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The Families of Those in Serious Medical Conditions, Stuck in FIVE Predicaments, & Long-Term Care Can’t Help Them

Despite the EMBELLISHMENT of how well set-up Long-Term Care 2.0 is, based off of DDP and the government’s, claims here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Getting a Spot is Next to Impossible, the Assistance Funds, Even Harder, the Burdens of Finances, No Elevators at Home, the Enormous Psychological Pressures of the Caretakers, the Taiwan Association of Family Caregivers: the Bombs, Waiting to Explode, at Any Time

look at ALL that Long-Term Care 2.0 promised…found online

There’d been a prevalence of long-term care murders, although the government provided the long-term care provisions, but for the families of the severely ill, it’s, of no use.  They are in desperate need of residential type care, but, the beds are next to impossible to get in both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities.  And, as the items of caretaking started stacking up, when the body can no longer manage, and you can’t get any placement or that the placement is taking as long as a year, for the families, this is, that final, straw.

The husband of Ms. Huang who is in her forties, had a stroke during the pandemic, and was hospitalized, and the husband is in a comatose, with the feeding tubes, the ventilators, and the catheters to keep on living, and, she was pushed to shoulder the responsibilities of the “caregiver.”

After her husband finished the hospital stay, she’d originally wanted to bring him home to care, and, after evaluating the needed resources of hiring a nurse’s aide, purchasing of the ventilator, electric bed, plus, she lives in the old apartment without the elevators, going up and down is a huge problem, with nobody else to help her out, she can only place her husband in a care facility.  But, there’s no vacancy in the facilities in both Taipei AND Hsinbei Cities, she’d called every one of the facilities, and, either that her husband couldn’t qualify for the status of becoming a resident, or that the cost is, too high beyond what she could afford.

And, the major stresses in her life, caused Ms. Huang to fall ill too, her adenomyosis, plus her chocolate cysts, the gynecologist advised that she get a hysterectomy, but she’d worried that if she is hospitalized, nobody is left to care for her husband, she can only use the medications instead, but it’d caused her body to change severely, depression, insomnia, gaining weight, hair loss, the assortment of pressures caused her to stress.

The services of Long-Term Care 2.0, the breather programs, the professional caretakers, the transportation means, the setting up of a handicap space for living, Ms. Huang can’t find useful.

and yet, this is, what, the REALITY looks, like! photo from online, not to mention the under qualified staff, the lacking in the equipments to offer the proper and needed cares to the residents, and many, many, M-A-N-Y more, problems! Photo from online

She believed, that the government should encourage the families of those with severe conditions to place their loved ones in a long-term care facility, after her husband fell ill, she’d come face to face with not being able to find him a bedspace in the home, due to how they have property, the assistance funding can’t be allotted to them, the costs increased, adding to the financial burdens, there’s no elevator where she lives, which made caring for him at home impossible, and even IF there’s the programs of Long-Term Care 2.0, it can’t help her with what she’d needed.

And so, this still just showed, how long-term care 2.0 worked only well in THEORY, but NOT application, I mean, this woman is clearly in need of the help, but, because of all those fine prints of those who are lower income, yada, yada, yada, are priorities of the long-term care 2.0 programs, she still can’t get the needed care for her husband, and this is only ONE of the cases, and god knows how many tens of thousands of cases like hers are on this island right now, and so, the government’s boasting on how well set up, how up and running Long-Term Care 2.0 is, is still, full of SHIT!

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What’s Real is the BEST

The lessons of disappointment, learned, at a, very, young age, too difficult for a child to manage, and yet, we’d still, all, grown up because of these, broken promises that our adult counterparts failed to, keep…translated…

It was 1971, back when the pencil sharpeners were, an extravagance to the families, we’d normally used the small blades to keep our pencils sharpened enough, and, the better from that was that tiny rectangular box with the shaving blades installed, we’d stuffed our pencils into the hole, then turn the pencils to sharpen them.  In my sixth grade year, our instructor brought a large pencil sharpeners the color of the bluest lake I’d ever seen to class, claimed that she was going to sharpen everybody’s pencils during break, all of us became too excited, and, for that period of class, we’d stayed, especially quiet and focused on what she was teaching us.

what the students, used…photo from online

It was break time, I watched my pencil box, with all the pencils already, sharpened to pointy, thought, why would I want to stand in line, I’d much rather quietly, read the “Chinese Children Daily” on the newspaper racks on the back of class, but, a classmate who’d used the large pencil sharpener waved a box full of perfectly sharpened pencils to show me, then, the words on the newspapers, started, going all over the places, and I couldn’t read the contents anymore.

