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Who Shall Pay for the Stupidity of Following Their Leader?

The price the faithful followers of DDP’s lie are now pay for following the government’s BULLSHIT!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the verge of the country’s opening up its gates, people found, in shock, that those who were vaccinated with Medigenvac vaccines need to spend three, four thousand dollars on the scans, to prove that they’re, negative of the virus, to be able to enter into Japan.  Meaning, that if you’d gotten vaccinated with Medigenvac, it’s equivalent to NOT having been vaccinated at all; toward the “Medgenvac warriors”, how embarrassing.

The Department of Welfare Sanitations disregarded the guidelines of international mandates for testing of vaccines, insisted on the immunobridging means, to get Medigenvac approved.  And, as the vaccine received the go ahead of emergency usage, the stock prices skyrocketed, the company earned more than the whole load, but, it’d not, made up for the needed data.  The experts already forewarned, that Medigenvac will NOT receive international certification, and the developments of today, is not at all, that, surprising one bit.

Yet, the government of Tsai still painted it over, lied to the people, again, again, and again.  The head of all of this, was the then, director of the C.D.C., Chen.  Toward the questioning, he’d once stated, “there’s no not being admitted to another country, just the differences of quarantine”, “there’s more than the U.S. in the entire world”, to the point of, “U.S. is, a bit, odd”.  And, he’d continued to vouch, boasted on how Medigenvac will receive international approval in the future one day.

There was also the former vice president, Chen who kept, feeding the lies of “immunobridging will be the trends” to us; the foreign affairs department, doesn’t pale by comparison either, claimed that it’s “unfactual” that if you get vaccinated with the locally manufactured vaccines, you can’t be admitted into another country; meaning, that this was, false news.  Yet, Medigenvac kept sending the messages of how it’s about to get international, certifications.  And now, looking back at this, who’s, spreading, the rumors?

During the votes of the public issues last year, the president, Tsai stated how the DDP followers are “faithful”, to commend the members of the community for getting vaccinated with Medigenvac.  And, those who are “faithful” were, too blind, believing in the government’s lies, and got vaccinated; and now, they end up, having to, spend extra money, to travel abroad.  And, should not Chen, and other members of the DDP, pay for the costs of the extra doses of internationally approved vaccines that those who wanted to travel out of the country?

Now, as the countries are, reopening their gates, this group of faithful followers of the DDP’s lies, end up, paying EXTRA, and getting that extra shot of NEEDLE, stuck up their arms, and they DESERVED it too, for, not having the senses, for believing in the lies of this government, and this is still an abuser/enabler interaction style, and now, those who got vaccinated with Medigenvac are going to pay extra.  There’s still NO victim here!!!

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The CDC Chickening Out, the Professionalism of the Office Completely, NONEXISTENT

How this country is still, run by, them, IDIOTS, I’m afraid, with the last, “ousted”, because he’s running for mayor, and this new one, doesn’t even have a single clue either!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The people of this country had been looking forward to the shortened term of quarantine to get from “three-plus-four” to “zero-plus-seven”, but, these past couple of months, the CDC is, chickening out, became ambiguous in opening up the country’s borders, until September 16th, the commander of the C.D.C., Wang still thought, that based off of the models of how the pandemic is trending, there’s a next to nil chance of lifting the bans on the borders.  But in only a few short days, yesterday, his attitude flipped completely, stated that in two week, at the upper half of October, then the borders will be opened, he’d gone back and forth on his statements, confusing everybody else.

As early as June eighth of this year, Chen who was then the head of CDC stated, that it may not be time yet to reduce the term of quarantine to “zero-plus-seven”, and yet, the following day, he’d stated, that in September, when the free tours out to other countries, “Surely, there would be that possibility”, but to this very day, we had yet seen any tour group gone out of the country yet.

As Wang took the role of the director of the C.D.C., he is also, ambiguous on the implementing of the “zero-plus-seven” quarantine schedules”, as the businesses, the tour industries are getting antsy for the “Zero-plus-seven” schedules to be out, on August 25th, Wang, for the very first time, “estimated” the time of reducing the quarantine should be around “end of September, start of October”; the following day, Wang started backing out of it, said that the day of loosening of the quarantine is to come in October, that the “Zero-plus-Seven” quarantine phase is to be considered at the very end.

