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Sexual Harassment is Rightfully Reasoned Should Get Written in the Outlines of What the DDP Operates by

How the DDP became, the ENABLER of this abuse of the women in the population, but not going HARD after the perps, the higher up male officials of the cases of sexual harassments which are, surfacing right now, the sexism, rooted, since the start of time, and it would be next to impossible, getting it, rooted, up…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, there’d been, “another and another” case of sexual harassment in the DDP, first, it was the former worker of the party’s office claiming she’d been sexually harassed, that the case was not taken seriously by the manager of the department of the Women’s offices, and the individual asked the victim of the harassment, “Why didn’t you just jump out of the car then?”, and what’s worse was, this manager had gotten promoted to the assistant secretary for the entire party; yesterday, there was another former employee of the party’s headquarters who’d disclosed, that the former manager of the youth department had tolerated his subordinates in sexually harassing her, and made an example of her, and bullied her in the workplace again and again.

Why is it again?  Because, there’d been, cases of how the DDP related offices are, involved in the matters of sexual harassment.  From forcibly kissing the part-timing student worker at the headquarters, to holding hands with a married woman, how the sexual harassment cases in Germany, and how the representatives from this country didn’t do a thing to investigate, it seemed, that there are, the Chauvinistic beliefs that runs the party’s ideologies.

What is, “Chauvinistic”?  Chauvinism was originally used to describe an extremist system of belief about a certain racial background, in 1960, it was reinterpreted by the Women’s movement into how “men are better than women” sexist beliefs, and so, those men who act according to Chauvinism are all called “Chauvinistic pigs”.

how we women are often, ignored…illustration from online

The DDP inherited the Taiwanese Asian traditional Chauvinism, through the Taiwanese local movements, and started a like-Cultural Revolution, in the time, those who can’t speak Taiwanese, aren’t patriotic enough toward Taiwan, and not agreeing with the culture of Taiwan, and are, Communist Chinese supporters.

And, of these, the most atrocious was the brute “Da-Fu”, Chauvinistic beliefs, and this is related to the karaoke shops in the Japanese rule era, and the “Grandpa shops”, the teashops, along with the bar cultures.  These macho Taiwanese believed, that by putting out the cash makes them kings, and after a few drinks, the cuss words come out, and they’d started, getting handsy with the ladies, with a total lack of respect toward women.

And so, as a female working for the party’s office, not getting sexually harassed by them males they worked alongside of, would be, next to, impossible, and, chances are, the victims are going to become the “president’s favorite”, Chen, who’d had to, change her name, and, made herself, hidden.

and yes, this SHIT is still happening in today’s societies, right now! Illustration from online

And so, this is how it goes, because we are still living in the deeply rooted beliefs of women are lesser to men, that’s what made us into targets, despite how much advances in women’s rights we already made (hello, hello, hello, in the U.S. women’s rights to vote came AFTER the African Americans’ right to vote, didn’t it???), and, we may think that we’d come a long way, but, we actually hadn’t, look at how women are called as WHORES, BIMBOS (and other derogatory terms) by men!

And what’s worse is that the ideologies of these political parties, of these various cultures around the global community are actually, advocating the discrimination against us, women…

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The Chastity Belt…

This is still, a SEXIST thing that men created, to keep us women, in “line”, with the aim of ULTIMATE control over us!

The chastity belt, worn by the women during the olden days, similar to the practices of Asians getting their women to bind their feet, because they want to see their females walk in small steps, so they can’t run away when the men chased after them.

And, if we’re on the “subject” of, gender EQUALITY, then, how come all you all sons-of-bitches (still not the four-legged “varieties”) have such a hard time, controlling your DICKS, because when you see one of us, with our large TITS, strutting our stuff (what stuff???), and you started to, undressing us women with your eyes.

like this???

looks, kinda like, a THONG, doesn’t it??? Photo from online

The chastity belts, aimed at, keeping women into their, submissive states, so you all can, have control over us, and, these days, these things of ancient times, is still being put to practices, in other “forms”, like those child brides, or how those, honor killings in the “less developed” and “third world” countries, where we women aren’t FREE to love whoever the @#$% we want to!

And it all goes to show, just how FAR we’d progressed, and we still hadn’t come far out of those, cavemen days, when all you sons-of-bitch (go FETCH, Fido!!!) go out hunting with them, oversized CLUBS, leaving us, womenfolk inside the caves, tending to our young, and, at this time, WOW, a SABERTOOTH tiger want to get invited, so, what do we women do???  Panic, or, we pick up whatever the HECK it is around, and THROW it at the beast, to “shoo” that “kitty”, away?

