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A World of, BIGOTS…

This is what we’re, living in right now, a world of, BIGOTS, with their, tiny little, PEA-SIZED brains, and an even smaller-sized tolerance for others who aren’t the same as the “vast majority”……..

A world of, BIGOTS, and we’re, allowing these, ASSHOLES to rule us, to lead us to that hell somewhere, WAY lower than, the “given” six-feet under.  A world of, BIGOTS, because, these politicians are, brainwashing the next generations, erasing histories, telling them that what had actually happened WAS a lie (remember that slavery had never happened?  Or how Lincoln did NOT get ASSASSINATED by J. W. Booth, that he had died, from, choking on a piece of meat, or as I like to believe that he had???  Not to mention, how the kids these days, aren’t reading or writing, AT their, expected level of understanding based off of their, grades (had you CHECKED out those scores of the state-administered standardized exams yet????)

like this??? Political cartoon from online

And, these politicians are going to spin things, however way they want to, knowing, that us idiots who can’t educate ourselves, will, follow them, straight to hell, and we actually do, because we the people are FUCKING (so???) retarded, we the people, LACKED that sound judgment, besides, it’s always easy to not lead, and get BLAMED, if something goes wrong, so yeah, let’s all, get in line for that game of L-I-M-B-O there, and see how L-O-W we can, all, GO!

and we’re all still, following THAT, Conga LINE! Photo from online

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Will the Grand Justice Become, an Official for How the Party in Power Explains the Constitution?

Of course, these, heads of justice department are going to become, “pocketed” by the DDP, and became, nothing more than, a subsidiary of the, political party, as that’s Tsai’s plans, all alone, in proposing the “justice reforms” that she’d, enforced into, law!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With the High Similarities in Beliefs, Similar Ideologies, What Sort of Political Calculations are the DDP, Making?

The four grand justices nominated by the former president, Ma, their terms are expiring on September 30th this year, yesterday, the president, Tsai nominated Yo and three others onto the bench, and once all of them passed the votes by the legislation, all fifteen justices would be, nominated by Tsai alone.  Of the nominees, Yo showed color preferential toward the matter of doing away with the death penalty, Chen had demanded the voting processes to be repeated, as Kuan was voted as the president of N.T.U., Chu’s husband is the head of district attorney’s offices, representing the various sects of the law: district attorney, academics, and attorneys at law.  Of the nominees, Yo stated publicly, that “death sentence” is a tool for oppression; being against the death penalty is for the sake of ones’ own life; and stated that nobody has the right, to take the life of, another, that as the “number increased”, that still does not give you the power to take the life of someone, away; that death penalty is similar to any act of, violence.

More than eighty-percent of the public are for death penalty, taking that off the tables, it’s the “minority getting loud in voice volume”, but recently, the grand justices explained, that the constitutional courts would rule in favor of “protecting civil human rights”.

And so, you can see, how the justice department became, the GUNMAN of the, DDP, doing what it was told, (good boy, now SIT!), because, all the highest court justices are now, DDP-affiliated, and that means, Tsai gets, absolute, POWER over how the law can get twisted in her party’s, favors, and there’s nothing we the people CAN do, about it!

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The Democratic Genes of the Party that Took Power

And the DDP, holds the democratic genes of the country then???  Give ME a break, just take a look at WHAT the DDP took away from we the people, forcing us to swallow down the pork with ractopamine, totally DISREGARDING the votes of the people, to restart nuclear four, to ban the imports of nuclear contaminated produces from Japan, etc., etc., etc., and they call themselves, DEMOCRATIC???  Yeah, right!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A few days back the DDP’s chair, Lai openly stated, “the DNA of democracy is NOT in the KMT!”, I’m truly curious, that how Dr. Lai tested the DNA of the political party that’s, been around for a hundred years in history?  Recalled how at the start of the year, the former ambassador, Chang gave a book to me as a present on the coming about of the Chinese political parties, along with the histories of the political parties of Germany as the country became more, democratic, the studies of DNA, it surely, should NOT get, overlooked.

the EMPRESS, Tsai! the dictator, elected by popular votes! Found online

From the external performance of the political party that’s currently ruling, it’s, a necessity, that we tested, the DNA of democracy, as KMT managed to unify the country from close to a hundred years ago, whether it be the organizational laws of the governments, along with the amendments to the constitution, other than the beliefs of one government ruled all, there’s, that pursuit in, human rights, and so, it would be brash, to state, that there’s no democracy in its, DNA.  But, what’s most worth noting was, just like Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, who’d turned from a medical professional into politician, his influence of the belief about democracy that it’d needed to get set up systematically first, before it gets, implemented, and those in the scholarly realm of the time, believed, that democracy can be put to practice, by the people being educated about it, and, allowing those who are, still learning, to take the reins, doesn’t make any, sense.  And, what constitutes as, democracy, I’m sure, that the scholarly find it hard to come to a consensus about even to this, very, day.

