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The Key Witness: Stood by and Filmed Down the Process, Why Didn’t the Child’s Uncle Do Anything?

And, the bystanders are, equally GUILTY, of allowing this young boy get body-slammed into a vegetative, state too, but, they’re not, charged, are they?  Nope!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The seven-year-old young boy was taking judo lessons, got slammed by the coach, taking turns with the other older classmates a total of twenty-seven times, vomited at the dojo, and fell into a coma, after the surgeries, he was brain dead, the professionals of the legal realms questioned, that other than the coach, He being responsible for causing harm to this young boy, why didn’t the boy’s uncle who was watching, filming with his cell phone not gone up and done anything to stop the abuse, was he an active enabler of the abuse, a key person in the case.

The experts in the legal realms stated, that in the case of injuries in sports, in Germany, there’s no use of brute forces to resolve the matter, but using the promises of preventing harm, that the competitors should be knowledgeable on the harms that their behaviors can have on one another, and this promise is fitted to the cases of severe physical, bodily injuries.

like this???

and, nobody in the crowd thought about doing something to stop this! Photo from online

In this case, from an objective angle, the coach, He is responsible for the negligence, but the problem rests in if his behaviors were, legally, binding, on the considerations of the legalities of the matter, as the boy was slammed, he’d told his coach that he wanted to stop getting thrown, but why didn’t He pay attention to his pupils, it’d clearly showed neglect, which caused the unfortunate events that followed, that he couldn’t keep the promises to the boys to prevent the illegal behaviors from occurring, and so, he’d, broken the laws based off of this interpretation, and this will be the key determinant of what happened in this case.

And, on the uncle’s part, why did he not stop the young boy’s getting thrown repeatedly, if he saw him in danger, instead, only filmed the process of the abuse with his cell phone, the district attorney should check the facts of what was happening during the time, to find if the uncle was an enabler, and if he was, he too, would be charged with negligence, because he has the responsibilities, to stop the abuse from happening.

The attorney, Wang stated, that Huang didn’t have the “ability to consent”, that if the coach didn’t do his duty in preventing the physical abuse from happening, then, he would be charged with manslaughter on the civil AND criminal fronts, and he would be made to pay in the civil courts too, “the injuries that occurred in sports, isn’t always nondelegable.”  As for whether or not the actions constitutes as unlawful, illegal, there would need to be the “intents to break the laws” or “negligence” that’s proven.

And, the uncle who’s, a “bystander” would be guilty in the boy’s being in a vegetative state, because he was standing by, watching this young child, getting thrown, to the point that the boy became, unconscious, and, he’s the adult, just like the coach, who should’ve put an end to the body-slamming session of this boy, but didn’t, and they’re, equally guilty, for what happened to this young lad.

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Guns Fired Off Outside Texas A&M, Resulting in Two Deaths Ten Injuries

Tragedies that occurred, at a celebratory event, the homecoming party, and there were, fatalities, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the evening of the 26th in Texas, a man started shooting at random at a party close to the Texas A&M Commerce campus, causing at least two fatalities, ten injuries, the suspect is still at large.

The school made its public statement early morning on the 27th, that the shooting did NOT occur on campus.  The local police said, that the party seemed to have been hosted by a fraternity to bring in the new school year, they’re currently trying to confirm, fi there were students who were injured or killed, along with the motives of the shooter.

The local news station reporter, Whiteley stated, that this shooting occurred in a local night club, The Party Venue, in the suburbs, outside Glennville, close to Huntsville County, which is quite close to the Texas A&M in Commerce.

and here’s a video from the local news stations, from YouTube

The local sheriff’s department’s deputy chief stated, that there were about 750 people inside the night club, and that the homecoming party may have been hosted by a fraternity of the Texas A&M, but it wasn’t, a registered activity with the schools.

The spokesperson for the school, Johnson stated, “Our hearts go out to the victims of the shooting, we’re, praying for them”, and the statement also said, that Texas A&M is now, working hand in hand with the police locally to investigate the matter, to confirm if the students at A&M had been shot or not.  The police is currently investigating.

