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What Role is the C.D.C., Now that the Bans on Our Borders are about to Get Lifted?

Reasons why the CDC still wants to keep on operating, even AS the pandemic became, flu-like, and there’s, no need for its, daily press conferences in front of the press anymore!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the world started, reopening, recently, there were the statements of “so long as the pandemic is under control”, the government will go with the people’s wishes to get the bans lifted.  The MERS-Cov mutated strain is less deadly, but very infectious, the country’s operations should return back to normal, the Department of Welfare Sanitations, the Executive Department, the C.D.C. are all in sync on this , “there’s still a lot the command center needs to accomplish, we’re not out of the wood, yet!”  but the C.D.C. had split on the beliefs with the Department of Transportation twice recently, and, in the times when the bans are about to get lifted, the role of the CDC is, very, misleading.  To prevent the respiratory infectious pandemic like SARS to start back up again, that’s why the amendments gave the rights to the government to quarantine its people, to force us to mask up, and, the C.D.C. under the “special mandates” protections, the head of the C.D.C. can issue or change any of the orders as needed, but now, the contracted are dealing with the means of their own quarantines, there’s, no need for the sake of “controlling the spread of the pandemic” to keep the C.D.C. active.

There are the needs of the means, of the procedural to lift up the bans, but, the CDC, and the tourism department aren’t on the same page.  First, the means of “following up with the quick scan results of those who enter into the country”, the CDC announced that it won’t be tracking the individuals anymore, the Department of Transportation stated that the tour guides will be in charge in following up with the members of the tour groups.  Yesterday, the “operations of tour groups, travel agencies” posted, that the medical costs of treatment or measures of those who returned from travel, the C.D.C. and the Department of Transportation, aren’t on the, same page.

 The director of the C.D.C. Wang explained yesterday, that the four requirements of the CDC being no longer needed are: the total number of contractions, the spread of the moderate to severely symptomatic, if there are the fatal mutated strains, the pandemic becoming flu-like, and if the regular preventive measures can be implemented daily, actually, this is exactly like the detections set up for the flu every year, and there’s still no normalizing the methods for the pandemic.

If the CDC can, help prevent the flu in the means that it doesn’t affect our daily lives, there’s no reason why it can’t do the same for MERS-CoV, and even if the C.D.C. doesn’t dismember for the time being, it should be preparing for its work to end.

And so, apparently, the CDC doesn’t want to get off stage, I mean, it’d hogged the stage, owned the spotlight for what???  Three years so far (right???), and now, as the pandemic became treated like the flu, it wants to, continue to HOG the stage, to NOT let the next “performer” get on, and that’s expected, because the CDC got that taste of ultimate power, of seeing how its mandates, can make all of us, bow down to it, that’s why, now as the pandemic became flu-like, it’s not ready, to turn away, from the spotlight, after all, it’d, hogged the stage, for the last three year, it got addicted to power, attention of all of us, of how it just needed to, holler, and the rest of us, ordinary citizens will, follow its, orders.

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Contracting MERS Overseas for Seven Days, Then People are Allowed to Return Back, Who is Going to Keep Guard Over This

The new, seven-plus-zero, with the HOLES in it!  How the rules of the reduced periods of quarantine is going to BACKFIRE, because, apparently, the government thinks that NOT enough had CONTRACTED MERS-CoV here yet, and surely, this is going to, get the numbers back up, to an, all-time high once more, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

So Long as the Citizens Don’t Quick-Scan Themselves, Don’t Tell Anybody, Nobody Would Know, the Rule of Seven Days After Contractions, Then Returning Back Here is, Set Up Uselessly

The gates of this country is reopening on October 13th, the country is allowing the foreign tours to enter without quarantine; the CDC stated, that if people in this country followed the tours out of country and had been confirmed of contractions, then they would need to stay out of the country for seven whole days before reentry.  But currently, there’s no requirement of a negative PCR when you board the planes from abroad, and starting on the thirteenth of October, there’s no strict rules set of quarantine, allowing the foreign tours to enter without quarantine; the CDC stated, that if people in this country followed the tours out of country and had been confirmed of contractions, then they would need to stay out of the country for seven whole days before reentry.  But currently, there’s no requirement of a negative PCR when you board the planes from abroad, and starting on the thirteenth of October, there’s no PCR tests when you enter into the airports here, there’s NO system of guarding the gates, and besides, if you have the symptoms when you were away out of the country, if you don’t do the scans, or intentionally covered up, nobody here can know, and so, the rules of staying out of the country if you are confirmed of contraction for seven days are, pointless.

