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Do You Still Remember “Little Light Bulb”, President Tsai, the YouTube, Sensation?

Just, one of many, promises that this president of ours (uh, she’s NOT my president, I live in an, ANARCHY, remember???) failed to keep!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the leader of our nation announced to the public, that her IG fans is about to break 900,000, told that she will be, making the films to answer all questions we have for her, President Tsai, had you, forgotten about, Little Light Bulb already?

When was it, that leaders of a country needed to be, a YouTuber, to run the country!  From before, the president, Tsai not only found the Olympics winners, the T.V. personnel, as well as the famed man to help her add to her own popularity on YouTube, and now, she’d, started, “posing” as a YouTuber herself too.

As the Taroko Train accident occurred, Tsai cared about the clicks on her FB dropping; as the questions, the debates of the policies were concurring, when she should’ve been busying about these matters, President Tsai announced, that she’d stated how her fans are about to break 900,000 in number.

Back then, when “Little Light Bulb” was murdered outside the MRT, Tsai once wrote, “there are so many broken holes in this society, I shall, do my best, patching every last one up.”, that card to be handed out to the families of the victims.  But at the stabbing murder of the railroad police, Lee back in 2019, the perpetrator got a not-guilty verdict due to his psychiatric evaluation due to insanity.  And recently, there was the case of eye-gouging of the female store clerk in Pingdong.

the president’s, fans page on FB, taken from online

There are, over a million holes in the safety net of this society, what had President Tsai, who’d SWORN she will do all she possibly can, to patch up the holes done, in these past five years of her terms as president?  And what needed to get patched up, isn’t just, that net of security in the society, and the DDP that’s taken over control of the government, and president Tsai, who only cared about how many kudos she was getting, should really look at this, more closely.

The Taiwanese society is, too, forgetful, the families of those who’d died in the Taroko Express derailing, cried loud in front of the president, “You’d told us you’d heard you, but you don’t do anything that brings about change.”; the president’s multiple public appearances for the police officers, the firefighters who’d died in the line of duty, swore that she will make sure that the equipment and gadgets they will be given to be used will be, the most advanced, to help protect these, individuals working on the frontlines, did you accomplish that?

Tsai and her party used the taxpayers’ resources, to raise up the armies online, to kill off all voices that aren’t hers or her party’s, eliminating those who’d don’t share her beliefs, next year, she’d set the budgets for the offices of internal affairs’ propagandas in over 18 billion dollars N.T., and the party that’s not in power started slamming her down.

蔡英文YouTube頻道 的圖片結果
one of the images you get, when you search the president’s name and YouTube Channel, found online

And this, is what politics here in Taiwan, looked like, Tsai working as a YouTube star, and as the leaders are too deep into the online propagandas, and used it as a cover for the party, the president’s incompetence of running this country, politics became, that third-rate show on T.V., if the dead spirit of Little Light Bulb can talk, what do you think she will say to that?

Nothing good is what the DEAD spirit on this murdered child would say, and, give me my life back!!!  That too, and that still just showed, how this leader of ours (uh, she’s not MY president, I am, the ruler of my own universe, a DICTATOR, and whatever the #%$@ I say, goes???) nation, cared about how many hits she’s getting, instead of, running this country well, but there’s, nothing we can do, as the online world becomes, all our, realities here!

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The Employees of the High-Speed Rails Cut in Line, Found the Holes in the Systems: the Comedies of the Country’s Defense Against MERS-CoV

It’s not, just, the individuals’ faults here, the GOVERNMENT is what’s to, BLAME!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

More than forty employees of High-Speed Rail Company were suspected of falsifying themselves as third group of employees to get their second doses of Moderna vaccines when they’re the seventh group, went from Taichung southbound to Kaohsiung to get their second doses, it was, shocking to everybody.  Actually the receiving, the gaining of the MERS-CoV vaccines in Taiwan had long before, a comedy already, this was, only, a “turn” in the story.

