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The Field of Education Should Learn from the Industries

A NEGATIVE correlation, of the number of grad students getting out of the programs, and the quality of work these graduates from the graduate departments of the universities are cranking out right now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Been following the developments of the industries here, and I’d found, that the advances are, something worth noting, and that it’s something that this country should be, proud of.  As China opened up its gates, there was the trend of the manufacturers’ moving the production plants overseas.  A lot of people believed, that the industries here in Taiwan would collapse because of this, but it didn’t.  Reason is quite simple, the industries started paying attention to the   quality of the products they were producing, for they knew, in order to survive, they need to up the quality of the good they’d, manufactured.  The electronics, the mechanic, the chemistry industries, etc., etc., etc., all took to this belief now.  Thankful for all the enterprises that are now, following this means of production, otherwise, we can’t ever, compete with other countries.

But I’d felt, that the education here, stopped caring about the levels of understanding of the students here.  For all these years, I’d watched the many reforms take place in education, and all of these reforms solely zoomed in on the means of changing the ways of students being accepted into a higher ed institution, I’d never seen the presidents of universities, the professors, or the head of Department of Education talked about the levels of understanding of the students on any occasions.

Surely, we’d made some amazing students too, but, everybody’s taking the ostrich stance, not cared about how there are, many of the students who are, lagging behind on the academic realm.  Since the government started implementing the nine year education requirement, they’d done away with the holding a student back system.  No matter what level the students are, they get to the next grade level.  We all know, that if a student didn’t get the fundamentals down pat, the courses that came later would be, useless in that they couldn’t understand the basics, there was NO way they can understand what the instructors are teaching.  But, no matter how bad the level of understanding, the students will get into middle school, high school, and even, colleges and universities too.

The universities are set up everywhere now, and we’re now seeing the reduction in birth rate as a trend, which then in turn, leads to the college level students’ not having enough of the basic skills.  On the subject of English, a lot of the college students can’t read the English texts, and yet, they’re able to, get into the graduate programs easily, a lot of the professors found, that due to the lack of understanding of the English, misunderstood the contents of the English theses, and yet, the Department of Education is pushing forth the dual-language education policies.  The end result?  Not only wouldn’t the students improve on their English skills, they couldn’t, gain the awareness of the knowledge of the specific majors.

The tailoring of the quality of good manufactured by the industries is multifaceted, because a good industry doesn’t just need the high-end equipment.  Reason why a company can manufacture excellent products, it’s all because the company is willing to put the money into the managing levels, to have the engineers work in the research and developments of the products.  And, all of these researches can’t yield the results in the time being, there are a lot of the tech companies here that are, more than patient, and with the foresight, for they understood, that rushing for the results, doesn’t yield a good product.  There’s also one more, the tech companies now all have the excellent quality control management, and this isn’t easy to achieve either.

If we want to raise the level of understanding of the students here, the first thing the field of education needs, is to zoom in and focus on the level of understanding of the students.  We can’t just have the forces, we needed the forces that are, excellent in what they do.  In order to increase the level of education of students as a whole, the government should put the investments in, set up a system of higher quality control, and set the sights farther, because we can’t, achieve this, by calling out the slogans or the mottos to reach this goal in education.

And so, this is on the importance of having the fundamental down PAT, and yet, due to the numerous colleges and universities that got set up in this country, you do see, how the quality of education is bound to get down, right?  And, the government is now, getting worried, that we can’t produce more professionals, when the problem is that getting into the universities to get a college degree is way too easy these days, unlike how it was back, thirty years ago, when only the best of the best can get in, and, that’s why, the “quality” of the students is going DOWN, because the quantity (the number of students getting into the grad programs) are getting higher.

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The Younger Generations in China are Less Depressed, with Their Parents’ Levels of Anxiety Hiking Up

The children’s homework assignments, reduced, and there are a lot of parent-children work together, children are happy, but, the adults, totally, STRESSED out!  On the reforms of education policies in China, shifting education back to the families, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Chinese government had implemented the Dual-Reduction Policies (reducing the homework assignments from school, and the cram school sessions) for a year, based off of the surveys by the scholastic communities of China, since the implementing of the policies, the symptoms of depression for teenagers reduced by 78.6-percent, but the anxiety levels of the parents, hiked up about 12.8-percent, showing this, difference in the levels.