The chart of “border control & suggestions to open up” came at September 16th, clearly printed the schedules of opening up the country’s borders, the CDC admitted then, “that was only a rough draft of the plans, but the precise details of it, will be adjusted accordingly.”, as the media pressed on the online news of opening up the “Zero-plus-Seven” quarantine period, Wang backed away again, stated it bluntly, “there’s a next to nil chance that the borders will be opened back up in the first half of October.”

Yesterday the news of how the Executive Department will be announcing the schedules which the “zero-plus-seven” will be in effect, from the policy making processes, the C.D.C.’s professionalism, once again, got reduced to nil, and the head of the C.D.C.’s role dropped to running the campaign for the former head of C.D.C., Chen on his Taipei mayoral candidacy, and, the declaration that came in the middle of the nights that was in a hurry for the following morning press, was only for the sake of clarifying, “the sealing of the documents of purchasing the vaccines for thirty years”, wasn’t a brash decision made by the former director of the C.D.C., Chen.

Do we need a head of the C.D.C. who is indecisive, how can’t cope?  The rumors now ran, “after the voting of the major cities, the C.D.C. that’s specifically used to resolve the problems of the pandemic will end”, it seemed, that this may be, factual, because other than handing down the rules of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, the CDC seemed to have some, unspoken, secretive, political, agendas.

And so, that’s how it goes, when everything is in the DDP’s pocket, they’d taken over this country’s working, and, with the brand new HEAD of the C.D.C., Wang (still OFF with HIS HEAD!), who’s way worse than his predecessor (like the last was any good???), and this loser who’s now in that position of power, can’t even made u his mind, and had to consult his former “boss” for the decisions on whether or not to reduce the terms of quarantine.

Yep, this country’s, gone to, HELL all right, and it’s going to, sink even lower still too.

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Hell on Earth, Ten Days in Burma, the Taiwanese Man Witnessed Someone Getting Tasered, and Put into a Fish Tank Prison

The REALITIES of pursuing after that dream of, “easy money”, by the young, the naïve, not to mention, the STUPID!!!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The twenty-six year-old male, Chen from Tainan was scammed by a love con artist, and went to the KK Park of Burma, forced to work as a phone scammer, with the help from the city councilperson, the police here, he was finally, rescued back not too long ago; he’d told the press yesterday, that although it was only for ten days he got trapped in Burma, it was like living in hell on earth, that he was really glad he is now, back in Taiwan.

Chen told that he’d met a woman, Wang on FB at the start of August, after a few communications, the woman told him that she has a company trip which she could bring someone, and invited him to go.  He’d paid the charges, flew to Thailand first, then, transferred to the KK Parks in Burma, as he saw Wang, he’d found, that she wasn’t like what her photo online looked like, felt that he got cheated, and immediately, he was under the control of the scam artist ring, and they’d forced him to work the lines in the telecommunications scams.

“It was only for a short ten days, but it’d felt like hell eternally, I still feel the shock”, he’d told, that on the day he’d arrived locally, he started “taking the group training courses”, including using a false name, uploading the fake photos on the social media accounts, the second day was the “test”, the managers of the groups told them that the first three weeks of this “training” was the adjustment period, that a month later, he would formally start working.

During the time, he’d witnessed many Taiwanese people getting mistreated, and abused, and tortured because they couldn’t make the demands of the rings, some was even water tortured, told to strip, and put into dirty water for the whole day, not only did the person’s skin start rotting away, the mind was also, nearly, broken down as well.  He’d also heard, that if the ring thought that someone wasn’t useful anymore, the individual will be taken to the port in Cambodia or the public oceans to get their organs harvested out of them alive.

The city councilwoman of Tainan, Lin got the call for help from Chen’s family on August 19th, the families told her that Chen went to Thailand with a female he’d met online, left the country on the thirteenth, and lost contact with them here by the fifteenth, they’d immediately sought help from the head of detective agency the international unit, the head of the police station in Yongkang , Gan to help, in the end, it was through the criminal investigation agency and the airport police station, that they’d made the rescue.  She’d told, that in the process of negotiation, the Taiwanese human trafficking ring demanded the families pay the ransoms, the police told them not to, and finally, Chen was returned back to this country on the 22nd.

