A Grandmother Did Everything She Could, Including Keeping Surveillance on Her Grandson, to Prevent Him from Marrying Again

From the Front Page Sections, translated…
An eighty-year old woman, Wang, because she was an illegitimate child, was bullied by others, she worried that if her divorced grandson remarries, the two great grandsons might have a hard time, in order to prevent her grandson from falling in love, she would guard his door by the day, watching to see if he’d taken anyone home, and the grandmother-grandson pair got into arguments and the elderly woman tripped and fell, hurt herself, the grandson asked for a restraining order and was granted one.
“I can’t understand, what is so wrong with dating after divorce?”, the elderly woman, Wang’s grandson claimed, he said, that he’s already divorced with his ex-wife, and is now single, needs someone to keep him company, and couldn’t understand why other people’s grandmother gave NOTHING but blessings when grandchildren are married, but NOT his own.
Grandma Wang lived with her son and grandson, the grandson is in real estate, at age thirty, he has two elementary school age children. A year ago, the grandson took a woman from work home to discuss the work, the grandmother mistook the grandson for having an affair, she’d told his wife, causing them to get into a huge fight, and they ended up divorced.
The grandson complained, afterwards, his grandmother would NOT let him bring female friends home, and would have a chair outside his doors, and would check the closets to see if there are shoes that don’t belong? Whether or not he has an extra helmet on his motorcycle or not? She would even come to his bedroom doors, to hear if there are women’s voices, it gave him a difficult time.
After he’d divorced, when he took his first girlfriend home, the grandmother found out, called him “shameful”, along with other things; the second girlfriend got rice thrown by the grandmother in her face, signifying an exorcism, they ended up breaking up; and now, he’s with his third girlfriend, he was careful, in not letting his grandmother know about it.
“You must stay faithful in a marriage, how can you screw around?”, the grandmother said, after you’d married, had kids, you must take good care of them, how can you divorce? If you remarried after the divorce, the hard times will come to the children.
The elderly woman, Wang said, that because her own mother is a spare wheel, she’d been carrying a bad rap, when the children from his father’s real wife told her to do something and she didn’t, she’d get beaten, yelled at; and so, she couldn’t accept the fact that her grandson was with another after he was married; after he divorced, she worried that if he remarries again, her two great grandkids will get picked on.
Wang’s son and daughter-in-law stated, that they’d hoped that their son can have a complete family, had communicated with the mother multiple times, but she won’t listen, they were troubled too; the reason why their son kept this third girlfriend “covered up” was to their suggestion.
The grandson said, that he did NOT push his grandmother down, didn’t know how she fell and hurt, but she insisted that he did. The judge believed that the grandmother showed love in a different way, when the grandson disagrees, he should gently communicate with her about it, that if another incidence of violence happens, then, there will BE a restraining order in place.
Because of this elderly woman’s own experiences, and how she got picked on by the rest of the world, called bad names, she tried to save her grandson from weathering through the same things, her heart WAS in a good place, but she had a LOUSY way of showing it, and that just shows you that there would be generation differences, in even the closest people with you.

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