Based off of the Economics Daily of China, last July, the surveys were administered.  Based off of the results, it’d shown, that since a year ago the policies had been implemented, it’d effected the education reforms of China greatly, the cram schools outside of the regular schools’ expansion messily got controlled, and it’d relieved the overly burdensome academic schoolwork for the students in school, and more and more parents are paying more focus to their children’s education too.

Not long ago, three scholars from the People’s University of China evaluated the effects of the “Dual-Reduction” policy by analyzing the search engine search terms, the items bought on the shops online.

The study showe4d, in the year of the “Dual-Reduction” policy, the signs of depression in adolescents reduced by 78.6-percent.  The primary reason for this is that a lot of parents are turning to trying to balancing the family and work, and there’s this rise in the services of the families as the “Dual-Reduction” policy had been, implemented.

What made the parents even more anxious is that from before, as the children didn’t perform well enough, they can send them to the cram school out of school, a lot of parents believed, that if they put in the money, they will see the results in the grades of their young.  But, with the dual-reduction policies being implemented, the outside of school cram school selections reduced greatly, and for the parents who are in need of the “makeup classes” for their young, they only have the more expensive options of one-on-one tutoring, this became an enormous pressure to the families’ economics.

Based off of the reports, the root of the parents’ anxieties, one was worrying that their children may not get the highest quality of resources in education; second, the worries of the children being “categorized based off of their academic abilities”, that they can only choose to go to a nonacademic track, which won’t guarantee their children’s socioeconomic statuses in the future.

The report told, that this needs the deeper reforms of the education systems to continue on, to use the resources allocations of the education systems, to ensure that there’s higher quality of education means available to each and every child; using the good career education, steadying the developments of career path, to widen up the tracks, so more children can grow in the directions of their own choosing, to shine in their own fields of interest.  The “Dual-Reduction” isn’t solely a matter of the system of education.

And so, there’s this need for shifts back to the families, because the country realized how important education in the families are, and, that’s why, the government in China is pushing forth this policy, but the effects of how well this policy works or if it doesn’t work won’t be visible overnight, as it takes time, to see the effectiveness of such a policy set up by the government.  And this is not going to be an easy adjustment for the parents to make, because they’d focused solely on making the money, to put into their own children’s education, and now, the government mandated that all the programs these parents can send their young into from before, are no longer available.

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To Eliminate Plagiarism, the Appointed Professors Shall Be Responsible

On how the students learned to, cut the corners, to plagiarize, based off of these higher up government officials, examples, and that’s, just NO good, in research, and to think, that these younger generations who are, using these, bad means to get to their end game, will be, running this, god damn, COUNTRY, we are all, SCREWED here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’d been found, that the two dissertations of the mayor of Hsinchu, Lin were both, plagiarized, and this was, no surprise, there were, more hidden underneath the, iceberg.  Those who’d felt that their degrees aren’t shiny enough, and, they’d all gone to the graduate programs, and the professors, served those students with the connections, rushed to graduate them one by one.  As the incidents were found out, the professors who oversaw the researches hurried in explaining, and we’d known, that this, was what he was.  The pathologies of the academia is noted, and the degrees of master’s, and doctorates are, devalued.

Twenty plus years ago, I saw once that my thesis, down to the diagrams, was used in a poli-sci department thesis of a university, and the writer didn’t even bother to paraphrase my work, just, used my work as his, only switched the jargons around.  A master degree was canceled by the Department of Education some ten years back in a university, the plagiarism was from two years prior, the graduate of the same professors.  And, the Department of Education started issuing the retractions of the degrees by the years since.

Many yeas ago, several heads of departments, the higher up officials, got found to have plagiarized the works, the authors with the name on the title page, weren’t even involved in the writing of the papers, they got kicked off their posts soon enough as they were found.  Two years ago, a higher up government official, presented their English dissertations with a few professors, and the government officials’ names were first on the t8itle page, the first person’s name on the title page should be the one who’d, contributed the most to the papers.  He probably made some calls told the subordinate units to provide him with the data, or gotten the school some extra funding.  And these individuals’ names usually comes in the “contributors’ columns”, listing them as the first of the authors, it’s, quite weird.  And, a cowriter of the paper came to speak on the politician’s behalf too, said that he should be the first listed name, sucking up, to the point of, degrading the moralities of the research here.  Based off of this professor’s claims, the head of Department of Education, the heads of technologies, even the president should have their names listed first, because they allotted the funding, made the most contributions to the coming about of these, papers.

