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The Mistakes the Energy Policies, the Culprit Behind the Huge Rise in Cost of Energy

A hindsight DISSECTION, of the rise in energy costs, and it’s all because we the people who’d voted, were manipulated by the DDP government!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Can’t keep the costs of energy stead anymore!  On March 17th, the Department of Economics held an evaluation meet for the discussions of increasing the costs of energy provisions, to set up the rates of cost from April to September.  The evaluation committee decided, that the cost of fuel is still too higher up in 2023, and decided that the larger companies’ rates be increased to seventy-percent; and for the smaller scale enterprises, it’s a ten-percent increase; and, considering the livelihoods, to steady the costs of resources, those families with seven-hundred degrees per month usage, and the small shops with 1,500 degrees or below, the farms, the fisheries, and schools, no increase.

And, all of these only amounted to, catching the huge, releasing the small, appeasing to the ordinary citizens, and causing a larger divide between the large and the smaller, enterprises.

the DDP’s doing away with this! Photo from online

As the Department of Economics announced the hikes of energy costs, stated that the reason for the increase is due to “the fast rises of costs of fuel energies globally”, that the government already increased the budgets, and helped with the financials of Taipower Company, for it to keep maintaining the electricity provision costs, stated that other countries have a higher cost of energy than we do; totally denying the real reason behind this huge hike in the costs, that it was due to the wrong energy decisions.

So let’s let the statistic talk.  Based off of Taipower website, reporting that from January of 2020 to January of 2022, the costs of the accumulated electricity costs, the highest being buying up the equipment for wind powered and solar powered energies.

And, by the way, the natural gas we use are imported by China Petroleum, and the government disallowed for the company to rise the costs of natural gas, which counteracted with the costs of using fuel to power electricity, and so, the costs of natural gas, isn’t the real cost, which means that this increase does NOT take into considerations, the losses of China Petroleum at all.

While the costs of nuclear powered electricity is only forty-four percent of the total cost of Taipower Company’s purchases of electricity.  And I want to stress, that the cost of operation for nuclear powered energies had included the disposal costs of the nuclear energies, and the cost of taking down the nuclear powerplants, which allowed for the amount for purchasing the uranium to be at a lower percentage of the total cost of energy provisions; which means, that nuclear power is steadier, and would not be affected by the costs of energy from the global community, this is one of the reason why Taiwan must continue to rely on nuclear power.

causing this…found online

And, if the DDP government did NOT become too insistent on pushing forth a non-nuclear powered policy; had the DDP gone with the votes of close to six million votes of the people “to use nuclear to get the green energies stabilized”, and heard the head of state, Lai’s words of, “the best energy is nuclear, if we base it off of air pollution”, and start pushing forth the renewal of the licensure of the nuclear plants, then we may have a total of eight nuclear power plants running right now, and giving off sixty billion degrees worth of carbon emissions free power, then, would this current, hike in the global fuel costs hit as hard on the costs of electricity?

This still just showed, how shortsighted the government here is, in the energy policies, and as the results of the public issues votes came out, we already KNEW that we will be at a shortage of power soon, and yet, this is still due to the DDP’s insisting on doing away with nuclear plants to power the electricity provisions that we are in need of, and, we are still, paying a hell of a lot more, because the government lacked, foresight!

But hey, it’s, the people’s faults, for going WITH the DDP’s ways, so yeah, we the people still got, nobody else to blame but ourselves, because we’d allowed this DICTATORSHIP to, manipulate we the people here.

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The Online Schemes in the U.S. Made the Illegal Profits of Three-Hundred-Billion Dollars Just Last Year

See how the internet gave rise to the online scam artists in the WORLD right now???  The trends, in frauds and scams online, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The FBI investigated, that in 2022, those who fell victim to online scams in the U.S. lost a total of about $10.3 billion, an all time high in five years.

The cybercrime center of the FBI receives more than 2,000 calls per day, the most common were the phishing scams, there’d been 300,497 victims reporting, with a total amount of over $502 million.

Phishing by definition is “using the supposedly legitimate companies, but the unrequested emails, texts and calls, to ask for the victims’ personal data, financial records, and/or log-on information”, reason why this means of scamming is successful is because the emails are similar to what the victims are acquainted with, which led the victims to click on the hyperlink.

