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Thankful There’s No Time Machine

How the DDP is able to, BRAINWASH the masses, due to the younger generations of voters being, ignorant, because these younger generations had been, exposed to the wrong values of the DDP since they were younger, and, by the time they are older, those wrong beliefs had already been, too deep in, and even AT the sight of things that proved that the party hadn’t been doing right by the people, they still, chose to be blind about it, so, hands down, to DDP’s ability to BRAINWASHING these ignorant younger generations of voters here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Twenty three years ago, to celebrate the birth of “New China”, the Chinese publisher published the new book, “The Foremost Voices of History”, with the various newspapers’ commentaries, criticisms from 1946 to 1949, with the subtitle of “The Majestic Promise from Fifty Years Ago”.  And yet, as soon as the volume was published, it was evaluated by the government, and put on the ban list, because the criticism of the authoritarianism of the government of China, is opposite of what the people expected of a free nation, and this is still applicable, FIFTY years later!

Communism was once, the ideals of a lot of the youth in China, by the same way, the participants of movements of the party politics here, were also filled with the higher up ideals, and rebelliousness.  For instance, the belief of how democracy needed to be balanced out, the country can’t be used as a private machine by the party in power, and the politics of the councils should NOT be the teams of votes supporting the party, using its large number of seats, and crushing everything else.

What would, those who weren’t in power see, of their own party, as they’d examined the tracks?  After the DDP took complete power of the country, it’d carried that “I’m now ruling” attitude; and, as the party got the majority seats in the legislatures, it’d run over the opinions that aren’t aligned with their own, to keep itself in absolute power; the justice, the examination department, the district attorney’s offices, the investigative units, and all other, independently operating agencies, all became, pocketed by the party, and the DDP had gone all the way, in “party rulership”.  Not only that, comparing how in the earlier eras of the party, with the multiple opinions available to be heard, and now, everything’s one-sided, the voice of the party ranked supreme; when they’re out of power, they’d sung loudly, that the legislature should operate independently, and, criticized the executive department’s meddling in, and now, it’d partook the role which the party hated when it wasn’t in power; nothing is worth their time, save for ensuring the personal benefits were watched out for, or their party supporters got a position higher up.

Thankfully, time machine hadn’t been invented, that we don’t need to face up to our, past selves.  And so, therefore, “The Foremost Voices of History” is definitely banned in China, and the textbooks, must be, rewritten here in Taiwan too, because, controlling the past, and controlling the parents, are always, two sides of, the same, mirror.

And this is, how the DDP ruled over this country, like the DICTATORS of the CKS era, and because they’d brainwashed all of those, younger generations of followers, incited hatred in them, because those younger generations can’t JUDGE for themselves, because they’d been raised, groomed to believe the words of the party that’s currently ruling over this god DAMN country, and those of us who aren’t in line with their beliefs, we don’t feel the need, to vote, because that last issues voting showed, that our voting YES on all the issues, didn’t do SHIT, as the government led by the DDP, found ways to, ignore the voices of the people, after all, they’d, managed to brain wash all the younger generations of followers, because the younger generations had been exposed to what the DDP’s preaching since they were too young to even know it, and, so naturally, they will go along, with whatever the DDP tells them to do.

Now, Fido, go FETCH!

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Humanity & Honesty

This is what happens, when the government has too much power, too much control, over the people’s lives, they ruin us all!  And yet, we the people are still blind, like the head of the C.D.C. who’s stuck in the mindset of “we’re number one” here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With MERS-CoV spreading quickly, it’d become, a global, pandemic.

For more than two years on end, the CDC reported the statistics, and the declining number of those who’d died, who’d contracted became, what settled the people’s minds, plus the government had that halo of “being the model for all the world in the pandemic”, it’d driven the people to accept the limitations, the restrictions the government had placed on our, lives, following the orders of what the government tells us to do, misbelieved, that so long as we followed the “orders” of the head of the CDC, we can be safe and healthy. And so, we’d slowly, lose our guards over the fact, that we need to check the government in the means of disease control, if it was, damaging the rights of we the people.  In reality, when someone does mention it, then, the individual is viewed as malicious, in attacking the government’s means, and sued for libeling against the government, or that they worried too excessively.

And yet started in April, the local cases started up, with the rise in the digits of deaths, of confirmed contractions, everyone of us felt unsafe, with enormous psychological stress, and due to the fast increase of the morbidity rates, the collective anxiety didn’t pale by comparison to the major earthquake of September 21, 1999, with no end in sight.

And yet, the CDC still, ritualistically, reported on the statistics, without realizing, what the messages of those statistics meant to the people, and toward the criticism of how this country had dropped to the last three in the monthly flexibility indicator of defense against the outbreaks, he’d responded coldly, “the pandemic heating back up, it’s something all countries in the world will experience.”, “as the pandemic heated up, there are now more of those who contracted, and naturally, we’d, dropped places, and hopefully, that as this current wave blows over, we will, get ahead again.”, and it’d made me, feel disappointed toward, humanity!

This is NOT a matter of places, but the lives that were precious which were, lost!  With the highest official of medical services stating so coldly, how can our hearts not, grow cold!  “Dearest” head of C.D.C., please don’t remember, every single body that’d turned cold, is someone’s, family!

