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The Families Accused the Government: You’d Taken the Dignities Out of the Deceased During that Final Mile of Their Lives

This is AT the scenes!  And the HEAD of the CDC (off with HIS head) stated: the CDC never made these cremation mandates, “VERBATIM”!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The matters of getting those who’d died of contractions cremated quickly continued to burn, the KMT group hosed the press conference yesterday, to share the griefs, the losses of those whose elders had, died of contraction, how the father’s final mile of life, was treated like the waste product of the medical systems, that there’s absolutely, ZERO dignity given to him as a man.  The KMT group stated that the papers disclosing of how to handle the dead bodies wasn’t with the specifications, that the mandates from the CDC had, damaged many families, causing the entry level employees, the funeral home operators, to take the blames as scapegoats, called out to the CDC, to set the limits of time of the cremations of those who’d died of contractions.

Ms. Wang whose father had been confirmed of MERS-CoV contraction pointed out through the video chats, that on the day her father was confirmed of contraction, he’d been assigned by the local department of sanitations to the specialized wards, and he’d died, nineteen days afterwards; her father longed to come home, every minute he was in the hospital, and in the end, he’d died, all alone, without his loved ones by his side, and, the families are in grief over this too.

Ms. Wang told, that because the doctors told the families, that the rules mandated that the bodies needed to get cremated within twenty-four hours of death, the families can only comply with the rules, and as they saw their elder, he was already, inside, the coffin, with the layers of Saran wraps over the coffin, there’s no video documentation, no families close by to witness the final rites, the only one who’d accompanied her father the whole way the hired nurse told, that her father had been wrapped in three layers of body bags, without his needles getting pulled out from his legs, still wearing the diapers, and, without a clean change of clothes too, and the families can only, accept this.

Ms. Wang told, that as she saw the director of the CDC told lightly, “there’s no mandates of death within twenty-four hours”, could it be, that after this, the families would have to, have the hospitals take out the mandates on how the corpses are supposed to handled as mandated by the CDC from now on?  What’s saddest to her, was that for the final passage of her father’s life, he was disposed of like some toxic medical waste product, that there’s no dignity given to him whatsoever, so that, is how the government by the DDP, treats its people.

The legislator from the KMT, Hong told, a lot of the families don’t want the officials handling the bodies to contract the virus when they were handling the bodies, although they feel unwilling, but they can only, agree with the rules.  But, Chen’s words, made all those who’d lost their elders “ingrates”, and this is the government’s, evading responsibilities, mistreating the people.

Toward the accusations from all around, the chairman of the DDP, Cheng stated, that the Executive Department already assigned the Department of Internal Affairs to research the matter, that the KMT should NOT manipulate the people politically anymore.

The Taiwanese People’s Opinions Foundation C.E.O. Yo told, that the more than three thousand members of the public who’d contracted the virus and died, were all cremated within twenty-four hours of death, that the C.D.C. couldn’t not know about this, and yet, after two and a half years, the C.D.C. tried to, evade the responsibilities, it’s truly, unreasonable.

Yo pointed out, that “thinking too much, you wouldn’t have the guts to do it”, and, the opposite is also true, he’d believed, that two and a half years ago, Chen would’ve shouldered up more responsibilities, because the matters were easier to handle then, and now, because of the mess from the outbreaks, and his considerations of running for mayor of Taipei, he’d, considered, too much, that this is, a serious test for a politician who needs to, show some, responsibilities.

And so, due to the evasive rules set up by the CDC, and who’s in charge of these rules by the CDC, oh yeah, it’s the director, that’s why the families who’d lost their loved ones in this outbreak can’t bid their loved ones, a proper, farewell, and now, the director of the C.D.C., due to pressure from the outside world, came out of that ivory tower he’d been living in, and said, “oh, I did NOT mandate the rules of swift cremation for all who’d died of contraction”, tossing the blames to the local governments and the hospitals, for not allowing the families to have that proper goodbye?  Yeah, see how that’ll, fly with the people here!

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Opening up the Mix-Age Classes of Children Over Two Years of Age, the Holistic Education Foundation is Strictly Against This

In the kindergarten years, maybe, if individual attention is given to the students personally, but, not in the toddler years!  And yet, this amendment of the education of early childhood got written down, this is totally NOT considering the cognitive developments of the early childhood years!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Education recently proposed the second rule of the amendments of early childcare program and early childhood education, it’d planned to place the two-year-olds into the mixed age classes of three, and four year olds, but the Holistic Education Foundation questioned, that the Department of Education announced this before the long holidays, that they were, calculating something, and called out for the Department of Education to SLAM on the brake on this policy, in order, to protect the rights of two-year-old toddlers’.

and no, this is still NOT what you’re gonna get!

unfortunately…photo from online

Based off of the rough drafts of this act, the Department of Education considered the right of children in the early childhood years to receive an education, the needed care, as well as considering the need of the parents to place their young in the nurseries to mandate the early childhood facilities that if the facilities didn’t have the toddler classes of two to not yet three year olds (the specialty classes for two year-olds), or that there’s no extra slots for the two-only classes, and there are still room available for the three to four classes, that the school is allowed to place the toddlers under age three in the three-to-four-year-old classes.

