A Child, Fatally Shot His Dad, No Charges Were Filed

Did anybody NOT “follow” that keep dangerous ARMS out of reach of children???  And so, this, is yet, another tragedy, and no, it still will NOT be the last of it, trust me on that, from the Houston Chronicles, Chron.com…

PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. (AP) — Authorities aren’t expected to seek charges in the death of an Arizona man who was accidentally shot by his 4-year-old son.

Justin Stanfield Thomas was fatally shot Friday after he and his son traveled from Phoenix to a friend’s home 90 miles away in the northern Arizona community of Prescott Valley for a surprise visit.

Prescott Valley Police Brandon Bonney says the boy found the loaded gun in the home within minutes of arrival, asked a question about it and pulled the trigger.

Thomas later died at a hospital.

Bonney says the gun should have been locked away, but that Thomas’ friend, whose identity hasn’t been released, was caught off guard by the unannounced visit.

No children lived in the house.

The child is now with his mother.

So, in this case, the FOUR-YEAR-old child got a hold of the gun, and WHAM, it fired off, and shot HIS daddy, and, of COURSE that NO “charges” are filed here, after all, we can all conclude, that this is just ONE of the many tragic accidents that’s happened in a household with a G-U-N, where the GUN was safe OR secure, LOCKED UP as it was supposed to be, and you still don’t THINK that we need gun control???

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