given a hard time, in trying to marry who we love?

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The Homosexuals Talked About Coming Out of the Closet, Parents Are the Hardest

From someone’s firsthand experiences, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yesterday was the “No More Fears for Homosexuals Day”, the Taiwan Partnerships League had asked seven homosexual couples to share their stories with the public, and, “coming out of the closets” became the focus of the discussion.

There were over hundreds of the public who’d attended the forum, there were mothers with their children, and four members of the Taipei’s First All-Girls’ High School who came, in their school uniform, to conduct an interview.  The very first gay couple who had an ad on their union, He, Wang, celebrated their third anniversary on May 19th, even bought the prepared cakes to share their joys with everybody else there.

A gay man, Lai who already received the blessings from his own father, had difficulties, coming out to his father two years ago, his father was the one who asked him if he was homosexual.  Lai said, most homosexuals would hid for ten, twenty years, gained acceptance of who they are themselves, then, come out to their parents, and yet, the parents had no other choice, but to face the realities, “the parents of homosexual individuals in accepting their children, is harder than the homosexual individuals themselves; it is, a hard, and long road, taking the parents out of the closets with us.”

Lai’s father suggested that as the homosexual children come out, they’d wanted their parents to feel at ease, in the areas of health, academia, and life in general; but, coming out of the closets is only the first step, they’d still need to know and understand one another.  He’d spoken truthfully, from before he didn’t interact with his son that much, when his son came out, he’d thought to himself, “Would I keep watching his backside, or, will I NOT even see the shadows he’d casted?”, after he’d accepted his son as he was, they’d become closer to one another.

Hsiang He, Tien-Ming Wang said, they’d treated one another’s parents with respect and filial piety since the very start, and so, they’d gained their supports from earlier on, and, each other’s parents and relatives had even turned into what made them so close to one another.  They’d called out to the homosexuals who’d attended the forum, that they should all come out, “If you don’t come out, you’re not truthful to your own lives, you don’t take the responsibilities for yourselves, you’d interacted with your parents, through a screen.”

A physically handicapped homosexual, Vincent told, that he and his partner had introduced each other to one another’s families a very long time ago, it’s just that they didn’t tell the families that they are lovers, and the family was so grateful at how Wei-Wei is so kind to Vincent.  Until once, his mother told others, “if something were to happen to Vincent in the future, ALL of his assets go to Wei-Wei, you all can’t fight him over it!”, that, was when Vincent learned, that his family had already accepted them, as a couple.

From this, you can see, that the support from the families is all too important, because families are the people whom you’re closest to, and, to disclose a part of who you are, is the hardest part, but, these homosexual couples had amazing members of their families who’d given them all the support they needed.

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Religion & Homosexuality, the Relativity of Literature for April


Love is love, simple as that!

The love between two adults, helping each other out, they’re NOT hurting anybody else, what, is the problem here?

I can’t believe, that heaven is so narrow, that it won’t even tolerate real love………

Chen: as a Buddhist, I’d not feel the pressures of being homosexual.  There’s no clear specifications of it in the Buddhist writings, perhaps, it has to do with the traditions of India, meaning that as Buddha came into being, there’s this openness to the relationship of man and woman, is much more open than the values that China had beheld, at least, not on the lecturing of the matters.  Of course, when I’d heard the “masters” fitting “moral” of the beliefs of the religion to talk about homosexuals, I’d turned around immediately to leave, and never entered into that same place of god again.

“If you are to achieve true freedom, you must live in the reality.”, with this mindset, to get to know one’s religion, naturally, you wouldn’t stray from the right path—otherwise, there are a ton of “masters” who’d filled up the auditoriums, we can only follow their leads.  Compare to other religions, Buddhism seemed to be more flexible, some of those who practice the values of Buddhism only dress up like those who worshipped Buddha, but, not becoming vegetarians, the Japanese monks are married with children, Dalai Lama eats beef, and even in the books of Xun Lu, it’d talked of how the monks from his hometown had wives, the Japanese Mishima Yukio talked of how there were gay monks, which was a trend that the monks from Japan got from the Monks in China, and, there were many of the levels of the masters of religion who believed this.  And, with all of these affirmations, I’d fitted, comfortably, into the teachings of the Buddhist belief systems.

