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The Day Following the Victims’ Reporting of the Sexual Harassments, the Victims Were Pressured, there’s a Leak in Personal Data Suspected

Being RE-victimized here, because the information had, leaked out, in an originally, what-would-have-been, confidential call!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There were, already EIGHT victims who’d come out to accuse the assistant spokesperson of Tainan City government, Yi already, the Taiwan Youth Right & Welfare Advancement League already filed the reports to the local domestic violence prevention center, and notified the Examination Department on the Department of Education’s lagging on supervision of the backgrounds of the youth lecturers.  But the league told, that the day following the reports, there were the victims who were demanded by Yi to drop their accusations against him, and used the groups to pressure the individuals, and the victims were suspected of having their personal data leaked out.

A victim described, that it was during the seminar camps that he’d been invited by Yi to his room to discuss the special case, he’d turned Yi down, but Yi still continually harassed him verbally, and wrapped his arms around his waist, and his shoulders continually in the seminars, that awhile ago, he’d filed a complaint with the city government along with the youth division of the Department of Education in Tainan the following day, and Yi had found him the next day, used his friend’s to try to get him to drop the case against him.

Lin the C.E.O. of the Children & Youth Welfare League told, that the reports of the case had, immediately, leaked out, and Yi started calling up the adolescents and children he knew, and pressured them, “Did you, misinterpret my behaviors?”, “you need to vouch for me in front of the press!”, to the point of knowing who it was that that made the call, and called the individual to ask him to clarify and used the groups that the victim was in to pressure him, causing yet more damages on the victim’s life.

The youth division of the Department of Education stressed, that the case is sensitive, to protect the related individuals, everything is to remain, confidential.

Yeah uh, this still just showed, how easily information leaked out, too quick too, and this LOSER definitely had ties with the agencies where these reports were filed, otherwise, how the HELL could he possible know the identity of the youths who’d tattled on him?  So yeah, the youths’ privacy got invaded, and they got, molested too.  With the law, doing, DIDDILY SQUAT to protect them!

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The Predatory Coach Who’d Sexually Molested a Total of Seventeen Adolescents & Children Receive a Heavy Sentence of 236 Years

Yeah, as if, any amount of prison time would be, enough to, make it up, for what this mother @#$%ER (maxed out!) had done!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Lo used his time of volunteering as a coach at the elementary school basketball teams, taking the young boys out, sexually assaulted, molested a total of seventeen adolescents and children, the Hualien District Court found him guilty on twenty-five cases of sexual molestation on a child by adult, based off of the one charge one punishment, recently, the courts sentenced Lo to 236 years ten months, and he will serve a combined sentence of thirty full years, this can still be appealed.

The verdict pointed out, that Lo had molested the children in the elementary years a total of eighty-four times from before, and sentenced to two years, and five years of probation, and yet, during his probation, he’d taken the opportunities of his work as a basketball coach in the elementary schools in Hualien, attempted to rape, to molest multiple young boy, he was prosecuted by the Hualien D.A.’s Office last year in June.

The courts found, that Lo worked as an assistant coach with the basketball teams, followed the teams as they traveled out of district to compete, and had paid for the students’ meals out, and taken to saunas to soak, and later, some of the victims started fearing physical contacts with other people, and there were the boys who’d originally loved playing basketball, who’d, suddenly hated it, the parents found something off, and inquired them, and that was when this predatory voluntary coach’s behaviors got found out, and the parents reported it to the schools that hired him.

The verdict pointed out, that from 2019 to 2021, Lo had had the boys comply to him to do the health checks on the victim boys in his car, in his bedroom at home, in the elementary school restrooms, and the basketball courts, etc., etc., etc., molested multiple boys, and had forced the young children to fellate him, and took footage of the acts.

deserving NO chance of, parole! Photo from online

In the interrogations, Lo tried to explain that the coaches normally pay attention to the players’ health conditions, that they would check for injuries on their players, that it was, out of goodwill, as for keeping the footages, it was an accident, that he’d, accidentally taken the shots, that he’d not intended to obstruct the students’ sexual freedoms.