The committee member of the Holistic Education Foundation of early childhood education, Yang told, that the levels of understanding is what is used to assign the needed resources, and the setting of the policies of education, that it’s a basis for measuring the developments of young children, that the two-year-olds have different developmental milestones and needs compared to the three-year-olds, that the preview of this act was due to there’s not enough resources in the two-year-old classes, that the Department of Education was only finding a resolve for their own incompetence of policies in early childhood care.

The Department of Education stated, that at the start of May, they’d already invited the local government, the instructors, the early childhood education professionals, as well as parent groups to ask for their advice, that it will continue to listen to the various opinions, and take the opinions as a reference for the amendment.

this…photo from online

mixed with a little of this…

except not in those seats, but running around like PSYCHOS in the classrooms! Photo from online

Yeah uh, this is still, totally, FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) up, I mean, the twos are, potty training, meaning, that they may NOT have that down pat yet, and now, imagine this, the teachers are, chasing those three-year-olds around (industry vs. inferiority stage anybody???), with the group of twos, going potty, everywhere in the classroom setting, and, you’d end up with, a whole lot of messes that you, STUPID adults can’t handle, and this is still all due to how the government wanted to appease to the parents’ needs to place their young in daycare, because they all gotta work, and in the end, guess W-H-O gets, screwed???  The children, because they are NOT receiving the needed care in accordance to their, cognitive development, because the government wants to MIX it up, oh, and don’t forget about lunch hour, that’s gonna be, a total MESS too, and, how many teacher’s assistance would you need in this sort of a mix-age class, because, there’s a DIFFERENT ratio of students per instructor in these, various age groups, hello, hello, hello???  This IS, a NO-BRAINER, you do realize that, don’t you???

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-hum, and, how does THAT make you feel again?

‘K, I’m OUT!

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Turning the Defense Against MERS-CoV into the Election Calls, the Head of State, Su’s Calculations Had Caused the People to Lose Their Lives

When what runs the policies of defense against MERS-CoV is the party politics, surely, the party is, destined to, LOSE, big times, as the year’s not even quite over, and people are still getting sent, straight into the morgue daily, with the number rising up still, and this is still due to the INCOMPETENCE, the IMPOTENCE of the DDP, and hopefully we the people will totally remember HOW this god DAMN party abused powers, at the end of this year when we go to the polls!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the entire country is still in the plateau stage of the pandemic, the head of state, Su, as he’d made the rounds to the large-scale vaccination stations of the middle and southern regions of the country, he’d blurted out, “Let’s win this election based solely off of the pandemic”, suddenly, the air froze, and, Su realized that he’d, misspoken, and immediately, corrected himself.  But the truth was, Su hadn’t, misspoken, but bluntly stated how he’d, calculated all his policies, based off of the election, which is one of the primary reasons why the pandemic had, spun, out of control here, how people’s lives are, lost, with NO just cause.

From the arrangements of Su’s itinerary, you can see, that he’d, intentionally, avoided the hardest hit areas of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, and went toward the central and southern regions to find the warmth he was, desperately in search of, and he’d even announced offering four doses of quick scan kits to students under high school age too, which showed what he knew the best, “giving the tiny kindness to buy up the votes of the people”.  It’s just, that the means of using the budgets, with the taxpayers’ dollars to buy up the votes, had lost its effectiveness, because it’d been used, reused, and overused already, what replaced that was, as Su went on the rounds, he kept bumping into the locals, calling out at him, protesting against the policies he’d made, some stated, that the “bad policies killed the citizens off”, some complained, “the private preschools can’t stop the classroom sessions”, as the effects of protecting against the spread of MERS-CoV went bust, the people’s upset had accumulated to flowing over, and the DDP still dreamed of using this sort of an outcome of their policies for defense against MERS-CoV, as a winning ticket for them for the, elections, they’re, dreaming all right!

The ambiguity of the means of preventing against the spread of MERS-CoV had been messed up since day one, primary due to how Chen, the head of the CDC is planning to run in the mayoral race of Taipei at the end of the year.  But, Chen’s consideration of his candidacy, still can’t work as fast as the Omicron strain that’s come to attack, his old ways had, failed to function, he couldn’t, tackle the fast-hitting Omicron strain, and wants to use “quick-scan to replace the quarantines”, but due to the lack of supplies of the quick scan kits, the people were made to stand in those, long lines outside of the pharmacies to wait to purchase, like how we were made to for the masks two years ago, and, all the propagandas of “getting ahead” became ineffective, and the bust of the constantly changing rules of defense against the spread of MERS, and it’d, become this, blockage to Chen’s entering into the mayoral race of Taipei, causing the DDP’s plans to win the races, questionable.