Ou-Yang: a lot of people asked me, why are you gay, and Christian at the same time, and you’re a pastor too?  When the question came from homosexual non-Christians, because they understood, that they couldn’t choose their sexual preferences, but, one is able to choose, to be a Christian or not; they couldn’t understand why I’d stayed true to this religion that’s abandoned me.  Heterosexual non-Christians also asked me this, because they couldn’t understand, that our sexuality was not mandated by god, thought that I’d chosen something that god was against on my own.  And both groups don’t understand, that homosexuality is NOT what I’d chosen for myself, and that God couldn’t be opposed to homosexuals!

A lot of the Christians in Asia (the western world is more advanced in many ways, a lot of western Christians are so too), believed that God is anti-gay, but, they can never reasonably describe the reasons why God was anti-homosexuals, or why it is a great evil.  And, you’d asked the people why The Holy Bible is anti-homosexuals, and he’d said, that being a homosexual is sin; you asked him why being a homosexual is sin?  He’d replied, that because The Holy Bible is against homosexuals.  And this just keeps on going back and forth, back and forth and it never gets old.

I’d insisted on coming out of the closet, even becoming a pastor, because I’m following the footstep of Christ, as he’d never been afraid, of facing those who are traditional and conservative in their religious beliefs, Jesus is like the teachers of great religions, never fearing to challenge the mainstream religion, not fearing to stand out.  And, the great teachers of religions are even more sensitive toward the groups’ misbeliefs, and encouraged the followers, to think for themselves.  Buddha once told his followers, to NOT blindly follow my teachings, to always test, to think for oneself.  And Jesus also said to his audience, “Why don’t you consider for yourselves, what, is reasonable?”  In other words, don’t be afraid to think, do fear thinking independently, “measure for yourselves, what, is reasonable.”  Simply stated, don’t care about what traditions say, think about if the traditions are reasonable.  This, is the spirits of reasoning and independent thinking.  Christ not only once advocated thinking independently, once a group of individuals accused Christ of speaking up against what can and can’t be done on Sabbath, but Christ did it bravely, later he’d told…

So, it’s NOT religions that are against homosexuals, it’s the PEOPLE who twisted those religious teaching that made others believe that religions ARE against homosexuals, and, once again, religions IS not narrow-minded at all, it seems, it’s the people who PREACH about the religions who ARE narrow-minded, and, they’d used their influences to spread their narrow-mindedness to the public, and, because the public has absolutely NO clue, therefore, we’re still following their leads.

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A Beautiful Misunderstanding


When I was a freshman in university, I’d worked at a fast-food restaurant, and met him, who’s a store manager.

We were so in-synch at work, and, because we’d worked together every single day, we’d gotten closer, and, even as we got off work, we’d still connected afterwards, to talk about work.  And, as the conversations carried on, I started feeling something about him.

And, this best friend relationship lasted for almost a year.  One day, he asked me if I wanted to go home with him, to Nantou, to visit his father, I was so happy on the inside, am I going to get rid of my “singles” status now?  But, he’d never said to me, “Let’s date!”, and so, I’d, turned down his request.

Later on, he’d asked me out a couple more times, but, that key sentence still didn’t come.

In a certain employee gathering, I’d heard a guy said, “That day, the store manager asked me out to get some midnight snack, and he was behaving, kinda ‘weird’”, and, as the man told, I felt even more weird.

As I’d returned home, I’d used MSN asked him what was going on, he’d admitted, that the ex-girlfriends he’d talked of were actually younger schoolmates of his, from the member of the same sex—he’d truly hoped, that he could, fall in love with a woman, because he feared, that his father won’t accept him as he was.  Meeting me, he thought, that it was, an opportunity.  But in the end, it was still, members of the same sex that moved him so.  Toward his truthfulness, there was nothing I could do, but cry, into the computer screen.

Later on, I’d quit, and, for a long time, I’d not talked to him, until one day, that familiar account popped back up again, and, he’d told me of the goings-on since I quit.

He’d told me, that he’d met a new guy, that they’re in a steady relationship, that his boyfriend’s mom treated him as if he were her own.  After I’d worked hard, to get over him, I can already, give him my blessings, and, feel happy about, how we didn’t leave any blanks in our youthful days.