The Collectivist Courts found, that the victimized male students all made similar claims, and there were the victims who’d drawn out the home of the coach, and the police, the district attorney also found the photographs, the footages of Lo molesting the victims in his cell phone, in his hard drive in his computer at home too, and, found that he was guilty of six counts of raping the victims against their will, and twenty-five times for molestation, that his keeping the footages of the children he’d molested and raped on records, breaking the law of prevention of exploitation.

The judge of the Hualien District Court, Huang stated, that Penal Code 51 had “the combined sentencing of the multiple charges of the defendant shall not exceed thirty years”, and the Collectivist Courts decided to give him the highest limit of the sentences of thirty years.

And this is still not, harsh enough punishment for this, sexual predator who’d, used the opportunity to victimize his students, and even if he got out of prison an elderly man, who’s to say, that he won’t, offend again, after all, sexual predators come in all shapes, and sizes, and ages too, and this is still nowhere, NEAR, severe enough for this predator here.

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The Policies Didn’t Get Set Up, the Rules Kept Changing, Tiring Out the Adults, as Well as the Children, a Mother Pulled Her Young Son to the Vaccination Station

How the government sits, high, high, high up, inside, that god damn, IVORY towers, on their, thrones, while all of us, ordinary citizens are, crawling, begging, for all the resources that we’re, in need of, to defend ourselves, and this time, it’s the children’s lives that’s, at risk!  But hey, there’s nothing we can do, we are a people, enslaved, by our, government, remember???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“The policies kept on changing, trying the parents, as well as the children too”, “We can’t wait until after the Dragon Boat Festivals, we must, get the kids vaccinated now”, the Central Government set up the large vaccination stations for young children all across Taiwan, a lot of parents learned on the news, and, rushed the children over to get their vaccinations, across the districts they live in, and the parents complained, that they’d been, tired out.

The city of Tainan had set up the major children BNT vaccine stations in Yongkang District, a lot of parents from other districts took their young, flooded in, there were the families that drove for more than thirty, forty minutes to get to the station, a parent, Sun stated, that he’d thought that the schools had unified in administering the vaccinations on the school campus, but the school told that they’re not doing it anymore, that the parents needed to go online, to sign their own children up, but she’d logged on too late, and couldn’t get her child signed up, later, she’d learned in time, that there was a large-scale vaccination location that’s set up, two days ago, she’d finally signed her child up, and drove all the way from Hsinshih District, to get her child vaccinated, complained that “the government kept changing the policies, we all worried, that our kids might contract MERS, but thankfully, I got my son his, vaccination today!”

Another parent told, that the vaccines are hard to sign up for, he’d finally got his son signed up for the vaccines on June sixth, worried that it might come too late, if the school start the physical classroom sessions, and his child’s vaccinations hadn’t begun working, then, it would be awful, if his child contracted, but thankfully for the large-scale vaccination stations set up, he’d immediately gone online to cancel the appointment he’d already made, called in an absent from work, took his child from the southern district of the city to Yongkang to get vaccinated.

and, here’s, what one of those, children’s vaccination stations, look like here!

photo from online

Mrs. Kuo from Kaohsiung told, “no matter how busy we are, we will, make the time, I can even begin to imagine the tragedies of my child contracting.”, she’d pulled her fourth grade son early in the morning out, rushed to the exhibition hall in Kaohsiung, because she couldn’t sign him up from two nights ago, as she saw there’s the “vaccinations as you come in” program, she’d gotten there with her son early, worried that there may be limited slots, and as she was told, that there was no limited number of dosages, she’d finally, let out, that sigh of, relief.

Lin, the father of two in Kaohsiung, with a second and a fifth grade child, the school’s vaccination schedule is until after the Dragon Boat Festivals, and he’d thought, that the sooner they get vaccinated, the sooner they can feel, more at ease.  To get the slots, he and his wife kept watch on the openings on two separate home computers, as soon as the opening for the sign up came, they’d, gone in to sign up, and, they were able to get their kids the assigned slots at the large-scale BioNTech vaccine stations, but, at different times, but thankfully, one of the slot was before the other, that it wasn’t, too, troubling, they’re blessed, to be able to, sign their kids up!

