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The Cries of Those Who Stolen to Catch the Thieves

How the current DDP government managed to, manipulate the systems to work in their favors, and there’s NOTHING that We the people can, do about them!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After Bo-Wei Chen was impeached, the DDP behaved like it’d discovered a new continent, pushed everything they did to the malformation of the system of impeachment processes.  The speaker of the party stated, “the minorities outvotes the majority” is the ambiguity of the systems, Huang stated, “we need to, reevaluate the means”, and Tsai also hinted that there’s a need for amending the process of impeachment.  All of these, are, the thieves crying, “THIEVES!”

The current impeachment proceedings, had been set up by the DDP back in 2016, doing away with the strict “Dual-One System”, dropping the votes to a quarter.  The prelude then, was the failures of the “appendectomy” after the Sunflower Movement of the Students, Tsai unifying the rules, immediately amended the legislatures to ensure that her party won’t get impeached.  As it’d passed the votes, all the supporters of the DDP hollered out ecstatically, “Hooray for Taiwanese democracy!”

Back then, the matter-of-fact amendment of the constitution was immediately used on Han, the mayor of Kaohsiung back then, he was, successfully, impeached.  Back then, Tsai commended, “Taiwan’s democracy had marched another step forward”.  And yet, as the impeachment case of Chen came on, Tsai sighed, “We need to work harder for Taiwanese democracy”, the DDP, as well as the scholars supporting the party also called out, to amend the proceedings of the impeachment processes.  Are all the means, the systems of democracy, nothing more, than a political tool in the eyes of the DDP?

In actuality, the voting rates, and the number of votes of the currently deletion of data case of Chen, based off of the former legislatures, Chen’s impeachment would be assured.  And there are two reasons, first, Chen’s Chinese-two claims are too outrageous, it’d made the voters intolerant of him; secondly, the DDP had manipulated the means too overboard, and, forced out the locals who’d become, upset with their ways of doing things.  Afterwards, Tsai called Chen, to make him feel better, and consoled him, “Your act is commended by all”; based off of this, does the president keep the wills of the people in mind?

The DDP is the one, turning the cultures of impeachment to the bad realms.

And so, this, is how it is, as the government sees that the rules don’t fit them perfectly, not worked in their favors, they’d, called for the amendments, and, as that same rule worked against one of their own, they’d, called out to the blind followers: let’s do away with this law, and the public who are following this leader blindly all chimed in, YES!  That, is what we all get, when we voted a dictator, by popular votes, and note: not all of us who are, against the DDP went to the polls this last time, as many of us who don’t follow their beliefs think, that what use is there?

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A Government with No Sense of Right & Wrong

Commentary, on the current situation in this country here, the head of states, with no sense of what’s right and what’s, wrong, and the people still followed their leads here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There can be the hits and misses of politics, but, there can’t be this lacking of a sense of right and wrong, it would be, “hindsight politics”, and even, a “truthless politics”.

From how the head of legislature called Cheng, the secretary of KMT “shameless”, based off of the orders of thing, it was Cheng who’d inquired Su, “if we’re really competing in this game of arms, how can we possibly beat China?”  “Would Taiwan need to develop its own nuclear submarines then?”, after Su was hit repeatedly by the questioning of Cheng, he’d asked her, “So, you’re just, surrendering then?”  “it’s best that we surrender to China, isn’t it?”, Cheng rebutted immediately, “I’m afraid, that if the time comes, you’d be the first to raise the white flag to surrender, and Tsai would be second to do so,” and in the end, Cheng forced Su to blurt out the words, “You’re shameless”.

And it’d shown, that the order of the words being: Su mocked Cheng for surrendering first, Cheng then rebutted back by saying, that Tsai and Su would turn in the arms next.  But the following day, Su had, reordered the speech, stated, that “Someone stated that the president would turn in the arms first”, “as the head of state, I naturally, had to, fight against a traitor, to set her straight, to fight for what’s just and right!”, like Cheng was the one who’d called out the surrender first, that he was forced to defend, and, it’d, shown us, what “alternative truths” was; and, Su blurted out the harsh words of “it angers me”, “traitor”, “treason”, “lies”, like he was, more than, justified, and it’s such a shame, that a head of state like this, doesn’t perform in Shakespeare.

you are our “leader”, take us to H-E-L-L!!!

led by the blind! Photo from online

It’s serious enough, that the head of state in this country is making the right wrong, the wrong, right, what’s more wayward was, Tsai had, vouched for him too, without stating that it was Cheng who’d, “spoken too emotionally” “putting the labels on, bending the truths”, and, “finding enemies within the country”.  The missed words of head of legislature is creating an alternative, untrue truth, the president added the fuel to the flames, “turning what’s right wrong, what’s wrong, right!”, and, the truth that everybody noted was, completely off, and if politics got to this low a point, is there, truth to be, noted?

