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Those Broken Quarters in the Wishing Fountains…

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, they were, dropped in, and because all those wishes made with those quarters never came true for someone, that’s why, people no longer come here, to make their wishes no (and your point being???) more.

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, they’re, of no use, they’d gotten broken, can’t be used anymore, they’re, junk and waste metal now.  Funny to think, how not so long ago, when they got tossed into the wishing fountains, they were still, all, brand new, bright and shiny too!

what those, looked, like

tarnished, from soaking in the water way too long! Photo from online

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, might as well, just, collect them, and, give them away, to the homeless, better than nothing, right???

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, those wishes, that didn’t make it, those bubbles, that burst, well, that’s how life goes, isn’t it?

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The Rations of the Future Years Can’t Resolve the Famine We’re Currently Under

On how this, god DAMN, government still doesn’t give the people what WE the people are in need of, from the vaccines, now to the quick-scan kits!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The ability that’s the greatest in all politicians, is that they are able to, fool we the people, with the digits.  Reason being, the numbers looked, solid enough, but there’s, the hidden “notes” that came to deciphering them.  As all the people waited on hard, for the test strips, the president, Tsai called out to NOT hoard the materials, said that in May, the government will gain access to “a hundred million doses”, that we the people don’t need to panic at all, and that, is the game of numbers, in the mind games that the DDP is playing on we the people.

What got cheated first by the numbers was the, “time”.  We are only, starting out in May, and the confirmed diagnoses per day exceeded over 40,000, which showed, how the government didn’t do enough of the preparation work, causing the unknown number of diagnoses to keep on hiking up.  Think on it, with the rate that it’s currently going, even if a hundred million quick-scan kits arrive by end of May, by then, there would be over millions in the population who’d contracted the virus, wouldn’t it be, too late already? 

this is what most of us would see!

outside of the super convenience shop these days: start selling the kits at ten, $180 per kit! Photo from online

This is like, how the rations of food allotted for next year, could NOT save the people who are currently starving in the now.  The functions of the quick-scans is to allow the public to know if they’d contracted the virus sooner, that way, they can put themselves under the self-care management systems, and avoid passing the virus to their relatives, friends, and those who come into contact with them.  And now, due to how ill-prepared the government had been, the pandemic had, spun, out of, control here; surely, the confirmed diagnoses started, “blooming out” like the flowers in springtime here, and, even if a hundred million doses of quick scan kits arrived, it’s, useless already.  Like how the fish dying in a pond can be saved, by a scoop of water, and someone claimed, that s/he will, get the waters from the streams close by to save it.  Is this, heartless, or, brainless?

The hundred millions testing kits, not only is it, way behind on the times, it’s also, an, exaggeration too.  The company that manufactured these testing strips, was originally a small eatery, it’d used a capital of two million dollars N.T., to take in $1.6 billion N.T. order, and in the end, the company, due to its former accumulated debts, got choked to death, and, abandoned the manufacturing slips, and suddenly, the black hole of 17 million doses came unfilled.  As for the rest of the manufacturers, nobody knows, if they’ll, fulfill the orders on time or not.  Blankly stated, the hundred million sets of quick scan slips are nothing BUT, placebos, it’s the president’s, fooling herself, but it does, absolutely, NOTHING for we the people.

And so, this is, once again, the DDP’s, bullshitting the people, promising how there are going to be more doses of vaccines (well, they’re finally in, yay, government!), and now, as we run short on the slips, the government spoke: we will manufacture more, and it was exactly like how the masks were, we can only go to the pharmacies, with our national health insurance cards, to pick up the allotted amount (it was three masks per week then!), and now, the same SHITS are happening to the quick scan test strips too, because this government is too ill-prepared, with absolutely, NO foresight, and it still failed to learn from its, previous mistakes, and we’re, allowing these mother @#$%ERS, to run our lives to the ground?

Yeah we the people are totally, STUPID all right!

and yet, this is the REALITY of that…

photo from online, and the number cards are passed out a noon sharp too!