And so, this, is a man’s journey, in accepting himself as a homosexual, and, meeting up with this woman, he’d become more open to his own sexuality, and, no longer rejected who he was, and, because he was able, to see himself through truth, the world too, became more open for him.


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The Story of His Marriage

Let’s see what happened here, shall we???  Translated…

My male coworker, Yo is married, his long-running eight years of love finally became fruitful, but, almost nobody knew about his marriage, including his parents, because his better half is not a woman, but a man.

Yo is a rare gem in all our views, not only is he handsome-looking, his maturity in thought, knowledge, and abilities, are all commended by us, his coworkers, and his superiors from work, and so, whenever there’s something important that needed to be accomplished, he’s always the first we’d named.

I’d worked with him for over a decade, but, I’d never seen him, who’s already over forty, with a girl by his side.  There were a TON of colleagues or friends who wanted to match him up with someone, and, he’d turned all their offers down.  Slowly, there were speculations about him that flowed around the office, but because none of us wanted to pry, his sexuality was still an enigma to us all.

Until many months ago, he’d gone on a trip with a friend to San Francisco for a month, after his return, he’d shared with me excitedly a certificate of partnership, and so, my question for multiple years had finally found the answers.

Yo said, he was once troubled by his own sexuality.  Back when he was younger, in order to gain the acceptance, he’d dated ladies too, but, because he couldn’t put real emotion into the relationship, all of his heterosexual loves ended; he’d once gotten involved in a religious group, hoped that he could use “faith”, to correct his own sexual preferences, but, it’d only brought on more and more pains and sufferings for himself.

Yo met his better half online, on a social networking site, and because of their shared interests, similar values, and how they’d complemented one another, they’d become a couple for eight years now.  Although like regular couples, arguments sometimes just can’t be avoided, but, they’d known one another by heart, it’d made them decide, to marry, and so, in the secrecy, of not many who knew about them together, they’d gone to San Francisco, a city that gives blessing to homosexual marriages.  Without the blessings of friends and families, without the expensive wedding plans, Yo and his better half enjoyed this simple and sweet marital bliss.

In this day and age, when they’d ranted on and on about gay marriages, maybe, Yo’s marriage to his partner would be difficult, but I believe, that with their persistence and love for one another, they can, conquer the world.

So, this, is a success story, of how a man chased after his own love, and, there’s still NOTHING wrong with homosexuality, after all, that, was predisposed, when we were still, in utero, and, this man had finally found his happiness, and, his bravery should be applauded, shouldn’t it?

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Somnambulism? Too Drunk? After His Birthday Party, the English Man Fell from the Fourteenth Floor

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A British man who came here to teach English, Cameron, yesterday after getting drunk at a friend’s birthday party, went home, and fell from his fourteenth story home, and died; Tsai, his live in boyfriend said, that he suspected that he was sleepwalking, just wandered onto the lanai, and took the leap.  The police investigated, there was NO medical records that this man was seeing a doctor for his sleep disorder, they’d found no signs of struggle in his residence, the police ruled out homicide, suspected that he may have been sleep walking, or semi-conscious and fell off the building.

Based off of understanding, the friend of the deceased had texted the cousin of the man, and, his cousin pointed out that he had problems of somnambulism.  Tsai told the police that the deceased would often wake up in his dreams, screaming, or be awakened and scared from his nightmares, but the deceased had never mentioned that he had such a condition to him, and so, he wasn’t sure, if it was, somnambulism or not.

Based off of investigations, the twenty-eight year-old Cameron is homosexual, had been dating the Taiwanese man, Tsai (age 34).  Two days ago, it was Cameron’s birthday, in the evenings, he had Tsai, and a group of their friends went celebrating, they’d first gone to a grill at Fuxing N. Road in Taipei, then, ran to two separate bars in Wanhua to continue the party, afterwards, Cameron and Tsai went back to their residence, and a friend, Kao crashed with them.

At around four in the morning, Cameron fell from the back lanai, as Tsai and Kao heard the loud sound, they rushed downstairs, and they saw Cameron, face down on the pavement, wearing nothing but his underwear; as the paramedics and the police rushed to the scene, they’d found him with a fractured skull, and multiple broken bones on his body, without any signs of life.

