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The Laws Which are, a Step Behind the Scam Artists, the Fake Play on Tackling the Problems of Scams in the Country?

Listen to the DDP government, BULLSLHITTING we the people again, hadn’t we had, enough???  Apparently, N-O-T!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The government announced in July of last year, that it will set up the “team of experts to tackle fraud”, but, the setting up of the system is slow to form, can’t catch up to the innovative scam means devised by the scam artist rings; the conditions of fraud and scams in this country continued worsening, the head accounts, the virtual currencies, the electronic pay, and other forms money laundering are happening all around us, there were the deaths of the jobseekers losing their lives after the scam groups forcibly abducted them, and, it’d made us wonder, that the “team of experts to tackle the frauds”, are “faking it”.

The virtual currencies became a primary method of money laundering now, and the heads called themselves currency traders to dodge arrest, this is primarily due to how there’s the lack of management means for the virtual currencies, that you are not required to have the licensures to trade virtual currencies, the government should get more active in keeping an eye on these, and now allowed the “unlicensed” currency traders to do business, or to trade outside the markets.

Also, the investigations aren’t easy either, the communications app, the social networking sites being prevalent nowadays, the police can’t catch the bad behaviors and to review the data they suspected in time, the drafts of the technology investigations legislature is planning to use the trojan horses to collect the evidence from the internet, to close in on the criminal acts, but with the society still doubting the efficacies, the drafts of this act hadn’t passed yet.

hey, look on the, “bright” side, at least, we didn’t, go RED in the, alerts, we’re only still, only, YELLOW level here! Yay us!!! Map from online

Japan, China set up laws to punish the holders of the accounts who’d allowed the scam rings to use their accounts; Italy pushed forth the information sharing of telecommunications company with the banks, to enforce the accounts and cell phone verification means; there are now, a lot of other European nations that are allowing for the equipment end to keep tabs on the communications.  Now, look at Taiwan, what had we done?  Government announced that it will break up the frauds, the scam rings, what’s the efficacy of that?  We the people, are still, waiting to find out.

And so, we are still, johnny-come-lately, just like how we were slow in tackling the issues of MERS-CoV, we are, too far, far, FAR behind the rest of the world’s major countries in cracking down the scam artist rings, and this government still made us a ton of empty promises, with NO means, no ways of, enforcing the laws, to ENSURE the safety of our personal data from getting stole and misused by the scam artists here.

Thus, turning this god DAMN island, into, a HAVEN for the scam artists.  Well, look on the bright side, at least, that would, put US on the maps for that!

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Why Does it Matter, Who I, Love???

Unfortunately, we, do NOT have the right to decide, WHO it is that we want to, be in love with, despite how “openminded” this world is, becoming here…

Why does it matter, WHO I, love???  I mean, I can love someone, who’s the same sex as I am, I know I’m, entitled, to fall in love, just like, that “next guy or gal”.

Why does it matter, who I, love???  And, when is it, anybody’s business WHO I am in love with, huh?  Who I am with (I’m still “with STUPID” here!!!), is nobody’s business, but, my.

photo from online

Why does it matter, who I, love???  Because the world assigned us, into its own, expected gender specifications, and yeah, so what IF, there are, now the laws that passed to allow for people of the same sex to be married, that still doesn’t mean, that this group of us, who are, different compared to the rest of the “general publics” (and, how’s that defined???).

Why does it matter, who I, love?  I can be a man, in love with man and woman, I can be, a man, in love with another man, or a woman, in love, with, another woman, or, someone who just loves, NO humans, and the pets, if I so choose!

So, whoever the @#$% (maxed out!) I choose to love, is, entirely UP to ME to, decide, the law has NO say in it, the family does NOT have a say in it, the society, the outside world (outside of my own, physical presence) has NO say in it, and that, is, that!

And no, still NOT an, “advocate” of LGBT rights here.  But right to live our own lives, HOW we choose….

Just so we’re, clear, I LOVE, four-legged, wagging tail, wet noses, the ones I can train to respond to my commends of SIT, STAY, good boy, now, fetch “mommy” her pink bunny slippers sort of a “gal” here.

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Weighing the Individual Right to Have Sex with Whoever One Chooses More than Rights of Spouse?