And, because Chen’s name on the ticket for the mayoral position of Taipei is now, in question, the former head of transportation, Lin had already prepared his “Twelve Visions” for the capital of the country.  His will to enter into the race is, ever the more, clear.  This isn’t what the head of state, Su wanted to see, but once it’s, confirmed, proving the Chen’s policies of defense against MERS-CoV was a total bust, it’d proven, that Su’s policies didn’t work, this isn’t something that Su, who wanted all the credit will, tolerate.  Especially, as Lin, who isn’t on the same page as Su got on the ticket for the mayoral race of Taipei, threatening directly, Su’s northern Taiwan lead, of course, Su would be even more, displeased to see it.

Although the DDP isn’t admitting to it physically, but, the bust in the policies of defense against MERS-CoV is only, bringing down their chances of winning the races.  Not only did the number of single-day contraction got up to five-digits, the numbers of moderate to severe symptoms, the death rate also, rise, the allocations of the vaccines, the quick scan kits messy, the administering of the needed medications, too slow, and the at-home quarantine days kept changing repeatedly, the residents had to run all over the places to get their paperwork verified, plus the medical provision systems are already, too maxed out, the extra bonuses for the medical professionals are, once again, delayed, and all of the cases of contractions, added to more upsets in the general public, which will totally, add to the chances of the DDP losing the races at the end of this year.

And, based off of this, it’s less than likely, that as Chen, the director of the CDC, got on the ticket for the mayoral race of Taipei, he’s, going to win, as we had all witnessed in this past TWO years, how the DDP had, run this god DAMN country, to the GROUND (more like SIX feet under the ground!).

Yeah, good luck, DDP, you had, completely, FUCKED up we the people’s, lives here, and, hopefully, we the people, will TEACH your party to NEVER FUCK (so???) with us again, or not, because, the average human attention span is???  Oh, dunno, less than THREE nanoseconds?  So, maybe, by the end of this year, the total number of deaths from the impotence of the DDP won’t mean a thing to the voters, but, more than likely, it will, so, BRACE yourselves, DDP for losing the election at the end of the year, I think…but don’t quote me, as I still can’t predict anybody else’s futures, but my own here.

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The Eldest Son Inherited the Mother’s Assets, the Younger Sisters Fought in Court for the Money They Put up in Taking Care of the Mother During Her Final Days, Lost

After the parents are dead, the fight over the assets, began, thank GOD that the parents aren’t around, to see these children fight over what they’d, left, behind…and so, after this case, the children won’t be so willing, to pay for their parents’, elderly cares, because this is a precedence that’s been, set, off of the Newspapers, translated…

There was an elderly woman in Changwha with one son, five daughters, originally, she’d made up her will that her son was the sole inheritor of all of her, assets, to exchange for him to care for her until her end, but later, the mother-son relationship went bad, she’d started, living with her daughter; after she’d passed, the four daugthers believed, that they’d, spent a lot of money, taking care of their mother during her final years, sued their eldest brother to get over a million dollars of what he’d inherited from their mother back, but the judge tossed back the case, the experts in the legal field said, that although, asking for what was owed back is just, but sometimes, some money you’d spent, you just, will, NEVER get it back again.

The legal experts analyzed, this case is based off of the civil rules of “improperly gained assets”, that the daughters who’d cared for the mother until she died believed, that seeing how the mother left all her assets to their eldest brother, then, naturally, the means of caretaking shall be shouldered solely by their, eldest brother, that as he’d, inherited all of her assets, he’d had to, give what’s owed to them back, and found that the eldest brother had, gained the inheritance improperly, that was why they’d, sued.

The elderly woman, Lu in Changwha had an eldest son and five daughters, in 2011, the eldest son promised to take care of their mother until she dies, and took the mother and a witness to the courts to notarize the inheritance papers, that other than the eldest being the sole heir to the properties, all of the elderly woman’s money, and assigned him as the executioner of her last will.

But the four younger sisters (of them, one wasn’t a part of the suit) accused, that the eldest brother, after he was appointed as the sole heir of their mother’s assets, started treating their mother worse and worse, and so, their mother can only move up north to live with them.  And yet, their eldest brother had their mother pay for the living expenses of his household by the month, and as their mother became demented, he’d gone to the banks to falsely report that her bank books were lost, causing their mother’s assets to get frozen, and, in 2016 to 2019, they’d had to, pay a total of $1.32 million N.T.s

After their mother died, they’d demanded that their eldest brother pay back the $1.32 million that they’d paid in caring for their mother.  But the eldest brother rebutted, that after their father died back in 1996, he’d cared for their mother for sixteen years on end, lived with him, that there was a total of over eight million dollars N.T. in money that’s left after their mother died, that she’d not needed his younger sisters to care for her, that they’d paid for the care of their mother was out of moral responsibilities, that it can’t be demanded back in the court of law.