All these “ancient practices”, all these, modern day taboos, are all men’s way of, keeping us women, under CONTROL, and that’s not gender equality in the world!

And you call us out for not being fitting as your wives because we refused to give you your BLOWJOBS, like YO mamas had always done???

My apologies for the “visuals”…

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The Experts: Instead of Giving the Reinforcements of Money to Freezing the Ova, the Government Should Try & Turn the Fact of How the Younger Generations are Marrying Late Around

Unless we are all, guaranteed those high-paying jobs we need, to support our independent families, with the paid maternity leaves for up to two years and then, the assistance of nursery care, etc., etc., etc., there’s NO chance in hell, that the younger generations would feel safe and secure, having THEIR, young, especially right now, in times of the economic hardship, and we still ain’t hit that, rock, bottom yet!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The statistics of Department of Welfare & Sanitations found, that there is the annual average of between 220,000 to 240,000 women who aborted per year, that this was way higher than the brithrate of 139,000 newborn infants last year, some called out to save these vanishing “fetuses” to help make up for the declines of birthrate that’s getting lower and lower by each year, but, the women’s welfare group believed, that the right to abort should be ensured; the medical realm also stated, that the legal abortions have the considerations, that it would be more practical for the government to set the goals to change the late marriages, the later births, to reduce the women who are getting older by the year, with their declines in reproductive abilities.

The Taiwanese Gynecology Foundation secretary, Huang said, the foundation had done the measures to tally up the aborted fetuses, but based off of the observations, the women who checked into the hospitals, they are all planning to give birth, that abortions are minorities, the miscarriages in the earliest stages of pregnancies take up about twenty-percent, those who found themselves unable to have enough to raise their children after pregnant made up about ten percent; the teenage pregnancies, or those who are in their early twenties, and unready to have children, who’d gone into the hospitals for an abortion, are even, less of the population.

Toward the beliefs of lowering the rates of abortion to save the low rates of birth, the secretary of the Women New Awareness Foundation, Tang believed, that the experiences from other countries may not be duplicated, besides, the women’s rights to abort should be protected, with the offerings of counseling needed, so the children who are born will get raised in a better environment.  The recruit of the Birth Foundation, Liu said, Sweden had the local facilities to help the unwed teenagers to abort their children along with counseling that’s offered to these teenagers who get pregnant, but the government does NOT assist them with the funding to have their babies, because the country believed, that the women need to be adults, and have a job, before they can have children, to prevent them from becoming high-risk families in the society.

Huang also pointed out, that the average age of pregnant women is thirty-two right now, and the age had gone up to forty, the child he’d delivered for a fifty-year-old was her first born, she had histories of hypertension, diabetes, and had to borrow someone else’s ovum to get a baby to be born, there are the rise in number of high-risk older pregnant women now.

As for the government assisted money in freezing the ova, Huang told, freezing the ova does give women an extra option, which will make them feel that it’s okay if they delayed having children for another five, ten years, which will in turn, cause the older pregnancy risks to grow.  And, if the government wants to reinforce the birthrate, it should encourage women who can get pregnant naturally who are still younger and healthier, to have their children soon, then, it would reduce the risks of pregnancies by a lot.

and, based off of how this looked, we’re still, “going, down”…graph found online

Ching, the C.E.O. of New Age Women’s Foundation said, her friend froze her eggs after she married, she’d divorced, and without the consents from her divorced ex husband, she had NO right legally to use that egg.  And, if the artificial birth laws heads toward the direction of “separating births with marriages”, to give single women the priorities to use the artificial birthing methods, then, it might be able to increase the birth rates overall.  Liu also believed, that those women who freeze their ova are usually because they’re getting older, and still can’t find a fitting partner in life, so the policy should focus on changing the late marriages, the unmarried, these factors that goes against increasing the birth rates.

And so, the problem still lies in, why and how we modern day women aren’t having children anymore, because we can’t find a fitting “mate” (yeah right!), because we are more career oriented, drifting away from those before us who are focused on raising their families, and, it’s more than the shifts in the values of us, modern day women that’s causing this, I think it’s because of how BAD the whole environment is getting, that NONE of us women are getting married, and popping ‘em rugrats one right after another, and another, and another, and another, besides we women ARE NOT, breeding PIGS, and it’s our bodies, our rights, and we are now, more aware, that we do NOT need to have babies, to MAKE our own lives matter!