The police department of Texas A&M tweeted, that the shooting occurred outside the school, and that there may be students who attend A&M present at the time of the shooting, they’re, looking further into the matter right now.

The Party Venue’s FB page stated, that they only provided the space.  The owner of the night club stated, that the Business Department’s Fraternity had asked to rent out the space, to host a party.  And that something had, happened there.  But gave no more details.

The Dean of the Business Department of Texas A&M tweeted, that this was the weekend before the students were starting school, the local medical center told CNN earlier, that they did, receive the injured, but nobody provided the total number of people who’d been injured, nor the details of how the injuries had, occurred.

This may have been, yet, ANOTHER randomized shooting, and, that’s just it, the shooters, because they wanted to cause injuries, damages on a grander scale, are more than likely, to target these events, where there are, people who are, attending, like this particular, homecoming party, and that’s just it, the world became, more dangerous, because there are always going to be those, ticking time bombs, waiting to explode, and when the individuals were pushed to CRACK, this, is what happens, and it will, keep on happening, partially because gun is so accessible in the U.S.


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Being Different…

I’m like you all, my classmates, but, not exactly, I have a mom, who’s from a foreign world as opposed to the one I’m currently “staying in”…

When I first entered into class, I spoke the mainstream languages with a perfect tone, absolutely NO weird accents, but, the other kids, they’d still, made fun of me.

not my drawing.

I tried to fit in, tried to engage myself into their discussions, but, every time they saw me approaching, they’d all just, scattered and dissipate, as if, they’re avoiding me, like I’m the plague or something!  And, it’d, hurt.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being different, but, the feedbacks from my external environment seemed to prove otherwise.  I keep on, getting the signals, that I should be thankful, being different from everybody else, and yet, in my day-to-day interactions, that “theory”, it just, can’t seem to work out that well at all!

not my picture.

And now, after being casted away, singled out by my cohort, I’m starting to feel ashamed of my difference, and eventually, I’d become, so scared of being different, that I’d do anything, to blend in with the rest of the crowd………


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“The AC is Not Working,” a Student from Hong Kong Who Dropped Out Killed His Landlord

Violence hits, once again, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

A college student who got expelled from Wen-Hua University from Hong Kong, Mai, yesterday, he’d murdered his seventy-year-old landlord, Lin, after he’d killed the man, he’d called and told the operator, “someone had stopped breathing,” the police investigated and found that he may have been involved; he claimed that his landlord kept telling him to pay rent and that got him angry, that, was why he’d used the excuse of “I need the air-conditioning fixed”, as a lure.

“I can’t find the money to pay the rent, and my landlord kept hurrying me, so, I’d tricked him, and murdered him”, yesterday, as the 22-year-old Mai was questioned by the police, he’d calmly told them of his motive for murder, he’d turned down having a public defender, and didn’t want to notice the consulate or his family in Hong Kong.

Police found, that Mai had come here six years ago, last year as a sophomore, he was expelled because he’d flunked too many of his courses, but still rented the student apartment close to the school.  Mai told the police, that the rent was originally $50,000N.T. a semester, but he was tight on money, he’d asked the landlord to pay it monthly; after he’d paid his rent in September, he didn’t have any more money left, and the landlord, Lin’s notices made him angry, and that, was why he’d lied to the landlord that the air conditioning is not working, and lured him to where he lived.

He claimed, that yesterday at ten in the morn, the landlord Lin came to his place alone, and after a verbal altercation, he’d punched the landlord’s face three, four times, then, bashed the back of the landlord’s head with his dumbbells twice, then, stabbed him in the heart with a fruits knife; in the confrontation, he was unhurt.

The police found, that after Mai committed the murder, he couldn’t’ find a place to dump his landlord’s body, and so, he’d called emergency, claimed to them, “someone had stopped breathing, in need of emergency resuscitation,” the fire department came to the place at one in the afternoon, and saw that it was a homicide, they’d called up the police.

The detective team of Shihlin believed that the kill shot was the slash on the victim’s chest, and that there were blunt force trauma on the back of his head, his forehead, and, believed that he was murdered, then, wrapped up, and disposed of in the hall, they’d immediately reviewed the surveillance, and found that it was the tenant, Mai, and went to the nearby building, and made an arrest, and confirmed that the scene of the crime was Mai’s room.