With all these rules now set up, all testing the humanities of the people here!  Empathize, how the offspring, toward the lives of their elders being lost to the outbreaks, needed to get them cremated within twenty-four hours, and not allowing the families to properly grieve, to get the deceased presentable enough, how upsetting!  The children of the elderly population who’d died from contraction, they were caught off guard; but, who can help ease the sorrows of the loss of that fifteen-year-old teen’s father?  While the father of En-En, so lonely, and he had to, get put in the fires of the politics!  How is this sort of treatment justice?  Pray tell, as a young child who’d been active, losing his life in a matter of few short days, due to a high fever, in the well-established medical provision systems available to everybody in the country, how tragic!

And we became the best example of how democracy turned into, authoritarianism!  The people who are too mild and gentle, can’t stand up to this self-righteous, egotistical, abusing power, populist government, with the president elected by popular votes, and we the people are manipulated, abused by these self-righteous, egotistical, abuse government officials.  And because democracy is intertwined with authoritarianism, the media, the means had already, lost its power to restrict the government from having absolute power, and couldn’t find out, who exactly it was that gave Chen the power to make the confirmations of whether or not the government’s doing right by the people. 

The people have the right to know, what went wrong in the policies of defense against MERS-CoV.  I hope, that the rate of death ranking at highest in Taiwan can, burst Chen’s bubbles, and wake the entire CDC up, like how he’d made the policy of “coexisting with the virus”, he must be on the same page as we the people too, and, get rid of that pride from the democratic authoritarianism, and take other countries’ experiences, so the country will fare better as a whole!

Yeah, this is how absolute power equals absolute CORRUPTION, take the past examples of how the DDP took rule over the people, and see how they’d, FUCKED (no need to pardon here!) up the country, and it’s still all due to one man’s way too huge ego, his inability to admit he’d been mistaken, and his inability to CHANGE his ways, and all the people in this god DAMN country is still, going down with this head of the CDC here!

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Being Angered by the Press’s Inquiries Doesn’t Do Anything to Help Us Defend Against MERS-CoV, Listening to the Multiple Opinions is the Key

How the head of the CDC here, got his HEAD, STUCK up his ass, dreaming of winning the mayoral election of Taipei at the end of year, that he’d, let his post right now, slide, and we the people still, suffer!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The MERS-CoV cases are still at plateau continually, with the morbidity rate from contraction at an all-time high every single day, the various expert scholars all advised, that they’d hoped the CDC can analyze the data on the morbidity, hoping to find out what causes the higher death rate, to find the means to get the number down, to not cause any lives to get lost due to the outbreaks.

Jeng, the public health department professor from N.T.U. stated, that the deaths coming in the multiples only took thirteen days here, and we’re, second in speed, at the same time, he’d called out to the C.D.C. to NOT just read off the statistic charts, to NOT do the analysis of these causes of deaths.  And, the response was Chen’s anger, on the press conferences, Chen appeared rushed and annoyed, stated, that Taiwan is comparable in the means of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, but he still couldn’t understand why the rates of death was so quickly to come, and how it’s still, very, high.

The experts in defense against the spread of MERS-CoV stated recently, that there may be the underreported numbers of confirmed contraction cases as well as deaths too.  the scholars mentioned that there were the unexplained quick hikes of rates of morbidity here, and the ruling out of the six major causes, and it still can’t help the researchers determine, what causes the death rates to not get lowered, that the CDC needed to something to improve this.

Like how the contracted weren’t administered the medications quickly enough, or as they were taken to the hospitals, they’d not received the proper measures of care they needed, the cause of these may be due to the ratio of medical professional per patient, or the ineffectiveness of the treatment measures, and, all of these problems needed to get traced to the roots, after all, every life is, precious, and shouldn’t be, lost so, easily.

But instead of, coming up with the solutions that can help improve the medical provisions systems, Chen spent the longest time in the press conference, reiterating, “Taiwan is EXCELLENT in defending against the spread of MERS-CoV!”, not mentioning the means, of how to get the patients the needed care, or treatment means, and stated, that the statistics recorded, are inaccurate, and reached the weird conclusions of, how this can cause the citizens to become misinformed of the pandemic, and hurting the trust the people placed in the DDP, that this wasn’t, a good thing.

And I can’t help but wonder, if the anxiety that Chen showed was toward the developments of the pandemic, or was it from his anxiousness of running for office of the mayor in Taipei?  If Chen is not focused on his role as the head of the CDC, fulfilling the requirements of his post as the head of defense against MERS-CoV, and getting immersed in how wonderful Taiwan used to be from before, not listening to the expert scholars, to find the means that work, and, I’m sure, that the election at the end of year, won’t go according to his wishes, not burdening himself with every life that’s already lost in the outbreaks, it’d shown how self-centered he is, with only party politics in mind, cold-blooded, with no empathy whatsoever.