Another example of a “Truthless Politics” is Hsieh’s “Proclamations to the Flag”.  Hsieh stood in a photo op with the Taiwanese Independence Flag, already surpassed the orders of the ambassador, after Tsai stated “the flag is gone, let’s get angry together”, he’d stated, “holding that flag high, and puking up blood”, and split the Taiwanese public whom he supposedly served in half, and continued ranting on, “I’m still holding up this flag for all of your, reputations”, “because we can’t see the country gone away”, “the Taiwan we’d rooted down on”, “You won’t even act it anymore”, “And we should NOT lie anymore either!”, “this isn’t the Republic China that’s been deserted by all of you!”, along with warning on all of “you guys”, “I can’t bear it for you, you all need to, keep it piped down a bit”, etc., etc., etc.,  While back on October tenth, our nation’s birthday, Tsai only spoke on “working together for Taiwan, accepting all our differences”, her ambassador used “us” and “your”, started faction up Taiwan internally, does the government have, schizophrenia now?

And as clear cut as the truth is, in the lips of the spokesperson for the Presidential Office, it’d become, “respect Hsieh’s words of whom he’d represented”, and they’d put him up on that high pedestal, “with a heart that loves this country so deeply, fighting hard for us”; and when it got to the lips of the head of legislature, it’d become, “no comment”; in the words of head of legislature, “those who work to represent our country must follow the laws of our constitution”.  People are humiliating the flag, this is viewed as a right to personal expression, when the diplomats humiliated the symbol of our county, it’s clearly, crossing over the boundaries of the position, as his superior, at least, Su could remind the man to watch his words, and yet, Su brushed it off as “showing disrespect”, and “no comment”, “based off of our legislation”, and slurred through the matters.

The problem is: with a government of no sense of right or wrong, will it lose the people’s trusts?  Totally NOT!  Even Lo, who usually has a sound head over his shoulders, spoke on his views after Su and Cheng had gone head-to-head, “Su spoke aloud what’s been on our minds for too long”, “the word shameless is perfect description”, placed the personal before the morality, and the rest, you can imagine then.

And so, this is what this government’s doing, talking DOWN to those of the opposing party, even IF the opposing party IS making sense and what’s worse is that the people take whatever the @#$% (maxed out!) this god damn government’s feeding to them, because, we’d been enslaved too long, it’d become, norm now…

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The power of money — The Mind of Brosephus

Lots of news lately involving money and politics dropping this week. First, there was the whistleblower story about Facebook and algorithm manipulation which was followed up by a complete network outage for most of the next day. Then, there was the story about the Pandora Papers which exposed how the wealthy have been hiding money […]

The power of money — The Mind of Brosephus

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Do You Still Remember “Little Light Bulb”, President Tsai, the YouTube, Sensation?

Just, one of many, promises that this president of ours (uh, she’s NOT my president, I live in an, ANARCHY, remember???) failed to keep!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the leader of our nation announced to the public, that her IG fans is about to break 900,000, told that she will be, making the films to answer all questions we have for her, President Tsai, had you, forgotten about, Little Light Bulb already?

When was it, that leaders of a country needed to be, a YouTuber, to run the country!  From before, the president, Tsai not only found the Olympics winners, the T.V. personnel, as well as the famed man to help her add to her own popularity on YouTube, and now, she’d, started, “posing” as a YouTuber herself too.

As the Taroko Train accident occurred, Tsai cared about the clicks on her FB dropping; as the questions, the debates of the policies were concurring, when she should’ve been busying about these matters, President Tsai announced, that she’d stated how her fans are about to break 900,000 in number.

Back then, when “Little Light Bulb” was murdered outside the MRT, Tsai once wrote, “there are so many broken holes in this society, I shall, do my best, patching every last one up.”, that card to be handed out to the families of the victims.  But at the stabbing murder of the railroad police, Lee back in 2019, the perpetrator got a not-guilty verdict due to his psychiatric evaluation due to insanity.  And recently, there was the case of eye-gouging of the female store clerk in Pingdong.

the president’s, fans page on FB, taken from online

There are, over a million holes in the safety net of this society, what had President Tsai, who’d SWORN she will do all she possibly can, to patch up the holes done, in these past five years of her terms as president?  And what needed to get patched up, isn’t just, that net of security in the society, and the DDP that’s taken over control of the government, and president Tsai, who only cared about how many kudos she was getting, should really look at this, more closely.