The report pointed out, that the personal data leak and the nonpayment scams are the second most prevalent online scams, with 58,895 and 51,679 victims respectively.

The extortion software, uses the software lock to get the personal information of the victims, then, demand that the victims pay to get the accounts, unlocked.  FBI received 2,385 calls of the extortion software fraud cases, totaling the loss of money to over $3,430,000.

The cybercrimes alert center warned, “the extortion software tapped into the fears of the victims, that if they don’t pay up, then, all their information will be posted online, causing the victims fear that their personal data would leak out, which is why they are willing to, pay for the ransoms.”

The targets of these cybercrime scams are still mostly who work in the healthcare industry right now.

But soon, I’m more than certain, that the targeted population will expand, to all working class, and these scam artists zoomed in on our fear of our personal data being, leaked out, and that’s why they’re all, successful, in scamming the victims, because the victims fear their data being, leaked out!

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Finding the Self, Causing the Matured Population Divorce Rates to Get Higher

The “dissections” of why there are more divorces in the golden years in the world right now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With Three Primary Causes the Couple’s Relationship Can’t Return Back to What it Once Was, the Steady Growth of Divorces in the Population of Thirty-Years and Over Marriages

As those born in the fifties to sixties passed through the baby boom era, the economy taking flight, they’re now faced with retirement, or already are, retired, but, the multiple statistics showed, that the marriage relations of this particular age group is slowly, altering.  The total number of divorces, those over fifty years of age took up more than twenty-percent, especially for the couple who’d been married more than thirty years, there’s this, fast growth in numbers.  The experts analyzed and found, that this may be due to how women’s becoming more economically independent, the changes in the interactions of after retirement, and how the couple viewed life after retirement too differently.

There is no precise definition of “divorce in the older years”, the famed family law attorney, Lai stated, that what she defined as “mature divorces”, are those who’d been married for over ten years, that they’d entered into the later relations of interacting as husbands and wives for a long time, and getting to divorce; the trend of divorcing after more than a decade of marriage, after retirement right now in Taiwan, had already started trending in Japan more than a decade ago.

Becoming Economically Independent, Getting Out of the Roles of Wife, and Daughter-in-Law

In 2007, the Japanese government, in order to protect women’s rights to receive their living assistance, after retirement, the wives can file for half of the retirement assistance the ex-husband earned (similar to the social securities benefits here), shortly after the law was set up, there’s the massive numbers in exiting out of marriage in the golden years.  Lai stated, that although there are similarities of trends in Taiwan and Japan, on the matter of economics, based off of her observations, the causes of divorce in the elderly years is mostly due to the maladaptation of the changes in interactions between husband and wife after the retirement.

how the interactions goes, after we both, retire…

photo from online

The women of the postwar baby boom era, compared to women in the eighties, nineties, are all very, economically independent, as they entered into marriage, the value of the society was “man in charge of work, women in charge of running the homes”, the women became the sole caretaker of the men, the in-laws, their children, and as the husbands retired from work, they get to stay at home, and barked out orders, while the women are still, chained to the duties of “wife” of “daughter-in-law”, women also wanted to, walk out from the roles of wife and daughter-in-law, plus they’re relatively economically independent, and have a better chance of finding the self.

Nothing to Say, Staying Together for the Children’s Sakes

The second kind of divorce in the elderly years is due to how after retirement, the couple had nothing to say to one another, in the past, their relationship was built on resolving the matter of childcare, childrearing, working together to get on better terms with the in-laws, but as the children leave the nest, the in-laws died, the two can’t build their relationships back up again; the third, when the males lost work, they’d lost that long-term sought after competitiveness, lost the focus, and couldn’t face ones’ own selves, if at home, they can’t find that competitive edge, then, the men will search for that fulfillment out, which often affected their own, bottom half of, life.

The counselor, Lin said, for couples married for over twenty years, the two became “companions” to each other, and, giving up on the companionship, partially it’s because of the long-term bad relations, and just putting up with each other for the children’s sakes, and as children flew out of the nests, the relationships end.  Another being how after men retired, they’d had time and money on their hands, and became in pursuit of youth, and started pursuing after younger women, to prove that they’re, capable.