People stated, that if they were confirmed of contraction abroad, they had to stay out of the country for seven whole days before they’re, allowed back, they’d had to spend extra to book the hotels, changing the flights, and, if they have the symptoms, they don’t have insurances, and can’t get treated cheaply, they would need to spend a ton of money on healthcare; if you’d contracted away from the country, most would just return back here with the tour groups, if the individuals don’t tell, they don’t do the quick scans, nobody would know, “those who would stay away out of the country for a whole week, and then, return back, they would be, the minorities.”

People stated, that if they were confirmed of contraction abroad, they had to stay out of the country for seven whole days before they’re, allowed back, they’d had to spend extra to book the hotels, changing the flights, and, if they have the symptoms, they don’t have insurances, and can’t get treated cheaply, they would need to spend a ton of money on healthcare; if you’d contracted away from the country, most would just return back here with the tour groups, if the individuals don’t tell, they don’t do the quick scans, nobody would know, “those who would stay away out of the country for a whole week, and then, return back, they would be, the minorities.”

The Head of Transportation, Wang told, that in the past, on the tours, when the members stary showing signs of illness, there were the protocols that the travel agencies followed, “this won’t be a problem”, the tour guides can take the tourists to the hospitals at the country they’re in, and follow the rules of quarantine locally.

And yeah, this is this country’s, being, too eager, to open up the gates, that’s why, the rules are, loosened, and, the results of this would be???  More are going to contract the virus, and more are going to D-I-E, and it’s still because of the government’s, not thinking things through, because everybody here is too @#$T%ING sick of getting locked up for the past TWO years and we can’t, wait to, get out.

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A PARROT that Reads Off of the Screens

How can this be, what we, the people need, in our defense against the spread of MERS-CoV?  It’s not, and yet the CDC here, still does its usual, reporting the numbers, and, other than the purpose of letting we the people know, how many contracted the virus today, how many are asymptomatic, how many severely symptomatic, mild symptomatic, blah-blah-blah, it served absolutely NO other functions!

And yet, we’re still allowing them to, take control over, our lives, with the delays in vaccines (‘cuz Taiwan can HELP, my ASS!!!), to the running short of the test kits, and (Taiwan can HELP!), the government is still, quite delusional, STUCK in that mindset of, wow, we’re, ahead, ‘cuz we got all those masks provisions for the rest of the outside world, crack up them factory units, and start, manufacturing that SHIT!

what the CDC two o’clock press conferences daily is, composed of here!!!

“Paulie wants a………oh yeah, a CRACKER!!!”

Through all of this, the C.D.C. still just, reads off of that T.V. in front of it, stating, how many new contractions, how many died, how many of the newly contracted are mildly symptomatic, how many are, asymptomatic, blah-blah-blah, and, the head of the CDC (off with HIS head again!!!) still stands under that god damn SPOTLIGHT like his, predecessors, in front of that god damn MIC, getting his, three-minutes of attention under that god damn, “spotlight”.

And that would be how this Taiwanese government, IS dealing with the pandemic.  Believe me when I say, it would be a hell of a LOT, entertaining, putting those, bobblehead figures right in front of those mics, and, tap on the heads…….well, look on the, BRIGHT side: at LEAST the CDC can still R-E-A-D.



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The Man Who’d Stalked the Woman & Threatened to Go Public with the Intimate Photos Gets Four Months after Being Caught

The “magic” of the anti-stalking laws still, “in effect” here, so, this ex got???  NOT long enough if you ask me, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former temp from the city government of Taoyuan, Lee started dating a female coworker last year, became upset that she wanted to break up with him, threatened her for an entire month, and showed her the secretly filmed sex footages that they had together, threatened that he will leak it out, and told her to “finish yourself off”.  The Taoyuan District Court found that he’d impacted the woman’s mental and physical wellbeing, considered how he’d plead guilty to the charges, and had deleted the footage, sentenced him to four months on obstruction of privacy, obstruction of freedom, this can be appealed.