The Taiwanese society is, too, forgetful, the families of those who’d died in the Taroko Express derailing, cried loud in front of the president, “You’d told us you’d heard you, but you don’t do anything that brings about change.”; the president’s multiple public appearances for the police officers, the firefighters who’d died in the line of duty, swore that she will make sure that the equipment and gadgets they will be given to be used will be, the most advanced, to help protect these, individuals working on the frontlines, did you accomplish that?

Tsai and her party used the taxpayers’ resources, to raise up the armies online, to kill off all voices that aren’t hers or her party’s, eliminating those who’d don’t share her beliefs, next year, she’d set the budgets for the offices of internal affairs’ propagandas in over 18 billion dollars N.T., and the party that’s not in power started slamming her down.

蔡英文YouTube頻道 的圖片結果
one of the images you get, when you search the president’s name and YouTube Channel, found online

And this, is what politics here in Taiwan, looked like, Tsai working as a YouTube star, and as the leaders are too deep into the online propagandas, and used it as a cover for the party, the president’s incompetence of running this country, politics became, that third-rate show on T.V., if the dead spirit of Little Light Bulb can talk, what do you think she will say to that?

Nothing good is what the DEAD spirit on this murdered child would say, and, give me my life back!!!  That too, and that still just showed, how this leader of ours (uh, she’s not MY president, I am, the ruler of my own universe, a DICTATOR, and whatever the #%$@ I say, goes???) nation, cared about how many hits she’s getting, instead of, running this country well, but there’s, nothing we can do, as the online world becomes, all our, realities here!

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Wake Up, President Tsai, Stop Producing the Delusions of How U.S. Will Back Us Up

Based off of the U.S.’s current behaviors of how it’d, withdrawn the armed services out of Afghanistan, and left this, huge M-E-S-S behind, we should, take from it, but, does the government?  Of course N-O-T, as the president, as the rest of the members of the DDP still got their heads up in the clouds, in their own, delusions there!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The U.S.’s withdrawing its troops out of Afghanistan struck up the discussion of “Today it’s Afghanistan, tomorrow, it’ll be Taiwan!”  toward this, the president, Tsai remained silent for days on end, then, expressed her opinions on the matter at the DDP midyear conferences, said that the only choice that Taiwan has, is learning to fend for ourselves, to become stronger, to become, more cohesive as a whole country, that we shan’t, rely on someone else’s, protection.  At the same time, the spokesperson of the DDP criticized the party not in power had manipulated the U.S. into “deserting Taiwan”, making these bad comments, it’d shown, NO introspections over the party’s behaviors whatsoever, let alone, helping us work well together as a complete, whole. 

Taliban had taken control over Afghanistan once more, the world was deeply impacted by this, and, the sound of support for President Biden, also, got, impacted as well.  Here, the people felt especially deep over what had happened.  In recent years, Tsai’s government was used by the Trump and Biden governments as “first line of defense against China”, a sacrificial pawn of their games, Tsai had even, utilized the uprising in Hong Kong’s against being ruled by China to help her successfully get elected a second-term.  The image that Tsai painted of Taiwan had been: Taiwan has American support, this was the biggest pillar of strength we have against China.  And now, as we the people see, how U.S. deserted Afghanistan just like that, naturally, we’d, come to worry if our fates would be, exactly identical.

“Today Afghanistan, Tomorrow, Taiwan”, it’s not an unfitting, analogy, but, an almost, identical one.  Reason being, that there’s the differences in situations as system of government in Taiwan versus Afghanistan, and, Taliban is not equivalent to Chinese Communist Party; in this metaphor, the only thing that is common is U.S. involvement.  To Taiwan, seeing how easily U.S. deserted Afghanistan for its own, benefits, and how Biden was coldhearted, in his claims, trying to, justify his own, mistaken judgments, anyone should, get that wakeup call; the protection of our allies is, thin as a piece of paper here, can be torn up to shreds at any moment in time.  Tsai’s claiming how Taiwan has only Taiwan to count on, was probably because she couldn’t find a justification for U.S.’s behaviors, and so she’d, used that, to comfort the citizens’, minds.

Problem being, in the five years since she took office, did she really have the best interest of the country, to help Taiwan get stronger, to defend this country as her goals?  That facts proved, the opposite, I’m afraid.  As we saw, the government here, is giving off the illusions of U.S. being on Taiwan’s side; how much weapons did they sell to us, how the U.S. passed laws that showed its friendly hand toward Taiwan?  How much vaccines it’d, given to us, how the T.I.F.A. conferences that’s not included us for five whole years now included us again, etc., etc., etc.  All of these, seemingly showing how the relations between U.S. and Taiwan are, improving, but, there’s, not any, practical, actual, improvements. Most of the times, it’s, only, feeding to, the country’s, own, sense of belittlement, nothing more!

