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One-Way Airfare

The twists and turns of, fate, how this woman made the plans, but, fate stepped in, translated…

In a white lacy dress, with her hair straight, to shoulder-length, as she’d entered from the door, she’d sat down in front of me, stated, “Ms. I need a one-way airfare to London.”

In that era, when the e-ticket hadn’t been invented yet, the counter clerks of the travel agencies served the functions of the homepage of the travel agency websites, needed to have an assortment of skills, to understand all the knowledge there is, available to know, so we can, tailor to the needs of our, customers.  And so, as she sat herself down, I was on the phone, with my fingers, tapping away on the keyboard, asked her to wait.

To keep my customers’ waiting not too bored, I’d, kept a cactus, which allowed my customers to look, to touch.  She’d, looked upon the potted cactus with enthusiasm for a bit, started playing with that hanging décor on her Chanel bag.

Because the one-way airfares are more expensive, without the discounts, after I hung up the phones, I’d asked her why she’d only wanted a one-way airfare.  She’d told me, “I’m marrying my fiancée in England, and won’t be returning back here anytime soon.”  I’d flipped open her passport to book the flight for her, and glanced over at her date of birth, only twenty.  I’d offered my blessings, “Congratulations!”, and this seemed to have gotten her enthusiastic in telling me her story.

Growing up in Hualien, she has indigenous ancestry, at the celebration of the tribe two years ago, she’d met her husband from England.  He owns a textile mill, came to Taiwan, to understand the weaving methods, the artistic of the natives, and so, the elders of her tribe set up the visit, she, being the only one with a college education, tagged along as a translator.  As her husband returned home, the two wrote to one another in letters, and fell madly in love.  Two days ago, they were engaged, and readied themselves, for the return back to England.

“I liked calling him ‘daddy’, because he is older than my father.”, she’d smiled, and told me, “I didn’t care how others see him as!  I love him, simply because he’d liked my identity, and loved my culture, and encouraged me to get into my favorite subject, history after we married, he’d made me feel free, to be, me!”

That feeling of being moved, and blessing filled up my heart then.  I’d stopped what I was doing, and focused on listening to her, sharing her joys.  Before she’d paid the fees, she’d left the visa, her passport, and her plane ticket, said in a musical tone, “let me know when the visa’s ready!”

Four days later, the visa was approved, but I’d, tried calling her the whole day, nobody answered.  Seeing how the departure date was in three days, I’d waited on, anxiously.  Two days passed, a man called me back, stated in his Chinese that wasn’t, fluent enough, “Vivian’s dead”.  It was like thunder and lightning striking at the same time, hard for me to believe.  The man continued, “after she’d left the travel agency, she’d gone on a cab, the driver ran a red light, and she’d, died on impact, they couldn’t, save her.”, then, the gentle sobbing came into my ears, my eyes turned red, and tears started coming, my hands, trembled, couldn’t make a word out.  Don’t know how much longer it was, the man came back on, stated, “after the forty-nine days worth of offerings, I’ll come to get the visa.”

It was the year I was twenty-four, the very first time, I’d felt, how unpredictable, how short life can become, and I couldn’t, stop myself from crying.

A week later, the man showed up, looking really weakened.  The travel agency decided to give a refund back.  The man said thank you, asked me, “are you the last person she saw that day?  How did she appear on that day?  Happy?”

Returned back to how she’d looked that day, I’d told the man from my memories, that innocence of a young child, playing with the decoration, how focused she was, in observing the cactus I have on my desk, how her eyes filled with, joys, and hope, and also, expectations too………………

And so, this, is how unpredictable life can be, this woman made the plans for her life, and yet, fate stepped in, and took her life, and, there’s no right or wrong, it just, is, and, yet, the travel agency worker was able to, see her joys, and shared the woman’s moment of expectation, of dreams of her life in the future with her husband from England, and now, it all, ended, way, too soon…

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Is the Tsai Government, Too Zoomed in on the Issues Voting that it’d Not Seen the Coming of the Mutated Strains?