The judge noted, that although there’s the rule of returning the illegally gained profits, btu there were the four conditions that were the exceptions, including the money paid to fulfill the moral responsibilities, or paying the debts that were owed, or the money that you knew you didn’t need to pay, but still paid, you can’t, get any of these back.

If the four sisters were unaware, that caring for their mother wasn’t their responsibilities legally, then, the one who’d put up the money put up the money based off of the moral responsibilities of filial piety, and so, they can’t get the amount back, found the four daughters lost.

And so, take a note of this, in the Asian countries, the daughters do NOT have the responsibilities, to care for their elderly parents, because they’d been, disinherited, so, ladies, do be aware, of these things that are, written in the fine print sections, because, you don’t want to end up like these sisters, putting in the time, and the energies, the money too, and, not gotten even, a thank you for caring for our mother, and getting SUED!

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The Policies Didn’t Get Set Up, the Rules Kept Changing, Tiring Out the Adults, as Well as the Children, a Mother Pulled Her Young Son to the Vaccination Station

How the government sits, high, high, high up, inside, that god damn, IVORY towers, on their, thrones, while all of us, ordinary citizens are, crawling, begging, for all the resources that we’re, in need of, to defend ourselves, and this time, it’s the children’s lives that’s, at risk!  But hey, there’s nothing we can do, we are a people, enslaved, by our, government, remember???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“The policies kept on changing, trying the parents, as well as the children too”, “We can’t wait until after the Dragon Boat Festivals, we must, get the kids vaccinated now”, the Central Government set up the large vaccination stations for young children all across Taiwan, a lot of parents learned on the news, and, rushed the children over to get their vaccinations, across the districts they live in, and the parents complained, that they’d been, tired out.

The city of Tainan had set up the major children BNT vaccine stations in Yongkang District, a lot of parents from other districts took their young, flooded in, there were the families that drove for more than thirty, forty minutes to get to the station, a parent, Sun stated, that he’d thought that the schools had unified in administering the vaccinations on the school campus, but the school told that they’re not doing it anymore, that the parents needed to go online, to sign their own children up, but she’d logged on too late, and couldn’t get her child signed up, later, she’d learned in time, that there was a large-scale vaccination location that’s set up, two days ago, she’d finally signed her child up, and drove all the way from Hsinshih District, to get her child vaccinated, complained that “the government kept changing the policies, we all worried, that our kids might contract MERS, but thankfully, I got my son his, vaccination today!”

Another parent told, that the vaccines are hard to sign up for, he’d finally got his son signed up for the vaccines on June sixth, worried that it might come too late, if the school start the physical classroom sessions, and his child’s vaccinations hadn’t begun working, then, it would be awful, if his child contracted, but thankfully for the large-scale vaccination stations set up, he’d immediately gone online to cancel the appointment he’d already made, called in an absent from work, took his child from the southern district of the city to Yongkang to get vaccinated.

and, here’s, what one of those, children’s vaccination stations, look like here!

photo from online

Mrs. Kuo from Kaohsiung told, “no matter how busy we are, we will, make the time, I can even begin to imagine the tragedies of my child contracting.”, she’d pulled her fourth grade son early in the morning out, rushed to the exhibition hall in Kaohsiung, because she couldn’t sign him up from two nights ago, as she saw there’s the “vaccinations as you come in” program, she’d gotten there with her son early, worried that there may be limited slots, and as she was told, that there was no limited number of dosages, she’d finally, let out, that sigh of, relief.

Lin, the father of two in Kaohsiung, with a second and a fifth grade child, the school’s vaccination schedule is until after the Dragon Boat Festivals, and he’d thought, that the sooner they get vaccinated, the sooner they can feel, more at ease.  To get the slots, he and his wife kept watch on the openings on two separate home computers, as soon as the opening for the sign up came, they’d, gone in to sign up, and, they were able to get their kids the assigned slots at the large-scale BioNTech vaccine stations, but, at different times, but thankfully, one of the slot was before the other, that it wasn’t, too, troubling, they’re blessed, to be able to, sign their kids up!