What worries us more should be, in this process, Tsai allowed U.S. to use us as a pawn in their wars against China, making us into this chessboard piece that D.C. can use at any time.  This way, our sense of being independent as a country became, nonexistent, and it’d, made us, the needle that stuck out, that China will try to pull out.  These few years, the relations with China worsening, is exactly, due to this.

As Tsai took office, she’d claimed how Taiwan needs to get off relying too much on China, this is, the right direction.  But in her measures, she’d, viewed Communist China as the biggest enemy of the country, and, pushed Taiwan toward becoming codependent on the U.S., making the country lost its own original, flexibility, as well as, independence too; all of these actions, don’t seem to make us stronger as a nation.  The many behaviors of Tsai and her government, belittled the country to U.S.; for instance, opening up import of pork with the ractopamine, completely against the citizens’ wills and benefits; to suck up to the Trump government, letting TMSC set up its plants in the U.S. to invest; to suck up to the Department of National Security, she’d made the people here, get vaccinated the not-yet-tested third-stage trial vaccines from Medigenvac.  For the sake of her own benefits in diplomacies, she’d, done all of these, unreasonable, unfreedom, unscientific, decisions, and who knows, how many of our rights as a country will get sacrificed, in how many more of their, black box dealings.

Rather than believing that “Today Afghanistan, Tomorrow Taiwan” is a bad sort of a prophecy, see it more as a warning in politics, reminding the people to, stop believing that the U.S. will defend Taiwan, to help protect Taiwan, the, unfulfilled, promise.  The U.S. is a democratic ally, but its citizens won’t bleed for no reasons for another country.  No matter how many delusions of America the President Tsai has, this is, the, cruel, reality of, things.

Based off of Afghanistan’s example, Taiwan should, take heed, but, the president still believed deep, in her own, delusions, of how U.S. will come to our rescues if we go to war with Taiwan, and even IF the U.S. came to our aid, it still doesn’t mean that they’re, our friends, because from the examples in Afghanistan, and U.S.’s intervention into other countries’ affairs, it’s clear, that the U.S. only, cared for itself, and yet, the president doesn’t wake up!

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Why is it, that the KMT Was Also, Borderlined, When It’s the DDP that’s, Failed in Its, Policies?

So, which one of you, is, the LESSER of, the “two evils” again?  Oh wait, you’re both, NOT good, and so, why would we the people, vote for either of you guys???  Oh yeah, we still go to the polls because, if we don’t, the party that’s currently, ruined this god damn, @#$%ING, country, commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the contracts of FoxConn and TMSC’s donations of the vaccines from BioNTech were signed, the chairperson of the KMT, Jiang demanded that Tsai’s government based off of the ratios of buying up the vaccines, to allow counties of Nantou and three more others, to buy the vaccines; the government used the excuse of how the policies of vaccines needed to consider the whole picture, that there’s, more than enough for everybody to get, to deny Jiang’s requests.  The mayor of Taipei, Ke wanted to buy the vaccines using the debtor system, as Jiang asked Ke to go find Tsai to discuss the matters with her, Ke coldly replied, “we’ll deal with the game of political spitting after this obstacle is tackled”.  In the measures of defense on the matter of vaccines, the DDP clearly, lost the people’s heart, while, Go received the gratitude from the people, Ke created the volumes of the online communities, while, the KMT risked becoming, borderlined.

The failed policies of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV cause the polls to drop for the DDP, but, the KMT didn’t win out.  Even as the heads of Hsinbei City, Hou, Taichung’s Lu, along with other heads who are of the KMT party were all affirmed on their measures in protecting against the spread of MERS, but, their individual rise in popularity, didn’t, help the KMT one bit.  On the matter of defense against the spread, the assistance, along with the vaccines, although Jiang made fun of how the DDP “gets whipped by the KMT, and moves one step forward”, worrying the citizens of the country, but, the KMT lacked actions effectively too, it’d, made the people, collectively upset over how both parties aren’t, doing enough, and, it’d, added on to how the primary political parties are, incompetent.

Go’s purchasing and donating the vaccines, “bearing with the shames himself”, broke past the obstacles Tsai set for him, and even as he was, publicly, made fun of by Su, the head of legislature, how the DDP’s, libeling against him for leaning toward Communist China, Go still firmly, pushed the proceedings, to the point of giving the ultimatum, demanding to see the president personally, and finally, he’d, broken the barriers set by the government officials, and, successfully, helped Taiwan buy in some of the vaccines that we’d, desperately, needed.  While FoxxCon’s success in buying the vaccines, showed how the Tsai government failed, and broke the lies of her stating, “The local communities can’t get the vaccines”.  No matter how the Tsai government tried to take the credit at the end, Go’s hard work, and every moment he’d put into, making the vaccine purchases successful, we the people are taking in.