And so this is, how god damn, mother @#$%ING (maxed out!) SIDETRACKED the director of the CDC is here, he got his sight set on the mayoral election of Taipei at the end of the year, and, that became, his sole focus, without realizing HEY yo moron!  You’re the HEAD of the god DAMN CDC, come UP with a plan that can help we the people, to TACKLE the obstacle of MERS-CoV right now, after all, the election IS in December (I think…), and this is still JUNE here that we’re, currently in, I mean, IF you manage your post as the director of the C.D.C. then, maybe, just MAYBE, we the people would go to the polls to vote for your, sorry ASS at the end of year elections, but you can’t even keep focused, on the tasks at hand: figuring out WHY the numbers aren’t going down, with the total deaths, new contractions hiking up by the day here.

And that is what you get when you allow POLITICIANS to R-U-N the country, and we’re all, going down, SIX-feet under!

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The Republic of Dramatists

The FREAK SHOW of the DDP here!  How instead of doing something that actually, HELPS the country in this time of difficulty, the president chose to play, “dress-up”, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Pentagon sold the arms to Taiwan, this had always been confirmed by the D.O.D.; but since Wu became the head of diplomatic affairs, he’d gotten in the spotlight himself a lot, would often, fight to get the press release out, thanking “America for noting the needs of weapons for Taiwan to defend itself against invasion.”  This time, the items being bought, were the spare parts of the submarines, totaling up to $120 million U.S.  After the Biden government canceled the sale of M109A6 canons, the U.S. only sold to Taiwan’s armed forces in the amount of three hundred million dollars, and, we’re stuck on the provisions to purchase more arms from the U.S.  The Office of Diplomatic Affairs is too eager to play that script of gratitude toward D.C., showing that this country LACKED the knowledge, the awareness, of purchasing of arms.

And, this sort of a dramatist, is not just by the head of the diplomatic affairs.  Tsai often gone to check on the armed services herself, and each and every time she’d made her appearance, it was, more exaggerated than the times, before.  From before, as she’d gone to see the backup armed services, she was dressed in formal battle attire, with the helmet, the bulletproof vest too.  Last week as she’d made an appearance at the Marines, she’d lifted that red falcon canon manufactured here, to try to make aim, it’d caused the cameras to click like crazy, and she’d, successfully, made the headlines in her photo op, again.

and this is, all for, “Show”

photo from online

The means of the offices of foreign affairs, is counting on how we the people only knew about the “arms being sold to the country”, that we had NO clue of the total costs, the various weapons the country had, purchased, the contents, and the meanings of, buying up these, weapons.  The presidents carrying that rocket launcher, dressed in the full army personnel outfits, it’s to catch up to the trends led by the Ukrainian president, Zelensky.  As for whether or not the armed services needed the full bullet proof vests, the armor, the helmets, if Taiwan is nearing war, if the leader of our country is fitted, to dress herself up as an armed service personnel, in creating that spotlight for the voters in an election year, it’d become, unimportant.

The advertising department of Tsai’s government greatly exceeds her predecessors’, and she’d realized, that “impressions are way more important than truths”, knowing, that so long as she put everything into playing her part, the members of the audience will get drawn into what she’s playing in her roles.  Problem being, if we follow the footsteps of Ukraine for too long, and, the make-believe became, reality, would these higher up government officials from the DDP, still be, apart, to perform their, parts?

And this, is how the president here, made the country into, U.S.’s BITCH, buying whatever SHIT they’re selling to us, because, we need more weapons to defend  ourselves against Chinese invasion (yeah, how the HELL you going to block of 13 billion population, with what 23,196,178 (and this is, an EXACT measure from the offices of statistics here!), they can all SPIT once, and the entire island will DROWN, and yet, instead of doing something that ACTUALLY helps WE the people, the president struts down the runway, like she’s a @#$%ING (maxed out!) model?  You have Got to be shitting me here!

And yet, we the people still, applauded her for putting on such an, amazing, show?

Wow we the people ARE, stupid, aren’t we???

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With the Members of the Public, Coexisting with the Virus, Did the Schools Become a Petri Dish for the Virus First?

Off with the head of MORONS who came up with this, half-assed idea, if only, I have the power here, but I don’t, so yeah, those stupid moronic government officials, get to see, another, day (sigh…), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The committee of the DDP invited the researcher of the Central Research Agency, He to present the case studies, He mentioned that contracting the virus naturally and the vaccinations, combined, can get us the “combined immunity”.  And, the assistant director of Chenggong University Hospital, Lin also in the videos, explaining the tactics of the CDC: most of the public had three vaccinations, “at this time, everybody should contract the virus once”, to get the immunity going, this is more effective, and longer-lasting than the vaccines.

the classrooms, taking the preventive measures…photo from online

The words of these two officials had sparked up debates.  Although He had not advocated that people get infected, but instead, telling the people to not be afraid of contraction, and the Chenggong University had pulled off the video, to get the more “updated version”, then streamed it online again, stated that MERS-CoV will become flu-like, that we need to be careful, but not fear it; but as the number of cases is on the steady rise, both officials’ beliefs seemingly, coincided to explain the CDC’s “zero-plus-seven” new rule of quarantine, forcing us to get into the minds of coexisting with the virus.