To the end of the war, although the KMT finally set up the constitution, but, had lost power of control in the internal battling, and surely, they’d become, authoritarian no doubt, it’s just, that since Taiwan was won, the local elections started, which was what was never considered from the Japanese ruling era.

The DDP had never taken a cent less from the national treasury.  In recent years, to protect their wins of the elections, they’d, turned the originally independently operating agencies of the government, into their, subsidiaries, showing how far they’d, shifted from the democratic that was in the party’s, name.

And so, hear the DDP bullshit is what this is all about, since the DDP took over this god DAMN FREE (this was still “free” last I checked!) country, Tsai and the DDP went against we the people’s wills, in passing the importing of the pork with ractopamine, and the importing of the nuclear contaminated produces from Japan, and the government still couldn’t provide we the people with everything we needed to defend ourselves in the pandemic, see the shortages of mask (that’s why the national “team” was set up???), the lacking of the vaccines (we’d relied on the donated bundles that other countries are discarding, because AZ became ineffective in preventing the mutated Delta, Omicron strains!), and, it still, bullshits we the people, and, what’s worse is that, wet the people are, allowing them to do so!

And, the DDP made this country, the OFFICIAL GARBAGE dump to the rest of the global community here, taking in ALL the SHITS that other nations tried getting rid of, and there’s NOTHING that we the people can, do about it, ‘cuz we’d all been, enslaved too long, and forgotten WHAT freedom feels, like now…

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Had Your Lives Improved, Since Tsai Took Office, Seven Years, Ago???

How had the people’s lives, improved better, since the DDP took office???  It hadn’t, and if you think that it had, then, you’re, totally, DELUSIONAL (and, GET H-E-L-P!!!)!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Tsai government had been in office for seven whole years to date, asking all around me, that sacred vote that you had, cast in the ballots, did it, make your life, better?  For the sake of the ideologies of democracy, more than eight million people voted for the officials of the DDP, and, let me ask all of you, seriously now, what changes had you guys had these few years?

How long exactly, is, seven years?  It’s long enough, for a middle school student to enter into high school, finish high school, and to, graduate out of, university, becoming the greenhorns of the workforces soon now.  The campaign promises of making housing affordable, to maintain the peace between Taiwan and China, all went, BUST!  Putting aside the wages, lowering the average incomes of the people, the younger generations are now, feeling that it’s, a fairytale, to purchase their own, homes, can you imagine, how scary it is, how a government, can kill off the dreams and the futures of the younger generations, in just, seven, years!  The armed services terms, about to get, lengthened, post graduation is on the docket, with China and Taiwan, in zero, contact, how scary is that!

Recently, the second in command of the department of Labor posed, that if the cost of housing is way too high in Taipei, then, the younger generations should purchase their homes in Chiayi, this is, the words of, a government too, incompetent.  And the end results of the higher up government officials caring less about the people’s lives, is that the gap between the rich and the poor will only get, wider, those without the money tried their hardest to, survive, and those with the riches, trying to, live, better.

The key characteristic of democracy is majority rule, and, every citizen of the country will be shouldering the choices of, the, majority, with the 2024 election coming right up, let’s stopped getting blackmailed by “the next Hong Kong”, “the next Ukraine”, we are, Taiwan, the keep on fighting, Formosa!

Yeah, this is a vital article, that everybody needs to, study (and I don’t mean just, skim through!), because, this stated  the problems that the DDP caused, in its, authoritarianism over the island, and, life still isn’t better, compared to when Tsai first took her first term as, president, in fact, the moment she declared herself for winning the presidential election, the country started, going down south, and we’re still, not yet hitting, that, rock bottom anytime soon here!