The investigations found, that the forty-four year-old Lee and his ex were both once temps for hire at the city government of Taoyuan, Lee became upset of how the woman told him she wanted to break up, and blocked all his calls, at 8:24 in the morn on April 27th, he’d started flash calling her at work, threatened her to quit, claimed, “if you don’t listen, then, I will have someone go to your home, and guard your place from morning until late”, demanded the woman “move away from Bade at the end of April”, otherwise, he will post the articles, disclosing their intimate relationship to the world, even posted the photos of them having sex together online.

As Lee hung up, the threats in texts came repeatedly, and seeing how the victim didn’t respond, he’d sent the GIF files of the two of them at the motel, threatened, “do you want it in high-def”, and that was when the woman was shocked, in realizing, that she’d been, filmed, without her consent.

Lee continued with his threats until the end of May, other than threats to spread the photos and footages, he’d also mentioned of killing her and committing suicide afterwards, told the victim to kill herself, and other words, the victim finally couldn’t stand it any longer, and called the cops.

After Lee was arrested, he’d admitted to harassing the woman, deleted the footage that he’d shot without her consent, and as the preparations for trial started, he’d written his confessions of what he did; the courts criticized that he should respect the woman as they were exes, but instead, he’d used verbal threats, and made the woman live in fear.  Lee was sentenced to two months for secretly taping of the private matters, and of the privates of the body, the threats on the woman, he was given three months, and he will be serving a total of FOUR months at least in prison.

This is, if not, just that slap on the wrist of this, loser who got upset that the woman broke up with him, and guess what’s gonna happen, after he is, released, he will surely, find a wat to “get back in touch” with his victim, and start, threatening her, harassing her, because losers like this one, they just, can’t learn well enough at all, and, besides, four SHORT months, is too lenient, as he has a chances of, becoming a repeated offender, to every single woman he will be dating, and selected to break up with him.

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Inconsistent about What He is Saying, How Can the Director of the C.D.C. be Trustworthy Enough?

The CDC is now, the DDP’s, privately owned, campaign machine, losing THE professionalism that it should have, but hey, what can you expect, it’s the DDP that’s, leading THIS god damn country, to HELL right now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The executive department had signed off on the two stages of opening up the gates to this country yesterday, but, way before the news, there’d been multiple versions of the dates of opening up our gates, Wang, the director of the CDC, rushed to announce on the radio the plans of the day of implementing the “zero plus seven” before the Executive Department’s announcements of, and, after the discussion forums of the executive department, his statement, changed, again, so, which one should we believe, and how do we place our trust in a CDC that’s, inconsistent on its, announcements?

As Wang was in the seat of the head of the C.D.C., he’d called out that the CDC will “do away with the party politics, to serve the people”, and yet, as he came to office, he’d not set the new rule, but just, followed his predecessor, every time there’s a major news, he’d, told it first to the specific media press.

The “zero-plus-seven” had been the policy that’s long awaited on by the people and the businesses, as, many of the smaller enterprises had fallen out on the doorsteps of the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.  And yet, Wang continued to be inconsistent on when the borders of this country will reopen, and today, it’s, “end of September”, tomorrow, “at the start of October”, then in a few days, “quite unlikely for the upper half of October!”

Chuang the spokesperson for the CDC confirmed the “schedules of opening up the borders” that started getting passed out online, and there’s the suspicions of how this got leaked out on purpose, to test which way the wind will blow.  Yesterday before the meeting at the legislature, Wang “coincidentally” went to the interviews at a certain radio station.

The very first time the head of the C.D.C. responded to the exact date of the country’s opening its gates, it wasn’t at the press conference at the C.D.C., but at a specific, radio programming.  The major policies, the head offices needed to slip out the news to the side wings first?  Not only does this show a total loss of authority, but, it’d, embarrassed the professionalism of the public health scholars completely.

Wang’s calling to keep politics separated from the defense against MERS-CoV, and yet, as Chen’s having troubles with his campaign, he’d, rushed to host a press conferences, to hopefully, gain the support of the voters for Chen’s mayoral candidacy.  Do we the people, really, need this sort of a CDC that’s, leaning toward the political party in power?  Or, do we just, tune in to the underground radio stations at eight every morn, to hear the latest on the news of the newest of the pandemic from this, “underground media”?