And so, this is, exactly like how from the very beginning, when, ALL of us, adults fought for that sign up, for the limited slots of vaccines, at the very start when the vaccinations had begun being, administered, and this is still the government’s fault, it loved seeing us, suffer, fight for the limited resources (first it’s the masks, then the vaccines, most recently, the quick scan kits, and now the kids’ vaccines too!), that still just showed, how the higher up of the government, does NOT give a flying FUCK (don’t pardon me!) about we the people, because as long as their asses are firmly, planted onto the THRONE, they will enjoy watching the rest of us, ordinary citizens, gravel, crawl, beg for the resources that we desperate need to protect ourselves against this pandemic.

it said that the CDC, added, another, SIX more large scale vaccination locations for the children’vaccines today, and this was from TWO days ago! Photo from online

And what’s worse is, we are all, allowing the government to, kill us off, believe it or don’t!

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Families or, Outsider

Caught in her mother’s, mind games, and she hadn’t, figured, a way out yet, and so, she continues to, enable her mother in her, bad behaviors!  Translated…

My parents were divorced when I was young, three, five………or maybe even, younger?  I really don’t, remember, but I can’t, recall what “home” looked like.

I’d followed my father and stepmother to live for a while, in my, not happy enough but without the worries childhood years, and, in high school, I’d, gone to live with my mother, at the family home that she got, remarried to, and started, my not bright-colored, filled with dreams, teen.  I think, it took me a lot, to make myself grow up fine, tried my hardest, to learn what exactly, this world is to, teach me, to learn about the relationships, the love, that aren’t, constants in my life, to get to know, what families, and family members, look, like.

Until I had left home, become independent on my own, started renting away, I’d started, trying to, understand the meaning of, family.

My mother is remarried, she’s taking care of her other family, I had three more siblings, and we’d spent the New Year’s holidays together, gone out, and gathered for meals.  And, as my mother worked too hard, felt too bad, after she’d felt taken, and gotten drunk, she’d called me up, to pour her heart out to me, cried about how the home she now had, did not show her, enough, respect, the complaints came one by one: how bad the foods tasted in that home of hers, how she and her new families are having disagreements on the delegations of the chores around the house, the frictions she’d had with those family members of hers.  Every time as I’d done hearing her, I was the one, getting too upset, because that is what I’d lacked, growing up!  Then, I’d walked out of my place, like I was, getting someone back, went to my mother’s, home, with the words, sharpened like the swords, my eyes, sharp like the arrows, like I was, getting even.

But, who am I, getting even for?

Then, my mother would, switch her tone, and soothe me, told me that it was, all right, then, my anger made me into, an outsider of that, family, I’d turned into, that, outsider.

And, turned out, the hardest of the choices, wasn’t who I want to live with when my parents got divorced; nor is it, whether or not I’d answered the phones, to hear whoever was on the other end pouring her/his heart out to me.  This difficult choice that God had sent my way, which side do I belong, in the realms of, family relations, so I can, feel, like, I’m not, the, odd one, out?

And so, this is how bad these parents are, they made their kids choose sides, and, this mother had, manipulated her own young, to feel sorry for her, by emotionally blackmailing the child, perhaps, to make her feel more important, like in the cases of Munchausen by proxy, to get the attention on her, and this child feel, too tired of all of this now, and still hadn’t a clue of how to stop her mother from doing this, and this child unknowingly, became, the enabler of her/his own mother’s, emotional blackmail.

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Head of CDC, What if, These are, Your Kids

Yeah, but they’re, not, so, I really couldn’t, give a, FUCK!  That, is the response of the head of the CDC, Chen, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislators were asked by the parents, that there was a student who was up north in his studies, who’d had a high fever during his quarantine, with the stuffiness of his chest, that he’d gone by the protocols, called up the related agencies, but not gotten an answer back from the government agencies, it’d worried his parents in Taichung so.

