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As Three Members of the Janitorial Contracted MERS-CoV, Chen is Still Turning a Blind Eye

And folks, this, is what we get, when we have someone who feels, too good about HIS own abilities, despite the fact, and yes, this HEAD of the health and social welfares is still too, EGOTISTICAL here, and, it’s all because of this DENTIST’s policies, we’re all, going down!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of Department of Sanitation & Welfares, Chen sung the national anthem like a hero on the flag ceremonies on January first, and immediately following, the alerts of the outbreaks start flashing RED.  First, it was the three quarantine hotels that’s found to have the clusters of infections, more then ten individuals who’d originally returned here healthy and sound, due to being quarantined at the quarantine hotels, they’d contracted the virus.  In these past two days, there were, three members of the janitorial crew and a quarantine cabdriver who’d been confirmed of contraction, with a very low Ct rate, which showed, how speedy the virus is transmitted along.  Will this be how the virus will enter into the local residential communities, we are all sitting on the edges of our seats, waiting to see.

here’s that, LOSER who’d, screwed, WE the people, OVER with the BULLSHITTING policies that he came up with!

photo from online

From the four quarantine hotels with the clusters of contractions, to the three members of the janitorial of the airport system contracting the virus, it all showed, of how the front line of entry into this country is, problematic.  There may be three ways the clusters of contractions happened in the quarantine hotels: first, the sanitizing of the usage of the amenities wasn’t thoroughly enough from the previous user, causing the virus to remain, that gets passed to the next individual who’d checked into the room; secondly, it may be due to the lack of training in the hotel personnel, in the deliveries of the foods and necessities, the toiletries, they’d accidentally given the virus a lift to a public space, or a neighboring customer’s room; third, it may be the ventilating systems of certain hotels, the faulty designs of the fire prevention systems, something that’s not right with the hardware, causing the virus to spread through the air-conditioning units, to next door, or to floors above or below.

Whatever the problem, central government FIND it, and demand that the quarantine hotels make improvements, so the guests can check in with ease.  Otherwise, as people arrived back into the country healthy, and they’d, contracted the virus at government sponsored quarantine hotels; and due to the shortened periods of quarantines, the citizens didn’t know they’d contracted the virus, took the virus home to pass it on to their own loved ones, how embarrassing that must be?  And, the carefully designed system of preventing the virus from spreading out, became, a means of how the virus got spread, wouldn’t that be, ironic?

The contraction of the janitor working in the airports, this is, an even more serious matter.  The clusters of contractions at the quarantine hotels, at least, there are the tracks that the government can put the traces on, with the certain origins of contraction; but, the contractions for the janitorial workers, hard to trace.  Especially, the very first janitorial worker who’d found to have contracted MERS, with the Ct rate of only eleven, at the height of its spreading; and, the individual was found to have gone everywhere: setting up the stands at the local markets, lifting the kids to school, with no specific population that s/he’d come into contact with.  If, the individual stayed somewhere, and caused the contraction to spread out, it will surely, cause, a major scale, community outbreak.  And because of this, the city of Taoyuan immediately ordered two of their local schools to stop holding the sessions, because the government realized, just how serious the matter is.

As Chen still does his daily broadcasting online on “no local contractions”, what we the people see, is the numbers getting higher, higher, higher, that are, confirmed of contractions of MERS-CoV coming into the country, we’d once had more than forty confirmed contractions in a day’s time.  All of these, are the extensions of the sources of contractions from the airport janitorial workers, and the quarantine hotel cases.  But, with the confirmed contractions on the rise from out of the country, we’d not seen the CDC switch up its means of operations and prevention, or even, making the PCR tests available to all more speedily, clearly, the CDC is, slacking off.  Reason being, the quarantine hotel stays had been shortened to just a week’s time, and, a lot of whom, before they knew they’d contracted MERS, had already went home, which can become a source of community outbreaks.  If the sanitation measures of the quarantine hotels are not done up to standards, then, the hotels became, the transfer stations for the virus, and the pathway to the communities all around.  The hotel clusters of last May, we the people still remember it clearly, had Chen already, forgotten?