Comparatively, the KMT, rather than riding on the tail of Go’s success, to fight for the votes, a lot of the people here, just about, forgot, the meaning of existence of this party that’s, not in power currently.  Jiang is hurried to lead the KMT’s four counties and cities, to “force the government” out, to break through their own bad image of “not doing a thing”, knowing that the Tsai government wouldn’t allow, but, if the KMT doesn’t do anything, people will soon, forget the party’s existence as well.  Besides, Jiang is faced with the challenges of keeping his position as the leader of the party, with Cho’s coming after his position; Cho’s announcement for the leader of the party, clearly stated, how shortened the leadership of the KMT became, that there’s no sign of mobility in the party’s, trying, to take control of the country back again, that it’d, lacked the roles of the party out of power, being, a check and balance system for the party in power.  How much support Cho will receive is yet to be seen, but, it’d, added to Jiang’s, pressures now.

The KMT are in control of fourteen cities and counties in the country, and claimed that they’d, set up, a “defense against MERS-CoV league”, but, on the buying of the vaccines, it can only, get a total of four counties of Nantou, Yunlin, Hualien, Taidong, it’d not received the supports from Hou of Hsinbei, Lu of Taichung, these bigger cities’ mayors’, supports.  While the party in the legislature other than shouting aloud, it’d not had, any, effective tactics, and they’re, ever the more, worried of the DDP’s and the net armies’ “reddening” them.  And even as the DDP failed in its policies in helping us to defend against MERS, the KMT couldn’t even work up the strengths, to fight for something more for the people.  And so, even as the people are, too disappointed over Tsai’s rule, the KMT still, couldn’t, manage to get the people’s, trust either.

What’s even odder is, the former chairperson of the KMT, Wu published a book, disclosed of the “insider details” that all of us knew of already of the 2020 Presidential Election.  And yet, as the outbreaks are hitting us hard, we are all worried over that, while Wu still, counted up the done-me-wrongs, evading responsibilities, placing the blames, pointing the fingers, as for those legislators he’d left in the legislature, don’t know what their functions were, in the war against MERS-CoV?  At this time, who gives a SHIT about how the KMT lost the last presidential election?  The KMT fell to the point where the DDP didn’t even want to take a second look at it, as it fought against their rules, and the internal fight within the party still ongoing, pointing fingers, placing the, blames on each other, how can it, get away from the fates of the party’s, being, borderlined, as the party is, fighting to regain the control of the legislative department?

Why is it, that the DDP lost the points, and the points aren’t, won over by the KMT?  Other than the People’s Party, the biggest problem of the KMT is its, own selfish fights, not taking a stand, not shouldering up the responsibility for the country.  After the party got out of power, the KMT stopped, showing its ability, to lead the country to become, independent, and only learned the old school measures of the party not in power, other than talking trash about the party in power, not known, how to, get into the masses.  Especially, with the chairperson of the party being so, narrow-minded, couldn’t collect the powers of the masses that are now, against DDP’s ruling the country, and its party members together, how can it, innovate?  This sort of a party that’s not in power, is it, that important, who becomes, the leader of the party?

And so, this, is still on how we the people will be selecting for the LESSER of TWO evils the next time election time rolls around, because this party that’s no longer in power, could NOT get its acts together, without the leaders that can, actually, turn the party’s workings around, there’s, NO way that this party will win in the next election, and we the people are still, SCREWED over, because look at how awful the DDP had, ruined us, with its, stupid policies, with its, delays in getting the shipments of the needed number of vaccines into the country, with people who are, dying left and right, and yet, the KMT still also, didn’t, prove to us, that it can, do something better, and so, we the people, are, SCREWED over, no matter WHICH party takes power the next time!


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Shang-Chun Chang Brushed Off the Seven Hundred Lives Lost, So Easily

How the government officials, still, paint over that coat of, LIES here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s, a morbidity rate of 4.68-percent from MERS-CoV, twice more than the global average, a total of 706 who’d died from MERS-CoV.  Toward the questioning of how the medical provisions weren’t u to speed, the recruit of the specialist task force of the CDC, Chang stated, that those who’d died all had preexisting conditions, that the average age of death is seventy-three, and of these, a lot of the cases, the families signed the DNR, which was why there’s this, high morbidity rate.  Chang’s explanation, can’t cover up for the incompetence of the government, nor can it, make the general public feel, better.