Yeah, because you’re enticed by the lies of easy work, high pay, that’s why you’d gone to Burma, thinking you’d struck gold, without knowing or realizing, that HEY, you are the targeted population, because you’re young, naïve, NOT to mention, STUPID too, and because you hadn’t learned the lessons of how you always need to work hard for what you want to have in your lives, and your families had to pay for your rescue, and, there are, going to be, more of these, cases of younger generations who thought they’d struck gold, in getting the offers to work elsewhere, because you can’t find a good enough job here.

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The Weightlessness of Political Responsibilities

How the politicians are still best at, DODGING the responsibilities when something bad happened to the world!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The waves of criticisms came as the murder of the police officer in Tainan occurred, the chief of the justice department, Tsai transferred the warden of Ming-Der External Inmate program, and will go after the district attorney’s office for delaying issuing of the arrest warrants of the escaped convicts.  But, the scapegoats are all the entry level position workers, as for the political responsibilities, are just as the families of the murdered officers stated, “light as feathers”.

The founder of Foxxcon, Go was from a police family, he’d felt especially deep over this, he will be donating five million dollars N.T. to each of the families of the two officers who’d died in the line of duty, and he’d gotten down hard on the head of Internal Affairs, Hsu and Tsai for not doing their jobs correctly.  He’d questioned that all of these, behaviors, those actions that should’ve been taken by the higher up government officials, but they’d not done anything, “Do you still have the means to rule the separate departments?”, the question being, this group of “already numbed out” higher up government officials could care LESS about their face, but, they are going to, keep their posts, at whatever the costs.

And so, although Go’s criticizing that “Someone needs to get sent out of the office”, received widespread support from the masses, the head of State, Su claimed, that Tsai after the events, started pursuing the perps actively, that Hsu’s care and concerns for the entry level officers had been dearly noted.  That it would be untrue, inaccurate if you say they’d lacked the morale of the heads of the police departments.  And if we discuss the responsibilities, other than Hsu and Tsai at the helm, Su isn’t an outsider either, to the point, of criticizing the president, Tsai, who kept on stating the need for the reforms of the justice systems, she too, can’t evade the responsibilities either.

And, just as we’d all expected, the one who was the scapegoat of this, was a mere, jail warden; or maybe, there would be an extra district attorney who’s, right up, next to him too

The officers who died in the line of duty, their families cried, “Don’t just make those formal statements that are, too unsubstantial to us afterwards”, their words touched the public deeply!  But, this is, how cruel the reality of things is, the higher up officials of Tsai’s government, don’t take up any responsibilities whatsoever when it comes to the political responsibilities, and even if in the end, the higher up officials get ousted out of their offices, and, they were mostly, demoted on the surfaces, but, promoted in the unknown, or, getting ousted for show, but transferred to an alternative, higher up position in the government, the DDP is, having the voters, eating out of their hands all right!

And so, this is how this political party that’s ruling over the country still not manning up, not changing the bad systems, and they’re still all, just making those claims of, oh, we’re sorry for the lost of lives of your next-of-kin, our condolences, whatever, like how the Taroko train derailing, the head of transportation didn’t even get demoted, or even, FIRED, as he should have, but hey, that’s how the DDP worked, promoting those who misbehaved to an alternative agency, trying to fool the people into thinking, that wow, something IS, being done, when in truth, NOTHING is being done about the things that’s, already, happened, and, these sorts of shits are bound to happen, again, and again, and again, until the DDP gets out of office!

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The Amendments on Gun Usage for the Police isn’t a “Fix-All”

How the government is still just treating the “symptoms” instead of the root causes here, how there’s nothing done for the sake of helping the police officers who are putting their lives out on the line to keep us, the people, safe from harm every single day, another one of the, many unfulfilled false promises that this DDP government makes to we the people, and it can’t even protect their own officials from getting STABBED by escaped convicts to DEATH, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of two officers getting gunned down in the line of duty in Tainan was the perp grabbed the gun and shot them, the debate of loosening the rules of the timing of police gun usage started back up, but, the police gun use isn’t a fix-all, the government officials can no longer call aloud: use the guns as you needed, but ignored the lacking of the first line of defense officers’ safety usage of the firearms, a knife that’s stabbed two officers to death, it’d made the people wanted more training, more rehearsals, more drills on the means so the police can be adept in these situations, instead of how the government is still performing in that circus show.