And because at the time of the incident, all the other tenants were out, the detectives believed that Mai had acted alone; but, there wasn’t any money inside Lin’s wallet, and so, they’re still looking into it as a robbery/murder.  The police said, that after Mai committed the murder, he’d wanted to disposed of the body, but it was hard to move, because there were things, obstructing the path in the hallways, he couldn’t transport the body elsewhere, and so, he’d given up on that thought.

Based off of understanding, the landlord, Lin owned the entire second floor, and separated the space into ten smaller apartments, to get the rent; the family said that he was a very nice person, was kind to the students, that something awful had happened to him, they hoped the D.A. can get to the bottom of this.

And so, see how easily those NUTS still CRACKED???  Because you couldn’t pay the rents, and your landlord is rushing you to pay your rents, you lost it, what happens to E.Q these days, or, are they still just focused on the grades, the I.Q. scores, and letting the REST slide???

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One Out of Six Female Students on MIT Campus Had Been Raped

This, IS the SHOCKING statistics, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology publicized the findings of the surveys on the 27th, and it showed, that of the female students surveyed, about seventeen percent (roughly one-sixth) had been sexually assaulted, and yet, there were only five percent who’d reported it to the authorities, and the male victims took up about five percent.

The New York Times reported, that the survey results in M.I.T. was similar to the survey results that are available today, in a recently quoted research, it pointed out that about nineteen-percent of all of the American female college students had gotten raped or had someone attempted to rape them, but, there was not a survey that dug as deep as the one conducted in M.I.T.

The prestigious schools normally wouldn’t slap its own face.  The co-founder of the “Ending rapes on campuses” organization, Pinot stated that, “it’s important to have a prestigious school like M.I.T. that took the lead”.

The president of M.I.T., Reif, said, that he was deeply unsettled by the result of the surveys, and that rapes are against the core values of the school, that it should NOT exist.  The dean of admissions on the one hand, posted out the ways to prevent rapes on campuses, and on the other, pointed out that there were only thirty-five percent of the population who were interviewed, “the results are not enough to show the entire school’s situation.”

At the end of April this year, MIT handed out surveys to nearly 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students, about 35 percent, 3,844 students who’d replied to the surveys.  The survey defined sexual rape as being improper physically, forcibly kissing, forced fellating (including attempts), or rapes (attempts).  Some of the interviewed said, that when they were not being forced, they’d considered some of these actions to be sexual harassments.

And there were only a five-percent rate of report for rapes, and, half of the interviewed individuals believed that the situation wasn’t serious enough for them, to report it to the schools, and that they were not hurt intentionally.  And there were almost half of those who were interviewed said, that they were at fault too, that, was why they didn’t notify the authorities.

And that, is just a SMALL piece of what’s WRONG with the views of these college students, because they do NOT take these things seriously enough, and, they’d blamed themselves, because they should not have put themselves in that sort of situation in the first place, and guess what THIS teaches the psychos???  NOTHING good, that for sure!  And rapes on these prestigious campuses, I would imagine, would get swept under the rugs, because the school has a REPUTATION to uphold, and, that, would be how those students still suffered in silence!

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When the Homecoming Prince Became the Gunman

From the Associated Press, written by D. Esser, and M. Bellisle, found on

MARYSVILLE, Wash. (AP) — A student recently crowned freshman class Homecoming prince walked into his Seattle-area high school cafeteria Friday and opened fire, killing one person and shooting four others — including two of his cousins — before turning the gun on himself, officials and witnesses said.

Students said the gunman was staring at his victims as he shot them inside the cafeteria at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. The shootings set off a chaotic scene as students ran from the cafeteria and building in a frantic dash to safety, while others were told to stay put inside classrooms at the school 30 miles north of Seattle.