How this government voted by the people (which WE make up!!!), does NOT think on behalf of we the people, but cared only of its, benefits, and screwing, ALL of us, over!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In just a week’s time, the mutated Omicron strain spread from Africa to all over Europe, the Americas, and Asia too, the speed of which the virus is spreading, caused global panic, causing the stock markets all around the world to CRASH.  In the sounding of the red alerts, the various nations started fearing the Omicron strain may cause yet, another, wave of contractions, and started tightening up the defenses, fighting against time, to set up the barriers.  Only the government run by Tsai, still focused on the defense of “Anti-Public Opinion Voting”, she’s totally oblivious toward the new strain of MERS-CoV.

this is, what most other countries are, doing, to prevent the newest mutated strains from getting in, photo from online

The W.H.O. stated, that the massive amounts of mutations on the Omicron virus is never-seen before.  Evidence showed, that not only are the chances of repeatedly infected heightened, there was a physician in Israel who’d received three vaccinations, and still caught it, showing the higher risks of contraction of the Omicron strain.  The various nations around the world are now, confirming the rates of death, and the chances of having serious health problems of this new strain, with the two weeks in the future being the key periods, and, the time just matched up to the start of the New Year’s quarantine plans that we have here.  Toward this, the local heads of government doubted that the “seven-plus-seven” quarantines won’t be easy to enforce, worried, that seven days’ worth of quarantine won’t be enough, and the seven more days of the at-home quarantine may cause the breakages of defense against the spread in the local communities.  The mayor of Hsinbei City, Hou, and all the experts advised central government, to adjust this.

And yet, Chen was, calm as ever, claimed that the new mutated strain had recently been found out, and, that we need to wait to see how it will develop, that it would work better, than, preparing for the worst, and he’d, insisted on the seven-plus-seven term of quarantine of the polices.  For this, the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen suggested to the members of his public to stay for a full fourteen days at the quarantine hotels, to reduce the risk of contact with one’s own, families.

The worries of the local government officials are, warranted.  Other than the city of Taipei, Keelung, and the three counties away from the island, all the other cities and counties have a less-than-sixty-percent rate of having been vaccinated with two doses, while the rate of elderly seventy-five and older who’d gotten fully vaccinated is only, sixty-five, and it’d not gotten any higher.  If the mutated strain came, with the speedy infectious rate, surely, it would, cripple the medical resources, and the effects, unimaginable.  Japan who’s near to us, saw that the enemies are coming fast, and, locked up the nation’s gates, to wait until the epidemic slows back down.

Chen told bluntly, that Omicron may enter into the country, but other than calling out to the public to get vaccinated, he’d not, done anything else more.  The command center knew, that the coverage rate of vaccination is not quite enough, with the enemies at our gates, toward the citizens flying back for the New Years, matching up to the dates of the public voting too; but, it didn’t matter how many experts warned against this, it’d not, gotten louder than the political callings of voting against the public voting issues.

We’d gone through the hardships of stage three alerts, with economy getting hit hard, we’re still, in recovery right now.  But, the Tsai government, to BLOCK the public voting policies from passing into law, masqueraded the deaths of the outbreak into the efforts of the government in the defense against MERS-CoV; the head of legislature, Su, spoke so lightly of how the mutated strain is on our door steps, said that he’d, already, set up the plans for the teens to get their second vaccinations, the adults, their, third.  The boosting of the hoard immunity that the government spoke on, but, they’d ignored how the vaccination rates are, dying off currently, not done a thing about it, fearing, that they may cause the public to get mad, right before, the public issue voting.

Su had not only been calculated in the directives, but also, missing the boat too.  First, the rate of complete vaccinations of elderly over seventy-five can’t get higher, because the members of the public are fearful of the side effects, and gave up on getting the vaccinations completely.  Europe, the U.S., as well as China are now, offering incentives to those who get vaccinated, to up the fully vaccination rates; while the government run by Tsai, used the foreigners who come into the country, to “falsify the data” of the vaccination statistics, to give off that look, that the majority had been, vaccinated.