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The Vaccines for Young Children, the Government Lost on Three Fronts

How the government totally DISREGARDED the right to life, the welfare of the younger children, for its own, political needs here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The matter of vaccines, it’s actually, political, and you can’t decide whether or not the policies are right or wrong based off of the theories in medicine.  From the political angle, the necessities of the vaccines are, considered, while pathologically, it’s the side effects that are, considered.  If the government wants to win on all these fronts, then, it would have to be more than precise in its timing, otherwise, the opposite of exactly what the government wanted to accomplish would happen.  The issues of children’s vaccines this time, was a classic case of how all sides ended up losing, the government, the CDC, the people.

But, why is the matter of vaccines a political issue, because, if the vaccinations are taken off the shelves based off of the side effects, then, there would be, tons of vaccines that will get, taken off the shelves.  And, when there’s the need of preventing contractions, the government them have the responsibilities to find the needed vaccines for the people, don’t’ matter if the vaccines are effective, how long it can last, preventing the spread, should be, the government’s, primary, goal.  Because, the vaccines are designed to fit everyone’s needs, and the reason why the vaccines can’t pass the okay from the CDC, is primarily due to lack of test subjects in the clinical trials.  After the vaccines had proven in efficacy, the government still looked for the adverse side effects, to see if there are, alternatives, and if we can, get our hands on these, alternatives.  So, the needs is, the golden standard to determine the policies on the vaccines.

In this current wave of epidemic, the Taiwanese government boosted Medigenvac all the way, but are there, the adaptivity of the “homegrown” vaccines internationally?  No, but, the government has the needs, and at the time, Taiwan couldn’t get enough of the already working vaccines into the country.  Naturally, this allowed the president to use her executive orders, to have Medigenvac create the vaccines, to sell it to we the people, none of these had been faulty, because, there’s, the necessities.  From this, it’d proven, that the policies of the vaccines in Taiwan, is, politically, manipulated.

And now, let’s take a look at the children globally, being vaccinated with the Covid 19 vaccines, at the very start, they’re, prioritized toward the last in line, this was totally opposite in the flu vaccines.  The flu vaccines prioritize children as firsts, to prevent the transmission strains.  This is how the government decided on the priorities of the Covid 19 vaccines, with the elderly population, and the hospital staff members as the first in line.  And yet the Covid 19 vaccines placed children toward the bottom, and, Taiwan had, prioritized the officials in the CDC as the firsts to get their vaccinations, and they’d, justified it as there’s no other way.

Comparing to how the Medigenvac getting boosted by the government, the government here, doesn’t even CARE about children not getting their vaccines.  The side effects, are merely an excuse that the government has, for delaying the children’s usable vaccines.  If when the vaccines are in shortage, the government helps the children find a vaccine that works, even if it is from Medigenvac, allowing children to be the firsts in line to get them, whether it be not enough known of the side effects in children, there wouldn’t be so many upset parents right now.

And so, the timing of the policies of vaccines is too vital, the opening of children vaccinated with Moderna is correct, but the timing being off, then, the “generosity” of the government, became, an excuse.  Plus, the government made it known to the people, that the only vaccine that had been proven safe for the children, BioNTech, can’t get in, because the government’s own “hating China” sentiments, refusing to negotiate the terms of contract with Shanghai’s Fosun Pharma, so the BioNTech vaccines can be shipped over.  It’d, angered the parents even more so, how the government’s anti-Chinese sentiments, can, be more important than the lives of young children in this country, totally inhumane.  And what came from this, the debates on whether to stop the classroom sessions in school or not, busted the incompetence of the government out into the open.

Using politics, to manipulate the vaccines, it’s the norm of policies of the vaccines, which fitted to the workings of the society.  And yet, this government used the top hat of science, and, pushed the younger generations toward the fronts of “hating China”, it’s so tragic, for children living in Taiwan.

And so, look what this government, is willing, to SACRIFICE, the future generations, because it only CARES about its own political means, turning the people here (who are too stupid to know better!), against China, and not giving the children a chance to live, by depriving them of the vaccines that’s proven safe for them to get vaccinated with, and to think that the majority of voters (as all the DDP supporters all go to the polls?) still voted this party of dictators.  We (collectively speaking, that is) the people are, surely, STUPID all right!