And so, the CDC is now, the campaign machine for the DDP’s using, and that’s, just bad, because, the CDC is supposed to be neutral, with the sole goal of helping the country defend against the spread of MERS, and now, it’d become, this, tool for the former head of the CDC, Chen, to work as a campaign motto, and if that’s not abusing power, I don’t know what would be!

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Asking for the Death Penalty & Eliminating it, are Both, the Emperor’s New Clothes

Observations of the recent murder of police officer, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It took only SIXTEEN short days, to close the case on the dual-deaths of officers in Tainan killed in the line of duty, the D.A. asked for the death sentence for the murderer, this was the second case of the district attorney’s asking for the punishments of death penalty of the major crimes after the execution-style murders in Nantou, but, this was ironic, against the president, Tsai’s claims of “so long as we set up a protective security net in the society, then, we no longer need to threaten the criminals with the death penalty anymore”, the government’s ambiguousness of the values of whether or not to do away with the death penalty, is exactly WHAT cause the debates of death penalty.

The cases of the two police officers being murdered in Tainan had gotten the debates of death penalty all around recently, the government’s shift towards doing away with death penalty is clear, but, toward the broiling of the people’s opinions, the higher up government officials are evading their responsibilities thereof, which made the outside world believed, that if death penalty is still in place, then, it can resolve all the problems of violence in this society of ours.

As people feel more and more upset over the matter, the two cases where death penalty would be proper by the Tainan and Nantou D.A.’s Offices, all used the large volumes of news to declare why the death penalty is absolutely needed: there were the clear and precise descriptions of how the cruel measures of the murderers being used, stressing the seriousness of the murders, that without death, justice can not be served.  This seemingly was to soothe the people’s mind, to respond back to the needs of the public opinions, but it is more like the “emperor’s new clothes”, the means to deceit the ordinary people of this country.

The two consecutive cases of asking for the death penalty, most of the legal experts believed, that the courts would swiftly arrive at the decisions of death penalty, like how there are still thirty-eight death row inmates currently, awaiting their, executions, the head of department of justice, Tsai claimed that there’s the rules of “cases not reviewed over by the grand justices can’t assign the death penalties to” clause, and yesterday, toward the D.A.’s asking for the death penalty again, he’d read off the scripts again, that if the verdict of death is warranted, then, the strict rules of evaluation would be employed, afterwards, the death penalty shall be, carried out.  Translated to plain words: we may not execute anyone.  Using these words, does the justice department think, that laypersons such as we, are easily, fooled?

Seeing how Tsai, the president had already declared, that so long as the system of the country is set up safe enough, if we have a complete social security net, then, we no longer need to threaten the murderers with death penalty.  Then, why can’t the government set the society to be safe enough, so we can live in an environment, without the NEEDS to have the death penalty as a punishment for the criminals?  And, why does the government on the one hand stated that death penalty can’t scare the criminals from not committing the crimes, and stressed how, death penalty is the only way that justice would be served, for the victims?

And, we the people, are living under this, ambiguousness of the country’s not ridding itself of death penalty completely, with the lacking of the existence of death penalty, it’s a wonder, we’re all, so, confused, and harder for we the people to trust the system of justice.

And so, this is how the DDP uses their ambiguous statements, to try and fool the people into believing that hey, they’re doing something about this matter, when they’re actually, just giving the people the runaround, because that is what this DDP government does the best, with Tsai at the helm, leading the rest of her party members.

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Failed in Getting His Ex to Take Him Back, the Horrid Lover Ambushed & Attacked Her

And this government still prides itself, on having the one of the MOST “advanced” anti-stalking laws on the planet here???  Give ME a break!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Chen suspected of not getting his ex-girlfriend, Yeh to take him back, his love toward her turned to hate, yesterday, he’d ambushed around the Nankang Software Industrial Park where Yeh works, chased after her with a machete, attempted to hack her down, and used a rope to strangle her, the police were notified, and rushed over, Yeh sustained four hacks on her body, rushed to the hospital, she’s not in critical condition currently, Chen sustained the slashes on his hand, was taken to the hospital under police custody, he will be charged with attempted murder.