The defense against the spread of the virus, we need both central and local governments on board, and so, the clusters of the quarantine hotels should NOT be seen as the lacking of the local governments.  Especially, as the hotel staff members, the janitorial personnel at the airports, are on the frontlines, the experts already advised that they get their “third doses”, but Chen only had the mind for reducing the numbers, only cared about the wellbeing of the hospital workers, and, neglected all of these, entry level, high-risk workers.  What’s most debatable being, the Omicron strain is breaking out, the high-risk group should swiftly all receive their third doses, but the command center held firm on its claims of at least five months between the second and third vaccinations, showing complete lack of cares and concerns for the welfare of the people.  Treating the sound advice like wind through his ears, and once the Omicron strain spread out too fast, then, it would be, too late!

And yet, the bobblehead of Chen, only nods, when you SLAPS its head, and, that, is how, this brand new, bigger, better (b/c its mutations are, on how many DNA strains???), spreading even faster than the Delta strain, the Omicron, will take this country D-O-W-N, and to think, that had Chen changed his policies, then, none of this SHIT would be, happening now.

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Selectively Disclosing the Matters of the Epidemic, Giving Off that False Feel

Like in selective attention: I only see and hear, what I want to see, and what I want to, hear, NOTHING else!  The lies the government still, feeds to us, and we are all willing, gobbling this SHIT up here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CDC has hosted its press conferences almost daily now, sending an assortment of messages out to the public, seemingly, open and transparent, but, until the hotels in Taoyuan were, clearing out the customers, did it confirm, that there’s a hoard infection in Taoyuan locally, the selective means of their disclosing information, are they waiting until the epidemic from the hotels had, spread through the local communities, then allowing we the people, the rights, to know?

Looking back, had it not been the deputy mayor of Taipei, Huang’s on the fourteenth, disclosing that the commanding center is about to disclose that a certain case had gotten out of the hotel, then, received a confirmed contraction notice, it would take the command center a long time, until it decided to allow the public to know it, so, the hotels in Taipei is having the contraction cases of MERS-CoV, and they’re, expanding the scans currently.

politicians who LIE!!!

the biggest liars, sitting, and lying with their, faces, straight! Photo from online

After the cluster contraction at the hotel in Taoyuan happened, the Command Center swore hard, that it will zoom in on all the hotels across Taiwan, and now, the second case of clusters of infections occurred in Taoyuan now, putting Taipei in danger too, the Command Center, started, evading its own responsibilities, and, given the responsibilities to the local areas.

Examining closely at how the Command Center does things, it’s means of “nobody noted, I don’t tell”, had happened in everything that the command center had been doing, for instance, on the disclosure of mayor Ke’s how that batch of Modern vaccines set to expire on the eighth wasn’t used up completely, the Command Center switched it to “we’d not let the vaccines gone to waste”, admitted that over hundred doses are used on the test animals.

This “selective disclosures”, “getting caught and I come clean” attitude, not only on the investigations of the epidemic spreading, vaccines, even to amending the definitions of what constitutes as contraction deaths, all occurred, under the tables.

At the start of October, the Command Center told, “the deaths after sixty days of confirmed diagnoses are all qualified as related to MERS-CoV”, the new cases of death that occurred just a few days ago, the assistant head of medical tactic, Lo told that the death “is suspected to be related to MERS-CoV”.  As the press prodded on, the spokesperson, Chuang finally stated, that the causes of death got changed to be determined by the physicians individually, as to when it got changed?  He’d responded, “I can’t remember.”

In order to keep everybody living in the façade of “everything is fine, those in power is strong enough”, it’d held the press conferences daily, seemingly, the CDC was doing a whole lot, but it’d, neglected, the most important matters, regarding the outbreaks here.

And so, this, is how the government is still, bullshitting we the people, and there’s still, NOTHING we can do about it, we’re not, barbaric enough (let’s face it!!!) to overthrow these, dictators that are, ruling over us, and the means that the DDP took, to covering up the facts, it had, advanced, to, a whole new, level all right!