The defense of spread across the schools can exemplify how messed up the government’s rule against the spread is, how ambiguous the mandates of the government had been from the start.  Based off of the “Zero-plus-Seven” rule, if the family members of the contracted persons had three shots, and has a negative reading for the quick-scan results, then, they don’t have to be quarantined; and, this rule does not apply to the students in middle and high school who had not had their third vaccine, and so, the middle and elementary school students are exempt from this rule; and yet, the teaching staff of the schools, still need to abide by the rules of the school, staying away from school for seven days.  Yet, there’s, the ambiguity of the rules of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV in the schools, the conflicted policies, getting away from the reality of things, lacking empathy, scapegoating.

Up until the twenty-first, there are a total of close to 130,000 students who’d contracted the virus, and, there are, more than two thousand schools that’s stopped their schooling sessions partially, or completely.  The most numerous of confirmed cases of contractions were found in the elementary schools, the universities came second, and preschools, third.  The Department of Education already agreed that the universities can use the distance-education means until the end of this semester, while in the elementary and preschool levels, there is only the halting the physical classroom sessions for three whole days for the classes with students who’d contracted.  And the Department of Education had devised the system of quarantine, listing all who sat around the contracted student to stay out of school for three whole days, with the rest of the students, coming in the same.

What sort of a psychotic logic is this!  The Department of Education’s agreeing to the universities halting the physical classroom sessions is due to the sudden increase of confirmed cases in the student bodies, not enough vacant dormitories for quarantining to work, to avoid the students who’d been confirmed of contractions to live in the kitchens of the dormitories, to camp out in tents around the campuses of the schools; while the reason why it won’t allow the elementary, middle school students to learn using distant-education means wholly is because of the locations, the schools’ preferences individually, to not impact the learning of the students.  The goal of this has nothing to do with keeping the virus from getting into the local schools, so chaotic, and confusing!

Especially how the students who’d sat around the eight sides of the student who’d been confirmed of contraction getting kept out of school, it’s totally unrealistic in application.  The Department of Education believed that the students would NOT move around during their class time, that they’re all, dummies, sitting in class, not interactive with their fellow classmates, totally, unsound, unreasonable, and only causing the teachers problems in instruction, and the burdens onto the paperwork, adding to the risks of students contracting the virus, and the parents’ worries.  And so, as soon as the nine seats around the contracted rule came out, the Department of Education was cussed at, the FB of the Department of Education, got filled up with the upset messages from parents and students, as well as, instructors too, Taichung stated that they will NOT follow this rule by the Department of Education in any more, both Taipei and Hsinbei said that they will use the rules as only references, Taoyuan followed the rules, and the groups of students from the local schools signed a petition to protest this, and the parents started taking their own children out of school, on “days off from the outbreaks”.

and, here’s, the “nine-seat quarantine” rule that the Department of Education came up with!

the red points are the students who were confirmed of contraction, and the boxes are the students who sat around the students who were confirmed of contraction that needed the quarantine days off…diagram from online

So, this is still, just how, half-assed, the system set up by the government on the defense against the spread of MERS from school children is, this is totally brainless, I mean, the symptoms are now, mild and, without the availabilities of the quick scan means to all who may need, there’s NO way of being absolutely certain, that the virus won’t get from schools, to the home, I mean, it’s not like you can see the virus, in the snot of school children, coming from their noses, and as they wiped their noses off, and then, touch everything around them, is it?  Of course N-O-T.

This still just showed, how the government is, already, at its own wits (uh yeah, as if the DDP is, intelligent enough here???) end, in trying to at least, slow down the spread of MERS-CoV in the country here.

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Has Tsai Become a President of Statistics, Reporting Only the Good News, & Not the Bad?

So, this is where the head of the CDC learn that from, its (instead of HIS!), “master” then???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Before May 20th, the President, Tsai had, commended how Taiwan ranked high on the defense against MERS-CoV, but just yesterday, the cases had, surpassed 90,000 from only one day’s time, and today, it will get up over to a million, this is, the biggest, wakeup call of May twentieth; with the public getting more and more upset, the songs of the amazing work of the government that the president’s office sung on, only the members of the DDP are intoxicated about, “The Tsai government is so amazing”.

In 2016, as the party leader of the DDP, Tsai put herself up for the presidential race, as the then president, Ma posted his declarations on New Year’s Day, it’d made her remind herself, to NOT be a president who’d reported just the statistics, that the stats were only references of the country’s leader, not the pursuit of her political career, that if the government only sees the statistics, and not seen the people’s needs, “Then, it would be a disappointment government to the people”.  It’s now, six years later, I wonder, how the chairwoman of the DDP from then, Tsai, would view her self, as president currently?

“The highest of economic growth n eleven years, the rate of pay increased to an all-time high in fifteen years, air-conditioning unit for every class, every student given an iPad……………”, all of these, seemed to have become, Su’s, most overly used phrases as the head of executive department.  As Tsai about to celebrate her sixth anniversary in office, Su started, counting out the good things she did for this country, but, as the rate of growth in economic is perceived, the raised up rate of pay, does he mention of how the cost of everything is still, going up, the food shops, are charging people at an all-time high rate, along with the many months of egg shortages?

and, here’s that “Visual” for what this, looked, like

photo from online

The government only reported on the good news, and not the bad in the past, not mentioned a single word of the hardship that’s to hit us all in the near future, the hikes in the costs of everything we need to live off, the energy policies, the loss of population, the cost of housing going high out of control, the challenges between Taiwan and China, or even, the hardships in our near futures, the government neglected to tell us about.