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What Will it Come to, If EVERY Classroom Has an Air-Conditioning Unit Installed?

Ooh, I know, power outages, once, every three seconds, in the entire, city during the daytime, and, no power at all in the nights, that, is what would, happen, seeing how, the government had done away with restarting Nuclear four!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The “Every Classroom in Middle and Elementary School is Air-Conditioned” Act will be implemented in May this year.  But the KMT group posted the Taipower’s “Campus Air-Conditioning Unit Automated Response Unit”, and questioned that Taipower’s about to uninstall its systems in the schools at any time, turning “every classroom with air-conditioning capabilities” into “every school under restricted usage of electricity”, then, the air-conditioning units became, nothing more, than useless, décor.

The city councilman of Taichung from KMT questioned yesterday in the council meetings, that based off of the notices of Taipower to the schools, “the air-conditioning automated adjustment systems” plan can see the needs of the electric power systems, that before fifteen minutes as the powers are running short, the platform will sent out the self-shut down, and each time the shut down would last for anywhere from an hour to two hours, which meant, that when there’s not enough electric power, Taipower can pull the plugs on electricity provision at any time.

The secretary of KMT, Wan told, that the central government’s reimbursements to the elementary and middle schools on the fees of utilities are for months of May, June, September and October, that the time slot which Taipower planned to restrict the usage is during these months from Monday through Friday from eight to four in the afternoons, a direct slap to Su’s face on his policy of “Every classroom with air-conditioning capabilities, each school will generate the electricity it needs”.

The secretary of KMT, Wu said, Taipower claimed that the schools’ total of 150,000 units of air-conditioning systems use about 300,000 kilowatts, only 0.08-percent of the entire total of electricity generation, that it wouldn’t have an effect on the entire system of electricity provision, and yet, it’d posted that it’s worried that we may run short on electricity, and so, is the promises of the government to the kids that they will have air-conditioning, with the provisions of the hours of operations of the machines be, away from the high capacity usage time frames?

and here’s, what these children will be, faced with in class now

learning in the darkness…photo from online

Another committee member of the Department of Education unit, Lin questioned, that the government stated that all the schools had the solar panels installed, that every school can provide for its own need of electricity in four hundred million point one degrees, while every class with air-conditioning will use up two hundred million point six degrees”, there’s the huge differences to spare, so why would Taipower still post the “needed management of the negative provisions of electricity”?  Tsai’s “every class with air-conditioning” will become restricted electricity usage for EVERY school by then.

And so, you see, how this is still, bullshitting promises by this government, right?  We the people (no it wasn’t!) voted in the last issue votes, to NOT restart nuclear four plant, and now, the government’s trying to make its promises of every classroom in the elementary and middle school air-conditioning capable, and surely, this will cause the power outages more often, maybe say?  Fifteen minutes a power outage for the kids sitting in class?  See how their bubbles burst so easily, that, is what the people get, when they, believed in the bullshits of the government, allowing the government to turn their votes, to voting for what’s actually, bad for them, and in the end, it’s still, the adults (voters need to be over eighteen???) that screwed over, the rights of children to learn in a comfortable, cooler environment in the schools’ classrooms.


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As Tsai Gets Out of Office, What Kind of Taiwan Would She, Leave Behind?

Broken, @#$%ED up, a country in, TOTAL, M-E-S-S!!!  That, is what the current president will leave behind, as she steps down, how the current president bullshits us, endlessly here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The president, Tsai went to the “volunteers for Tsai” banquet, and told that she counted down to the days when she will be out of office, that it wasn’t from her need for power, but because there are so many things she wanted to accomplish while she is still in office; hoping that as she leaves the presidential office, she will leave behind, “a better country from before” for Taiwan to carry on.  Her use of the literary terms, it’d still, made all the volunteers moved.  But there are, a ton of the members from online who’d, mocked her, said that in her term, the air pollution, the unplanned, unannounced power outages, the importing of the nuclear contaminated produces from Japan, the pork with ractopamine from U.S., the cost of properties skyrocketing higher than ever, and the country is preparing for war with China too, how can Taiwan be better?