As the head of the CDC, Chen was asked about this situation, first, he’d questioned the motives of the legislator’s asking the question, then said, that the students are responsible for caring for themselves, that the schools won’t leave them alone.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Chen is also a parent too, how could he possibly say this?  How hard it is, for an ill adult, to care for her/himself, let alone, a student who’s away from her/his family.

Director Chen, “the hearts of parents all around you should empathize”, if this were your child, will you still say, that college students are old enough, to take care of themselves?

Yep, this just showed how LACK of empathy, these god damn government officials of the DDP are, like how the train accidents from before, the head of transportation waved that off, like it was nothing, or the total number of deaths that’s occurred so far in the outbreaks, the government officials could careless, and how the president was so clueless, on that “tour of duty” she’d made, to see the locations hit hardest by the typhoons from before, and yeah, we the people are, on our own, because we can’t count on this god damn GOVERNMENT, to do anything for us here!

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The Father Who’s an Addict Used His Own Infant Son Like a Punching Bag

The physical abuse of this young infant boy, by his own, father, and finally, the neighbors, decided to, put an end to this, abuse that’s been, ongoing, for way too long already, because I’m more than certain, that this wasn’t, the very first time!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Used a Belt to Beat the Infant Boy, Smothered Him with the Quilts

There was the shocking news of a one-month-old infant boy who’d gotten punched more than dozens of times by his father who’d been high on substance, the father was suspected of using his belt, to whip the infant male continuously, then, smothering him with a quilt, the cruel methods the man used to abuse his own infant son was, atrocious; the police were called, and arrested the man, and took him in on physical assault charges, as the D.A. interrogated the man, they’d asked for the courts to mandate him into custody, which the courts signed off on, the infant male was sent to the hospital, and thankfully, he wasn’t in any life-threatening danger.

The incident happened at around one in the morn yesterday, the police investigated, that the man, Hsien, about thirty years of age, is a construction worker of a company in Shinying District, he’d gotten addicted to the illegal substances, had multiple priors in illegal substances, midnight last night after he’d abused the substance at home, he was suspected of taking a belt, and continually whipping, smothering his own young infant son, and, the baby was naked, and couldn’t withstand the abuse, continued to let out the shrilling cries nonstop, the families couldn’t deter the man from abusing the child, other than recording the videos of him abusing his own young with their cell phones, the families also called the cops.

like this, with, a much, harder, force! Photo from online

The substation sent the officers over, to stop Hsieh in his abuse of his own young infant son, arrested him, and quickly, took the infant to the hospital, and at the preliminary checks, other than the multiple contusions the infant boy sustained on his arms, legs, most of his injuries were only on the surfaces, the infant was in no critical danger, and is now, staying at the hospitals for observations.

The social services of Tainan immediately stepped in, the city councilman, Lee also rushed over to see how the infant was doing, the man’s wife cried, as she’d told of how after her husband started abusing the illegal substances, how badly he’d acted, and, she had, tried to stop him from hurting the infant, but, he’d, hollered for her to get out, the man didn’t speak a single word as the police took him into the station, the police changed him on assault, and sent him to the D.A.’s offices, the courts mandated the man’s custody.

As the locals learned of the infant abuse from the internet streams, they were all angered, and started stating that they wanted to teach the man a lesson, as the police learned, they’d already tried to, talk the members of the public out of taking the matter into their own hands, Lee, the city councilman stated, that the city’s priority is in protecting the mother and the infant male, and asked the outside world, to try and not disturb the family more, that leave everything to the law.

And so, this is how, this man, used his own, INFANT son as a PUNCHING bag, and, I’m sure, that the beating of this young infant male had occurred, even when the man wasn’t high, it’s just, that it got worse when he got high, and, the mother of the child can’t do a thing, because she’s, fearing her own, safety too, as in most of these cases would be, but thankfully, the infant boy was rescued out, and the man is looking at hard time in prison now.

