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Many of the Public Preschools Found to be Substandard, the Department of Education Under Fire for Not Keeping a Tighter Leash on Things

As these public preschools are publicly funded, there wouldn’t be enough funding, which made the quality drop!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since 2019 to current day, there’d been around 1,700 preschools across the country that’s been fined, and most are, private preschools.  The legislator, Wang stated, that the public preschool systems had started being in operations four years ago, and more and more of the budgets were placed in getting the systems set up and running, but, the privatized employees of the private schools, forty-percent are turning public, she’d suspected that the Department of Education wasn’t a good enough gatekeeper of qualities; the educational groups criticized, that the public preschools-to-be’s financials, the evaluations of the operations are hard to control, demanded that the Department of Education shift the focuses back to the evaluation means that centered around the quality of early childhood education in the publicly-funded systems.

In 2018, the Department of Education posed the policies of the public preschool mandates, with the government, signing a contract with the private preschools and offering the subsidiaries, the parents pay no more than $3,500N.T. per month, hoping, to elevate the quality of childcare and nurseries.

But Wang told, that a lot of the to-be public preschool employers set up the English, the talent classes, to get more money from the parents, and this was ranked number one as the cause of fines in the breaching of the laws of public childcare programs, and when the parents refused, most of the preschool programs just, place the child who didn’t participate in the programs, to another location, which doesn’t ensure the quality of daycare program provided to them.

Wang said, the public preschool programs had already filed the subsidiary support of $10.7 billion N.T.s with the government, reaching the limits of the budgets of $16 billion N.T.s that’s been written in for the public preschool programs that the government had set up, this showed, how the public preschools to-be aren’t transitioning, or that they’re actually in need of assistance, that it’d, deferred from the set up of the government’s principles.

how do we decide, as, parents??? From online

Yang that chairperson of the All-Early Childhood Education Commissions Committee pointed out, that currently the ratio of affordable daycare and the normal daycare is 6:4, that it’d matched to the parents’ expectations, that the Department of Education should STOP matching the demands, to return to the policies of centering the programs of the public childcare.

The Department of Education responded, that if the public-childcare programs-to-be’s operators had broken the laws, the local governments can take away the signed contracts.  While the public preschools to be is a vital transitional point of making public childcare affordable, that there’s the need to take in the young children who are in need of most assistance, and the enrollment postings needed to get evaluated closely, that it will have the local governments to discuss, the means of making enrollment better and more fitting to the families’, needs.

Yeah so, this is, the substandards of the public school systems, and, the parents only see how CHEAP it costs, because public schools are way cheaper than private ones, and, who has the time, the energy, to provide quality care to our young children, when we are all, stressed out at work, so we looked to the government to help us out, only that the government is lacking in this, it’d posed this, ideal of providing public daycare programs, with only, limited slots, and, as parents we don’t want to pay a ton of cash (‘cuz we’re already, running SHORT on it!), to place our own young into the preschool programs, the nursery programs, because we all have to, work our asses off, to provide for our young.

The children ARE, receiving, SUBQUALITY care in these public daycare programs, and the private preschools, nurseries are, way too, expensive, so it’s still, the young babies who are getting SCREWED over!

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It’d Been a Year Since the Anti-Stalking Law Was Sign into Effect, and the Signing of the Needed Restraining Orders are Still, Coming Too Slowly

See how slowly this SHIT’s, coming, along???  And the Tsai government still prides itself, on getting the anti-stalking laws going???  Yeah, the president IS, delusional all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Eight Cases a Day, and it Takes an Average of Thirty-Four Days to Pass One Restraining Order, Over Eighty-Percent of the Perps, After Being Warned by the Written Orders, Would Stop, or Reduce the Occurrence of Stalking

and, here’s, how much, “red tapes” that one must go through, before coming to getting a restraining order on someone who stalks you…the, “run-around”…from online

As the anti-stalking law was, sign into effect on June first of last, the Modern Day Women’s Foundation  stated, that the estimates by the Police Affairs showed that in close to a year, there’d been 2,724 cases of reported stalking since April 30th, eight cases per day on average, ninety-percent of the victims are women; that the police had issued 1,812 written or verbal warnings, and over eighty percent of the perps, after receiving the written warnings, would stop the behaviors of stalking or reduce the prevalence of stalking greatly.