What the @#$% is this?  So now, we can go and FUCK (so???) whoever we want to, no matter if the one we’re sleeping with is married, or not, and it wouldn’t matter IF we’re, married or not either…how the amendment that “zoomed in” on individual rights IS FUCKING (so???) up the “institution” of “marriage”, and yes, it’s still MY personal belief, that those of YOU who wants to get married, SHOULD be, “institutionalized” still…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Extramarital Affairs Gained the Minority Supports to Fight, the Courts: Based Off of Individual Interpretations

The female judge of the Taipei District Courts had ruled that spousal rights aren’t protected by the constitution, ruling that the law guarantees “the freedom of sexual acts”, found the other woman not guilty; the man, Yeh took Liu, the other woman to a motel, and he was sued by his own wife for $600,000N.T.s, the man and the other woman used the claims that they should have the sexual freedoms to fight the charges, but the Taichung District Courts found, that the verdict was based off of the particular court justice’s own interpretation of the law, that it’s NOT the long-term ruling, found Yeh and Liu guilty of adultery, that they both will pay the wife of Yeh $200,000N.T.s.

Yeh’s wife stated, that Liu took the advantage of working with her husband, got between them, last year in March she was at home, caring for her children, her husband used the excuse of a business trip, took Liu by car to a motel in Nantou, that they’d had sexual intercourse there, that they’d both infringed her right as his spouse, she’d sued her husband and Liu for $600,000N.T.s.

Yeh fought the charges, stated, that “the rights of the spouse” isn’t a “written right” in law, that it’s a concept of practical means, and that the legislations of “sexual decision rights” should trump the spousal rights, so, adultery isn’t a crime at all, not mentioning, how it’d not, broken the law of, marriage, that he and Liu had gone to a motel, but they’d not had sexual intercourse, that his wife had NO basis to sue him.

and now, even AS you’d, caught your spouses (1@a time!) doing this with another, you still can’t SUE, because adultery is DECRIMINALIZED!!! Photo from online

Liu also said, that there’s already questions in the country’s beliefs about spousal rights, Yeh and his wife’s relations hadn’t been a husband and a wife’s means of interactions, that their relationship was broken long before she got involved.

The courts found, that Yeh and Liu’s behaviors, not considering the fact that they went to a motel together, but, based off of social norm, it’d clearly, exceeding the normal friendships interactions, found that Yeh’s spousal right was, infringed, that Yeh’s using that his marriage with his wife being broken already, to justify his sleeping with Liu, considering the occupation of both, and the incomes they bring in, the courts found that Yeh and Liu need to pay Yeh’s wife $200,000N.T.s.

Yeh and Liu fought the verdict, that the defining of whether or not a marriage is well is subjective, that this wasn’t a guaranteed right of the law, that even if it’s protected by law, the individuals’ sexual rights should get prioritized over the spousal rights; but the Taichung District Court found, that the ruling was based off of the individual court judge’s interpretations of the particular law, that it’s based off of the personal opinions of the judge, that it’s NOT a long-term practical belief.

And so, this, would be the outcomes of the country’s legalizing adultery, by decriminalizing adultery, because now, two consenting adults can FUCK, with a total disregard of how they may have damaged the rights of their own, individual, spouses (if they have them!), and this is just SHIT!

And yeah, marriage IS, that, “institution, that EVERYBODY checks out of, that way, we can all, fuck whoever the hell we so choose, no strings attached, and this is the mess that comes after the country’s decriminalizing the act of, adultery, some years ago…

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The Headless Horseman of the House

PUSH, PUSH, just, ONE more, PUSH, “honey”, and “we’re” (what do you mean “WE”, as I’m the one, doing ALL the work here!!!), almost, there…

And yet, NOTHING “popped out” of the “birthing process” of the SPEAKER of the HOUSE of the U.S.  So, the House is now, “ruled” by, the HEADLESS, horseman (from Sleepy Hollow???).  And, as the HEADLESS horseman takes that “throne”, you can imagine, how the brainless (‘cuz there’s NO head, so how can there be, a BRAIN???) policies that will be passed by the House from here on out.

what the Congressional meetings will look like, from here on, out, or until, a Speaker of the House “pops” out…photo from online

The Headless Horseman of the House, well, it’s like those, ANARCHIE, only, that the people who live under NO rules of the government  will start by, pillaging, robbing each other, and then, they will eventually (don’t ask me how long that’ll take, ‘cuz, I still, wouldn’t, know here!) realize, HEY, I need to keep MY hands to my self, otherwise, I end up, screwing  MY self over, and that’s, not good, and then, they eventually BEHAVES, but this is a political machine we’re talkin’ ‘bout here, and, it won’t work that way, because, there’s, he complexities of the various SECTS of the party, those noises that are, hidden underneath, that grows, louder, louder, louder AND louder yet, and, the government system of the U.S. is still, #$@%ED (yeah, I know, I know, I, “maxed out” already!) up.