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The Wills of the Taiwanese People, Let Us Respond for Ourselves

The “dissection” of what Taiwan is, in the “war of the world”, with the world powers U.S., and China, ready to, duke it, out!  From the wider perspectives, the BIG picture, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The May 20th this year, other than the anniversary of the president being in office, as the candidates are lined up for the next presidential elections.  But, because Taiwan is stuck on the frontlines of the power struggles between U.S. and China, it’d made the air, odder.

What can be predicted, is that the relations of Taiwan and China would play a vital role in the upcoming presidential elections.  At this same time, the U.S. Congress gave Biden the go to set aside the funding from the presidential office to provide the weapons to Taiwan; with the committee of the House passing the Taipei Amendment, reiterating, that the U.N.’s decision 2758 excludes Taiwan, and are against any who tried to change the status of this country, without the consent of the Taiwanese, people.  This series of kind gestures, came from the heavens, but, the overall conditions are, quite, worrying.

In reality, the problem regarding Taiwan had long entered into the discussion of the U.N. since post World War II.  At the time, the American government saw, that Communist China was close to gain victory, and thus, the claims of returning Taiwan to China became, shaken, and the discussions of whether or not U.S. was going to insert a new political leader, to support Taiwanese independence, all of these had been, discussed, and in the end, the U.S. selected to pose the beliefs, of the futures of Taiwan should be in accordance with what U.N.’s peace treaties mandated.  And yet, the proposal due to how Communist China entered into the Korean War, the U.S. decided to work with the Chiang Kai-Shek government again, and within six months, the discussion got placed on the backburner, indefinitely, in the U.N.

Recalling this segment of history, scholars pointed out, that although the U.S. State Department was using the claims of “the wills of the Taiwanese people should be respected” as a proclamation, but from the mentioning of the actions to putting the forum on the backburner, the people of Taiwan didn’t have a say, this is, truly, ironic.  Certainly, not allowing Taiwan to fall to the enemies arms, that is the beliefs of the U.S. post World War II, with the differences being how the tactics to achieve this shifts, with the changes in the world.

From this, the former security consultant of the White House, O’Brien posed that the members of the Taiwanese public arm ourselves with AK47s to defend ourselves from the Chinese armed forces invasions, or to use the means of the British, bombing down the French military ships to prevent them from falling into Nazi control, called that if China and Taiwan go to war, TMSC will be, bombed, all of these seemed outrageous, but, considering the tactics that the U.S. is employing, it’s, only based off of considerations of what benefits the U.S. the most, what is meant by “the will of the Taiwanese people”, is only, a synonym for, benefitting the large countries.

Comparing to the people’s not having a voice, back in 1996, when the legislature passed that people can directly vote for the president, we the people had the proper means, to express who we want to rule over us.  It’s just that in the past thirty years, the party in power had been stuck in the irrational beliefs of what the reality is, this had been proven, factual.

And, this is how, we became (fully certified) as the SACRIFICIAL goat of the war of the “worlds” (well, it’s not the entire world, but the boxing match of U.S. vs. China!), and the government of the DDP still can’t see beyond the fact, that we are, merely, sacrificeable pawn in this, bad business, that we are at a, lose-lose standpoint?  Wow, the DDP government really IS, in desperate need of that, EYES EXAM, isn’t it?

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The DDP, Using the Relations with China to Deflect on the Party’s Own Incompetence

Are we the people, going to get, fooled again???  Uh, are we the people, intelligent enough, I wouldn’t imagine so, but then again, we the people, just might (just might!), surprise y’all here!!!  This is following the leader, at its, WORST, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Communist Chinese military drills of last August, Taiwan had seen, that from the government websites to the bulletin boards of the local storefronts getting hacked by hackers, or became, paralyzed, with the contents switched out.  The people here suddenly shocked to discover, how weak the privacy of internet truly is in the country, there’s the elevated alerts of anonymous email threats, from the first wave of attacks to these past two years, the government of Tsai kept using the reflex response, to turn the blames toward the student, “Hai-Chuang Zhang” who came over to study, and blamed the Chinese government for allowing him to keep on attacking the systems, the DDP seemed to be at wit’s end.

Examining the anonymous threats and threats to attack online, most were generated from out of country, using the VPN, to redirect to various IP addresses, with the numerous points of entry set up, it’d become, more difficult to crack them all, down.  The first half are all targeted toward the transportation systems like the Taiwanese Railway Systems, the high-speed railways, the MRT’s, etc. etc., etc., someone who claimed to be, “Tang-Ze Gui-Yang” left the message in customer services, that a bomb will be, planted.  Finally, the criminal investigations unit cracked the case last year, and, all arrows pointed toward the Chinese student who’d come over to study in university, Hai-Shen Zhang, and a warrant of his arrest, was, signed.