But, the restraining order for the anti-stalking law is slow to come along, the average time was 34.11 days after the papers were, processed and filed, and the first quarter of this year, was 44.66 days, and for some, it takes as long as three, four months, to have the restraining orders, signed into, effect.

The C.E.O. of Modern Women Foundation, Wang stated, in the close to 3,000 cases of stalking, the regular tag-along took up 57.4-percent, the domestic violence stalking is 42.6-percent, with ninety-percent of victims who are women, the perps of men of 85.2-percent.  The means of stalking are mostly by communication means, physically tailing came second.  There’d been 1,957 written warnings issued, fifty-percent of these were stalking, domestic violence-related stalking took up 43.5-percent.

and here are the, “stats”…from online

Fifty-two cases, by police recommendation, of these, twenty-three cases were signed into effect by the courts.

Wang believed, that there’s, the visible effects of the anti-stalking laws since it’d been enforced for almost a year, that it’d, elevated the awareness of how stalking is a serious offense, and, the public are slowly understand, that the believed-to-be-harmless verbal harassments, are all, illegal.

But the anti-stalking laws stated, that the victims when feel imminent danger, they don’t need to go through the paperwork to get the restraining orders, Wang believed, that some judges insisted that the law must be broken, before the issuance of a restraining order is needed, that it’d not considered the threats that are immediate in the victims’ lives, that the restraining order would lose its, purpose in protecting the victims.

And so, this is still, too slow, because, see how many people are MURDERED, by those who stalked someone?  Yeah, maybe, these anti-stalking laws, are considered “advanced”, but, they’re still, too slow to get issued, because, there are still victims, being MURDERED by their stalkers, since when the law first got signed into, effect.  This legislation still only works well, on paper, but not in the, realms of, practicality, because unless, the police can camp outside the stalking victims homes, and watch over them twenty-four-seven, then, who’s to say, that when the cops drive off, the stalkers are not going to come?  So, this still does NOT work well, besides, there were the cases of those who got a restraining order on them, that tore through those restraining orders, and MURDERED the victims!

How’s that for, “efficacy”, huh???

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The Families that Were Broken by Murders, & They Can Only Shoulder Everything on Their Own, the Courts Didn’t Even Notify the Victims that the Trials were in Session

How the justice systems, failed to consider the rights, the feelings of the victims, and their families, in the trials, and that needed to get, altered, because if it doesn’t, then, justice still will never get, served, the, right way!  In need of reforms in the justice systems here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Families of Victims Sighed: the Government Didn’t Even Leaven the LEAST Amount of Dignity

The scales of justice started leaning toward the, defendants, the victims getting ignored is, a cause of upset, the justice reform is the discussed by the committee of the legislature, to let the victims get the information on the trial first hand, but, awhile ago, the Highest Court tried the dual body murder case by Chen, after the facts were stated, the judge changed the sentence to life-term, what made the victims’ mothers even more shocked, was that when the trial became, neither was notified by the courts, and the families sighed, “we don’t have any dignity to be respected to be called to the courts for the trial”.

As the justice reform meetings are finished, the “Little Light Bulb Case” was trialed, the mother of the victim child wasn’t told by the courts that the killer had been in custody until the trial began, she’d criticized the justice reforms as “not giving an ounce of respect to the victims!”, that was when the High Courts immediately started up the trials, to make up for it, but, similar things kept on, happening, repeatedly.

Eight years ago Chen murdered the two men, Tsai and Tsai at gunpoint in only ten minutes at the Er-Mei Parking Lot, he’d gone through the trials, and five times he’d been sentenced to die, Tsai’s mother, Yang, started from his first trial, had been there in court, going from Taichung to Taipei, and yet, as Chen was tried in the Highest Court, “I’d not run to the finishing lines”.  She’d, criticized that the highest courts may be reasoned in the fact of holding the trials of her son, but she wasn’t, notified of her son’s trial being held, and she just, couldn’t, swallow it.