Lin said, those who filed for divorce after eighty are mostly women, they’d felt, that they’d served the families their whole life, didn’t want to get buried with the families that they hated after they’re dead, divorces aren’t just due to the upset with their independent spouses, but also, toward their spouses’, families too.

And so, as we women age, we became, more and more independent, and we come into the realization of hey, I’d worked hard, slaved my whole life for this god damn family, and what do I get out of it?  Not much, so I am getting a divorce, simple as that.

This just showed, how late it is, that women came into the awareness of their own, selves, finally realizing what they want for their lives, what they don’t want to do anymore: to SERVE the families hand-and-foot!

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The Scam Artists Falsified Themselves as Experts in Finances, Scammed a Woman for Three Million Dollars N.T.

This is still, an ABUSER/ENABLER interaction, getting scammed, because you’re, way too, STUPID, and you still only got your selves to blame!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s an increased record of cases of investment scams, there were the scam ring falsifying as expert in finance, Nguyen, the writer, Wu to scam, using the FB accounts, fans pages or the LINE groups to get the investors in, there were those who’d become victims everywhere.  The Police Affairs Department analyzed that the scam artists are evolving in the means of scamming, are enforcing the laws, to help prevent people from falling victims.

The seventy-four-year-old elderly woman, Hsieh was using her cell phone, she got a message by the self-claimed financial expert, Nguyen that he is going to offer her some great investment opportunities, and she’d believed it, added the individual to her LINE contact, the individual told the woman that an assistant will assist her in getting into the “multiples earning plan” LINE group, to share the first hand news in investment with her.

Then the scam ring texted her using LINE, that the returns of guarantee is one to two times, but she’d had to wire the transfer into the specific accounts that won’t get the red flag from the Funds Commissions or the bank.  Hsieh went to the bank counters to make three wire transfers, totaling to three million dollars N.T., and used what the scam ring taught her, told the teller, that she was using the amount to “remodel her home”, then, she’d chimed about how she’d made a good investment with her daughter, that was when the daughter found, that her mother had been, scammed, and they went to the police together.

The fifty-year-old woman, Tsai joined the fans pace of the writer, Wu, got into the fans group’s LINE account, and was enticed to invest in stocks, crude oil and commodities.  Tsai followed the directions and wired a million dollars N.T. after she’d registered with the website, wanted to get the investment and the gains back, but the person was gone, she couldn’t get into contact, that was when she’d realized, she’d been, SCAMMED.

The criminal investigations unit estimated, there were a reported 6,600 cases of false investment scams, a-fifth of total scams reported, which was a thirty-five percent increase from two years ago, and a lot of the victims fell into the “fame and reputable” trap, believing that they’re talking with someone famous, with the credibility, and ended up getting, scammed.

The criminal investigation unit disclosed, that there’s the blue verification seal of the publicly noted figures on FB, the users can check to see if there are the blue check marks by the account or not, or just call the Anti-Scam hotline at 165 to check.

And so, just because it’s a famous person, it doesn’t mean that it’s real, but that’s what people are falling for these days, because, wow, it’s a public figure’s HEAD, therefore, what the ad stated must be, true.  Well it’s not, as the cases from here showed, so, do NOT, fall for it!

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Everybody is Graduating from College, Getting a Better Education, the High-Paying Blue Collar Jobs are Now, Experiencing the Skilled Workers Shortage

BUSTING that myth of higher education equals better job with higher pays here!  Trending now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Like how the Eastern cultures educated their young, there are now, a lot of high school students in the U.S. who’d become, socialized with the ideals of: going to college, becoming white collar workers, and life will be set.  But, everybody getting a higher education, the result is the lacking of the blue collar skilled workers, with the pay, too high that’s, scary to see.  As the American  President Biden read the briefs of the country, he’d stated, “the average blue collar position pays $130,000, and many of these positions don’t require a college degree”.  The advocates of the technical skill education stated, the bigger obstacle here, is for the parents to change their belief systems.

Taiwan had been hit hard by the reduction of birthrates, in a decade, those who graduated out of technical high school are reduced to close to 200,000 in the last ten years.  The parents all encouraged their children to test into university to get themselves into working in technology, and in the end, you end up with the apprentices who can’t, stand the hardships of work.  The sharp drop in the enrollment rates of students from the technical skills training programs, which leads to not having enough skilled workers in the industries, which in turn, causes the productions of things to, be reduced.