The case had zoomed in on the escaped convict, Chen, that was the first mistake, had the officers gone out baldly, and used the gun like the head of internal affairs, Hsu stated, the suspect, Chen getting gunned down, and who will pay for that, as he wasn’t the man?

The Tainan police finally zoomed in on the right escaped convict, Lin, and in the process of clarifying, someone had, intentionally leaked the photos of Chen and other escaped convict to the press, and it’d put the city police department of Tainan on a difficult spot, and they can only work really hard to try and catch the escaped convict, and not said another word.

But the higher up officials of police policies came to take turns to “sit in” on Tainan, the head of Internal Affairs, Hsu made the trip down south especially to hold his press conferences, and stated that after the coroners conducted the autopsies, they’d found NO bullet holes in the officers who’d died, while they both had knife wounds, more than a dozen on their bodies, each cut was deep, and hit the important arteries, which showed how much force the escaped convict took to murder the police officers, and it’d made the entry level police officers wondered: are the officials there to help with arresting the escaped convict who’d murdered their own, or are they there, to make the investigation process ever the more, difficult?

As for the amendment that was started up of the armed weapons used to protect the police from attacks had lain in the legislature or over two whole years to date, and compared to the multiple cases of police deaths in pursuits of convicts, nothing’s been done, “What is justice?”, other than using the mottos, the government does, absolutely NOTHING.  The politicians should do more, and talk less, that is the only way that will keep Taiwan safe.

So, this still just showed, of how the DDP is still, full of huffle and puff, they talked about the amendments to protect the police, since the last time an officer was killed in the line of duty, and that was what???  Two years back, and, the drafts of that police protection bill hadn’t seen the light of day, it stayed inside those, boxes of forgotten documents, deep in the basement of the legislative department of this DDP government!

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How Can MERS-CoV Outrun Chen?

How Chen found his exit strategy from the CDC, and got himself on the nomination for the mayoral race of Taipei on the DDP ticket!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As Chen was recruited by the DDP to go up for the mayoral race of Taipei, he was so ecstatic he’d taken a day off from work, and asked the head of state, Su to go with him to check out the social housing complexes.  He justifiably “filed for absence to enter into the races”.  He’d claimed that being the commander of the CDC is “freelance”, that he was allowed to come and go as he pleased.  This angered the public, and the rants of how the positions in the CDC could be “outsourced”, and the public soured, “did you not say you were going to take full responsibility?”  Chen immediately, used the rolling methods to clarify, that he won’t vacate the position of the director of the CDC, until his duties were completely for the time being, made him sounded, oh so very, responsible.

All the way from the start of the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, Chen became good at rolling along, amending his ways, he’d chased after the virus in his means of the rules of defending against the spread of MERS-CoV, or when the local governments got ahead, he’d pretended to be serious, and turned the tables around.  Using his status as director of CDC to polish the robe he wears now, for the mayoral elections of Taipei, and mocked how his opponent’s being in his post currently and entered into the race was, “Slightly running off”.  And, based off of his logic, his leaving the pandemic behind, wouldn’t he be “disregarding the lives and deaths of the people, to run off to enter into the mayoral election races?”

Chen boasted, “when the responsibilities came, I shall, shoulder then,” it’d, aroused the trials of the nobodies fighting in the pandemic.  And the online community became doubtful: what had he, shouldered?  For two and a half years, we only saw him covering up for the black box operations of the vaccines, the underreported cases of contractions, and the vouching for the vaccines of Medigenvac, but there’s no, political responsibilities shouldered BY him.

Eight years ago, Tsai put Ke out as a mayoral candidate, she took Taipei.  But back then, it was the power of the white robes, and now, it’s, the powers of the three dark bureaucrats.  The cover up became, uncovered up, made the president stated, that “Taipei is my home”, but can the citizens living in Taipei forget about the outbreaks that hit Wanhwa?  And his going on his drinking rounds to sing the karaoke?  How bad your heart must be, to use the trials of your own hometown, as an election campaign call?