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The Orphans that the Vaccines, Forgot

An educator, with a sixth-grader, at home, was who wrote this, on how her daughter and her class, the entire, SIXTH grade student body is all, getting, @#$%ED up, because the vaccines aren’t available for their, “age group”, and, it’s still, all the government’s fault too, for setting up these, stupid rules of who can and get not get the vaccines where, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

My daughter, the group of, sixth graders, many of them were born between September, 2011 and April 30th, 2012.  From before as the vaccines were approved for children over age 12, they were still under twelve, couldn’t receive the vaccinations; and now, the school age children from ages six to eleven were opened up for vaccination at school, but they’d, turned twelve already, the school told us, that they weren’t, in the registry rosters.  But, there were, no first doses of the quantity of vaccines of the twelve year-olds in the clinics outside of school, they are, the children, forgotten, by the, systems here!

There is, a huge group of sixth graders in the population who are, orphans of the vaccines!  Hope that the government can take note of them.

SHIT, is what this is, I mean, from before, there’s, NO vaccines for this group of children that are, in this age group, because from before, the vaccines hadn’t been, okayed for children yet, and now, as they are “of age”, the school can’t vaccinate them, because, the government only allowed the children from six to eleven to get vaccinated at their schools, and so, the age group of twelve-year-olds are, all gonna, D-I-E, and it’s still all because of this, stupid, god damn, SYSTEM!

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The Young Toddler in Critical Condition after Just ONE Day of Being Placed with the Nanny

Because the kid’s only been left with the nanny for one day, and this became of him, and so, we are bound to deduct, that it’s the nanny who’d not looked after this young infant boy closely enough, but, the real facts hadn’t come out yet, so…but, someone IS, responsible for what happened to this young boy!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Hospital Found Signs of Abuse, the Nanny Claimed that the Toddler Choked on the Formula then Fell into a Coma, the D.A. & Police Checked the Child, Found Him to Have Old & New Injuries, and is Now Looking into Who Abused Him

A young boy, Yi, of a year and ten months of age, two evenings ago, fell into a coma two evenings ago, was rushed into the E.R. by his nanny, Hsia, he was found with multiple bruises on his body, subdural hematoma.  The police investigated, Hsia claimed that the infant had choked on the formula, that was why she’d rushed him in, and was unclear as to how he came to have the bruises over him, but the parents of the boy told, that when they’d handed their son to the nanny, he didn’t have any injuries on him, pressed charges of physical assault on the nanny. The investigators found the young boy to have multiple injuries on him old and new, but, who had abused him, they will clarify that through investigations after the hospital evaluations come out.

The police found, that the nanny, Hsia started looking after the one year-old boy Yi, started on the evening of the 24th this month, on the evening of the 25th, the boy was taken in, it was only, a day’s time, the police questioned about the time of the injuries, and the results are pending until the hospital’s reports come out.

Based off of understanding, the boy sustained the injuries of subdural hematoma, a fractured skull, retinal hematoma, redness, bruising on the lips, body, the wounds were numerous, and some were old, while others are, new, and, if the boy’s injuries were caused by the nanny, or someone else, is the focus of the police investigations right now.

After the interrogations at the D.A.s office, the nanny was listed as a defendant, the toddler’s persons as related individuals, the police aren’t ruling out a third person who’s involved, and will be comparing the evidence, the statements made by both sides, to clarify the facts of the case.

An individual, Chen who claimed he was related to the family disclosed, that two afternoons ago, the nanny, Hsia had texted the parents the photo of their child, and at ten in the evening, she’d notified the parents, that the boy choked on his formula, and was in the E.R.; the families rushed to the hospital, and the nanny had, left, and not told them exactly what had happened.

The individual from online, Chen told, that the nanny stated that the injuries weren’t caused by her, that he’d bitten his own tongue when she fed him the bottle, that she’d not called an ambulance, but drove him to the hospital herself.

The Social Services of Taichung told, that Hsia didn’t have a certification of operation for a daycare center, that if she’d taken in the children unlawfully, she will be fined anywhere from $6,000N.T. to $30,000N.T.s.

And so, let’s put aside, whether or not this nanny was certified, and the facts are this, a child is injured, and someone should be held accountable for that, it’s just that as all the details of the case hadn’t come out in the open yet, we still can’t tell, who’s fault it is, but the least, neglect, and maybe, abuse too.