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Trapped by Their Own Vice: Not Giving the Tax Refunds, the DDP Scores a Zero for Politics, Giving the Tax Refunds, the Grade for the Policies: Zero, the Hallucinogens of Refunding Back the Taxes to the People, Became a Game of Bids

How the god damn party ran around in circles, like those performing clowns that KICKED their own asses, to try and ENTERTAIN the people, and now, we get our, sizable (or maybe not!) TAX refund back to our own separate, bank accounts, and we’re all supposed to sing the song of gratitude toward how the DDP gave the money that was originally OURS back?  Yeah uh, what are we, STUPID???  And maybe, we (collectively speaking), the people, ARE, stupid, who knows???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the evaluations of why they’d lost most of the mayoral posts in the country, the once most-proud value of “communications” is one of the key factors of why the DDP lost.  And, the economy is the pandemic, will be one of the most important obstacle that the party needs to face this year, but, how is the $450 billion N.T.s that’s collected overboard in cash be used, got lost in the strong-effects of the “Giving out the Cash” remedies.  What’s regrettable is, as the party in power and the party not in power solicited the populist way to resolve this, this first in Taiwanese history’s refunding the taxes back in cash to the people became, a microcosm of the development of Taiwanese democracy, which explains why Taiwan is still, at the lowest of the totem poles, a populist democracy.

The reason for the excessive taxes being collected this year, it’s due to the taxes paid by the people being overboard, due to inflation, causing the earnings of the shops to make more money, and the taxes these businesses pay, are also higher too, we’re the ones, paying for this, using the sums to lower the costs of the goods we need, to get the energy cost rebates, that may be more fitting to the values of the means of economics.  but, the decisions to hand out the cash to all, there’s no open discussion, and it’s all done behind the curtains, where we can’t see, covering up the professional opinions with the politics in considerations.

From the higher up officials of national security meetings, the speech by the president on New Year’s, to Su’s announcing the cash refunds, but yesterday, the DDP announced that every citizen will get $6,000N.T.s., in order to save their own reputations, the DDP publicly pressured the higher up offices.  But, when the KMT talked about this, they’d only mocked the DDP, “With our efficiency, ww can get the rebates out to everybody before the New Year’s”, like they’re, any, better, for the sole purpose, of open up, another, battlefield before the New Year’s.

As inflation hit us hard post-pandemic, all the business are, suffering, there’s no government agencies that zoomed in on the resolves of helping those industries on the verge of falling to nothing, but instead, the party “spread out the cash” first, to attract all of our, attentions.


I did say, “please!” Photo from online

And the development of the events thus, is the results of the DDP’s collectively bribing the voters, and their own, short-sightedness.  As nobody wants to be the bad guy, with the foresights, an eye on the futures, everybody wanted to use the cheapest ways, to suck up to the voters.

To the DDP, politically, if they don’t hand out the cash, they get a ZERO for their political performance; and, if they give out the cash, they will receive that goose egg for their policies; to the KMT, getting the cash out makes everybody happy, why would they want to bring troubles on their selves.  The parties take what they needed, which turned this first cash refund in the country’s history into, “selling to the highest bidder” at the auctions.  No matter if the small party’s calling out to how the collection of the taxes in excess had lost its functions, or how the money should be put to use to care for those who are truly in need, it all got lost, in the loudness of the, fireworks.

And so, to save their own skins, the DDP announced the refunds of our taxes back, instead of printing out those spending vouchers, which is an added cost to our (taxpayers’) money, and, they are only doing this, because they got cornered, because it’d been a hard year, with MERS-CoV’s, nth mutation, and people are already DEAD, with the past two years’ whatever we needed to defend ourselves, we didn’t get it provided FOR us in the time being, and, this is, the DDP’s, beginning to, make up for what they’d done, and we the people, AREN’T, buying it.