The police investigated, the forty-year-old Chen and the twenty-nine-year-old Yeh had broken up for about four months, he’d texted her repeatedly to get her back, later on, he’d started texting the threatening messages to her; Yeh works as an accountant for a company at the Nankang Software Industrial Park, she had been stopped by Chen, as he wanted to talk to her about breaking up, she finally had it with his harassing her, on the 26th of this month, she’d gone to the substation and reported him on domestic violence, and filed for a temporary restraining order, and it hadn’t been passed down yet.

At around 11:30 yesterday, Chen drove to Sanchong Road, Hsinming Street intersection next to the software industrial park, waited outside of a super convenience shop in his car, at around one in the afternoon, he saw Yeh on foot, going to get her lunch, he got the machete in hand, got out of his car, and, cut into her abdomen, Yeh fell to the ground, started screaming, Chen started hacking at her like crazy, and the act of hacking her down took around one minute.

As a passerby saw, the individual immediately called police, and stopped Chen with an umbrella, Yeh took the advantage to get away, ran into the breakfast shop opposite of the street, Chen chased after her in, with a knife in one hand, the other on her neck, strangling her; the three officers from the local subprecinct arrived, pulled out their guns, hollered, “Drop the knife!”, “Get on the ground!”, as Chen tossed his knife he was subdued, pinned to the floor, his shirt was covered in blood.

Yeh sustained a total of four knife wounds, on her left abdomen, the lower of her left ear, and her right forearms, was rushed to the hospital by the paramedics.  During the attack, Chen slashed his own left hand, the police escorted him to the hospital, he’d not said a single word, because he sustained the nerve ending damages from his own cutting himself, he’d needed the surgery and the hospitalization, the police hadn’t gotten the chance to interrogate him yet.

At the preliminary inquiries, the police asked about the backgrounds, their relationship, the motives of his going after the woman, Chen remained silent.  The police found, that Chen had no criminal records on file, but had harassed the victim repeatedly, and they’re looking at the “horrid lover” who’d committed the attempted murder.

So, this is how well the amendment that got signed, at the end of June or start of July with the means to stop the horrid lovers worked, not at all that well, because the police always comes too late, and, unless you’re, escorted by the police, everywhere you go, there would be chances that these people who felt upset over the breakups will come after you, and, restraining orders still does SHIT, just look at all those, previous cases, the restraining orders, always come, too little, too late.

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Forty-Percent of Contraction Rate in the Long-Term Care Facilities, the Nursing Homes No Longer DARED Taking in New Residents

In time of crises, this, is when the policies gets, tested, and, they all went, BUST, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Burned on Both Ends of the Outbreak, & the Shortage of Employees, the Heaviness of Burden of Care Returned Back to the Families, & There’s the Case of the Elderly Woman Who’s Demented Getting Abandoned by Her Own Next-of-Kin

Up to last week, there’s been close to forty-percent of residents in the long-term care facilities who’d contracted MERS-CoV as the virus started taking over the residents of the nursing homes locally, with the death rate of 2.6-percent.  Although the government provided the free quick scan kits, hoping to get the contracted residents of nursing homes found in time, to get them treated, to administer the medications, but, a lot of the facilities are on edge, due to the last wave of pandemic, they’d already set up their own policies of “not taking the new residents”, which puts the burdens of caretaking back to the families.

The C.E.O. of Long-Term-Care Development Association, Yu stated that “the facilities can’t withstand any cases of contraction now”, that the facilities are still operating on the “clearing all the cases” mode, because of the last few waves of spread of contraction, when someone contracts, not only the health of the elderly get impacted, there would be the limited manpower too, although they’d set up the systems now, but, the nursing homes are conservative over taking in the new residents, and they would normally wait until the last contracted elderly gets out of quarantine, then, considering taking in more new residents.

Yu told, that the rules now, is that the residents on the day of admitting in, if they have a negative scan result, then they will be admitted, and yet, a lot of the facilities raised up the restrictions, demanded that the prospect residents have a two-days negative PCR test.  This restriction had upset the families, before the elders get placed into the homes, there were the problems surfacing.