Similar things are happening in the U.S. right now.  The National Public Broadcasting Radio station told, that the wages of college degree holder is reducing now, with the tuitions for education still at an all-time high, which caused the students to carry huge student loans before they began work; but the hands-on training, the cheaper tuition high paying jobs can’t be filled, not only does this affect the future job outlooks of the students, it’d also, threatened the economy too.

even though, most people still believed that going to university is the only way, “but as you see the apprentices, and other technical workers, getting paid what they’re being, paid, and they’d not needed to pay the high tuition for the entire four years, and as they are learning the skills they needed, they’re, making the extra money back, this is worth, serious, thoughts.”

Based off of the U.S. Contractors’ Union, there are close to ninety-percent of the construction companies in the U.S., who are still having a hard time, finding the certified workers, with the steel workers, the cast panel board installers, running especially, short.  The labor department also estimated, that the wages of construction work, is the highest of all the jobs around.

And so, this, is the great divide, because of how easy it is, to get into university these days, and, who will want to go to a technical school, if you can get a university degree, and that’s what these younger generations are going by, without noting how the market economy’s changing, of how the world is no longer in need of all those, white-collar workers, that the countries are in need more of the entry level workers, like those with the specific, set of skills in construction work, etc., etc., etc., and so, people’s belief systems still hadn’t gotten that up-to-date update, yet, and until the values changed, there will always be the lacking of skilled workers, as the higher degree became, everybody’s, pursuits, after all it makes us, look good, having that Ph.D., Ed.M., etc., etc., etc., behind our, names…

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The Experts: Instead of Giving the Reinforcements of Money to Freezing the Ova, the Government Should Try & Turn the Fact of How the Younger Generations are Marrying Late Around

Unless we are all, guaranteed those high-paying jobs we need, to support our independent families, with the paid maternity leaves for up to two years and then, the assistance of nursery care, etc., etc., etc., there’s NO chance in hell, that the younger generations would feel safe and secure, having THEIR, young, especially right now, in times of the economic hardship, and we still ain’t hit that, rock, bottom yet!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The statistics of Department of Welfare & Sanitations found, that there is the annual average of between 220,000 to 240,000 women who aborted per year, that this was way higher than the brithrate of 139,000 newborn infants last year, some called out to save these vanishing “fetuses” to help make up for the declines of birthrate that’s getting lower and lower by each year, but, the women’s welfare group believed, that the right to abort should be ensured; the medical realm also stated, that the legal abortions have the considerations, that it would be more practical for the government to set the goals to change the late marriages, the later births, to reduce the women who are getting older by the year, with their declines in reproductive abilities.

The Taiwanese Gynecology Foundation secretary, Huang said, the foundation had done the measures to tally up the aborted fetuses, but based off of the observations, the women who checked into the hospitals, they are all planning to give birth, that abortions are minorities, the miscarriages in the earliest stages of pregnancies take up about twenty-percent, those who found themselves unable to have enough to raise their children after pregnant made up about ten percent; the teenage pregnancies, or those who are in their early twenties, and unready to have children, who’d gone into the hospitals for an abortion, are even, less of the population.

Toward the beliefs of lowering the rates of abortion to save the low rates of birth, the secretary of the Women New Awareness Foundation, Tang believed, that the experiences from other countries may not be duplicated, besides, the women’s rights to abort should be protected, with the offerings of counseling needed, so the children who are born will get raised in a better environment.  The recruit of the Birth Foundation, Liu said, Sweden had the local facilities to help the unwed teenagers to abort their children along with counseling that’s offered to these teenagers who get pregnant, but the government does NOT assist them with the funding to have their babies, because the country believed, that the women need to be adults, and have a job, before they can have children, to prevent them from becoming high-risk families in the society.

Huang also pointed out, that the average age of pregnant women is thirty-two right now, and the age had gone up to forty, the child he’d delivered for a fifty-year-old was her first born, she had histories of hypertension, diabetes, and had to borrow someone else’s ovum to get a baby to be born, there are the rise in number of high-risk older pregnant women now.