When Tsai is with her follower, whatever she says to them, will move them all to tears, this isn’t anything new.  And yet, had Tsai started discussing the more important matters relating to we the people, with those of her adversary party, those who are against her ideals, the public that are now, upset with her?  Is it so hard, to listen to an opinion that’s not the same as hers?  If the head of the country took the rumors seriously, and refused to hear the advices of the members of the opposing political party, tuning all those voices that are questioning her, against her beliefs out; then, how can she say, that she would be leaving behind, “a better country”?  Instead of a country she’d built up, by silencing all other opinions that are against her own?

Tsai continued to refer to the eras of KMT ruling as “authoritarian government”, and stated that KMT is now, the remains of authoritarianism; without noting or knowing, that she is ruling over the country, like a, dictator, and took Taiwan back ages from democracy.  And because of this, opening up the imports of the pork with ractopamine, the nuclear contaminated produces, it’s all her decisions singly, with everybody who’s under her, following orders; as for the matters of differences of opinions, the public’s opinions, all got, stepped under her feet.  And because of it, there are, the unfitting cabinet members, the unprofessional teams of her cabinets, all because of her “love”, they’d not gotten, taken out of the office, and continued, running our country, to the ground.

And how can the government officials without the expertise run the country well?  The head of foreign affairs, acted like the head of defense; the head of department of economics, had the narrowed trainings in law, couldn’t answer the questions the press had of the economics; the committee members of the agricultural department made us run out of eggs, of meats, of vegetables, and used the bullshits of reimbursement of money to the farmer, to shut them all up; the head of Department of Welfare and Sanitations disregarded the ethics, and supported the biotech companies al he possibly can, and used a too strict regulation, to restrict the citizens’ movements, not given any care, to how this may affect the health of the citizens here.  As for the head of state, all he is good for, is, to cuss people out, to cover up for his own, incompetence, to chase the officials who’d erred out the front, then, opening up the backdoors for them to return back in, destroying the “ethics of responsibilities” in democracy.

All the abovementioned problems, the president, Tsai had, turned a blind eye to, and she’d used these officials, to block out the criticisms of her own actions out.  And, how can this country be better, if we’re, continually, led by, this, president who’s, totally, blind?  The president thought that setting up the “Committee for Change” can wipe away the injustices.  But in reality, the committee started shifting the winds of the Examination Department, the independence of the justice department is lost by the day, including NCC, everything became, “party-affiliated”.  Can the president, Tsai not see this going on right now, or does she think, that this is all, not a big enough, deal?

and this, would come, close to what she leaves behind for, we the people

the country in CHAOS, people in trials! Photo from online

Set aside the subjects of democracy and justice, if we discuss the matters of every day lives of citizens, the shocking power outages, the fires, the hike in housing costs, the prevalence of drunk-driving, how many of these had the government solved?  Especially the matters of electricity provisions, the fact that’s before us, is the frequent outages, the fragility of the electricity net, primary because of how Tsai refused to, adapt in setting up of her energy policies.  And now, the Taipower company became at its wits ends and slowly, running out of excuses it can use, and, on the matter, doesn’t Tsai need to, call the experts to a roundtable discussion, to rethink her own energy policies?  Or, is she going the “nonstick” methods all the way, pretend, that it’s due to the incompetence of the Taipower Company?

And, if she’s counting down the days to which she would be out of the office, she would certainly know, that in May of 2024, she would be, out of office; and yet, the blank checks she wrote to the people on energy provisions, the date of expiration is 2025.  In the year that hasn’t made up for, was it her knowing already, that her promises to the people on energy provision wasn’t going to make it, that she’d saved the time slot, so she can, get off easy?  And, as the check bounced, then, it’s the next president’s, responsibilities, was that it?  It would be difficult to believe, that by the time Tsai gets out of office, Taiwan is to become a, better country; not even on the matter of democracy, she can’t even stop the outages from recurring these past few years, since her term started.