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The U.S. Supreme Court Found the Heartbeat Laws of Texas Constitutional

Whatever happened to our bodies, our, rights again?  Oh yeah, it must’ve, DIED, with those, IRON-JAWED Angels then, right???  This will mark for many landmark case to the FEDERAL supreme court of the U.S. that’s for sure!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

And the Decisions of the Federal Supreme Court Also Allowed the Abortion Clinics to Report to the Authorities, the Head Supreme Court Justice Warned, that if All the Other States Followed Texas’s Lead, the Legislation will Become a Laughing Stock

The effective “heartbeat laws” started back in September stated that other than emergency medical conditions, the prohibitions of fetuses over six weeks old will be prohibited, even in cases of rape, and incest too.  normally, the zygote started having a heartbeat at week six, and, the law banned the surgeons to manually abort as the heartbeats are detected for the pregnancies.

the protests, before the TX law had been signed into effect…photo from online

And the law also allows for ordinary citizens to blow the whistle on those who are involved in the abortions, including the medical surgeons, nurses, medical professional workers, the owners of the hospitals or clinics, even the cabdriver who gave the woman a lift to her abortion, and, the reward of $10,000U.S. is to be paid for by the defendants of the cases.

The Supreme Court of the U.S. also tossed back the justices department’s halting of the enforcing of the Heartbeat Law, the justice department claimed, that this law obstructs women’s rights to terminate their pregnancies constitutionally, that it was, unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court in 1973 in “Roe vs. Wade”, found that women’s rights to abort is protected by the U.S. Constitution, while legalized abortion all across the U.S.  The American president, Biden through his statement through the White House claimed, that he supported the decisions of Roe vs. Wade that’s been in existence for close to half a century, the women’s right to abort.

Since the Heartbeat Law started, there were already, dozens of cases, at this time, the Supreme Court’s decision that the abortion clinics is allowed to blow the whistles is only, partial victory, the allowing for the carrying through of the law, is still in conflict with the landmark case of Roe vs. Wade.

found online

The chief justice of the U.S. Federal Supreme Court, Roberts sent out a harsh warning to his fellow supreme court justices on the Heartbeat Law, that if by allowing every other state to follow the Texas state senate, bypassing the courts, to set up the unconstitutional laws, “the law itself, as well as the explanation thereof, by the Supreme Courts will all become, a total, laughingstock!”

It is, already, a @#$%ING (maxed out!) laughingstock already, or, hadn’t you noticed?  What the @#$%?  This is, totally, against human right, and we women, just as same as you, sons-of-bitches (not name-calling here!) on two legs, are humans too, and, Texas passing this law, is against women’s rights, and so, yeah, the U.S. went back, hundreds of years, in this law, to PREVENT we women, to have the RIGHTS, over our, bodies, and it IS our bodies that would be, carrying, all of your young, you do realize that, don’t you, losers, or, can you guys, “shapeshift” into, seahorse daddies, or those, leaf dragon daddies here, huh???

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Comparing the Chemical, Ractopamine to the Bronchodilator

Here’s the argument of the side that’s, pushing for approval of, American imported, PORK…

“The studies showed, even if you consumed 750 kilograms worth of pork and/or beef with ractopamine, you won’t have any health problems, besides, this is the diluted by a hundred times regulations.” Research also showed, that consumption of ractopamine does NOT cause cancer, nor would it have an effect on the unborn fetuses during the pregnancies, now would it have the residual chemicals remaining in our systems.  “If it’s not lethal, then why are you against it?”, the supporters continued stressing, the Asian diets consisted of internal organs, but, there are so many Asians living in America, and, they’d consumed the pork, and none had been found DEAD.  There are the American pregnant women, children, and the amount of ractopamine in their diets are, unmentionable, too tiny, to have any inkling of an effect on the human systems.”

Lin stated, that the bronchodilator with one spray, has TEN kilograms worth pork with ractopamine in it, “then with one spray, I would’ve exceeded the amount of the chemical that is equivalent in a ton of pork, or of beef, this was not banned by other countries around the world.”  The dosing is tens of thousand times comparing, beta receptors are naturally produced by the human bodies too, this is not a toxin, this toxin alone is not fatal, it’s consuming too much of it that will cause fatalities.”

Lin also made the example of botox, of how it’s, deadly, that half a kilogram’s worth is enough to kill the entire global population of man, but the plastic surgeons still used it to firm the skins.  Importing pork with ractopamine may not be the primary entry of our country into the worldwide organizations, but if we don’t accept that there’s a difference of dosage amount being allowed, “You don’t have to consume it, but you should NOT block it from making Taiwan a part of the international trade relations.”