We are the ones paying the taxes, the government collected too much, and of course, the money should GET direct-deposited back, into, our own, accounts, and yet, the DDP ran around in circles, and circles, and circles (and maybe more circles, who knows???), then, the gavel comes down: We are refunding the TAXES back, in C-A-S-H, back to you, the people.

Case Closed!

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Who Chooses Between Shame & War

The words coming out of this god damn BOBBLE head, still does NOT get run through her head first here, the blabbing of the president of this country, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’d been, 745 days, the President, Tsai finally, came in front of the press, and, she seemed a bit, ill-prepared, believed that the reporters are asking too many, questions.  She’d told the press to not rush, that this would NOT be the only opportunity they will have to ask her the questions.  As the online community see this segment of the interviews, they’d all chimed out loud, “if we don’t ask now, we won’t ever, get, another, chance again!”

Certainly, asking a question directly toward the president, it’s, next to, impossible, and, it’s even harder, for her, NOT to, beat around the bushes.  Like how on this day, she’d finally, spoken out loud, and for most of the responses to the press’s inquiries, she’d, slurred through her responses, or that she would, quote someone else.  On the matter of elongating the service terms, she’d told, “we need to be prepared to ready ourselves for war”, this does NOT work, because we the people see the government, in preparation for war, but not trying to, evade from it, and, more times, the government is, BEGGING for war, and kept pushing China.  And, on this mean, how would the lengthening of the service terms to a whole year, be enough?

the servicemen, running the drills! Photo from online

Tsai knew she’d lacked the persuasive means, and quoted Churchill to help her out, “before being shamed and going to war, if wee choose being shamed, we still have to face up to war after the shames”.  Problem being, Churchill blurted these words out EIGHTY years ago, who wants the options of picking between shame and war?  In the harder times from before, Taiwan passed through the cannons firing of the August 23rd back in 1958; and now, finally, there’s, peace between us and China, the president, Tsai made us pick between war and shame, what sort of a god damn logic is this?

Tsai’s quote, was used before in March by Su, her head of state; back then, they were talking over the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict in the legislature, hoping, that the people on this land, will be willing, to fight to protect our own, territory.  This is BULLSHIT, living in a free country, which citizens of Taiwan doesn’t love this, country?  The younger generations, yeah, they can go to the battlefields to fight, sure, but, the leaders needed a better sense of, direction first, which country’s leader asks the people to choose between taking in the shame, and war?

And so, the literariness of this god DAMN DICTATORSHIP stopped making sense to the people, and, Tsai may have the intentions of this particular speech to give off the effects of that of a “pep talk”, only, only WE the people don’t buy into it, and so, she’s onstage, singing her tunes, while the rest of us, ordinary people are picking up the eggs (hey, didn’t we just have a shortage of these awhile back???), the tomatoes, and, readying ourselves, to LAUNCH!

That would be how the “All for Taiwan, and Taiwan for ALL” motto, quit, working for everybody in the country, especially the younger generations of males, who are, going to be the “targets” of the lengthening of the service terms, and this is NOT going to win Tsai her popularity back, at A-L-L!

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Fighting Over the Supplies of the Medications, & Money, People Feared for the Worst, and Started Hoarding the Supplies

Had the DDP government NOT been too proud of itself, and had it been, better prepared for the pandemic, then, would we the people be, scattering for the limited resources???  Of course, N-O-T!  So, the attribution is this: it’s the DDP’s, overestimating itself, its abilities, that’s, SCREWED, we the people, over during these past three years (was it???)of the pandemic, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

MERS-CoV had been plaguing over the world for a whole of three years now, with the rises and falls of the pandemic, there would be the “rushes” that came, like fighting over the bottles of sanitation alcohol, masks, ear thermometers, quick-scan kits, medications, to the insurances, etc., etc., etc.  of these, “fighting over” the medications to treat MERS-CoV had already happened once before, recently, because the originally tightly-controlled China, switched up its policies of the people defending against the spread of MERS-CoV, the country predicted that there would be a hike in the “expected number of contractions”, so, there’s this huge scattering hard for the resources of medication right now over there, and the people in Taiwan seemed to be affected by the waves of fears that are, coming over, and started following suit.