A female school teacher who’d won the special excellent teacher’s award was robbed by Liu at random, sexually assaulted and then, murdered eight years ago, the first too the third retrials all sentenced Liu to death, the case is now in its, fourth retrial, as the court was in session, Liu’s attorney, Huang wanted to get another opinion on the psych evaluation of Liu’s state of mind during the time of his crime, the female instructor’s husband, Chang declared, that the courts had sent the murderer to get evaluated by the Kaohsiung Veteran’s Memorial Hospital, the Kai-Shun Hospital already, how many more times do we need to evaluate, his words showed how helpless he’d felt, of how the law couldn’t, give his murdered wife the justice for her, death.

Chang said, that to this pint in the trial, he was so afraid of putting his own children through the trials, and shouldered the stresses all by himself, he was tortured psychologically and physically too, the man caused him to “lose everything”, while the defendant’s attorney was still arguing about the validity of the psych evaluation of the perp, “Why is the justice system so lenient toward the perpetrators!”.

Tang committed arson, killed six, the attorney, Hsieh was hired by the victims’ families, but, at the trial at the Highest Courts, she’d, handed in the pleas to fight for the victims, but the court justice denied the pleas, and she can only, take off her attorney’s robe, and handed in the pleas of the families in the document’s office afterwards.  While the families of the victim can only, sit in the, “auditor’s sections”.

Hsieh believed that the families were given a voice in the first, and second trials, but, as the case went into appeal to the highest court, the voices of the families, got, silenced, “this is what’s most unjust!”.  She’d stated, that the Highest Court was the third trial, and, in the trials by law, the defendants can speak up in court, so how come the families of the victims, can’t?  And the courts also did NOT notify the families of the trial’s time.

Hsieh believed, that surely, the Highest Court did NOT break any laws, but, it’d lacked the humanity, and this is one of the primary reasons why the public had been, upset toward the justice systems, one of the biggest reasons is the attitude of the court, a little more understanding, a little more, empathy, it can help the families of the victims feel, a little, better.

So, this is what happens, when the factor of, humanity did NOT get considered by the justice systems, yeah, the justice system had done everything right, held the trials, as just as they possibly can, but, it’d, failed to recognize the needs of the victims’ families, how they needed to be, included in the process of the trials, because, it’s not just about the facts, but also, the court systems need to, consider the side of, humanity too, and that’s what the current justice system lacked in this country right now, and it will take more than justice reforms, to finally have those, god damn, high up justices, to disrobe themselves, to come back down from that, high pedestal…


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Whether to Keep Using the Barthel Index, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations: We are Discussing the Matter with Other Departments in the Conferences Right Now

How this government of the DDP still IGNORED we the people’s cries, refusing to loosen the rules of applying for the hired help for those families in need, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Labor and the Department of Sanitation Welfares are in discussion of loosening the qualifications for the hiring of foreign helper, the families with two children under ages of four can also apply for a foreign help, but, if the families of the long-term care are in need of hiring a foreign nurse’s assistant, they still had to pass the evaluation of the Barthel Index assessments.  The legislator of the KMT, Weng stated in the legislature that the government should seriously consider to not use the Barthel Index as an evaluation means, to return the hiring back to the market economy, to prevent the recurrences of tragedies in long-term care.  The second in command of the Department of Sanitation Welfare, Wang told, that there will be an evaluation of this across between the departments.

The secretary of the Home Caretaker Association, Chen told, the severely disabled families have the needs, while the current Long-Term Care 2.0 provisions aren’t quite enough, and hard to use, causing the families who have the severely handicapped to need to hire a foreign nurse’s aide; if the government wanted to use the Barthel Index to make it even harder to apply for the hours allotted, to reduce the reliance on the foreign nurse’s aides, “this is impossible!”

Chen pointed out that the need of long-term care provision is fact, that if the government really wanted to restrict the hiring of the foreign caretaker, then, it should make the long-term care provisions more fitting to people’s needs, instead of using the Barthel Index to “bar” the needs of the families from being fulfilled, as the citizens apply for the “Barthel Index”, they would have to wheel the immobilized elders into the clinics, and it’d caused more upset and complaints, and causing the troubles for the medical facilities too, the government should start tackling the problems, to combine the departments, and offer a more completed means of care.

Chen suggested that the government switch to the CMS evaluation means, the procedures are much simpler, to not make the families run around, to get their certifications.  Taiwan is already getting 5,000 to 10,000 foreign caretakers, if the CMS evaluations are used now, it would not cause more paperwork.

