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Those Whom I’d Offered My Services to

Those with the mental health problems, are often, given a bad rep, because of how we all have the tendencies, to discriminate against them…translated…

There’s a lot, that pleased me during the New Year’s, first, my daughter-in-law, giving me the red envelope, second, I’d found, that someone I’d offered my services to, had a good New Year’s Meal for one, not only did she go out shopping for the items for the New Year’s Eve meals before the New Year’s, on New Year’s Day, she’d gone to the temples, and worked hard, enjoying her life…and my heart that worried over her as a social worker, finally, settled.

The individuals I’d counseled had been trapped by the long-term negative image, the psychiatric patients in the various communities.  And naturally, some residents, of the, psych ward too, some were hospitalized for acute breakdowns, some are in the long-term assistance living facilities; the former would be discharged from the hospitals, return to their homes and neighborhoods, the latter, stayed in the facilities, because they’d lacked the socialization, or the support from friends, relatives or families, and are in need of professional, care.

All of these patients, are not at all like how the news media, or the outside world painted them into.  They’re similar to us all, most of them are kind, and with little to nothing to say, and there is also, a small portion who would, use the cunning means to get what they wanted, but not to the point of hurting someone else.  But unfortunately, the new media often painted them as bad repeatedly, and in the accumulations of these ignorance, discriminations, the psych patients became, painted into the same as psychokillers or murderers.

The individual I offer my service to I’d mentioned, is quite talented, when he is stable, he could teach the courses.  Or maybe, it’s because of his talents, that’s what made him, so, special, when I’d interacted him, I’d felt that he lives in the mindset of “I’m the only important person in this world”, and so, many years ago, he’d attempted to try to overcome his condition, by using solely his own, will, refused to take the medications by schedule, which made him unstable, and the relapses became like a tsunamis, drowning his life.

Last year, he’d finally come to his senses, became willing to face the fact that his conditions had given him a ton of difficulties, and became willing to work with his symptoms, before the New Year’s, the same scripts of how his loved ones felt helpless and worried, the neighbors avoiding him, calling emergency to have him delivered to the psych ward.  I’m truly in awe of how he was willing to come to good terms with God, and I’d given him thumbs up for this.

Naturally we would come face to face with those uncoorperative clients (the unwilling cases), and at this time, we can only, find something the individuals are interested in, and make a connection that way, and we can’t do everything based off of standard-operating procedure, like asking, “When’s your next hospital visit?  How many times do you need to be medicated a day?” (there was once a fellow workmate who’d blurted, “Did you take your meds like a good boy/girl?  I’d thought, that asking the individual like s/he is a child, it will damage the individual’s, pride)

As for the other facets of work, getting the phone slammed in our ears, being cussed at, the bad looks, all of these, and those situations, just smile over it, and let it pass, do NOT get angered by them, because, all of these outbursts, may be the clients’ inability to face what’s in their lives.

As a senior social worker, our biggest wish is that the individuals we work with, are all okay, this would be the biggest, reward to us, and benefiting the public too.  After all, the harmony in society, is made possible by every one of us, not by taking it in, and, demeaning the minor populations.

And so, this is on the misunderstandings we often hold, of those who are in need of institutionalizing, but, because of how they’re all assigned as “mentally ill”, that gave them a bad name, and, if we can all, treat these troubled individuals with the dignity, understanding they deserve, and show more tolerance toward them, then, that would reduce a lot of the problems in the world right now.  But we can’t say that we can all, do that, so…

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The Mother, Suspected of Becoming Too Overwhelmed in Caring for Her Own Emotionally Troubled Son with the Disabilities, the Police Suspected that She’d Murdered Her Own Son then Committed Suicide

Despite how the DDP government BOASTS the effects of their long-term care programs, this still keeps on, happening, why is that???  Another tragedy that stemmed from the stresses, the burdens of caring for someone with a disability, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The pair of mother and son were found dead in Taichung in their home on the third floor, the investigators deducted, that it may have been the mother who’d shouldered the burdens of caring for her own mentally decapacitated son too long she’d become too tried, she’d dosed her son with sleeping pills, killed him, then committed suicide, the autopsies are scheduled next week to clarify the causes of their deaths; the Taichung Social Services stated, that the Chen’s son was not registered as a handicap person, there wasn’t any records of the families filing him as such, and called out to the public, that if there are families in need, they can get help from government to step in to intervene to help with the care.