And so, this is, exactly like how from the very beginning, when, ALL of us, adults fought for that sign up, for the limited slots of vaccines, at the very start when the vaccinations had begun being, administered, and this is still the government’s fault, it loved seeing us, suffer, fight for the limited resources (first it’s the masks, then the vaccines, most recently, the quick scan kits, and now the kids’ vaccines too!), that still just showed, how the higher up of the government, does NOT give a flying FUCK (don’t pardon me!) about we the people, because as long as their asses are firmly, planted onto the THRONE, they will enjoy watching the rest of us, ordinary citizens, gravel, crawl, beg for the resources that we desperate need to protect ourselves against this pandemic.

it said that the CDC, added, another, SIX more large scale vaccination locations for the children’vaccines today, and this was from TWO days ago! Photo from online

And what’s worse is, we are all, allowing the government to, kill us off, believe it or don’t!

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The Government Wants to Bullshit Us on Relief Too Now?

As the government bullshitted the people, and we the people are still, gobbling up all their lies, willingly?  Wow, we the people, are still, way too mother @#$%ING, retarded here, aren’t we?  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In mid-April, the Tsai government called out “the New Taiwan Mode”, said that she will push forth in working hard to up the people’s defenses against MERS-CoV, to open up the country steadily, to develop a mean to help us live as normally as possible, that we are going towards coexistence with the virus, with this, the head of state, Su proposed seven plans.  And, after a little over a month of the DDP’s declarations of such, the economic development of the country, the people’s life getting back to normal, not lived up to the expectations; the brand new means couldn’t effectively cope with the pandemic, and we the people find it harder, to coexist with the virus, and, with that, the withering away of our already tight enough pockets with the money we are in need of to live, to the point, that there’s, the signs of depressions in the economy signaling off, the government then, posed its means of reliefs.

The department of economics started posting the assistance for the restaurants for operations, that got switched to the subsidies of costs, and, up to the twentieth, there’d been over six thousand applicants, close to the remaining amount of what’s left in the budgets, and the Economics department stated that they will file for the add-on to the executive department to help out.  Seeing this, all I can say, is that the government missed the forest for the trees, that it only, wanted to, brush our difficulties, aside, not known, that all other enterprises relating to the public, like the cram schools, the sports and leisure, are all suffering, and in need of assistance too, also needing the extra money from the government.

we the people, CRUSHED by that, big guy on top, our, government

found online

The CDC still hosted its reporting sessions daily, but honestly, Omicron hadn’t gotten to the climax yet, I do beg, that the politicians stop making up new terms to bullshit us, we the people, to NOT treat the means of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV like a betting chip for the game of politics, do go into the entry level scenes where WE the people are currently living down in, hearing ALL of our thoughts, our pleas, then, pose a better plan to help us all defend ourselves against the spread of MERS-CoV.

I hope that those in charge of the writing of the policies in the higher up, do the best that they can, to help defend the country against MERS-CoV, and we the people, shall, comply to the means of the government’s policies, and, the government can come up with a better plan that actually helps the industries in the country, god bless Taiwan and its people, that we can soon, get out of the outbreaks, and the sorrows and the trials, to make the New Taiwan Mode into, something Taiwan can be, proud of.

Yeah uh, good luck, seeing how the DDP officials only cared about keeping themselves in office, and seeing how much “progress” (regression is more like its!) this FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) country’s made, we went from “We’re number one” “Taiwan CAN Help!”, to the bottom of the list, “who can help Taiwan”, we’re in need of donations of vaccines, of the quick scan kits too, and all of this, still happened, in less than five FUCKING (don’t pardon me!) years, as the DDP took office, running ALL our, lives, and we still ranked as the top three or five (wouldn’t know!) in total number of deaths by MERS-CoV in the entire world too.

Wow, that’s, something, isn’t it???

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Gun Control Had Been Discussed for More Than Nine Years to Date in the U.S., but There’s Still NO Agreements on it

What the U.S. needs is NOT gun-control, is people control, and stricter laws in getting a gun license, and the parents, locking those GUNS inside a combination safe only the parents know the combinations of, and then, maybe, there would be, less of these, cases in the U.S., off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Democrats Opened Fire, the Republicans Ignored, Biden Went to a Gun-Control Event, was Criticized as a “Total Joke”

There had been cases after cases of shootings I schools, it’d brought up the debate of gun control in the U.S., and yet, the Congress’s laws to control guns hadn’t made any progresses since the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, it’d caused a lot of the Democrats to go from “mourning” to “anger”, aiming their blames toward the Republicans.

The Democratic Congressman from Connecticut, Murphy stated on the 24th, “We took so much time in getting elected, and we are now elected, and yet, what awaited us, is not a country of peace, but a series of shootings, what, are we doing, as members of the congress?”

Comparing to the angers of the Democrats, the Republicans are still evading responsibilities, said, that the most important thing now, is to help the victims of the shootings recover, not the gun control laws; the Republican House representative from Texas, Gonzales stated, “the innocent children became victims of the violence, it’s heartbreaking, I shall face it with everybody”, and yet, not a word of mentioning of setting up the gun control laws.