I’d thought, fine, broken my pencil down, lined up, and waited to get baptized by the sharpening of pencils.  And yet, the bell rang, the teacher announced, “I shall sharpen your pencils another time”.

For the entire class period that followed, I’d felt regrettable, and slowly, used the small knife pencil sharpener, to make the perfect curve on my pencils, until the end of our elementary school years, our instructor never remembered his promise to the class, and with time, everybody forgot about it too.  And yet, I’d gained the understanding since, what’s not mine, no matter how beautiful, how wonderful, it’s nothing but mirages, what’s in our hands, no matter how ordinary, how plain, that’s, what’s, real.

And so, this is how it’d felt, getting let down at a very young age, and, the writer learned, to NEVER hold any expectation of anyone else again, and that’s, such a difficult lesson for children to learn, and yet, the writer had, grown up, matured, through this experience of the teacher’s not fulfilling her/his promises to the class.

here’s what the instructor brought to show the class! Photo from online

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Your Back Side…

I kept chasing, chasing, that unknown shadow, that was a symbol of, you to me…

Your back side, it’d seemed so, distant, so huge, so, dark, so majestic, and I try to, match myself up to that, but always comes up, a bit, short (‘cuz I’m not as tall or big as you!).

instead of it being like this…

photo from online

Your back side, been chasing it, since you’d left me behind in my childhood years, and, so many times, it’d felt like you’re just, at the tips of my fingers, within my reach, then, you’d, burst, and, you were, gone.

Your back side, I keep on, chasing, like that dog who’d, discovered his own tail, and just goes around, in circles, circles, and circles, heading, NOWHERE!  Your back side, went out of focus for me, and I’d, blinked, again, again, and again, to regain my visions of, you, but couldn’t…

Your back side, I’ll always be, seeing, I will, never, get ahead of you, because you refused to let me have, my right of, way, it’d been like that since I was too young, too short, too tiny, to surpass you, to now that I’m an adult, you still, won’t allow me to, get ahead of you, because you fear, that I will, leave you, far, far, far, far behind, like you’d, left me too.

it’d become, this…

with the adult, walking, AWAY from the young child…


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Every Child is Happy in the Amusement Parks

On how cruel the parents can be, without themselves, knowing it, abandoning US, their own FLESH-and-BLOOD!  And yet, we still all, grew, UP…translated…

I still loved taking my children to the Children’s Amusement Park.

As my father was younger, he too, might have understood this also.

It was mildly cooler on that day, thinking back, I suppose that it was at the time when autumn is about to, head into, winter.  The reasons for it, unknown, to me then.  One day as I got up, my father and my mother discussed something in a quiet voice, then, he’d told me to come with him.

That was a day of school, as I recalled, so, why didn’t he bring my younger brother too?

I was staying quiet, and focused on staying quiet, uncurious, but, I was, secretly worrying, that my father was, taking me to sell me off to someone.

what the, amusement park ride looked like to this man when he was only a young boy…photo from online

The drive wasn’t a short one, I’d no longer recalled if I’d shared conversations with my father or not, and, even if I had, I’m sure, I’d only spoken, a few, words, back when my father was younger, he’d not known how to talk to his children.

And finally, we got off the freeway ramps, and it was surprising to me as he’d pulled into the parking lot, the colors of the rainbow came into sight, it was, the rambunctious, loud, Children’s Amusement Park.

Don’t know if anybody recalled the “Tien-Yuan Villa of Doliou”.

My father bought us the fares, and, stuffed a hundred or was it two hundred dollars in my hand (back then, that was, a whole lot of money), told me to go into the park to play, to get myself something to eat if I get hungry.