In the past two years, Taiwan called itself, a “model student” of defense against the pandemic.  On the eve of May 20th, Tsai’s “New Taiwan Mode”, put the country at the top spot of another sort of a list, “the highest confirmed contraction per day in the world”; and, surely, after May 20th, the number of confirmed contraction is bound to get higher up still, and, behind all of these digits, is a family tragedy, does the government led by Tsai really feel satisfied of her own, performances?

If “the government is truly doing something”, then, the people wouldn’t be shy in applauding it.  But, from the shortages of the vaccines, then the quick scan kits, and the messy insurance policies, it’d shown us, how the Tsai government’s “getting ahead”, is actually, putting us all way, way, way behind;  Su’s feeling good about how we’d, “kept the pandemic controlled the best, and we are affirmed of this by the rest of the world around us”, lived in that, parallel universe to the rest of we the people.  It’s another year, Su and Tsai should not be “face-to-face” in their discussing how wonderful they’d ruled the country, to keep themselves and each other warm; but instead, they should both get into the communities all around, in this country, face the people, and solve all our, problems.

Yeah uh, that’s not going to happen, because this president is nothing but huffle and puff, with the head of state just as full of SHIT too!  Look at what’s happened so far: at the start of the pandemic from???  Two years ago was it, we were ahead of the rest, and the government got too pompous about itself how we’re number one, and “Taiwan can help”, to running out of vaccines, to accepting the vaccines that aren’t effective anymore as “donated goods” to us, like we’re beggars, asking for that handout, and the government still boasted on how, wow, the rest of the world cares about us, blah-blah-blah, to how the local pandemic finally started, and, ran from south to north, north to south, with the separate heads of the cities, trying to do all that they can, but without the papers getting signed by the federal government, these local mayors can’t do a thing, and Tsai played favorites over the cities with the DDP party mayors, and, neglected to allot the needed resources in the northern cities of Taipei and Hsinbei (because these mayors aren’t from the DDP party!), and, due to the delayed response time toward MERS-CoV, we are now, number one, in contraction, mortality rate of the entire world, wow, that’s, something, isn’t it?  How the corruptions of the government can, take us from number one, to last place here!

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The Favoritism, the Corruption, the Abuse of Power, the Department of Sanitation & Welfare Had Done it All

The corruption of the DDP, continued, for yet, another, “round”, commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the pandemic began in April to date, there’d been 74,000 in the population here confirmed of contraction, 240 deaths.  During this time, the government can’t make its mind up on the policies of the pandemic, the people are in dire need of the quick scan kits, the kits ran short, the necessities of the medications for treating MERS-CoV, we don’t have access to, and there were the children, the elderly who’d died one by one on the way to the hospital.  At this time, the C.E.O. of the Medical Welfare Foundation of the Department of Sanitation Welfare, Wang started using the excuses, said that comparing to Kaohsiung and Taoyuan, Taipei and Hsinbei Cities’ defenses can’t get the local area hospitals, the teaching hospitals onboard, that there’s only the United Hospital Systems that are working hard.  As soon as his words came out, it’d not only angered both mayors of Hsinbei and Taipei, the locals started getting furious too.

For over two years now, the Tsai government’s ordering of the locals on tactics to defend against MERS-CoV had always been with her and the rest of the government officials high up on that pedestal, to the point of treating the cities and localities differently based off of if the elected officials belonged to the DDP or not.  For instance, the allocation of the quick-scan kits, Taipei and Hsinbei cities had been hit the hardest during this currently pandemic flow, and needed the materials, and yet, it was Kaohsiung that’s received, double the needed supplies.  This wave, caused both Taipei and Hsinbei cities to become, tried by the manpower and resource shortages, and, both cities had come up with the loosening of the purchasing of the test kits, along with the at-home care procedures, and yet, Chen, the head of the CDC kept shutting them down.  Taiwan’s outbreaks are on the verge of breaking down, and, how the central government’s casting away both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, is completely related to how both cities in the northern part are now, taxed out completely, causing the entire northern region of Taiwan to be taken over by the pandemic.

Wang’s making fun of the local hospitals, the teaching hospitals in Taipei and Hsinbei Cities as “can’t tell them what to do”, showed how care less he is, and there’s, that scent of “I want to see what happens next”, it’s upsetting to see.  In reality, from the angle of how the executive orders are handed down, this clearly showed, how the Department of Sanitation & Welfare had not done ITS job correctly.  First, the setting up of the larger scale scan stations at the larger teaching hospitals, that was, originally, the duties of the Central Government; yet, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations delayed until over a month after the large scale infections came, then, started it up, surely, that’s not, doing ITS duties.  Secondly, it is enough, that the Department of Welfare & Sanitations not assisted the local governments, it’d gotten sarcastic too, could it be, that the government of Tsai, doesn’t include the territories of Hsinbei and Taipei Cities?  Thirdly, as the means the government employed worked, the government boasted itself on “getting ahead of the rest”; and when the pandemic hit too hard, then, the government blamed it on how the local government lacked ability to keep the defenses up.