Undeniably, those who have the preexisting conditions, may have a worse system of defense after contraction, with a higher, rate of mortality.  But, blaming the cause of death onto these preexisting conditions, it’s, way too, untrue, and it’d shown how the government officials, are, trying to, evade responsibilities.  The height of the outbreaks came from mid-May to the end of June, there are, dozens to more than thirty deaths from MERS-CoV per day, some died in their homes, other, in the quarantine hotels, or even, on the streets, a lot of those were only confirmed of having MERS-CoV after death.  In other words, many of them didn’t even have the chances of getting treatment, most don’t even know they’d contracted the virus, that, is why we have, such a high mortality rate.  Take yesterday for example, there are, twenty-seven new confirmed cases, but, seventeen deaths, how is this rate normal?

From all of this, people can see, three huge holes in the legislation, this is, what Tsai’s government, along with the CDC can’t, dodge from.  First, a lot of the people with their lives hanging on the lines, unaware that they’d, contracted MERS, the fault is on the command center’s not expand the scans for the virus, causing those with less severe symptoms, to enter into the local communities, to spread the virus out, causing those who didn’t know to contract the virus, and end up, dying.  As the hospital described this condition as “happy hypoxia”, how can they be sure, that all who’d died, before death, they are, happy?

Secondly, the government got caught up in how “ahead of the rest” it’d bene, but, wasn’t practical enough, in reassigning the needed resources to the needed locations, causing those who’d contracted the virus, couldn’t get into the hospital for the treatments, those who are having the more severe symptoms, not resuscitated on time.  For instance, the hotspot of the outbreaks is located around Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, the command center couldn’t, help the cities get enough of the needed wards set up, with all the equipment required for treatment, delaying those who contracted the virus, that they’d become, too severely impacted by the contraction, some didn’t even have the wards to go to to get treated.  And, the single-strain treatments can effective prevent the progressions of the virus to severe in elderly, but we’d, only begun to discuss buying up the medications in June, and the drugs are finally in by mid-June, this clearly showed, of how lacking the command center had been, of the provisions of care.  The T.V. personnel, Jia’s calling on the donations of the machines, to respond to the needs of the medical staff, why didn’t the command center hear the cries in the frontlines?

Thirdly, blaming the high mortality rate on the elderly and the progressive conditions that they have, it’s, completely, bullshit, it’s a huge insult, to the healthcare system in Taiwan.

Tsai’s buying the vaccines was, calculated politically, the command center’s allotting the resources of the vaccines, politically, selfish, not caring for the health and welfare of the people, and, they’d all, misused, abused the system of healthcare we have already, established, that was, originally, working wonders.

And so, it’s still, the politics that’s, SCREWED us all!  The government is so set on defying China, making the people turn against everything that’s, from China, and, it’s propagandas paid off all right, but the cost is, the lives that are, already, lost, and will keep on, increasing in numbers, by the contractions of, MERS-CoV!

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The Outbreaks Did NOT Fall from the Skies

The commentaries, on how the government is so, incompetent, in preventing the spread, by not giving us, the citizens, enough vaccines to help us reach that level of needed, immunity, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Delta strain had been found in Pingdong, which sounded off the alarm of the slowing of the outbreaks of MERS-CoV in Taiwan, again.  The head of the county of Pingdong, Pan called out, that the outside world should NOT be on a witch hunt, not giving Pingdong a bad reputation, “the virus did not grow in Pingdong, the virus didn’t just, fall from the skies.” His words, it’d, touched many, it’s, just that the words came, a bit, late.

This current outbreak that hit hard, Hsinbei and Taipei were the hardest hit, since the DDP took office, down the chain of command, of the city councilpersons, as well as the online armies, had started, attacking both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities endlessly.  The city councilperson, Miao stated, “The whole country is in lockdown mode with Taipei and Hsinbei Cities”, the side wings immediately chimed in; the second in command of the Department of Sanitation Welfares, Shih pointed out, “Wanhwa is the hole which the virus had broken in.” the supporters of DDP immediate named the strains, “Wanhwa Strain”.  Who’s hunting witches, who’s, giving whom bad names, it’s, clear to see.

The reasons for the DDP’s doing this, first, to show, that the local governments with their party affiliate being in charge is doing, way better, other than stressing constantly, “+0”, they’d also, pushed those who’d contracted the virus all outward; secondly, to divert the people’s attention from Tsai’s wayward methods of helping the country defend itself against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV.  As the clusters of infections took over the communities in Kaohsiung, the mayor, Chen pushed the responsibilities to “both Taipei and Hsinbei didn’t report the cases truthfully.”, this was, a valid, example.