The shifts in values, the drift away from families, toward work and personal growth and achievement, and how this environment just isn’t fitting for us to have babies, these, I think, are the primary reasons why women today, aren’t having children like CRAZY, and unless the government can come up with a way that resolves all of these, yeah, good luck, on trying to get this country’s, birth rates, up!

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Restricted Abortion Access Will Cause Psychiatric Harm — Neuroscience News

Women seeking abortions are three times more likely to suffer from a mental health disorder, and restrictive abortion rights will only cause more women to experience mental health problems, researchers say. Additionally, the physical and emotional stress caused as a result of forced pregnancy will have a detrimental impact on the brain development of the…

Restricted Abortion Access Will Cause Psychiatric Harm — Neuroscience News

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The Wife SUED the Other Woman, on the Retrial, She Won the Case and the Other Woman Needed to Pay Her $120,000N.T.

And it took how many tries before the WIFE finally got the “justice” she deserved, to get BACK AT her cheating husband and the other woman again???, that’s, two trials, and one retrial, that’s a total, of, THREE!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As adultery had been decriminalized three years ago by the grand justices, the Taipei District Court justice, Lin found, that the constitution is valid in that it emphasized the right of individual actions, and denied the existence of spousal rights, found that Chen, the wife who’d sued the other woman for $800,000N.T. to lose the case; the second trial found that the papers filed for the charges didn’t get to the other woman, that the process was flawed, that the verdict of the first trial is tossed, and sent it back to retrial again.  The first retrial of the case by the Taipei District Court found that the other woman had damaged the spousal right of Chen, and found that the other woman needed to pay Chen $120,000N.T. for the damages.

After Wu made a rare call, she was criticized.  The legal experts told, that the second trial was retried again, due to the misses of the proceedings, skillfully, dodging the debates on spousal rights, the verdict of the first retrial found the other woman lost, and she needed to pay the wife, which showed, that Wu’s interpretations are from minority.

Chen sued, that from April to June of 2019, her husband called the other woman deep in the nights frequently, and in August, they were caught holding hands, she’d found him to be in an affair with the other woman, and asked for $800,000N.T. from the other woman.

In the first trial, the presiding court judge, Wu is the daughter of the grand justice, Wu, she’d believed, that the grand justices’ interpretations of adultery being unconstitutional, that in the past, the constitution stressed the protection of the marriage and the family rights, that it’d changed, into the focus on individual independent rights; the spouses are independent, that they don’t have the right to dominate over how one person could act if s/he were unfaithful in the marriage, that in the clauses of the constitution, there’s no guarantee of spousal rights, that the other woman didn’t need to pay.

Chen didn’t see this fitting, appealed.  The second trial found, that the papers of the cases that were sent by the courts to the other woman’s registry location of Pingdong, and her residence in Hsinbei, that nobody signed for them, and the papers were sent to the local substation, and the courts had the police visit, that the other woman hadn’t resided in the location where she’d been registered to, while the address she had in Hsinbei was for the sake of her children’s school district, that she’d moved her household registry to, but she’d never lived there.

The second trial found, that because the other woman didn’t receive the papers sent by the courts, that the proceedings of the papers being filed wasn’t legit, and the verdict was discarded, sent to retrial again.

Based off of understanding, the other woman had texted Chen, “Your husband’s passed out drunk in my bar, and slept with me in my home”, Chen texted her husband, “it must be hard on you, to SHACK up with your whore, running to and from Taipei and Taoyuan every day”, the husband responded back, “I’m with her in bed now”, “this is what I want”.

The retrial of the first trial found, that the man had spent the night with his affair, that he had, interacted with her in the means, sexually, and mandated that the other woman need to pay the wife $120,000N.T.s.

And so, this, is the aftermath of decriminalizing adultery, I mean, it was simple, you CHEAT, you get SUED from before, and now, because we are all for our own individuals rights to exercise our DICKS, our VAGINAS, or rights to FUCK, to fall in love with whoever the HELL we want, that’s why there are these cases right now, with the wives, suing THE other woman, and the husbands still don’t even get that SLAP on the wrists, even when they’re the ones who can’t control their DICKS in the first place, and they call this, advances in women’s rights, as this country prides itself on being more advanced in the rights to protect the victims of rape, sexual assault or whatever, and yet, there’s NO right guaranteed to the spouses because these judges don’t have their HEADS screwed on STRAIGHT!

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Our Rights, CASTRATED, by Our, Gender

We women, now have, NO rights over, our bodies, because our basic human rights had been, CASTRATED, by our, gender!