And so, why are this group of people so hurried to get their second doses?  Because after they had their firsts, they’d become, “Moderna orphans”, not known where their second doses are, and so, they can only, save themselves.  The standard period between the Moderna vaccinations are eight weeks apart, but because of a lacking in supply, the W.H.O. advised the term being extended to twelve weeks, and, many of them had already, exceeded the dates, or course they’re all worried the vaccines losing its, effects.  Actually, the elongated time between the doses of mRNA vaccines, had not yet been, prove, and we can only assume, that the protection is still, intact.

situation in this country, since the very start of the outbreaks from, last year! Photo from online

If Moderna is short on supply, then, the best working situation is using BioNTech as the second doses, but the command centers allowed the adolescents to have their first vaccinations in BioNTech, this was, the only precedence in the world!  The W.H.O. already suggested, to let the high-risk group get fully vaccinated first, then, start on the adolescents, but Taiwan had gone against the normal.  In reality, there are the risks of myocarditis for teens receiving the BioNTech vaccines, this was considered heightened risk in Great Britain which had over ten thousand new cases of contractions currently, and surely, it’s even greater here in Taiwan, considering the number of total population.

Those who broken the rules, could breach the appointment system of the hospitals, and gotten their shots, it’s because the orders of the vaccinations here, are the MOST complex of the world, nobody can get it.  The international ways are easy, after the frontline hospital workers received theirs, then, from the elderly population, to younger, because the primary risk factor is age, this not only fitted to the scientific, but also, simplified the managements of the vaccines.  The shipments arriving in are lagging behind, the orders of vaccinations, not set up correctly, surely, there would be, holes that people are trying to get into in this.  From the Hearts & Livers Foundation case, to now, the employees of the high-speed rail, they were originally, law-abiding, citizens, but, because of the bad policies from the vaccine orders, and not enough in supplies, in the panic, they can only, get themselves to the ground, and behaved badly.

Because of the numerous types of persons, it’d caused the platform of appointment to have, too many holes, for instance, first to third types, there are the rosters made for their vaccinations, for the rest, we’d had to sign up online, and because the elderly population may not be agile in using the online appointment systems, the heads of the boroughs passed out the registry forms, too hard for it to not become, too, messy.  In other countries, before the vaccinations, it’s united that people get registered online, receiving their vaccination slips, then, they would make the appointments for vaccinations, one set of systems, one set of procedures.

Last year, Taiwan had passed up the chances of buying the shipments of BioNTech, but because the outbreaks hadn’t hit hard enough yet, it’d, passed up the opportunities, and by May when the outbreaks exploded, the country’s hurrying to buy more was, way too late, so the government can only, push forth the nation’s own “homegrown” vaccines, but the people don’t buy it, and it still didn’t resolve the shortages of vaccines available to us.  Thankfully, because most of us abided by the rules, using the non-medical means to block off the Alpha and the Delta strands.

Currently, based off of how it’s going, it’s a low risk that someone contracts MERS-CoV in this country, the people don’t need to panic and start fighting over the limited supplies of vaccines.  As BioNTech’s first round through all the age groups, the mixing of the vaccinations should be allowed, to have the flexibilities of usages of vaccines.  And the platforms for the registering needed to be unified too, using the computer as the gatekeeper, to separate the registration and the actual vaccination proceedings, instead of letting it up to get evaluated by the hospitals individually, that way, it will, reduce the scams.

So, there’s not just, that faulty registry system at work, but the shortages of vaccine availabilities, and the government still waiting on the AFFIRMATIVE results of mixing and matching the vaccines work, and that’ll take???  Exactly, and during this wait, more will die, and it’s still the god damn government’s faults, for NOT giving WE the people enough vaccines, for setting up this, bullshitting platform for registering for, and to actually sign UP for the vaccines.  And, due to this bad programming of the systems, MORE are gonna, D-I-E, because, apparently, the government WANTS to reduce the problems of OVERPOPULATION in this big old world we all reside in…

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When the Government is BRAIN-DEAD…

Here’s, that, “multiple-choice question” again…

Do we (A) Pull it off life-support, (B) Keep it Connected to the machines, let nature take its course (C), Start a revolution, to set up, a brand new, governing, body?