And so, this, is the PRO import side, and I can think of, a whole lot of, more valid reasons on the anti-import side: first, the pork in U.S., has that stench to it when we lived in the U.S., we don’t want to consume it, secondly, this IDIOT compared ractopamine with botox, that’s totally different, because, even though both are toxins, but hey, one of them is being used in the plastic surgeon, and surely, there are the risks, but it’s at the risks of the individuals, and importing of ractopamine isn’t, you’re putting this contaminated food into the plate of every citizen in the country, and having us digest poison, and you call that beneficial, because, hey, who gives a FUCK (don’t pardon me here!) if you all died, so long as we, with the big hats, those of who are high up on the ladder of the government (the heads of states, etc., etc., etc.) get everything our ways.

Besides, this country is already a BITCH to Japan, importing their nuclear contaminated vegetables, and fruits, and every other country is dumping ITS unwanted SHIT on our grounds (those almost past-due date AZ vaccines that Japan donated, you think that’s from kindness?  Think again, because they got better vaccines of Moderna, BioNTech, and there’s the risk of blood clot for those, AZ vaccines that the country did NOT want to kill ITS people with, that’s why, they were too generous, donating that to us!) and the government still does NOT see it, and now, it’s going against we the people’s wish, just to get the U.S. on our sides?  And, might I ask, how many of us are on this island???  Only, say, ‘bout, twenty to thirty million, and, how many people are over there in China???  Wow, that’s what???  More than, a BILLION, hello, hello, hello???  Anybody with a FUCKING working NEURON, can see that why we’re, everybody’s BITCH here!

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The Woman Kept Hostage for Sixteen Hours After the Breakup with the Boyfriend Demanding One Last Sexual Intercourse with Her Used Her Wits to Save Herself

One last FUCK, before we part, that, is how you all want it, isn’t it???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-year-old man, Jeng, and his girlfriend are on the verge of breaking up, he was upset that all those years of love became wasted, he’d pulled his girlfriend into a motel on the sixth of this month, abused her, didn’t CARE that she was having her period, demanded her for “breakup sex”; the woman had the plans of escape, asked him to go out to buy her tampons, and as he was away, she’d, called the police, she was finally freed, after ten hours of being kidnapped by Jeng.  As Jeng was arrested, he’d denied the allegations, but the woman showed her injuries to the police, the district attorneys charged him with obstruction of sexual freedoms and other charges, asked the courts to have Jeng in custody, which the courts signed off on yesterday.

The police found, that Jeng had been dating his girlfriend for years, recently, they’d started fighting often, Jeng refused to break up; at eight in the morn on the sixth, Jeng drove to his girlfriend’s place and waited, wanted to get her to fall back in love with him.

As he saw her coming downstairs, readying to leave, and ignored him, he’d pulled her by force into his car, then, drove all the way, to a motel in Fengshan District.  The woman thought that Jeng only wanted to “confront” her about the breakup, and they’d, started talking, when Jeng lost it, and started physically smacking her down.

The woman was having her menstrual cycle on the day, Jeng still forced to have “breakup sex” with him, the woman worried that she may get beaten violently, and can only agree, she was raped twice; and afterwards, Jeng would NOT allow her to leave the room, restricted her, kept her hostage for ten hours on end.

The woman feared for her own life, not angered Jeng, waited until he’d let his guards down, claimed to him that she forgot to bring her tampons, asked him to get a pack for her at the super convenience shops, Jeng didn’t question her, and left, as he was gone, the woman immediately called for help from the motel staff, the police arrived, the woman called out for help; as soon as Jeng returned, he was arrested.

Jeng admitted to slapping his girlfriend across the face, but denied rape, claimed it was consensual, but the woman showed her injuries, and stressed that she was forced to have sex with him.

The district attorney’s didn’t believe Jeng’s words, charged him with obstruction of sexual freedom, obstruction of freedom, and other charges, and after the district attorneys questioned him, they’d asked the courts to have Jeng in custody, which the courts had signed off on.

And so, this, is right AFTER that law was signed into effect, of the preventing abuse from these horrid lovers, and, this still just showed, of how no matter what the laws stated, there will be those who knowingly breaks it, and it don’t matter how advanced this country believes it is on the matter of rights to protect woman, it’s still, lightyears behind.  These laws only works on paper, but not when it gets put to the test!