He’d told me, “before the park closes in the afternoon, I will come, and pick you up.”

And at that moment, I’d understood, that my father took me to get babysat at the Children’s Amusement Park on the day.

How grand was that, I tried hard, to hold back my grin, as my father looked, very serious then.

Shortly, my father sped off, and the old woman who was watching the gates close by, didn’t say a single word.

I’d entered into the park, recalled how I had a ton of, fun, gone on every single right, it was cool, the weather, but I’d, sweated a whole lot on the day.

When I suddenly felt hunger, it was past noon, I bought a corndog, had an orange soda, burped a few times, I felt more than, happy and, satisfied.

what childhood is like, for most of us…photo from online

I’d stuffed myself then, time for the Haunted House, I’d not dared entered since I got there in the early morn.

I saw a couple, who were, smiling very radiantly as I was standing in line, looked like they were, checking into a motel or something.

Thinking back, it was, quite, metaphorical, that a couple entered into a haunted mansion together.

They may get married in the future, and, maybe, they will become, someone’s parents, and, bumped into a ton of, scarier things than ghosts, and some of which will probably be too hard for them to handle, but, so long as they still shared the love, they will probably be able to, laugh, about it.

I’m scared of ghosts, and couldn’t even, open my eyes, and just, clung on to that older girl’s shirttail all the way, thankfully, she’d not found me a nuisance, she was like a mother, held me close, gently.

Don’t worry, it’s all, fake, she’d, told me.

Exiting the Haunted Mansion, I’d passed the couple by, don’t know why, I’d started, feeling, something weird.

I’d felt, very, alone, so suddenly.

Lost my sense of play then, just, sat on the benches, by the, trash can, watching the people go to and from, envied how they were laughing, and crying too.

As the evening came, I’d not noted that it had, until the song “Goodnight” by the singer came on, chasing the visitors, out.  As the skies grew dark, everybody was then, exiting, I’d started worrying then, worried over time, and, I’d, waited and waited, and waited, until, there was, absolutely, NOBODY else around, then, I’d, stumped, outside.

The elderly woman who was watching the gates, smiled and saw me off, still, without a single, word.

I’d turned around for one last look, the amusement park was then, taken over by darkness, without the sounds of joys, or the, color, and I’d felt, that the amusement park is also, lonely, that what she wanted, wasn’t to say goodbye to me, but for me, to go in again, to be with her.

Maybe, the Children’s Amusement Park WAS, the loneliest place on earth, so, that’s why, people always go there, together.

I’d waited for my father outside, tired, and cold too, the skies was completely, darkened, to the color of the blood, red, the car drove off one by one, the crowds, left, to the point, that I could, no longer, see my own, self anymore.

As my father’s headlights showed, the skies had, lost color completely then, even the elderly woman who kept the gates had gone home already.

Ahhhhhh!  Closed so soon!  He’d gotten out, and, blurted out this, lie.

I’d, believed him.

At the time, I still had two younger brother, and could understand it, the every parent had a different mode of making their, marriage work, but, they were all like, the Children’s Amusement Park, bitter, lonely, and in pain on the inside.

Until I became all grown up, with children of my own, I’d still prayed, that every child, when they were taken to the Children’s Amusement Parks, they are, happy.

And so, this, is how we all, grew up, being, abandoned by our parents, physically, and/or, psychologically/emotionally, because, our parents are all, ill-fitted, unequipped, to “handle” their own young, US, and that, is how children lose their, innocence, in their, younger years, without them ever, realizing that they had already been, “stolen”…


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Hsu, the Head of Internal Affairs, Dodged Out First

As the DDP’s lost most of the local government races, the head of internal affairs, and the rest of Tsai’s “goonies”, started, dodging O-U-T, dashing for that, E-X-I-T now! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the DDP lost out in the local offices elections, Su asked to leave Tsai’s cabinet, but she’d, asked him to stay on, this made the society shocked.  And immediately came the news of the head of internal affairs, Hsu packing up, clearing out his office, the DDP-favored press leaked, that he was going to take the position of security of the party too.  Hsu denied all of it, said that it was normal, for people in the government offices to move from one place to the next; but what was abnormal was, how he’d sent his close confidant in the office, Hsu to serve as the assistant of the offices of military recruits department.  And five days afterwards, the Executive Department confirmed that Hsu had “asked to be taken off the rosters” due to “health issues”.

