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A Man Raped a Girl and Forced Her to Drop the Charges, Strangled Her to Death, He’s Escaped the Death Penalty

Justice is still FAR from being served here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu was suspected of raping his live-in girlfriend’s daughter, when he was unsuccessful in begging and pleading for her to drop the charges against him, he’d broken through the door, and choked her to death, then, he’d staged the scene for it to look like as if she’d committed suicide.  Hsu was twice sentenced for death for murders, and the High Courts, on the first retrial, gave him life time in prison, and stripped him of his public office jobs forever.  The case can still be appealed.

The courts that decided on the first retrial believed that after the adolescent filed a suit toward Hsu still lived in his place for a couple of days, and he’d given her his ATM card so she could make withdrawals from the ATM machines; Hsu had lived with the youth for over ten years, treated her as his own child, and because he had served in prison from before, he’d feared it, had once begged and pleaded with her to not file charges against him, which clearly showed that there are two distinctive personalities that he has, and it couldn’t be proven that he couldn’t be reformed, and so, that, was why the death sentence was not issued.

Hsu (age 58) was accused of starting in 2006, when the young woman was in her first year of middle school, used the twice a week frequency, to rape his live-in girlfriend’s daughter; in 2010, his live-in girlfriend killed herself by hanging, and the daughter couldn’t put up with his sexual abuse any longer, and moved in with her birth father, and sued Hsu for the five years of nonstop rape of her.  Hsu was displeased at how she’d sued him, he’d strangled her to death, and used the brake wires from his motorcycle, wrapped it around her neck, to make it look like she’d committed suicide from hanging herself.

And this man still didn’t get the DEATH penalty, simply because he’d shown that FAKED sense of remorse, and we ALL know how you CAN fake it too, don’t we???  Now, this man will forever BE haunted by the guilty conscience of having raped and/or sexually molested his live-in girlfriend’s daughter.

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The Former Dominican Republic’s Ambassador of the Pope Was a Pedophile, and Was Found Guilty of Sexually Molesting Boys

Another “specimen” of a LIAR that preached about the love of G-O-D, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Pope’s representative to the Dominican Republic, Jozef Wesolowski was found guilty, of sexually raping many boys, the Roman Catholic Church, on the 27th, mandated that he be alleviated from his duties as a servant of God.  This, is the harshest punishment that the Roman Catholic has ever had, toward a high ranking member of the church in history. On the twenty-seventh, the Reason Department punished Wesolowski to return to being normal for his rapes.  Returning to the normal ways of life is the harshest punishment that the “Order of the Church” can have on any member of the church.

Wesolowski, who was originally Polish, he has two months’ time to prepare for an appeal, at the same time, he also faces the multiple criminal charges, and, IF these charges stand, he may face time in jail.  The Vatican stated, that it will take the measures that it needed, to make sure that he doesn’t make escape.

The Dominican Republic’s San Domingo Bishop had already reported and confirmed to the Pope of Wesolowski’s rape on many boys, the Catholic Church on August 21 of last year, recalled Wesolowski, and stripped him of his ambassadorship, and started an investigation on him and a Polish priest.

Wesolowski is the highest ranking member of the Vatican who faces investigations of rape to date.  The Catholic Church never stated how Wesolowski responded to the accusations, nor did they disclose any information of Wesolowski’s attorney either.

And so you still have a preacher of god that did something EVIL, and, this time, before he had the chance of using “the DEVIL made me do it!!!”, he was already found GUILTY, and, he was STRIPPED of his Roman Catholic religion, and that, if you ask me, still isn’t harsh enough a punishment, and, that would make you wonder, IF there needed to be MORE reforms in the Catholic church or not, doesn’t it???

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Even Though a Oral Cancer Patient Suffered Losses of $150,000N.T. a Month, Selling Dumplings, He’d Still Persisted

Story of inspiration here, translated…

“This, is the very FIRST stable job I’d gotten in over ten years’ time, and even when the business is slow, I’d still needed to head to work!”, the almost six-month old “Oral Cancer Support” dumpling shop, is a halfway station to help those with oral cancer get back on track, but, in the six months it’d started running, it’d suffered a loss of $150,000N.T. per month, and the shops are barely surviving.  The storefront had hoped to sell their dumplings on the home shopping networks on television, hoping that MORE will help out those who are diagnosed with oral cancer.