Toward this, the assistant of the long-term care division Wu stated, no matter the means of assessment, evaluations, there are the certain standards to be, met, the individuals that can’t qualify, the families are still going to feel upset, angry, and get into confrontation with the medical staff.  The care management evaluation assessment measures the ability to take care of the means of living from day to day, the emotional responses, cognitions, etc., etc., etc., it may be enough tougher than the “Barthel Index”, that the citizens might not accept the results under the evaluations either.  Besides, the “Barthel Index” is what’s been used for the migrant workers’ hiring processes, the long-term care policies, that the long-term care department would have to consolidate across the departments, to make the accurate assessments through the discussions of the issues fully and, completely.

So, for whatever reasons it may be, the department that’s in charge of long-term care refused to change the evaluation means, maybe, it’s too troubling for them, or that they simply just, could, care LESS of the needs of these families with the long-term care needs that are, getting desperate, whichever it is, this still just showed, how the DDP refuses to LISTEN to what the people are saying, and they are still SET in their, ways of doing things, whatever they say, goes, that, is how they will, rule over everybody, and every issue that concerns we the, people, and we’re, still letting them, abuse power…

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The Scholastic Pointed Out: English and the Mother Tongue Can’t Coexist that Easily Together

The professionals had, “spoken”, and yet, the DDP still, intended to, go ahead, with its, bullshitting policies, because “we” need to, “connect” with the rest of the English speaking world, well, why don’t we all, master CHINESE first, then, we just might be able to, master a second language???  Oh yeah, that won’t work, because the DDP is too rushed, to connect with the outside world in speaking ENGLISH, and, guess who gets, FUCKED (don’t pardon me!) up here?  You guessed it, it’s, all of them, little ones, who are still, currently eating DIRT right now, because they’re going to be, taking the CONSEQUENCES of the governments, SHITTY ideals here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The professor of Foreign Language in N.T.U. awhile ago, started up a petition, stating how the dual-language policies are against the country’s language development’s multiple values of the country of Taiwan, that the dual-language instruction policies should be placed on hold temporarily, to start up the “multilingual Taiwan, English-Friendly” system instead, the academia believed, that the English instruction means, can’t coexist side-by-side with the mother tongue, to grow together with the mother tongue.

The assistant professor, Chou of English Department of National Taiwan Normal University stated, that English is listed as an official language by Singapore, and, although the other tongues are listed as protected under the law, and instructed in the schools, but, there are, less and less of the population who are using, the mother tongue to speak, and, if Taiwan believes, that the mother tongue can still be passed down from one generation to the next, the government is, way too naïve in thinking so.  The lecturing professor of foreign languages department of Donghai University, He also stated, that in 2018, the government assed the Language Development Act, and posed the dual-language policy by 2030, although the name is “dual-language”, but, the government is focusing on the English, to have the country use both Chinese and English together fluently, it’s, quite, unimaginable.

And, the “Dual Language Development Center” in charge of pushing forth the dual-language systems sparked up the protests; the drafts of the “keeping Taiwanese, and other mother tongues intact” got passed into law, at the same time by the Executive Department.  The Language Research Department professor, Jiang of N.T.U. suspected, that the setting up the “Dual Language Development Center” is merely an executive order of the government, with the goal that conflicts with the developing of the country’s language.

And so, this is, one more, attempt that the DDP uses, to DE-Chinese the country here, by setting up these rules of how the children here will learn strictly under English instructions (Well, where are you going to find the professional English speakers, without the weird accent to teach the young???), with the understaffed instructors, who don’t speak English without an accent, how the FUCK do you expect the younger generations will learn to speak English, without that weird, accent here?  And, what if, these young children, can’t learn English to start, and they didn’t get enough exposure of Chinese (‘cuz that was, the “official language” of this country, or so I believe!!!), then what?  Oh yeah, then, the children will all become, MUTES, and then, we will all have to learn to sign with each other, and, sign language then becomes, the “official language” of this country, under DDP’s messed up, dual-language, policies!