Whenever there’s a “lacking” or a “predicted limited amount of supplies”, then, we go after the resources like crazy, maybe it’s, human nature, we can’t avoid it; but, on the end of medications, if we need to purchase a whole lot and save them, that’s, worth, contemplating.  A lot of the medication to treat cancers are too expensive, but, these medications are only meaningful, for those who actually, needed them, for ordinary persons, these medications are, worthless, no matter how expensive they are.

what is, happening!

all out of fever-reducers, painkillers here! Photo from online

Most people who’d contracted MERS-CoV, would usually end up as lightly symptomatic now, the symptoms may persist for three, to five days, at most, a week’s time, and, the medications we’re using, are mostly to, reduce the unpleasantries of the symptoms we were, experiencing, what we are relying on, are still our own bodies, immunity.

The immunity of our immune systems would NOT reduce or increase, because of the medications we were using, and so, in sum, if our immune systems are strong enough, we only get mild symptoms, and if our immune systems are weakened, then, we experience the more severe, symptoms, and, in the process of taking the medications, we were only, “suppressing” the symptoms, they’d not, disappeared.  If it’d developed to severely symptomatic, it’s still, serious, and, we should NOT misconstrue that because the symptoms were, suppressed, we’re, fine.  If the numbered severely symptomatic patients are hospitalized, there would be no worries of lacking in supplies of medications in the hospital settings, and, what the patients are most in need of, are the, other specialized treatment methods, or the, special sorts of, medications; while, after the mild symptoms passed, there’s no need to be on the meds anymore, so, the members of the local communities don’t need to fight for the cold meds off of the pharmacies’ shelves at all.

There are more and more scams in the society ow, of them, the most prevalent are the scams for money.  There are, an assortment of ways of this, but, reason why these things happened, it’s due to the greed in human nature, more brashly, “fighting over money”.  The scammers’ was are, using the investment strategies, as a bait, to hook the unsuspecting, and, those with the higher skills, would give the victims something sweet first, to add to the false sense of trust, to put up more to invest, then, to a certain point, all the money the victims put up, all gone.  The scammers surely are, awful, but, those who were scammed—some of whom are highly educated, before they fall into the traps, do they consider that: there’s NO free lunch?

The trends of fighting over limited supplies of medications and money, it’d showed, just how we are failing badly, in “civics education”—including the means of medical, health sanitation awareness, and finances too.

And so, this is still, an abuser/enabler sort of thing, and, the government is the culprit, behind all of this, because, had the government been better prepared, then, there would NOT be the people, fighting over the mask (from two years back), the vaccines (from a year ago was it???), and the latest, for the quick-scan kits, because this government wasn’t prepared for how hard hitting MERS-CoV, it’d underestimated this plague of the century, and overestimated its own, abilities, and, it’d, screwed WE the people over, TENFOLD!

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If the DDP Does Not Undergo the Reforms, It Shall Suffer its Next Major Loss, Soon Enough

How do you, WAKE an already, too, CORRUPT to the core political party up???  You don’t, ‘cuz, they’ll, NEVER, L-E-A-R-N to do right, by we the people!  This is still, notes that fell on, DEAF EARS here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Chiayi mayoral candidate that the DDP put up, Lee, suffered a great loss at the re-election yesterday, this was, one more loss of the DDP, since the nine-in-one elections from last month.  The president, Tsai got off of the position of the chairperson of the party, but, there’s, almost, NO voices of evaluation within the party itself, and the officials didn’t take the time, to set up a brand new team again, and, to this very day, it’s still, the exact same individuals that presented themselves in front of our, eyes and it’d made we the people say “NO” again, to the DDP.

After the losses of the nine-in-one elections, the DDP became like a high pressure cooker from within the party, although a ton are dissatisfied with the tactics, the policies of the elections of the central government, but, not very many spoken out loud.  And yet, there’s, this, interesting change of late, other than the councilpersons, the legislators, demanding that the head of State, Su step down, there are more and more who are of the party, dissatisfied with the lack of actions from the DDP.

The evaluation committee of how the DDP lost big, was led by the head recruit, the mayor of Taoyuan, Cheng, but, after multiple meetings, the evaluation committees can’t reach a satisfied solution, of what went wrong, the legislator, Liu also stated, that the evaluation committee didn’t evaluate a thing.  While, in the press reports by the DDP central, the reason why the DDP lost, based off of the evaluation committee’s disclosures, is that the results of the elections had, shifted, too far from the polls, other than how the younger generations didn’t want to go fight on the frontlines of war, they’d even, blamed it on, TikTok too, for brainwashing the younger generations to not go to the polls, so funny!