Of course, the outbreaks didn’t, fall from the skies, nor would the virus, there were, the tracks to be found.  This currently outbreak locally, the starting point was the pilot’s quarantine rule of “three plus eleven”; the structural cause lies in that Tsai and her government was too full of themselves, to the point of careless, turning everything into, political-correctness, that’s what caused the outbreaks to get out of hand.  Can the Tsai government see the problems, and, amend the mistakes that it’d made, that, is the key.

the virus still did NOT fall, like this…

bombs falling from the skies 的圖片結果
like bombs, out of the skies…photo from online

As the outbreak clusters occurred in Kaohsiung, Pingdong, the calls of, “We’re all jailed up with both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities” gone, in an, instant, this, was the lessons we need to learn from the blood and the tears.  The Tsai government needs to understand and note, that “the spread of the virus is not party-specific”, that she needed to view the “island as a complete whole”; otherwise, this outbreak shall, NEVER, end.

And so, it’s not like we’re not having it hard enough as is, the DDPs are still, trying, to turn the citizens, by claiming how it’s us, the northern regions who’d not kept close tabs on the spread, how the local governments (that aren’t their colors???) didn’t do their jobs correctly, that’s, caused the virus to head south, well, there’s now, the locally “grown” virus sighted in the south, and then, the greens shuts up, because that, is how the DDP works, it tries, to bend the people’s mind, and, sway those who are, easily swayed, and, mostly, those who are fooled, are living in the south and middle strips, because the DARK greens are in control of these, local governments, and, up north, our separate city governments ARE, doing the BEST that they possibly could, and the DDP try to divert their followers’ attention, so they don’t get blamed, for their, stupidity in the policies, and yet, are we the people, just so, FUCKING retarded to believe them???

Uh……………we are, well, the majority of those the voters who are GREEN, and they will all, head out to the polls, while, those of us who don’t support the current party in power, we just feel, that we can’t do anything, to change the situations, and besides, the party in power have a way, of swaying the masses, so, why the #$%@ would we bother, vote???

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Disregarding the Words of Advice, Getting Ahead of the Outbreaks Became Hindsight

This is still, DISSECTING the government on how it only, had, hindsight and still not gained, foresight, nor insight from its own, mistakes, and “we the people”, still get @#$%ED, up!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last year, the outbreaks still hadn’t gotten out of hand, because the government’s taking the measures of precautions, which made our country get noticed by the foreign presses, a lot of YouTubers used their channels stating how they’d envied the lives of Taiwanese people, the former vice president went as far as commanding the “getting head” program of Taiwan’s defenses against MERS-CoV then.  But, since there were the instances of the community outbreaks, the command center seemed to be, haunted by the “vaccine spirits”, whenever the subject of vaccines came up, the word, “mess” is associated with it, and now, blaming it on the lack of buying powers, the commander, Chen stated, “all of what you’re saying is, hindsight!”

It took, only, ONE short month, for Taiwan’s system of defense against MERS to go from “ahead of the rest”, to “hindsight”, in the past year, MERS-CoV became our, most familiar stranger, with Taiwan, on the side of glory, raising that trophy of barring away the MERS-CoV, but, as we’d, relaxed a bit, the virus broke the glory of the country, and we’re all now, in dangers of, exposure here.

what “we the people” are currently, being, ruled, under! Photo from online

The virus came at us like that flash flood, fast and hard-hitting, the people couldn’t adjust to the mindset quickly enough, the command center started, panicking too, slurred its speech in barking out the orders, the central government and the local governments were disagreeing on matters, the large scale of criticisms came, and, it all worlds down to one thing: “President, give US the VACCINES we NEED!”

In the past, the commander, Chen stated, “We’d, prepared, for the worst” when asked about the plans of attack toward the virus, but, the planning of the vaccines, didn’t follow this, last September, the country was still too conservative in buying up the vaccines, even as the scholars called aloud, all those words of advices, fell to, deafen ears.  And now, Chen could use “hindsight” to BARK back, at the claims of how the CDC wasn’t active enough in buying up the vaccines, it’s, such, an, irony.

Had the command center taken the words of advice from all around it, and, listen to the words of advice spoken by those scholars, instead of believing that the scholars are “against the command center because they’re against it!”, and it would be able to, deal with the community outbreaks more easily too.  The outbreaks are, ongoing, while the officials of the government still can’t agree on one method to fight it off, but, someone mentioned how during the SARS outbreaks from before, the President, Chen called on the leaders of the other political party, let go of their, differences, and, opened up his mind, and listened to other parties’ opinions of how to fight the spread of SARS, can the Tsai government, also, do the same right now?  Turning the situations around, that, is the right attitude of, defending against the spread here.

And yes this is still on how the popular voted DICTATOR had, SCREWED, “We the people”, over, and this government lacked the hindsight, because it got ITS head, UP its ass, basking in the glory of how, wow, the rest of the world is reliant on the masks we produce, we must be so amazing, instead of taking the measures, to prepare for something that will, hit us harder, it’s still, BAD leadership, and, do we the people, see that?  Of course N-O-T, because, we shall, follow our leader, DOWN that CLIFF!