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Saw from the Handicapped Individuals’ Perspectives, the Physically Handicapped Persons League Fought for Equal Rights

The man’s experienced the prejudices, the inconveniences firsthand, and he’s, pushing forth for changes, to make the lives of the handicapped individuals, easier here, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The man, who’d been concerned of the benefits shown to handicapped persons for over a decade, Chang, found that the society isn’t friendly enough toward the group, at the end of October of last year, he’d set up the “”Taiwanese Right for Handicapped Person’s Welfare League”, to try and change the problems that the handicapped population may come face-to-face with in their day to day, and pushed forth the values of CRPD, the convention of the rights of persons with disabilities.

“The field of vision from a wheelchair, is completely different from the way the rest of the healthy people see the world!”, Chang who lives in Taipei had set up the association, being a long-time supporter of rights of handicapped persons, there are the members with the multiple disabilities, “The different characteristics of the physical handicaps all have the various sorts of problems, hardships in day-to-day living.”

Chang who is in a wheelchair had focused his attention on the matters of handicapped workers, and the matters of retirement of the handicapped persons. And, transportation and obstacles in getting around physically are also, issues of his primary concerns, like how there’s the height differences from sidewalk to sidewalk without the ramps, may turn into the “invisible killers” of those who needed to get around in a wheelchairs, and the sidewalks being occupied by scooters, forcing the handicapped individuals to walk on the roads, sharing the traffic with cars and scooters.

this is, what the immobilized are faced with, every time they go out…photo from online

Chang told, that setting up the foundation, it wasn’t only to help those who are handicapped, he also hoped that the central government can put an amendment in for the “Rights of the Handicapped Individuals in society” as well, most of the physically handicapped persons felt that they had been borderlined, seen as an odd species, that they are, looking for sympathy from the rest of the population, not only wouldn’t they be protected because of this belief, they’re also, discriminated again, he’d stated, that the handicapped persons don’t need sympathy, pity, what they need and deserved, is, equal rights with the rest of the population.

And so, this, is from the man who’s in a wheelchair, he felt the prejudices that others had treated him with, and experienced firsthand, how inconvenient it is, to become, more mobile, and how dangerous it was, to share the roads with cars and scooters, because there’s no ramp leading to the sidewalks, to get his wheelchair to go on the sidewalks, and he’s bringing that into public’s awareness, hoping, that something will be done about it.

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The Need to Prevent the Intimate Photos from Going Viral, We Needed an Amendment to Protect the Involved Set Up Speedily

On how to prevent yourselves, from getting, victimized after the two of you, break up, when those sexual photos had been, shot, during the time when you two are hitting it hot and, heavy!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator, Kao beaten by her boyfriend to injury, although the man is already in police custody, but, there’s a chance that the photos of intimacy of the two had gone, viral.  This showed, that the law is lacking, in protecting the rights of the abused, when the abuser holds the photos of intimacy of the victims, are the laws which are set up currently, enough, to protect the rights of the, victims?

Based off of Penal Cod 315, Section 1.2, those who illegally tapes, photographs, or using any other means to secretly film another in private activities, is punishable by a three-year sentence maximum.  And, this stated, that if the two are dating, then, it’s easily interpreted as that there’s the agreeing to getting secretly filmed, taped, and this is going to cause problems.  While, after the breakup, to prevent the images, the footages from leaking out, is there a right to ask the individual to delete all the records, this will become problematic as well.  To prevent the issues of invasions of privacy after the break up, the recordings without the other party’s concerns, are all included in the voyeur clause.

no way to prevent this! Photo from online

As based off of Penal Code 315-2, Section 3, those who spread the contents of the recordings, will be sentenced to no more than five years in prison, this isn’t lenient, and not considered as accusation cases, but, does it need to have the preset of being secretly filmed, if the victim didn’t press charges on being secretly filmed, the individual who’d streamed the footages online, will s/he be charged of this count, then, there would be, discrepancies.  Basing off of a stricter definition, it needed to have the fact that the individuals were, secretly filmed for the preset, otherwise, spreading the footages, will only be charged with Penal Code 235, spreading lewd photos.

Spreading of lewd photos is not a chargeable crime, but, the laws gave it two years and less jail term to the offenders, which is considered a slap on the wrists.  And, on the matter of spreading out the photos of intimacy on the counts, and, the sexual intercourse between the man and woman, would constitute as molestations, and wouldn’t that be, damaging the victims repeatedly.