It’s quite a show, how Hsu had sent in his resignation, like the twists and turns of a novel, with those on the inside, watching things in detail, those of on the out, just, seeing the actors run to and from on the stages.  As for why Hsu had selected to “make his escape first”, there are two speculations from those on the outside: one, to push Su to the guillotine, his quitting will bring about the reforms of personnel of the government offices internally, to get Su whom he’d not gotten along with; secondly, to avoid the troubles, he’d defended the mobs, had close ties with the criminals from before; this time, as the DDP was accused of using the illegally gained money from the mobs to run the country, he won’t be able to escape by relations, and so, he’d, quit ahead of times, to save his own skins.

the government officials of the DDP are now, dashing towards…

as the DDP government’s, sinking! Photo from online

And, due to how swiftly and quickly Hsu had, resigned, it’d caught the party off guard.  The legislators from the DDP stated it bluntly, that he should wait until his term was over, that would be, more fitting.  What was odd was the legislator of KMT, Yo thanked him on “giving more security to the police and fire department”, maybe, she’d been, mis-informed.

Hsu suffered from asthma, and had gotten treated in the E.R. before.  But recently, there’d been no signs of stresses from his work, or him being overworked or strained.  If his conditions got really serious, in the end, maybe, he would be, ill-fitted to take the post of the secretary of the DDP party too.  What’s worth noting was, as Hsu sent in his resignation, the unresolved gunshot case in Tainan, the police station chief, Tsai got fired.  The highest official of the police department had quickly sent in his resignation, with the entry level offices of local police departments’ titles getting pulled, this clearly showed, how there’s NO sense of responsibilities of the DDP whatsoever.

So, this is what’s happening, started at the local offices, all the way, up to, the national levels, as the DDP lost the local elections, all who’s “unimportant” (can no longer be used and don’t want to be used as scapegoats of the party), all sent in their, resignations, because they do NOT want to be the patsies anymore, they do NOT want to take the fall for this, corrupted from the top party that they’d served under, and so, there’s, that EXIT of a lot of the local and higher up government officials right now.

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The Riots Against the Orders to Close Down the Cities in China Different than Tiananmen, the Chinese Dreams Got Beaten by Livelihood of the People, Now the People Demand Freedom

The A-4 revolution of the people, caused by the dictatorship of Xi of China, and how the people of China finally, got FED up, being controlled by the, government, with the growing pandemic as the fuel to this fire that’s starting, to burn right now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fires in Ürümchi shehiri leading to the national riots all around, not only did it prove Mao’s “a tiny spark can causes a huge forest fire”, it’d also, caused a serious impact on Communist rule of China, this is the largest scale riot in thirty years in modern China.

Some of the commentators compared this to the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, this was, improperly stated.  Research showed, as people get trapped in poverty long-term, they are less likely to riot and rise up, but, as the living standards are improved, to a certain degree, there would be the anti-government activities that start to happen all around.  In the nineties, the communist government of U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe quickly got taken over after the reforms happened, the backgrounds of Tiananmen too, is quite similar, it’s just that it got, suppressed by the forces.  In political science, the anger of the people that came into being due to this oppression, is “the relative sense of being deprived.”

This current incident however, is a crumbling of the contract of societal functioning between the person in power and the people.  In Thoreau’s philosophy, he’d believed, that the people are willing to give up certain freedoms if the person or party in power put up an equated quality or ideal, and once the social contract crumbled, then the relations of both became led by tension.  This, applied to China, the Communists are able to gain totalitarian control because after the reforms, the economic is taking off, as the speed of development entered into the plateau stage, then, the government must come up with alternative plans to help the system progress.