Chen returned home at around six, found his son lying in bed, with his wrists and ankles tied to the bed frame, the right hand was tied to his right ankle, his wife was found with her head down next to him on the floor.  By the time the paramedics arrived, both had been declared dead.

Chen has a three-story mansion, the police found that the lock wasn’t broken, there’s no sign of entry from out, they’d found two fruit knife, one hammer, and an ax, with a-third of the bottle of sorghum wine remaining, along with the opened up pack of sleeping pill of Chen’s wife’s prescription, ten pills were gone, rope and belt on the door.  Both the mother and the son showed no defensive wounds, no signs of struggle.

The D.A. went to the autopsies, the sixty-one-year-old Liu sustained two stabs in her abdomen, which killed her, with the attempted suicide knife wounds on her right wrist, the thirty-seven-year-old son sustained multiple blunt force trauma on his head, skin-deep cuts on his throat, with the stab into his right thorax being what murdered him.

Chen who lost his wife and his son stated that he was helpless, their daughter told, that her mother gave all she had in caring for her older brother, she was on medication for years on end, that she had it hard.

Based off of understanding, the son was mentally decapacitated, with symptoms of attention-deficit-hyperactivity, couldn’t take care of himself.  The Chen’s worked in construction, paving the tiles, and would take their son with them when they go to work from time to time.  The mother and son were very close, but Chen’s wife had insomnia and suffered from emotional troubles, and had been on meds for ten years.

And so, this is a combinations of the woman’s mental illness, combined with the burdens of caring for her own young son with disability that’s caused her to murder her own son, then committed suicide, and this may have well been prevented, had someone noted something, had this woman sought out help, like applying for the breather programs from the long-term care policies that’s been implemented since, 2010-ish???  Then, none of this would’ve, happened!

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With the Supports from the Local Communities, the Caretakers Stopped Having So Much Pressures

The needs of the caretakers of mentally ill persons that this foundation had noted, but, had the government here noted it also???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In Four Years, Seventy-One Mental Health Community Centers Set Up, Helping the Patients Recover Close to Home

The care, the treatment of mental patients isn’t just in the hospitals, but, they’d needed the long-term community support, the resources, to get them back to living like regular people.  The Department of Sanitation Welfare had allotted sixty million dollar N.T. in its budgets for the post-acute care program, to combine the medical professional help with the community care, offering the patients their needed care after their releases from the mental hospitals, and help reduce the stresses of the family members, and the overload of the hospitals in treating the patients.

The allocation of the resources in the community outreaches, can also give the families room to breathe.  The C.E.O. of Zhongwha Mental Health Association, Lu observed, that the families of schizophrenic patients normally feel helpless, upset, to the point of cutting off all their, social interactions with the outside world, they are especially in need of the community-oriented outreach help.

Lu suggested that seventy-percent of the patients should be resocialized so they can live in the local communities, and not be separated from the environment long-term in the mental institutions, through the cooperative means of the long-term care agencies, and the mental health department, then, a more complete care provision program will be offered.

Shen also told, that the caretaking means of schizophrenic patients primarily landed on the family members, and it’s quite burdensome, and the government resource allocations are especially important in this, a long-term community support system need to get set up.

And so, these are, the needs of the families of the mentally ill patients, and, they’re in desperate need, because, just like in long-term care, all of these families are isolated in the caretaking means, and the government is only, beginning, to notice their needs, by opening up these mental health support centers for them, and hopefully, with these mental health support centers up and running, it can reduce the number of tragedies caused by mental illnesses.

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The District Attorney’s Office Felt that the Sentence of Five Years is Too Lenient in the Eye-Gouging Case of Pingdong, the Verdict of the Second Trial Still Remained for Five Years

The verdict is now here, for the, eye-gouging case in Pingdong, from last year, too lenient, because of, the, insanity plea, as the man had shown signs of, schizophrenia, getting away with assault, by way of the, insanity plea, and, chances are, his behaviors are going to, escalate to, murder, eventually, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man Yang was upset last September, that the female store clerk, Pan told him to stop smoking outside of the shop, he’d used his bare hands, gouged out Pan’s eyes, causing her to almost turn blind; the first trial, Pingdong District Court found him guilty of attempted assault and physical assault, sentenced him to five years, the D.A. felt that the sentence was too lenient, filed for an appeal, the High Subsidiary Court of Kaohsiung found that the first trial verdict was just, tossed back the appeal, and maintained the sentence from the first trial.