The president of American universities are only responsible for fundraising, they do NOT review the dissertations or the theses, when they got to their posts, they’d already, written countless theses, dissertations, why would they need to write more to prove themselves?  It’s sick, that the heads of the government departments are, reading the theses and dissertations.  It takes a ton of time to write a good thesis and dissertation, there are tons of paperwork that the presidents of universities needed to handle, they do NOT have the time to do the researches.  And, if you see a lot of the theses and dissertations, then you would know, that the authors aren’t, really, the authors, because these individuals can get the funding needed for the programs, and, everybody else loved being listed alongside the president as the cowriters of the papers.  This is the unwritten rules of the papers written by the higher up, and nobody evaluated this means, causing those who work under the higher up positions, to model after.

I saw how the schools would handle plagiarisms, they would cancel the degree, but, no punishments for the professors who are directing the students in their researches.  If after a dissertation is completed, and there are the plagiarisms found inside, then, the professor who was overseeing the research processes, hadn’t even, read it, or that he is too fooled, can’t even tell that the student had, copied off of someone else’s works.  And, some of the professors are in PR too, having taken in too many students, with NO time to watch over them one by one.  As the students were caught plagiarizing, the professors should also be punished too, that way, the professors would then, be more careful in the guidance, spending more time on the students, and the students would work harder, which will then, greatly reduce the plagiarisms of others’ works.

This is the graduation seasons, I’d been busy, reviewing over six student’s master theses, I’d reviewed each one five, six times, that way, would my students have the opportunities, the chances to, plagiarize someone else’s works?  “Professor Chang is way too tough, don’t find him as an instructor to help you write your graduate papers.”, as my students had, discussed amongst, themselves…………………

And so, this professor who wrote this article, IS exactly what the students needed to get their graduation theses or dissertations reviewed by, because of how tough he is, in checking all the resources, you can be sure, that the work that finally got published, is, next to, flawless, but hey, the politicians running this country (to SIX feet under) are cutting the corners, which is what gave rises to all those professors who also, learned to, cut the corners, and, it’s really bad, if you cut the corners in your researches, and get the degrees awarded to you, then, you’d basically NOT earned it, and what would be, the WORTH of that degree again?  Absolutely NOTHING, that’s, W-H-A-T!

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The Global Perspective of Taiwan

Uh, this god damn country does NOT even have a peripheral vision, let alone, the global, perspective here, as the DDP still, keeps on, sucking UP to the U.S. here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The new version of the tactics of N.A.T.O. for the very first time, mentioned China, and, the department of diplomatic affairs commended N.A.T.O. on “showing that wider global perspectives”.  Meaning, that for the past, this regional defense organization made up of European countries, Canada, and the U.S. didn’t perceive the Chinese threats, and Taiwan being oppressed as serious enough, that it’d lacked, that global, perspective.  This is, the countries, getting ready for war, the mindset of, boasting the importance of this country.

What’s ironic, is the members of EU diplomats called out to the country, that the Tsai government’s “dual-language country” only focused on English, which lessened the chances of Taiwan’s getting noted in the other non-English speaking nations in Europe.  And the relations of Taiwan and Europe, won’t get closer, through the English language now being set as a part of the curriculum.  What EU didn’t state was, that from the angle of education, Taiwan is, way too far from “global”, mostly, “semi-global”, to even, “limited to the U.S”.

The countries of EU worried, that in the rigidity of Tsai’s “all-English education”, in the future, Taiwan may have a lower quality of education, teaching the European languages through, English.  But, what’s so weird about, learning other European languages, through, English?

In the policies of “Dual-Language Nation”, the middle school instructors are tested on their English abilities, the Chinese instructors don’t get tested in Chinese, but in English also; the college Chinese courses also get the teachers who will “teaching in all English” for the classes.  And, the countries of European Union will soon see, that the students here will learn the subjects in science, social studies, physical education, arts and music, and even, getting counseled in, English; what’s even more, magical, is that the students will be learning CHINESE, using English too soon!