Since, every time there’s an anonymous threat from online, the government of Tsai continued using Hai-Shen Zhang as the scapegoat, claimed that although, China and Taiwan are both onboard to prevent these sorts of threats, however, the public safety department of China, refused to assist, and allowed Hai-Shen Zhang to do what “he” wanted.

Let’s put aside, if China is planning on, extraditing “Hai-Chuang Zhang” back to Taiwan, and this may be due to a lack of trust of government officials in China and Taiwan; as the events exacerbated, the targets of the threats of attacks aimed at the public transportation, tourist attraction sites, along with the fundamental operating systems, the cases started increasing by the day, and, there were the officials that ran to and from, and behind this, was clearly the threat of national security, which reflected, how weak the fundamental systems of defense set up in Taiwan, as well as how weak the digital department is here.

The Criminal Investigation Agency had estimated, that the total number of threats by “Hai-Chuang Zhang” had risen to 231.  But, it’s unclear, if “Hai-Chuang Zhang” had, indeed, made all of these, threats, could it be possible, that a student from China, is agile enough, to, paralyze the traffic in Taiwan, causing the scientific parks to, shut, down?  That this individual can easily, bring down the entire digital development department, the intel connections of the military, that the government of Tsai took so much effort to, set up?

The anonymous online attacks shifted from the virtual world, into a matter of, national, security now.  And, the legislature easily, scapegoated China, on these matters, to cover up for the DDP government’s own, incompetence.

And yep, that’s what the DDP government is best at, diversions, spreading fear amongst us all, the CHINESE armed forces are about to land and take this island over, and we must, “declare” our independence (hello, hello, hello, this country had been independent since 1949 you mother FUCKERS, against the Chinese Communist Party, and yet, this god damn DDP government, uses fear to cause people to submit to their ruling, and what’s more shocking is, that this fear tactics actually, still, works, and apparently, we the people are still way too, FUCKING (so???) retarded, and still, following the DDP, down that sharpened cliff!

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As China & Taiwan Duke it Out, the Travel Agencies Became, the Sacrificial, Lamb

Someone’s gotta DIE, for this WAR between China AND Taiwan, and who gets it???  Oh yeah, the TOURISM industries, this particular, “round”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As China just announced allowing of the tour groups from Taiwan to visit, Taiwan started hollering, that there’s the “need for negotiation for both sides”, then the trips would be allowed, that it has to be a two-way street.  One side opened up the gates, the other demanding the discussions of the “businesses of the negotiations”, actually, both sides are considering, different, things.  The simple demands of people interacting from both sides, under the packaging of the political intents, became extremely difficult to overcome, with the travel agencies here, screaming out in pains.

Since New Year’s this year, China already made its moves, to better the relationship between the two sides of the straits, including the returning of the sixteen flight locations, and having the former president, Ma visiting, and ushered in the many business groups, to work hard to push forth the relations of Taiwan and China.

China had rushed before June and announced opening of the tour groups from here to there, this has to do with the exchanging policies China had started this year with Taiwan.  Currently, the pandemic is under control in China.  The “May 1st” labor day long weekend had kickstarted the exchanges; and, on the other hand, at the bottom half of the year, the elections here are hitting it hot, and it may cause Taiwan and China to get deadlocked, again.  To prevent the political interferences, Beijing had opened the doors for the Taiwanese tours first.

While Taiwan announced the direct flights to only ten cities, and every move that Taiwan had made was, more than, passive.  And the MAC called out to “agreements of both sides”, “the business discussions”, it was counting on that Taiwan would NEVER communicate, and it’s only, putting on a show for the U.S.: “I’m the one asking for the negotiations, it’s Beijing that doesn’t want to interact, to negotiate, to deal with us.”

Toward the internal, the government told the public, “using the steady, to interact with the moving, to redefine our relationship with across the straits, but at the same time, we must all, be really watchful of China’s attacking the economy here in Taiwan post pandemic, as well as its using the cognitive warfare tactics”.