To resolve the matter, there’s need to define the spread of lewd photos into act, at least, raise up the sentence terms to five years and less, and the charges of spreading the sexually-illicit photos, and all of these needed to get adjusted in wordings of the law, to prevent the victims from getting offended repeatedly again.

And, there’s, the matter of statutory period too, how to prevent these photos of sexual intimacies from leaking out is worth considering.  Especially with the current domestic violence prevention, only limited to the physicality of the abused, and the individuals’ personal freedoms, toward the behaviors of spreading the photos, the law only sets a restraining order against such acts, but, the victims may not know the identity of the individuals spreading the photos, let alone, asking the courts for that needed restraining order and in the end, the victims can only rely on the criminal charges to prevent the spread of such photos.

On the matter of handling the matter as criminal offense, confiscating, although this included all the hard drives, but, does it also, include the platforms of which the photos were, uploaded to, or the social media too, there’s, the definition of such needed, in legal terms, to the point of if it’d, obstructed the freedom of speech too.  Even if the confiscations of such materials had been conducted by force, in the internet eras, how to prevent the setting up of an alternative account to spread the is an even harder to tackle problem, and this will be, a hot potato that the legislators need to, look into more.

And so, there are, still, a lot of shortcomings to this, anti-stalking law, to prevent the violence of intimate partners, and, there’s the matter of the sexually illicit photos you took of each other, because you want to share that part of your selves, with the other person, because the two of you are, in love, not realizing, that HEY, if and when we break up, those materials can be used, against me, but hey, you don’t realize that, not when you’re, hot and heavy with each other, in L-O-V-E, which made you easy targets.

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The Anti-Stalking Laws Will be Enforced Six Months from Now Tsai: a Lot of Women Live Under the Threats of Domestic Violence Regularly

Yeah, uh, guess how many MORE are gonna DIE, before the law’s been, set into motion again?  This should’ve been effective IMMEDIATELY, but, unfortunately, I do NOT control this shit, so…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The news of the legislator, Kao being physically abused by her boyfriend shocked the nation.  The president, Tsai yesterday, signed the “Stalking harassment prevention law”, and announced that the law will be fully enforced six months from now.  She said, with this newly written law, in the future, the police can intervene earlier, when the acts of illegally stalking someone, harassing someone occurred, to prevent the injuries or the deaths.

As Tsai signed, the head of legislature, Su, the head of internal affairs, Hsu, the recruit of the DDP, Ke, the legislators from the party, Kwan, Fan all were there at the press conference, to bear witness; as the president signed, she’d, handed the pen that she’d signed with to Hsu as a gift.

Tsai said, the stalking act is the vital step to prevent the violence against the genders, that in the evaluation of the entire global community, this made us ahead of the rest in gender equality, but now, there are still, a lot of women who are, faced with the violence, and the threats of domestic violence regularly.

Tsai told, that two days ago, was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the “Wan-Ru Peng incident”, back then, the female manager of the Women’s Department of the DDP, in order to get the women to be more involved with the “Quarter Act”, she’d gone to promote the cause in Kaohsiung and was murdered, and it’d called up the awareness of the public to pay more attention to women’s safety in society, and there were the laws that set up in relation to this matter, “but on this path, there are always, more to be done, I shall keep working hard, to make the country’s people live on with more ease.”

Hsu told, that he’d directed the Department of Police Affairs to speed up the police education training programs, and, are putting in more forces on the police units right now.

Wow, sounds o grand, doesn’t it?  But, it’s all just, boasting, I mean, who’s to say, that after this god damn law gets passed, that it would work, really, in preventing violence against women, and, note this, men can also be victims of abuse too, so, what about them???  Yeah, this is still, just, idealistic, but nowhere NEAR realistic, just like all of the proposed acts, the currently government has right now.


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The Female Legislator Being Abused by Her Boyfriend…She Should’ve Calle the Cops and Filed for a Restraining Order Sooner

What the law is, being set up, to prevent this from recurring again, out of the case of the female legislator’s getting physically abused by her boyfriend here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The news medias are taking the sides of the case of the legislator, Kao being physically abused by her boyfriend, although, as a voter, I’d, hoped that this is only, a misunderstanding; but, the problems of legality is involved.

Looking at the legislator, Kao’s boyfriend, tall, handsome, with a higher degree, and had he been found to have been physically abusive toward Kao, then, the world would gang up on him for sure.  Using the fists, controlling her movement, instilling fear in her, that is, nowhere NEAR, respecting her.