In Taiwan, U.S. is the entire world, the global perspective, equivalent to the U.S. perspectives, let alone, education must defy China as well.  The country will, toss back anything in relations to Chinese, the ancient histories, and, the European Union should not mind, that the other European languages, get, slashed by this country.

The country IS, the U.S.’s, BITCH, because, this government continued to suck up to the U.S., thinking, that we can, rely on the U.S. to help us defend ourselves if China were to have a coup d’état of this country, that’s why, the education reforms are, completely like the U.S.’s, the twelve years, grade one through twelve, and that’s, just, messed up, the government failed to consider, that what works in the States, may not work here, due to the cultural differences, the differences of population makeup too, and that’s, just how shortsighted the DDP is, still sucking UP to the U.S.

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As High School Education Became Netflix

How this new curricular of the education FUCKS up all the students graduating from high school right now, too many choices, not enough knowledge on ALL the choices, the failures of the reforms of education here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“The mainstream cultures are forcing us to enrich our résumé, and not get tied down by some place; it’d forced us to focus on the abstract skills we’d attained that can be used in anyplace, instead of being good at just one particular skill. …………it tells us, to NOT persist on any one thing seriously, and don’t be surprised when others choose to do differently.  Most importantly, it tells us, to keep our options, open.”

The above passage is out of “Dedicated.  The Case for Commitment in an Age of Infinite Browsing.”, the writer, Pete Davis points out, that the unlimited browsing became, a norm of every day life.  Netflix being a good example of this.  People often click the icon, and used the mouse to go from “Showing Now”, “Top Ten of the Day”, “Netflix Original”, “Documentary”, “Drama”, all the way to, “Surprise Me”.  Dozens of minutes flew by, and, after skimming through the hundreds of choices of the forty categories, people lost their interests, and just, turn off the computers.  And, the options from unlimited browsing, made us lose the abilities to focus on one solitary, task.

Looking closely at the reforms of education of 2019, the ideologies of “helping every student find what s/he is good at, and succeed in learning”, is quite, amazing.  The entrance interviews by the colleges, universities, are from tis group of recent high school graduates.  Through the written applications, the evaluations of the information packets by the professors, as well as the interviews, as a college lecturer, I have so many questions: does the reform of education of 2019, really fit to the needs of the current world it says that it’s supposed to?

The designs for the learning process profile platforms, are only a tip of the iceberg of the reforms of education of 2019.  I’m not talking about the uploaded data packs getting lost, but the interface of the system, along with the designs of the user experience, it’s directly opposite of what the core values that the reforms of education in 2019 had preached about.  And, once more, it’d shown, that what the adults tell the younger generations to do, they can’t even, manage themselves.

There are, many myths to the 2019 Curriculum Reform, including, the holistic belief of mastering everything, along with the free choices of the multivariate learning processes.

What worries me the most, is that the 2019 Curricular Reforms are focused more on the core values, instead of the non-knowledge craftsmanship.  Which one’s more important, it’s hard to decide.  And yet, looking at now, people are slowly, losing their ability to tackle one thing well enough.  And, the mainstream beliefs keep on, demeaning the values of knowledge.  And we can find that apparent, in the current pandemic outbreaks: how many lives had already been, lost.

And this is still due to how HALF-ASSED legislations of the government on the reforms of education became, it’d NOT transitioned the students well, just, pulled them out of their original state, and, stuck them into this new system, and of course, nobody can adapt, not the parents, not the students, let alone, the professors, but hey, that’s the way, we can, catch up to the western world, or so believed, the DDP government, which is total BULLSHIT!

Considering how long the west had been educating using their current means, and we’re just, switching to the new methods of teaching and learning, and the students’ brains don’t shift into second gear that fast, so of course, a lot of them are SCREWED over.

Not to mention the instability of the uploading system, like how it got FRIED in the central data processing units, and everybody who’d submitted their separate (and equally USELESS learning process profiles) got FRIED, because the central processing system got FRIED, oopsy daisy!

So you see, the system is still, way too, flawed, and, how are we supposed to educate our children in this, flawed, FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) system, because the government suddenly got that idea of hey, we should get connected to the western world, and use THEIR ways.

