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They Are Not Just “Your” Kids! — Filosofa’s Word

A recent column by Frank Bruni brought to my attention something that … for whatever reason … had not occurred to me in this whole education “cultural war” anti-CRT, anti-LGBTQ school curriculum battle.  DAMMIT, Ron DeSantis and others who would deprive our children of an education … WE THE PEOPLE … all of us, even […]

They Are Not Just “Your” Kids! — Filosofa’s Word


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The Heart Aching Measures of Utilizing the Learning Process Profiles

On how the reforms of education is, ruining the competitive edges, the education of the next generations of, children, written by an honorary professor, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The major event in education, I suppose, is on the learning process profiles.  As I’d read through the documents from the Department of Education on it, it’d, ached my heart.  There are, as many as eighteen criteria for high school graduates to submit for their college entrance packets, of them, were the mini-thesis, the levels certifications of English ability exams, the math exams, the reading plans, and what nots.

What was upsetting to me was, I knew a lot of the students hadn’t gotten the level of understanding of education in high school, and, how can these students manage the mini-theses?  And, a lot of children who are from lower end of economics, can’t afford to take the certification exams in English and math, for the children in the distant-regions, learning process profiles aren’t, anything worth, looking into.  I know, that for a lot of these children who are raised in worse off economic backgrounds, they can only, ignore these things like the learning process profiles.

To stand out in the learning process profiles, a lot of parents had spent a whole lot of money, placing their own young into the cram schools, so they can understand how to write the programming formulas that are good enough.  And like so, for this group of children, they naturally, have an, outstanding learning process profile.  But, for children out of the worse off home fronts, they can’t, afford, to do these things.

To enter into university, the exams are, necessary, and the test results showed the students’ abilities, so why are we requiring them to write about what they’d, learned?  If a student isn’t fluent enough in English, does his written report prove meaningful?  The learning process profiles required the math skills exams verifications, this is, an addition, for the sake of those, gifted and talented students.

It’s nothing easy, to write good programs in the high school age, because, there are, the fundamental courses of physical science, math, English subjects, that takes up much of the students’ learning time.  If a student spent too much time of learning to write the programs, they couldn’t possibly have the needed time to study for the basic subjects of science, math, English, etc., etc., etc.  But what this country really needs, is still the group of youth that had their, fundamentals down pat.  Although I know how to write the programming, but I still believed, that if someone who can only write these written reports, but is bad at math, then, chances will be, that the person won’t be able to produce good enough programming.  For instance, a lot of the communication apps are all related to math closely.

The implementing of the learning process profiles, it’s equivalent to punishing the students who are not from well-enough economic backgrounds, because their parents simply can’t afford them to have that bright and shiny learning process profiles made.  For the gifted and talented students, the learning process profiles will only make them even more stressed, as they can’t possibly know, that if their fellow classmates could produce a better mini-thesis because of their parents’ help.  For the whole of the country, these learning process profiles, definitely, failed to raise the competitive edges of the students here.  What made my heart ached the most, is that for the children from less-economically capable backgrounds, the learning process profiles may be, one of their, biggest, downfalls.

And so, this, is how awful these reforms of education became, it’s basing the capabilities of the students on how active they are in their daily goings on, and for those children from lesser families, they simply can’t afford to go to all those, extra, camps, extracurricular activities, because their parents can’t afford it, and, the learning process profiles, it’d, made them lagged behind the rest of the more economically capable families’ children, and that defeats the whole purpose of the reforms of education, because the reforms of education should center around on how we can make the next generation ready for their lives, by putting them through the institution of higher education, and the learning process profiles does, exactly the opposite, because it basically runs on M-O-N-E-Y!!!

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The Parents are Worried: the Six Years of Elementary Education, the Children May be Forced to Take Up the Extra Talent Classes

The reforms in education by the HEADS of Department of Education really FUCKED up all the children who are currently being, placed in the, systems of, education right now all right!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The entrance exams for entering into private middle schools became this “chain of entering into school”, which the legislative department intends of sever off, the Department of Education, stated, that facing up to the “limited number of slots, and too many students wanting to get in”, the private schools started, strategizing, changing the means of acceptance into school from one test to multifaceted, and yet, this made the parents worry, that the children are not faced with the pressures of doing well on just, one entrance exam, but, the entire six years worth of elementary education in learning, the pressures are only growing greater, not reduced.