As the bad director of CDC busted those holes in the prevention of the spread of MERS-CoV, and evaded responsibilities by stating that the virus ran faster than the paperwork.  But, his getting on the mayoral election ticket, getting that promotion, that raise in pay, he’d run, faster than, the virus here.

And so, this is how this head of the CDC (off with HIS head!) abused power, he had NO professionalism, and his head was already elsewhere, on the mayoral post that he was put up for by the DDP at the end of year, and he’d fucked us all up since the start of the pandemic, three (was it???) years ago, thinking that we’re number one from the start, because we the people, complied with the mandates of masks, and yet, when the mutations came, there was, a shortage of everything we are in need of, and it’s all on this DENTIST who runs the CDC here.

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The Woman Gone Back on Her Promises of Marrying, Refused to Return the Six Million Dollars N.T. in Dowry, Lost the Case for Being the Other Woman Long-Term

This is precisely why, you need to, get EVERYTHING in writing, preferable, with a live witness who can sign off on the means, off of the Newspapers, translated…

An elderly man, Lai in Taichung hoped that his girlfriend, Wu for many years marry him, gave her the offers of giving her $16 million N.T.s, as the woman agreed, but not long after that, she’d, left him, and Lai sued the Wu for going back on the promises of marrying him, and demanded that she pay him the six million dollars N.T. out of the total he’d given to her, but, because they’d not set the date physically for when they were to get wed, there’s no way of confirming that the woman had, gone back on the “contract”, the elderly man lose, Lai filed for an appeal for a second trial, and this time, he’d won, the key being, that Wu had been Lai’s long-term spare.

The experts in the legal realms pointed out, that the pact of marriage becomes valid if both parties agreed to marrying, as for the details of the dates and others, no need to list them out in detail, but, for the cases on the claims of “going back on the dates of marriage as agreed upon”, the forefront of this is that there needed to be an exact date set, and, based off of the precedence of the Highest Courts, the second of the seven major reasons for going back on the agreement of marrying, “intentionally delaying the date”, means that one of the party keep on delaying the time of marrying, and the other party will be allowed, to file the claims in court.

The elderly, Lai and Wu started dating back in 2006, Wu was responsible for taking care of Lai’s living means, a decade ago, Lai wanted her to care for him until he dies, and agreed to give her a mansion, as a forefront for her promise in marrying, Wu told her she didn’t want the mansion, that $16 million N.T.s in cash will do, of the $10 million N.T.s, Lai gave her a check for, the rest, he’d gone to pay her the remain six million dollars N.T. in cashier’s check, but later, Wu went off without a goodbye.

Lai claimed to the courts that Wu went back on the promises of the marriage, but because the gifts of six million N.T. was a part of the agreement of what she would receive had she married him, but Wu refused, and so, he wanted the money back, but Wu stated that the six million dollars N.T. were the gifts for her from him, that it wasn’t from the contractual agreement of marriage that she’d made with him before, and, Lai had never hurried her in marrying him, she’d not, broken any contracts for agreement of marrying him.

The judge investigated, that Lai used the forefront of marriage, Wu told that she only wanted $16 million N.T. in cash, that they’d already made that pact to get wed, that Wu is responsible for caring for Lai until he passed that this was, the unspoken agreement, that was the added clause of the gift, Lai also admitted that he’d never hurried Wu to upkeep her end of the agreement, so the judge found that Lai had lost the case.

Lai was upset, filed for an appeal to the high courts, and, the courts found Wu lost, reason being, that Lai claimed he wanted to marry Wu, but he was still married himself, that Wu was the spare, and so, because of how this marriage was against the means of normal marriage, it was null and void, but Wu got six million dollars N.T. for no reasons, and it’d caused Lai to sustain the losses in assets, found that Wu needed to pay back the $600 million N.T.s that she’d received from Lai, the case can still be appealed.

And so, this still just showed, how important it is, to have everything in writing, oral agreements won’t be worth SHIT, because it will become a he said she said, and, if there are no witnesses in the cases, it would be harder to prove if the promises were made or not.  The woman lost, because she was paid the six million dollars N.T. by the man, and it didn’t matter if the man was still married in status, that she was, his spare, and that’s still just, bullshit!