As for the government assisted money in freezing the ova, Huang told, freezing the ova does give women an extra option, which will make them feel that it’s okay if they delayed having children for another five, ten years, which will in turn, cause the older pregnancy risks to grow.  And, if the government wants to reinforce the birthrate, it should encourage women who can get pregnant naturally who are still younger and healthier, to have their children soon, then, it would reduce the risks of pregnancies by a lot.

and, based off of how this looked, we’re still, “going, down”…graph found online

Ching, the C.E.O. of New Age Women’s Foundation said, her friend froze her eggs after she married, she’d divorced, and without the consents from her divorced ex husband, she had NO right legally to use that egg.  And, if the artificial birth laws heads toward the direction of “separating births with marriages”, to give single women the priorities to use the artificial birthing methods, then, it might be able to increase the birth rates overall.  Liu also believed, that those women who freeze their ova are usually because they’re getting older, and still can’t find a fitting partner in life, so the policy should focus on changing the late marriages, the unmarried, these factors that goes against increasing the birth rates.

And so, the problem still lies in, why and how we modern day women aren’t having children anymore, because we can’t find a fitting “mate” (yeah right!), because we are more career oriented, drifting away from those before us who are focused on raising their families, and, it’s more than the shifts in the values of us, modern day women that’s causing this, I think it’s because of how BAD the whole environment is getting, that NONE of us women are getting married, and popping ‘em rugrats one right after another, and another, and another, and another, besides we women ARE NOT, breeding PIGS, and it’s our bodies, our rights, and we are now, more aware, that we do NOT need to have babies, to MAKE our own lives matter!

The shifts in values, the drift away from families, toward work and personal growth and achievement, and how this environment just isn’t fitting for us to have babies, these, I think, are the primary reasons why women today, aren’t having children like CRAZY, and unless the government can come up with a way that resolves all of these, yeah, good luck, on trying to get this country’s, birth rates, up!

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The “Lain-Flat Policies” of Defense Against MERS-CoV, People are Gambling Their Lucks

On the “nature” of MERS-CoV and its, many, mutations, written by a researcher, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the Omicron strain of MERS-CoV started up, because of the rate of morbidity isn’t as high as the past strands, a lot of the areas decided to just wait and see how this particular strain develops, not actively set up the policies to keep the crowd under control.  This also caused the seemingly lightly symptomatic Omicron to get past its former precedents too soon.

This means of carelessness, is exactly like how we’d neglected to note the effects of carbon emissions on global warming.

Currently, most of the countries chose the lain-flat methods of passive trying to keep the spread under control, opened up the gates actively, and yet, there’s, that slowly rising rate of morbidity in every country in the world.

Other than the expectancies of the slowing down of the pandemic, the sightings of the much more dangerous BA.4 and BA.5 signaled, that they may be a brand new mutated strain of MERS-CoV, maybe, the government units needed to start getting the active means of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV back up, to NOT allow the citizens to, gamble on their lucks.  Even if the functioning of the society is maintained on the surfaces, there were a ton of industries that’d been impacted greatly, that’s not received the needed government assistance, and can only fend for themselves.

It’s okay, that the government HATES the communists, but, other than using that sour grape mindset to view how China is shutting down the gates of the cities toward outside, the democratic countries should contemplate on this, how many precious lives would come to be lost, for the sake of short-term economic growths, and dignities, and the unchecked total social costs of long-term Covid 19.

We can take from Singapore’s examples of effectively using science to protect against the spread of MERS-CoV, and can also learn from Vietnam, the Philippines, that as they’d been hit at the start of this year too hard, these two countries became, the countries with almost no confirmed contractions, instead of allowing the heavens to take the lives of tens of thousands of citizens lives in only half a year.

And so, this is how the countries are now, fatigued, from keeping the defenses against the spread of MERS-CoV up anymore, and, apparently, the HUMAN species still ain’t learned, that MERS-CoV is opportunistic, that every time we’d slacked off, loosened our guards, it would get, heat back up again, hello, hello, hello, that is, the TREND of this virus, or, is it because you all can’t see, ‘cuz you all got your heads, STUCK too far up your, separate FUCKING (so???) asses to see that, huh?