People hadn’t forgotten, that last year, Wang’s scandal of having a daughter from an affair came out, back then, he had the head of CDC backing him up, that was how he was able to stay at his post in the government without any troubles, continued commanding the means of defense against the pandemic.  This time, he’d used the opportunities to blame both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities for not keeping up with the tightened measures of defense against MERS-CoV, and it’d, angered us all, the members of the public.  Not only that, the scandals of head of the National Health Insurance Institute, was found, holding hands with his god daughter, and because Chen covered him up, the incidence was, done away with.  The coverages of the higher up officials of the Department of Health Welfare & Sanitations, carried a different set of standard compared to the rest of the society; but in the people’s eyes, we surely felt, how awful the government officials are covering for themselves, as well as their party members too.

Recently, Ke, had an odd argument with the departments of Health Insurances on allocating the medicines for the members of the public who’d tested positive in the quick scan means.  Ke said, that if the government mandated that you must receive a positive PCR reading in order to receive the medications, then, a lot more people will die in Taiwan; he’d screamed, “the medical systems of Taiwan is now controlled by the Department of Health Insurance”.  But the Department of Health Insurance rebutted, that Ke was scapegoating, that they’re not the facility responsible for such, that the oral medications are the “jurisdictions” of the Center of Disease Control.  Toward this, Ke stated bluntly, “I could CARE less which department you are, it’s all the fault of the central government!”  seeing how the Department of Welfare Sanitation has a history of evading its responsibilities, pushing the responsibilities within the various units of the agency, because nobody wants to solve these, problems!

And, all of these abuse, in the evaluations of the recent import of quick scan kits had come out apparent.  The three thousand doses of saliva quick scan kits, the Department of Sanitation & Welfare gave this “gift” to the subsidiary of Medigenvac.  As for the approval of the other brands of fast scan tests import, the list is even more, outrageous, there’s the Golden Global Biomed, which was a former, small eatery, the INSREA, which used to be a video game manufacturer, the animal pharmaceutical company, Homerun Biotech, with the location of the office being a farm in Pingdong.  Of many, the companies are only with capitals of a few million dollars, and yet, they were able to get the billion dollars’ contracts; and once they got busted, the order slips are, ripped up.

And, seeing how spotty the Department of Welfare & Sanitation is, evading responsibilities is what we can all expect from it; ignoring the morale of the heads of the departments, covering for each other best as they can.  As the people’s lives are, on the line, the government allowed the DDP party favorites to get all the bids, and turning around, it’d used the bureaucratic words toward the local governments that are in dire need of help.  How much stink can the Department of Welfare & Sanitations give off here!

This just showed, how corrupt this government that runs this island to the GROUND (more like SIX feet under that!) got, because the heads covered the asses of the subordinates, the lower departments, and, giving the money to those agencies that are in support of their abuse of we the people, that’s why we can’t get what we are in dire need of, the quick scan kits, whereas from a little while ago, it’s the vaccines that ran short, and there’s nothing that we the people CAN do about it, we’d become, enslaved by the government of the DDP here.

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We Can Rely on Our Own Self-Discipline to, Dodging the Virus

How this DDP government, “voted” into office by the people, RAN we the people, into, our, graves here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“I keep worrying that my two children are going to, contract the virus.”  With the number of confirmed contractions getting high, I’d heard the super of my building talked about what’s on his mind outside of the laundromat.

The woman who’d worked the cash registers at the fruit stand, upon receiving my hundred dollar bill, she’d started, spritzing it with alcohol, and I’d understood, fully how she felt.  And, two days later, I’d not seen the familiar faces of the workers, the owner of the fruit stand explained, “we’d gone according to the stage-three alerts, all workers have their three-day weekend off!”

The owner of the packed lunch shop posted on FB, the menu items, and told that “due to lack of help”, the shop is closed temporarily.  The café that’s taken a few days off to sanitize because there were the confirmed MERS-CoV individuals who’d frequented the place, originally only allowed for the takeouts, as I’d passed it recently, I saw that the shop is opened up for dine-in now too.  The society still operates, as normally as it possibly can, it’s just, that we all, adapt to the systems.

The young man who’d worked at a nearby café, whom I’d known for years told, “This week, I’d only, begun to feel the impacts of the pandemic, a few weeks ago, nobody’s scared, they’d still dined in, used the glasses provided by the shop, sat at the same tables, I thought, that nobody is scared this time.”

What MERS-CoV taught us is: the defense against contraction is solely on self-discipline, and, toward everything we encounter in life, we can’t control it; we can only, do what we must, do what we can, to keep the virus from, getting to us, lifting our heads up to heaven, praying, that this wave that’s currently going on, will be, over soon.

And so, this is what we the people, do, to protect ourselves, because the government can’t watch out for all of us, it still got its head, stuck UP its ass, making those, bullshit, regular “spotlight appearances”, and posting the total number of the population who’d contracted the virus, leaving we the people, on our own.