Since the shooting on the 14th in Buffalo, New York, it’d caused the matter of gun control to resurface again; but Washington Post reported that after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took twenty lives ten years ago, the almost birthed gun control laws, still hadn’t made any progress yet, and now, what sort of a progress the mass shooting that’s occurred recently has, it’s, not expected.

President Obama stated that he is to use all “his powers” to prevent the mass shootings after the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th, 2012, but toward the voices against it politically, the two Republicans had drafted up a gun-control legislation that both parties agreed with.  Machin and Toomey agreed that gun control is necessary, and drafted up a bill for gun control that both parties could, agree on.

And, those on the inside stated, back then, after Obama had declared the gun control means, Biden held more than two hundred conferences with the local parents, scholars, the officials, the army and police forces, the local organizations, and set up the blueprint of gun control, and called up the senators too; but it was the two senators, Machin and Toomey who drafted up the bills, which made a former democratic congressman told Washington Post, that Biden is “completely incompetent”, that his role in the gun control laws was a “total joke”.

And, even though the two congressmen had already worked their best, to found a middle ground between the two parties, and those who want stricter gun control laws, and those who supported second amendment rights, the votes still didn’t pass in 2013.

And since this fail, the Congress had, never again, passed any laws closely related to gun control since.

And so, this is, how the availabilities of guns, made these shootings happen, if there are stricter gun control laws, and strict rules for owning guns, to reduce the chances of one being available to all who wanted one, then, maybe, there wouldn’t be as many shootings in the U.S., but it didn’t work!

So yeah, there are going to be, shootings in the future, and it’s still not because there’s no gun control laws, but because of how people can’t control themselves.

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The Three Shortcomings Caused the Outbreaks to Lose Control

There are only, THREE???  This must be, only, “inventories” on the major things then, on how the government finally realized, that we’re, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y behind in adapting to MERS-CoV, and that game of catchup is, finally on, and yet, this country is already, way, way, WAY behind from before day one, and there’s NO chance that it’ll, ever, catch up, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For the past few days, the confirmed diagnoses of MERS-CoV had spiked up past 60,000 per day, and so, there’s the need to readjust the means of government’s orders to defense against the spread, “using the quick-scan means to replace the quarantine”, is a working mean of preventing the sudden rise in total people in the at-home quarantine systems.  But the forefront of this, is that we must have enough supplies of the quick-scan kits.  Toward the waves of the hard-hitting pandemic, the government should prepare enough quick-scan kits, vaccines, and medications for the people.

“The symptoms of MERS-CoV had become flu-like”, this does NOT mean the reduction of the rates of death.  Therefore, it’s very vital, that people get vaccinated, as means to control the number of contracted, and the treatment means of after contraction must also be set.  The data from other countries showed, that Omicron not only caused the rate of death to spike up, causing the resources of medical treatment to run short, the CDC should take heed of the other counties which were hit too hard from before, and learn.

At the moment, there’s the need to strengthen the “prevention, the testing, the treatment”, three combined into one, as well as the effective testing, to reduce the risk of the virus spreading out too fast, but, the country’s supplies of quick-scan kits are still solely reliant off of international exports, too costly, this is why the people in the country are calling out to the government, to make these quick-scan kits available to us for free.  The government should purchase enough of the supplies of the quick-scan kits that we may need, to cope with this current wave of pandemic, also, to encourage the local pharmaceutical companies to manufacture the kits too, to prevent being controlled by the shortage of supplies from overseas.

The vaccinations are still the key to this, other than setting up the hoard immunity, this can also, reduce the total number of contracted individuals, lower the rate of death too.  And so, the government needed to have the supplies of vaccines, enough for all, and to consider how the virus will become flu-like in the future, to have the needed supplies of vaccines for all.  Recently there were the infants and toddlers who’d died from the contractions, and so, this makes purchasing of the children’s vaccines vital, and the vaccination should be decided by the parents of young children.

The medications to treat MERS-CoV is already purchased by our government, but, the shipments still came up short of what people are in need of, nor do we have enough supplies to cope with the major-scale outbreaks of South Korea and Hong Kong, the government needs to be held accountable for purchasing enough supplies of the medications that people need, to reduce the moderate to severe conditions, and the rate of morbidity.

Countries in Europe and the U.S. had already, pulled a halt on the restrictions of people’s lives, and as the number of countries had finally found, that MERS-CoV can’t be eradicated like chickenpox, and decided to do away with the means of “clearing up the cases”, there’s the high possibility that MERS-CoV is here to stay.  The government should up its purchasing power to get enough vaccines, to offer the cheaper costs of the quick-scan kits available to we the people, and buying up enough medications used to treat those who’d unfortunately, contracted the virus, and NOT letting MERS-CoV spin out of control, due to the lacking of any of these three.