He had skillfully gotten the dumplings from the pot, then, plated the items, and delivered the plates to the customers, this, was the oral cancer patient, Shen’s job descriptions for the past seven years.  He said, that ten years ago, after he’d gone through surgeries to treat his oral cancer, his chin, and part of his mandible got removed from his face, making finding a job hard for him, “Working here is amazing, I can support myself now.”

And that, is just how there are still not-for-profit organizations out there that helps those with a certain conditions, and, even though the store is suffering the losses, it’s still NOWHERE N-E-A-R closing down, because it’s running on the good faith of the residents, so, there is still a WHOLE lot of goodness in this world.

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A Man Chained His Own Mother to the Walls, Two Days Later, the Mother Died…the Judge Gave the Man Two Years

Letting the circumstances guide the sentencing here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man in Hsinbei City, because his mentally ill mother would often eat things she should not be eating, he’d chained his own mother to the showerhead with a bicycle lock in the bathroom; because she was left standing up, two days later, her body couldn’t withstand the fatigue, she ended up, hung to death, the District Court in Taipei believed, that the man’s reason for chaining his mother to the bathroom was understandable, and that he’d turned himself in, so, it’d fitted the criteria for a reduced sentencing, and so he was sentenced to two years in prison.

The verdict stated that Chang (age 41)’s sixty-five year old mother was under limited cognitive capacity, couldn’t know if she’d done anything illegal, two years ago in November and last year in January, she’d committed theft twice, and would often throw trash all over her residence, and eaten unknown powdery substances too.

Chang’s mother originally stayed with her daughter, later, she’d moved in with her husband, her son, and her own mother-in-law in Shindian, in order to restrict his mother’s movements, Chang had used a motorcycle lock, wrapped it around his own mother’s neck, and locked her up in front of the steel window inside the bathrooms; Chang’s mother couldn’t break free, and could only rest on the faucets below the window, the meals were delivered and fed to her by her husband, and she’d urinated, defecated inside the tub. On September 10, she was found dead, and the medical examiners ruled that she died of hanging, because she was too fatigued that she’d fallen down.

Chang turned himself in, and his attorney used how he was the sole economic provider of his house, wanted to get him a delayed sentence. The judge pointed out, that before Chang locked his mother up, he should’ve sought out assistance from social services but didn’t, to help his mother feel better, but he didn’t, and he also didn’t loosen up the rope and the chains, to allow his mother to have time to rest, which had, in turn, caused the tragedy, that he should still be punished accordingly. The case can still be appealed.

And so, take this as an accident, or, a case of negligence homicide, or, you can see it as how this man failed to get enough support from the outside world, maybe he lacked the resources to, or he didn’t know WHERE he could get some help with his mother’s conditions, that had attributed to this tragic event.






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Love wtihout Boundaries

The movement of love, translated…

I’d often encouraged my students, to take after a kind of chrysanthemums, to still BE in full-bloom, even IF it grows on the poorest kind of environment, still beautiful, in the coldness of the winter…

“Teacher, this, was the ocean I dreamed up of last night”, the beautiful blue ocean started unfolding from his hands.

“This, was the scene that I’d discovered on the sunlight and the flowers”, flower after flower, they bloomed, from his drawing papers.

“Look at this one, they’re a school of fish that misses the oceans waves…”

Every time he’d gone through the steel windows and entered into the classrooms, Liang would always bring me his newly drawn pictures.

His simplistic and childlike artwork, it’d always surprised me, and moved me too.

  • Everything I Wanted to Say, I’d Put it into the Paintings

Liang was my writing student from seventeen years ago while I’d taught in prison, I taught him to write; however, in the realms of artistry, he became my instructor.

He was a natural born artist, started drawing on his own, with his own unique kind of style. I liked his artwork, encouraged him, to search for the sense of self through his artwork. There was once when a painter who traveled to France to study that came to Taiwan, I’d asked him to come and speak to the prisoners, to exchange thoughts with Liang, and we’d all gotten along very well with one another that time.

Liang’s given name was Han-Liang Huang, he was born to a miner’s family back in 1957 in the mining regions in Taipei, “When I was a teenager, I took to the bad ways, and gotten into prison”. He has a round face, with a shy personality. “I’m not good with words, all I wanted to say, are all in the paintings”.

Sometimes, as I pressed him to tell him the mindset he took, to make those artwork, and he’d tell me, “I’m like the chrysanthemum that you’d told the class about from the heavens then!” I’d often encourage my students, to be like that species of chrysanthemum, that even IF they grew up on land that’s malnourished, they should still bloom, in the cold weathers of the wintertime.