When the government is BRAIN-DEAD, and let’s face it, the government does NOT have a brain, and I’m still NOT just talkin’ about the government of this god damn “country” I’m currently residing in either, I’m talkin’ ‘bout government in general here, I mean, those governments that are, “voted by we the people” (b/c WE are, the people, or, are we all, something else now???), they actually don’t have our best interests in mind, like for this currently one I’m “ruled under” (yeah, get real here!), the president kept claiming how the government’s ordered enough vaccines for everyone in the country to get at least, TWO vaccinations, and yet, many of us hadn’t even gotten our firsts (as Moderna is short-stocked???), and the shipments of BioNTech/Pfizer is, late again, and, AZ had that huge risk of blood-clot, and nobody wants to put their lives at risk of that, while this god damn government developed ITS own vaccines, and they wanted to, use WE the people, as LABRATS, forcing the EU to pass only AFTER stage two!

And that, is only on the part of the outbreaks…

Then, there’s, the BULLSHITTING spending vouchers, the government does NOT direct deposit the money we, the taxpayers paid into our bank accounts, instead, it made us stand in those, long, long lines in the super convenience stores to pick up the printed version, while there is, a bundle of us, who selected to get the vouchers, tied to our, credit cards (that saved us from standing in those, long, long lines!!!).

The government also, imported the pork with ractopamine, and for what?  Sucking up to the U.S. government, thinking that it would side with us, if we were to go to war with China (uh, get real, the U.S. isn’t STUPID!!!), and also, we went from the top few in defenses against MERS-CoV as this started back in, 2019 (maybe???), and due to the lack of vaccine availabilities, we’d, dropped, to the bottom, and we went from “Taiwan CAN Help” (b/c this country donated the masks???) to “WHO WILL, help, Taiwan?” (b/c the government did NOT have the foresights, to order up a ton of vaccines that we the people are in need of!)

Yep, that ‘bout, sums that up here…

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When Medigenvac Meets Papa U.S.

BANNED, from entry in the U.S.A. is what this will lead to all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The White House announced, that foreign visitors must be fully vaccinated by November, to enter into the U.S.  Now this was embarrassing, the national treasure, the Medigenvac vaccines made here, “was raised in the darkness, that nobody knows its name”, will U.S. allow those who was vaccinated it?  And some even questioned, that the president, Tsai who’d only received the vaccines of Medigenvac, would she be banned from visiting the U.S. from here on out?

this would work…photo from online

With the doors closed, we noted the Medigenvac vaccines as a “national treasure”, but, opening up the gates, we’d learned, that it’d, locked us in, this was, the trouble with Medigenvac.  This particular mandate of the U.S., was originally intended to lift the bans of travel for certain countries, to switch it to noting the individual travelers’ protections with the vaccinations.  But Chen hadn’t caught up yet, he’d first said, “Taiwan wasn’t banned”, then, “We’ll see in November”; as for what would happen, if the people in this country can’t get to the U.S., to which he’d replied, “there’s, nothing to it”.  Besides, the situation goes, way beyond Chen’s comprehensions, it’s, each man for himself now.

The C.D.C. of the U.S. claimed, that so long as we’d been vaccinated by the vaccines authorized by the W.H.O., the U.S. would admit that the vaccinations are, valid.  Meaning, that including AZ from Great Britain, and the two vaccines from China will be fine, but, Medigenvac, not so much, so.  The experts in defense against MERS-CoV of the CDC here, Lee once described, that Moderna and Medigenvac vaccines were both made with the techniques authorized by the National Health Institute of the U.S., the two were like brothers from the same mother, that it would surely be no problem, for the mixing of the vaccines.  And now, as Medigenvac meets up with Papa U.S., restricting the entry, will this “son from Taiwan” gain its, legal entry status?

as would this…

the vaccine manufactured by China! Photo from online

Tsai’s “marrying herself to the vaccines” only got 700,000 members of the public here to get the Medigenvac vaccines, but she’d, caused herself, and those comrades, to fall into that trap of reality.  In the end, they may all need, two shots of alternative vaccines, to be able to, enter into another country.  Chen can think about this problem in November then, what else, could he, do?