Tsai and Kao stated, that yesterday morning, Cameron had waken up from his dreams twice, to open the door, Tsai tried to stop him, closed the door, led him into the bathrooms; after Cameron went to the bathrooms, he went back to bed, then, he’d wandered about in the kitchen, the two other men thought he was getting a drink of water, not long afterwards, they’d heard a loud thud, they ran to the kitchen, but they couldn’t find him.

The police didn’t find a final note in his room, but there were signs of climbing on the back lanai, and a stool on the ground; and because the ledge was to the chest area, the police believed that it wasn’t at all possible, for him to have fallen over by accident, they believed that Cameron stood on the stool and jumped over the railings.

Tsai said, that during his birthday celebration, he had left for a short while, Cameron was not happy about it, they’d had a small silent treatment with one another, but no arguments.  Kao said, that the two men seemed to be getting along very well, that evening, Cameron had too much to drink, but didn’t disclose his thoughts of suicide to his friends at all.

Based off of understanding, after he graduated from college, Cameron stayed in Seoul, South Korea, and he’d joined up with the YMCA in Taichung for the years he’d come here, works in a clothing store, is currently working as an English instructor.  He is very popular, a lot of is foreign friends who didn’t know what happened still wished him a happy birthday on his Facebook pages.

And, you can take a wild guess, at what might have caused this man to commit suicide, can’t you?  The fight he had with his boyfriend, or maybe, it’s his conflict with himself for being a homosexual, and now, nobody will ever know, because the man with all the answers is no longer here, and we can only speculate here…

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Being the Other Half of the Umbrella, How We Met & Became More Than Friends

From friendship to a homosexual love, translated…

The day we met, the rain drizzled down, I didn’t have an umbrella, I can only use my arms, to lift my coat over my head, to block out the rain, and yet, the rain started pouring down harder and harder.

I ran, wanted to get to the MRT Station quicker, but, I’d keep on getting blocked by the red lights.  As I was meeting up with my third red light, you showed up, you had an umbrella, stood next to me, and, the other half of your umbrella, seemed to be sheltering me.

As we crossed the intersections, we walked in synchronized motion, turns out, you were, blocking the rain for me.  Even though I knew I must keep my guards up, but, I’d still felt, quite warm inside.

On the MRT, you’d spoken to me first, I was, overcome with this nervousness and ecstatic feeling.  As we’d talked, we became more and more compatible, we both loved baseball more than basketball, we both loved sweets, but hated chocolates.

And now, we’d become, the best of friends.  Actually, I wasn’t at all surprised, when you told me that you weren’t into members of the opposite sex, and yet, I also could deny myself the fact, that I’d once, fallen really hard for you.  No matter what, thank you for being a part of my life, my very best friend.

And so, this, would be a homosexual relationship?  And, love is love is love, without the boundaries of genders, and, they met, and one showed the other kindness, and, the woman on the receiving end of that kindness, on that rainy day reciprocated…

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Mr. Powell Took His Paternity Leave

Homosexuality, a good teacher, translated…

Because of my two sons, Mr. Powell and I had a total of twelve years worth of friendship together.

When we first moved from Germany to London, my introverted and quiet eldest son didn’t adapt too well, he wasn’t fluent in English, didn’t have friends, became depressed.  Mr. Powell was the department head of German for Middle School 31, he’d noticed this new transfer student, kinda timid, and nobody seemed to care about him, and so, he’d started conversing with my son in German and he’d responded, smiles returned back to my son’s face again.  He taught my eldest German for five years, in his last two years of high school, he was also his homeroom teacher, he’d given my son a TON of encouragements, built up his confidence, and, managed to get him into Cambridge University.

After my eldest graduated, his younger brother too, went into High School 31, and was looked after by the same home room instructor, Mr. Powell.  In the end, Mr. Powell wrote a recommendation letter to his own alma mater—the Brasenose College which a couple of the British PMs came out of, and made it possible, for my second son to become his younger school mate.

Mr. Powell is kind and gentle, as he talked……hmmm, how should I describe it?  A bit sissy, I suppose, you can feel his warmth, and his down-to-earth, his softened looks doesn’t give people any pressure, and that, is totally, NOT faked at all.

Once, Mr. Powell told his class, that he was taking up a class for the summer vacations.  What class?  Turns out, that Mr. Powell has issues with planes AND elevators, and so, he wanted to try to conquer his fear of flying.  It’s odd, I know, but, after the break, he gloated and told his class, he could finally fly on the airplane, and that he’d made a visit to Germany too.