And, the loss of personnel to look after the elderly population also caused the lacking in motivations for the nursing homes to take on new residents.  The C.E.O. of Taiwan Nursing Home Foundation, Chou stated, that in recent years, the employees are attracted by the benefits of the policies of Long-Term Care 2.0, and started becoming the homecare provider workers, causing the nursing homes to become reliant on the foreign nurses’ aides, and the outbreaks had caused the people to not come to Taiwan to work.  Lacking in the help, even if the nursing homes wanted to take on more residents, they don’t dare, and in the end, it’s still the families of the elderly who needed around the clock care who end up suffering the most.

Chen of the R.O.C. Home Caretaker Foundation stated, that the cases of residents are now, affected by the outbreaks, becoming ever the more unstable, a lot of the families are on their own to come up with the means that worked, and recently, there’d been a wave of “deserting the elderly”.

A younger woman needed to care for her demented elderly mother, and her two young physically handicapped children at the same time, but because she’d not qualified for the low-income assistance, she was stressed out by the pressures of economics, and it’d forced her to run away from her responsibilities of caring for her young and her own mother, and in the end, social services stepped in, placed the two children, and, put the elderly demented mother into the daycare programs.

Chen believe, that the outbreaks of MERS-CoV only made the problems in long-term care in the country more apparent, as there’s the lacking of foreign nurses’ aides, could the nursing homes make up for it, we need to speed up on the preparations.

Wu of the assistant department manager of long-term care of the Department of Social Welfare stated, that the workers’ number in the residential nursing homes, the caretakers are currently stable, but, encouraging that the long-term care can use the higher wages, working with the nursing programs of universities, to attract the workers.  And suggested that the families use the long-term care program for the at-home care, or the community-oriented care programs, and that they can use the resources from the care point of long-term care families as well.

And, to sum all of this up: the country’s long-term care policies are a bust, because, when the crises come, there’s NOT enough manpower, to offer the cares needed to these demented elderly populations in the local communities, and it all started at the very start, because the systems hadn’t gotten set up properly, and they’re still, testing the waters on this, that’s why, as MERS-CoV hits, all the problems, came out!

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The National Defense of the Stone Age

Whatever happened to, “Don’t bring a knife to a, GUN fight???”, oh right, the government here didn’t get that, “memo” yet!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Executive Department passed the budgets for the government next year, with over four hundred billion dollars N.T., an all-time historical, high.  But, the Er-Dan Island of Kinmen had been breached recently by the drones operated by civilians, and the army stationed there can only throw the rocks to chase it away.  The government threw down wads of cash to buy the weapons, and yet, the servicemen on the frontline of defense only have the rocks they pick up close by their hands to use, so odd!

what they’re, using!

photo from online

The calls of defying China came repeated, the country bought the arms, the weapons from the U.S. endlessly, but, what had the government led by Tsai added in equipment to the national armies?  Based off of the observations of the military of Er-Dan Island, throwing the rocks at the drones, had it not been the Chinese locals who’d posted the videos online, we here still had no clue of how loosely armed our army is, how we’re still, in the, “Stone Ages” of weaponry.  Recently, Mazu kept getting harassed by the drones and unknown aircrafts from across the strait, and the military can only use the “flare signals” to ward them off; but, the Er-Dan army base didn’t even have that.

The Department of Defense announced, that by next year, the “Drone defense system” will be “awarded”, that it will allot the given assets to the external islets to use.  See that, if we can only use the “equipment of tomorrow”, to cope with “what’s going on in the now”, how are we to win?  The communist aircrafts flying over our aerial border is now, the norm, plus, the locals of China kept using the drones to harass us, taxing out the energies of the national military.  Toward the more frequently occurring harassment, if the Tsai government doesn’t even provide the equipment needed, and continued using that old-school means of defense measures, not amending the ways, how do we keep the fighting spirits of the national army up?