And so, this bullshit of the government, finally, BACKFIRES, because the vaccines developed here, it’s not, authorized for EU by the U.N., and, the @#$%ING (maxed out!) government still, put all its eggs into that one basket and now, it all, falls, D-O-W-N!

but not this one, the “home-grown” brand here…

photo from online

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The Insect-Infestations of Fruits is Only an Excuse, the Real Problem Lies in the Politics

The WAR on exports, had, begun!!!  How China is, banning the fruits exported from here, cutting off the “earning curves” of the fruit farmers here, killing their, livelihood, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the pineapples, the bell fruit and the sugar apples were, also, banned by China, reason being that the fruits exported to China was found to have wax scales.  The farmers here couldn’t understand when that shipment was found to have the wax scales, and besides, the export of the sugar apples to China were mostly the variety that’s mixed with pineapples, with the production time of between November and April of each year, so why did the ban come, six months, later?  And, the wax scales are only found on the surfaces of the fruits, and the farmers had rid the fruits of them with the air-compressors when packing.  The farmers believed, that they were merely, scapegoats of the wars between China and Taiwan, it’s still down to the politics.

There is a plantation of the sugar apples in Pingdong in the area of 5,000 acres, with half of pineapple crossed with the sugar apples, and another species of the sugar apples each taking up half.  The other species of sugar apples were from March to September of a year afterwards, sold mostly internally within this country; while the cross of sugar apples with pineapples were mostly exported to China, about 14,000 tons per year, bringing in about $1.2 billion N.T.s, and so, China’s banning the imports would hurt Taidong the hardest.  Although the Agricultural Committee had announced the billion-dollar sustenance for the farmers plans, but, it’d not caused the problems to go away, most of this country’s people liked the other species of sugar apples that’s, less sweet, and the way to resolve this issue is to, sell the cross of pineapple and sugar apples to China.

and this is, more than likely, the end result, both sides, losing…comic from online

I have three recommendations: first, through the communications of the locals, separating politics and agriculture, without the official organizations of Chinese Council Committee here in Taiwan, and the office of Taiwan not in contact enough, and the sea foundations, not interacting much, I recommend that the KMT use the means of local exchanges, through the Communist China’s Central Taiwan Offices to get to the bottom of the reasons, and discuss the matter, based off of the agricultural only, to set up the means to help, to continue exchange agriculturally between the straits.  Second, get a brand new selling market in other countries: there’s such a higher risk to one solitary market, the Agricultural Committee should help the farmers develop the freezing techniques for the produces, and expand the market to Japan, Korea, as well as, southeast Asia as well, to even Canada and the U.S.  Third, strengthening the upgrades of agriculture: agriculture should NOT be the produces, but the processed foods, turning the fruits into food, to NOT get affected by the expiration, that way, the agriculture value will, increase.

And so, the farmers are now, the ones, caught in the war between Taiwan and China, and, this would be, such, a huge hit, as this particular species of the fruits is meant to export to China, where it’s, quite popular, but now, because Taiwan hit China first, and China’s now, hitting Taiwan back, and, we the people, are still, the ones, with the, shortest ends of, that STICK!

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Allowing for the Mixing of Medigenvac with Other Internationally Approved Vaccines, is the Government Unafraid of Killing the People Here?

The government’s, rushing to inject the “test subjects” of their, “homegrown” vaccines, putting people’s lives at risk of dying!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The matter of vaccines had become, an issue of concern for the country’s people, since it’s first day of vaccination, Medigenvac had a total of accumulated 718,000 individuals who’d received the vaccinations, there were thirteen deaths as the result, which caused the country to question.  There are the physicians who’d pointed to how there’s a rate of ten-times difference of the August, September vaccinations, suspected that something’s up with the quality control of the vaccines, that the government should pull the plugs on administering the vaccines, and check more closely.

Toward this, the spokesperson of the C.D.C. Chuang told, that all thirteen cases that died are all of the sixth round, and because the times of death, the times of reporting of the deaths are varied, causing the citizens to believe, that they’re, from different times of vaccination.  He’d pointed out further, that currently, there’s an allotment of 830,000 doses of Medigenvac to the locals, in eleven batches, and, they’d analyzed the data collected of the deaths, and found the deaths to be, unrelated to the vaccines.

The command center believed, that the batches aren’t related to the deaths by vaccination, and so, there’s no issue of the qualities of the Medigenvac vaccines, this is seeing the trees, not seeing the forests.  And now, all the cases that died were from the sixth rounds of vaccinations, and in four, five days, there’d been, six deaths, within the time frame of only, two weeks.  It’d, made people think, that is Medigenvac really safe to use.  Without going through the third-stage trials, the government signed off on the EU, and now, there’d been, a total of thirteen deaths from the vaccinations, mostly were women between forty and sixty, most of them died of cardiovascular conditions, and, they’d died, in clusters too; this proved the cluster effect, or the cause and effects of the vaccinations.