China refuses to get in discussion with the Tsai government the validity of the “One-China Policy”, Beijing is now, trying to defend the “one China one Taiwan”, the appearances of “Two Chinese countries” internationally, and nor would it “give the bonuses to the Tsai government” just because the two sides are allowing for the tourists to visit to and from; besides, the Tsai government’s “fighting China to protect Taiwan” is resonating through the clouds, to the point of not giving the health insurance benefits to the Chinese exchange students here, in the general discrimination against visiting Chinese tourists, Beijing would worry of its nationals, visiting Taiwan, how safe will they, be???

The travel agencies here believed that the Tourism Department still had the official documents of banning the tours to China from back when.  Based off of rationale, as the pandemic slowed, then, the bans should get lifted.  And now, “complicating the simple, if both sides must bring these issues to the table for a full discussion, there shall be, no resolves then!”, with the travel agencies, ending up as the scapegoat, the sacrificed of the political arm wrestling match.

And so, for the god damn ideologies of the DDP, (Against CHINA all the WAY!!!) the tourism industry got, sacrificed, and, that’s still not all, the agricultural, the fishing industries, and all the other things that were originally okayed for export are now, banned, which will put a huge DAMPER (or it might be way more than, a simple, “damper”) in the economy here.

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The Government that Could Care LESS about the Economy of Every Day Citizens, and Only SMASHED People with the Money to Buy the Loyalties

How this political party is still playing all of us, citizens, voters, for FOOLS and, are we all gonna get, fooled by them?  Are we wise enough, to know better yet???  Maybe we are, maybe, we’re, not…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

At about the beginning of May, I’d started smelling the familiar scent of eggs frying on the fryers at around 5:30 in the morn, that was the breakfast menu that my neighbor had stopped making for quite a while.  I’d known, that the costs of eggs had, dropped down now, and there’s less of a shortage of eggs.  And yet, those who are having these, are either the students rushing to school early in the morn, or the, working class, and I can’t help but wonder, what substitutes they’d used for the previous period when eggs were still, in shortages?

At the start of the month, right around the same times, there were the sixty-dollar pork chop packed meals from the wholesales mart that’s, quite, cheap; and the other super convenient stores didn’t back away, they’d, pushed forth the roughly equivalent in content and portion-sized meals, for just, fifty-nine dollars.  Simply stated, the shops all knew how hard the economy is hitting the ordinary citizens, and they’d, pushed forth the programs of “beneficial to the ordinary citizens.”

Now, looking at the government and Tsai, for seven years so far, she’d used the motto of “getting ahead”, kept setting up the countless “specialty offices” and “national teams”, using the names of “expansion”, only for the sole purpose of propaganda, and the votes, because al of these organizations are like bunk beds, stacked up, costing a lot, purchasing the, votes.

The chairperson of the DDP, the vice president, Lai on the campaign trails in Keelung stated, if he won the 2024 elections, he will set up another “specialty office” at the Legislature, to enforce the cooperation between the central government and the local governments, to resolve the problems city by city.  I am in disbelief of his claims, currently, as the DDP is still in office, there’s already the problems between the local and the central governments, why not resolve them right now, why wait until the elections?  Didn’t the president, Tsai claimed herself to be, the most agile in communication as a president?

It’s clear to see, the DDP doesn’t hold itself back, in wasting the taxpayers money, they only cared about, buying up people’s votes, setting up the unfounded departments of the government, the rest, the party turned a blind eye, to.

That is how under the DICTATORSHIP of the DDP, this country gets, ruined, and ,now, as an election years is about to come up soon, the party still believed, that it can, fool the people, because we the people are, just way too, mother FUCKING (don’t pardon me!) retarded, to still allow them to RUIN us, because, they are playing us for STUPID, falsely believing, that we forgot WHAT happened (and what’s currently happening) during their reign of terrors on us, and remind me again, how many had D-I-E-D in the pandemic?  And, had the DDP not gotten too EGOTISTICAL, basking in their god damn glories of how “we’re number one” and “Taiwan CAN help!”, and all those, bullshitting, SLOGANS, and PROVIDE we the people with what we are in need of, instead of, getting everything in shortage…

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The Price Tag of the Country by the War Dealers

The DDP, as well as the president, are, committing, TREASON, and, what can we, nobodies in this country, do???  Nothing, there’s, nothing we can do, because, “our hands are, T-I-E-D!”, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Bloomberg reports, that the Biden government in thinking of using the “presidential power of allotting the money”, to offer Taiwan military equipment in the amounts of five hundred million dollars U.S.  The head of state, Chen hadn’t even seen what the equipment are yet, and already gotten quite enthusiastic, reciting aloud the motto of the Tsai government, “the best way to stop wars is to be prepared for it!”  Fools, can’t you see, that this, in the arms’ dealers’ means of, tricking us into purchasing whatever it is they wanted to sell us?

