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Being Old & Cute, the Features of a Woman


Awhile ago, in order to treat my shoulder pains, I’d had to go to the hospitals often for rehab.  In the rehabilitation room that’s crowded, I’d often bumped into a woman in her eighties.

The reason why she’d attracted my attention was not because she’s wheelchair bound, wheeled in by the foreign hired help; but how awkward and out-of-place, the red nails are, on her wrinkly, old hands.

Once, I’d heard her tell her foreign hired help, after she’s done with rehab, she’s going to buy herself some green nail polish.  It’s hard for me to imagine, what green nails would look like, on her pair of hands?  She is, an old and cute woman who chased after what’s fashionable.

From her, I was reminded, of another cute, elderly woman, my own mother.  My mom’s eighty-eight this year, the things that pleases her the most is getting facial using face masks, and she’d pointed out which brand she’d wanted to use too.

Every time I saw how she carefully, unwrapped the face masks, as if, performing some sacred ritual, I couldn’t help, but be in awe.

Maybe some would comment, “she’s already almost ninety, why would she need the masks?  Does it really work?”  who CARES if it works or not, mom loves it!  And, I’m more than happy to buy them for her to use too, to take advantage and act coy around her.

There is another cute, elderly, my aunt, whose husband is ninety-three years old.  That day, on her grandson’s wedding, as the ceremony was happening, she’d also wanted to be walked down the aisle too.  And so, the groom wheeled his grandmother’s wheelchair, with her eight children following behind her, the group, marched into the church, down that red aisle.

Seeing how my aunt wore a fashionable velvety pink hat, with that pair of rose-shaped earrings, she was even more eye-catching.  In the sounding of the beautiful music, my aunt raised up her glittered, painted hands, and, kept waving at the guests on the sides of the red carpet.  At which time, this ninety-three-year-old cute elder became the “focus” of everybody’s attention, and naturally, she was smiling, from ear to ear.

These three elders are all toward the dusks of their lives, but are still, oh so cute, who says, that you had lost your stage, after you’re aged?

And so, these elderly had become like children, and that, is usually the case, because the older you get, you’d become more and more childlike, perhaps, it’s the return of the childish innocence that you’d let go off, because of the demands of your earlier years, who knows, but, this still just shows, that you can be old, AND beautiful at the same time, says WHO that beautiful is only, saved for the young?


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The Bottom Half of the Cougars’ Lives, on Life After Work

On entering into the bottom half of one’s life, planning out the retirement, translated…

On the weekend afternoon, I’d gone to meet up with my old classmates, they were standing by the gates, off in the distance, if I didn’t know that it was them, I’d think they were a group of female students.

Actually, we’d graduated twenty-five years ago, and are all senior “beauties”, in midlife. Ever since we got connected again, we’d cherished our four years of friendship from before, and gathered from time to time, other than talking about life, about health, we’d also talked of the plans we have, for the bottom-half of our lives.

A was once the “dancing queen” of our class, she’d also represented the class, shortly after she graduated, she’d gotten married, is a stay-at-home wife and mother, and on top of that, she’d also made a name for herself, in an international trade company. Although she’s kept busy by work and at home, she’d kept up with her yoga class, so she’s able, to look young physically. Having just one more year to go until she’s able to retire, she’d talked of her dreams, of wanting to teach yoga, to turn her hobby into another chance of employment.

B, is the “most talented” of us all, after graduation, she chose the teaching career, later, she’d followed her husband abroad, but returned back to Taiwan, after her marriage was over, and continued teaching. Being remarried, she’s now, very happy. She’d always told us with glee about how she used the “attraction factor”, to find her own bliss, and hoped, that by sharing her experiences with us, through teaching at a seminar, to make a career for herself.

C was our “Robin Hood”, whenever there was injustice, she’d spoken out against it. After she graduated, she became a discipline officer at a certain university, because she wasn’t married, she’d taken her summer and winter vacations to volunteer, she planned, to retire at the age of fifty, she’d decided to pour her heart and soul into volunteering after she retires.

Looking at all of my former classmates, the first halves of their lives, for the sake of family/economics, they could only work in one job long-term, and now, as they’re about to enter into the bottom half of their lives, they no longer have the economic problems, and can start living for themselves.