Here’s another one…

I want to know, that at this turning point of the pandemic, how much time, how much mind, had the government spend, on setting up the means to help us protect against contraction?

I saw on T.V. recently, the former head of state, Sun’s contribution to Taiwan: as we won our independence from Japan, Japan once stated, “within three months, Taiwan will be in utter darkness”, at the time, Sun who was a head engineer of Taipower, in five short months, he’d restored power to eighty-percent of Taiwan, and set up the electrical towers in the distant regions, which sets Taiwan’s industrialization to start.

And, the government worked its hardest, to persuade the C.E.O. of TMSC to the post of the department head of the Industrial Research Agency, which gave us the protections of TMSC today.  The program also mentioned that Sun was very morally responsible, that as he’d worked in the public offices for more than fifty years, he still only earned the wages that were paid to him by the government.

And, watching how Taiwan is currently faring in the pandemic, I can’t help but ask the president, and the head of the C.D.C.: how much time had you spent, in helping us, to protect against, the spread of MERS-CoV?

The answer to that final question (the zillion dollar question!), is still, none, zip, nil and NADA!  Because this country is currently run by the politicians, not by someone who actual have the best interest of the we the people in mind, like from before, and this still just showed, how the government abused powers, and screwed we the people, over, and the death toll will still, keep on, hiking up, with all those other countries around us, the people, dying more, slowly, because those countries around us, the government provided the people with their, needs (the quick scan kits, the vaccines, etc., etc., etc.) that the people needed to, defend against themselves, but our government didn’t.

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Using the Outbreaks to Try to Scam More Money from the People, Using the Outbreaks to Gain More Power, Bullying the Citizens of the Entire Nation

How we the people, allowed the DDP government to, BULLY us, and no, we’re still, NO victims, we are all, enablers in this SHIT here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Do people die from contracting the Omicron strain?  Surely, people die of catching the flu, the cold too.  But, is there the need to get ourselves under the government’s microscope when we catch a cold, to go for the quick scans, to get the PCR? Do we just need to, mask up, keep distance from each other, wash our hands frequently, to keep passing the virus along to those around us?  Those with more severe symptoms head to the clinics to get treated, and, if the physicians at the clinic found that the patients are getting worse, then, transferring them to the hospitals.

Before the onset of MERS-CoV, the morbidity rate of Taiwan is 170,000 persons per year, and now, it gets up to 650 per day, and this is only, a background value.  If there are the increased number of morbidity rate from the outbreaks, then, we would, need to, panic.  And, assuming that there are 3,000 people dead per year due to accidents, then, taking all possible preventive measures would be the best way to avoid that, then, wouldn’t the total rate of death be reduced by 3,000?  Of course NOT!  Because if these individuals don’t die from accidents, they may well die from other illnesses too.

Like how in recent years, the rate of death from cancer increased sharply, primary because of the advancements in medicine, and treatment means, the deaths from other illnesses had, decreased greatly, this is the multiple competitive mode.  If anybody working in the CDC knows this, I have no clue, but, my younger schoolmate from N.T.U.’s public health department, my coworkers for multiple years, the V.P., Chen must understand it, and, his not explaining this to the world, would cause the society to fly into, that state of, panic?

As the Omicron strain had hit us, I’d already, pointed out, that there were, the multiple origins of the virus, and the strain is highly infectious, that clearing the cases would be, impossible already.  The getting the records of those who’d contracted the virus, the tracking of the whereabouts, the quarantine stations, the quarantine hotels, all, useless; and, the CDC changed its rules constantly, the medical workers, the local offices of sanitations, to the local government offices, are all, confused, of the rules.  And, doe the pandemic cause the death toll to rise?  Surely it does, reason being, this government that’s lacked conscience had NO foundation knowledge, led by a clueless CDC.

The originally tightly run system of medical provisions, could keep tabs of all the medical facilities’ energies of provisions of care, and now, due to the government’s messing up the systems, draining the resources of the society dry, the system had, completely, collapsed.  Life is too precious, the two year old toddler, the sixteen year-old girl, their lives could’ve been, spared, but due to the bureaucracy, they all got kicked around, and died, the crimes of the people in power is, unforgivable.

The point to deal with the outbreaks right now, to get life back to normal, first, cancelling all the restrictions, and, use the symptoms as indicators.  Today, the masks, other than the surgical masks, the N95, are certified by the FDA, the rest are all, daily items sold in any shops, cheap, and easily accessible, even became, gifts of the candidates’ election campaigns.  Same should happen for the quick-scan kits, as long as they’d been certified by the ten major industrial nations, they should be imported and sold freely, that way, it would be, cheap, and easily accessible, for the people.  Like the masks, the allocations of what we can buy, it’s, the means, to, abuse the people.

Those who believed they’d started experiencing the symptoms, can scan themselves, those who scanned positive don’t need to report, like a cold, taking the days off at home, try to separate oneself from the families, the oximeter, allotted by the government, or bought by the citizens themselves, can be used at any time to test; if there are no other symptoms, in five, six days, the citizens are to recover, works way better than the vaccines; and if the individual felt ill, then, head over to the local clinics to get checked; and if the symptoms are more severe, then, the physicians can tell, if transfers to the hospitals are necessary.  And we no longer need to stand in long lines outside the hospital, to get our PCR, and as the citizens are confirmed of diagnoses, the physicians of the clinics the citizens went to see, only needed to contact the local sanitation offices, and, shut the practice down for five to seven days.