The gunman was identified as student Jaylen Fryberg, a government official with direct knowledge of the shooting told The Associated Press. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Students and parents said Fryberg was a member of a prominent family from the nearby Tulalip Indian tribes and a freshman who played on the high school football team. He was introduced at a football game as a prince in the 2014 Homecoming court, according to a video shot by parent Jim McGauhey.

Marysville Police Commander Robb Lamoureux said the gunman died of a self-inflicted wound, but he could not provide more details.

Shaylee Bass, 15, a sophomore at the school, said Fryberg had recently gotten into a fight with another boy over a girl.

“He was very upset about that,” said Bass, who was stunned by the shooting.

“He was not a violent person,” she said. “His family is known all around town. He was very well known. That’s what makes it so bizarre.”

Three of the victims had head wounds and were in critical condition. Two unidentified young women were at Providence Everett Medical Center, and 15-year-old Andrew Fryberg was at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, a hospital official said.

Another victim, 14-year-old Nate Hatch, was listed in serious condition at Harborview, the hospital said. Family members told KIRO-TV that Andrew Fryberg and Hatch are cousins of Jaylen Fryberg.

Witnesses described the shooter as methodical inside the cafeteria.

Brian Patrick said his daughter, a freshman, was 10 feet from the gunman when the shooting occurred. She ran from the cafeteria and immediately called her mother.

Patrick said his daughter told him, “The guy walked into the cafeteria, pulled out a gun and started shooting. No arguing, no yelling.”

A crowd of parents later waited in a parking lot outside a nearby church where they were reunited with their children. Buses dropped off students evacuated from the school, and some ran to hug their mothers and fathers.

Patrick said after the shooting that his other daughter, a senior at the school, was “hysterical” when she called him from her classroom.

“I thought, ‘God let my kids be safe,” he said.

Some students described Jaylen Fryberg as a happy, popular student, but social media accounts suggested he was struggling with an unidentified problem.

On Wednesday, a posting on his Twitter account read: “It won’t last … It’ll never last.” On Monday, another tweet said: “I should have listened. … You were right … The whole time you were right.”

Marysville-Pilchuck High School has a number of students from the Tulalip Indian tribes.

Ron Iukes, a youth counselor with the tribes, said Jaylen Fryberg was from a well-known tribal family.

“They’re real good people, very loving, a big part of the community,” he said. “Jaylen was one of our good kids. It’s just a shock this happened. I’ve known this boy since he was a baby.”

Nathan Heckendorf, a 17-year-old junior at the high school, said he saw Jaylen Fryberg on Friday morning before the shooting and there was nothing to indicate he was upset.

“He looked happy, everything seemed fine,” Heckendorf said.

State Sen. John McCoy, a tribal member, said the shooting devastated the tribal community.

“We’re all related in one shape or form. We live and work and play together,” he said.

Hundreds of people prayed and sang at a church vigil Friday night for victims and family members.

The Oak Harbor high school football team, which had been set to play Marysville later that night, lined the front row of Grove Church in their purple jerseys. The game was canceled and Oak Harbor offered to give the win to Marysville.

“It’s something we need,” Felecia Thompson said about the vigil. “And getting together right away, we can help move through it.”

And we still have, ANOTHER person who couldn’t handle the stresses from his own life, and took it out on everybody else, and I’m quite certain, that his “homecoming prince” never thought, that he would do something like this, but, the angers or whatever’s pent up inside of him didn’t get sorted out, and, at the single moment in time, it went B-O-O-M, and, the casualties are still, many deaths, and more wounded…and I’m still thinkin’ that this, may well be prevented, but it still wasn’t………so, light that candle, for that vigil thing, until the next time, someone takes another GUN to school and opens FIRE again!







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Over Twenty-Percent of the Children of the Higher Grade Levels in the Elementary Years Were Cyber-Bullied

And NO, you still didn’t hear it from ME!!! From the Education Section of the newspapers, translated…

With the coming on of the cyber age, the bullying of the elementary years had gone online. The newest published research stated, that in the higher grades of the schools in the city, there are already over seventy-percent of children who are using Facebook, and, over twenty-percent of these users had once been bullied on Facebook, for instance, gotten hurt by the rumors, getting ignored and blocked by someone they knew; students with good grades would also ask the crowd on Facebook to bully someone else, and, those who gave kudos, who support this sort of bad behaviors, are even more numerous.