Secondly, the Omicron strain is also, a test of preparation of vaccines for Taiwan.  The European nations, and U.S. are already, making the people get their third, while, the Moderna shipments are, almost, used up, although the government ordered up 20 million more doses, but, it’s scheduled to arrive next year, and the year after, and we don’t know if that’s enough, to keep Omicron from taking over.  If Moderna is delayed in shipment still, how will those in the public who’d gotten vaccinated with Astra-Zeneca for their first doses, be able to, have a choice in vaccines for the third?  As for BioNTech vaccines, the shipments had arrived in ten million doses, and there are, over eight million of whom who’s hade the vaccinations, and if all the teens get their needed one-dose, then, the 15 million doses donated by the private sectors won’t have that much left.  And yet, Chen used the excuse of “we have more than enough”, and refused to purchase more, and, what will these eight million individuals in the public have for their, third doses?  And so even as the head of the State, Su had, instructed that people get a third vaccine, we have to question: of what?  Where will all the vaccines come from?

comparing to WHAT, this government ruling over us is doing…

and, this is what, our, @#$%ING heads of governments are, doing…photo from online

In the purchasing of the vaccines, the Tsai government still puts politics ahead of the people’s needs, ideologies ruling over science and reason, that’s why, the holes keep on, busting, open.  Once Omicron breaks into Taiwan, the lives of we the people will totally get, altered for sure, and so, we need to get ahead, to NOT have a replay of not enough vaccines.  Last year, due to black box operations, the government missed out on the opportunities to buy the vaccines that the general public needs, which put Taiwan under; and now, are we still, hoping that Terry Go, and other countries, to donate to us still???

Yeah, this just showed how brainless the government is, how it does NOT, CARE, one bit, about the wellbeing of, WE the people, and WE, are a people, ENSLAVED, destined to be, sacrificed, by the bad ideologies of this, god damn, @#$%ING government of ours.  And, there’s NOTHING any of us can do, because, we are, enslaved by the government, and, we got, too comfy, in living as SLAVES here…


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The Paradox of Alimony for Men, by Louise Rafkin

On the matter of alimony, and who should be paying for it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

When it comes to alimony, the law is blind to gender.  “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, that’s how family law works,” said Laura Wasser, the California lawyer representing singer Kelly Clarkson in her high-profile divorce.

Even though the Supreme Court ruled that alimony is gender neutral in 1979, Wasser said that women have still been surprised to find themselves doling out spousal support.  “What amazes me is that many bright and sophisticated women don’t realize they will have to pay,” said Wasser, declining to comment directly in Clarkson’s case.

Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock, an entertainment agent, split in 2020 after seven years of marriage.  Despite a prenuptial agreement recently upheld in a Los Angeles court, Blackstock has been awarded temporary monthly spousal support of nearly $150,000, half of his initial ask.

In addition to the monthly spousal support paid by Clarkson, Blackstock also receive child support of around $45,000 per month, despite Clarkson having been awarded primary physical custody of their two children.

This might seem like a lot, but according to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Clarkson’s monthly income is $1.9 million.  She follows in the wake of other female stars whose settlements were way steeper.  Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Rosanne Barr, Kirstie Alley and Janet Jackson have all paid hugely in their divorces.

Public response to the breakup has not been favorable to Blackstock who on Twitter, has been called out as a “parasite”, and “an opportunist,” among other unprintable names.

Part of the shock over such settlements, according to Alexandra Killewald, a sociology professor at Harvard who studies the effects of unequal earning on relationships, may be influenced by preconceived notions about gender.  “Our culture expects men to be the primary breadwinners and there are simply more options for women for part-time work or to take time for child rearing,”  Killewald said.

Another reason that men being awarded alimony can come as a surprise is because it doesn’t happen that often.

According to a 2019 study of census data by the Urban Institute, a nonprofit research group, half of United States households are headed by women, on average.  Despite an increase in stay-at-home husbands, far more women than men seek and receive spousal support.

So, this is a debate on WHO should pay for spousal support, and, like in Clarkson’s case, the prenup worked in favor of the man, and, the primary thing at work is still greedy, because the man or woman you’re getting a divorce from, is very rich, look at how much s/he is making, I might as well, get more $$$$s from the divorce, that, is why these cases are, occurring, and, prenup is, ineffective here, because, the other party can also, have it, overturned in court, the one caring for the children SHOULD be the one receiving the spousal support, and, if you have two kids, and you each takes one, then, the two of you should pay for the education costs, of that kid that’s not living with you, as everything should and ought to be, split down the middle, evenly, in these nasty battles of divorce.

