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Immersing Myself in the Word, Every Day

Grateful for the subsection of the UDNPapers, that’s brought us so many knowledge, shared memories, and a ton, of wonderful things, to enrich our daily lives, translated…

I loved reading the subsections of the paper like a book, especially the D2 sections of the UDNPapers, there are the writers from all walks of life that were printed on here, and, an assortment of contents, naturally.  I’d recalled that one time, the editor’s office asked the medical staff members to write the stories of the giant white towers, it’d captivated the readers’ attentions, making us want to read, reread, and reread over, over, and over again.  The “Secret Headquarters of the Car Wash” that got started this year is also, attention-catching, the writer can tell how the owners of the cars he’d washed and repaired lived from the cars that were dropped off, this was totally, magical to me.

something to do, EVERY, day…

The other four columns that were also my favorite aside from this one: in “Animals on Stage”, I’d felt the strong emotional connections the writers felt toward the animals they have.  In “A Treasure Map of Memories”, I’d noted the different ways of life the various age groups of people have, and, they’d offered a fun comparison to my own life experiences.  And I’d loved the seasonal writers who’d written for the Youth Column, they’d used their words, recorded down the lives in their own separate professions, although these are smaller in sizes, but, covering a wide spectrum of topics, eye opening, truly.  And for the “Topics of Discussion” columns, although these came in smaller passages, they are all, eye-catching.  The same things that’s happened in the lives of various people, produced, different stories, with the different enlightenments from their separate, stories.

That’s how this subsection of the paper works, like a professor with a wide spectrum of knowledge, fulfilling my curiosities every single day, enriching my life, adding more fun to my ordinary days.

I’m grateful for the editor of the subsection of the papers, to allow the readers, to read in their, separate corners, to know what’s going on all around us, to get soaked up in the wonders, of interactions of words of exchange.

And so, this, is a sort of a thank you note this writer wrote to the subsection of the papers, and, surely, this subsection of the papers, offered a wide variety of reading materials for those who are interested in finding out new things they want to find out, it has the experiences of others we can borrow from, and, it’s just, an amazing section of the UDN papers here.

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More Comfortable in Someone Else’s Skin

This would be the problem, with the MOST indecisive ruler in fairytale world, you know, the one that ended up, walking down the streets of his kingdom, in HIS birthday suit???

More comfortable in someone else’s skin, the Emperor had gone through HIS entire closet, more than TEN times, and still, he couldn’t find any clothes he’s comfortable wearing.  More comfortable in someone else’s skin, he’d felt, he didn’t want to take the kingdom, but, it was passed down to him, by his father, and his father took the kingdom from HIS father before, as is the tradition.

More comfortable in someone else’s skin, he just never found an outfit that fitted him just right, if an outfit looked good on the rack (and yes, the king DOES his own shopping too!!!), it wouldn’t look good on him, as he didn’t have that cloth hanger, mannequin body.

More comfortable in someone else’s skin, and so, the king couldn’t even get OUT of his own bedroom in the morning, let alone take care of the affairs in his kingdom, and so, his kingdom deteriorated…………







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Used to Dream About

Uh, hello, hello, hello???  The DREAMERS ARE already wide, A-W-A-K-E here!!!

Used to dream about a LOT of things, because I had the abilities, and the SPARE time, and the ENERGY to, because I didn’t have to deal with the REALITIES that I’m currently facing right N-O-W.

Used to dream, but, NO longer, because, as we all aged, we’d LOST that childish innocence of ours, and, we just don’t recall WHEN it was, the last time we’d actually just fell asleep, and dreamed…

Used to

dream, but, NO longer, because, as we all aged, we’d LOST that childish innocence of ours, and, we just don’t recall WHEN it was, the last time we’d actually just fell asleep, and dreamed…

Used to dream about you and me together, but NOT anymore, I’d already SNAPPED myself O-U-T of that “fantasy” already, because here, in the HARSH reality is where I currently “reside” and, there’s NO “you and me” or “us”, there’s just Y-O-U, and there’s also JUST me, living, separately, from each other………………