The C.E.O., Peng of the National Parents’ League stated, in the past, the determinants of school is based off of one entrance exam, which caused the students to over cram in the cram schools, but, if the entrance of students into schools is by the raffles or based off of the locations of the household registries, publicizing the private schools, the private schools will lose their competitive edge, and couldn’t survive.  She is supportive of the private middle school’s turning the “one entrance exam determinant” to the multifaceted entrance considerations.

But the secretary of the Parenting Education League of Taiwan, Hsieh was against this, he believed, that since elementary, and middle school education are, mandatory, then, there’s the need to unify the system, the public schools can’t choose their students, therefore, the private school shouldn’t either, besides, if the private schools are really about education, then, they should NOT be selective of the students’ grades, otherwise, there may be the elementary school students, taking up too much talent classes.

what the government is, trying to do…comic from online

Liao, the president of the Elementary School Parents United said, if the entrance to schools is changed to multivariate, then, the policies should change accordingly, otherwise, it would give the schools too much right to choose which student to accept, that the policies, need to help prevent the children from taking up too many talent classes, that they lose out on their happy childhood years.

Liao also mentioned, that in the original system of entrance exams being the determinant of students into private schools, most dual-income families can afford to send their young into the private schools, but, once the means of entrance changed to multivariate, the total costs of cram school sessions, talent classes for the six years of elementary school years, will not be shouldered well by the families.

The multivariate entrance currently only applies to high school or college, not only is the entrance exam grades taken into considerations, the school grades are also, weighed quite heavily, with the considerations of the child’s awards in scholastic performances, in the talent competitions, etc., etc., etc., the community involvement via community services.

And so this, is how the education here, is, shifting toward the western’s means, but, this means had worked in the western nations, because it’d been used for ??? however long, since the start of time (maybe, how the HELL should I know!), and yet, this means of entrance is still all brand new here, and, the government just wanted to, flip and flop the system, and expect that the students catch up to the program, the government IS, delusional all right, in its beliefs, that it can, help us, catch the rest of the western world’s, steps, by, making the next generations schooling years, even harder.

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Long Hours at School, Too Much Homework, How Can the Students Have Enough Sleep

So, the rules are set, now, it takes some time, to see how it will work out, or if it, won’t!  Reforms of education, delaying the hours of school starting for high school here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A comparison of the school starting time in various countries: in Germany, Mexico, the time of school is from eight in the morn to two in the afternoon, an average class time of six hours; in Japan, Canada, the hours are from nine to three, six hours of class.  For U.S., England and Australia, the average classroom time is six and a half; Russian school starts at 8:30 in the morn, lets out at 3:30 in the afternoons, seven hours of school; France, being the exception of Europe, classes are from eight in the morn to four in the afternoon, a total of eight hours of course instruction.

What about Taiwan?  The students here must arrive in school at 7:30 in the morn for the study period, a lot of the students are taking their options of eighth period, and, the time of them getting out of school is at five in the afternoon, an average of 9.5 hours of school per day, we are the top of the world in the longest school time.  Long hours in school, at home, homework takes forever too, and, this takes away from the time of sleep for the students.  Two years ago the Children’s Welfare League posted its survey results, the high school age students sleep approximately 6.9 hours per night in Taiwan, and China.

the “pros” of school starting later…from online

In 2020, the citizens mentioned on the platform of legislation start up by the citizens online that the school time for middle and high school students should change from 7:30 to 9:30 in the mornings.  Delaying the start of school can help the teens get more sleep, and, separates the time of adults going to work, to prevent the traffic jams; this struck up debates and discussions, and, shortly thereafter, there were more than 10,000 in the local communities who’d signed the petitions.  Back then, the Department of Education stated that it was going to get the opinions from all around.  Then, it went silent, for the entire year of 2021.

Recently, the Chenggong High School announced its doing away with the mandatory early morning study period, the gathering for the whole school in the morn, this is to be implemented on February 11th, as school start, as the news got out, this became, a news of the hour.  Since last semester when Chenggoing High School slashed the warnings of students coming late to school, in the recent school policy meetings (with teachers, parents and students in participation to discuss the matter), the votes for slashing the early morning period of study and gathering in the morning of the whole school was, passed.

The Department of Education is responding too late, it’d finally announced yesterday on the fifteenth, that starting in the fall semester this year the high schools from around the country is not to mandate the students to arrive in school for first period, meaning, that no testing will be held during this first period of class, and finally, the Department of Education had, heard the requests of the students here.