But heck, that’s the EXIT strategy this head of our state (bobble-bobble!) has for herself, besides, she can promise the people everything that they want to hear, but as she got elected and reelected, she’d become, amnesic, what, did I promise that?  And that, is just how the DDP do it, fooling the citizens of this, god damn country, and we the people are still, buying into her BULLSHIT, because, we are just, enslaved by her, way too long, we don’t even KNOW how or WHAT we can do, to fight back, and so, we let her, ruin the country, after all, she won’t be president anymore, she’d already, done her EIGHT hour years here!

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The Constitution Won’t Force Nuclear Contaminated Produces Down the People’s Throats

But the government will, or, it already H-A-D, just like the forced imports of pork with ractopamine from the U.S. too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Executive Department, and the Department of Welfare & Sanitations declared, that the local district’s own restrictions to prevent the citizens’ consumptions of nuclear contaminated produces from Fukushima is unconstitutional, that it is against the regulations of laws of food safety, that it’s null and void.  It’s bad enough, that the government led by Tsai can’t keep the nuclear contaminated produces out, she’d brought out the claims of the separate regions’ setting up the regulations on their own as unconstitutional, but, where does it state, in our constitution, that we the people, MUST consume nuclear contaminated food items?

how the fat guy on top, is the government, and what he sat on, are the people’s, right! Illustration from online

The core of this debate of the legalities of nuclear contaminated produces is to “protect the people’s health, the local wanted a stricter set of provisions than the central government’s.”  And yet, the local governments drafted up the rules and regulations based off of the principles given to them by the central government, how could the two be in conflict?  Unless, the central government’s orders were “no stricter regulations allowed.”

For instance, on the regulations of operations of the arcades, the distance to schools, to the hospitals, the grand justice used the No. 738 explanation, believed, that the local governments setting up a stricter regulation, a longer distance of the arcades from school, wasn’t unconstitutional.  Unless, in the mind of the Tsai government, the arcades are, more “poisonous” than nuclear contaminated produces, easier to get into our lives?

Truthfully, based off of the local legislations, the central has the right to declare the self-governing directives null and void, besides, it wasn’t yesterday that the central government started ruling like a dictator; but, using the excuse of the local’s own food safety regulations being unconstitutional, and against the rulings of the central government, it’s not just, belittling the grand justices, but also, telling the grand justice, ruling over the matter of importing the pork with ractopamine how to rule on the matter.

despite how the people here protested…

photo from online

Surely, the constitution want the central and local governments’ laws to be in unison, but if the constitution is set to protect the people’s right’s, then, it would NOT be forcing the people to swallow in the pork with ractopamine, the produces contaminated by nuclear wastes; comparing the unison of the legislations, surely, the guarantees of food safety is closer to the core of the constitution.  If the Central government wanted to local cities to lift the stricter means of regulation of the food safety laws, they can be brash, they don’t need to shame the constitution of this country!

And yep, that’s, currently how the constitution works here, it’s NOT set up to protect we the people, after all, WE the people, are forced, to swallow these, poisons from all around the world, because under the dictatorship of Tsai, we’d become, EVERYBODY’s, BITCH, and, the central government here, is putting that ban on the separate city governments’ means of, trying to protect its people?  Yeah, how’s that, constitutional, huh???  It’s NOT!

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Not Short on Electrical Power?  We’re Not Poor, We Just, Don’t Have Enough Money!

What’s the difference, between being poor, and not having, enough money, aren’t these two, basically, the same things?  And yet, this is how the government, spins the recurring shutdown of electrical power of the Taipower Company here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the President, Tsai just awarded the “Specialty Star Award” to the former American Secretary of State, Pompeo, thanked him for contributing to bettering the relationship of U.S. and Taiwan; at the same time, the whole of Taiwan went, power OUT, and the live streams scheduled by the government got canceled by force, losing the country’s dignity and reputation.