The incident occurred in the New South Village of Pingdong, at the time, the eye-gouging incident had caused widespread panic in the locals’ lives, as the head of the village heard the verdict of the second trial, still at five ears, he’d exclaimed, “Too light!”, he said, that Yang’s parents are both in the nursing homes, and worried that after his release, he may injure other people again, hoped the related facilities can place him in the psych wards.

On September 26th of last year, the fifty-year-old Yang went to the super convenience shop to shop, he was outside the shop smoking, and became displeased at how the female store clerk, Pan told him to mask up, he’d strangled her, then, used his fingers, gouged out her eyes.  Pan sustained a broken nose ridge, and injuries to her left eye socket in the form of a fracture, and her retina was also damaged as well.

As the police arrived, Yang was still violently assault the woman, and was subdued by the locals who were then, gathering, and the police forces too; and, on June thirtieth, Yang also attacked a seventy-two-year-old elderly woman with a butcher knife at a local breakfast shop, she’d sustained injuries from the hacking on the left side of her neck, her abdomen.

The D.A; charged Yang with attempted murder and attempted assault, the Pingdong district court found that Yang hadn’t hacked at the vital parts of the woman’s head, or heart when he’d hacked at her, sentenced him to a year two months for the physical assault; on what he’d done to Pan, he was sentenced to four years for attempted aggravated assault, and combined, he’d needed to serve a total of five years in prison.

The district attorney’s office felt, that five years doesn’t fit to the expectations of the society, that he should be sentenced based off of the jail terms of attempted murder, and started up the appeal process.  The High Subsidiary Courts found that Yang had schizophrenia, that his control over his actions were diminished at the time of the attacks, the first trial found, that based off of this, the sentence was just, tossed back the appeals of the district attorney’s office.

And once again, a possible murderer had, gotten nothing MORE than a slap on that wrist of his, due to the extent of his crimes, and how likely he’s to, commit such acts of violence again, this perp deserved to be locked up in prison, because, he has an untreated mental condition, and, can easily turn into, a loose cannon, that starts up the massacres easily, just see how easily he cracked, just because the store clerk told him to mask up…

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Escorted Home by the Police, She’d Started Waving a Knife in Front of Her Parents, Attacked the Officers Who was Escorting Her, Stabbed Herself in the Chest, and Died

A history of mental illness, and this last meltdown of hers, became her, last!  The police dealing with dangerous work environment every single day, having to protect themselves, and the people whom they’re trying to arrest too, their works are, hard enough already…off of the Newspapers, translated…

Early yesterday morning, a woman, Chang lost emotional control, started screaming at the MRT stations the Datong Substation sent two officers locally to escort her home, but Chang waved a knife at them, disregarded how her parents were present, and close by, injured the officer, Chen; twelve more officers were called and arrived, and they’d used pepper spray to subdue her, then, Chang took the knife, and stabbed herself in the chest repeatedly, was rushed to the hospital, and died.  The officer, Chen sustained two stab wounds, is in the hospital for observations.  The police are now currently checking if there are any mistakes in the process of answering the calls for help.

The Datong Substation stated, that the officers worried over Chang, and offered to escort her home, but they were, attacked; currently, the officer, Chen is taken to the hospital to get treated, then they will, evaluate over the standard operating procedures, and reminded all officers on duty to pay more heed to one’s own, personal, safety.

The police investigated, that yesterday at midnight, Chang was screaming and yelling outside of the MRT Shuanglien Station, the station attendants called the police; the two officers rushed over, Chang was more stable then, and they’d found, that she was a “frequent customer” of the local substations, there were no priors of assault, or hurting someone else, they’d contacted Chang’s parents, at around twenty minutes past midnight, they’d escorted Chang home.