Used to dream about a LOT of things as children, what we’re going to be when we grow up, but, as we’d gotten older, the dreams we had got reduced, because everything became us, and, there’s just NO use in living OUT those childish fantasies anymore, is there?  Nope!!!  Used to dream about you and I, together, as a couple (this, in case you don’t know, it’s still OUT of my BIG, OVERSIZED B-O-B-B-L-E H-E-A-D, meaning that the only thing making it TRUE would be the FACT that I’m writing this!!!), but hey, dreamers HAVE to W-A-K-E, NO matter how sleepy they are eventually………

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The Child You’d Abandoned

The child you’d abandoned, because you were NOT quite ready to become a parent (well, I was NOT ready to be anybody’s child either, and yet, I WAS born!!!).  The child you’d abandoned had become a bad person, because you’d abandoned “it” when “it” was needing you the most, and so, growing up without “its” parents, “it” turned B-A-D, and now, you WILL be held, responsible, for all of “its” BAD behaviors, after all, you WERE supposed to be “its” parents.

The child you’d abandoned, because you weren’t ready to take on the responsibilities of being a father, a mother, a caretaker, because you were too IMMATURE, because you just wanted to SCORE your FUCKS on your whores, and, you did NOT use protection (Uh, that’s what???  MIDDLE SCHOOL HEALTH class???), and so, in NINE fucking months, he popped out of your ex-girlfriend, you’d DUMPED her the moment you realized she was pregnant, because you were a kid yourself!!!

The child you’d abandoned is now, all grown up, and, she stands before you, and, because you’d been ABSENT all her life, you don’t recognize her, but, she recognizes you that’s for sure, and, even when she wears that wide grin on her face when she spoke to you, you still got NO clue what her plans for revenge on you were, and, it’ll HIT you, H-A-R-D, that’s for sure…

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Undeserving of My Kindness

You are, undeserving of MY kindness, for my kindness is only reserved to those who are deserving, those who are KIND to me back, those who ain’t DONE NOTHING wrong TO me.

Undeserving of MY kindness, this, is what you became, after all, you’d didn’t just do me wrong O-N-C-E, oh no, you’d continuously (made it into a habit, say???) done ME wrong, again, and again, and I’d had it with you!!!
Undeserving of MY kindness, so yeah, I’ll take that back, and, once I’d withdrawn MY kindness from you, you will feel the COLD and CRUEL world, biting hard on you, and, you will feel it GNAW on you day in, night out, keeping you up, in the wee hours of the nights, and, you’ll start to weep, like a baby, and, nobody’s gonna BE there, to WIPE away the tears you’d cried FOR you…

Undeserving of MY kindness, because you’re NOT worth it, you are NOT worthy of even MY time, what makes you THINK that you’d be worthy of MY kindness?  Yeah, so, take T-H-A-T, why don’t you, L-O-S-E-R!!!  Once again, this, is just me, yapping, this is still NOT directed toward anybody who CAN read out there, okay???

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Summers of My Childhood

The summers of my childhood, I was lucky enough, to spend, looking up at the skies, and daydreaming away…

The summers of my childhood, they flew by me, like I was riding inside the car and those summers of my youthful days are flashing right by, outside of the car windows, and, it all became a huge B-L-U-R!!!

The summers of my childhood, how much do I remember?  Not very much, only segments, and, those segments that I DO recall, well, they’re foggy, and, I waited and waited, for the fog to subside, and it never did, and so, I couldn’t see through the dense fog in the summers of my childhood.

The summers of my childhood, they were supposed to have been spent, laughing, but, I recalled NO laughing at all, only crying, because I was forced to say goodbye to my childhood, during the summertime.  The summers of my childhood, thinking back, I have absolutely NO memories of, and, maybe it’s for the best that it’s left at that, after all, I don’t want to open up a CAN of W-O-R-M-S, and I also don’t want to get TRAPPED by those horrid summers that my mind had blocked out, to protect me from, because I’m still NOT yet ready to handle the truth…

The summers of my childhood, I don’t recall, and, it IS, for the best, that I have ZERO recollection of it, after all, NOTHING good happened in the P-A-S-T, I was born, I grew up, the E-N-D, that, would be the bulk of my story.

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