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What I Couldn’t, Recall, from Before…

What I couldn’t, recall, from before, it all came, flooding back, into my mind, too fast, I can’t, process them, and the dusts never, settled down fully, nothing was, calm, again!

What I couldn’t, recall, from before, why are they, all hitting me hard now?  Why do I need to, remember, all of these things of pain from my younger years, why can’t my mind, just, keep me, deceived, as it’d done before, huh?

difficulties accessing the memories locked inside the brains! Image from online

What I couldn’t, recall, from before, it’d all, come back out, of the darkness of my, unconscious, passing through the grays of the, subconscious, into, the consciousness that’s me!  What I couldn’t, recall, from before, they’re all coming back, one by one, a fact here, a fact there, several on a day, none on the next, too many to cope on the following day after that.

Until, until, everything that’s happened to me in the past, presented themselves, collectively, to me, inside, that, Pandora’s, box………

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The Boy Who was Intrigued by the Military Vehicles

A child who was born to an immigrated parent, who’d gone, missing now, translated…

My student, Hsin-Yo handed me his essay assignment, the topic was, “Something I Want to Say to You”.  I’d had him write his name on it, he’d spoken to me in a barely audible voice, “Teacher, only you need to know I wrote this, don’t show it to anyone else, don’t post it on the classroom publishing either.”  I’d lowered my head, the words that came to my sight had, “Mom, come back!  If you didn’t go back to Vietnam, still stayed in Taiwan, just come back!  Although I knew, that grandma hadn’t been nice to you, but she’d fallen ill, and eldest aunt was tried in her own home, and her business too, the house is currently a huge mess!”

what the boy enjoyed drawing…

sketch from online

I’d sighed, and recalled, that Hsin-Yo came to writing class back in the third grade, as I just written an example sentence on the board, the other kids tattled on him, “Hsin-Yo is drawing in class!”, I went close to take a look, on the paper, he’d drawn a ton of guns, cannons, tanks, and not a single sentence he’d written, but, those drawings looked, awesome!  “You are an amazing artist, but just not now.  If you can write the sentences first, I’ll allow you to draw as much as you like, if you ran out of paper, then, I’ll give you more.”

“What?  Really!  Then, give me a few minutes, I’ll write the sentences first then, I’ll be done in a few moments!”, and, ever since, Hsin-Yo finished his writing assignment first, then, he’d gotten lost, in drawing, the assortment of, weapons.  Once, the topic of writing I gave to the class was, “My Talent”, he did a thorough analysis of the tanks used in World War II, and at the end, he’d written that he hoped to become a great commander of the tanks.  I’d, posted that article on the periodical of the class, and he was known for his expertise in weapons since then.  Later on, we got to see the assortment of three-dimensional weapons made from cardboards, the recyclable chopsticks, the rubber bands, the assortments of arms he’d made that were three-dimensional.  one day, he’d come to me shyly, presented to me, a tank, “here teacher, a tank I made for you!”, I’d, gladly accepted his gift, and, although, on my ride home, I’d, accidentally, squished that tank, but, the weights of that tank stayed exactly the same from the start.

Last May, due to the outbreaks, the cram school sessions were, halted, and, at the online school sessions, Hsin-Yo didn’t show up, as school resumed back in September, Hsin-Yo who should be in his first year of middle school, still, a no-show.  The kids told me that Hsin-Yo wasn’t coming back, I’d asked the class, if his mother came back?  Nobody knows.  The boy who made the tanks, where are you?  I hope that you have a smooth ride in middle school, and become, a well-rounded soldier one day, and I pray that god will hear you too, to reunite you with your mother soon.

and maybe, he’ll build something like this when he grows up…

on a way, larger, scale…photo from online

And so, this, is how this kid left a lasting impression in his instructor’s mind, and, the teacher found a way to motivate this kid, by allowing him to do his favorite activities, drawing out the military vehicles, and I’m sure, that this kid, wherever he may be, will carry that kindness, that sense of achievement his teacher gave to him.

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