From the recent murders of the police, people learned, that as the officers went out in pursuit of the escaped convicts, they didn’t even get allotted with a gun.  From how the army base on Er-Dan throwing the rocks to “chase off” the drones, people finally realized, how bad it is, to go to war without the right sort of equipment.  I pray that the government led by Tsai, answer us: why is it, that you’d, thrown so much money on buying up the weaponries, and the frontline army bases are still, not having enough, fire power to defend themselves?

versus what we have available to the military here!

see the major differences??? Photo from online

And so, this just showed, how the government is misusing the military defense allocation amount, not giving the servicemen on the frontlines the right sort of weapons to defend us, because this government of the DDP is still full of BULLSHIT, it’s just full of hot air, and now, the hot air’s let out, and what’s left would be, something that’s, totally, deflated!

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The Two Major Shows of the DDP Importing the Pork with Ractopamine from the U.S., the Broken Down False Promises of the Vaccines

How despite the countries in European Union had put that ban on ractopamine, this country still imported the pork with it, to please the U.S., disregarding the health of the people living in this god DAMN country, the DDP’s abuse of we the people continues for, another, “chapter” here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On August 28th, 2020, the more than 160 countries of the EU had prohibited the use of ractopamine, and even the three major pork providers in the U.S., to not lose the markets in Europe, had also, done away with using the drug, to suck up to Trump in his reelection, Tsai went against the people’s wills, took the means of taking over the legislature with the masses for five days four nights, to prohibit the imported poisoned American pork in 2012, how the heads of the party stated that they required the ZERO content ractopamine in pork, and suddenly, things got flopped, the DDP swiftly announced the import of pork with ractopamine from the U.S.

After the announcements, the head of state, Su, the head of department of health welfare & sanitations, Chen, became the spokespersons for the imports.  The of State, Su claimed, “you need to ingest thirty-two pieces of the American imported pork with ractopamine nonstop for a whole decade, then, you will be harmed.”; Chen also stated, that he was willing to eat the pork with ractopamine for three whole months straight.  And they had, sacrificed the safety and welfare of health of the people to suck up to the U.S., this was never before seen.  But the sacrifices of Taiwan didn’t bring any physical benefits.  The country had originally believed, that it could get Taiwan into the TIFA agreement talks, but for two years on end, nothing, and we’d only gotten the webcam conferences of TIFA last year between this country and the U.S., the BTA is, still too far off.

And now, the claims of Taiwanese-American 21st Century Trade Agreement can’t replace BTA, especially when the government by last June announced that Taiwan is not a zone of foot-and-mouth disease, but the government didn’t ask U.S. to import the pork from Taiwan, made it that the pork here can’t be exported to the U.S. but the pork with ractopamine from the U.S can get in, a lose-lose for us.  Chen stated, that allowing for imports of ractopamine pork is something that can get us higher up in status internationally, and not known that these policies had damaged the people here.

After the messes in the vaccine purchases, going against the scientific, the ethics in medicine, ignoring the advices of the expert professionals, under the leadership of Tsai, giving up on the professionalism and conscience, pushed through the vaccines of Medigenvac.  The Department of Sanitation Health & Welfare had gone all the way in on its own, signed the five million dose purchasing order from Medigenvac, and people should doubt the motives.

Based off of the FDA of the U.S., the vaccines that were allowed to pass the emergency usage orders, needed to pass through the stage three clinical trials, and stated that the immunobridging methods are still debatable, that there’s no way scientifically to find a replacement for the stage three trials.  And, the W.H.O. approved vaccines all had thirty to forty people as samples for the drug trial studies, and the Novavax vaccines that’s been noted as most effective had a total of 29,960 people in the trial studies, the clinical trials of Medigenvac are about only a tenth of the stage three trials of the internationally approved vaccines.  The Department of Health Welfare &Sanitations had NO conscience, no professionalism, approved the not-yet matured Medigenvac vaccines for the people to use, and, the government’s murdering the people doesn’t stop there.

As the country is ruled by authoritarian leaders, everything goes wayward, while Tsai wanted to build up the techniques to provide for the buildup of the country’s capabilities, also went bust due to how Medigenvac couldn’t get the approvals internationally, so tragic.

And so, this still just showed, how the DDP government puts the people’s lives in danger, by allowing for the imports of unsafe food items, passing the EU for the untested vaccines to be used on the people here, the government is murdering the people, and we the people are still, allowing the DDP to murder us all, are you just, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) retarded, or are we just, plain, STUPID!

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