Recalled how just awhile ago, the president, Tsai had, promised to the eight major business group C.E.O., promised that we won’t be short on electricity until the year 2030, and yet, in jut three days, power OUT.  The spokesperson for the Executive Department, rephrased Su’s, “it’s not caused by the lacking in electric power provisions, but the malfunctioning of the power plants”, what’s the difference between that and “we’re not poor, we just don’t have enough money”?

after the government just, SWORE that we will have enough electricity this was, what had happened, just yesterday…

yeah, maybe, they’re, being, “romantic”, using the candles…what do YOU think??? Photo from Yahoo!

Recently, the media attention had been on the Ukrainian-Russian conflicts, as Ukraine is under attack, there’s still electricity for the people in the country to use, and looking at Taiwan, as one power plant went out, the cries, the complaints, the screams came from all around, didn’t our government say, “Vote NO on all four issues, Taiwan will become better!”?

Now, imagine this, in the near future, as Nuclear Power Plant two, and three are going to be relieved of duty, while the gas connection lines are still being bult, and, looking at those, solar panels, above the fish ponds, the solar panels thick with dust and bird droppings that the locals chopped down the trees to set up.  The people’s upsets are getting louder, louder, and louder by the minute, and, the parties are pointing fingers, we are now, lacking in electricity as well as, oxygen too, what right do we have, to talk of, independence?

Yes, because these, most basic needs aren’t, cared for, what RIGHT, do we the people in this, god damn “free” country, have the right to, call out about, being, independent from China?  Like we hadn’t been, for, over a hundred years already, but because, the DDP manipulated the systems, that’s why this country had dropped down to the levels of, lower than HELL, and, we are looking at the future of living in darkness, I mean, so long as the sun comes out, I mean, those god damn solar panels will get, powered up, but, we’re NOT in control of the weather here, and what IF it rained, for more than a hundred days of the year, then, those more than hundred days of the year, we will be, in the, darkness, without electricity to use.

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The Matching Games Between the Central & Local Governments in Setting up the Standards for Fukushima Nuclear Contaminated Produces

This is what happens, with the federal government stops its, normal, functioning, the local governments step in to shoulder the burdens, the consequences, of safeguarding the imports of produces, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The KMT Interpreted the Major Court Judge’s “Locals Can Set a Higher Standard”, the Legislature: it’s a Matter of Business in International Relations, Only Designated to Central Government

Awhile ago the executive department announced its opening import of produces for the five localities of Fukushima with set limitations.  The members of the KMT yesterday stated that the justice department’s grand justice’s interpretation #738 that stated the individual cities and counties have the right to decide individually whether or not to import, that the local areas can set a higher standard for food safety.  The spokesperson for the legislative department, Lo stated, that this is a matter of international trade and a matter of diplomacy, that it’s the right of the central government based off of the constitution, that the local governments have no right to object.

despite this, the government is still, going ahead with the imports! Photo from online

The members of the KMT that showed up yesterday mentioned “five demands, six declarations”, other having the executive orders changed, they’d hoped that we can use the South Korean precedence, to prohibit the imports of the sea foods from the five counties in Fukushima, the dairy products, and infants’ items as well, and it’d called for the zero-evidence of nuclear contamination present in the tests of the produces provided in the school lunches, to set up the payment plans for those who’d suffered health problems due to consumption of nuclear contaminated produces.

The KMT group called to the government to head to Fukushima to check the safety of the imported produces, demanded that the government asks for the provision of the safety-of-consumption of the foods imported from the nuclear contaminated regions of Japan, to continue the testing for the nine major types of foods, to fully fund the local governments’ buying up their own testing machines; and, if the cesium isotope of Ce137, then the testing of the presence of Sr90 should also be included as well.

In response to KMT asking, the executive department told, that the local food safety measures should NOT go against the laws set up by Central government on food safety.  The head assistant secretary of KMT, Lee pointed out yesterday, that the grand justice’s interpretation 187 already, rebutted the executive department’s statements, the grand justice believed, that the local areas should have the right to govern themselves, that the legislation protects that right, the forefront being, the laws set up must be in accordance to public interest, and therefore, the local governments have the right, to set a stricter rule than Central government regarding the testing for nuclear contamination of produces imported from Fukushima.