From the western cultures, the reforms in economics brings about the reforms of the governing systems, Korea and Taiwan are examples of this.  In 2001, in WTO approving China as its members, without the country’s being up to standards in international trades, is due to this ideal of the western world’s
“the evolution of peace”, hoping, that through the involvements, it can cause China to participate in the multivariate politics.  And yet, it’d not worked out, although the Chinese economics is steadily on the rise, and the political environment turned to more open in Hu and Wen’s terms as leaders of the country, but, in 2012, since Xi took power, it’d, shifted back into authoritarianism.

 Before Wen stepped down, he’d stated, with a heavy heart: if we don’t push for the reforms, we may eventually, lose the results of the economical reforms as well.  But unfortunately, Xi didn’t heed Wen’s advice, instead, he’d convinced the people, using another means to make sure the people followed and obeyed his rule: the Chinese dreams.  Simply put, tapping into people’s patriotism, to replace the needs, the demands of the reform toward a more democratic government.  This emotional appeal, normally, can be enforced by reaching out to the law enforcement authorities, to keep the people in check, however, this means of control stop working, as soon as the people can’t even fulfill their most basic needs for staying alive, and losing their personal, freedoms.

What Communist China is currently faced with, is exactly as described, and, comparing to the goals of reform of more politically-oriented from the Tiananmen riots, what the people are demanding, is their living needs be, fulfilled, and if the Communist government doesn’t consider it, then, the riots will get out of control soon.

As the most basic needs of food, shelter, what we need to live our daily lives became, unfulfilled, we are, driven to revolt, because these are the most basic needs of us as humans, to live, to survive on the planet, and as China stayed TOUGH on its plan to clear ALL the cases of MERS-CoV, life gets harder for the people in the country, they’re, running out of their basic living needs, foods, water, etc., etc., etc., and naturally they are, going to, revolt, and, it will in turn, lead to the changes of the formations of the government, because people are now, banding together, to fight against the dictatorship, the authoritarianism of the man who’d called the shots way too long in the country.

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It’s the Sixth Year of Tsai’s, “Regime”, the Younger Generations Couldn’t be Farther Away from the Road Home to Cast Their, Ballots

W-H-O the people again???  See how FAR the DICTATORSHIP of the DDP can, go here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The D.o.D confirmed, that this election day, will not be like the past, with the employees given a day of absence free of consequences from work to vote.  This was one more stripping the people’s rights to vote away since the C.D.C.’s “Those confirmed of diagnoses aren’t allowed to go to the polls to vote!”, plus the act of those who can’t make it back here to Taiwan who became invalid temporarily, the Tsai government’s stripping the people of our rights had elevated to a, brand new, level.

There is an estimated 300,000 who couldn’t make it back in time who’d become, uncounted who are out of the country.  The command center of MERS-CoV estimated that there would be 50,000 to 70,000 who would be banned from voting due to quarantine or contractions, and the servicemen who won’t get to the polls on time due to the eliminating of their sick days is estimated at between 70,000 to 80,000.  And the total estimated number, conservatively, will exceed 400,000.
And this, is just how the DDP government, knowing that they’d, #$%@ED up this country, not wanting to lose big times, the undemocractic methods it implores, to strip even more rights away from we the people, and it’s still all, bullshit, and, unsound, the “excuses” they came up with, on how this is to prevent the small gatherings to stop the spread of MERS-CoV.

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Are We Ruled by a Government that Only Started Acting as the Campaigns for Re-Elections of the Local Governments are Occurring?

Because these officials are now, in desperate need of our, votes, that’s why, they’re all, coming out of those, underground burrows they’d lived in, how the DDP is, playing favorites, for the campaign promises of its, mayoral, candidates, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The DDPs pushing forth the policies for the living circles of the capital city, surely, it would be, a blessing for the residents, but, the timing of the policies is quite, sensitive, and, we weren’t told where the money to update the city will, come from yet, and, it’s interesting that the finances of the country, are all circled around the central governments, “with a government, that gets things done!”, why can it, just, allot the cash to update our cities instantly?  Could it be, that if the DDP loses the mayoral races in Taipei, Hsinbei, and Taoyuan Cities, their promises won’t get, fulfilled?  Why is it, that the KMT had been, calling on these changes, these updates for quite so long, the party in power only started, claiming that they’ll, make the policies work like magic, right before, the, elections?