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Su is the Man, Pulling the Government’s, Legs

The summation, call it that, if you will, of this country, ruled by the DICTATORSHIP of DDP, commentaries, observations off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the head of the executive department Su started, ramming, we the people had better, tighten ourselves, up, worried, that he might, ram ahead, way, too fast, way too far.  As the anti-four public votes advocated by the DDP got pushed onto stage, the moment Su got on stage, he’d started, firing up, accused the KMT for trying to overthrow Tsai and take power over the government, “Beating Tsai until she’s limping!”.  Come on, this weak claim, you’re, not helping the president’s case here!

Whether or not the votes passe, it’s up to “we the people”, and, Su apparent, mixed up the voting on the issues with the votes for the presidential offices.  Besides, four of the public issues up for votes are started by the local, and, the DDP turned it all on the KMT, are they, trying, to hold we the people, in contempt?  Besides, it’s only natural that the party in power alternates, and, the party not in power shall, fight for the government office, that’s, only, natural.  Su made the claims of how the KMT had beaten Tsai to limping, this sort of playing the victims, is too low, even for him.

Based off of the norms of politics, as a leader in power, as her/his term is about to come to an end, s/he would, start limping, due to the lessening of influences s/he now exerted.  And yet, as the president Tsai had started limping, then, the cause of her limping is, Su.  Reason being, Su had always been, boasting himself, with the lac of facts, his team ran around like headless chickens, and there’s no, actual, effects shown of his “hard work”.  A legislation that showed lack of progress, and scurries around like a headless chicken, it’s, pulling the legs of the president, isn’t it?

Another cause of Tsai’s limping around, is, the fight for power within her own party.  Whether or not she has what it took, to steady her party, it’s on her shoulders; but Su uses his status in the government, to call the New “Su” army, to oppress those who are of a different party, isn’t that also, the reason of the political realms, going up in smokes?  The Yilan station of the High-Speed Rail System kept switching locations, the “Lin version” of illustrated literature getting recycled and burned, who’s responsible behind all of that?

Allow we the people, to make our voices count!  If you keep bullshitting us, you will only make us hate you more!

And so, this, is the party’s last attempt, to get we the people to support the party officials, but why should we, huh???  Just look at how FUCKED (no need to pardon me here) up, this country’s become, how many had died of contraction of MERS-CoV already, and it’s still all because the government’s pushing for its own brand of vaccines, and delaying ordering of the vaccines already approved by the rest of the world, and how it’d, blocked off the imports of BioNTech/Pfizer, because it had the labels of the Shanghai agent, and how it’d not made the vaccines available quickly enough to all who needs, and how many had died, that didn’t have to die originally, and it’s all because of this, government’s, rule, and now, as the end-of-year election term comes, they’re all, shaking here…

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Feeding Us Lies

We the people got those, feeding tubes, FED down our throats, with the government, force-feeding those lies down into our, stomachs here…

Feeding us lies, and, there’s no way, any of us, can, puke it back out, because, they would, make us eat up all our puke too!  Feeding us lies, the government’s done that, since the start of its term, since the DDP became the party in power here, and, it’d still not, taken the responsibilities, for giving we the people exactly WHAT we desperately needed: where the @#$% is our vaccines???  (the wolves are coming, stated the government who’d cried “wolf”!)

Feeding us lies, and they still, expect us, to be, ever so grateful, for their abuse of us, of giving us the “free cash” vouchers (the money came from we the taxpayers???  And there were those, who were actually, RETARDED enough to believe, that it’s FREE CASH!!!), instead of upping its vaccine buying power, so everybody CAN have her/his second dose, and it’d still NOT allowed the mixing of the vaccines, despite how foreign medical journals showed that mixing of the vaccines are, more effective against the mutated delta strain.

lies, lies, lies, and actions that don’t comply with, “with the people’s best interests” in mind…

comic found online

And, there’s, the not-having enough energy, the blackout that occurred “by accident”, because an unknown employee pressed that WRONG button at the electricity plant of Taipower.  Oh, and how ‘bout the system of upload that “accidentally” went “off-line”, that got FRIED, and out goes, a whole lot of the already uploaded learning process files, and because kids today don’t got NO (and your point being???) sense to BACK up their work, they all got, SCREWED on the process of submitting the info packets for their college admissions.