Seeing how their eyes glowed when they talked of their dreams, I’m sure, that the bottom half of their lives will be just as interesting, and amazing too, as the first half, if not more so.

And so, this, would be the maturation process of women, because for the first half of their lives, they’d all focused, on living for someone or something else (families, work, etc., etc., etc.), and now, as they are about to retire, they can finally, live, for themselves! And they earned the right to too.





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I’m Eighty-One, I Don’t Want to Retire Yet

Delaying the onset of aging, by staying active, at work, in the elderly years, translated…

My husband died young, left me and a couple of kids.  My children are all very well-rounded and well-behaved, either that right after they’d graduated they’d gone into the workforce, or that they’d set up their own businesses, to help out with the household economy.

My two daughters chose to set up studios at home, primarily, because they feared that I might feel lonely, and other than work, they can also, accompany throughout the daytime.  Normally, other than cleaning the house, and cook the meals for my children, I’d also worked as the receptionist, bringing in the mail, and pour the teas for their clients, I’d jokingly called myself, the receptionist, moonlighting as the janitor.  My children felt bad, and called me the CEO of their workshop.  On the first day of the year when we open for business, my two daughters would ask me, the CEO for a red envelope.  Actually, no matter if I’m the janitor, or the CEO, after my husband’s death, I still had my kids accompanying me, I feel very blessed already!

In these past decades, I’d consoled my kids to get married, to not focus their whole heart and soul on me, I’m a strong woman, I don’t want to be a burden to my kids.  Every time someone asked for my daughters’ hands, I’d first stated, that if they are good together, to not worry about me, so long as my kids can live on happily, I will NEVER become a burden to them.

Of my children, two were married, only the two daughters who have their separate workshops are still single.  These couple of years, the three of us, mother and daughters, kept this workshop, and, we’re getting busier and busier still.  Seeing how my daughters are no longer young, I truly worry, that they might not be as able bodied as when they were still younger!  And I am already eighty-one too.  I’d still work at my post by the day, day after day, year, after year, although this work is very busy, but I feel very accomplished, especially when the clients heard my voice, and they’d all thought that I was my daughters’ younger sister, when they’d been told, that I am their mother, they all exclaimed that it was impossible, for me, to sound that young.

A lot of friends and families asked me why must I work my fingers to the bone as an elderly person, why not just retire, and live on easily?  I’d always replied, “Learning until I’m dead, not letting the seconds pass me by!  Although I have some minor conditions, but, work can help me keep young on psychologically, and, I get to keep dementia away, and I can help my kids with some of their workloads, killing multiple birds with just one stone here!

And so, this, is the story, of how a woman manage, to keep her body, heart, and mind young, by keeping herself active, and, her daughters started the workshop that they have, for her sake, because she’d lost her spouse when she was very young, and, her kids don’t want her to feel all alone, so, they’d all work together, to make the mother feel useful, and, this managed to keep the woman active in old age.

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The More Years Underneath Her Belt, the Younger She’d Become

How does she DO it???  Translated…

The very last class of community college, there was, the cold fronts, attacking, the temperature dropped to 10˚C.  Out seventy-year-old instructor walked in, everybody was thrilled, she was wearing a snow white long coat, with faux fur scarf, wrapped around her neck, the students exclaimed, “You look like a movie star!”

She’d smiled and took in the compliments, took off her coat, showed the bright red sweater inside, and, shook her red dangling earrings, lifted her chin proudly, “Of course, I’m looking younger as I age!”

She’d told us, that we can’t avoid the aging process, but she hoped that we could successfully age, that we couldn’t let the years slip on by, that, is why, learning became, especially important in old age, and that everybody who was in class had managed that already. And, “dressing hot at old age”, was a concept, she was portraying that day, that as we age, we should put even more time into dolling ourselves up, to not be unwilling to spend the money, we’d worked hard all our lives, and, it’s okay, for us, to be a bit more extravagant in old age; while our bodies still allowed, enjoy life, and carry a laissez-faire attitude toward the younger generations’ affairs in life.  The teacher also provided us with a few restaurants that she and her friends loved dining in, and they’re all, reasonably priced, so, several classmates already made a date, to head over to try it out after class.