Our rights, CASTRATED, by our, gender, because we are subordinates to you, men, because you want control over us, our bodies, what we wear, how we present ourselves (not as WHORES, but in the clothes of a good housewife, good mother), and when we try to rebel, you’d, STOPPED us, by chaining us down.

from, H-O-W, long ago was this again??? Photo from online

Our rights had been, CASTRATED, by our, gender, we don’t have ENOUGH rights, as the homosexuals, as now, they’re, allowed to, marry, and where is our rights?  Remember how those who came before, had to, go on a HUNGER strike, to GET our, voting rights approved?  And do you NOT remember, Susan B. Anthony, and all them, IRON-JAWED, angels?

And, look at us now, we still can’t have the right to our bodies, HECK, we can’t even get abortion, because we don’t want to carry them children inside, and start popping ‘em out, left, and right like crazy, can we?  Nope, as some of the SOUTHERN states, had already made it illegal for us women, to get the safe abortions by certified surgeons!

to this!

photo from online

We shall, never gain our rights back again (yeah, as if we had them originally???), and we will, forever, LIVE, as the INFERIOR sex (yeah, I’d like to see you, mother FUCKING sons-of-BITCHES, pardon the “French”, and not the literal kinds!, carrying them eight-to-ten pounders, and, PASSING them ALL out, through your DICKS there!), because that, is how you men like it, having control over us women!

And, we are, allowing ‘em to do this to us, right, ladies???

(High-fiving all around here!)

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A Working Mom with a Special Needs Child

Because she didn’t want any special treatment from her coworkers, to allow them to make excuse for her lacking in performance from work, that’s why she’d kept her special needs child a secret, and now, her coworker knows, but, they’re, together on the same page, and will offer one another the support they are in need of at work, and in life as well now, translated…

Finally came, that long, awaited sun on the weekends, my husband called out to me to gather the items of a picnic, took the kids, we drove to a park in the suburbs.  The park was at the foot of that mountain, with a lot of acreage, with a parking lot; the plants there were, kept well, it’s a great place, and it’d been one of our favorite, sites to visit regularly.  What’s more amazing was, taking a few turns in the park, there was that quiet corner, with the shades from the trees, the grasses so green, it’s a best place to relax, our, “laziness headquarters”.  And yet, someone had already taken up the spot before we’d arrived there, and before we headed to find another place, the kids ran ahead, told us they wanted to see if the treasures they’d buried were still there.

illustration from

There was a couple, underneath the tree, with their two children, the boy, about seven or eight, kicking a ball around close by.  There was a three, or four year old little girl, with her arms wrapped around her mom’s neck, facing me, with that look of innocence, she’s a Downs’s Syndrome baby.  I’d squinted at her, waved at her to say hello, she’d started, grinning ear to ear, then, she looked embarrassed, buried her head in her mother’s chest, with her daughter’s gaze, the mother turned her head, and, as soon as we were eye-to-eye, I saw her smile froze, there was that scent of, hesitation, then, immediately, she’d, called out, my name.

Jen and I worked for the same foreign trade company from before, last year, she was hired from another firm, because she was assertive, and can really work very hard, agile in her interpersonal skills, she’d immediately earned the trust of the owner of the company, and I’d heard, that she’d been put up for a higher up position that was available, she’d, had a smooth sail to the top in her work.  Although we’d not really friends from work, but, we were, both mothers, and exchanged the means of childrearing in the breakroom every now and then, but I’d never heard her mentions of a daughter with Downs’s Syndrome.  My husband and I walked to the corner opposite, set up the matting for the picnic, and started carrying on in conversation, then, my app started chiming, “Glad to see you by chance, I was wondering, can you keep the secret of my family to yourself?”, I’d felt surprised, I’d originally not planned to tell anyone, but, there’s no shame in having a Downs’s baby, so why would she need to hide it?

On Monday at lunch, she’d asked me to join her.  “You can tell, that my daughter is a Downs’s baby”.  I’d nodded, before I wanted to tell her that she didn’t need to explain it to me, she’d immediately carried on, “I’m not ashamed of her, I just hope…………”, she’d paused a bit, “to be treated on equal basis at work is all.”

As a mother, I’d understood the hardships of how working women needed balance the home and work.  I’d once stalled my plans to go abroad for the seminars because I got pregnant, and had had to take myself out of a meeting, because my child had an accident; not to mention how many chances of promotions I’d passed up, because I can’t put in the promised two-hundred percent mind.  “She has to go home to take care of her children”———maybe it was out of kindness, or maybe, my coworkers’ unnoted calculating means, in the workplace where it’s like going to war, this label became so hard and heavy, although it’d given me the time to be with my young, but, it’d, cast out all of my opportunities for advancements at work too.