In 1999, in the earthquake in Nantou, all of my students had given back to the community. We’d all worked hard, wrote, drew, and had gotten a calendar notebook published called, “Times of Love”, and we’d donated all the sales, to the Center for Home and Families in Taichung, to help children in poverty stricken backgrounds to grow up safely.

  • Why is He Such a Great Artist?

Liang donated ALL of his winnings for his third place prize for the International Inmate Artists Competitions, to help those regions, hit by natural disasters. He continued to draw, and, his artwork made the other students writing appeared more meaningful somehow, and it’d improved the publishing we made. During those years, we’d made the donations from the sales of these art books at the end of the year to the association that helped take care of kids from poverty stricken backgrounds.

In the spring of 2006, Liang was released, and went to the church in Taichung to volunteer. Before he was released, he’d even volunteered as the illustrator of the French Tim G. “A Man Who Painted with Hope”, to add pictures. But, at the end of that year, he’d died, of a hematoma, he was only fifty years old. Back then, “The Man Who Painted with Hopes” was yet to be published. I took the book that the publishers had set up, and went to Liang’s funeral with the head of my prison class.

So many years had passed now. I keep on passing through these steel gates, to teach children to write. Everything as I’d introduced this older schoolmate, Liang’s artwork, people would often be in awe, “How come he was such an amazing artist?” “Why drove him to draw day and night?”

I believe, that that, is the way Liang loved. He’d once told me, “Whenever I think about how many kids are still waiting to grow up, I just keep on drawing, drawing, and drawing.”

And so, this, is the way a man makes a difference in his life, and yeah, he’d been on the WRONG side of the law, but, he’d turned his own life around, came to understand how his behaviors had affected those who loved him, and those whom he’d hurt, and, he made a difference, with what he had, and, in the end, he’d passed on, a legacy of love, to the rest of the world too.

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A Woman Received a Life Sentence for Murdering Her Mother, as Her Verdict Was Read, She’d Become Limp

IF you couldn’t stand and take the FALLS for your own CRIMES, then, why did you do it in the first place??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Yi Chen, two years ago in May, was murdered by her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend who was her accomplice, her body was dumped by the seaside in Hualien; the Hualien District Court made its first ruling yesterday, that Tsai will be serving life, and her boyfriend, the DEATH penalty.

Tsai (age 32), upon hearing that she’d gotten life in prison, she went limp, and thankfully, the bailiff gave her a hand, to keep her from falling to the floor. The judge, Huang consoled her, “Do take care of yourself”, she’d nodded slightly. Tseng (age 51) however, still held on to his own pompous attitude, wouldn’t stand UP in court, in the end, the bailiff had to take him up to stand up, so he could hear his own verdict.

Jing-Jing Tsai’s father too, was there at the reading of the verdict, he was shocked at how his baby girl received the life sentences, he’d wanted to rebut to the judge, but, his families and friends prevented him from so doing.

Tsai said, that his daughter was well-behaved, but, after she’d met Tseng in New Zealand on her study trips abroad, her mother, Yi Chen was against them dating, she’d gone to New Zealand to prevent them from dating, but, it wasn’t successful at all. Tsai and Tseng returned to Taiwan four years ago, and they’d lived off of Yi Chen, and, the mother had paid the couple a total of three hundred thousand dollars total; the two individuals asked for another one million dollars, the mother refused, and that, was why she was murdered.

Two years ago on May first, Tsai and Tseng went to where Chen lives, and premeditated that they’d get some money from her, but they were successful in so doing, and so, they’d killed her and dumped her body; in the process, Tseng was scolded by Chen, and he got angered, took out the wires that he had prepared, and together, with Tsai, they’d strangled the woman to death, then, used a boy scout rope to tie her up, put her into a suitcase, then, dumped the body by the sea side in Hualien.

The judge, Huang stated, that he’d taken into considerations, that Tsai was emotionally dependent upon Tseng, and she’d shown signs of remorse during the trials, that it would be quite possible, for her to be reformed, and that Tsai was diagnosed with schizophrenia, so, he’d sentenced her to life in prison.

And Tseng was the primary accomplice of the entire thing, afterwards, he didn’t show ANY remorse, and that there is a need, to separate him from the rest of the society, and so, the judge gave him the death penalty.