Medigenvac should explain why the there are the populations of middle age woman who’d died, from vascular disorders, after getting vaccinated, why does it not match up to the international findings?

The command centers should pull the plugs on all the Medigenvac vaccines right now, and demand a recheck of the qualities of the vaccines from the company.  Before the third-stage trials are completed, there are, the surely, concerns of how safe the vaccines are, and, allowing the mixing of Medigenvac with other internationally proven vaccines, it is, the government’s, NOT seeing people’s lives, as worthy enough!

And so, this, is the end result, of the not-yet-stage-three trial vaccines produced by the government, yeah, and the number of death, compared to the deaths of other vaccines such as AZ, BioNTech/Pfizer, and Moderna, it’s very tiny, but, the techniques which the vaccines are made in Medigenvac is way too advanced, that even the more advanced nations such as U.S. isn’t even using yet, and the government here already, started using the people as the guinea pigs of the vaccines trials, yeah, how’s that, “with the people’s best interests in mind”???  It’s not!


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The Wills are, Good, of Course

Taiwan is still that, DUMB bat, in the war of the mammals, and the birds here, and it’s all the head of chair of Mainland Affairs, Council, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Tai-San Chiu, is an odd duck, a, “pigeon” of Tsai’s government, always spoken mildly, but, his words, were, mostly, pointless.  And, as China heard, maybe, they take his words, as a joke, or maybe, they would, roll their, eyes.  Like these past couple of days he’d suddenly, commended China and Taiwan, as best in the defenses against MERS-CoV outbreaks, and stated that the “five rules of Xi” of the head of Chinese Communist Government’s “Xi’s Five”, was of goodwill.  It’d, made people confused, as to, where he found the evidence to claim such!

with Chiu, as the “bat” in the, “production” here, video from

The Bat, the Beast, and the Bird | Aesop’s Fables | PINKFONG Story Time for Children – YouTube

(and yes, the link works!!!)

These words, sounded, pleasant enough to the ears sure, but, it’d, sounded, not quite right.  For instance, take that first line, the Chinese government, would never agree on.  As in China, as soon as there’s a local case of contraction, the general scans were performed, without a second word, and, the total number of administered vaccines was up to two billion to date already.  While Taiwan still relied on the donations of another country, so, who is Chiu sucking up to, stating that “both sides of the straits are, best!”?

The second line, even more, classic.  Chiu stated that the five rules of Xi were originally intended goodwill, hoping, that both sides will unify in peace one day; but two years ago, Tsai talked it down, to worthless, and equated the agreements of “the unofficial agreement between Taiwan & China through Hong Kong”, told the people NEVER to speak of it again, then, stepped on it, as a stepping stone, to her becoming the re-elected president.  Now, Chiu said that it was, goodwill, and made it looked like, Taiwan is willing with the peaceful, unification; is he giving commend to Xi, or, is it, in opposition to Tsai?

And, his ambiguous words, only he knew, that he wasn’t, directing his speech to those in Beijing, but Biden instead.  Last time he’d spoken of how the two sides are to, interact amicably with each other, right after New Year’s Eve after the long phone call Biden had with Xi;; and this time, he’d, placed Xi on that, high pedestal, perhaps, he saw Biden and Xi, talking through the nights, under the candle  lights again.

The Five of Xi is goodwill it’s no lie, the words of Xi, turned Tsai from losing, to winning instantly, of course, Xi’s words, are, beneficial to the party in power.  Chiu may be, only, using the signal words in politics, to say “thank you!”

And so, this still just showed, of how Taiwan is now, caught in the middle, like that BAT in Aesop’s fable (I think it was), was the bat a mammal or an avian?  It tried playing both sides, but in the end, after the avian and the mammals decided on hey, let’s have peace, the bat got, cast out, because it tried to “play both sides” for fools, and finally, both of the sides, wake up and see that, and that, is how this country will end too!