The instructor from Bo-Ai Elementary School, Chen had once handled a case where a student was bullied on Facebook, while he was studying at the criminology graduate studies school in Taipei University, he’d written his thesis on the topic of “the Bullying Relationship of Elementary School Students on Facebook”, he’d sampled over nine-hundred upper class students in the elementary years in the city of Taipei, and asked them about their experiences of being cyber-bullied, recently, he’d held a conference on the subjects in the forum, hosted by the Department of Education.

He’d found, that in the recent three, to four years, the bullying in the schoolyards had gone “hi-tech” and became cyber bullying now, because normally, the instructors would be in the classrooms, and, it would be easy for a student, to attack another; but, when the kids got home, a lot of the parents are allowing their kids to go online without restrictions, especially, with how user-friendly Facebook is, and how fast things spread on there, and there were functions to block, to become cliques, it’d exacerbated the conditions of group bullying.

Chen’s research found, that 73.3% of the kids in the higher grades of the elementary school years use Facebook, and out of those 22.7% were bullied on Facebook, the most widely used scenario: the classmates talked trash about you, or ignoring you on purpose, or, having other people isolate you.

The investigations showed, that over fifteen percent of elementary school student in the higher grades had once bullied someone else on Facebook; and, there were more than forty percent of the students, who just watched, as someone in their classes got bullied.

The research also discovered, that students who are highly nervous, more sensitive, easily angered, or anxious, are less popular in the groups, and are more easily to become the victims of Facebook bullying, because the victims would often block the abusers, to protect themselves.

As for the abusers who were once abused on Facebook, the boys outnumbered the girls. Chen said, what’s worth more of our attention is, the abused turned abusers in the schools are mostly those children with bad grades, and the troublemakers in school, however, those who used Facebook to bully others, are not necessarily not doing well in school.

Chen had once discovered, that there were those students who were making high grades, who seemed well-behaving enough, who are loved by their instructors, because she’s the leader of the class, she’d gotten together, with her clique, and bullied those she didn’t liked, and that would make the victims’ lives even harder.

So see, this, is another BAD thing about using FB, I mean, sure, FB IS the INNEST way to “connect” right now, I mean, who wouldn’t want to know what everyone’s doing, every minute of every day, right? But, this is still a HUGE problem, because kids are still bullying each other, because they can, because nobody’s setting them straight, and, even IF the teacher told the kids to stop bullying one another, you think that those children would listen to their school instructors?  HECK NO!

The More One Relies on Facebook, the More Likely One Can Become Victims or the Bullies

Chen, the elementary school instructor pointed on, in order to prevent the bullying on Facebook, the parents should make the rules of online time with the kids, rather than restricting them from using, and start caring about the kids’ friendships; when you find that you’re kids were blocked, or singled out, you may ask the school teachers to step in to help out.

Chen said, the elementary students now, are using Facebook regularly, and there more likely they’re to fall victim to this cyberbullying. The parents would make up the rules of how the kids must finish their school work, before they can log onto Facebook, and, when their coursework became affected by their Facebook usage, then, they will be banned from using.

Chen suggested the parents to give the kids enough privacy, when they’re using Facebook on a regular basis; but, you need to communicate with your children, and know their account names, passwords, so you can get a hang of your kids’ friendships, that way, you can help when something seems off.

As for the school teachers, Chen suggested, that they need to educate the students, that once they were bullied on Facebook, they must come forth and seek out help; especially, the instructors should encourage the bystanders, to NOT keep silent, to tell the teachers immediately, so the instructors can help mediate the tension that’s happening in the interpersonal relationships on Facebook.

And, if the instructors are observant enough, they can discover the bullied easily. Chen told the example, that two years ago, the sixth grade class he taught, there was a young girl who didn’t play with the other kids, but would come to him to talk, and, after he’d inquired, he’d learned, that she was singled out by her Face friends, everybody called her a “tattle-tell”, a fake.