And the list still goes on, on, on and on, to INFINITY & BEYOND (as in the words of Mr. B. Lightyear???)…and we the people are still, DEAD in that COMATOSE, not yet waking up!

You’ve got to be SHITTING me here!

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Do Something Substantial!

The government here, keeps on, giving we the people, SHIT, and there’s, nothing that we the people (enslaved by our government now) can do ‘bout it!!!  Under the DICTATORSHIP of the DDP, and Tsai here, commentary off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The DDP has its own way, of showing their love for Taiwan, the delicateness of their love, is comparable to the plastic surgery means.  Those who loved getting “work” done on their bodies, the tattooed brows here, facelift there, exfoliation the next day, fixing up the bone structures, felt that, one’s becoming, prettier by the day.  Same for the DDP, today, it’s, the amendment of the laws of education, tomorrow, down with the statues, the day following, a change of name of the country, and the political party felt, more than, energized.

The “plastic surgery” which the DDP used to show how much it loved Taiwan was started by the legislator, Lo, demanded that the memos of the party meetings changed to the western instead of the eastern, reason that “we need to connect with the internationally working means”.  This is hard to rebut, who DARES talk against getting connected with the rest of the world?  But, because Lo is a legislator out of Tsai’s pockets, the draft of amending the labeling of the years and dates, got questioned by the party not in power, and the party not in power, believed that the goals of changing the labeling of the year is to , “demolish the Republic of China”.

And, the party not in power thinking this, may be, too, narrow minded.  What they should be asking, is where does Taiwan NOT connect with the rest of the world?  For many years, for those who wanted to use A.D. to label the dates, they do it, for those who wanted to use the means that we were originally using, use it, everybody is given a right to select their own separate, preferences, how did we not connect with the rest of the international world?  And besides, using the “national days” to label, it’s, way easier than the Japanese means of having the emperors’ name before the year.

this says it all, don’t it??? Comic found online

Besides, the DDP had been, “changing the labeling” of things, how they should, consider, the benefits of we the people.  Too easy to change the curriculum of school, taking down the brass statues of Chiang, changing the labeling of how the years get measured, but, how difficult it was, for the population to receive the vaccination that we all needed, how to raise up the average wage, became, an impossibility of this government we’re currently, ruled by.  Then, can you, help people NOT die, because of your, incompetence, your, impotence?

The DDP legislators fille up their heads with the name-changing tasks, instead, they should, do more work that are of stance.  Lo should, consider the costs of his changing HIS own name, then, bring up the draft of the amendment that he wanted to get signed by the legislature.

And so, this still just showed, how those ruling over us (we the people!), still don’t got a single clue of HOW to SERVE WE the people, it keeps on trying to “delete” everything Chinese in this country, they’d already changed the name of CKS Memorial to Freedom Square, and, they’d, lost focus, of what’s important, and we the people are still letting them, RUN our lives, instead of getting the vaccinations available for ALL, it goes on these, bullshitting ventures, wasting our (the taxpayers!) money, and there’s still, NOTHING that WE the people, can do ‘bout it, because, we’re, enslaved by this DICTATORSHIP, that masked itself up as DEMOCRACY!

It should be D-E-M-O-C-R-A-Z-Y if you ask me!!!  But hey, who asked you???  Exactly.