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Giving People Here the Options, to Allow for the Flows of the Nation’s Own Vaccines

Lab rats, (ouch!  Someone just, SHOT something into my ASS!!!) listen up, ready yourselves, for the, INJECTIONS here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nation’s manufactured vaccines just posted its second-stage trial blind reveal, it’s, full of, confidence filing for the emergent use certifications (EUA), but, the people are, in doubts.

The most debatable thing of the nation’s own vaccines is that it’d not had a third-stage trial.  As the epidemic spread too quickly throughout U.S. and Europe, the number of cases of diagnosis hiked up to tens of thousands per day, with the death rate hiking up too, to speed up the process of developing a working vaccine (which usually takes many years!), the EUA was signed, so Moderna and Pfizer, and AZ vaccines got only to mid-third stage trials, and the results were published in the well-known medical journals, and were signed into use.

And yet, there are hundreds of new cases of contraction here in Taiwan, and the Command Center told us, that when the Rt rate dropped to 0.7 (under one, the virus will be killed off in an instant!), so why is it, that the nation’s own manufactured vaccines didn’t even get to the experimental trials of the third stage, and it’s filed for the EUA uses?  Are we, in that big a, hurry?

With the epidemic hitting the world hard now, all the nations in the world, with WHO are all, developing, discussing to replace the third-stage trials with the immuno-bridging, to replace the third-stage trials, meaning, that as long as the developing vaccines can get to a certain level, then, it’s deemed, effective, no need to test trial on thousands of people to be sure.  And yet, the conference by the W.H.O. at the end of May is quite clear, that the immuno-bridging of MERS-CoV has problems: one, there’s no unified methods of making the vaccines agreed upon by all countries, it would be hard to get a unified standard.  Secondly, the standards of the vaccines are made from the original strand, and now, there are, the mutated strands.

The vaccines from China, had the same pretty numbers with the Moderna and AZ vaccines too, and the stage three trials achieved up to seventy-percent protection, but, as the vaccines were introduced to the other countries, the results showed, different.  And, the mutualized antigen in those who’d already contracted the virus, paled by comparisons to the vaccines’ ability to defend against it, but it makes the chances of contracting the virus again, reduce greatly, which showed, how by neutralizing the antibodies, does NOT defend against the contractions of the virus.

what “we the people” became…

shit, did you, just, SHOT me with that???” and unfortunately, there’s, NOTHING any one of us can do! Photo from online

The two developing vaccines here, are protein based, and the vaccines using this means that are used, is ZERO, including the U.S., and Novavax who got ahead, is still, testing out this, technology, in the stage-three trials, while Sanofi from France didn’t pass the certifications at all, and the test trials needed to be, redone.  Too much, uncertainties, and, if America and European nations are having the trying times getting this to work, how do you suppose, the manufacturers in Taiwan will receive the certifications, that easily?

A few months back, there were only, forty-percent of citizen here who are willing, to get the inoculations, but since the epidemic bust out of Wanhwa, the number rose to more than eighty-percent, which showed, how we’re all, beginning to, feel, panic; which is why, even if the trial phases of the developing vaccines hadn’t gone through the measures completely, people are, fighting to get, inoculated.  At this time, the government should keep watch for the people, instead of using the “Drive-Thru” methods of the vaccines developed here.  If we want to advocate the vaccines manufactured here, we need to get the tests done completely, go through all the trial stages, for the vaccines to get approved, internationally.

The president and the vice president rolling up their sleeves to get the first shot of nation’s manufactured vaccines, that’s a wrong demonstration!  Because, just because it works on you, that doesn’t mean, that it will work, for all of us.  The way that will work, is by using methods of unrelated to the vaccines, to contain the spread, to reduce that urgency of getting the vaccines.  And, the polls showed, close to sixty-percent of the public were displeased at the pace of the governments getting the vaccines, and hoped to get the BionTech vaccines manufactured in China to us.  The government should go ahead, and start importing the vaccines from international realms, so the people can have the choices, then, it can, consider, releasing the nation’s own, manufactured, vaccines.

So, this, is what’s going on, the government endorses the vaccines made here, but, the technologies are way too new, without the research verifications that it will work, and, getting certified internationally, that will totally, be a huge problem, and so, by advocating this “made-in-Taiwan” vaccine, instead of getting their hands on the certified already, international brands, we’re all, still SCREWED, because the government only has ITS, best interest in mind (making money off of the vaccines) and WE the people, become, lab rats for testing purpose here!

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