The five hundred million dollars, is based off of the ratios of  what U.S. gave to Ukraine, giving to Taiwan; and once the government of the DDP accepts, wouldn’t it be a self-fulfilling prophecy of “today Ukraine, tomorrow Taiwan”?  and, how will the U.S. manipulate the relations between Taiwan and China, we would have become, nothing, but a, puppet.  And, the U.S. called out the price of five hundred million dollars, the government of Tsai sold out on “peace”, does she have her head screwed on correctly?  When was, the last time that Tsai and her government, claimed, that “I, and the DDP love Taiwan!”

the plan’s already been, “drafted up”, and the next stage would be, total, TAKEOVER!!! from online

Those in the country who believe that five hundred million dollars are a whole lot, must not have any idea of how Tsai and her government squandered away the cash, the government had flushed a total of 1.2 trillion dollars on the pandemic, from before to after; and, the $1.5 billion dollars N.T., nowhere NEAR enough.  Besides, Taiwan had already paid, yet, the U.S. still didn’t ship the ordered weapons yet, and they’d owed this country the military equipment of up to 1.9 billion dollars; from a contractual angle, the U.S. had lost its, credibility already.  Tsai and her government NOT only does NOT demand what’s due to the country, the V.P., Chen even, bowed down gracefully to the U.S., does the DDP have, any, dignities, left?

Recently, the war dealers had upped the ante more, including Melton who’d spoken of the idea of bombing TMSC three whole, times.  This sort of an outrageous claims, the government of the DDP and Tsai not only didn’t object to, she’d even invited these, treasonous folks into the country, awarded them the medal of highest honor.  How democratic can the U.S. be, if it thinks, that it can, bomb up, someone else’s, countries?

Because the government of the DDP is too eager to, get our “big daddy” on our side, it’d, sold OUT the country, for SCRAPS, now, we no longer had the advantage of manufacturing the semiconductor chips, that factory plant in Arizona (was it???), is it, up and running yet?  And, the people here, are still, allowing this authoritarian political party, this DICTATOR, to keep on, selling this country out, and they don’t even get charged with, T-R-E-A-S-O-N, and, you do realize, that this constitutes as, TREASON, right???

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The President’s Office Claimed that Hou Told the Lies, Asked Him to STOP ALL Unnecessary Political Manipulation Means

And the FACTS were: the city of Hsinbei, is the LAST to get the resources that we needed, and, the city officials were, cast OUT of the meetings held by the DDP officials regarding the developments of MERS-CoV from before, and the DDP’s still, LYING through their, teeth!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The spokesperson for the presidential office, Lin stated, that the mayor of Hsinbei, Hou claimed, that
during the pandemic outbreaks, the government never cared about the city of Hsinbei”, but in actuality, in these past three years, the president, Tsai and the vice, Lai had put all their minds in preventing the spread, from personally setting up the communication means, to the various affairs of entire country regarding the defense against the pandemic.

Lin told, that for the past three years, we’d all worked together, beating the pandemic, this is, a part of collective experience of the Taiwanese population, that the country is formally, entering into the post-pandemic era now, that he can understand, that there are the political considerations of the upcoming elections, but, he’d hoped, that the rumors could, stop.

Lin stated, that take for the city of Hsinbei, other than personally calling up the mayor, Hou, the president, Tsai went to the help lines in Banciao, to offer encouragements to the workers on the frontline, and had the national army help with the various services needed, for instance, helping to get the emergency vehicles in Hsinbei to where it needed to go.  Along with the set up of the quarantine hotels, and the sanitizing of the local hospitals, and areas surrounding the quarantine hotels too, that the servicemen and women of the National Military should be, noted.

And so, this, is how the DDP, tried to spin things, and the truth was, that the city of Hsinbei, despite it having the most population, received all the resources it was in dire need of during the major outbreaks the last, because the mayor isn’t the “right color”, and now, the DDP officials stated that “we did NOT play favorites”, and who will believe, this government that’s been, crying WOLF, since the outbreaks started from, what???  THREE whole years ago, was it???

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