And yet, this government gave up on trying to clear the cases a bit, too late, and now, the government is playing that game of, “catching up”, and it never will, because this government by the DDP had been slow to react since before day one, from before the virus blew out of proportion, the government didn’t take advantage of that and we the people living in this, god DAMN country is still, getting SCREWED, by this government, with only ITS own agenda in mind.

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The Favoritism, the Corruption, the Abuse of Power, the Department of Sanitation & Welfare Had Done it All

The corruption of the DDP, continued, for yet, another, “round”, commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the pandemic began in April to date, there’d been 74,000 in the population here confirmed of contraction, 240 deaths.  During this time, the government can’t make its mind up on the policies of the pandemic, the people are in dire need of the quick scan kits, the kits ran short, the necessities of the medications for treating MERS-CoV, we don’t have access to, and there were the children, the elderly who’d died one by one on the way to the hospital.  At this time, the C.E.O. of the Medical Welfare Foundation of the Department of Sanitation Welfare, Wang started using the excuses, said that comparing to Kaohsiung and Taoyuan, Taipei and Hsinbei Cities’ defenses can’t get the local area hospitals, the teaching hospitals onboard, that there’s only the United Hospital Systems that are working hard.  As soon as his words came out, it’d not only angered both mayors of Hsinbei and Taipei, the locals started getting furious too.

For over two years now, the Tsai government’s ordering of the locals on tactics to defend against MERS-CoV had always been with her and the rest of the government officials high up on that pedestal, to the point of treating the cities and localities differently based off of if the elected officials belonged to the DDP or not.  For instance, the allocation of the quick-scan kits, Taipei and Hsinbei cities had been hit the hardest during this currently pandemic flow, and needed the materials, and yet, it was Kaohsiung that’s received, double the needed supplies.  This wave, caused both Taipei and Hsinbei cities to become, tried by the manpower and resource shortages, and, both cities had come up with the loosening of the purchasing of the test kits, along with the at-home care procedures, and yet, Chen, the head of the CDC kept shutting them down.  Taiwan’s outbreaks are on the verge of breaking down, and, how the central government’s casting away both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, is completely related to how both cities in the northern part are now, taxed out completely, causing the entire northern region of Taiwan to be taken over by the pandemic.

Wang’s making fun of the local hospitals, the teaching hospitals in Taipei and Hsinbei Cities as “can’t tell them what to do”, showed how care less he is, and there’s, that scent of “I want to see what happens next”, it’s upsetting to see.  In reality, from the angle of how the executive orders are handed down, this clearly showed, how the Department of Sanitation & Welfare had not done ITS job correctly.  First, the setting up of the larger scale scan stations at the larger teaching hospitals, that was, originally, the duties of the Central Government; yet, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations delayed until over a month after the large scale infections came, then, started it up, surely, that’s not, doing ITS duties.  Secondly, it is enough, that the Department of Welfare & Sanitations not assisted the local governments, it’d gotten sarcastic too, could it be, that the government of Tsai, doesn’t include the territories of Hsinbei and Taipei Cities?  Thirdly, as the means the government employed worked, the government boasted itself on “getting ahead of the rest”; and when the pandemic hit too hard, then, the government blamed it on how the local government lacked ability to keep the defenses up.

People hadn’t forgotten, that last year, Wang’s scandal of having a daughter from an affair came out, back then, he had the head of CDC backing him up, that was how he was able to stay at his post in the government without any troubles, continued commanding the means of defense against the pandemic.  This time, he’d used the opportunities to blame both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities for not keeping up with the tightened measures of defense against MERS-CoV, and it’d, angered us all, the members of the public.  Not only that, the scandals of head of the National Health Insurance Institute, was found, holding hands with his god daughter, and because Chen covered him up, the incidence was, done away with.  The coverages of the higher up officials of the Department of Health Welfare & Sanitations, carried a different set of standard compared to the rest of the society; but in the people’s eyes, we surely felt, how awful the government officials are covering for themselves, as well as their party members too.

Recently, Ke, had an odd argument with the departments of Health Insurances on allocating the medicines for the members of the public who’d tested positive in the quick scan means.  Ke said, that if the government mandated that you must receive a positive PCR reading in order to receive the medications, then, a lot more people will die in Taiwan; he’d screamed, “the medical systems of Taiwan is now controlled by the Department of Health Insurance”.  But the Department of Health Insurance rebutted, that Ke was scapegoating, that they’re not the facility responsible for such, that the oral medications are the “jurisdictions” of the Center of Disease Control.  Toward this, Ke stated bluntly, “I could CARE less which department you are, it’s all the fault of the central government!”  seeing how the Department of Welfare Sanitation has a history of evading its responsibilities, pushing the responsibilities within the various units of the agency, because nobody wants to solve these, problems!