But, is Kao’s case eligible for the domestic violence prevention laws?   Based off of the words of Domestic Violence Prevention Legislation, No. 3, they weren’t married, and there’s no evidence of cohabitation, nor how they were, living, their lives together, and, based off of that, it doesn’t seem, that the legislator would be, eligible for the restraining order. Then, one of the amendments of the same law, it’d, listed man and woman, who shared acts of intimacy as the “boundaries”, and, it’d, made up for the lacking of the before stated, “a married couple”; stated simply, this qualified all who are over sixteen, who had had sexual intercourse, or physical relations, would be qualified for the protections under the law of domestic violence.

For Kao’s sake, she should, file for a restraining order, to, protect herself.

As the passing of the legislation of the “stalking, harassment prevention laws”, based off of media disclosure, Kao seemed to have footages of intimacy in her boyfriend’s possessions, based off of the newly passed law, it’d qualified as “having damaging message or items that belonged to certain individuals”, that there are the set up punishments; and yet, the above mentioned amendments had to get pass the voting, and six months afterwards, it would, finally be, enforced, and, based off of the “precedence” rule, before the law is signed, it wouldn’t be, applicable, and, the case should be filed under Penal Code 302, 304, 305, etc., with the specifications of holding someone against her/his will, threatening the lives, and the laws of endangering personal wellbeing.

The legislator, Kao sang loudly, and presented herself properly at the Lawyer Day last year needed to speak up, “I’m a good woman, I don’t deserve this!”, she needed the cares, the love and the concerns, and moreover, she needed the laws to protect her.

And so, this, is on how the lacking of domestic violence doesn’t make up for it, because, the wordings of the law, it set up those cracks, which the abusers can, easily, escape from, and we need to amend the laws on domestic violence very quickly, because, there are too many holes right now, and, those defense attorneys will, find ways, to get their guilty clients off easy, with nothing more, than, a slap on the wrist.

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The Harassment, the Stalking Under the Frames of Gender & Sex

The wordings are, too precise, which made the holes, easy for the perps to escape through, because this is still, all new to the country, and so, there will be, more amending this, first, “rough draft” I’m sure!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislature had three sessions in discussion, and finally passed the “Anti-Stalking, Anti-Harassment” law, hoping to give a fuller legal protection to women who are helpless, who are being stalked, or sexually harassed.  It’s just, that having a strict definition of the law, it may create holes in the security nets of the society, and add to the debate of gender equality.

The DDP’s insistent on adding “gender-relatedness” to eight of the types of stalking and sexual harassment, limited the realms of protecting the victims in sum, and, in reality, the law couldn’t, protect those who are, truly in need of the law to protect them.  Because, if the stalker denied having any relations with “sex or gender”, and the stalked couldn’t provide any physical evidence of being stalked, then, it can cause the cases to become, dropped, or, turning the amendments into only, theories.

Especially, from the research of Modern Women Foundation, fifty-seven of the technological stalkers belonged to the group of strangers or unknown individuals, and, these aren’t related directly to the precise uses of words of “relating to sex or gender”, and, this would cause the means of protection to become, pointless, and the victims still couldn’t get the help they need in time.

The DDP’s insisting on the verbatim “sex or gender-related”, not willing to let the laws “cover everything”; the Department of Police however, worried that if the laws were too generalized, it may be a breach of personal freedoms.  But, restricting the definition of “stalking” in the frames of “sex or gender”, it’s not only, useless, and pointless, it also clearly, doesn’t match up with what the public note as stalking.

For instance, if the loan sharks tagged along the debtors, or if an enemy or a bad neighbor zooms in on the victim, or the paparazzi the P.I. followed an individual long-term, or stalking due to religious, nationality, or handicaps, along with other reasons, all of these, are against the individuals’ wills, to the point of making the targets fearful, but, it’s unrelated to “sex or gender”, and there’s NO laws against them, this sort of a differential in treatment, surely, it’s not what the society expects to see.

And so, this is how there are the holes that these perps can squeeze into, in the wordings of the law, because the law is written, too specifically, too detailed, on WHAT constitutes as stalking, that’s why, it will make ways, for those who are now, going to be able to, legally stalk their victims, and these “perps” won’t get punished, because their actions don’t “comply” with the “terms” of the written law on anti-stalking.

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