The monthly pass for commuting MRT fares, to expand to other transportation means, but, the most practical of issues is, “where DOES, the money for this come from?”  from the candidates of both Taipei and Hsinbei, Chen and Lin’s words, “the central government will allot us the budgets”, “there will be the budgets for this cost worked in”, stating, that the central government will be the sole financial sources for these updates; the head of state, Su yesterday chimed in, promised that the central government will go along with the assistance, they worked together, perfectly.

What the external world couldn’t understand is, as the DDP took control locally over Taoyuan, and Keelung for eight whole years on end, and, if it’s the central government that’s putting up the cash, then, why didn’t they put up this plan sooner, or later even, but at this, particular, specific, moment in time, right before, the DDP looked like it’s, losing the races in northern Taiwan?  Comparing to the monthly all-you-can-ride MRT fare of $1,280N.T. in both Taipei and Hsinbei cities, the monthly passes costing $1,200N.T.’s, if it was only to save the local races of Keelung, Taoyuan, then, wouldn’t it be a form of bribery then?  As the president gone on the campaign trails, she’d multiple times stated that the central government of the DDP will work hand-in-hand with the local DDP mayors, to push forth the policies, and it’d, made us worrisome, “if we don’t vote for the DDP, does that mean, that we won’t, get our, discounts”, this is emotional blackmail.

with garbage, coming out of these, candidates’, mouths right now!

political cartoon from online

In truth, the KMT candidate for mayor in Taoyuan, Chang went to the legislative house to attend the hearings, and back then, he was mocked by the spokeswoman, Lin, for the candidate for the city, Cheng, “if Chang can stay in Taoyuan, and report to the local residents, I’m sure, that his policies would be that much more believable to the voters locally”; and yet, within a little over a month’s time, Cheng also, followed the footsteps of Chang north, to the DDP headquarters, to announce the plans for the “Monthly MRT Passes for the Commuters”, and the spokesperson for Chang’s campaign headquarters, Tseng rebutted him, “the DDP can, and you, can’t!”, showing the double-standards.

The policies should NOT single out the cities that aren’t ruled by the primary political parties, using the party preferences, it’s the most basic of all principles, but, with the monthly commuters’ fares being differential across the regions of the country, and the differences between the north and the south too, where’s the fairness of the policies?  If the funding of these commuter plans came from the central government, it would mean, that those who are living in Taipei, Hsinbei, and Taoyuan, are having free rides on the MRT, with the rest of the country’s taxpayers, paying their, ways, how would the DDP, explain that to its supporters, in the central, and southern regions?

And so, this is how the DDP, played “favorites”, so overtly, it’d only, vouched for the policies of its party candidates, and, disregarded the rest, and that’s just, SHIT!  I mean, don’t the people WANT and NEED a government who gives EVERYBODY equal benefits, equal rights?  I would, think so, but then again, what would I know, I’m still, just, a “kid” here!

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Lesson learned, from the love that broke her, with the help of a coworker, who saw her suffering, and gave her a lift, to get her out of this FUCKED up marriage of hers, translated…

Every time there’s a fight, he would always not bite his tongue, talked down at her, called her stupid, ignorant, and as everything blew over, he’d, apologized to her profusely.  He thought that his apologies actually, meant something, that it deleted everything, not known, how his words had such, an immense effect on her, like that mirror which was shattered, even as you’d taped it back together, you still, see the, cracks.

His words would come back up as a reminder to her in the days when things weren’t going well, she’d, introspected repeatedly, too stressed, that as she lay herself down to sleep, she’d started having the nightmares, lost too much weight, became, pessimistic, and self-abased, it was her coworker who’d noted that something was wrong who’d, given her that needed lift up, forced her into psychotherapy, she’d started, getting, better; this was also the very first time in these past few years, that the thought of leaving him came up.

being talked down to in a relationship, like this, photo from online

Later, she’d, left him.  At first, the days were, hard, but slowly, everything looked up.  Two years after she’d gained her freedom, she saw things more clearly then: even if the mirror is broken, her face was still, whole, no matter how bad the injuries were, they all belonged, to that, mirror; she’d know, that, only when someone is a, shattered mirror, that is why, everything looked, broken.