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The Families Can’t Get the Neurologist to Sign the Loved One’s Barthel Scale Verifications, Beaten Up the Neurologist, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations Placed the Blames on the Families for Losing it

See how in DIRE need these families are, for the help from caretaking, and yet, the government still, toughened up the rules, which was what led to this, act of, violence, because the caretakers are, completely, strained, and lost it!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

Another incident of violence in the hospital again, a male patient’s families wanted to file for the assistance of hiring a foreign nurse, hoped that the Tri-Service General physician to approve the Barthel index, but the neurologist of the hospital, Yen, after assessments, found that the patient didn’t qualify, and the man in the doctor’s office lost control, physically pulled the neurologist, and cussed out, “So what if I didn’t follow the medical treatment laws”, then, started, swinging at the neurologist’s face and nose.  The Tri-Service General supported the neurologist to press charges, the head of Health Welfare & Sanitations also criticized how irrational the patient had, behaved.

The surveillance footage showed, the man who was physically violent was about 5’8, large built, and after Dr. Yen told him he won’t approve the index, he got emotional, started pulling; the neurologist asked him to stop, but the man disregarded the safety of others in the room, swung at the neurologist five times, the neurologist’s glasses got punched to broken, the glasses fell to the floor.  The neurologist cried out angrily, “as a medical professional, we treated our patients, and get beaten up for it!”; because Yen sustained multiple injuries, he had the security accompanied him to call the cops.

the index questionnaire, that the individual must, “fail” on, in order to get approved for hiring a nurse’s aide in this country! Found online

Afterwards, the neurologist, Yen posted on FB, “my nose wasn’t high as it is, I got punched twice, do be careful at work, my fellow doctors!”  based off of understanding, Yen was also certified as an attorney too.

The head of neurology, Chou stated, that awhile ago, as Dr. Yen went on the rounds, he was punched by the family of the patient, sustained multiple injuries on the head, and the face too, Tri-General takes this seriously, will seek out the law to pursuit the perpetrator, and we’re against violence in the hospitals.  In the futures, there will be the warning posts on each of the hospital rooms, “the rules of punishment for medical violence”, to remind the people to NOT physically abuse the medical professionals, to public insult the medical professionals.

Shue told, that the patient’s family behaved irrationally, after the neurologist called the police, the investigators will step in to investigate the matter.

This still is due to how the caretaking system was NOT set up fully, not giving the families of these elderly with the diseases to reduce the stresses of their caretaking, and in this case, the man needed to hire the foreign nurse to help look after his loved ones, but, the loved ones did not qualify, and that just showed, how the standards of hiring for a nurse’s aide may be, too tough, leaving these families in need in the dark, and this individual only got upset, because the burdens of caretaking got the best of him.

It’s still the system that are, failing us all, those families that are in desperate need, still can’t get the help they have to have, to get through the toughest times of their, lives.

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The Laughable Proclamation by the Government on Cracking Down the Scams

The government is still, full of, huffle and, puff, with NO substantial meaning here, and the theories of how they’re going to, CRACKDOWN on the scams, still sound, oh so, musical, but, can it be, applied, effectively???  Hell NO!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections here, translated…

The Executive Department passed the “New Age Anti-Scamming Outline, Version 1.5”, and had the five outlines to follow as guidelines to help the people to work with the government on the crackdown of scams.  It’s funny, if these is real, why not just come up with the version 2.0?  Could it be that the former VP, Chen, who is now, the head of state, was afraid, that he might have, surpassed the former head of state, Su, too much?

What’s funnier, was that “together as one” motto to the “uncombined five”, was way too tongue-twisting and illogical.  The head of state Chen believed, that he could, mix and match any five rules that sounded less tongue-tying, the officials and the people would, follow his, command, and that the scam rings would get scared, and, stop operating?

Bluntly stated, the primary purpose of this “outline” may be the justifications of “investing in $1.3 billion N.T.s”, to extract more money.  Last year, Su used $1.4 billion N.T. of the taxpayers’ money to set up the “National Anti-Scamming Team”, and of them, the “digital department” that’s new was in charge of tackling the source of the scams, and yet, it’d turned in a blank record to date.  Last year, the total sums of scammed cash got up to seven billion dollars N.T. altogether, while the average age of the con artists dropped to 28.5, doesn’t look good.  And now, the government used that tongue-tying motto, and stressed that it’s the “new and improved, advanced” version; but at this time, the higher up of the DDP is completely taxed on the matter of the elections, how can they even have the mind to tackle the scams.