The DDP made history this time, of the loss of the city government offices in thirty six years since the party began, but, nobody dared shoulder the responsibilities for this, they can’t even, stare the reason why they’d lost big in the eyes, the evaluation committees, didn’t evaluate a thing, and they’d still, boasted on the records of “glory” since the party started, ruling over the country, it’s just that those in office, didn’t, reinforce what they’d done that was, for the people’s, benefits.  Back in 2014, 2016, and 2020, the DDP won the elections based off of the reinforcements they had online, and now, as they’d suffered these losses, they’d, blamed it on the new-age media, proving, that “it’s just, not my fault!”

The reason why the DDP lost is quite apparent, and, the current evaluations the DDP is conducting is merely, self-deception.  And, toward the lack of response for the evaluation committee, the party members are, getting upset, primarily, they’re, all worried, that other than the election of the president in 2024, the people might also, SHOW the DDP what we’re, made up of in the elections of the legislators too.

After the losses of November 26th, yesterday, the DDP mayoral candidate of Chiayi, suffered, another, loss, a lot of the members of the party are now, worried over, that the makeup elections of Taipei, will also, go, bust as well, meaning, that before the new chairperson gets into office, the DDP is to face a series of a total three, losses.

And yet, we the people, are now, without the time, nor the patience, to wait for the DDP to get itself back on track, if the party can’t introspect, keep derailing from the people’s beliefs of what’s good for us, then, the next loss shall, come, soon, enough.

And so, this, is how a once all high-up-and-mighty party, got, pulled off of the shrines, and, with the fading of that needed spotlight, nobody cares what that last guy’s name was, do we?  Of course not!  As, in this last election, we’d SHOWED the DDP, WHAT we the people are made up of: we will NOT take their abuse, we will REFUSE to get ruled by their, authoritarianism, totalitarian leadership methods, and if the party doesn’t reform itself (which it probably won’t, because it doesn’t have a clue!), then, the next loss, like the writer stated, shall come, too soon, like that, fast ball that the batter is, ill-prepared for!

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Senate Report Faults U.S. Response to Pandemic

From the NYTimes, written by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, that came with the papers today, on how the U.S government, and basically all the governments over the world, underestimating the spread of MERS-CoV, thinking that, it’s only, a common cold, when it’s more serious, and yeah, they should’ve taken MERS, more seriously in the beginning before it become a full-blown modern day, PLAGUE here!

A new examination by Senate Democrats o how the federal government bungled its early response to the coronavirus pandemic faults President Donald Trump and his administration for numerous missteps while also laying the blames on “multiple systemic problems” that long predated his time in office.

The 241-page report was produced by the Democratic staff of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.  The report relied on documents and interviews with key Trump administration officials including Dr. Deborah L. Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, and Dr. Robert R. Redfield, who served as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Many issues covered in the report, such as serious problems with data collection and insufficient testing capacity, had already been explored by news organizations, but the study painted a sweeping portrait of a government that was wholly unprepared for the arrival of a deadly new pathogen.

The report cited inadequate funding, supply chain vulnerabilities, overlapping government roles and other problems that it said “have been flagged by experts and oversight agencies for years, yet have been largely overlooked by all branches of the federal government.”

It found, for example, that a public health emergency fund created to support state and local health systems had received no new appropriations since 1999 and had been “virtually empty” since 2012.

While the federal preparedness apparatus had been in place for decades, the report noted that planning from 2005 through 2019 had been “narrowly focused on influenza and failed to adequately incorporate other potential infectious disease threats.”

The Senate homeland security committee’s analysis was narrow in scope.  It focused on the chaotic first few months of the pandemic, after the coronavirus was first identified in China in December 2019.  At the beginning of the outbreak, the United States “failed to heed critical public warnings that foreshadowed the severity and transmissibility of the virus,” the report said.

As the crisis unfolded, the report said, the White House barred the CDC from holding the news briefings.  Though experts repeatedly recommended the use of face masks, the administration did not formally do so until April 3, 2020—and even then, Trump declined to wear one.  He also insisted the virus would disappear.