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The Five-Times Voucher, is Five-Times Environmentally, Unfriendly

the guy, getting his, however many minutes under the SPOTLIGHT! Photo from online

The STUPIDITY of this government of ours, still waiting our (I PAID my taxes too here, you know???) money!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of legislation, Su introduced to the people, the blown up copied version of the five-times voucher: where the glow-in-the-dark fibers are used, where are the watermarks, etc., etc., etc., and the places where the color-changing prints were used.  He was really, enthusiastic, which showed, exactly, why the five-times vouchers are, impractical; and, there are, a lot of the vouchers that won’t even, touch our hands yet, and get sent into, the shredders.

The three-times vouchers, and the five-times vouchers, are all short-lived products that can only be used once, and tossed out, totally against the environmentally-friendly claims.  The more pretty the printing looked, the more costly, which goes to show, how the government is, waste even more of the taxpayers, money.  The printed bills by the Central bank on average, gets twenty-two exchanges of hands per bill, the thousand dollar bills about two and a half years.  But, the five-times, and the three-times vouchers are all used, only once, for some, they don’t even get touched by our hands, and, get send into the shredders.

and, here are, what those, costly, environmentally, UNfriendly, cash vouchers look like…

in the amounts of $200 and $500 N.T.s

For two consecutive years, Su pushed for the vouchers program, it doesn’t mean that he cared a bit about the economy, what he enjoyed, was being under that spotlight, gaining everybody’s, attention.  It’s the preshow advertisements now, and, as the vouchers get passed out, another round, watching how we have to, stand in the line, to get the vouchers, it make him, ecstatic, how many shows of getting him self onstage, how could he possibly be willing to, just WIRE the five-thousand dollars CASH into our accounts?

The Five-Times Vouchers are printed on the high-end papers imported from Europe, the printing on each sheet is three dollars, and the cost of the entire program is over $20 billion N.T.s.  And although, it wasn’t our trees that were being chopped down, but Taiwan is chopping the trees from the rest of the world, on EARTH, and, as the Taiwanese only used the vouchers once, they get sent to the shredders, isn’t it, completely, insane?  What’s ironic is, the printing and the shredding of the vouchers are done by ONE single agency, one hand, in life, and death.

Su does NOT have the concepts of sustainability, and environmentalism, and, who will, appreciate his means?

And yeah, this is, the STUPIDITY of this, god damn, FUCKING (don’t pardon me this time!) government of ours, and there’s, NOTHING we the people CAN do about it, because we are, ENSLAVED here, hello, hello, hello???  Am I the ONLY one who gets this???

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Is it the Fault of the Holes of Quarantine that Caused the Delta Strain to Break into the Communities?

It’s still, the system set up by the CDC that’s, to blame and those who tried to, fudge the rules of their, quarantine, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The cases of the gathering cluster had expanded, with three more individuals added, and the virus had, entered, into the, local communities now too.  Because it’s confirmed that it’s the delta strain, the Hsinbei City government didn’t DARE relax, immediately, cleared out the residential building, and sanitized the building, and quarantined all of the residents living there.  Turns out, the father of a young child just returned from Egypt in August, he is suspected to have been the source of the cluster; another female anesthesiologist who was confirmed of diagnosis also lives in the same building.

If this man who’d returned here from Egypt was the source, then, there’s something relaxable about the kindergarten contraction clusters.  The readings showed, that the family had had the virus for a while now.  But, what’s odd was, the anesthesiologist who lives in the same building also had a higher virus content in her, there’s need for clarification of the chain of contraction with the man who returned from Egypt.

This man came to Taiwan from Egypt at the start of August, the two scans when he was in quarantines showed negative for contraction, that was why he was able to go home successfully.  But, there’s the antibodies from his high virus concentration in his blood, that’s, really, confusing.  This was the standards set by the Command Center that’s problematic, or the tests not precise enough, and both should be, evaluated as soon as possible, to NOT make the admitting of people into this country to become a point of entry for the virus.

A few days ago, there was a similar case in the city of Taipei.  A member of the community returned to the country on August 11th, and after his twenty-eight days’ quarantine, returned home on the 28th.  But, three days later, he received a call from the CDC, that he’d contracted the delta strain, that he’d needed to get hospitalized, in the quarantine wards.  But, for the few days he’d been home, he’d already came into contact with multiple members of his relatives, friends, and families, which caused all of whom he’d been in contact with, needing to be, quarantined as well.

The pilot case was a hole in the policies, and, there’s also, the holes in the quarantines upon entry into the country, and the government should NOT escape the blames for it.