The shops she’d referred to us are really good, with an order of hot pot, we’d sweated while eating.  As a classmate wiped away the sweats, she couldn’t help but say good things about it, said, that she’d already lost her sense of taste for many days, because her only son was about to marry, she’d gone shopping for the dress, and tried on over twenty, and still had no feel, right when she was about to head home, she saw a newly designed Chinese traditional dress in the display window, like it was made for her, she didn’t need it altered, without a second thought, she’d bought it.

As she’d returned home, her husband poured cold water on her head, “Dressed so pink, at your age?”, her son also had something to say, “my newly wedded bride would be in pink, and so would my mother, are you, dressing up like twins?” but, pink made her looked even better, she’d looked amazing in the mirror too, but, the father and son talked down to her, and she’d felt bad.

The classmate sitting close consoled her, “It’s good that you and your daughter-in-law dressed alike, you two are in synch, just tell your son that.”, and the other classmates chimed in as well: pink is not designated to younger ladies, says who, that as we get older, we should, stay away from that color?

Dressing younger appropriately, can make us look younger and feel younger as we age.  We’re all students who followed the advice of the teacher, and so, naturally, we will, live by her never-aging philosophy, the next time we have a gathering, we shall all, dress up in pink, to show the supports of our friend’s style.

And so, this instructor is instilling the right kind of values in her pupils, because, just because you’re older, doesn’t meant that you can’t dress in the bright colors, plus, the bright colors can make you look better, so, why not, right???

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A Woman in Midlife Who’s Excellent with High-Tech Products

Because she’s NOT afraid of these new-age, high-tech products???  Translated…

My next door neighbor is just as capable and knowing as the younger generations, she is close to sixty years of age, two years ago, because her kids are out of school, she chose to retire, said that she’s worked hard her whole life, now that the kids are grown, she should take herself into unknown territories, to up her quality of life, and, learn something new while she’s still able to.

Since she retired, she’d worn a grin on her face, “you don’t need to be trendy in the way you dress, but, your thoughts and beliefs MUST catch up to the times.”, was her motto.  She’s a high-tech junkie, SmartPhone is a must-have accessory for her, and, she’d learned how to use it on her own, using her phone to upload the photos, to help her company develop their calendars, downloading a photoshop program, checking the train schedules, getting the online receipt checks, downloading music, etc., etc., etc., she’d even used Facebook, LINE, to connect with her friends and families, to post the goings on of her life; and, checking in on Facebook as she’d gone to certain locations is not at all hard for her, she’d even taught me how to calculate within three seconds, the expiration dates of the lotto.

Once, I’d wanted to delete a friend from LINE for good, but I didn’t know how, and, she’d fixed it for me instantaneously, and had me write down the steps she took, in case I will need to do it again in the futures.

She’d even gotten a small photo printer, used her Bluetooth, or NFC, and, she can print out the photographs she’d taken, every now and then, she’d gone out with her friend for lunch or afternoon tea, and she could capture the memories, and she can also pick her favorite pictures and print them all out.

She loved exercising, and keeps her figure really well, she’d gone on hiking trips with her husband often, enjoyed gourmet, and, loved learning new things, to broaden her horizon, and had gone to the Taipei Exhibition Halls to see what’s going on, took up English, and, in her spare time, she’d planted a TON of vegetables in her small patch of land close to her house.

A lot of people who wanted to retire, before they’d left the workforce, they were ill-prepared, didn’t plan, and, they just have a difficult time, adapting to too much time on their hands after they retired, and, this next door lady, she’s living a fulfilled, and enriching retirement, and, she and her husband are closer as ever, it’s very envious to all.

And so, here, we have a woman, who still kept her mind sharp, she’d gotten into all those high-tech products, so she could get connected with the times, and, everything that younger people are doing, she’s doing too, because she didn’t want to be too disconnected with the world, after she got out of the workforce, and, she is able to fulfill her life after retirement too…

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Grace is Certainly Yours


We’d watched two films on life and death, and before we pulled ourselves out of the scenes of the movie, my community college instructor announced that we are going to have an outdoors class, to Maokong, to have some tea and to have a hiking trip.

“The movie is telling us to live in the moment, and we must put that theory into action.”, the instructor encouraged us to do what we want to.

Our instructor is over age seventy, slightly on the heavy side, and would dress up colorfully for class, and, she’d especially enjoyed putting a huge bow on her curly head of hair, and sometimes, she’d have glitter on her hair, and would pull the bows to pointy, she looked like a Playboy Bunny.