And so, this still showed, how inactive the Department of Education is, in changing its policies of starting of school time, and it’s still up to the citizens, to start CRYING, WHINING about it, for something, TO be, done, and, yet, would the kids really, actually (I mean, for REAL here!!!), take these extra hours of them not going to school early, to catch their ZZZs, or, are they going to, stay up later, knowing, that they don’t have to head off to school early in the morn the following day?

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Putting the “Theories” of “Equality” into Practice, the Dictionary from the Department of Education No Longer Differentiated Between Paternal & Maternal Grandparents

The government’s, getting all UP in our separate FACES, in HOW we are to refer to, our own, elders here, in an attempt, to ERADICATE our knowledge of, where we come from, like the Cultural Revolution days of China???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

When Maternal Grandfathers Became Just “Grandpas”, the Instructor Worried it May Cause the Students Confusions on Differentiating Between the Paternal & Maternal

Recently, the terms of “maternal grandfather” and “maternal grandmother” struck up a ton of debates, the head of Department of Education, Pan stated yesterday, that in order to put gender equality into practice, not only did the certified Chinese language dictionaries changed “maternal” grandparents to just “grandparents”, there’s no differentiation between maternal and paternal, and the grandchildren is too.  But some believed, that it’s an extra move that the government is making, changing, for the sake of, changing; the civics instructors shared their worries on the matter, that maybe, switching the way the students referred to their elders may cause them confusion.

the civics instructor of Neili High School of Taoyuan, Koa said, “maternal” grandparents had been called so since long ago, it’d become, traditional, the Department of Education should assess closely, if “maternal” and “paternal” brings about some sort of stereotypical gender specifications, instead of going along with a minority of the legislators wanting to change it.  If the government insisted on stressing “no differentiation between the maternal and paternal”, then, it may also, affect the relatives in the civics courses, the counting of the cousins too, and, mix up the students’ cognitions of one’s own relatives.

The head of Department of Education, Pan stated, that the gender equality committee of the department of education is currently evaluating the matter taking considerations of the opinions from all around, to adjust what’s on the dictionaries; that the National Education Department would review the matters every quarter.  Because, there’s no legal differentiation between grandparents, and some families are already used to referring to their elders the way they’re referring to them already.

And, this is, another attempt to make the next generations of children, NOT known their own roots, I mean, we’d been referring to our grandparents differently as paternal and maternal since the beginning of our lives, and, the government’s now telling us that it’s wrong?  Yeah, uh, what if the families still uses their original ways of calling their elders as they were originally called from before, is the government going to, put surveillance in every house across this island, to SEE if, we’re, all, complying to this, stupid law?  Yeah, good luck on that, DDP!

This is BULLSHIT is what THIS is.

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Using the Surrogate Instructors to Fill the Teaching Positions, When Will the Department of Education Start Tackling the Problems of Not Having Enough Qualified Instructors for the Various Subjects?

The policies are way, way, way ahead, of the process of making it happen in education of the languages here, without the certified and qualified instructors in the languages, how is this going to happen, it’s not, and yet, the Department of Education here, is still, in its, delusional, state!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The native tongue mandatory courses is about to get set in place by September of this year, and there’s, this shortage of qualified school instructors in the subjects, and the Department of Education made up for the lacking using the surrogate instructors, the certification numbers as a “cover up” for this problem, claimed, that there’s no problem with the qualifications of the instructors in these subjects, but, how many certified school instructors in these specific subjects are coming onboard the program by September of this year, nobody knows for sure!  The hurriedly setting up of the policies in this, caught the schools off-guard, and, ultimately, it’s still, the students who are, going to suffer the most, but when will the Department of Education, stare this huge problem in the face and tackle it?

As the 2019 language course law passed, it’s set up that starting in 2021, the middle and elementary level students are to take the native language courses, but, it’d been three years since the law passed, not only the course assignment is problematic, the matter of lacking in certified instructors in the languages are lacking too, a lot of the schools disclosed privately, that the government is, passing out the “blank checks” to them still.

Toward the matters of lacking of certified instructors, the Department of Education decided, to put all the surrogate instructors who’d passed their language exams, to make it look like there’s ample teaching staff members onboard the program, that there’s NO problem currently, with the low rate of certified instructor now.  But practically, the local governments worried that the schools will not have enough funding, due to the low birth rates, that the schools don’t dare have the local language course provisions, and now, as the policies are about to get implemented, the Department of Education became solely reliant on these surrogate instructors to do the job, it’s a wonder, how this group of surrogate instructors called themselves, the “thrown-away-after use” teachers.