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The President’s National Day Speech IS the Emptiest of the Six Years Before

She took to the podium, testing, testing, 1, 2, 3, then, it began, with the audience under the “stage”, looking confused, ‘cuz, NO sound came out of this LIAR’s LIPS!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A lot of politicians and news media paid strict attention to the president, Tsai’s national day speech, calculated how many times she’d said “Republic of China”, and “Taiwan”.  In actuality, what she meant by “Republic of China” may not be what we, ordinary citizens take “Republic of China” as.  And, in this year’s speech, what’s worth most noting, or most worrisome is, the problem that the president faces in running the country internally, she’d NOT mentioned anything on it.

she surely, DOES, enjoy the spotlight, attention all right!!! Photo from online

Her speech, about HALF was on international relations, the relations with China, and the self-awareness of Taiwan as a whole.  And, toward the rising concerns of Taiwan’s safety, she’d only mentioned, “When we’re better, we get more pressures from China”, this sort of a “sweeping under the rugs” manner of reply.  Then what?  We can, just, keep on, living in this, “most dangerous zone”, kept watching the major world powers in the game of shouting match, seeing who STRIKE whom first, without ANY mention of how she will be, bettering the country’s situations practically.

here she is, a world-class, LIAR!!!

「中華民國中樞暨各界慶祝109年國慶大會」10日在總統府前廣場登場,今年國慶以「2020民主台灣.自信前行」為主題,總統蔡英文出席發表演說。中央社記者張皓安攝 109年10月10日
“I’ll HUFF, & I’ll PUFF, & You will ALL get, BLOWN A-W-A-Y!!!” Photo from online

Then, let’s take a look at the internal affairs.  In her speech, she did, pose, that “pretty question”: “a lot of people inquired, what, are we going to do for Taiwan next?”, but, the president didn’t give us a substantial response.

She’d only mentioned, “cohesive community”, “understanding”, that we will use the “strengths of our society”.  But, there are, the disagreements of various people in the society, it’s hard to reach that consensus.  That’s why the “political powers” need to get involved, with the bipartisanships, of the parties different ideals, and policies, with the people, voting for WHAT they believe.

If it’s not pressing, then, we can slowly, come to an agreement with time, with conversations, with adjusting and adopting to one another.  But, most of the public policies are pressed by time, and we’d needed to rely on the party politics, the elites of the society, to help us find the right direction, so we the people can vote on the matters.  But, through her entire speech, she’d mentioned, amending the constitution, the justice of turning around the methods, energy policies, she’d only, lightly mentioned these, without telling people where she STANDS on these issues, NO direction, and in the end, she’d told that she will need the “collective powers” of the community to help the country find the right directions.

This is like the mistakes in the logic of linguistics, “the run-around”, with the empty words, the embellishments of word usage, without ANY substance.

Besides, during these past six years, the housing costs still continued hiking, for most of the younger generations, all they are wishing for, is a stay, but, it’d become, an impossible, dream.  And for those of us who took out the heavy mortgages to buy the homes, the burdens of the monthly payments of the mortgages, it’d, stripped us of the means of pursuing the life of our own, ideals.

The shocking eye-gouging incident, showed that the “net of social security” she’d promised she’ll be setting up isn’t set up properly.  While, on the matters of debts in the government, the inappropriate special budgets, the bankruptcies of workers insurances, the crises of reduction in birth rates, long-term care issues, etc., etc., etc.  all of these, are closely related to everybody’s life, the leader of our country has no answers for, no direction, this is, the huge mistake of the person in power right now.

Recalled back to the 2016 National Day speech that Tsai had made.  She’d mentioned the reforms of the retirement funds, the provisions of public daycare programs, the innovations of the industries, the self-operations of national defense, etc., etc., etc., the practical directions of her policies.  But unfortunately, in her speech this year, there’s nothing practical, of what she is planning to do toward the internalization of the country, and the tensions between China and Taiwan, but tanking the military on the frontlines of the defense, there’s NO mentions of any measures she will be taking, to keep the peace with China; while internally, she’d only, lightly, stated the empty words, without giving us a practical direction of which policies she was going to employ, and the desired effects of these policies, she’d lost the responsibilities, the ability to shoulder the country’s wellbeing, as a leader of the country in her national day speech.

And so, this is what we get, after we’d voted the BIG-BAD-WOLF as the president, she’s still, using all those, embellishments of words, to TRY and fool all who will be fooled by her, and because the citizens of this god DAMN country is still, in that state of COMATOSE, they’re still, buying her words, and she’d played us, for STUPID, and there’s NOTHING that we the people CAN do ‘bout it!