And, at that moment, I’d understood, as a mother of a special needs child, all of these hardships, may not just have been multiplied, but, all of her dreams, all the visions she wanted for herself, and all she wanted, was to be, treated, equally like any other working woman.  I’d, extended my arms toward her hands that were, in knots, I’d given her an understanding smile, and that meal that we’d shared was, joyous, wonderful, and, nothing else needed to be, said.

And so, this is the hardships of being a mother to a special needs child, and a worker too, you have to keep the fact that your child is special needs a “secret”, because you don’t want any special treatments from work, you do NOT want others to define you based off of your role of a mother of a special needs child, and the writer’s understanding shown toward her coworker, is much appreciated.

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Is it Statutory Rape, or, Abortion?

Or, could it, possibly (humor me here, even though, this had, gone, way, WAY, W-A-Y, past, funny!) be…

Is it, statutory rape, or, abortion, as the brand new ban on abortion is now, enforced, by the overturn or RvW.

And, where’s the rights to, OUR bodies, I mean, it is, our bodies that will be, carryin’ them all, little ones, unless, you would like to shapeshift, into, one of them, seahorse or leaf dragon daddies to carry your own children full term, and popping ‘em all out, or, are you guys, one of those, species of fishes that keeps the eggs inside of their mouths, until they hatched now, huh???

Is it, statutory rape, or is it, abortion?  It is, statutory rape, because the U.S. federal government now, imposes that BAN, on WHAT we women do with OUR bodies, and thus, that’s, equivalent to, violating, all our, rights.

It doesn’t matter what it’s called, a violation, is a violation, IS, a VIOLATION, and, the U.S. Supreme Court, composed of, all conservatives are, allowing for it.

And, we women are, totally, FUCKED (and your point being???) up, by the HIGHEST of the judiciary branch of, the good ol’, glory…

Where’s the glory in that, huh???  When you, violate our rights to, our bodies, huh???

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But It’s Our, Bodies…

You Say that Roe vs. Wade is MURDER

But it’s Our, Bodies…

That at Conception, there’s, Something that’s Alive Inside

But it’s Our, Bodies

You Tell Us, that it’s Un-Christian, to Take a Life

But it’s Our, Bodies, Carrying Those, “Lives” (are they really noted as living at the moment of, conception???)

It’s just Not Right, that the Government Now Controls Over ALL of Our (Women’s) Reproductive Rights

But WHAT Can We Do?  We are Now, Second-Class Citizens of the Free World Here

And We Can Only, Allow the Government to DICTATE WHAT is to happen, and what isn’t to happen, with our bodies

Now Consider this:

Would this have happened, if it’s the MEN we’re talking about?

Of Course N-O-T!  ‘Cuz YOU LOSERS ain’t got what it takes to carry your babies, unless, you’re all, seahorses, sea dragons, but your not, or, are you all, kangaroos, with them, pouches here?

Of course NOT!

And you TAKE away the RIGHTS of our bodies???

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The Castration of the Rights to Our Bodies

Thank GOD, that we women don’t got them, PENISES here!

The rights to our bodies, well, that’s, CASTRATED all right, by the U.S. Supreme Court decision, overturning RvW!  The castration of the rights to our bodies, well, we are now, breeding pigs, kept in those, tight corrals of the government, each one of us, inside our own, units of, existence, with the sounds of panic (push!  Push!  Push!).

The castration of the rights to our bodies, well, thanks, U.S. Supreme Court for RE-possessing the rights to our bodies, and if we die during child birth, oh well, who CARES, I’m mean, you’ll just find the next carrier, right?  The castration of the rights to our bodies, this, is what U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of RvW does, and, it puts women’s right, back into, the CAVEMEN days (or maybe even way before???), where all we women can do, is stay inside those caves you’d built for us, taking care of those babies that are, popping out of our undersides, ‘cuz we ain’t got nothing else we need to do, but lie on our backs, waiting for all you mother FUCKERS (so???) to come back from killing the MEATS, and to hump us as a stress-relief, as we all know, how much energies you losers had drained, from chasing after those large game animals…

This is still, just one of many things, that men do, to TAKE the rights to how we women CHOOSE to live our lives from us, and, there’s nothing we can do, ‘cuz, CASE CLOSED, that GAVEL had, come down already!

This is still, way too, FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) up…

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