There are a total of over 13,000 certified local language instructors, only a little more than four thousand can teach across the grade levels, after September of this year, this group will become, the primary resources for local language instructors in the elementary and middle school levels.  But, the hourly payrate isn’t unified across the schools, if the majority of the teaching staff are aiming toward money, and, selected to teach at the higher hourly rate middle and high schools, it may cause a strong impact on the elementary level language instructors.

The Department of Education will offer the training certification courses online, but, getting certified in training doesn’t mean that the instructors are capable to teach a class, if based off of the Taiwanese Hokkien dialect certification, in past years, there was less than twenty-percent of certification in the middle and higher levels, and the boasting of the Department of Education to have a language instructor in every school in only six months is a fairytale that won’t, come, true.

Tada!  And this, is how it goes, with these policies, that thought too fast, before the application side can, catch on, and it’s still all due to these, legislators, delusions, of how we can, make this country, into, dual-language, so we can, connect with the rest of the world on track, but, that’s nowhere NEAR possible, because, the foundations aren’t lain, firmly enough.

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The Education Reform of Taiwan that’s Headed, Straight Off the Cliffs

How the government had, @#$%ED up, the reforms of education, and it will, SCREW the competitive edge of the students that are currently, in the “system”, and these “kids” will become, who lead us tomorrow, and we’re all, SCREWED here, and all of this, is the DDP’s doing too!  On how the reforms of education got @#$%ED (maxed out!) up by the government, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Education isn’t Leisurely, It’s Just, Running Around Like a Headless Chicken

Education needs to adjust with the times, and so, all of the civilized countries would have to reform the education means from time to time, as needed.  But, as the wrong directions are taken, and so apparent, yet, the education reforms still kept going ahead, Taiwan is, the very one that’s doing this.

The U.S., due to the differences in economical backgrounds, there’s, this sharp difference between the educated and the illiterate.  Back in 1965, the American Congress passed the “Middle & Elementary Education Amendments”, to set up the basis of education, to help the students break out of the cycle of the socioeconomic status they were born in, so they can have better chances at a better future.  In 2001, President George W. Bush signed the No-Child-Left-Behind Act, hoping to reinforce the reading abilities, the math abilities, to prevent the students from getting eliminated by the society later on in life.  In 2015, the American Congress passed the “Every Student Succeed Act”, which was signed by the former American president, Obama, to ensure the K-12 mandatory education of children is up to standards.  Seeing how the foundations of building the society in U.S. had lagged behind, how the traditional industrial cities are dying off, the differences of the occupations in the cities versus the rural areas, we can understand, the effects of the American legislations’ amendments in education.

like this, the education reform in this country is doing, committing SUICIDE!!! Photo from online

Before the reforms of education here, the set up is on loosening the learning of the lessons, being happy in learning, totally opposite in comparison to the U.S.’s education reforms.  Considering how Taiwan’s situation worked, the economic just started to take off, the highly competitive realms of climbing higher in education, this means of thought may be shallow, but understandable.  And now, as the students’ happiness in learning is gone, the levels of the students are, slipping off that slippery slope, and, the stricter means of education, to make the citizens more capable for work later on when they start working, is about spent up completely, the competitive edge of this country is in, crisis, to the point of the leaders of the major industries are questioning the reforms in education now……seeing how the fires are burning too quickly, is the Department of Education still, leisurely?

Calling the Department of Education leisurely, isn’t quite right, it’s actually, too, busy, it’s just, that its, running around like a headless chicken is, creating more problems.  Let’s talk about two things that’s happened this past year.  The 2019 Curricular Reform came up with this thing called “Learning Process Profile”, and for the two years since its start, it’d caused the high school teachers and students to turn upside down, and in the end, the matter of “uploaded data profiles erased off the hard drives”, too shocking; and, the entrance exam cut off grade point was too high, causing the students to score high, but not make the rosters, that they had to, take the entrance exams that came later on, or to get into the retest course tracks.  And, the exams of 2022 is to get turned into the level grading systems!  That way, the grades of between 84.43 to 100 are classified as level fifteen grades.  Actually, the goals of the two are the same—to lower the importance of the number grade, to blur the score differences between the high and the low.  But from the angle of getting the most qualified students into the universities and colleges, is this, a valid, method?