At the time, it was her father who’d opened the doors, and with his wife, they’d tried calming Chang down, but she was still, very, emotional, about ten minutes later, she got into the kitchen, pulled out a fruit knife, started waving the knife around, the officer, Chen was close by, he picked up the pillow from the couch, to defend himself, and demanded that she drop the knife, and the woman lost it, started stabbing at Chen’s left thorax, and left shoulders, Chen had two stab wounds, and immediately, backed out of the room, called for help.  Another officer was standing outside the door, Chen chased after him, and thankfully, she only got the officer’s wallet that was inside his shirt pocket on top.

Twelve officers arrived soon afterwards, hollered for Chang to drop her knife and let them arrest her, she’d refused, both her parents didn’t dare approach her either, the officers used pepper spray to try to subdue her, the, she’d used the knife, and started, stabbing herself in the chest repeatedly, and because she’d cut a major artery, she’d died, the injured officer, Chen isn’t in life-threatening conditions, is currently in the hospital for observations.

The polices stated, in situations like these, the escorting of individuals to the hospital, needed to fit the requirements of having a mental disorder formally diagnosed, or the individual is evaluated by the related units, that there are the dangers on oneself and/or others, and as the local offices of sanitations made the calls, then, the fire department sent out the ambulance, to force the person into the hospitals.  Although Chang’s families called the cops from before, but she’d never, hurt anyone, the officers didn’t keep their guards up, and she’d attacked the officer with a knife, and, attacked herself.

The senior police officers told, that in these imminent situations, pulling out a gun doesn’t necessary work, besides, they were in a residential apartment, the space is small, which runs the risk of the ricochet of the bullets, that it wouldn’t be fitting to fire; the officers, in order to keep themselves safe, needed to have that sense of alertness, and sense of danger, to prevent anything that can, possibly, go wrong.

And so, this woman was emotional and out of control, and she tried to stab the officer who came to take her to the hospital, and, she’d injured the officer, and killed herself.

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The Truth Buddhist Shrine Arson Case, the Verdict of Life-in-Prison Tossed Out

The verdict of this case, that’s occurred THREE years ago, finally out, and, the punishment still did NOT fit the crime here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Tseng, three years ago, poured gasoline to commit arson at the Truth Buddhist Shrine causing seven death, two injured, in the first trial, the judge sentenced Tseng to the death penalty, on the second, it got changed to life in prison for him, yesterday the Highest Court tossed back the verdicts, and, returned the case back to High Subsidiary Court of Tainan to retry.

The Highest Court pointed out, that the second trial didn’t go by the evidences of the recording and the call to the police, that it’d not allowed the defendant and his attorney to state his case, that the proceedings weren’t legally sound, that it’d broken the protocols of juvenile criminal charges, that it’d not followed the means to protect the defendant, in that he was only a teen when he’d committed the arson.

And, on the second trial, it’d not clarified if the defendant’s murdering was due to his antisocial personality traits, causing him to lack the judgment, that he exerted a lacking in impulse control, that it’d met the requirements to toss out the death penalty, that it’d not considered how after the defendant took the stand he acted proud of what he’d done, that he will do it again, and all of these behaviors, in relation to having antisocial personality characteristics, that even IF the psych evaluation was tossed, it’s still hard for the rulings to be completely sound.

The Highest Court believed, that Tseng’s attorney’s asking for the term of his sentence to be reevaluated, it helps the courts to consider if there can be the reduced terms to be considered, that it’d weighed the lives that were taken by the fire set heavily, that it’s beneficial, but the second trial found that this wasn’t necessary, and tossed it back, that the second trial’s proceedings were, unfitting.

And so, this is how this SHIT didn’t get settled, and the loser who’d murdered his next-of-kin who’s without any conscience, lives for yet, another day, and that just showed how incomplete this system of justice is, not giving justice back to the murdered victims and only considered the mental states of the murderers!

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The Traumas Your Minds Can’t, Remember…

The traumas your minds can’t, remember, well, guess what?  Your bodies, keep track, and, there, ain’t NO way, of dodging, that hard-hitting, tornadoes that’s, comin’, all your, ways there.

The traumas your minds can’t, remember, other parts (don’t ask which “parts”) of your, entire, “being” will, keep on, keeping track of, and, you won’t know, when the triggers of what happened will, make you, unwind, and everything will, break loose, suddenly, because that, is how it goes!