This is, an opportunistic virus, that takes advantages of humans’ slacking off, and the moment we lose our guards, it will, start back up again, like how the Delta and the Omicron strains occurred, and each and every time, the virus contents would be lowered, causing a declining number of fatalities, but at the same time, each mutated strain will be quicker, and quicker to spread, or had you all NOT noted, how this is the evolution, of this, particular, virus here, huh?

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Do We Really Want to be Led by the Internet?  To Get the Right of Our Lives, Back

How we humans are, driven to become, more and more, addicted to high-tech devices, the internet here, with the outbreaks, adding to our needs to use the internet, because we have to, to keep ourselves out of, MERS-CoV’s ways???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

What do you want your futures to be composed of?  More and more convenient, safer, and more, secure that’s a given!  But, do you want that tighter knit relationship with the internet, or, more of the physical, face-to-face, human interactions, and getting into the natural world?

Scientific research had already proven, that physical interactions with others and being close to nature, is good for our physical and mental, health, but, the internet surely, does make life, more, convenient, safer, and the key here is are technologies being used by the people, or, are we the people, being, used by, technologies?  A food for thought, for all the consumers in the world!

“Metaverse”, surely, everybody’s heard of it, it’d made its way onto the various forms of media, and in print, described how the internet world will be filled with so many brand new things we can, experience, at our, fingertips, but how much of what’s on the internet, is truly, practical, that offered the people the ways of life they want to have?  And, how much of the population would want to, live in this, virtual, reality?

The virtual reality surely can, bring more fun and applications to human living, it can be used in gaming, travel, education training, safety, an assortment of modes of businesses………………, these technologies are used by people, they can make our futures more convenient, safer, and full of more practical operations.

But, the major companies of technologies hold a different view of the practical means of technology, the C.E.O. of Tesla, Musk once mocked, “nobody wants to tie a god damn screen to one’s head all day long”, and he’d wanted to develop “a chip that’s implanted into the brains, that can, help improve our physical abilities.”, but this also has the risk of moral, as well as the issues of practicality as well.

what we all, become…

as we are, highly, addicted, and, lacked, that needed, self-control! Illustration from online

The advancements in technologies, and the usefulness of the internet, surely, gave people  a ton of convenience, made our lives more efficient, it’s a must-have tool for everybody, but, the sources of our happiness, is not from the internet, but from the face-to-face interactions we share with others around us, and being able to enjoying the beauties of, nature, so it’s the consumers who need to become, fully aware, of what it is that they are, searching for.

The consumers should use the internet and technologies available to us, to make a safer, and more convenient, and healthier world for us all to live in, instead of trapping ourselves, in the virtual realities, that we can’t, get back out again.

And, this showed, how easily it is, that we all become, addicted to these, high-tech devices, these social networking means, and we feel compelled to update our profiles, to let the rest of the world know what’s happening to us in our separate lives (oh wow, I just made a “doo-doo” out of my ASS!), and it’s this state of mind of wanting to be in the SPOTLIGHT, and I want the world’s attention on ME, that’s drive the internet to become so widely variable, and we’d lost sight of what’s truly important, getting into the world, physically, to INTERACT with each other, face-to-face, especially, with MERS-CoV, rolling around currently, it’s safer, for us to, keep ourselves home, to reduce the risk of getting exposed, and, all of these, added to the addiction of using the internet, and our separate, high-tech devices, and it’s still not good!

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They Are Not Just “Your” Kids! — Filosofa’s Word

A recent column by Frank Bruni brought to my attention something that … for whatever reason … had not occurred to me in this whole education “cultural war” anti-CRT, anti-LGBTQ school curriculum battle.  DAMMIT, Ron DeSantis and others who would deprive our children of an education … WE THE PEOPLE … all of us, even […]

They Are Not Just “Your” Kids! — Filosofa’s Word


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The Abuser Was, Ganged Up On, Sixteen Were Taken into Custody, Most Didn’t Know Each Other, the Gathering of the Crowds from Online, Taking Matters into Their Own Hands, Against the Bullies

Vigilante justice, is still???  Oh yeah, NO justices, but hey, that’s what we do, UNDER the INFLUENCE of the WWW here right now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the footages of the technical high school female student, Lin getting bullied went viral, the online did a human search and found the abuser, and used violence on the abuser; the man, Huang, who’d led the group in slapping Lin came out, apologizing two nights ago, but, there were the members of the online community who’d, “leaked out” the message, and it’d become a matter of “vigilantes seeking justice”, there were about twenty individuals who’d taken the weapons, and ganged up on Huang, beaten his right elbow to and his ring finger to fracture.  The police were notified, and arrested a total of sixteen people, including seven teenagers, and the police found, that most of whom didn’t know each other, and they were all charged with physical assault, gang-related activities, threats, and other charges too, and two of the group were sent to the D.A.’s office, and the district attorneys after interrogations, sent them home, while the rest of the group were, taken and kept in police custody.