Currently, the mandate is that the physicians in a clinic, as they’d contracted the virus, the clinics would be closed down, and, the physicians in the hospitals who’d contracted MERS-CoV don’t want to report their positive contraction, the head nurses asked the nurses not to scan themselves, to not cause the shortage of staff on hand.  For some, the workers needed a confirmed diagnosis to be able to file for a leave of absence, and some workplaces only allowed the workers off when they became symptomatic, they work, they get paid, this is a total mess.  99.5-percent of those who’d contracted the Omicron strain are lightly symptomatic, the death rate is 1.5 out of a hundred thousand.  People are dying every single day, and, if the rate of death is close to the background values, then, the total energies of the medical systems should be in to help those moderate to severe symptomatic that’s not yet reached to 0.5-percent of the total contraction rate.

From the messes of the mask, to the sky-high costs of Medigevac vaccines, to spending hundred of billions of dollars on the quick-scan kits, and having the people pay a hundred dollars for each and every kit, this truly is, “making it rich off of the pandemic”, to keep the 1450 net armies of the DDP going, to fund their own elections, and, with the government officials, pocketing the cash.  Then, controlling the whereabouts of the people, and, fining those who don’t follow their rules, the DDP had, “used the pandemic to gain more power” that’s for sure.

And so, this, is how the DDP is still, screwing us all, and we the people, are still, allowing them to, because, we are either, too stupid to know better, too god damn, tired of, fighting their, dictatorship, or, just, don’t care!  Until, half of the island’s population gets, WIPED OUT by the MERS-CoV, then maybe, people will then, get alerted, or not, because we (collectively speaking) the people are, too, @$#%ING, stupid!

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The Masks, the Alcohol, the Separating Boards, the Quick Scan Kits, to This Very Day, the Schools are Still, Fighting Over the Necessities of Resources Needed for the Pandemic

Yep, it’s still, the policies of the CDC, run by the DDP, that’s, GUILTY as charged for this too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the start of the pandemic, the schools are at edge constantly.  As the students are spending long hours in school, and would eat together for lunch, staying in the classroom sessions in the same classes, if someone contracted the virus, then, there’s a high chance that everybody in the class will be, infected too, and so, the schools had been, tightening up its means of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, hoping, to not be affected or be affected as little as possible by the outbreaks.  And yet, as the epidemic started spreading around locally, the related resources needed for the protection of the students, the schools had fought really hard to obtain, the masks, the sanitizing alcohol, the bleach, the forehead thermometers, to the temperature readers, then, the separation plastic boards for lunch that were needed, getting higher and higher in costs, and, as the schools pleaded, begged, and urged the manufacturers, finally, on the Saturday afternoon before school was to begin on Monday, there were, 1,500 boards available then.

With the middle and high school students getting vaccinated, the more than ninety-percent vaccination rate, along with the pandemic slowing down, finally, the schools are, slowly, returned, back to, normal functioning.

And yet, of late, the daily confirmed contraction rate exceeded into the tens of thousands, with the worsening of the pandemic, the students receiving a confirmed contraction, those in the at-home quarantines, increased too, the school started, running that race against time with the pandemic, are the students and teachers in classes, defined as those “in close contact”, if the student confirmed of contraction had gone to the cram schools, and in contact with other students, making that list in a hurry; after the approvals of at-home quarantine was signed off on, there’s no speedy way to get the list of those who should be in the at-home quarantine out fast enough, although, the lists are now, printed out by the schools individually, but, the schools still had to rush over to the local offices of sanitations to get the rosters approved with a seal, before the lists gets passed to the students, the teachers of the classes.  While, the two quick-scan tests after the three-plus-four at-home quarantines, the students needed to get someone, to get the supplies, because the quick scan kits are now, in shortage.

One of my students is studying in Europe currently, the university he’s studying in provided the free quick-scan kits to the students, if there’s a need, the students can gain access to the quick scan kits quite easily.  As the policies can’t catch up on speed, with the lacking in testing, and going towards coexisting with MERS-CoV, the quick-scan tests will be the standards we use to tell if someone had contracted the virus or not, if the government can provide it at a cheaper cost to us, it can help the pandemic to get under control, to reduce the unknown number of cases that are still, hidden in our, local communities right now.  I hope, that the schools will no longer need to fight over the resources that they needed to defend against the spread of MERS-CoV, to just, focus on educating the students, and, to defend against the spread of MERS-CoV.

Yeah, and all of this, is still wishful thinking, taking from the before examples of how full of itself the DDP government had been (the we’re number one in defending against the spread of MERS from the start of all of this back in…2018 or was it 2019) to the delays of the vaccines, needing the other countries’ generous donations, and now, the lacking of the quick scan kits, and we went from TAIWAN can HELP, to WHO CAN HELP T-A-I-W-A-N!!!

NOBODY that’s, W-H-O!

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