The traumas your minds can’t, remember, oh, but your minds, remembered them, every single last one, it’s just, that your minds knew, you are, not quite ready yet to deal, so, to protect you, they’d, wrapped you up, inside, those, bubbles, to insulate you from the pains.

with the layers, one, inside of another, and another, and another, and, another…photo from online

But eventually, your body remembered and, it will, remind your minds of, your traumas, and, it will, HIT you, too hard, ‘cuz you’d been wrapped, safe and sound, insulated, unsuspecting, just like IDIOTS (so???  Feel free to take them offenses, why don’t ya!), without a single clue.

Then, WHAM!  All hell breaks, L-O-O-S-E, and…

Yeah, sorry, I’m not here to help, ‘cuz, my hands are, T-I-E-D!

NOT my problem, I’d already, DEALT with every single, FUCKED up shit in my fucking life here, and besides, I got my best friend, NIMBY, as my, best, “defense”, so………

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The Eye-Gouging Perpetrator Didn’t Get a Reduced Sentence Due to His Mental Illness, Still Sentenced to Five Years

Mental incapacitation, temporary insanity did NOT work, not this time!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Locals are Worried, that “He May be Back Here Way Too Soon”, the Female Store Clerk is still in Recovery, the Families Told the Press, “No Comment”

The shocking eye-gouging case last year in Pingdong, the man, Yang was upset that the store clerk, Pan reminded him to mask up, he’d strangled her neck, and, gouged her eyes out with his bare hands; two months before this, Yang had hacked another woman to injury, the D.A. charged him on attempted murder and aggravated assault.  The Pingdong District Court found Yang guilty of assault and attempted murder, sentenced him to five years yesterday, this can still be appealed.

On September 26th of last, Yang was displeased at how Pan the store clerk reminded him to mask up, he’d assaulted her, causing her to sustain a broken nose, fracture in her left eye socket, and damages on her eyes.  After the incident, the police found that on June 30th of last, Yang used a butcher’s knife to attack and elderly woman, the victim sustained injuries on her left neck, her abdomen, it was the workers in the shop who stepped up, to stop Yang from murdering the elder.

Because Yang was diagnosed with schizophrenia, he was forced into treatment for over a month for hacking the elderly woman, after the hospital assessed him as stabilized, they’d released him, and in September, he’d committed the eye gouging case.

The Collectivist Court believed, that Yang hacking the woman down, after he was subdued, he’d immediately stopped attacking, and, didn’t chase after the victim as she’d left, and, sentenced him on physical assault charges for a year two months; and the attack on the female clerk was an attempted aggravated assault, he got sentenced to four years for that.  He is to serve a total of five years.

And, although Yang was a schizophrenic, but the courts didn’t find that he couldn’t control his actions due to his conditions to the point that he couldn’t tell his behaviors from right or wrong, not given him a reduced sentence.

As the local villagers heard the verdict, they’d all claimed that it was too lenient, worried that Yang “may return way too soon”.  After the incidents, the families moved away, and the elderly father couldn’t adapt to the new place, moved back to the countryside, and lived alone, and had gotten lost many times as he rode out on his scooter.

The Collectivist Courts told, that the crimes of attempts, fitted to the reductions of sentencing, that attempted aggravated assault is anywhere from two and a half years to six years in prison, and, considering all the facts, four years is, fitting.

After Pan’s release from the hospitals, she’d moved into a relative’s home to recover, she’s now in stable condition, the county social services department will conduct a third counseling for her.  The families refused to express anything toward the verdict.  The owner of the super convenience shop told, that Yang still in insured by the store, that she is still an employee, hoped that she would come back to work after she’d made her recovery.

And so, this psycho did NOT get that reduction of his sentence, due to his mental conditions, and he shouldn’t, because, what he did was awful, it’d caused the victim to lose her eye sight, and on top of that, he’d lost control, and assaulted an elder with a butcher’s knife, and having someone like that living in the neighborhood is like having a bomb, waiting to explode at any given time, and if this man gets a reduced sentence, then, the entire neighborhood would be, unsafe.

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Compelled to NEED, My ADHD…

This is still, a, RE-action, to the, adult parents’, “desires” of the child…

I’m compelled to NEED, my ADHD, because, only when I have it, my mom will, shower me with, all the attention, and dad won’t, demand that I make straight A’s.