Lin, the technical high school student, and the woman, Hsiao had monetary disagreements, on the 22nd of last month, Lin was ganged up on by Hsiao’s boyfriend, Huang (age nineteen), and the group, drinks were poured on her face, while the bystanders shot the footage of a total of fifty-six seconds, and streamed it online, and members of the online community found out Huang’s identity, and some of the online community threw eggs at Huang’s residence.

vigilantes, seeking “justice”…

here, we have, a “mob” of only TWO! Found online

Two nights ago, Huang’s friend, the man, Fang (age 19) asked him, “do you want to fix it”?, Huang wanted all of it to be over soon, and agreed, that he would meet out two nights ago at ten, outside a super convenience shop in Hsiaogang to discuss how to apologize, and the man, Lin got in touch with the girl who got slapped, Lin to come but because there was a gathering of, seven to eight individuals, the police were called and came, Fang rode his scooter out to the Rose Cemetery in Daliao District with Huang on the back and continued to “discuss” the matter.

Someone Instagrammed the goings on of Huang making the apology, and everything was tracked online, from the posts and reposts, and reposts of the online community, at around midnight last night, there were, more than twenty individuals who’d, rushed over to the cemetery, and Lin showed up with her father, and talked with her abuser for no more than five minutes, then left, but, within five minutes afterwards, Huang was, ganged up on, and, was taken to the Hsiaogang Hospital, and the hospital immediately, notified the police.

Huang stated, that he’d only known three, to four people who were there, that he’d not known most of them, and that someone had hit him with a bat; Fang tried to cover him up, but it’d not worked, that he planned to sue his abusers for threats, and assault.  Fang also testified, that back then, he did, try his best, to protect Huang, he took along six, to seven others, to film the process of his apologies to the girl, that he’d not known most of those who were there.

at the tips of our, fingers too! Photo from online

The police took in sixteen of the suspected abusers one by one, and found, that most of them didn’t know each other, and suspected that someone had, shared the passage of Huang’s apology to the adolescent girl at the super convenience shops, and someone started tracking his whereabouts, and, as the online community posted, reposted, and followed up, there were more and more of those who’d gathered around the cemetery, and as soon as Lin and her family members left, they’d, started, gaining up on Huang; the abusers included Fang’s friends, and there were those who were there, because of the posts online, the “vigilantes”, using violence to fight violence, the police took Fang and one another individual into protective custody, while the rest of the involved were taken to the police stations locally.

Based off of the viral video on IG, while Huang was getting cussed at and beaten on by the gathering crowd, Tseng tried to block him from being attacked, and kept moving backwards; there was another footage that showed Huang getting asked, “how do you want to apologize to the woman?”, with Huang stuttered, “I shouldn’t have, slapped her”, and the individual filming asked  him again, “How are you going to apologize?”, Huang kept bowing, and said, “I’m sorry, I should not have hit the girl!”

And so, thanks to social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and, YouTube (for allowing the footages to go VIRAL???), that was HOW and WHY this beat-down happened, and this is happening, more and more often these days, because of all of those tiny matters that you and/or I feel to be, unjustified, and, there are those of you (which I’m nowhere NEAR a member of???), who felt that oh, she got beaten up, and that’s not right, and so, you’d, gathered up that huge crowd, and went to TAKE the guy who’d, beaten up that teenage girl up yourselves, and now, you are all gonna get charged, for ASSAULTING the original ABUSER, and in the process of seeking out what you deemed to be, justice, you’d, turned into, ABUSERS too, and wow, you still, don’t REALIZE this, because, you’d TOO BLIND by what you deemed to be “justice”.

And all of this is due to???  STREAM it LIVE!!!

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