And this still showed, how it is, how you may not know if you’d, caught MERS, and, you may not be showing the symptoms, but the virus is active in you, and you can, pass it, to all whom you came into, contact with, and, the number of whom you may have infected, multiplies, too fast still.

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The Visions of the Country to Become Bilingual Next to Impossible, Too Many Blind Spots of the Elitist Methods of Education

And, I R-E-S-T, my C-A-S-E, “your honor”, on the HALF-ASSED proposal of turning the country into, dual-language, from a parent of a high school student, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

2021 was Year One of Bilingual Education here in Taiwan, because the experimental dual-language classes set up from the elementary school level, all the way into the universities.  The Department of Education selected N.T.U., National University of Education, Chenggong University, and Zhongshan University as the primary universities, with forty-one other schools, fifty high schools setting up their dual-language experimental courses, hiring over hundreds of foreign speaking instructors to teach on the elementary and middle school levels, and training the dual-language fluency instructors at the same time.  This determination, is quite rare in history, but, to meet the goal of the country becoming a dual-language fluency country by 2030, this is, next to, impossible, and the reason being that the system is too superstitious in the elitist methods of education, with too many, blind spots.

Blind Spot 1: only sighting the beginning, without the affirmative, end results.  The government is too used to setting up the schools that are already doing well from before, to make itself look better in the implementing of the policies.  At the start, this plan is quite convincing, but the progressions of how to achieve the end goal, it’s, an obstacle.  Because the “standardized schools” are mostly well-performing at the very start, but lacking as the plans carry forth, not given enough resources, with not enough understanding, which makes the implementing of the policies, quite impossible, and in the end, the schools can only use the means of “political statistics” to turn in a “pretty result”.  And, the result of this is the government using the same standards, and, push forth, another plan like the one that failed from before.

This has precedence, in the reforms of community colleges into top-notch universities, of how all the two-year and four-year colleges became universities, and it’s not, effective at all

Blindspot #2: making the already excellent even better, but does NOTHING for those who had a slower start on the starting lines.  There are two benefits of the outcomes of the dual-language education, first, having English into an extra language of instruction aside from Chinese, with the language being used for other subjects (biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics), to add to the fluency of English, secondly through the English language, getting the extra energies in learning needed for the other subjects in school.  But to get this bonus of dual-language education, you needed to have good enough knowledge in the subject already, and, the fundamentals in English too.  And so, the setting up of the high school experimental dual-language education courses, to filter out the better students, to ensure this result, it’s, understandable.

But, from the past experiences of experimental education, experimental education, ultimately, is only, an experiment, hard to generalize, and losing its colors right now; the experimental classes, like the gifted-and-talented and special education, focusing all the resources on students who have the abilities, and, neglecting those students who are in need of more help in the subjects, and raising the levels of understanding for the classes as a whole.  It would be hard for dual-language instruction to be effective, focusing on making the fluent learners better, and not helping the students who are, having a hard time.

Blindspot #3: emphasis on foreign-born instructors, and treating the country’s own instructors as secondary.  The success in dual-language education lies in the instructors, although the Department of Education started getting the foreign-born instructors to teach in the elementary and middle schools, to date, with a total of more than 1,500 members of the teaching staff, it’d not made the dual-language learning environment more beneficial to children. While the training of the dual-language instructions for teachers who are born here is still in the internship or recruitment stages, it won’t fulfill the pressing needs.  The curtains are now, raised up, and the government can only, place the foreign-born instructors in the slots, and, it’s quiet, pessimistic, when the country’s own trained English instructors can take over.

I’m glad, to see the implementing of dual-language instructions, but, this should not only be available to the students in the more achieved statuses, with the elitists, it will not be possible, for this country in becoming a dual-language fluency nation.  Only through flipping over the logic of the policies, and the implementing of the policies of foreign language instruction, to use the “Grassroot method”, to replace “English classroom” teaching method, to help those who are lesser, that, is the making, of a true, dual-language, country.

So, based off of the current ideals of foreign language instructions, the children who have the resources will have a better chance at succeeding, while children from the lesser socioeconomic statuses, they’d be, SCREWED, because they are not allotted as much resources they need, to succeed in their learning English.  And, this is still, a HALF-ASSED proposal by the government, turning this country into dual-language by 2030.

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