“That day, my grandson had half a day of class.”

“My son’s working on his house, needed me to sit in, to keep watch over the progress.”

“What happens to mom’s lunch?”

Some of my classmates are swayed on what to do, some sighed about how they couldn’t be at two places at once, my teacher broke their worries one by one, “give your grandchild back to your daughter-in-law; your son will come up with a solution on his own; you must allow your husband to show his filial piety toward his own parents, at our age, we should put ourselves first.”

The classmates nodded their heads nonstop, and so the trip to Maokong was settled, my teacher smiled that smile of satisfaction.

And this reminded me of how one autumn, I’d gone to South Korea to travel, the red leaves are so beautiful, contrasted with the blue skies and the white clouds, but I saw a couple of old ladies, picking up the maple leaves, and, sticking them onto each other’s hair, their smiles are so deep that it’d made their wrinkles more apparent.  I was stunned, the beauties from the snowcapped mountain, along with the beautiful red maple leaves, paled by comparison to the elderly women’s blushed faces and white hair.  Even as time has passed too quickly, the graceful ways of those elderly women imprinted onto my mind.

A friend said, that she’d met an elderly woman on the bus, with her hair brushed up neatly, her brows shadowed, with a light mascara, she looked very lively.  And she’d asked her age, the elderly woman was already eighty-two, and, my friend inquired where she was going?  The elderly answered, “to the sales in the malls, they’re giving a huge discount on the eye creams!”, my friend was in awe, at how must zest and energy this elderly woman has.

Passed through the younger years, gone through the ups and downs of midlife, and finally, arrive at this age where everything became unimportant, no longer needed to rush, and so, let the things you should let go of go, with nothing on our minds, whatever we wanted to do, we just go and do, we’re number one.

Like the infectious community college instructor, or the grandma who chased after the red maple leaves on the mountains of South Korea, the elderly woman who still dolled herself up at the age of past eighty, how well they are living, so full of beauty, I’d wanted to give them all the commands, “Grace with age, it’s certainly yours!”

And so, this, is the way that someone can age gracefully, do what you enjoy, stop worrying about the younger generations, after all, they are, old enough, and just let go, and start enjoy your lives, because your days ARE numbered, and if you don’t enjoy them now, you won’t get a chance to again!

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My Mother-in-Law Sings, a Story of a Family


One time I’d turned on the television, and what I saw was very interesting, a woman, dressed plainly, sang the small tunes of Hakka, and had won the applause of the judges and the audience too, she’d won third place, it’d made me so very proud, because she is my mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law is Hakka descent, she’d worked on the tear farm, helping to harvest the teas, and, naturally, she’d learned to sing the songs from the elders in her family, and, no matter how hot the sun was overhead, so long as she’d hummed those sweet little tunes, she’d feel cooled down, no matter how tired she was, her fatigue would get washed away by her own voice singing.

I think that the most interesting about my mother-in-law, is that no matter the situations, she could always manage to resolve it with her singing.  Once, we were making the rounds at the tea plantations with her, out came a couple of vicious German shepherds, acted as if they were going to attack us.

At which time, my mother-in-law started singing her songs, and, even those German shepherds would stop chasing the animals and stop, to hear her sing her beautiful songs, as her audience.  After she’s done singing, the shepherds had left quietly on their own.

As I’d bore witness to this, I was deeply in awe.  She’d told me, when she sang, she’s at peace, and, she could easily, infect everybody around her, with her sense of calm and collectedness.  I imagine, that, must be why she was able to turn those German shepherds around.

And, my mother-in-law is like the quick-to-react king of song, Di Chang, she could make up a short segment of lyrics, very entertaining.  Sometimes, when my child won’t stop crying, there was nothing that my wife or I could do to calm him down, my mother-in-law would use her wits to make up a song, to calm her grandson down.  And, just like the shepherds, after my son heard her, he’d stopped crying and fell, fast asleep, once again, she’d proven to us, the power of her singing.

I believe, that I’m beyond blessed to be able to have the affinity of becoming my mother-in-law’s son-in-law, to get a chance, to enjoy her wonderful singing.

And so, this woman used her hobby, to help her out of a jam, and, she’d managed, to entertain those around her too, that just shows how important it is, to have a hobby, not just to entertain someone else, but yourselves, mostly.

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