Don’t believe me, the legislature next week, should “quiz” Chen and all the related officials to tackling the scams on the tongue twisters.  The local councils can also check with the local police, to see what they’re doing, who they’d, caught?  If we want to, root up the chances of getting scammed, there should be the curricula in the civics and social studies texts, to teach the kids to learn to differentiate between what’s true and what’s not, to teach them how to become, ethical, citizens.  That way, not only would we be able to better prevent fraud, as these younger generations grow older, they’re, less likely, to work for the scam artist rings too.

And, this is how the DDP government is still so full of BULLSHIT, and the party still runs on motto, and this is too laughable, I mean, how are you, the government officials going to help we the people, to prevent getting scammed, what do we the people need to be careful on, what are the steps of caution we need to take, none of that which is needed information, IS, included in this, latest, propaganda of the DDP government.

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The Department of Education Should NOT Act as the Executioner

How, by taking these, distant-region schools off the “registries”, will only cause the gap grow, wider, and soon you will have the following: the students in the distant regions, becoming ILLITERATES, lacking a viable skill, causing the gaps between the rich and the poor to grow, wider, yet!  This just showed, how the government IS watching out for those who are, really, in need…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the coming on of reduction in birth rate, the enrollment of the private schools are, undergoing, a whole lot of, pressures, the notable technical high school, Gong-Dong Technical High School also got, listed, which caused great debates; the department of education had, disregarded the needs of the distant regions, only offered the stick, but not the, carrot, the way the Department of Education CUT off the support of the school, it way too, brutal.

Due to the impacts of reduced birth rate, to protect the rights of private school teachers and students, the legislature passed the amendment for the private schools to make their exits back in April of 2022.  All school that showed the cleared means of financial troubles, the qualifications of instructors not up to standards, owing the wages, a total of six thins, after the discussions, the confirmations are made, the school will be labeled, as “under counseling”; and if by two years, things hadn’t improved, the school will get, pulled, and everything will be, sold.

The problems of the private schools’ making the exits came from the prevalence of high schools and universities getting set up to operate, the government should shoulder the responsibilities thereof, but, had no plans to assist these school whatsoever; only the means of reprimands, no means of rewarding the excellence of the various schools, and once, the schools get listed, it’s a death penalty, and this was, a never-seen-before, brutality by the Department of Education.

Take Public East Technical High School for example, it was the fourth largest school in Taidong, with the apprenticeship means of training, and, trained countless competitors in carpentry, set up that standard for what technical education should be; let me mention, the makeup of the school’s students, fifty percent of native, twenty of lower economics statuses, the school carried the means of education in the distant regions, but due to the reduction of birthrate, the finances of the school started, not making it, and was listed. 

And so, this article, dissected the reasons W-H-Y, these, private schools are, having, such a, hard time, making it, the declines in birthrate, I mean, come on, who WANTS to pop their babies out, into this, way too, dangerous, and unfitting for children to live in, world?  Exactly, and, the government’s, threatening to SHUT these schools, which are, mostly located in the, distant regions, because they can’t, make the enrollment quota, is only, taking away the RIGHT of students of getting equal standards in education away, and, it still was NOT their faults that they were born, into, the distant regions, to those, families on the, lower end of the, socioeconomic, statuses, and the government is, punishing these students for it, I mean, how’s that, right???

It still, isn’t!  The only way to get this resolved, in by providing more chances of higher quality education to the students in the distant regions, as they are, the “needy”, and in, desperate need, of some government assistance, to give them, that needed “lift”, and the only way we can, overcome our circumstances is through, getting an education, and now, the government is, pulling the plugs, how’s that right???  It isn’t, but hey, that’s what the government here, is doing!  And there’s NOTHING the “voters” can do about it, because, these are the, far, far, FAR away districts, out of the government’s, “backyard”.

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The President’s Office Claimed that Hou Told the Lies, Asked Him to STOP ALL Unnecessary Political Manipulation Means

And the FACTS were: the city of Hsinbei, is the LAST to get the resources that we needed, and, the city officials were, cast OUT of the meetings held by the DDP officials regarding the developments of MERS-CoV from before, and the DDP’s still, LYING through their, teeth!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The spokesperson for the presidential office, Lin stated, that the mayor of Hsinbei, Hou claimed, that
during the pandemic outbreaks, the government never cared about the city of Hsinbei”, but in actuality, in these past three years, the president, Tsai and the vice, Lai had put all their minds in preventing the spread, from personally setting up the communication means, to the various affairs of entire country regarding the defense against the pandemic.