And so, here, the motive was still M-O-N-E-Y, and, people DO kill, for a WHOLE lot less than you can imagine, and, the daughter DID plan out the mother’s murder with her boyfriend too, and so, how come she’d only gotten L-I-F-E? Oh yeah, because she’d shown “signs of remorse” at the hearings…


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The Ones You Couldn’t Save

This is usually a B-U-M-M-E-R, but, you’d eventually get to understand, that you CAN’T save them A-L-L!!!

The ones you couldn’t save, what can you do for them?  Other than to offer that last AND final respect, as you’d gone to their burial sites?  There’s NOT much ELSE you can do, is there?

The ones you couldn’t save, they’re the ones that haunts you, the faces that come to you when you’re asleep, in the nights, the voices that cried out to you, “HELP ME!”  The ones you couldn’t save, if you’re meant to save them, then you would, but, you’re not, they’re meant to D-I-E!!!  But how can you accept that?  How can you deal with the fact, that some kid is brutally murdered, because of her/his parents’ carelessness?  The ones you can’t save, there ARE so many more out there, and, there’s just NOT enough time, for me, to go ALL over the world, to EVERY single household, with bad parents, to KICK all their asses, and I’d already done ALL I could, and, that’s ALL that anybody CAN ask of me, and that, is how I cleared MY conscience (not that it was ever dirtied or anything like that in the first place!!!).

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The Girlfriend Forgave & Married Him, the Horrific Lover Got a Lighter Sentence

I just have ONE question: are you STUPID?  Or are you just……PLAIN S-T-U-P-I-D???  From the Front Page Sections, translated, and this, is another example of how EASY a woman forgets!!!

A man who works as a realtor, Hong, suspected that his Cambodian girlfriend wanted to break up because she’d found another man, he’d tricked her to come by, tied her up, then, shoved an egg from the refrigerator inside of her vagina.  On the first trial, the judge gave him four years two months based off of forced sexual behaviors, after the verdict got passed, he’d gained his girlfriend’s forgiveness, and married her; on the second trial, the judge took into consideration, that Hong married the woman as a way of repenting for his own bad behaviors, reduced his sentence to two years in jail.  And he could still appeal the case.

The verdict pointed out, that Hong, who is twenty-eight years old had met a divorced Cambodian woman three years ago, they’d started dating and moved in together.  Last February, the woman want4ed to break up, and moved out of their residence, avoided seeing him.  On the early morning of May 7, he’d gone to her workplace to stop her, falsely claimed that he wanted to communicate, and agreed to let her get her clothes from their residence.  The girlfriend agreed to come home with him, and she’d called her younger sister on the ride over, and told her in Cambodian, to call the police for her.

Hong could NOT understand Cambodian, thought that the woman had met another, and after he’d gotten her into the apartment, he’d pushed her onto the bed, tied her up, then, took out the raw eggs from the refrigerator, shoved them inside of her vagina, the woman felt the eggs crack and liquids flowing from them, and started crying.  And, her younger sister came by with the police, the police heard someone inside hollering, “Please, NO!”, they’d started calling, “you don’t open up, we’ll SHOOT you!”, and that, was when Hong opened up the doors, and the police took him.

Hong claimed that on that day, they’d agreed to have one last fuck, and he’d usually use sex toys to help him get high, and that the liquid from the egg is to be used as a lubricant, that it wasn’t sexual assault or rape, but the judge didn’t believe him.

And so, this, is how it goes, because the woman forgave him, as that LOSER surely showed HIS sad puppy dog eyes and the pouty lips (I’m sure!!!), and, she’d gone soft, and so, the judge took THAT into consideration, and this MOTHER-FUCKER still got it easy if you ask me, but hey, who asked Y-O-U???  Exactly!!!

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Making Peace


As she’d installed the Line program on her cell, she’d found his name on the list “People You Might Know”, she’d added him to her friends list, and, with her quick fingers, she’d sent a series of words.

“There was once that nobody was there in your home, the instructor had told you to come to my house.”
“Do you remember that?”

Her house and his were only a street away.

Knowing he’s coming, as the bell rang, she’d ran fast home, locked up the doors.  Very short while later, the doorbell rang, she’d quickly hid away on the second floor bedroom, then, peeked from the crease in the draperies, seeing how he was with his yellow backpack, like a soldier, standing guard, at the front door of her apartment.

Every time the door bell rang, her heart raced a little more, she’d prayed silently, that her mother doesn’t return home yet.