And so, this is the wisdom that this woman learned, after her coworker helped her get out of an, abusive relationship, and NOBODY deserved to be treated like nothing, but, there are, men and women who are, treating one another as, NOTHING, in a relationship, because, these individuals were, the NOTHINGS to begin with, too insecure about themselves, that they needed to belittle another, to feel all that!

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The Crocodiles without the Tears: Making the Empty Promises to Get Our Votes, Once in the Office, “I’m Sorry, WHO are You???”

Them candidates will say, any and everything that we the people want to hear, but soon as the votes are over, it’ll be, WHO are you, and, DID I promise that, I don’t believe I ever, had!  The LIES they are selling to us, voters, as the election nears, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The polls showed, that the mayoral candidates of Taipei City was built with hate, that the critiques by the media was actually, an outlet of the people’s, anger toward the DDP government.  The Taiwanese idiot had “before the elections, the grandeur promises, and afterwards: who are you again???”, this was the embodiment of the DDP’s being inconsistent in its attitude, of all the false promises the party’s made to the voters who elected them into office.

The primary reason for this accumulation of displease lies in how the party in power only considered the benefits of those who are in office, with no regard for people’s lives, and, are chickened out to face up to the anger of we the people.  There were the news of the former and current head of Sanitation Welfare Department’s getting together, to offer one another encouragements, to pat one another on the backs.  The thousand-day anniversary of the Command Center for MERS-CoV had a grand celebration, with the president, the head of state, present; and what’s weird was, there were, the multiple funerals for those who’d died in the current pandemic, the memorials, but the higher up government officials were all, no-shows, and they were criticized as “crocodiles without the tears”.

“The Thousand-Day Milestone of the Command Center for MERS-CoV”, people would think, that the focal point would be to remember, to commemorate those who’d died in the pandemic, but the higher up government officials, showed a total, lack of, respect for the dead.

Another reason for why the public is upset, is also on how unprofessional the party in power, how the party in power are, only into its own, private gains.  Take for instance, the breaking of the artifacts of the Palace Museums, they’d, brushed the matter off as being, one man’s carelessness, and blamed the breaking of the artifacts on the carelessness of the exhibition management, or how the systems of protecting the artifacts hadn’t done their jobs properly.

Third reason for why the people are completely upset, was how the party in power used the manipulative means, to split up the masses, to cause the split in the people who are originally, kindhearted.  Using the “hatred toward China” as their primary card to play, calling out to the people to defend Taiwan, to FIGHT against the Chinese Communist rule, in reality, it’s ensuring, that the reputations of the higher up officials from the DDP maintained.  The preciousness of democracy lies in that there are multiple opinions allowed, and each opinion gets heard, and is respected, and now, everything is based off of the colors, which will only, heighten the upsets of we the, people.

There are now, more than 12,000 citizens who’d lost their lives in the pandemic so far, and, as the higher up government officials could, stop breaking the country apart, splitting the people, to turn the votes, and start focusing on doing things that are beneficial to the people instead, only then, will the hatred, and the angers of we the people be gone from Taiwan, do all the higher up officials of the DDP government know this?

Of course not, they don’t know SHIT, all they care about, is winning the mayoral election at the beginning of January next year, and, blackening the opponents’ names, thinking, that they can still, bullshit we the people, and, they probably can, because, there are those, BLIND supporters of the DDP, who will be voting at the elections, while those of us, who saw the truth as the pandemic started (how the DDP blocked off the shipments, the orders of BioNTech into the country, because the agent for Asia East is a pharmaceutical company in Shanghai, and how it’d, delayed the ordering, the shipments of vaccines, causing us to become, beggars for these necessities we need, to survive through the pandemic, but, none of this SHIT will matter, because we the people are color-coded, blind and stupid, and we will, continue to allow the DDP to take charge over this god DAMN @#$%ING island, until China DROPPED that NUCLEAR BOMB on the land, and this island S-I-N-K-S, or, with the effects of global warming, the sea level rises up, and this island becomes, underwater, whichever one comes, first!

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