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More than Tens of Thousands Supported the Specialized Two-Year-Old Classes, the Education Groups Objected to the Amendments of Mixing the Two-Year-Olds into the Preschool Classes

This is due to those, WHINY parents who needed to work, who can’t place their not-yet-preschool or kindergarten age children anywhere, and this is still, STUPID, not considering the developmental needs of the child!  The @#$%ED up policy of early childhood education that this government came up with, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Education is planning on opening up the first year of kindergarten for as young as three-year-old, and the early childhood groups started criticizing, suspected that if the government went forth with this policy, then, the two-year-old specialty classes would be totally, screwed up.  The All-Education Foundation gone to protest at the Department of Education, claimed, that within two days’ announcing the policies, there were, more than tens of thousand who’d signed the petitions to support the opening of the two-year-old specialty classes already, against the mixed-age of two year olds into the preschool classes, called out to the Department of Education to stop the amendment from passing.

In actuality, the two-year-old specialized classrooms has a totally different setting compared to the three-year-old only class, for instance, the toilets for the two-year-old classes need to be located in the back of the class, not for the threes.  The teacher-student ratio for the twos is one to eight, for the toddlers of first year kindergarten and up it’s one to fifteen, and there were the owners of the facilities who aren’t opening up the early childhood classes, due to the costs in hiring the extra certified early childhood educators.

The committee member of All Education Foundation of Child Education, Yang stated, that if the children under age three can get mixed into the three-year-old classes, then, does that mean, that five-year-olds are allowed into elementary school to learn.  The Department of Education should NOT open that door of convenience, just because it matched the needs of some of the operators of the early childhood programs.

The Department of Education stated, that this amendment merely allows for the chances of biological three-year-olds to be in the same classroom setting as the three yar old toddlers, that it would NOT be like having kids in various ages in the same classes.  And, if the schools are to have the classes, then, three mandates must be met including, the preschool not having a two-year-old only classes, or if the two-year-old classes are already, filled in enrollment, with the three-year-old classes still having the vacancies, and the toddler must be biologically three year old on the month of registration, then, the toddler can start schooling.

this mixed age group would work

I’m thinking…photo from online, because at least, the‘re, “roughly” the same ages.,,photo from online

And so, just like ALL other policies by the DDP, this is, still giving us the run-around, I mean, what the HELL is being biologically three, three years of age since the day we were born, but, what if, mentally, we’re still not yet, potty trained by then?  And, this mix age class is still just bullshit, I mean, surely, if you mix the four year-olds with the five, six year olds in a class, that would be okay, but, two is still, way too young, when they needed the individual attention, and besides, the teacher-to-student ratios are totally different for these age groups, so, what it adds up is, you’ll be having, 2.5 instructors (that’s still just made up by me!), and, where the HECK you gonna find HALF of a teacher, oh I know, you split the early childhood educators in HALF, then, place one half in the 2.5 teacher classroom, and, leave the remaining HALF of that instructor that’s gotten, hacked down the middle, inside the CLOSETS!

Yeah, that’s too stupid, I mean, if they’re older, sure, it might work, but not at that young and age…

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Do Improve the Quality of Education Starting in the Elementary School Years

Everything is still, built, from the, most, fundamental levels, in the elementary years, and yet, this god damn government run by the DDP, only zooms in on higher ed here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’m certain, that most of the scholars all noted the importance of education in the college levels, but what I want to emphasize today, is that we should, pay more attention to the education of children in the elementary years.  We are a country where primary school education had been, implemented, no children is not in school.  Even in the distant regions, there were, the elementary schools locally, and the buildings in these regions are quite, nice.  I’d found, that in the distant region elementary schools, the trees and the flowers, flourished.  But I’m also, aware that there’s a very large gap between the quality of education for the elementary years in the cities versus the countryside.

There’s the simple statistic measure.  Every year in the national skills exams, there are around thirty-percent of students who’d scored at least a C in English and math.  But in the distant regions, the number of students who received the grade of C or above is higher than the average of thirty-percent, the average of the sores of C or above is eighty-percent.  If we trace the reasons, then, we would come to the conclusions that the distant region school students fall far behind the students learning and living in the urban regions.

But that does NOT mean that the instructors aren’t doing enough in the distant-regions, you must know, that this country had no quality-control of the education provisions in the elementary years, and there would be some students who are, slower to learn, and, surely, there are, this group of slower students in the cities as well, but, if the students are from better-to-do backgrounds, the parents would usually find the children the help they needed, and can send them to cram schools or hire a tutor to teach them.  But, the children in the distant-regions aren’t as blessed, if the child can’t even write her/his ABCs, can’t spell enough number of words, then, the student would be lacking in her/his means of learning the English language, math is like so.