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Do You Still Remember “Little Light Bulb”, President Tsai, the YouTube, Sensation?

Just, one of many, promises that this president of ours (uh, she’s NOT my president, I live in an, ANARCHY, remember???) failed to keep!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the leader of our nation announced to the public, that her IG fans is about to break 900,000, told that she will be, making the films to answer all questions we have for her, President Tsai, had you, forgotten about, Little Light Bulb already?

When was it, that leaders of a country needed to be, a YouTuber, to run the country!  From before, the president, Tsai not only found the Olympics winners, the T.V. personnel, as well as the famed man to help her add to her own popularity on YouTube, and now, she’d, started, “posing” as a YouTuber herself too.

As the Taroko Train accident occurred, Tsai cared about the clicks on her FB dropping; as the questions, the debates of the policies were concurring, when she should’ve been busying about these matters, President Tsai announced, that she’d stated how her fans are about to break 900,000 in number.

Back then, when “Little Light Bulb” was murdered outside the MRT, Tsai once wrote, “there are so many broken holes in this society, I shall, do my best, patching every last one up.”, that card to be handed out to the families of the victims.  But at the stabbing murder of the railroad police, Lee back in 2019, the perpetrator got a not-guilty verdict due to his psychiatric evaluation due to insanity.  And recently, there was the case of eye-gouging of the female store clerk in Pingdong.

the president’s, fans page on FB, taken from online

There are, over a million holes in the safety net of this society, what had President Tsai, who’d SWORN she will do all she possibly can, to patch up the holes done, in these past five years of her terms as president?  And what needed to get patched up, isn’t just, that net of security in the society, and the DDP that’s taken over control of the government, and president Tsai, who only cared about how many kudos she was getting, should really look at this, more closely.

The Taiwanese society is, too, forgetful, the families of those who’d died in the Taroko Express derailing, cried loud in front of the president, “You’d told us you’d heard you, but you don’t do anything that brings about change.”; the president’s multiple public appearances for the police officers, the firefighters who’d died in the line of duty, swore that she will make sure that the equipment and gadgets they will be given to be used will be, the most advanced, to help protect these, individuals working on the frontlines, did you accomplish that?

Tsai and her party used the taxpayers’ resources, to raise up the armies online, to kill off all voices that aren’t hers or her party’s, eliminating those who’d don’t share her beliefs, next year, she’d set the budgets for the offices of internal affairs’ propagandas in over 18 billion dollars N.T., and the party that’s not in power started slamming her down.

蔡英文YouTube頻道 的圖片結果
one of the images you get, when you search the president’s name and YouTube Channel, found online

And this, is what politics here in Taiwan, looked like, Tsai working as a YouTube star, and as the leaders are too deep into the online propagandas, and used it as a cover for the party, the president’s incompetence of running this country, politics became, that third-rate show on T.V., if the dead spirit of Little Light Bulb can talk, what do you think she will say to that?

Nothing good is what the DEAD spirit on this murdered child would say, and, give me my life back!!!  That too, and that still just showed, how this leader of ours (uh, she’s not MY president, I am, the ruler of my own universe, a DICTATOR, and whatever the #%$@ I say, goes???) nation, cared about how many hits she’s getting, instead of, running this country well, but there’s, nothing we can do, as the online world becomes, all our, realities here!

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When the Government is BRAIN-DEAD…

Here’s, that, “multiple-choice question” again…

Do we (A) Pull it off life-support, (B) Keep it Connected to the machines, let nature take its course (C), Start a revolution, to set up, a brand new, governing, body?

When the government is BRAIN-DEAD, and let’s face it, the government does NOT have a brain, and I’m still NOT just talkin’ about the government of this god damn “country” I’m currently residing in either, I’m talkin’ ‘bout government in general here, I mean, those governments that are, “voted by we the people” (b/c WE are, the people, or, are we all, something else now???), they actually don’t have our best interests in mind, like for this currently one I’m “ruled under” (yeah, get real here!), the president kept claiming how the government’s ordered enough vaccines for everyone in the country to get at least, TWO vaccinations, and yet, many of us hadn’t even gotten our firsts (as Moderna is short-stocked???), and the shipments of BioNTech/Pfizer is, late again, and, AZ had that huge risk of blood-clot, and nobody wants to put their lives at risk of that, while this god damn government developed ITS own vaccines, and they wanted to, use WE the people, as LABRATS, forcing the EU to pass only AFTER stage two!