Like the time that took for one period of class to finish, the doorbell had finally stopped ringing, she’d made sure that he was no longer at her front door, then, she’d let out a sigh of relief.

That, was a Wednesday, the day that the elementary kids expected the most, instead, she’d played with her dolls, and munched down on the snacks her mother prepared, and she couldn’t feel happy at all, as if something had managed to clog the flowing river inside of her heart.

Later, she’d always had him in the back of her mind, where did the backside of that yellow backpack go?  Her heart raced, as she’d waited, on him to reply.

“I seemed to have forgotten about that.”  Three minutes later, he’d tossed back his replies.

How could he have forgotten!  She was shocked, and then, mildly disappointed, that, was the most important thing that she’d remembered about them.

“Back then, I didn’t like boys, so, I didn’t answer the doors.”

“Hahaha, must be at least thirty years since?”, he pretended to make a joke about it.

Actually, how could he have forgotten?  That day, he stood, underneath the scorching sun, like he’d been punished for the entire class period, to stand behind the classrooms, he had seen her, behind the drapes, but, why wouldn’t she answer the door?

She was very beautiful, the one in charge of the class, the model student, and he, merely a small pawn who gets overlooked easily.

She didn’t like me then!  He’d made the conclusions.

After he’d left, he’d paced to the park in town, watched the elderly played chess, looked at the ducks, swimming in the ponds, lay on the stone benches, and counted the clouds up in the skies, then, he must’ve fallen asleep, when he woke again, the dusk had settled down, he’d walked home in silence.  At dinner time, his mother asked him, did he have fun in the home of the head of his class?  He’d forced a smile and nodded.  The next day, he’d gone across her desk intentionally, she pretended as if nothing had happened, just kept to her assignments, without lifting up her head.

Ever since, he’d never spoken to her again.  “When I’d grown up, I’d realized, that my odd behavior came from how I didn’t know how to interact with boys, thankfully, you’d forgotten about that already!  How’s this, I treat you to lunch in a few days?”, she’d used a cute picture, and sent the messages to him.

He saw the face, with the expression that’s heartfelt, with tears in the eyes, and, he’d seen a saddened, crying face in his mind………at nap time, the boys in his class were talking of playing a prank, and he normally didn’t take part, and this time, for some unknown reasons, he’d picked up a dried up frog that’s already dead, stealthily, shoved it into that pink backpack behind her chair.

“Actually, I………”

Things we did when we were younger, ahhhhhhhhhh, those are the days, aren’t they, when we were free to love, free to be, and, the two people from the story reached a silent agreement on letting bygone BE bygone, I’m sure, and, who knows, maybe, they’d started back up from where they’d left it in their childhood days???


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A Daughter Spoke on Behalf of Her Stepfather Who Raped Her…the Man Got a Delayed Sentence

This, is quite common, when the victim identifies with the P-E-R-P, from the Newspapers online, translated…

A young woman in Hsinchu, started in fifth grade, was attacked by her stepfather, he would touch her breasts, along with fondled her genitalia, had sexually molested her, a total of ELEVEN times, after the school instructor turned him in, the father admitted to it, said that it was only a “game” he was playing with his stepdaughter, that he’d acted on his own impulses, that he didn’t mean it, and had apologized to the victim, and she’d forgiven him already.  The victim, along with her mother, all begged the judge, because the household is reliant on the man’s wages to survive, that neither one of them wanted him to be locked up.  The district court found the man guilty, of sexual molestations and gave him a two-year sentence, which he would be allowed, to serve it, delayed for five years.

This man, started back in February of 2011, all the way into October of 2012, took advantage of the time with his stepdaughter alone, touched her breasts, along with her genitals, to satisfy himself.  The victim did NOT dare tell her own mother about it, but, she’d told her school classmates, and the classmates told the teacher, and the teacher reported to the police.  When the court was in session, the victim spoke on behalf of the perpetrator, stated, “I’m willing to forgive my father”.  And the mother and daughter were able to get to the judge, and the father showed signs of remorse, and showed that he still had a conscience, so, the judge gave him a delayed sentence.

Are you FUCKING kidding me?  Because a man C-R-I-E-D, therefore, these two ladies (the daughter AND the mother) softened, and that, is how the two of them continue to be VICTIMIZED, as we already K-N-O-W, how we CANNOT reform a rapist, after all, he’d done it before, what makes you think that he won’t do it again?  And that there’s this “PRIOR”, of the VICTIM, dropping the charges.






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