What’s important is, that the Department of Education doesn’t pay attention to if the elementary age students have all their basic level of knowledge down pat, letting the group of students, just get all the way, through the grades in school, from the first to the sixth grade.  After elementary, the student will enter into middle school, no examinations there, any child can get in.  Based off of the English classes, the middle school level English courses are nothing too easy, if the students didn’t get the firm foundations back in the elementary years, then, they will surely, lag behind.  The problems with the math courses are even worse, the kids would get confused by the positive and negative integers to start, and they’d had to solve the equations with one unknown.  A lot of the students in the equations involving fractions, would start making a lot of errors, reason being, they’d NOT learned the fundamentals of fractions back in the elementary years.

If the students don’t have a firm enough foundation in the elementary years, then, all the way up the grade levels, they will find themselves, without the competitive edge that is needed.  I hope, that the country knows, that the adults with the lack of this competitive edge isn’t due to the lack of intelligence, but, because they hadn’t mastered the skills in the elementary years.  And, we can say, that this lacking in tightening up the education systems, is exactly what’s causing this lack of competitive edge in the adults right now, and the children who hadn’t set up the foundations of learning may even turn into burdens on the entire society.

I hope that the experts in education don’t just focus on the higher education means, and just, set up the elementary schools correctly, by helping the students acquire the most basic of skills, and there’s NO reason why our government can’t, manage this.  Allowing the younger generations of children to NOT have the most basic of skill, is the most irresponsible actions of a government.

And so, this government still, missed the point, thinking, that offering higher education to all is what’s necessary, to up the competitive edge, without realizing, that if the fundamentals are set up firmly from the primary, secondary education years, then, no matter how higher up the level of education the person can get, it’s still, nothing, because they can’t do the simple stuff.

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They Are Not Just “Your” Kids! — Filosofa’s Word

A recent column by Frank Bruni brought to my attention something that … for whatever reason … had not occurred to me in this whole education “cultural war” anti-CRT, anti-LGBTQ school curriculum battle.  DAMMIT, Ron DeSantis and others who would deprive our children of an education … WE THE PEOPLE … all of us, even […]

They Are Not Just “Your” Kids! — Filosofa’s Word


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The Dress Codes Being Lifted Doesn’t Serve its Purpose, Adding More Headaches to the Teachers & the Students

On the government’s reforming the school operations of hours, and the dress codes, and all the higher up officials still just, used their mouths, with the rest of the individual schools, not known what to comply by, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of the Department of Education, Pan announced last week, that in September, the high school students won’t have to get up too early to go to school, this is the same as doing away wi3ht the early morning study periods, and yesterday, he’d also announced, that the morning meetings of high schools is to get reduced to only once per week, and the rest of the four days, the students can do what they want to during the early morning periods before classes start.  But, if the students don’t even show up for the morning gatherings, what can the schools do?  The Department of Education wanted to do away with these morning routines completely, and yet, it came up with this, extra, unneeded precedence, it may cause the schools’ operations to fall into a chaotic state, making it harder for both the students, as well as their parents to, adapt to.

In the past, the high school students were mandated to arrive to school before 7:30, and the students from out-of-districts would have to head out before light, and if they were late, they’d, receive a warning, or, a volunteer service.  The Department of Education although, opened up two days out of five for the students to use their early morning periods at their own will, that the students not heading to class won’t be signed in as absent, there were a lot of the schools that still assigned for the quizzes during the early morning study periods every single day, the students don’t report them, and, the schools are, trekking in the gray areas of the mandates too.

what the Department of Education is doing away with…

students no longer need to dress like this when they go to school anymore in the public schools

And now, to fulfill the “Pact for Children’s Rights”, the government planned to loosen up the rules of students’ schedules in school, yesterday it’d formally, signed the four-days-to-be-used-by-students-individually into motion.  But if the students don’t go to the early morning study period in school, or the eighth period, the school can’t write them up as absent or truant, and can only, use the positive counseling methods to advise them, the students may not comply with the rules, so why doesn’t the Department of Education just, do away with the early morning study period for all days of the school week, to trouble all the school officials, as well as the students too.