And that, is only on the part of the outbreaks…

Then, there’s, the BULLSHITTING spending vouchers, the government does NOT direct deposit the money we, the taxpayers paid into our bank accounts, instead, it made us stand in those, long, long lines in the super convenience stores to pick up the printed version, while there is, a bundle of us, who selected to get the vouchers, tied to our, credit cards (that saved us from standing in those, long, long lines!!!).

The government also, imported the pork with ractopamine, and for what?  Sucking up to the U.S. government, thinking that it would side with us, if we were to go to war with China (uh, get real, the U.S. isn’t STUPID!!!), and also, we went from the top few in defenses against MERS-CoV as this started back in, 2019 (maybe???), and due to the lack of vaccine availabilities, we’d, dropped, to the bottom, and we went from “Taiwan CAN Help” (b/c this country donated the masks???) to “WHO WILL, help, Taiwan?” (b/c the government did NOT have the foresights, to order up a ton of vaccines that we the people are in need of!)

Yep, that ‘bout, sums that up here…

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Waiting Hard on My Second Dose of Moderna, I’d Not Dared Consider the Option of Mix-and-Match with Medigenvac Vaccines

The heart of a member of the community, who’d already, gotten her/his, first vaccination of Moderna, and is now, waiting hard, on that second dose, and, these who’d already had their very first Moderna shots are more than likely, to become, the LABRATS of the government’s Medigenvac human trials, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There are currently, more than three million members of the public who are, waiting hard, for their, second doses of Moderna vaccines, which caused the local communities to concern.

Those who’d gotten their first vaccinations of Moderna is currently already at week ten, or approaching week ten since their first, and now, they’re all, faced with not knowing where their second doses are.  Looking now, at the second type government officials locally, and central, the rate of their vaccination is as high as sixty-five percent, look at, this, sharp, contrast!

what those older generations are, waiting on…

photo from online

The impotence of the department overseeing the vaccines, made the elderly populations wait hard on their second doses of Moderna.  The news yesterday printed, that the clinical trials of Moderna vaccines with the country’s own Medigenvac vaccines had passed the moral committee’s signing off, and it’s now, in motion, and, the government will take in more than two hundred volunteers who’d already had their first Moderna vaccines, to conduct the double-blind experiment, and the results of the trials is due by the end of October soonest.

Wow!  Not only did the country’s own vaccines start off fast, the blind reveal is also, supersonic in speed, it’s quite, an attention-getter all right.  Moderna mixed with Medigenvac, the world’s one and only, clinical trial; but, Medigenvac had conducted its stage three experiments, and the effects of the vaccine for the human body still unknow, can it, be used as a mixed vaccine option?

The government told, that we’d bought over five million doses of Moderna ourselves.  To date, we’d received around 1.5 million doses, less than, thirty-percent!  Korea sent its government officials to the headquarters of Moderna in the U.S. to get their vaccines quicker, and in two short weeks, they’d received, over eight million doses provided to them.  Why can the Korean government press for the deliveries, and we can’t?  If our country can get over eight million doses like Korea had, then, we wouldn’t need to be, mixing the vaccines with Medigenvac anymore.

and are, more than likely, to become, this…

photo from online

My wife and I both had our first dose of Moderna in July, and we’re both, waiting on our second.  The country’s own, not-yet conducted stage three trial experimental vaccines, we don’t want, nor do we dare, become, the “testing subjects” for!

And so, this was, the government’s plans all along, to make all those who’d received their first Moderna vaccines, to get injected with the country’s own, and this is still just, bullshit, this government does NOT care about the wellbeing of we the people, it just, cared about, its gains: printing out those, bullshitting vouchers, spending billions of our, the taxpayers money, dollars, keep on, delaying the deliveries of the vaccines, and, pushing through the passing of the country’s own vaccines, without a stage three trial, and there’s, nothing WE the people (we are, the people, are we not???), can do about it!

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