And so, this, is how the system of education reform, will mess up the students of today, which means, that we’re all, SCREWED, because we’re looking at this group of younger generations, running this country to the GROUND, and there’s, NOTHING that any of us, ordinary citizens can do about it, because it’s the government’s doing, had it STUCK with its original methods of entrance exams, admittance to universities and colleges, then, at least, the children would not have lost, that competitive, edge, because from before, the students here all worked too hard, to get themselves, into, the hard-to-get-into universities in this country, and now, every couple of kilometers, there’s, a community college, a university, a technical university campus, making education more accessible, but, the quality of education is reduced, greatly here.

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The “Fruits” of Education, the Coffees that Turned Up White

The encounters of a school instructor, on a graduation trip, on how the government, @#$%ED up, in its, attempt to, “connect” with the rest of the world, advocating the importance of English education, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’d gone for the room checks during the graduation trip I’d taken my students on, my students asked me with his confusion, “Mr. Lin, is it normal, for coffees to turn out white after I poured in the hot water?”

I looked at the wrap, it had “Coffee Mate” on it, and I was, stunned, as his, instructor… “this is, not coffee!”, as he heard, he’d become, “ecstatic”, chimed in, “told you this is, milk tea!”, and I don’t know HOW I should or, could, react to that!

This odd scenario, is a true story that’s happened, in one of the, most, prestigious middle school graduating student, and, it’d made me think, of the reforms of education the government is pushing forth, and the blind goal of, dual-language country policies, so ironical.

The dual-language education allowed the schools to hire the instructors, certified in English language, and so, instead of counting out the numbers in Chinese, it’d become, a recitation of the numbers in English.  And yet, the students can’t even read “Coffee Mate”.

and, can we, blame the student, for his, mis-interpretation??? After all, there’s the word, “Coffee” on the pack! Photo from online

I’d remembered the school song from Teacher’s University, that first line, “The foundation of a country of education, Teacher’s University ranks at the top”, and now, the “foundations” of this country isn’t even set, it got, reformed out of WHACK, by the “expert scholars” inside those, ivory, towers, plus the politicians doing what they wished and willed, short-sighted, only wanted what benefited them, “Someone else’s child will die instead of our own”, pages after pages, of whacked out public policies, and what’s sacrificed, was the futures of, our own, future, generations.  We can’t even keep the foundations of this country, education rooted down firmly, and only, tried to, embellish the externals, wasting taxpayers’ hard earned money, and, damaging the citizens.  Looking at the frequently occurring acts of violence on the news, most of the perpetrators are younger generations, and it’d, alerted us: here comes, the consequences now!

I hope, that the individual in power, who truly cared about the wellbeing of the next generations can pull that stopping plug now, to stop using the excuse of “we won’t go backwards”, to refuse to examine the fails of the current reforms of education.  Walking down the wrong path, and keep going down this wrong path, it’ll, only, trap the country deeper, into, its own, mistakes, to the point of, never, turning back onto, the right paths again.

This is how education is, FAILING this next generation, of children, and, we are, going to be, ruled by them some day, and, we’re, totally, SCREWED, because this @#$%ED up government, messed up the reforms of, education here, thinking, that wow, we need to connect with the international fronts, so, let’s teach and learn in ALL-English, without realizing, that HEY, this is NOT an English speaking country to begin with, and English is, a second language here, for all of us, who’d been, raised in, this country!

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Too Many Debates Regarding the Learning Process Profiles, the Budgets May Be Frozen for This Part of the Reform in Education

Because the government didn’t think it through thoroughly, and now, this happens, and, all that money that’s already spent, FLUSHED, down the toilets!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislative department’s education and cultural committee members reviewed over the budgets of the Department of Education, the multiple legislators started questioning the contents of the dormitories of the universities, the enrollment/registration processes, the new entrance exam systems, the learning process profiles, along with other contents of the reforms, and the preliminary evaluation put the freeze on the spending of higher education reforms in the amount of fifty million dollars N.T.; and other legislators questioned the effectiveness of the learning process profiles, the dual-language education policies, the air-conditioning units for every single classroom, the experimental education schools’ efficacies, and, the department of education pulled the plugs on the funding of 1.5 million N.T.s of national education, and the Department of Education, and all other who wanted this to be eliminated would have to put the requests in written for, for the funds to be, allotted back into the system.

And, the model of learning process profiles that the Department of Education paid the information-technology department of Jinan University to set up, due to an engineer’s mis-touch, caused 25,000 files to get lost, it’d been more than a month since, the Department of Education still hadn’t come up with the plans to delegate the responsibilities, or evaluate, it’d caused the criticisms of the other parties not in power in the legislature.  The legislator, Lin pointed out, that it was improper, to not evaluate the budgets before they get to review over the evaluations.