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Those Broken Quarters in the Wishing Fountains…

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, they were, dropped in, and because all those wishes made with those quarters never came true for someone, that’s why, people no longer come here, to make their wishes no (and your point being???) more.

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, they’re, of no use, they’d gotten broken, can’t be used anymore, they’re, junk and waste metal now.  Funny to think, how not so long ago, when they got tossed into the wishing fountains, they were still, all, brand new, bright and shiny too!

what those, looked, like

tarnished, from soaking in the water way too long! Photo from online

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, might as well, just, collect them, and, give them away, to the homeless, better than nothing, right???

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, those wishes, that didn’t make it, those bubbles, that burst, well, that’s how life goes, isn’t it?

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The Rations of the Future Years Can’t Resolve the Famine We’re Currently Under

On how this, god DAMN, government still doesn’t give the people what WE the people are in need of, from the vaccines, now to the quick-scan kits!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The ability that’s the greatest in all politicians, is that they are able to, fool we the people, with the digits.  Reason being, the numbers looked, solid enough, but there’s, the hidden “notes” that came to deciphering them.  As all the people waited on hard, for the test strips, the president, Tsai called out to NOT hoard the materials, said that in May, the government will gain access to “a hundred million doses”, that we the people don’t need to panic at all, and that, is the game of numbers, in the mind games that the DDP is playing on we the people.

What got cheated first by the numbers was the, “time”.  We are only, starting out in May, and the confirmed diagnoses per day exceeded over 40,000, which showed, how the government didn’t do enough of the preparation work, causing the unknown number of diagnoses to keep on hiking up.  Think on it, with the rate that it’s currently going, even if a hundred million quick-scan kits arrive by end of May, by then, there would be over millions in the population who’d contracted the virus, wouldn’t it be, too late already? 

this is what most of us would see!

outside of the super convenience shop these days: start selling the kits at ten, $180 per kit! Photo from online

This is like, how the rations of food allotted for next year, could NOT save the people who are currently starving in the now.  The functions of the quick-scans is to allow the public to know if they’d contracted the virus sooner, that way, they can put themselves under the self-care management systems, and avoid passing the virus to their relatives, friends, and those who come into contact with them.  And now, due to how ill-prepared the government had been, the pandemic had, spun, out of, control here; surely, the confirmed diagnoses started, “blooming out” like the flowers in springtime here, and, even if a hundred million doses of quick scan kits arrived, it’s, useless already.  Like how the fish dying in a pond can be saved, by a scoop of water, and someone claimed, that s/he will, get the waters from the streams close by to save it.  Is this, heartless, or, brainless?

The hundred millions testing kits, not only is it, way behind on the times, it’s also, an, exaggeration too.  The company that manufactured these testing strips, was originally a small eatery, it’d used a capital of two million dollars N.T., to take in $1.6 billion N.T. order, and in the end, the company, due to its former accumulated debts, got choked to death, and, abandoned the manufacturing slips, and suddenly, the black hole of 17 million doses came unfilled.  As for the rest of the manufacturers, nobody knows, if they’ll, fulfill the orders on time or not.  Blankly stated, the hundred million sets of quick scan slips are nothing BUT, placebos, it’s the president’s, fooling herself, but it does, absolutely, NOTHING for we the people.

And so, this is, once again, the DDP’s, bullshitting the people, promising how there are going to be more doses of vaccines (well, they’re finally in, yay, government!), and now, as we run short on the slips, the government spoke: we will manufacture more, and it was exactly like how the masks were, we can only go to the pharmacies, with our national health insurance cards, to pick up the allotted amount (it was three masks per week then!), and now, the same SHITS are happening to the quick scan test strips too, because this government is too ill-prepared, with absolutely, NO foresight, and it still failed to learn from its, previous mistakes, and we’re, allowing these mother @#$%ERS, to run our lives to the ground?

Yeah we the people are totally, STUPID all right!

and yet, this is the REALITY of that…

photo from online, and the number cards are passed out a noon sharp too!