Lin told, that for the past three years, we’d all worked together, beating the pandemic, this is, a part of collective experience of the Taiwanese population, that the country is formally, entering into the post-pandemic era now, that he can understand, that there are the political considerations of the upcoming elections, but, he’d hoped, that the rumors could, stop.

Lin stated, that take for the city of Hsinbei, other than personally calling up the mayor, Hou, the president, Tsai went to the help lines in Banciao, to offer encouragements to the workers on the frontline, and had the national army help with the various services needed, for instance, helping to get the emergency vehicles in Hsinbei to where it needed to go.  Along with the set up of the quarantine hotels, and the sanitizing of the local hospitals, and areas surrounding the quarantine hotels too, that the servicemen and women of the National Military should be, noted.

And so, this, is how the DDP, tried to spin things, and the truth was, that the city of Hsinbei, despite it having the most population, received all the resources it was in dire need of during the major outbreaks the last, because the mayor isn’t the “right color”, and now, the DDP officials stated that “we did NOT play favorites”, and who will believe, this government that’s been, crying WOLF, since the outbreaks started from, what???  THREE whole years ago, was it???

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Unwilling to Ask for Help & Not Wanting to Seek Out Assistance, the Experts Stated: Isolation in the Commonality of the Tragedies of Caretaking

Observations, how those who fell through the cracks, aren’t, covered by the long-term care programs that the government had, set up, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In February of this year, there was a tragedy of three members of the family becoming dried up corpses, the over eighty elderly mother was in charge of taking care of her two sons in their fifties, and her own, demented husband, by the time they were found, the mother and the two sons had been dead awhile.

The secretary of the Family Caretaker Foundation, Chen believed, that a lot of the “8050 Families”, when they are finally noted, the help came, too, late, and these families, don’t dare ask for help, and secondly, didn’t know who to turn to for assistance, thirdly, even if they expressed their needs, their needs may still be, overlooked.  She’d believed, that there are two things that needed to get resolved, for the aging parents who are caretakers to be willing to seek out help from outside.

First, the loosening of the beliefs of society.  Currently, the elderly population feels ashamed, that it’s nothing they want the outside world to know, unwilling to tell their troubles to anyone else.  Chen stressed, that in the past dozens of years, the over a hundred tragedies in caretaking, there are the varied troubles, but all shared one thing—isolation, the “willingness to disclose” thus, became, the very first step, to open the traditional families’ needs.

Chen added, currently, the long-term care resources is by the willingness and the families’ needs, by applications, but, a lot of the families that are in need of assistance, for the time being, are rejected, Chen reminded, that a lot of the families that’s struck my tragedies, they didn’t have the desires to get the resources of long-term care first, and these are the families that are, in more need of cares and concerns the most.

Secondly, the society need to have enough resources to resolve the problems.  There’s a multitude of causes of the eighty-fifty dilemma, if it’s about the caretakers’ life and the burdens of the caretakers, maybe, Long-Term Care 2.0 can offer some help.  But, there are those who are, locked in, unemployed, those matters of helping the middle age group to get their self-confidence back to get themselves out there to get work again, this is entire foreign to the long-term care programs, and, the cases needed to be seen as unique, to devise the individual needs.

Chen stressed, the “Eighty-Fifty” devised by Japan, is the generalized beliefs of analyzing a lot of cases, and the situations, and what happens to the families, the policies that came forth from the analyses, the government in Taiwan isn’t as systematic, nor the accumulations of the data collected, and it’s difficult for the country to set up as well a rounded program of aid, but this problem is happening in the country right now, and the government need to center itself on this matter.

So, this is due to how there’s not enough emotional, social, and economical support for the caretakers, that these tragedies of murder, suicide keeps on happening and this is still due to how we’re living longer by the years here, and, as we live longer, our health conditions are going to get worse and worse, and that, is nothing we have control over, and, the government still lacked a good plan to prevent these sorts of tragedies, despite how it’d boasted about how Long-Term Care 2.0 is set up to help the families in need in this country.


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