The National Education Department yesterday also, posted out the details of the delegations of responsibilities, the head, Peng first claimed, “I won’t dodge the responsibilities.”, that he will give the reports on related matters by this Saturday, and they may be terminating contract with the Jinan University IT department, then, they will see if they will outsource a company, or find another university, to setting up a grade A operation room in the local regions.

The legislators, Fang and Wu questioned, the Department of Education’s reinforcements of the dormitories had partially met the goals, but the plans to combine with the social apartment complexes were a bust; there are also the legislators who worried the numbering of places of higher education facilities, questioned the effectiveness of the higher-education reforms in catching up to international standards; the legislator Kao mentioned, that the Department of Education posed the Yushan Plans to get more professionals internationally to come into the country, but the applicants are dropping the number by the years.

And so, this is how this country’s plans to become more like the west failed, it’d gone too fast in it’s implementing the plans of reforms in education, the students didn’t have the sense, to back up their learning process profiles, not realizing, that the data files will get lost (and it had!), and the people who operated the systems of upload, didn’t back up the students’ files on an alternative drive (b/c they didn’t expect that someone was going to press the “delete” button by “accident”!), and, the country is just, getting ahead of itself, in trying to catch up to the means of education that works in the western world, and, to think, that the western world had already been practicing these means of education, for hundreds of years (at least I’m thinking!), and the department of education here wants to achieve all of that overnight, and if that’s not stupid, going too fast, then, I don’t know what is!

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The Belief of the Elementary School Principal in Education, “Slow is Fast”

His beliefs about education: steady and slow, wins, that race!  A dedicated, educator, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The school principal of Jingwha Elementary, Tseng had been working for forty years to date in the realms of education, in the past, he’d pushed forth the teaching methods of the science subjects as closely related to life, as the 2019 education reforms were implemented, he’d hosted the seminars monthly, to help the instructors deal and cope with the changes in the new curricula, and given them advise on how to teach the classes, and, held firm to the beliefs of “in and out, living and learning”, to educate the students.  Tseng told, that this may be, ambiguous, but, the well-rounded beliefs of education leis that “simplicity will be everlasting, step by step, making the learning flow along more smoothly.”

Tseng told, that he’d been pushing forth the reforms of education of 2019, and now it’s finally, implemented, and the biggest differences of the former curricula and the current is in the “directions of the lessons”, for science, for instance, during the original lesson plans, the plants would be taken apart into parts for the students to learn about.

The Concepts of “Life in Life Out” in Teaching the Students

But the new curricula had the students to learn about the generalized concepts first, for the students to make observations about the plants, to get them to become curious, then to explain to them which part of the plants are which, the instructors’ roles in guiding the discoveries is vital, it’s closer to reality, instead of taking the plant apart, and learning the various parts of the plants from before.

“The concepts I want to train the students to learn is life in, life out”, Tseng said, that through caring about a certain thing, to discuss with the students on the processes, to hypothesize, to deduct, then to, discuss, to the final, end results, the conclusions, instead of ignoring the process, and getting, straight to the end, the answers.  And, after the discoveries, then, what’s learned in the classrooms can be more easily applied to every day life, the knowledge that the students can take, out of, the classroom setting.

the photo of this, dedicating, educator…

off of

Tseng who’d planned the science education curricula, and worked as the science club sponsoring instructor, with a rich experience in teaching the subject, even as he became the principal, he’d still set up the open lectures every school year, to teach the school children about science, and he’d hosted the education seminars to help the instructors find ideas to teaching, under the 2019 academic reforms.

Education Shouldn’t be Focused Solely on the End Result, and Ignoring the Processes of Learning

Tseng stated, that in the past, the students were passive, in absorbing everything the instructor fed to them, and now, the students are getting active, asking questions in the classroom settings, it would give the teacher more motivation to teach, but it’s also, a challenge, the students and teachers learning together, exchanging their thoughts, this, is the meaning of the new reforms of education.

Tseng smiled and told, that he has a belief about teaching, and running a school, which is, “simple is, longer lasting, slow and steady, wins the races.”, it sounds ambiguous, but the truth is, education shouldn’t be focused on the end results, and ignoring the processes in the middle, that it should be on the step-by-step discovery processes, after the concepts are learned, then, learning becomes, smoother flowing.

And so, this, is the school principal’s beliefs about education, and he’d, put his theories into, practice, in advocating the new education reforms, and, he’d made the lessons in science more applicable to the students’ every day life, which is, combining the theories with the application, which is what learning is, all about.

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