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The Vaccines for Young Children, the Government Lost on Three Fronts

How the government totally DISREGARDED the right to life, the welfare of the younger children, for its own, political needs here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The matter of vaccines, it’s actually, political, and you can’t decide whether or not the policies are right or wrong based off of the theories in medicine.  From the political angle, the necessities of the vaccines are, considered, while pathologically, it’s the side effects that are, considered.  If the government wants to win on all these fronts, then, it would have to be more than precise in its timing, otherwise, the opposite of exactly what the government wanted to accomplish would happen.  The issues of children’s vaccines this time, was a classic case of how all sides ended up losing, the government, the CDC, the people.

But, why is the matter of vaccines a political issue, because, if the vaccinations are taken off the shelves based off of the side effects, then, there would be, tons of vaccines that will get, taken off the shelves.  And, when there’s the need of preventing contractions, the government them have the responsibilities to find the needed vaccines for the people, don’t’ matter if the vaccines are effective, how long it can last, preventing the spread, should be, the government’s, primary, goal.  Because, the vaccines are designed to fit everyone’s needs, and the reason why the vaccines can’t pass the okay from the CDC, is primarily due to lack of test subjects in the clinical trials.  After the vaccines had proven in efficacy, the government still looked for the adverse side effects, to see if there are, alternatives, and if we can, get our hands on these, alternatives.  So, the needs is, the golden standard to determine the policies on the vaccines.

In this current wave of epidemic, the Taiwanese government boosted Medigenvac all the way, but are there, the adaptivity of the “homegrown” vaccines internationally?  No, but, the government has the needs, and at the time, Taiwan couldn’t get enough of the already working vaccines into the country.  Naturally, this allowed the president to use her executive orders, to have Medigenvac create the vaccines, to sell it to we the people, none of these had been faulty, because, there’s, the necessities.  From this, it’d proven, that the policies of the vaccines in Taiwan, is, politically, manipulated.

And now, let’s take a look at the children globally, being vaccinated with the Covid 19 vaccines, at the very start, they’re, prioritized toward the last in line, this was totally opposite in the flu vaccines.  The flu vaccines prioritize children as firsts, to prevent the transmission strains.  This is how the government decided on the priorities of the Covid 19 vaccines, with the elderly population, and the hospital staff members as the first in line.  And yet the Covid 19 vaccines placed children toward the bottom, and, Taiwan had, prioritized the officials in the CDC as the firsts to get their vaccinations, and they’d, justified it as there’s no other way.

Comparing to how the Medigenvac getting boosted by the government, the government here, doesn’t even CARE about children not getting their vaccines.  The side effects, are merely an excuse that the government has, for delaying the children’s usable vaccines.  If when the vaccines are in shortage, the government helps the children find a vaccine that works, even if it is from Medigenvac, allowing children to be the firsts in line to get them, whether it be not enough known of the side effects in children, there wouldn’t be so many upset parents right now.

And so, the timing of the policies of vaccines is too vital, the opening of children vaccinated with Moderna is correct, but the timing being off, then, the “generosity” of the government, became, an excuse.  Plus, the government made it known to the people, that the only vaccine that had been proven safe for the children, BioNTech, can’t get in, because the government’s own “hating China” sentiments, refusing to negotiate the terms of contract with Shanghai’s Fosun Pharma, so the BioNTech vaccines can be shipped over.  It’d, angered the parents even more so, how the government’s anti-Chinese sentiments, can, be more important than the lives of young children in this country, totally inhumane.  And what came from this, the debates on whether to stop the classroom sessions in school or not, busted the incompetence of the government out into the open.

Using politics, to manipulate the vaccines, it’s the norm of policies of the vaccines, which fitted to the workings of the society.  And yet, this government used the top hat of science, and, pushed the younger generations toward the fronts of “hating China”, it’s so tragic, for children living in Taiwan.

And so, look what this government, is willing, to SACRIFICE, the future generations, because it only CARES about its own political means, turning the people here (who are too stupid to know better!), against China, and not giving the children a chance to live, by depriving them of the vaccines that’s proven safe for them to get vaccinated with, and to think that the majority of voters (as all the DDP supporters all go to the polls?) still voted this party of dictators.  We (collectively speaking, that is) the people are, surely, STUPID all right!

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