And so, Chen called up the leader girl who started the bullying, to communicate, and through the fieldtrips along with other group activities, to close the distance of the victim and the perp, and he was able to effectively resolve the situations. The student who were bullied are mostly less confident, and the teachers can encourage these children, to take up leadership roles in the Face groups, to prevent showing off, and posting untruthful statements on FB, that can also help the interpersonal relationships to get better.

And so, this is still NOT YO MAMAS’ or YO DADDIES’ bullying NO more that’s for sure, and, with how popular FB is getting these days, that, would be how bullying happens, and this, is just as bad as cyberbullying, oh wait, it IS cyberbullying, and, there was this one girl who committed SUICIDE because she was bullied on Facebook from before, I know, I’d written about that when it got “presented” to me in the papers already!

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Watering the Plants and Accidentally Sprayed Some Water onto His Classmate, the First Year Middle School Boy Got Beaten Until His Liver Ruptured

How easily they still get angered at that age???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A first-year middle school student, Lin was watering the plants outside of his classroom and accidentally sprayed some water onto his female classmate, Lin, two days ago, the male student was beaten by the group she’d called up to get revenge, the male student had subdural hematoma, along with a ruptured liver as a result of the beating, the police yesterday called on the six suspects who took it too far, and that was when they realized, that they’d “done something awful”, and changed their fierce ways and begged, “We won’t do it again!”

The police investigated that the female student, Lin (age 13) on the latter half of the month of September, was walking outside on the campus, and Lin was watering the plants, and the water got splashed onto her, the female got angered, and asked the boy to apologize to her, but he’d refused, that evening, she’d written on Facebook, “I’m going to beat you, I’m going to kick you”, etc., etc., etc., and other statements of her displeasure.

Another older classman from the same school, Pan (age 15) found this, he’d told the younger girl, “I’ll get him for you!”, two afternoons ago at around six, he’d asked along Chiu (age 15) from the same school, along with a dropout, Liu (age 15), Tseng (age 17), and Chien (age 17), a total of four guys, they first forced Lin in front of the stage, told him to apologize to the underclass girl, Lin wouldn’t, and it’d angered everybody there.

“I’ll kill you!”, Pan and others started beating on the victim, and after that, they’d dragged him to a park nearby, and kicked and punched him some more there, after they’d gotten their angers out, they all went their separate ways, and, just so happens that the student’s older sister was on her way home and discovered him, she’d immediately told their parents, and they’d rushed him, who was barely breathing, to the hospital.

Lin was seriously damaged, he had a subaracnoid hemorrhage, a ruptured liver, and contusions on all four of his limbs, and now, he’s still unconscious, lying, on a hospital bed, the family was really mad and reported to the police, and claimed that they will get those responsible to pay.

The female student Lin, along with six others yesterday came forth to the station, and, as they realized the extent of their actions, they’d fallen silent at the subprecinct.  As the officers interrogated them, the female student apologized and said, “I now know what I did was wrong!”, afterwards, the police sent all six teens who were involved, to juvenile court.

The school told, that Lin was from a single-parent household, her father works away from home, she’s now, living with her uncle from her mother’s side.  When she was in the elementary years, she’d met some bad friends online, and had prior of having someone she met online help her to handle similar things, as she’d entered middle school, she was often found in detention at school.  The other two students who were involved in the beating were also problematic students, the last year student, Pan, was a dropout, and two weeks ago, he’d stopped coming to school.

Forget about using your words, it doesn’t work!  Now, the kids turn to VIOLENCE, and, it’s NO longer limited to beating the CRAP out of one another on the playgrounds when someone took your spot in playing on the swings or whatever now, and, this young woman still cracked too easily, and, just because the boy accidentally sprayed water onto your heads, and REFUSED to apologize, that’s still NO reason to have your gang, to beat the CRAP out of him, and now, the boy is in a coma, and, you’re faced with MURDER charges, is that worth it?  I think N-O-T!

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How Could Ten Years Be Enough for Rape?

This, is NOT only degrading, but very demeaning too, and, it SURELY took the J-U-R-Y, LONG enough, to “arrive” at their decisions that’s for certain, from…

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A Montana teacher was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison in a notorious student rape case that dragged on for years and led to the censure of a judge who partially blamed the victim.