There had been rumors going around the school campus that he’s a homosexual.  One evening, the school had a students’ music recital, there came a lot of instructors, parents and students.  Mr. Powell saw me when I walked in, he’d said a courteous hi to me, and a gentle looking African-British youth also stood up to greet me.  Mr. Powell introduced me to his partner.  Normally, as a gentleman introduced me to his mate, I should take her hand and exchange a couple of words with her; but that evening, I totally didn’t expect that that African man next to him was his partner, I was stunned, and didn’t shake his hands, and I didn’t know what to say to him.

For this, I’d been blaming myself, because I kept labeling myself as a person who didn’t discriminate against people of other colors, nor did I discriminate against homosexuals, and yet, I was so dumbfounded.  Maybe, at the moment of truth, the truth will tilt its head out!

One day, my son came home, told me, that Mr. Powell is on paternity leave.  What?  Two men living together, and he was able to apply for a paternity leave? Turns out, Mr. Powell and his partner had been living together for a very long time, was in a stabilized relationship with his partner, and, like all the regular families, now has a child.  Through a wide variety of legislative ways, they’d adopted a child.  By the same token, they could take maternity and paternity leaves, so they could be at home, with their baby, just as when women give birth too.  I guess, that a gentle and kind man like Mr. Powell must be a very good father, oh no!  a good mother, no, that’s not right, a good parent!

The world is becoming more and more open now, and the treatments of homosexuals are also improving too.  In 2014, the British government passed the laws, to allow gays and lesbians to get married, to start a family, don’t know if Mr. Powell will stand in front of his families and friends, accept their blessings, and say “I do” to his partner or not.

And so, this, is the story of a gay man, and, there’s still NOTHING wrong with being a homosexual, as we should ALL respect one another for our differences, shouldn’t we?  And, with the nations starting to pass laws to allowing gays and lesbians to “unite” in marriage, the world is becoming more and more accepting, to people of the same sexes starting families together.

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Two Brides and NO Groom

We got this wedding invitation, from a fourth cousin, THREE-TIMES removed, maybe???, and, we were so happy, to meet the couple, and, when we showed up at the reception, and the wedding, we were totally S-H-O-C-K-E-D!

There were, two brides, AND no groom!  How could this be?  Everybody started wondering…Two brides, and NO groom, that’s just NOT right, is it?  That, wasn’t the way that God intended it, and here we are, about to bear witness, to this SATANIC union (as we’re all very conservative).

Two brides and NO groom!  Whoa, they are, getting more and more open these days, aren’t they?  And, how, I wonder, are they going to have an offspring on their own?  Two brides and NO groom, just like two grooms and NO bride, is quite natural now, because we each have the right, to CHOOSE who we love, and, we’re destined to love who we are supposed to love, and, there’s NO bargaining with destiny when it comes to that…so, STOP asking W-H-Y things like this are happening to Y-O-U, think of it as gaining an extra daughter/son who will treat you, just like your own would.





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How Did We “Raise” a Gay Son?

Before all y’all STUPID (b/c that, is what you ALL are!!!) parents go OFF, into the D-E-E-P end, your kid (either a boy OR a girl, hello, hello, hello?) got PREDISPOSED inside of your UTERUS already, and, there’s NO changing the chemistry of your amniotic fluid now, is there???  Nope.

So, how, did we manage to raise a GAY son?  We trained him to be boys, we didn’t allow him to cry like his sisters had, when he wanted to play with his sisters’ dolls, more than the Hot Wheels we bought him, we’d SHUNNED him, and so, we did OUR “jobs” as parents right, didn’t we?

How did we “raise” a gay son?  You didn’t, because your kids’ preferences had already BEEN predetermined, just like those G-E-N-E-S, so, STOP thinking that you had anything in how they CHOOSE to live their lives, after all, they DO have the rights, to live their lives as they see fitting, or, would you rather that your daughters/sons COMMIT suicide, because they couldn’t love a member of the opposite sex?  Would that be better for ya, parents?

How did we “raise” a gay son?  I don’t know?  Maybe, you didn’t give him enough love, or, maybe, too much, that’s caused him to “turn”, who knows?








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