The head recruit of DDP, Cheng stated, the South Korean’s considerations of importing produces from Fukushima is the first prerequisite to becoming a member of CPTPP, that there’d been the business and trade wars between Japan and Korea in the past, Japan had banned the higher level chemicals to be exported to South Korea, that both sides had won, and lost.

The assistant secretary of the DDP recruit, Huang said, the CPTPP is agreed upon by many parties, that, the rule must apply to all the member countries, to make the trade agreements fair; using the local areas demands of a tougher standard to veto the central governments regulations is against the constitution of Taiwan, breaking the standards that applied to international trade.

Lo stated, restricting the import of Japanese produces, is intervening international trade, and diplomacy, a matter of international relations, if the cities’ self-governing clause is in conflict with central government’s legislations, then, based off of “law of locality” number thirty, the laws set up by the local government is, null and void.

Lo stated, that the Grand Justice’s interpretation #738 is based off of a set distance of arcades in relation to the schools, and hospitals, that that is ruled by the local governments, and so, there’s the room for the local regulations independently of the federal government’s rules; that this does not coincides with the food safety regulations, and the standards of food safety, that they’re not the same, that it wouldn’t be applicable in this case.

And, summing all of this up: the people here, get ready, to get, POISONED by this government that got voted into office, by the, majority of the voters, and because “we the people” are too, fucking retarded (pardon my FRENCH, and feel free to take another offense!), we are now, swallowing the poisons, served to us, by this, dictatorship we’re, being, ruled under.

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The Wolf Doesn’t Come During the Day Now

Welcome to the ERA of, DARKNESS at night, with the limitations on our power usage, from the Front Page Sections, on how the DDP manipulated the results of the public issues votes!  Translated…

Because the results for the public issues votes are over, so, the government can start telling us the truth now.  A few days ago, the Department of Economics confirmed, that the green energy plans aren’t going to make it, that there’s a fifty-percent lacking.  Recently, Taipower sent the messages directly to the enterprises, declaring the night time “reduction of uses of electricity” will be implemented starting in March, which was earlier than what it’d proposed from before.  Meaning: we’re all going to run short on electricity, so everybody, get prepared!

Before the votes of the public issues took place, many of the experts started “crying wolf”, stated that Taiwan is not far off from not having enough electricity for all to use.  But, most of the citizens are sheeplike, believed, that we are a huge flock, that we won’t be unlucky, to get kissed by this wolf particularly, and so, they’d not gone to the polls.  And now, Taipower had, formally, announced that there’s going to be “electricity shortage!”, letting the enterprises know, that they needed to get prepared, as for most of us, ordinary citizens, we are still, carrying that mindset of, “it won’t hit me!”

what we will be living in now…

darkness, in the nights, when we needed the most power-provisions…photo from online

The formal reports submitted by Taipower, other than declaring that there would be energy shortage, the key was: the lacking of enough power is coming after sunset.  From before, everybody is used to the wolf coming in the afternoons of the heat of the summertime, when the air-conditioning are all at high blast; but this is no longer the case.  Starting last year, the time when the “wolf” came is during the nighttime; after the sun sets, all the solar power dropped to zero, and yet, our other sources of energies can’t fill up the blanks.  And for this, those offices that used a lot of electricity are made to pull the plugs at night, when the electricity needed is at an all-time high.

The American Business Association in Taiwan recently just asked the government to resolve the energy crises, because close to eighty-percent of its members are worrisome over the provision of enough electricity in Taiwan.  The association stated so bluntly, while the Taiwanese enterprises are too scared to speak out, only because the government led by Tsai is not just foolish, but also, authoritarian.  As for Taipower Company, it’d gotten trained as the “boy who cried wolf”, and it’s claims are, not be taken as, facts or truthful at all.

From Taipower’s reducing its provisions of electricity, to how the enterprises are forced to shut down their operations at night, the wolf is already, at our, door now.