Stacey Dean Rambold, 55, was resentenced by a new judge exactly a year after he completed an initial one-month prison term for the crime.

Rambold appeared to grimace as Friday’s sentence was read by Judge Randal Spaulding. He was then handcuffed and led away by deputies, pausing briefly to exchange words with family as he exited the courtroom.

Rambold pleaded guilty last year to a single count of sexual intercourse without consent in the 2007 rape of 14-year-old Cherice Moralez, a freshman in his Billings Senior High School business class. She committed suicide in 2010.

Rambold’s attorney had argued for a two-year sentence, pointing out that the defendant had no prior criminal record, underwent sex offender treatment and was considered by the state as a low risk to re-offend.

Spaulding indicated that the nature of the crime outweighed those factors.

“I considered your abuse and exploitation of your position of trust as a teacher, and specifically Cherice’s teacher,” Spaulding told the defendant.

The state Supreme Court in April overturned Rambold’s initial sentence, citing in part comments from Judge G. Todd Baugh, who suggested the victim shared responsibility.

Baugh was censured and suspended for 31 days. He’s stepping down when his terms ends in January.

Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito said he was pleased with the new sentence, which included five additional years of prison time that were suspended.

“The criminal justice system worked today,” he said.

John Moralez, the father of the victim, said he had hoped for a longer sentence, but added that 10 years was better than the one-month Rambold previously served.

During the hearing, Twito asked Judge Spaulding to reject attempts by Rambold’s attorney to make the victim’s conduct with her teacher a factor in the sentencing.

That included references by the defendant’s attorney to video-taped interviews of the victim recorded by law enforcement prior to her death. Those recordings, which have never been made public, had been cited by Baugh during his sentencing.

Under state law, children under 16 cannot consent to sexual intercourse.

“The last thing we want to do is sit here in the criminal justice system and say, ‘What is the age?’ It doesn’t matter. Fourteen is way too young,” Twito said. “There has to be punishment. … Punishment means prison.”

Rambold’s attorney, Jay Lansing, responded that there was no statute preventing the court from considering Moralez’s conduct. He pointed out that prosecutors had not objected to comments about the videotaped interview during Rambold’s first sentencing hearing.

Lansing requested for his client a two-year sentence in the custody of the Department of Corrections, with another 13 years suspended. That would have allowed Rambold to serve his time in a community setting rather than prison.

Rambold broke down crying during a brief statement to the court. He said he was sorry for his actions and had worked hard to make himself a better person. In a recent letter to the court, he lamented the international publicity the case attracted.

“No one can really appreciate and understand what it feels like to have so many people actually hate you and be disgusted by you,” Rambold wrote. “I do not mention this for the sake of sympathy, but it has been hard.”

It was uncertain if the new sentence would be appealed, Lansing said.

After the death of Moralez, the prosecution’s primary witness, Twito’s office in 2010 struck a deal with Rambold that initially allowed him to avoid prison altogether.

Rambold, however, violated that agreement by having unauthorized visits with relatives’ children and entering into a relationship with an adult woman without telling his counselor. As a result, the case was revived and Rambold pleaded guilty.

Two additional counts sexual intercourse without consent were dropped under the deal with prosecutors.

During last year’s sentencing, Baugh suggested Moralez had as much control over her rape as the defendant and said she “appeared older than her chronological age.” He gave Rambold a 15-year term with all but one month suspended.

That triggered an appeal from the office of Attorney General Tim Fox, and ultimately resulted in the case being reassigned to Spaulding.