And, this is still, NOT the only seemingly “kind” act set up by the Department of Education, on the matter of uniforms, it’d already listed the “When the weather’s cold, the schools should allow the students to put on an extra coat for warmth outside of their uniforms”, and last year, it’d claimed, that ninety-percent of the schools had been onboard with this rule, and yet there were the schools that made the demands to students to NOT put on the coats that aren’t a part of their school uniforms, to have the students to take off their hats, to stuff them into the uniforms so they don’t show.  The Department of Education is calling aloud in the central government, with the local individual schools, ignoring the rules, and in the future, if the new early morning study periods mandate started getting enforced, there may be a need for more supervision, and rules of requirements that the Department of Education need to watch over.

And so, this still just showed, how the top (government departments) are still, blah-blah-blahing, about bullshitting policies, while we the lower order (individual schools) are still, doing whatever the @#$% we want to, individually, and there’s NO way that the Department of Education can possibly make sure, that these rules that are now set, the schools are, complying by.  So basically, these new rules set forth, are still, bullshit!

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The Heart Aching Measures of Utilizing the Learning Process Profiles

On how the reforms of education is, ruining the competitive edges, the education of the next generations of, children, written by an honorary professor, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The major event in education, I suppose, is on the learning process profiles.  As I’d read through the documents from the Department of Education on it, it’d, ached my heart.  There are, as many as eighteen criteria for high school graduates to submit for their college entrance packets, of them, were the mini-thesis, the levels certifications of English ability exams, the math exams, the reading plans, and what nots.

What was upsetting to me was, I knew a lot of the students hadn’t gotten the level of understanding of education in high school, and, how can these students manage the mini-theses?  And, a lot of children who are from lower end of economics, can’t afford to take the certification exams in English and math, for the children in the distant-regions, learning process profiles aren’t, anything worth, looking into.  I know, that for a lot of these children who are raised in worse off economic backgrounds, they can only, ignore these things like the learning process profiles.

To stand out in the learning process profiles, a lot of parents had spent a whole lot of money, placing their own young into the cram schools, so they can understand how to write the programming formulas that are good enough.  And like so, for this group of children, they naturally, have an, outstanding learning process profile.  But, for children out of the worse off home fronts, they can’t, afford, to do these things.

To enter into university, the exams are, necessary, and the test results showed the students’ abilities, so why are we requiring them to write about what they’d, learned?  If a student isn’t fluent enough in English, does his written report prove meaningful?  The learning process profiles required the math skills exams verifications, this is, an addition, for the sake of those, gifted and talented students.

It’s nothing easy, to write good programs in the high school age, because, there are, the fundamental courses of physical science, math, English subjects, that takes up much of the students’ learning time.  If a student spent too much time of learning to write the programs, they couldn’t possibly have the needed time to study for the basic subjects of science, math, English, etc., etc., etc.  But what this country really needs, is still the group of youth that had their, fundamentals down pat.  Although I know how to write the programming, but I still believed, that if someone who can only write these written reports, but is bad at math, then, chances will be, that the person won’t be able to produce good enough programming.  For instance, a lot of the communication apps are all related to math closely.

The implementing of the learning process profiles, it’s equivalent to punishing the students who are not from well-enough economic backgrounds, because their parents simply can’t afford them to have that bright and shiny learning process profiles made.  For the gifted and talented students, the learning process profiles will only make them even more stressed, as they can’t possibly know, that if their fellow classmates could produce a better mini-thesis because of their parents’ help.  For the whole of the country, these learning process profiles, definitely, failed to raise the competitive edges of the students here.  What made my heart ached the most, is that for the children from less-economically capable backgrounds, the learning process profiles may be, one of their, biggest, downfalls.

And so, this, is how awful these reforms of education became, it’s basing the capabilities of the students on how active they are in their daily goings on, and for those children from lesser families, they simply can’t afford to go to all those, extra, camps, extracurricular activities, because their parents can’t afford it, and, the learning process profiles, it’d, made them lagged behind the rest of the more economically capable families’ children, and that defeats the whole purpose of the reforms of education, because the reforms of education should center around on how we can make the next generation ready for their lives, by putting them through the institution of higher education, and the learning process profiles does, exactly the opposite, because it basically runs on M-O-N-E-Y!!!

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