And, this is all due to the manipulations of the government’s on the public issues voting, it wanted to shut down the nuclear plants, but, didn’t come up with a viable option on how to give the people MORE electricity that we are in need off, and, from the past year, with the unannounced outage (by accident, or so they’d told us!), and yet, the voters are still, way too foolish, to believe in the lies of the DDP, and now, we all, suffer!


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One-Way Airfare

The twists and turns of, fate, how this woman made the plans, but, fate stepped in, translated…

In a white lacy dress, with her hair straight, to shoulder-length, as she’d entered from the door, she’d sat down in front of me, stated, “Ms. I need a one-way airfare to London.”

In that era, when the e-ticket hadn’t been invented yet, the counter clerks of the travel agencies served the functions of the homepage of the travel agency websites, needed to have an assortment of skills, to understand all the knowledge there is, available to know, so we can, tailor to the needs of our, customers.  And so, as she sat herself down, I was on the phone, with my fingers, tapping away on the keyboard, asked her to wait.

To keep my customers’ waiting not too bored, I’d, kept a cactus, which allowed my customers to look, to touch.  She’d, looked upon the potted cactus with enthusiasm for a bit, started playing with that hanging décor on her Chanel bag.

Because the one-way airfares are more expensive, without the discounts, after I hung up the phones, I’d asked her why she’d only wanted a one-way airfare.  She’d told me, “I’m marrying my fiancée in England, and won’t be returning back here anytime soon.”  I’d flipped open her passport to book the flight for her, and glanced over at her date of birth, only twenty.  I’d offered my blessings, “Congratulations!”, and this seemed to have gotten her enthusiastic in telling me her story.

Growing up in Hualien, she has indigenous ancestry, at the celebration of the tribe two years ago, she’d met her husband from England.  He owns a textile mill, came to Taiwan, to understand the weaving methods, the artistic of the natives, and so, the elders of her tribe set up the visit, she, being the only one with a college education, tagged along as a translator.  As her husband returned home, the two wrote to one another in letters, and fell madly in love.  Two days ago, they were engaged, and readied themselves, for the return back to England.

“I liked calling him ‘daddy’, because he is older than my father.”, she’d smiled, and told me, “I didn’t care how others see him as!  I love him, simply because he’d liked my identity, and loved my culture, and encouraged me to get into my favorite subject, history after we married, he’d made me feel free, to be, me!”

That feeling of being moved, and blessing filled up my heart then.  I’d stopped what I was doing, and focused on listening to her, sharing her joys.  Before she’d paid the fees, she’d left the visa, her passport, and her plane ticket, said in a musical tone, “let me know when the visa’s ready!”

Four days later, the visa was approved, but I’d, tried calling her the whole day, nobody answered.  Seeing how the departure date was in three days, I’d waited on, anxiously.  Two days passed, a man called me back, stated in his Chinese that wasn’t, fluent enough, “Vivian’s dead”.  It was like thunder and lightning striking at the same time, hard for me to believe.  The man continued, “after she’d left the travel agency, she’d gone on a cab, the driver ran a red light, and she’d, died on impact, they couldn’t, save her.”, then, the gentle sobbing came into my ears, my eyes turned red, and tears started coming, my hands, trembled, couldn’t make a word out.  Don’t know how much longer it was, the man came back on, stated, “after the forty-nine days worth of offerings, I’ll come to get the visa.”

It was the year I was twenty-four, the very first time, I’d felt, how unpredictable, how short life can become, and I couldn’t, stop myself from crying.

A week later, the man showed up, looking really weakened.  The travel agency decided to give a refund back.  The man said thank you, asked me, “are you the last person she saw that day?  How did she appear on that day?  Happy?”

Returned back to how she’d looked that day, I’d told the man from my memories, that innocence of a young child, playing with the decoration, how focused she was, in observing the cactus I have on my desk, how her eyes filled with, joys, and hope, and also, expectations too………………

And so, this, is how unpredictable life can be, this woman made the plans for her life, and yet, fate stepped in, and took her life, and, there’s no right or wrong, it just, is, and, yet, the travel agency worker was able to, see her joys, and shared the woman’s moment of expectation, of dreams of her life in the future with her husband from England, and now, it all, ended, way, too soon…

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