How, can this be JUST?  I mean, LIVES had been LOST here, and, how is JUST TEN years BE enough, to make up for the girl who took HER life after this LOSER instructor raped her?  So, as you can see, in these cases, punishment will NEVER fit the crimes!  And parents, would YOU feel safe, is a M***ER F***ING son-of-a-BITCH (b/c that, is what this is!) works in your child’s schools?  Yeah…

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The Shooting that Resulted in Seven Death in California, the Shooter is the Son of the Assistant Director of Hunger Games

Let’s see the EVOLUTION of THIS P-S-Y-C-H-O, shall we???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The police publicized the details of the shooting in University of California, Santa Barbara on the 24th, and pointed out, that the twenty-two year old killer, Elliot Roger first stabbed three people to death in his Vista Island Apartment Complex, then, went to the crowded streets and started shooting the passersby, causing another three deaths and three injuries, in the end, he committed suicide in his own car, and, the total casualty was seven deaths and thirteen injured, and, of the thirteen injured, there were those in life-threatening conditions too.

Rogers is the son of the assistant director of “The Hunger Games”.  The way he’d gone about killing was similar to his confessions of killing that he’d posted online.  In reality, he’d only acted according to plans, it’s just that something fell out of his plans and he ended up shooting and murdering innocent passersby.  This confession was posted online few hours prior to his shooting rampage, he claimed that the day he’d shot people was a “day of karma”.

The County Deputy of Santa Barbara, Brown said, that Roger first stabbed three men to death in his student apartment complex, then, he’d brought his legally bought three semi-automatic guns and over four hundred bullets, drove to the Alpha Phi sorority house nearby, knocked on the doors, and, had wanted to gone according to his plans, to kill all the girls there.  Someone heard Roger

knock, but didn’t answer it at all.

And, Rogers’s plans of killing the sorority sisters didn’t go well, but he was undeterred, he’d started shooting at random, killed three female students, causing two deaths and one seriously injured.  Then, Rogers drove to a fast-food shop, killed a man in his twenties, Christopher Martinez.  And, he’d shot at passersby while driving, and had had two confrontations with the police.  Rogers hit a bicycle and another car, after the car stopped, Rogers pointed the gun at his own head and pulled the trigger.  Brown said, that Rogers, in ten different places, had created twelve different crime scenes.

In the over one-hundred forty pages of his confessions online, he’d stated that he hated the girls who rejected him, and hated the guys who isolated him.  He was upset about his own virginity, hated how the girls only liked the guys who “others despised” or the men who looked down on him, and that intelligent guys like him, nobody loved, that this, was the “biggest flaw in human nature”, and said, that he was to “punish ALL females who wouldn’t allow him to have a sex life”.

And the title of his own confession was “My Twisted World”, the last chapter was, “The sixth part: Santa Barbara: the Last Stage/ages nineteen to twenty-two”.  He said that he had originally planned his killing spree for April 26, but he had the flu, and couldn’t go through with it.

The Parents Called the Cops, But the Cops Didn’t Incarcerate Him

Did the police miss the change to STOP Elliot Rogers from going on his killing rampage?  Roger’s parents, the film producer, Peter Rogers and his wife, a month ago called it in, that they were uneasy about their son’s confessions online, that the contents were all about murders and how he was to carry them out.  Last month, the police DID go to Rogers’s apartment, and, Rogers stated in his web confessions that “gladly, the police didn’t find out about the plans”>

The police admitted that Rogers’s families had once called them up before the shooting occurred.  The Santa Barbara County Sheriff Brown stated, that the police had three run-ins with Rogers, the most important time was on April 30, when his family clearly stated to them, to check into his actions.

Brown said, “the police believed him to be courteous and friendly”, Roger himself stressed to them over, and over again, that nothing is the matter, and the cops that visited him finally took off the alerts.  Brown said, “the police believed that he didn’t fit the criteria of in need of being taken into custody based off of his mental conditions.  That he was merely shy and timid.”  Rogers, in his confessions online, described how he felt relieved when the police didn’t see through his murderous plans.  He wrote, “In those few fearful seconds, I thought everything was over.”

So here, you see, ANOTHER nut, CRACKING, and it’s still a combination of his nature AND nurture, he is somewhat antisocial, an outcast, wanted to belong but couldn’t find a place, getting rejected by people a lot, and, his environment had exacerbated the bad parts of his nature, like how he felt rejected and depressed, and, all of that, because his motive to kill, and, this could’ve been prevented still, had someone only TAKEN the time to understand him, but, NOBODY did, and, he felt ALL alone…







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