Compelled to NEED, my ADHD, because we all know, how the world expects less of children with, special needs, and, if I keep on, faking these symptoms, I’ll get off, easy.  Compelled to NEED, my ADHD, it’s the only thing that’s, keeping them from, going AT one another’s throats, because, my ADHD, when it acts up, well, everybody comes to shower me, with, all of their, undivided attention.

Psychologically, I, enjoy the undivided attention, the showers of extravagant gifts if I get a point higher on my school test grades, but that’s all, added extras.  I’m compelled, to NEED my, ADHD, primary because it keeps my parents’ anger off of each other (or they’ll be going AFTER one another throats, and I will surely, end up as, an orphan that’s for sure!), so they can, direct their attention, towards ME.

As I am, the MEDIATOR, had always been, in their, marriage, and, if I don’t’ use this “mental condition” to my ability, then, what good is it???

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The Repeated Offenses of the Perp Who’d Gouged the Eyes of a Super Convenience Store Clerk Out Charged

Another schizophrenic here!  And he’d, done it, AGAIN!  And you still don’t think these severe mental patients deserve to be put in that straightjacket and lock away from society so the world around is safer???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Suspect Was Listed as a Patient with Schizophrenia, the D.A. Evaluated and Believed that He Could Tell Between Right & Wrong, He was Responsible for Charges of Attempted Murder, and Aggravated Assault

The man, who has schizophrenia, Yang gouged out the eyes of a female store clerk last year in Kaoshu County in Pingdong, the case shocked the society, three months prior, he’d hacked another woman, Yang to serious injury, the Pingdong D.A.’s office based off of the psych evaluation, and believed that during the times Yang was committing both crimes, he was able to tell between right and wrong, and, indicted him on attempted murder and aggravated assault changes yesterday; Yang was transferred to the Pingdong D.A.’s Office yesterday, the judge mandated that he remain in police custody.

The indictment stated, that on September 26th of last year, the fifty-year-old Yang felt displeased over how the twenty-nine-year-old store clerk, Pan told him to mask up, to smoke elsewhere, he rammed into the store, beaten Pan, suppressed her neck, then, gouged her eyes with his bare fingers, the attacks continued for more than two minutes.  The victim sustained a socket fracture on her left eye, and injuries of conjunctivitis, hospitalized for nineteen days, and, almost lost her sight entirely.

Yang, because his mother and the woman, Fang had land disputes, they’d had a physical confrontation, and he’d held a grudge against the woman, in the midnight hours of June 30th of last year, at a local breakfast shop, he’d met Fang, he’d first swung at the woman, hit her head, then, started kicking her n the chest, then, used the butcher’s knife behind the counter to attack, and the shop owner blocked him off, that’s how Fang didn’t get murdered.

Yang had schizophrenia, and a person of concern under the local department of health and sanitations, he was arrested on the day he’d gouged the female cashier’s eyes out, the police placed him in protective custody to the hospital based off of the mandates, and after a little over a month’s treatment, he was released last year on November 4th; the D.A. believed that Yang was suspected of aggravated assault and attempted murder, that there’s a high chance he will commit the crimes again, asked the courts to take him into custody, the courts signed off.

The D.A. stated, that both cases were sent to psych evaluation, which both found, that at the time, Yang knew that his behaviors were unlawful, that he was able to control his own actions, that he didn’t qualify or the reduced sentence of Penal Code 19, and prosecuted him.

As Pan had been discharged from the hospital, she’d stay4ed in her relative’s home to recuperate; the county government told, that she still needed to return to the Changgang Hospital for her follow-ups, that her eyes still felt uncomfortable, she’s still in recovery, and couldn’t work, that if she needs help in finding employment, the county will assist.

The head of the village locally, Chang told, that he’d felt relieved, at the news of Yang continuing being in police custody, that it’d set the minds of the local villagers at ease; Yang’s families all moved away since, nobody could control him, he hoped, that the laws can, punish him severely.

And so, these are, the ticking time bombs of the societies, you do NOT know what might set them off, or when they may get agitated to attack, and, keeping these mentally ill individuals in lock up permanently may be the only solution there is, to keep the world safer.

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