And, all of these abuse, in the evaluations of the recent import of quick scan kits had come out apparent.  The three thousand doses of saliva quick scan kits, the Department of Sanitation & Welfare gave this “gift” to the subsidiary of Medigenvac.  As for the approval of the other brands of fast scan tests import, the list is even more, outrageous, there’s the Golden Global Biomed, which was a former, small eatery, the INSREA, which used to be a video game manufacturer, the animal pharmaceutical company, Homerun Biotech, with the location of the office being a farm in Pingdong.  Of many, the companies are only with capitals of a few million dollars, and yet, they were able to get the billion dollars’ contracts; and once they got busted, the order slips are, ripped up.

And, seeing how spotty the Department of Welfare & Sanitation is, evading responsibilities is what we can all expect from it; ignoring the morale of the heads of the departments, covering for each other best as they can.  As the people’s lives are, on the line, the government allowed the DDP party favorites to get all the bids, and turning around, it’d used the bureaucratic words toward the local governments that are in dire need of help.  How much stink can the Department of Welfare & Sanitations give off here!

This just showed, how corrupt this government that runs this island to the GROUND (more like SIX feet under that!) got, because the heads covered the asses of the subordinates, the lower departments, and, giving the money to those agencies that are in support of their abuse of we the people, that’s why we can’t get what we are in dire need of, the quick scan kits, whereas from a little while ago, it’s the vaccines that ran short, and there’s nothing that we the people CAN do about it, we’d become, enslaved by the government of the DDP here.

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With the Evidence of Childcare, Seen as Adopting, the Illegitimate Child Inherited the Father’s Properties, the Grandmother Fought Against it in Court, the Court Found the Grandmother Lost

From the family court, CIRCUS, as the son by blood, battles it out with his, blood grandmother over his father’s, inheritances, because daddy’s now, DEAD!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

There are the many situations that surround the means of children being born out of wedlock, on the means of inheritance, a man, Lin stated dating a woman, Weng, and had a child together in Taichung, but they’d not gotten married, and shortly after their son was born, Lin died, and, Lin’s property was, temporarily, registered under his mother’s name, and, many years later, as the son grew up, he’d wanted to inherit the properties, but Lin’s mother refused to acknowledge that that man was her own, grandson, they went to court.

The experts of legal realm stated, that based off of civil law, after the adoption papers are filed, the illegitimate children are seen as the children from marriage; even if there’s no adoption on record, so long as the birthfather showed any behaviors I upbringing of the child, it constitutes as adopting, and, the illegitimate child’s rights are, same as the children born in a marriage.

The courts investigated, that Lin and Weng started dating, and cohabited together in Taichung, a little more than a year later, they had a child, but, not long thereafter, Lin died, and, Lin’s properties had been registered under Lin’s mother’s own name for many years, the grandson, Weng stated, that his own mother was dating Lin, that they’d behaved like a husband and wife, that as his mother was pregnant, his birthfather stayed by her side, took care of her, and, as he was born, he’d been raised by both his parents, lived with his own birthfather, and all of this, his paternal grandmother knew.

The grandson told, that after the death of his birthfather, his grandmother told his mother, that she will pass the registry of Lin’s property to him when he turns eighteen, that during this period of time when he was still underage, the property should be registered under her name for the time being, so she could have a place to live in.  His birthmother considered the love she’d shared with his birthfather, agreed to have the property registered under his grandmother’s name first, and yet, a couple of years ago, his grandmother sent a letter of proof, that he and his birthfather weren’t related by blood, that he didn’t have the right to inherit.

Based off of the DNA test, Lin and Weng’s DNA is over ninety-nine-percent related on the paternal front, plus there were the families testifying how Lin had helped in the upbringing of the son, the courts found, that the adoption was proven, that they’re, related as father and son, that Lin’s mother didn’t have the right to inherit her own son’s properties.

The legal experts analyzed, in the cases of adoption of illegitimate children, if the birthfather had died, and, there’s no way of confirming the blood relations of the birthfather, and, the means of confirming blood relations can be achieved through the testing of the paternal side.  And if the birthfather is still living, then, the individual can sue the birthfather, to get the paternity verified. And so, the culprit here is still, the MONEY, because “grandma” wanted all of the dad’s inheritance, I mean, after all, she had, raised him, and she deserved the money after he passed, but, the offspring has more right, that’s how the order goes, the wife (legally), then the offspring, then, the parents, and in this case, because this man didn’t have a marriage verification to the woman, the woman’s out of the picture, but the son birthed out of wedlock isn’t, and his mother tried to get the money that didn’t belong to her in the first place, after all, she would be what???  The SECOND-in-line (right???) based off of the order of inheritance.

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