And, all of this still just showed how it’s the EGO (the oversized BIG HEAD of the BOBBLEHEAD last president of the U.S.), had FUCKED the country up, now what does that remind us of???  Oh yeah, the DDP and ITS bobblehead president, Tsai!  And this is still due to overestimating how prepared people are, and underestimating the powers (muah-ha-ha, my EVIL laugh???) of the VIRUS, and yeah, maybe, there was a chance of stopping the strains of MERS-CoV from mutating to its currently “form”, had we let the virus take out those who are too weak to survive it (but that would be, a bit, inhumane, wouldn’t it???), and reduce the total population to cool the earth down (hello, hello, hello, can’t you feel that chill now, as the EFFECTS of global warming, causing the winters to get to below freezing all over the world, and the summers to heat up to the 40-degrees Celsius range???

This is only, the “adverse” results of us, humans, thinking we’re able to play god, to DEFY nature, and now, nature’s kicking, ALL our asses, and we got no one else to blame for this shit that’s happening right now in the world here.

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You Fools, the Problem Lies in the Reproductive Rights of Women!

A “dissection” of why the Republicans lost big, in the U.S. Mid-Terms elections here by a researcher and professor of the Poli-Sci University, which the DDP can, borrow from, to know WHY, they’d lost the local elections this time too, if only, the party CAN, introspect, but unfortunately, the DDP lacked the introspective, abilities, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Republicans not only didn’t take the House majority, it’d lost many seats in the majority of state senate of Minnesota, and the control of both state senate of Michigan, it’d, burst the predictions of many, experts.  The analyses that came after the elections of why the party lost, other than Trump being a negative “advertisement” for the party, another reason being how the Republicans had, underestimated the abortion rights of women in the independent voters’ influences.

Supporting or abolishing abortion, it’s the simple division of for or against in the earlier times of debate, but both sides wanted more consensus on their sides, they’d, amended the mottos to “pro-choice” and “pro-life”.  Originally, under the federal laws, the states are left to decide, due to the differences in population makeup.

before RvW passed back in 1973, there were thirty states that abolished abortion, and only sixteen states that allowed for it, because of rapes, incest, and how the fetus had caused harm to the mothers’ bodies, but mostly, abortion had been, banned, there were only four states which it’d been, legalized including Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, and New York, and the first three states mandates that the women who wanted abortions must be citizens of the states,, and so, for the other causes of wanting an abortions, rape, incest, they can only go to New York to get the procedures of abortions performed for them.

In June, the Supreme Court ruling of “Dobbs v. Jackson”, it’s overturned the decisions of RvW, leaving the decisions back to the states individually, which caused the debates.  Because, there were the many states that banned abortions, after RvW was overturned, automatically banned abortions for women.  The supporters of both sides in the public groups, immediately signed the petitions for the public votes, or that they’d hoped that the local governments can pass the laws to protect or restrict the legislations.

The very first public voting session was at the Kansas Primaries, the amendments suggested to go along with the newest Dobbs ruling, that the State Constitution place NO restrictions on abortion rights, or demanded the government to set aside funding for the costs of abortions, no rules passing the abortions.  The against amendment posed that the Kansas state constitution should NOT be amended, that it should continue to protect the rights of women to abort.  And, there were only forty-one percent of the votes in support of the right to abortion, with fifty-nine against.  The Republicans seemed to have not paid enough attention to the results of this, and on the five other issues went up for votes on November 8th, none passed.

The five other public issues votes that went hand-in-hand with the five states, the strongly pro-choice won with sixty-five percent votes over fifty-three-percent.  The majority Republican state of Kentucky amendment wanted the restrictions placed on women’s right to abort in the constitution, with the against winning by 4.5-percent, didn’t pass.

I believe, that in the state of California, with the most number of representatives, the Democrats originally had a four-to-one advantage, they could’ve maintained the wins, losing one seat, along with the swing state of Michigan, with the Democrats gaining the majority of the state senate seats, may be closely related to the votes on abortion, even though, not all women are for abortions, but, at least, they have the right to, if they face this sort of an issue in their, lives.  And, as the voters voted on the issues, they are more than likely, to support the candidates that shared their standpoints.  The Republicans had, underestimated the importance of this, issue, and only zoomed in on the economic plans, in the end, they’d, almost, lost, the House.

And so this is similar to WHY the DDP had, lost most of the mayoral elections this time around too, because they’d not listened to the thoughts of the people, just like how the U.S. states’ elections were led by the issues of abortion this time around, and, that’s something that these political parties should, take for examples, despite if they’re conservatives, radical, or in-between!

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